GenteelBenSnowCrash, is it still under warranty?
SnowCrashoh I don't think so I've had it for about 18 months
mfa298I'd tend to suspect the OS image/SD card failing before the Pi hardware. I've had plenty of OS/SD/PSU issus but very few dead Pis
SnowCrashmfa298 that's what I'm hoping and what random google-fu has suggested too, if the image fails I think I'll try another sd card before writing it off
degenerateDo all pi3's have builtin wifi? or is this a special feature in some boards?
mfa298degenerate: all Pi3B's have wifi (which is probably the only Pi3 you're thinking of)
mfa298CM3 might not (but that's a specialist version) and I don't think anything confirmed about the 3A (if/when that ever gets released)
BurtyBawe 3A where are you :(
doubHi! I have a Pi Zero W configured as a Wifi access point. But when I turn the poweroff without shutting down the system, on all subsequent reboots the access point is no longer accessible. This is fixed by restarting the hostapd service, and doing a clean reboot. What can I do so that my Pi deals well with hard power downs?
SnowCrashDear channel I'm happy to announce that re-imaging seems to have resolved the issue. The green power light is on and the ethernet LED is back on too. :)
squirrelis this a good way to backup the pi? # dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 ibs=4M | pv | lz4 - remote-mounted-folder/backup.lz4 ?
squirrelgot here a 20% full 32gb sd card
tristerosquirrel: not really -- if there's any file activity, you may get an inconsistent image. Either power down and copy the SD card, or back up at the file level (rsync -a, cp -a, or similar)
squirreli hear ya, but.. other than that?
squirreli'm just way too lazy
mfa298if you want to fill your storage up with files that might just be garbage that might be a goo way to do it.
mfa298as tristero said, the image will be inconsistent if anything changes during the backing, and considering the backup will take some minutes to complete there will be changes to the fs
tristerotoo lazy? I back up my whole desktop with a single "rsync -ax ..." command in a cron job
mfa298I do most of my backups with rsync, but then I'm mostly intereted in the data (software and configs are done via good documentation and automation)
squirrelrsync doesn't create an image you can just write to the card tho does it?
mfa298squirrel: no, but your method won't provide a image that's gaurenteed to work if you just write it to an sd card either.
squirrelwith lz4 i just get a 3-4gb backup in a matter of minutes
squirrelmaybe there's something like windowses shadow copies?
mfa298I suspect the matter of minutes will be 10+ minutes (read time of the whole SD is probably the limiting factor) and stuff will change in that time
red9image can be recreated using the files.
squirrelthe network speed is the limiting factor here
mfa298if you want a good backup in the form of an image then you really need to do an offline backup
squirrelhmh btrfs can do shadow copies. not ext4 tho
squirreli guess i better learn rsync
mfa298I suspect the 32gb to read from the sd interface will be your limiting factor. network might become the bottleneck if your compressed file was more like 8gb.
squirreli've got a 100mbit router, so around 10mb/s is about as fast as it can go
mfa298the sd card might not manage much faster than the network, but you've got to read the whole sd card. If the SD could manage 40MByte/s the compressed image would need to be 8GB (over the 10MByte/s network) for the network to be the limit for a 32GB card.
squirrelon the other hand, it's reading the middle of disk at 15MiB/s.. so i guess you are right
squirrelon rpi1, cpu was the bottleneck until i tried lz4
mfa298rsync will be much faster as it's file level copy and will only transfer the files that change
mfa298there are options/wrappers that alsoo use hardlinks on the remote side so you can have a backup folder by day but without using more drive space than is needed
xaviergmailHey, what's a convenient way to develop on a separate machine and upload code to a pi? Ideally I'd like to have some daemon watch a directory for changes on my development laptop and push those to the pi on the fly instead of rsyncing every time
doubwhy don't you mount the remote directory over the network?
xaviergmailI want to be able to work on UI stuff locally without having the pi on me and I want the pi to be able to run on its own
xaviergmailIdeally I'd use git but I can't really provide a wifi network all the time either ugh
doubyou can mount your dev box on the pi while you develop, and then unmount and push to it when you're done for the day
xaviergmailActually can the pi turn a single usb port into a host
doubroot ports on some pis at least
mfa298The pi zero can act as a usb device with gadget mode, the various B models cant
doubif there's a hub then no
xaviergmailaw that leaves me with BT
mfa298git is possibly the right way to share code, you only need to have the devices connected when you sync the repos
xaviergmailUnless the Pi can act as an access point
doubit can
mfa298I think you can setup the pi3 as an ap
doubi use a pi zero w as an access point
xaviergmailI'm using git for version control but I'll eventually want to 'flash' code without network access
mfa298zerow should as well, but I'm assuming it's not a zero xaviergmail has
xaviergmailI have a Pi 3 B
xaviergmailhm I'm so indecisive
doubhow would you flash code without network access?
