_bradkzapotah: the 3850's support 40G which is nice
zapotah_bradk: sure
Smoohello people
zapotahon the internet, no one knows youre a refridgerator
HEROnymousACTION opens zapotah looking for beers
techbomberif you had 100k us dollars and you had to go all-in on ONE company stock, what company stock would you buy?
saqprobably apple, they might hit a 1tr market cap before long and people are going to go fucking bonkers when its close
saqof course they could also fuck up a major product launch and it all comes crashing down
saqbut thats the risk/reward thing for ya
techbomberdo you trust apple without jobs
saqhe died 6 years ago
techbomberapple fail without jobs
saqhe stepped aside about 7
saqthey are still doing pretty good
zapotahHEROnymous: wait, what?
BenderRodriguezsartan: now let's not bring in issues from another channel here
sartandon't promote spam.
sartanhe's flooding freenode. and i dont have to explain myself to you. kthx
saqsartan new onward patch
saqits super good
saqsolo or duo against up to 12 bots on downfall1/2
saqtutorial, some mp lobby enhancements
Mr|CEH+v for the CCIEs !
Mr|CEHPlazma, comes first
Onionnionfor some reason I always forget how to configure HSRP
OnionnionRIP, EIGRP, OSPF, and simple BGP? no problem
Onionnionmany other things as well I learn fine but for some reason HSRP I always forget
bamsefarHow the hell do you get the opportunity to configure RIP?
BenderRodriguezIt's on the CCNA I think
diozanyone here know any tower techs?
zapotahACTION is a towering techie
diozwhat climbing certs do you have?
diozsprat/irata ?
zapotahim six feet tall
diozit was a pun
zapotah*ba dum-tss*
zapotahACTION pulls dioz nose
diozwhat is the most cost effective way to legally study for cisco certs now days?
diozwithout pirating ios's and such
diozi know gns3 with illegally obtained ios is the most common
HEROnymousdioz, I mean... it's really gonna depend on which cert and how you learn personally. for lab study you're probly gonna want to use an emulator. for just book tests maybe either videos or books, depending on how you learn.
zapotahpacket tracer is freely available these days, innit?
zapotahyou can do everything you need for ccna there tbh
HEROnymousbut if you're just doing ccent or ccna or something, you don't need that at all since it's a paper test. ccie, you're gonna need a lab. I haven't used it so I can't comment on it, but there's http://virl.cisco.com/getvirl/ which is pretty cheap.
HEROnymous25% off so $150 for it
diozi have a bunch of hardware in my basement... i'm just cheap as fuck now days
HEROnymouszapotah, ccna you can really just do with a book lol
HEROnymousor videos if you prefer, w/e
HEROnymousI could probly pass ccna right now if I tried without studying at all, except for the eigrp parts.
zapotahsame here
HEROnymousunless maybe there's some XR stuff on there now that I dunno
zapotahthere isnt
zapotahits basic concepts and IOS still
HEROnymouspretty much everything else on the test, I'm pretty sure I know how to do on xe, cat, and nx
zapotahim betting the next iteration will be XE though
zapotahon XE, isnt the features present dependent on the licenses installed or the image installed?
zapotahor how the hell is all that determined?
HEROnymousdepends on platform lol
zapotahi remember messing with a 3850 stack that didnt have vrrp for instance, i couldnt be arsed to figure out what was going on with it, so i just configured hsrp against my slight ocd :P
zapotahim pretty sure 3850 does vrrp
HEROnymouslike I have an old ASR1002 (pre-x)... and at least most if not all of the licenses are rtu style, not actually feature locks :P
HEROnymousultimately, the whole licensing thing is insanely complex and requires a ton of research before any purchase >:>
HEROnymousthere're bundle skus that usually make sense for most stuff.
HEROnymousbut also some that... yeah. like the 20gig capacity unlock asr1001-x that unlocks the SFP+ ports on it? that is a "vpn platform" sku for some reason.
zapotahmy head is hurting already
HEROnymousthat's what the new "CCLE" cert is for... license engineer. :P
diozas far as i'm concerned cisco is a big cash grab
diozbut some places look for specific cisco certs on resumes
diozgotta do what you gotta do
HEROnymousdioz, I mean... their shit is definitely best-in-class some of the time. there's a reason I tolerate all the license and other bullshit. ;)
HEROnymousimho, cisco, arista, and juniper are your only choices for a lot of applications...
HEROnymousif you want a legit router these days, you're probably buying cisco asr or juniper mx.
zapotah3650 and 3850 are legit good switches in their market segment what with the new mpls features
HEROnymousyeah, I am waiting to hear back on the cat9k stuff
zapotahnexus are good at what they do, but a little pricey
zapotahand buggy at some releases
zapotahasr are fine at what they do and you only got MX as the alternative
HEROnymoustbh, I love nxos... the same rules that apply to anything about "not running bleeding edge code" and "google a version before you decide to run it" apply, but beyond that...
zapotahi was excited by NCS, but fucking hell if they didnt price that shit through the sky
HEROnymousI've found that for lower port densities, ASR can make $$$ sense... for higher port density, MX almost always do
HEROnymousyeah the ncs5500 stuff looks neat, but I don't need anything like that so far
HEROnymoushave not priced it out at all, am guessing high five figures?
zapotahit was totally bonkos crazy ass pricing
hkkli like Nokia SR more than ASR/MX
hkklHuawei NE20e/NE40e also is interesting in that segment
zapotahoh, theyve already churned out something usable since the ALU acquisition?
HEROnymoushkkl, muricans don't use huawei/zte gear :P
hkklmuricans be dumb
hkklbest TCO is best TCO
hkklin fact huawei has nowadays most features for example BRAS use
hkklmy major thing about MX/ASR/SR/NE is that they don't do MACSEC
hkklwell, asr1k does, asr9k doesn't, and that's what i meant.
petrus_lt<hkkl> i like Nokia SR more than ASR/MX << ohhh yeah, the same
petrus_ltfor a PE router, the "service" concept is really something lacking on other platforms
hkklit's bit difference, but after a bit it is very logical
hkkleverything about service is in same place
xoushkkl: is teh TCO calculated before or after damaged caused featured added by the chinese government
hkklafter, still cheaper :)
xousACTION needs booze.
xousI hate waitin'
diozsup xous ?
diozhow's T-dot ?
diozgonna go hit a few buckets of balls
diozgf has a work outing coming up
diozup the game up
rumpusACTION hands xous a glass of bourbon
rumpusxous: Wake up!!!
Onionnionis GRE what's used for most VPNs with Cisco software/hardware?
Onionnionand how is it made secure? because by itself I know it's encrypted
zapotahOnionnion: no
zapotahgre is not encrypted whatsoever
Onionnionnor can be made encrypted?
zapotahgre doesnt have a mechanism by itself to encrypt a damn thing
Onionnionis gre even used commonly anymore then?
Onionnionso if someone uses GRE there's no way of encrypting the payload..?
zapotahnot by itself
zapotahusually its run inside ipsec
Onionnionthat's what I'm wondering, what is actually used in the real world and how is it made secure
xousrumpus: sleeping is better!
rumpusxous: phooey
rumpusxous have you configured mGRE on a linux box?
diozhttp://www.mgre.com/ <-- Mark Greenberg Real Estate ?
diozmgre looks sweet