nullifierand none at all if you just want to slap your dog across the room
nullifierI imagine they still would hurt you moving at speed
Spirit532that's 1.2kg at full speed and extension
Spirit532so you can imagine the pinch force
nullifierI wonder if it's typical engineering and doublerated
Spirit532it's Japanese
nullifierwhere one might say, drive it with a much larger set of fets
Spirit532so you can probably put 12kg on it :P
nullifierWas it still Matsushita then?
nullifierThe diamond manufacturer group
Spirit532it was Mitsubishi Electric
nullifieroh wait that's panasonic
Spirit532Mitsubishi Denki
Spirit532always has been
nullifierParent company?
Spirit532no, full name
Spirit532Denki just means "electric"
Spirit532三菱電機株式会社 Mitsubishi Denki Kabushiki-gaisha
nullifierI knew that much actually lol
nullifierI emailed SanyoDenki JP
Spirit532good luck with that c:
nullifierit's what, 2AM there
Spirit532TheHexaCube, IIE.
Spirit532it's 3 AM here
TheHexaCubehuh? :P
Spirit532so definitely not
Spirit532TheHexaCube, that means "no"
TheHexaCubewell, you can clearly see how much japanese I know
TheHexaCubei wonder if there's some free language course
Spirit532amazing site
gthxfree is freaking awesome!
Spirit532totally free
nullifiermy aunt taught english there for a few years
TheHexaCubehell yeah
nullifiera few... 20
Spirit532oh nvm
TheHexaCubegonna check it out Spirit532
TheHexaCubecuz... knowing at least a bit of japanese would be awesome... it'd make sense to watch subs then :P
nullifierShe basically pioneered it
nullifierand KET
Spirit532I've been meaning to start learning Japanese
nullifierheh... uncle had to be a car salesman in japan
Spirit532I already know one of the hardest languages :P
nullifierapparently he did well
Spirit532just one category below insanity
TheHexaCubeSpirit532: pffft, same :P
Spirit532German is really easy
nullifierbecause japanese people just trust americans?
nullifierseemed like that was not the case for me
Spirit532because he was a foreigner
TheHexaCubeSpirit532: well I can't tell, but I was *told* that german apparently is hard?
TheHexaCubei dunno :D
Spirit532like in the "gaijin" meaning of the word
Spirit532German is a lot easier than Russian
TheHexaCubeI actually looked into russian
Spirit532unless you plan on losing a nuclear war to Russia, don't
TheHexaCubebuuut brain hurty
TheHexaCubelearning a new *alphabet* is hard
TheHexaCubealso... pronounciation wtf
TheHexaCubepronouncing japanese is actually really easy :D
Spirit532have fun learning the 2500 or so kanji you need to be sorta fluent
TheHexaCuberight, lol
TheHexaCube *sigh*
gthx => Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Opening 1-Again creditless => 1 IRC mentions
TheHexaCubebest song ever :P
TheHexaCubeI can follow the first couple lines, until it gets FAST
Spirit532I could transcribe it if I really really wanted to
Spirit532but I'd make a bucket of mistakes
Spirit532because I don't actually know the language
TheHexaCubeoh that's already out there
Spirit532yeah ofc
TheHexaCubebut even when I have the text in front of me I couldn't follow it
Spirit532she's pronouncing it pretty clearly
TheHexaCube then again I doubt others could follow this :P
gthx => KRICKZ | JBB 2018 QUALIFIKATION => 3 IRC mentions
Spirit532but I won't even pretend what kind of accent it is
Spirit532pretend to know*
Spirit532TheHexaCube, you can slur and twist German to death
Spirit532but it can also sound clear
TheHexaCubeyup, those are usually called dialects :P
Spirit532sort of
TheHexaCubebavarian being (imo) the greatest example, heh
Spirit532he's just speaking weird
Spirit532you can hear it too
TheHexaCubedid you see the diagram of how we call bread in different regions of germany?
TheHexaCubeor well uhh... 'buns' not bread
Spirit532no but I am intrigued
Spirit532same roots except for a few weirdos
TheHexaCubethough apparently it's not quite accurate on distribution, but all those words exist
TheHexaCubeand some are missing
TheHexaCubeRundstück for example
Spirit532... round thing?
TheHexaCubeyeah :D
TheHexaCubeand if you want a "Semmel" in a place where it's called "Brötchen", they won't understand what you want
TheHexaCubewell, -chen can mean a... 'cute' or... 'small' version
Spirit532same as in madchen?
TheHexaCubeso, tiny bread :D
TheHexaCubeLol, not in this case
TheHexaCubehaha but that's very funny
TheHexaCubeBecause Made means maggot
Spirit532don't ruin it
TheHexaCubeI'm sorry, I thought you didn't know the joke ;_;
Spirit532but German can go the completely opposite way
gthx => Juli - Perfekte Welle => 1 IRC mentions
TheHexaCubeopposed to what?
Spirit532even I can understand almost every word here
Spirit532to incomprehensible
TheHexaCubecuz it's so slow :P
Spirit532doesn't make it sound bad though
gthx => Alligatoah - Narben (Official Video) => 1 IRC mentions
Spirit532that sound odd
TheHexaCubei love his songs :D
Spirit532Peter Fox sounds great if you don't read too much into some of the songs
TheHexaCubethat's the nice thing about the guy, you SHOULD read into the songs
TheHexaCubethey're usually pretty dumb on the surface but if you think about them they can get pretty deep
Spirit532some, yeah
TheHexaCubethen again, some are totally meaningless... "Honey i ate your German Sheperd"
TheHexaCubeoh I gotta order an orange pi!
TheHexaCubebuuut I'll do that tomorrow
TheHexaCubeme tired
TheHexaCubebtw Spirit532 I changed my enclosure a bit -
TheHexaCubetransparent door
TheHexaCubeUV-blocking though
Spirit532light still activates it
Spirit532make a shutter for long-term storage
Spirit532but overall nice, looks like another kickstarter project
TheHexaCuberight, the resin will be stored inside a black container inbetween prints
TheHexaCubedunno how well it'll work out
TheHexaCubebut who knows, maybe this will be on kickstarter someday ; P
Spirit532it's an easy way to burn your name
Spirit532if you succeed, you're great at balancing a very unstable company and managing funds
Spirit532if you fail, you just suck at bringing ideas to market and doing business
Spirit532can't recover from that
TheHexaCubeheh, yeah
TheHexaCubebest would be to sell the company as soon as possible after a successful campaign
TheHexaCubewhat I do wonder though
TheHexaCubehow many patents am I violating right now
Spirit532probably a dozen
Spirit532from companies that will fold if they go to a lawyer
TheHexaCubeI mean I can imagine that there's patents on the mechanism for 2D laser printers
TheHexaCubethe question is, do those carry over to a 3D system
coredumppeople, does anyone use Lokbuild here? is it supposed to work on a heated bed for PETG, or am I supposed to not heat the bed with it? I am having adhesion problems and I don't know if it's lauer height problem or using the material wrong, so I want to check.
TheHexaCubeanyways, me sleep now
TheHexaCubecya nerds
thompsbp|homePEI or Printbite?
Spirit532whatever they have on the Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus
Spirit532this surface has been nothing but perfect
Spirit532sticks well, peels easy
thompsbp|homethe adhesion on the pei sheet that came on my i3 mk2s has gone to shit
Spirit532buy a new one
thompsbp|homeits only 1 month old
thompsbp|homewill leave me broke at this rate
thompsbp|homeive got to be doing something wronmg
Spirit532too hot?
Spirit532are you scraping it?
thompsbp|homenah its still beautiful and unmarred
Spirit532print hotter
thompsbp|homeI clean it religiously with
thompsbp|homeafter every print
Spirit532and don't use isopropyl
VanessaEtry vinegar.
thompsbp|homeive tried up to 70c
thompsbp|homeok vinegar
VanessaEiso alc won't get rid of fingerprints/body oils. vinegar will
VanessaEmake sure it's safe to use on PEI.
VanessaE(I don't know - I use clean boro glass when printing PLA, hairspray or glue stick with ABS)
thompsbp|homei need to try acetone too
thompsbp|homeprusa is full of shit
thompsbp|homethe more i clean with ipa the worse it gets
Valduaresuppose to drink IPA
VanessaEthat's because ipa leaves a film
VanessaEyou can see it if you try to clean e.g. a window with it
VanessaEleaves streaks
thompsbp|homeyeah i've noticed the streaking
VanessaEthe vinegar is probably safe, since Prusa recommends trying window cleaner, which often has vinegar and/or ammonia in it
thompsbp|homeseen mut*
gthxmutley was last seen in #reprap 3 days, 5 hours, 19 minutes, 25 seconds ago saying 'seen reifsnyderb'.
gthxmutley_ was last seen in #reprap 19 days, 6 hours, 5 minutes, 1 second ago saying 'hey Lizards|Work'.
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thompsbp|homeit also looks like getting the pei sheet off to replace is a major pita
VanessaEordinarily you shouldn't need to replace it at all
VanessaEat least not for a very long time (like a few years?)
mutleyuse laab grade acetone, not IPA, annd dont clean after every print, oonily clean if the cat sleeps on it or you if you keep stroking it every day
VanessaE"PrintBite+ will last for the lifetime of your printer,"
VanessaEhah, speak of the devil.
Jessayprintbite+ is pretty tuts
mutleyhow so Jessay
coredumpI clean my PEI with Windex
mutleynot sure if thats meant to be good or bad, tits are good o im guessing good
coredumpworks wodners to make it adhere less crazy to PETG
coredumpI lost a PEI surface to PETG that got stuck there and never left
Jessayhar yea its rather expensive i only have it for one system but
mutleybut all the jargon of todays yoof is a generationbehind me
coredumpNo one with Lokbuild experience?
Jessaywell im older i dont know the new lingo myself
thompsbp|homei want my printbite back
JessayI am not a lokbuild guy honestly
mutleyexpensive? all those failed prints, the glues, the time, and comoared to other options its very fairly priced
thompsbp|homebut its sopposedly too thick for the pinda probe
JessayI have my printbite+ and I have my local shop 5 for 10 bucks glass with purple elmers glue
mutleyold PB is too thick, bew PB is 0.4mm thick and works well with pinda
Jessaybeen my setup for 2 years now
Jessayits expensive for those that have never really had a bad experience with cheap glass and glue
Jessayand i really have not had many failures after I get my printers dialed in
thompsbp|homealright mutley, which do you like better? the gloss or matte?
mutleyeverything is relative Jessay
JessayI get it I have both but I am just saying
mutleythompsbp|home: i use both, prefer both, guess you mightaswell get both to be sure ;)
Jessayfor my one printer I bought 5 sheets of cheap glass and I have 3 remaining
Jessayand one of those was due to someone knocking it over being careless
Jessayand its been consistently printing
Jessaybut again let me clear I absolutely love printbite+ I just could not buy it for all my printers
thompsbp|homealright mutley, loved it on my old printer im sure ill love it again on the mk2s. just such a pain to get that glue off
JessayI just use rubbing alcohol and clean it every so often
Jessaydoesnt need to be after every print
thompsbp|homeJessay I also love the finish printbite leaves on the bottom of parts as well as the magic sticking properties
Jessayglass is just as good finish
Jessayshit is so pretty
mutleyok so glue removal, use kitchen towel very wet with acetone, lay it on top of remaining glue after removing PEI, then use a stanley/exacto blade in a holder, to scrape, off, then clean more with fresh kitchen towel and all gone
thompsbp|homenot lemonine?
Jessayyea i never messed with PEI
JessayI skipped that fad
thompsbp|homeim not a fan of pei
Jessayill stick my cheap ass glass
mutleyalso heard of another trick, smear peanut butter over the adhesive that remains, leave overnight, come back and roll off adhesive and its all gone
mutleyi kid you not
mutleynit sure of crunchyt or smooth works better though
thompsbp|homeif only i wasnt deathly alergic
mutleybest go with acetone soak then
Jessayman that sounds like a giant pain in the ass
Jessayglad i skipped pei
Ameisenglad I didn't choose 'peanut allergy' when doing character select
Ameisenthompsbp|home - that was a bad choice - I hope you used the extra 2 character points for something useful
Jessaynerd jokes
JessayI GET IT
AmeisenI just hav ethis weird rough surface I got at microcenter
Ameisenstuff seems to hold to it well enough
Ameisensometimes a little annoying to get it to release
thompsbp|homealright mutley, I cant wait to post about it in the facebook group. you guys seem to get a lot of hate from ppl who didnt read the directions
thompsbp|homethanks man
thompsbp|homethe one dude with the nail polish remover
mutleyinstructions. Step 1. Throw away instruction
mutleystep 2. Complain
mutleystep 3. Ignore advice
mutleyStep 4.Hate
AmeisenStep 5. Suffering.
AmeisenStep 6. The Dark Side
VanessaEStep 7. Cookies,.
mutleystep 8.Choke
AmeisenStep 9. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for everyone! except thompsbp|home.
VanessaEAmeisen wins :D
saint_hi all - i just got a anycubic 3i mega / does anyone know where i can find a usb to uart driver that works on macOS high sierra ?
VanessaENo idea (I don't do Mac).
genebSo basically, unlike Apple, you're picky about who you screw. ;)
mutleydamn, i need a girl called Apple. I knew i was doing something wrong
genebAvoid at all costs. An Apple girl will be outrageously expensive, high maintenance and will run to the next guy with more money than you. ;)
AmeisenAnd she won't have a 3.5mm jack
coredumpwhat can possibly be causing my lead screws to have a grinding noise
Ameisenyeah, you need more sand
Ameisenbest lubricant
VanessaEimpossible to guess what's causing the grinding sounds without seeing detailed pics of the lead screw, nut (or whatever it's called), etc.
ccecilVanessaE: my guess would be friction..on some part...somewhere
genebthe nut is usually the thing between the keyboard and the chair. :)
VanessaEccecil: my first thought was some kind of damage to the screw down its length
VanessaElike a big long scratch or something
JessayI just cant fucking my brain
Jessaythird day she has been listening to spice girls
Jessaylike I need to make it stop
Jessayjust stop
genebFight back with an Abba marathon.
VanessaEhey, don't dis ABBA.
Jessaythey might be giants is definitely not as annoying as spice girls
genebI wasn't. Makes a great antidote for Spice Girls Induced Mania. ;)
VanessaEfair enough :)
VanessaEAbe used to make the joke that we were going to listen to "aggressive music" whenever he'd spin that playlist up, making fun of, whatever politician it was who called it that
geneb"Waterloo". :)
mutleyim still standind yea yea yea!
Ameisenas I said, corecode needs more sand
Ameisenmaybe pebbles if his printer needs intense lubrication
mutleydiaminds if he can afford them
AmeisenDiamondilium if he can afford it.
AmeisenNot cheap Diamondium, though
mutleythats the one, diamonds crushed under the hoof of a golden horned unicorm and then mixed in with his juice of excitable
mutleythats red bull to you and me
AmeisenTrying to decide if I want to make it so it tries to build this firmware with the maximum number of enabled features, and if the binary is too large, progressively rebuidls with them disabled until it fits
VanessaEwhat would be the purpose?
VanessaE(and how do you decide the order of features to be left out?)
Ameisenpresumably a list somewhere based on priority
Ameisenpurpose? If you have 256KiB of space and you're only using 128KiB, you're wasting the rest.
LaminaeHey peeps, i do the overwhelming majority of my CAD work in Fusion and autocad and my current work project, everyone is using Corel which i'm really not liking, is there a lossless way i can convert my dfx sketch files from fusion to emf files?
VanessaEAmeisen: well that's really only true for RAM, not really for flash, assuming you're not missing some desired feature.
LaminaeI know i've pulled all kinds of weird object files cross platform and it blows my mind i'm struggling so much transfering line files
VanessaEno idea, Laminae (I'm a blender nutjob :) )
AmeisenVanessaE - what else am I going to be putting into flash
LaminaeAh well, was worth a try
VanessaEAmeisen: well, if you have nothing useful to put there, then it's not being wasted. it's merely excess, just as unused disk space is not "waste".
Ameisenmost companies argue that unused storage space is generally waste
VanessaEnow, if you could load the flash up with precalculated tables and such, to shave a cycle here and there in your code, that would work.
Ameisenbut yes, precalculated tables would be nice
Ameisenthough note that reading from flash is slightly slower than reading from RAM
VanessaEhm, good point
Ameisenso a determination has to be made if running the algorithm is faster than reading from flash
VanessaEcould you use the flash as some kind of cache in your application?
VanessaE(I assume not)
AmeisenI mean, there's an SPM instruction
VanessaEStore to Program Memory ?
Ameisenhowever, using SPM a lot is going to kill the endurance of the flash chip
VanessaEyeah, that's what I thought
VanessaEso that's out.
VanessaEremind me again what this firmware is for?
AmeisenLPM is 3 cycles, SPM is variable cycles depending on what you're doing
Ameisenwhereas normal loads are 2 cycles
AmeisenSPM is weird though
Ameisenyou have to enable it, and it is enabled for four cycles
VanessaEdefinitely too expensive for anything remotely performant.
Ameisenmainly useful if you want something that's self-updating
Ameisenor if you want to calibrate temperature tables or something
AmeisenI'll think things over
Ameisenpresently working on a good design for defining system parameters
AmeisenI have a few ideas in mind
VanessaEmaybe add an animated startup splash for the LCD?
Ameisengonna try them out
Ameisentechnically I have one now
Ameisenit's the dumb wanhao one
AmeisenI'm gonna change it to a swimming tunafish
VanessaEmore frames/fps then ;)
Ameisendifficulty is that I don't have the LCD firmware
AmeisenI can alter parts of it, but I can't recompile it
VanessaEwell crap.
AmeisenWhile the firmware in the end will be portable, first version is meant for my printer.