doublike through jtag?
xaviergmailI wanted to do it over usb preferably but I considered bluetooth for half a second also
doubyou can have your pi boot from usb
doubyou can craft a special usb image that will run a temporary os and update the sd card
mattwj2002hi guys
asphaltdragonI need some help doing a headless RasPi 0W setup. I flashed Raspbian with Etcher, added an ssh file and a wpa_supplicant.conf file to it, but it's not connecting. I think I might be saving the files in the wrong place. I was told to save them in the root directory of the boot partition, but that doesn't exist.
Jusiiboot partition is the fat partition that holds config.txt etc
Jusiicmdline.txt etc
asphaltdragonRight. But I was told to save the files in the root directory on the boot partition. Boot exists, root directory does not.
Zardozits in the fat
asphaltdragonThere's a rootfs partition with a boot directory, and I'm wondering if that's what they meant.
Jusiiroot means the / of the boot partition
asphaltdragonOh. Well that's where I'm saving the files, but it's not working.
Jusiino directory with name root but that actual partition and directory that holds the above files, thats called root
asphaltdragonCould the fact that my SSID has a space keep it from connecting? I know that's an odd assumption, but I figured I'd ask.
oqasphaltdragon: if it has quotes around it I don't think the space should affect it
asphaltdragonOh, does it need the quotes? That's probably what I've been doing wrong then.
asphaltdragonoq: I'm an idiot, it did need the quotes. Working now, I just need ssh to actually connect.
Basilichello all
rendari have a bunch of videos, which some of them omxplayer can't play because of wrong video codecs, and it exits with error. Now, how i can automatize this? i'm able to make a little bash script for this, the only thing is that if the codec is good, omxplayer won't quit, but instead will start playing the video. How i can tell omxplayer check only the codec, then exists immediately?
asphaltdragonI have ssh working now, just trying to configure vnc. Realvnc server is downloaded and updated to 6.2.0, and I've got Realvnc viewer on my Android. Whenever I try to connect, it tells me the username or password is incorrect. I thought it was user:pi and password:raspberry, but is that not it?
BasilicI think you can configure an user and passeword in RealVNC
H4ndyvnc is using a different set of login afaik
Basilicit's not the user logging and passeword
BasilicVNC not opening a new session you just take the control
asphaltdragonWell, I have no way to access the pi except through ssh, how would I configure vnc with ssh?
Basilicdid you have open a graphical session?
asphaltdragonNo, command line
Basilicwhat would you like use VNC?
oqcli ^
BasilicVNC is usefull to help user and take the hand on is session
Basilicis you need only shell, use SSH
asphaltdragonYeah, I saw that already oq, but I wasn't sure where to actually type in the username and password I wanted
asphaltdragonOh hang on, I've got it
asphaltdragonAnd still didn't work. I'm seriously about to give up, I've been working on this for three days. I've got to wait a week to order a micro usb hub, and then wait another week for it to actually get to me.
Latrinagood morning
asphaltdragonFor you. :P
herb_fargusI just got the 3d xmas tree from pihut to play with the LED's and I've been trying to find a way to get the lights to blink based on the audio output. There are lots of guides that involve mics/sound cards for audio input or playing mp3's but I want a system wide equaliser that flashes the LED's whenever there is sound coming out of my pi (eg when I'm playing mario, etc) Is there any way to natively analyse the sound being p
herb_fargusthout needing to loop it through external hardware?
Latrinaasphaltdragon: where are you based?
LatrinaI used to live in Mexico for 2 years, only recently moved back to Europe 2 months ago
asphaltdragonAlabama, near the coast
Latrinacan' really say I have managed to adjust back to GMT
asphaltdragonHa, I'm a night owl
asphaltdragonEspecially when I'm working on something to refuses to cooperate
asphaltdragonWhich feels like most nights nowadays
H4ndyherb_fargus: check maybe the pimorino pirate radio kit, they have something like that
herb_fargusI'm looking for a way to do it without external hardware. I'm trying to find a way to pass any audio signals generated on the pi to LED's
H4ndythats what they do?
