mwoi can promise you there's not world class support and happiness on the other side of a sale far larger than what you're talking about
ghost75i cannot rdp to win10 machine on esx until i open console in vsphere client
linux_probeghost75~ the windows 10 vm is probably going to sleep or something similar and the console wakes it up. go through your power, screensaver and RDP settings
ghost75thats a good idea
linux_probemaybe check/edit vm settings. vm options, power management, you can set it to enter standby and stay powered on, so wake on lan works too. may have to change within the OS also.
tompeTompAnyone got any experience with PVlan and trunking in VMWare ?
tompeTompVmware 6.0
genectompeTomp: I find a concise description of what you've done, what you see, and what you wanted inspires others to read and respond.
tompeTompI am having problem with isolated guests, they don't reach the GW over the trunk port, when I have them in the primary Vlan it all works
genectompeTomp: PVLAN as in primary or private?
tompeTompPrivate Vlan the special function
tompeTompOf primary and secondary, with comunity and isolated
tompeTompI believe that the primary is called promiscuous
tompeTompIf I use a dedicated nic that I place in the promiscuous Vlan it works with no problems, it is just when I try to make it work with a trunk port that I have problems
genectompeTomp: are you adding the promiscuous/primary VLAN as a tagged member to the uplink NIC?
tompeTompI have 0-4096 set on the uplink NOC
tompeTompIf I have one guest in the Isolated/secondary VLAN and one in the promiscuous/primary VLAN they can comunicate as expected, but I canno reach the GW on the other side of the trunk port with the isolated guest.
genectompeTomp: and the VM in the primary/promiscuous VLAN can communicate with the gateway?
tompeTompI have both a Juniper SSG5 and a PFsense FW and both have the same behaviour. PFsense claim to be PVLAN compliant and does work if I use a dedicated nic.
tompeTompA dedicated nic that I add specifically to the promiscuous/primary VLAN
tompeTompIt seems that the traffic from the isolated guest does not reach the FW. I cannot find any traffic when debugging.
SynfulAckThere are not any situations where some sort of setting needs to be configured on esxi/vcsa for port forwarding is there?
tompeTompShouldn't be, not in the default config. I simply forwards the traffic.