Ameisenwhich precludes that :P
VanessaEmake the motors play a tune on startup then ;)
Ameisenand as far as I can tell, the transfer rate between the screen and the system is too low to stream image data
AmeisenI've donet hat before actually
Ameisenwhen I was in college
AmeisenI went into the library, wrote a quick program in C++ which used the system buzzer and CD player (CD for bass) to play music
Ameisenthen walked away
Ameisenpeople were like 'wtf'
abondisI put an inductive sensor, NPN NO, with the signal directly plugged to the Z input on the ramps
VanessaEthat's right.
abondisthe light on the inductive sensor is always red now, but brighter when detecting
VanessaEthat's not right.
VanessaEyou sure you wired it right?
abondisnope :D the sensor says brown:+, blue:-, black:signal
VanessaEthat's how mine's setup too.
homerootAhh, that was fun
VanessaEbrown = 12v, blue = ground, black to the Z switch input
abondisso I put the signal on the first pin of the z
evilrootACTION scared the shit out of kids
AmeisenBut, for system archs....
evilrootGotta love Halloween
Ameisenmy present plan I'm testing is that there will be a header file describing the basics of the system
Ameisenso I'd have i3plus.hpp
abondisfirmware has `#define ENDSTOPPULLUPS // Comment this out (using // at the start of the line) to disable the endstop pullup resistors
VanessaEyou don't want to disable that, but it doesn't matter here
VanessaEif that LED is always on, the sensor is bad.
Ameisenthere'd be a system.hpp which includes it, but also automatically has a 'system' class which inherits from it, which allows you to override things
Ameisenso you could say 'I actually have a dual extruder'
Ameisenand since you've defined it in the higher-level class, it overrides the base class in name lookup
Ameisenbut it would be a unified setup
Ameisenno hunting down parameters everywhere
VanessaEno wait,
abondisthe sensing seems to work though
VanessaEabondis: what happens if you disconnect the black wire?
abondisno light
abondisisn't pull-up always putting 5v on it ?
VanessaEeven if you wave some metal under the sensor?
abondisif there is metal it's brighter
VanessaEif you disconnect the black wire and wave some metal under it
VanessaEs/it/the sensor/
AmeisenVanessaE -
Ameisenif you're curious so far
abondisit turns on
Ameisenabout 90% of it is still just marlin
VanessaEabondis: ok that's good. now are you sure you're connecting the black wire to the correct Z switch pin?
VanessaEsounds to me like you're just backfeeding the sensor
AmeisenI'm only progressively altering it
AmeisenAlso still weighing if I want to implement ExFAT or not
Ameisenwhat's the largest gcode file you guys have had?
VanessaEabondis: if I remember right, each end stop pin header has a +5v, ground, and signal wire on it
VanessaEbut idk the pinout
VanessaEAmeisen: around 25 MB if I remember right
VanessaEEiffel Tower, printed huge (never finished it though, bad overhang performance killed the print)
Ameisenthe main difference from FAT32 to ExFAT is max file size
AmeisenFAT32 supports up to 4 GiB files
AmeisenExFAT has no limit
abondisnot sure, I put it on the top pin on the ramps for the z endstop's pins
Ameisenit makes me think ExFAT isn't worth it, but it might be worth it to support it just so it can read SD Cards formatted with it
VanessaEabondis: that SEEMS right..
Ameisenthe formats are almost identical, so I should be able to write non-generic code for it, so they share the same implementation but branched
Ameisenwhich'll save space
abondisand M119 gives me a trigger when there is metal
AmeisenNTFS would be nice to support, but reading NTFS in a tiny space is gonna be hard
VanessaEAmeisen: well exfat also allows huge partition sizes versus what is it, 8 GB for FAT?
VanessaE(I don't remember)
VanessaEabondis: the LED should be completely off when no metal is detected, something's backfeeding your sensor.
AmeisenFAT32's max volume size is 2 TiB
Ameisenso... I doubt you're hitting that
Ameiseneven FAT16 does 2 GiB
VanessaEoh, where did I get that from then
Ameisennot sure.
Ameisenprobably confusing MBR and GPT?
Ameisenbut even MBR allows it
VanessaEoh possibly.
VanessaEwho knows.
AmeisenMBR's max size is 2 TiB
AmeisenExFAT presumes GPT
Ameisenso, yeah, not sure where you're getting it
Ameisenthe three formats I usualy see on SD Cards are NTFS, FAT32, and ExFAT
VanessaEabondis: so by "top" you definitely mean the white wire in this pic?
abondiscould it be my ramps is defective ?
VanessaE(note the S/-/+ to the right)
abondistop is the white one yes, with the S
VanessaEhm wait a second here
VanessaEok just had to check my firmware, pullups are enabled.
VanessaEI suppose it's possible.
abondiswhat do you mean ? it's possible it's backfeeding ? with pullups enabled ?
VanessaEI'm just not sure what's going on
VanessaEfwiw, I use this:
VanessaEbut, by backfeeding I mean something's "powering" the sensor in a way it ought not be, hence the LED
VanessaEunless yours is designed to always light the LED when it has power? (which is highly unusual)
nullifierSome have two lights
abondisyeah they didn't have this at the shop, they had
VanessaEthat's,...not the usual kind of sensor one would use with a printer.
VanessaEalso its switching distance is too small
VanessaEyou're not gonna be able to use that
VanessaEyou need at least 7 or 8 mm, so that you have some vertical clearance above the bed, beyond the ~3mm it takes to reach the back of the glass, to avoid clips and the like
abondisyeah 4mm is tough but I do get detection of my tape through the glass
VanessaEwell it does mention being able to indicate overcurrent
evilrootWhy is everybody so obsessed with touchless leveling sensors
evilrootThey're not reliable
VanessaEmine has been quite reliable.
evilrootVanessaE: you're a unique case then, I've heard more griping about them
evilrootJust use a damned switch, with a servo to drop it into place if need be
VanessaEswitches and mechanical deployment is subject to wear
VanessaEwhich means misalignment after some time
VanessaEif people are griping about their touchless sensors it's because they didn't follow the instructions for installation (or hardware failure, or wrong product for the job)
VanessaEmine Just Works™ :)
thompsbp|homeVanessa did you used to work at IU?
thompsbp|homeIndiana University
thompsbp|homehad a coworker a few years ago named Vanessa E. who was big into robotics and the like
VanessaEwasn't me :)
genebThis VanessaE is a monocle and a white cat short of a bond villain. ;)
VanessaEhey now...I wear glasses and have a black and white cat.... er, does that count? :P
genebwhatever works. :D
abondis here they suggest to use a diode
VanessaEyou could try it but it should not be necessary
VanessaE(if you need a diode, the sensor is crap :P )
abondis:D could be something else that's crap in my stuff, not necessarily the sensor :)
VanessaEmaybe your sensor just lacks a final output transistor
VanessaEif that's the case, the diode should help.
heli0shey hey
crankylinuxuserVanessaE.... So I was given huge diodes. we're talking about 1" by 5". yeah , diodes. any ideas what to use them for?
VanessaEa big-ass power supply? :P
crankylinuxusertell me about it :/
VanessaEreally, I wouldn't know offhand
crankylinuxuserthey are in the car at the moment, but they are bigger than the relays used for 3dp stuff on amazon.
VanessaEwhat were they originally used for?
crankylinuxuserand they're legit. really massive, and not chinese stock. I know my dad bought them from digikey
crankylinuxusermy dad did a lot with automotive stuff
crankylinuxuserheavy diesels and that sort of thing
VanessaEwell in an automotive sense I guess you could use them for power isolation
crankylinuxuserthe screws themselves are roughly M8 or 5/32
VanessaEe.g. two or three batteries that won't try to charge off of one another
crankylinuxuserthey are screw terminals
crankylinuxuserI also was given 10 lbs of enamel wire, 5 lbs of nichrome wire, and other various odds and ends
VanessaEwind a bunch of electromagnets and heaters? :)
crankylinuxuserheh I guess ;)
crankylinuxuserI was curious about the 3d printed motors, so at least the enamel wire has a use
VanessaEthere's a project on thingiverse for that
VanessaEsaw one on hackaday last year also
crankylinuxuseryep, I remember seeing it on HaD
crankylinuxuseryeah, been on there a few times myself
crankylinuxuserdo you remember the thalamic myo?
fx9hmm if increasing stepping from 1/16 to 1/32 doesn't improve resolution what does?
crankylinuxuserok. how about the 3$ scanner?
fx9a T8 4mm lead screw?
VanessaEfx9: a motor that has finer steps. or yeah, a finer leadscrew
VanessaEcrankylinuxuser: can't say I remember that one either
fx9you mean motors that have 0.9 degree?
crankylinuxusererr, how about the "facial recognition for your convention"?
VanessaEbut is it a problem of resolution, or of accuracy?
fx9hmm interesting
VanessaEcrankylinuxuser: nope. my memory is shit.
crankylinuxuserwell, darn
VanessaEsowwy :)
VanessaEI take it those are all posts by you?
crankylinuxuserehh, t's ok :) Yep sure is
VanessaEfx9: is it really a problem of resolution, or of accuracy?
crankylinuxuserMy 3d scanner solved the math for any oblique point in space that can see a shared origin
crankylinuxuserso you could have 4 webcams scanning, and adding their data
crankylinuxuseror in reality, "N" cameras
fx9VanessaE, both I guess
crankylinuxuserI presented it at 2016 mrrf
fx9i assume this azteeg x5 v3 hopefully will yield better prints than my ramps, since is has a 32bit cpu
VanessaEfx9: well finer steps will improve resolution, but if you have a lot of slop between your screws and their nuts, or anywhere else in the assembly being driven, no amount of resolution will fix it
VanessaEor if for example your stepper drivers are skipping steps (or stepping inaccurately)
crankylinuxuserwell, Marlin runs as 10KHz, and Smoothie runs at 100KHz and Duet at 160KHz stepping
VanessaEon another note: Slic3r's seams suck >:-(
fx9VanessaE, i paid for S3D a long time ago, that purchase has paid for itself :D
VanessaEI don't have $150 to spend, let alone on a piece of software.
fx9it was steep yes
HrdwrBoBthings cost money
fx9if you count the times crunch said that word, i can buy a porche
AzurusGot Cura 3.0.4 running, but why is it showing the red where support is needed on the top and not the underside?
fx9although porches suck
srkcars suck
srkACTION runs
srkcrankylinuxuser: build this beast :D
crankylinuxusereh fuck, was called by work. I hate oncall
crankylinuxuserthat was a shity call. syslog server was 'full' at 98% but was acively gzipping all the logs.
crankylinuxuserglad I was here instead of sleep, yo
fx9why would the duet need an expansion board?
Razaekeladditional extruders
fx9i wonder what kind of application requires that many motors
fx9mutli matertial extruding?
Razaekel3-color, 4-color, 5-color mixers
fx9ah, then that makes sense
Razaekelplastic and support
jammisrk: neat
jammiyou could scale that up for an electric car conversion
jammisome 500kW or so should be enough for a transmissionless car
jammiand still provide decent acceleration at least within speed limits
srkjammi: this one :D
gthx => 45Kw DC Brushless motor construction => 1 IRC mentions
VanessaElove the color, crunch
jammithe same guy has a newer one
gthx => 35Kw Large Brushless Motor (outrunner) => 1 IRC mentions
crunchgoing home
BiomechdSooo guise, i put my feeder tube in the extruder and it seems to be stuck. Halp pl0x?
BiomechdNot the extruder, the feeding throat in the nozzle.
BiomechdThe extruder is where it NEEDS to go.
BiomechdBut seriously, i put my feeder tube in the feeding end of the nozzle instead of the extruder and now can't get it out. I can turn it, but pulling up on it doesn't let it go anywhere.
LoHBiomechd: pics
gthxptc is push to connect fitting. They make bowden tubes simple and are reliable. and is also positive temperature coefficient, i.e. the big thermal fuses on a RAMPS board
LoHBiomechd: may also be enlightening
BiomechdOf course it had to upload sideways.
BiomechdAnd yes, i started thinking afterwards maybe that's not where it goes and i should double check things lol
BiomechdIs the nut under the black washer holding the nozzle in place, or is it a separate thing i can remove?
BiomechdLoH, evilroot?
LoHBiomechd: see my other link
LoHit's a ptc
BiomechdWhat other link? I may have dc'd when you sent it.
LoHevilroot: no idea
evilrootOh, he doesn't know how push fittings work
BiomechdCool, thanks. Much appreciated.
evilrootThough they can get a bit odd
evilrootIf you're not familiar
BiomechdYeah, don't think I've ever seen one. Never looked close enough at our school printers to see them, either.
evilrootBowden extruders are a fairly new thing
evilrootAs in the past few years
evilrootBut that type of connection has been used for decades
BiomechdArgh. I need more hours in a day lol. It's my first 3d printer. I just wanna play with it.
heli0sany reactjs experts
heli0sin here
BiomechdHow do i level my bed, exactly? Is it slight resistance when trying to pull paper from under the nozzle?
jammiyes and then print a single layer print with a known thickness and measure the difference. then enter the difference of what it is vs what it should be in your slicer's bed offset setting and you're at an as accurate number as your printer's z-axis mechanics allow
jammiso for example you print with a first layer thickness of 0.20mm and it measures as 0.15mm, enter 0.05mm as the offset
BiomechdAnd how do i measure that?
jammiuse a caliper
jammiif you don't have one, get one. I'd say it's one of the important accessories to have
crunchfuck long day
crunch2 am get home
jammijust as important as an multimeter is for diagnosing electrical things
BiomechdWell shiet.
VanessaEmeanwhile there's another method
lowridahhows a grown man not gonna have a set of calipers and a multimeter
BiomechdYay! Lol
lowridahyou can do the typing sheet for the first layer of course
jammilowridah: well, some carpenters probably need neither
BiomechdBy not having a high-earning job?
VanessaEadjust your four bed corners so that when you move the nozzle from one to the other and tap downward on the hotend VERY lightly, you just barely get the nozzle to tap on your glass. you must make sure the nozzle is perfectly clean.
VanessaEthe sound of the nozzle hitting the glass is distinct. makes for an easy check
jammibut on the other hand carpenters don't work on precision things, it's mostly up to the closest mm and if it doesn't fit, use a hammer or file it down by feel a little
lowridahi've manually calibrated a bunch of times using typing paper and i still do it for cnc machining a lot
VanessaEthen print a large cube, the size of your bed, minus a little bit, set for SINGLE perimeter, and shrunk in height to produce a single layer.
lowridahit's easier than printing and measuring first layers out
VanessaEvisually inspect the line. if it's thicker in one area than elsewhere, that corner of the bed is too high
jammiactual machinists use cigarrette paper because it's thin and of known width; usually as thing as their tolerance
jammiand it'll tear if it's binding
lowridahthats not a bad idea the slightest
lowridahi have a grip of packs of job papers
lowridahthey give you one per pack of drum and i use one per 5 packs
lowridaha really good idea is to mill a touchstone since i can do probing then
lowridah'we've reached the limits of what probing can teach us'
jammianyway, within 0.05mm is usually close enough
jammithere'll be irregularities in bed surface as well as z axis movement accuracy and endstop accuracy that may accumulate at least that on most of these printers
BiomechdVanessaE, you keep mentioning glass. I have aluminum, cuz I'm cheap and first printer. :p
VanessaEwell glass, aluminum, whatever
BiomechdI also have buildtak.
VanessaEas long as you can tell when the nozzle is tapping on the bed su... ok then you can't.
VanessaEbuildtak probably isn't hard enough to make an audible tapping sound
VanessaEyou'll just have to use the paper method
BiomechdDoubt it.
jammino, it's mushy enough to dampen it
jammithere's a certain finger feel for the paper tightness you'll develop anyway
jammiand it's pretty much per setup, since there'll be different levels of tightness in different level of printer rigidity
jammihearing the nozzle knock against the glass doesn't always mean it's actually setting lower than the glass, but could be a sign of the springiness as well
jammias it could just bounce against it and then settle a little higher
VanessaEjammi: I know, but in this case I am (or was) expecting him to notice if tapping each corner with roughly the same force has the same sound
VanessaEbut buildtak blows that up.
BiomechdGuess I'll level it when i get up. It's 1am.
BiomechdAlright, well I'm off to bed. Thanks for the help, guys.
jammiyeah, but cheap calipers are accurate enough and pretty much required anyway
VanessaEexcept he doesn't have one :)
jammihow else is he going to calibrate filament width and all the other caliper things
lowridahcheap calipers are extremely accurate and useful to have, but not so much for bed leveling
HrdwrBoBI have a buildtak mat
HrdwrBoBand the PLA sticks to it like goddamn glue
HrdwrBoBI have to lever/smash it off
jammilowridah: I'd say it's one of the few ways to actually measure if your calibration is right, and by how much it's not right
HrdwrBoBand it has to be hot. if I come back after it's cool I have to heat it
BiomechdThat sounds like a huge pain in the ass.
lowridahjammi: overall i agree, i've just never found them useful for bed leveling
lowridahfor calibrating for printing in general
lowridahi just like 'er to stick and not squish too much
jammilowridah: just measuring the brim or skirt is enough for troubleshooting of 1st layer height
jammiI don't always even bother with paper anymore, just turn the z endstop adjustment and home z until it looks like it's touching, then doing a small sample print and seeing if it's sticking at all or squeezing too hard and if it looks ok, measure the brim with a caliper and do the fine adjustment
lowridahi just g29 once a week and it's usually spot on
BiomechdAnyway, seriously off to bed now. Thanks again for the help. Oh, what calipers do you guys use?
jammiBiomechd: get some cheap digital ones for starters. you'll know from there what way to go
BiomechdI'd been looking at mitutoyo, but those are over $100.
lowridahi use harbor freight's special offer
jammithey're all pretty much accurate enough. the difference in quality is more about how nice they're to use and how long they'll last in a full day job of using them all the time
lowridahand i pick up extra batteries
lowridahamazon has comparable calibers at around $15 but i like to support the single moms running harbor freight's registers
BiomechdWhat brand/model?
jammialmost all are accurate to what they can display on short lengths like that and at worst may be a couple of hundreth of a mm off by their entire distance range
lowridahthey're literally all the same chip
lowridahanything under $50
lowridahlike that
lowridahif you have a harbor freight near you just go buy the cheap caliper they have
jammiand you can still get good enough ones for under 10€ or so
lowridahif you're not in the usa i don't know where to get cheap chinese calipers in your neck of the woods
jammidoesn't even have to be as nice as those
jammihowever, counterfeit things aren't good even if they're technically doing their job. it's just cheesy and you're paying extra for someone to slap on some fake trademarks
|Jeroen|not all cheap stuff has to be fake
jammi|Jeroen|: of course not, but I mean things like fake mitutoyos and such
|Jeroen|everybody just need to be correct and request refund if not 100%
jammithat actually read mitutoyo on them and try to look identical, but aren't
jammi|Jeroen|: it's one of the better brands
|Jeroen|of what?
|Jeroen|sry u just came in :p
jammi|Jeroen|: calipers; the things we're discussing
BiomechdOver $100 digital calipers
|Jeroen|ah yeah i think i have a mitutoyo lol
|Jeroen|wel not a digtial one, an old one, must be real :p
jammicheap clone vs counterfeit goods essentially
|Jeroen|yeah schould be cracked down on i china
|Jeroen|fair is fair
BiomechdWondering if i should get the 12-inch calipers for measuring smartphones.
