Loshkisandeepkr: find out which toolchain they use for the working binaries. Perhaps you can duplicate it.
Jan-ACTION snores
Smidge204ACTION pinches Jan-'s nose
intranickACTION lights Jan- on fire
intranickACTION melts some cheesecake near Jan- 
Jan-*smgh* whazzat
cesardvhi guys, can any battery connoiseurs here recommend a proper replacement for this http://imgur.com/a/QRSIx ?
intranickACTION teleports Jan- to a rope bridge across a pit of lava
intranickthat'll wake you up
cesardvhere's more pics of the battery without wrapper http://imgur.com/a/B059A
corecodesandeepkr: so it works, but not everything
corecodethat is quite different from "the microcontroller does not work"
zhanxintranick: just bought a motorcycle 1100 Yamaha for 100 bucks
zhanxelectrical issue and the owner gave up
intranickill give you 110 if you deliver it at my door
Evidlo[m]cesardv: 18650's are common. you can get them online
zhanxintranick: nope got a steal on it
intranickzhanx: you wanker
zhanxi said in his garage i got a 100 bucks cash, he handed me the title and will drop it off tomorrow to me
cesardvEvidlo[m]: okay... yeah I know... but I can't seem to find 18650s with that kind of rubber seal-safety thingy
zhanxits older with low miles
codepython7771if you have a BLDC motor controller (3-wire) - can it be used to run two motors by just forking the 3 wires into 2 each and feeding them to the motor?
cesardvEvidlo[m]: Don't wanna have the same problem replacing them only to have the new batt die due to heat or something
Evidlo[m]cesardv: why dont you peel off the rubber cap? are you sure that's what it's for?
corecodezhanx: right on!
cesardvEvidlo[m]: I'm scared! haha
cesardvEvidlo[m]: I'll try and see if I can safely unwrap that
Evidlo[m]just cut the heatshrinked plastic with a razor blade. there's not really any danger involved there
cesardvEvidlo[m]: it was leaking a brown liquid...
cesardvEvidlo[m]: ok... gimme a few
Smidge204https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyL0kIhAOzY jesus...
Jan-ACTION splorts
Jan-hey guys
Jan-do I want this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LADIES-Grey-9334-Stylish-Fashion-Designer-classic-Biker-Soft-Real-Leather-Jacket-/262694072448?var=&hash=item3d29c97080:m:mO3tQqSCZlqVgUvfgfCwOdw
Jan-I tried one today
Jan-it rocked
restorerI wonder if nasal saline is significantly better/worse to inhale nebulized than water
acetolineJan-: 8-ball says: "definitely"
codepython7771nevermind, that was a bad idea...
Jan-acetoline: it has a lot of pockets.
Jan-ACTION likes pockets
Jan-the arms are too long but it fits round the waist
PhosieJan-: just need to get longer arms
restorerthat's only a minor surgery
restorerever seen GATTACA? ;)
Jan-yeah yeah yeah :)
crtis that the show about culling the black race?
crtnah that was american history x
crtmy mistake
restorerI don't remember a black person in the whole movie, but it's been a long time since I've seen it
ozzzywhats a gattaca
hiteka movie
Loshkiozzzy: "The film's title is based on the first letters of guanine, adenine, thymine, and cytosine, the four nucleobases of DNA" -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gattaca
crtthe seppos forced australian high school children to watch it in the late 90s
ozzzyunless it's RNA when you can swap in Uracil for Thymine
ozzzybut there's a movie named after the bases?
restorerit's about genetic manipulation in humans
ozzzyAncient Aliens
restorerand discrimination against "natural" people
SpeedEvilozzzy: there has also been work about synthetic bases, and more concretely, synthetic codons.
Jan-fear of journeys
Jan-ACTION is hilarious
ozzzyyeah... unfortunately any of the other pyrimidines and purines won't fit inside the sugar-phosphate backbone
SpeedEvilcodon optimisation is fun. Different polymerases respond to different homologous codon sequences with differing fidelity
ozzzyuracil fits because the methyl group that it's missing (re thymine) is inactive in the bonding
Jan-I want telomere repair.
Jan-Just so long as it doesn't make me look any damn younger
SpeedEvilI want full mature medical nanotech. But that's not coming for decades or more
ozzzyI want to go when it's my time... no genetic foofuraw, telomere repair etc.
restorerbut we are getting there with bioreactors
Jan-I'd like to live forever.
Jan-I want to know what the year 2300 is like
restorercouple/few more years and we should know how the UCSF kidney bioreactor works
SpeedEvilI want my 30 years back that got stolen,for a start.
Jan-me too, I guess, in a slightly different way
restorerSpeedEvil: I concur - I'm going on 10 of my best years stolen
Jan-ACTION inclines toward the SpeedEvil point of view on this one
restorerACTION is sitting in dialysis right now
Jan-eh, bad luck, restorer
Jan-still, better shit than dead, eh?
restorerJan-: it's hard to say
restorerit's a pretty heavy level of shit
ozzzydead works... so far
restoreranother year or two and I'll have an inherited kidney
Jan-That'll be good
Jan-ACTION thinks that implied consent for organ donation is a good idea
Jan-ACTION presents restorer as argument
SpeedEvilWhen the patient community for your disease has no problem raising 70K for a medical journalism position at a university to complain about a specific group of researchers work, you have a problem.
restorereh, it seems consent isn't even the big problem
restorerlots of "eligible" donors, very few that meet medical requirements for good transplant
restorergotta be braindead before heartdead
Jan-I know someone who donated a bit of liver to her boyfriend.
Jan-Now they're both doing great.
Jan-I didn't realise you can do a bit of liver.
SpeedEvilLiver is very healing if you're healthy, regenerates well.
restoreryeah, bit of liver, one lung, one kidney
SpeedEvilrestorer: seentheonionone?
restoreronly the liver grows back :)
Jan-apparently it was more important that it was a totally fresh than that it was a perfect match
SpeedEvilAntirejection drugs have improved.
restorerSpeedEvil: I suppose not, because my response is theonionwhat?
Jan-restorer you are aware of all the side effects of the anti rejection drugs I guess.
restorerpretty much
Jan-you end up very hairy and every time you get a cold you're flat on your back for three weeks.
restorerthe possible effects, anyway
Jan-I guess it's worthwhile.
Jan-you'd take that, I guess.
restorerdepends on how much immunosuppression I need
Jan-as speedy says, they're getting very clever.
restorerbased on the recent matching system revamp, I get priority for a better kidney
Jan-is this something that we're confidently expecting will happen, or a maybe-one-day issue
restorerI've been on the UCLA list (backdated) for 9 years now, they're up to doing annual re-evaluations on me
restorerand I've come up at the bottom of some match runs, so I'm getting there
Jan-what can I say. Best of luck.
Jan-ACTION thumbs up
restorerbased on statistics I ran a while back, I have a very good chance of getting a call this year or next
Jan-and you'd go for it.
SpeedEvilACTION ponders spare parts visas.
restorerif I'm available, and ready, and not traveling, and such
Jan-do they not have an international matching service anyway?
restorernot in the US
Jan-I thought they did
restorermaybe across the EU?
Jan-I thought we sometimes got stuff come over from the US
restorer$50k or $100k could get you a kidney in the Phillipines, I hear
Jan-people with little polystyrene boxes on planes
restorerJan-: it's possible, maybe
Jan-I don't know how long stuff lasts though.
Jan-it's not long as I recall
restorerif it's a directed donation, maybe
SpeedEvilI was implying as an option for immegrants. A way into the USA
restorercold ischemic time can be up to 24 hours
restorerfor kidneys, AFAIK
Jan-You only need one, I assume
restorerbut the antirejection drugs are nephrotoxic, and a less-than-perfect match has slow detrimental effects, so they tend to last only a decade or two these days
restorerassuming you can get and keep the insurance to pay for the drugs
Jan-maybe that's more a side effect that is becoming clear now people are actually surviving that long.
Jan-it's like HIV becoming basically a manageable condition. They're finding side effects in the drugs that they didn't before, because people just died sooner.
restorerI mean, people get 2, 3 transplants in a lifetime
ozzzysome get none
restorerif they came to it early
restorersome people are really hard to match
Jan-I guess that's still a way better bet than having to report to where-you-are-right-now every however-often.
restorerif you've had a transplant before, you get sensitized to a wide range of tissue types
Jan-is that good or bad
restorerinstant rejection if you got one you can't crossmatch with
restorerthe recent revamp also helped to get people with high sensitivity matched sooner
SpeedEvilWork is being done on reengineering pigs to remove some of the issues - porcine retroviruses for example.
Jan-All I'll say is that Sarah and Dan seem happy enough. In that Dan is alive.
Jan-Hairy, but alive ;)
restorerI could use more hair :)
Jan-ACTION buffs restorer's head to a gleaming shine
restorerthe diabetes and photosensitivity, not so much
SpeedEvilrestorer: Work is being done reengineering orangutang hair follicles for better human matching too.
SpeedEvil(not really)
bongofuryfuck i hate 4tyh of july
bongofurybargle argle
bongofuryshitloads of explosions outta nowhere in the peaceful mountain light
restorermmm, yep
spludHrm, solder spool - including the plastic spool - weighs 72g. Listed at 100g. When I buy Kester, I'm quite sure I get 1lb of _solder_.
splud(well, solder and flux)
SpeedEvilsplud: complain as 'significantly not as described' and see what happens
spludWell, I sent message to the seller pointing this out. How I handle it will depend highly on how/if they reply.
Jan-splud: send the wing-ed monkeys
spludWait, must be a difference from the Metric and Chinese gram.
spludGets me all the time.
spludAnyone here tinker with the microwave Doppler radar modules? RCWL-0516 (PCB, the IC itself is actually RCWL-9196)
spludFor the life of me, can't get the things to detect out more than 10-12 feet. Sketchy collections of docs claim 7m to 5m typical range.
spludI'm thinking of using a pair of them to detect comings and goings on the roadway in front of my house.
Jan-someone makes a laser rangefinder with a range of tens of metres
Jan-only downside is that it uses a one watt laser and is therefore presumably something of an eye hazard.
cesardvEvidlo[m]: http://imgur.com/a/r4WkM never seen this type of 18650...
spludWell, the doppler modules don't output a range or even an approaching/receeding type signal.
spludJust "wow, motion, HIGH"
spludApparently, modeled much after a PIR control IC.
kcrowlet's get high
kcrowwith a laser
spludWas tinkering with one this morning, was impressed that the thing was indeed capable of detecting human (fleshbag) motion on the other side of a door.
Jan-there was some fun video about someone who made a sort of sonar out of an ultrasonic rangefinder
spludWhereas you could take something like a broom and wave it in front of it - or even swing a door closed in front of it, and it wouldn't sense that.
spludWhereas a PIR sensor would see the door closure as a change in the heat signature in front of it.
kcrowso many fleshbags
Jan-okay well I have to sleep
Flea86splud: Maybe boosting the output power somehow may help?
spludYea, no datasheet, it's kind of unclear how you'd boost the power. heck, the IC has internal vreg.
Flea86splud: No way of disabling internal Vreg and run an external one? :)
Flea86>no datasheet
spludConsumes about 2mA steady state. Output (LED indicatort in my case) of course drives that up a bit when it goes HIGH.
splud4-28VDC VIN, regulates to 3V3 (and that's what it sends out on the output).
spludPCB is all of the size of an arduino Nano or STM8 device.
spludOh, and it outputs the regulated 3V3 to a 3V3 pin reportedly good for about 100mA, so one could drive a uC off of this.
spludHas option for a LDR to not operate if the light level is above some threshold (if one were using it for a light switch).
spludI was thinking having three of them near the end of my driveway - one crossing my driveway (but I'd need to characterise the pattern), and two facing the private road, I'd be able to tell if cars were entering or exiting. Entrance into my drive (either of the other two modules going high before the driveway one does) could sound a doorbell. Log all other indications would simply be
spludHrm, suppertime. Back later.
Flea86splud: Sounds cool. I seem to recall watching a YT vid of all the main cheapie RF motion sensors on the market of late
Flea86Ok enjoy \o
InferiorCoder\me squashes the flea
InferiorCoderdammit, that fail
Flea86InferiorCoder: Name checks out :)
Viper-7woo, i made a thing http://imgur.com/a/8sBRF
Viper-7note to self, buy new sidecutters
Viper-7isolated (18650 powered) RS232 to WiFi bridge, with battery charger
Viper-7now to print a box for it :D
Drakonitewhat's the green board?
Viper-7buck module
Drakoniteso 2 modules to make a boost buck configuration
Viper-7annoyingly i needed both 5V and 3.3V for this
Viper-7so boost then buck
Viper-7i could've used a linreg for the 3V3 rail, but i had this handy and it fitted perfectly heh
tpw_rulesis it bucking off the boost?
Viper-7the buck has a larger dropout than i expected, like 0.9V
Viper-7with 3.9V in it can only manage 3.0V out
Viper-7which is pretty crap for a buck, but eh, it'll work
Viper-7im not too too concerned about power consumption, it doesnt need to run for months or anythin
Viper-7i have some sexy 120mV dropout 3V3 linregs, but saving them for when i really need low power
Flea86Viper-7: Nice IoT proto bro xD
Viper-7heh :)
tpw_rulesViper-7: so i finally decided on this boost converter which has a passthru mode
tpw_rulesit's actually pretty nice. i get 3.3v when on, or the battery voltage when off
Viper-7heh nice - possibly dangerous but nice :P
tpw_ruleshow is that dangerous
tpw_rulesi suppose you could overdischarge
Viper-7if it turns off unexpectedly and passes 4.2V to your 3.3V load
tpw_rulesoh no it's a boost converter
Viper-7oh right, sorry
tpw_rulesit's designed for 2 nimh or alkaline or 1 coin cell
tpw_rulesand conveniently the stuff attached can go down to 0.8v per cell
tpw_rulesso no batterizer needed here :D
tpw_rules(at least in low power sleep mode)
Viper-7hah :D
Viper-7what is it?
restorerI need a good source of enclosures
tpw_rules TPS61291
restorerso many bare wires
Viper-7ACTION gives restorer a 3d printer
tpw_rulesit's in a weird package which sucks
restoreryeah, I don't even have a desk or a monitor, that's what I need :P
ozzzyACTION finds a lathe and mill more useful
Viper-7aside from sourcing them, cutting square holes in enclosures always annoyed heck out of me
tpw_rulesit's also fairly high current at low input voltage which is something i was having difficulty finding
Viper-7now 'cutting holes' from an enclosure just means 'not printing that part'
tpw_rulesand hoping your supports are good enough ;)
Viper-7meh, im a cowboy, i never use supports :P
Drakonitefiguring out how to print without supports is probably 90% of the work when I design stuff
Viper-7yeah took me a while to wrap my head around designing for 3d printing - but thankfully my fan mods to my printer made it pretty decent at bridging anyway
Viper-7i still slope overhangs whenever possible
Viper-7tpw_rules: hmm, 1A switch current, so still only like 210mA at 3.3V with 0.7V in, but i suppose thats still not doing bad at all
tpw_rulesthat's a lot better than the other ones i tried to use
tpw_rulesthey would go down to like 40mA at those inputs
Viper-7charge pump territory heh
Viper-7ACTION notes he should've probably put a resistor between the max232's 5V TX and the ESP-01's RX
Viper-7"the datasheet says that THE ESP8266 IS 5V TOLERANT! And probably the manufacurer implemented a snap back rather than the ESD diodes to ease the interface with 5Volt systems without series resistors or intermediary devices."
Viper-7i guess i'll be putting that to the test
Viper-7i also hope i got TX/RX on the serial port side correct - always such confuse
tpw_rulesv thankful stm32 uart can swap the pins
Viper-7i know micro <> max232 is correct, just not sure on the actual rs232 DB9 side
Viper-7i think i have got them backwards actually
Viper-7pin 2 = RX = DTE IN, DCE OUT = MISO, and i have that connected to T1OUT RS232 line data output to remote RS232 System
Viper-7and the manual for the unit specifies to use a straight through cable, which would link RX to RX and TX to TX
Viper-7so seems like the device would be outputting on RX and inputting from TX
LoshkiViper-7: if it doesn't work one way, try them the other...
