Brolythis is fucking craaaaazy
Brolyi just fired up the same init after loading up pam and stuff
Brolyand now i get login: PAM failure, aborting: Critical error - immediate abort
Brolyi don't even get to the login screen now hahahaha
Brolythat's a good thing anyways since i'm trying to set it up so that i can use the jffs2 to save important linux environment files and then that way when rebooting, the init script doesn't have to do it all over again.
Brolylooking at kong's build on my r7k, he seems to use a ramdisk-based approach and very little jffs (pretty much uses the jffs2 only to hold files used after boot)
Brolyfucking DD-WRT with PAM man if this can go down, it's over
Brolywtf i can see modes like
Brolythere's a loose and strict for the 802.11h. cool. i think i am going to have to go through the entire source tree bit by bit and ensure the gui/daemons are behaving.
Brolylol my r7000 has these as well. no wonder it was so bandied about. NAS does all this shit for the interface. makes life easy. it's literally two calls on command line (one per radio) !!
BrolyAP STA wouldn't be a bad rapping handle
Brolypronounced Ay Pee STAH
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day
happymeal|2indeed :D
Brolybash-4.4# /mnt/shadow/groupadd -f root
Brolygroupadd: Cannot determine your user name.
Brolyi got shadow up in this bitch
happymeal|2ACTION raises hand to high five position and waits
Brolydon't get others hopes high happymeal|2 lol
Brolyyour "belief" (as they'd say) is welcome, because i can't stop you
KadiganIt <was> a wonderful day, and then I had to go to work, which ruined it.
Brolybash-4.4# /mnt/shadow/login -p root
BrolyLogin incorrect
Broly(none) login: root
BrolyLogin incorrect
Broly(none) login: admin
Brolywork damn you
Brolyneed to get some form of legit nevironment before i think i can set some shit
Brolymanaged to fit: chpasswd, groupadd, groupmod, groupdel, groups, usermod,userdel,useradd, along with (i think) the right pam modules in /lib/security, and the very super basic /etc/pam.d (want this to be as basic as possible due to space limitations [entware is gonna be really key for me])