Biomechd...and tablets, now that i think about it, with that much length.
WetmelonWhat would you guys consider to be a "fast" print speed?
Wetmelon100mm/s? 200mm/s?
WetmelonWhat's "cutting edge" / blazing fast?
BiomechdOver 9000mm/s
permafleekover 9000
BiomechdFor most smartphones, will 6-inch calipers suffice?
|Jeroen|with fillament?
BiomechdYes, over 9000
fx9hmm S3D isn't running my startup script
|Jeroen|wow, what device is this that can do 9000?
VanessaEWetmelon: "blazing fast" seems to be 300+. "fast" I'd say is 150+ on a cartesian, 200+ on a delta
VanessaEBiomechd: 6 inches is just enough to go corner-to-corner on my Galaxy S4 with its Otterbox in place.
BiomechdOkay good, cuz i don't plan on measuring diagonally, for the most part. I just mean for custom cases.
Nooblet101movement speed is limited by the physics of stiffness and mass, print speed is limited by how fast you can melt plastic. when dealing with .6-1mm diameter hotends this is more likely to be the limiter
VanessaEBiomechd: I chose diagonally because that's larger than the phone's length :P in other words, more than enough.
BiomechdI know lol. Thank you. Mine's like 4 1/2, if i remember right. Lg l22c.
fx9can anyone tell me whats wrong with this startup script?
fx9its not executing G32
BiomechdGoddamn, 1:40. Seriously need to get to sleep.
fx9correction its 2:40am here
BiomechdCorrection time zones are irrelevant. :p
BiomechdSeriously, night guys. Thanks again for the help. Ordered those neiko calipers.
WetmelonVanessaE: Huh. We're certainly picking up the speed!
WetmelonThe first 3D printer I ever used was a BitsFromBytes 3D Touch. 20mm/s was considered its nominal printing speed haha
VanessaEwow, slow
VanessaEI usually print at 60
jammiI rarely print at under 90
WetmelonIt had a large triple extruder print head that was built from a CNC'd aluminum block. Extruders were belt driven shafts from DC brush motors lol
jammibut yeah, the extruder is the typical bottleneck, especially for pla, which doesn't flow as easily as abs and petg
WetmelonOh yeah and it had a proprietary slicer!
srkWetmelon: for my wannabe printer there was like 20g of theoretical acceleration :D
Wetmelonlol. Nice.
srkyou would need pretty smooth gantries for that I guess
srkand bunch of rocks on the bottom of the machine
WetmelonLol "What's that?" "Ballast."
Ducklesloth: thanks
Ducklethat's just, too good
slothi thought it was pretty gr8
Mangy_Doglol oh god
jammijat least better than jar-jar
Wetmelonsrk: you still up?
TheHexaCubesup nerds
XXCoderhey 6 faced
TheHexaCubesooo what I never asked
TheHexaCubewhat are the best bang for the buck batteries?
XXCoderbillions missing info
XXCoderwhat watt what volt what amp what MAh
XXCodervolume of space max, so on
TheHexaCubewell, most watts per dollar
TheHexaCubelet's say voltage doesn't mattre
TheHexaCubenor does volume
MuntDIY power wallers love recycling laptop batteries.
XXCoderits always one or 2 cells that die
TheHexaCubewell I actually have a couple 18650s here from an old laptop
TheHexaCubeI don't have a specific use, buuut I was really just wandering which are the best batteries in term of capacity per dollar
MuntI trust old 186050s from laptops more than cheapie 1986050 from the internetz. You can get "Job lot" ebay listeing for 50 used laptop batteries for cheap enough.
TheHexaCubemine are actually quite nice batteries
TheHexaCubelike... panasonic or sony?
TheHexaCubei can't remember but am also too lazy to get them right now :P
XXCoderMunt: depends heh there was sony laptops issue
XXCodertheir hot selling laptops become literally hot
MuntCheap Ultrafires are have an unfortunate and probably apt name.
TheHexaCubenot a sony laptop
TheHexaCubesony batteries, but I think it was panasonic.
TheHexaCubethe laptop is from MSI
Muntgosh, grammar and english fail. More coffee needed
TheHexaCubeseveral years old :D
Nebukadnezaquite trustable source for batteries
NebukadnezaXX650 sizes mostl
TheHexaCubeSpirit532: sooo according to DHL the parts passed customs without any questions asked
TheHexaCubewhich is weird, but okay
TheHexaCubealso, paypal says I paid for the part, but they never booked the money on the account
TheHexaCubewhich is even weirder
Muntthanks XXCoder
MuntACTION sighs with relief 
NebukadnezaXXCoder: Sulawesi Bolokan Estate, Toraja Highlands, Semi-Washed, SL28 variety
Nebukadnezawhat you got? :-)
XXCoderoh coffee
XXCoderI dont drink any
Nebukadnezasorry to hear
XXCodermy body reacts bit strangely with some stuff and coffee is one of em lol
MuntKopi Luwak, when you have enough money to drink cat sh** and smile about it
XXCoderone cup is enough to screw my sleeping for couple days
Nebukadnezanah, that stuff’s boring, overpriced, and simple exotica-value hype
XXCoderI use one in serious emergacies related with wakeness
TheHexaCubescrew coffee
TheHexaCubetastes awful
XXCoderI drank 5 total? in my entire life
NebukadnezaTheHexaCube: then you got bad coffee
NebukadnezaTheHexaCube: munich, right?
MuntCoffee is amazing. My friend just gave me some hipster artisan whatever beans.
TheHexaCubeNebukadneza: about an hour away from munich
Nebukadnezagot here
TheHexaCubewell... I assume all coffee has a similar bitter taste
TheHexaCubelike beer always tastes kinda bitter
Nebukadnezabitterness is a defect
XXCoderI heard coldbrew does not
Nebukadnezaif you got served bitter coffee, it was crap and you should send it back
XXCoderbut whatever I dont drink any
Nebukadnezaorder „die spritzigste fruchtbombe die sie haben, handgefiltert“
MuntTheHexaCube : Not all are created equal.
NebukadnezaXXCoder: not only
TheHexaCubelet's put it like this, my parents drink alot of coffee, and everytime I tasted coffee, it tasted... awful :P
Muntnutty, fruity, tabaccoy, chocolatey ... lots of aromas and flavours
MuntMost people drink over roasted italian style beans. But yeah ... computers, motors, hot liquid plastic and flying chips!
NebukadnezaTheHexaCube: because there are only around 15 good roasters in Germany
TheHexaCubeNebukadneza: that looks like a very nice present, though
TheHexaCubei mean, what they offer on their site
MuntBeans are seasonal too.
NebukadnezaTheHexaCube: well, if the giftee’s not carefully hand-filtering, it‘d be quite the waste :-)
TheHexaCubeaw, I see - that's what I was wondering heh :P
Nebukadneza(and i mean, fine-scale, thermometer, gooseneck pouring kettle — the basic stuff you need for modern gourmet coffee)
Nebukadnezadifferent to wine, you can fuck up even the best coffee at home quite easily :-)
Nebukadnezawine you just need a thermometer and a stopwatch to decant properly …
Nebukadneza <- for example shows a good hario-v60 style preparation process
Nebukadnezalike we do it at our roastery too
TheHexaCubelooks like you need alot of patience
TheHexaCubeand experience too
Nebukadnezayes, and a bit of training
Nebukadnezathat’s why i used to hold brew-coffee trainings
Nebukadnezabut … you’re rewarded with something that only reflects the original aromas of the coffee (given that farmer didn’t fuck and and roaster didn’t fuck up, and coffee is still fresh (i.e., < 2-3 weeks after roasting)
NebukadnezaBut ...
NebukadnezaWhy bitterness, astringency, etc is an off flavor
danielvI’m having a problem overnight a print didn’t stick to my bed and the. Now it’s all over the hotend
danielvIt’s like a big glob how do I go that
danielvFix that
danielvNo comment ok I guess it’s time for the hammer and chisel literally
danielvAnd hope I don’t ruin a hotend
TheHexaCubeyou can try heating your hotend to like... 60C
TheHexaCubeand try to pull it off with pliers
danielvIt’s like a giant blob
danielvI tried that at 200 it didn’t budge it’s like outside of the hot end
danielvI’ll find a picture
Muntdanielv : remove the hotend and burn it off with a blow torch
Muntnozzle *
danielvLol I don’t have one
MuntWhat material were you printing with ?
danielvDidn’t mean to disconnect
MuntWhat material were you printing with ?
MuntHeat up the nozzle remove it and then you can use whatever creative non destructivetechniques you can dream up
danielvPretty much this at a giant scale
danielvYea ikr it is funny
Muntsorry to see that!
danielvDo I need a new thermostat
TheHexaCubedepends wether you can remove the blob or not, lol
danielvProbably can’t remove it
TheHexaCubeyou could try disassembling it as much as possible, then throw it into boiling water
TheHexaCubewait a minute or so and get it out
danielvLol I might take it all apart
TheHexaCubethat should make it soft enough
TheHexaCubewhat filament is it?
danielvSo yea that should work
danielvPETG is a disaster
danielvSo I only print in pla
MuntYou bed level and build surface may be more of a disaster
danielvI’ll take it off to put it in boiling water
Muntdanielv : I'm only going by what you've sad. So the why is just a reference to your results.
danielvBut that might work
danielvSo I’ll say sake thing stupid now
danielvAnybody wanna see my pubes
danielvThat’ll wake you up
TheHexaCubehow old are you danielv? 14?
danielvACTION raises eyebrows up and down multiple times
buZz13 then
TheHexaCubeget outta here with that bullshit
MuntHumans ... strange creatures
danielvACTION is a kinda immature 16 year old with hair on pubes
buZzdanielv: yeah keep it civil and sane or i'll remove you from the channel
buZzno joke
buZz:) ok
danielvI’ll stop
TheHexaCubewait buZz is an op?
TheHexaCubeaaall hail buzz
buZzTHC; sssh
buZzdont bring attention to it
danielvAll hail buzz
TheHexaCubeand thus, a new religion was born
danielvIn Texas they have smoking shops everywhere
MuntHow people behave when there is no accountability for their actions is very telling.
danielvI’m not kidding it’s dumb because theirs no zoning
buZzMunt: agreed
danielvSo their can be a McDonald’s next to a smoke shop
buZzMunt: which is why i dont walk around with sheriff badge exposed ;)
TheHexaCubehrrrm, I still dunno wether I should bother with a constant current supply because according to china, the Vf of the LEDs can range quite a bit
danielvlol your right it can
danielvA lot
danielvAsk the eevblog people on afternet they will know
danielvAnd irate
danielvI’m at school
danielvI gtg seya
TheHexaCubedoes this guy have issues?
MuntEveryone does, I think.
buZzjust a anxious teenager
MuntI can't imagine what life with the internet from birth would be like.
alteregoPondering how to heat my garage for the winter.
buZzalterego: mine with GPUs
TheHexaCubenow what the fuck kinda spindle is that
alteregoI'm going to have to insulate it
buZzalterego: it'll get you coins + heat
buZzalterego: whereas heaters only give you heat
alteregobuZz: not a bad idea, if I had enough to invest in a load of GPUs :P
alteregoMaybe next winter XD
alteregoI've blown most of my spare cash on printer stuff. XD
lolNewbie question: I intend to self source and build a reprap but I am a bit uncomfortable with the idea of a moving table/bed. I would also like to avoid a delta cause this will be my first build. What options have left for me? Corexy seems a bit too big for me (I also cant say I need a big volume)
alteregolol: core xy
buZzalterego: start with 1 , buy more gpus with the coins you mine
buZzalterego: you might be suprised how fast this could go
alteregobuZz: what coins do you mine?
alteregoI mined a loda of ethereum last year.
buZzalterego: i mine XZC , XMG and NOTE
buZzi dont mine for profits today, but profits in future
alteregoDesigning and building a mining setup would be a nice project.
alteregoNow that I've basically completed my printer.
alteregolol: build a hypercube evolution, or a d-bot.
lolalterego: space/footpint maybe is an issue, thats why i am searching for something relativelly small
buZzlol: i have a supertiny prefab printer at home now
gthxfabrikator is a 3D printer by Turnigy ; and is also New mini V2 model \o and is also a rebranded Malyan M100 and is also V2 video;
buZzsee the last link
buZznot the first one any way
buZzjust 10x10x10cm print area though
alteregolol: the hypercube's aren't huge.
alteregoMy d-bot is pretty big though XD
alteregobuZz: maybe I should integreate some GPUs into my D-Bot to make a heated enclosure XD
lolactally i believe i can handle something up to the footprint of a prusa, but not anything bigger
buZzthat would be awesome
lolalterego: i thought that most corexys are pretty big
loland hypercube must admit seems big too
lolspace is kind of an issue
alteregoI've seen hypercube designs about the same size as an i3
loloh, thats cool, so any corexys in that size
alteregoThe cool thing about the corexy design is, they can be as big as you want.
alteregoThe plastic printed parts stay the same size, but you just get different length rails / extrusions / etc.
alteregoIf you can afford an i3 though, and you're new to this, I'd get a geniune i3
alteregoIf you want to tinker, the CR10s are really popular atm.
alteregoCoreXYs will give you better quality and faster speeds though.
alteregoFootprint wise, Deltas are the most efficient there though I think.
alteregoPlus you can go tall if you wanted.
alteregoLots of wasted height on Deltas though, so it's all a matter of personal preference :P
lolwell the moving bed kind of sets me off. i dont know, it may create absolutely no problem but since i can peak from so many designs, i would like to acoid it
theresajaynemy nozzle is blocked how can i clear it?
theresajaynei have removed the hotend and it goes most of the way down ok then is blocked around the block
alteregolol: we have been using moving beds for a long time now. Just look at the print quality a Prusa i3 makes.
theresajaynethere is a small gap between the block and the nozzle but the nozzle will not unscrew
thewscold pull?
gthxcold pull is and is also unclog
lolso it cant be compared with the quality of a corexy for example?
kraegarbuild a railcore :)
alteregolol: corexy can give you better quality, and will work faster.
gthxrailcore is and is also potentially a drug or a skater music scene and is also a CoreXY printer designed by jstevewhite and kraegar
alteregolol: but it all depends on how much time you put in to calibration and fine tuning.
alteregoAnd obviously, the quality of the parts you source.
kraegarhere's a railcore next to an FT5 and a rostock max.
alteregoMotors, drivers, controller, belts, rods, etc.
alteregolol: the railcore is the one on the right btw ;)
kraegarthe little white box on the right ;)
theresajaynei cant extrude also i tried the hot clearing and that doesnt work either, i think there is this gap between the nozzle and the ptfe meaning its clogged there, the nozzle itself is clear and i can put a small pin in but only about 1mm before it stops
theresajayneand i dont want to push incase it damages the nozzle
lol well... thats still big for me, i cant spare so may space... but if i understood correctly it can be scaled down, right?
kraegarwould be a good chunk of work to do so, and we're not planning anything smaller
jeffdm_homelol: maybe the kitten printer?
kraegarit's a 250^3 print volume currently
gthxdice is and is also
jeffdm_homeUltimaker Go is even meant to be portable, the packing foam is meant to be a carrying case.
kraegarRailcore's pretty well contained in a 20" cube
gthxeris is a printer in development by SeeMeCNC. It has a 5" dia and is 6" tall. Fully assembled. Price will be around $599. Render:
kraegarthat's out of date
kraegargthx eris is A small delta by SeeMeCNC, fully assembled. Price is $549.
gthxkraegar: Okay.
alteregoHe said he could fit an i3
alteregoSo he could make a corexy easy imo
kraegarrailcore is about as small as you can make a corexy with its print volume
kraegar10x10 print volume, 20x20 area
theresajaynei am wondering if using some special gearing whether something could be made using just 2 motors
theresajayneso clockwise steps through X anticlockwise through Y
theresajaynethe second motor on the Z
jstevewhitetheresajayne: would make it difficult to make curves or diagonals, right?
jeffdm_homeOK so how do you reverse any direction?
theresajaynei guess it could work but the quality would suck as you say for the reversal
jeffdm_homeI won't say it can't be done but doing it well seems to add more complexity than you reduce
lolalterego: sorry, my client dropped the connection, what where you saying?
theresajayneits just the number of motors you need makes all reprap style exppensive
alteregolol: I said just get an i3 :P
theresajaynethere are these resin printers that use light and one motor to pull the piece out of the liquid
jstevewhitetheresajayne: a motor is $13
alteregolol: but I also said the cool thing about core xy design is, you use the same printed parts and just use smaller rails / extrusions.
alteregoTo fit your requirements.
loland why not a corexy then?
theresajaynea hardware kit for kossel costs $450 but a complete printer is only $160
alteregolol: it really depends on you :P
theresajayneand i will need spare parts
kraegarlol: because there are approximately one tiny corexy kit out there. the dice.
