cyberguy_Hi all, I'm trying to use the BBB without EEPROM , is the u-boot should start but show error message or it should work at all
cyberguy_i'm trying to use this patch : do you think it should work?
mikenI have an issue registering for an interrupt in a driver running on baseline debian 4.9.30 that used to work on a 3.8 kernel. Anyone knowledgeable about this?
phinxyWhy does not raspberry pi want to publish PCB gerber files but beaglebone does? Does that imply that beaglebone is a better company?
tbrbeagleboard is not a company, it's a foundation
phinxyIs it allowed to manufacture beaglebones and sell them yourself?
phinxyWould the hardware license tell me that if there are any?
tbryes, you can manufacture your own
tbrfor details, look at the licensing