potato23hello gentleman
potato23I am using a rotary encoder in a project and I am facing a few challenges. Anyone that has worked with it before?
Snert_ask away I'm sure someone has
carl0s-Any ideas why Serial.read() is returning 0 when there's nothing even physically connected? This was previously working.. I can't see what's changed.
potato23I have a code that basically enable the rotary encoder to select numbers through a counter variable. With rotated clock-wise it will increase by 1, counter clock-wise it will decrease by 1. Whenever I move the detent instead of adding or subtracting 1, it adds 2 our subtracts. Here's the code: https://pastebin.com/iehnGeiu
carl0s-potato23, you're sure the encoder doesn't go 'off/on' for each move?
carl0s-try debugging by printing the digitalRead for the pin over a continuous loop
carl0s-I literally have nothing connected to the RX pin, yet Serial1.available() = 163 ?!? after power on
timemagecarl0s-, show the code i guess.
carl0s-timemage.. one sec.
timemagecarl0s-, are you sending to it from the serial monitor or something else?
carl0s-it's receiving via uart through a kline transciever. but even when I disconnect that, serial1.available still gives some data..
carl0s-the code is getting quite big now
carl0s-timemage, lines 51 onwards. the packet.fmt it's getting 0 when it should be getting -1 if disconnected. https://pastebin.com/egjdTzeY
carl0s-(line 62 in particular)
kaoshavocnot a lot oing on tonight eh
carl0s-timemage, that line 67 is supposed to say if (packet.fmt < 0), but I have temporarily changed it to <= 0 due to the presense of this phantom 0 in the uart rx
timemagecarl0s-, if your 61-63 loops times out the last stored value in fmt is -1. line 67 makes any <= 0 value 0
carl0s-yeah see above..
timemagecarl0s-, so line 76 says got fmt 0 on timeout, not just actually receiving code 0
carl0s-yeah but it should never be 0. it should be -1
timemagecarl0s-, what i see above sounds like you're not actually showing me the code that you're talking about.
carl0s-if (packet.fmt < 0) {Serial.println("Didn't get Fmt byte\n"); packet.fmt = 0; GotPacket = 0; ECUConnected = 0; kwp_status = CLEAR;
carl0s-(I have temporarily modified that to <=0) in the paste.. just now.. because of this problem. Serial.read() should be returning -1 when ECU is disconnected
timemagecarl0s-, if it's 0, it stays 0. if it's < 0, becomes 0. by the time you get to if (packet.fmt == 0x0) { the distinction is lost.
timemagecarl0s-, if that doesn't make sense i'm probably not understanding the problem.
carl0s-ok here it is without that temporary workaround. I don't like the workaround because 0x0 might be a valid first byte. https://pastebin.com/qPUcM82u
carl0s-I have nothing physically plugged in to the RX pin of Serial1. So it should set ECUConnected = 0 and return
carl0s-but the Serial.read() is returning 0 so this doesn't happen.
timemagecarl0s-, you're saying line 71 print 0 and line 76 executes. is that correct?
carl0s-oh yeah
timemagecarl0s-, maybe then?
carl0s-yeah they do. let me just re-run it though to be 100% sure
kaoshavochey timemage, how have you been ?
carl0s-yes. here is the output: https://pastebin.com/692yuu21
carl0s-(the random data is OK.. I haven't initialised the variables.. but it shouldn't be getting this far.. it should be saying "didn't get fmt byte")
pwillardI did say the timeout with the stream classes would suck a while back
carl0s-but this is coming from serial.read() returning 0 (it should be -1 for no data), and also serial.available() is returning 163. Actually they are all Serial1 as that is my uart. Serial is my usb console.
carl0s-it's not readBytes causing the problem I don't think
carl0s-it may be an artifact of me disabling the RX part of the uart and re-enabling. I may implement a Serial.read() after every serial.write, like the spec says you are supposed to (for collision detection).
pwillardI always resort to writing my own parsers... so I know exactly whats going on
carl0s-it was OK previously though. i've obviously buggered something up during relocation into various functions etc.
pwillardSending/receiving data takes time... processing in the uart takes time jumping into and out of functions take time... screwed no matter what
timemagecarl0s-, okay. i'm not finding anything to suggest that you aren't actually receiving a 0x00
carl0s-haha I know right.. but it's physically unplugged!
timemagecarl0s-, i don't know whether or not software serial uses the internal pullup. you might want to add your own and see what if any difference that makes.
carl0s-i have both tx, rx, gnd, and +3.3v power (that goes to the uart -> kline transciver chip) unplugged now
carl0s-oh fuck
timemagecarl0s-, it's possible you're just receiving noise and eventually you get a zero.
timemagecarl0s-, if your software serial rx is a 3.3v signal, use your own pullup to the 3.3v vcc of whatever device is sending the data.
timemagecarl0s-, well, i guess it depends on where the disconnect happens.
carl0s-you're gonna love this. i think i see the problem
timemagecarl0s-, you could pull it weakly to the arduino's 3.3v regulator i suppose.
carl0s-does this, by any chance, pull rx to ground? : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ho2tr7gm3XqTn6rvGOFrcU0_0_yLoHuz/view?usp=sharing
carl0s-I can never
timemagecarl0s-, it doesn't look like the beardboard is doing anything really there except acting as a base.
carl0s-remember which way the tracks run
carl0s-is F a long bus?
timemagecarl0s-, i would guess 1x6 connection points
timemagecarl0s-, i doubt it. you can put your meter in ohms mode and find out. or peel off the backing and look. or maybe hold it up to a very strong light.
carl0s-oh yeah of course it doesn't short long ways.. so it's not that then.
timemagecarl0s-, so this the device you're running software serial on?
carl0s-yeah. it's hardware serial though. Sercom thingies
timemagecarl0s-, okay. take whatever the rx pin is and connect it to 3.3v via something like 10k.
timemagecarl0s-, if the problem goes away that may be all it is.
carl0s-ok. i will try it. it's currently working again properly.. at this very moment. but it'll go funny again no doubt
carl0s-thanks :)
timemagecarl0s-, well, put your hand next to the rx pin.
timemagecarl0s-, if that doens't do it, put your other on something electrically noisy.
carl0s-yeah. it's behaving again now which is weird.
pwillardnot really
carl0s-I better go bed. was 5am again yesterdya and my head is starting to hurt in the daytimes
carl0s-I do have a fan heater blowing in its vicinity
timemagecarl0s-, well, expect the problem to return.
carl0s-I know. I will try the resistor tomorrow or the weekend if I don't get to get back on it tomorrow
carl0s-maybe the scope will show something too
carl0s-CAN Bus next ! :D
HrdwrBoBcan bus is awesome
carl0s-i have about 3 spare bmw bike ECUs here and with K-Line I am only able to get 8 - 10Hz data feed. although that's a lot of data (63 different data bytes in one request, a load more in another). but I'm sort of hoping that it'll speak KWP2000 over can bus. I'm almost certain the ECU has CAN bus, but it's not on the diagnostic connector.
carl0s-(for my datalogger project... a combination of a Zeitronix wideband AFR logger + ECU stuff for fuel trims, open loop/closed loop status, etc.
Snertthere may be even be 2 canbusses. Tonton81 knows more about that.
Snertone for dsah display parameters and 1 for core engine stuff that never gets touched.
carl0s-i have heard of some vehicles having high speed and low speed can bus, one for body control stuff, other for ecu -> transmission or whatever. Ths is a 2009 motorbike though so i'm not expecting too much. the ecu is very common mpc5xx based thing though with 2mb flash and BDM port etc.
carl0s-i bought a lawicel can-usb thing about 6 years ago so i'll probably start with that first I think.