theresajaynelike now needing to somehow unclog my nozzle
alteregotheresajayne: I'm thinking of buying a D7 in the new year :)
jstevewhitetheresajayne: not all printers are the same. a Smartcar is 12k, a Bugatti is half a mil.
kraegarlol: assuming you're not up to building and sourcing your own from scratch.
alteregokraegar: that was one of his initial requirements.
theresajaynemay see if i can find a very small drill bit in my dremel to use from the bottom to push/drill the stuck bit out
alteregokraegar: he wants to source himself.
jstevewhitekraegar: after my experiment with the tiny delta, I'm considering repurposing the parts to a tiny corexy :D
alteregojstevewhite: a tiny delta? O_o
kraegaralterego: first printer and all self source, and a unique design?
alteregojstevewhite: a bit impractical :P
jstevewhitebut smooth rods get REALLY problematic in small sizes
jstevewhitealterego: eris-sized
jstevewhitekossel-mini sized
jeffdm_homeA laser galvo or projector makes many resin printers more expensive, not talking about how expensive resin is. Going LCD to cut costs for for exposing adds complications.
theresajaynei want bigger print areas
alteregokraegar: Well, I'm saying hes hould probably just get an i3 kit XD
jstevewhite170mm diameter, 170mm height
kraegarjstevewhite: we've discussed the tiny corexy. I plan to do it at some point, too. especially if I get a cnc.
jeffdm_homeA motor + driver on a cheap printer is only $10 an axis
Valduare“jstevewhite: but smooth rods get REALLY problematic in small sizes” you’ve been told that before im guessing? :P
alteregoA small core xy would be cool.
theresajaynemy kossel is only 87 radius
alteregoI was thinking of designing a collapsable core xy
theresajaynemy v3 is 100
gthxjapica is dead and is also but japica knows more about reprap printers than Prusa. and is also and,197346 and is also Japica is no longer accepting business. and is also Benjamin McDaniel and looking really really really stupid in that hat and
gthxis also a verb and is also the one that collapsed - li
jstevewhiteValduare: yeah, they take up too much space in small boxes. >:)
ctag:-/ libreoffice is really letting me down right now
jstevewhitectag: that's because it mostly sucks.
ctagACTION sighs
jstevewhitectag: to be fair, most 'office suites' suck
jeffdm_homeAre you using a copy that's still called Libre Office?
ctagjstevewhite: Which is crazy, you'd think 50 years or so they'd get the hang of word processing
ctagjeffdm_home: ... I though libre office was current? It replaced Open Office, which is defunct.
alteregoThat Japica looks like a troll.
jeffdm_homeI guess it is
jeffdm_homeI thought they switched to libre then back to open
jstevewhitectag: I didn't say word processors suck :D
jstevewhitectag: I think the problem is that people have broadly different goals when using a word processor for more complex applications than typing up a resume.
ctagWell that's all I'm trying to accomplish at the moment
ctagjstevewhite: Fair point
jstevewhitectag: so any word processor has to have a billion bolt-on features and any given user is only gonna use six of them.
alteregoYup, bold, underline and italic is all I need XD
jeffdm_homeI really loved Ami Word back in the day but it got cancelled and mutilated into something else
alteregoOh, and bullet points
jstevewhitealterego: for that stuff I use vim and markdown :D
jeffdm_homeIt doesn't help that every major release of *office software name here* has to look and feel different than the previous version.
alteregoI miss Mr Clippy
jstevewhitejeffdm_home: +++
jstevewhiteFor a resume, I use Pages (mac). Fucking thing has amazing easy layout and styling stuff.
jstevewhitebut don't try and do mailmerge or any of that shit
jeffdm_homeUI concepts are usually trend-based and I'm not convinced they are well-planned.
jstevewhiteFor writing fiction type stuff, or long-form reports that require research, I use Scrivener
jstevewhiteFor shit like my daily reports, it's vim + markedown + pandoc :D
buZzalterego: they made clippy for Vim
jeffdm_homeI think Apple generally does a better job of transitioning to new UIs but that might be because of minor changes every year rather than sudden leaps every 3-5 years.
jstevewhiteI don't know how anyone lives without vim
jeffdm_homeweird how people don't like masochism, amirite?
jstevewhiteI think Apple puts a lot more thought into usability, historically.
jstevewhiteI mean, clearly they don't always get it right
jstevewhitebut they think about it more, I think.
alteregoApple seem to have a harder time making compelling hardware now.
alteregoThey don't seem to be able to make much revolution in software and this face id shit seems to be blowing up in the faces.
kraegarlol, just told someone at work to nerd up and build their own printer.
jstevewhitealterego: I don't think there's much support for those claims in a general sense. I mean, sure, it's reasonable to say "I don't find their hardware compelling", but in a general sense their sales are ahead of the market, CSAT is highest, etc.
jstevewhiteAnd 'FaceID' is 'blowing up' the same way "TouchID" did.
jeffdm_homeIs CoreXY too expensive to justify making compact?
jstevewhiteAAPL is at $169.70 with a market cap in excess of $870bn. hard to argue they're 'failing' in any meaningful sense.
jstevewhitejeffdm_home: maybe
gottanamehey guys, anyone have experience with induction sensors?
jstevewhiteIf by "justify" you mean cost effective
alteregoThere are flaws with face id hardware, touch id was mostly software fixable.
gottanameI got an omron induction sensor which is 2 wires, non polarised
gottanameblue and brown, no black signal, normally opened
jstevewhitejeffdm_home: If you want a small build volume printer, bedflingers are likely always going to be cheapest.
jstevewhiteactually, taht's probably true up to 300x300x300
jeffdm_homeCost seems to be the only consideration for most people, build volume 2nd.
jstevewhiteand print quality @ speed last
jeffdm_homeYou can go even bigger with bedflinger too but the problems get too hard to ignore
jeffdm_homeCreality has a 400 cubed model now and I'm shocked it works
jstevewhitejeffdm_home: the big problem I have with small BV is that the volume efficiency goes down so rapidly
jeffdm_homeThe parts look pretty sad though
jstevewhiteA 100^3 printer is gonna be 200^3 minimum.
jeffdm_homeyeah DICE is 100^3 printer volume with 200^3 frame.
jstevewhiteright. Without custom making a bunch of parts, I can't make it much more efficient
jstevewhiteI start designing it from extra parts (which was my original goal) and end up with a BOM including new MGN9 rails and shit LOL
jeffdm_homeThe Kitten printer wasn't available for very long, and that was based on another machine whom I think the designer had lost its design files.
jstevewhiteI want a 150^3 BV in a 200^3 Printer VOlume
thewsI don't print stuff "that" small very often
thews100mm would be almost useless
jstevewhiteYeah, I'm looking for 150^3, like i said.
jeffdm_homeit is pretty small but the majority of my parts might fit in that.
jstevewhiteBut I want to shoehorn it into 200^3 :D
thewswhat was the eusthasios based on
jeffdm_homethen it becomes a question of how much work you want to put into doing that
jstevewhitejeffdm_home: and money
jstevewhiteI mean, the tiny delta was just because I have the parts laying around
jstevewhitethey don't translate well to a tiny corexy
jeffdm_homeEustathios might be original to itself, but UM2 inspired
thewsbased on tantillus
thewsjstevewhite: ^
thewscould be close to fitting the bill
TheHexaCubewhat to use as an IR diffusor?
TheHexaCubei wooonder
TheHexaCubeif something's translucent in some wavelength, is it translucent to ALL? D:
thewsnot quite
jeffdm_homethews: the tantillus is probably what I was thinking of.
jstevewhitethews nah, misses by a mile :D Tantillus outer dimensions 225x225x300, bv 100x100x100
jstevewhiteI'm looking for 150^3 in an outer dimensions of 200^3 :DS
TheHexaCubeeg. I know that black plastic can be transparent in IR wavelength, but what about ROUGH black plastic?
TheHexaCubewould that be translucent then?
Nebukadnezadoes tinkercad make stuff strangely „rough“ for you?
thewsyeah, there's so many variants though
thewsone of them probably maximizes
thewstinkercad is old school very low poly
gthx => Ingentis range of motion torture test => 1 IRC mentions
thewsdefinitely not much waste
thewsit could be built upon to maximize more though
jstevewhitethews: yeah, lots bigger, though.
jstevewhiteeasy to increase efficiency in large printers
thewssize is sort of variable
jstevewhiteyeah, but the wasted space is fairly constant
jstevewhitethat's the problem we're talkign about
thewsuse RC parts
jstevewhiterailcore2 is pretty space-efficient compared to other printers of similar volume
jstevewhiteI wanna do the same thing at a much smaller scale >:)
jstevewhitethews: I thought about it, but NEMA14s or NEMA11s might be just as effective at reducing wasted space.
thewsrichrap has done a few designs with steppers mounted in weird places
thewsto make things more compact
jstevewhiteYeah, I've seen a couple
jstevewhitebut NEMA17 are 42mm minimum
jstevewhiteso you gotta give up that 42mm somewhere.
thewsI have nema 11 and nema 8 motors handy
thews8 is too weak for anything but free air movement demos
TheHexaCubestill kinda sad that nema 17s are cheaper than nema 11s or whatever
jstevewhiteI've got a nema 14 that's 23Ncm
jstevewhiteprobably enough for a tiny corexy
TheHexaCubebecause I need a stepper motor for just the wiper
TheHexaCubeso I don't need alot of torque
TheHexaCubebut a Nema 17 is just the cheapest option, lol
thewsTheHexaCube: I watch for deals
thewsdon't see any great deals atm
TheHexaCuberight, that's like 10€ per motor
gthxrattm is for one or for a 5 pack
buZzstill cheap
thewsI've bought dozens of steppers to just have
jstevewhiteunfortunately, so have I :D
thewsthink I got my nema 11 and nema 8's for $5-6 each
thewsthink I paid $9-11 for nema 24
thewsand like $35 for geared steppers
thewsif something is better for the application a few bucks doesn't matter a lot
thewsif I used something I didn't want, I'd probably buy the thing I actually wanted later anyways
kraegarjstevewhite: it's tempting to model up something like a dice and have matt cut it all from Aluminum :)
jstevewhitewhy not just send him the Dice files?
kraegaror that
TheHexaCubebecause let'S be honest, this looks pretty dumb
Lizards|Workso what'd i miss
durrfbuncha people came in and gave away SLA printers while you were gone
Lizards|Worktake one lousy day off...
durrfthey were asking about if you wanted one but i said nah and they sent it to me instead
durrfdid you want one? if you did im sorry
Lizards|Worki applied for a loan to consolidate a bunch of debt... probably going to have some wiggle room to [rebuild my delta|buy a shapeoko or something]
DJHenjindoes bigger nozzle typically make stronger parts?
jonselfphotohowedy guys :)
jonselfphotooops howdy** lol
durrfrofl a client just said he has put 3 tablets in his wood stove
durrfbecause they sucked
durrfgg guy
durrfthis guy killed a laptop he had just bought with an axe once
jeffdm_workDJHenjin: people seem to think so, the running idea is that the plastic retains heat longer giving it more time to fuse with the previous layer
jonselfphotodamn. must have been an compaq.
jeffdm_workThen breathe the smoke
durrfi think it was a 300 dollar asus or some low end junk from walmart
durrfdude needs a chill pill though
jonselfphotodurrf: no kidding
DJHenjinit definitely makes for faster parts
TheHexaCubedurrf: did he look like a meme though
thewsDJHenjin: less layers might mean it's stronger beyond just layer bonding
DJHenjinI should get multiple hotends for different nozzle sizes, and put togeter a quick swap setup,
thewsless layers have to bond
TheHexaCubeDJHenjin: automatic tool changer :P
TheHexaCuberofl I really wonder how many kickstarter products used fiverr for voice overs
durrfwhen a client of ours needs some fucked up excel script we turn to fivrr
Lizards|Worknobody there went to business school? lol
Lizards|Workseems like all the people i know with degrees in business can excel script
Lizards|Workuseless for lots of other stuff, but they can excel script
crankylinuxuser_durrf you actually get valid results from fiverr? daaamn dude
natewalck@kraegar for coreXY, I see a lot of beds supported only on one side. Isn't there flex on that type of setup? (vs being supported on both sides)
crankylinuxuser_ill answer for him. for small beds you can get away with the flexion. But you end up with cantilevering. Of course, the bigger printed part and bigger bed = bigger cantilevering
gthx => Mein Fazit nach 3 Monaten mit den JMC-Servos und wie man sie parametriert => 1 IRC mentions
TheHexaCubescrew a 6040
kraegarnatewalck: yeah, so we don't do that :)
natewalckI was curious ;)
natewalckso it looks like you raise/lower from the dead center of the bed?
jeffdm_workI think Railcore lifts from center of bed.
kraegarhad two extrusions, each offset equally from center
crankylinuxuser_I think the railcore has a motor at the base. The base has 2 belts connected, one to each side of the bed. As the single motor turns, it turns both leadscrews.
kraegarstepper is actually up on the top right of the printer
kraegardual leadscrew, belt drive between them
sideralarailcore is garbage dbot is king
crankylinuxuser_shaddup siderala :P
kraegarsiderala: your bed's so cantilevered you could use it as a diving board
sideralaACTION wanders off back to work
crankylinuxuser_get back in yer monkey - big cat cage!
sideralakraegar: ive cut most of the bouncing out by putting 6mm glass on the bed. its too heavy to bounce now lol
Lizards|Workscrooge mcduck style vault with an aerator/vibrator to make the coins act like a fluid
natewalckOn your design, it looks like all the belts are on the topside
natewalckX is across the top frame piece, Y is its own crossbar?
kraegarbelt drive between the leadscrews
sideralarailcore is good if you want to use 4 billion ft of gt2
Lizards|Workgt2 is cheap tho
sideralaur moms cheap tho
TheHexaCubebut is it as cheap as siderala
TheHexaCubeoh damnit
TheHexaCubetoo slow
kraegarnatewalck: we're going to add an option for 3 independent z steppers, too. no belts.
kraegarjust takes time
TheHexaCubesiderala: sooo when is your company making 2020 extrusion
natewalckThat picture is one stepper for Z?
natewalckthe round thing is the stepper? (I've only seen the square ones)
sideralaTheHexaCube: thats a good idea
sideralai might pass that along
TheHexaCubebut only if it's cheaper than extrusion, lol
sideralai can do custom runs
sideralait wont be cheaper lol
TheHexaCubei mean
TheHexaCubeyeah then I don't care
sideralaif enough people wanted to buy it
sideralabut if it was just a custom run itd be expensive
TheHexaCubebest I can do is $20
sideralalet me look at the price sheet for what a solid bar that size cost
natewalck@kraegar Would it be hard to adapter your design for 2020 v-slot and a 300x300 heated bed? ;)
sideralaTheHexaCube: it would be like 60 or 70 bucks for a 20ft stick of solid bar, so maybe a bit cheaper for the profile since it would be less material
TheHexaCube%wa 20ft in m
TheHexaCube$wa 20ft in m
DumDuckBot(TheHexaCube) Result: 6.096 meters -
TheHexaCubeyeah no thanks
kraegar300^3 build volume is planned. 2020 is not
MeisterQwhats up?
TheHexaCubeworking hard on my SLA printer :P
jammiTheHexaCube: have you still considered the 28BYJ-48 steppers?
TheHexaCubejammi: I fear they might be *too* small... is there something a bit larger?
TheHexaCubebut still smaller than a nema 17?
