Kwisher[Saint]: never heard of chromiun-ui-mods
Kwisherwonder if that would work better for my digital displays at work
Kwisherhas to disable gpu acceleration to make chromium work
[Saint]Kwisher: at the very least, it won't be worse.
[Saint]It still pulls on Chromium. It just also pulls in the requisite magic to provide GPU accelerated rendering.
[Saint]*pulls in
Kwisheri'll have to test it on a spare pi
[Saint]I'm very happy to have been a part in you discovering this.
Kwisherwhere were you 3 months ago? :)
[Saint]Having a mental breakdown.
[Saint], yeah.
[Saint]Hey, it's not your fault.
[Saint]...I think.
[Saint]ACTION side-eyes Kwisher 
[Saint]...I'm watchin' you.
Kwisherso would my chromium startup command remain the same?
[Saint]You will be able to have significantly more complex content rendered on these displays with the GPU accelerated Chromium doing the heavy lifting.
[Saint]Chromium proper on the raspis is a bit of a cruel joke.
[Saint]Well...I'm sure you know this.
Kwisheri was experiencing randon lockups until i disabled gpu
Kwisherwhere do i find chromiun-ui-mods?
[Saint]Kwisher: I may be misremembering the package name.
[Saint]Do 'apt cache search chromium'
Kwisher"Hardware-accelerated video is not supplied by the rpi-chromium-mods package, it is built into the Chromium binary supplied in the modified chromium-browser package."
Kwisherone of the switches for chromium is "--disable-gpu"
Kwisherso that quote makes sense
[Saint]Yeah, this package basically just jams a modified chromium binary in place. Anything you have that relies on pointing at chromium will continue to function.
alictureIs there any solution using Bluetooth to remote control raspberry pi?
ali1234alicture: sure, get a bluetooth mouse and keyboard
rfsharkwhat is price of raspberry pi?
rfshark$9.86 is possible?
sanmarcoswhere can I find an SD Card image for Raspbian Jesse?
sanmarcosor can I Roll back to jesse from stretch?
rfsharksanmarcos: hello
sanmarcoshi rfshark
sanmarcosI am trying to downgrade because Jesse messes up the output to my RF Chip
rfsharkwhat price you pay for raspberry pi 3?
rfsharkit is more expensive than laptop?
rfsharksome guy sell it for $9.86
rfsharkso i think that it is fraud or not
HrdwrBoBno they don't
rfsharkit is fraud? HrdwrBoB ?
HrdwrBoBthey have nothing else for sale
HrdwrBoBthe real cost of a pi3 is circa $35US
HrdwrBoByou see if you can work it out :)
HrdwrBoBtldr: yes, it's most likely fraud
rfsharkbut seller sell it for $9.86 :(
HrdwrBoBI can sell you a bridge
HrdwrBoBfor only $200
rfsharkbrideg? what bridge?
HanonimHi guys !
[Saint]What an excitable fellow.
sanmarcosdoes this look like evidence of corrosion of some sort?
[Saint]It's flux.
mfa298[Saint]: if your talking about rfshark I think that's the latest incarnation of the friendly troll who's been coming here for the last couple of years
[Saint]Nah, Hanonim
[Saint]sanmarcos: that was for you, by the way. It's just flux.
sanmarcos[Saint]: how do you know? I used a wood stick and compressed air and it came off
[Saint]As I would expect to. It's not like flux is some immovable permanent bonding agent.
[Saint]As for how I know, the position, and experience.
sanmarcoshow do I test my board is OK?
sanmarcos[Saint]: ok, so its not corrosion
sanmarcosthen it must have been a sofwtare issue
sanmarcosdoes anybody know where I can get raspbian jessie Image?, impossible to find on website
Habbieor a hidden hardware issue
Habbiesanmarcos, non-lite also available there
Habbiethe last one is stretch, everything before is jessie it looks like
sanmarcosHabbie: thank you so much
LartzaWhy does one want jessie though
sanmarcosbecause I think the stretch upgrade may have screwed up some stuff
LartzaUpgrade or fresh install stretch?
LartzaIn that case, maybe, why not fresh install stretch before going back to jessie though? ;)
sanmarcosbecause I knew Jessie worked, so might as well do jessie
sanmarcosthen I can do fresh stretch
LartzaFine :P
sanmarcos[Saint]: thsi is an original imge, what is the black stuff around the pins
[Saint]It's a pretty bad photo but I'm still convinced you're just looking at flux.
