timemagesvideo, you're talking about interrupting or connecting a temperature sensor essentially, right?
timemagesvideo, it sounds like something you'd do with an analog mux with probably a buffer in front of it for the thermopile. the thermopile is going to act like a small voltage source with lots of internal resistance. typical mechanical and solid state relays aren't going to like either of those things much.
svideotimemage yeah i'm finding that might be the case
timemagesvideo, that sensor has also been important safety-wise. something to keep in mind if you tinker with it.
svideooh it for sure is, which is why i need to keep it in-loop
svideootherwise i'd just fire 400mv at the valve directly
svideothe thermopile lives in the pilot light and controls the valve (which is NC)
svideoif the pilot light goes out, it closes the valve
svideoand does so essentially mechanically, so it's fail-safe, and i want to keep it that way
svideoso whatever i jury rig up needs to pass-through the 400mv, i don't want to supply my own voltage as i'd be bypassing the thing that is keeping it from exploding my family
svideobut.. i think an actual latching relay might work
svideomy problem was that everything i was finding on the cheap end were fake latching relays - they were all regular relays that used a powered latching circuit
svideolooks like "magnetic latching relay" is the magic search term
svideothis appears to be the thing
timemagesvideo, i guess i really don't understand what you're doing.
svideotimemage - fireplace pilot light generates electricity, there is a regular switch that interrupts that voltage before it hits the valve. that switch controls the fireplace.
svideoif the pilot light isn't burning, no voltage, so gas is closed
svideoif the switch is open, no voltage, so switch is closed
svideomeaning, the system only gets the main gas feed if it's been turned on and if the pilot light is lit
svideoi want to add a remote control to this. i think i can do that safely by adding a second switch to the path
svideochecking that datasheet it seems to hit my requirements for the switching side
svideoit can handle 400mv idle load a super low current, the 2 coil latching version allows me to select discreet on/off, and it uses no power while not being actively switched
svideonow i just need to find a low power rf receiver that can send it on/off commands
Rickta59kke: did that help?
Rickta59* streaming?
kkeRickta59: yes i think i got it to work a little but compared to how easy it is to use ArduinoJson, i decided to just go with that for now.
kkei used the PrintEx library to get GString + PrintAdapter which gives a Stream-derived .printable string buffer
stroker_arduino code for zero crossing interrupt to control other digital pins
laenMorning arduino ecosystem fans :).
wondiwshi there
Lino_3DMeisterQ: ?
pwillard<coffee time>
Flea86pwillard: Enjoy
OtakuSenpaiwhat are some open source coding programs for arduino, where i can simulate stuff?
IcePicOtakuSenpai: some, but mostly people here do not seem very impressed with simulators for arduino
IcePicmostly because the stuff around is the hard part, not the easily simulated things like AVR code execution
tobiasarduinoHi new to this is there anybody online
captainhairHowdy fellas been a long time since I've set foot in here
captainhairI'm finally giving my old, what's essentially a weather station, another shot
captainhairJust wanted to ask if offhand anyone knew if an uno and esp8226 wifi board can be used together over ic2 to allow uploading a log file of temperatures and such
IcePicor hot, depending on the weather
captainhairSo the esps role in this case is to upload a file when requested and have the Webserver do the work
captainhair*maybe* if possible have it set the rtc via an Internet time server?
IcePicyeah, sounds reasonable
zahrancaptainhair: Yeah, why not?
captainhairCheers thanks :)
captainhairOh I just found a who ole bunch of people complaining that it didn't work when I searched online
captainhairSo I was doubting my knowledge from when I first tried this project a couple of years back
captainhairBut yeah it seemed like a simple task to me. I know the esp is a capable chip that can be reprogrammed to do all sorts
captainhairBut really I just need it to do a few minor tasks. So it shouldn't be too hard on it
IcePicjust split the whole project into small bitesized sub-tasks and it will progress much better
captainhairI'm thinking of having my data logger record 20 temperature/humidity readings and if the door is open or closed. There would also be 5 buttons which when one is pressed it logs "[timestamp] button X". These would ideally be written to the sd card on the logger shield and the file uploaded to the server about every half hour. Should be a small file so I figure not too taxing
captainhairYeah I've got all my components, so my plan is to get each one running as seperate projects first, then I'll know better how to combine it all
captainhairReally esp is almost last on the list
captainhairBut I'm running low on free pins kinda, so trying to check which components I can dump on an ic2
captainhairWell I'm not low on pins exactly. But this project will be running for many years. So when it comes to the button matrix I need as many pins as I can to have a nice button matrix
captainhairWithout the range for any 2 buttons being too close together
captainhairBut yeah thanks for confirming esp is ic2, that helps a bunch I was worried it was 6 pins
captainhairIt's actually a weather station for a vivarium (snake house)
captainhairSo it's mostly weather station things, plus a door alarm
zahranWoah, nice!
captainhairThe 5 buttons are for logging when he poops/eats/sheds/etc
captainhairTheb I'm hoping my Web coding friend can turn all the data logged into a nice handy graph
captainhairWe built the vivarium from scratch about 2 yeats ago, fed up with cheap mdf and thin glass from reptile supply companies
monstisomebody around with a arduino midi controller?
monstii consider creating a expression fader / mod wheel
captainhairNot me I'm afraid
monstibut i love your #define POO 7 :)))
zahranmonsti: yeah
zahranI got a arduino midi controller
monstiwhat i know the expression / mod wheel must be assigned to a channel
zahranOk, so whats the roadblock?
monstiis there an easy way to set the channel? e.g. by a LED
monstilet me google the device that i want to simmulate
mKerndoes someone have experience with the "chinese" arduino like boards? any problems with them?