H4ndyaudio on the pi and then control a LED bar
herb_fargusthey use a plugin to interface with their hardware. so I guess it's just a "simple" matter of modifying it to integrate with my LED as opposed to whatever it is they are selling
Latrinaso what would I want to do in order to get the dual fan to work?
Latrinafrom what I can see it is disabled from within the kernel. reason why it is not working, I suppose
LatrinaI just can't figure how to enable it
Latrinaoh yeha
Latrinanot sure if I will need anything else overlay wise
LatrinaGPIO_FAN is also another potential isn't it?
asphaltdragonI've got a headache
asphaltdragonin more ways than one
asphaltdragonTrying to configure this vnc through ssh is a huge pain, and I don't even know why it's not working now.
Latrinadefine pain
HitechcgAn unpleasant sensation occurring in varying degrees of severity as a consequence of injury, disease, or emotional disorder.
Latrinadon't tell me than
LatrinaI have been living with PN for 4 years
LatrinaARCH=arm64 CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu- make -j9
Latrinawrong tab...
asphaltdragonpsin as in I have both a literal and figurative headache
Latrinahave you considered X forwarding through sshd instead?
asphaltdragonNever even heard of it, I'm a Pi noob, this is my first one.
asphaltdragonHence why I don't have a micro usb hub
Hitechcgimo vnc is better because you can leave stuff running
Ben64ssh is better
Hitechcgssh does a completely different thing than vnc
Ben64vnc = remote access, ssh = remote access
asphaltdragonAll I really need it for is running a script. Hell, I don't even know if it'll work the way I'm thinking
Ben64yeah, run a script using ssh
asphaltdragonssh may be fine, but I'd love to get vnc working
LatrinaBen64: not quite
Hitechcgthat's like saying car = transportation, bike = transportation
Ben64theres no point in vnc to run a script
Latrinaat least as far as sequirity level is concerned
Latrinawhether vnc is better than X sshd formwarding I dont know
LatrinaI normally never run X on my servers / embedded devices
mfa298Hitechcg: for console stuff you can use screen or tmux to leave stuff running over ssh
Latrinaso never had to configure neither of the two
Hitechcgmfa298: ik, I always use tmux anyways
Hitechcgbut anyways, cli will make your life easier
Hitechcgunless it's windows
asphaltdragonAh crap, missing a critical adapter to test this thing anyway
gordonDrogonvnc will feel faster if you can turn off encryption.
asphaltdragonWell I have ssh working and enabled, it's almost five, I'm going to bed. Thanks everyone that helped me out, I feel less noobish
asphaltdragonI'l probably be back when my RetroPi fails to work properly once I set that up...
LatrinaHitechcg: with PowerShell you can do 90% of the operations from command line in Windows as well
Latrinathough, it takes a genious to figure how the hell it even works
H4ndyif you know .NET you know most of powershell
LatrinaI don't :)
LatrinaI have never really cared to learn .NET or Windows at sys admin level
HitechcgLatrina: true, but who actually uses powershell to do things that they could do with a gui unless they need to? (such as scripting or headless servers)
Latrinabut I know my colleagues who do Windows Server administration exclusevely that they do it all from PowerShell
LatrinaHitechcg: serious Windows Power admin I would say
Hitechcgmost people just install the Windows Server GUI and rdp in tbh
Latrinajust like I don't have the need for a GUI in Linux / BSD / UNIX
asphaltdragonOh yeah, last thing... is there a way to transfer a .zip from a computer to Raspbian over ssh, and then extract with the command line?
Latrinaman scp
Latrinayou can also create a NFS / CIFS Share
Ben64much easier and faster than through gui
Hitechcgyou need an sftp client if widows
asphaltdragonExcellent, at least I know it's possible
asphaltdragonNah, it's Ubuntu
Latrinascp /path/to/whatever remoteuser@remote_ip_or_domain:/path/to/remote/folder
Latrinaif it is a folder you would want to add -r after scp
asphaltdragonNice, I'll copy that down
Latrinaif the remote user does use anything else other than default port 22
Latrinayou would want to add -P and port number after scp
Latrinaif you need a folder on the PI for easy access among your *nix systems, NFS is your best bet
Latrinatakes 20 seconds to set it up
Hitechcgactually imo sshfs is easier
Latrinadamn a huge KDE rebuild today, 68 packages 0_0
LatrinaHitechcg: might be, never used it
LatrinaI have always done it the Unix way, NFS!
asphaltdragonWon't extracting the zip automatically create a folder?
