snackyI also might be bullshitting you because I misremember, but, I think that's ballpark correct.
someguymine was bad as recent as 2013 iirc
zapotahbut a large enough company, there is guaranteed to be a fuckhead who _will_ exploit loopholes left
HEROnymouszapotah, it's clear that big corporations will sometimes get up to no good when it's in their best interests. but keep in mind that their input is always in the minds of the regulators. in the case of net neutrality, those regulations addressed a problem that didn't exist in a way that substantively benefitted one group of multi-billion dollar megacorps while disenfranchising others.
Scryecogent/vzb was 2014
snackyI am pretty sure their network has changed a lot since then, but, I didn't pay close attention beyond having to field a lot of annoying questions about why youtube was slow.
zapotahHEROnymous: but it prevents opportunism
zapotahHEROnymous: which is rampant in this country im visiting
HEROnymousit comes down to the politicians who get their palms greased by netflix against the politicians who get their palms greased by verizon.
snackythe thing that happened in the last administration with net neutrality WAS opportunism
Scryejust stop regulating shit jeez
snackyoddly, it was also nothing like what the original net neutrality proponents wanted
zapotahHEROnymous: now thats a different argument
snackybut none of them complained about that!
someguywhat is the answer then? like take all the lobbyists out of it, what is best for internet as a whole?
snackyall they saw was service providers getting told what to do. they assume (understandably, honestly) that service providers are always the bad guys, so, anything that hurts them must be good, right?
HEROnymousand make no mistake - netflix is not some craft upstart trying to fight the good, fair fight against the big evil verizon. netflix has a market cap of over seventy billion dollars.
someguyletting verizon make all video services besides theirs slow and shit is obviously not good so we cant have that
zapotahHEROnymous: indeed
Scryethen people will leave verizon
Scryefree market
zapotahHEROnymous: however, the internet _is_ a utility
snackythat's not what verizon was doing at all. there really needed to be hardware investments. and cogent was refusing to pay up.
someguyyeah but the arguement to that is a GOOD one imo, you dont have choice
HEROnymoussomeguy, except that like I said, that's a narrative that lobbyists for one multi-billion dollar company created - not something that ever happened in real life.
someguyeven where i live near nyc i have 2 choices
zapotahHEROnymous: and should be treated like electricity
zapotahHEROnymous: and dont dare argue otherwise
HEROnymouszapotah, true and that's a problem. because government mandates monopolies and stifles competition for utilities.
zapotahHEROnymous: but thats the thing
someguymy fear is a data cap is coming next
HEROnymousyou see, oftentimes comcast and verizon are the only high speed internet options that users have - and that's not because other providers said "nah, let's not compete with those guys - their customers are JUST TOO HAPPY with them."
HEROnymousin fact, it's because if you tried, well, the local public service commission would shut you down.
snackythe irony here is that residential access networks ARE getting closer and closer to the "dumb pipe" that net neutrality proponents wished for years and years ago. and I guarantee that's not gonna stop the government from stomping all over everything going on in that arena.
zapotahHEROnymous: you can force utilities to operate a certain way
HEROnymousbecause the local public service commission gets *its* palms greased by verizon and comcast.
snacky(in my industry, there's CableCARD, which was a giant fiasco for absolutely no corresponding benefit at all)
zapotahHEROnymous: will it hurt their profits? yes
zapotahHEROnymous: will it hurt their market value? yes
HEROnymousand of course, if verizon and comcast don't provide you with excellent service, you can go complain to the public service commission. that's the trade-off for their government-enforced monopolies.
zapotahbut theyre utilities
ScryePUC is a puppet
snackyI humbly suggest people file away the term "regulatory capture" and google it later. and while you're reading that, understand regulatory capture ALREADY HAPPENED with net neutrality when netflix and cogent used it as leverage
zapotahand a utility _should_ be a tightly regulated service with reasonable and affordable pricing
HEROnymouszapotah, except that the free market has a solution here. it's called competition. and competition is bad for entrenched interests. so entrenched interests - your verizons and comcasts and other multi-billion dollar corporations - came up with a solution to those market forces. it's called government regulation.
snackyvery baptist-and-bootleggers.
zapotahHEROnymous: that doesnt exist with utilities
HEROnymousand it doesn't exist to help you and me. it exists to help the people who paid to put the politicians in office who enacted those regulations.
HEROnymouszapotah, oh but it does.
snackyzapotah: it does, actually. especially modern utilities
snackyactually, before 1913, it was also common in telephony, at least in urban areas
someguybut dont they get the easments to run their cables from the government? so shouldnt they have to obey by some rules in return?
Scryeits bullshit that actual power utilities are banned from competing with verizon and comcast
snackythen the government stopped it
zapotahHEROnymous: but this would require gutting more than just how the ISPs operate
Scryeor local govt
HEROnymouszapotah, in fact, as I said, utilities are the most regulated and are almost always *enforced* monopolies. not, like, "I'm goin to take yer customers comcast" and comcast says "no we're gonna run ad campaigns and say mean stuff about you!" but rather "I'm goin to take your customers, comcast" and comcast says "you can't because our public service commission cronies just plastered a sign on your door shutting you down."
snackyI have seen cities impose bizarre, anti-consumer conditions on operators trying to compete with comcast.
HEROnymousyou literally cannot compete with them. not because you can't afford it. not because their customers are so happy and don't want to leave. but because the government prohibits you from doing so.
snackytypically in those situations, the competing operator eventually breaks in, but later and at higher cost than if the city were doing what naive peopel believe the city actually does.
snackywell, some governments will allow it
snackytechnically all could, and if the development is dense enough, it'll happen
snackybut usually when cities do allow it, they put a lot of monkeywrenches in
zapotahHEROnymous: now, i would be for a strictly controlled infra company that must only charge for what the last mile costs
HEROnymousI'm speaking to areas where internet is regulated as a utility by local government.
HEROnymouszapotah, except that that doesn't benefit entrenched interests, so why would they support that?
zapotahHEROnymous: now thats again a different argument
HEROnymousbut it's also the reality of the situation.
snackyit's like one of the iron laws of politics. and everyone acts like it doesn't even exist
HEROnymousnet neutrality is another government regulation designed to help some multi-billion-dollar corporations. not you, not me.
zapotahHEROnymous: if the political will for actual development and utilization of the internet was there, that would be how it would need to be done
zapotahanyway, im tired of arguing
HEROnymousbut it's also a solution to a problem that never existed. it's a bludgeon that some multi-billion-dollar companies want to use against other companies to force them to act against their own interests because they have no choice.
zapotahtime for some catpics
snackyok, drive safely!
snackycatpic safely
zapotahsnacky: im not gonna drive the airplane
HEROnymouszapotah, you flyin somewhere now huh?
zapotahHEROnymous: yiss, home
zapotahim at sfo
HEROnymousyeah saw that lol
HEROnymousI've been through there once
someguyi have listened to some speechs from the indian fcc head guy
HEROnymouscatching a connection to vegas one year going to defcon
HEROnymouswas my only time in CA
someguyhe says if we remove title 2 most of net neutrality rules will still be in place?
someguyis that true?
someguyso if we do what he wants, verizon cant not slow down all streaming services but their own?
HEROnymoussomeguy, well, yes, but it's widely held belief that most of them would be struck down by the courts if challenged.
someguyah ok
someguyand if that happens verizon can do waht i said?
HEROnymoussomeguy, once again, verizon never did that, nor proposed doing that. it was a narrative created by lobbyists for other multi-billion-dollar corporations.
someguybut what if they did? would it be ok?
zapotahHEROnymous: no im pretty sure it was real
HEROnymoussure - in theory. but the implementation would be rather assinine, and they would lose a lot of revenue as customers abandoned their services.
HEROnymouszapotah, evidence or proof. :P
someguyHEROnymous: yeah but if verizon AND comcast do the same thing, you are fucked
someguyyou have no recourse
zapotahHEROnymous: youre not going to get any because it would require vz to implicate themselves
HEROnymoussomeguy, sure. but I'm pretty sure that at that point, there would be enough of a public outcry from regular people that the government would have to take action.
zapotahHEROnymous: and since it wasbt illegal, no criminal investigation could be conducted
someguyi am ok with what they are doing now, if you stream fios mobile on vzw its free data
HEROnymouszapotah, well then, Donald Trump is my father and I want my inheritance! ;)
HEROnymousbut without proof... :P
squibbyI don't think you want him to be your dad right now
squibbyinheritance or not
HEROnymouspsh, I'll take his money, idgaf.
squibbyI know you would
squibbyyou want to be devil's advocate for VZ
squibbyit's almost as if they stuff money in your pocket
HEROnymousI wish.
zapotahHEROnymous: there is tons of circumstantial data though
squibbyraise your hand if you're all convinced here that net neutrality is bad and that VZ is great
zapotahHEROnymous: enough for it to not be a coincidence
zapotahHEROnymous: and only a lawyer is screaming for hard evidence at that junction
someguyi lean towards leaving things as is, why dick with it, hope for the best and then dick with it later if it the worst comes true?
HEROnymouszapotah, I mean... I can make all kinds of claims like that though. unless I see at least evidence - if not proof - of something, then I won't be likely to believe it.
HEROnymoussomeguy, why not leave things as they were for 30 years of the internet prior to the title 2 regulations being put in place?
zapotahHEROnymous: there was tons of data back then when the cogent vz bs was happening in 2013 and 2014
someguyHEROnymous: bandwidth became king
DayneDrakeveryone whos ever had to deal with Verizon on a netops level knows they are in fact ebil sumbitches
HEROnymouslisten, if anyone wants to stuff money in my pockets in exchange for shilling, please pm. I'm open to it.
DayneDraklevel3 are a bunch of dicks
someguywho owns the old worldcom/mci stuff?
