ghotiHeya. I have an old Linksys WAP54G v3.1, for which the router database provides a link only for micro generic. I'm new to dd-wrt... Is it possible/practical to add certain thinks, like say openvpn, to a micro build? And/or is the wap54g likely to be too underpowered to handle openvpn?
ghotiAlso, will there be a celebration on July 20th for the 10th anniversary of this channel's /topic? :-D
advcomp2019ghoti, you cant really add things to some ddwrt builds unless you use optware/entware or recompile ddwrt.. since yours only use micro builds, that is really hard
ghotiadvcomp2019: thanks, good to know. I think I'd prefer to stick with official builds.
ghotiAny idea why micro_olsrd_generic would be *smaller* than micro_generic?
advcomp2019not sure without looking what is the difference
ghotiWell, I'd expect it would be the inclusion of olsrd. I haven't found documentation that says that olsrd micro would be missing anything that is normally in micro.
ghotiI found which referred me to an obsolete URL that I suspect should point to instead...
ghotiAny idea if I can use a micro-plus build on a wap54h v3.1? And if so, where I'd get it?
advcomp2019ghoti, hmm.. i thought eko builds was still on the ftp server
advcomp2019hmm.. i see that a refurb asus n66 is $40