Latrinaasphaltdragon: nah
Hitechcgdepends on the unarchiving program
Hitechcgsome will
Latrinabut over scp ?
asphaltdragonWhatever's built into Raspbian...
asphaltdragonYeah that
Latrinahands off, I am not sure if possible
asphaltdragonSince no VNC = no GUI for me, scp is my only option for extracting
H4ndyjust transfer with scp and then unzip on the console sessin
LatrinaI am not sure if you can embed commands for the remote user through scp
LatrinaI doubt so
ebarchjust "unzip" via SSH
Latrinaasphaltdragon: on the long run you will appreciate the fact that you are using the command line
Latrinaand VNC needs will be a thing of the past
asphaltdragonHaha, yeah. I've slowly been getting used to it in Ubuntu as well.
asphaltdragonNew to that too. Last time I used it was around 10.04.
asphaltdragonAnd I just realized I need to tweak wifi settings on the Pi...
asphaltdragonUnless I can make an adhoc network with my phone and ssh over that? Is that a thing?
mstruebingis anybody using volumio with spotify?
asphaltdragonmstruebing: I've seen some people on the raspberry_pi subreddit talking about using it in their projects. Are you having issues with it?
mstruebingasphaltdragon: I'm currently using mopify and have issues with playlists so I just wanted to make sure this feature is working with volumino
mstruebingmopidy + mopify
mstruebingI only can play artists and songs, but no playlists
asphaltdragonI've got no experience with it myself. But if you check and go to the weekly help megathread, someone might know if it's actually something that works.
divadsnhey everyone, does anyone have experiences with running moonlight-embedded on Openelec?
Latrinaasphaltdragon: what exactly is the issue you are having with the wifi on the PI ?
asphaltdragonOh, no issue with it. But I want to be able to ssh into it without wifi. I may just turn on the hotspot on my phone and ssh into it that way.
Latrinaasphaltdragon: can't you hook it up to the ethernet port^
Latrinajust connect it to the ethernet and from your router
asphaltdragonIt doesn't have an ethernet port
asphaltdragonAlso I want to ssh into it when there's not wifi around
asphaltdragonWhich I should be able to do by configuring it to connect to my wifi hotspot on my phone.
asphaltdragonTheoretically. That shouldn't interfere with ssh.
Latrinaouch, a router without ssh port sounds like a joke
LatrinaI meant ethernet port
asphaltdragonMy PI doesn't have an ethernet port
asphaltdragonIt's a Zero W
asphaltdragonIt's only Wifi and Bluetooth
asphaltdragonNo ethernet
Latrinaoh, I thought you have a normal rpi my bad
asphaltdragonNope. I wanted to be able to carry it in my pocket easily.
gordonDrogonI use my phone as a hotspot to Pi0W's with good results.
gordonDrogonI can then ssh to the Pi from the phone, or laptop on the same phone hotspot.
gordonDrogonI have seen others run host apd on the Pi0W but I think that's more prone to issues.
asphaltdragonOh, perfect.
gordonDrogonmight give you more flexability re. IP addresses to run host apd on the Pi though, rather than be fixed to the 192.168.43.x that most androids give.
BurtyBor you can do both client and ap - :)
asphaltdragonYou know if you can still plug the phone into the Pi and have it connect as USB debugging even when using it as hotspot?
gordonDrogonjust because you can, don't mean it makes sense....
Latrinaasphaltdragon: I got this
Latrinaand I love it
asphaltdragonNice. Looks too big for me.
Latrinasmall, portable, cheap and you get both eth and wifi
asphaltdragonI picked this up:
kerioi run hostapd on a pi3
kerionever any issue :3
asphaltdragonI'm just hoping I can still plug the phone in as USB debugging while using it as a hotspot to ssh into the Pi
asphaltdragonCuz I need to run scripts on the phone with adb and I'm not always near a computer
asphaltdragonAnd sometimes a laptop is just too big
mstruebingas for now volumino runs great
Stagnationhey guys, trying to set up my pi as a cloned android screen, any advice on how to do this? cheers
tabakhase"By default, PIXEL does not have any easy-to-use screensaver software installed, although the screensaver is enabled" who had that glorious idea... :D
gordonDrogonscreensavers are not needed anymore. in these days of LCDs, etc. "burn-in" just isn't a thing anymore...
gordonDrogonturning off the backlight to save power is though.
oqgordonDrogon: oleds have lots of burn-in problems
gordonDrogonjust switch then off then.
kerioLCDs also have burn-in problems
keriothey're temporary, but still
gloomyjust to be sure, if I want to use vim, the configuration file is /etc/vim/vimrc?
gloomyOr am I supposed to create a .vimrc in the home directory?
gloomy(not sure if this is a rbpi or debian thing)
ali1234where is this usb bootable mini raspbian image then?
kerioali1234: without burning the OTP bit to boot from usb?