TheHexaCube(and cheaper, more importantly)
jammithere are plenty of them, but those are common and cheap
jeffdm_worksmaller & cheaper but less durable
jammilike, there's a shitload of different stepper motors for different typical cases. some are common in printers and copiers, those 28BYJ-48's are in AC units to move flaps; if your car has automatic AC, it's probably actuated by those
jammiwhat are you actuating with a stepper again?
jammithe leveler thing?
jammishould be more than plenty for that
jammieven some 50c toy dc motor should be plenty for it
jammialso, have you considered rack & pinion?
jammithere are massproduced small rack things that fit those toy gears, which fit toy motors
jammiand are probably extremely cheap when bought in Quantities
jammilike, <1€ in parts for the entire wiper thing
jammiat least as far as those actuation parts go
jammiyou could just drive it with regulated DC at a couple of V and an H bridge, or a couple of transistors/fets
TheHexaCubeabout 200mm of moving path, but it should be done fairly quick
TheHexaCubelike... 80mm/s
TheHexaCubeI guess 200mm/s :P
jammirack & pinion and toy motor would move it fast enough
TheHexaCubeI basically copied what Formlabs does
TheHexaCubethey do it nearly exactly that way
TheHexaCubestepper + belt and a linear rail
jammithey probably don't have budget constraints
jammior have even considered toy parts
jammithere are sampler kits like these
jammiand motors that go with them, like and and
jammicommon in toys and various random dc devices
TheHexaCubeoh I like that DC motor
TheHexaCubethe last one
TheHexaCubeaaand 1st one too
jammiyeah, they're good enough for jobs like that
jammiso no real reason to go overkill
jammiaxles for those toy gears are sold either as long rods like these and pre-cut into various lengths
jammias well as assortments of lengths
TheHexaCubehuh, interesting
TheHexaCubeI might experiment with those
jammithe last motor is a bit heavier duty, it's common in things like cheap cordless screwdrivers and drills and things like that
jammiso basically you could run the wiper with just dumb dc and a couple of endstop switches to sense when it's hit the end
TheHexaCubesomeone on aliexpress sells an LM317 in a package not made by TI
jammiwhich could even be driven by pretty dumb electronics if you want to, like send a start trigger with mcu and receive end trigger when it's done
jammisomeone should sell cheap pwm mode replacements of 78xx and those. ones I've seen have been pretty expensive
jammior maybe does; haven't looked for them at aliexpress
jeffdm_workA lot of common chips are offered by both reputable and unreputable manufacturers.
jammisome chinese things are just random chips with fake inscription
jeffdm_workI haven't been hit by that yet but I often buy complete items for example voltage regulator boards and not single chips.
jammiI've typically used reputable sources for single chips
jammibut I've ordered some rare ones on ebay as well, of which some were fake
jammifake mos 6581 for instance
Valduaresure you didnt hook it up wrong and blow its functionality? :P
jeffdm_workAll the HanRun ethernet jacks I've seen listed on eBay and Ali are fakes. The real ones have the brand and part number engraved on the housing, the fakes just use a sticker. It might work just as well but I get annoyed.
jammiValduare: actually I think I blew one of the CIA chips when trying it
jammibut it could've been a coincidence
AmeisenI want one of those quad-extruder heads
Ameisenthose look fun
AmeisenI'd lose so much printing space
DJHenjini'm going to pick up one of those startt 3d printers to have a second printer
AmeisenI want to see if this new version of VS updates intellisense
DJHenjinsee how many modifications I can make to it, to get it to print just as good as my main printer
AmeisenI'm annoyed by it saying things are errors that not even the VS compiler thinks are errors, but gcc most certainly doesn't
Ameisennope, didn't fix it :(
TheHexaCubephew, 30€ for an orange pi =(
TheHexaCubelotsa moneyro
buZznanopi is cheaper,
Lizards|Workwhat even is a money
TheHexaCubebuZz: got the Win Plus, 2GB RAM and A64
jammithere's even this thing to find boards
buZzah cute
buZzjammi: thats quite incomplete
jammibuZz: as are the alternatives
buZzi just ask in #linux-sunxi what i should buy
buZzit changes so fast, and i just want to run mainline kernel on them
jammibuZz: ++
jammiand generally if you build one into your product and you make them in large enough scale, you'll just pick the SoC like any component and embed it on your board
buZzyeah totally
buZzits on my todo to make my 'own' linux board
buZzand just produce like 10-100 of them
TheHexaCubewait, are there seriously 10 core smartphones out there?
buZzTheHexaCube: yeah , mediatek x30 is sexy as fuck
buZzsadly no SBC with it yet
jeffdm_work"ten core phone" shows a variety of hits
buZzx20 can be bought on a SBC
buZz <-- tada
buZzi'd rather have 10x A73 core , to be honest
buZzsilly 'but it needs to run on a battery' nonsense
TheHexaCubebajeebus 200€
jeffdm_workgotta have lots of cores to render those Pokey mons.
sideralai wont be happy till i can 3dmodel on my phone
buZzjust mining :P pi3 is about 3x faster than a pi2 at raw math
buZzsiderala: openscad runs fine even on a single A7 core
sideralai mean real cad programs
buZzso you must be pretty happy :D
sideralaat least inventor
buZzdno wtf that is
buZzoh, non-foss stuff?
buZzyeah no clue wtf they are doing
jeffdm_workI'd laugh if you go cross-eyed CAD modelling in a phone
sideralaconsidering i use a 44" monitor currently it would probably happen
SpeedEviljeffdm_work: VR headset + phone is damn near usable in principle
buZzjeffdm_work: not like there arent any PDAlike devices with HDMI output :)
SpeedEvil(headset using phone display
sideralayo VR modeling would be great
sideralaminority report that shit
buZzlike tiltbrush ?
sideralathats more drawing than modeling
TheHexaCubeis there like uhhh
TheHexaCubea benchmark for SBC-CPUs?
TheHexaCubelike comparing the A64 vs H5 H3 H7 and so on?
buZzTheHexaCube: unixbench
jammiTheHexaCube: geekbench, and you can compare them to x86's as well
ndnihilwhy the hell would you want to cad on your phone?
jammiand consoles and whatnot
jammindnihil: why not?
sideralandnihil: when im on the road
buZzndnihil: seems the only way for the milleniderp generation
sideralait would be nice to make changes to stuff on the spot when customers ask
sideralai use the fusion 360 all the time
sideralajust cant model in it yet
ndnihilbuZz wins the right answer prize
sideralaits what i do for a living and it would be very useful to me
thewsphones have dedicated hardware for some tasks that makes them seem as fast as x86
sideralanor am i millenial
ndnihil< thews> phones have dedicated OS tweaks for some tasks that makes them seem like they perform reasonably
thewsand hardware
ndnihilsiderala: get a laptop
sideralagot one
sideralabut doesnt have mobile wifi built in
ndnihilbuy one that was built in the last 15 years
buZzlol wtf, your laptop doesnt have -wifi- ???
sideralait was built this year
sideralanot when im in the car jackass
jeffdm_workwas it a government spec laptop?
ndnihiltether to your phone
sideralaid have to pay 40 bucks a month
buZzoh you mean GSM
sideralajeffdm_work: yes
thewswhy pay money for tethering?
thewsdidn't think anyone charged for that anymore
sideralaATT doesnt allow it without paying
ndnihilyou'll have to either pay for it on your phone, pay for it on a new contract/dedicated device, or spend like 7 minutes doing leet hax
sideralasprint and tmobile are the only ones i know that have it for free
buZzlol, move to a free nation
jammior live somewhere without such restrictions
buZzthat doesnt make you pay for services that should be free
thewsverizon tethering is free too
sideralayes let me just uproot my life for fucking tethering
thewsand project fi
sideralasorry kids and wife
sideralagotta move
buZzsiderala: allowed
buZzwhere are you moving?
ndnihilall tethering is free if you man up and 0wn your ph0ne
thewsbasically free on all of them
thewsthink it's just been free for a long time
thewsno root needed
sideralaaint nobody got time for that
jammino operator has prevented tethering here and basically none limit transfer amounts; you just select the speed cap and pay per month, same as in wired connections
TheHexaCubewhat even is tethering
sideralausing ur phone as a hotspot
jammiTheHexaCube: american terminology of using your phone's data on other devices
buZzsame here, all operators are forced to allow it for free
buZzthey cant close it down or they would make themselves illegal
buZzi think thats the same all across europe
jammibuZz: probably, but some countries do have montly limits on how much you can download or upload
programmerqyeah, I just buy my phone unlocked from the manufacturer and buy my cell service separately.
jammior some operators in some countries
buZzyeah they can limit usage
sideralaUSA USA USA
TheHexaCubeI have a 6GB limit split on two phones
sideralabest country in america
durrfwhy do you have 2 phones
buZzUnited States of Payextraforservicethatisfreeglobally
sideralaone for the plug and one for the hoes
TheHexaCubedurrf: one is for my mum, one is mine
TheHexaCubeit's a business contract so one plan for two phones or something
TheHexaCubebut mobile data is super expensive here
TheHexaCubelike... 3GB cost 40€/month
jammiI have unlimited 4G (no speed caps either) and it's like 16€/month or something like that
TheHexaCubeor even more
buZzTheHexaCube: fun fact, you can use any european provider in all european nations
durrfim on a contract but my bill is something stupid like 90 dollars a month
buZzTheHexaCube: you arent limited to german providers anymore
durrf6gb data
TheHexaCubebuZz: right but afaik you need to live in the country you wanna get a phone contract?
buZzand roaming costs are lowered A LOT
buZzTheHexaCube: nope
TheHexaCubeafaik roaming has to be free now?
buZzat least, not all operators limit that
TheHexaCubehasn't there been a law like.. recently?
danielvWhat temps should I try to pry the blob off
buZzroaming for -voice- has to be free
buZzroaming for data, not yet
danielvRemember what I was talking about
danielvThis morning
TheHexaCubedanielv: 60-100C
buZznobody remembers
buZzoh THC does
TheHexaCubethe north remembers
danielvAnd if that didn’t work
danielvThe take it apart?
TheHexaCubebut i gotta look for a cheaper contract soon
TheHexaCubebecause now that I gotta pay it myself, that's too expensive :P
TheHexaCubeI have to pay 40€ for my phone/data plan
danielvReally damn
buZzi pay 0
durrfdepends on how big the blob is, danielv
buZzbut i dont use GSM
danielvIt’s huge
danielvLike giant I’ll send a picture once I get home
durrfover the weekend i had my first blobbing happen but i was able to just pull it off as soon as i caught it
buZzi dont like to pay for a service to harrass me 24/7
jammiTheHexaCube: don't take those sucker plans that include a phone that you have to pay off for a few years
durrfand its like nothing happened
TheHexaCubejammi: well too late now :P
TheHexaCubebut it was actually cheaper this way, we did the math
TheHexaCubebut we got a huuge discount for... some reason
danielvBut yea it’s like expanding foam I prosbly will break it
TheHexaCubebecause it's a business plan
TheHexaCubenot a "home use" plan
danielvIt’s a huge blob
danielvBigger than this
jammiTheHexaCube: "discount" as-in comparing to something overpriced
jammisame as those furniture "sale" things where everything's 60% off perpetually
TheHexaCubejammi: well if they say it's usually 80 but we gotta pay 50, I'd say that's a 30 discount
danielvLarger than that much larger
durrflol damn unless its some 100 dollar hotend id just replace the whole thing tbh
danielvBut it’s a e3d v6
danielvOn a genuine prusa
gthxPLA is and smells like maple syrup and is polylactide (aka polylactate and poly(lactic acid)). It is biodegradable & nontoxic, though commercial PLA may contain additives that are less benign. It has a relatively little thermal expansion (which would result in warping). It melts ~185C and has a Tg (glass transition temperature) ~60C and
gthx and is 1.210–1.430 g·cm−3
danielvIt was at 210 I couldn’t pull it off
danielvLol so I think I’m screwed
buZzdanielv: 1 tip, dont use your printer when you're not there
danielvBut I have octoprint
thewsdurrf: you print a peach seed?
durrfim getting bad habits lately
buZzso you dont come back to these kinda issues
danielvOh I was their
TheHexaCubejammi: 569 Euro is what my phone cost new
durrfill start a print and walk away before the print even starts :/
danielvI was just sleeping
buZzdanielv: octoprint does not increase reliability of the printer
TheHexaCubedivided by 24 months that'S already 23,70€ if I just had to pay for the phone
durrfbut this is turning out to be a bad idea as of late
danielvBut I’ll make a plug-in with the camera that will
TheHexaCubeleaves 17€ for the data plan, which, thinking about it, isn't that much
danielvMove to the states
danielvGet att to Verizon
buZzTheHexaCube: 569 * 2
buZzTheHexaCube: your mom's phone?
TheHexaCubeyeah but I pay 40€
TheHexaCubeso I guess the contract costs 80€ monthly
buZzfor two phones, right?
TheHexaCubeno I just pay my own stuff
buZzdno how i got the idea then, carry on
danielvAnd you pay for your printers also
buZzi love how offtopic this channel gets every now and then :)
danielvWhere should I sell my 3D printer objects
jammiI've just bought phones separately and used them for as long as they work or until they're basically obsolete
TheHexaCubebuZz: if, with "every now and then", you mean 95% of the time, sure :D
danielvGet a flip phone if that’s all you need
TheHexaCubejammi: i think next time I'll get a xiami or whatever
jammiand taken whichever plan's been the most affordable when I've felt like switching operators
buZzdanielv: ?
TheHexaCubethey're nice and cheap
buZzdanielv: you can sell printer time there
danielvTried that never got an order
buZzdanielv: but MAYBE first fix your printer to not commit harikiri every day
danielvNot even one it might be because their are so many people in Houston to compete with it’s one of the top cities for 3D hubs
danielvIt’s like almost the first on the list
buZzjust lower your prices
danielvNot too much
buZzyes, too much
danielvOk how much
buZzmake it insanely cheap
danielvFilament is expensive
buZzthen build up trust
buZzthen slowly increase price
danielvI buy 3D fuel
jammioff to eat and watch some tv ->
buZzstop buying overpriced filament
danielvBut I can’t do production parts
TheHexaCubemake your own filament!
buZzthen dont sell
danielvAnd I leave pla out
durrfi buy $14CAD/kg filament and it works fantastic
durrfso thats what, 10 bux usd
buZzif you cant produce usuable parts, you cannot sell them
danielvI can’t I can’t afford that filabot thing
buZznobody wants a print to be 'almost what you ordered'
danielvI know
danielvBut I first need to fix my wanhao
danielvI stuck a tool in the fan by accident and I needed a new one
danielvDo that will arrive tommorrow
danielvThen the brace kit will also arrive tommorrow
ndnihildont waste your money on a filastruder
danielvOk is it shit
danielvBut I kinda wanna recycle my own prints
ndnihilyeah, that's why I got one too
danielvBut then again I don’t have a thousand bucks to do it
crankylinuxuser_just bite the bullet and pay crunch. he needs it
danielvI’m 16 I cant afford jack squat nothing
TheHexaCubeyou're american, it's like super easy to get a job there :P
danielvYes I know
danielvBut still
danielvI need job coaching
danielvI can’t even drive yet
TheHexaCubebut I feel you man, same here
danielvBut then again
durrfits easy get a job and then do what your boss says
ndnihiljob coaching
ndnihilfor a 16yr olds job?
TheHexaCubestarted working 2 months ago, now the spice can flow
ndnihil"hand them the fries" is about all the coaching you need
danielvIt’s easier to drive in America then Germany
danielvBecause their you can’t turn on red
danielvHere you can
TheHexaCubealso it doesn't cost you 1500€ just to get your license
danielvBut also their aren’t many crazy rules here people in Texas drive like jerks
danielvIt cost me some thing for the training
danielvBut not much I don’t think
danielvIt’s too scary to drive here
danielvEsepscislly at night with the drunkied
corecodeso how do i change the orientation of a stl file?
danielvUmmm which slicer
corecodebasically i want to define a specific triangle as "use this as xz plane"
ndnihilif you put as much effort into getting a license and/or working as you do into making up excuses, you'd be able to afford filament, and burgers
corecodeslic3r or kiss
danielvI have not a clue I use cura most of the time
danielvAnd kiss I heard is old school
corecodebut really, independent of slicer
danielvOk so in the fad program
karradcorecode: slic3r requires you to rotate the model in a CAD program iirc
crankylinuxuser_uh no it doesnt.
corecodeyes, that's why i'm asking, how do you do it
crankylinuxuser_you can click on the model and rotate and flip as you need in slic3r
karradcrankylinuxuser_: in Z, i believe it does. Just x/y rotation
danielvAre you using a prusa corecode
corecodethat only works if your model is easily rotated
crankylinuxuser_it also can do mirror and various angles. You can even subdivide objects and cut them
corecodedanielv: what does it matter?
danielvBecause if you where just use cura
corecodei don't use cura
corecodeand i want a generic solution
danielvWell with me I can’t really help.
durrffusion 360
karradcorecode: generic solution: do it in your cad program, and re-export
durrfwhat does "generic solution" mean
corecodethis comes out of fusion
durrfyou did it wrong in fusion then
corecodebut at an angle
durrfthe bottom isnt the bottom
danielvThat’s the way to go then or get simplify 3D if your rich
durrfthe front is the bottom usually!
corecodewhose rich?
ndnihilI must be
ndnihilbecause I paid for simplify
corecodedurrf: the object is modeled at an angle
ndnihilshame it sucks
danielvI heard that it’s worth every penny
danielvIt does not
durrfall that matters is the final orientation
ndnihilit does
danielvMatter control I think is a little better
durrfwhen i start a new object in f360 i always pick the XZ axis as the "base" because that puts it upright as an STL
corecodesure, but this is a multi component model
durrfok so you rotate it all
durrfby 90 degrees upwards
durrflol so clear
corecodewhat are you talking about?
durrfrotating an object so the bottom in the CAD software is the same as the bottom in a slicer
corecodedoes not apply
ndnihilpretty much every slicer allows you to rotate and position objects
corecodeyes, but for that you need to know the angles
DJHenjinif I am designing something for myself, I just make the model, and rotate it when I plate it in the slicer,
ndnihilit's probably going to be between 0 and 359
ndnihilthat should help narrow it down
DJHenjinif it's something that I am making for thingiverse I will take the time to check the orientation is correct in CAD
corecodeoh so you're the clever guy everybody told me about
ndnihilhrm, usually they mention how charming and adorable I am before clever comes up
corecodethe object is modeled in place in cad, the bottom is at a compound angle
crankylinuxuser_youse gots a purdy username ndnihil
ndnihilACTION bats his eyelashes at crankylinuxuser_ 
corecoderepetier-host can lay flat
ndnihilcorecode: load it up in cad, create a box that fills the gap, trig out the angle
ndnihileasy peasy
thewsnorth dakota nihilist ?
ndnihilnever been there
thewsindian i hillbilly
ndnihilit's one of them there plays on words
thewsI have no idea
ndnihilin denial
ndnihilI usually use 'nihil', but some services require a longer name
ndnihilso I added the nd
ndnihilnihil of course being latin for "nothing"
ndnihiland a pretty decent album by kmfdm
DJHenjinin denail
ndnihilI wan't in the mood to pick a moniker, so I went with 'nothing', which was taken in several languages, so I went with latin
ndnihilnow you know the story
buZzhey pretty
ndnihil`sup monica
buZzhow u doin'
buZzND means 'neurally dense' , right?
buZz:P jk
ndnihilwell, in photogrammatical terms, it's neutral density
ndnihilspeaking of, I haven't even tried my new variable ND filter yet
buZzvariable? fancy!
ndnihilyeah, it's the sexy
alteregoI wonder if anyone would buy my d-bot when I've finished building it.
alteregoThen I can make another one.
alteregoI just love building them :'(
crankylinuxuser_you could always disassemble it and reassemble it
crankylinuxuser_i heard fuck-fuck games are entertain way the military passes time
danielvThis is what I came home to any way to fix this
danielvThe hotend is like embedded in it
danielvTried heating it up pulled really hard didn’t work
danielvIt’s like fuck it’s fucking huge
crankylinuxuser_use ky jelly. stops from handburn
danielvLike really durrf is that possible to get this off
crankylinuxuser_btw, ive done similar.
durrfheat it up and wiggle
danielvTried that
durrfi was able to rip it clean off, but i didnt get any plastic creeping too high
crankylinuxuser_if force didnt work, you didnt use enough
danielvIt fused to the plastic
danielvThe extruder plastic
durrfcall up joseph and be like YO CAN YOU HELP ME OUT
durrfi dunno what the prusa warranty ocvers
crankylinuxuser_well you can cut it off
danielvIsn’t he from ultimate 3 d printing store
Smugrarthe hell is that even
Smugrara fused spaghetti?
danielvMore or less what I woke up to
danielvA failed print
Smugrarthat sucks
danielvThat I need to replace parts as a result of
buZzi hope you learned a lesson from it ;)
Smugraralso which you've probably heard, unattended etc.
danielv Can somebody call me
durrfjosef prusa is the creator of the prusa printers
danielvI’ll msg you my number
danielvYea I know
danielvSetting it to 250
durrfif your heatthroat has PTFE tubing
durrfthats gonna wreck it
danielvIt can handle abs
durrfPTFE starts to deform at 240ish?
danielvIt’s a e3d v6 lite
gthxPTFE is PTFE is stable and nontoxic at lower temperatures, it begins to deteriorate after the temperature of cookware reaches about 260 °C (500 °F), and decomposes above 350 °C (662 °F). These degradation by-products can be lethal to birds, and can cause flu-like symptoms in humans. It is also known as teflon.
crankylinuxuser_yep. PTFE is unhappy at 240-ish
danielvFine 235
bjoerngCan anyone help me with a bed leveling failure on my I3MK2?
crankylinuxuser_not that this helps right now, but this is why I like all metals
bjoerngI've re-run the calibration multiple times so I know the probe works, but mesh bed leveling always fails on the back left calibration point
ctagbjoerng: Failing how?
ctagMaybe a wire is getting pulled?
bjoerng"Bed leveling failed. Sensor disconnected or cable broken."
buZzsounds like maybe sensor disconnected or cable is broken
bjoerngBut I can run the Z calibration routine without a problem, which uses the sensor
bjoerngand that works
buZzmaybe it disconnects when you do the bed levelling ?
bjoerngAlways in the same spot? That it also travels to when doing the Z calibration?
buZzah it only happens in 1 position? yeah seems likely that the cable is too blame
fx9anyone good with G code can help me with my startup script?
buZzintermittent connection that works 'most of the time' but in 1 special location it disconnects
TheHexaCubeso uhhh
TheHexaCubehow smart is it to buy some chinese counterfeit ICs?