Viper-7yeah, its just a bit of a pain to test heh
Viper-7its a 1.5kW mppt solar unit i'm talking to, and the manual specifies the digital ground could be floating at anything up to 750V away from mains earth
Viper-7so needs to be fully shut down and isolated before playing with such connections
tpw_rulesfuck that's an exciting amount
tpw_ruleshow does it get that much voltage
Mikeeeseries panels
Viper-7well 750V is also the max tolerated input from open circuit solar panels
tpw_rulesbut why
Mikeeehigh voltage means less loss
Viper-7so im guessing they have solar panel + referenced to mains earth, for some stupid reason
Viper-7they're normally about 120-350V
Viper-7at least with the panels we have here
Viper-7its technically a 2kW unit, but we have 1.5kW of panel connected to it, which make about 1.1kW at peak
Mikeeebest way to go
Mikeeemy solar inverter is 3,000 watts but I only run 28 80-watt panels
_unreal_sucked today, not much for wind
_unreal_was hoping for a lot more wind
crtwhere is ketis
crtketas maate
crtsup flea
crtnick crt
Flea86not the mercury mate, that's for sure.. lol
crtthat is true
crtwent for a little cruise to pass some tiem
crtgot some maggots
crtand groceries
Flea86maggots ayy?
crtwas heaps sick ayye
crtyeah idk
crtreplace maggots with red meat
Flea86can't we have both for lunch? :)
Flea86I suppose maggots contribute to the dietary pyramid in a little bit different way
crtpepper steak and they fixed it in a little bit different way
Flea86Right on mate
crtthat was real good
crtit was good!
crtpepper steak and he fixed it in a little bit different way!
Flea86lol yeah
crthe is quite happy
crtbut there is a litle bit of a legal issue too!
crtyou'll get in trouble but i'll go to jail!
crtif i go to jail i'll be a registered sex offender for the rest of my life
Viper-7been eating from all 4 of the major food groups lately - beef, bacon, eggs and cheese
crtyeah mate
crti'd want you again and again!
_unreal_Viper-7, what are you vegan???? no beer group?
bongofurypeppur stuyk
bongofuryu wanna make a togo order?
crtmotor mouth myrick
Viper-7_unreal_: oh theres been beer too, but i've never subscribed to the whole "theres a steak in every beer" idea :P
_unreal_I've always subscriped to theres a beer in every bottle though
Flea86bongofury: It's almost like he's resting his eyes at the other end of the phone and being woken up
_unreal_so yay, I got my landing gear welded with epoxy onto my micro quad
_unreal_finally decided to just F'ing build the thing
_unreal_Viper-7, so I pissed my self off today. I got a 24 pack of corona extra bottles... only to find out after I had about 6 and zero buzz that they are the 2/3 sized bottles
_unreal_or half sized what ever
Flea86_unreal_: New packaging?
_unreal_dont know
_unreal_I always thought the half sized bottles where just pepper/salt shakers at the mex resturants
_unreal_come to find out them F'ers are real
Viper-7bleh, thats what you get for buying coronas :P
Viper-7tho i had a similar experience with mah teds the other day
Viper-7i never buy cans as a rule, but we have nice schooner glasses here so i figured screw it, they're a good deal cheaper
Viper-7got home and they were the short little 320ml cans
crtchinese phone!
Viper-7they're not really cheaper when you need 3 cans to fill 2 glasses
_unreal_ya.. I'm thinking about getting an other one. trying to drink away the pain of not getting tipsy from the little ass bottles
Viper-7having just moved house last week, im still on the cheap grog anyway
Viper-7drinking port + creaming soda atm heh
Viper-7fkn goon m8
_unreal_I have a bottle of homemade meed in the other room
_unreal_I used tamarind paste in it
bongofuryno shit
_unreal_do you know what tamarinds are?
Flea86Isn't that a kind of jam?
_unreal_Flea86, no
_unreal_well... if processed
bongofuryno, they're tangy beans from asia
_unreal_bongofury, bingo
bongofurythe flesh is tang
Flea86What did he win?
Viper-7bongofury: thats what she said
bongofuryViper-7 - *he
_unreal_looks like a super sized peanut, with a brown flesh on the inside sticky and crazy sour
bongofuryno "she" is introducing nuts
_unreal_too much and your toung goes numb
bongofuryand transgender isnt a gender
Viper-7whatever gets you off
bongofurytangy beans, son
_unreal_so...... I call the meed "Numbmeed
bongofuryyou didnt brew with tamarind
_unreal_bongofury, ahh ya I did
bongofuryif you did you'd have already been tripping over yourself to explain it to me
bongofurynah you're full of shit, guy
bongofurythanks for pretending tho
_unreal_I've brewed a lot of things with tamarand
Flea86Viper-7: Only thing that gets me off is an urge for #2, which is never
bongofuryyet you can't even say how
_unreal_mainly honme brew beer recopies. My main goto for beer though is guava paste
bongofuryyeah you're definitely full of shit
_unreal_well I'm not going to argue... believe what you want.....
Viper-7_unreal_: but some guy on irc doesnt believe you, you're supposed to be ready to /quit life
_unreal_Viper-7, I'm fighting the urge
_unreal_Viper-7, still waiting for my homemade mango wine
bongofuryViper-7 some people are fakes
_unreal_last year I picked and peeled a shit load of mangos from the back yard
bongofuryyou can usually spot them
bongofuryif you ask them how they are doing what they claim to be doing
_unreal_gave me a nasty chem burn from peeling them eff'ers
Viper-7bongofury: i'm sure you know all about that
bongofuryand they lie and try to make it something about how you don't know the definition
bongofuryit's a description of his behavior, Viper-7
bongofuryin what sense do I know that?
bongofuryHow much beer do you think I've brewed?
Viper-7bongofury: because he wont take time to prove himself to you, a worthless nobody in the context of the conversation?
rabbiteardamn it, the ] is next to the return key
bongofurymore like the guy, when asked "hey how did you use it" replied "You don't even know what it is"
bongofurythat's the key, dummy
bongofurymost makers who talk about making can actually talk about how they made
bongofuryhe can't
Viper-7bongofury: and most people dont feel the need to justify themselves to some random on irc
rabbitearbongofury: lol stop
sclltri do all the time
bongofuryright, that's why they troll their ingredients
rabbitearbongofury: I can do anything I want with this keyboard
bongofuryhey i just made an fpga out of paperclips
bongofuryi bet you dont even know what an fpga is
bongofuryor a paperclip
rabbitearI can change it
Viper-7cool story bro
bongofuryany attempt at telling me about fpgas or paperclips is just you trying to make me justify myself on irc
bongofurywow, Viper-7, you can't even pop out of stack
sclltrso i got that hakko now, same day shipping yay, non counterfeit hakko yay
rabbitearit was a interesting thing that there are lots of keys around this one keyboards that I got at the thrift shop, I keep pressing other (on its like 250 dollar keyboard that is for the disabled)
sclltrworks great
rabbitearI just keep typing the return key twice lately all the time
rabbiteardoes work great
Viper-7rabbitear: better than my mouse at least
Viper-7whenever i middle click, it clicks middle twice, then left once
rabbitearyes, Viper-7 I know the felling
rabbitearViper-7: you can change that in xorg.conf.d
rabbitearjust to say
_unreal_so that was fucking wierd? my screen my went all crazy like electronic static
rabbitearor am I out of my legue (this isn't a question)
Viper-7rabbitear: its a physical issue with the mouse
rabbitearViper-7: do you love that mouse?
Viper-7it only happens sometimes, and if i hold the wheel to the right while pressing it, it works properly
Viper-7nope, just too cheap to replace it
_unreal_I'm currently having a physical issue with lack of intoxication
rabbitear_unreal_: bad issue
Viper-7_unreal_: go get some rum and remedy this situation asap
_unreal_damn.... and logs are not showing anything
rabbitearokay Alexa, play some music
_unreal_something is worng with my fedora build I guess. I keep getting minor screen glitches
_unreal_but I cant figure out what is causing the issue
_unreal_GL works
rabbitear_unreal_: build on what?
rabbitear_unreal_: grandma's special? chinesse, atm, what?
rabbitear_unreal_: what is the hardware
rabbitearI'm wondering what you thought I was saying
_unreal_I dont know what this laptop has off the top of my head
rabbitear_unreal_: k
Viper-7this is why god invented lspci
rabbitear_unreal_: me neither
_unreal_thers an other screen glitch wtf
rabbitearyeah, thats a start
rabbitearwhat Viper-7 says
rabbitear'lspci -vv'
_unreal_??? and pastebin is not working wtf
rabbitearthen we can drink beer while you read all that
rabbitearwell, you read it
rabbitearyou can give me an account on the box, I don't do pastebins
_unreal_ya.. cough let me set you up with a couph log/pass and firewall routing
_unreal_username: bull password: shit
sclltrusername: potato, password: potato
rabbitearshit and potato, got it
rabbitearthat would be cool to have elliza bot, to encode/decode stuff you wanna here
rabbitear2 bots just chitchatting
rabbitearall the time, transfering files in their conversation
_unreal_god. I miss the old DCC bots
_unreal_use to get so many ISO'S back in the day
rabbitearI can't talk
_unreal_good lord who knows how many playstation 1 games I downloaded over dialup
rabbitearquick, all the information is leaking
rabbitearplug the hole!
rabbitear_unreal_: nice
rabbitearsorry I'm delayedc
_unreal_years ago I ran a room I dont even remember what it was any more but I had a lot of servers and was running ahh god I dont even remember the name of the client program. that remote FTP program
_unreal_ok time for an other micro corona sigh...
sclltrlol ur drinking micro coronas?
_unreal_got a 24 pack of bottles, didnt relize they where micro
sclltroh well
rabbitear_unreal_: that long story is so veg
sclltrnow u can be like, i drank 24 beers last night brah
sclltrso wasted
rabbitearwell have to text everybody that is sober first
sclltrit looks like those coronitas are 7 oz and an actual one is 12 oz so drinking 24 of them might be overdoing it
rabbitearlol 7oz beer cans
rabbitearthe biggest dude drinking out of 7oz beer cans
sclltri thought they were the cute little bottles
rabbitearway too fully
rabbitearI just learned out to spell luffy
rabbitear<- shitty keyboard
rabbitearwhip me lol <- j/k
bongofuryvaccinate me
CasperACTION takes out an old rusty syringe
CasperACTION looks around... hmmm
CasperACTION picks up some WD40 and fill the syringe
Casperbongofury: come here! let's vaccinate you!
rabbitearcan you fix my front bike tier?
Caspereasy, if you bring a new tube
Casperand possibly a new tire
sclltroooh, are u giving out free tetanus?
sclltrsign me up
j4ckcomhello how can i make frequency? i heard that i can make frequency with electricity?
restorermultiple fails, but it all works out
j4ckcomrestorer: what you mean?
broccolistemrestorer: nice!
restoreroh, I thought it was this channel I did [space][space]/quit in
restoreroh well
j4ckcomhello how can i make frequency? i heard that i can make frequency with electricity?
rabbitearfail alot
restorer(and multiple reconnects trying to switch servers while maintaining log integrity)
rabbitearand never give up
rabbitearbecause some day you will make frequency
j4ckcomrabbitear: me?
rabbitearand become addicted
j4ckcomrabbitear: i want method instead of dream talking. :(
restorerit's not the current in the wires that matters, it's the frequency in the air
rabbitearcould try DJ'ing at your local club j4ckcom
rabbitearthen you'll pick up a lick of frequency
rabbitearor lick, but I'm not assuie
j4ckcomi want to make it with electricity and magnet and copper wire. rabbitear
restorerpff, 'a lick of' works in many dialects :P
rabbitearj4ckcom: sounds like a plan
rabbitearrestorer: yeah
rabbitearrestorer: the mistake is funny, but it feels funny sometimes
rabbitearrestorer: I need to have alcohola, to be a different person
rabbitearrestorer: and I'm like over 40
rabbiteardon't drink anything you don't like
restorerI don't like [lick] most alcohols
rabbitearrestorer: I just talk too much
rabbitearrestorer: I'm not pissed
restorernow who's not Australian? :P
rabbitearI'm in Anchorage
restorerso you actually meant "pissed off" rather than "drunk", okay
rabbitearI met this newzealand guy.... he lives around here now, still carries his accent
rabbitearrestorer: well, you'll have to right up a report on both those meanings, not sure yet
rabbitearrestorer: if you get argue about it, you diffinately should
restorerrabbitear: I just know that "pissed" in Australian means "drunk", and variations
restorer"on the piss" = "getting drunk" or "out drinking"
restorerdamn Chumbawamba pissing the night away
restorertook me years to realize it wasn't literally about pissing
Viper-7"he had a golden shower last night" 'huh?' "you know, covered in piss" '... damn what a waste of beer'
Casperdoes anyone here happend to be some gnuradio guru?
broccolistemACTION has returned
shodan45here's a fun question: what's the best way to lift traces off a PCB (on purpose)?
Caspersolder a wire on it, pull on the wire
phillidOverheat while soldering too
shodan45hm. these traces are covered in solder mask. forgot that part :)
Hoolootwosame process...
shodan45I'm try to repurpose an old tivo remote
phillidAs a bricked remote?
shodan45no, afaik it worked fine. I just don't have a tivo any more. I do, however, have a roku with a busted remote.... ;)
pnormanyou can scrape away solder mask. do you want to lift the trace, or interrupt it?
Caspershodan45: actually why do you want to lift the trace? you want to just cut it?
shodan45yeah, already scraped some away
Casperxacto, 2 cuts a few mm appart, like 1-2mm
Casperthen scrappe it off
shodan45because I'm having a hard time cutting into this board enough to make good separation
shodan45(my knife sucks)
shodan45it's all I got right now
pnormanshodan45: get a better knife, it's easier than lifting a track. And you'd probably need a good knife for lifting a track too.
HrdwrBoByou can be pissed - angry
HrdwrBoBor you can be pissed - drunk
HrdwrBoByou can also be mad as a cut snake
phillidWe say "pissed off" in this country
HrdwrBoBor three sheets to the win
phillidpissed === drunk here
HrdwrBoBin australia, if something can POSSIBLY be shortened ... we do it
HrdwrBoBunless we want to make it longer, in whichcase, eh
Kerr-AGeneral question: why don't the schematic symbols for ic's and microcontrollers reflect the physical pinout of the mcu? I mean I see the inputs left, outputs right, power top, grounds bottom... but it seems silly to me
Kerr-Athe ocd in me wants to create a kicad component and footprint library only including the components in my bins... and redoing all the mcu's to match physical pinout
phillidWhy does the schematic need to match the pinout?
phillidAre you high-level designing or are you laying out a PCB? One tool for each
crtpill press
phillidAlso, the pin layout on schematic symbols tends to be conducive to a tidy overall circuit layout
crtpin press
Kerr-Ahmm... feels stange to me. But i've never used cad for electronics before (im a machinist and use mastercam/gibbscam/solidworks extensively in my career)
Kerr-AAnd I don't want to break form if there's a good reason for it, just looking for the one.
Kerr-Aso what about pins that are sometimes inputs, sometimes outputs?
phillidThey'll be wherever
phillidNot common, especially on jellybean components
phillidSo you'll generally not have too many to worry about in any one schematic
crtaustralian film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfhTAbG-dnE
archivistKerr-A, circuit follows function not form, signal path is left to right to make a circuit more obvious
crtbe still!
Kerr-AACTION spazzes
mrdataACTION traces a circuit clockwise around Kerr-A 
mrdatakids these days dont even know what clockwise means
Flea86ACTION gives mrdata a blank stare..
bongofurykids these days dont even know what circuit means
bindihi, this might be a bit vague.. but any idea why after a year of not using, this would display random "pixels" and buttons be non-functional? a led matrix clock like this: https://watch.brando.com/prod_img/zoom/WLEDC011400_01_L.jpg
bindii opened it up and the two pcbs looked fine
archivistbindi, contacts corrode, take apart and clean
bindiclean with what?
bindinot sure how it would corrode inside :D
bindii mean, inside-usage.. unless it's really humid here :P
archivistdepends on contact type, dry paper can be enough
archivistcarbon loaded rubber contacts dry up, rub with a bit of wet and dry (1200 grit or finer)
Kerr-ASomeone tell me "yes do it that way" and i will... This is the form to follow for diagrams involving an MCU? https://easyeda.com/component/system/STM32F100C4-QNHBTbtnF.png
archivistthere is no "one right way" for complex chips
bindiarchivist: i blasted it with wd40 and electric toothbrushed it :D :D :D
bindididnt come back to life though
bindii mean it has tons of contacts on the pcb
archivistwd40 is NOT the cure for electronic devices
bindii also had crc mos2
archivistnow go wash the shit off
gde33use lemon juice in stead
gde33pro tip
archivistthat is a killer for electronics never use an acid
gde33it washes off
archivistit is an acid it will rot the copper
gde33speaking of washing... I see this japanese guy one time who had a bed sheet on 2 large roles. One of my ideas was to do a tiny dish washer for single dishes shaped like a mailbox slot. Trying to expand the concept as a slot shaped washing/drying machine hidden under the bed.
bindilol yeah citric acid and copper is bad
gde33ideas tips suggestions sarcasm?
gde33what to use for the rolers at the top?
gde33or should we just burn the fabric and weave a new sheet?
gde33getting the sides right also seems a puzzle
gde33just let it hang lose?
gde33could also put the bed on a slight incline so that you have to wurm/claw your way up while sleeping
gde33human powered
gde33could also print advertisement on it like an infinitely scrolling website
bindiarchivist: any other tips that doesnt involve such manual work? :p
bindii was thinking i might need to go over the solder points
archivistbindi, look at it for corrosion and faults
bindii did, it didnt look bad as i said :D
bindinot overly bad atleast..
archivistbad contacts is common failure, modern tin soldering fails more often than tin/lead solder
bindicould just touch over each of the contacts?
bindicba to actually resolder anything
bindiif it doesnt work after that, into the trash it goes
SpeedEvilgde33: start out with google
SpeedEvilgde33: 'tiny house washer' 'caravan plate wash' ...
gde33SpeedEvil: it has to be build into the bed
SpeedEvilOh - a sheet washer.