monstimKern: i buy a lot for 2e and put 2 in the trash
IcePicthey usually have odd usb2serial chips
IcePicwhich may mean you might need to DL shady drivers
IcePiccolors on the LEDs vary a lot, and of course you are not really helping the community at large by purchasing fake boards
monstizahran: https://www.scpr.org/programs/the-frame/2015/01/20/41178/interstellar-composer-hans-zimmer-says-hollywood-i/ - in this picture there is a fater (center of the image, very left of the keyboard)
zahranmonsti: I basically used LoopBe virtual midi and a program called hairless midi to convert serial into midi and send that midi to a virtual midi port
monstizahran: he uses the 2 right faders for expression + modwheel
zahranhttp://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Sensors-and-MIDI/ Somthing like that
monstizahran: that it basically
monstijust few serial commands 0x00 -> 0xEF
mKernIcePic, I'm aware of the chip340 issue which may not be an issue anyway. what do you mean by "color on the LEDS vary a lot"? regarding helping the community, as long as the boards are not using arduino trademark, they are not fake boards once arduino allowed anyone to use their design, etc. just not the trademark. and I've other genuine boards but I may need to deploy a solution in a larger scale/different locations so we're looking to keep costs do
monstizahran: MIDImessage(noteON, note, 100); <- this is on a specific channel
monstizahran: from the point of a "user interface" how do you select the channel?
zahranHm..I believe there are some options in hairless midi
dunz0rmKern: I've bought a lot of "chinese" boards, they've all worked just fine.
IcePicmKern: the pin13 and rx/tx leds can come in any random colors.
IcePicyellow,green,red,white, whatever was cheapest that day or so
dunz0rTbh, I prefer the LEDs not to be orange... looks to much like something burning when seeing it in your peripheral vision :)
zahranHehe, or red
monstizahran: i consider getting a shield with a LED / 4-8segements + buttons for a "ready to us" interface
mKernIcePic, fortunately that's something we can live with... dunz0r, thank you for your letting me know your experience
zahranmonsti: Yeah, that would make sense
monstidunz0r: even the boards that didn't work where replaced in my case - it just took weeks ;)
IcePicmKern: it could be cp2012 and so on also for serial2usb, I've seen a lot of different things there
YotsonI don't really like the painfully-bright-blue shade either. xD
dunz0rmonsti: Haven't had any dead on arrivaly fortunately :)
monstidunz0r: it makes no sense to do any mental reflection on dead damn cheep electronics -> just trash and get working device :)
IcePicboring to wait 60 days for cheap arduino then its a DOA..
monstiIcePic: 100% true - but then you are willing to pay 4e instead of 2e ;)
zahranOh, btw, just asking, If I've made a project, in which section of the forum do I post it in?
dunz0rMy experience have been 0 DOAs so far, and I have ~5 "fake" duinos.
dunz0rAnd about 3 real ones.
dunz0rI have some that I'm not sure about as well lol :D
monstithere are even clones without fuses or cheap voltage regulators - there are horror videos on youtube about that
dunz0rEh, as long as you kind of know what you're doing it's OK :)
monstibut hey sorry - my "press a button and get a 1 - 6 random number on a 7 segment LED" <- hell they work fine :)
dunz0rI used a mega clone in a robot I build a long time ago, worked great, apart from the rest of the robot lol
dunz0rSoooo many design misses on my part :D
monstiif i really need more power the 17e pi-w is far better
dunz0rNot to mention the code that could get stuck in some edge cases, causing the whole thing to just hang and stand still until you reset it.
monstiwhy get the 35e "real" arduino :)
pwillard"but then you are willing to pay 4e instead of 2e" No truer works spoken here in Arduino-land... in my opinion.
pwillardWhy buy cheap shit that barely works to same a few euro when you spend a little more and you have no issues.
monstifor "real" projects i would go with the pi zero w ;) everything is "done" wlan, usb, operating system, hdmi
pwillardand a lot of poeple do that
monstithe NASA does :)
monstiand the put living humans on top of that and press the rocket launc button
pwillardand they have had a lot of years of success and standards behind that success to prove what they are doing is a "good" way to do things,
monstiyeah they killed only a few (known) people
dunz0rI quite often start out my projects with a full-on arduino-board, but then desing my own PCB specifically for the task, since it feels silly to have USB-support and a wimpy regulator I'm not going to use
pwillardand then you can buy a pro version that comes without USB
dunz0rpwillard: Or just stick an Atmega on a PCB and use ISP to program it :)
dunz0rOr skip ISP and use a USB->TTL-adapter.
pwillardyeah... if you have a board design handy... I mean, this is how we worked with AVR's before Arduino... ;-P
ApocxI'm partial to the raspberry pi + atmega IC combo. so useful. let the atmega do all the realtime stuff and let the rpi do the heavy cpu lifting
monstipwillard: so true ;) even with serial sub-d connectors and serial 2 usb
dunz0rpwillard: Yeah, I know, my projects are usually dependant on a dedicated PCB for everything to fit properly :)
dunz0rAlso, it's kind of fun to design PCBs :D
pwillardyeah... therapeutic
dunz0rMy next project will use a pro without usb though, simply because space isn't an issue in the same way
Mrgoose-Cant figure out how to read audio buffer with this arduino, maybe its not fast enough
Mrgoose-Wil likely use two arduinos
ArduinoMasterChealguem ai que pode me ajudar
ArduinoMasterChehi i need help...
grobbeboldunz0r: asking is Don't ask to ask, just ask. See https://workaround.org/getting-help-on-irc/ for guidance on how to ask questions here
mKernArduinoMasterChe, falando em portugus provavelmente no haver muita gente, melhor falar em ingls mas qual a questo?
mKernups, he's gone
pwillardMrgoose... reading an audio stream has never been an arduino strength unless you have an arm device.
alphaferretpwillard, re casework 2 thoughts, i need mine shielded, guess i can line it with copper foil, and also need hinged top
DatzHi, is there a arduino software simulator recommended for linux?
MuntDatz : I hate em all, best option is a USB cable and an arduino last I checked.