Snertsounds like huge fun though
carl0s-i'm learning a lot :D
carl0s-not sleeping much :-/
carl0s-it's winter here and I have the bike up against the conservatory window with a long flat OBD cable coming into the house.. while I do 12 hr sessions of learning arduino stuff and KWP stuff :D
carl0s-anyway night and thanks for all the help
jmasseoanybody tried mongoose os on the ESP?
ivanskiecan someone help port this from ESP8266 to ESP32 please? https://github.com/kalanda/esp8266-sniffer/blob/master/src/main.ino
jmasseodid the wifi api change?
jmasseoi have not tried the esp32 yet
ivanskiewell wifi_set_channel is now different.
ivanskieand i don't know what os_timer_t is
timemageivanskie, https://github.com/espressif/ESP8266_RTOS_SDK/blob/master/include/espressif/esp_timer.h#L35 seems to be a linked list used to store callback functions and user args for them.
timemagehttps://github.com/espressif/ESP31_RTOS_SDK/blob/master/include/esp_timer.h#L37 seems mostly unchanged.
ivanskiei think i figured it out
ivanskiejust that part anyway
ivanskiethere's now two channels when you do esp_wifi_get_channel
ivanskieone from 20 and the other from 40 ht
ivanskieman working on this stuff when you have kids is almost impossible.
ivanskiei have to hide my oscilloscope in the bedroom. lock my tools and 'lab' stuff like soldering iron, arduino, esp, chips.. into a big box and put lock on it.
ivanskiemy 3yr son will otherwise get in, and if i leave it, next morning it will be parted out and spread around the house
miupivanskie: or he build over night a world-overtaking robot, none of both possibilities are desirable
ivanskiethat would explain where the missing parts went
miupoh, he secretly begun his work? :P
miupanyhow, I have a small question my self about driving a mosfet directly from an atmega328 (later I will use a attiny85): I currently drive the mosfet (IRLZ44n) with a 330 Ohm gate resistor at ~32kHz PWM (had some noises with the stock ~500Hz PWM). The load (LED lights) draws around 2A at 12V. Is that safe? from a slew rate point of view? As far as I can tell, the mosfet don't warm up but I didn't tested it
miupextensively in the lower end of the duty cicle... And what about EMI? I don't think I have to worry about it with a gate resistor that high but I never dealt with EMI so I don't now :/
miupi know, a mosfet driver would be nice, but I don't have one on hand atm :/
miupit's for a light wake up alarm, if anyone wonders ;)
miup(they are around 100-200$, so why not use existing lights and connect them to my homeserver who also controls my Soundsystem? :P)
tawrmiup: should be fine
tawrmiup: it's a logic level mosfet, 380ohms is kind of high though, why such a high gate resistor?
miupjust to be safe I think?
miupwhat was the max current draw/sink on the atmega chips again?
tawryeah 20ma
tawrbtw, the math for how much current it can possibly draw is gate capacitance over rise time (on the datasheet) for max
tawrso in this case looking at the datasheet for z44n it's 8.6nC /84 = draw in ma
miupah, gate-to-source charge
tawrif it was just left to it's own devices, so to speak. you can use a quick calculator/simulator to figure out, but it's rise time is pretty slow compared to some others, which can pull 150ma+
miupbut where comes the 84 from?
tawr84 is it's rise-time miup
tawrbtw that link is a really good link that explains mosfet pwm with an arduino, i really recommend reading it
miupphuu... it's a long time I calculated charge times for caps ^^
miupI'm reading it now ;)
miuphm, if I interpret correctly, the atmega can sink better then source :/
miupI think I understand it now, atleast I now know how to calculate it. (I searched for a good explanation but couldn't really found one o.O)
miupthanks again tawr!
Guest72929>>> youtube.com/watch?v=X8qL6cAI0zQ
tawrmiup: sure thing dude. sorry doggoes called
tawrmiup: hope that helps some
miupIt did :D
NeoFrontierGood morning :).
NeoFrontierI cant find a single article or info on the internet in which a person simply uses a bluetooth keyboard to connect to an arduino for inpu to the arduino.
NeoFrontierIts not like no-one has thought of it.
NeoFrontierOr tried.
NeoFrontierI mean directly to a bt module. Pair the keyboard with the module and then read the input.
NeoFrontierSounds really simple yet no articles on that where a person does that successfully ?
NeoFrontierwt ?
cehtehthats possible more complicated than it looks
NeoFrontierThats what i'm suspecting.
cehtehi know using BT modules as serial over the air, but keyboards are HID devices, sending raw keystrokes
cehtehcheck if you find some way to do HID profiles with BT modules, then you need to map the key command into real character and so on
NeoFrontierI was thinking as a first step to put an HC05 into host mode and see if it can see the keyboard and if it would pair with it.
cehtehjust try
NeoFrontierYeah soon as I am done with this other program for something else :).
NeoFrontiercehteh, how do you pronounce your name ?
NeoFrontiersee tee ?
cehtehgerman pronouncation :D
cehtehC. T.
cehtehdunno how i would write that in english
NeoFrontierThe sound missing from English is the ch like the Hebrew one.
NeoFrontieralmost like gurgling.
cehtehhit the 'listen' button
NeoFrontierjust says it in English when using the listen button
cehtehselect german
NeoFrontierOn way the other side.
NeoFrontierOk I hear it now.
NeoFrontiergot it.
laenMorning arduinoers.
alphaferreti think the correct term is ardweeners
p0g0and that sounds a bit vulgar...
alphaferretno ardweenie could be construed as insulting
p0g0well, technoweenie has been a term of art in the field for decades...
p0g0it might be insulting, but, that hasn't kept it out of the vernacular...
deshipuwhy would it be limited to Austria?
laenI had the conversation about the correct term before, but I forgot what the conclusion was ;x
deshipuhow about "people"?
alphaferrettoo generic
laenYeah way too generic.
deshipufor what?
Yotson-beep- i. take. offense. to .that. -boop-
laenI somehow want to give credit to you all for doing what you do, when I say good morning.
deshipuit's not like there is anybody completely unrelated to arduino on this channel
p0g0ardatworkers, ardifists, ardisans...
laenI like ardisans.
p0g0me too
laenNot sure if I will make many friends saying "Morning ardutards"
laenWhat about.. "Good morning Arduino Ecosystem lovers"?
alphaferrettoo pc
laenExtreme isn't it?
p0g0and it might not be morning
laenYeah that is a problem.
alphaferretyea don't be a time zone snob
laenGood day then!
laenBut what if it's night..
p0g0Good Time Zone
p0g0can't miss with that
IcePicIts always morning in UGT
thiagofacchiniNot that anybody asked but Ardutards is my favourite so far...
laen"Goot Time Zone Ardutards" it is then.
p0g0Ardifacts, Ardiots, ArdWeDoneYet?
laenYou'll see that next week I forgot.
