redrabbiti have my esp-01 in the OTA list
redrabbit03:01:12 [ERROR]: No response from device
redrabbitwhen i try to upload
redrabbitmust be that silly usb programming device
CromHappy Brexit 1776
CromHere's one I didn't see coming... in the year 2020 all the vision puns
zhanxvery bright and needs more power
R3GT1CThere’s a lot I want to do with one arduino and I’m concerned that I won’t have enough memory or IO ports. I want to connect a TFT shield to the arduino with I2C communication to an ESP8266. I would like to be able to upload code to it remotely and flash the arduino and/or the ESP8266 itself. The TFT shield should also have 3 different menus and possibly have room to store flappy bird if I can manage to increase the memory fo
R3GT1Cit. It’s also going to be hooked up to a thermistor to take temperature.
R3GT1CIs there a way to store more flash memory for code on the arduino? I feel like I won’t have enough for all the libraries I will need on it + the interfaces for the touch screen
R3GT1CLike not just external EEPROM but to extend the ISP memory
sysx1000Hello. For one of a project I require 2SC4029 transistor. But I don't have it. Is it possible to replace 2SC4029 with any other (maybe TIP120)?
Emilsysx1000: depends entirely for what purpose
sysx1000Emil: it seems it is not possible. 2SC is much more powerful than TIP120
Emilsysx1000: depends entirely for what purpose
baldengineeralphaferret what does that have to do with arduino?
alphaferretnothing really
baldengineerso then why post it?
alphaferreti was curious what sort of controller ic you need to handle a dsd stream
baldengineerwhy not ask that with your spam link?
alphaferrethave you ever worked with dsd
baldengineeryou never asked that
baldengineerwhat was your endgame?
alphaferreti'm looking for some guidance on what controller can handle a dsd stream
baldengineerwhy here and not the other channels you joined
alphaferretusually people have been kind here
baldengineerif that were there case, you would have asked
alphaferrettell me what i'm thinking now since you're a mind reader
baldengineerso you came in here, randomly, and posted a link
alphaferretyes ma'am
baldengineerthinking that mind readers would pick up on why
alphaferreti've been in here for a year asking about audio
axlebHERE I AM !
alphaferretso, since i have a year long posting history about audio and real projects it's not likely that i'm spamming at all now is it
baldengineerlots of people join here, not sure what your point is
axlebkeep up the good work alphaferret
alphaferretthanks axleb
baldengineermaybe ask a question
alphaferreti asked 3 and you preferred to not answer
axlebgood day today .. finally got around to setting up an environment for crosscompiling for RPi
alphaferretwhat project are you working on axleb
baldengineerwell no
baldengineeryou pasted a link
baldengineerthat's not asking 3 questions in the past hour
axlebah i got a lot of stuff on the horizon that could benefit from it .. so this is just the first steps
alphaferretwake up on the wrong side of the bed today did you?
axlebjust a bunch of custom devices for office settings with the aim of improving workflow and efficiency for the employees
axleball gerared towards touchscreens
axleblol @ wrong side of bed
alphaferretplus, for people who are interested in high end audio, which isn't a huge stretch for the members here, someone might have been interested in that akm chip since it's top of the line now, multichannel pcm and dsd
axleba friend of mine is working on a DAC right now
axlebi can see how its relevant
alphaferretand you could have save a page of bandwidth and a few calories simply by not responding to the link, eh?
axlebi joined late
axlebwhats this link about ?
alphaferretakm new generation of adc converters
axlebso you thought someone else might benefit from knowing about theis stuff
axlebso you pasted a link
axleband some fucknet got all bent out of shape ?
alphaferretplus no one was around so i just waited to see if anyone would respond
axlebdude you gotta wonder about the psyche of someone that champions the cause of griping about someone pasting a link
axlebhow many times has that dickhead pasted links to his own blog
axlebseriously people
axleblive and let live !
axlebanyway what you working on ferret ?
axlebheres some advice ... change nick to betaengineer :)
axlebhim not you
axlebanyway i just made myself chuckle !
axlebhey is anyone else not awake ?
axlebwhat you all working on people ???
alphaferreti was hoping my friend deskwizard would be on
redrabbitfor some reason that board doesnt want to take ota uploads anymore
redrabbiteven after a hard reset. puzzled why
axlebwhich board ?
