zmattrpi gerbers wouldn't be very useful anyway since you can't buy the SoC
nextloop[11:37:33] <nextloop> hi, how can i upgrade beaglebone debian 8 to debian 9?
nextloop[11:38:54] <nextloop>
nextloop[11:39:03] <nextloop> can this be done (already)?
ver|laptopapt-get dist-upgrade ?
ver|laptopsame as debian normal?
ver|laptopthere's an aptitude safe-upgrade I think too ..
nextloopanyone tried it, it's more or less a "production" system, i could do an image of the SD card though
ver|laptopif its running a uSD, and its production, I'd get a new BB, flash the new debian, and port your code over, test it .. then switch .. personally :)
ver|laptopdepends a lot though on how 'critical' it is ..
SulphurikHi, I have a Beagleboard and I can't remember how to change the screen resolution
SulphurikI created a uEnv.txt file on the boot partition but that didn't work
SulphurikAny ideas?
ver|laptopyou should always -have- a uEnv.txt file .. if not, you're editing the wrong thing :D
ver|laptopbut sure .. kernelcmd=video=<something> is the one you want
ver|laptopthere are examples all over for what should be in there
cyberguy_what driver is used for the BBB DRAM ?
SulphurikJust to be sure I'm suing
SulphurikI'm using a Beagleboard
Sulphurikoriginal model
Sulphuriknot the BeagleBone
ver|laptopSulphurik: if you're using a recent debian image .. they're all standardised now .. more-or-less
SulphurikI'm using an old Angstrom made with Narcussus
ver|laptopoh can't help you then, sorry :?
Sulphurikno worries
ver|laptopiirc they used a uboot.scr written to a location on disk
Sulphurikfinding info for this older system is interestingly difficult
ver|laptopit had to be compiled I -think-
SulphurikI set this thing up a long time ago and lost all the stuff i used to do it
Sulphurikand now it's been so long i can't find out what i need to changew
ver|laptopyeah it changes monthly :D
ver|laptopnarcissus, wow brings back memories .. lol
Sulphurikall i want to do is change the screen resolition from 640x480 to 1280x1024
Sulphuriklol....but can i work it out? no!
Sulphuriki remember setting it during boot with a serial cable
Sulphurikany idea how that works?
ver|laptopI can't remember what the hardware is, so I'm afraid I'd have to google even :/
SulphurikNo worries, I'm sure i'll sort it out eventually
SulphurikI've tried various settings is uEnv.txt and nothing works
ver|laptopit may not be looking for that uEnv.txt .. there are a lot of uboot configs .. you may have to connect to serial debug to find out what/where it's looking
ver|laptopconfig options** sorry
SulphurikYeah I'm going to have to play with that
SulphurikThanks for the suggestions
ver|laptopand g/l
zmattcyberguy_: it doesn't really use a "driver", just some one-time setup done in u-boot and optionally some save/restore code done by the kernel for certain suspend states (which I'm pretty sure lives in arch/arm/mach-omap2/)
desperate_dudeso i am currently trying to flash MLO and uboot from a host pc to a AM3358 processor via USB and i have basically no idea what the hell i am doing here
desperate_dudereally anything would be helpful
zmattACTION hands desperate_dude a slice of pizza
zmattglad to have been of help
veremitACTION slides over a can of coke too
desperate_dudethe program i am using to flash causes the same output on my debug console from the AM3358, no matter if the folder where the server gets the files from is empty or has a MLO and uboot file in it
desperate_dudeso i am not even sure if there is any data being sent to the chip at all
zmatt"Hi, I'm using some program but I'm not telling you which, and it's not working. can you help?"
desperate_dudecurrently trying with uniflash
desperate_dudei dunno... would already be thrilled to just send a hello world to that chip as of now...
zmattI guessed as much, but next time say "uniflash" instead of "the program i am using to flash"
zmattI know absolutely nothing about uniflash though
zmatt(other than that it exists)
LetoThe2ndzmatt: "hi, i'm using arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc and its not working. can you help?"
