void9hello. I have an ALFA ubdo nt-8 usb wifi adapter (supported by linux). can I use it on dd-wrt ? I want to set it as my wan device, to get an internet connection with
nbecker1hi, i have a problem seeing the internet from my dd-wrt tp-link router in client bridge mode.
nbecker1locally i can see computers on the network.
nbecker1does anyone have hints what to do?
nbecker1so: i can log onto the gui under local ip
nbecker1from there i can run commands. i do a ping to the local ip of my laptop: this works
nbecker1then i ping the ip of www.google.com . this does not work from the gui
nbecker1(but it works from my laptop)
_jwb_where do you ping things in the gui?
DaddyEricunder network tols
DaddyEricnbecker1, what version are you running?
_jwb_I don't see network tools...
nbecker1DaddyEric, it's DD-WRT v3.0-r33555 (10/20/17)
DaddyEricok so you are running merlin?
nbecker1_jwb_ it's under Administration/Commands
nbecker1don't know what merlin is? where can i look that up?
_jwb_oh, that
DaddyEricgoogle merlin wrt firmware
nbecker1hardware is a tp-link small plug-style router
nbecker1cpu is Atheros AR9330 ver 1 rev 1.1 (0x0111)
nbecker1router model TP-Link TL-WR710N v1
DaddyEricand you have it on bridge mode?
DaddyEricif you have it in bridge then you are going to have to use it as a hub i think
DaddyEricwhich means you dont use the WAN port intead you use one of the lan ports to connect it to the main router
nbecker1yes, client bridge mode -- i connect a raspberry pi to the ethernet port
nbecker1and the router communicates over wifi to the main router.
DaddyErictry using the wifi extender mode
nbecker1this works fine. the dd-wrt router and the RPi are visible on the same local subnet
DaddyEricif it has one for that
DaddyEricbut you cannot get to the internet through it?
nbecker1yes, weird.
nbecker1intermittently it works!
DaddyEricdo a netstat on the pi
DaddyEricand then ip addr
nbecker1i run a webradio client on the rpi and sometimes i can connect for a short while...
DaddyEricwhat soft are you running on the pi?
DaddyEricmeaning the OS
nbecker1it's volumio
nbecker1i.e. raspbian based afaik
DaddyEricswitch to openelec Kodi and disable IP v 6
DaddyEricits probably running out of memory due to the stream being poorly managed
DaddyEricand is it a pi 3?
nbecker1hm. the rpi works fine when i connect it directly to the main router. it is a rpi 3
nbecker1(i.e. over ethernet cable)
nbecker1it can also play back stuff from a NAS on the same network
nbecker1just not from outside.
nbecker1(when used via dd-wrt)
DaddyEricthen go with openELEC and Kodi you can get all of the addons for it like youtube ccloud tv etc
DaddyEricalso you can use the built in N wifi card that comes with it
DaddyEricand also bluetooth into a speakers
DaddyEricand it sounds to me like you are using raspbian with a gui correct?
DaddyEricthen that is your problem
DaddyErica pi3 can barely handle the gui for raspbian let alone stream at the same time
DaddyEricdo you have this hooked into a TV?
nbecker1ah, sorry, this is headless and the gui is only a web page -- this is the volumio distro which is made for streaming
nbecker1and audio
nbecker1anyway, i really think something is weird on the level of dd-wrt
DaddyEricstill I would recommend kodi and a TV
nbecker1since i can get everything to work when connecting directly
DaddyEricyou can try to QOS the kodi and add a priority for it
DaddyEricthe pi sorry
DaddyEricbut in your case honestly I would still go with openElec because there is so much more that can be done with that pi using it
nbecker1ok, interesting.
DaddyEricand it is more stable and includes alot more features such as watching TV over the net, streaming youtube, and i think that there is also a hulu addon
DaddyEricI have one on every TV in my house
DaddyEricand you can run a vnc session if you want to control by the computer without a tv being attached
DaddyErichell you can also hook in an xbox and install game emulators and play all of the 1st and second gen console games
DaddyEricstreet fighter II anyone??
DaddyEricmortal kombat?
DaddyEricyeah I would go with openELEC and install the super repo
DaddyEricyou can google how to do that
DaddyEricthere is also an android and apple app called Kore wich is a remote for kodi on your phone
DaddyEricor if you have a smart TV or your TV supports CEC over HDMI then you can control it using your tv remote
nbecker1yep. still have to figure out how to fix the network connection though. or use the built-in wifi, which had a bit of a range problem.
DaddyEricopenElec will solve your problem
DaddyEricalso you can try to extend the antenna of the router by taking it apart and attaching a 1 foot long piece of COPPER wire
DaddyEric22 guage wire works as well
DaddyErichow long of a shot are you making?
DaddyEricthe appx distance between the wifi router you are trying to connect to?
nbecker1not that much actually, 6m or so. don't know why it was a problem
DaddyErichow many other wifi networks are showing up in your list?
DaddyEricones that are not yours
nbecker112 or so
nbecker1it's busy..
DaddyEricfind out what channels they are on and change your routers broadcast channel to one that is not used by the others
DaddyEricthat changes the frequency that is being used
DaddyErichaving that many routers so close together is going to cause problems
nbecker1yes. is my main router not supposed to do something like that automatically?
DaddyEricdo you have discord nbecker1
nbecker1don't think so?
DaddyEricdownload discord
DaddyEricits a voice comms app used by gamers but its better than teamspeak or skype
DaddyEricand also there is an app that will tell you what networks are around you and what channels they are using its called https://www.acrylicwifi.com/en/wlan-software/wlan-scanner-acrylic-wifi-free/
DaddyEricthere is a pro version for that but the free one will tell you the info that you need
nbecker1ok, that sounds useful, thanks.
DaddyEricbtw if you have IP cameras in your house you can use kodi to view them too
nbecker1seems like i have a new project then.
DaddyEricand dont go with the default skin, go with Amber as your skin it can be downloaded through the addons
DaddyEricyou will have to add sources such as the super repo through the default skin but you can always switch back and forth
DaddyEricwell I will tell you this if you are not using Kodi for your Pi media center you are doing it wrong
nbecker1ok. thanks! bedtime for me now...