Brolytight. fixed the default_get bugs i didn't even know i had because of the old-ass code i had left
Brolynow /sbin/init doesn't touch the second partition (as expected, since the number of variables set is less than the cap). i was like wtf is going on
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Brolyi know you're bobbing your head advcomp2019__
Brolymaybe even doing the body slingshot-ey motion
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advcomp2019__Broly, what
Brolythat crowd motion
Brolythe back and forth swaying dawg
Brolymaybe you're too young hahhaha
Brolyeven people in their early twenties, man it feels like a world apart
advcomp2019__Broly, i mainly like music from the 60's to 80's.. the 90's to now is hit or miss for music.. i was born in the mid 80's anyway
Brolyyou didn't watfch wrestling?
Broly(your story about the headgasket)
Brolyhahahah it just turned into something more lol
advcomp2019__nope i dont
Brolyi thought it was all the rage back then lol. not that i watched it because of that
Brolyhate youtube
Brolybut this is one of those things where i didn't believe it when i first saw the track name and artists. when i heard it was like "yeah"
Brolynow thati fixed the nvram i think all that's left is figuring out why httpd is so ugly, and if we'll ever get root
Brolynot much. i guess. i don't even know how to feel
Brolyit's so nice too
Brolyif this gets root and i can offer up static gcc via ipkg (i've used it via usb key for much of the testing of the nvram and also other systems calls [like shm_open, mmap, etc])
Brolyi think others may catch themselves using it more than they'd expect
Brolyadded a clear function to the services nvram utility just to make the notation homogenous. find it cumbersome to call ralink_init clear <bank name> when i'm using nvram set/get often
Broly is this thread down for everyone else or just me?
Brolyit seems the rest of the threads are up.
Brolymitt's fucking comedy
Broly well here's the link of the updated fw with nvram's clear function
Brolywhat a hater mitt is. he first of all thought he could silence me because i was given ZERO, i repeat ZERO (probably NEGATIVE) weight by any sort of broadcasting agency
Brolynow that failed, and all those inflated telecom stocks he helped pump (sprint, for example, an offshoot of the brown telephone company that was found to be in violation of the bell system patents in the 1800s:, he's shutting down individual threads on dd-wrt forums
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lestweforget[11:44:43 AM] <lestweforget> they really should bring that link back up just to be consistent with their theme over the past five years of "we have nothing to fear. we aren't hiding anything. no pages are being taken down specifically. don't be paranoid"
lestweforget[11:45:05 AM] <lestweforget> because right now, with other pges working, and that one down, i can assure you that it doesn't fit with what they've been trying to tell us for the past five years
lestweforgetif you make sure you're connected
lestweforgetthe writing's on the wall
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lestweforgetmitt's gonna know it soon
lestweforgetjust like his crony daryl does
thy0hello, having some weird problems... I can connect fine directy to my ethernet port that my ISP provides on my computer, but when I connect to it via ethernet through my router, I get huge, intermittent packet loss. I am runing dd-wrt v24-33555 on an asus rt-n66r router, fresh install with only "static ip address" and wireless configured. Anyone have any ideas?
lestweforgetwhat about stock fw
lestweforgetdid it perform better?
thy0I actually just flashed ddwrt straight up without using the stock fw
lestweforgeti was only asking just to see if performance was better. you would expect it to be, but you never know
lestweforgeti am nots ure if n66u and n66r are identical
lestweforgetoh i see, R is just a sku for bestbuy
thy0they are, r just means from best buy
lestweforgetare you on verizon?
lestweforgetsomeone said when they were on verizon they had huge packet loss
lestweforgetthey had to call verizon and get their "ONT" reset
thy0I am using AM3 unfortunately
lestweforgetis your modem one of those router/gateway combos?
lestweforgetsorry router/modem combos?
thy0no, I just have a router and my ISP provides a pre wired port directly to the network so I do not have a modem
lestweforgetsounds like an apartment setup or something
happymealwhere's the port physically located?
happymealoh true
lestweforgetprobably a jack in his wall
thy0in the wall of my room
lestweforgetsort of like a telephone setup
happymealyeah sry wasnt thinking apartment style
lestweforgetbut for ethernet, where the wire goes to a main hub in the shared residence
thy0yes, that is what it is like
lestweforgethow many IPs can your residence get from the wall jack?
thy0like I said, when I connect my computer directly, no problem. But when I connect my router and then my computer to that router, huge packet loss that occurs itermittantly
thy0I have 3 in my whole appartment but my ISP only allows one to be active at a time, so I have to connect a router to that one port and then all of my devices to that router
lestweforgetyea it sounds like the router just needs to fool the main hub. i am not sure if it's sending anything that says "i'm a hub" instead of just acting like a single machine and then assigning all the IPs internally
thy0am I by any chance not configuring dd-wrt correctly for my situation? I was told to use DHCP mode and that was pretty much it from my ISP
lestweforgetthat's correct
lestweforgetmaybe udhcpd sucks or something
thy0the thing is, the router will work, just lots of packet loss
lestweforgethave you tried maybe using dnsmasq for dhcp?