axlebcant help dude
axlebi think i tested an OTA once some time ago with esp8266
axlebbut never really dealt with it
redrabbitlast resort is to plug it back in the pc but id need to remove it from the pump controller
redrabbitit responds to ping but arduino says [ERROR]: No Answer for OTA
redrabbitmy other OTA stuff works fine
abc123_Hii cananyone say me how to program attiny841 using usbasp
alphaferreti wonder if arduino will keep scaling to progressively more powerful processors
redrabbiti care more about price and convinience
alphaferretwhat you working on ferret ? trying to finish my ARDUINO controlled audio mixer, getting close
alphaferretand since it's getting close to the finish line my mind wandered into the next step of a/d conversion
alphaferretyea analog mic inputs, 6 channel that1580 preamps
redrabbitdigital processing ?
alphaferretno likey digi processing
alphaferretarduino is just bluetooth gain control
alphaferretsince i spent 40 fucking years working on how to get a good tone from instruments digi processing is anathema
alphaferreti got lucky yesterday solved two rf noise sources from the rfduino
alphaferretusing systemoff()
alphaferrettesting the pinwake code later today
redrabbitlike waking up from a pin?
alphaferretthe docs are sort of not so good. there's an ultra low power mode, which i was using already but it's still noisy. then there's another ulp mode you can set with a pin high flag that got rid of all the noise
redrabbitany idea where is the packages directory on linux arduino ide?
redrabbitcli only, i need to add support for the esp8266
XantosSo i have some weird problems with mosfets and my homebrew shield for an ESP - my mosfets are always turned on (with load)
redrabbitbad wiring ?
Xantosredrabbit: possibly - had a guy look it over yesterday to no avail - but yeah must be it
Xantosthe voltage regulators are different type than the wiring suggest (used what fritzing had available) - that part is working fine though
Xantosbasically a boost converter supplying 24v to 2 mosfets, and a 5v regulator supplying 5v to the last one
axlebWAKE UP !
Xantosaxleb: Zzz :=)
axleboh no dude
axlebwhat you messing about with today ?
Xantosaxleb: mosfet circuit that isn’t behaving :(
cehtehXantos: no pulldowns? inductive load? fried mosfets?
cehtehor reversed the mosfets
Xantosn-channel fets
Xantosand 2x voltage regulators (one for the ESP and one for the last mosfet)
cehtehyour schematic is confusing :D ... prefer to make GND on the bottom
cehtehstill looks okish, check connections, measure the voltage at the fet's gate
cehtehdouble check that you didnt reversed drain/source
SnertIgniter output?
Xantoscehteh: thank you ! was afk for a bit - sorry :)
Xantosbut yeah ! that’s what I’ve been able to gather so far
Xantoswould this FET be a good choice for a ESP8266 ? -
MuntI think I'm using at the moment.
pwillardYeah... reverse connection sounds plausible to me too
pwillardMunt... do you know your load current?
pwillardActually, that was to Xantos. sorry
TheHexaCubehey folks, I have a question
TheHexaCubewhat is the reason for using those two capacitors on the board?
TheHexaCubeare they just there for smoothing out power?
HrdwrBoBthat's pretty much what capacitors do
A124ACTION sobs around
pwillardWhen you switch large currents... you create huge power spikes... and that is kind of what the chip is doing
A124Also realized that most things people use lack input power filters, considering some writeup.
TheHexaCubeand I assume D1 is a flyback diode? I read about those just now :P
TheHexaCubeor are those not needed when using a driver IC like that?
pwillardI actually doubt that the diode is for kickback voltage (back EMF)
Muntanywhere there a coil getting turned on and off I think TheHexaCube
HrdwrBoBif the diode was for that you'd need two, one for each
pwillardI would say the diode os more for polarity protection... as there is only 1
TheHexaCubealright, i see
pwillardYou would see 4 diodes if it were for a full H bridge kickback control... just saying.
