mazulasomebody has try to upload a node.js project with amazon elastic beanstalk?
narcanHi, is there a way to define DHCP options only for one subnet?
theShirbinynarcan, you mean disable it?
narcantheShirbiny: I would like to have a different DHCP option per subnet
theShirbinywhat option do you want to modify exactly?
narcantheShirbiny: the nameserver
narcanI would like to doesn't use the amazon DNS server only for ONE of my subnets.
theShirbinyI don't know if you can do that, I would set them in the startup script
narcantheShirbiny: you mean with the userdata?
netchois there a waz to schedlu elasticahe (memcached) cache cleaning?
theShirbinyyes with userdata
theShirbinyyou mean dropping all cache?
theShirbinyyou can telnet and flush_all
netchois for example cronjob that sends flush_all via nc the only way?
netchoecho 'flush_all' | nc my_memcahed 11211
theShirbinyI would try to use use lambda + cloudwatch events
netchoi need it every two weeks
theShirbinyyou can trigger a lambda function to run every X days
theShirbinyI'm not sure what you're trying to do
netchotheShirbiny: trying to figure out what do freakin devs need :D
graingertis there any schedule for when IPv6 for VPC lands?
graingerteg in EU-WEST-1
Suzumiyathere is never any public schedule.
Kim^Jgraingert: Does it matter?
Kim^JFor internal stuff there's no need for IPv6, external stuff isn't ready for it anyway.
graingertit's being rolled out right now in the UK
graingertmy ISP has it, everyone on SKY has it
Kim^JProblem is, UK != entire world.
graingertand it's way faster for me
graingertentire world in EU-WEST-1
graingert*UK in EU-WEST-1
roryUK is eu-west-2 :P
Kim^JHeh! ;)
KnightsWhoSayNii'm on sky at home and not sure i've got ipv6 yet... o.o
gvhoeckeDynamoDB pricing says 25GB + 25 read cap + 25 write cap for free each month and "Does not expire at the end of your 12 month AWS Free Tier term." Does that mean that if I use less, I'll never have to pay? Doesn't sound right
kgirthoferis there a way to get beanstalk env tags from the cli?
roberthlgvhoecke: Yes, that's exactly what it means.
djleeDoes anyone know if its possible to make ELB's balance the load based on a custom metric?
kgirthoferI don't think you can do that.
djleekgirthofer: Ok. didn't think I could but thought i'd check. Looks like learning about haproxy next
djleehating this project already!
kgirthoferalways good.
djleeThanks anyway kgirthofer
kgirthoferalso, who knows what comes out
kgirthoferyou can submit a feature request also
kgirthoferand if your company has an NDA with AWS you can ask for a roadmap plan
rorydjlee: what precisely are you trying to do?
djleerory: Each server can accept X number of connections (based on the number of worker processes available). So if a server has 3 workers, it can only have 3 active connections (sending any more connections too it and it will just return an error). So i need a laod balancer that is able to distribute only too servers that have an available worker at that time.
roryno yeah you need haproxy :)
djleerory: I'll also need to autoscale when the available worker pool drops too low too add more servers, but i'm hoping custom cloudwatch metrics can help with that
djleeSometimes i wonder if it would be easier to hire a junior to spin these servers up manually :P
Raptureis it possible to launch an AWS Marketplace AMI through Opsworks? I can't seem to figure that one out
gholmsOnce you've gone through all the EULA nonsense it should work like any other image.
Raptureoh so I should create a custom AMI out of it first
gholmsHow do you figure that?
RaptureI must be confused. I don't see any options for selecting an AWS Marketplace image when adding an instance for launch in Opsworks
gholmsCan you punch in an image ID?