SpeedEvilThat seems stupid.
gde33the sheet goes back under the bed
SpeedEvilyes, it seems stupid, and adds complexity to the bed, and doesn't wash more than the sheet.
gde33we can do the rest later
SpeedEvilyou really can't.
gde33why not?
SpeedEvilSomething that washes sheets, and nothing else is pretty pointless - if it does it at all, it needs to wash clothes, or you may as well just wash the sheets at teh same time
gde33could have a glas sillo with chicken feathers being ventilated then circulate those into the blanket
archivistdont be cruel to the bed bugs
bindiarchivist: i went over all the solder points
archivistwe were not allowed to trash stuff in my day
crtstick it in
potatoeanyone knows how to check if an ESP8266 is dead? I connected it to a ftdi board like so vcc-3.3v tx-rx rst-3k-vcc enable-3k-vcc gnd-gnd and tested with baudrates of 115200 and 9600 with no response (not even garbage)
potatoethe blue LED lights up when i connect the USB line to the ftdi and also when i toggle the rst line
zigggggywhy do you have an e in your name potatoe?
zigggggyACTION bakes potatoe
potatoezigggggy that's the right way to spell potatoe
linux_probezigggggy stardust?
zigggggylinux_probe :O
zigggggyACTION feeds linux_probe a potatoe
linux_probeACTION listenss to bowie now
linux_probe"well hung snow white tan" did someone just look in my window >_>
MatCatACTION discharges
linux_probe * MatCat discharges anal sack juice?
linux_probethe "Cat" part lol
linux_probewhoops sacs**
MatCatACTION will leave it to the imagination
linux_probeI dont want to know IRL
MatCatI am going to have to buy some fireworks and repurpose them for diabolical fun like activities
jaggzI wonder how much less efficient a variable brightness LED house lightbulb will be than its equivalent, fixed, at full brightness
linux_probewhy, just get dry ice and jam large amount in 1/2 filled 2L bottle of water, cap and toss
linux_probeWAIT, in sun is best
linux_probeenoug to make turds panic and you get coined terrorist
linux_probeand now yet again for the 9999999th time NSA, CIA, FBI, ETC. is watching me
linux_probenot to mention the trollness things I say always
MatCatlinux-dude: I do a lot of explosions IRL
crtno AR15s in australia
linux_probeaussies, LOL
linux_probeaussies suck
linux_probeas do many *)(*^*$%%& idiots
linux_probethey keep trying to take out guns in USA
linux_probeas they do, they loose
linux_probesoem states have banend lots, but they are the ones most filled with idiots and riff-raff
linux_probeI say a good fix is to border off california dn give ti back to mexico :)
linux_probe( yes, the main state that keep producing fudge-fest laws others adopt
linux_probeCaptain ^^
Kerr-ASo I decided I should learn a cad package for electronics... Kicad seems popular... Any general advice? Competitors, limitations, etc...
Sculptorkicad is half-baked
Snertlose $80.00 and get Splan.
SculptorKerr-A, you can use free version of eagle
Sculptoryou are limited to 80x100mm boards, though
Flea86Also two layer only :p
bart416lol @ Worms W.M.D.
bart416One of the weapons is "Dodgy Phone Battery"
Flea86Kerr-A: Kicad has it's quirks, but it's a great app for the money :)
bart416They went just short of putting a samsung logo on it I think, lol
bart416Flea86, syphillis is a great STD for the money as well >_<
Flea86bart416: heh, that's harsh.. if I could afford it I'd be using Altium :P
MatCatI wish I had quick release pants
bart416Flea86, the moment you used Altium you kind of think all other PCB software just sucks.
MatCatACTION uses altium
SculptorFlea86, two layers is plenty
Flea86bart416: I used Protel/Altium Professionally for ~15 years, I don't impress easily :)
MatCatAltium is the only PCB design tool worth using
bart416You wonder what the fuck the guys who designed the other programs were thinking
bart416Luckily Autodesk got their hands on Eagle, so that one might be improving soon
Flea86"I wish I was paid to write this thing.."?
SnertWhen one pays with one's own $ maybe one doesn't buy Altium.
Flea86Snert: I had become too attached to it, so it was a serious consideration for me when I wanted to go out on my own (9 years ago)
Kerr-AYou use kicad flea?
bart416Snert, but the time it saves is considerable.
bart416So it is worth considering in many cases.
bart416All the nuisances aren't there.
SnertI agree 1 billion percent. But I don't have a grand to drop on Altium.
Flea86Snert: Or 11..
Snertunfortunately "free" means it's crap.
Snertor it's crippleware.
Sculptoryday i used eagle to design my new bathroom http://i.imgur.com/Rg6ux1Q.png
bart416And in the end the basic premise of PCB design software isn't wildly complicated
Snertneither is human interface design. Which the cheap ones are clueless.
Snertshift-click-select-multiple...drag across screen.
Snertthings like that.
Snertbut the cheap/free software have no clue about HID.
SnertSure, one learns to adapt to a ware's interface conventions. But it's not intuitive.
linux_probewhoops wrong places
linux_probeLive - Lightning Crashes
linux_probemay as well post what it was
bart416And unless you're an American you don't have to worry about the stupid UI patents in the US if you write something free & open source.
LordLeBrandDxDesigner is expensive but worth shit, at least up to the 2014 VX version (whic h I haven't been able to try yet)
LordLeBrandThat goes for both the "cheap" PADS and the expensive "should be able to do about anythin" Expedition PCB suite. It's all a bit quirky and old. VX promises to do better but I've heard from people who've used it that the improvements are still minimal when compared to Altium
synx508I'd take later versions of Kicad over any version of Eagle FWIW
crteagle is kikenology
crtThe dogs!!!!
rk[ghost]woud length of a voltage wire for a microphone have any effect on the quality of a recorded input?
phillidcould do
phillid"voltage wire"?
phillidBe more specific about that part please
bart416Do you mean a capacitive microphone which is powered?
bart416Then yes, that will have an influence.
bart416But overall the loop size is quite minimal for most of these cords, together with the twisted wires it shouldn't have too much of an influence actually.
bart416But it will have some influence.
backeshey! Is a Serial in Parallel out register the same as a buffer in a programming language?
phillidSimilar concepts
Jan-ACTION wakes up, unfortunately
Jan-It's really annoying. No matter how many times I try to get to sleep, I always wake up :/
Viper-7theres pills for that
Viper-7ask your friendly neighbourhood spy
Jan-feh be nice
Jan-ACTION ties Viper-7 in a double knot *tug*
Viper-7ACTION wriggles and unravels, becoming twice as long as he used to be
Viper-7something went wrong here
Viper-7but eh, i like waking up, i just dont like getting out of bed
Jan-I woke up at 8
Jan-the bathroom was busy
Jan-so I fell asleep again
Jan-that was a mistake, now I feel terrible
Jan-ACTION necks twice the recommended dosage of instant coffee
Viper-7im 5 hours into a 3 hour long 3d print
p0g0_ACTION likes mornings more than most anytime of the day.
p0g0_not a popular notion, I know.
Jan-I always said you were bouncy, pogo :)
Jan-ACTION is hilarious
Viper-7ACTION is not a morning person
Viper-7my housemates know not to even try to talk to me for like half an hour after i wake :P
weyland|yutanivenom viper until pleased by coffee
Viper-7pretty much :)
intranickACTION lights Jan- on fire
weyland|yutanihttp://www.freakingnews.com/Snake-Having-a-Coffee-Break-Pictures-98012.asp <---viper7 morning routine
Jan-ACTION shares coffee with Viper-7
weyland|yutani*ominous music playing* shadowy figure slithering into kitchen....lights are flickering.....dont look at Viper-7 or you will be eaten....*faint whimpering*
Jan-weyland|yutani: vipers are poison.
Viper-7ACTION just made cereal
Viper-7so what if its 8:30PM ? :P
synx508The problem with my scope needs addressing but I'm scared of large amouts of electricity.
HrdwrBoBcereal is a 24/7 food
synx508trace wanders off the bottom of the screen about 30 seconds after turning it on. I am guessing a power rail is going away.
synx508power supply is terrifying, 1971 switched mode
Viper-7poke it with your finger until you find the part that *doesnt* zap you :P
synx508that's the part that is broken, clearly
synx508the trace wanders downwards, I wonder if that means the +ve side is giving up
synx508that's probably too logical
LordLeBrandcould be temperature drift in the deflector circuitry
LordLeBrandor a capacitor that's not functioning the way it should anymore
synx508it started a day after the hottest day since 1976, so I'm thinking capacitor
synx508it wasn't turn on during that time
Mangy_Dogsooo sooooo soooooooo annoying. Got my LCD panel and touch panel today.... The lcd panel is perfect for my project. The touch panel... Well so annoying, its the wrong ratio to the screen... my 3.2 lcd is a 320x480 screen... i assumed it was a 4:3 i guess i was wrong
Jan-ACTION has been invited out for lunch
Jan-later all :)
Viper-7reckon this will keep prying fingers away? http://imgur.com/a/xtqfu
jaggzjan-, I won't tell him!
jaggzradioactive maybe, Viper-7 ?
Viper-7or do i go with the mcdonalds theme? http://imgur.com/a/ihi4a
mjacobit's pretty easy to understand how a single sram cell works and there are many resources about it
mjacobhowever i didn't really find very good resources on how to implement addressable memory using sram cells
mjacobcan someone recommend something?
Viper-7actually inverted doesnt look too bad http://imgur.com/a/kf9z4
Viper-7im low on black so might go with that instead
Viper-7jaggz: well the high voltage warning is technically appropriate, the internals may be at up to 750V wrt mains earth
Viper-7but im more concerned that its a self contained unit with a single connector on the top which will just pull away, and they can walk off with it
jaggzViper-7, put an apple logo on it
Mangy_DogComing to the horrid realisation I MAY have to forgo touch features for the time being on my project :/ and put some buttons on
Shawn|i7-720QMis it possible to do vertical resistors in diptrace?
Mangy_Dogthough i could get an oversized touch sensor
Mangy_Dogand have it fitted to the case rather than the display
Viper-7Mangy_Dog: captouch pads on your pcb are free :P
Mangy_Dogwont work through a screen :p
Mangy_Dogand even with cap touch on pcb, doesnt that require skin contact?
Mangy_Doganyway if it came to buttons... id rather have a nice click when you press a button :p
Mangy_Dogbut really id rather have a working touch screen
Mangy_Dogwish i could make my own resistive touch film
Mangy_Dogbasically something i could cut to size my self
Shawn|i7-720QMI see I have to make my own patterns
Shawn|i7-720QMand 3d models
Smidge204Mangy_Dog: Doesn't sound THAT hard in principle
Mangy_Dogi agree
Mangy_Dogin principle :d
Mangy_Dogwhat i have no CLUE what the film material is
Mangy_Dognor how to make it conductive
Mangy_Dogand of course then theres connection that conductivity to the silver strips... that could again be anything
Mangy_Dogid rather make it myself than redesign my case and likely the pcb as well just to fit an oversized touch sensor in
theBearresistive touch screens are shitty and annoying
SculptortheBear, they are great for industrial applications
Mangy_Dogtruth be told, i suspect the resistive screens are just 2 or 3 layers of acetate... and theyve been sprayed with a transparant resistive conductive compound....
Sculptoras they will work with gloves on
Mangy_Dogtheyre great for cheap touch screen applications too
theBearmaybe, but most industrial situations are shitty and annoying too ;-)\
theBearcapacitive tend to work better with most gloves IF they designed or at least programmed with that in mind, if you need any kind of accuracy, but i spoe industrial screens ain't much about accuracy
Sculptorindustrial screens mustn't require accuracy
Sculptorif the screen is too dense, somoene could pick unwanted option
SopaXorzTakeruhh, FUCK!
SopaXorzTaker(not for retrocomputing enthusiasts)
Sculptori don't speak italian
redrabbitits french
SopaXorzTakerfrench, me neither
Sculptoryes, i'm fluent in french. i just don't speak italian
SopaXorzTakerjust watch it
SopaXorzTakerI don't speak the language spoken in the video
SopaXorzTakerbut it's about harming vintage electronics
maidCan I User fluke extenders with an extech
maidI mean extend probes of fluke to use with extech multimeter
ChrisauIm trying to understand all the workings of the Arduino Uno, does anybody understand the purpose of the op-amp with the yellow LED, schematic snippet here; http://imgur.com/a/YszAJ
maidCan I use fluke extend probes with an extech
ChrisauDoes the SCK line from the SPI drive the LED?
bundermaybe if the output is pulled high
ChrisauIf so, does that mean the 'Blink' example sketch just cycles the SCK output high/low/high etc?
bundersounds about right, i don't know anything arduino though
ChrisauOk it does. SCK connects to pin 13 on the board too
ChrisauSCK IS pin 13
Viper-7nearly done :D http://imgur.com/a/EvUIv
maidViper my nein
maidYou should know it
ChrisauWhat are you building Viper-7
Viper-7Chrisau: RS232 to WiFi bridge so i can monitor my home solar system
Flea86Viper-7: Cool enclosure bro
Viper-7Flea86: the lid is printing now, hope it turns out well :D
Flea86Viper-7: Beats the shit out of taking an existing OTS case and hacking it up
Viper-7yup :)
Flea86Viper-7: And right on.. wait where's the HV in the box? :)
Viper-7Flea86: well apparently the solar system references the solar panel + to mains earth, yet references its digital ground to solar panel -
Flea86Ahh gotcha
Viper-7so between the ground of the electronics in my box, and earth, there could be up to like 500V
Flea86Fair enough
ChrisauLooking good Viper-7, you have a 3D printer?
Viper-7yah :)
Viper-7just a cheap kit from china
ChrisauHow much
ChrisauThats so cheap
ChrisauHad it long?
Viper-7yah :D
Viper-7yeah a good while now, nearly 2 years i think
ChrisauLasting well?
Viper-7yeah, the psu died after about 3 months, using a pc one now, works fine :)
Viper-7just did the filament change from red to yellow for that lid print
Viper-7ACTION crosses fingers
Viper-7alignment seems good :D
Flea86Viper-7: Nice
Flea86So top of lid is face down
ChrisauIs Filament expensive? Require changing often?
ChrisauAnyone know what this is refering to in Arduino Uno schematic? http://imgur.com/a/VRidG
Viper-7Flea86: bottom down, so it doesnt have to bridge across the letters
HrdwrBoBfilament is ceap
HrdwrBoBwell, fairly cheap
Viper-7nah not expensive, $20-30 for a 330 metre roll - this box took about 14 metres, so cost about a dollar
HrdwrBoBChrisau: http://i.imgur.com/EGwawF9.jpg cheap.
ChrisauNice, I gotta get me one of those
Viper-7bah, slight goobering on the H of DO NOT TOUCH
Viper-7hopefully fixable with a knife
ChrisauAny ideas on what this is doing anyone? -> http://imgur.com/a/VRidG
JPTA spark gap maybe?
Flea86Chrisau: Supply bypass of some 8-pin IC?
