spludGenerally what goes wrong with these cheap ones it the probe wires breadk.
spludI have another one somewhere which never managed to read resistance correctly.
spludThere is a reason Harbour Freight has coupons for these things for "Free with purchase" <g>
spludI have several good metres.
Hooloovo0hmm, can you recommend some good probes?
spludEasily have 12 or more of these cheap things, in about four different configurations.
Smidge204The Horror Freight ones aren't even heavy enough to use as paperweights
spludI saw someone had taken a pair of them and attached them side by side to a board, had one marked AMPS the other volts, used in videos.
SpeedEvilSmidge204: get a hydraulic press and squash em into effective paperweights
spludfurnace., melt them down.
Smidge204I don't see how any amount of compression, short of collapsing them into a black hole, will increase their gravity enough :D
SpeedEvilSmidge204: If you take 5 meters and squash them into the size of one, it increases the effective density
SpeedEvilAs it eliminates void space
Smidge204That's cheating though
spludHrm, that'd be funny to make a chute lid for a workspace trash bin. sensor inside to realize something was tossed in, then make noise like a deep space sucking noise (well, as done in movies, we know sound has issues in a vacuum), and perhaps some violet light.
SpeedEvilsplud: I sort-of-want a hydraulic compactor for my kitchen bin
VanUnamedSpeedEvil: compost instead. lol
SpeedEvilVanUnamed: the non-food bits
spludI get a vdrop of 1.098 volts across the 100 ohm resistor before the zener regulator.
spludthat then means I've got about 0.011A running through (11mA).
hjfhahaha i installed the air conditioner controller
hjfpretty straightforward
spludpower dissipation of the resistor then would be 0.011 ^2 * 100 (resistance), right? so 12mW.
spludso 0805 is more than sufficient there.
Luminaxmorning, people
spludIs it tomorrow already?
spludI'm still waiting for today to end.
spludSpeaking of which, I need to run outside and see if I've caught something. Back in a couple.
Luminaxfishing? driftnet ?
Mr_Furywhats going on everybody?
drac_boytrying to find some electronic related things with little luck as usual mr_fury :)
Mr_Furyoh like?
Mr_Furysounds cool
Luminaxtrying to get my display module to do a file_Open(config,ini) :3
Luminaxerrr config.ini
Mr_Furyon your computer luminax?
Mr_Furyissues with your graphics card?
Luminaxmmm ?
Luminaxno, my display module
Luminaxmy display module
Mr_Furyoh okay
Mr_Furycan i assist luminax?
Luminaxooooh.... interesting....
Luminaxthis can load precompiled program from SD card...
Luminaxoh the possibilities!
Mr_Furydoing something with software development? sorry i'm just a tech enthusiast
gurkibut. why.
Mr_Furyanyone own a ps vita?
Mr_Furyi picked up one this weekend, it's an awesome console
_raven_still messing around with debricking this: https://ftp.csl-computer.com/pub/drivers/network/19182-CSL_Wireless-N_Repeater_300 where to tftp this bin to and where to jump for starting it?
Mr_Furyi had a wireless ac repeater, got rid of it, they don't seem to work well
Mr_Furyraven, do you live in a large house?
bobo1on1well the data rate goes down a lot
_raven_how to debrick it?
jaggzwhile true; do date; dd if=/dev/sda skip=`rand.pl` of=/dev/null count=1; done
_raven_still after "start address: 0x80003600" nothing happens any more
jaggzone of my raid mirror drives is noisy :(
LuminaxACTION pokes gurki
Luminaxwhy what? :3
Mr_Furywhats up sorry i had to leave guys
Mr_Furythe frustration of being married :)
jaggzthat's my smartctl -a /dev/sda output .. actually they both say old age and pre-fail
gurkiLuminax: i dont c the point in reading binaries from an sd card :P
Mr_Furygurki, what are you installing?
Luminaxgurki : the idea is having different SD card for different 'batch routine'
gurkiMr_Fury: im not installing anything
Luminaxso instead of having it hard coded into the module, one can switch SD cards accordingly
Luminax....just like one can switch OS in RPi just by switching the SD card containing the OS and stuffs
gurkii really fail to see how this is relevant for uc usage
gurkiyou either build one and will firstly code via jtag and then leave it forever or go for mass and dont want to bother with sds
gurkiif you have a program which is huge enough not to fit in flash you will run into whole another problems
Luminaxgurki: think a universal PCB tester, for instance
gurkithere is no such thing
Mr_Furywhat are you up to gurki?
gurkiMr_Fury: ?
Luminaxwith lots of PCB models to test, with lots of config, and sometimes routine that is different than the rest
gurkiLuminax: then you would test during flashing. like anything in real production would
Mr_Furyi'm playing vita, awesome system
Luminaxall those config can be loaded into config.ini or such, separated by models
Mr_Furyanyone own one?
Luminaxgurki: why hardcode when you can load config from file ?
gurkigot a non-vita psp. but its broken and i did not find the time to fix it yet
gurkiLuminax: why bother with sd?
gurkihardcode just means "connect the jtag"
gurki10 seconds.
Luminaxbecause the users who'll be using the thing can't fucking program it ?
gurkiheard about bootloaders?
Luminaxbecause I don't want to be wandering into production floor everytime to 'connect the jtag' ?
Luminaxwhat about bootloader ?
gurkii have a feeling this is getting nowhere. i should just let you have fun with whatever you intend to do
gurkiwhich in itself is a reasonable thing to do
Luminaxof course :3
Mr_Furydoes anyone in here dualboot or run linux and windows?