Datzyeah, I don't have one here. Don't really need one atm. Really I think I'd only care about the serial output
DatzI don't need a picture of an arduino and a breadboard
Datzbut under your advice. I'll hold off for now.
alphaferretreal duinos are cheap enough
MuntMaybe someone else has some suggestions. Autodesk has some Arduino emulation web app.
DatzEmulino looks interesting
DatzI guess the emulators are more what I'm looking for
MuntNever tried it ... but http://www.nongnu.org/simulavr/
monstii bought a board simulator - it costed about 100$
monstiit loads ino files and simulates the circuit
Datzis there a reason to using it over hardware?
DatzOk, I can see where it might be useful
monstihttp://www.virtualbreadboard.com/ < this one
Datzoh, I saw that one in a comparison or software
dan2wikSeems boring
dan2wikWhere is the fire?
monsti$49,00 USD - it's not that much
monstithere are by sure better cicuit emulators - but with this you can really debug your code
dan2wikThere are other circuit simulators that allow step by step debugging
monstii think vbb has single step
dan2wikyou think?
monstinot installed on this PC - i'll download it and tell you
dan2wikSeems like the emulator is lacking some cpu functions, mostly todo with hardware related stuff
monstiyeah i dont care about that
monstiphotoshop also lacks of a 4D function but it's still ok for 2D
dan2wikWhy claim to emulate arduino when you can't handle things like ADC scaling or clock registers?
captainhairI *think* my project pinout is complete. And I've got one analogue and one digital pin free :) woop
deshipudan2wik: because adc scaling and registers are not part of the Arduino language
deshipudan2wik: they are different on every single arduino board
monstidan2wik: on the official nintendo NDS emulator they had no WIFI emulation
deshiputhat is, not part of the standard
dan2wikThey claim its an uno
deshipudan2wik: try an avr emulator instead
dan2wikI'm just saying, it won't be 1:1
dan2wikIt may work differently
captainhairAnyone used multiple buttons on analogue pin? I'm thinking 4 buttons per analogue pin to allow a good clear read incase the resistors get a little iffy down the line?
captainhairAlso I just read using a small 0.1uf capacitor on buttons works as a hardware debounce
captainhairBlew my tiny mind when I read how it worked, I love little tricks like that
monstidan2wik: yes there is "step into" "step over" - a single step debugger
monstidan2wik: you are right - the core is java and not a CPU emulator
svideocaptainhair what you're talking about is known as multiplexing
svideoand there's a bunch of ways to make that happen, so as you're searching keep that term in mind
captainhairAh, I have forgotten what I learnt about multiplexing so I'll look into it
svideoif all you're looking to accomplish is to give yourself a bunch of extra digital IO pins, check out I2C multiplexors
svideothey're cheap, easy to use, well tested, and can give you zillions of extra digital IOs with not much effort
captainhairOh well then, that's interesting I didn't know there was ic2 multiplexers
captainhairI had 4 free analogue pins so I was just gonna use 3 of them for the 10-12 buttons, but if there's ic2 that'd be great as I already have a whole bunch of ic2 stuff
captainhair2 lcd, data logger, rtc, esp8226 and bmp180 sensor
svideoexcellent! is this all on one project?
captainhairYup, but I'm going to do a basic project with each component seperatly first
captainhairOtherwise it'll just be a huge mess
svideowhat are you building? sounds like fun
captainhairWeather station basically, but it's actually for a vivarium (snake house)
captainhairSo it requires a few extra functions over a regular weather station
captainhairI wonder if i2c multiplexers need buttons debouncing of if they'd handle that with interactive code
svideoany snake related projects instantly get cooler with the simple addition of snakes
svideoyou'd still need to debounce the switch
captainhairYeah well, sick of poor quality shop bought vivariums we built our own from scratch a couple of years back
svideoas you noted earlier it might be as simple as a capacitor, or you can often times just do it in code with a simple latch
captainhairHonestly I really like the idea of hardware debouncing with a resistor
svideothe aquarium community has built all sorts of automation platforms on arduino (and rpi, and nearly everything else) so you might find some existing ideas out there
captainhairSo yeah we built a viv with like 4 times thicker glass and 2" foam insulation so it's a real nice setup
captainhairBut unfortunately snake products specifically temperature probes are way overpriced and poor quality
svideowell good news ali has all sorts of temperature probes that are way underpriced and poor quality
captainhairThey're basically 2 temp probes and a tiny screen for £15. She now has a huge viv so she needs about 16 probes to monitor all the zones
captainhairSo right now that's what she has using a cheap arduino knockoff and a blue 16x2 lcd
svideoi've had some good luck w/ nextion LCDs
captainhairUsing the worst code ever written. It's like 50% delay commands because I didn't know any better
svideothey're reasonably cheap and easy to interface w/ arduino/esp8266/etc
svideooh man is looking through old code an exercise in embarrassment or what
captainhairI've actually got the screens already, two 420 lcd, green negative. They're real nice and I look forward to using them
miss0rsvideo: In my case its more like 'Damn, I was THAT good once?'
captainhairOh yeah, old code is just the worst
miss0rIf you don't use it enough, you will forget it
svideoi recently made these things w/ the nextion LCDs, having a nice touchscreen makes a project instantly cool https://github.com/aderusha/HASwitchPlate
miss0rI just completed this stepper controller yesterday: http://picpaste.com/pics/IMG_20171030_185721-BqN9GBsn.1509386325.jpg
captainhairOh yeah I've pretty much forgotten everything I've learnt
svideomiss0r that thing looks well made!
captainhairWhich is why I've been popping in here asking basic questions like "does the esp8226 run over i2c?"
svideobuilding a home cnc?