LartzaYeah corrosion wouldn't look like that really
sanmarcos[Saint]: look at this one
sanmarcosok then, so flux is no big deal, it gets white over time or with heat?
BurtyBsanmarcos, white could be normal - is the flux left behind from 1000's of headers being soldered on a Pi
[Saint]Holy crap BurtyB
[Saint]That's disgusting, lol
BurtyB[Saint], lol yeah - it's years worth of crud
sanmarcoswait isnt SSH on by default on a raspbian image?
sanmarcosthat I just flashed?
BurtyBsanmarcos, no, you need to enable it by putting a file called "ssh" on the boot partition
sanmarcosBurtyB: just touch "ssh" ?
mfa298sanmarcos: yes, on the fat partition
sanmarcosok thanks, no idea why that isnt the default
mfa298or if the Pi is booted and you've got access you can just enable it with systemd
sanmarcosno keyboard or display
sanmarcosI could connect it to TV but its too much moving stuff
mfa298it's been the default for almost a year due to security (lots of Pi's going on the internet with open ssh and default username and password)
sanmarcosyou think they would be NATed
sanmarcosbut good choice
mfa298not all are, or people have put in a port forward at some point and forgotton about it when rebuilding their pi
sanmarcosthey got SHODAned
sanmarcosis it ok to hotplug GPIO?
sanmarcoswhile the raspberry is on?
ShorTienot a good idea imho
ShorTiebut if you do, make sure ground is connected first i'd say
[Saint]It's not really. No.
[Saint]You might get away with it dozens of times. Then you night not that last time.
Habbiei do it but when i'm teaching kids i forbid it
ShorTiepi does not take that much time to boot, better to be safe then sorry
gordonDrogonthe usual issue is that what you're powering causes a big spike that reboots the Pi anyway.
ShorTiegood way to corrupt the sdcard
[Saint]Eh. Not necessarily.
gordonDrogonbest not take the risk though - power off, plug in - power on.
ShorTieACTION concures
gordonDrogonI have in the past been lazy and used the power spike/reboot, so sudo halt, blinky LED, plug in - causes a power spike & reboot ...
HanonimI'm testing raspbian stretch on my RPI3 and can't manage to use the serial port
HanonimttyS0 doesn't show up and ttyAMA0 doesn't seem to work (quick test using gnu screen)
shiftplusoneHanonim: have you set enable_uart=1 ?
ShorTieand rebooted ??
Hanonimon jessie i had to change the dt overlay to pi3-miniuart-bt
shiftplusoneshouldn't have to do that either, unless you want to use ttyAMA0 specifically.
Hanonimshiftplusone: well if i didn't, setting baudrates didn't behave properly with java and c libs i was using
shiftplusoneah right, you mentioned that like a week or two ago, haven't you?
Hanonimshiftplusone: but anyway, i see only ttyAMA0, no ttyS0. serial1 points to ttyAMA0 and there is no serial0
Hanonimso, where is bluetooth and where is uart ?
Hanonimoh, it appeared after a random reboot
Hanonimno idea why
ShorTie'random reboot' ??
Hanonimwrong choice of words, i reboot again for an unrelated reason
atripesI have a robot which is controlled by RPi GPIO. A web interface (flask) is used to control the robot, with a user login. I want to lock controls to only one simultaneous user. Would I use lockfiles, or a global application state, or a DB?
atripesI can think of using any of those, but I feel like this has been done and that there is a state of the art approach... I am missing the right words for an online search.
gordonDrogonmake user login via local keyboard and disable ssh.
gordonDrogonoh, hang on. web.
Hanonimatripes: a global state would be the simplest, i guess
rfsharki can connect to raspberry pi gpio pin?
HrdwrBoB ta-da
shiftplusoneHrdwrBoB: what are we looking at?
ShorTiecool, what is it ??
atripesHrdwrBoB: Wild guess: this goes in your car?
ShorTieACTION wonders if shiftplusone has ever play with alarm-fake-hwclock
ShorTiebummer, twas wondering if it is like a drop in replacement for hwclock
HrdwrBoBatripes: yes
HrdwrBoBit's a fascia for my car dash
shiftplusonewell, it seems to be fakehwclock for archlinux. So it saves the time when it shuts down and restores it on boot.
atripesHrdwrBoB: yissssssss, bingo :)
atripesHrdwrBoB: what does it do? Have to look up fascia.....
atripesHrdwrBoB: ah, yeah, the cover. But what will the RPi do? Music?