HEROnymousuntil then, I'm going to stick to evidence, proven facts, and opinions based on my own experiences. :P
HEROnymoussomeguy, verizon
HEROnymous1Hey guys. let's have a philosophical discussion about what's good for the Internet
HEROnymous1disclaimer. I have no principles. I don't care anyway if bad things happen
DayneDraki for one welcome my new comcastic overlord
DayneDrakor would if they serviced my area
someguyi have cablevision and fios here
someguytown over is fios and comcast
HEROnymousI have google fiber
HEROnymousand hence rule you.
someguymy parents only have cablevision
someguygoogle fiber stopped deployments after title 2, was it related?
someguydid t hey ever give a reason
HEROnymousso the reason is really threefold
HEROnymous1> dealing with all these local governments to try and get fiber laid is really really hard.
HEROnymous2> and once that's done, laying all of this damn fiber is really really hard, too. and costly. and people fuck up. and there're actually only so many competent fiber installation contractors in the country and that slowed their roll a LOT.
zapotahthe most hilarious thing was the interview where the twc guy said in a way that comcast and twc had "split the turf"
HEROnymousand finally, 3> doing all this really hard stuff doesn't even bring in that much damn revenue when you're done, the ROI is insanely long, and once you've rolled out all this 1gig PON infrastructure everyone is like "OH LOOK 10GIG PON IS THE NEW FUTURE" anyway.
someguyHEROnymous: i see
someguyactually verizon is offering me gigabit now
someguybut its expensive after the first year
HEROnymousis it actually gigabit?
HEROnymousor is it gigabit downloads?
someguyits symetric
squibby0"This company worked really really hard and spent a lot of money to fuck you over. So they deserve to."
someguyi have no use for gigabit though so i am on 150/150
HEROnymousI don't feel like google fiber is fucking me over... I'm actually pretty happy with their service, and the support channel is better than my previous experiences with comcast and adelphia.
HEROnymoussomeguy, the important thing to remember here, imho, is that despite narratives being painted by various and sundry people... none of them can show any proof, or even any evidence that those narratives are realistic at all. at the end of the day, it's one multi-billion-dollar corporation trying to get the government to give them a leg up over another multi-billion-dollar corporation by forcing them to provide them with network resources at no cost.
someguyis that what has happened under title 2?
zapotahthus, a radical overhaul would be required and enforced
zapotahi mean, i get symmetric 1gb at home for 50e/mo
zapotahunlimited and max speed lte for 20e/mo
HEROnymouszapotah, sounds reasonable.
HEROnymousyou pay slightly less for the gigabit connection than I do :P
someguyhow does euro do it?
someguytitle 2 type regulations?
zapotahsomeguy: more strict
someguyso then i guess a arugment is that it works well there?
HEROnymouszapotah, really?
zapotahsomeguy: it does
HEROnymousso if I have a presence in, let's say, Helsinki
HEROnymousand I demand you peer with me for no-cost
HEROnymousyou have to give me a port on your gear and a bgp session for no cost?
HEROnymousnot over an IX either. no, I want you to give me a port. I'm not going to bother with any IXes.
HEROnymousif you don't, you're unfairly throttling my connectivity to your network, and thus should be regulated!
zapotahHEROnymous: the transit and peering costs are regulated
zapotahHEROnymous: not free
someguyHEROnymous: the disconnect here, all that is being reported about this is end user expernience, i have never even heard these inner backbone arguments before
zapotahHEROnymous: but regulated
HEROnymouszapotah, so wait, who pays who then ?
zapotahHEROnymous: both
HEROnymousso... wait what?
zapotahHEROnymous: based on bits going either way
HEROnymouswho gets screwed, the content consumers or the content hosts?
zapotahafaik there are different kinds of categories for it all
HEROnymoussomeguy, but this *is* an... "inner backbone"... argument.
zapotahbut im not a peering guy
someguyHEROnymous: exactly my point is no one is talking about it
HEROnymoussomeguy, end user experience is based entirely on how people like zapotah and I and other folks in here peer between our networks.
HEROnymousbecause that's what the internet is.
zapotahnot really a peering guy
someguyHEROnymous: right but the argument in the media, etc is not discussing what you talking about at all
HEROnymouszapotah, that's weeeeeeeeird. :/ I hope it favors content providers over content consumers, since that's what I run :P
HEROnymousand I wanna roll out a european presence some time heheh
zapotahHEROnymous: over yonder, consumers benefit more
HEROnymoussomeguy, well, of course not - then they'd have to make valid technical arguments, not just emotional appeals with no evidence to back statements, etc.
zapotahHEROnymous: because the internet is seen as a utility
squibby0HEROnymous, If I'm an ISP, and my customers are paying me for X bandwidth, but I can't accommodate that rate because too many customers are trying to consume Netflix, who's responsibility is that to correct
zapotahnot yet regulated as such defacto
someguysquibby0: good question
HEROnymoussquibby0, yours and netflix's shared. because ultimately those same consumers are paying both you and netflix. both of you profit from this arrangement, so both of you should (and do!) have a financial interest in making sure that it works well.
squibby0oops! netflix broke my oversubscription model! why should I pay? poor me!
zapotahas for fiber deployments etc, the "competition will take care of it" wasnt working for last mile
someguyis bandwidth that big of an issue on verizon backbone?
zapotahso they forced the ISPs to deploy or lose their standing
HEROnymousbecause your customers pay you for access to the full internet. why don't you push some of that traffic over a transit provider until you can improve direct peering?
zapotahand who knew, the ISPs are none the worse off
squibby0HEROnymous, how is the customer and netflix supposed to fix lack of bandwidth at the ISP to accommodate
zapotahthere was bitching and moaning from telia ofc
HEROnymoussomeguy, bandwidth is always a big issue, it's how the internet works.
zapotahbut that was shrugged off
someguyHEROnymous: but is it that tight these days?
someguyHEROnymous: are they actually regullary maxing out capacity?
HEROnymoussquibby0, well, if I were the customer, I might select a different isp if my isp weren't correcting its problems. unfortunately, the government often prohibits competition in that sphere, so that creates other issues. but those are government-created issues that can be solved by *less regulation.*
squibby0so your argument is that even though ISPA over sold its bandwidth and now its customers are trying to consume more bandwidth that ISP was anticipating, it's up to the customer and content provider to somehow fix the ISP's problem?
HEROnymoussomeguy, well, as far as I can personally tell, it's not been an issue for my providers. :)
squibby0HEROnymous, oh so we're agreed that the fictitious ISP should be the one to correct the problem and the consumer should pick another ISP if they don't
HEROnymoussquibby0, no, I said that it's up to the isp and the content provider. because that's how the internet works. you probably need to add more ports or maybe just upgrade the existing ports.
squibby0HEROnymous, why is it the content provider's problem that the ISP can't pull the same amount of data that the consumers are asking for
squibby0they paid for all of their connections
HEROnymousif verizon tries to add another 40gig session and charge netflix $0.25/mbit on the 95th for that connectivity, and netflix says "go fuck yourself, we want to turn consumers against you to get net neutrality regulations put in place so we don't have to pay!", who's in the wrong?
squibby0so the ISP can fix the chokepoints at the peering, OR they can just bring the content provider directly into their network
squibby0but somehow this is super unfair
HEROnymoussquibby0, what if the lack of connectivity is on the content provider's side, and not the isp's?
squibby0HEROnymous, it isn't
zapotahit never is
squibby0you're now just making shit up
squibby0to maintain your argument
someguybut wait
HEROnymouslike I said, I'm on the content side. I'd love to be able to force every mofo out there to peer with me at no cost, and stop paying my transit providers!
someguycouldnt it be there are entities involved between ISP and Provider?
zapotahand i still think paid peering is a relic from the 1800s
HEROnymousbut that doesn't make it fair, just because I'd benefit.
HEROnymouszapotah, and yet I'm paying for every packet I push :>
HEROnymouscause I'm too small for anyone to want to peer with for free :)
zapotahdoesnt make the concept not a relic
HEROnymoussomeguy, sure, but we're focusing on this arrangement for the sake of argument lol
zapotahit used to make sense with dedicated circuits
squibby0I really don't know why you feel so bad for the ISP, bringing the content provider directly to the eyeballs instead of buying more transit is the better engineering solution, AND cheaper
zapotahthats not the case anymore
squibby0it's much cheaper for me to absorb the cost of peering with the CDN than to ask another AS for more bandwidth
squibby0it's just silly. you sold something to your customers and you should fuckin' provide it
HEROnymouszapotah, the problem is transit though - if I'm AS1 and you're AS2 and we both peer with AS3 and AS4 but not eachother because we don't have any gear in common facilities... who should have to take that transit, if no one's getting paid? AS3 or AS4? and wouldn't it then be in 3's and 4's best interests to send us shitty routes so that we don't use them for free transit because then they're paying to upgrade networks to transit for us with no benefit t
HEROnymouso them?
