mrnukehi, has anyone tried to use the EQEP driver?
mrnukethe reason I ask is that I hooked everything up to a HEDS-5000 encoder, and the position is stuck at -1 or 2
mrnukehowever, if I use /dev/mem to write '0' to 0x00000000483021a8, then it starts counting properly
mrnukeso I suspect it's some ugly initializatrion bug
tntt987does anyone know how to use a ninja block?
wmatdidn't they go bust?
JungduriHello. Is there anyone who have a not displaying GUI on monitor after installing java and apt-get update?
zmattew, you mean the oracle java runtime? why would you install that?
adugenskeAnyone using the BBGW?
zmatttip: doing a poll on what device(s) people use will rarely get you any reply
BrandonI need to add gps to the beaglebone blue
Brandonwhats my option
Brandoni need to add a gps to beaglebone blue
poplarrWhat about seizures?
BlackinmindAfter they happen, is the dog suppose act strange like pissing every where & not know where they're at?