poplarrAnybody here familiar with the new method of loading capes? Tried loading the CAN driver putting it in /boot/uEnv.txt in slot4 but checking dmesg the only capemgr line was at 0.00000
poplarrLooked at the official documentation and various guides and I'm doing everything in them but not getting results.
zmattcan you pastebin the contents of your /boot/uEnv.txt ?
poplarrYeah one sec
poplarrOh wait
poplarruboot_overlay_addr4 was uncommented with the error
poplarrI commented it out to try another solution which didn't work either
zmattyeah I guessed that :)
poplarrTried it at addr1 and addr4 and neither showed up in dmesg log
zmattso, u-boot overlays mean the overlay is already being applied to the device tree before it is passed to the kernel
zmattso as far as the kernel is concerned there isn't any overlay
zmattthat's why you won't see any messages about it in the kernel log
poplarrSo that isn't the error then I guess...
poplarrBeen fighting with CAN on this thing for weeks now
zmattso, is CAN not available via cape-universal? (I've never checked)
zmattif it isn't, and an overlay is indeed required, then you may need to disable cape-universal entirely
poplarrI'll give that a try
poplarrI think it defaults to a pwm or UART pin
zmattall pins default to gpio
zmattI meant whether pins can be configured to CAN using config-pin when using cape-universal
poplarrThey're on p9.24/26 which don't appear to be used in cape-universal? I'll try disabling that and see if it works though
zmattcape-universal occupies all pins not already used for special functions like eMMC and HDMI (when applicable and enabled)
zmattthat's why it conflicts with nearly every overlay
zmattbut it's meant to make overlays unnecessary in most cases since you can select the pin function at runtime
poplarrI was used to using the slots overlay still. Tried using that for a while but still had errors so decided to try the new kernel
poplarrAnd since this is fairly new it's not nearly as well documented as the older method
zmattfirst try leaving cape-universal enabled and see if you can do something like config-pin P9.24 can (and ditto for P9.26)
poplarrzmatt: that's in the dts file, uEnv or somewhere else?
poplarrP9_24 pinmux file not found!
poplarrbash: /sys/devices/platform/ocp/ocp*P9_24_pinmux/state: No such file or directory
poplarrCannot write pinmux file: /sys/devices/platform/ocp/ocp*P9_24_pinmux/state
zmattthat's odd, you're sure that you left cape-universal enabled? (and that CAN overlay disabled)
poplarrThe CAN overlay was still enabled
poplarr[ 77.656743] c_can_platform 481cc000.can can0: setting BTR=1c02 BRPE=0000
poplarrSo that's new
poplarrSo still having issues with CAN but don't have an oscope to check the other parts of the circuit... Will have to wait until the morning
poplarrThanks for your help zmatt though, I really appreciate it.
zmattyou're welcome :)
aNoneGood day. Anyone knows the temperature range of BeagleBoneBlue ? Is it like BBBlackIndustrial? i.e. -20 to 85 degrees celsius?
aNoneI could not find any temperature range spec for the bbblue. the datasheet is always just 4 pages long. :|
ZombieChickenDo the PocketBeagle use any proprietary firmware for anything?
set_Dang it...bye!
Toto_Hello . I would like to know something about my backup procedure of the emmc of bb.
Toto_If i execute sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk1 of=/dev/mmcblk0 i get a backup on the external sd card. May i reuse this sd card to flash my emmc of bb?.
Toto__On my bbb If i execute sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk1 of=/dev/mmcblk0 i can get a backup on my emmc to the external sd card. May i reuse this sd card to flash my emmc of bb?.
Toto__Hello i hope you are fine
Toto__Is there an answer?
frostsnowzmatt: So if I'm understanding this correctly, the best way to get the power LED toggle would be to patch the leds-regulator driver to allow DT config and then update the BBB DT to use this config.
aNonefrostsnow: sounds good. or use an overlay. in the meantime maybe use a free GPIO and an extra LED but that may not be worth it.
aNonenoone knows temp range of beagleboneblue?
frostsnowaNone: The point was actually to *disable* the existing power LED (see scrollback a week ago)
aNoneto use it for different purpose? (know a log for #beagle? http://beagleboard.org/apps/beagle/static/irclog not works)
aNoneACTION will check the bbblue bom for temp range ...
frostsnowNo, just to turn it off so it doesn't keep me up at night :)
frostsnowI have i2c commands but zmatt said that they're racy and a better solution would be to have DT/kernel support.