IcePicsailing in the sea (plusplus) of AVR code
p0g0arrgghh cap'n
p0g0ACTION hoists a black sail
IcePicIts a mighty fine chip, yer got there
p0g0From C to Shining C, the Good Chip Arduino...
p0g0ACTION looks for his Gilbert and Sullivan (Pirates of Penzance)
laendeskwizard: I'm so sorry, I completely forgot to measure the Hakko tip :(
deskwizardlaen: lmao no worries, I was just about to tell you to to forget about it :P
deskwizardand with my memory, I sure can't be mad at anyone that forgets something hehehe
deskwizardthey're hakko 900s
laendeskwizard: ah, I have the Hakko FX-888D, maybe that's diff.
deskwizardlaen: yeah they are different ;) but at least I know I can find some now
pwillardHA! I did too
laendeskwizard: did it not mention tips type of t15 or t18?
deskwizardlaen: i dont think we got that far, or I missed it
laenOh I didn't get anywhere ;p
pwillardPretty sure Hakko FX888 = T18
buZzpwillard: did you check out that TS100 solderiron yet? :D
buZzi really like it
pwillardLooked at it... thats about it
FireHoppermorning all
FireHopperhiya pwillard
FireHopperhiya deskwizard
raphahey all!
raphadeskwizard: pwillard: https://imgur.com/a/FBFqV ... water->probe->amp stage->offset stage->attiny85->i2c->arduino->laptop/LCD - fiiiiinally working :-D
deskwizardnice work mate :)
raphathank you :)
raphadeskwizard: bit proud that the self-made module with DIPs isn't much larger than the useless chinese one https://i.imgur.com/XH826id.jpg
deskwizard:) and you should
raphanext stop: SMD soldering :-P
deskwizardrapha: its quite easier than assumed at first ;)
laenpwillard: 888 is T18 indeed.
raphaACTION wonders about using a pencil sharpener on the soldering iron tip
pwillardyeah nice
pwillardack no.. never scrape a tip with anything other than brass wool
pwillardTips are normally copper core with iron cladding. If you scrape or grind off the iron cladding the tip will start to immediately corrode and deteriorate. So bad idea
raphaoh interesting i always assumed they were made from a single material
pwillardonly the cheap ones ;-P
cmhammerLooking for help on my arduino project using a gsm900 shield and sonar
cmhammer#include <SoftwareSerial.h> #include <String.h> SoftwareSerial mySerial(7, 8); const int ButtonPin= 4; volatile int ECHOPIN= 11; const int TRIGPIN= 10; void setup() { mySerial.begin(19200); // the GPRS baud rate Serial.begin(19200); // the GPRS baud rate delay(50); } void loop() { digitalWrite(TRIGPIN, LOW); delayMicroseconds(2); digitalWrite(TRIGPIN, HIGH); delayMicroseconds(10); dig
pwillardACTION sees GSM... tunes out...
zap0cmhammer, using a float, but then only do integer math on it..
zap0issue AT+.. and then just pretend like it worked..
IcePicwhy make pin definitions volatile or const?
IcePicor int even, when they can be a fixed define
zap0const int is basically the same as #define
zap0cmhammer, does the baud rate you use divide evening into the clock freq?
IcePiczap0: are you sure it wont eat space somewhere so that the code needs to read it up from mem?
zap0IcePic, if it's const int.. it gets optimized better than #define
deskwizardOh, interesting
IcePicand here I thought if you gave digitalWrite a fixed number and not a var from memory, it would expand to PORT and _BV and whatnot at compiletime
laenHeh weird.
zap0IcePic, a const int is a fixed number. it most likely will not get an allocation in RAM
blathijsIcePic: PROGMEM messes up that optimization, the compiler's optimizer can't look through pgm_read_byte. I have some ideas on how to work around that, but that will likely break compatibility (or at least require changes in all cores to take advantage of it). Also, time is greatly lacking for looking at it more closely.
IcePiccan you get a pointer to that const int?
IcePicif so, its not just a fixed number
zap0if it has a name, yes.
zap0const int bruce = 5; const int* p_to_bruce = &bruce;
blathijsAlso, I think const int doesn't necessarily get optimized better than #define (The latter will certainly be inlined everywhere, so might be better), but const int does have better scoping and less random issues because of naming conflicts.
cmhammerwho finna help
cmhammermy niggas
blathijscmhammer: You have not asked a question yet.
blathijs!tell cmhammer about asking
grobbebolcmhammer: asking is Don't ask to ask, just ask. See https://workaround.org/getting-help-on-irc/ for guidance on how to ask questions here
IcePicalso, skip the N*
IcePicwe are not amused
cmhammermy bad boys
zap0blathijs, a #define is FORCED to be copied everywhere, if it has padding/alignement issues... you've just added them everywhere it is used. a const T, MAY get copied everywhere if the cost is trivial, but it may also not get copied, and only referenced.
IcePichow could a define get padding issues?
zap0--compile-for-size might only have 1 instance of it, and references to it.
IcePicI think you are rather confused
pwillard#define is a bit oldskool... but it hasn't fallen out of favor.
zap0IcePic, prove it
IcePicI think you made the claims
blathijszap0: With --compile-for-size, you mean -Os (optimize for size)?
zap0blathijs, yeah
deskwizardvery interesting :)
IcePiczap0: I'd be happy if you explained how a #defined number can get alignment issues. Especially in a context where a similar const int would not.
blathijszap0: And you're saying it might sometimes be better/more efficient to reference a value, rather than to copy it everywhere? I guess that makes sense, though it might never be true for integer literals (perhaps for 32-bit or 64-bit integers the balance tips)
blathijszap0: I'm not sure what you mean with alignment issues either
IcePicreferences would be 2 bytes, so it would not save space for ints
IcePicon avrs. Perhaps more on 2560, I have no idea how those far ptrs work there
blathijsIcePic: RAM is only 32k there, so still 2 bytes. PROGMEM pointers need special handling for the upper half of flash, dunno exactly how that works exactly.
zap0#define THING 5 <-- what alignment/padding does this recieve?
IcePiczap0: exactly what is needed by the place where it gets used, none if it is never used
IcePicthat line has no size, takes no space yet.
IcePicdigitalWrite(THING,HIGH); <- there it will turn into exactly the type (as a constant) that digitalWrite() wants
blathijsDo literals/values actually have any alignment at all? or only variables/lvalues?
IcePicthink about it, HIGH/LOW dont eat space unless you reference it
IcePicthere are literally millions of constants defined by never used
IcePicby -> but
cehtehAVR's dont need any alignment, only when addressing flash/progmem the addresses are word (16bit) based, not byte based
IcePicits not like they get into avr code and then optimized out again. They just never get there at all.
cehtehthats somewhat confusing :)
IcePiczap0 can autogenerate a .ino with hundreds or thousands of #defines THING000 -> THING999 and see how they dont eat any mem at all, unless you use them as rvalue or feed them to a function
zap0what if you have an overloaded function.. foo(int) foo(char) which does foo(THING) use?
IcePicsame as foo(5)
zap0cehteh, that's just one arch.
IcePic#define's are simple textual replacements
cehtehalignment/endianess is per arch anyway
cehtehsometimes even down to the instruction level, some instructions have unaligned acces, others must be aligned
blathijszap0: I think we (at least I) agree that using const's is a good idea, since it is more explicit (in terms of types, as with your overloading example) and has better scoping. But I don't think this means it is more *efficient*
zap0IcePic, same as foo(5)... so which is it?
cehtehcompletely depends on the architecture
IcePiczap0: that is actually completely besides the point
blathijszap0: Do you want an answer to that, or are you making a point? C/C++ has clear rules for what type a literal gets
pwillardRight, define is just a preprocessor alias and inexplicit... using CONST type prefix leaves no room for doubt
zap0blathijs, of course it's more effecient.. compiler can make far more knowledgable optimzations on it.. a #define just makes endless copies
cehtehfoo(5) could be optimized to a single instruction, including the operand in the opcode, or a function call where the 5 (of approbiate type) needs to be pushed to the stack before calling, or anything inbetween
blathijszap0: That's certainly a good theoretical point, but not necessarily true in practice (but it might be true in some cases, especially with big integers I guess)
pwillardand it might matter a whole helluva lot more on your 32gb PC than on a 8 bit controller
IcePica function like foo(int value) { return 1+value; } given a literal 5, and used only once would turn into a constant 6. But a function that needs to handle input that may not be constant but which is now constant may not necessarily be optimized to "6".
zap0on 8bit AVR, if i had a function blah(long x); and 20 instaneces of blah(THING); do have 20 literals of sizeof(long) with a value of 5 thruout the code?
