ariotahi. what is default user and password for ti sitara linux processor sdk?
Mara01010011anybody here?
LetoThe2ndnope, we're all elsewhere.
Mara01010011I have a small question: I would like to control an RGB led with a microconroller. This MC should be connected to the beagle bone black. But I don't know how to connect the three connecters (don't know the real word for that) to the board. I only used Arduino before.
LetoThe2ndso its RGBLed <-> MC <-> BBB?
LetoThe2ndand what are "the three connectors"? which MC?
raffowhat is the purpose of the usb[01] ethernet interfaces in the beagleboard x15?
Mara01010011yes, the microcontroller is a UDN2981.
LetoThe2ndMara01010011: the udn2981 is not a MC, its just a driver
Mara01010011I have a breadboard, and the three connectors are just small cables which are connected to the MC, each for one foot of the RGB.
Mara01010011oh, good to know
Mara01010011so am I actually searching for the powerpins to connect?
LetoThe2ndMara01010011: unless you're not trying to drive a super high power led or something, you don't need it anyways. just be inspired by
Mara01010011i have to, it's part of my embedded linux course. Thank you for that link!
beaglebonenoobHello, I would like to connect to beagle via SSH on Mac but I think it is not enabled by default... command works but I dont know the root password
myselfif it's giving you a login prompt, it's enabled
myselfdebian/temppwd is the default on the new images, I think it used to be root with no password on the old images?
beaglebonenoobI have tried debian and temppwd and it is not working :/
beaglebonenoobI think I will try to reinstall debian
myselfbeaglebonenoob: did you try root and just hit enter at the password prompt?
cyberguyHi all, I want to configure the BeagleBone Black to act ONLY as a mass storage device, is anyone fimiliar with the procedure for that?
myselfyou're looking at the "usb gadget" framework for that
myselfI did a bunch of tinkering with this a while ago, pointing gadget at various different things to use as the backing-store for the mass-storage device it presents
myselfbasically you need to unload what's currently running, then load it in storage-only mode, prove that it works
myselfthen go about modifying the startup scripts to do your bidding
myselfstep 1: Do you have a UART adapter so you can be on the board's local console without going through the rndis which you'll be tearing down? :)
myselfand/or I guess you could do it with a usb keyboard and microhdmi monitor...
cyberguymyself: do you know how to overcome the issue with windows 7 drivers? the serial gadget doesn't work with latest images
myselfI never played with serial gadget, don't know.
myselfAlso, there's a lot of usb gadget tutorials out there for the raspberry pi, and most of that works the same as the beaglebone, with the exception of the startup defaults. I used a lot of those guides for my tinkering.
myselfthose are some of my notes from back in march when I was playing with this :)
cyberguymyself: great thanks, i've finnalygot the mass storage working, but the serial has a few issues with the drivers, i'll try to look in with the raspberry pi
myselfI thought you said "ONLY as a mass storage device", so I'm puzzling about the serial :)
myselfAlso if Windows is being cranky, try testing first against a linux host, that'll let you bisect the problem and see if it's your gadget or the host
cyberguymyself: yeah , at first i wanted to get the mass storage working
cyberguymyself: now i'm struggling with the serial thing
myselfto be clear, are you trying to use usb-gadget to emulate a cdc/acm serial device? Or are you talking about using a separate USB-UART dongle (like a ubiquitous FTDI-or-similar) to get yourself console access on the J1 header?
cyberguymyself: i'm talking about the cdc/acm thing... the INF file is not working with Windows 7 on latest images
cyberguymyself: they change the gadget somehow so with windows 10 no need to any INF, but it broke the support with windows 7
myselfdoes it work if you roll back to an older image on the beaglebone?
cyberguymyself : yes!
cyberguymyself: but i need latest image, i can't work with image two years old (Debian 7.9)
cyberguymyself: i also tried to track the changes, but i no so fimiliar with linux programming... (I've even find the EXACT patch ...
myselfI feel like you might be able to tweak that back simply through commandline parameters, no?
myselfthat's over my head, though. I'll step back and see if folks with more clue have any insight.
cyberguymyself: i tried to track it back with finding the old boot script... still investigating this...
beaglebonenoobmyself: yes I have tried that Permission denied, please try again. :/
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