Guest92714hi, my project is to control a motor with at least 30 sensors like temperature, air flow, is the beagleboard x15 is fine for my project?
Guest92714i will need to control some lighs, heater, resistances etc
Guest92714all sensors are industrials version, so i will need to use analog/digit convert etc...
gnomeit appears the bbb driver signing expired on the 26/1/2018 and won't install on win 10 anymore
kenrestivosince what seems to be the demise of capemgr, is there a way to load/remove dtbo's at run time?
zmattkenrestivo: configfs should still work
zmattkenrestivo: I once wrote some scripts to simplify that, you can find them in the bin dir of
zmattof course there's also still the option of disabling u-boot overlays to go back to the way things were
zmattto be fair, I don't think removing overlays at runtime ever worked very reliably? iirc it was an excellent way to cause kernel panics
zmattmaybe that got better over time
darkdustHi all, can anyone point me to a good web ressource which explains how to debug code on the IPU coprocessor while running Linux?
zmattyou can use jtag debugging on IPU without disturbing the rest of the system
zmattwhen making a debug configuration in CCS, you can select which cores and other debug resources it should attach to
zmattthat shows a good example, albeit for a different SoC
darkdustdo you have a tutorial at hand. I have a configuration which does not let me connect to the target
darkdust(Error -1170 @ 0x0) Unable to access the DAP
zmattI don't. I also don't have any bbx15 to test on
zmattis that the only line of error output? if there's more, please show all of it (using a paste service like
zmattso, for reference, the screenshot shows this SoC has two cortex-M3 cores among other stuff (which they've named the "RTOS" core and the "ISS" core). in this example you'd select the core(s) to debug, parent DAP, and optionally icepick. the rest of the checkboxes must be unchecked
zmattright, one of CCS's generic "something is wrong, I don't understand it, HALP, *flails arms around wildly*" error messages
zmattwhere typically none of the things it suggests are actually useful
zmattis the cortex-M3 currently running your program?
darkdustthe A15 is currently running Linux.
zmattone concern comes to mind is that when no program is loaded onto it, linux may be keeping its clock gated, the subsystem reset asserted, or even its power off. ICEPick *should* have the ability to override these but I don't know whether that actually works in the AM572x nor whether it requires any special configuration in CCS
darkdustthese are very good questions.
zmattso you may need to have linux load some small dummy program onto the cortex-m4
zmattthere are other workarounds obviously, but this would be the simplest to test this theory
zmatt(I said cortex-m3 earlier, I meant m4 of course)
darkdustI am trying this
darkdustI've tried loading the same binary as running on IPU2 and got the following error on dmesg
zmattsorry, I don't know anything about remoteproc really
darkdustno problem, thanks for your help.
zmatt43 MB of dma memory? what the hell does it need that for?
zmattthat sounds rather excessive
darkdustI think it does video accelaration or something
darkdustis it just me or is this topic not documented very well???
zmattI don't remember which of the two IPU instances is used for managing video acceleration, but obviously you should use the other ipu instance
zmattI have no idea, I've never search for documentation on this topic so I can't tell you
darkdustthe IPU1 is for general purpose
zmattso how is the video acceleration thing relevant here?
darkdustit is not, I just want to connect to the IPU1 via JTAG
darkdustand I tried to load a binary to the IPU1 and just had the binary of the IPU2 at hand. So I copied it
thinkfatbut that binary will request a huge amount of memory which is likely not reserved for use with the IPU1 ;)
zmattthat indeed sounds like a very bad idea
zmattalso because if it were to run, it would probably make a mess of whatever ipu2 is managing
darkdusthmm, right.