BurtyBali1234, for the remote gpio? I assumed they'd just use scriptexecutor have they said it's raspbian?
ali1234what is scriptexecutor?
ali1234unfortunatey they haven't made it public yet
ali1234whatever it is, it is 788kb
BurtyBnot sure that statement about possible to do before but you needed an SD is really valid as I've been doing usbboot on the pi zero for months without an SD card ;)
ali1234and probably a GPL violation
ali1234yes, me too
ali1234yeah this is busybox
kerioBurtyB: did you burn the OTP bit tho
keriobecause aiui without that bit it will never attempt booting from usb
ali1234kerio: we are not talking about that kind of USB boot
keriowhat kind then? 🤔
ali1234this os coldplug booting
mfa298gloomy: normally config in /etc is systemwide, then user specific stuff would be in the homedir, so for vim you probably want most config in ~/.vimrc
BurtyBkerio, as in (you don't need the hat it works with a regular usb cable)
keriooh, the pi will appear as some sort of usb device with debug capabilities if it can't boot anything else?
kerioand also makes sense
Cuby96Does someone know how a mcp23017 with python work?
dreamon__want to leave lxde x-server from console(ssh connection). how can I do?
dreamon__found out → /etc/init.d/lightdm stop
Lartzadreamon__, systemctl stop lightdm
Lartzabut yes, that's not necessarily a clean way though
dreamon__Lartza, Thanks
gordonDrogonCuby96, they're supported by the kernel with some weird devoce overlay, but check the gpio zero stuff. I only use them in C.
Cuby96So c code instead of Python?
MarkusDBXHi, I'm looking for cheap 1080p small (4-7 inch) lcds for the rpi. Any ideas on good deals?
gordonDrogonCuby96, no idea - whatever your preferance is - I know they do work in Python as I've seen PYthon projects that use them.
Cuby96Ok i See hmm well idk how to access the Proper address as i didnt understand it
ZardozMarkusDBX: you are most like going to need to do you shopping and search. there are a lot of options and you will need to decide based on your needs.
gordonDrogonCuby96, if it's connected to the Pi, run sudo i2cdetect -y 1
gordonDrogonCuby96, expect to see a '20' in the display grid output.
gordonDrogonaltough, depending on configuration it could be from 20 to 27.
MarkusDBXZardoz: I know for sure there is a ton of options, it's just getting the prize down on 1080p small displays that is the issue.
MegafGreetings folks.
drzacekI was wondering about home automation
gordonDrogonalexa, open the pod bay doors ...
drzacekI hear about the stuff for years, but never really got into it
zleapdepends what you want to do
gordonDrogonI've seen it. I'm not implementing it :)
drzacekdepends on what I CAN do
gordonDrogonalthough central heating is technically automation - at an acceptable level..
zleapwell you can have IoT or just use a pi to control something without using the internet, e.g cron job to control a watering system for example
drzacekBack in my school days, home automation meant automatically controlled lights, heating and windows
drzacekMy boss use it to remotely controll water for his tomatoes
zleapwell that is doable
gordonDrogonyou can do that today, you just need to sell your soul to a dozen different but incompatible device vendors and hope you can get them all to talk to each other ...
drzacekYeah I know this is doable - but thats about it. Maybe there is ton other things I could do, but don't know it yet
gordonDrogona friend was going on recently about how good his "Harmony hub" was ... but I hear they're now closing down...
shaunothat's why mine's a homebrew mess. I haven't yet found a fendor you can say nice things about
drzacekWhat I also learned, that there are some ready systems that can be implemented and expanded in future, with ready modules and stuff
drzacekso maybe what I want is just some platform to start with something easy, and add new things on the go
zleapas someone a while back said to the the S in IoT stands for security,
zleapto me
drzacekI don't see any S in ooooooooooooooh
drzacekyeah, not a fan of cheap devices connected to the internet
zleapso don't connect to the internet
drzacekwas thinking more about raspberry pi as a central brain
zleapyou can use a pi + clock and the GPIO to send signals to say a watering system to turn a tap on / off
drzacekand only exposing rpi to the internet
zleapyou don't even do that, you can connect to the LAN (internal)
drzacekand rpi controlling rest of the stuff in non-ethernet manner
Zardozfriends don't let friends expose there pis on the internet.