captainhairOoh that's nice and solid miss0r
miss0rsvideo: no :) This is a linear stepper controller for a friend of mine, to put on a surface grinder. 2 secs, let me post you a picture of my shop here
miss0rPlease take no notice of the mess; http://picpaste.com/IMG_1317-XcSAOzYR.JPG http://picpaste.com/IMG_1313-44qxT7mF.JPG
miss0rI build small robots'n other automation stuff in here
miss0rAlso, I do alot of custom enclosures and specialized parts for people in need :]
svideoi've been working out of the tiniest home office imaginable up until a couple months ago, we just moved into a new house and after clearing my slate w/ some existing projects i'm finally able to dig in and start building my shop
miss0rNice. Every man needs a shop :]
svideoso a new dewalt dws780 arrives tomorrow
svideothen i'm getting an air compressor and nailer to start on an immediate project, hope to then spend some $$$ on a decent table saw
svideoanxious to get started!
svideomy most recent build was developing these air quality sensors for the city: https://imgur.com/a/joQvj
miss0rI get that. It has taken me 4 years for this shop to get to this point
svideohere mounted next to EPA federal reference instruments to see if they're reading anything like accurate data, or if not, if they can be massaged into doing so
svideohttp://graqm.org <- live data feed
svideochinese sensors, esp8266, lora radio, and a 3d-printed enclosure stuffed into a PVC pipe (cheap, waterproof, available everywhere)
miss0rNice! You do that for a living?
svideoweirdly, with this one project kind of yes
svideoi had built something like that for fun, ran into a guy from the city who wanted more of them, and i ran the project through my employer just because it made it easier for contracts etc
miss0rI envy that. This is an after hours shop. I'm a day time industrial electrician :)
svideoso until a couple months ago, no. now i can say... kinda yes :D
svideoi'm a daytime consultant for datacenter stuff, so it isn't at all my full-time thing
miss0rI just finished designing and building this 20' shipping container: http://picpaste.com/IMG_20171024_133319-7aW8jQVQ.jpg
svideobut... spent some time w/ our CEO today demonstrating some recent projects (including the light switch thing up above) and i think now she "gets" it. we own a design consulting company and i'm hoping to get myself shoehorned into the rapid prototyping phase for product design
svideothat's a serious installation!
miss0rWith a very small brainbox: http://picpaste.com/IMG_20171024_103549-FC0HgbS3.jpg
svideooh man that's some NSFW cable porn right there
miss0rThe thing is: that container cost ~ $175.000 us. and it will me taken out of use and discarted in 1.5 years :-/
miss0rIts just a temporary controller for a sewage pumping plant, while it is being renovated
svideothat's the best kind of work! throw it away, we'll build you another one!
miss0rWell, thats the thing. That thing is very custom made. it won't realy fit anything else, unless alot of work is to be put into it. and then it won't be new
miss0rBut yeah, sign me up for building another one. it was quite fun. And the next one will be done alot faster, as all the wiring diagrams are documented - I won't have to make them again
miss0rBut I like what you are doing. If you need something custom cnc milled or otherwise machined, let me know ;) I love the proto-typing world
miss0rI have a website: http://www.proto-design.dk/
svideoi'm working my way up to CNC. dad and i built a MPCNC wood mill which is.. let's say not machine grade but it's great for wood
svideothis winter i'm going to use that to cut some parts for this thing: https://www.vicious1.com/lowrider-cnc/
svideowhich will let me CNC cut 4'x8' sheets (std sheet size in the states)
miss0rDon't expect too much from that design. Atleast not with any noticable speed
svideoat some point i'll grow up and actually start machining metal but that's a ways off i think. i took a few classes at the local community college a couple yrs back because it seemed like fun, and it was, but i need some space and to start slow lest i do something terminally stupid
svideooh yeah, it's purely for wood (or acrylic, etc) and nothing that runs too fast. not a production machine, but it should be pretty handy in my shop
svideoi hope so anyway, because 4x8 is a damn big table in a not-damn-big shop
miss0rI hear'ya. I was given an X-Carve for free... I stiffened up the factory design. and now it does some pretty nice wood working
miss0rI made this 18" sub enclosure for my home cinema with it: http://picpaste.com/20160921_002118-6bPbtEVY.jpg
miss0rIt was somewhat slow, but it can be done
svideoif you know of anyone still handing out free x-carves you can send that to internet poster svideo, grand rapids, michigan
svideoooooohhh now we're talking!
miss0rI have a short video on google drive of it cutting one of the peices: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B51cA8Udo5i7UnVVb0ZIRWh1LUU
miss0rThat is a 1.5mm deep cut, as you can see I need to go pretty slow
svideothat was a box i built a while back using more conventional means
svideothe company that designs the amp/driver wound up publishing my design on their site: http://www.rythmikaudio.com/download/DS1501_Front_Firing_enclosure.pdf
miss0rThat is looking pretty good :)
svideooh christ that x-carve is soooo good
svideoand yeah our mpcnc don't run anywhere near that fast
miss0rthe x-carve out of the factory is not 'soooo good', it sucks actualy :]
svideowell you need to see what i'm copmaring against :D
miss0rThe problem is the length of the slideways. If they are not supported/stiffened, it will make a mess
svideothe rails here are conduit, all the steppers and controllers are from a 3d printer
svideoall braces/brackets/etc are 3d printed
miss0rThat thing is not half bad
svideoshockingly it's pretty accurate down to about 1mm or so
svideowell within range of what we need for wood anyway, inlays etc seem to work ok
miss0rthe slim design you are thinking about: i would use proper rails on the Y axis. and the X axis I would built from a plate that protrudes alot higher from the table, to add stiffness
miss0rstiffness is alpha omega in any router/mill
svideowelll... it's running on rollerblade wheels and the rail is wood
miss0ryeah :] thats what I mean
miss0rYou can actualy get some generic chinesium off ebay, that will do perfectly for that application of yours
svideothe way i figure it, i'll spend probably $600 in parts and a zillion in cussing and learn a bunch and probably dismantle thing thing for something better in a couple years
DocHopperWhat would you all suggest as a platform for a beginner's arduino based robot? Something that moves around which you can attach sensors to?
svideoDocHopper moves about how? about the room? flies around the sky? robot arm to move things?