TheHexaCubealright, thanks for that. I'd like to incorporate a simple (but 'well working') DC motor driver on my PCB
TheHexaCubestepper drivers are much nicer, it's just a matter of connecting things, not much thinking needed :P
pwillardwell, L298 is about plain old DC motors
TheHexaCubethat's the motor in question, in case it matters
TheHexaCubeI'd have to look at the current and voltage requirements still
pwillardThen you really can't use that board
nickmingi have gotten myself a few wemos lolin 32 boards and of course without doing the needed research, i now seem to realise that the bluetooth part of the whole esp32 for arduino project does not seem to be all ready or at least very early stage. Can someone confirm this, and also maybe explain to me if the esp only is bluetooth low energy or if it also handle the older versions of bluetooth
nickmingsorry for the mingled up english.
pwillardnickming: Thank you for at least helping the price drop for future purchases by other people by "buying early". ;-P
TheHexaCubehmmm, I wish there it was common to offer modules that could be soldered directly onto a pcb using castellated holes
TheHexaCubelike the ESP modules, I like that
TheHexaCubei hate needing several different PCBs
deshipuit's even better
deshipuyou can just solder bare chips
TheHexaCubedeshipu: sure but often you need more than just a chip
deshipuTheHexaCube: not with AVRs
TheHexaCubewhich results in the need of knowing how the whole ciruit works :P
deshipuoh, that's horrible
TheHexaCubethat's exactly the issue i'm facing right now ;P
TheHexaCubebut it's complaining on a high level
deshipuwell, you can always take up gardening, or flower arrangements, or something
deshipumy gf says that cross-stitching is a lot like soldering
deshiputhe problem is, even with the modules like that, you likely need some extra components anyways
deshipuso you end up with a module on a module on a module
A124ACTION "Protector protector protector."
TheHexaCuberight, right. It just sucks that I don't know as much as I *should* know
TheHexaCubeand thus, I complain :P
deshipuonly one fix to that
TheHexaCubei know :(
TheHexaCubeI hate doing 'the baby steps' before doing the interesting/useful stuff, though
TheHexaCubethat's a problem with everything I pick up
A124Theory, theory, theory.
TheHexaCubeACTION shudders
TheHexaCubeI *really* wish I took physics (and with that, electronics) in school
TheHexaCubebut hey, hopefully i learn some stuff in my apprenticeship soon
Xantospwillard: reversed the mosfets ?
nickmingpwillard: its my pleasure, i managed to get the simpleble to work, but i would really like a serial interface over bluetooth for my project.. boo hoo
pwillardXantos... if you hve the correct mosfets and wired them correctly... they would not TURN ON by themselves without the proper GATE voltage. So, you have them "wired wrong" or they are not the right device for your task.
Xantospwillard: got it - they should be suitable, so i must have turned them the wrong way around
Xantospwillard: i’ll resolder and give it a go ! are there any power mosfets that you prefer for microcontroller use ? (something smallish - current through-hole are a bit big)
pwillardand... I realise you are new... and Fritzing seems easy... but here is some advice. See this drawing? Notice how I didn't have to actually DRAW the GND connections but instead used the GND symbol to show they were all connected? try it. It makes drawings a LOT easier for others to read.
pwillardxantos... NO... always work from your DATASHEET! please
deskwizardXantos: IPS075N03LG
Xantospwillard: i thought i did :(
pwillardNote: when I said [you have them "wired wrong"] I wasn't trying to imply the only problem was that they were "turned the wrong way"...
pwillardthat is one of a number of possible options for why its not working.
slothwhy is improv even a thing? why does improv have to be legal when lesser crimes like doing drugs or beating hookers aren't
buZzsloth: yeah same at smiling
buZzwe should ban smiling
sloththe fuck is wrong with smiling
buZzwhats wrong with performance art?
buZz'i dont like it, it should be illegal' isnt really reflecting a open mind, now is it? :D
slothi didn't say it should be illegal because i don't like it
slothyou're putting words in my mouth
slothit should be illegal because its dumb
buZzand its dumb because you like it?
TheHexaCubeACTION is dumb because he likes it
blathijssloth: Please watch your language and stop flamebaiting, neither are appropriate in this channel. Thanks.
Emilanyone used tls/ssl with esp8266?
EmilHrdwrBoB: that sadly doesn't really answer
Emilmy question
HrdwrBoBhave you googled
Emilthe problem is that for some domains tls works
Emilbut for some it doesn't
HrdwrBoBif you're using it to access arbitrary stuff then you're probably doing it wrong
pwillardUm... TLS is basically the only method available now. SSL is wheezing its last breath on poorly managed websites
pwillardmost wesites won't support any sort of legacy SSL
EmilProblem is that the example for github works
Emilbut client.connect fails for me
Emilwhen using TLS
Emilwhen connecting to my own
GeDaMoTo your own what?
pwillardagreed... too little info
EmilThere's a https request example in the examples
Emilit works if not edited
Emilbut when I try to connect to my own server using https
Emilit fails
pwillardwhose examples... default esp8266 core?
