techietrashis there a way to easily see the version string of a dd-wrt .bin file (with a command line utility or such)?
techietrashfor instance, <kong> updates his desipro builds here but without actually flashing them I can't see the exact version string, I only have the 'last modified' date to go by
sec^ndHello, I'm unable to port forward for some reason
sec^ndCan anyone help me with that?
happymealin what way are you unable to forward ports?
sec^ndhappymeal: I've set the port forward values in the web gui but when I try to hit those ports outside the network or check with it doesn't work
sec^ndThe port is still closed
franstamsec^nd, maybe its your isp blocking those ports not your port forwards, have you checked with other users?
sec^ndI didn't have these issues before
sec^ndI just did a fresh install of dd-wrt on a new router