Kadigan_KSBkujo: it's obviously somewhere in your config, if it works in another network. If you're doing two separate networks, you may need to verify if your DNS server is actually listening on the other network (it may not be).
Kadigan_KSBOtherwise, if this is an external DNS issue, flush DNS cache and try again. Or wait 72 hours, the max. DNS propagation time.
Kadigan_KSBYour other network may have a cache that kept the NXDOMAIN result for longer than it should (theoretically it should be something like 2h for positive hits, 15min for negatives).
Brolyit seems it takes more than one configure (i.e. one sweep over the desired targets) for the system to really integrate the settings. i am not really surprised by this, but now i know how these guys roll out so many fws. essentially all the changes you make along the way (reasonable ones, but a collection of them no doubt) impact the overall logic. so maybe in the first pass of configures
Brolysomething couldn't be "seen" (ancient bug, there are probably quite a few of those here),
Brolyand on the second go around, it gets picked up since some behaviour in the first pass for the aforementioned dependency or value/performance-adding optional package allows that part to feed into another
bitbeeis anyone familiar with 4G LTE usb load balancing
bitbeei dont remember the term that doesnt include failover
bitbeeid like to combine two 4G LTE tethered connections using easytether
bitbeeand DD-WRT enabled router
Broly CC login-utils/login.o
Broly CC login-utils/logindefs.o
Broly CCLD login
Broly CC login-utils/su-su.o
Broly CC login-utils/su-su-common.o
Broly CC login-utils/su-logindefs.o
Broly CCLD su
Brolynow that's what i'm talkin' bout
kujoKadigan_KSB: thanks for the help. the router is at my parent's house.. i ssh'd in to try to troubleshoot why the couldn't get to a particular website.
kujowhen i nslookup that site from my parent's router, it fails
kujoeven when i specify google's dns server
kujobut nslookup to any other website... then it works
kujoand of course when i nslookup to that site from my own router in my network, it works fine
kujoi tried flushing the dnscache
kujoand i tried rebooting the router... neither worked
kujoso i guess ill try in 72 hours to see if i have any luck
Kadigan_KSBkujo: if you weren't changing anything w/ the DNS records, then I don't see why it wouldn't show up... Okay... So you can query it from your network via Google DNS (say, but you can't query the same domain from your parents' house via the same Google DNS server?
Kadigan_KSBWhat do you actually get from nslookup? NXDOMAIN? Timeout?
Kadigan_KSBIt's <oddly specific> that a router would be unable to query a particular domain's IP while it otherwise works as intended... I would even call it eerie.
Kadigan_KSBFor the record, what's the domain?
Kadigan_KSBAnd, probably more importantly, what's your parents' ISP?
Kadigan_KSBI'm getting a strange vibe here. It feels as though the issue isn't on their router at all.
Kadigan_KSB(as far as the attack on net neutrality in the US goes, I wouldn't be suprised if this domain was their ISP's competitor or something and it was the ISP "providing a filtering service" maybe... "The law states that we should deliver this reply from the DNS server, but the law no longer states when.")
crstCan you recommend me a router? basic features are ok price up to 150. The lower the better. I'm looking for a reliable device which I can flash without problems.
bitbeehas anyone done NIC bonding with EasyTether with two 4G LTE smartphones?
bitbeeis anyone familiar with Bond Mode 4 – 802.3ad, NIC Bonding/Teaming two usb devices
Brolyoh baby. libraries in the root dir for util-linux (/lib) (libuuid,liblkid, etc) now have 3 number suffixes
Brolyoh looks like i jumped the gun. those are intermediates. same suffix. ok let's try su etc now, and see if that helps with the login/user issues
kujoKadigan: the error i get is nslookup: can't resolve
kujoi have the same ISP even tho im on the other side of the country
kujoso it definitely not a net neutrality issue
kujoin fact, my parents get assigned via dhcp the same isp dns server that i get assigned via dhcp (which makes sense since we both use the same isp)
kujobut i can query that domain successfully from my own network either via or the isp dns server
kujobut i cannot query that domain from my parents router either via or the isp dns server
kujobut only that 1 domain is the problem. all others work
kujothe strangest problem
Brolyoh my god. setting rdinit=/sbin/login now doesn't give me the same error exit code. in fact.
Brolyit is now:
BrolyKernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x00000100
Brolyholyyy chit i may be closer to kicking bbawx than i expected
Kadigankujo: there was a similar issue in LEDE, where a conflict between musl-c and busybox caused similar issues; try running `nslookup yourdomain localhost` and seeing if it resolves the domain.
KadiganAlso, your dd-wrt revision could be helpful. If it's below 29XXX, you could probably do w/ an upgrade.
kujoDD-WRT v3.0-r32597 std
kujonslookup yourdomain localhost produced the same result :-(
KadiganAnd it fails to resolve for that particular domain only?
KadiganWhat's the domain?
KadiganOkay. First of all, there's some confusion as to what's set up as the IP address for that domain. Windows' nslookup says there's no internal type for both IPv4 and IPv6 hosts for that domain.