thy0I think dd-wrt uses dnsmasq automatically, correct?
lestweforgetnot sure. i thought it was udhcpd by default but it may not be
lestweforgetcheck the setup tab
lestweforgetsetup->basic setup "network setup"
lestweforgetUse DNSMasq for DHCP
lestweforgetUse DNSMasq for DNS
lestweforgetthose are the three you'd need checked off
thy0it appears that those are all checked
thy0by default since I have not changed those settings
lestweforgetdid you try the nvram reset after flashing?
thy0yes, I reset nvram before and after each flash (since there was an initial flash and then another for the actual fw)
lestweforgetgood man
lestweforgethave you tried assigning the IP statically to your router
thy0as far as the IP that my computer recieves from the router? I have in the past but I didn't bother with doing that since I was having these packet loss issues and re-flashed fresh firmware
thy0wanted to limit what I could possibly have done to cause these problems
lestweforgetyeah i just wonder if there's some issue between the router and the shared residence hub that could be resolved by assigning the router one of the three IPs statically
happymealdo they assign you a static ip?
thy0I do not know for sure what they do, I can never get a straight answer whenever I ask either
thy0like I said, shitty ISP
happymealdamn guess so lol
happymealdo you have another router you could test with?
happymealif 2 routers both suffer the same symptoms then youd atleast be able to blame them and pray you get someone with enough tech knowledge on the phone to help u further
happymealwhich is a shitty solution but it sounds like youve done everything right on ur end
thy0yes, I have two routers and they both do the same thing. I did configure them the same way with dd-wrt as well but if I did that wrong, then its my fault for sure
thy0what configurations should I be making on a fresh dd-wrt install to make sure it work? like I said, DHCP mode is enabled by default and I just set my static dns 1 to be the routers IP to allow my ISP to resolve my dns
thy0other than that, its just wireless config, but I am not even using wireless in this scenario
happymealtry using google's DNS
happymealmaybe lol
thy0I have, I have tried many DNS and the packet dropping is the same
happymealharass your isp then, or switch
happymealor move into a house lol
thy0its like I will ping for so long and get fine connection for 50 pings then I will lose 50 pings straight
thy0then go back to getting 50 ping responses
lestweforgetwhy not just try to assign the static wan IP to your router and see what happens
lestweforgetany of the three should work
happymealnot necessarily
lestweforgeti guess that's true
lestweforgeti'm assuming some form of typical operation on the provider's (residence) end
thy0I am not actually given an IP from my ISP I don't think
lestweforgetbut how did you know it was three IPs? just counted?
happymealyou have to get an IP from your ISP
thy0I don't recall saying I have three IPs?
happymealit just might not be static
lestweforget[1:20:47 PM] <thy0> I have 3 in my whole appartment but my ISP only allows one to be active at a time, so I have to connect a router to that one port and then all of my devices to that router
thy0yes, I think they simply assign one to the port when it connects
happymealhe has 3 ports, only 1 is hot
lestweforgetyea it could be dhcp from their end too
thy0Oh, I meant three ethernet ports, I don't know what IP is being assigned to them but I think I just get one when I activate one of those ports with my ISP
lestweforgetyou should see if it changes or it stays the same
lestweforgetjust so you can determine feasibility of assigning it statically
thy0I have tried different ports in my apartment and its all the same
lestweforgetdifferent ports, same device?
lestweforgetwhat about same port different device
lestweforgeti.e. IP assigned to your computer via direct, and IP assigned to router via indirect
happymealthey have different mac addresses so theyre going to be different IPs
happymealjust double checking: the router was in DHCP and you set your DNS to the IP you got from your ISP?
thy0yes, I have connected the router to different ports in my apartment and re signed in. From what I gathered from my ISP they assign an IP to a MAC when it connects to a port. Again, only one port in the apaprtment can be used at a time
Redfoxmoonthy0, do you have a computer with ethernet you can plug in directly to test with?
happymealyeah and he has
happymealloss only occurs with routers plugged in
happymealand he's tested with 2 different routers
thy0happymeal: no, I set my DNS to be the router's IP. I don't know what IP would be provided as DNS by my ISP
happymeali wouldnt do that
lestweforgetleave it on auto??
thy0what should I do instead?
happymealuse googles
lestweforgeti have mine set all to 0
lestweforgetwell, internally
Redfoxmoonhappymeal, two routers both cause packet loss when connected inbetween
Redfoxmoonthy0, are both running dd-wrt?