HrdwrBoBatripes: no, gauges
HrdwrBoBgot a whole custom setup with an OLED screen in the dash
HrdwrBoBand an arduino doing a whole lot of data acquisition
atripesvery cool!
atripesHrdwrBoB: Let's see it in action once it's finished ^^
HrdwrBoByeah in the future
HrdwrBoBso much work to do
atripesyes, I bet
Hanonimdoes raspbian stretch provide utilities for connecting 4G dongles ? i couldn't manage to make my huawei e3372 work with jessie and now it works out of the box
ShorTiethat be nothing of raspbian, but Debian updating drivers
PuggyAre the specially mentioned GPIO Pins special? Or I can just use them normally like any other pin.
PuggyI mean here
PuggySDA, SCL, GPCLK, etc.
gordonDrogonthat can be re-purposed,
gordonDrogonhowever the I2C ones (SDA, SCL) have on-board 1k8 pull-up resistors to 3.3v.
PuggygordonDrogon: Okay, so I can just plug in stuff like I normally do (not specifically designed for that special purposes) and it shouldn't dmg. the pi, right ?
PuggyI am just using 'em for data
gordonDrogonyou should be fine - use sudo raspi-config to make sure the I2C, SPI, 1-wire, etc. drivers are not loaded though.
PuggyI'm not using Raspbian
PuggyI'm using Arch ARM
gordonDrogongood luck then.
PuggyIf I have the module names I can blacklist 'em
gordonDrogonwell, device tree and all that magic.
gordonDrogonlsmod will be fairly obvious though.
gordonDrogonit all depends on the gpio library you use too - some seem to care, some don't.
PuggyI'm using RPi.GPIO
Kwisheraccording to the arch wiki those special pins are not enabled by default
Puggythat's good for me then
Kwisherbut you should do your own due diligence
Kwisherhave you used all available pins?
Puggynot really
Puggyit's much closer
cerionhi. I just received a pi zero W nd the official case for it. I am baffled by the position of the hole for the camera cable. How are you suposed to pass a cable through a hole a the bottom while the conector is the right side ???
cerionACTION just thinking at drilling a hole at the side (I don't know how yet)
tristeroseems to be intended for internally mounted cameras:
BurtyBcerion, cable just goes down instead of up ?
keriowhat do you mean the connector is at the right side?
ShotokanZHhi evryone
nicdevis there known gotchas in setting up static network on rPi3 with debian stretch? I am using the sama file I have been using on rPi2 without a problem but in this case, there is no access to eth0. this is my interface file
ShotokanZHi'm having an issue with the bluetooth on the raspberry PI zero W
ShotokanZHbasically i managed to pair it with my phone (Nexus 6P) and when i try to launch connect 24:DF:... it says connection successful , shows me the device info and then says "Connected: no"
ShotokanZHon my nexus i see it connected a second or so, and then it disconnects
Habbienicdev, i recall somebody mentioning that eth0, at least by default, has a different name on stretch
GenteelBenShotokanZH: you and I have the best phone.
GenteelBenNexus 6P Twins activate!
GenteelBenIf we connect them together with a USB-C to USB-C cable, we'd be unstoppable.
ShotokanZHGenteelBen, basically we'll create a loop of infinite energy
ShotokanZHi guess we'll become gods.
nicdevHabbie: looks like you're right, let me see if i can work through this
GenteelBenThere was a guy in here a few months ago who wanted to build a Raspberry Pi phone.
GenteelBenI was like, dude, spend $30 on some crappy Alcatel / Windows Phone unit.
GrandPa-GGenteelBen:there are some websites that tell how to do it.
GenteelBenSuch as? Where do you buy a plug-in cellular modem for an RPi?
Kwishernicdev: run ifconfig from a term to find the nic name
RoedyHi, I got a raspberry pi 2 model b with a sainsmart relay connected to it. I am running homebridge and homebridge-gpio-wpi2. When i export the pins the relay goes on. any idea how to export them without them turning on?
stivsACTION guesses: initialize pins to desired state
Stagnationthough with a pi phone youd be able to customise it more than a cheap smart phone
Stagnationalso might be a better idea to use an arduino board for a custom phone,
atomianyone got the aiy voice kit?
AppAraathi, thinking of getting the rpi 3 model B though was wondering what parts of it were already mainlined inside Linux kernel?
sanmarcosany ideas why my TX port would be outputting noise until it is initialized by a wiringPi call?
sanmarcoswhat is SMI SD6 ?