crumpetshiya i have a question about persistence when booting from a microsd card
crumpetsi wrote the latest debian image to a micro sd card and then created another partition on the back half of the disk to use as storage
zmattwhy a second partition?
shiva_Hello :)
crumpetswell i thought anything i did within debian would not be persisted
crumpetslike a live usb
zmattuhh, why would you think that?
crumpetsi thought it was going to behave like a usb
crumpetslive usb
shiva_Anyone face "connection refused" for no reason? BBB with Ubuntu 16.04 on microSD
crumpetsbut the thing is that's actually the behavior i want
zmattcrumpets: those usb images you're thinking of are directly derived from "live cds", which were obviously necessarily read-only and therefore load the whole system into ram and run from that
crumpetsis something analogous possible on the beaglebone?
crumpetsi guess not directly since there isn't enough RAM to do that
zmattthe beaglebone images are simply a prefab installed system, which you can either run directly from card or install onto eMMC
zmattif you want to use the full space of your card, I recommend removing the second partition and expanding the first partition to span the whole card
shiva_I'll be glad if somebody can help me troubleshoot. I am new to BBB and I have spent 2 days and nights unsuccessfully trying to set up :( :(
zmattshiva_: I've never used ubuntu on a beaglebone, I don't think many people here have... how are you trying to connect to it? is the ubuntu system set up to accept any connections at all? (desktop ubuntu systems aren't, so I wonder)
shiva_@zmatt I used "sudo dd if=bone-ubuntu-16.04.3-console-armhf-2017-10-12-2gb.img of=/dev/sdb bs=4M conv=fsync status='progress'" and then tried "sudo ssh"
crumpetsmaybe you need to start sshd on the beagle ?
zmattcrumpets: and you could make such an environment for the beaglebone, certainly. e.g. make the root filesystem a union of a squashfs image on the sd card and a tmpfs.... no idea why you'd want that though
zmattshiva_: does it even appear as usb network device at all?
zmattI have no idea how ubuntu for beaglebone is configured by default
shiva_@zmatt I get two new network connections after holding down the button and powering the BBB
zmattand your computer obtains the ip on one of them?
zmattalso, why on earth would you do "sudo ssh" ? that makes absolutely zero sense
shiva_It shows as Ethernet network (I am only connected to USB). And connection is refused for ssh to both and How do I check if my computer obtains on one of them?
zmattand like crumpets said, maybe check if sshd is installed at all on the ubuntu system
zmattip addr
shiva_ip addr shows both and I do not know how I can check if sshd is installed without gaining access through ssh first. This is however the latest official ubuntu image
zmattif you don't have display+mouse+keyboard connected to the beaglebone, why would you use ubuntu instead of debian?
zmatt(actually, even if you do I would still wonder the same)
zmattjust get the latest debian stretch iot image
shiva_@zmatt I am going to install ROS. That is why I have Ubuntu.
crumpetsthanks zmatt. i think i will just use a tmpfs. reason being is that i need to generate some cryptographic keys in an extremely paranoid manner and don't want them written to disk ever
zmattcrumpets: uhh, so don't write them to disk? (or, card)
zmattshiva_: so... why would you want ubuntu for that?
shiva_ROS (Robot Operating System) is made for Ubuntu. It is not supported for other OSes
zmattthat's complete nonsense
zmattros is packaged for debian stretch, you can simply apt-get install it
shiva_hmm. Now it logged in
brtlinfwiw I also use Ubuntu LTS on Beaglebone, for headless tasks (OpenVPN) and such. I'm sure you could use Debian also. I'm not using the same RCN image though, and not using the ethernet-over-USB stuff.
shiva_My hypothesis is that it took a long time to boot
shiva_About 10 minutes
zmattlol wow
shiva_Of course I do not know much. I might be wrong
shiva_Can I share my internet connection with BBB? @zmatt
zmattwell if it's a complete desktop os with gui that's starting up, yeah it might be a bit slow
crumpetsthanks again ! later beaglers
shiva_Thanks zmatt
zmattbrtlin: does ubuntu still pull in plymouth as mandatory package, even on a completely gui-less machine? :P
zmattshiva_: and yes you can, but doing so is a bit tricky
brtlindepends how it was built; mine doesn't
zmattbrtlin: okay, at some point the mountall package had a dependency on plymouth
brtlinno X at all, it's headless mostly, but will give you a getty on HDMI
zmattalthough it seems the claim is that plymouth is still useful on non-gui systems... if true that's news to me
brtlinfrom shutdown to ssh-login takes about 25 seconds here
zmattI'm pretty pleased with my boot time...
brtlinyes - angstrom also is very fast, lots of effort went into that. but 26s != 10min
zmattnever tried angstrom
brtlinthat's what is on the default image right? at least used to be
zmattuhh, many many ages ago I think
brtlinah... my bones are that old then
zmattit's been debian for as long as I've used beaglebones
brtlinbed time for me... nn
veremitzAngstrom .. thats the one I was looking for .. pre:yocto. haha, thanks!
crumpetshey everybody. just want to double check that there is no swap enabled on the default debian installation on the new bbb's. i checked out /etc/fstab and swapon -s has no output so i believe that is the case
ayjay_tshoot sorry
mterwoordHi All!
mterwoordIs the yocto stuff (meta-beagleboard) still being maintained?
tbrhave you tried asking its maintainer?
mterwoordthat's emailing Koen or Jason?
tbrprobably jason
tbr seems to see quite some activity
cyberguyHi All, how do i know the kernel version of a Beagle image for instance : Debian 9.2 2017-10-10 4GB SD IoT
cyberguyHi All, after kernel upgrade (to 4.14 from 4.12) with apt-get , i can't load kernel modules modprobe, anyone fimilar with this?
zmattuhh, 2017-11-26 iot image only uses kernel 4.9.63-ti-r79 so the 2017-10-10 image will no doubt use an older one
zmattwhich kernel did you install? which module are you trying to modprobe? which error are you getting?
cyberguyi tried to install 4.14, i've seen there was a change to make the USB RNDIS work without any driver with windows 7, see here : . i've noticed its been updated with kernel 4.14
zmattwhich kernel did you install exactly?
zmatt(and the other two questions I asked)
cyberguy4.14.bone-5 and the module is g_ether
zmattin about half an hour I've gotten two out of three questions answered... we're making good progress here. I'll come back later to see if the third question also got answered
zmattwell, that was disappointing
cmaloneyFinally went over to Microcenter to pick up the PocketBeagle. :)
GenTooManSorry I won't do it again.
GenTooMan-> well, that was disappointing