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spuzhi, I'm a bit confused about working with i2c devices. I have an accelerometer connected to i2c bus 2, when i ran i2cdetect -r 2 the first time, showed a device at address 0x19, then I ran i2cdump 2 0x19 and it printed half of the register values for my device (I think) then it got to address 0x5a and it started to print XX's
spuzafter that, any time I run i2cdump it prints nothing but XX's and it seems to read each byte very slowly (timing out). Also, when I re-run i2cdetect, that also runs very slowly and it fails to detect my device
spuzwhy would these commands stop working?
i_want_volumioHello all, I have a quick question; I have an original beaglebone (white), and would like to run Volumio on it. However, I can only find an image for BBB, and that does not run (4 LEDs solid green, then nothing).
i_want_volumioIs a BBB image backwards compatible with the original BeagleBone>
zmattspuz: sounds like you managed to lock up the bus
zmattor the accelerometer
zmattin general, neither i2cdetect nor i2cdump is a safe thing to run
zmattyou should only perform register accesses documented in the datasheet of the accelerometer
zmatt(or use the kernel driver if one is available for it)
zmatti2c is not a discoverable bus. i2cdetect attempts to detect the presence of a device in a way that hopefully doesn't mess it up, but that's definitely not guaranteed ("By default, the command used is the one believed to be the safest for each address." -- i2cdetect manpage)
zmattor, again quoting the i2cdetect manpage, "WARNING This program can confuse your I2C bus, cause data loss and worse!"
spuzzzmatt: thanks, yes i figured that i2cdump was upsetting the bus some how. after a reset, and restricting i2cdump to the first 4 rows of data everything seems to be working correctly
zmattspuz: more specifically, upsetting the accelerometer
zmattmaybe it crashed, hehe
spuzhmm if that was the case then i wouldn't expect i2cdetect to start behaving strangely
zmattwhy not? what did the kernel log say btw?
zmattit is easy to envision the i2c controller in the accelerometer keeping the i2c bus stalled while waiting for the core of the accelerometer to respond