KadiganQuerying directly w/ q=ANY tells me the first IP is in the 10/8 range
Kadiganwhich is private.
KadiganI can also see the issue on my router. "can't resolve 'owa.aasdcat.com'"
kujowell then thats helpful
kujostill don't understand why it works on my network tho
KadiganIs aasdcat.com your network
Kadiganand owa a PC on it?
kujoaasdcat.com is a school district domain
kujothat my mother works at
kujoowa is the outlook web access subdomain
KadiganAre you SURE you can resolve it on your router? Paste me the entire output from nslookup.
kujoroot@rt-ac88u:~# nslookup owa.aasdcat.com
kujonslookup: can't resolve '(null)'
kujoName: owa.aasdcat.com
kujoAddress 1:
KadiganSee? Yours can't resolve it either.
kujo68.234.54.88 is the correct ip
kujoit resolved
kujohere is an different example of a working lookup
kujoroot@rt-ac88u:~# nslookup eff.org
kujonslookup: can't resolve '(null)'
kujoName: eff.org
kujoAddress 1: web6.eff.org
KadiganI don't know.
Kadiganroot@gateway:~# nslookup eff.org
KadiganServer: (null)
KadiganAddress 1: ::1
KadiganAddress 2: localhost
KadiganName: eff.org
KadiganAddress 1: web6.eff.org
KadiganYour nslookup is doing something different.
kujoi guess i don't understand why i get the "nslookup: can't resolve '(null)'" output
kujoi get that on working lookups from both my ddwrt routers in 2 completely different networks
Kadigankujo: yup, the DNS record is fucked
Kadigan"Fatal error in delegation for zone owa.aasdcat.com."
Kadigan"Not enough nameserver information was found to test the zone owa.aasdcat.com, but an IP address lookup succeeded in spite of that."
kujowhat did you run to get that output
Kadigantry this: https://mxtoolbox.com/domain/owa.aasdcat.com/
Kadigan(though that's specifically against SMTP and auth)
KadiganDoesn't have an SOA, which is damn weird...
kujowell at least i know its a problem with the domain
kujostill not sure why i can resolve it from my network though
KadiganI'm not sure either.
KadiganGo to advanced DNS settings in your parents' router and add "address=/owa.aasdcat.com/"
Kadiganthat should make it resolve for them
kujogood call
kujothanks for the assist
KadiganIt's weird that the record has multiple A entries for the same domain,
Kadiganand what's even worse, one of them points to a private IP address
Kadigan(ie. not routable over the Internet)
kujoyes i saw that
KadiganI assume two possible cases:
kujosuper weird
Kadigana) the person configuring the setup was an idiot and decided to make it easier on himself by adding the private IP
Kadigan(which is dumb)
Kadiganor b) the person configuring the setup was an idiot
Kadiganand failed to prevent the record propagation to upstream NS
kujoeither way, the person is an idiot
Kadigan(this is where Authority values come in)
Kadiganand it ended up leaking to the public Internet :D
KadiganIn general, DNS is fairly robust, but it does have a number of requirements to function properly. Get rid of the private A host (or restrict its propagation to local network) and provide Authority values - it'll work fine.
KadiganNot sure what your router does differently, but it seems to be a lot more lax w/ the rules, which is why it completes the request when it really shouldn't.
KadiganThe question is not "why doesn't it work at my parents' router?", it's "why does it work at mine?", ultimately.
kujowell it works on my linux box, my windows box, and my router (all within my own network)
KadiganAs long as they all point to your router as the default DNS,
Kadiganall you're proving is that it works on your router. ;P
KadiganThough it also seems to resolve on a remote server I have access to (checked).
kujoyoure saying it does not resolve on your router correct?
KadiganYes, that's correct.
KadiganVarious online DNS record testers also flag it as incorrect/problematic here and there.
KadiganIn general, if you want full DNS functionality, you want to be green across the board (no reported errors of any kind).
kujoyes... i have been running similar checks as we speak
KadiganWell, I'm not a DNS guru, so digging further and further makes me confused at this point. :D
kujobut thanks again for the help
mistermondayHi, I have a belkin F7D3402 v1 router, and would like to flash dd-wrt onto it, however, because it has a modem, it is listed as unsupported. Can I use another router's image, and just not use the modem, if so, which router should I use? Thanks!
Redfoxmoonmistermonday, if it's not supported -- it's not supported
mistermondayso there is no way to use similar firmware, and disable modem support?
mistermondayok, thanks :)
KadiganRedfoxmoon: actually, there's a very, very slim chance that it would work. The modem obviously wouldn't, but if the thing can support basic Linux in some fashion... Then again, I do suppose that's part of what they mean when it says "Not supported", as there's a number of devices that <are> supported despite having modems in.
Redfoxmoonand there's a very big chance you'll brick the thing
KadiganYes, almost exactly equal to 1 - (chance for it to work). There's a small value of q that denotes "other outcome", but that's typically severely limited by manufacturer intelligence.
KadiganAlso, that's the main reason why I'm cautious even when upgrading dd-wrt. ;P We've already proved that the world is full of idiots, and even in the fairest weather I'm by no means exempt. :D