DocHoppersvideo: Good question, low cost is preferred, but I'm open to any suggestions.
DocHopperThis is a gift for an entry level programmer.
miss0rrobot arm, absolutly then
svideoyeah that sounds about right. instantly cool and understandable and can do interesting (if not useful) things
miss0rI would've killed for one when I started coding :]
DocHoppermiss0r: The servo jointed kind? What cool simple functions can one perform?
svideogood way to learn the basics in a very physical and understandable way
DocHoppersvideo: Glad to know you think they're a cool option.
miss0rwhat svideo said, plus: its somewhat stationary. You'd get tired of chasing down a car while learning to program :)
DocHoppermiss0r: It's good for you.
DocHopperWhat first projects woulod you have done with them?
miss0ryeah. If you think excersise what said person needs, perhaps a car is the way to go (please excuse my english/spelling)
miss0rpick'n place. move stuff around. Use it to write down the time repeatably . stuff!
miss0rDocHopper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br-b1jcexJo
svideoi know for me, i learn way more if i'm scratching a particular itch. if i think i want to do a thing, i look around to see if i can do it with stuff on hand, if not, can i afford to buy something that will do it, if not, can i afford to build something taht will do that thing, then i go about doing it
svideoso i don't really have any advice on random projects to make you think, other than maybe a general-purpose kit with a bunch of parts
miss0rsvideo: I hear'ya
svideoif the target needs something a little more focused to direct their learning, then yeah something like an arm (or whatever) is a good idea i'd say
DocHopperI agree with all that stuff, and I'm glad to have your input. I myself have never found interest in a robotic arm.
DocHoppersvideo: What kind of general purpose kit are you referring to?
miss0rsvideo: I completed this a few weeks ago: its for lowering a friend of mines video projector down through the ceiling of his living room
miss0ryeah. A breadboard is needed :D
miss0rsvideo: link: http://picpaste.com/IMG_20170717_202750-bRYCKsqs.jpg
akkOur makerspace got a bunch of kits like that. They're really coming with a great selection of parts these days.
DocHoppermiss0r: Oh ya, I've already compiled all that stuff for them, I'm more concerned with the mechanical components now.
miss0ryou need a mechanical kit. Otherwise the task is impossible to complete. unless you have some ready made plans in mind already :)
svideomiss0r that looks skookum as frig, to borrow a phrase :D
miss0rI'd still go for the robot arm. it has alot of servos. you can use that is a bunch of ways
svideogot damn that has to be worth more than my projector
miss0rsvideo: safety squints, double rubber & mother on speeddial
miss0rsvideo: Well, I did it for a friend, and he brought the materials needed himself, so it doesn't realy have a pricetag on it
Muntmiss0r : Sexy piece of undercarriage there.
DocHoppermiss0r: Is there a specific "Mechanical Kit" you're referring to?
miss0rMunt: Yeah, free table space is not in excess in here :)
miss0rDocHopper: I have one in mind - I will find you a link, hang on
DocHoppermiss0r: Thanks, also, why such a beefy frame for the projector?
miss0rDocHopper: Because; why not? We have cut out a peice of his ceiling, and mounted that on the bottom of the place for the projector. So you can't realy see its there when it is in home position, unless you are realy looking
miss0rI was thinking about one like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/6DOF-Mechanical-Robotic-Arm-Clamp-Claw-Mount-Aluminium-Robot-Kit-Set-Arduino-/262679691017
DocHoppermiss0r: That's too bad, it's beautiful.
svideoyeah seems almost a shame to hide in the ceiling :D
Muntmiss0r If you don't mind indulging my curiosity ... how are the triangle sections joined on to the frame? Welded ?
miss0rDocHopper: Yeah, you can only see about 200mm of the bottom of it, when the projector is down
svideoholy crap that arm!
svideothat's cheap and rad!
DocHoppersvideo: But no servos, I wonder how cheap- I can get away with on those.
miss0rMunt: It stis in a milled recess, and is bolted from the back with 4x M4 allenheads
DocHoppermiss0r: I've seen those as well, it's good to know you think it would actually be worth it.
MuntReally nice work. Looks pornographic.
miss0rACTION takes a bow
miss0rJust write me if you need stuff like this done. I don't do this for a living, so I am very reasonably priced ;)
MuntWhat country do you live in ?
miss0r(thats why my english is somewhat sketchy)
DocHoppermiss0r: Better than most native speakers.
miss0rI'm not sure I deserve that compliment, but thanks ;)
tylneshHello. Is it possible to wire Olimex brand sensors directly to Arduino, without first going through the board?
tylneshI know it's possible and easy with Groove sensors, but can't find any mention about it on Olimex
DocHoppermiss0r: svideo: Thanks for your help and suggestions, I'm excited to post progress for everyone.
miss0rGlad to be of help
svideolooking forward to hearing how it goes!
miss0rI like this channel. people are knowledgeable and polite about it :] I'll stick around
DocHoppermiss0r: Good, I come here for everything, #programming is too snobby, #hardware is too argumentative, #electronics is always beyond my knowledge.
DocHopperalphaferret: Is that a joke, or should I connect to it?
alphaferretprotip: anything with douche-word in it is a joke
alphaferretand you spoiled my joke!!!