HEROnymoushow do you make the no-paid-transit model work in the real world?
zapotahHEROnymous: static cost based on device and port cost
zapotahHEROnymous: not for data transferred
HEROnymouszapotah, but the cost is the same for both if you have the same port, essentially?
zapotahsince that is the real cost associated
zapotahotherwise it turns into a game of traffic engineering
HEROnymousyeah but I don't see how this doesn't turn into a game of traffic engineering to screw transit :P
zapotahHEROnymous: indeed but with transit you need the connectivity
zapotahand cant build the infra
zapotahbut i argue that per mbit is archaic
squibby0HEROnymous, it can and does. if I sold transit to my customers but due to popular content cannot actually provide the concurrent transit, I have to either work with my peers to get enough transit, or I can just bring the damned CDN into my network
squibby0but poor Comcast should be able to charge for that? huh?
squibby0and your position is confusing because you're content
HEROnymouszapotah, I just don't see how that works... like I said, why would AS3 or AS4 want to provide transit for us to one another when the other could?
squibby0now. I do think it's reasonable to expect that the CDN does have SOME cost
squibby0ie renting facility space to peer with you
squibby0paying for their own routers. it's in their best interest that their content gets to your eyeballs
h41d11anyone studying the CCNA Cyber Ops content?
someguycyber ops? god my ccna is dusty
someguy(and expired for 15 years)
squibby0is there a ccna that teaches me how to pick up chicks
squibby0if there is sign me up
someguysquibby0: yeah pixel chicks
h41d11mm now tahts an idea
HEROnymouswhat ever happened to like
HEROnymousfemale nerd groupies on irc?
atten10squibby0, if you brought the CDN into your network, you'd still have to work with your provider
atten10either way you are going to pay comcast
HEROnymousthis was a thing ~15-20 years ago
atten10I just hope comcast's ISP charges them
atten10LOL wouldn't that be the shit
HEROnymousbut it seems like there're damn near no females on freenode, and those who are, are not groupies/are just nerds themselves
squibby0atten10, I'm not following you.
atten10well its irc not twitter :-/
atten10gotta study and zone out to twitch, later tator
squibby0atten10, the context is that you as an ISP cannot provide enough transit bandwidth to your customers, because there is a content provider that's extremely provider and makes up a disproportionate amount of bandwidth requested. so the proposed solution is to peer directly that with that content provider so that it comes straight into your network, and removes the pressure on your own transit
squibby0*extremely popular
squibby0that's why ISPs can and do directly peer
h41d11why are you looking for females on IRC? it's like tryna fish in a volcano
squibby0h41d11, hah I've actually scored off irc
h41d11hmm do tell
sneyI met my long term ex on irc. but that was, hm
atten10LOL poidh
squibby0it's been awhile, that was like back in the 90s/early 2000s
squibby0married now
h41d11did she open up all her ports for you
atten10You may as well have met in the world of warcraft
squibby0yes. yes she sure did
h41d11did she ACL your social life
atten10nah bro she ran ssl-decrypt
atten10and ransomwared his bank account
h41d11did you make her your WiFi?
atten10wow I just had an idea
atten10crypto currency for porn
atten10and hookers
squibby0atten10 just smoked a big bowl
h41d11like martigraw beads?
atten10no joke, think about it
atten10I mean srsly
atten10ACTION gets to programming
h41d11ok lets do it
h41d11only applicable for sexual services
h41d11ranging from tinder to livejasmin
h41d11ok so
h41d11to create a titcoin you get a fingerprint scanner and get a unique set of breasts
h41d11hashes the scan
h41d11and generates a titcoin
zapotahdamn, i
h41d11no titcoin for you?
HEROnymousI lost my virginity to a girl from irc... that was in '95 or '96. lol.
HEROnymousthose were the days, I'm tellin ya.
HEROnymousyou kids... off my lawn... etc.
zapotahHEROnymous: seriously? wat
HEROnymouszapotah, true story, hahah
zapotahi dont even
HEROnymousyou've never met a girl off irc zapotah ?
h41d11i remember irc back in 2002ish
h41d11just recently started using it again actually
HEROnymousnah things were going down hill by that time
h41d11less than a week
HEROnymoushay day was like the end of the 90s.
h41d11too early for me
h41d11not that generation
h41d11i was 10 years old using irc in 02
h41d1111, sorry
zapotahHEROnymous: ive never met a girl from irc irl
emptyninelots of chicks on irc in the 90's. then icq got big. hah
squibby0does anyone run 6PE over IPv4 mpls?
squibby0I don't understand why it has no concept of VRF
squibby0like. huh? how the hell does it keep customer routes separate then
zapotahHEROnymous: remember, the guys are guys, the girls are guys, the young boys are guys and the young girls are police
squibby0all it does is assign a label. that's it
squibby0I guess the router maintains what labels belong to which customer?
h41d11aha i remember ICQ
squibby0ACTION looks at Scrye 
h41d11i lived in an eastern european country and ICQ was popular back then
techbomberif you had 100k us dollars and you had to go all-in on ONE company stock, what company stock would you buy?
squibby0techbomber, do you have 100k that you're looking to put in one company stock? O.o
techbomberor 4 stocks
h41d11i'd invest 100k in IRC Spam Prevention Solutions Inc.
techbomberh41d11 no you wouldn't
squibby0h41d11, hahahaha well played
techbomberh41d11 how many you know actually pays to irc
techbomberyou are a liar
h41d11apparently not a very good one ;)
zapotahh41d11: ++
TheElfGodidk lol
saaamtechbomber: I'd short 100k of AAPL.
Criggiecos their next product will rocket them up, or kill them badly.
Criggieits win or lose, unlikely to fly straight and level.
h41d11invest it in Asgardia
HEROnymoustechbomber, AVGO.
techbomberwhy avgo
techbomberit's already high
HEROnymoustechbomber, because I believe it will go much higher in the long term
techbomberwhy do you think that
HEROnymoustheir products are in a lot of stuff, and their m&a strategy has been extremely smart.
HEROnymousanother favored pick would probably be MU... solid memory manufacturer.
HEROnymousand then there's TSLA... a lot riskier, but the potential reward is definitely there too.
techbomberHEROnymous i see
techbomberHEROnymous are you invested in all 3 you just named
HEROnymousI have a sizeable position in AVGO, but not MU or TSLA at the moment
HEROnymousTSLA is a little too risky for my blood, but I've gotta admit that the upside does exist and could really be something...
HEROnymousMU I think is solid, I don't think it'll be crashing, but I haven't really felt a good buy signal on it recently so I don't have a position right now. it's a good company though imho.
techbomberI haven't really felt a good buy signal on it recently
techbomberwhy do you say that
HEROnymousI mean... just haven't. if you have, then I would say follow your gut.
HEROnymousmy gut is usually right :D
techbomberi see
techbomberwhat else are you invested in now then
techbomberwhat about csco ?
HEROnymousI tend to play it safe and only trade in a few stocks at a time... I do hold some REIT positions just for the dividends, and a bunch of an S&P 500 index fund. ANET's another one that interests me a lot, need to follow up on their legal battle with CSCO and see where that's at before I buy though.
HEROnymoustoo much risk for my blood with that issue floating.
HEROnymousCSCO is a fine investment, but I tend to like better returns in the shorter term
HEROnymousare you looking to invest for the first time or somethin?
techbomberwhat kind of company does ANET do
HEROnymousthey make network gear.
techbomberHEROnymous yes
HEROnymousok, my advice would be this
HEROnymoussetup your investment acct
HEROnymousand throw all of your money into the cheapest S&P 500 index fund (I use fidelity so I get no cost IVV trades)
HEROnymousand then make pretend trades for a while, where you don't actually buy any shares of anything
HEROnymousbut just follow them and see if you would've made or lost money had you actually made the trades
HEROnymousand learn why you would've made money or lost money based on your feelings about those trades
HEROnymousand just go until you have a good feel for it and are making "pretend" profits.
HEROnymousand start off slow
HEROnymousdip your toes into some relatively safe trades, don't hold anything overnight when earnings are coming out, etc
HEROnymousand just get bolder and bolder as you develop more experience and knowledge, and as you do more research on the stocks you're most interested in
HEROnymousthat'd be my advice to a new investor.
techbomberi don't believe in ETF/funds
HEROnymousthen you're crazy ;)
techbomberthey are too safe
techbomberi want 100% return in 2 years
HEROnymousI mean...
HEROnymousso does everybody
HEROnymousbut pretty much nobody gets it.
techbomberHEROnymous not really, some people are happy with steady 6%
HEROnymoushappy with, maybe. but nobody wants less money versus more money.
HEROnymousI'm happy with a steady 6% return in a bear market, and so should anyone be. in a hot bull market, you can probably do better and so can I.
techbomberwhy is csco so low in share price
techbomberand anet is high
HEROnymousbut 50% returns on the year is unrealistic for a new investor. even people with well-tuned code don't usually get those numbers.
HEROnymousshare price doesn't mean a lot other than in comparison to the same stock's share price at other times.
techbomberHEROnymous not if they went all in on facebook when they IPOed
HEROnymouswhat you want to look at is market cap if you're just comparing the size of two or more companies.
techbomberHEROnymous if that is true, then people wouldn't look down on pennystocks
HEROnymousCisco has a $156.7 billion market cap. Arista has a $11.3 billion market cap.
HEROnymousI mean
HEROnymousif you want to say things that are silly, I'm not sure I can help you.
HEROnymousthere're definitely ways to make money on penny stocks, too.
techbombertrue, but not long term
HEROnymousbut yeah, if you want to compare things, share price doesn't mean a whole heap of a lot. you need to look at market cap.
techbomberwhat is more important market cap or PE ratio
HEROnymousmarket cap is just an indicator of how big a company is. PE ratio is an indicator of overall health.
HEROnymousyou can have very very big companies that are in poor financial health
HEROnymousand very small companies that are extremely healthy and growing
HEROnymousEPS (earnings per share) is an indicator that's very useful also.
HEROnymousbut ultimately, you can't look at these numbers in a vacuum
HEROnymousthey must be taken in the context of past performance of the same company, and in the context of current performance by other companies in the sector including competitors to the company that you're evaluating.
HEROnymousa company where the numbers are, in and of themselves, not that sexy... but where over the course of the past 12 months they've been getting steadily better... is more appealing than a company that has some impressive numbers but is trending towards the trash can in the long term.
techbomberdo you know inphi
HEROnymousimho, there're also a lot of bullshit non-GAAP numbers that companies *cough*social media companies*cough* put out to try and make themselves sound more appealing but don't really speak to their ability to make money - for themselves or their investors.
techbomberwhich one? snap?
HEROnymousand twitter
techbomberthey have so many users though
HEROnymousstuff like user numbers looks cute, but it doesn't translate to actual $$$.
HEROnymousand companies exist to make money, not to just provide a free platform for donald trump to say provocative things.
techbomberi agree with that
techbomberput ads, problem solved
HEROnymousif twitter knew how to monetize things efficiently and effectively, their stock would've shot up since november based on having a twitter president.
techbomberi don't know why they donj't
HEROnymousnah, it's not that simple.
techbomberyes it is, i started seeing ads on youtube which never existed before
HEROnymousthe market for ads is pretty slim.
HEROnymousgoogle and facebook own a *lot* of that market.
HEROnymousif you're not google and you're not facebook, your ability to make a lot of money by selling ads on the web is limited.
HEROnymousbecause, well, everyone throws their ad budgets at google and/or facebook depending on their market.