IcePicwonder how come you didnt choose int or char there. ;)
zap0sometimes blah takes very large numbers
IcePicand sometimes the digitalWrite doesnt, which were where we started this
blathijszap0: I think the compiler would behave the same with a define and a const for that example. By default, you'd get the literal throughout your code, since the calling convention for AVR specifies parameters go in registers first, not on the stack (though there might be an exception for big variables, but then the compiler would still just put a constant 5 somewhere and reference it in both cases). However,
blathijsif you indeed call a function with the same argument multiple times, the compiler might do constant propagation and create a clone of `blah()` (e.g. something like `blah_with_argument_of_5()`) and call that clone everywhere instead of hardcoding the literal (again, I expect this to happen regardless of using a const or a define).
IcePicclang on mac shows it loads "5" only once, then calls blah multiple times, given any of the optimization levels except -O0 of course
IcePicblathijs: this seems to be exactly what you said: https://godbolt.org/g/c5o4AL
IcePicit makes a blah() clone for that exact call, keeps one generic and calls the special one 6 times
IcePicpersumably the generic will be removed by the linker step if no other calls to it was made
blathijsI expect so, yes
Rickta59it all really depends on -Ox where x is some number or s|g
Rickta59try it with -O3
IcePicat O3 it removed the call alltogether (or inlined it)
IcePickind of interesting to see on the godbolt site how well it does optimize, and how easily you can tip it over by having 5 calls with "5" for input and one with 4 or 6. =)
IcePicnot just in the middle, but even with 10 calls with one value and a single off value, it stops using the clone call.
blathijsIcePic: Depends on how it optimizes, when doing -Os, it's better to have one slower version than two faster onces
monstion a i368 -Os vs -O2 produced even faster programms ;)
monstibecause it fitted better in the 64kb caches :)
deskwizard:| I fkin love the hot air. Holy hell I'm gonna have so much fun with that thing lol
Apocxyou get a hot air gun?
deskwizardApocx: yeah cheap station with iron and hot air
deskwizardyeah for 75$CND I couldnt resist hehehe
Apocxhot air gun was a game changer for me, now I do all my boards with SMD instead of THT components, so much nicer
pwillardlove mine as well
deskwizardApocx: I was already doing a bit of SMT but yeah I definitely see even more in the future :)
deskwizardbbiab, I'll see if I didn't totally jinxed myself ... lol
pwillardactually better for removal of cool chips from tossed out stuff
cehteh402 SMT soldering-song ... "Blowing in the wind" :D
deskwizardcehteh: lmfao
pwillardor fixing busted ftdi boards
deskwizardpwillard: clearly both indeed
Apocxnot all of us can have a fancy reflow oven
deskwizardglad to see im not the only ones with some of those :P
cehtehyesterday i soldered an external antenna on my rpi3 .. 402 with normal 15w soldering iron .. that was shit
deskwizardApocx: I got a little toaster oven ready for that :P just need to, well, get to it ... hehe
pwillardthanks to a lot of cheap purchases at Microcenter, I do
Apocxcehteh: Done that. Multiple times. I'm glad they atleast give the option
cehtehhttps://i.stack.imgur.com/EuIHC.jpg .. you see the parts? the mounting hole is 2mm iirc
ApocxWish they'd just include the damn ufl connector though
cehtehwell i soldered the cable directly
Apocxbut yeah that resistor was a pain in the ass
deskwizardApocx: Thanks, you reminded me I have a wifi adapter I fucked up trying to solder one of those connectors, now I can fix it :)
Apocxthat's an interesting looking antenna design
cehtehApocx: now question: do you have to move the coupling cap to the upper pads?
ApocxI only rotate the resistor 45 degrees and solder on a uFL connector
Apocxhave had no issues
cehtehi have no issues neither, just wondering if moving the cap would improve it further
Apocxno idea. but I can't be bothered to do it even if it did. works good enough :P
Apocxall my rpi are headless clients that don't use much bandwidth anyway
cehtehyes i think i leave it as is now too
cehtehand that anenna is really nice, because its cheap and it works
Apocxand one of them is about 100 yards from my house, outside
ApocxWIfi works fine
cehtehand its huge :D
Apocxyeah I just use the cheap dipole antennas like the wifi routes use
Apocxsince I have so many laying around
cehtehi just had that laying around, was the simplest way
cehtehi have some pigtails too, but that one could only be better
ApocxI hope the rpi4 or whatever they come up with can use an external antenna without soldering work
Apocxthat'd be nice
cehtehthats certainly a fcc certification issue, because you need to certify the system with antenna
cehtehi hoped they make a new rpi with more ram, 4GB would be nice
cehtehbut nothing in sight
ApocxI guess all the other boards get away with it because they are chinese boards and they don't care heh
FauxThere's still no stable arm64 port for the rpi3, so 4gb isn't going to help you very much.
cehtehby the time there is hardware they prolly will have some motivation for the software as well
cehtehand .. some of the ram gets used by the GPU anyway
cehtehso 4GB would be just ok
pwillardI'm not in love with "other" RPI alternative boards yet... as My experiences with bananapi and Odroid have shown me that I give up stability and some ease of use... and I don't enjoy that.
sibiriai had no problems with pine64 and linuxes - except that there's no HW-accelerated GPU driver for Mali on Linux
sibiriaso slightly sluggish GUI performance on and off. other than that, f.e. Arch for the desktop ran just fine
cehtehrpi has many disavantages, but the great community and support makes that all void, banana, orange, tuttifruttu, whatever suck because you often cant get decent kernel/drivers/firmware
cehtehone just must admit that raspberry had only one goal: that was price, not performance, not stability, not libre software, thats all done by the community
sibiriapine64 is the best example of that
sibiriatypical chinese produce->dump project
sibirianot a single effort of making a good OS build on their behalf. all of it is community-built products by enthusiats
cehtehbut i am more interested in long time use and support
sibiriathe pine team recently put out yet another board. a really nice one
sibiriaofficial OS builds to use on the board? zero.
jmasseoso nobody can duplicate the pi experience?
jmasseoi was looking at those orange pi's
jmasseopretty cheap
sibiriait's doable, if someone wants to make the effort
sibiriathe case with hw-accelerated graphics support on the Mali gpu - which is the most common ARM SoC gpu out there - is tricky, though
sibiriaARM does not want to release details unless under paid contract
sibiriait's the one main reason there's still no proper Mali driver for the unixes
sibiriathe bottom line is that the RPi team has spent a lot of time on making a good user experience
sibiriamore so than their relatively crappy hardware
sibiriathe other board makers have only done good boards, and that's it
sibiriaergo, RPi wins
sibiriaodroid is second best i believe. their official android and linux offerings are pretty good from what i've heard
jmasseoso if you were gonna field a huge fleet or had pressing performance concerns, then it might make sense to look at the others.