GeDaMoIn what way does it fail? Is there any kind of error message or code?
GeDaMoAre you sure your server is configured correctly?
EmilMy server is configured correctly
EmilNo error message on esp nor on nginx
HrdwrBoBtime to pull out your packet sniffer
EmilAnyone know that decodes tls in real time?
Emiliirc tcpdump cannot do that
HrdwrBoBalso you don't need to decode it in real time
pwillardThe example code has an embedded certificate fingerprint. I assume you changed that...
EmilNo the problem is that
Emilesp cannot do that
Emilssl_ciphers 'HIGH:!aNULL:!eNULL:!EXPORT:!CAMELLIA:!DES:!MD5:!PSK:!RC4';
EmilNow I'm not an expert
Emilbut aren't those unsecure?
pwillardBloody unlikely... AES256 is not for sissies
EmilNo I mean
Emilisn't the latter one unsecure
Emilbut the first one is
Emilbut the esp fails on that
EmilBetter ask at #nginx
pwillardRC4 is considered less secure (breakable) and is no longer enabled by the latest MS browser releases... so yeah.
EmilHmm, now I need to find out what ciphers are supported and select just the most secure
pwillardA good plan
Emilpwillard: do you understand how the ssl_ciphers thing works with nginx?
douxHi, is Wire.requestFrom() blocking?
douxOr do you need to constantly check its value in a while loop?
douxIn other words, does it return once the data has arrived in the hardware buffers?
HrdwrBoBif only there was documentation
flor1anheres an example in use
flor1anand yes, if only there was documentation
flor1anbtw, HCM5883L are funny sensors, there does not seem to be a complete lib for it yet
flor1anor at least complete + consistent
douxHrdwrBoB: I've read the documentation. It does say if it is block from what I can tell:
douxIt does NOT say... my mistake
pwillardI don't use NGINX... so not really. I did find this related to esp8266...
douxflor1an: thanks for the example. I can't tell if its blocking from the example.
flor1anfrom my experience it isnt
douxflor1an: thanks!
flor1ani.e. after requesting i'll happily do a while(!wire.available()){};
flor1anthats what i was hoping to convey by linking the example ;-)
pwillardWire.requestFrom() clearly grabs and owns the bus until it is "done". How would you interpret that?
douxflor1an: except it's an if statement...
flor1anpwillard: that makes any i2c-command blocking i guess?
douxnot a while...
flor1anits either 'do jack while waiting for data' or 'if by the time you reach the statement and there is stuff go ahead an read', the latter (i guess) makes use of the fact that you'd call such stuff in loop() or via irq and thus fast anyways
pwillardSo basically... its so you can GRAB the bus... request data from a slave... if some... save it... release the bus... if none... just release the bus... unless... you set up to talk to more slaves (which you can do) in which case... you keep the bus and talk to the next... releasing the bus when all tasks are done. That doesn't sound very "asynchonous" and much more "Do this... then that... "
flor1anyou can do whatever you want while waiting for wire.available()
flor1ani bet its me being dumb right now
douxpwillard: I can't believe this is a debate. Wire.requestFrom() is blocking in your experience?
flor1anbut for me thats async
redrabbitis it fine to connect D8 to RST (wemos > arduino) ?
redrabbitto reset the arduino. seems to work fine but i wonder if i should put a 10k ther
redrabbiti put it to GND for 50ms then high level (3.3)
pwillardit a legitimate logic 1 for 5V... so basically ok
redrabbitin my book its fine. but im not sure for the RST pin
pwillarddoux: I'm only saying that WHILE "Wire.requestFrom()" is active... its takes over an controls the BUS.
douxpwillard: Does Wire.requestFrom() require to be in control of the BUS until it receives the data in the hardware buffers? In other words, does the data need to arrive before it returns?
douxflor1an: thanks.
