Jo__Someone would be able to help me?
Jo__I have probleme to configure dd-wrt to connect by wifi at the another router
MarconyHello! If someone could help me out i would greatly appreciate it. I am looking for a way to either be able to run two pppoe on dd-wrt or if it would be possible to somehow create two bridge inside dd-wrt. What i have now is two routers connected to a load balancer, both of those routers use pppoe to connect ( not in bridge mode) i will be connecting soon another pppoe account but i really do not want to add more routers!
MarconyCan DD-wrt provide me with 3 WAN ports and 3 LAN, working respectively so i can connect it to load balancer ?
lkthomasfolks, where exactly does openvpn.conf save ?
lkthomasI need to do some manual editing and it seems storing on /tmp
sarthorHi. Is there some linux based wireless controller? or Can we use some wireless controller for dd-wrt based Access points? If yes, please guide a bit.
Kadiganlkthomas: you need to make your changes via the WebUI
KadiganDD-WRT starts from a read-only squashfs memory image, so direct changes to the filesystem are not retained on reboot.
thuguethey guys
thuguettrying to use client bridge (routed) on a wndr3700v4 and it's basically only working for 5 seconds
thuguetwas thinking of 802.11 MAC limitations but only my pc is connected to the lan port for now
thuguetany guess?
thugueti'm running 33257
thuguetbut had the same behavior with older versions