Flea86Chrisau: Where's the rest of the chip? :)
ChrisauIts from the Arduino Uno schematic, top left - https://www.arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/Arduino_Uno_Rev3-schematic.pdf
Viper-7Chrisau: the 100n capacitor is a common decoupling value, basically stops high frequency noise (ie square edges from a digital chip) from using longer traces on the board like an antenna and annoying ham radio nuts :P
Viper-74 and 8 suggest its going between pins 4 and 8 of a digital chip, probably the atmega328
Flea86^ Viper-7
Viper-7ahh yep, well, same deal
Flea86yeah true
Viper-7its a comparator, its output value slams from HIGH to LOW, or LOW to HIGH very sharply and quickly
Flea86Viper-7: The majority of what you said was spot on :)
Viper-7it both needs a local power supply to produce this hard edge, and again, doesnt want to turn the power supply rails into an antenna
ChrisauAhhh gotchas! I see now the two op-amps are part of one 8 pin unit, 3 pins for each op amp and the two left overs are 4 and 8. Thanks lads
ChrisauWhy is the yellow LED L13 driven by an op amp and not directly to SCK
Viper-7to prevent loading the SCK line too heavily
Viper-7else it'd waste most of the current handling of that pin just on driving that LED
Viper-7this way its buffered
piglitis this like realy usable: http://www.kerrywong.com/2014/11/16/testing-an-rtl-sdr-spectrum-analyzer/ ?
Viper-7and bah, i did 3 layers of yellow on top of the red - its not opaque enough, the whole thing looks like its gonna be fairly... orange
Viper-7might still work tho
ChrisauOk thanks Viper-7
Viper-7piglit: more useful than nothing
piglitViper-7, you got a point there
Viper-7nothing close to a proper spectrum analyzer, but can do most of the basics, and its like.. under $10 :P
piglitI was also looking at things like this: HP8558B H10 en HP 853A display – HP8558
piglitbut i do not know enough about spectrum analyzers
piglitlot of spectrum analyzers in the US much cheaper thatn in the EU but if you wanna order one, you pay hundreds of shipping costs
jonascjWould a BPW34 (https://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Prototyping/Solar/bpw34.pdf) photodiode be suitible to detect another yellow LED flashing? I think so, just wanted to check with someone more experienced than I.
ChrisauAnother Uno schematic question. The purpose of the diode on the reset line, it provides a bypass past the pullup resistor, why is that needed? (http://imgur.com/a/KZdF1)
ChrisauIn case there's a voltage higher than 5V seen at the reset pin?
jonascjSpecs says sensitive to visible light (yellow falls in this range), and being a photo diode it seems I can just bias it with maybe 3 volts, and i will generate a current I can measure (or measure the voltage drop across resistor in series i)
jiffeso last night I shut off each breaker one by one to see which outlets/switches they affected to map everything and I noticed that with all breakers shut off some things still had power like lights/switches in the main bedroom, the dryer was still powered... does this sound right?
jonascjjiffe: I'd say no. Then the wires leading t othose sockets / appliances are not protected form drawing too much power and overheating (causing fire etc.)
jonascjAssuming your fuses are built-in to your brakes, which I believe is the normal thing
HighInBCFatality in 3... 2... 1... http://images.highinbc.com/stupidhumanbeings08.jpg
jonascjat least he is wearing rubber boots
phillidHe is earthed; no potential may develop on him!
ChrisauIm out night all
Viper-7not exactly what i was hoping for :< http://imgur.com/a/Mix2I
Viper-7reprinting now
jonascjput it on your car hood
jonascjasumig it is a stamp which failed to be mirrored
ozzzyI can't think of anything I'd need to print
Flea86Viper-7: That's the nicest looking 3d print fail I've seen ever
Viper-7Flea86: haha
jiffefound it, its the unlabelled breaker on the external main
hjfi need to erase a 27C523
hjfwill it erase if i leave it in the sun?
tpw_rulesi think?????
tpw_rulesit might take quite a while
hjflike hours? or days?
hjfi have a UV germicidal lamp too
tpw_ruleshours i think
tpw_rulesidk i've never erased one.
tpw_rulesmaybe just stick your programmer out in the sun and reread it every so often to see how erased it is
tpw_rulesthat's what i'd so
hjfeh i dont have a programmer. i need to program one and i thought i'd also figure out if the sun erases them
tpw_rulesoh, i thought it wasn't that long
niston"Research shows that constant exposure to room level fluorescent lighting could erase a typical M2732A in approximately 3 years, while it would take approximately 1 week to cause erasure when exposed to the direct sunlight."
hjfbetter find the starter for that UV lamp then
nistonit best be an UV-C lamp
hjfyes it's a clear tube
hjfi have it in a wooden box
hjfwhen i use it it makes the wood smell like wood
hjfso i'm guessing it's very strong
hjfit also gives a pink-purple light. ofc i never looked directly into it
hjffuck it
hjfima make a arduino thing to read this
hjfi got a mega one with lotsa pins
gurkihjf: https://www.tindie.com/products/UnaClocker/28cxxx-eeprom-programmer-shield-for-arduino/
gurkitheres a link to the sources and the pcb design files
gurkithe software was linux only, i ported it to windows some while ago
gurkiworks fine for me :)
potatoeanyone knows how to check if an ESP8266 is dead? I connected it to a ftdi board like so vcc-3.3v tx-rx rst-3k-vcc enable-3k-vcc gnd-gnd and tested with baudrates of 115200 and 9600 with no response (not even garbage)
gurkithe original version is from meeprommer, but this guys version cannot do 27cXXX iirc
hjfgurki: very nice
_abc_Oh the irony. Monsieur Micron should read this, before he manages to rid France of nuclear power: http://www.environmentalprogress.org/big-news/2017/6/21/are-we-headed-for-a-solar-waste-crisis
gurkihrm. i should actually fork his repo to upload the windows port some time.
SpeedEvil_abc_: I wonder who could possibly be funding that society
SpeedEvilMy first guess at trying to recycle those would be to heat the whole panel stack to ~130C, and then after pulling the aluminium off, feed them through a massive scraper to remove the cells from the glass
tgeeky_abc_: is eliminating nuclear power really one of his platform goals?
tgeekyFrance is pretty much the only state where that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever
SpeedEvilOther than that, run them through a crusher, to recover the aluminium, then heat to ~400C, and let the glass and silicon fall apart, then wash the glass in tin, to recover any traces of lead.
SpeedEvil(there are probably better methods)
tpw_ruleswhy would they have lead?
tpw_rulesisn't that already super-banned
tgeekylead is delicious
tpw_rulesyes which is why it got banend
SpeedEviltgeeky: lead attach on solar cells is still allowed
NGC3982poop deck.
tgeekywell i eat solar cells for breakfast every day
tgeekyso no problem for me
bongofury_abc_ bullshit study
zap0.. /are-we-heading-for-a-click-bait-title
_abc_bongofury: do you have a better study?
zap0teh only place that has aweful re-cycling is the 3rd world..... and they don't even have nuclear power... so apples & oranges!
_abc_re: Macron get out of nuke: not quite but http://www.politico.eu/article/the-next-french-presidents-nuclear-problem-election-france-power-energy/ shrink from 75 to 50%.
tpw_ruleswell are they planning to do that by shutting down nuke or increasing not nuke
bongofury_abc_ - this is a better study. http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1470593113512323
bongofuryit's not on solar panel waste
bongofurybut it's more intellectually geniune
tgeekyzap0: I am pretty sure there are nuclear power plants in new jersey
zap0ACTION laughs in american.
_abc_#2 solar cell energy cost of manufacture is VERY FREQUENTLY dissed or played down. Let's remember that growing pure semiconductor wafers is VERY energy intensive, over weeks to months. Recovery of metals in solar cells is not worth doing, among others, ...
_abc_... because the aluminum used in there melts lower than the silicon it is embedded in, and because melting it releases toxic dopants like Arsenic.
SpeedEvilEven if you assume all the energy used for the solar cells is in the form of the cheapest coal, and all the price goes into that, it's not much
_abc_The only Really Dirty part of nuke is the (misguided?) attempt to recover various things from spent fuel using unbelievably messy acid dissolution methods.
bongofuryHow much do you know about nuclear power?
bongofuryBecause it sounds like almost nothing
bongofuryHave you ever lived near a BWR?
_abc_SpeedEvil: I'll disagree there again. Can't wait for a solar plant of any size to 'close' the cycle over it's lifetime, creating more solar panels than it consists of with zero input or negative input (generate power on top).
tpw_rulesbut what about materials
_abc_bongofury: we have 2 operating candu bwr and 2 more are being built.
bongofury_abc_ okay. How long have they been contaminating groundwater?
_abc_bongofury: I also know what it's like when communists rule the country and turn off power for 6-8 hours/day in Winter to "save" on expensive fuel imports.
_abc_bongofury: I know which option I take, and my countrymen and women know so too.
bongofuryagain, lolwut
_abc_bongofury: anti-nuke movement has zero chances in Eastern Europe, in all ex Communist states. Ask anyone here who is from these countries.
_abc_Gtfo, do what you like in your sorry country.
bongofury1) theres no waste problem (someone proves to him there's a waste problem) okay then 2) Communists mean we need nuke power
bongofuryI love how you can't stick to the subject of "waste" and go all political
bongofuryYou're clearly not an engineer
bongofuryRadioactive Groundwater Contamination Found at All US Nuclear Power Stations: Pipe Failures Endanger Nuclear Power Station Cooling Systems-Environment
bongofurybut do tell me about how you're arsed to recycle silicon wafers.
tpw_rulesdot wordpress dot com
bongofurygao dot pdf
redrabbitACTION is confused
_abc_not interested in anecdotic greentard news from overseas
bongofurygao.gov = anecdotic greentard?
bongofuryNo wonder you bought the lies about waste.
_abc_we have natural mineral water, bottled, which is so hot it would be illegal to take it into our nuke plants to drink.
tpw_rulesbongofury: lol the first sentence from that pdf
bongofuryHey _abc_ are you working on a "Do Not Enter" sign for your spent nuclear waste respository that can be read in 300,000 years?
_abc_ACTION plonks bongofury 
tpw_rules"While experts in our public health discussion group generally agreed that radioactive leaks at the three nuclear power plants in our case studies ofactual events had no discernible impact on the public’s health"
bongofurytpw_rules - 100% leak groundwater
_abc_Anyone else having strong political opinions here? I'm on the script, say hip to be counted.
tpw_ruleswhich according to the study had no effect
redrabbityeah plutonium is fine
redrabbiti eat that for breakfast
bongofurytpw_rules - gee why would they say drinking tritium is not a danger?
bongofurywhat possible motive might they have?
redrabbitenriched plutonium cereal
redrabbitgo beefcake
_abc_ /ignore -replies bongofury!*@* all
_abc_Look up Uranium (natural) amount in ocean water and plans to harvest @
bongofury_abc_ cites a story that only considers spent fuel rods to be the only "waste" produced by nuclear plants.
bongofurymeanwhile "the whole solar panel is unrecyclable!"
_abc_http://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-france-election-macron-nuclearpower-e-idUKKBN17Z219 and now the opposite of the previous link I posted: Macron may delay the phasing out of plants... yes running aircons and heaters in very cold/hot weather does require ...
bongofuryand he calls *me* the idiot
_abc_... more plants running, not fewer.
tpw_rules"Although many sites have had leaks or
tpw_rulesspills involving tritium, no site is currently
tpw_rulesdetecting tritium in the offsite environment, or in drinking water, in excess of 20,000 pCi/L. "
tpw_rulessame thing that one says
bongofuryright it goes into the groundwater.
tpw_rules"As a result, a value of 20,000 pCi/L in this list does not imply the drinking water standard in EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act has been exceeded"
bongofuryI guess your version of "tritium isn't a waste product of nuclear power plants" means "until we are literally drinking enough tritium to hurt us, then okay"
tpw_rulesi mean duh?
SpeedEvil_abc_: What source for the number for the cost of refining silicon energetically are you using.
bongofuryI dunno why you'd say that
tpw_rulesi mean it's sub optimal, but they seem to be working on it
bongofuryIf I dump a million gallons of waste in the countryside and it has aquifer access
tpw_rulesand it's not any worse than the coal shit
bongofurydid I not dump a million gallons of waste, tpw_rules?
bongofurybecause you're not actually drinking it, therefore it's not considered waste?
tpw_rulesi'm p sure they're not leaking a million gallons of tritium
bongofuryBecause if that's you're metric, then you just disproved the entire study.
bongofurybecause it relies on the boogeyman of solar panels "leaching their contents" into groundwater as waste.
tpw_rulesspeaking of aquifers, our city is installing a power plant and planning to pump a million gallons out of our aquifer per day to cool it. that's a rather more pressing concern
bongofuryApples vs Apples
bongofuryif tritium isn't waste, then neither are solar panels.
tpw_rulesif you put a million gallons of waste in an empty field and no one finds it, what does it matter
bongofuryif a decommissioned nuclear power plant doesn't count as waste
bongofurythen neither does a decommissioned solar panel.
bongofuryDO YOU GET
_abc_http://spectrum.ieee.org/green-tech/solar/solar-energy-isnt-always-as-green-as-you-think SpeedEvil there are several articles.
sclltrBatteries arent as green either
tpw_rulesare solar panel leachate levels exceeding dangerous levels?
_abc_ACTUALLY Zn-Carbon batteries are quite green.
gurkiwait. did we just reach a point in discussion where ppl actually say "nuclear waste is just fine" ?
sclltrStill probably greener than regular fuel
sclltrWhats wrong with depleted uranium
_abc_gurki: we are about 20% star ashes (nuclear) by weight.
sclltrMakes good bullets
tpw_rulesgurki: specifically tritium
bongofuryOn February 15, 2000, IP-2 suffered a ruptured steam generator tube that released 20,000 gallons of radioactive coolant into the plant. The incident resulted from poor plant maintenance and lax oversight by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The accident, a stage 2 event, triggered a radioactive release to the atmosphere. The NRC gave the plant its worst rating because of the previous
bongofuryplant operator’s failure to detect flaws in a steam generator tube before the February 2000 leak. One week after the accident, 200 gallons of radioactive water were accidentally released into the Hudson River.
gurki_abc_: im aware of that. we still kinda dont have a solution to this problem
_abc_Oh, and, ALL the Lithium used in green batteries was once upon a time part of a Supernova or another. Green nuclear ashes >;)
bongofurytpw_rules - is your position that 200 gallons of radioactive water released into the groundwater system isn't waste?
_abc_So when the LiPo goes boom, it's just Lithium that wants to go home (Supernova).
bongofury^ thats also false
tpw_rulesbongofury: no? but it's a hell of a lot less than this million gallon figure
sclltr200 gallons isnt that much
bongofurythere is primordial lithium, something _abc_ the fake engineer also doesn't know
sclltrLike the size of bath i take
gurkiACTION grabs a bowl of popcorn
bongofurytpw_rules - then you just agreed with me that the stufy is flawed
_abc_Didn't know there were elephants on channel. 200gal bath?
tpw_ruleslike honestly the combined effort of sewage of all the houses in my neighborhood probably has more environmental effect
bongofurynow go count up all the groundwater leaks by volume and radioactivity since the 1950s
bongofuryand tell me that has no bearing on "waste" when you're demonizing solar
tpw_rulesyou're the one citing the study
bongofuryyeah that's what the subjec at hand is
bongofurya bogus study
tpw_rulesi wasn't aware i was demonizing solar
tpw_ruleswhich study is bogus
specingbongofury: 200 gallons of radioactive water is nothing compared to the NOx, CO and other particulates emmited by ICEs and thermal powerplants
sclltrIm a big boy _abc_
sclltrYeah its not much
_abc_SpeedEvil: I believe you!
tpw_rulesthe only studies we are discussing are the ones about radioactive groundwater leaks, afaik
_abc_* sclltr ^
_abc_sorry tab completion snafu
specingA local nuclear plant regularly releases some radioactive water into the river by design
bongofury<_abc_> Oh the irony. Monsieur Micron should read this, before he manages to rid France of nuclear power: http://www.environmentalprogress.org/big-news/2017/6/21/are-we-headed-for-a-solar-waste-crisis
specingbut again, its nothing
bongofury^ tpw_rules
specingand the quantities involved do not harm the environment
redrabbit /me gets the geiger counter out
bongofury<_abc_> not interested in anecdotic greentard news from overseas
redrabbitwho wants to get probed
_abc_specing: is it to make very large perches which are later fished and used to win competitions?