flor1ando the while loop
flor1anin it, serial.print something
redrabbiterf, RST on high blocks uploading
redrabbitis there a non blocking way to reset with RST from an esp
flor1andoux: when i did i hardly reached the print within the while, but i certainly did some times
douxflor1an: much appreciated. Thanks for doing the test.
flor1ananyways, off to the river with the model rc boats
pwillardIt would be incorrect behavior to have the master send a STOP to reset and release the I2C bus before the slave was done responding.
douxpwillard: but requestFrom() might still return before the bus is released?
blathijspwillard: I don't think that would violate the I2c spec itself (since I2c defines no way for the slave to indicate how much data it wants to respond with), but it might be incorrect in higher level protocols.
douxwhatever... I'm just going to assume requestFrom() is effed up (judging from the rest of the confusing way Wire works it would not surprise me)
blathijsdoux: Wrt your original question, Wire.requestFrom() *is* blocking
douxblathijs: THANK YOU!
blathijsAnd it can potentially block infinitely (if another master keeps the bus occupied, or the TWI hardware thinks this happens due to noise), since there are no timeouts implemented
pwillardRace Condition (hang) is something the I2C bus can do if you go too far :off spec:
pwillardIE: This can happen in I2C
Flea86pwillard: And people wonder why I like to call it i2blind ;)
deskwizardFlea86: lol
deskwizardFuck this.
deskwizardACTION goes get beer
buZzget me one aswell
buZzpreferably 5 liter
deskwizardbuZz: I'll get a fkin barrel then lol
Flea86deskwizard: Cheers
redrabbitis there a good way to software reset the arduino uno
redrabbiti tried hardware reset from the wemos linked to RST but it hangs the uploads
Chillumredrabbit: the uno has one of the serial flow control lines hooked up to reset
ChillumI think DTR from memory
Chillumor do you mean from inside the uno?
blathijsredrabbit: What is "the wemos" here?
deskwizardcall an inexistant ISR
Chillumyou could use the watchdog to reset it internally
blathijsdeskwizard: That only causes it to while(true) for ever
redrabbitwemos d1 mini
deskwizardblathijs: really? I must have been lucky then
Chillumwait, uno or wemos?
deskwizardbut yeah, watchdog
Chillummeh either way
blathijsredrabbit: If you connect an external controller's I/O pin to the reset line and drive it HIGH, that will prevent the upload from resetting the board. If you use open-collector drive (so drive LOW, or leave floating and let the pullup turn the pin HIGH), then you should not have any conflicts
redrabbitblathijs: in theory
redrabbitin practice it doesnt work
redrabbitfloating pins confuse the arduino and it doesnt boot
redrabbitleaving it high lets it boot, but you can't upload
redrabbitwatchdog it is
blathijsredrabbit: Interesting, I didn't expect that. "leaving it high" <- that doesn't sound like floating, but you probably also tried floating? Are you sure that the wemos pins really were floating? Could you reset the board manually by connecting RST to GND (using a small resistor to prevent short-circuit just in case)?
redrabbiti stated two different results, one with float after low, one with high after low
TheHexaCubehmmm okay I read about soldering 3 capacitors *directly* onto a motor in order to decrease noise
TheHexaCubeis that electrical noise, or audible noise?
redrabbiti even tried low >high> float
redrabbitwatchdog should do the trick
redrabbitelectrical noise TheHexaCube
redrabbitdamned i tried to use ticker.H but its only for the esp
pwillardredrabbit: with he correct "pullup" resistor and an open collector driver (or pin) there is no reason it won't work
redrabbitRST to up > hangs on upload
pwillardup with what?
redrabbitHIGH on RST > no way to upload
redrabbitanyway the watchdog seems to do the job
pwillardI didn't say signal pin HIGH... I said pullup resistor
redrabbitok, i'll try maybe
redrabbitthere is no reason it won't work, but did you tried it :p
redrabbithow would that be different
pwillardand you need to control it with something that WONT hold it high... like a transistor with open drain or collector
redrabbitsound same as the pin with open drain or collector
pwillardif you have one
redrabbitwell, i solved the issue with the watchdog, but you may be right
redrabbitonly a real life test could set that in stone though
pwillardwell, I'm all for trusting the results of your own experiments... but can also put a little trust in 40 Years of experience.
redrabbitif ((barWO != barW) || (now - lastBar > 5000)) {
redrabbitsomehow the (now - lastBar > 5000) part seems to be always valid
redrabbiti dont get what is wrong, i have long now = millis(); before and lastBar = now; after
MikasaAkermananyone online ?
