thy0hello, I cannot seem to find info about this online so why would I be able to ssh to a rpi in my LAN wirelessly but not wired? of course the rpi is connected to my router running dd-wrt so I am assuming its a setting within dd-wrt
thy0and the pi is connected directly via ethernet
advcomp2019__Broly, my brother blown a head gasket in his geo :(
Redfoxmoonadvcomp2019__, ffs this is #dd-wrt
Redfoxmoonnot #cars
thy0why would I not be able to ssh to a LAN device from another LAN device but can from a WAN device? what dd-wrt setting allows/dissallows this?
advcomp2019__Redfoxmoon, yea but Broly and i talk about but Broly does not want to take it somewhere else lol
advcomp2019__thy0, that sounds like port forwarding issues somewhere
advcomp2019__unless the two lan devices are on the same network
Redfoxmoonadvcomp2019__, yes because he's an idiot, quite clearly.
RedfoxmoonExcuse my wording.
thy0advcomp2019__: I want to think I am doing it right but I am learning for sure. In port forwarding I have the "to port" to be a port I set on that host and when I ssh I do so to that port, which works wirelessly but not wired, any possible error here?
thy0I set the port in sshd_config on that host
advcomp2019__thy0, are they on the same networks?
Redfoxmoonthy0, LAN<->LAN should simply work, unless one is in a different vlan/dmz/subnet
thy0advcomp2019__: yes, they are both connected to the same router and like I said, wireless ssh works, just not wired. The host itself is wired so I am assuming it has something to do with dissallowing LAN to LAN connection
thy0I cannot even see that remote host via nmap on LAN but obviously can on WAN
advcomp2019__now that is confusing :/
Redfoxmoonthy0, reset the router to default config
advcomp2019__are they getting the right ip address?
Brolybash-4.4# nvram show 4
Broly#mipslinux#mipslinux#mipslinux| CONFIG2_NVRAM CONTENTS |#mipslinux#mipslinux#mipslinux
Redfoxmoonadvcomp2019__, tell him to fuck off
Redfoxmoonthy0, what router is it, btw?
thy0Redfoxmoon: I just recently reinstalled this firmware, I haven't changed anything outside of setting DNS and setting a static IP and port forwarding for this host. As well as wireless configs
Redfoxmoonthy0, ah I see
thy0it is a tp-link router running the 10/17/17 firmware
RedfoxmoonSure, but model
thy0version 9.0
Redfoxmoonright so it's not something without a switch
RedfoxmoonHow very bizarre that LAN<->LAN doesn't work
Brolywe'll chat in a bit advcomp2019__ sorry
Brolywas focused on this nvram stuff all day
Brolyso happy right now. it's fucking contigous across two blocks
Brolyeat my fucking ass broadCRAP
thy0that is exactly what I thought
thy0I couldn't believe it didn't work but WAN->LAN did
Redfoxmoonthy0, only thing I can think of is some sort of DMZ is on
Redfoxmoonwhich would cause exactly this
RedfoxmoonDe-Militarized Zone
RedfoxmoonOn most stock firmwares you can set for example an IP to be in the "dmz zone" or an ethernet port
Redfoxmoonand it's cut off from the rest of the LAN devices
Redfoxmoonbut can still access WAN normally
thy0hmm, hadn't heard of that. Is an option like that set by default in dd-wrt?
Kadiganthy0: the "DMZ" is basically an option that forwards all external router ports to the specified IP, w/o any conditions or timers. The specified IP behaves as if it was the only PC connected istead of the router, as far as the Internet is concerned.
KadiganHaven't heard of the router blocking DMZ'ed traffic though... It's intelligent enough to recognize it's still attached to the same LAN, so...
thy0well at least now I have direction where to look now. I was completely puzzled before. Thanks Kadigan Redfoxmoon advcomp2019__
Kadiganthy0: explain the situation to me again
Kadiganwhat works, what doesn't work.
KadiganPlease be as specific as you can be.
Redfoxmoonthy0, one thing that might help shed some light on it would be the output of `iptables -L` :-)
Redfoxmoonon the router, that is.
KadiganSo far what I understood is this: Eth <--> Eth doesn't work, WAN <--> WiFi works. What else?
thy0well right now I have broken it trying to mess with static IP and port forwarding both in dd-wrt and the host... but what used to work/not work was that the host was connected to the router via ethernet. I was unable to see with nmap etc the host from a LAN connection but when I checked the router for connected devices, there it was. Thus I attempted to connect to the host with a WAN connection at the IP
thy0address given by the router and the nmap command run on that WAN client and connected fine
advcomp2019__thy0, any vlans by accident?
