piperlesterThanks Hyratel - I'll pop another on there and see. I've learned to buy whatever I need and add 5-10 to my order :)
piperlesterNope - just put another fet in there and it's showing the same behaviour
s73v3rcan you take a picture of your setup?
piperlester_Sure - here's a pic of the setup - I think all wires are easy to see. https://imagebin.ca/v/3fji4YhpjRKs
prpplaguepiperlester_: nice breadboard setup
piperlester_Thanks prpplague - now i just need to clean my desk :)
Avi!seen robint91
jollygood2two compressors from thh same company have 3dB difference in sound power level (LWA) but 13 dB in sound pressure level (LPA). does this sound like a mistake in spec? or they just measured pressure level at different distance?
jollygood2does compressor with 94 dB sound power level (LWA) seem like something that could be ran in an apartment, in residential building, with neighbors all around me?
polprog90dB SPL is average lawnmower
jollygood2holy crap
ErinFoxyea thats hearing protection zone.
jollygood2i'll be wearing ear protection. i'm more worried about annoying neighbors
AlphaEchoI wouldn't worry, it'd do a good job of annoying them.
SoutGOGOG national PRIDE. http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/chug-fast-burp-and-breathe-canadian-hero-corey-bellemore-smashes-the-beer-mile-world-record-again TAKE THAT AMERICANS (yes the caps were needed)
learathSout: can we elect him president?
sgrace_wrkWell... He's Canadian... So... No?
learathsgrace_wrk: well none of teh americans seem qualified
sgrace_wrkThe Americans that are qualified to run for office and do a good job know that it's a thankless job.
sgrace_wrkPlus you go into debt real quick.
r3I've got a super small circuit board with no screw holes - not dissimilar to this: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13712 - after I solder in some header pins for it - how would something like that react to being hot-glued in place - like into a plastic enclosure?
polprogi usually use epoxy
polprogbut hot snort should not harm it
r3(obviously ignore the fact that the example board I picked has a coin-cell battery slot on the reverse and imagine just a blank '2nd side' with a few tiny holes for the traces)
polprogshould be ok
r3polprog: what sort of epoxy do you favor? I've not had stellar luck with it in a few projects
polprogone sec
polproggeneric two compound rosin, non elastic, 10 min hardening
polprogPoxipol in my case (local product) but anything will doo
r3thanks, I might look for some, but hot glue has been my friend for a while now ;)
polprogThe PCB is an epoxy composite itself
polprogi dislike hot glue because it just looks like... blergh
r3well, I've got some choices for temperature so I will try to go 'low'
polprogyeah, epoxy gets warm when it hardens
r3I meant different types of hot glue and also working temp in the hot glue gun - usually higher gives you more time to fool with it before it sets
polprogi heard some stories of boats setting on fire during epoxy painting
polprogbut epoxy mix from store wont incinerate
polprogusually it has mixing instructions on the box
polprog(unless you mix like 2 gallons)
r3anyways, thanks, polprog, now to find a good enclosure or even just a hunk of plastic so that the tiny board isn't just hanging out in the breeze
polproghave fun
r3well nevermind, I can't find an enclosure small enough :\ thinking maybe a piece of wood / some lego / a tic-tac box ... will have to find what I can scrounge
polprogtic tac box sounds good
polproghow big is the thing?
polprogim curious what's that
r3it does but it doesn't quite meet the requirement to hold the thing in place better... maybe it is 25x25mm
sgrace_wrkI don't want to alarm anyone, but...
sgrace_wrkI have no meetings on Friday.
sgrace_wrkACTION is freaking out.
Snert_Can you whip up them numbers about widget sales last quarter? And the cost of widget testing?
Snert_... and let's have that in an hour.
r3yeah... that would be great.
Snert_... and if your Friday ain't bizzee enuff...arrange a catered lunch for the company.
sgrace_wrkSnert_: I'm not an admin!
Snert_That's okay. DO what I want and I'll give you a raise.
Snert_(fat chance ...lol)
Snert_Isn't life just like that when one is not Management Scum ELite.
Snert_I'm Service Slime so I give the Sales Pukes a hard time.
sgrace_wrkI need to finish getting my travel arrangements setup.
jocafa"Reach this goal (that i'm gonna move) and you get a bonus!"
sgrace_wrkI need to call the hotel in Denver to tell them I'm checkout a day earlier than they think.
r3so I've got a board with some headers on it, and when I connect these "standard" jumper wires [ https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12796 ] they end up being too tall to get the top of the case on. What I could use is a 90-degree version of those wires or maybe something like [ https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13028 ] but not 40-pins wide (I don't need all of the conductors, 20 (10 pair) at
r3most and am concerned about making another 90 degree turn with a ribbon cable to get it out of the case) ... any ideas? - other than finding a 20-pin ribbon cable I guess?
r3probably have to go with something like this: https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/3m/M3AAA-2006J/M3AAA-2006J-ND/229977