HEROnymousbut I digress
HEROnymousIPHI doesn't look particularly impressive as a stock just from peeking at some basics, without having read any research or anything.
techbomberi see
HEROnymousyeah looking at a research report
HEROnymoustheir numbers are scary
HEROnymousespecially their debt
techbomberi've seen stocks that increase a lot even with debt
Onionnionwhy did Cisco bother with wildcard masks in the first place
Claude__Hey guys I got a small issue and I cant figureit out
Claude__I have a router with internet access
Claude__4 Vlans etc
Claude__on the switch that is
Claude__my pc connected to the switch gets an IP from the DHCP pool
Claude__I can ping the internet from the router
Claude__but my PCs on the switch can not
Claude__I know its got to be something simple I am missing
Claude__like ip route (router vlan ip)
Claude__Any ideas?
no_sleepapproach to remote device provisioning ...
AtroAny way to make a nat overload dependant on a ip sla?
Atroi have an ip sla track object tied to a default route, but even if the SLA fails and the route drops, the routeroo still NATs
Atronats with the non-functional ISP
SomeonefromhellAtro : You could play with policy-based nat. Though be aware that in some cases, the old dynamic entries might not expire instantly. If you have issues with that, you may have to resort to EEM ( which can also switch your nat as well, but is...well...EEM :P )
greebo_Bratexcel has died on me .. and killing my laptop
AtroSomeonefromhell: can i do that on a silly 800 ?
greebo_Bratswitching over to another port on event of a failure?
greebo_Bratyeah, we od that on 881Gs
SomeonefromhellAtro : yes
greebo_Bratsla tracking an IP address, if SLA fails then route switches to 3G interface and EEM fires to clear NAT and cryptos
Atroyes but would that prevent using the same NAT line?
greebo_Bratbelieve thats pretty much all we do
greebo_Bratacls and NATs are slightly different as we dont want all traffic heading over 3G
greebo_Bratjust critical (in this case, credit card transactions)
greebo_BratACTION needs an asa log analyser that doesnt crash 
FatalFUUUI can get a vdsl connection up vlan101 and all that, and ping ip/hostname from the router - but I cannot ping out from a client. I have ip route Dialer 1 set and a simple access-list. I thought that would be it?
greebo_Bratthe port the client is connected to, is it in vlan101?
FatalFUUU101 vlan is used for most VDSL in the UK
greebo_Bratmeh, horrible country. sorry?
greebo_Bratyou should be ... you should be!
greebo_BratACTION had a c800 series ocnfig for UK FttC somewehre but that was years ago
FatalFUUUthe WAN side of it is good it seems
FatalFUUUjust im weak with cisco stuff and I think my problem is more generic
greebo_Bratcouldnt find the config , sorry
FatalFUUUproblem with the paste or not understood?
FatalFUUUthis is the minimum you can normally get away with right? I have configs saved from old routers so used themas reference
greebo_Bratdialer2 in vlan 101?
FatalFUUUpart of a dialer pool
Atrogreebo_Brat: this is extremely helpful, many many thanks!
Atroalso thanks Someonefromhell :>
no_sleepwow now that is a complex solution :D
greebo_Bratwhut, my pastebin?
greebo_BratI'd ask for critique on it but we're retiring it
Atrogreebo_Brat: Can you elaborate on the logic of the EEM?. When it's down, it does x actions, when its up, it does y actions
greebo_Bratactual 3g side isnt managed so all we ever get is "why is it not working" when we find out someoen stole the sim, installed the aerial in a faraday cage, etc etc yada yada
Atrowhy are they different
Atroand what do you do if they flap
greebo_BratAtro: then EEM flaps with it
greebo_Bratlogic was we were seeing exactly what Someonefromhell warned against, stale NAT and stale crypto sessions
Atrogreebo_Brat: and you say that the router wouldnt use the same NAT line again?
AtroMy solution was removing the overload nat line
greebo_Braton ping failure , EEM triggers a shut no shut cycle fo the 3G interface as we found that left to its own devices that interface sometimes shutdown if no traffic went over it
greebo_Bratdidnt need to do that when ping success triggered so just left as is
greebo_Bratso on ping success we're just clearing crypto and the nat translations
greebo_Bratbut yeah, poor adsl service leading to service flaps made the situation to the end user worse
greebo_Bratsince whole process can take up to 4 or 5 mins, where the end user has no / poor internet access
greebo_Bratif it was just a straight, ping fail - internet down - stays down for a while, then the config worked reliabily
Atrogreebo_Brat: i guess in my case i just need to clear the nat
Atroi dont wanna shut the int
greebo_Bratif the int isnt a 3g modem you shouldnt need to, that part is case specific to our requirements
greebo_Bratand only because I found in one case that failover worked fine when i was onsite troubleshooting, and ofc, one of the things I did do was shut/no shut the dialer int
Atrogreebo_Brat: i have no 3g, just 2 ethernet interfaces with 1 Static IP's
Atroalso, the enable is mandatory? I don't require enable upon login
greebo_Bratdepends how you set up your local auth config
Atrobut i guess i shall test it
rumpusY's everbody asleep
Drake22urgh, can't get phase 2 to work between router and pppoe asa
greebo_Bratquestion , typing in who
greebo_Bratif I see an entry there does it mean that there is actuall access to the vpn device?
greebo_Bratie line vty 0 user none hosts idle location
greebo_Brator that there is merely an attempt from that location to open an SSH connection?
greebo_Bratuser field is blank
Drake22like in sh users you mean?
greebo_Bratas in typing who
greebo_Bratthough show users is shwoing the same
greebo_Bratkfc-fz-10520-01#sh users
greebo_Brat Line User Host(s) Idle Location
greebo_Brat 8 vty 0 idle 00:00:02
greebo_Bratseeing %SSH-4-SSH2_UNEXPECTED_MSG: Unexpected message type has arrived. Terminating the connection from
greebo_Bratin the logs, store is complaining that some transactions are slow / intermittant
greebo_Bratrouter cpu at 15%
greebo_Bratlot of crc and runt input errors on the WAN interface
greebo_Bratthat 123 ip address, is originating from China ¬.¬
Drake22means the geezer is logged onto your device :D
greebo_Bratpretty sure they arent
greebo_Bratthere would be a user field if they where
Drake22can you have a space as the login?
greebo_Bratits continuous attempt to logon using root
greebo_BratACTION rings UK MoD and asks for permission for counter communication nuclear strike at china
IShouldDoSomeWorgreebo_Brat: ACL on the vty?
greebo_BratACL on WAN interface
greebo_Bratseems to have stopped the attempts
greebo_Bratdunno if the attempts were behid nthe original problem though
greebo_Bratapparently the bosses rejected my request to nuke china, not an option apparently
greebo_Bratto me that just means they arent interested in fixing the problem ;P
greebo_Bratseeing crc errors on the input to the wan interface
greebo_Bratno errors on the output wan interface
greebo_Bratand, who ever came up with the idea of hibernate and suspend function son a laptop should be shot ¬.¬
WesleySdid you guys miss me? :)
no_sleeplol we had an issue that pegged a CP device
no_sleepDDoS all originating from china ...
no_sleeptold the provider we want region blocking :P and I want non of 80% of the worlds traffic to the site
no_sleepobviously provider gave a chuckle about that
no_sleepand was like errr. no
FatalFUUUgreebo_Brat: I got it working - used a bridge
greebo_Bratwell people chasing me about that site have buggered off to poland
greebo_Bratlazy buggers
greebo_BratI hate vpn :(
MrPocketzhey bro
MrPocketzits cool!
MrPocketzIt is not really possible, on a bonded T1, to exceed 3 mbps, is it?
kmcelroy1depends how many you bond i guess :P\
greebo_Bratcheap arsed franchisee's go vpn instead of the managed adsl to private MPLS WAN that we offer
MrPocketzI have this shit branch with 2 bonded T1s (which, should be 3Mbps?) and I'm running the IPFIX data from their sophos fw, but its showing an average of 5-10 Mbps utilization
greebo_Bratthen I spend hours troubleshooting a problem that always comes down to the shitty cheap shit adsl router or adsl provider they choose :?(
kmcelroy1sounds like the sophos is retarded
greebo_Brator they refuse to replace the VPN device, and we're stuck maintaining PIX 501s until the heat death of the universe
kmcelroy1pix 501s?
kmcelroy1what in gods name are you doing?
MrPocketz+1 kmcelroy1
greebo_Bratvpn devices are owned by the franchisee
MrPocketzpix 501 isn't a VPN device
MrPocketzit's a vintage antique.
IShouldDoSomeWorCan you just set a script to reboot it constantly until the PSU dies?
IShouldDoSomeWorShouldn't take long
kmcelroy1seems like a simple, EOS/EOL, no support, upgrade or deal with it
greebo_BratI made the mistake of suggesting something like that, IShouldDoSomeWor
greebo_Bratso now if 19 PIX 501s die, I'll get the blame
cozmoI have a 3560G-24PS switch that I'm attempting to update the IOS. Having a hard time understanding the different versions..
IShouldDoSomeWornever suggest. Just trip over a power cable a couple dozen times
cozmoTHere's release 12.2.55-SE11
kmcelroy1nah, just spray water on it
kmcelroy1casual spritz
kmcelroy1wander away
greebo_Bratpersonally I think we should force all franchisee's to move to what we call servicewrap
greebo_Bratie BT supplied adsl tail onto bt's MPLS platform
cozmothe version 15 isn't showing up anymore
MrPocketzso I fixed the data, looks god now.
cozmoon another note, will the IP Base be sufficient for Home Lab stuff?
kmcelroy1does it have what you need for your home lab?