DocHopperalphaferret: So a douche-bag?
svideoas a consultant i spend a lot of time dealing with IT organizations around the country
svideoand i speak to a lot of nerds
MuntDocHopper : Serious as blue smoke that one.
svideoand there is a certain... let's say expectation around the sort of personalities you encounter
DocHopperMunt: Hah!
svideoit's understood that IT attracts some ... odd and occasionally combative sorts of folks
svideowhich i had thought would prepare me well, until i entered the world of electronic engineering
alphaferretlol yea
svideoand jeese louise - if you're a combative, disagreeable, knows-everything-and-makes-sure-to-point-it-out personality type
alphaferretdouchetronic engineers outdouche it people by a long shot
svideosomething about EE attracts it like flies
svideooh for sure
Muntbeen meeting some strong douche in #design
Muntsubjective subject area, inflated egos ... what can go wrong.
tylneshSooo.. anyone? :)
miss0rdon't forget about webdesigners
miss0ri've run into a few that could use LART action
svideoall in all though, i try not to let abrasive personalities get in the way. if someone is smart, and they're a huge jerk, chances are i can still learn from them if i approach it right
alphaferretthere are very few channels where you don't pay for 'free' info by taking abuse
svideomy local makerspace though? they're the reason i have a lot of tools at home. i can't share a shop with those people no matter how hard i try.
alphaferretlol paint me a picture
svideowell there's a turbosperg that started the whole thing, and he has a group of followers that worship his presence, because that's all he tolerates
DocHoppersvideo: You must be able to learn a ton from him. ^_^
svideoand a substantial fraction of those people all live in the same house together, as none of them have any hope of meaningful relationships in the conventional sense
alphaferretjust learned that word tonight
svideoyeah, that would be the correct term to apply here.
svideothing is there are a handful of the rank-and-file who are nice people, just a little socially inept
svideoand some of them are crazy smart
svideobut... i'm not keen on boot lickin' and they aren' quite smart enough for me to engage them at the level for the chance to learn a few things
svideoso home shop and youtube it is (and the local community college!)
miss0rI wish we have makersspace here in Denmark. I've had to learn everything from youtube.
MuntThe local hacker space folks were a breath of fresh air. Face to face, when not separated by miles of copper and light people tend to be a lot nicer. In here is the nicest crowd I've seen so far in recent years.
svideothat sounds really nice
miss0rAlso, I don't get too much lip from people usualy. that comes with being a 220pounds 6'2 with a bald head and a beard.
svideothere's another space here with actual nice people, but they're mostly programmers with 2 3d printers and basic hand tools without much idea of how to use them
filadomecan some check my arduboy-clone PCB design?
alphaferretjust be careful in denmark of taking joyrides on submarines and coming back in pieces
miss0ralphaferret: yeah. thats a crazy story :] On a non-related note - theres soon to be an auction where you can buy a small private submarine here in Denmark :P
Muntfiladome : Whats the story with ht POT ?
Muntor am i just mentally ill ... likely.
filadomeMunt, it's a variable resistor
filadomevolume control
alphaferreti am not looking forward to my 15th reflow of these qfn's... carry on
Muntfiladome : cool, i'll keep quiet :D
filadomei'm trying to decide whether to place the order or look for mistakes
baldengineerfiladome you should be using ground planes
filadomebaldengineer, it added a bunch of vias
baldengineerfiladome so?
filadomei was trying to leave out the vias so i could PCB mill it if needed
baldengineerif you're milling then holes are even easier to create
filadomewhat's the benefit of a ground plane?
baldengineeryou need good ground planes when you're using a microcontroller or microprocessor
baldengineerthey reduce the path or loop to ground
alphaferretlower inductance
baldengineermuch lower
filadomeok, that's easy to add. i had it at first but didn't want to make the board more complicated
baldengineeradding planes also makes etching far easier because you aren't throwing away a huge amount of copper
baldengineerpower and ground planes simplify a board
MuntI find ground planes make it more simple to route.
baldengineerthat's like saying "I didn't want to add an LED because I wanted the board to have lights"
fropquestion: what should I use to "draw" my arduiono-schematics? fritzing?
alphaferretdoesn't the cost go up substantially when fabricating having lots of plane layers
svideoi've never used eagle but i know in kicad things get a lot easier if you have vcc/gnd planes as you wind up being able to skip creating and routing a fair number of traces
baldengineeralphaferret more layers always adds cost. but you don't have to add an entire layer for a plane
Muntfrop : pen and paper then kicad/eagle imo
baldengineerfrop https://www.baldengineer.com/five-ways-to-make-a-schematic-quickly.html
fropyou're bald. Why sholuld I listen to you?
filadomei liked this Eagle tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4DYztYB6d4
fropalso, no beard :P
miss0rTheres nothing wrong with being bald! :)
fropsure, but no beard?
miss0rI compensate with a quite substantial beard
fropalrighy then. Looks like you agree about eagle/kicad...so...I will try those out
baldengineerI need to update it, since I wrote it, I've switched entirely to KiCad
svideoi went through this series of kicad tutorials on youtube and it was just great: https://contextualelectronics.com/courses/getting-to-blinky/
svideotold me everything i needed to get up and running starting from nothing
alphaferretcontext is everything
filadomemaybe i should add a open source hardware logo
svideoall the cool kids are doing it :D
filadomemy design calls for mounting female header pins on the back for the arduino micro
filadomethat's why the part is reverse
DocHoppersvideo and miss0r: What servos would you use for one of those arms? Do you think I'll really need a ton of power?
svideoDocHopper i have no idea - i don't really deal w/ servos at all
malinusDocHopper: just just need to know the torque and speed you want. And then find that on hobbyking or w/e
malinusalso size
DocHoppermalinus: I have no idea what I'll want, I imagine cheaper is best and I can upgrade if needed. I think ebay straight from china will be much better for me that the hobby king premiums.
tylneshHello. Is it possible to wire Olimex brand sensors directly to Arduino, without first going through the board?
Munttylnesh : Which one
Muntand what the board your planning not to go through ?
