ishAnyone else find their trackpoint a little jumpy and erratic after updating to 27?
sewardrobertAnyone have problems mounting CIFS/Samba mounts using recent F26 kernels?
phoenksewardrobert: Are you doing it through nautilus or other?
sewardrobertmount command.
sewardrobertphoenk: I receive a "Host is down" error from the mount command. gvfs is able to mount it; also I can connect using smbclient
phoenkI'll try on my machine right now and see if it errors out for me
sewardrobertI have been mounting this file system for years. The first three F26 kernels could mount it. The last three have not been able to mount it.
phoenkIs the issue specific to one share?
sewardrobertI only have one share that I mount.
sewardrobertI could create a new share, not sure why I would do that.
sewardrobertI have been mounting this share since F18 or something.
sewardrobertLong time anyway.
sewardrobertI have the problem on three F26 laptops.
sewardrobertLast three most recent kernels are unable to mount the share.
sewardrobertI should try my ubuntu laptop and see if can mount it.
phoenkThey generally run an older kernel so if new f26 kernels are the issue I'd assume it would be fine on ubuntu
sewardrobertubuntu works. From googling around I see indications that the new CIFS kernel code has problems auto-negotating the SMB protocol version.
sewardrobertI haven't been able to nail down what version of SMB protocol my Centos 6 server is providing.
sewardrobertHa! Apparently my Centos 6 file server is old as frack. It seemingly only supports SMB protocol 1.
sewardrobertFor some reason newer kernels don't like this version of Samba. I wonder if it is some security fix or something.
phoenkI believe it is security. Recently MS also dropped support for SMB 1 in Windows as well iirc
phoenkso now only v2 and v3 are supported
AthasI must say I'm amazed that I'm able to use Wayland. Never expected to get rid of Xorg.
mac^^^rsyslogd was upgraded on m fedora 26 and now logging has stopped
The_BallI have a dependency conflict: is there a way I can install two versions of userspace-rcu?
The_BallI was thinking of maybe building a custom RPM which provides the files only so that it doesn't conflict with the 1.0.0 files
jhogarthThe_Ball, that's CentOS7, not Fedora, so you are better off asking there.
mac^^^after upgrade of rsyslogd I'm getting "Failed to start rsyslogd.service: Unit rsyslogd.service not found.
The_Balljhogarth, more of a general rpm based question, so I had more faith in getting an answer here :) But I'll try #centos
Southern_Gentlem*** F26-20171026 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
zutathello. any help for troubleshooting sound on 27 beta / amd64?
Southern_Gentlemzutat give us the output url from fpaste --sysinfo please
zutatSouthern_Gentlem: 27b is doing quite good work with cherry trail
Southern_Gentlemzutat, setting sound properties make sure you are selecting the correct device and your volume is turned up
zutatSouthern_Gentlem: interesting. gnome settings -> sound was empty before. now it is populated and at least the builtin speakers work :)
zutatSouthern_Gentlem: volume control (icon) is still missing and the vol up/vol down buttons don't work, neither does the headphone output. but those are minor problems :)
Southern_Gentlembuilding a 27 vm
zutathmm. now the event sounds are there, too
zutatwithout me changing anything
billingslooks like f27 is getting ready to be released, updates-testing was just turned off
zutatdo the beta packages consume more memory than the release ones btw?
billingsin fact, they'll likely be the same packages
billingsunless something gets updated
billingsthe alpha kernels are compiled with some extra flags, however, but you never see those in the final release.
zutatbillings: ok
freyHello. Do you know how I can tell GDM in Fedora to list the sway windows manager as one of the options on login?
Southern_Gentlemfrey, click your user and there should be a gear there to click and you can select other DE or WM you want to use
freySouthern_Gentlem, thanks, but that's the problem I am trying to find a solution for. It's not listed there.
freySouthern_Gentlem, I do have /usr/share/wayland-sessions/sway.desktop, so I don't know why it's not seeing it.