SpeedEvil_abc_: I note that tehre are cell production facilities in the 'west' too, that are more-or-less competitive (often less) with china.
tpw_rulesbongofury: well it seems somewhat apples to apples. it's comparing solid waste from nuclear and solar. nuclear secretly leaks tritium and presumably solar plants secretly leak production chemicals or something
bongofurytpw_rules how much solid waste has fukushima produced?
bongofuryin terms of contaminated substances
bongofurysoil, air, and water?
tpw_rulesthat's an interesting question
_abc_SpeedEvil: yeah but if you read between the lines, you can see that the energy input cost dominated cell manufacture moved for *cost* reasons East. That's the same East which is covered in coal smog for a few months per year, because coal is cheaper to ...
bongofuryand more importantly, what did they handwave that away?
bongofuryanother one
_abc_... make energy with, to make more expensive solar cells with...
bongofurywhy are solar panels considered waste, but a decommissioned nuke plant isn't?
tpw_rulesor hell, if the solar plant is powered from nuclear, then the solar plant is leaking tritium too
bongofuryHow is that "apples to apples?"
tpw_rules"While nuclear waste is contained in heavy drums and regularly monitored, solar waste outside of Europe today ends up in the larger global stream of electronic waste. " maybe this?
_abc_in a way, tpw_rules
SpeedEvil_abc_: yes, my argument was that, given the price, if you allocate the whole cost to the cheapest form of energy, solar is still a net win
SpeedEvil(for modern cells that are ~$0.50/W
_abc_SpeedEvil: just because it moved East and is coal energy "powered" ...?
bongofuryso "solar doesn't produce as much waste as nuclear, but we're gonna lie and say it does, because we covertly want solar waste monitoring?"
SpeedEvil_abc_: no, as a ridiculous strawman extreme argument.
bongofuryis that it?
_abc_Iow moving the smoke to China makes you able to pretend your end of the cat is green, right?
tpw_rulesi dunno, it's an interesting question bongofury. i don't think it's the bombshell you're implying it is
bongofurytpw_rules it is
bongofuryyou can recycle solar panels.
bongofurythe frame, the backplane, the traces and the silicon can be reused.
bongofuryNow tell me how long your "NUCLEAR WASTE! KEEP OUT!" signs have to last for
SpeedEvil_abc_: If total solar energy input > cost / coal energy price, then ...
bongofurylast I checked it was 300,000 years
bongofuryand nobody wants it in their backyard despite "its safe for groundwater, really!"
specingyou can recycle nuclear waste as well
tpw_rulesbut why does that matter? this isn't exactly true but if we say it's not harming anyone for those 300k years, what's the problem?
bongofurynot really
bongofurynuclear waste is stored underground
SpeedEvilbongofury: I'd be quite happy to have some nuclear waste in my backyard, properly monitored.
zap0cost of coal doesn't account for cost of preventing global warming
SpeedEvilzap0: no, it counts the energic cost, which is one of the common arguments.
Streakeruses a fission reactor to generate 2109 MWt (i.e. heat), which creates steam to drive a turbine, which generates 648 MWe (i.e. electricity)
SpeedEvilzap0: The whole cost of the cell is obviously not going to be used to buy coal. Some is going to go into wages, equipment, ...
tpw_ruleslike if we stored all the broken solar panels in concrete vaults then they couldn't hurt anything
Streaker^why so inefficient?
SpeedEvilzap0: but assuming the whole cost of the cell is used to buy coal sets a firm pretty inarguable ceiling on the energic cost
tpw_rulesi mean i thought macron's silliness is in where does the base load come from
tpw_rulesare they gonna buy sqillions of batteries from tesla?
SpeedEvilFlow batteries are not a wholly ridiculous idea, on a national scale.
tpw_rulesoh yeah i had heard about those
tpw_rulesnever looked into em
bongofurySince at least August 2005, radioactive toxins such as tritium and strontium-90 have been leaking from at least two spent fuel pools at Indian Point into the groundwater and the Hudson River. In January 2007 it was reported that strontium-90 was detected in four out of twelve Hudson River fish tested.
tpw_rulesidk what does france's energy profile look like
bongofurybut hey that's not pollution
bongofurybecause the nuke people yelled at us when we said it was
StreakerNo it's not.
StreakerIt's too dilute.
bongofurythen just dilute the solar panels.
bongofuryproblem solved.
StreakerJust because it can be measured doesn't make it a problem.
bongofurythat's the dumbest argument possible in the context of nuclear waste
bongofury"it's not a problem till it is"
tpw_rulesbongofury: has anybody done a comparable study on the groundwater waste from solar panels?
_abc_SpeedEvil: that's pretty easy to compute, we know eta~=20% on a good day, 1kW/m^2, 20 years life (cough), 8 hours output/day nominal integrated. Storage has maybe 80% over all efficiency with lithium etc, transport 90%. So Pin*0.2*0.8*0.9=144W/m^2 ...
_abc_... *8hrs/day = 1.1kWh/day; 7300 days in 20 years = 8030kWh in 20 years. Add a little solar availability factor for your country, like 30%, you're at 2400kW/20yr . It probably did not take 2400kW to manufacture the cells no matter what. 50 to 200kWh is ...
bongofurytpw_rules of course not, because there is none
_abc_... probably in the ballpark?
tpw_rulesbongofury: okay now that's plainly wrong
_abc_Would be nice to compare with an equal weight of nuke fuel, for the same energy output.
StreakerNo it isn't. There's plenty of naturally occurring radiation in nature.
bongofurythis is fearmongering because solar is becoming viable in the market
bongofuryand nuclear was never viable
Viper-7happy with that :D http://imgur.com/a/ZIaMl
bongofurywe were promised power too cheap to meter
tpw_ruleslike we were just saying how solar panels have lead in themk
tpw_rulesthat ends up somewhere
_abc_(2400kW/20yr for nuke fuel probably takes an unmeasurable grain of sand's worth of Uxx)
bongofuryinstead we got massive tax breaks and huge waste producers
bongofuryno it doesnt
gurkiViper-7: that looks so trustworthy!
bongofurythere's lead in every NYC shower pan
bongofuryis it "ending up somewhere?"
SopaXorzTakerSimple delay line oscillator in Falstad's circuitjs
SopaXorzTakerthe diode prevents the transistor from closing, thus damping the oscillation
SopaXorzTakershort it out and see what happends
potatoedid anyone answer my question earlier I may have missed it
tpw_ruleslol a 300km long transmisson line
potatoeanyone knows how to check if an ESP8266 is dead? I connected it to a ftdi board like so vcc-3.3v tx-rx rst-3k-vcc enable-3k-vcc gnd-gnd and tested with baudrates of 115200 and 9600 with no response (not even garbage)
_abc_So back to mineral water and your puny 20,000pCi release of Tritium: Herculane (.ro) mineral water has >=10,000pCi and >=370uRd activity. It has been used as curative bath and drinking healing water since the Romans discovered the site (it was used for ...
_abc_... that before they discovered it).
_abc_So just get a life. Preferrably a non greentard one.
bongofuryIn 2003, the average PWR released about 700 curies of tritium in liquid effluents and the average BWR released about 30 curies of tritium in liquid effluents.
_abc_(the majority of activity there is from Radon... that's a bad thing, which becomes Polonium before too long)
bongofuryin Romania, they drink Strontium 90
bongofurywhich explains why Romania has always ruled the world, I guess
_abc_One of the wells is called "Pierre Curie" >;)
bongofurylol he thinks radon decays into polonium
synx508is bad science happening here? Am I missing something?
_abc_https://romania.ici.ro/en/cultura/pagina.php?id=94 bath culture :) No, you don't glow in the dark after it.
bongofurysynx508 Solar power is becoming economically viable.
bongofuryAs a result, the Nuke Power lobbyists have released a study bitching about solar panel e-waste
synx508it has been for some time, just a few people are noticing and getting angry because it doesn't match their world view
bongofuryit's a sad, sloppy, nonfactual piece designed to gin up support for nuke power by demonizing solar.
_abc_synx508: for *now* you can express your opinion without going to jail. That may change soon...
synx508I like nuclear power, but it needs more scientists and more production engineering
synx508_abc_, you're kidding, right?
sclltryeah nuclear power is pretty great tbh, it gets an unnecessarily bad rap
_abc_I hope it will still be funny in a few years synx508
synx508_abc_, opinion has been illegal since the 1960s here
_abc_Oh, yes, Orwell etc.
bongofuryhe lives in the dumb part of Europe, the eastern part where they still believe in gypsy curses and family feuds n shit
sclltrthere was this article once that compared the opinions of the general public to the opinions of the academic scientific body
bongofuryradioactive water might in fact have something to do with it
sclltrand scientists always favored nuclear energy while the general public didnt
synx508No, 1967 marine broadcasting offences act
sclltrsame with GMO
synx508which was mainly about stopping opinions
sclltrwhich leads me to believe that the general public probably has a misinformed opinion of both
_abc_synx508: it was more about stopping radio caroline and such. Too good music, too much advertising offshore.
bongofuryyet, you're a member of the general public
synx508it's a criminal offence to receive opinions that haven't been authorised by the government
bongofurywhich means your opinion is likely wrong, by your own metrics.
synx508_abc_, that's a symptom, not a cause
sclltrno, only if my view is representative of the majority of the general public bongofury
sclltrwhich it isnt
sclltrthats what the metric was comparing, when people say the general public, they mean the majority, its implied
bongofuryStrontium-90 is a "bone seeker" that exhibits biochemical behavior similar to calcium, the next lighter group 2 element.[3][7] After entering the organism, most often by ingestion with contaminated food or water, about 70–80% of the dose gets excreted.[2] Virtually all remaining strontium-90 is deposited in bones and bone marrow, with the remaining 1% remaining in blood and soft
bongofurytissues.[2] Its presence in bones can cause bone cancer, cancer of nearby tissues, and leukemia. Exposure to 90Sr can be tested by a bioassay, most commonly by urinalysis.
synx508the main reason was simply that British government is terrified that people will say stuff. That's why we're getting the special internet soon
sclltrwell you live in airstrip one
sclltrwhat do u expect
synx508hey, don't mention Suez
_abc_synx508: during the Cold War Orwell's works were much cherished around here, nobody would have guessed they are a five year plan description from the near future of your country...
N0ZYClove that video
N0ZYCremembered from the quote in there "it burns your bones!"
bongofuryFindings were consistent with observations from other radiation-exposed populations. These data raise the possibility that radiation released from TMI may have altered the molecular profile of TC in the population surrounding TMI.
hjfcoooool got the arduino to read the eprom
hjf_abc_: hi
hjf_abc_: how long do i leave a 27C512 under a uv germicidal lamp to erase it?
_abc_20 minutes at 2.5cm
_abc_give it 30
_abc_(and clean the window with acetone, any grease or glue will lengthen the time)
bart416I've been meaning to try a bluray laser for that sometime to erase eproms.
hjf_abc_: cool
N0ZYCdimethyl cadnium iirc
hjfcheck out my eprom reader haha
bart416I guess that's equally as nasty as dimethylmercury? :P
N0ZYCgo watch the video
_abc_hjf: what's the 40 pin cpu on the breadboard?
N0ZYCfloroantamonic acid, that's the one that burns your bones
Bird|otherboxsynx508, _abc_: solar and nuclear fill two very different roles in a utility's power portfolio anyhow
hjf_abc_: pic18f46k20 but i'm not using it. it's a trainer board i'm just using the bread board
hjf_abc_: i'm readn the eprom with the arduino 2560
hjfi'm trying to figure out how to program it too
_abc_hjf: are trainer boards and the like expensive in .ar?
bart416N0ZYC, which video?
_abc_hjf: need 12.5V Vpp for programming. Other than that, nothing. Set address and data, strobe write, release, wait for write complete (poll)
N0ZYCone of my favorite short videos
bart416Ah that one
bart416ClF3 is for wusses.
bart416Real men use Cl2F5 lol
bart416Or was it ClF5
hjf_abc_: i dont remember, it was from a course my dad took. it was i think $200 for the course and board
N0ZYChe's talking about floroantimonic acid
hjf_abc_: yea the problem is how to load the .BIN to arduino
N0ZYCantimony and flourine
hjfi don't mind hardcoding it into the program
bart416Doesn't matter anyway, Fluorine can probably get away with both, lol
_abc_hjf: load it row by row as intel hex, 8 or 16 bytes at a time
hjfbut the problem is handling a 64K LUT with 8 bit proc
_abc_hjf: no. One row = 8 ot 16 bytes.
N0ZYCthe fluorine is the crazy. whatever you add in with it just decides HOW it is going to be crazy
hjf_abc_: yeah but you mean feeding the data through serial port right?
_abc_hjf: yes.
hjf_abc_: i'd have to figure out how to parse that data tho
hjfwith the arduino serial
_abc_It's very easy. It's all hex, each character becomes 4 bits.
hjfwhere do i find a bin2hex util
hjfsigh. there is no online one
hjfima have to download and execute on my pc
hjfhow 1990s
_abc_hjf: gnu objdump does that iirc
_abc_there's also srec_cat
_abc_https://sourceforge.net/projects/bin2hex/ by the way, hjf
hjfyeah tryin that one now
_abc_https://www.functions-online.com/bin2hex.html php...
computer-noobwhat is the best way to store <10MB of data for a microcontroller to access that you can write to from a computer?
_abc_uSD card?
computer-noobhow hard is it to wire up
_abc_http://www-inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~ee143/fa10/lectures/Lec_26.pdf SpeedEvil see page 9
_abc_SpeedEvil: not clear if that includes preprocessing ore, refininig, etc.
_abc_Also not clear if that number accounts for dross, bad wafers etc
_abc_Probably not
bart416<N0ZYC> the fluorine is the crazy. whatever you add in with it just decides HOW it is going to be crazy <-- actually many things with fluorine are completely inert at room temperature.
bart416Because the bonds are so strong.
N0ZYCteflon for example
Bird|otherboxbart416, haha. fluorocarbons = crazy inert
bart416Until you introduce FIRE :D
bart416<3 HF >_>
bart416HF is one of those interesting things to work with.
bart416I mean overall it's quite uneventful, until you consider the toxicity of that mess.
bart416It's not that strong of an acid, sure it can etch away oxides.
bongofuryjust dump it in a nearby stream,
bongofuryi learned today that means "no waste"
sclltri wish i had a button near my front door that would just kill power to everything in the house except ac/heat
bart416bongofury, check the disposal instructions on the MSDS of Shengyi SF305 :P
sclltrthen i could just be like power down on my way out
sclltrrather than unplugging or powering off questionable electronics everyday
sclltri had a fire when i was a kid from an electrical outlet so im really paranoid
bart416sclltr, which is completely feasible tbh :P
bart416They do it in hotel rooms everywhere
sclltrdoes it just run to all the outlets?
bart416It's typically with a relay system
bart416So you have a bunch of relays activated by detecting a keycard
Bird|otherboxsclltr, where are you on this planet?
sclltraustin texas
Bird|otherboxAFCI all the things? \o/
sclltri have some gfci near sinks and stuff
sclltrdidnt know about afci
_abc_Cheaper: let everyone use the wet stuff, the careless ones will end up in ER or dead.
_abc_Then you can leave it as is since the careless ones will have become careful or dead.
_abc_$save, win
Bird|otherboxon a different note -- I'm trying to figure out how to provide backup heat that works when the power's out. it's down to Empire-style gas wall furnaces or one-pipe gravity steam so far
_abc_There are specific rules for putting mains receptacles (and which kind) in bathrooms and the like. The location of water faucets/taps plays an important role in this. Minimum distance, not in line with tap (think fountain jet @broken tap), and high on ...
_abc_... wall opposite them
_abc_Bird|otherbox: provide heat to what?
Bird|otherbox_abc_, a house
_abc_Oh. Look into a large water reservoir you can keep warm :)
Bird|otherboxprimary heating as well as all cooling will be through a heatpump
sclltris there any reason to not put an afci in every outlet
_abc_sclltr: money
Bird|otherboxsclltr, AFCIs generally are better put at the panel
sclltri think i have one at the panel
bongofuryuse GFCI
Bird|otherbox_abc_, how do you get that water out to heat rooms though?
Bird|otherboxgravity hydronic AIUI is a fair bit less practical than gravity steam
sclltryeah there is an afci in the panel and gfci in laundry room, garage, kitchens, and bathrooms
_abc_Bird|otherbox: you put the tank in the basement, it climbs by itself.
sclltri guess im safe for now
_abc_Bird|otherbox: gravity hydronic is what has been used in Europe for like 100 years. No problems up to like 6 storeys high, assuming generous pipe section.
_abc_*cross section
_abc_iirc in the house where I grew up, 6 storey, had 3 inch riser pipes from the furnace in the basement. Built ~1930-35
_abc_You can probably chase down a dimensioning book for this.