sibiriathe pine64 and such run f.e. linux as a headless server os very well
sibiriai'd only buy a Pi for the linux GUI experience
jmasseooh ok
deskwizardmkay, interesting ... error: unknown type name 'class'
deskwizardthat's gonna be fun.
jmasseoPADI seems interesting
jmasseosimilar form factor as the esp
jmasseoi guess it's similar spec as the ESP too
timemagedeskwizard, hmm, what do you have before it?
jmasseojust ARM instead of 'whatever'
deskwizardtimemage: sec I'll pastebin the thing
deskwizardtimemage: https://pastebin.com/vuvL6Z4d
timemagedeskwizard, ah, it's a .c file.
deskwizardI must be missing the obvious again, that code is straight from another of my lib that works fine
deskwizardtimemage: its all of them.
timemagedeskwizard, hmm, c doesn't have classes.
deskwizarduh, okay ...
timemagedeskwizard, /home/deskwizard/Arduino/libraries/LM48100Q/LM48100Q.c <-- that would need to be .cpp or something like it.
deskwizardfuck. nevermind
deskwizardI knew it was something ridiculous lol
pwillard"typical chinese produce->dump project" exactly
pwillardIn my "head" this is how I see typical Chinese vendor response to needing tech support. "Support? You want support? hahahaha... why you think we copy Adafruit? Go to adafruit for support?"
sibiriait's something rooted in chinese trade mentality, too
sibiriathe focus for them in trade is the exchange of goods and money. the agreement symbolizes a perfect trade
sibiriaanything after that, or even if the product was what it was said to be, is irrelevant
timemagesibiria, seems like that would lead to lots of ways to sell laxatives.
sibiriait's the reason why chiense culture harbors such an abnorm amount of scam compared to any other nation in the world
pwillardHey, I'm fine with it... it keeps non-chinese designers employed.
sibiriatheir unique view on profit and acquiring of resources is probably also a part of it
sibiriaanythign can be killed, tortured, abused, misused etc. if there's profit at the end
sibiriaprofit warrants any means and any sacrifice
pwillard if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
sibiriathe most evident case being the state of their environment, and the state of their workers
sibiriathey have very little concern for the negative aspects before the final profit
sibiriawhether human, animal, nature, society etc.
sibiriait's the foundation from which we (mostly) enjoy so many cheap goods
pwillardIs this a fake product? "no no... legit" Chinese scammers will gladly be able to hand over photo-shopped documentation ‘proving’ their authenticity.
sibiriabrb aliexpress
pwillardmeanwhile.. NOT GENUINE DEVICE FOUND on FTDI device
pwillardheck. I had a feeling I would be replacing FTDI chips when I bought the USB Serial adapters at Microcenter for $9. I was right.
sibiriamay i recommend CH340 by Jiangsu Qinheng Co.? :P
sibiria(it's actually a really good usb-serial bridge)
sibiriaor CP2102, also good and stable usb-serial bridge
jmasseoall these nodemcus have cp2102s and they seem to work ok
sibiriait's stable, and well-supported
jmasseomy pi recognized it immediately
jmasseoi think my pc did as well?
sibirianot sure if windows has CP2102 driver out of the box. it doesn't have CH340
jmasseoi don't think i had to load drivers for any platform
sibiriathe linux kernel has both
jmasseoik'd have to verify though
jmasseoi hooked it up to all three
sibiriaand a ch340/cp2102 usb-serial "dongle" is like $2 from our good friends in china
timemagejmasseo, people here have to load ch340g drivers for windows fairly regularly.
sibiriaon some versions of windows you'll receive the driver via Windows Updates a moment after inserting the device
sibiriai know win 7 and win 8.1 offers it that way. no idea about win 10
timemagesibiria, ch340 is in the windows update system?
sibiriait pops up there for me on win 7 and 8.1
timemagesibiria, hmm.
sibirialikely via the "third party" channel
sibiriacannot recall
jmasseomaybe that is what happened
station1want to build a large 7segment clock and thought i could get a cheap diy one and connect 12v led strips like this one https://www.aliexpress.com/item/C51-Electronic-Clock-Suite-DIY-Kits-Electronic-for-Arduino-Raspberry-pi-new/32384843584.html?spm=a2g0s.13010208.99999999.270.mjLgFU
station1do i need 28 transistors or how do I connect the led strip in stead of 7 segment display
station129 transistors for hour and minutes no seconds
pwillard1 transistor for each segment... 1 transistor for each digit
pwillard4 digits (4) 7 segments (7) 11 total
pwillardoh add two more for digits... 13
station11 transistor for each digit so you mean I could replace the transistors in the kit with mor reliable ones for 12v and thats it?
pwillardso not sure how you got 28
station1sorry my knowhow in electronics is is lacking a lot
timemagestation1, i take it what you're building is large.
timemagestation1, http://tinyurl.com/y82o4k3a your transistors are used to switch the common anodes. they're being switched to 5V. if you're talking about not soldering in the 7 segment displays and tapping off there for led strips you face a bunch of challenges that make that board largely useless.
timemagestation1, the bases of Q1-Q6 would need to be pulled by more transistors if you wanted them to switch the high side of something above 5V. the R9-R15 would probably need to be changed to removed depending on how your strips work. and yeah, you may not be able to pass the current you'd want. likely you'll exceed maximums for U1.
timemagethere are likely other problems as well.
station1im searching for the simplest combination, Im not bound to Q1-Q6
pwillardwell, as I asked yesterday... have you figured out the total current that a segment will draw when it is lit?
pwillardThis involves using your multimeter in the current setting... or finding a datasheet on your LED strips.
station1pwillard: there are RGB led strips with which you can adress each led with EPS8266 + NTP
station1so I could do an round clock similar to http://va.nce.me/neopixel_clock.html
station1this vid is better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hVzmIdmSYs#
pwillardYou can't do a proper design unless you know how many leds are in each segment and what the current draw is when a segment is lit.
LikWidChzDUMB question can I use analog pins as digital ones?
station1I'm straying away from 7 segment to round RGB LED strip, trying to find someone who already did it for me this one is based on arduino
pwillardLikWidChz: yes
pwillardthey are called D14 - D19 depending on device
LikWidChzThanks, I kinda figured as much, I know you cant use digital pins as analog ones though
LikWidChzI have a nano, so there is 7 of them A0 - A7
timemageLikWidChz, there are sometimes pins connected to the adc that don't have any gpoi machinery on them.
LikWidChz.... so thats 8
timemageLikWidChz, well, no. A6 and A7 have no gpio capability.
pwillardIf you define them as Digital Outputs... that's what they are...
LikWidChzreally? thats harware I2c on these nanos... pins A4-A5
pwillardYeah... I was trying to remember where the pins stopped being both... sorry
LikWidChzsorry read that wrong timemage..
pwillardthe high end ;-P
timemageLikWidChz, i thought maybe; couldn't make sense of it.
LikWidChza6 a7 have a ! by it. analog exclusive pins
pwillardok. so d14, d15, d16, d17, d18
timemageLikWidChz, well, if you want to understand it better look at the datasheet for the mcu itself. the 328p in qfn or other non-dip packages will show pins that say ADCn but don't have a P[ABC]# marking on them.
