JeevesMossis there a way to move files to other datastores without having to pull the data down to the local computer?
Georjp421: just got back from chkdisking at startup, it identified/repaired one vmdk file from this host
Geohowever, now vmware says the main vmdk file is not a valid virtual disk
twkmJeevesMoss: svmotion.
JeevesMosstwkm, they're not in actual VMs. I had to copy the files to external drives in order to recover the drives. so, I couldn't keep everything in the same directories, etc. I think I'll just have to do them all by hand
twkmcp? vmkfstools? nfs server?
JeevesMossI was using WinSCP to get the data off.
JeevesMosshad to build up a new freeNAS box.
twkmi mean from the host, but you seem to have painted yourself into using your local computer.
JeevesMossyep. I think we've got some "hand finishing" needs to be done
xibalbasnootchy snootchy
Georjp421, if you're still around, I've tried that and no success
GeoThe file repaired by chkdsk was a filename-##.vmdk file . When i try to load the filename.vmdk , it tells me "The file specified is not a virtual disk"
GeoI opened up the vmdk text file, it looks legit
GeoI don't know what it is looking at to determine that
Krj7709New to vmware ESXi so this is probably a dumb question... Is it possible to use a virtual soundcard in a vm? The ESXi server itself does not have a soundcard but can it somehow be passed through to the machine using the vm?
binarycatI've installed Android x86 inside a VMware WorkPlayer-something, as "Other 64-bit" OS. It actually runs smoothly enough, unexpectedly, but the problem I have now is that I cannot drag and drop files into this thing. No VMtools available, obviously.
binarycatHow do I get an .apk into this Android device?
binarycat(or any file)
twkmbinarycat: ask the android-x86 people, my guess is they allow usb but might handle another disk as well.