MrPocketzBut, these 2-5 person office really DONT use more than 800k of bandwidth overall, which is making my "You need to upgrade these ancient goddamn T1s" argument much more difficult.
cozmobeats me
kmcelroy1beats me too
cozmoI would assume it does
kmcelroy1mainly cause i have no idea what you need for your home lab
cozmobut the documentation is sparse or hard to find
cozmoI am fairly new to networking so I'm really not sure what features I need
IShouldDoSomeWorcozmo: I see Release 15.0.2-SE10a for that model
IShouldDoSomeWorMrPocketz: I know your pain all too well. I have about 800 T1s right now
cozmoYea, I saw that earlier and couldn't find it again
cozmosays suggested is 12.2.55-se11
cozmobroke the link
IShouldDoSomeWoryea suggested is not all
IShouldDoSomeWorI would stick with 12.2.55 for those for prod but you can look under all releases for some 15 for your lab
cozmosounds good. I just don't want to mess it up then spend the rest of the day trying to fix it
cozmoI just want to configure ssh which isn't on the switch now
IShouldDoSomeWorIf it complains about ram or something like that you can also reload and run the 12.2 code. Hope there is enough space in flash for both
IShouldDoSomeWoruh 12.2 has ssh
cozmowhat came on my switch doesn't though
greebo_Bratthats prob licensing
cozmoI need to install a k9 version
greebo_Bratnot version
cozmoif I read correctly, I can install the IP BASE k9 version which will have the ssh
IShouldDoSomeWorin config t run crypto key gen rsa gen mod 1024
IShouldDoSomeWorsee if that is all you are missing
cozmoInvalid imput
cozmofor crypto
kmcelroy1k9 indicates you can do ssh
IShouldDoSomeWoryea need to get the k9 then
cozmoright so I need to install the k9
cozmowas just wondering which version
cozmo12 oor 15
IShouldDoSomeWor15 is better for future learning as some commands changed but 12.2.55 isn't bad
cozmook, I'll go with that then
IShouldDoSomeWorI have to bounce between both sometimes and always end up typing the wrong command or get welled at that tacacs doesn't want to use the command going forward but the basics are the same
cozmohaha sounds like something that will happen to me
cozmoI'm documenting everything I do in dokuwiki so I don't have to google everything if I ever have to do it over again
IShouldDoSomeWorI google shit all the time
IShouldDoSomeWorSometimes it is nice to be on a contract that does not allow OT
IShouldDoSomeWorHave to leave at 2PM today
cozmoI would love that. I'm an electrician by trade and most of our jobs are 60 hours +.. 6-10s
kmcelroy1i don't understand
kmcelroy1what is this overtime you speak of
kmcelroy160 hours sounds awful
kmcelroy1i am annoyed when i work 35 hours
cozmogo to work when it's dark, come home when it's dark
cozmopays pretty good but no life
IShouldDoSomeWorkmcelroy1: The only advantage I have seen to contract work so far. It ends after next week though so back to salary and no reimbursement for extra work.
IShouldDoSomeWorBut also leaving early without hitting 40 and getting paid anyway :)
greebo_Brat35 hours, that'd be nice
greebo_Bratmanagement expect me to check emails regularly over weekends and outside office hours
greebo_Bratand respond to any issue, at any time
kmcelroy1i shoot for like 9:30 to 4:45 then don't do any maint or weekends now :P
kmcelroy1other than random things that go wrong
kmcelroy1but that is rare
greebo_BratACTION tends to ignore expectations and only responds to texts / calls usually
greebo_Bratmight check email once or twice on a weekend
greebo_Bratmanagement expectations cannot legally be enforced and if the discussion in the pub made it to court they'd lose. they know that
greebo_Bratso whilst they might bitch, there is fuck all they can do to force me
pffsso couldn't figure out why this one router wasn't enrolling in the CA properly
pffstried to figure out it's public IP by telnetting to on port 80
pffsgot a redirect to the modem's diagnostic page
greebo_BratACTION is offksi
dogbert2anyone awake?
HEROnymoushey hey
kmcelroy1i made the mistake of eating a donut this morning
kmcelroy1i remember why i don't eat donuts
HEROnymoushow is that ever a mistake?
kmcelroy1jesus christ they are too sweet
HEROnymousunless you're diabetic or something
kmcelroy1just don't like that much sugar
dogbert2kmcelroy1...get a plain cake donut...very bland
dogbert2or a tasty Met-Rx Big Protein Bar and wash it down with some chocolate milk
kmcelroy1it was an apple fritter, but really no apple in it
dogbert2apple fritters never have apple in them :)
kmcelroy1too much
kmcelroy1good ones do :P
IShouldDoSomeWorWhat is wrong with a good old fashioned 20oz Red Bull and some Adderall for breakfast?
IShouldDoSomeWorKids these days
dogbert2LOLOL -
squibbywe're really good at the cyber.
rumpusI wonder if that was Johnnie Walker Black
rumpusHe's a way better 'cyber' guy than Red you think it was that hard to do :)
kmcelroy1considering it was a private gmail account, going with no :P
squibbyrumpus, well it was at least johnny walker blue
dogbert2probably no 2FA and a shitty password
rumpusSeems like the people the NSA should be most worried about are politicians and they're own employees and subs
dogbert2rumpus...yeah, they'll never do that :)
kmcelroy1dogbert2: so you talk about the security jobs there, i just got a recruiter email for network security job, 140k + bonus :P
kmcelroy1night and day it seems
dogbert2kmcelroy1...yeah, in's probably the same ****ing position they've been trying to fill for a year or more ;)
kmcelroy1well, this is here
kmcelroy1dallas vs vegas :P
dogbert2well, take a look at it, kmcelroy1...dallas I know has plenty of jobs, Vegas, very few IT jobs
kmcelroy1just seems weird for that big of a gap in pay, ha
dogbert2might be worth a look :)
kmcelroy1not sure what the deal is, just got like 10 emails about jobs in the last 2 days
kmcelroy1comes in waves it seems
CuriosTigerkmcelroy1: The way it usually works is: Company HR reposts jobs, monster/linkedin/careerbuilder/etc pick up the posting, then fifty thousand recruiters all over the US email you about the same job trying to get a 20% commission on your first year's salary.
rumpusare there any decent recruiters? the ones that find me don't seem marginally competent.
snackyif you are looking at network engineer jobs in vegas, you might look specifically at cox and centurylink. cox directly runs some of the network infrastructure for some of the hotels and casinos, for instance
CuriosTigerrumpus: I have had a dozen recruiters in my office bragging about their personal touch and how they go above and beyond for both employers and candidates. At the end of the day, it feels like they all just do keyword matching.
CuriosTigerand this is trying to use them to hire people.
CuriosTigerIt's...depressing, really.
CuriosTigerI mean, perhaps there are some better recruiters out there who are truly worthwhile. But I haven't found them.
dogbert2snacky...I know people who work for cox, they hate it...we have a lack of tech companies here, due to the piss poor public education system (bottom 5 states or dead/next to last)
kmcelroy1CuriosTiger: different jobs though
snackyCuriosTiger: not only do they only do keyword matching, they have no idea what the keywords mean... but even if they did ,they wouldn't double check the resumes to make sure they're at all relevant
kmcelroy1i know they have lots of recruiters
CuriosTigerkmcelroy1: I was trying to hire a senior network engineer, a security engineer and an IT guy.
snackydogbert2: interesting
dogbert2hotel/casino IT is horrifying as well...they try to hire everyone on the cheap
CuriosTigersnacky: Exactly. And then they apply "fuzzy logic" with hilarious results.
dogbert2then they wonder why they can't get anyone
CuriosTigerFor example, I have "manager" in my job title. Apparently, that qualifies me to be a construction foreman.
kmcelroy1rumpus: they exist, just like everything else, few and far between
CuriosTigerbecause hey, foreman is a synonym for manager, right?
kmcelroy1when you talk to a good recruiter, it is night and day
dogbert2I have a friend who worked at boyd gaming as a IT project mgr...she quit the position after 8 months, the place is a disaster area
GigaG33krandom lurker interjection: switch is here in LV as well for DC/net eng things
CuriosTigerUnfortunately, that is rather prevalent in the US as a whole.
CuriosTigerFew employers care about doing right by their employees. It's all about getting someone on the cheap.
dogbert2GigaG33k...switch employs perhaps 500-700 persons worldwide...Data Center is a place to park data, nothing more/less
kmcelroy1as with most things, you get what you pay for
CuriosTigerkmcelroy1: You get what you pay for or less.
CuriosTigerYou very rarely get more, but it does happen.
dogbert2LOL, CuriosTiger
CuriosTigerI know some very competent engineers in shitty jobs because they are afraid of change.
kmcelroy1iono, i have met quite a few underpaid people
GigaG33kdogbert2: fair enough
CuriosTigeror because they have convinced themselves other jobs do not exist.
kmcelroy1where you are like, why the fuck are you here for this pay? ha
CuriosTigerkmcelroy1: I was in that position once.
CuriosTigerkmcelroy1: I can't guarantee I won't be in that position again, particularly if it's a job I like.
CuriosTigerEmployers are not the only ones who focus only on money.
kmcelroy1yeah, culture and people you work well with help a lot
dogbert2I've been in that position as well...when I left that position, I was never going to work off hours again on any projects, etc
CuriosTigerdogbert2: Yeah, frequent cause of burnout.
CuriosTigerdogbert2: I ragequit that job even though I liked it because I was getting to the point where I was going to physically pummel the CEO. And then wind up in jail.
dogbert2CuriosTiger...and shitty pay...they're paying security ninjas here less than they did 10 years ago
CuriosTigerSucked, because I was proud of what I did there, and I enjoyed the people I was working with.
CuriosTigerBut I was underpaid, and the one unreasonable person that I couldn't stand owned 51% of the company
CuriosTigerdogbert2: Sure.
dogbert2I need to go to frys to pick up a big ass capacitor so I can replace the one on the circuit board which is leaking at the ends...
CuriosTigerdogbert2: And then employers complain about lack of employee loyalty.
dogbert2ayup, CuriosTiger...
kmcelroy1dogbert2: ha, get solid state caps brah
CuriosTigerdogbert2: Loyalty is not written into a contract. It is earned.
CuriosTigerSame thing with respect.
kmcelroy1dogbert2: popped caps are always a good time
dogbert2kmcelroy1...this circuit board is probably 15-20 years old
kmcelroy1dogbert2: no reason you can't replace them with solid state :P
dogbert2yeah, the capacitor will probably outlast the board (LOLOL)
kmcelroy1wonder when the average person will be able to get graphene caps
CuriosTigerWhen your contract states that employees consent to random searches of personal property, that anything they invent even in their spare time is company property, and otherwise show zero trust in you..