LikWidChzalso 19 pwillard heh
pwillardyeah... 6 and 7 exist on some machines... which is why we can't say ALL analog can be used that way
pwillardthat was all I was trying to point out (while having 2 other conversations... sorry)
LikWidChzyeah I see these markings on the diagram, is there a short answer on what the idea is behind the PD, PC , PB, markings are? I know they are ports, but thats about it.
pwillardbecause those are how the Atmel pins and ports are really labeled in the datasheet
timemageLikWidChz, on the avr ports are groups of pins up to 8. so you may have porta, portb, portc. the number is just the bit index of the port.
LikWidChzAhh gotcha, thank you both.
pwillardthe arduino tries to hide those details because its confusing and they liked the way the Parallax Basic stamp just named pins sequentially
kaoshavoccan you create gerber files from eagle files ?
timemagekaoshavoc, not an eagle user but, one would hope so =)
pwillardYou can... but who still uses eagle?
LikWidChzyeah I have a basic stamp, wooosh, its bad,
pwillardBasic stamp is a big part of the reason we have arduino... according to Banzi
kaoshavocactually, I was looking at the home brew arduino thing you posted the other day and was curious about it
kaoshavocbut it is in eagle
timemagekaoshavoc, there are people who are too numb to realise that they should publish print ready files.
deskwizardkaoshavoc: yeah just export them from eagle
kaoshavocok, I will dl eagle and do that, it seems to be the thing anways
deskwizardhow do you think people send the design to the boardhouse :P
kaoshavochopefully itls free
LikWidChzdeskwizard a series of numbered postit notes?
pwillardas in FAB LAB ready gerber? Because they did release that board specifically for home fab as toner transfer prints
timemagekaoshavoc, i wouldn't be surprised if you can load the eagle file into some website to view it. that's how people often explain why they're sending a dxf.
deskwizardLikWidChz: yeah, but they alternate colour, its important :P
kaoshavocwell, I tried to load it into a website, but gote some red japanese or chinese text as a response, so I am assuming it did not like that very much LOL
kaoshavocyes, I got that, I was just curious as to how much it would be to have them printed somewhere like easyeda LOL
timemagekaoshavoc, yeah, there are people who are too dumb to... oh nevermind.
kaoshavocI don't have a printer yet
kaoshavocI doubt I would ever order any, be cheaper for sure to just buy them off ebay fully made LOL
kaoshavocjust curious as to what the cost would be
kaoshavocplaying around with easyeda tbh
kaoshavocif I am being stupid, don't hesitate to tell me, you all know I can be a dork
timemagekaoshavoc, to tell you what?
kaoshavocif I am being stupid
timemagekaoshavoc, for trying to view an eagle file, or buy a printer, or what?
kaoshavoc oh, I meant on anything, ever
kaoshavoclike, at this moment, I don't know the differance between eagle or gerber files, but I am going to be google the heck out of that stuff today so I will know in the future
kaoshavocso, I don't even know if they are compatable, or even the same thing.
timemagekaoshavoc, gerber is more or less a publishing format
timemagekaoshavoc, a pcb maker will take gerber files and don't need to be concerned with what produced them.
kaoshavoclooks like easyeda has already shipped the boards I ordered two days ago, or at least made lables for it
kaoshavocthats the cordinate stuff that you use for C&C and the like right ?
kaoshavocthe machine commands
timemagekaoshavoc, more or less yeah. basically fills the same sort of role as postscript. gerber files represent where traces and lands are, where solder mask goes, any silkscreen you have. you'll also have a drill file for the edges and throughholes, vias.
kaoshavocis home silkscreening really as easy as acetone and a laser printer ?
timemagekaoshavoc, i've done very little home anything with respect to pcbs
malinuspeople still doing diy pcbs with those priceS?
timemagekaoshavoc, soldering them. not so much etching, drilling etc.
kaoshavocI want to do some, just because, but I am not sure I would ever want to do it regularly
kaoshavoctoo many cheap websites will make you a dozen for a few bucks
kaoshavoccan't wait to see if I made those boards right, or if I just wasted $10 LOL
timemagekaoshavoc, it's messy and you need to store a bunch of crap at reasonable temperature and out of reach of kids. and what you end up with is typically inferior to what you can have made for about the same trouble. it's nice if you have simple designs that you want to produce same day.
kaoshavocyeah, I really don't expect to ever actually do it at all, but I just want to do it out of curiousity
timemagekaoshavoc, if i had a whole shop to fill with crap i'd probably make a board occasionally. but most of them would probably still be sent out.
kaoshavocI just sent out for a board of a battery checker I made, crappy I am sure, but I just wanted something to do, and wanted to figure out how to get it done, then I wanted to see what it was like to get boards from easyeda,
kaoshavocturned out pretty simple and easy, pretty fast as well
timemagekaoshavoc, yup. i'll do things like that just to not have to figure it all out when i really want it.
timemagekaoshavoc, a lot of my original orders were for mostly dumb/passive pcbs.
kaoshavocI mean, it seems like it would just be WAY WAY WAY less of a headache to have it made, and it seems so dirt cheap for what you get
timemagekaoshavoc, really dirt cheap when you consider that you used to order panels.
kaoshavocyeah, I just made something small and simple, I had gotten some zener diodes in, and decided I wanted a lithium batter tester,
kaoshavocI could have just copied a bunch of values online, but I wanted to make it my self and get used ot figuring out the maths
kaoshavocand besiedes, I wanted more control over what voltages are dead or not
kaoshavocpeople seem to have this fear of running lithium past 3v, but as far as anyone who I have ever seen test it can tell, it really does not bother it, its just after that, a standard charging circuit will not try to charge it
kaoshavocalso, I found it interesthing that when yo ulook at the life cycle chart its for how deep to discharge, it seems like you get more discharge if you only discharge partiall, but if you do the math, it really makes no difference, sule you get 5000 cycles with 10% discharge, but you get 500 cycles with full discharge, meaning, your putting the same energy through it really, I mean, I am sure there is some
kaoshavocdifferance, but not enough for me to only use 10% of a battery
timemagekaoshavoc, 3V doesn't sound like a lithium voltage to me. anyway, some have protection, some don't. it's true that the actual lithium cell isn't supposed to be given more voltage than its' rated for. when you do you're working on ruining the battery and possibley starting a fire.
kaoshavocyeah, 3v is what a lot of things say it is discharged at, some say 2.5
kaoshavocand 2.5 is the lowest I would want to go myself, cuz not much power left after that
kaoshavocbut never over 4.2
timemagekaoshavoc, oh, i see. i thought you were talking about charging them.
kaoshavocno, dishcharging, overcharging is treacherous
kaoshavocas has been proven oven and oven
kaoshavocas far as I have seen in my learning of lithium, is that undercharging a single cell is not that big of a deal, but it becomes a big deal in a series pack, because you can then get a negative charge, and bad things start happening then
kaoshavocalso, when you are too undercharged, you have to start at a super low current until you get back up to over 2v or so, so really no reason to deal with that
timemagekaoshavoc, negative charge?
deskwizardmore gravy
deskwizardsorry, I'm hundry
deskwizard:| see! *hungry
kaoshavochundry ~= desperately hungry
kaoshavocI had more carbs than I should have yesterday, so I am feeling the hunger
kaoshavocbut, overall, down 5 pounds for the first week, and that was during thanksgiving, so, props to me
deskwizardcongrats mate :)
deshipureminds me I should buy all the discouted turkeys
deshipuand do science to them
kaoshavoc "science"
LikWidChzSo I has another rando q, I have these arduino nanos in these screw terminal boards powered by a 12v to 5v converter, will be powered by car, when ground and 5v gets suppled to it on the VIN pins and I connect up a usb mini cable to my pc, the arduino gets super hot, the device isnt powered by that 5v converter, its just in curcuit.. SO, I decided to snip the 5v line on a usb mini cable to my computer to program it, whilst I have a power supply power
timemageLikWidChz, your message was cut off at "power supply powe"
LikWidChzwhilst I have a power supply powering the device externally. Is there a better way?