Kadiganit's a TP-Link
Kadigandid you freshly install it?
Kadiganthy0: did you do an entirely new dd-wrt installation on it?
thy0Kadigan: yes, when I just recently reinstalled I did an entirely new install
KadiganWhen you first set it up,
Kadigandid you mess around w/ any port settings?
thy0advcomp2019__: I do not think I have any vlans
KadiganA number of devices have this issue where port WAN and one of the ETH ports
Kadiganare switched around.
KadiganTry another Eth port and see if the problem magically goes away.
KadiganAlso, TL-WR841ND v9 apparently has some weird WAN port issue regardless, so that's also something worthy investigating.
KadiganIf switching Eth ports around doesn't solve it, log into it, go to Administration > Commands, enter the following two (each on its own line) into the topmost text entry and hit "Save startup": "swconfig dev eth0 set enable_vlan 1" and "swconfig dev eth0 set apply"; once done, reboot the router.
Kadigan(skip the quotations, obviously)
thy0Redfoxmoon: for output of "uptables -L"
RedfoxmoonLooks fine
Redfoxmoonthy0, try what Kadigan mentioned:-)
Kadiganthy0: you did some manual iptables configuring, didn'tcha? I don't recall dd-wrt automatically adding a last DROP
thy0disconnect issues, did I miss anything?
KadiganNot really, no.
KadiganDid you switch eth ports around?
KadiganIn most cases when a WAN/EthX port switcharound happens, it's usually between WAN and Eth0:1 or so
Kadigan(so if the WAN port was actually a switch port, and what you had connected was actually a WAN port, your results would make perfect sense)
Kadigan(and it would mimick DMZ, most certainly)
KadiganThe problem is that where you see a "WAN" port and 4 "Switch" ports, it's actually a 6-port switch in hardware.
Kadigan(the 6th port is connected to the SoC, the main chip)
Kadiganand configuration is done via specifying which ones are which through software.
KadiganFor a limited number of devices, the default mapping is simply incorrect. And from what I can tell, the switch may need separate vlan enabling for it to work this way at all -- that's what the two startup commands do.
Kadigan(dd-wrt by default sets up three vlans - one for WAN, one for LAN, and one for WLAN)
KadiganOh, he's gone. (I have joins/parts hidden)
KadiganUgh. A waste of a perfectly good infodump.
Kadiganthy0: did you check if the same issue occurs on other LAN ports?
thy0for some reason getting terrible packet loss, disconnects immenent
thy0yes, I switched bot the host and the cliet LAN ports
KadiganSame problem?
KadiganGo to Administration > Commands, enter the following two (each on its own line) into the topmost text entry and hit "Save startup": "swconfig dev eth0 set enable_vlan 1" and "swconfig dev eth0 set apply"; once done, reboot the router. See if it helps.
thy0yes, that did nothing to fix the problem, just switching ports
thy0Kadigan: what is that supposed to accomplish?
Kadigan"just switching ports"?
KadiganWhere you see a WAN port and 4 LAN ports, the actual hardware is a 6-port switch (with the 6th port tied into the CPU). Deciding on which is WAN, which is LAN and so on is done via vlans. If yours don't work properly, this might fix them.
KadiganHowever, if you're having high packet loss and intermittent disconnects, it may be wiser to simply abandon ship -- clear configuration and start over.
Kadigan. . .
KadiganMAN my timing SUCKS today...
Kadiganthy0: Where you see a WAN port and 4 LAN ports, the actual hardware is a 6-port switch (with the 6th port tied into the CPU). Deciding on which is WAN, which is LAN and so on is done via vlans. If yours don't work properly, this might fix them. However, if you're having high packet loss and intermittent disconnects, it may be wiser to simply abandon ship -- clear configuration and start over.
thy0I apologize to those trying to help me. My internet is being uncooperative tonight but thank you for your help
Kadiganthy0: no biggie, AND I'm doing shit in the background, so no time lost ;P
thy0the packet loss is remote network based, not due to the router I believe
thy0but that is likely what I will be doing. Restarting sounds like the easiest
thy0again thank you for all of your help everyone, I appriciate it :)
thy0Kadigan: as are most people I believe XD
Kadiganthy0: it's sensible, because by now it seems as though the settings are simply fucked
Kadigan(probably contradictory)
KadiganAlso, if you did a reinstall w/o wiping the old install, there's a good chance you set yourself up
Kadiganyou should always clear all settings before and after flashing, and unless you install exactly the same build, DO NOT RESTORE THE CONFIG BINARY
thy0I wiped the old install exactly as indicated should be done when updating the firmware on the wiki
Kadiganas it is a binary, and the layout may have changed (making the whole thing fucked)
thy0and I did not restore from backup or anything like that
KadiganGive me the link you used, for reference. I looked the router up and there was very little actual info on it in the Wiki.