HoneybedI am having issues to connect to my BBB wifi
HoneybedPlease kindly provide with support, Thank you
darkdustI just installed CCS 6.2.0 and everything works out of the box :D
darkdustDon't know why 7.4 is not working
jkridner[m]BeagleBone Black?
jkridner[m]JTAG or serial?
darkdustBeagleBoard X15 with JTAG (XDS100V3)
jkridner[m]very much should work out-of-box then.
jkridner[m]can you share any details of where it fails?
jkridner[m]same configuration steps?
darkdusti've been fighting with this beast for about 4 days.
jkridner[m]ACTION is trying to gather enough info for a big report.
darkdustit would not let me access memory for releasing the M4 from reset. There is a thread
jkridner[m]i wonder if the unit got changed to only expose one of the M4s.
jkridner[m]i know there was talk that developement was only going to be supported on one of them...
jkridner[m]and the other was to be reserved for TI codecs.
darkdustyes there was. The second M4 is only for video acceleration, but I used only the first one
zmattjkridner[m]: one of the dual-M4 subsystems you mean
zmattthere are IPUs, each with two M4 cores
zmatt*two IPUs
zmattjkridner[m]: still seems silly to fully reserve it when not everyone might care about TI codec support
zmattdarkdust: a lot of what I'm reading there sounds like a bad idea
zmattyou're running linux on the A15. you should not connect to the A15 with the debugger, run the "EnableAllCores" init script, or mess with the pmic
Guest31378I think I have fried my AM338 Processor in BBB. Is it possible that, if allowed more than 1.8V in analog input pin without the proper divider, might fry the whole processor chip ?
Guest31378any wisdom here ?
zmattGuest31378: overvoltage can most definitely kill the entire processor
zmattwhat are the symptoms? power leds remains off or just flashes briefly?
darkdustzmatt: what sounds like a bad idea?
zmattdarkdust: the three things I just mentioned
Guest31378zmatt: only one of the leds glows and turns off immeditely when powered the board
zmattGuest31378: presumably you mean the power led
Guest31378yup. thats the power led
darkdustI am not connecting to the A15 anymore. Just connecting to the IPU1
zmattyep, that's the pmic shutting down due to overcurrent, caused by an internal short-circuit in the processor
zmattdarkdust: good :) I was just commenting on what I read there
darkdustYes, I actually tried to connect to the A15 but I did not know that the BeagleBoard X15 ships with a linux preinstalled.
Guest31378thanks. will try if some tinkering with pmic helps or not
zmattwell that was weird
darkdustif the processor has an internal short-circuit what should tinkering with the pmic help???
darkdustwe'll see if he comes back in a few
jkridner[m]sorry, boarded a plane.
jkridner[m]did we work out that the scan chain was the X15 M4 issue that darkdust is having?
jkridner[m]zmatt: I will need to confirm, but I think the theory is to simply not market it as available so that it is always free for running the codecs in the case it is needed, but I sympathize with that being over simplistic.
jkridner[m]going to “airplane mode”
mattvenn_zmatt: here's the same test run with the i2c read in a while(1) loop in C
mattvenn_with a usleep(1000)
darkdustjkridner: Now I am confused. The CCS 6.2 was able to connect to the IPU1 and the 7.3 wasn't. Then I installed the RTOS SDK on the 6.2 and it started throwing errors.
darkdustI've also tested with the 7.3 with RTOS SDK and without - same effect
jkridner[m]zmatt: I didn’t know there were 4 M4s. I thought there were only 2. It must have been “fixed” in collateral pretty early then.
ds2hey zmatt, think you looked into this - on the bone, do you know if SYS_5V is sufficient to key off to sequence things?
jkridner[m]darkdust: what kind of errors?
darkdustjkridner: "Unable to access the DAP."
zmattds2: what do you mean?
zmattds2: for power domain related yada? no, sys_5v is the very first thing that's up, so it's not a safe cue for driving stuff into the am335x
zmatt(and when powering down it is, idiotically, also the first supply to get cut, although it should hopefully coast on caps long enough to sustain the rest; except when battery-powered, then sys_5v is always-on)
zmattanyway, bbl
Sulphurik_Hey, I'm looking for some advice for unbricking an original beagleboard
raffodid you screw with the eeprom?
jkridner[m]original beagleboard had no eeprom. just NAND.
jkridner[m]beagleboard != beaglebone
jkridner[m]Still, unbricking for either is straightforward
raffoi was thinking x15, sorry, I haven't used any of the others.
jkridner[m]ah. that one does indeed have EEPROM and eMMC flash.
zmattthe recommended unbricking procedure for all boards is to use a high-pressure pump to reinsert the magic smoke
zmatt(if original magic smoke has been lost, be sure to use high-quality replacement)