_abc_grvity steam was/is popular in USA because of high rise buildings. Note ~6 floor limit for hydronic. It's not exact, but things stop being so good with long risers.
_abc_Steam climbs by pressure itself, no problem reaching floor 12 etc
_abc_(you get hissy snake noise from radiators though - gravity hot water is completely silent, can't even tell if the furnace is on from 2nd floor up)
_abc_Only way you know it's on is crackling in the walls when the heat goes on or off, from expansion, and putting your hand on the radiators.
bongofurybart416 - Potassium Permanganate?
bart416bongofury, what about it?
bongofuryis that what you told me to look up?
bart416I told you to look something up? :S
bongofury"Shengyi SF305" MSDS gives permanganate pdfs
bart416You're linking the datasheet now
bart416Go to http://www.syst.com.cn/en/product_info.aspx?id=36
bart416And click the MSDS
bart416Category 13 - Disposal Considerations
bart416"3. Bury into deep earth."
bart416Our health & safety person didn't allow me to order a shovel :'(
bart416Also that's good quality cheap flex if you were wondering :P
bart416That's the stuff pretty much everyone uses for consumer products these days.
_abc_http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4658836/Hilarious-moment-Buzz-Aldrin-gives-Trump-baffled-look.html spaced out... choice of words?
bart416_abc_, and his response as "To infinity and beyond" :')
bart416So Buzz Aldrin won, big time.
AdnolI require electronic assistance
bart416Does one require electronic assistance or assistance with electronics?
AdnolI need somebody to help me. An electronic I have is broke
Adnoland idk whats wrong with it
synx508So how do you know it's broken?
Adnolit wont turn on
AdnolIts not like a computer or anything
Adnolits a devise that pushes a rod back and forward
SopaXorzTakerI dare you guys never to experiment with a microwave oven transformer.
bobo1on1interesting device
Adnolyea its a very large rod
bart416SopaXorzTaker, been there, done that.
synx508yeah, no questions asked about the rod
Adnolbut like im pressing the on button and selecting the speed and nothign happens
SopaXorzTakerwell, the point is that these things are deadly
bart416SopaXorzTaker, yes we know
Adnolit use to vibrate too
SpeedEvilSopaXorzTaker: Indeed, 95% of people that swallowed only one microwave oven transformer died in my tests.
bart416Which device is this if we may ask?
SopaXorzTakerIf you're not a certified HV electrician, there's nothing for you to do with them\
SpeedEvilSopaXorzTaker: the other one in 20 escaped.
bart416SopaXorzTaker, "certified" by who? lol
Adnolbart r u talking to me or the other guy?
bart416Adnol, to you.
bart416And to him at the same time, lol
Adnoloh its pushes a rod in and out
bobo1on1SopaXorzTaker: https://youtu.be/lT3vGaOLWqE?t=85
Adnoland it vibrates
bart416Adnol, yes but is it under heavy load?
Adnoli think i used it for too long
synx508Well that was no fun.
bart416Adnol, do you have a picture of the device?
bart416heheh, indeed
bart416SopaXorzTaker, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSgRS0q5lek
bart416That's how to not deal with MOTs, lol
bongofuryBuzz Aldrin also hates to be called "The Second guy on the moon"
bart416Also that guy's take on health & safety: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXok6_BjhXM
SopaXorzTakerElectroBOOM is very nice
SopaXorzTakerbut this video is not
SopaXorzTakerbecause he doesn't pay any attention to safety
bobo1on1he never does
SopaXorzTakerand some gullible viewers may believe that's the way to go
bart416SopaXorzTaker, welcome to how 40 year old EEs deal with high voltage :p
sclltrbuzz aldrin was only 2nd good space corps
bongofurybart416 is that stuff polyiamide film?
SopaXorzTakerthe PI video is about a modified MOT with the HV winding removed
bart416bongofury, polyimide, not polyamide
SopaXorzTakerand replaced by a low voltage, high current one
bart416SopaXorzTaker, again, we know.
SopaXorzTakerthat's not fangerous
bongofurybart416 whats it for?
SopaXorzTakerjust don't lick the output wires
bart416bongofury, it's for flexible PCBs.
bongofuryno shit? thats wild
bongofurywhere are those in use?
bart416You use polyimide because it can survive a SAC305 reflow profile.
bart416Uhm, a lot of equipment.
bart416You'll often find them to connect displays
bart416Control panels
_abc_speaking of touching HV: an American soldier climbed on a rail transported tank here recently and got electrocuted seriously. Reason was probably he was not familiar with our much lower catenary lines vs American. " 1. The load gauge on most European ...
_abc_... railroads is
_abc_considerably less than on U.S. railroads. On Brit-
_abc_ish Rail, for example, the vertical load gauge is 13
_abc_ft l in.1 however, on most U.S. main lines it is at
_abc_least 19 ft. The load gauge determines catenary
_abc_mounting heights and clearances; therefore, it has a
_abc_significant impact on the costs of poles, founda-
_abc_tions, and other support structures.
_abc_touched 25-27kV unclear how, was flown to hospital with serious burns
bart416It's easy to touch it I think if you're already up that high
_abc_25kV will jump only 25mm nominally but under adverse conditions could jump 10 times more.
bart416A careless wave to someone would do it.
jancoowCan't remember it exactly but who was the last time who helped me with capative touch>?
_abc_I don't know what happened, there is an inquiry.
_abc_Was in the news. I immediately thought about the much higher catenary on US/Canadian rail.
jancoowI want to only capative touch the "front" of the coper foil, not the back. I had to create some kind of ground shield but can't remember properly
bongofurythanks bart416
Bird|otherbox_abc_, yeah, British loading gauge is tiny, to the point where they have to use well cars just to carry a hi-cube ISO box
Bird|otherboxthey try to put a hi-cube on a regular flat = they smash up station awnings and whatnot
Bird|otherboxwhereas US loading gauge extends well over 19' ATR (it's almost tall enough to double stack standard ISO boxes atop a standard flatcar -- we use wells partly because of that almost and partly for CG reasons)
_abc_Skip to +0:43 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZ6a2qNtI-c
_abc_Maybe one meter clearance. Any one of those pulled down comms antennas coming loose would be a liability.
MeXIst3nZHow is it technically possible that I had to manually set the time and date on my cellphone today? It's basic one, purchased a couple of years ago. Fully "matured" technology, that is. Surely the GSM or whatever system sends the current time as a signal for it to simply set the time automatically?
SchrostfutzHi, I have a pretty basic question: kaoshavochex: Why do I need a resistor in a low-pass filter? My understanding is that the capacitor has a low resistance for high frequencies (the smaller the capacity, the higher the frequencies) so their potential is equalized via the cap instead of the e.g. speaker. But I don't know the reason for the resistor. What would happen if I left it out?
SpeedEvilSchrostfutz: you are then dependant on the source impidence of the driving thingy
_abc_https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s7dIW4jUJ8 better view of spacing from caternary to Abrams tanks
bart416MeXIst3nZ, because "get time from network" is disabled?
SpeedEvilbart416: or broken
bart416SpeedEvil, wouldn't that in most cases kill the entire phone? :p
bart416Assuming it ever worked
SpeedEvilbart416: I have not checked recently, but ~5 years ago, my network was sending out wholly broken time
bart416ah weird, never had that happen before
SchrostfutzSpeedEvil: So when deciding the resistor's size I need to know my input-impedance?
SpeedEvilIf your input impedence is not much smaller than the filter impedence, then the filter response depends on it
damke_are there any exercises/problems for the book in the topic?
SchrostfutzSpeedEvil: Do you, by chance, know how I can find out the source impedance of an Arduino PWM pin? I was looking through the processors datasheet but didn't find anythin related to this.
SpeedEvilLook at the I/V curves for high/low state.
SpeedEvilYou can attempt to derive it from that.
_abc_http://www.ghidularadean.ro/uploads/Militar_american_electrocutat_10.jpg f* scary close to the catenary that truck roof
SpeedEvilOn the order of 100 ohms though, and any filter resistors should exceed 1K
MeXIst3nZbart416: ?
MeXIst3nZWhy would that be disabled by default?
bart416MeXIst3nZ, No clue.
MeXIst3nZI certainly haven't disabled it.
MeXIst3nZAlso, I saw no such setting.
MeXIst3nZIt's almost as if there's some incentive in shipping awful defaults.
SchrostfutzSpeedEvil: Okay, so I was planning to use an 4k resistor and should be fine anyway.
bart416MeXIst3nZ, yeah pretty much by the looks of it :D
MeXIst3nZBack in the day, when there were human telephone operators, how did the operator know which thing to plug into what other thing based on what the caller said?
bart416Uhm labeling plus look-up tables I would imagine?
bongofuryanother apt bldg fire in UK
bart416bongofury, where?
bart416Luckily no one was in it :)
Bird|otherboxreminds me of Santana Row in San Jose: https://www.usfa.fema.gov/downloads/pdf/publications/tr-153.pdf
_abc_MeXIst3nZ: human operators would "select" up to 200-400 lines, quite easy to do. 10x10 square of holes covers 100 lines
_abc_MeXIst3nZ: some more so. So each operator would cover up to 3 digits.
_abc_(1000 subscriber and potential trunks to other exchanges)
Bird|otherboxbut yeah -- large wood frame structures that rely on their finish ratings for fire propagation control are quite vunlerable during constructin
_abc_https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVDGuCjog_0 MeXIst3nZ
maidcan i use extend probes of fluke with an extech
tpw_rulesmaid: what size are the extech probes?
jancoowcan you handsolder this? aliexpress.com/item/Free-Shipping-Original-5-pcs-lot-HTU21D-HTU21-DFN-6-3-8-V-10-mA-Miniature/32516904250.html?
SpeedEvilprobably easier to hot air
SpeedEvilBut you can also solder without. bump the solder pads it connects to, and then hold the part down, and reflow a pad while adding a little solder, do for the opposite pad, then round the edges
MeXIst3nZ_abc_: But... doesn't it seem like a very basic/simple thing to let the caller send some sort of signal even back in the day, rather than having human operators?
MeXIst3nZIt's like they made the most simple part the part where humans are involved.
MeXIst3nZAnd automated the rest.
SpeedEvilMeXIst3nZ: what?
_abc_MeXIst3nZ: the signal was "gimme Alphaville 73"
SpeedEvilMeXIst3nZ: what do you imagine 'some sort of signal' might be - in the days before strowager relays.
SpeedEvilA human was literally the only plausible switching element.
MeXIst3nZAfter watching that video that _abc_ linked to, I feel bad for asking.
_abc_MeXIst3nZ: which simply caused the operator to look up the 10x10 (or 5x20) patch of holes marked 'Alphaville' and plug in the standard 6.3mm / 1/4in plug into the hole at the crossing between 7 and 3
MeXIst3nZBut... weren't "rotary dials" or whatever they were called available long before 1960?
MeXIst3nZ(Where that place was converted to automatic.)
Sculptorjancoow, why not got for BME280, you get humidity, temperature and pressure
MeXIst3nZReally? I always imagined that rotary dial telephones were something out of the 1920s or something.
SpeedEvilyou need the dial, and what it connects to on the other end, and all the switching hardware
MeXIst3nZBut back then, they simply had a telephone and nothing else?
SpeedEviland for that hardwares capital cost being cheaper than an operator
SpeedEvilbasically telephones, and a manually operated network
Sculptorfor 100x less power
bart416The moment relays became "cheaper" they did automate a few basic parts of long distance switching down to button controls.
bart416Instead of having separate human operators.
bart416But it took quite a while before the system was really automated.
MeXIst3nZBut in order for them to switch from the manual operators to automatic, all the customers must have already upgraded from the "phone only" telephones to the rotary dial ones?
_abc_Sculptor: peanut and grape operated :)
SpeedEvilMeXIst3nZ: the companies owned the phone
SpeedEvilMeXIst3nZ: they swapped them
jancoowSpeedEvil: okay yeah well that's to hard to solder for me I think
jancoowI never did smd anyways
jancoowbut this is way smaller then smd
SpeedEviljancoow: it's really not
jancoowSculptor: I don't need pressure
jancoowI do got my new hakko fx 888d tho
_abc_MeXIst3nZ: manual operators persisted through the 1980s some places. For example calling long distance from Eastern Europe always went through an operator in the 1980s. Not because of lack of automation, but because of lack of trained listening agents ...
_abc_... and tape recorders...
MeXIst3nZ"Almon Brown Strowger was the first to file a patent for a rotary dial on December 21, 1891, which was awarded on November 29, 1892" <-- Confusing.
jancoowSculptor: if you have any other suggestion for temperature and humidity :) I'm a bit space limited in sensor size. The dht22 doesn't fit
MeXIst3nZ"Not because of lack of automation, but because of lack of trained listening agents" <-- I also don't get that part.
jancoowSpeedEvil: I've no clue how I could do it haha
_abc_You'd put in a request to number 123456 in Sweden, say, and wait up to 2 hours to be called back by the operator to connect you.
jancoowSpeedEvil: I don't have a hot air gun
Sculptorjancoow, you don't need to use pressure readings. you can use temperature and humidity readings
SpeedEviljancoow: you don't need one
MeXIst3nZWhy did it take from 1891 to 1960 for them to actually switch from buttonless phones to rotary dials?
jancoowSculptor: but it's more expensive ;)
MeXIst3nZ69 years.
_abc_MeXIst3nZ: in commie Eastern Europe talking to the West was considered talking to the enemy of the communists. Relatives or not.
SpeedEviljancoow: reflow the pads with solder to make bumps, add some flux, hold the chip down, reflow one pad, reflow opposite pad, and then do the rest
Sculptorhow many do you have? 100? or a few
Sculptorif the answer is a few, then it doesn't matter
_abc_MeXIst3nZ: so they had agents listening in on EACH conversation and some were recorded in their entirety.
Sculptorif for the greater price you get greater value - more precise, less power hungry, faster
MeXIst3nZ_abc_: Would've sounded scarier if I weren't already convinced that they've kept full records of all telephone calls in the West as well since... many decades.
_abc_MeXIst3nZ: Stowger exchanges were not exactly the pinnacle of reliability.
_abc_MeXIst3nZ: no, no, NOW they keep them.
jancoowSculptor: is the be280 more precise yeah?
jancoowI've got a bmp180 and the temperature readings aren't that good
Sculptorjancoow, ^ that's not more expensive
Sculptorjancoow, check specs
_abc_MeXIst3nZ: before stepping selectors reliability was sh*t
jancoowSpeedEvil: don't I have to solder the chip underneath?
Sculptorbmp180 is oldgen
_abc_MeXIst3nZ: only after pbxes went to relay logic did some smiulacrum of reliability start to show, that was then 1960s
Sculptorold gen
jancoowSpeedEvil: in the middle
_abc_*simulacrum even
_abc_nice storm starting up here. Boom boom boom the lights will be dark soon.
SpeedEviljancoow: read the datasheet.
SpeedEvil'pad' 'ground or no connect'
jancoowSpeedEvil: what?
_abc_http://www.prx205.org/docs/The%20All%20Relay%20PABX.pdf MeXIst3nZ fun reading
SpeedEviljancoow: WAT
jancoowSculptor: okay yeah the bmp280 does look good
jancoowbut still the breakout doesn't fit on a few mm :/
jancoowSo have to solder it to the my own printed pcb
jancoowbut i'm afraid I can't solder it lols
jancoowthe bmp280 is even smaller package?
jancoowthat's LGA
jancoowcan I handsolder that speedevil? ;p
_abc_ACTION 's favorite package is some crazy tiny ti.com flip chip bga 3x2 bump that's smaller than a 0805
_abc_audio amp I think.
_abc_http://www.ti.com/lit/sbva017 300um bumps? Right, I am never going to assemble that by hand.
bart416Except with a manual flip chip bonder you mean :P
_abc_Can you use that on already balled wcsp?
jancoowso this is kinda anooying :/
jancoowit's in LGA format so I guess I can never solder that with a soldering iron, can I
jancoowany other sugggestions Sculptor
cheaterhey _abc_
cheaterso i spoke to another guy who does HVAC and he said that replacing the gas would probably be, like, 3 euro worth of gas.
cheaterbut he says the labor (time) is the largest cost.
