theShirbiny(s)he wants to ftp to cloudfront?
theShirbinyTECZZZ, you should upload your files to S3 then use cloudfront to serve them, you can't directly ftp to cloudfront AFAIK
TECZZZi got cpanel setup now
theShirbinyfor what?
TECZZZbut i dont know what domain to use to access it
TECZZZto setup websitse
TECZZZits my web panel
theShirbinyah, that's a cpanel problem not aws
TECZZZcpanel is setup through aws c2
TECZZZim learning
TECZZZi have 2 c2's
TECZZZ1 for web hosting and 1 for cpanel
theShirbinyjust access it using your instance public ip with port 2087
TECZZZim confused how to access cpanel
theShirbinyjust told you
theShirbinyyou'll need to allow that port in your instance security group/ network ACL
TECZZZlet me try it im logging into panel now
theShirbinyit won't work if you didn't allow port 2087 in your security group
TECZZZhere is the public dns for the cpanel
TECZZZdoes it work?
theShirbinyTECZZZ, no,
shalokWhy does Route 53 automatically create NS records for new hosted zones? Aren't they kind of pointless since I would already have to know the value of these records in order to even read them...
gholmsshalok: The zone itself has to include the same NS records as the ones you give your registrar.
gholmsThat's the case no matter what you use for DNS.
snowkidindI have a permissions question - running on ubuntu 16 ami, I cannot seem to get a file upload script working
snowkidindPHP Warning: imagejpeg(/var/www/uploads/image587154946d528.jpg): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/www/html/inc/
snowkidinddrwxrwsr-x 2 ubuntu www 4096 Jan 7 20:31 uploads
snowkidindwhat am I doing wrong?
tejasmanoharanyone here using AWS EMR? know how to view logs from yarn / spark before job ends? emr only publishes to s3 and UI afterwards which can be hours...
snowkidindok it works if I use 777 but i font really want that, do i?
offby1snowkidind: that suggests that your PHP script isn't running as the user "ubuntu", nor as any user in the "www" group
offby1snowkidind: I will bet that it's running inside apache, which itself isn't running as a user in the www group
snowkidindso i need to make apache a user of www?
theShirbinywhy g+s bit?
theShirbinyah, so every new file will be with the same group
offby1snowkidind: typically it already is, so I wonder if there's something unusual about your setup
snowkidindnot really, stock AMI with a default lamp server
theShirbinysnowkidind, can you "su - <apache user> -s /bin/bash"
snowkidindBut I dont remember adding apache to group www
theShirbinyand try to write in that directory?
offby1snowkidind: I'd be surprised if the AMI comes with apache, and comes with a "www" group, but hasn't put the user-apache-runs-as into that group.
snowkidindI gimmie a min, I want to see what groups apache is attached to
offby1run "ps" to see what userid it uses
offby1then run "id that-user-id"
theShirbinyubuntu 16.04 should be www-data not wwww
offby1sounds reasonable
snowkidindjust saw that
snowkidindso either I restructure my html folder to be www-data or I change the apache user
snowkidindprobably better to just redo the files in /var/www
snowkidindthanks y'allz
snowkidindwill try to shake the bush and see what comes out
offby1I'd think "chown" would suffice
snowkidinderr, chgrps etc
snowkidind...and that solved the problem allowing my uploads dir to be set to 775
offby1 ~
offby1/ \
snowkidindoffby1 good nose!
tejasmanohar ->
tejasmanohar`def s3 = new AmazonS3Client(new BasicAWSCredentials(key, secret))`
tejasmanoharwhy `def`? do i understand this correctly? -- they are trying to create a function to build s3 clients rather than instantiating a single one?
offby1who among us really knows Scala?
tejasmanoharoh sorry i meant to post this in scala channel
kb2tfaHello all.
firmsHey there.