Vike91meanwhile on another channel (#reprap): "<|Jeroen|> arduino is depricated :p"
svideoi fully agree with that statement
svideothe avr is long in the tooth and lack of network is now nearly unacceptable
svideoi consider the esp8266 to be the natural successor
Muntarduino isn;t just hardware though.
svideounderstood, and the arduino ecosystem is why i like the esp so much
ugniusis this channel just for IDE sotware? I need help with simple wiring of digispark, please point me in the right direction...
svideothe ide isn't good, but it's free and widely available and OMG the libraries
malinus"hobby king premiums" I had a chuckle :P
svideougnius if you have a specific question, ask it and maybe someone can help you!
DocHoppermalinus: $0.86 for a micro servo on ebay direct. Make hobby king look like a permium.
MuntI'm very grateful for the wiring/arduino framework ... if thats the correct terminology.
malinusMunt: sure is great to use 100cycles to toggle GPIO!
DocHopperugnius: Digispark/stump are arduino clones, so we should be able to answer.
MuntACTION 's gratitude is unwavered
svideoa common complaint, and one that i understand, but if you want hardware access at the bit-banging level, then obviously arduino isn't for your use case
svideoif you want to knock something together quickly to test out ideas, it's really hard to beat the arduino ecosystem
ugniusI want to connect switch with 10K pull-up (built in to KY-040 rotary encoder) to Digispark pin 1 (which has led on it), but it does not work, what should I do?
malinussvideo: why not? Arduino still has a ton of libraries, and nothing is stopping me from accessing the registers? It's still just avr-gcc, but with additional libraries.
svideook then sure, nothing is stopping you
ugniusAll I've figured out that LED interferes somehow. If I connect the switch to pin 0 or 2 - presses register. If I use pin 5, digispark resets.
ugniusIcePic: regaining pin 5 would help, can I use another digispark to reprogramm (I haven't got any full size arduinos)
guglicaphey, can anyone have a look at a sketch I wrote which is not working?
Muntguglicap Explain what your trying to do, what's not working, any errors you receive and upload the code well formatted to a pastebin online. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JyH2TSO53U
guglicapalright, so I basically have an arduino setup as a server. It also has a relay attached to it and listens for request on a given endpoint. What it expects from the client is its MAC address, and if given MAC address is found in the Arduino EEPROM it triggers the relay. The bit that is not working is the one that should trigger the relay, I know it's not a relay issue because I also tried with a led and a
guglicapmultimeter. It's as if digitalWrite never gets called. Here's the code: https://pastebin.com/ZRV8UYKB
guglicaplines 82-104 are the code related to that
guglicapI'm using the Webduino library
methuzlayou tried with a led/mutimeter using same code?
guglicapwell, yeah I tested wheter the pin was being triggered
methuzlaso digitalWrite must be getting called
guglicapwhether* also I tried with another pin and it still didn't work
methuzlaare you sure you've interfaced to the relay correctly?
guglicapno, because the led never turned off
methuzlaso the led test proved that digitalWrite doesn't get called? (as expected at least)
guglicapyeah. I tried manually moving the input of the relay to gnd (which is what digitalWrite low should be doing) and the relay works
guglicapyeah. At least I think so
guglicapalso, digitalWrite works in the loop() function
methuzlain a different sketch?
guglicapso I tried setting a global variable to true in the "handler" code, checking that variable after processConnection, trigger the pin if true, and set the variable back to false
guglicapno, same sketch
guglicapand the variable thing didn't work
methuzlathere is no digitalWrite in loop()
guglicapyeah I removed it because it didn't work. it was just one of the test I did to try figure this thing out
guglicapthe code as it is right now is the first version which used to work
guglicapthen power went down and it's not working anymore
methuzla"digitalWrite works in the loop() function" <-- ? --> "I removed it because it didn't work"
methuzlait worked in loop() or didn't work in loop?
guglicapwait, I'll edit the sketch to show you what I mean
methuzlaor just try a dedicated simple test sketch
methuzlaloop() { digitalWrite(rePin, LOW); delay(500); digitalWrite(rePin, HIGH); delay(500); }
guglicaphere is the modified sketch with a bit of comments https://pastebin.com/3HxtgRgY
guglicapI stripped out the irrelevant parts
methuzlaare you sure open() is being called?
guglicapyes because the clients are receiving the 200 OK response from line 52
methuzlawhat do LOW and HIGH correspond to on your hardware? OFF and ON?
guglicapHIGH is the default relay state, when you set LOW it triggers it. at least it should, but it doesn't work...
guglicapI also tried switching LOW and HIGH in a desperate attempt but it's not the issue
methuzlayou don't have a delay after the set to HIGH, so the HIGH state will only exist for a near zero period of time
methuzlaneed one after line 87
methuzlaor 94
methuzlaor 57
guglicapyeah but that's not the issue really, since it should set to LOW and wait 300ms anyway
guglicapbut it doesn't
methuzla"when you set LOW it triggers it. at least it should, but it doesn't work..."
methuzlastill confused then
methuzlayou say it does work, line 84
guglicapyeah so, it works if you do it directly from the loop() function
guglicapbut that's just for testing purposes, it's not what the actual code would look like. since this is being used to open my garage door, I don't want it to open/close every 300ms
guglicapthe problem is that the program behaves as if lines 54-61 never get called
guglicapbut I know for sure line 52 doe
methuzlabased on getting 200s
methuzlajust for kicks, add another serial.print after server.httpSuccess();
methuzlathat says "open garage door here" or something
methuzladoes that print?
guglicapoh, I forgot to mention that I'm programming it using Arduino ISP so no Serial.print
guglicapthey're left-overs from a previous version
guglicapsorry about that
methuzlatry putting server.httpSuccess(); after the digitalWrite
methuzlaput 52 after 57
methuzlaor quit
guglicapmethuzla sorry pc crashed, are you still having a look? thanks anyway
methuzlatry putting server.httpSuccess(); after the digitalWrite, put 52 after 57
methuzlalook for a 300ms delay in 200 response
guglicapI already tried, didn't work
methuzlasaw delay though?