zmatttry pressing x
desperate_dudeall i get from my debuging is and endless spam of the character "C"
zmattthat means it's trying to boot but failing
desperate_dudethats already helpfull information
zmattwhich I think means it never got enumerated via usb, since otherwise the CCC output would stop while it's trying to perform usb boot (which is where you'd hook in to perform flashing via usb)
desperate_dudei am not sure i know what that means...
desperate_dudei mean, it stops spamming C as soon as i press "stop flashing" in the uniflash tool...
desperate_dudeso i guess it doenst try to boot as long as i dont press "start flashing"
desperate_dudethats how its supposed to be, isnt it?
zmattsounds like when you "stop flashing" the bbb gets enumerated as usb device (as I would expect) hence the CCC hangs at that point while it's attempting usb boot
desperate_dudebut isnt that what i would want?
zmattI have no idea why it would start outputting CCC while uniflash is attempting to flash
desperate_dudei mean, i wanna do a USB boot...
neriennaI know the cccccccccc from empty eeprom boards and not modified uboot
zmattdesperate_dude: do I understand correctly you're seeing CCC output while attempting to flash via uniflash?
zmattif so, that might mean it feeds a flasher to the bbb that doesn't work and causes a system reset
zmattsimilar to the no-eeprom scenario nerienna just mentioned
desperate_dudeand independend from what data is in the path i specified as home folder
zmattreset, CCC, usb boot, starting flasher, reset, CCC, usb boot, starting flasher, etc
desperate_dudewell, where do i get a flasher that does work?
zmattfor linux there's BBBlfs
desperate_dudeok, let me look up BBBlfs
zmattits scripts are pretty broken though,
zmattthat link is a verbose write-up on how to get the BBB eMMC visible as block device... you can then flash onto that just like you would onto a μSD card
desperate_dudei am not sure i understand what that means.
desperate_dudei am not even sure if i am supposed to install that on the host PC or the beaglebone / AM3358 device
zmattthere's nothing to "install", it's just a program, and on a host linux system
desperate_dudeok, so thats for the host PC
zmattand if you follow the pastebin it'll make the BBB appear as if it were an usb stick or something, so you can directly write to its eMMC
zmattalso very useful for making a backup or doing recovery
desperate_dudewait... does that mean i can use a DD command similar to flashing with sd?
zmattI just said that: "you can then flash onto that just like you would onto a μSD card"
desperate_dudehow would i do that?
zmattuh, for example with dd, like you just said?
desperate_dudeoh ok
desperate_dudeand that would work even on an AM3358 with an empty emmc?
desperate_dudeok thanks
zmatton a BBB with an empty eMMC anyway
desperate_dudewhat if its not explicitly a beaglebone?
zmattBBBlfs boots the AM335x into a small linux system, so it has an u-boot + kernel + device tree + tiny initramfs
zmattfor systems other than BBB it may e.g. need a different device tree
zmattif the differences are sufficiently big
desperate_dudeit doesnt have an sd slot
zmattthat won't matter
desperate_dudewhat would matter?
zmattmissing or blank eeprom for example
zmattsince then u-boot won't work
desperate_dudewait, so if there is no eeprom on there it can never boot?
zmattno, you'd need to build a custom u-boot and then customize BBBlfs to use that
neriennathat's just what I said...
desperate_dudei wouldnt know how to build a custom u-boot even without modifications
neriennaI know the problem from using the wrong SD card
neriennaThere's a patch for assume Board is BBB
neriennaI'm not at work, so I don't have the link and would have to search
zmattdesperate_dude: maybe it would have been smarter to check what exactly that eeprom is used for before omitting it from the hw design :)
desperate_dudei didnt make the hardware design....
neriennaI did help with mine....
zmattso, go to the local fish market, buy a trout, go the hw people and slap them with aforementioned trout
neriennaok, I was allowed to play with a BBB for a while before we did our own design....
desperate_dudeyeah, i checked... there is no eeprom on there