sgrace_wrkWhat do you mean ghosting?
sgrace_wrkOh that...
sgrace_wrkActually... That's due to the GPU buffer.
sgrace_wrkAnyways... I'm gonna go home, after I reboot machines.
Helldesk uhh, they're almost testing new patches in production?
jocafaHelldesk: i wonder if they're bluffs to call attention away from other parts of the bill
Helldeskparts that were already known, thus identified to be shitty for certain?
Helldeskbeats me
Bird|otherboxHelldesk: I have a better patch/review workflow at work, man, and that's with the infelicities of FishEye atop SVN
Cmdr_dataLOLOL .. tesla on the space news site
Cmdr_dataThe Falcon Heavys payload will be my midnight cherry Tesla Roadster playing Space Oddity, Musk tweeted. Destination is Mars orbit.
WereWoofmmm hmmm
Cmdr_dataSpaceX's first Falcon Heavy will carry Musk's Tesla Roadster to Mars
jocafai think elon is smoking something fantastic
Cmdr_datawell .. they could have used a tank of water like on saturn rockets .. or copper rods like on delta4 heavy. But they chosen for the silliest thing they could think of. like the cheese on the first falcon9.
WereWoofI see that...
learathhah, I guess to Elon, ~100k for the payload is irrelevant
Cmdr_datawell it is his old roadster .. not the new one
jocafai mean if you /need/ a payload, why not do something silly?
Cmdr_datawell .. problem is that they might have wanted to send a dragon capsule to mars.. But thats not compatible with the fairing. and for qualification for US government loads they needed to launch with the fairing
learathlaunch a fueling pod :P
WereWooflet me just add..
Cmdr_dataso if you are in florida you might find a tesla in your garden in a month
jocafa"Opportunity, your Uber has arrived."
WereWooflets all keep in mind that it may only launch into a zillion pieces...
WereWoofas elon said... he just hopes that it clears the pad by enough to keep from damaging a launch pad again
WereWoofbefore it RUDs
WereWoofit MAY fly... but there is not even close to a certainty on this one
jocafaat least he's setting expectations reasonably
learathWell, I mean, I presume he's above 50-50
WereWoofthe mission will be a success either way
learathor they wouldn't launch
learathrockets are like 99%
WereWoofthey will gain a huge amount of data
WereWoofbut they have learned that in actuality trying to connected 3 falcon 9s together and have it work..
learathrockets are hard, who knew?
WereWoofis "Super Difficult" to quote Elon
Cmdr_datawell .. at launch the its pretty heavy .. so acceleration is low .. and weight is somewhat in balance with thrust .. but after a minute or so if it gets lighter the boosters will put a lot of force on the main stick through connections. So they might break. ALso it doesnt seem to have big rockets like shuttle SRBs to move boosters away from the center stick
WereWoofthere are alot of stresses... yes
WereWoofthat is the biggest problem
learathCan they be throttled?
Cmdr_datai vonder if the car will be horizontal or vertical
learathIIRC with solid rockets a lot of the problem is getting them to actually balance
WereWoofand there is no accurate way to model those completely before launch
Cmdr_datawell yeahr throttle to 60% or so
WereWoofso.. its a lot of guessing here
WereWoofa falcon 9 pushes HARD...
Cmdr_dataafter the launch the center stick will throthle down ... so after booster sep. there is still fuel in it and it can fly on for a while
Cmdr_datahence the center booster lands on the barge
WereWoofits alot of rocket booster.....
WereWoofand it will be interesting to watch
learathWereWoof: well, I mean, *one* of those boosters is a lot of booster..
WereWoofthats what I said
WereWoofand I agree
Bird|otherboxACTION fluffs the WereWoof 
WereWoofthere are huge forces at work here
WereWoofHiya Bird|otherbox!!!
WereWoofACTION bees fluffed..
learathWereWoofs of london?
learathACTION feels old
WereWoofthats my cousin Cecil..
WereWoofbut yeah
WereWoofthe falcon heavy should be a show... and I personally hope that it does in fact fly
WereWoofright outta da box
WereWoofand it may... spaceX engineers are good...
WereWoofreal good
Bird|otherboxo/ baldengineer
Bird|otherboxfinally settled on what to do for test leads -- black/red for the leads themselves, paired up with various colors of electrical tape perhaps tho
Bird|otherboxso, the parts for those are on their way
WereWoofread and green?
WereWooffor kissmus??
Bird|otherbox(EXCEPT! AT! PEPCO!)
WereWoofsome folks.. like brown...
WereWoofbrown is... EARTH
myselfTellya what, 10 colors of heatshrink in 3 sizes is sort of a substantial initial investment, but it's sooooo nice down the line.
WereWoofsounds like a good plan to meeeeeeeeee
Bird|otherboxmyself, I just wish you could get adhesive lined fluoropolymer heat shrink readily
Bird|otherbox(Daburn makes the stuff, but it has a) an out-of-this-world shrink temp and b) like no availability)
Bird|otherboxI wonder if you can get HMAs in paste form...