GeDaMoHi MikasaAkerman :)
SomeTdoes anyone know if on the new macbook, I want to plug a usb adaptor into the usb c port, will plugging two arduinos into the usb adaptor over power it at all?
SomeTa usb can handle 500mA usually
SomeTactive mode of arduino is 0.2mA
SomeTso I should be fine?
SomeTbut the usb c though?
blathijsSomeT: Uh, a running Arduino Uno takes something like 40-60mA IIRC, not 0.2mA
blathijsSomeT: (a bare 328p at lower voltage and clockspeeds might end up at 0.2mA though)
DatzSomeT: I think you may mean a usb 3.0 port?
Datzunless you have a type C connector to usb B male
DatzUSB 3.0, is rated for.. at least 1A
Datzyou could run a small community of arduinos on one port
Datzif that's what you're worried about
SomeTsorted it anyway
kihishi. has anyone used this with arduino:
deshipuno, nobody, ever
pwillard6800 8-bit Parallel , 8080 8-bit Parallel , 3-Wire Serial SPI, 4-Wire Serial SPI AND ST7586 should be all you need to know...
kihisi was just wondering if someone already have a working library for ST7586 :)
pwillardFolks... this ->>> # <<<- is a "number or number sign", or a Pound or Pound Sign or... a hash (probably due to being a crosshatch shape) or a cross or in music... it's a "sharp" but there is only 1 place it is called a "hastag" and it is NEVER called HASHTAG when used to mark a COMMENT line in Python. <rant over><rant>
pwillardreading code comments and lost it.
DatzI bet
DatzHopefully someone thought they were being clever
Datzor unique, or something
Lizards|Workit's called a hashbrown
GeDaMoI quite like "octothorpe" :P
Lizards|Workit's a good proper name
Lizards|Workconfuses the hell out of people who only know it as a hashtag or pound sign
deskwizardI'm gonna start using slosh whenever possible.
deskwizardthen again, not going to happen often which is a bit disapointing
pwillardI drive my arduino's (when using a PI) with python or perl... a place where # reigns
Lizards|Workhashbrowns reign supreme
pwillardUnless they were like the ones I got 2 days ago where the wako lady at Mcd's burned the oil.
Lizards|Worki miss potatoes and potato products
Lizards|Workstupid low-carb lifestyle had me abandon starches
pwillardsame here... I allow myself hashbrowns one morning every 2 weeks
Snert_taters is good.
Lizards|Workyeah i'm thinking i'll roll to "friday is life" day after i hit my target weight
Datzonly when you include oil
DatzSo, I'm looking for a transistor to replace a 2n3906 for greater current capability. Do these seem like they'd be a pretty close to drop in replacement?
DatzInstead of using a n23904 and 2n3906, I'd like to use a 2n2222 and.. maybe this
DatzFor those of you who don't go to seemingly random urls.. it's a PZT4403,115/1727-3129-1-ND/1015281
deskwizarddeshipu: I'm sorry to ask and fully aware of how ridiculous this is but iirc you're the one that told me I should be able to do that in #esp8266 ... but I dont remember what my question was lol
deskwizardor anyone that has logs from yesterday or the day before
deskwizardfrom there from*
deshipudeskwizard: not sure what you mean?
deshipudeskwizard: do what?
deskwizarddeshipu: that the thing I don't remember lol nvm if it doesnt ring a bell, my own damn fault
deshipudeskwizard: sorry, I have very poor memory myself
deshipudeskwizard: I'm sure you will remember when you stumble upon the same problem again
Mikeeewhen an interrupt is set to occur while a pin is low, does it enter and remain in that function until the pin is no longer low?
SnertI believe it's an edge-triggered thing. it just triggers when the level changes and notes that it occured. how long it's low doesn't really count.
Mikeeebut theres a separate parameter for edges
blathijsMikeee: If you say "LOW", then it will just continue to trigger the interrupt over and over again until the pin is no longer low
blathijsMikeee: It doesn't "stay in" the function, but does run it again. I think that between subsequent interrupt calls, the main loop gets 1 instruction executed.
TheHexaCubemeh, do you people know a good read on 'how to power/control a dc motor the right way' ?