drzacekWhat I would like to have some day, is to have sensors on all windows and doors, that could check if the windows are open/closed, doors open/closed/locked. In more budget-unfriendly solution, way to remotely close them
drzacekin case I forget to close my apartment when I'm going away for few days
gordonDrogonalexa, unlock the doors
zleapso 2 wires, if window is closed then the wires touch, send pin high, program picks that up
drzacekgordonDrogon, AND without routing it through NSA
gordonDrogonbuy a burglar alarm.
drzacekremote controll over electricity at home would also be nice. "Did I turned the oven off? better cut power to the kitchen"
drzacekI know there are ready modules for that
zleapwhart happens if these systems, fail you so used to a computer telling you if the oven is on or off, you don't bother to check, house burns down,
drzacektl:dr - where do I start, what software do I get
drzacekzleap, could be said about any technology these days
drzacek"what is my ABS/ESP or even brakes in my car fail?"
zleapbut what is wrong with checking if the oven is off or not,
drzacek"what if those autonomous trucks will have system crash while driving 90 on autobahn?"
Zardozzleap: our robot overlords will most like kill us anyways.
drzacekzleap, the thing is, you usually do check it, but since you do it automatically, you don't remember if you did or not
zleapthat was my point, automation makes us lazy
drzacek"did I lock the doors?"
zleapgoing through a routine, you remember the routine
drzacekwell, no escaping it at this point, could as well us it for own advantage
drzaceknot how this works in my case
zleapnow if an relavitve has dementia for example I can see the advantage in having a system to warn you
drzacekI usually do check things twice (or more), and then still worry if I did all I had to or not
drzacekso it would mean peace of mind for me
drzacekbut the question wasn't "should I?", the question is "how?"
drzacekMy boss use something called "fhem"
drzacekbut from what I see, this is purely german project
zleapone day you will get these things liked to facebook and it will say you are out, house is empty, in your public profile, the insurance company will see it and cancel the insurance, you get broken in to, you;re not i nsuraced on the basis you told everyone you were going out
drzacekso I'm worried that I will get limited support (only from german community)
drzacekzleap, do you have a smartphone?
zleapi am not sure what to suggest, the system that gordon suggested is more complementary I think
zleapdrzacek: no why
zleapmy point is, insurane companies check on people, people try and claim, by saying they can't work, thenpost on fb etc that they are playing football, insurance gets cancelled and that person can get done for fraud
drzaceknot sure how this is connected to me having my kitchen sockets managed by mini pc
zleapyou were asking if it could tell you that you had closed windows
zleapnot sure if that is a useful starting point
shaunotake a look at openhab or domoticz, then look into what vendors/sensors/actuators are compatible
drzacekshauno, ok
drzacekzleap, building few sensors and hooking it up to rpi is not a problem, but getting it all working means I need many many input signals, maybe 100+. Plus some frontend to managing it all. Don't want to reinvent the wheel if there are ready solutions
gordonDrogonit's the sort of thing you want to do in a new-build house... retro fitting things like socket switches into an existing one can be challenging.
xaviergmailAny idea how to run a single-purpose router on a rpi3? I want to plug the pi directly into my laptop with an ethernet crossover cable and access the pi as
shaunoyeah, that's the fun I've been having. rental means there's limits on what I can change
xaviergmail- from my laptop. I tried setting up isc-dhcp-server without success
gordonDrogonxaviergmail, you do not need a x-over cable.
xaviergmailfancy name for a 6 inch cat6
xaviergmailunless it's physically different?
gordonDrogonwhatever, but it does not need to be a crossover cable.
xaviergmailquick google says so oops gotcha
gordonDrogonwhy not simply configure the Pi with a static IP address?
drzacekgordonDrogon, true, but I wasn't thinking about upgrading the sockets, only those things that sit in distribution box (or whatever that thing is called)
gordonDrogondrzacek, different names in different countries - in the UK it's the "consumer unit"
gordonDrogonthe box with the fuses/mcb's/rcb's ...
xaviergmailThat's what I tried at first, but my laptop can't connect to it
drzacekI would say those are fuses, but I guess they can do more things beside "fusing"
xaviergmail(unless I configure my laptop for a static ip as well in the same subnet
gordonDrogonxaviergmail, both PC & Pi will need to be on the same subnet.