thy0yes, its a pretty cheap router I use for testing this kind of stuff before moving to my actual router
KadiganOh, so the generic instructions.
thy0Yes, there was nothing router specific that applied to my model
KadiganWell, do keep in mind that if something goes horribly wrong, it's USUALLY the problem with the device, not w/ dd-wrt. ;P
KadiganBut of course, there are exceptions (though they are MOSTLY pulled from the site)
Kadiganoh, which build did you flash?
yohHi sleepless. I would like to get a router to serve me a little WiFi NAS, probably with some Debian ina chroot. Need to serve 30-50 students, relatively heavy traffic (may be at some point will try multicast delivery). So -- probably need with USB 3.0 ports, enough RAM and brains for good performance at 5GHz, 20MHz bandwidth
thy0Oh I always assume it's my fault, not even the device's ;D
Kadiganyoh: may I suggest a powerful stand-alone device instead? :D
yohwhat would be the recommendation? thought to go for that NETHear Nighthawk X10 (R9000) but not sure if not overkill
yohstandalone + Wifi AP to deliver?
yohKadigan: any recommendations would be considered atm ;)
KadiganEither that, or a generic (but sensible) router that can serve 30-50 clients dynamically, and a separate NAS server.
thy0the 10/17/17 build
thy0got it for the patched krack attacks
KadiganStill, I'm not the correct person to ask. All of my networks top out at 10 devices, and they're not concurrent.
yohone of the requirements -- realtive mobility -- it is to take along to conferences/workshops
Kadiganthy0: please specify the r-number, "10/17/17" means little to me
Kadiganbut I assume r33525
Kadiganthy0: I assume you're doing some WiFi client mode setup?
thy0yes, I set up the wifi but just pretty basic stuff
Kadiganthy0: no, "client mode" means when your router connects AS A CLIENT to another WiFi
thy0Kadigan: no, I do nothing like that
KadiganDo you use fast roaming over 802.11r?
Kadigan(multiple APs sharing identical SSID w/ clients doing fast roaming handshakes to pass over)
thy0I do not think so (have not even heard of that before)
KadiganThen you don't need to patch your router against KRACK.
KadiganJust so you know.
yohAny idea if/when that Nighthawk X10 (R9000) would be "officially" supported by dd-wrt? ATM it seems to be not listed, although there are daily images... also how Kong mod diferent?
KadiganThere are three KRACK attacks - the 4way handshake (client attack), the Group handshake (client attack), and the Fast Transition 802.11r handshake (AP attack)
Kadigansince your router DOES NOT act as a client, you're not exposed to the first two; since you don't use 802.11r, you're not exposed to the third.
KadiganSo if you're updating dd-wrt ONLY because of KRACK, you can stop.
Kadigan(also, AFAIK, the group handshake attack hasn't been officially patched - but I may simply not be aware of it)
thy0It had also been a little while since I updated firmware anyway and I didn't read too much into it, it was just a motivating factor for my needed update but thank you for the information. I am still early in the learning stage of how networking works
Kadiganyoh: Kong's builds have actually been tested on the devices, for starters
Kadiganand he rolls his own stuff in there. You'd just need to see it.
KadiganIf you CAN put a Kong mod on your device, go for it.
KadiganHe only supports something like 15 different models all in all, so it's a very limited group compared to other WRT projects and spin-offs.
yohok ;) what about USB 3.0 speeds, are they tipically "achieved" ?
yohyou have made me think about having a proper NAS ;)
Kadiganyoh: I have no idea. Using your router as a NAS for any practical purposes, I believe, is just shortsighted. Use an actual server.
KadiganIt SHOULD work on a very basic level, though.
yohI hear you
yohbut I have no ability/desire to drag a big server... anything light you might recommend? may be with a good interconnect so could kick traffic nicely via ethernet to router?
KadiganIf you're doing roaming workshops, a portable server w/ an AP to go with it might not be a bad idea,
Kadigana friend of mine works for a semiconductor company and does these fairly often.