CuriosTiger...that does not build loyalty.
kmcelroy1yeah, i wouldn't sign that contract, ha
CuriosTigerWhen you're told that your position is a temporary contract, but that after a few years of good behavior the company might hire you permanently...only to then be laid off halfway through your contract because a spreadsheet monkey in a different country wants a performance bonus for saving money...that doesn't build loyalty either.
CuriosTigerkmcelroy1: You'd be surprised how standard such language has become. Probably even distraught.
dogbert2what idiocy - Lamar and Delman Coates, the pastor at Maryland’s Mount Ennon Baptist Church, claim soda marketing has made it more difficult for them to protect the health of their largely black, D.C.-based parishioners.
CuriosTigerI've never actually gotten that clause before, and I have a clause in my current employment contract that explicitly allows me to run a side business as long as it doesn't interfere with my duties or compete with my primary employer.
CuriosTigerbut I bet that 9 out of 10 employers I might decide to apply to in this market would not allow that clause.
kmcelroy1dogbert2: never their own fault, always someone else's, so is the cry of the person with no self control :P
CuriosTigerdogbert2: Well, that's a problem too. Everything is everyone else's fault.
CuriosTigerbut that's just US culture in general.
dogbert2ummm, yeah, you drink 2-4 liters of coca cola a day, gulp down lots of fast/junk food, and eat a pile of sweets/desserts, and you're going to develop heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc
CuriosTigerWe're a lawyer society.
CuriosTigerdogbert2: Absolutely. *grabs another Dr Pepper from the fridge*
dogbert2I remember when my doctor told me to lose 80lbs before I turned 50, took me 15 months, but I did it, and I had to change the way I eat permanently
CuriosTigerdogbert2: A lot of people don't have the willpower to do that.
kmcelroy1then they should die :P
kmcelroy1nature weeds out the weaks
CuriosTigerkmcelroy1: In nature, they would.
rumpusI just started smoking cigarettes to lose weight
dogbert2CuriosTiger...yeah, well, they'll spend a lot more on medical bills then...
rumpusso far so good
kmcelroy1no reason to protect the person who won't even try
CuriosTigerkmcelroy1: However, we consider it a little inhumane to let people die just to enforce natural selection.
kmcelroy1dogbert2: iono, a .22 to the base of the skull is pretty cheap :P
CuriosTigerIn nature, the jocks in high school would beat us nerds up and take our food, too.
dogbert2rumpus...want to lose weight, do about 60 mins of cardio a day, 40-60 mins of weight lifting, and change what you put in your mouth
CuriosTigerdogbert2: Sure. And they'll likely die earlier. But not before reproducing.
dogbert2CuriosTiger...I never had a problem competing with jocks after I got out of high school, most of them I saw at the 20 and 30 year reunion are in lousy shape
kmcelroy1iono, i was friends with all the jocks in high school
CuriosTigerIn fact, there's a correlation between lower education, lower IQ and higher reproductive rates, visualized rather hilariously in the movie "Idiocracy"
kmcelroy1i knew most of the teams very well, got drunk and parties with most of them :P
CuriosTigerdogbert2: I know a few jocks who are in fantastic shape.
CuriosTigerdogbert2: Some morphed into health nuts.
CuriosTigerI also know some who turned...shall we say...big.
dogbert2kmcelroy1...I was friends with most of the cheerleaders, songleaders, and drill team members (being a math whiz helps a lot in that area) :)
CuriosTigerdogbert2: Personally, I do have some self discipline issues. Having a hard time cutting out sodas, for example, even though I have cut back.
kmcelroy1i find i hate most soda
kmcelroy1and most sugar things
dogbert2I usually drink coke zero, or some tasty chocolate milk!
kmcelroy1don't really like pasta or rice
CuriosTigerdogbert2: I'm somewhat lucky that genetically, I have a pretty decent metabolism, low blood pressure, etc.
HEROnymouskmcelroy1, you're probly healthier than I am then
dogbert2and lots of water, of course...
CuriosTigerdogbert2: Well, aspartame gives you cancer :P
HEROnymouspasta and rice are the cheapest way to get full
CuriosTigersupposedly, anyway
CuriosTigerand chocolate milk will also make you fat.
dogbert2CuriosTiger...drinking too much b33r makes your junk fall off
kmcelroy1i really only like root beer for soda and then i drink maybe a few a year at most
HEROnymousCuriosTiger, aspartame, more importantly, tastes like shit and leaves your mouth tasting shitty for a week after you taste it
CuriosTigerdogbert2: Luckily, I can't stand beer.
CuriosTigerIt tastes and smells horrible. :P
toastrmmm beer
HEROnymousbut yeah, we eat way too many carbs/sugar in murica
CuriosTigerHEROnymous: Annoyingly, so does sugar. It's acidic and reacts with saliva to leave a nasty aftertaste.
HEROnymousI'm ok with sugar. doesn't mess with me.
toastrdon't take my bacon!
HEROnymousaspartame and other artificial sweeteners are disgusting to me though
dogbert2LOLOL...welp, let me go get the capacitor and 48 bottles of drinking water (total cost with coupon = $2)...dunno what the capacitor will cost
CuriosTigerHEROnymous: I like my Dr Pepper, but the aftertaste is a little annoying.
kmcelroy148 cents
kmcelroy1iono how big this cap is
dogbert2ACTION drops 100lbs of chocolate covered bacon on toastr 
kmcelroy1so just taking a wild stab
HEROnymouscoffee is good.
CuriosTigerdogbert2: That sounds disgusting.
kmcelroy1dr pepper is gross
dogbert2kmcelroy1...diameter is about 3/4ths to 1 inch
HEROnymousyeah dr pepper is... blech
CuriosTigerAlso, whoever decided to put maple syrup on bacon? You are a bad person.
rumpusi would prob drink Coca-Cola if they still made it with cocaine
HEROnymousyou know what's good is carbonated water
dogbert2rumpus...I love putting maple syrup on a LOT of things
CuriosTigerrumpus: It never had enough cocaine to get you high.
kmcelroy1rumpus: just skip the middle man and snort coke like a pro
CuriosTigerMaple syrup on waffles and pancakes is fine.
kmcelroy1HEROnymous: god i hate seltzer
rumpuskmcelroy1: I have sinus issues
HEROnymousreally? meh. I love it.
kmcelroy1rumpus: plug it? :P
dogbert2mix maple syrup and cacao de menthe
CuriosTigerI don't like seltzer. It lacks flavor.
HEROnymousI've gotten a bit less unhealthy by drinking carbonated water instead of pop a lot of the time
CuriosTigerIt's basically JUST carbonation.
kmcelroy1i just drink normal water
HEROnymousnow I pretty much only drink coffee, water/carbonated water, and some beers
kmcelroy1drink water throughout the day, milk with meals
HEROnymousso taking in a bit less sugar/carbs
CuriosTigerHEROnymous: I do the same. I try to limit myself to 1-2 sodas per day and drink water the rest of the time.
kmcelroy1that is a lot of soda, ha
HEROnymousoh man we have the best milk here
HEROnymousI limit myself to 1-2 sodas a month lol
CuriosTigerkmcelroy1: I used to do 5-6 per day.
dogbert2drinking seltzer/soda water/tonic water == super huge erections
kmcelroy1i don't know how you can drink that much
HEROnymousCuriosTiger, you're probly fat. just sayin.
rumpuskmcelroy1, like a suppository?
kmcelroy1rumpus: ha, yeah
CuriosTigerHEROnymous: I'm about 10 lbs overweight.
dogbert2welp, l8r
rumpushaha I'll have to try that
CuriosTigerHEROnymous: I can mostly credit genetics for the fact that it's 10 lbs and not 100 lbs.
rumpusit's like 2 for 1
kmcelroy11 soda usually is too much for me
HEROnymousCuriosTiger, how old are you ?
CuriosTigerHEROnymous: 41.
HEROnymousno idea then hahah
CuriosTigerHEROnymous: I was super-skinny until about 30.
HEROnymousyeah, I didn't gain weight as badly until I hit 30
CuriosTigerHEROnymous: I didn't gain weight at all until then. Skin and bones.
CuriosTigerI was 6'2" and 167 lbs.
HEROnymouswent from ~200 to ~250 over the course of a couple years... cut the constant pop drinking down a lot, and have levelled off at 250. I'm 6'2" also.
CuriosTigerdidn't matter what I ate, I couldn't put on an ounce of weight.
HEROnymous190-200 is my ideal weight
rumpusI weighed 185 up to until I was 35
CuriosTigerHEROnymous: I'm 206 atm. I should be 195.
HEROnymousI'd love to dump the extra 50lbs, but it's a lot of work :(
rumpusdownhill after that
rumpus220 now
CuriosTigerHEROnymous: My ideal weight is the same as yours (same height), I just averaged it.
kmcelroy1well, height isn't the only factor
HEROnymousI used to kinda idle between 190 and 200 in my 20s for the most part
kmcelroy1also have to measure wrist circumference and elbow breadth to get an idea of bone structure
HEROnymousI do have a reasonable amount of muscle, so I'm less fat-looking than I would be if I didn't, lol
CuriosTigerkmcelroy1: Of course not, but since we don't have a personal physician for #cisco, we can't overcomplicate :P
CuriosTigerkmcelroy1: Good luck with that. I have small wrists but long arms and legs and pretty broad shoulders.
CuriosTigerwhich means those calculations will conclude I don't correlate correctly :P
CuriosTigerHEROnymous: Muscle is heavier than fat, too.
HEROnymousCuriosTiger, yeah...
HEROnymousthat's why, thankfully, I'm not... a blob person...
CuriosTigerHEROnymous: I have a fairly healthy diet outside of the sodas. My biggest problem is lack of exercise.
HEROnymousyeah... I keep wanting to exercise but it's tough
kmcelroy1i exercise all the time cause i am a lunatic
CuriosTigerthat's me. I don't look blobby, but without the sweater there is a little bit of a gut.