Southern_Gentlemyou may have to add it to the xml file by hand
billingswhat? Really?
freySouthern_Gentlem, no, it's the one that was installed by the sway-0.14.0-2.fc26.x86_64 package.
freySouthern_Gentlem, which xml file?
nibblesWhen is F27 planned for relase?
nibblesis there like a roadmap one can check out?
[Enrico]nibbles: 7 days if everything goes right
[Enrico]ehm sorry it was delayed I forgot
[Enrico]oh no I was correct the desktop version is for the 7th, the server modular is not
dowdleI think there is a Fedora 27 go/no-go meeting tomorrow and if it is a go, then next Tuesday, Nov. 7th will likely be the day.
dowdleI think the only blocker bug was that Python 2 was being pulled in for no good reason and they wanted to make that go away. Now where is that blocker bug page?
dowdleNo, looks like more -
nolaanHi guys, is it still possible to chroot with Fedora
nolaanI wanna chroot in an ARM tree
nolaanbut neither chroot nor systemd-nspawn seems to wokr
dowdlenolaan: And you are on an ARM platform?
vbgunzI've ran into an issue and tried purging the latest kernel, it just wouldn't let me boot, reinstalling it, I can'g et it to show up in the grub menu. I've done the following dracut -v -f -H --regenerate-all && grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg && grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/grub.cfg
vbgunzbut the latest kernel just doesn't show up in the menu :(
vbgunzwhat is the correct steps to reinstall the latest kernel? this btw is the latest kernel I see 4.13.9-200.fc26.x86_64 .. I just can't boot into it, it's installed
tomodachivbgunz: what fedora version are you on?
tomodachivbgunz: if its installed you can manually specify the kernel version from within grub
tomodachiby going into edit mode and pointing on the exact right kernel version you want to boot of
vbgunzI can try, it's just changing the 8 to 9, worth a try, I'll brb
vbgunzerror, vmlinuz-4.13.9-200.fc26.x86_64 not found ... I did use dnf to remove the kernel but it kep showing up in the menu, I did a find 4.13.9 and delete those files and ran dracut again, that successfully removed it from the menu. just now, reinstalling the kernel, running dracut and updating grub doesn't get it back on the menu
idlemindf27 beta has gnome 3.26.1 but screenshot 3.25.0. the screenshot tool apparently gained a back button which lets you take another screenshot quickly without having to close and re-open the app. would a version bump of the app require 1) backporting the feature / commit 2) the next version of fedora (28) to upgrade gnome-screenshot to 3.26 or 3) just a regular old package update
vbgunzyeah, just did it again, removed the kernel, installed the kernel explicitly, and that vmlinuz file is not created. I'll run dracut again
nolaandowdle: No on x64
nolaansince the integration of shitstemd it's gotten worse and worse!
nolaanhad to hack chroot then it stopped working tottally while systemd-nspawn was partially working
nolaanand now it's broken again with no replacement
vbgunzdamn, reinstalled the kernel, no vmlinuz, ran dracut, no vmlinuz
tomodachivbgunz: do you even see the files under /boot ?
vbgunzI just ls the /boot directory and that vmlinuz for that particular kernel doesn't get created
idlemindnolaan what's your objective
vbgunzinstalled it, reinstalled, ran dracut again and again, dracut doesn't report any errors on it, it just doesn't get added to the grub menu and editing the entry to boot into it tells me, no vmlinuz for that kernel
idlemindaka what are you really trying to do
idlemindif you want to emulate a different processor arch you may find more success in pushing the directory tree into a virtual disk file and booting it as an arm system with qemu
tomodachivbgunz: what fedora version are you running?
idlemindvbgunz do you have the matching kernel-core installed?