Kadigan(he does on-location HDD imaging, though)
KadiganStill, most consumer-grade hardware is basically designed to deliver full throughput to say 5 clients at a time
Kadiganand generally has decent support for up to 15-20 maybe.
KadiganGoing for 50 is not just pushing it, at that point. ;P
yoh;-) yeah, might fail miserably
yohmight still be better than mediocre internet speeds when they all get online
thy0thanks again Kadigan you have been very informative :)
yohthis way we could at least try to give them some materials at some reasonablish speeds (if they request the same stuff at the same time)
yohbut yeah, some server with a reasonable amount of RAM for caching would be nice
Kadiganyoh: from what I'm being told, the Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex devices (APs for one) have decent speeds and are intended for corporate deployments
Kadiganthy0: sure
yohany experience with ubiquiti
Kadigan(AND you can get the previous models for fairly cheap, like $40-$150 off of eBay, instead of the top-of-the-line $789 :D)
yohI have actually one gigabit router from them... configured and forgot even where it is now ;) just works
KadiganBeen pushing to install a Unifi at my boss' place, but he keeps putting it off.
yohin my case I need it quickly... kinda a rapid development ;)
KadiganPersonally, I have an Asus RT-N18U, and it's great for 3-5 clients. :D
KadiganIt delivers close to the rated gigabit speeds - I've seen practical 780mbps from it
Kadigan(over Ethernet)
KadiganDoesn't have 5GHz tho'.
KadiganKeep in mind though that even if USB 3 rivals SATA speeds, the mobile disk probably won't rival internal disks, so your speed will be practically somewhat limited in either case.
KadiganI never did any multicast setups, so I wouldn't know how well THAT works,
Kadiganand most consumer-grade routers don't go beyond 128MiB of RAM
Kadigan256MiB is basically overkill for a router
Kadiganand you'd need to spend close to $500 to get dual-core ;P
KadiganWell, maybe that's going too far
Redfoxmoonnot really ^
Redfoxmoondual cores are quite cheap now
RedfoxmoonQuads, howeve
KadiganHey, Redfoxmoon - you might have some more experience here
Kadiganthe guy's looking for a router that can do NAS over USB3 and serve via multicast to 30-50 concurrent WiFi clients.
Redfoxmoonmm, depends---
Redfoxmoonoh my
Kadiganexactly my reaction :D
Redfoxmoon30-50 wifi clients, eh :^)
yohyeah, waslooking at that quad hawk... indeed pricey (420$)
KadiganI suggested a beefy router or AP, and a mobile server.
RedfoxmoonWired router like the RouterEdge or W/E it's called + dedicated access points
Redfoxmoon(^ bonus, it comes with debian)
KadiganHe doesn't need Ethernet, from what I understood
Kadiganthis is for seminars/workshops, so nobody's going to waste time laying cables.
Redfoxmoonyes yes; but you need something to tie access points together with
yohyeah -- all wifi... may be one ether for myself ;)
KadiganWell, yoh - whatever you go for, let me assure you that this clearly goes outside of the "prosumer" scope :D
Redfoxmoon30-50 wifi clients, one router with wifi won't cut it
KadiganOne <consumer> router won't cut it. Enterprise-grade hardware will.
KadiganUpper tier devices can handle 150-200 clients.
Kadigan(at a hefty price tag, true)
RedfoxmoonEnterprise grade wireless equipment is already several devices
KadiganThat's... also true, I suppose.
KadiganNot always, but mostly.
Redfoxmoonmostly, yes.
yoh;-) ok... anything at "low tier" for ~50 clients? ;)
KadiganNope. ;D
Redfoxmoonbig fat nope
KadiganUnless you're willing to go w/ multiple interconnected devices
Kadiganat which point you might just as well break out a 24-port gigabit switch
RedfoxmoonWhich is cheaper ^
Kadiganand hand out ethernet jacks :D
Redfoxmoonor that.
Redfoxmoonthat's the best option
yohthose UniFi APs, any good? how it works -- could I get 2 or 3, and something which would do balancing?
Redfoxmoonyoh, yep
Kadiganyoh: only if you're willing to go the UniFi way entirely
Kadiganbecause while they CAN do balancing (roaming), they need a central brain for that
Kadiganand it's proprietary.
RedfoxmoonShaRose can probably give some awesome input on this
RedfoxmoonShaRose, hi. :^)
Redfoxmoonhmhm, guess he's not actually here, oh well
KadiganAlso, if you DO go the UniFi route, you're still going to need a separate server
Kadigansince then you can't put any third-party *wrt on it
Kadiganand not lose the functionality.