Rapturegholms: Not that I can see in Opsworks
sonthonaxI've got a pretty crap problem on AWS. Since trying out ECS I've had EC2 instances that don't stop instantiating themselves.
sonthonaxI've deleted everything related to ECS, but they still keep on coming back.
sonthonaxThis is pretty shit as it's costing me money...
sonthonaxThe instance is called amazon-ecs-cli-setup-ecs-cli-demo
sonthonaxBut I haven't activated the demo
kgirthofercheck the launch condition
kgirthoferdo you have any auto scaling
kgirthoferhow did you set up ECS
sonthonaxkgirthofer: I tried the demo for ECS, then deleted the clusters and task definitions.
sonthonaxSo there's nothing in my ECS panel now. It just offers for me to do the tutorial again?
kgirthofergo to ec2 and check your auto scaling groups
sonthonaxAh cheers.
kgirthoferfound it?
sonthonaxYeah, thanks, they're shutting down now.
sathedAnyone here use Jenkins?
sathedJenkins on AWS that is
brendan-yes sathed
sathedDo either of you use Jenkins as an Infrastructure as Code concept?
sathedWe've already made a big move to Infrastructure as Code, but we're now looking at moving our CI/CD environment to Infrastructure as Code. We're currently using Jenkins, but it doesn't appear to be all that friendly in that aspect.
sathedJust wondering if any of you are currently using it that way.
kgirthoferhow are you using jenkins for infrastructure as cdoe?
kgirthoferi'm not really sure what the use case is?
sathedWe're not using Jenkins for IaC. But we'd like to. If it's too much work though, we'll find another solution.
kgirthoferI don't see how you would use jenkins for that purpose?
sathedkgirthofer - It should be possible to do it using the Jenkins CLI...
kgirthoferI'm not really sure what you're looking for tbh
cochiwe have a customer who uses jenkins as sort of workflow automation tool for rolling out CFN stacks. it's not -that- uncommon
cochianother uses it to orchestrate web crawlers *hehe*
zeknoxwhere is the location of the default nginx config file used within an elastic beanstalk app?
DannyBWhats the best way to retrieve files off of an inactive AMI? Just create a single cheap node?
DannyBhmm, getting EC2ResponseError: 400 Bad Request every time I try to start or terminate a cluster
MassDebatesMy instance is down
Sweepyofacehow unfortunate
MassDebatesIs anyone else experiencing outages?
MassDebatesSweepyoface: Thanks for the sentiments. Have you experienced anything?
MassDebatesAh, I see now. It was an outage that hit region ap-northeast-1 Sweepyoface
Sweepyofacedon't use ec2 personally
MassDebatesAgain, very sweet of you to provide input :)
MassDebatesThat's okay.
DannyBHmm, I am having trouble
DannyBas well
DannyBBotoServerError: BotoServerError: 503 Service Unavailable <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Response><Errors><Error><Code>Unavailable</Code><Message>The service is unavailable. Please try again shortly.
cochidid they mess up the ec2 api again?
DannyBI don't know.... With the caveat that I haven't tried to create a cluster in about a month... and I use the starcluster toolkit... but same commands, no updates, and now keep getting in this loop of errors creating, and trying to terminate
cochijust some minutes ago, MassDebates had problems too. *shrug*
DannyBYeah, now I'm getting the "The security group XYZ does not exist in the default VPC 'vpc-xxxx'" message
NomadJimwhen setting up a lambda, is subnetids == the subnets listed in the detail view of an RDS instance? and not the subnet group? --vpc-config SubnetIds=comma-separated-subnet-ids,SecurityGroupIds=default-vpc-security-group- id \
NomadJimI'm following along w/
pointQuick question - I am able to run `aws ec2 describe-instances` on a host I have configured with my aws creds. When I copy the creds from that hose (from .aws/config) into the `aws configure` prompt on a new host, all goes well, but I get UnauthorizedOperation when listing instances
pointI'm sure I've used the exact same credentials - could this be due to some permissions setting for the new host i've set up...?
jf02jfvwhen I tunnel into my EC2 server, some web apps don't seem to work. Anyone know of some common issues it might be? thanks