HEROnymousI had a routine of getting up early and running with my dog for a while, then I sprained the fuck out of my ankle on a pothole and couldn't do it for about a month... then I was lazy for another month about starting back up... then it started getting hot...
CuriosTigerand of course, I'd prefer there to be no gut.
CuriosTigerkmcelroy1: I can't motivate myself to do that.
kmcelroy1CuriosTiger: once you hit about 20 years doing it, it becomes normal :P
HEROnymousCuriosTiger, is me
CuriosTigerHEROnymous: Oh, I go jogging, hot or not. But that's not enough.
kmcelroy12-3 hours working out 6 days a week
CuriosTigerkmcelroy1: Christ.
HEROnymouskmcelroy1, geez, you must be very healthy
CuriosTigerkmcelroy1: I get a few hours of yard work and jogging every week.
HEROnymousI'm jealous of your lack of laziness :)
kmcelroy1i have my father's ridiculous discipline
kmcelroy1farm family, do or die
CuriosTigerMy father has a ridiculous lack of discipline.
ageispoliskmcelroy1: nice. in our office we just started a plank competition
ageispolisI can get up to 3 minutes now, pretty proud
CuriosTigerI'd blame his lack for my lack, but my mother is the opposite, so I don't quite have that excuse. :P
HEROnymousI've never met my father, but my guess is that he's not very disciplined either...
CuriosTigerI have some OCD tendencies too. Can't stand messes, for example.
kmcelroy1my earliest memory of my father is him breaking his nose on a steering wheel after a wreck
CuriosTigerso I generally keep things pretty tidy.
kmcelroy1and as blood gushed, the paramedic came over
CuriosTigerkmcelroy1: Ouch.
kmcelroy1asked him if he needed to go to the hospital, he grabs it, snaps it back in place and says no
kmcelroy1i'm fine
HEROnymousCuriosTiger, I occasionally watch hoarders on tv. it inspires me to clean up like a mofo. ;)
kmcelroy1i realized early on that is not the man to piss off or complain to :P
CuriosTigerHEROnymous: That's my hoarding room. Hoarding is not allowed in my house outside of that room.
CuriosTigerThat's where I store things that I have no immediate need for, but have sentimental attachment to.
kmcelroy1CuriosTiger: fairly well organized for a hoarding room
CuriosTigerkmcelroy1: Well, officially, it's my storage room.
HEROnymousI need to clean up around my office.
CuriosTigerkmcelroy1: Thing is, I can't stand messes. I also can't bring myself to throw away things I'm sentimentally attached to.
kmcelroy1yeah, i am terrible about organizing
CuriosTigerSo that became the solution.
kmcelroy1but i will throw things out in a heartbeat
kmcelroy1no sentiment for sure
kmcelroy1my desks are always a mess
HEROnymousI'm only sentimental for a few things
HEROnymousmostly silly crafts stuff my wife made me :P
kmcelroy1well, that makes sense
kmcelroy1even if you weren't sentimental for it, you have to at least pretend for the sake of marriage :P
HEROnymousnah, despite the bofh thing on the outside, I'm secretly a big softy :P
falzanything non obvious on IOS (me3400) to match network control (cs6,cs7) with a policy-map? ospf hellos being sent, which should be tagged 6 but not hitting the class in the uplink policy
falzsh policy-map int gi0/2 just never gets any hits on classmap-nc
kmcelroy1"By default, Cisco IOS software (in accordance with RFC 791 and RFC 2474) marks Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) traffic such as Routing Information Protocol (RIP/RIPv2), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), and Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) to DSCP CS6. However, Cisco IOS software also has an internal mechanism for granting interna
kmcelroy1l priority to important control datagrams as they are processed within the router. This mechanism is called PAK_PRIORITY."
kmcelroy1most likely the reason
kmcelroy1never messed with it in practice, but it should do priority on its own as it is control plane to control plane instead of dataplane
falzso theres some magic PAK_PRIORITY thing happenening internally
falzglad the link on that doc is a 404, go cisco! :)
kmcelroy1one of the things they go over in a CCIE study guide or some shit, i can't remember where i read it originally
falzsure it has its own control plane, but its in band across this interface
kmcelroy1but i believe it was during my QoS studies for CCIE written
kmcelroy1it does it automatically for 6 and 7
kmcelroy1been a while since i looked into it, but it reserves that automatically even when you do explicit other traffic
kmcelroy17 being things like layer 2 keepalives
falzso it is unnecessary to deal with the network control queue egress on an uplink?
kmcelroy1cause if you lose those, no real network :P
falzyeah iirc vrrp would be in 7 or something
kmcelroy1from what i remember
falzat least on J it is
kmcelroy1been a while since i have read the docs
kmcelroy1so might be some things i got slightly wrong, but the gist was that those are already accounted for automatically
falzso it's not obvious to me if I need to shape the best effort remainder to help with this or not, I think I just need to find out what the defaults are
falzmain concern is because I'm attempting to put EF in a priority queue
falzand dont want to starve NC. said queue is a small % of uplink, but still
falzanyhow, thank you
falzCuriosTiger: sup
CuriosTigerfalz: Not much :)
sartanwindows 10 'start menu' search is a peice of shit
sartanapps with exactly same name spelling in start menu
sartancan't find it
sartanbings/cortana instead
sartanwhat a pile of shit
sartanbest match 'opens a search window' are you kidding me
ageispolisis it safe to vmotion call manager?
kmcelroy1it's friday, fuck it
Atrokmcelroy1: do you even read only friday?!?!?!
ageispolisOk - supported
vxlaspeaking of Fuck It Friday, another interview with someone who has CEH, CISSP, and doens't know how proxies work or how an IPS resets TCP connections.
kmcelroy1Atro: fuck it friday
kmcelroy1vxla: wow, that's disheartening
vxlabut <candidate> wants an exciting position in a fast-paced company because he hits the ground running.
kmcelroy1i feel like he hits the ground, bounces a few times, face plants and doesn't get up for a while
vxla"I see you have listed DNS as a protocol you know on your resume. Excellent. What transport protocols does the DNS use?"
vxlaAnswer: "well,........axfr....that's one"
squibbyageispolis, I think cucm live migration may be unsupported
squibbymeaning cisco will tell you not to
kmcelroy1blow his mind with TCP DNS
vxlai did. he said "no way!"
kmcelroy1i am terrible with actual dns and i know that :P
kmcelroy1like i don't remember any of the record types
vxlaWhat are your weaknesses? Waited 5 minutes for him to figure out what he doesn't know.
vxlakmcelroy1: but fuck you know it uses udp and tcp i'm sure.
kmcelroy1i vaguely know it
kmcelroy1but apparently better than him :P
kmcelroy1which is sad
shaunoI've actually come across a customer who only does dns over tcp. the same day I discovered we only do dns over udp :/
kmcelroy1cause i have gone out of my way to avoid dns
kmcelroy1mostly cause it seems boring
vxlaboring as fuck. but don't put it on your "understood protocols" section of your resume.
kmcelroy1i mean, i guess i can now
vxlaproxies. that was a fun one.
kmcelroy1cause i know more than that guy
vxla"whats the difference between transparent and explicit proxies?"
kmcelroy1how does someone not know what a proxy is?
vxlaanswer: do you mean like in the palo alto?
ageispolissquibby: too late
kmcelroy1don't know the language but i will assume transparent meaning you are put through it without knowing or it is in line with explicit being one you specify
kmcelroy1explicitly as it were
ageispolisvxla: was that a real exchange?
vxlaageispolis: unfortunately.
ageispolisI hope you didn't ask him what his weaknesses are tho
vxlaI did!
kmcelroy1too late
ageispolisthose are irritating questions
squibbyit means that clients aren't explicitly configured with a proxy address
ageispolisI'd be like whatever man
vxlahere were his weaknesses. wait for this one:
kmcelroy1vxla: weaknesses: real life networks
kmcelroy1i am solid at paper networks
kmcelroy1knock those out of the park
vxlaSOX -- he doesn't understand about it. (2) the law as it pertains to financial industries. (3) maybe some others.
squibbyvxla, anyway sounds like that guy will get promoted over you in no time
vxlathis is for a technical position in a build team
squibbybecause life
ageispolisvxla: I think even help desk guys should know the super basic protocols
ageispolisie - how DNS works
vxlasquibby: yep.
ageispoliseveryone needs to know DNS
kmcelroy1ageispolis: settle down
kmcelroy1dns is boring
kmcelroy1don't make me learn boring
kmcelroy1i know about it
vxlahe shoudl have just said "I use IP addresses for everything"
ageispoliskmcelroy1: there's not much to know
vxlanow that would have been acceptable.
vxlai can respect that.
kmcelroy1sorta like windows, i know that stuff exists, i have an idea of what goes on
kmcelroy1but i don't want to do it or learn the intricacies :P
vxlame neither
ageispoliskmcelroy1: the problem is so many don't even know the super basics
vxlawhen Windows comes up, I say "there's people better suited for that. I can give you their names"
kmcelroy1yeah, that is scary
kmcelroy1yeah, i am pretty quick to let people know when i don't know shit about something
kmcelroy1like, sorry bro, outside my wheelhouse
kmcelroy1if you want dumb guesses, i can't try
kmcelroy1but otherwise
ageispolisvxla: oh I thought you meant personally regarding weaknesses
ageispolisasking professional weaknesses is a good question
ageispolissee how arrogant they are
kmcelroy1vxla: i don't understand how everyone i meet with CISSP seems retarded like 9/10 times
kmcelroy1i know one competent CISSP, ha
vxlaused to be an interesting cert
kmcelroy1we had one that couldn't install a cert on an exchange box
vxlanow it's just filled with people that memorized answers.
kmcelroy125 years as a windows admin
kmcelroy1spent like a month on MS support
kmcelroy1was mind blowing
vxlasounds about rihgt.
kmcelroy1we called him reverse midas
kmcelroy1everything he touched turned to shit
kmcelroy1used to blare this around him
vxlathat's great.