Bird|otherboxbecause a paste-type HMA would allow me to emulate adhesive lined heat shrink in this app I reckon
jocafabest i can do is hot glue
myselfI've never heard of paste type, but that would be cool. I just use scissors to nip off tiny bits of a regular hobby glue stick and stuff 'em into the tube before heating.
myselfI use that approach for all sorts of things: Nip off a coin-sized bit of glue stick, position it, heat it with a heat-gun, press object into it. No stringy mess!
myselfJust gotta heat it really slowly; its thermal conductivity is actually terrible and it'll boil on the surface before the inside even melts, unless you go slow.
Bird|otherboxactually, can HMAs be reflowed once applied?
myselfAll the hobbyist ones can, yeah.
myselfI don't know if there are one-time versions in industry.
Bird|otherboxbecause I could apply a thin layer of a suitable HMA to the joint, then slip the tubing over it, then reflow the HMA while shrinking the tubing
myselfthat works great.
myselfEspecially if you're doing a breakout where there are multiple cables leaving one tube, and you have voids to fill.
davidc__Bird|otherbox: I do that lots (the heatshrink over hot melt
davidc__over-apply heatshrink to the joint then shrink the tubing from the middle
davidc__it forces the hot glue out leaving only a reasonable amount between the wire and the heatshrink
intranickFOOL OF A TOOK
davidc__good for mechanically stabilizing weak joints
Bird|otherboxintranick, what's wrong? :/
intranicknothing i just like gandolf
Bird|otherboxoh :P
intranickhe's the man
Bird|otherboxlooking hard at 3M 3779 for the HMA. 165degC melt/149degC spec limit
Bird|otherboxdigikey stocks it
Bird|otherboxyou just need a rather skookum hot glue gun to apply the stuff xD your ordinary art-store one probably would do zilch to the stuff
Bird|otherboxeither that, or one could cut like a ribbon-coil from the stick and wind it around the parts in question, then slip the heat-shrink over it and shrink/flow
myselfA Surebonder in high-temp mode will hit 193C, that should do ya!
learathis that a kind of hot glue gun?
myselfIt's the only kind worth owning.
learathhah that bad?
myselfthere's a lot of crap out there, yeah. Especially for tools that get hot, materials and design matter a lot, and the low end is pretty terrible if not outright dangerous.
jocafawife's been through a metric pantload of glue guns
learathmyself: wow, they are stupid cheap to
learathmyself: is there a particular model?
myselfwhatever suits your needs, they're all decent. I have a H195F for precision work like squirting glue into the backs of RJ45 connectors after crimping, and a DT-270 for the big sticks and flooding things.
learathhah jesus - 220 watt glue gun?
learath"For when you need to fill your boat"
myselfI've been known to wrap tape around an assembly to form a wall, and just fill it with glue for mechanical stability. Makes it hard to service, but unlikely to need repair. :)
Bird|otherboxone other problem -- the 3M 3779 comes in 5/8" sticks not the standard 7/16"
myselfThe Ryobi P305 is a Surebonder OEM product, btw. And one of the coolest things ever, because there's no cord to snag and accidentally yank the thing into your lap..
myselfHuh, sure enough, the 5/8" is an industrial product. That's obnoxious.
Bird|otherboxmyself, Surebonder does make a glue gun that takes 5/8" sticks
Bird|otherboxthe PRO450
myselfyeah and it's the price of a small car
Bird|otherboxnot quite :P
Bird|otherboxaround $200
myselfyou buy nicer cars!
Bird|otherboxbetcha it'd be the last hot glue gun you ever buy tho
myselfPretty sure my existing Dt-270 already is; I've never needed adhesives I can't find in 12mm.
Bird|otherboxand it's half the price of 3M's temperature-selectable one
myselfI bet there's a similar 12mm product if you look around. What's the salient feature of the 3M 3779?
Bird|otherboxmyself, temp rating primarily
Bird|otherboxthe 3779 is rated to 149degC (melts at 165degC)
learath... "Sprayable Hot Melt"
myselfComing soon to a riot police unit near you!
learathI had *no idea*
learathmyself: those guns look terrible
WereWoofjust fortify it with capsaicin... so it burns twice and you have a winner!
learathWereWoof: hah
learaththanks :P
Bird|otherboxmyself, the SuperTAC 11 on that site seems mostly equivalent (softening point of 300degF = ~149degC)
Bird|otherboxbut it's only available in a 25lb box haha
Bird|otherboxACTION is trying to achieve the same strain-relieving performance as an adhesive-lined heat shrink sleeve, only for higher temperature excursions (aka you know, test lead meets soldering iron accidents)
learathoh were you the one lookign for high temp heat shrink?
learathI'd forgotten about that.
Bird|otherboxfound suitable stuff on that one
learathit was interesting!
myselfHow long is the iron gonna rest against the tubing that it would be able to heat the whole joint that much?
myselfkeep in mind that the copper in the center is a pretty good heatsink and you'll be playing a balance between the thermal flux into the area vs the thermal flux away from it. Given that most plastics don't have great thermal conductivity, I'm not sure that point contact could ever be problematic.
r3y'know there are few things as satisfying as fixing a strange computer problem (with very little googling) and being touted as a hero/genius/expert
trelaneany thoughts on a water depth sensor (measuring external water pressure)? A barometric sensor in a ziplock bag seems a bit hackish.
myselfA barometric sensor at the top of an air column pushed into the water can work well, except over a long time, the air dissolves into the water
Mathiasair pump and water level sensor? :D