KadiganBasically ask for a bigger budget. No two ways about it.
yohI have 3 minutes before I can still get NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 in 2 days... but if hope is little to get at least 30 ppl to some degree access, then I better don't waste money
KadiganHave you considered giving out access sequentially?
KadiganSay, in groups of 10 people?
KadiganOr do they need constant access?
yohwell, they might all be connected but not milking it at the very same time
Kadigan(let me point out that running an OS over WiFi is NEVER a good idea :D)
yohOS over WiFi? what is OS here?
KadiganOperating system. You mentioned putting a Debian on there.
yohah... but not over wifi -- just a chroot straight on the router, on USB probably
yohhave been doing such "evil" for ages on all kinds of crippled hardware ;)
KadiganIt's possible to boot a PC over network. It's THEORETICALLY possible to have the remote storage mounted as local root. NEVER a good idiea.
KadiganWiFi breaks. It drops. It lags. It chokes. Bleh.
RedfoxmoonWiFi is garbage
Redfoxmoonthat's the short version of the story :^)
yohsure-possible. but I never do it ;)
RedfoxmoonLots of things are possible: does not mean they're good ideas
KadiganAlso, make sure to put a policeman at the door to make sure everybody upgrade their WiFi shit! :D
KadiganIt only takes one KRACK-vulnerable client (preferably over 5GHz) to ruin the day for everyone else... :D
KadiganACTION does some fearmongering
KadiganBut meh. You know what? Ask in #lede (or whichever, Redfoxmoon will guide you), ask in #openwrt (IIRC there is one), ask in ##networking and ##hardware.
KadiganMaybe someone will have a better idea.
RedfoxmoonKadigan, what for, in this instance?
RedfoxmoonI mean: regardless of the pick, third party firmwares are not good for this
Redfoxmoonsince, wireless drivers suck
KadiganSomeone might have an idea. I don't know... Seriously. Or someone might have enough authority to say "Nope. Get {this} and {this} for a total of $700 and you're set up"
Redfoxmoon##networking is possibly a good place to ask
KadiganI don't use enterprise-grade, so I simply have no clue as to what's a good pick there, price-wise.
yoh... those Ubiquiti UniFi seems to be quite neat... if only I could figure out balancing for e.g. 2 of them
Redfoxmoonyoh, well, tl;dr you either go expensive and it works
Redfoxmoonor you go cheap; and you have tons of problems
yohand which "server" + little switch to attach
Kadiganyoh: as for switches, find one that reviewers say is ACTUALLY gigabit ;)
Kadiganand it should be good enough.
yohideally, if little server, should then be something with HDMI and run proper Debian or alike, so I could use it also in the booth (show videos etc)
KadiganAs for the server... well... you can go w/ a little box that has 6xGbE + 2x managed GbE + management terminals + dual-core + SATA
Kadigan+ USB3
Kadiganfor "only" $12000 :D
Kadigan(WiFi optional!)
RedfoxmoonShaRose would almost certainly have an amazing setup in 5 minutes
yoh12k$ yikes
KadiganI salivate when I see it (that friend I mentioned got it shipped to him since he's doing some implementation magick on it, basically for free to play with), but... meh.
Redfoxmoonbut he's gone deep lurker mode:-)
yohthat is how much I paid for my little development server with 128GB of RAM and ~30TB of disks ... years back ;)
Kadiganit has
Kadiganas in, a total of 8 ports, each running on its own controller.
Kadigan(actually, two of them may be 10GbE)
yohnice... but I would need 8 things to attach to make use of them ;)
yohI have Armoil anyways
Kadiganhe plans to basically turn it into a router :D
Kadiganbecause he needs to hook up a printer, maybe a buildserver, some backups, and his gf's laptop
Kadiganand THAT IS IT
Kadiganand I need - I NEEEEEEEEEEED
Kadigana good NAS linkup!
Kadigan(of course total bullshit -- the 72MiB/s I see from my NAS is more than twice-over sufficient for 1080p50, I don't have anything better)
yohso any recommended brand for "little" mobile servers (1 full sized drive is enough, no need for mirror, unless may be to stripe to gain speeds)?
yohwooo -- what I found!
yoheven with Windows 12!
Kadiganyoh: that's actually pretty sweet -- the HDD enclosures come w/ their own heaters, so it can operate in up to -20°C. Wow.
KadiganToo bad it's something like $4300...