TheHexaCubethey have a rather interesting package that doesn't exist originally, lol
ndnihilTheHexaCube: not very, particularly considering how cheap legit ICs are
ndnihilfx9: do your bed/head heatup before going to position
fx9ndnihil, its trying to air print my intro line, literally line 2 is causing that
TheHexaCubeohhh I see
TheHexaCubethere are LM317s made by TI *and* ON Semiconductors
bjoerngbuZz: I dunno
fx9but i can't do a G32 unless I move the Z lower
TheHexaCubeand the interesting package comes from ON
DJHenjinfx9 change line 5 to G0 not G30
bjoerngCalibration uses the PINDA probe heavily, and it has absolutely no problem using it, in any position on the bed
danielvAnd my thermistor broke
bjoerngBed leveling also works, at the same calibration point, reliably
LoetmichelTheHexaCube: considering the age of the LM317 design there are probably about a dozen chinese copycats as well ;)
fx9DJHenjin, ah that one is a typo its supposed to be G1 Z0
danielvIt smells like burnt electronics
TheHexaCubeLoetmichel: most likely, yeah :P
TheHexaCube100 of them for 6€, heh
DJHenjinfx9, if that was in your intro gcode, that would cause the issue
danielvI broke it hexa
corecodelm317 is created by every analog fab
danielvI’m sad
corecodeTheHexaCube: what ic?
TheHexaCubeyeah the LM317 :D
fx9cool thanks I'll try that
DJHenjinnp bud
DJHenjinhopefully it works
danielvHer TheHexaCube
danielvMy printer is smoking
danielvNot kidding
DJHenjinunplug it?
fx9DJHenjin, it didn't even do a G32 at all
buZzbjoerng: tbf, i never saw any need to bed sensors
buZzi just level my bed once, and done
crankylinuxuser_so whats so damned special about the PINDA probe?
TheHexaCubewoooo, I'll get to assembly my PCB tomorrow
TheHexaCubeACTION squeees
DJHenjinline 5 shouldn't have affected the g32 on line 3
thews👩‍🚒 👨‍🚒 🚘
fx9DJHenjin, it went straight to home, printed my starting line, and started the print right after that
fx9no probing was done
TheHexaCuberofl thews illustrating what happenet at danielv's place
thewsTheHexaCube: glad your client sees it
TheHexaCubewebclient ftw
fx9S3D is wonky
thewsthink the worst I've done is had a connector with some oxidization on it cause some sparking
DJHenjinlooks like the startt 3d printer could easily be upgrade with an all aluminum frame, and it would increase the value of the printer significantly
thewsaluminum can increase the noise
DJHenjinwon't care about noise,
DJHenjinrigidizing the printer is more important than some sound that only I will ever hear
crankylinuxuser_and last night, I finally got rid of all VIAs other than through-holes already used.!id=bf0f3777bf3311e79ed5026a86b9cae7&type=top&layer_list=1-2-3-4-5-6
MuntConverted plastic parts on my printer to aluminium. Went from levelling the bed almost every print to one a week just for the lolz.
DJHenjinMunt, exactly,
euz100cool story bro
MuntLooks like a Homer Simpson printer now though.
euz100pictures or it never happened
crankylinuxuser_so it belches and drinks beer?
Munteuz100 : you too cool for school yo ?
Muntcrankylinuxuser_ : Pretty much :p Like one of his spice racks
DJHenjinalready got my good printer running, so I can get a printer just to fuck around with
crankylinuxuser_but now im waiting on my design of a 3rd board before I send to the fabhouse.
euz100did you mill the parts yourself?
TheHexaCubecrankylinuxuser_: I get to put my board together tomorrow! :>
crankylinuxuser_I saw that :)
crankylinuxuser_My first board had 2 design flaws.
crankylinuxuser_but once I test this board, ill be looking at selling the dual closed loop controler board.
euz100I really want to assemble another printer, and sell mine, shitty auto-bed is killing me
Muntme? no, got arms sent in from Canada and butchered the bed together out of ignorantly thick aluminium sheets and a hand drill.
crankylinuxuser_you see my schematic TheHexaCube ? pretty crazy, no?
TheHexaCubecrankylinuxuser_: ohhhh I totally forgot about those
TheHexaCubewanna send me the link to your files again?
TheHexaCubeI remember I wanted to have a try at the layout
AmeisenTheHexaCube - I'm not even sure what the best ARM microcomputers are these days
Ameisenback when I was doing pi stuff, it was the bananapi
Ameisenwhich isn't weak by any means today, but I'm sure there are far better ones
Ameisenthough I want an atom based one
TheHexaCubecrankylinuxuser_: you already cleaned it up didn't you? D:
crankylinuxuser_but I packed it in pretty densely. And got rid of all the vias outside of required ones for headers and the like
crankylinuxuser_sure did
Ameisengive me 160 GPIO and an Atom CPU with 8GiB of RAM
Ameisenand I can do like, anything
TheHexaCubecrankylinuxuser_: why no vias if I may ask?
crankylinuxuser_I didnt need them :)
crankylinuxuser_well, I do for the through hole stuff. But none of that wire-via-wire-via-wire junk
TheHexaCubeheh alright
crankylinuxuser_the free autorouter gave a craptastic output of something like 30 vias.
TheHexaCubeI *am* seeing a few traces that could be made even shorter buuut it already looks pretty nice
AmeisenAny of you guys ever used any of the websites that sell/make prototype PCB boards for you
tsalnever trust the autorouter
TheHexaCubeAmeisen: I did
AmeisenWhat site?
crankylinuxuser_i dont trust it, but it can make quick work of dumb and easy traces
TheHexaCubeAmeisen: seeedstudio
TheHexaCubethey're basically the cheapest :P
Ameisenhow did it turn out
AmeisenI was looking at PCBWay
sideralajust like ur mother^
Ameisenwhich charges $5 for 10 small boards
crankylinuxuser_just dont get 20 boards. Do X orders of 10 boards...
TheHexaCubeAmeisen: ^
Ameisendo they offer assembly as well
TheHexaCubestarting at $25
TheHexaCubenever got their pricing though, too lazy for that :P
Ameisenand it's fancy and red
TheHexaCubenice thing about seeedstudio is, they have several soldermasks with no additional charge
TheHexaCubegreen blue yellow red white and black :D
TheHexaCubeoften, anything but green costs extra
Ameisenvanta black
TheHexaCubeand it's 4.90USD for 10 PCBs with 100x100mm
TheHexaCubesoo, if your design is 50x50mm, you can get 40 of them for 4.90USD
tsalthere is a special kind of hell for people who chose black or white solder masks
TheHexaCubetsal: I got black soldermask the first time
TheHexaCubetraces aren't terribly hard to see in proper lighting
tsala hell where they are expected to reverse engineer random boards with black and white soldermask
TheHexaCubebuuut yeah red is muuuch easier to see
TheHexaCubeif this ever gets into a "end-use" stage, i'll go with black silkscreen and ENIG
TheHexaCubebecause it just looks fucking awesome
DJHenjin3 hours in, 0.3mm tall
AmeisenPCB Thickness: 0.6-1.6 mm, $4.90
Ameisen2mm, $66.64
Ameisen2.5, 160.10
Ameisenthat escalated quicly
crankylinuxuser_yeah if you need that thick, youre doing something special
TheHexaCubeyeah if you need anything *additionally* to what they usually offer, it gets expensive fast
euz100hahaha, unreal
AmeisenTheHexaCube - so you didn't go with flexible pcb?
jstevewhiteI'm always doing something special, crankylinuxuser_
TheHexaCubeAmeisen: heh, no :P
crankylinuxuser_uh huh, suuuuuuure
euz100does the height of the cooper layer rise along with board thickness?
TheHexaCubeno, you gotta specify that additionally
euz100seriously? wow
TheHexaCubeit's usually 1oz per... something
TheHexaCubedunno the area
euz100so you can easily get to the part where they only accept kidneys as payment
TheHexaCubeprototypes at that stage are pricey, yeah
TheHexaCubeif you gotta make 10.000 of them, they're really cheap again
TheHexaCubethe reason they can make them so cheap under some limitations is because they'll put many many designs on one big b oard
TheHexaCubeand anything else is a custom run, so one big board just for you
tsalYeah, it gets REALLY expensive when you go into the microvia territory.
euz100ah, sounds interesting
TheHexaCubeso you gotta pay the full setup fees aswell
tsalalso plugged and plated vias
tsalthey actually have to use a laser to make the microvias
TheHexaCubea microvia being how large?
Viper168mob2Hey I just missed the decimal point
Viper168mob2That was a pretty good guess
TheHexaCubewhat do you need those for? BGA?
Viper168mob2We're having no idea what a micro via is
TheHexaCubeViper168mob2: it's like a via, just micro
Viper168mob2 while having
euz1002, heh
tsalYeah, you need those to fan out BGAs
crankylinuxuser_microvias are lasercut vias. uber epic lotsa $$$$$$$$$$$
Viper168mob2Is that a fancy word for hole or something
fx9whats the difference between G0 and G1 gcode? it looks like they do the same thing
crankylinuxuser_yeah. its a laser cut hole and plated so bottom and top are electrically connected
euz100a via is a via
TheHexaCubeViper168mob2: a via basically is a connection between two layers in a PCB
durrfisnt one move and one fast move
gthxG0 is the same as g1, but moves always at the printer's maximum feedrate. See and is also not implemented that way in some versions of 3D printer firmware. LinuxCNC and Teacup are known to follow that standard.
TheHexaCubeacting like a... bridge or supertiny wire basically :D
fx9hmm okay
fx9just feedrate
crankylinuxuser_but unlike using a drill, they use a 1+kW pulsed laser to make them tiny
euz100like star trek!
AmeisenPCB assembly seems convenient
Ameisensince I've got the shaky hands
euz100doesn't burn as much as just disintegrate
TheHexaCubeoh man I reeeally hope my PCB is gonna work
TheHexaCubeit'd be nice if I did something just right
crankylinuxuser_SMT though is soo easy :)
durrfi find it to be so relaxing
crankylinuxuser_i never thought that hot air would be that fucking simple
durrfTHT even
crankylinuxuser_i get enough of it on #reprap
crankylinuxuser_wahh wahhh wahhhhhhhh
crankylinuxuser_hit'em wit it!
gthxhit'em wit it is oh snap ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Lizards|Workoh snap
TheHexaCube wait what the fuck
TheHexaCubethere's no dots above y
gthxzalgo is ṉ̵͉̰̲̭o͉͘t̴̩̭̪͈̤͔̙h͉̝͇̹̼͘i̖̜͕̫̥̗̦͢n͏̩͈̮̪̰̦g͏̦̝̯͔̤̤ ̧͍̹͕̣͙p̣͔̯e̟̖̦r̼͚s̟̗̺̤̯̕ͅo͖̞͕̠͓͚̗n̗͈͕͔̫àl̶͙̰̤̖͔̥ ̫̞͖̣̗k̵t͍̬̼͎̘͉h͚̭̹͚̦͢x͕̹̯̙
crankylinuxuser_there is now, cotton :P
tsalTheHexaCube: when are you going to solder your board?
TheHexaCubetsal: tomorrow
Muntwas that red PCB yours ?
TheHexaCubeas soon as the components arrive
TheHexaCubeMunt: yeah
MuntTHC *
MuntTheHexaCube : Nice work man
TheHexaCubethanks, layout went very well, let's just hope it actually works
crankylinuxuser_it really is pretty damn sweet. still need to use my logo bruh :P
AmeisenTheHexaCube - my PCB is going to be weird
TheHexaCubecrankylinuxuser_: pffft :P
Ameisendesigned to blend voltage regulators, up-steppers, a pi, an arduino...
Ameisenmotor controllers...
TheHexaCubeAmeisen: what do you wanna do with it if I may ask?
Ameisenultra printer controller.
TheHexaCubeif you're doing your own PCB, just put the arduino ON it :D
Ameisennot cool enough
crankylinuxuser_Ameisen: thats what my board does - closed loop controller. can handle 2 steppers
Ameisenmore cool to plug arduino and pi into the larger PCB
Ameisenlike coprocessors
crankylinuxuser_thats what mine does as well. i cant assemble a maple mini and pololus for as cheap as I get them
Ameisenunless you mean actually getting atmel or something chips, and putting the actual microcomputer onto the board itself
tsalwaste of PCB space IMO
Ameisenin which case, from what I can tell, that's actually more expensive
tsaljust put an atmega directly on the board
Ameisenthe preassembled ones are cheaper than the hardware that comprises them for individual purchase
tsalyeah, that may be, but your board will be smaller
TheHexaCubethe neat thing about Seeedstudio is, they have an "Open part library" so if you choose the components they offer, you can get components really really chea
TheHexaCubelike an atmega IC for a dollar
TheHexaCube(obviously a counterfeit IC but still)
Ameisenmeh, if it matches specs, doesn't matter
TheHexaCubea dollar is a dollar
buZzi have never seen a counterfeit atmega
TheHexaCuberight siderala
AmeisenI'm sure Intel called Cyrix counterfeit
buZzi doubt they exist
TheHexaCubebuZz: well I doubt they're genuine?
buZzTheHexaCube: i doubt its even viable to fake one
TheHexaCubebuZz: well I mean, there's plenty of super cheap arduinos on aliexpress
tsalwell, there is a company that clones STM32 chips
buZz1 dollar seems like a fine price for one, they are expensive mcu's after all
crankylinuxuser_FTDI(cked) are faked regularly with 8bit arm chips
tsalso I think it is viable
euz100TheHexaCube, look at digikey's price for 1000000 units
srkit's mostly from unofficial batches made in factory overtime
buZztsal: which company?
AmeisenHey, that actually fits in the x86 CPUID string, too
euz100and figure out if chinese would be willing to sell them in units
Ameisentoo bad avr isn't x86 nor does it have cpuid
srkor parts that won't pass testing at 100%
Ameisennow I'm curious if SEEED has fpga
tsalGD32 is a STM32 clone
TheHexaCubeI do wonder how you clone an IC
Ameisenhaving an fpga onboard would be incredibly neat
AmeisenTheHexaCube - easily?
TheHexaCubesand layer by layer and scan it? :P
tsalthey even have the same model numbering
buZztsal: yeah they dont sell it as STM32
Ameisenyou don't have to duplicate it exactly
Ameisenyou have to make a part that has copmatible specifications
buZzjust a newly licensed ARM mcu makes
tsalbuZz: yeah, they don't
Ameisenlook at AMD 386/486s
tsaldoesn't mean somebody else doesn't
buZzso, that doesnt fall under the definition of 'fake'
srkare they good?
Ameisennot at all the same as Intel 386/486s
Ameisenhowever, pin compatible and they worked
TheHexaCubeAmeisen: right, but you can't just easily make a new MCU that has the same specs :D
euz100probably pay a 1 cool million to steal blueprints
buZztsal: causalitity is not determined by 'probably'
euz100easy peasy
Ameiseneasily? No, this stuff is never easy
Ameisenbut you aren't going to duplicate it exactly
TheHexaCubethat's the whole idea of cloning after all, circumventing the cost of R&D
Ameisensomething like Atmel, too...
Ameisenthey're ridiculously simple
buZztsal: 100% of your examples seem to not do it , so why assume anyone does it?
AmeisenI could literally go to Frys, get some simple boards/chips, and make a logical clone of an AVR chip
Ameisenwon't be good or fast, but it'll work
Ameisenif you have the equipment to make ICs, you can do it good/fast
TheHexaCube"simple boards/chips" such as?
