lkthomasfolks, anyone have experience with IP over Infiniband ?
UniLinux23:56 UniLinux: Hi all! Wondering if any of you have had the "Internal Error" pop up when trying to open a VM since the last update! I tried everything to correct the problem, even their support staff couldn't figure it out. I am running the latest version of Fusion for MacOS. Any ideas would be appreciated!
RudyValenciaHow powerful would an AMD FX-8320 be for a home ESXi server?
neoticnot very.
RudyValenciaSo i really need big iron to have a decent home server...
neoticit really depends on your requirements
neoticit might be sufficient
RudyValenciaI just mostly want a few small VMs running Linux and maybe 1-2 Windows servers (a domain controller and a SMB storage server)
neoticit might be enough
RudyValenciaI'm currently running kvm and lxc on Arch Linux for all that
ProAliasprobably the cpu will be enough for casual use, given enough memory
thorin39my disaster at this morning
neoticalso esxi 5.0 is eol
boman5.0 U2, nice :D
neotichaven't seen one of those rack screens in a long time
neotictbh, it was a long time since i was in a datacenter
azizLIGHTon vmware workstation 11.1.2 build-2780323 on ubuntu 14.04 x64 host, i am trying to install vmware tools to a lubuntu 17.04 x86 guest with, and i am asked about the kernel header path and if i would like to change it. how do i find this info? here is what it is saying: Searching for a valid kernel header path... The path "" appears to be a valid path to the 4.10.0-19-generic kernel headers.
azizLIGHTWould you like to change it? [no]
neoticinstall the kernel headers
neoticor you can use open-vm-tools
neoticwhich is preferred
ProAliasyay, got signed up for vmworld barcelona! Without asking... why didn't I think of not nagging before?
neoticnow that i work at vmware i can't go to vmworld anymore :/
neoticwell, i'm in professional services, it's not our place to be there
neoticunless we're presenting
ProAliasalso, didn't know you left atea or wherever you were
neoticyeah, it was atea
ProAliasgrats on that
neoticthanks! it's all still very new, but quite exciting
ProAliascondolances on vmworld :)
azizLIGHTi have the kernel headers:
azizLIGHTi will try open-vm-tools now
neoticazizLIGHT: it could be related to ubuntu 17.04 not being supported
azizLIGHTi had installed vmware tools on ubuntu 17.04 (different than my current attempt to install it on lubuntu 17.04 here) earlier
azizLIGHTim not sure what i said to that question, and if it was asked or not
GVDugh, why does VMware think that "apply storage DRS recommendations" is a useful "running task" when creating or moving VMs. at least tell me for which VM you're currently applying the recommendations please :s
neoticinitial placement :) hehe
GVDnot only initial placement, but yeah.
GVDthey "greatly improved auditing" in 6.5, but they clearly did not think everything through ;)
rjp421with gentoo and kernel 4.7.10 on amd64, after adding the vmware overlay and installing vmware-workstation from which seems broken, resulting in
neoticwell, gentoo isn't really supported :)
neoticyou might need a patch
neoticcheck the communities
Ad1Techis there any way to build HA using VMware vCloud Suite 7 Standard?
Ad1Tech2x servers + 2x disk array
Ad1TechI saw something like VMFS
Ad1Techand architecture 2x server + 1x storage using VMFS
Ad1TechI need: No Single Point of Failure
Ad1Techthere will be few virtual machines
Ad1Technice to have load balancing too
dcprom0yeah we use netscalers with global load balancing
Ad1Techdoes anybody can help?
GVDvCloud suite is what? just vsphere with vRealize added on right?
GVDAd1Tech: if you want redundant storage for that, you need VSAN from vmware (to virtualize storage as well) or you need a SAN/NAS vendor which makes redundant storage. most if not all SAN vendors will have a solution for that.
GVDvSphere/VMFS alone does not have the ability to make your storage redundant
Ad1TechGVD: thx, well I can build replication set on my storage devices, but can I connect two storages to two VMware servers?
GVDAd1Tech: there's no practical limit to datastores to connect to vmware servers. there's a theoretical limit, but i'm doubtful anyone has ever hit it.
GVDbut be careful when replicating "live" data
GVDsomething like a netapp metro cluster is fine of course.
GVDbut i'm sure there's some shady replication methods which can cause all sort of issues
sleephey :) i need help. vmware workstation 12 pro, 12.5.0 build-4352439. i was working on an ubuntu vm, made a snapshot, kept working for a bit, then tried to revert to snapshot only to find that "file not found". popping up the snapshots menu showed that all 3 (4?) snapshots were missing. the machine went into limbo state and trying to resume it elici
sleepted a "ubuntu 000003.vmdk - file not found" error. going into the folder, there were no snapshots anymore, and while i do have the 20-ish .vmdk slices for each of the snapshots, i'm missing all the descriptor files for each of them. trying a guide to recreate the descriptor files reward me with a "'unable to open ubuntu 64.vmdk': insufficient permi
sleepssion to access file" error, which doesn't go away even if vmware workstation is run as admin and everyone has complete permissions for everything on the .vmdk file
sleepthe log files seem innocent enough until at some point they try to IOUnlock the various ubuntu-00000#.vmdk files and find that they're all not found
sleepno one, huh :p
qbrixsounds like really bad corruption
qbrixif you don't mind losing the snapshots, you could try manually reverting back to the base image
jaelaebad luck June
jaelaehad some major issues with NSX and yesterday our PureStorage array crashed
sleepoddly enough, it's just the descriptor vmdks and the snapshots that were lost. the slices are all there. what would reverting to the base image still save me, document-wise?
sleepalso, i can't really tell if the slices are corrupt or normal.. i'm hoping they're still valid and that somehow forging a new vmdk descriptor file will save me
GVDjaelae: all of your VMs crapped out? or just a single datastore?
jaelaefor purestorage array? actually that array i had just moved all my datastores off of it to a new puerstorage array which was fine. This one had all of our iSCSI targets for sql
jaelaeall of them had an issue
jaelaesome more sensitive than others
GVDany root cause analysis done yet?
jaelaethe guy yesterday said i think i see the issue but i am having our engineers check it out. then emailed saying because i requested a root cause analysis it will take 7-14 days for one to be complete
jaelaeim like ok but like what happened? can we maybe stop it
jaelaeso im not too sure why it happened. but i configure my vms and physical with iscsi to connect on 2 sessions to the IP's on each controller
jaelaeso i have 4 paths
jaelaenow my boot volumes are on it but i believe the boot to san stuff lloads it to memory
JedicusI'm trying to remember the name of a free win32 disk imaging app I've used before. I believe it starts with a U and is about 5 letters long. Whatever the word in the name was, it didn't actually ahve much to do with imaging or backups...
puffiok doesn't start with a u
bugs_clonezilla > *
JedicusIt did online hot backups using vss like DriveImageXML, but was more low level with a lot of options
bugs_doesn't sound like that would be free
Jedicusit was, that's why I was surprised it wasnt' popular
JedicusIf I find it, I'll let you know. :)
dopiwanAnyone seen stability issues running Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop on ESXi 6.5? Things seem to go south once I install VMware tools no matter which i use (e.g. install from host, apt install open-vm-tools or open-vm-tools-desktop) VMware support are not helping ><