KadiganUgh. Another goddamn game that bugs out due to AppLocale being != English :/
Kadigan(Aliens: Colonial Marines won't even make it past the Splash screen)
KadiganI just wasted 90 minutes trying to run a game I apparently won't be running. :/
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day
KadiganAre you <sure>? Have you <checked>?
THE_GFR|WORKhey everyone I am using 34777 and I can't use the firmware upgrade or apply buttons. I can't wget different firmware to the device either, wget just sits doing nothing and when connecting to an FTP it appears to run for a while like it's downloading but never gets anything
THE_GFR|WORKit's broken I am sure but what do I do?
THE_GFR|WORKit sits saying "connecting" when trying via http
THE_GFR|WORKon port 8000
advcomp2019THE_GFR|WORK, what web browsers have you tried?? if it happens on multi browsers, sounds like you might need to recovery mode if the upgrade page is broken
THE_GFR|WORKadvcomp2019: everything except internet explorer at the moment
THE_GFR|WORKadvcomp2019: it's been broken on dd-wrt since the november 2017 version
THE_GFR|WORKadvcomp2019: wget isn't working either
advcomp2019you could ask the forums if there is anything else but i would have thought someone would have seen this issue before too
THE_GFR|WORKyea me too but it's still a problem on the older DIR-615 routers
THE_GFR|WORKwget I geuss is working but they killed the output on it? No more verbose status?
THE_GFR|WORKchecked the output of my web server and it sent the data
THE_GFR|WORKbut I can't write the image?
THE_GFR|WORKit's supposed to download to ram?
THE_GFR|WORKI don't know what is different now
THE_GFR|WORKor "worse"
advcomp2019i have never done a wget way
THE_GFR|WORKthis is seriously annoying
KadiganTHE_GFR|WORK: you may try wget'ing to /tmp ;P
Kadiganmay want to* try