_abc_cheater: 100EUR? :)
_abc_Split aircons are about 200EUR now.
cheaterno idea
cheaterare they
cheaterare they good ones or shit ones
cheatershow me what kind
_abc_2-3 year warranty, genluine Chinese brands, unless you want to pay 50% more
_abc_shit ones
_abc_21:28 < cheater> show me what kind
_abc_21:29 < _abc_> 2-3 year warranty, genluine Chinese brands, unless you want to
_abc_ pay 50% more
_abc_ [21:30] [_abc_(+Zgi)] [4:##electronics(+CLcfjnt ##overflow 15:30)]
_abc_Wtf was that above there
_abc_cheater: ^ link may be poisonous, that is an amazon like site here
cheater1 sec
_abc_1000RON ~= 200EUR
cheaterlooks more like the split ones are 300 euro
cheaterbut anyways
cheatersplit ones aren't necessarily better are they? (i dunno)
_abc_The 1st one in that list is a split one at 220EUR?
_abc_*is a non split portable
_abc_split is usually better but you get to make holes in walls
cheaterthe first one is portable
cheateryea you do but those holes are small
cheatervs large hole for the hose of a portable one
_abc_No hole, there's a special fixture which replaces a window pane
_abc_with a hose connector on it
restorerI think today is a good day for a potentially catastrophically destructive build/rebuild
_abc_https://www.praktiker.ro/aer-conditionat-mobil-swan-8000-btu-clasa-a-telecomanda.html cheater etc etc
_abc_cheater: which country are you cheating in anyway? :)
_abc_cheater: https://www.amazon.com/Whynter-ARC-WK-SINGN-Plastic-portable-conditioners/dp/B0048ELAA8 hose kit for window, American 'vertical slide' opening window type
_abc_https://www.sylvane.com/how-to-vent-your-portable-ac.html various solutions @ cheater
MeXIst3nZI don't get this. On that Wikipedia article, rotary dial phones are mentioned first as a patent as easly as in 1891, then example photos are given of 1930s and 1950s rotary phones. But you say they appeared in 1960 with the switch from manual operators to automatic ones?
SpeedEvilJust because you can patent something doesn't mean it was economic
SpeedEvilAnd there was limited direct dialing in your neighbourhood long before long distance directly placed calls were a thing
MeXIst3nZWhat about the created units?
SpeedEvilyou could dial the nearby thousand phones perhaps, and needed an operator to be put through to anyone else.
SopaXorzTakerDC-DC converter without a single transformer/inductor: http://tinyurl.com/y7dna55w
SpeedEvilIt was a continuum
_abc_cheater: why are you making a big secret out of which country you are in?!
_abc_(this has happened before)
JyZyXELdoes it work if you wire a 12V 1.5W solar panel in parallel with 8xAA NiMH's in series?
JyZyXELof course it doesn't, they won't charge evenly *doh*
tgeekySopaXorzTaker: lol; this looks like it loses more energy than it transfers
tgeekyit moves -100 uA for 99% of the time, then briefly moves 16 mA
SopaXorzTakertgeeky, that's because of the load resistor
tgeekySopaXorzTaker: oh i thought we were looking at the output. so it does work (though it takes a long time to stabalize)
bart416lol, knowing all _abc_ had to do was whois? :P
bongofuryCheater's in Austria
tgeekysmart people hide their identity
bongofuryI guess that's why I know where he lives
archivist but their hiding is a waste of time on this network
bongofurynot totally
archivistthe cloaking is a total waste
bart416Does it still spit out the ip if you whois a cloaked person? :P
archiviston this network one sees it before they get a chance to log in
Tenacious-TechhuAre there any useful examples of how much more money an EMP & Rad Hardened version of something costs, and how much more it weighs than the non-hardened version?
archivistif you need to ask the price it is more than you can afford
bongofuryarchivist nope
bongofuryif you have my IP, please post it.
Tenacious-Techhuarchivist, I’m not looking to BUY it; I’m looking to MAKE it.
Tenacious-TechhuI just want some COTS examples.
bongofuryusing SASL, you don't connect before cloak.
cheaterwhat the fuck lol
cheateralso i don't know why i don't have my cloak on lol it should be on
_unreal_Viper-7, http://elabz.com/bldc-motor-with-arduino-circuit-and-software/
sclltrthug life!
sclltri used to have a few forrest mims books and now i cant find them
jancoowSpeedEvil: is this a way to solder it ?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaTI71CA8D8
jancoowSpeedEvil: And can I use s-39 flux for it?
genoobiehey, was wondering if there was any "better" place to buy iphone replacement screens...
jancoowSpeedEvil is ignoring me? ;p
_unreal_any one from china in here?
linux-dudejust tried to photoresist as soldermask. it works pretty well. after baking it will resist aceton http://imgur.com/a/Q6EbA
linux-dudeto use *
bart416lawl, I just made an idiot's drone crash
genoobiemaybe I'll ask again, any tips on if one kind of iPhone screen replacement is better than other?
restorer15A AC out of this inverter, okay
genoobieebay versus ifixit, etc.
bart416genoobie, first bake it at 120C or so to improve adhesion :)
bart416Most dry film photoresists have a hardbake around that temperature that improves their physical properties significantly.
bart416Sorry mean, linux-dude :P
genoobiebart416: what'd you say, get baked first to improve adhesion :)
bart416But the main issue with photoresist is that it does not like reflow soldering, lol
bart416Except if its SU-8
linux-dudebart416, no, i just hard bake it after the second exposure after etching (as on the picture). 260C for 20 seconds. the copper develop some oxide but metal polish clear that
bart416huh, second exposure?
bart416hardbake is by default after exposure, lol
bart416Apply photoresist, soft bake (or in case of dry film just roll it on), expose, remove protective foil (in case of dry film), develop, hard bake
linux-dudebart416, yes, exposure before etching as usual, develop, etch, then exposure for solder mask, develop then hardbake to make solder mask permanent
bart416Hardly permanent
bart4163% NaOH will take that off in a heart beat :p
linux-dudeyes, permanent. it resist aceton and anything you throw at it. i tried last night, abrasion is the only way to get it off.
linux-dudenope, not even the developer
bart416Uhm, try heated NaOH, that takes cares of 99% of the photoresists.
bart416And if that doesn't work there's always KOH
bart416And the developer is usually sodium carbonate, not hydroxide
InferiorCoderI thought developers were usually dudes?
linux-dudebart416, http://www.microchemicals.com/technical_information/hardbake_photoresist.pdf
bart416Yes I am very much aware of that
bart416But they still give out to caustic solutions, especially when heated.
bart416linux-dude, if what you were saying was true we'd be using photoresist + KOH to pattern oxide layers all day :D
bart416Sadly you got to stick that stupid nitride on there *pouts*
bart416Which means you end up using HF or worse.
linux-dudebart416, for all practical purposes, the photoresist can be considered permanent. sure, not for production, but for prototypes its obviously a neat solution. it's easy, for free and makes reflow a heck of a lot easier.
bart416I just find it weird you don't go for a photodefinable soldermask then.
linux-dudewhy should i do that? takes more time, cost more, and does not make sense for a prototype
bart416How does it take more time? :S
bart416You can also get it in dry film format actually.
bart416The only "issue" with it is that it's a bit thinner, so you got to stick a rubber sheet with it in between the rollers.
bart416And anyway, if you really really really need to get rid of any photoresist (as a general reference), try n-methyl-2-pyrrolidone.
bart416Nasty stuff, but it gets the job done.
genewitchwhat's the difference between an LED Driver power supply and a 12VDC power supply
genewitchlike someone asked if they could use an LED Driver power supply to run a security camera and the answer was no because it was a driver and not a PSU
synx508LED driver supplies often have other modes, like constant current
genewitchoh, I want to run water pumps and LED lights
genewitchand all the ip67 12vdc supplies are "drivers"
synx508if it's a 12v LED constant voltage supply, you can run other stuff from it, I've done it
genewitchthey don't specify CV or CC
synx508in my case it was an ip67 mean well 12 "LED driver"
synx508if it specifies 12v it's likely CV
linux-dudebart416, it takes more time as you need to apply a new sheet on both sides, run through rollers etc. the added time for this process is just an extra exposure and a round in the developer.
linux-dudeand as i said, it cosst more for no extra gain
bart416linux-dude, now you're confusing.
bart416Don't you always need to re-apply, given that you kind of want to cover off tracks?
mr_boois there a way to determine the exact value of a capacitor without an LCR meter?
bart416And you developed the one that was there before
bart416Unless you're not properly developing and exposing beforehand
genewitchi'm ordering a 500W one that is rainproof if mounted vertically
linux-dudebart416, i probably express my self porly :) did you see the picture i uploaded?
bart416Yes, but that doesn't say much, lol
linux-dudeprocess; 1) exposure of traces pads etc. 2) develop. 3) etch, 4) exposure for solder mask, 5) develop (the picture was at this stage), 6) either apply solder paste and reflow (for non-pb) or just hard bake the pcb to make the solder mask aka photoresist permanent, then apply solder paste and reflow
bart416So you never properly develop the photoresist :)
bart416Or you illuminate it insufficiently
linux-dudeyes, twice :)
bart416That'll create a pretty smudgy lower limit on your feature size :P
linux-dudenot at all. why should it?
linux-dudei think you did not get the process considering your remark. or perhaps you know something i don't?
bart416The latter :P
bart416You are able to expose it a second time.
bart416Which means you simply didn't expose it or develop it 100% depending on the type of resist you used.
linux-dudeno, each exposed are is exposed only once
bart416You just said you expose it twice.
bart416Without re-applying it.
jonascjdoes MRS16, SFR16, SFR25, VR25 resistors mean anything immediately to you guys? A quick look at specs of some resistors named so reveal there is a slight difference in how much heat the can dissipate and the resistance range available.
bart416If after the first development step you can still expose it your resist is not properly cross-linked.
linux-dudeyes. read slowly, and you get it, each developed (removed) are of the photoresist is exposed exactly once
jonascjis there anyting obvious I'm missing
bart416I think you're missing what I mean :P
linux-dudeshoot :D
bart416Even if it's an "exposed area is removed" photoresist you shouldn't be able to touch it anymore after developing.
bart416Otherwise that'd mean that you'd have to do your etching in a yellow room as well (which industrially rarely/never happens :P )
linux-dudeah, you refer to soft baking. no, i dont
bart416No, soft baking is before exposure.
mrdatajonascj, how about temperature stability?
bart416To ensure your developer doesn't strip the resist away from your substrate
mrdatajust tossing out ideas; i dont really know
bart416linux-dude, this might work for you because you don't use a spray-etcher I suppose?
jonascjmrdata: apparently they are similar, -50*C to 150*C
linux-dudestill think we talking of different things. i use positive pre-sensitized pcb, i.e. illuminated areas are stripped with the developer
bart416or spray developer
bart416Yes I know what you're talking about.
bart416But I'm telling you, if you can still expose your resist again after developing the first time you're doing something wrong.
bart416It might work for you, but I wouldn't make it a generalized hint to folks
linux-dudewhy should anything be wrong? the developer only interact with illuminated areas.
bart416Because that would mean that you have to do your etching in a UV filtered room as well.
bart416Normally the moment you leave the UV controlled area the photoresist shouldn't budge to sun light anymore.
restorerI have a closet partially set up for that...
bart416But in your case that's clearly not the case.
bart416And while yes, it is a neat trick its probably quite touchy or means you'll have issues with fine feature sizes
linux-dudeit's not that sensitive. if you expose this boards with sunlight it takes tenths of minutes. in my uv box about 120 seconds.
linux-dudeif you have the gear, give it a shoot. i think you be surprised how easy it is to do
bart416linux-dude, oh I know what you're trying to do.
bart416But I also know our developer line will eat through the resist if it ain't properly baked & exposed :P
linux-dude"our developer"? may I assume that indicates you sell this pcb's? :D
bart416We have a PCB line at work for prototyping, lol
linux-dudeand "we" are?
linux-dudeah, sorry. missread
linux-dudei mean, what products do you use? i might try it out and see if that works as well
bart416The moment you start with conveyorized spray equipment you really want your resist to stick well and there's no margin for error in how well developed it is.
linux-dudeoh, you spray the stuff on? i did that like 30 years ago last time :D
bart416spray on?
bart416No, you used jets with developers/etchant/etc.
bart416And you spray it on the board under high pressure.
linux-dudei was referring to the spray cans we bought at my first job ages ago. we sprayed photoresist on bare double sided pcb's. at that time the film was manually made with tape and symbols on film… gosh, that was long ago
bart416Which is something completely different, lol
bart416Almost no one still uses spray photoresist these days I think
bart416The only reason to go wet photoresist in fact is if you wish to go sub 60 micron.
bart416And even then you can get pretty nice films already of epoxy based resists.
parabytehello i have a quick question, i am new to electronics and saw this pirate fm transmitter on google, i was curious is it a quadrature fm oscilator transmitter?
parabytei have no such interest in pirating! let me add, i just find the thing fascinating
linux-dudebart416, mm, the reason we did it then was the size of the boards. the main product was a 24ch radio mixer. one single pcb, i think 100x60cm. it was hard to even find plain pcb at that size.
bart416lol, not anymore these days :D
parabyteboth its oscillators running at half the output freq and the output freq is the sum of the 2?
linux-dudenowadays, not really a reason to make pcb's considering the cost of pcb prototype services. if i do it myself, it's because out of time :D like now...
bart416linux-dude, you know China started doing next day deliver PCBs? :P
linux-dudeoh, who? i really could use that.
abcabcthey use a pcb factory installed in the plane
bart416abcabc, pretty much lol
linux-dudeabcabc, hahaha
abcabc14hrs flight = batch done
linux-dudeI'm in asia, so perhaps i get mine before i order :P
bart416Think it was these guys: http://www.xjypcb.cn/
abcabclinux-dude: definitely
bart416And obviously their next day delivery is "as quick as DHL can deliver" lol
bart416But usually ships same day if ordered early enough.
abcabcthey also guess ahead what you will order?
restorer(for some cross-Pacific definition of "same day")
bart416abcabc, no >_>
bart416Where do you get that silly idea?
bart416Tooling time is zero these days, you just use direct imaging plotters
linux-dudebart416, you know any board house that do 6L with impedance control for good price? i run a few fpga boards with easyeda which was insanely cheap, but they refuse to take impedance controlled pcb orders any more (i might be partly guilty, i was a compete pain the *** on the last orrder)
abcabchehe timezone games. ship from samoa? gain 24hrs
bart416linux-dude, http://www.poe-pcba.com
bart416Think they do impedance controlled fr-4 as well.
bart416But both are more than ok in terms of quality and delivery speed.
abcabcbart416: yea tooling time is 0, they charge for it anyway.
linux-dudeabcabc, tooling cost = expensive for prototyping :(
bart416Usually the time they charge is for setup costs (e.g. having someone go over the design, assign the drill files, plan it into a panel, etc.)
bart416Also the first one I linked is incredibly cheap for flex.
mrdatajonascj, i'm not talking about operating temperature, but stability; if it operates from -50 to +150C, then does the resistance change in that range? and if so by how much? different resistors may differ in that amount of change
bart416You usually start seeing a significant price drop around 40 - 50 units for small PCBs, as that's the point where a photomask starts becoming a cost saving measure.
bart416The moment you go to a few hundred you can resort to punching instead of routing and drilling and it becomes even cheaper.
stiv2kI have a tv power supply board that has failed, as you can see one of these blue capacitors shorted out: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3U__nSsnQ1cbUxfanVrUENPa0U
stiv2khere is a photo of a working one i found on google, CP810 in the middle of the board just below the big blue one: http://assets.shopjimmy.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/f8f28dc4a19c21aeb55ee5774693fb5d/s/h/shopjimmy-bn44-00369d-top_3.jpg
stiv2kwhat kind of capacitor is this and
stiv2khow critical is the value?
abcabcbart416: which one is cheap for flex?
bart416They're the ones who do the PCBs for GE and Siemens.
jonascjmrdata: I see, thank you, THe temperatur coefficients are different, varies from 50ppm/K to 300ppm/K between the types.
bart416Half the cost for flex is that you need to empty the line of rigid boards and switch to different equipment parameters.
bart416If you run enough flex anyway you can really press down the cost of manufacturing it easily.
jonascjmrdata: I was just baffled by the component shop asking me to choose between 5 types (by names like MRS16), and all I need was just a "1k resistor" to put in front of a diode, never thought to make demands on temperature stability etc.
mrdata"give me the cheapest one, please"
jonascjI suppose that was what I thought I'd be presented, yes
Smidge204Got my dad's laptop working again... there are five shortcuts to Lotus 1-2-3 on the desktop...
mrdatawe could sell you the one with the gold plated leads, from monster cable
mrdatabecause it produces a warmer sound in audio appications
restorerlove that warm sound
abcabcthe warm sound of audiophool coins rolling into the seller's account
mr_boois a lm555 timer a good way to determine the precise value of a capacitor?
abcabcno but it works
stiv2kabcabc: hi
linux-dudemr_boo, look for mcu based cap meters. there's a bunch of projects out there
stiv2kI have a tv power supply board that has failed, you can see one of these blue capacitors shorted out: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3U__nSsnQ1cbUxfanVrUENPa0U
stiv2khere is a photo of a working one i found on google, CP810 in the middle of the board just below the big blue one: http://assets.shopjimmy.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/f8f28dc4a19c21aeb55ee5774693fb5d/s/h/shopjimmy-bn44-00369d-top_3.jpg
stiv2kwhat are the blue caps usually used for?
stiv2kabcabc: ?
abcabcstiv2k: no way to guess, sorry
stiv2kabcabc: what are those blue caps used for ?
stiv2kwill the supply run without it
abcabcno idea.
stiv2ki will try to find a schematic
abcabcdo that.
abcabcACTION -> zzz
stiv2ki found it
stiv2k220pF, 1kV
stiv2kwhat is the purpose of this cap?
restorerat 1kV, sounds like noise/spike suppression/shunting
stiv2kcan the supply run without it?
stiv2kits connected across one of the large output diodes
SpeedEvilIt may also immediately explode the transistor and diode
restorerthough it seems to be exploded more than "shorted"
stiv2kyeah it exploded
SpeedEvilAnd possibly the bridge
stiv2kthe bridge seems ok
stiv2kthe fuse is blown
stiv2kSpeedEvil: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3U__nSsnQ1cbUxfanVrUENPa0U
SpeedEvilThis could be due to many things, from a spike, to the control circuitry fucking up
stiv2ki live in florida, i am willing to bet it was a spike
stiv2kits part of the PFC controller circuit
mr_boois it likely that a small 0.22 capacitor is 8% off in value?
stiv2kSpeedEvil: it uses the FAN7530 pfc controller
SpeedEvilI'd probably replace everything
stiv2kthe typical application circuit on the FAN7530 datasheet doesnt show such a capacitor exists across the diode
stiv2kim just wondering if the unit might power up
stiv2kthen i can go and order a replacement cap
stiv2khere, look
stiv2kD2 in that diagram is the DP805 in the other diagram
stiv2ki would like to power it up and check for dead pixels, etc, before ordering any parts, if that makes sense...
bart416I'd imagine power factor correction is non-critical.