drzacekeach fuse have only 2-3 sockets on it, some of them have only one socket connected, so for me it would be good enough
shaunomessing with the consumer unit is the hard way to do things. tidier because it's centralized, but .. scary stuff heh
gordonDrogondrzacek, and different countries have different rules/regs. In the UK ring circuits are common with 2-20 sockets on them.
drzacekshauno, only if "messing" is installing some DIY things, or opening fuses open and soldering wires there
xaviergmailI get that, but isc-dhcp-server was giving me some headaches
gordonDrogonillegal in some countries too.
drzacekI guess there are ready to buy modules that allow them to be managed remotely
drzacekyou just take the ones you have now, and install the inteligent ones in their place
gordonDrogonin the UK we have something called "Part P"... although I think some of it has been changed recently.
gordonDrogonyou would really want to leave the consumer unit alone, but take the outputs from the fuse/mcb/rcd/ into a separate box with your high power contactors/relays then back into the socket ring circuits.
gordonDrogondon't solder to the fuses/holders. at least not in a 1st world country.
shaunoI guess you're looking for stuff like
shaunobut generally you wouldn't want to replace what's there. you just take the output from the rcb and feed it through one more switch before it goes out to the wall
shauno(breakers that you can control & monitor go off into stupidly-expensive switchgear territory. much easier to let the existing breaker do its own job)
shaunoI'm curious how well those insteon modules work though. especially since the latest updates to code in the UK ask for (non-ferrous) metal consumer units, which isn't RF's best friend
red9If you could influence the design decisions on the RPi. What would you change? i/o placement? bus interconnects? periphials (within a budget) ? etc.
Latrinalets hope this does the trick
ali1234red9: i would fix all the minor annoying bugs
ali1234can't remember off hand
ali1234number 1. i'd probably get rid of the ARMv6 from the lineup, and redo the zero with something ARMv7 based
ali1234number 2. make a zero with a display connector instead of camera connector
ali1234number 3. release the 3A+ they've been promising for 18 months
ali1234basically any two of the above
red9Personally, I'm thinking maybe more I/O and more 3,3V/GND pins. And MII/RMII interface in place of the USB/Ethernet junk. Maybe less RAM to push the cost down. Real processing can be done on a networked server.
gordonDrogonGaaah. less RAM? Are you nuts? Just hang out here for a while and one of the main bleats is that the Pi doesn't have more RAM )-:
red9gordonDrogon, guess it depends on the use case? 3D stuff? database?
gordonDrogonthe case is education.
gordonDrogonthat's all the Pi foundation are concerned with.
gordonDrogonthe commercial side of the Pi corp. may be concerned with other stuff, but e.g. the CM3 has appealed to many industrial users with the same 1G RAM, so ... who knows.
shaunoI don't think this SoC actually has MII ?
ali1234oh i know what i'd do!
ali1234i'd get a driver made for AVE IN and AVE OUT
ali1234that's the only peripheral for which no driver or docs exist
ali1234(that i know of)
ali1234it is a digital video innterface
ali1234i think, anyway
ali1234it is for something like a ADV7341 which would allow composite video in to the SoC
ali1234oh that's the video out chip
stivACTION googles MII
ali1234basically it allows you to overlay graphics on a composite signal which you pass through
ali1234and perhaps capture too
stiv"The interface requires 18 signals" - ouch!
ali1234AVE pins are documented on my gpio spreadsheet:
ali1234the registers are here and
ali1234that is everything we know about it
ali1234from the register names it is clearly a video interfaces
ali1234i guess since both interfaces are on the same GPIO you can't do pass through video with it
ali1234so it must be a capture interface
ali1234i would also like to know what TE/FL/RING_OCLK are, but i expect they are just test signals
red9composite etc.. isn't analog quite EOL by now?
gordonDrogonyou never know what leftovers are on these SoCs... I do wonder how many times the next one was simply built on the last one, etc.
gordonDrogonand I'm sure analog video will be with us for a good number of years yet...
red9well but maybe nothing to invest new designs on?
gordonDrogonor manglement made all the enginees redundant.
red9Manglement is the capability to save cost such that you later will have to fix it for much higher cost.. ;)
zornygahoj :)
zornygHas anyone an idea on how to monitor a 24v watering valve if it is on or not?
gordonDrogonuse an opto isolator.
gordonDrogonassuming it's a DC signal.
gordonDrogonyou just wire the LED side with a suitable resistor over the solenoid valve and connect the other side to the Pi.
red9a zenerdiode + resistor would handle varying voltage levels unlike plain resistor divider.