Ameisenwhat's the term
Ameisenmy brain is shorting
Ameisenusing TTL chips
thewstime to live
Ameisenpeople have built 8-bit and 16-bit CPUs out of TTL chips as it is
AmeisenAVR is simple enough to replicate
buZznot cycleperfect
AmeisenYes cycle perfect
AmeisenAVR's specification is incredibly lax
thewsI thought it was pretty strict
buZzyeah, to -match- the level of lax is pretty hard
tsalbuZz: it has been shown again and again, that tons of chips are actually fakes. It would be smarter to assume there are fakes of AVR/STM32
Ameisendepends on what we call strict/lax
thewsvery simplified risc
buZztsal: nope
AmeisenAVR is strict on how many cycles an instruction takes
Ameisennot how you do it
Ameisencompare that to trying to clone an Intel i7 exactly
TheHexaCubeman I wish lasers were cheaper
Ameisenwhere the specification is very lax, but has guaranteed about incredibly complex things
Ameisenlike branch prediction
thewscloning an i7 is basically not possible
durrfyou can get lasers at the dollar store
Ameisennot unless you're intle
AmeisenAMD can't do it, either
TheHexaCubedurrf: but how many do i need to cut metal
durrfprobably about 20
thewshave to have very specific labs
AmeisenAVR, however, is certainly cloneable
Ameisenit's a very, very simple design
euz100TheHexaCube, invest in lockpicking :)
Ameisenit's basically a chip designed in the 70s
durrffuck lockpicking if you wanna open locks just buy a big hammer
thewsmid 90s
euz100and weight lifting too, prolly
AmeisenPretty sure people in the 1970s could make an ATmega 2560
thewsavr = mid 90s
DJHenjinor a ramset gun
TheHexaCubewell I could just cut through doors IF I HAD A LASER
tsalTons of chips are fakes, but not AVR/STM32. That is pretty naive
Ameisenthews - I mean, using 70s tech
Ameisenit's not modern
Ameisenit's a very primitive chip
thewsI thought it used 90s tech memory
AmeisenEh, it does
Ameisenso that's true
Ameisenand their SRAM
Ameisenthe CPU itself, though, is very primitive
Ameisenthe Intel 4004 was more complex
thewsintel's chips had stuff offloaded
thewsavr mcu is all inclusive
AmeisenYes; I'm just talking about the CPU part itself
Ameisenthough Intel's chips are becoming more and more inclusive as well
AmeisenYou'll notice that there's no northbridge on modern motherboards.
AmeisenThe controller is now part of the CPU itself
Ameisenwhere is the available part list for SEEED
Ameisencan't find it
tsal nice looking transistor die
Ameisenwhy couldn't I find that
Ameisendamned german efficiency
AmeisenI must have lost it when my ancestors emigrated
Ameisencourse, if I'm designing a custom board...
Ameisenwhy evne bother with atmel coprocessors
Ameisenjust stick a bunch of ARMs on there
crankylinuxuser_add 2 LEGs and a HEAD and you can have your own AI person
ndnihillong term costs
Lizards|Workmy thorax feels stuffed today
TheHexaCubeatmels are pretty easy to get running
AmeisenTheHexaCube - there's integrated ARMs as well
Ameisennot sure if they have them
ndnihilcost in initial purchase price when populating the board, and cost in footprint, and cost in power consumption, and cost in development time, and cost in heat generated, and cost in getting rid of said heat
AmeisenI think the bigger difficulty is actually making sure I provide some external access to the chips... so they can be programmed somehow
AmeisenI've seen people make that mistake :P
Ameisenfully designed PCB... no way to actually use it
ndnihilthere's a lot of reasons to go with something small and suited to the purpose
crankylinuxuser_yep, ALWAYS include jtag's or USB or something
AmeisenUSB is the most common since it works everywhere
Lizards|Workjtag all the things
AmeisenI see SD cards used a lot as well
Ameisennot as big a fan of that
srkSWD all the things
crankylinuxuser_yep, but there's cases that may not be acceptable. jtag is always welcome
Ameisenthough I'm pretty sure micro-sd to USB breakaways exist
ndnihiljtag is the holiest of tags
Ameisenbasiclaly, a fake microsd card
Ameisenthat can be updated via USB
tsaljtag is so 90s
Ameisenmy design idea was a master processor (ARM QC) that has smaller coprocessors
Ameisenprogramming the coprocessors is the master processor's job
ndnihilthat wasn't your design idea, it has been around since the dawn of computing
Ameisenyou don't know how old I am.
sideralafuckin schooled u
ndnihilI do know that the people who originated said idea are dead
crankylinuxuser_ohhhhhhhh im gonna tell the teacher!
ndnihilso unless you're doing some badass GITS stuff
Ameisennext thing you're going to say that my name isn't Charles Babbage
ndnihilit doesn't matter how old you are
sideralabelive me it matters how old people are
Ameisennow help me build this analytical engine
Ameisenuse the difference engine over there
sideralatry tellin that to the judge
Ameisennow sylvester stallone is in my head
Ameisen"I am the law!"
Ameisenndnihil - let me rephrase
ndnihilI keep hearing carol annes voice from poltergeist
ndnihil"theyyyre heeeeeerrrree"
Ameisenmy design idea _for this very particular purpose and board that I am designing_, _which might be similar to other design ideas that have existed before, but this particular design is uniquely mine_...
Ameisenis that better?
AmeisenI've implemented many algorithms in code. I'm sure the ideas were explored before me, but the one in particular I wrote is mine
Ameisenthough my streaming compression implementation I have yet to ever see anywhere else
Ameisenso, I continue to call that _mine_
Ameisenneed to patent it
Ameisenkeep forgetting
Ameisenluckily I can prove prior use
AmeisenDoesn't look like seeed has fpgas
Ameisenthey have one arm
AmeisenLPC11U3x - Cortex-M0
Ameisenstill better than any Atmel
Ameisensuitable as a coprocessr
crankylinuxuser_even better is when each processor on your system talks to each other, with a reduced PAXOS like system
AmeisenI've been trying to come up with a shared-memory design for this setup
Ameisenso I can have the chips talk without using serial
AmeisenHave a few ideas
AmeisenWhat I really want is a PCB/IC simulator that works well so I can test things roughly
crankylinuxuser_so, non-vonneumann
Ameisenshared-memory isn't necessarily non von-neumann
crankylinuxuser_what you need then, is a cpu without ram embedded
crankylinuxuser_well, I guess thats true
Ameisenit becomes not von-neumann once the CPU has to access the shared memory using a different bus/sequence
Ameisenif the CPU itself has no idea that the shared memory isn't normal memory, that's still von neumann
Ameisenthe idea generally is to use certain high bits to specify a different, shared memory module
TheHexaCubeahhh, finally found what I was looking for
TheHexaCubeRE: copper plating thickness
crankylinuxuser_but making it aware that the ram is shared and other cpus will use it, is an interesting area
Ameisenthe CPU has no idea that anything's different
Ameisenwell, the CPU doesn't need to be aware
Ameisenyour software does.
Ameisenideally, the CPU is _not_ aware
TheHexaCubeand backside -
TheHexaCubealso, good evening bradjones
Ameisenthat board is impressive and scary
TheHexaCubeBrandano: ^
BrandanoTheHexaCube: I am not sure that's actually obtained via plating
Ameisenat that point, you don't solder things, you bolt them on
Ameisenor weld
BrandanoI think it was solid copper glued to the fiberglass with resin
Brandanohi TheHexaCube
AmeisenPCB doesn't transfer heat very well, iirc
Ameisenit does burn pretty well though
Brandanomost PCB's are made of vetronite
Brandanofancy word to say fiberglass
AmeisenI've seen some board use copper-plated throughs to help transfer heat to heatsinks from the board.
Brandanomany PCB's do that
Ameisenyeah, but I don't usually look for it
TheHexaCubemine does that, Ameisen
tsalAmeisen: better known as VIAs?
Ameisenbut solely for heat distribution
tsalwell yeah, thermal vias
Ameisenyou kids and your EE
Brandanoyup, check any board with stepper drivers
TheHexaCubeAmeisen: look at the large square: --
Ameisenand rock music
TheHexaCubethat's where the stepper driver goes
AmeisenI studied software engineering
Brandanodriver chips are designed to sink heat to the grounding plane
Ameisenand history
Ameisenand linguistics
AmeisenPCB/hardware is sometimes weird to me
Ameisensometimes = usually
AmeisenUsually, I see driver chips having large heatsinks attached to them.
TheHexaCubeI reeeeeally hope the heatsink alone is enough
tsalThese guys hate most thermal vias by the way
TheHexaCubebecause I don't have much grounding plane :S
Ameisenuse a waterblock
euz100when in doubt, submerge it in oil
ndnihilsubmerge it in mineral oil
ndnihiljinx, you owe me a coke
euz100and circulate the oil for good measure
Ameisen[heatsink][waterblock]--------------------------------------------[mineral oil]----------------------------------[LN2]
TheHexaCubeohhhh, that's how plugging vias works
TheHexaCubeinteresting, tsal!
Ameisennotice, waterblock is still on the reasonable side
euz100cooking oil works too
Ameisencooking oil gets rancid
euz100and stinks
Ameisenmold doesn't transfer heat well
Ameisenmineral oil actually doesn't transfer heat well either
Ameisenyou're relying on the sheer bulk of it to absorb heat
Ameisenand it's messy and very hard to work on
Ameisenbecause everything's covered in oil
euz100yes, cooling the coil sucks ass
tsalTheHexaCube: yeah, that is why I'm curious as to how well you will manage to solder your chip
Ameisenit also really screws up oil-based caps
Ameisenthey tend to burst
Brandanohmm, still get some zwobble
TheHexaCubetsal: I could probably use some kapton tape as a temporary plug :P
AmeisenI've seen a few ways to cool oil
BrandanoI'll have to print something to isolate that
Ameisenone is to pump through a radiator. However, oil is a PITA to pump
tsalTheHexaCube: that could work
Ameisenthe other is two radiators - one in the oil, one outside, and use water
Ameisenthat works, but is weird
Ameisenthe other is air cooling the oil
Ameisenvery inefficient
TheHexaCubewell I have 10PCBs to test different things :P
Brandanoyou could run a water coil through the oil reservoir running cold water in it
euz100working with oil soaked electronics is not that bad, unless you love being prissy about everything in your life
Ameisenthat is the second one I said
Ameisenradiator inside and outside the oil, with water
Ameisenyou don't want to cool the water itself below ambient
Ameisenif the oil is cold, water will condense, and sink to the bottom of the oil
Ameisensooner or later, you will short
Ameisenalso, cold oil isn't viscous
Ameisenso you will have a chunk of cold oil, and superhot oil in the middle
Ameisenand oil doesn't transfer heat well, so the chip will burn
euz100I cooled a xbox360 in cooking oil for many years
Ameisenyou can use water if you can guarantee that it stays absolutely pure. Note: it won't.
Brandanoit depends on what sort of oil you are dealing with
Ameisenwater is very good at becoming contaminated
euz100it was pretty straight forward
Ameisenany oil you'd want to use for this... isn't going to be great
euz100never replaced the oil
Ameisenand modern CPUs put out way more heat than a Xenon CPU
Ameisennot saying it isn't doable
Ameisenthere's just a lot of drawbacks
Ameisenand the benefits are questionable
euz100I mentioned the oil as last resort
Ameisenalso, good mineral oil ain't cheap
Brandanowater cooling seems more common
AmeisenHe could trivially use a waterblock, as I'd suggested
Ameisena cheap watercooling solution is, well, cheap
Ameisenand way more effective than air
euz100but it's the cooling solution for forever, as far as I can see
AmeisenHell, I've thought about watercooling the actual heating element instead of using the heatsink/fan that's on there
Brandanodunno, my PC is still air cooled, I am not pushing it much, but doesn't seem to suffer the heat mich
Ameisenless vibration (fan), and an aluminum waterblock is lighter than an aluminum heatsink and fan
Brandanoeven though it's an AMD chip
Ameisenmy PC is water cooled
Ameisensort of has to be
Ameisensince it's a Skylake X
TheHexaCubeI wonder how much performance you would gain by using very cold water
euz100cheaper watercooling sounds like CPU leakage :)
TheHexaCubein watercooling
AmeisenTheHexaCube - on your regulators?
Ameisenor on a CPU?
Brandanoeuz100: waterblocks are sealed
TheHexaCubeand GPU i guess
Ameisenyou need to seal the CPU very well
Ameisenotherwise condensation
TheHexaCubeor what about alcohol?
Ameisenalcohol eats away at seals and such
Ameisenalso, flammable
Ameisensome people do 20% methanol
TheHexaCubewell there should be seals that are not affected by alcohol?
Brandanoand generally people use a mix of denaturated water and glicol additives that is a poor electrical conductor
Ameisenbelow combustion percentage
Lizards|Workinflammable means flammable? what a country!
euz100any progress on using distilled water?
Ameisenmethanol = denatured alcohol, btw
Ameisensame thing, different term
Ameisennot sure what denatured water is
jstevewhitewhat is denatured water?
Ameisenhow do you denature water?
Brandanostill water
Ameisennobody is using heavy water prolly
Brandanowell, resin exchangers
Ameisennot sure where you can buy D2O
Brandanoactual still waters is distilled. Not very common
AmeisenD2O would have better thermal properties though
Ameisensince it's more massive
Ameisenbut is controlled under non-proliferation treaties
Ameisenso... yeah
Brandanoion exchange resins only reduce hardness, don't really remove other contaminants
Ameisenfor water cooling, though, sub-ambient can help
crankylinuxuser_D20 ?
Ameisenbut you have to seal the CPU and area around it to prevent condensaition
Brandanothat's why you use RO water for fishtanks
euz100you can score heavy water as hospitals, I would imagine
Ameisenalso, temperature isn't usually the limiting factor
Ameisenvoltage is
Ameisenand increasing voltage does increase temperature, but it also causes runaway effects with electrons
Ameisenyou could have a subzero CPU that cannot go faster due to higher voltages literally killing the CPU
Ameisencrankylinuxuser - I know what I'm putting in my next water cooling system!
Ameisensomewhat expensive.
crankylinuxuser_only a tad :P
Ameisen4lbs is $725
ndnihilwoot, +1 for bob lazar (united nuclear)
AmeisenD2O is more massive than water, so that's, what
Ameisen1/3 gallon?
crankylinuxuser_united nuclear is fucking kickass
ndnihilyou know who bob is right?
TheHexaCubewait huh
TheHexaCubesince when are 4lbs one kg
TheHexaCube$wa 1kg in lbs
DumDuckBot(TheHexaCube) Results: 2.205 lb (pounds), 2 pounds 3.274 ounces -
TheHexaCubeyeah that's what I thought
ndnihil^runs united nuclear
Ameisenclaims to have worked on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology
Ameisenyup, he's sane
Ameisenactually, the entire first paragraph.
Ameisenhonestly, most of the article
ndnihilhe's one of my favorite fringe nutters
TheHexaCubecan someone explain me why it says 1000 grams == 4lbs?
ndnihilI got my tritium from him
AmeisenTheHexaCube - clearly it's US Customary Grams
AmeisenWhat were you doing with tritium?
AmeisenAlso, speak into my pocket, please
Lizards|Workmaking his teeth glow, duh
TheHexaCubebuilding a nuke, duh
euz100what self respecting scientific site would have imperial units anyways?
Ameisennot them
Ameiseneuz100 - he's using US Customary Units
Ameisennot Imperial
crankylinuxuser_The Death Star is in imperial units
Ameisenit would matter more if he were selling by the gallon
crankylinuxuser_bwhahahaha. im here all week, whether you want me or not!
Ameisen"one stone of tritium"
TheHexaCubeone part plutonic quarks
TheHexaCubeone part cesium
TheHexaCubeand one bottle of water
euz100US Customary Units sounds imperialistic to me
AmeisenTheHexaCube - don't forget to get your anal flaps checked out at the doctor.
Ameiseneuz100 - US Customary Units predate imperial units
Ameisenthe units are a bit different
Ameisenour gallons are different, we have dry and fluid ounces, and we don't have 'stone'
Lizards|Workstone is bizarre
prisonerZeroHey all, quick question: If I'm printing PLA with hairspray on a glass plate over a heated bed - do I have to re-spray between each print?
AmeisenThat's a question that 10 years ago would have sounded insane.
euz100US high school students still wasting 1 term learning SI in physics classes?
Ameisendamned kilopounds
Brandanocrankylinuxuser_: makes sense, though. they never planned a venting port, they just got a gap left due to measuring errors
Lizards|Worki haven't been in a US High School in over a decade
euz100Lizards|Work, the cops were finally unto you?
TwystAltlizards: restraining order? :P
Lizards|Workeuz100: i graduated in 2005
euz100the teachers finally memorized the van's plates
Lizards|Worki ran out of candy
prisonerZeroAmeisen, 10.4 thanks :D
euz100last time I used hairspray, it made half the house uninhabitable
AmeisenBrandano - Do you have ANY IDEA how hard it is to cool a giant space station with a planet-killing laser?
AmeisenIt's friggin amazing that they were able to cool the entire station with a ventilation power only a meter wide!
gthxoil is
AmeisenThe real problem is why there was a trench leading directly to the port.
Ameisenwhich took attacking bombers below turret range
BrandanoAmeisen: have you any idea how inefficient is to vent heat through a port open to space vacuum?
AmeisenHey, you come up with a better way.
AmeisenIt's a space station
Brandanousually it's radiators. Painted white
AmeisenNobody warned the damned engineer that he'd ever have to deal with magical space wizards.
euz100Ameisen, they made Rogue One just to put some bandages on that plot hole
gthx => The Death Star Architect Speaks Out => 1 IRC mentions
gthx => Clerks - Death Star Contractors => 1 IRC mentions
prisonerZeroMaybe that's why it blew up - they were caching everything to compensate for the poor throughput.