SpeedEvilAre you in a 220/240v country
bart416But you might see increased loading, and in case of heavy loads the power company complains.
stiv2kno sir
stiv2kits just an LCD television
SpeedEvildo you have a 110:220V transformer handy
stiv2kSpeedEvil: why
stiv2ki have 120V mains
SpeedEvilIn principle, you can connect the bridge to a 220V power source, and ignore the PFC stuff, and get it to 340VAC
stiv2kbut i believe the PFC controller will still work without this noise suppression cap... no?
SpeedEvilI don't know.
stiv2ksince the typical application circuit doesnt make any mention of it
SpeedEvilIt may be required to keep the voltage on the FET low enough for it not to die in that specific application
bart416I'd cut out the PFC since it kind of blew up in your face :P
stiv2kdoes it have to be a special blue cap, i may have 220pf 1kv caps but they arent blue
bart416Yes, electrons care about colour!
stiv2ki was just asking in case the color is a designation of some kind
mr_boothe formula to calculate the frequency of an LM555 timer, how accurate is that?
mrdatanot bad
mr_booi used my LM555 to determine that a capacitor labelled 0.22uF really is 0.239uF
mrdatamr_boo, the tolerance of your capacitors and resistors is your likely source of error
mr_boothat's 8% off the labelled value
stiv2kSpeedEvil: bart416: i found a 2200pf 1kv, can i use that or is it too much
Drakonitecapacitor ratings are not very accurate
Drakonite8% off is perfectly reasonable
mrdatamr_boo, 10% for caps is run of the mill
mr_boomrdata: fortunately i can measure resistance with my multimeter
bart416stiv2k, blue would mean ceramic if it meant anything, also what Drakonite said.
bart416Usually the colour doesn't mean much unless it's yellowish orange.
bart416(tantalum cap)
Drakonitedid I just answer two things at the same time? o_O
stiv2kbart416: this one is a brown ceramic cap
stiv2kDrakonite: 220pf is only 8% off from 2200pf ?
mrdatalol no
bart416stiv2k, anything between 150 and 400 pF will fly probably.
curlyearsDralonite: you did. hold out your hands. *WHACK* :)
Drakonitestiv2k, I was actually talking to mrdata with that :)
stiv2kbart416: i might have a 471
bart416Worth a shot :P
bart416Just be careful it'll survive :)
stiv2kbut it doesnt say 1kv on it
stiv2kit just says 471 :/
curlyearswhat is a 471?
mrdatastiv2k, the property that you want to know is its ripple current, i think
stiv2k470pf ??
curlyearsit's ripples are very gentle... :)
mrdatamarking 471 on a random cap should be 470pF
stiv2kbut is it good for 1kV?
mrdatain a power supply, you could end up with large and harsh ripple
wizardyesterdaystiv2k, Are you the Steve I talk to on facebook, or are you a different Steve?
stiv2kwizardyesterday: i dunno
mrdatawhich could explain the failure of the original cap
curlyearsI saw an add from Mallory for caps that are rated for 100 Amps of ripple current. IJ can't even begin to imagine what those would cost
wizardyesterdaystiv2k, Oh you'd know... okay it's the other nick.... thanks. :)
stiv2kmrdata: i think its likely that the failure is from a spike
mrdatastiv2k, could be;
stiv2kin either case i dont mind ordering the right part but i would like to test the unit
stiv2kto check for dead pixels, etc
stiv2kbefore spending money
curlyearsold pixels fade away, they never die :)
mrdatano they die violently
curlyearsso they don't jusrt "cease top function correctly," they are annihilated
bart416They will be after I hook up my microwave oven transformer
bart416ACTION laughs like an evil maniac
curlyearsbart416: you *ARE* evil, dood!
bart416Variac + MOT = so much fun.
corecodeturns out it is not so easy to find data on the moon's reflectivity
bart416lol, that'll probably make the guy who was whining about HV earlier cry :')
corecodei mean, a map
bart416corecode, reflectivity for optical light?
bart416*visible light
bart416Or for RF signals?
corecodemost maps have strong shadows from the craters
stiv2kbart416: wish me luck im gonna test it out
bart416stiv2k, wear safety goggles ;)
stiv2ki will have the plastic cover over it in case it blows again
bart416I'm serious actually on this one.
stiv2kand facing away from me
bart416Still, it never hurts to have those for this type of stuff :D
filadome_what's the right way to charge a 12v lead acid UPS battery?
gurkidid anyone in here hack a keysight x2000 scope to full features and actually use the mso part?
gurkii fail to find any reasonable information about maximum input n stuff
corecodedso x 2000 series?
gurkiofc there is the official keysight thingy that will protect the inputs
gurkibut this doesnt come cheap
corecodeyou sure you can convert it to an mso?
gurkii did it
gurkiim pretty sure
corecodeah, how?
gurkitheres a pretty long thread on eevblog
stiv2kno dice
gurkiu basically change some start options for some lnk
corecodei mean, is it fully populated?
corecodethe mso input
Drakonitefiladome_, let the UPS charge it?
gurkiyou can actually legally buy an mso upgrade
gurkiits the external probe + some license key
filadome_Drakonite, someone cut off the cord
corecodeso now you need to buy high speed probes
gurkikind of. i was thinking about designing some protection circuitry myself, but i need to know the maximum ratings of that plug
gurki.. obviously^^
corecodeuhm it is not a protection thing
bart416gurki, you could probably stick some old HP logic analyser probe in there as well.
corecodeit's high speed comparators
corecodeyea probably you can
gurkithat might actually be a good idea, i should ask ebay for how much theese sell .. :)
bart416Actually let me check if it'd fit.
bart416Got both :P
gurkinow thats handy
Drakonitefiladome_, that would concern me something is wrong with it.. what are you trying to do?
bart416gurki, it's a pretty damn exact fit, lol
gurkido you have the part number?
bart416Probes of my HP 1652B fit on the scope
gurkiim sure its written on it
Drakoniteand for I'm pretty sure the 4th time i've said it this week... if the lead acid battery voltage has dropped too far, it's not salvageable. OEMs say 11.8v damages them. if it gets down to 11v it's definitely junk.
bart416Maybe on the pods themselves
DrakoniteACTION wonders why so many questions on charging lead acid batteries lately
gurkidear god. that whole la is cheaper than the logic probe for that dso
bart416That LA is also pretty sweet on account of its two scope channels
bart416But it's a nightmare to get floppies to work with it
bart416Can't find any number on these things
gurkii guesstimate it needs low density disks?
gurkihow much were they? 360kb?
bart416Nah, it's the old HP filesystem and physical layout
bart416Windows doesn't like it
stiv2kbart416: i think the pfc fet is blown too
stiv2kshorted 3 ways
bart416Damn, that sucks
stiv2ki might have one
tgeekyif I want to test a DC-DC power supply (full system, fed from transformer in the end configuration); powering it with a battery and measuring the noise would def. be representative of the noise the DC-DC converter adds, right?
Rob235when using a belt drive you have the motor on one end, what do you call the other end? what can you use a 5mm or 8mm rod to put the pulley on
tgeekyalso re: power supply: I want/need the regulated voltage to be in the 50V to 55V range (the input with no load is about 58, it goes down to about 55 or lower under load)
tgeekyhow can I do this with a regulator (off-the-shelf)?
tgeekyit looks like the regulator + passtransistor is only to increase current, not voltage
SpeedEviltgeeky: 18V zener or whatever with large transistor with zener from collector to base will deop 18v
SpeedEvilcheck SOA
tgeekySpeedEvil: and then just use one of the adjustable 36v ones?
SpeedEvilas one option
tgeekywhat do you mean by "check SOA"?
SpeedEvilor find a higher voltage input rated one, or make it
SpeedEvilSafe Operating Area
tgeekyoh ok
tgeekybut basically the core strat is to just chop off votlage to get into a SOA of some part
SpeedEviltransistors can often not be used at arbitrary voltages and currents that multiply out
SpeedEvilthat's one way, yes.
jancoowokay so
tgeekySpeedEvil: the other problem I am trying to approach is filtering: there seem to be many different places to place different kind of filters;
jancoowDid you read my messages a few hours back? ;p
SpeedEviljancoow: no
tgeekyone question I have is: I have a transformer that takes 120VAC and goes to two, seperate (but capactively coupled because inside the same housing) ~ 40VAC windings
jancoowSpeedEvil: okay well someone suggested me this sensor https://lcsc.com/product-detail/Sensors_Bosch_BMP280_BMP280_C83291.html but this is lga
jancoowSpeedEvil: can you solder LGA with soldering iron?
SpeedEvilGo and look on youtube. yes, you can in some cases.
tgeekyShould I put mains filters on the mains side of the transformer, or the secondary sides, or both?
jancoowI couldn't find anything
jancooweveryone is using hot air guns
tgeekyThere is def. some bigtime noise propogating back up through the transformer and coming out of the other supply
SpeedEvilhot air guns are pretty cheap
tgeekybut that's all filtering before the rectifiers, in any case
jancoowSpeedEvil: I just bought a new soldering iron
jancoowcan't afford buying a hot air gun
tgeekyjancoow: well if you need to do LGA then you perhaps made the wrong purchase?
jancoowtgeeky: yeah well
jancoowtgeeky: i'm desgining a pcb with few sensors and stuff but I need a temperature/humidty sensor
jancoowand the dht22 doesn't fit in the specific casing
Kerr-AHey viper you had recommended an H-bridge IC to me for an ESC with forward/reverse/brake. I'm having trouble finding that in my logs... could you re-recommend :p
jancoow(that was my initial plan)
jancoowso now I need to solder something on the board
jancoowbut these sensors are all LGA or DFN
jancoowI never did smd soldering but I do got some smaller pencils now
Kerr-Ajancoow: do you have a chistle tip?
jancoowKerr-A: uhmm not sure
jancoowKerr-A: let me check
tgeekyand also known as wedge tip
bart416For LGAs worst case scenario you can use z-tape :P
bart416It ain't pretty but it works for sensors :D
jancoowi've a hakko T18-B and T18-D16
tgeekyjancoow: oh yeah; you can always mount the sensor upside down and solder tiny wires to the pads (dead-bug)
tgeekyjancoow: this only really works for things like sensors
Kerr-Ahttp://blog.digilentinc.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/soldering-iron-tips.jpg tip on the far left is the most useful for smd
Kerr-A(Disclaimer: I'm a hobbiest, not a pro. I have a cheap iron. BUT, I've been using SMT components since the first project I ever did)
tgeekyKerr-A: the one next to the one on the far left is the most useful overall :o
jancoowso that would be a hakko T18-C05
jancoowtgeeky: I really want to solder it correctly
tgeekyjancoow: pic of the chip in question? If you can't access the pads, you can't solder it correctly
jancoowI think BGA I can solder with iron but i'm afraid that's impssible with LGA
tgeekySpeedEvil: clear up who you are saying no to here; blind leading the blind.
SpeedEvilBGA being easier to solder
tgeekyin my mind (without me googling either BGA or LGA), when I think "I can't solder this with an iron", I think BGA
SpeedEvilPackages with flat pads around the edges of the chip can sometimes be reliably be hand-soldered, by tinning the pads, placing the chip on them with a lot of flux, and reflowing the pads
Viper-7Kerr-A: VNH2SP30 ?
tgeekySpeedEvil: and if there are pins hidden underneath the package, you're screwed huh
jancoowyeah okay
jancoowI want to solder this one first https://lcsc.com/product-detail/Humidity-Moisture-Sensors_TE-Connectivity_HTU21D_HTU21D_C83479.html
jancoowBut if it's possible I want to solder a bmp280
SpeedEvilThat style is 'easy' (the first) as the pads go up the side
jancoowso what I then actually do is
jancoowadd some liquid flux on the board (will s-35 work?)
jancoowthen put some solder on the pcb pads
jancoowthen place the sensor
jancoowand reheat
jancoowand voila?
tgeekyjancoow: you missed putting some solder on the chip
tgeekyi think?
jancoowwouldn't I burn the plastic packaging then?
tgeekydunno, not if you used flux
Smidge204Solder paste and reflow. That's how they're intended to be mounted.
tgeekyjancoow: and you can't clean after you solder, so you have to use no-clean
Viper-7or just https://www.aliexpress.com/item/BMP280-Replace-BMP180-Bmp085-Temperature-Barometric-Pressure-Sensor-Module-For-Arduino-3-3V-Digital-Module/32820235881.html :P
tgeekyand viper-7 comes in with the rignt answer :o
jancoowSo.. its quite hard to solder
jancoowthanks Viper-7 but that doesn't fit lols
tgeekyjancoow: because you are committed to an existing PCB?
jancoowtgeeky: nah, i'm desgining a pcb
tgeekywhy wouldn't this fit?
Viper-7those modules are still very small
jancoowand have plastic housing on top
jancoowwhich is space limited
jancoowViper-7: max size is 1cm by 1cm
jancoowheight about 2 tho
jancoowoh nvm height also 1cm
Viper-7so no power source or connector? :P
jancoowthat's on the back
jancoowbut then the temperature readings would be a bit incorrect
jancoowso yeah the question is am I going to try soldering bga or not.. If I print the pcb's there is no way going back lols
jancoowSomeone close by who could solder it if I fail ? ^^
Viper-7these parts are kinda tricky even for reflow
Viper-7i'd not attempt it with an iron
Viper-7modules + 3d printer = win :D http://imgur.com/a/9Ow6t
jancoowdip soldering is easier yeah
jancoowto bad these sensors aren't dip
Viper-7they are with that module
Viper-7with the largest dimension being 1.2cm
Viper-7but noo, thats not good enough for you :P
Viper-7but i wasnt linking that imgur for you :P its my project from last night
jancoowyeah I know, just mentioning that haha
jancoowlooks fun :)
tgeekyi would have printed "HIGH VOLTAGE. (go on, stick your fingers in, i dare you)
Viper-7the High Voltage text is about at the limit of the smallest i can print
Viper-7at least with this nozzle
restorerwheee, my franken-zapper works
restorer2x the volts, 3x the capacitance
restorerthe two sacrificed boards will go towards mini ionizers or ozonators
restorerit's SO much nicer soldering with a proper iron
Viper-7give it a week till you mess up the tip :P
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