nolaanidlemind: I wanna chroot into a rpi image to regenerate initrd with a keyfile for cryptsetup
idlemindvbgunz you can download it manually from here if needed
nolaanthe actual systemd-nspawn error is that it cannot read /dev/ptmx : Permission denied even as root :/
vbgunzidlemind: matching kernel-core? if I can get it from dnf, I'd do it there first
idlemindkernel-core is the package that actually contains the kernel files i'm not sure how you did your other downgrade steps i came late to the party but it's possible that's mismatched
idlemindvbgunz you can check the installed files w/rpm -qa | grep --color -e kernel.*4\.13.*
idlemindyou may need more than 1 package
vbgunzok I just reinstalled kernel-core
vbgunzit shows up in boot
vbgunzI'll check the grub
idlemindi have 4.13.5-200 and 4.13.9-200 on my system atm and i have kernel, kernel-devel, kernel-core, kernel-modules and kernel-modules-extras
idlemindkernel-headers only for 4.13.9-200
idlemindso make sure you get all the packages you need
idlemindvbgunz ^^
vbgunzthanks, it's installed, if I still can't boot into it, I'll reinstall all those
vbgunzgonna check in a minute
idlemindvbgunz you might want to do a more exhaustive search too, from the packages page it seems to have lots of other little packages it might need too
idlemindnolaan what's your selinux status
nolaanbut just changed it to permissive and the result is the same
idlemindnolaan k
dowdlenolaan: I have no idea what you are talking about. How can you run an ARM environment under x86_64 with just chroot? I guess you could with qemu?
nolaandowdle: have you ever tried this?
dowdlenolaan: Have I ever tried what? Running a different arch tree from my native system? No I haven't. Is it supposed to work?
nolaanI used to compile opencv for rpi by this method
nolaanuntil I was hit by the Lennart effect
dowdlenolaan: What does Ofc stand for? (of course?)
nolaanyes of course
vbgunzgood reboot after just installing something
idlemindvbgunz good to hear, keep an eye out for oddities like missing modules and what not, maybe run that grep command. maybe kernel-core installed everything it needed as dependencies
dowdlenolaan: There is a difference between a cross-compiler environment and an emulation environment. I know the kernel historically had a few binary emulation features like being able to run SCO binaries.... or something like that but other arch emulation is news to me.
idleminddowdle you could chroot and cross-compile
idlemindhe's likely doing something like that
nolaanit's not cross compilation anymore since you'd be running native code
nolaanthere was this obscure command playing with the cpu registers :
nolaanecho ':arm:M::\x7fELF\x01\x01\x01\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x02\x00\x28\x00:\xff\xff\xff\xff\xff\xff\xff\x00\xff\xff\xff\xff\xff\xff\xff\xff\xfe\xff\xff\xff:/usr/local/bin/qemu-arm:' > /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register
nolaanbut anyway I don't know where this OS is heading anymore
nolaanI was able to create new arm disk image from my workstation
nolaanwith dd and yum!
nolaanthen flash it on whatever device, dev board, smartphone ...
dowdlenolaan: Lots of stuff is changing constantly... and it could be one or more combinations of things... and not specifically systemd... but I have no idea.
idlemindnolaan ya it could be qemu-arm related
idlemindthe systemd-nspawn container is likely executing commands as qemu-arm that then require other binaries. i've seen people do it with a statically compiled qemu-arm (no linked libraries) you may need to do that
idlemindalternatively, you could just launch a full fledged vm with qemu for arm and do everything inside of it, ship the files out and be done (or stop and save the image). maybe vagrant could be leveraged to automate the build process.
idlemindif you go the static qemu-arm method you'll need to recompile qemu-arm on your own and update the echo command to path to your new executable
idlemindi think i'd start w/the fully virtualized vm approach and work my way back to containers, cross compilation may be an option or add a raspberry pi to your build-chain and run the compilation natively there.
nolaanidlemind: thanks
nolaanBut I'm just baffled by the solution
prussian might be related
vbgunzidlemind: thanks, kernel-core was the trick. that's what I was missing, I appreciate the help!
idlemindvbgunz np good day
idlemindnolaan are you building / packaging a single application for rpi? are you recompiling the kernel? big picture what are you trying to get done from x86 -> arm
dowdleidlemind: nolaan left the channel.
idlemindah thx
idlemindoh well seemed a bit qq i hate change bearish anyways
dowdleidlemind: nolaan said nolaan was compiling opencv for rpi
zutathello. how to display (and change) DPI setting in gnome?