LikWidChzWas also thinking buy a usb hub at bestbuy and snip the 5v lines on all of them so I dont have to cut up cables, or make an extension that I put inline.. I dont know..
timemageLikWidChz, "when ground and 5v gets suppled to it on the VIN pins" you fed the VIN pin 5v?
LikWidChzyes all the arduinos have 5v and ground going to them via this 12-->5v converter
LikWidChzits almost like when you power the arduino via usb mini, 5v comes out of the Vin pin, goes to the 5v side of the converter and puts a substanial current draw on that usb port.
timemageLikWidChz, VIN is the input to the onboard 5v regulator.
LikWidChzyeah, I wonder if diodes should be put on the vin pin from my regulator
timemageLikWidChz, well, i don't understand what you're doing. for what it's worth, there's already a diode between the usb vcc line and the "5v" line of the nano.
LikWidChzsure, one sec ill give you a photo
timemageLikWidChz, if you have an smps with a 5v output, you could connect it via diode to the 5v line of nano possibly via ptc.
LikWidChzwhat was PTC?
timemageLikWidChz, everything is blurry. what are you red blue and green?
timemageor orange
LikWidChzthats hardware i2c green, blue, the orange is my line to a single ws2182b led
Snert_LikWidChz: cool project box and layout. Makes sense to look at.
LikWidChzthanks, its a part I designed and 3d printed.
LikWidChzone sec ill throw another photo in that
timemageLikWidChz, uhh, you have one ws2182b in total?
LikWidChzI have 3 in total, all of the arduinos are each controlling 1 gauge
LikWidChzSnert check that share again
zzlawhat is the project
LikWidChz55mm auto gauges
LikWidChzhttps://www.dropbox.com/sh/qigg8v7iend27tn/AAA9OQp-eQxgoVuyXMZqIf27a?dl=0 Snert check that again
Snert_real shrink and everything. great :)
LikWidChzyep yep, I've done wiring for about ~30 years, im 36 so I pick up a couple things haha, I also enjoy it.
zzlawaht do they measure
LikWidChzzzla -- boost pressure, fuel pressure, oil pressure
zzlawhat kind of vehicle
LikWidChzits going to be in a civic
timemageLikWidChz, well, i'm not seeing anything here that would explain why anything would get hot.
Snert_what comes to mind is what if a flameon happens? The box is all plastic. But maybe no concern. Carry on :)
LikWidChztimemage yeah ... its like there is a problem when 5v externally goes to my 12v->5v converter... power isnt supposed to be supplied that way
zzlafaulty component?
zzlaim just taking stabs in the dark
LikWidChzIts not faulty as it works, but thanks! stabs taken.
timemageLikWidChz, if you understand what you're describing correctly you're basically undervolting vin. but i can't account for why it would make your arduino heat.
Snert_I'd confirm the Vin range - compare against the official nano spec from the arduino website. I agree with timemage.
LikWidChzI think im explaining it incorrectly, ill try attempt 2
timemageLikWidChz, before you bother, i'd ask: what do you think the minimum voltage you should apply to VIN would be? and why?
LikWidChzyou have an arduino nano, powered by usb mini, using a meter, there is 5v comming out of the vin pin. When connecting up that 12v -- 5v reg to that ground and vin pin, the arduino gets hot.
LikWidChzwell it runs down to ~3v from me poking and proding at it, why? it says 5v so I give it 5v and not let the magic smoke out.
timemageLikWidChz, sometimes there's a reversed diode in the regulator, or sometimes recommended in designs around the regulator. i'm not sure how that would explain what you're seeing though.
LikWidChzMaybe these things are not designed to be programmed in curcuit? or powered externally while being programmed
timemageLikWidChz, again, i don't see anything that would explain what you're seeing.
LikWidChzokay well thats fair enough.
LikWidChzso far if I take a usb mini cable and snip the red 5v line in the cable, i dont see a problem.
timemageLikWidChz, that indicates to me something else is going very wrong.
Snert_LikWidChz: that is a nano right?
Snert_a nano clone?
LikWidChzSnert yeah clone
Snert_The Arduino Nano can be powered via the Mini-B USB connection, 6-20V unregulated external power supply (pin 30), or 5V regulated external power supply (pin 27). The power source is automatically selected to the highest voltage source.
Snert_6 to 20V on pin 30 or 5V regulated on pin 27
LikWidChzSnert look at this http://lab.dejaworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Arduino-Nano-Pinout-1024x724.png
timemageLikWidChz, if you look at the schematic for the nano you'll see a diode from vusb to "5v". it prevents current from entering the host's vusb conductor. if you're overheating the thing because of this connection in means you're effectively shorting the 5v to gnd after this diode. that's not something that happens as a consequence of attaching an external supply to vin (or not)
timemageLikWidChz, if you were to take VIN and short it to GND /maybe/ you would have a problem depending on how the regulator is built internally.
LikWidChztimemage thanks, something is weird then
LikWidChzSnert on that diagram/image that note next to Vin, makes me kinda scratch my head
timemageLikWidChz, https://www.arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/ArduinoNano30Schematic.pdf
LikWidChzfunny it sounds like I could have run straight automove 12v into the Vin pin without the use of this regulator
timemageLikWidChz, if you draw very little current, yes
Snert_I would run 12V to 9V regulator....then the 9V to Vin. Just to insulate the poor arduino from 12V spikes and shit.
LikWidChzyeah I guess thats why I have those 5v regs into it
Snert_the point is....you need somewhat more than 5V on Vin.
Snert_get it?
Snert_provide 6v.... or 9v.
Snert_let the onboard regulator take it down to 5v
LikWidChzyes, I do, ive seen that before, whats the dropout voltage or something? Its my mistake for not knowing how the boards are setup.
Snert_yes. ... like a scube regulator...it needs more air pressure on the in side to work properly.
Snert_scuba tank
LikWidChzYes I get it.
Snert_it needs that 2V differential to allow itself to adjust for different current flows at different times according to load.
Snert_( or some value above 5V....I picked 9v.
LikWidChzknowing that, .... would I just probe gnd and the 5V pin on the nano to figure out what the regulator is sending out according to that datahseet?
Snert_Keep going! good work.
Snert_measure Vin....it should be between 6 and 20v.
LikWidChzugh thats like 80% correct.
Snert_don't worry about the 5v line. Though you can measure it on a different pin.
LikWidChzthats B
timemageLikWidChz, it's exactly correct if you're starving the regulator input
LikWidChzyeah that makes sense, okay, well it works and id imagine ... well dont these things run down to like ~3vs before they brownout/
timemageLikWidChz, depends on fuses. iirc the arduino is configured for something closer to 4v. looking at boards.txt and the mcu datasheet will tell though.
timemageLikWidChz, nano.menu.cpu.atmega328.bootloader.extended_fuses=0x05 2.9V i guess. thought it was higher than that.
LikWidChzThanks I was just pulling it up
LikWidChzwell I guess.. it works so ill leave it alone there is still a bit of wiggle room, if I was closer to ~3v id be a bit more worried
LikWidChzThank you both
Snert_you're almost there. Just get this juice thing straitened out and you'll be good to go I bet.
