nash_strongmanhi, has anyone tried installing alpine linux on a beagleboard xm ?
i2c_clockello all
i2c_clockhow can i set the i2c rate
i2c_clockion a beaglebone blue
i2c_clocki think the default is 100KHz
i2c_clocki need to make it 400KHz
kenrestivo ?
timers_RTHello all, I wanted to be able to use timers (like we do in uC) in my program loop. Time is of the utmost importance so i cannot use the python time library (my code is in python). What alternatives are there?
mehdiHello my dear friends
mehdiI got this error when compiling a QML app : /usr/include/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/QtGui/qopengl.h:105:27: fatal error: GLES3/gl31.h: No such file or directory
mehdiGLES2 exist
mehdihow to install GLES3? i can't find any package
zmattmehdi: the gpu doesn't support gles3
mehdi-_zmatt, Thanks
vardhanhi , I am struggling with connecting my bbblue to college campus wifi which has a proxy, I am able to connect a DNS as a ping to is giving an ip address which when typed in my laptop browser is opening google website
vardhanbut I am not receiving any packets from google when I use ping on bblue
vardhanthis is my wifi config
vardhanconnmanctl> services wifi_f45eab34b551_43414d505553_managed_none /net/connman/service/wifi_f45eab34b551_43414d505553_managed_none Type = wifi Security = [ none ] State = ready Strength = 46 Favorite = True Immutable = False AutoConnect = True Name = CAMPUS Ethernet = [ Method=auto, Interface=wlan0, Address=F4:5E:AB:34:B5:51, MTU=1500 ] IPv4 = [ Method=dhcp, Address=, Netmask= ] IPv4.Conf
vardhan IPv6 = [ ] IPv6.Configuration = [ Method=auto, Privacy=disabled ] Nameservers = [, ] Nameservers.Configuration = [ ] Timeservers = [ ] Timeservers.Configuration = [ ] Domains = [ ] Domains.Configuration = [ ] Proxy = [ Servers=[ ], Excludes=[ ], Method=manual ] Proxy.Configuration = [ Servers=[ ], Method=manual ] Provider = [ ]
vardhancan anyone help I have tried online forums but no use
jerrodhow do I search for a directory in the beaglebone blue root? I am new with this and am trying to use the robotics cape but it keeps telling me that there is no such directory. I have tried redownloading the cape and it still gives me the same message. Any ideas? thanks.
jerrodany ideas?
jerrodI need help connecting to my robotics cape on the blue
jerrodI have downloaded the cape but it says there is no such directory when I go to use it.
zmatta bit more details, what are you talking about?
zmattwhat command are you trying and what is the exact error message
octohi all
octohi zmatt, i got it working. asked you a question yesterday about bbgw and yocto
octothe .dtb file was missing. i added it into boot folder. but it didtn work. i had to create a symbolic link to this file, and now it works! :)
octobut now i want enable wifi and bluetooth... but this seems another big problem
octoi think the drivers are missing
zmattthey're in mainline linux, so it should just be a matter of making sure they're enabled in your kernel config
zmattat least wifi is, didn't check bluetooth
octozmatt, nice i just read that.
octobut i dont know where to activate, i am searching right now
zmattdrivers -> net -> wireless
octohm, i dont know what you mean. if i do lsmod there are only two modules
octobut no wl18xx
zmattI mean in your kernel config
zmattsetup menu
octohow do i get there ^^
octo<--- noob
zmattuh I have no idea how you configure your kernel when using yocto, try asking in #yocto
zmattor googling
octook thx