zornygthat sounds pretty straight forward, thanks for the input
zornygis there some pi shield with opto isolators? I have 7 channels / valves to monitor
gordonDrogonsure, but you know it's 24v.
gordonDrogonand isolated...
gordonDrogonsome of those solenoids generate nice big spikes when activated.
gordonDrogonzornyg, I don't know of a board, but making one shouldn't be hard.
xaviergmailAre there any guides out there for really cleaning up the visual part of the boot process?
xaviergmailI tried this but plymouth takes over and I still get some kernel blabber going on before the splash screen appears
red9zornyg, search (eBait..)
zornygthis one would fit right :)?
hillctGood afternoon all. I’m exploring what it will take to get a pi camera module and another i2c device (an oled display) to play nice together on a Pi3b. I understand that the camera populates the i2c bus in spite of it’s physicaly separate adapter, but I’m unclear how to manage which of the two i2c busses it used, or how to get one or the other device to use the second bus. Any guidance would be helpful (on Raspbian Stretch)
hillctI found this but it doesn’t seem entirely aplicable
BurtyBhillct, on a pi3 they're on different i2c bus
BurtyBwell I mean the i2c for the camera isn't the same as the i2c on the gpio physical pins 3/5.
hillct@BurtyB I’m asking because I have two pi camera modules. the first I tried while I had an OLED connected to i2C.1 failed (oled worked fine) and the camera sensor now appears dead. Not clear whether it was DOA, or got burned out somehow. Wanted to be certain before connecting ny second known good camera module
hillct@BurtyB is it then reasonable to assume the camera module failure is unrelated to use of i2c.1 on the gpio header at the same time?
xaviergmailCan I change which TTY my raspi uses for auto-login? I have auto-login set from raspi-config
MiaHello channe l
MiaI'm looking for a simple raspberry pi media center solution, kodi and it's variations (such as osmc) seem very heavy to me, is there any simpler alternative for that
MiaSomething more like but for media content rather than gaming
Miasomething purely there for playing videos and having a library
MiaMost of the existing fully featured solutions I've found are unnecessarily heavy to my taste in terms of all those "additional features" - that I don't need
H__im using regular kodi
MiaH__, it's still pretty heavy
MiaI don't know much about why people pick kodi over osmc or vica versa but even UI wise it's fully customizable, it's heavy and bulky, and slow
H__i kicked kodi because I was used to xmbc , the Real One ;-)
H__picked, not kicked
mfa298Mia: look at libreelec, it's still kodi but with minimal OS around it.
mfa298if you want video then you probably want omxplayer or kodi to use the hardware decode ability
kerioi also use libreelec for my dad's media player
GenteelBenkerio: if you were my son, I'd buy you a Spotify subscription.
GenteelBenNo kid should have to listen to music via an RPi.
keriowhen i say media player
kerioi mean pirated streaming movie player
GenteelBenWell it's good he's teaching you how to pirate shit at a young age.
GenteelBenThat's a valuable life skill; I pay for software and games, but not music, TV or movies.
GenteelBenAnd definitely not a cable subscription for sports.
CobaltLife skills have evolved a bit; 50 years ago, it was teach you how to hunt for food, and which root was edible or not.
CobaltThat sort of thing.
GenteelBenYou can get 4G in the forest now.
GenteelBenDon't need to memorise that shit.
GenteelBenFYI I have a "survival" app on all my phones.
GenteelBenIMO it should be built into Android and iOS. A lot of the time when people are lost all they have is a phone.
CobaltSounds like you won't do so well if you run out of juice.
GenteelBenIt's better than nothing.
GenteelBenWould add like 1MB to each ROM, but could save thousands of lives a year.
CobaltTrue. I don't think I'd make it to the jungle.
GenteelBenYes, you'd be skinned and worn as a pelt by some hunter.
CobaltBasic first aid that sort of thing. On the other hand, there is no cure for stupid.
mfa298GenteelBen: if you can get a mobile signal in the forst you're going to the wrong forests, One near here has places where getting a mobile signal is hard
mfa298then again I'm quite capable of operating a paper map and compas so I don't need the mobile phone to tell me where to go (although it's easier to use when it does work)
GenteelBenWhat is this
stivprimitive magnetism detector
ebarchi think it's like an analog version of google maps
mfa298useful things that after 10+ years have never needed recharging to batteries replacing :p
stivmfa298, yeah, but if the Earth ever stops spinning, you are totally boned
mfa298stiv: but then the gps satellites will probably not be much use either so good luck with gmaps