LikWidChzwell it works now at 4v, so ill just stick with it.
LikWidChzmy fault for not knowing what the hell Vin needed.. funny, but after timemage posted the diagram it makes total sense. I just didnt understand they had 5v regs.
LikWidChzalso something just clicked that I mowed over, if I under volted it ... the usb power was getting more juice then my Vin pin...
LikWidChzsorry! misunderstood that..
Snert_plus...any mysterious symptoms - all bets are off if you are giving it out of spec voltage.
Snert_start at the bottom and fix everything on the way up. When you get to the top....voila! No more problemo.
LikWidChzYeah that is also the case, i build something else the other day that was giving me all sorts of shit, I was supplying V in with 5v then was powering a oled screen with the 5v pin off the arduino, and shit was doing weird stuff... took a while but i figured it out, was the same issue, the micro wasnt getting enough power.
LikWidChzId bet if I disconnected V in from the 5v reg and ran it into the 5v pin instead, all my problems would have been solved, infact I can do it on these now.
Snert_just don
LikWidChzDone yo. again, thanks for the 2nd and 3rd set of eyeballs on this.
LikWidChzjust dont what?
Snert_just don't accidentally give the 5v pin a dose of 12V
LikWidChzill be out $2.19 cents US.
Snert_I've dne it. Bleary eyed...drunk....juice her up!
LikWidChzyeah I bought a 10pack of these
LikWidChzthese screw terminal boards are cool as hell.
Snert_rotsa ruck. Show us the completed gig.
Snert_(that's your sentence for committing the Vin sin. That way we know you have repented)
Snert_lol :)
LikWidChzhaha, yeah, I actually took a week of PTO this week and been nerding out all week trying to get these projects wrapped up, working on 3 at a time.
Snert_these kinds of problems won't trip you up again I bet.
LikWidChzI used a honda ecu shell as the project box for the thermocouple work that Timeage spent like 2 weeks with me on
LikWidChzno they wont.
LikWidChzI guess buying cheep chinese shit, I didnt know they would go to the extra effort of putting a voltage regulator on board... you know
LikWidChzSnert check this https://www.dropbox.com/preview/Temp/_MG_7890.jpg?role=personal
LikWidChzalso timemage check that. Thats what I built with the helpfrom a while ago regarding those thermocouple sensors
kaoshavocyeah, I made me a set of 18650 chargers, and then day two of having them, grabbed the wrong cord, put in 15v instead of 5, pop
kaoshavocRIP battery charger
LikWidChzyeah happens to the best of us.
kaoshavoctook me a second to realize the wallwart I grabbed was 15v
LikWidChzwho the fuck makes them stupid voltages
kaoshavocI literally just plugged it into the charger to test the wallwart LOL
LikWidChzyou must be in europe? kaoshavoc?
kaoshavocIt was trump, well, really obama, but trump made it worse, am I right ?
LikWidChzoh I ask, made that comment because most people in the us dont call it a wallwart
kaoshavocout of curiousity, what would make you think europe ?
kaoshavocreally? what do we call it ?
LikWidChzugh, wall plug adapter thing.
LikWidChzall 4 of those things in that exact order...
kaoshavocoh, well, yeah, I guess we do, but I always liked wall wart, because that is exactly what it looks like
kaoshavoclooks like your wall has a wart, and its just as intrusice
kaoshavocintrusive *
LikWidChzso I guess pictures on the walls look like wall scabs
kaoshavocwell, here in america where no one knows what art is, yeah
LikWidChzyeah, I struggle with that, I bought a couple movie posters and frames on ebay for my house
kaoshavocI have a minecraft poster my wife bought me, I like it
kaoshavocbut, that is all the poster/art I have hanging up
LikWidChzyeah well, I need shit to cover my walls I hate things being boring
kaoshavocI don't have art money ya know
LikWidChzmy garage probable has 400 liscense plates on the walls
kaoshavocI pay more attention to my monitor than I do the walls LOL
kaoshavocoh nice, I do like that look
LikWidChzits epic.
kaoshavocwe have a fair amount of restaraunts here that like to put random old things up on the walls
LikWidChzI have about 200 more waiting to go somewhere
LikWidChzyeah, boring walls are boring
kaoshavocits like, one day someone was like, I don't wanna haul that to the dump, and someone else goes, I have got an idea, give me a nail
kaoshavocand now I have to eat by burger under some old impala exhaust
kaoshavocbut, I actually kind of like that weird shit
kaoshavocgives you something to look at
LikWidChzwould be pretty funny if they did that and mounted fogging machines to them
LikWidChzevery once and a while a small poof out of the end of it.
kaoshavocthat would be pretty epic
LikWidChzthey have those ultrasonic foggers on ebay, which are amazing how they work if you have ever looked into them
kaoshavocThere is a fog machine I picked up out of the trash, not sure if it works, it was around halloween so it might have just been tossed because the season was over and people have too much money
kaoshavocbut, if it works, I could do something like that LOL
kaoshavocyes, they are freaking amazing
LikWidChzthe ultrasonic ones are better, they only require water
kaoshavocgreatscott actually did a video on them here recently
LikWidChzdont touch them. fyi.
kaoshavocpretty sure this is an ultrasonic one
kaoshavocbut I have not dug into it yet
LikWidChzI had no idea that shit vibrates at a mhz
kaoshavocI found this right after looking at his vids, so I wanted to get it and play with it and see if it is what I think it is
kaoshavocthat would be something fun to mess with
kaoshavocI want to try it in different liquids
LikWidChzyeah some take fog juice which is glycrin and some other fruity chemicals
LikWidChzits overpriced bullshit if you ask me.
kaoshavocyeah, I will see what this one is soon enough, it just sitting there waiting to be dissassembled
kaoshavocI mean dry ice and water can do the same thing right ?
kaoshavocfraction of teh cost
LikWidChzONLY 180.
kaoshavocscrew that price
kaoshavocthrow some dry ice in that pond LOL
LikWidChzyeah but makes me wonder if you could just build one out of those peizo speakers
kaoshavocif I recall the video correctly he got very limited results
LikWidChzyeah threw it in youtubes I had no idea they were ~over 100 watts
kaoshavocmakes sense when you think of the rate at which you are tossing around phisical atoms LOL
LikWidChzyeah i had no idea
kaoshavocI mean, it is a small disk of metal, but you are moving it back and forth at immense speeds
LikWidChzyeah, I guess they use them for hydroponics
kaoshavocvery much like a subwoofer, and you need a lot of watts for those as well, and you don't need near the frequency for those
kaoshavocgreatscott is one of my fav youtubers
LikWidChzAVE and EEVblog, mikes electrical stuff, also Ben Kraznow... applied scince
kaoshavocave is a must
kaoshavoceevblog, sometimes, but he is a real brand whore and it has turned me off of him sometimes, I mean, he still has solid information, and I love to learn from him
kaoshavocbut, I feel you can't trust his opinions on equipment quality sometimes
kaoshavocbut sometimes, I feel he is being honest,
kaoshavocso the only thing I can think is he must be sponsered or is wanting to be sponsered by certian groups
kaoshavocbut, mikes, and ben, I don't know them, I will have to check them out
LikWidChzthey are quite a bit better
kaoshavocfrom mikes channel trailer, i am gonna love him
kaoshavocyeah, I like all of the ones I mentioned for different reasons