flibbertigibbetOver in #postgresql they told me that `select distinct` sorts results to distinctify them. Is that true for Redhsift also?
bonksDoes AWS have a turnkey FTP solution (SSH+SFTP)?
bonksI'm looking for storage over ftp with security already configured
theShirbinyany specific reason why it should be over ftp?
bonkstheShirbiny: It's for an application that will upload data (monitoring stuff, small and medium sized files) constantly for remote accessibility
bonksIt provides redundancy and on push-only method of these files
bonksand a*
bonksOh and the app only supports FTP w/AUTHTLS
bonksI could setup a separate process in between the app and server to support other methods, but at this time FTPS is ok
bonksAmazon Glacier is looking nice if I setup a staging folder for the app to write to, then a separate process to use Glacier's SDK to upload as new files are created
bonksBut then FTP w/TLS is preferred at this time for simplicity
theShirbinyI don't really know, but personally I would use an ec2 to get data to aws then upload them to whatever service i want
cochibonks: simple, disappointing answer - nope
cochibonks: not so simple answer, you could use s3 as http(s) based storage. glacier you will not like due to the limitations on retrieval / retrieval cost
bonkscochi: Thanks. I read that about glacier... yea that wont work for recent files that need to be access immediately.
bonksS3 is looking promising as far as bare requirements, I just need to forget the whole FTP concept and creating a new process
cochii can just advise to use s3 standard storage and, depending on your use case, define a lifecycle rule to move to infrequent access and later glacier for max savings
bonksI do like the idea of having permissions and web based accesibility built in
bonksNuGet has an S3 package so that makes my life easy for handling transfers
bonksCool, I'll play with this... thanks!
eemgrcan you configure your environment variables to contain credentials for multiple accounts?
eemgroh, i see in the docs you can, at least with the quick config
cochiyou can define profiles for the aws cli
cochiso you can switch with something like --profile production if you need to
eemgrif i use the aws cli to define the profiles, should i delete my environment variables?
eemgrnot sure if one overrides the other
cochiwell there's a precedence defined on which credentials are used
eemgr"Environment variables override configuration and credential files and can be useful for scripting or temporarily setting a named profile as the default."
eemgrso i'll take that as a yes
bonksI'm confused about this grantee stuff regarding ACL on a S3 bucket. Can I create new grantees or API keys or must it be aws accounts?
cochimust be aws accounts OR you use stuff like bucket policies or iam policies for AWS users.
cochiboth types of policies are basically the same, but the one's from S3 perspective, the other from user perspective. see IAM policies, lots of stuff to cover there
bonksGot it, thank you
saegeoffanyone in here a lambda user?
lambahas anyone tried to bring a manually-managed aws infractructure into a -as-code setup ? I'm wondering if it'd be easier to make a new aws account and start from scratch than try and backport the existing stuff into a terraform or similar codebase.
lambaeither option seems kinda suck.
poutineDid you mean, lambda?
vkcanyone here played with AWS lambda?
serentaiuswhat's up?
cvandervkc: a bit
vkcis it possible to do pub/sub (AWS IOT) in AWS lambda. Like when my lambda is exectued, it send a message to AWS IOT (mqtt) topic, and subscribes to a topic.
cvanderi've never looked at this but i think you'll need to code that into your function
cvanderdon't quote me though
cvanderif you know java, this may be helpful - https://github.com/oci-pronghorn/PronghornIoT-Examples
cvanderin particular - https://github.com/oci-pronghorn/PronghornIoT-Examples/tree/master/400-IoTGateway/src/main/java/com/ociweb/gateway
serentaiusI would assume it would be easily accomplished though I haven't used aws IOT, we roll our own at the company i'm with
serentaiushowever, I have used lambda to send SNS, SQS messages, as well as send data to firehose
vkcyeah .. lambda SQS/SNS pipelinee is fine.
vkcserentaius, cvander ... u guys use dontnet?