zutatxrandr is showing me sane display measures, but firefox, for example, doesn't get the font size right
zutatlooks like this is one those problems that won't get fixed
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day :D
mac^^^logging seems to have stopped on my fedora 26 (rsyslogd and syslog are not even running) ... should I remove the packages and reinstall them? I think there was an update to rsyslog this morning
elxashouldn't you be looking for journald ?
mac^^^let me look .there is a process systemd-journald running
mac^^^I did reboot this morning after the dnf update
billingsif it's set up right, if you start rsyslogd it'll pick up where it left off
billingsjust make sure it is configured to start automatically
billingsperhaps it was shut down as part of the update, or was killed
mac^^^I just rebooted now, both syslog.serverice and rsyslog.service are enabled but they didnt start
mac^^^did systemctl status syslog.service
billingstry running 'systemctl status rsyslog.service' and see what errors might be there ,if any
billingsyeah, syslog.service is just an alias for rsyslog.service
mac^^^the status reports Main process exited, code=exited, status=127/n/a
mac^^^Unit entered failed state
billingsnothing in the journal?
billingsdo you have journald disabled for some reason?
mac^^^what command do I issue to see journal?
billingswell, it was what the status provides, but you could also run 'journalctl -u rsyslog.service'
billings'journalctl -x -u rsyslog.service' to see full data
billingsbut what I'm curious is whether the journal is even operating
mac^^^yes, that command you said to run, gives lines
mac^^^basiclly same info as systemctl status syslog.service
mac^^^saying rsyslog.service: Unit entered failed state
AelloHello, I was updating with 'dnf update' and GNOME crashed, now I have transaction check error with this "file /usr/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/ from install of pulseaudio-libs-11.1-2.fc26.i686 conflicts with file from package pulseaudio-libs-10.0-4.fc26.x86_64" Any tip? :)
zutatis it common for packages in beta to get downgraded or why is my system downgrading stuff all the time now?
billings'dnf remove --duplicates'
billingszutat: when you're running beta, the updates-testing repo is enabled. close to the release, updates-testing is turned off
billingszutat: so, you end up with a system that actually has stuff that's only in testing, so it downgrades it with 'distro-sync'
billingseventually those packages will get updated
billingsin the updates repo
billingsalso, during testing in beta, packages are sometimes put in the updates-testing repo, then removed, which would also lead to a downgrade with 'distro-sync'
zutatbillings: thanks
billingsI specifically know that in the past day, the package including an updated /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-updates-testing.repo was released, which turned off updates-testing
zutati might have to switch to i386 version. feels like the amd64 version would need ~300-500 MB more ram
billingseh, RAM is cheap and no one cares about ix86 anymore
dowdlezutat: i386 is close to dead... so using it to save 1/2 GB of RAM... unless you have a really good reason... isn't a good idea.
zutatbillings: that's what i thought, too, until i messed up windows on my tablet
billingsfrankly, I'm surprised that 32-bit Fedora hasn't been relegated to the same status as other non-x86_64 arches
billingswell, windows is "special"
dowdleI think the i386 version is actually considered a secondary arch now... it just so happens that its release hasn't be delayed like so many other secondary arches can be.
billingsI've retired all hardware here that couldn't handle x86_64 kernels. like, 5 or 6 years ago
zutatyeah. i was quite surprised to find out how many distros still support i386
billingsif they support i386, wow.
zutatdowdle: right
billingsEven the mainline kernel doesn't support that anymore
zutatthe names i386 and amd64 got stuck somehow
billingsdebian uses amd64
dowdlezutat: You will find some applications not available in non 64-bit versions anymore. Take Google Chrome for example. I don't recommend using it, but it seems to be popular. :)
corsaroHi people! I was looking around if I could find the default syslinux config file that Fedora uses to boot the live workstation image but I couldn't find it. I tried to download and look in syslinux-live src-rpm but there isn't. Any advice? Thanks!
