Derek1199well, the internet worked on the router when it had stock firmware
Jeffery_internet will work but port forwards wont
Jeffery_because of double nat
Derek1199so its my inadequate knowledge of networking
Jeffery_double nat = death
Jeffery_yaaaaaaaay I have a $7 brick
Derek1199on stock firmware on it when i used the router after allowing ip passthrough on the modem the internet worked fine. On dd-wrt i only have local
Jeffery_make sure you forward lan to wan in your firewall
Jeffery_on the 2nd router
Jeffery_ip passthrough sucks
Jeffery_ask your ISP to enable bridge mode on your modem
Jeffery_so it does not do any NAT/DHCP
advcomp2019i know my isp uses pppoe and i have to use an username and password
Derek1199how do i forward lan to wan?
Derek1199i'm not good at this
BrianwuzDerek1199, unless you are using a vpn, then lan should be forwarded to wan
Derek1199i'm not using a vpn
Brianwuzshould be a bridge created by default
Derek1199how do i make the router usable on dd-wrt though? My router is an Linksys1900ACS v2
Derek1199what do i need to configure to make it work?
Jeffery_on openwrt I have a setting that forwards lan to wan
Jeffery_and my isp modem is in bridged mode
Jeffery_works flawless
Derek1199is openwrt better than dd-wrt?
advcomp2019depends on the router
Derek1199well, i give up trying. dd-wrt is just too hard and unusable
Derek1199see you
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day
bindiwhere can i find the download for WLAE-AG300N
bindifound this
_jwb_that would work but you might want to step back a version, early reports show ntp issues
bindiproblems installing it
binditrying to flash the initial webflash bin, Wrong Firmware size over mtd Check the current Firmware Size
bindithe files are under 4MB and it should have 4MB flash :|?
bindilulz, i put in openwrt instead :D
bindiyay, worse than stock performance
bindii got 60 with stock
bindikinda offtopic i guess :p