vexe"The uploader has not made this video available in your country"
vexefirst time ever
kmcelroy1doesn't hurt that i like that song as well
topsidewhee fiber cut friday
topsidemultiple 10GE circuits are down yay
topsidesome type of fiber cut in north louisiana on the way to dallas
topsidelost one of my 10G internet drains and one of the 10G interconnects between datacenters
xoustopside: physically redundant paths ftw :P
topsidewell i do have multiple paths
topsidei have like 7 10G internet drains
topsidealthough the 10G DCI that’s down is sold to customers as an unprotected link, so its fine
xousand how many customers are complaining about it?
pffsugh people using network devices as targets as "proof" of a network issue
pffsyou can't just flood ping my device and say hey look latency
kmcelroy1sorta like traceroutes as latency tests
vxladrains. How have I not heard that term used before?
kmcelroy1like, eat a dick
pffsthey're trying to say my nexus switch is inducing packet loss
kmcelroy1i have had to explain that to people like 10 times
pffsno, asshat, it just has control plane policing for retards who try to flood it
kmcelroy1difference between control plane and data plane :P
vxlaif you control the DNS cache, take udp unreachables, and direct them towards IP addresses that resolve to "", ""
vxlathat gets people nice and paranoid.
squibbyI usually win arguments with ISPs by having smokeping graphs that say everything was fine the last 2 weeks and then right when I was having problems and filed my complaint, everything in your network turned red
squibbyand the low and behold! the ISP found the issue and fixed it
squibbyherp derp derp
squibbywithout that the burden of proof is very hard for the customer
vxlasquibby: which is precisely what I want if working at an ISP. i want a customer with a clue.
squibbyand definitely ISP at the advantage
vxlawell ISP should have a clue and be doing their own graphing as well.
kmcelroy1yeah, ISP should have a clue
kmcelroy1but traceroutes are not troubleshooting for latency
kmcelroy1as the name implies
kmcelroy1trace route
korozionsquibby: I do the same with ping plotter
korozionof course, that was when I ran the network for an ISP heh
korozionI should set up smokeping at home I guess
Elephantping plotter is as laughable as traceroute
korozionwho said anything about traceroute?
kmcelroy1pingplotter is traceroute though...
kmcelroy1it is graphical traceroute :P
korozionI just use it for the pings
korozionand the ping times
Elephantyeah champion of customers that say "OH WORD YOUR ROUTER DROPPED ALL MY PACKEGTS"
Elephant"But how did 100% make it to the end then?"
korozionthe lol yeah
korozionI really hate pingplotter 5 though :(
dogbert2have an interview at 2:00PM Monday...
squibbyJared Kushner just lost his criminal defense lawyer
squibby"CNN has learned that the meeting at Trump Tower included at least eight people, including former ambassador Sergey Kislyak."
squibbyNYT twitter says they are about to identify the final participant
squibbyAdam Goldman
dogbert2squibby...Trump will be a one termer...count on it
kmcelroy1rock 2020
kmcelroy1VP should be webster
squibbyat this point the hose is so far down the Trump admin's throat
squibbyhave no idea how they won't drown
squibbyroom is full of Metroids and they only have one energy tank left
kmcelroy1still can't figure out what the actual crime they are claiming is
kmcelroy1not at war with russia, they are a part of nato
kmcelroy1they are a founding member of UN
dogbert2DILLIGAF :)
squibbykmcelroy1, it's a federal crime for a campaign to receive anything of value from a nation state
squibbynot to mention possible espionage/conspiracy charges
squibbythey are conspiring with a nation state to go soft on sanctions the current administration was imposing as quid pro quo to receive information that is illegal to receive in the first place
squibbyjust to start
squibbyignoring just how bad it is politically and how the trump's entire base premise was no evidence of russia collusion
squibbyno 'there there'
Elephantalso a violation on many spray tan laws I think
rumpussquibby, guess who just rolled up to the Women's US Open about an hour ago?
squibbyrumpus, who?
kmcelroy1squibby: i meant trump
squibbyrumpus, heh. :P
kmcelroy1squibby: other people i have no idea
kmcelroy1but specifically him
kmcelroy1and iono, campaigns get money from foreign nations all the time
kmcelroy1so i feel like you are making some of this up
squibbyI am?
squibbywhy would I make anything up
squibbyit's all coming out in black and white
kmcelroy1cause you don't know?
kmcelroy1hillary got donations from saudis brah
kmcelroy1this isn't new
kmcelroy1they have all got money from foreign nations
rumpusthe clinton foundation did
kmcelroy1so i feel like this isn't really a law as you state it, it is probably something slightly different than what you are portraying
rumpusbut the campaign did not
kmcelroy1wink wink
ageispoliswhat the hell is with the ios-xe version numbering for isr platforms? it's so confusing
kmcelroy1and even then, neither of them really manage their campaign
kmcelroy1so either of them would have nothing to do with where the money came from in most cases, you would usually just end up with some fall man
ageispolisthere's like two version strings, I guess the 03.15-16 is the code train?
ageispolisor code family?
kmcelroy1ageispolis: you get XE version and the IOS version generally
squibbykmcelroy1, I really don't see the point of arguing with you since you are going to default to "everybody does it" or "not that big a deal" either way
squibbywhat's the point of even backing up any of my statements
squibbywaste of time
kmcelroy1no, it is more just the "it's so over" when it isn
ageispolisso like: isr4300-universalk9.03.16.02.S.155-3.S2-ext.SPA.bin, XE as 03.16.02(S) and IOS version of 15.5(3)S2?
squibbyback to labbing!
kmcelroy1this happens 100 times and it goes nowhere
kmcelroy1no one above a certain level is under the same laws as us
kmcelroy1i figured that was obvious at this point
squibbykmcelroy1, well EXCUSE ME for the hyperbole
squibbyI didn't know you hate metroid so much
kmcelroy1i love metroid
kmcelroy1speaking of, man i want to play some super metroid
kmcelroy1ageispolis: correct
kmcelroy1ageispolis: XE runs as a hypervisor or whatever the fuck it is, then it runs ios as a daemon
ageispolismy wot
kmcelroy1more or less
ageispolislike kvm?
kmcelroy1i can't remember the actual system it runs, but it is basically just linux
kmcelroy1then ios loads as an actual daemon
ageispolisthat's what my understanding was, never bothered to look in to it
ageispolismaybe I should lol
kmcelroy1it is fucking dumb
kmcelroy1but whatever i guess :P
kmcelroy1it works
squibbyrumpus, is he as much of a fat fuck in person
rumpuseven fatter
kmcelroy1he seems more potatoish rather than just fat
rumpusif he comes in our trailer I'll grab him by the pussy
rumpusI'm really hoping a South Korean wins
rumpusthey usually have translators
MadClownheh, your position loses a lot of ground the moment you reference Gartner
MadClownespecially when that person is an engineer talking to other engineers
rumpusso much of the baffoonery DJT tends to projectile vomit on ppl will just sort of hang there, misunderstood
rumpusunless he goes for some grab ass!
truelaihowdy everyone
truelaianyone around that I can ask a newb Catalyst question to?
truelaiI can't get to the Express Setup page. I get a different page with some links, one of which is "Web Console" but that 404s
truelaiI'm on a 3560 48PS
Golleesorry, never used it
Golleei always use the cli
truelaiAlready done the reset. then I hold for 3 seconds until solid, wait for 30 senconds, then plug in for DHCP.
truelaihow can I connect via CLI then?
Golleevia the console port
JustARanI am having an issue with a 10GB ether channel. I am getting strange latency in my ping tests from my core to my access layer. Sometimes latency is >1ms and other times it is around 10ms. These switches have no hosts connected to them at the moment. Any ideas what might cause this?
Elephantyou're pinging the switch directly?
JustARanI am on the core pinging down to the access layer on its management address. I am new to 10GB so I am not sure if I configured something incorrectly
JustARanDo I need to adjust the etherchannel load balancing properties possibly?
Elephantcould just be the switches control plane
JustARanAs in it is bad?
Elephantif you ping through the switch do you see said latency?
Elephantno it's just an artifact of switches having slow CPUs
JustARanYes. One of the three is now jumping to 70ms according to the ping test
Elephantso if you ping through the switch, to an actual host connect to it, you also see 70ms?
zapotahdont ping the switches, ping something that connects through said switches
JustARanI see what you mean.
JustARanI will give that a shot
JustARanIts not in prod yet but I am testing before I deploy onsite. Ill need to hook up a host
JustARanSo the switch itself may have trouble keeping up with the pings but it should be switching traffic nicely I am assuming?
rizonzeveryone sexy ?
rizonzI doubt if using cisco
JustARanIt is an HP switch lol
rizonzHard Porn doesn't make you sexy
JustARanSometimes it does
rizonzside doen''t matter
Elephantbasically yes, the switch will move frames around in hardware
Elephantin hardware as in, special chips for switching (not the CPU)
Elephantif the switch actually has to answer, it must use it's CPU, and it's usuallly quite slow.
JustARanRight the ASICS
Elephant(since the real hard work is done in ASIC)
JustARanMakes sense.
Elephantwhen something (a frame / packet /whatnot) goes from ASIC->CPU on a switch or hw router, you call this "punting" generally.
Elephantin general, you don't want to "punt" :)
JustARanso pinging from the host to the SVI sending big packets is >1ms :)
JustARanI imagine I should ping another host correct?
Elephantyeah that will yield best results.
ElephantIdeally, a test set, or dedicated test host, and then just hook two ports of it up to said switches, or test port.s
JustARanhmmm better find a co-workers laptop then
JustARanThanks Elephant pings between hosts are looking good!
JustARanNever realized that a switch would offload that to the CPU. I will keep that in mind in the future for troubleshooting.
Elephantmost stuff that requires an answer from the switch itself, will come from the "control-plane" on a switch
Elephantsome things that might not are things like LACP, BFD etc
JustARanASIC is the "Data-Plane?" Or is it called something else?
squibbyJustARan, yes. or forwarding plane
JustARanYou know what sucks? Working with both Provision and Comware. Gets real confusing with their definition of trunk access tagged and untagged.
Elephantyes it does :)