dowdlecorsaro: What is it you are wanting/trying to do?
corsarodowdle: I just want to edit it and include it in my customized kickstart file. I want to just boot the live image automatically without choosing between test the media or the troubleshooting section
idlemindamd64 == easier to type than x86_64 ... too much reaching and what not (at least here in the us)
billingsjust be glad it isn't amd64 and em64t
idlemindoh look at that, suppossedly em64t is intel's direct comparison for amd64 ... either i'd be fine with :) no underscore to ruin my day
dowdleidlemind: _ isn't any harder to type than a number. :P~
idlemindnumber + shift != number :)
AelloGetting same errors after running 'dnf remove --duplicates'. :P
dowdleAello: Can you remove pulseaudio-libs-10.0-4.fc26.i686 without much pain? I'm guessing it would drug in because of Steam or something?
dowdleErr... it was drug in
AelloYes, have steam installed. Will try that. Thank you! :)
zutatidlemind: european programmers ofter use the US layout, because of braces and brackets. having _ right next to the right shift is a minimal benefit
AelloIts going to remove a lot of things, I shouldn't have any problems besides just installing Steam and Wine later. True? :)
dowdleAello: One of the proposed blocker bugs for F27 was that some Steam games no longer work because of a glibc change... that they hope to get fixed post-release. I believe your assessment is correct.
AelloI am still on Fedora 26. This is what I did, I temporarily set "clean_requirements_on_remove" to false. now when I tried to remove 10.0-4 x86 version of pulse audio the list of removing things with it was more understandable to me (as I knew what those things meant, kind of).
AelloDid 'dnf update', All went well. then did 'dnf install steam wine' this time the conflict was with 10.0-4 x86_64 version, removed that. and the installs went fine.
AelloNow all version of pulse audio is 11.x.. :)
KhaytsusAello: eh? dnf distro-sync didn't work?
KhaytsusAello: how did you get into a mess like that?
billingsthis is the steam thing, probably
AelloI have not tried that, Just was updating and GNOME crashed that is all I know, probably not releated at all, but the timing made me think that. :P :)
billingsgnome *shouldn't* crash during an update, but this is a beta
billingsI've had ssh get disconnected mid-updated, which is why I always run my dnf updates inside a tmux
andyman53Hey all, trying to setup a kiosk. Have openbox configured, except that my autostart commands take about a minute to finish.
andyman53I've setup some sleep commands in between the autostart commands to buffer them, but that doesn't seem to help...
andyman53f26 btw
Southern_Gentlem*** F26-20171026 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
mingdaois there any way for me to install Firefox-52 for Fedora 26?
dowdlemingdao: Yes, via the .tar.gz offered by Mozilla.
worralph_hi i updated my system yesterday and all of a sudden my pc screen keeps rotating, even if i just move the mouse. its a 2 in 1 device, yoga 710
Khaytsusdowdle: I found the issue! I reproduced it on my laptop, but only on the same kernel. So seems like a kernel regression. 4.13.9-200.fc26.x86_64
Khaytsus4.13.5-200.fc26.x86_64 seems okay
KhaytsusHmm, I wonder why i can't find 4.13.5-200.fc26.x86_64
dowdleKhaytsus: Because it was an update that has since been updated... but you should be able to find it on koji.
Khaytsusdowdle: ah. I'm trying a testing kernel, .10, then I'm going to download it.. found it on koji
Khaytsusdownload .5, that is, if I have to
Khaytsusand log a bug of course
Khaytsusdowdle: wooooooooooooooooooooooo .10 it works
dowdleKhaytsus: No reason to search for an existing / file a new bug. :)
Khaytsusdowdle: No need I think, .10 has fixed it
CheckYourSixMy wireless mouse battery dies in a few days now using Fedora 26 compared to a few weeks on Windows. Any ideas?
dowdleCheckYourSix: Is it replaceable battery or a rechargable one?
dowdleCheckYourSix: Maybe your battery is just degraded over time.
CheckYourSixdowdle: No. This just started happening as soon as I installed Fedora.