KadiganIt even cites MIL-STD-810G, but you'd actually have to verify that (as per Wikipedia, many manufacturers don't actually test, since nobody can really certify; inquire as to which methods of testing, if any, were used)
Kadigan(I wouldn't expect it to stand up to TM519.6 (gunfire shock) for instance :D)
KadiganOkay. G'night. :D
Brolywhat happened advcomp2019__
BrolyBREAK IT DOWN (dx style)
Brolyso happy i installed that thermostat man
Brolyi didn't want to get out of my car today. it warmed up so fast compared to before. and it's much quieter. i can only imagine how bad that thermostat was
Brolyespecially just with all the times the fans would be spinning full speed when the car was OFF (lol) because of how fucked the intake system was
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day
happymealBroly: the hero we all deserve, sad i wasnt present for the commit ;D
yohanyone had experience with Ruckus APs? still mindstorming possible setup for a mobile classroom with 30-50 clients
Brolycold start no problem advcomp2019__ even with the shit battery i'm using now
Brolyno howling either. it was the fucking thermostat for years. i always thought the ps fluid was just cold and warming up, but wow it was more than that
en1gmai have a dd-wrt router in client bridge mode (connected to my mobile phone in hot spot mode). if i use two corded laptops to the dd-wrt router they cant see each other. i thought in client bridge they supposed to see each other
Kadiganen1gma: Client Bridge shouldn't affect LAN connections in any way, unless you're connecting them via WiFi to the phone.
Kadigan(it's doubtful clients will be able to see each other over the phone's hotspot)
en1gmaKadigan i am connecting the lan connections to the dd-wrt router which is in client bridge mode to the phones hot spot
en1gmai have 1 laptop connected by lan cord to dd-wrt router. i have 1 att 3g microcell wan port connected by cord to the dd-wrt router
en1gmai have dd-wrt router connected to mobile hot spot in client bridge mode
en1gmabefore i put router in client bridge i turned off all firewall and put in dmz
en1gmathe laptop only sees phone and does not see router
en1gmadoes client-bridge need to be added to vlan?
Brolyi just want to be clear here, since people in my home channel tried to call me racist even though im of similar skin tone as the animals i referred to (and, tthis is for grumble too, who got on my ass before. now i'm armed with the words of cornwallis, lord lake, the duke of wellington [among others]):
Broly (cornwallis)
Broly (treaties of 1804/1806 that gave the area where my father is from, 'protectorate' status in the 1800s)
Broly listing containing towns falling within the protectorate's boundaries (muktsar is the town my father came from)
Brolyas you can see it says "several good lines of communication" (very flattering when it's a "white man" writing in the 1800s)
Broly duke of wellington's brother, richard wellesley, stating the truth at the time: ""Any communication between us and the Seiks, without the participation of Scindiah, would excite a jealous that would, I fear, be fatal to our friendship with the latter."
Broly(because muslims are stupid people who had every resource in the world, and have shown themselves to be the baboons the world knew they were because they haven't advanced one iota since these writings
Brolyi can keep going but i just want to get it across it's not racist or bigoted. not everyone understands history in that part of the world, but some things need to be straightened out ("racism!" etc)
Brolyeven when muslims lose, they think they don't have to forfeit anything that is associated with the kind of loss i'm referring to, and that they can simply keep doing what they want
Brolybecause they know Mitt, and they think Mitt still holds the keys
Brolyoh here's a good one. i like this one.
Brolyfrom the grand daddy himself, the duke of wellington
BrolySuch arguments as these could not be refuted. The idea, taken up through the pressure for men in Europe, which was then felt and grew continually greater, was abandoned. But let us not for- get that the native army of India is not now what it was then*
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en1gmai have belkin n300 share (f7d3302v1) running dd-wrt.v24-33607_NEWD-2_K2.6_mega.bin and im trying to usb tether my LG V20 (CDMA/EVDO/LTE) phone
en1gmanot having any luck so far. im pretty sure it does use the acm driver as i have this linux ubuntu 16.04 laptop im on and thats what it says when im in usb tether mode on laptop
en1gmalike right now
en1gma[ 169.481724] rndis_host 2-2:1.0 usb0: register 'rndis_host' at usb-0000:00:14.0-2, RNDIS device, c2:a3:60:18:3d:ae
en1gma[ 169.482327] cdc_acm 2-2:1.2: ttyACM0: USB ACM device
Broly damn.. slayer implicitly admitting that he has the source (i think he does, otherwise i don't know why he'd put comments aside the commits for an object file)
Brolycan only imagine what kind of spot he's in
Brolythese networks guys are all hostages
BrolyRalf is even a hostage