adugenskeThe BBB Wireless has an access point. Can a program be run when something connects to the AP?
adugenskeThis is like when you connect to public Wifi, and it asks you to agree to terms before connection.
AdjvanI've got a Beaglebone black with a TI BBB_PRU_CAPE on top of it. I can list all my serial ports on the BB but if I try to check them through Minicom I don't get any reponce.
AdjvanI've tried to find something on the net and it looks like you have to configure it in uEnv.txt but I get conflicting answers as to how exactly.
tbrdoes that cape have an EEPROM?
AdjvanYes it does.
tbrthen it would be good to check if the kernel loaded any cape overlays
tbrand then check what sort of peripherals this cape configures
tbralso the way you configure things will be completely different depending on which kernel and distro you run on the board
AdjvanI've used the latest Stretch from the Beaglebone site
AdjvanStill trying to find my feet as I'm new to this
tbrhow familiar are you with linux in general?
AdjvanI know some basics
AdjvanI had an older version on it but bricked it by disabling the hdmi so I had to load the new distro but the the new uEnv.txt looks totally different in this version so I assume things have change between the two versions
tbryeah, sounds like you were on some rather old version previously. The way U-Boot is set up changed "recently"
AdjvanI've noticed yes. Will have to Google it a lot more
tbrbasically it no longer lives on the FAT partition
tbrI can't help you that much as I haven't touched that part in quite a while
tbrregarding the cape. There should be a virtual file in the /sys tree that you can read for loaded capes and such
AdjvanYesterday on the old distro there was something I typed from Google which showed me that it did see the board but now I can't remember.
AdjvanI was something like echo BB-BONE-<I can't rember this part> >/sys/devices/bone_capemgr.9/slots
tbrthis probably applies in some way:
tbrsee if you can: cat /sys/devices/platform/bone_capemgr/slots
tbrif not a quick and dirty way is: "find /sys |grep slots"
AdjvanI can yes but the list looks empty
tbrit should at least show the virtual capes IIRC
Adjvanwith the second command I see some slots yes
tbrok. then you should be able to "echo CAPEOVERLAYNAME > /sys/devices/platform/bone_capemgr/slots" (I don't know the proper name for yours)
tbr are the overlays that should be available to you on the board already
AdjvanThank you
tbrmore specifically
tbrI'd expect you can just echo the filename (minus the .dts)
tbrdmesg should tell you what then happened
zmatttbr: beware that the above isn't really true anymore since u-boot overlays
tbrzmatt: oh, ok
zmattI mean, overlays still exist but they're loaded and applied to the DT by u-boot before it passes the DT to the kernel, so you won't find anything about it in the kernel log
zmattthough, I think it's not guaranteed that people using the latest image will be using u-boot overlays, since if they run off sd card rather than flashing to eMMC, they'll still be using the u-boot on eMMC which is likely to be too old to support u-boot overlays
wmatjkridner: ping