XXCoderNah they used heat to power laser
euz100maybe the bulk of the death-star is because of cooling system, the rest of the system occupies maybe 1%
euz1002% tops
XXCodereuz100: one cartoon is that they use onlu few floors near outside, and core is sewers, mushroom farms
XXCodersince with crew of millions death star'd have to feed itself
durrfi saw a porn parody of starwars, the rebels missed the reactor with the torpedos, but someone had set a fire in the kitchen by accident and the kitchen was next to the reactors and the fire spread and blew up the deathstar
durrfbest parody ever
euz100best porn parody, I hope you mean
XXCoderacciently set fire while playing hide the susage?
DJHenjinlol wut
jstevewhiteI like porn bloopers.
durrfhide the salteen
DJHenjinbtw XXCoder, player sets are printing now
jstevewhitethey're particularly funny >:)
DJHenjinjstevewhite, where even do you find porn bloopers?
euz100the interviews can be interesting too
jstevewhiteDJHenjin: over the years folks have linked a few for me.
jstevewhiteI don't know how to go about actually FINDING them.
durrfits easy go to turn off the family filter and type porn parody
euz100Asa Akira is a good storyteller
durrfblooper parody yes
ndnihilfake tittays
Brandanolooks like 223°C is a better temperature for this PETG
BrandanoI have a clear color change where I increased the temperature
BrandanoLove the TMC drivers
BrandanoI can print at night now. the loudest thing on the printer are the fans
jstevewhiteBrandano: +++
ndnihilI need to quiet this one down
jstevewhitewhat about the "whooshing" as your bed flings around in two axes at high velocity? >:)
BrandanoActually, even on LMUUs it's fairly quiet
jstevewhiteI was teasin' you anyway.
Brandanothere's a dull "thump" when switching directions at times
Brandanobut I have the printer on rubber foam feet
jstevewhiteMine makes that "clunk" when it changes directions abruptly because I have the accel and jerk set very high
jstevewhiteand goes "wheet" for long high-speed moves
BrandanoI had to lower those
Brandanowas losing steps, and I didn't want to increase vref, though I guess I could
Brandanojerk is at 15, acceleration at 1800
BrandanoI can get it to run with accel at 3000, but it's iffy, and with the belts so long there's no way to avoid ringing
BrandanoI still get zwobble, though in a bit of a weird way
Brandanocable deflection affects layer height, by a minute amount
BrandanoI wonder if I could compensate zwobble in software
Brandanoanother thing I have to do is to wire up thermistors on the driver chips
Brandanoor find out if they can be queried for temperature
Diaoulhey there
TheHexaCubethe TMCs should have internal temp sensors?
TheHexaCubethen again you probably can't get an actual readout from them
TheHexaCubeapart from HOT and TOO HOT
Brandanoyep, but the pololu boards don't berak out those pins
TheHexaCubethat sucks
Brandanowell, it's only ONE way in which they suck
Brandanothere's many more
DiaoulI run latest Marlin firmware with latest Octoprint, when the printer has a lot of successive small moves like in a curve it pauses in between small moves. It is lagish like a 3dprinter version of framerate drop in FPS during intensive rendering
Brandanofor TMC chips in particular, you'd need the microstepping pins to be settable between vref, gnd or floating
Diaoulhas someone encountered this issue?
BrandanoDiaoul: not really. Have you checked the gcode?
DiaoulBrandano: what should I look for?
Brandanorunning marlin and octoprint right now, on a print that is essentially a tube
Brandanofeedrate values too small
Brandanobut you say it is actually pausing, which is weird
Brandanodid you compile marlin yourself?
Diaoulwell the print is not pausing exactly, it's laggish
Andy-Dhas anyone here got laywood flex before? do you know what its density is like compared to PLA? (since it's listed by weight rather than length so I don't know how much that is):
Diaoulwith latest arduino and a few changes to the config
Brandanothat can depend on setting a minimum time for a layer
BrandanoAndy-D: PLA sinks in water. Wood is generallt less dense than water. I'd assume it to be less dense than pure PLA
BrandanoDiaoul: changing the config should not affect the path planner
Diaoulhere is my diff:
DiaoulI think not, I'll try a different slicer
TheHexaCubeI want aerogel
TheHexaCubebut it's so expensive
Diaoulmaybe I messed up my Slic3r settings with something
Andy-DI'd like a numerical value to that stuff's density, but the damn shop didn't respond
BrandanoDiaoul: try moving the printer directly via the octoprint controls or some gcode command in the terminal
DiaoulBrandano: works fine when doing straight lines
DiaoulI suspected an drop in serial communication
BrandanoMarlin can read arc moves, though it translated them to segments internally
Diaoulbut no errors show up in the terminal in OctoPrint
DiaoulI can try a different USB cable too
Brandanothat's a good idea as well
BrandanoI am running the usb connection at 250000 baudrate
crankylinuxuser_are there any slicers that generate arc moves?
Brandanonot that I know of
BrandanoSlic3r tries to detect arcs and compnsate for shrunken holes
XXCoderbecause we use 3d format that dont have arc period
Brandanobut I think it still generates a series of straight segments
XXCoderwe need to mone on to format that does.
BrandanoI think AMF allows for normal data for segments and faces
crankylinuxuser_ideally a voxel based format
crankylinuxuser_NO AMF
Brandanoin any case, arcs are still not conics
XXCodervoxel based format?
XXCodercubes design? why?
crankylinuxuser_wait got that mixed up with 3mf :P
BrandanoI think he means something like metaballs
durrfbecause minecraft
durrfmmm meatballs
XXCoderxml based data format
crankylinuxuser_no, a voxel based format using b-spline subtraction could provide a great way to display a 3d structure
Brandanoyou could approximate a curved face using normals
Brandanoas long as you can agree on what sort of interpolation is used
crankylinuxuser_and without processing bsplines, you can render a cubic model superquick
XXCoderthat dont sound precise
ndnihilbig endian, of course
crankylinuxuser_for a rough display copy, it can be sufficient.
crankylinuxuser_Endians cime in all sorts of shapes and sizes, you big oaf!
lowridahim big endian but i identify as small
crankylinuxuser_I had a reason for that specifically, as it would allow easy includion of structure inside, instead of our horrid bunch-o-triangles
lowridahdon't assume
crankylinuxuser_thats why a voxel format.
XXCoderinside structure?
XXCodermore info
crankylinuxuser_actual volume.
XXCoderbut zero curves precision level
crankylinuxuser_right now its a huge abstraction of "watertight", "manifold" and a lot of other problems. With voxels, we know the volume is used or not. And a Bspline can then make curves out of the cubes
Brandanovery hard to make prints watertight
crankylinuxuser_you wouldnt need to "fix" any model with that format. There'd be no way to generate a file that has manifold errors. Sure, binary junk can exist, but if the file passes a parser, it can technically be 100% manifold and correct
Brandanoespecially if you find out you are underextruding by something like 10%
crankylinuxuser_watertight is slang for "manifold"
crankylinuxuser_not literally water, Brandano
Brandanoyou can have watertight non manifold geometries
Brandanoklein bottle?
crankylinuxuser_yeah and when slicers see them, they fucking lose their shit
Brandanothough that's not oriientable, so it's hard to define if it would be watertight
XXCoderI wish I could print actual klein bottle lol
Brandanoyou can print a wireframe one
XXCodernone of that 3d embedded crap
XXCoderI said actual. :P
Brandanowith the wires crossing without touching
TheHexaCubeI wonder if I can solder a TO220 with the big fin flat against a PCB
TheHexaCubeso it acts as a heatsink?
Brandanohmm, better bolt it
TheHexaCubeoh, it's an output anyways
Brandanovery hard to reflow a to220
TheHexaCubeso a GND plane is out of the quesiton anyhow
Brandanoand check if it needs a mica insulator
Brandanothe "fin" is not always ground
TheHexaCubemaybe an SOT223 package is better anyhow
TheHexaCubeafter all I just need 20mA max
Brandanooh, more "this old tony"
TheHexaCubewhat I don't quite get is why the output current is the same no matter what package one uses
TheHexaCubewouldn't it make more sense that larger packages are able to supply more current without overheating because they have more surface area to cool?
DJHenjinBrandano, the end of it is quite funny
BrandanoTheHexaCube: probably the bottleneck is elsewhere. the leads, perhaps?
TheHexaCubesounds reasonable
BrandanoIRC client on one screen, youtube on another and octoprint on the third...
BrandanoI have a spare tablet here that needs a job
lowridahirc only requires 80x40 chars
BrandanoI don't like to scroll back all the time
Lizards|Workbuffers are for cowards
DJHenjinI need a 4th monitor for octo
Brandanoand I use IRSSI
DJHenjinonce I actually set it up properly
Brandanolike a proper geek
lowridahbackscroll is for people that aren't in 10 channels i guess
Brandanothough in Cygwin, whig probably lowers my geek score considerably
Lizards|Workirssi + screen
lowridahirssi + tmux
lowridahthis is 2017 after all
Lizards|Worki refuse to acknowledge tmux yet
Lizards|Worki'm comfortable with screen
Brandano13 channels on 2 networks
lowridahtmux is much more useful
DJHenjinBBB can use a usb hub IIRC right?
lowridahthere's a reason EL uses tmux during install, and ubuntu uses byobu
BrandanoI not only used screen for an Ubuntu update
BrandanoI used reptyr because I wasn't smart enough to START it in a screen session
Brandanoand it worked :)
Brandanoheadless ubuntu server install, tho. Not sure it would have worked on an install with a desktop environment
DJHenjinmmm, that was a good meal
TheHexaCubesiderala: my F360 is buggy
TheHexaCubeit keeps saying some component is out of date but none are
sideralaTheHexaCube: user error
TheHexaCubescrew you
TheHexaCubeyou're an errorr
BrandanoYay. thanks to the powers of overengineering now my spool can spin on a piece of tubing that took two hours to print instead of something pieced together with cardboard and sticky tape
sideralaTheHexaCube: I get that sometimes too. Just reboot
Brandanoreboot the user
TheHexaCubethis guy has some pretty cool videos -
jeffdm_workI use printed plastic bushings on defective (was rusty, then cleaned up) smooth rod and it pins fine
TheHexaCubehe's kinda like great scott but more scienc-y and with a less horrible accent
Brandanojeffdm_work: in my case I have two 608 bearings on an M6 threaded rod, with oversize washers outside
Brandanoand I had to adjust the width to fit every spool. So I got tired of that and printed a tube to go over them
Brandanonow I can fit any spool under 85mm width
BrandanoI can use bearings because my extruder only moves in z
Raazeerhi all.
Raazeeris there a list of lcd modules compatible with ramps boards somewhere?
gthxLCD is a Liquid Crystal Display. For information about LCDs with RAMPS, see
RaazeerTheHexaCube, there must be more, I know for a fact that the RAMPS also supports a full graphics LCD
gthxpanel is a standalone controller for your printer. see for smoothiewares implementation
BrandanoRaazeer: check the options in the firmware config
BrandanoRaazeer: generally tells you the actual name of the module
RaazeerBrandano, that's where I got the idea to ask in the first place ;)
Raazeeron the other hand, I'm not sure I should saddle my ramps board with a full graphics lcd on top of the delta kinematics.
BrandanoI'd avoid it
BrandanoI mean, delta is already stretching the atmega's capabilities
BrandanoI believe Prusa's variant of Marlin replaced most of the IK code to use integer math
Brandanobut it probably removed the delta code or is not implemented for it
RaazeerBrandano, iirc the sqrt calls are what causes the high load on the deltas. I wonder if one could use a dedicated coprocessor to do that.
ccecilor just go 32bit
Brandanowell, you could use lookup tables and interpolation
Brandanoor indeed, just use a better processor
Raazeerccecil, Brandano not as a replacement for the arms, just as an interesting project.
Brandanosome time ago I was making silly games in Flash
Brandanoone way to speed up trig calls was to just calculate a bunch beforehand and look up the closest value on precalculated lists
Brandanoif you have enough points even linear interpolation is good enough
TheHexaCube$wa 3V = 24V - (x*1.65) solve for x
DumDuckBot(TheHexaCube) Result: x = (140 V)/11 -
TheHexaCube$wa 140/11
DumDuckBot(TheHexaCube) Exact result: 140/11 (irreducible) - Decimal approximation: 12.72727272727272727272727272727272727272727272727272727272... -
RaazeerI love those bots
BrandanoTheHexaCube: it's taking V as a variable
Brandanoyou should have ignored the unit of measure
Brandano$wa 3=24-(x*1.65) solve for x
TheHexaCube$wa 24 - (12*1.45) * 0.02
RaazeerBrandano, i'm not sure lookup tables would work for delta kinematics.
DumDuckBot(Brandano) Result: x = 140/11 -
DumDuckBot(TheHexaCube) Result: 23.652 -
Raazeeran error that would be negligible in a game might throw a print off badly.
BrandanoRaazeer: true. But it can be precalculated beforehand
BrandanoI mean, you know how much you can be off
Brandanoand you can "increase resolution" of your sample points where the error increases
RaazeerBrandano, true, it would be possible to calculate the deviation beforehand and make the tables suitably dense.
Brandanoit's still playing around the fact that the micro is intrinsically limited
Raazeerbut my gut feeling still points at an FPGA, though I don't know any algorithm to do square root.
TheHexaCubehrrrm, so if I were to use a constant current supply, I'd have to dissipate up to 132mW
BrandanoRaazeer: how close you need the square root to be?
Brandanoalso, you can solve delta math with trigonometric functions too, which can be advantageous in some case
TheHexaCubetrigonometry totally saved my ass in math finals, hah
TheHexaCubeno actually, pythagoras saved my ass
TheHexaCubelast few tasks should be solved completely differently, I couldn't remember how, so I just made do with pythagoras, and it was correct too :D
Brandanoin some cases you can solve square roots by approximation in fewer cycles than by actually calculating them
Brandanofind two close values above and below the actual result, iterate elevating to the power of two like in an analog/digital conversion
TheHexaCubeand my newest development
TheHexaCubebut they're in a ring!
TheHexaCubeI know, it's amazing
TheHexaCubebusiness inquiries welcome
vegiiif my printer doesn't usually miss steps, then it isn't going too fast, right?
ctagvegii: I mean, it may be printing too fast for the plastic
ctagOr fast enough to cause wobble in the print
ctagBut missing steps is usually a sign of printing too fast as well.
Diaoulwow just reinstalled cura, they really improved the GUI
DiaoulI think last version I used was 15.something
vegiithanks. It's going quite fast and I thought maybe I should reduce it to get like more precision or inter-layer sticktivity
_omega_it even has Reversi
_omega_all these features and reversi!
_omega_ACTION runs around like an insane psycho
Raazeerwhat's wrong with this channel these days?
gthx#reprap is trolls all the way down I'm afraid. and is also a wretched hive of scum and villainy.
Raazeeroh my. I love this channel.
gthxtrolls is #reprap all the way down
Raazeerok, let's go crazy...
gthxI like turtles!
gthxrecursive is See recursive.
gthxm666 is for summon the demons out of your printer and also to set delta endstop adjustment and is also only works in negative space positive numbers have no affect
gthxgthx is a loopy backup bot that takes over when kthx is down. Visit or email if there are any problems and is also like kthx, passes the Turing test far too often.
gthxzalgo is ṉ̵͉̰̲̭o͉͘t̴̩̭̪͈̤͔̙h͉̝͇̹̼͘i̖̜͕̫̥̗̦͢n͏̩͈̮̪̰̦g͏̦̝̯͔̤̤ ̧͍̹͕̣͙p̣͔̯e̟̖̦r̼͚s̟̗̺̤̯̕ͅo͖̞͕̠͓͚̗n̗͈͕͔̫àl̶͙̰̤̖͔̥ ̫̞͖̣̗k̵t͍̬̼͎̘͉h͚̭̹͚̦͢x͕̹̯̙
gthxirc is and where men are men, women are men, and little girls are federal agents. and is also and is also just multiplayer notepad.
gthxlizards|work is 13:03 < Lizards|Work> drupal is bug-ridden garbage
gthxACTION sucks camels balls!
thompsbp|homedrupal is crunching fabulous you twit
Lizards|Worksure it is
Lizards|Worki dare you to put it on a public facing server
Jessayscrew drupal!
JessaymodX for the win!
thompsbp|homenext you're going to tell me nginx is good
gthxstratasys is evil, see & Quality comparison -
Jupp3You wouldn't print a 3D pinter
thompsbp|homedidnt crankylinuxuser get a jorb at stratasys?
Jupp3Is that what made him crazy?
DJHenjinyay! ordered 2 more 3d printers
thompsbp|homeTevo Black Widow and Little Monster?
Jupp3Heh, those quality comparisons...
DJHenjinstartt 3d, going to do a youtube series on modifications to make them print better, more user friendly
Jupp3Anyway, one thing I've been wondering, why many older 3D print seem to be worse quality?
Jupp3I figured out, that slicers have probably improved a lot since then, at least
Jupp3And ABS being harder to print than PLA is probably major factor too
Jupp3(Since back then, ABS was pretty much the only option)
euz100you make it sound like ABS is only moderately harder to print
Ameisenabs is a pita
AmeisenI can usually do pla fine
AmeisenABS? never seem to get it right
euz100I something get good ABS prints, because I have a printer inside an insulated box
thewsI can print much better on smaller things in ABS
thewsthan with pla
thewsthat said I still mostly print PLA
thompsbp|homeare cable chains worth the pita to rebuild the machine?
thewsthompsbp|home: probably not
thewsdepends on if you're having wire routing issues
euz100wire failure due to wear
thewsprint I did in ABS a few years ago on wooden i3
thewsdefinitely a lot better than any results I'd have had in PLA
heli0sanyone from San Francisco bay area here?
Jupp3euz100: Well, never printed with ABS, but I believe it's worse than f.ex. petg
Jupp3And I believe that to be one of the bigger reasons for older prints being worse looking
ndnihil"I've never used it, but I'm gonna blame it for all kinds of shit anyway"
Jupp3And now it's better again?
Jupp3Last time I wasn't putting enough blame on it :P
Jupp3Basically, I do have this old roll of ABS
Jupp3But don't want to breath the fumes