guglicaplike the delay was there
guglicapbut the digitalWrite didn't do anything
methuzlai'm out of ideas. is ISP your only option? a serial monitor would really help...
guglicapI have a Arduino nano which I was able to use as a UART to USB for a nfc reader, by connecting the reset pin to ground
guglicapit worked fine for the nfc reader but it doesn't on the arduino
guglicapI guess Serial would work with that since there's no software involved, it's just using the Nano FT USB to Serial chip
guglicapI gtg now, thanks for the help @methuzla
methuzlagood look. i don't see anything obvious.
methuzlabut also haven't used that lib (webserver)
filadomecan someone take a look at my gerber files and tell me if there's sometime wrong
filadomeSeeed Fusion preview never completes
TheHexaCubehey folks
TheHexaCubeI've found something interesting that I can't seem to explain by using google
TheHexaCubesoo, LED datasheets have a given forward voltage at a current (like 1.2V @ 20mA for the LED i'm looking at)
TheHexaCubethe falstad circuit simulator however needs to be given a forward voltage at 1A
TheHexaCubeif I enter 1.2V at 1A and limit the current to 20mA, the voltage drop across the led is less than 1.2V however, and I can't seem to figure out why and how to calculate the actual voltage drop
TheHexaCubeso if Vf at 20mA is 1.2V, how much would it be at 1A, so I can use the correct value in the falstad simulator?
miasmayo, a stupid question but why does arduino ide recompile when sending already compiled stuff to device?
LordCrcTheHexaCube: the difference shouldn't be large
LordCrcTheHexaCube: in my case it's like 8.81 V vs 8.9 V for 150mA and 900 mA respectively
LordCrc(i entered 9V for 1A)
TheHexaCuberight, but where does the difference come from?
TheHexaCubeand more interestingly, is there a way to calculate that difference if given one point (eg. Vf at 20mA or 1A, can I calculate Vf at the other voltage?)
DatzFrom #hardware too: I'm seening some strange activity from some temperature sensors (DS18b20) I have them in the same location, but one it seems is lagging the other. They are polled one minute apart, and I can't figure out why they are behaving like this: https://pasteboard.co/GRo3cfJ.png
LordCrcTheHexaCube: no expert, but surely part of it is ohmic resistance
LordCrcTheHexaCube: guess one could have a look at the falstad code to see what it's doing
LordCrcDatz: "same location" as in literally next to each other or?
DatzLordCrc: they are actually taped together
Datzright now I'm averaging them, but it just seems like one is laggy
Datzbecause I have another at another location about two miles away, and it corresponds to the first sensor better
miasmayou mean the one you are reading after the first gives the result later?
Datzmiasma: yes, a minute later or so
Datzthey poll once an hour
Datzsay one at 10:00 and one at 10:01
LordCrcTheHexaCube: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shockley_diode_equation
LordCrcTheHexaCube: checked the code, it uses this
LordCrcDatz: are they touching anything?
DatzLordCrc: just air
Datzyeah, I'm stumped too
Datzthey're like dead on, but apart by time
Datzit would seem
LordCrcDatz: do you have the raw ic's, or the ones housed by a metal cylinder?
miketheguyhey guys u just got a peripheral to a money counting mashine that displays the number of bills counted using 3 7 segment displays and a tm1616 ive been able to create a arduino sketch that uses stb,slk,and din to display numbers onto the display but im wondering if there is a way to use the arduino by plugging it into the money counting machine and read the signal and decode what number it is saying number wise to be used in fur
DatzLordCrc: the ones housed by metal cylinders
LordCrcDatz: hmm well sounds like maybe one is not in as good contact with the metal as the other
Datz"high temp" vs "water proof" as per the china ebay salesman
DatzLordCrc: yeah, that must be it
LordCrcor has more epoxy or whatever they use to seal them with between the sensor and the metal wall
DatzI guess oen is just faulty
Datzor.. delayed
Datzthat's what I was thinking too
LordCrcwell, if one is very close to the wall and one is more centered, then that's exactly the kind of behavior i'd expect
LordCrcso sounds more like typical china quality control :P
Datzfor the sake of these tests, they are in exactly the same environment
Datzyeah, it has to be the sensor
DatzI wrote a script to average them, but I think one is just bad
Datzso I'll just use the "good one"
Datzwell, thanks for ..confirming or validating my suspicion.
LordCrcDatz: you could sample say every 10 seconds and then run an cross correlation routine on the two to find the delay
LordCrcDatz: with the delay in hand you could time the sampling of the two so that they match
LordCrcthis assumes the delay is a constant factor, which it would be if it's due to the epoxy/whatever
Datzthat's a thought
DatzI'll probably buy another sensor
LordCrcthey're not exactly expensive so yeah, just get a few and find two which match the best?
Datzbuy a few more and see which ones respond the fastest. or most similar to the others, I suppose
miketheguyi guess a better way to state my question is there a way to have a arduino read a Serial interface (CLK, STB, DIN) as a slave device
svideoserial is a two-way thing
svideoso it sends and receives on the TX/RX pins you define, Serial.Read/etc will read input
svideomind you the RS-232 spec allows for a pretty wide range of voltages, so make sure your arduino device is able to accept whatever voltage your device is sending
miketheguyi will be simulating this device http://www.datasheetspdf.com/PDF/TM1616/823101/14
svideothat doesn't really change my answer. you ahve a certain model arduino. you have some device you are using to send rs-232
svideoyou can just plug them together and see if smoke escapes, or you can check ahead of time to make sure things are cool
svideoin either event, serial is two way, sending and recieve. the hardware UARTs and SoftwareSerial work both directions, check into Serial.Read() and it's associated methods
miketheguyit doesnt seem to use serial.read it uses a series of digitalwrites here is what makes a the numbers display https://pastebin.com/Ceb02cyZ
miketheguymaybe that would give it more insight i havent used a serial communication like this before that uses a external clock and strobe