adugenskeJust installed Debian 9.2 on my BBB. Can't get to it via USB ethernet.
am5728hi my beagleboard-x15 had thermal shutdown after that it can't turn on . how can i recover it
Kitlithadugenske, does it show up as a USB device at all?
zmattfrostsnow: the racy part was using two invocations of i2cset, that can be fixed by using a tiny piece of software that performs both writes in a single transaction. fixing the leds-regulator kernel driver to have DT support would certainly be more elegant, but waay more work
zmattyou can also choose to not care about the race, worst case the write gets ignored and the led doesn't toggle
falgh170Is there a beagleboard yocto support "meta-x15" as "meta-bbb" for beagelbone?
tbryou haven't looked around much have you? ;-)
tbr - click on "machines"
falgh170I found it but I was not clear to me. I did not find a getting started resource available for x15 as the beaglebone black
falgh170Thanks for your reply.
tbrgeneral OE (and Yocto) documentation applies
tbralso the layer might contain some information
dimmuI have a beagleboard-x15 anyone knows of documentation how to JTAG to the M4 core from CCS?
dimmuthe beagleboard-x15 has already booted debian....
tbrccs is a TI thing. I guess you should ask on E2E?