happymealno sorry, two seperate routers exhibited the same symptoms
lestweforgetyea they would
thy0Redfoxmoon: yes, I have tested two routers both with dd-wrt very recent builds. I am currently connected directly on my computer
happymealhe's also got his DNS set to his routers IP
Redfoxmoonthy0, right, flash one back to stock and see if you get loss
Redfoxmoonhappymeal, DNS has nothing to do with packet loss whatsoever
thy0the routers both have intermittant packet dropping. One suggestion I found was was something to do with ICMP filtering
thy0Redfoxmoon: I have already done that. Yes, I get loss
Redfoxmoonthy0, try different ethernet cables
RedfoxmoonIf your ethernet cables are from ebay, get some quality ones
thy0I have done that as well
thy0I have decent ones, they are cat-6
Redfoxmoonthy0, from a trusted seller?
thy0I think they are amazon brand XD
RedfoxmoonAnyone can call ethernet cat-6 and sell it like it is
Redfoxmoonwhile in reality selling junk
Redfoxmoonbut, right, do you only get loss between the ISP wan and the router
Redfoxmoonor is it and/or between the router and LAN connected devices?
thy0it is definitely between the router and ISP
Redfoxmoonthy0, ok
RedfoxmoonCall your ISP and have them provide hardware that works
thy0I get 0% from PC->wall port and 0% PC->router
thy0Redfoxmoon: they do not provide or support any router
Redfoxmoonthen switch ISP :^)
happymeal<happymeal> harass your isp then, or switch
RedfoxmoonYour ISP is the problem
RedfoxmoonThey have to fix the problem
thy0unfortunately, I cannot. This appartment complex only has this one ISP
RedfoxmoonThen harass their support department until they do something :-)
thy0I have spent my last two days doing just that! I just want to confirm I am not doing something wrong with configuring dd-wrt
_jwb_you should do a traceroute or mtr report to see where your packets are actually dropping at
thy0but like I said, fresh flash still has problems so I dont know
RedfoxmoonIf you've tried one of the routers with stock
RedfoxmoonIt cannot be dd-wrt
Redfoxmoon_jwb_, good idea
thy0I have done MTR plenty, it seems to drop right after the first jump
thy0so router->wall port
_jwb_what IP does your wall port give you?
thy0if I understand how it works correctly
thy0I believe a different one each time a connection is made but I could be wrong. I don't think its a static one though
_jwb_you might be double-natted
thy0from fresh flash of dd-wrt, what should I try to best diagnose my issue?
thy0I have tried changing nothing
_jwb_if the ranges are the same between the ISP and your router that could cause issues
thy0except obviously the sign in
thy0_jwb_: how would I check that?
_jwb_what IP does your computer have now?
thy0actually right now I am signed in to a vpn so its definitely different than regular one XD
_jwb_you should still be able to see it in the connection status
thy0ah I think I found it
thy0what should I test with it
_jwb_does it start with 192.168?
thy0the port connected to my router does, the one connected to the wall port is not
thy02 ports on this computer
thy0I am using one to actually be able to talk here and the other to look at my router
_jwb_you might try a mac clone in the dd-wrt to see if it's doing some weird mac filtering thing
thy0should I just clone my computer's mac that is working now?
thy0alright, but I will likely lose connection here (I don't have a shell acc or znc or anything) so I'll be back when I do that
_jwb_I have to run but give it a shot and maybe others will have ideas if it doesn't
thy0alright, thank you _jwb_
lestweforgetnice answer jw
thy0I'll be back, hopefully soon a successfully with my router. Thank you for your help if someone leaves, I really appricate it :D
lestweforgetstill can't believe they're squelching my posts. i tried the custom fw page too and it was forbidden after creation
lestweforgetcan you imagine what mitt said
lestweforgetthey came down hard on "the guys"
lestweforgetsweet i think i got the last case for the nvram, which was the "gradual filling" scenario.
lestweforgetin such a scenario, the issue was, if the block was full and the nvram "knew that", it'd forget after a restart. so the key thing was to find a way to, after a restart and any invocation of an nvram call, update the count to reflect the current entries and then make a decision where to put the new entry
lestweforgetin the case of a restart after filling the first bank, it'd (previously) set on that (nearly full) bank because it'd forget. now i'm hoping it persists. it should. we'll see. updating the fw and rebooting to ensure i don't have to copy the updated files after restart
lestweforgetbtw, the easiest solution to this problem would be, of ocurse, to use the nvram
lestweforgetjust set a flag on your nvram and then have your program check it, since it persists
lestweforgetbut that wasn't really what i wanted. wasting nvram storage to notify a library about a block being full seems stupid
lestweforgetWOO HOO!
lestweforgetACTION lightly shakes his balled fist after seeing no NVRAM complaints after rebooting with a full RT2860_NVRAM, and calling /sbin/init
lestweforget(there used to be some complaints from the sets in preinit, they're gone). yay
lestweforget just in case mitt goes farther than he already has
lestweforgeti wouldn't be surprised if he does. fucking loser