TheHexaCubethere seems to be a LOT of things to consider... or is the electrical noise people talk about not really an issue for arduino stuff?
TheHexaCubethen again, noise sounds always bad
deshipuTheHexaCube: just use a motor driver?
deshipuTheHexaCube: filter capacitors should smooth out the noise
TheHexaCubewell... I'd like to do it on my own board, h bridge... but i am reading about things like back emf and general (rf?) noise
TheHexaCubesounds all super bad when I read about that :(
deshipuTheHexaCube: well, sure, a diode and a capacitor across the motor
deshipuwait, you can't have a diode there if it's supposed to go both ways
ApocxI generally just use a mosfet/transistor + flyback diode and maybe a cap. never had issues. but I also don't need reverse movement
deshipubut your h-bridge should handle the backcurrent
TheHexaCuberight, apparently the h bridge i'm looking at does have flyback diodes (i think that's the correct term, right?)
deshipubecause the backcurrent gets generated when the motor works as a flywheel
TheHexaCubealso, is back current the same es EMF?
TheHexaCubeor is that voltage?
deshipuso strictly speaking, it's not EMF
deshipuit's the electricity generated by the motor still spinning
Apocxjust use a driver board and don't worry about it :P
TheHexaCubeApocx: well that way I don't learn from it :(
Apocxfair enough
TheHexaCubei wonder if i'll learn that kinda stuff "from the bottom up" in my apprenticeship
TheHexaCubethat'd be nice
pwillard"electrical noise" is very related to the quality of the motor
TheHexaCubepwillard: well, let's say it's about the cheapest chinese motor I could find :
TheHexaCube* :P
deshipuand to the wear of the comutator
pwillardit will be noisy as f*ck
TheHexaCubeI only really need a way to move a slide back and forth
deshipualso, if you drive it with voltage it wasn't made for
TheHexaCubebut it's rather heavy and a long-ish distance
TheHexaCube20cm about, so I doubt I could achieve something with a servo and gearing
TheHexaCubemaybe I'll just use a stepper after all, but I'd *like* to get it working nicely with a dc motor
MikeeeIf you want something linear with a 20cm travel, you could just use a gear rail paired with an encoder strip
Mikeeeor more easily, a slide potentiometer
TheHexaCubeMikeee: right but I still need a motor?
TheHexaCubecurrent idea is to use a DC motor and two limit switches
TheHexaCubeand GT2 belt
Mikeeeoh so you don't care at all about precision beyond the two points?
TheHexaCubeno, precision is irrelecant
TheHexaCubei just need back - forth
TheHexaCubeover 200mm?
TheHexaCubearen't those just for small movements?
TheHexaCubegimme a sec I'll show you what I need it for
TheHexaCubeit's a wiper for a fluid
TheHexaCubeit needs to travel 200mm, once back and forth, every 30 seconds or so
TheHexaCubeit'd have attached that metal sheet (somehow :P) to a belt, and run that belt around a motor and pulled
TheHexaCubehave it hit an endstop on each side to know when it reached the end (duh)
MikeeeSorta look slike a SLS setup
MikeeeWhat sort of speeds?
TheHexaCubehmm.... maybe 1-2 seconds for each direction
TheHexaCubeSLA to be more exact
MikeeeLead screws are cheap
TheHexaCuberight, but I highly doubt I can get 200mm/s out of a leadscrew... maybe I'm underestimating the motors though
TheHexaCubeanyways, the mechanism isn't the issue
TheHexaCubemore like how to properly (and safely) drive a dc motor
MikeeeYou'd have to generate an equation for the acceleration and deceleration of the motor and associated gantry
Mikeeethe more variables you measure the easier it becomes
Mikeeeso an encoder strip and optical endstops would make it super easy
TheHexaCubedon't get me wrong, that's also not what I was asking :P
TheHexaCubethe electrical side of things is hard to me
TheHexaCubeas in, how to make sure I won't have too much noise that screws the logic ICs and whatnot
MikeeeAn H bridge
Mikeeeuse an optical isolator for the digital side (most come with one anyway)
TheHexaCubeI assume I'Ll still need other passive components though, no?
TheHexaCubeor am I just overcomplicating thigns?
Mikeeepower supply to h bridge to motor.
Mikeeeh bridge controlled via a microprocessor, through an isolator