Mr_Furyor would it be worth it to run virtual box and run mac os?
gurkijaggz: i would advise against posting your disks serial number on the interwebs
jaggzgurki, whycome?
jaggzI modified it anyway :)
jaggzthat was sdafoo.txt instead of sda.txt :)
gurkijaggz: you can sometimes return your disks on failure. wd will ask for your disks serial no. you dont want anyone to return a disk with your serial no as then your warranty is void
puffGood evening. I just bought half a dozen nano-tech 270mah 1s 15c round cell batteries. Now I'm trying to figure out how to charge them.
tawrACTION stares at jaggz
Luminaxoh btw gurki: the main reason I use SD card is because this module already have an SD card stack plus some built in into its 'core routine'
Luminaxalso because as I mentioned, the users using this thing can be assumed to be as stupid as a stack of brick :3
jaggzI wonder if there's a way that we can recognize most people are incompetent, without that being a negative thing
jaggzhow about, "almost nobody can be expected to know anything in any randomly chosen topic."
OdinYggdAssumine everyone is until they demonstrate competence
jaggzAssumine seems like a cool new word
puff"differently competent" :-)
gurkiOdinYggd: i prefer the other way round
jaggzAlternative competency
gurkii assume ppl are competent until proven otherwise
OdinYggdYou're in for a world of hurt
jaggzgurki, ew.. no
OdinYggdThat or you've been lucky your entire life
gurkidoesnt mean i will trust a random guys word.
gurkiit just means i will think about what he said.
OdinYggdClearly you've never worked IT>
gurkiOdinYggd: i am working somewhere between it and ee
Luminax"where's the any key?"
jaggz"The cheeze slot on my computer doesn't work."
gurkioh. i dont do first level support
gurkii dont care about such things
jaggz"Have you tried rebooting the computer?" "Yes."
Luminaxhow nice :|
gurkiif my pc is broken i ask some it monkey to fix it for me
Luminaxfirst level support hurts my very soul
jaggzwhat's the soul?
gurkijaggz: thats a complicated question
jaggzdidn't Muhammad say that it's with God and about it He has granted man very little knowledge?
Luminaxmeh, unless you can quote reference for that, it holds no water
banandanaI remember Muhammed saying that
gurkii saw it
gurkibeen a rainy day
Luminax'tis a difference of perspective, this translation
Luminaxin the lingo of common men : we are given very little knowledge of what soul is
gurkii found it a very usefull metric of guestimating peoples minds by looking at them talking about "common men"
jaggzthey use the word (the) "ruh" here
jaggz("lord" is the translation of "rab", which is, like, the thing that nurtures you I think)
jaggzthings get all messed up when translating stuff like this
jaggzimagine the psychological states described in buddhist texts.. they come through all jacked in English
jaggzjust like all the words for snow in some languages.. this one language has a word, supposedly, just for the type of ice that forms on the top of snow that deer walk on, break through, and it slices up their legs
puffHm, so if I'm reading this right, it seems to imply that ALL lipo batteries are 4.2/3.7?
Luminaxjaggz: THE Ruh, the one inhabiting human, the very essence of a human
Luminaxunlike 'The Spirit' as perceived by Christianity
Luminaxbut anyway, let's stop this talk here and now :3
kmcpolitics is fucking scary these days
ozzzyhere we had the conservos yowl at the min of finance to divest of his shares... so he did... now they're yowling that he made money on them
jaggzLuminax, it's the one topic we don't discuss here! :)
jaggzNo wonder mankind knows so little about it :D
Luminaxindeed :3
jaggzkmc, srsly
gurkikmc: depends. politics is kinda sane as soon as you start ignoring what the usa guys do
ozzzyjaggz, we try to stay away from fantasy whackdoodlery here
Luminaxgurki: or say
Luminaxozzzy: that is, in a way, a premature dismissal, but I do agree that we should not discuss it here
Luminaxmainly because of the who-knows-how-many different 'point of view' on said subject
jaggzthere's no relevant point of view. only reality!
Luminaxeach one claiming their point of view is the correct one
jaggzgot my rma's done.. yay.
jaggznow I get some hand-me down drives with patches stitched onto them or whatever they do with refubs
Luminaxdamnit... I wish this file_Open function would return... oh nevermind
jaggzwhy are american companies so stupid about sorting listings?
jaggzon ebay if I search for "leap motion" (the hand-sensing controller), then click to sort by price low->high, they show me completely irrelevant stuff
cheateryeah ebay is getting shittier and shittier
jaggza universal laptop zipper sleeve bag
bongofurytry adding another term
jaggzso.. new leap motion controller for $79, or ebay for $55? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Leap-Motion-Controller-Gesture-Motion-Control-for-PC-or-MAC-LM-C01-US-NWOB/132416728019
jaggz(brand new also.. but I imagine return more difficult than amazon) :)
jaggzor I can get a used one
jaggz(which currently means bidding)
Luminaxebay is getting shittier and shittier, and stupid motherfucking sellers are overflowing, it seems
kmcI should just never talk about politics
kmcjust buy guns instead
Luminaxthey use tags and keywords that are totally unrelated to the product they're selling
Luminaxand ebay is doing nothing about it it seems
bongofurysurvival gun nuts are always the dudes with rape dungeons at their compounds
LuminaxThe Holds!
bongofuryone guy had a missile silo and an increasingly more freaked out girlfriend
bongofuryshe said she wanted to leave
bongofuryso he coated the doorknob in experimental psychedelic chemicals
bongofuryshe was there for the next two weeks
zap0ebay is getting shittier and shittier. agreed, 213%.
bongofuryin summary, never trust the gun hoarder survival bunker people
zap0but what if they are being affected by chem-trails?
bongofurydihydrogen monoxide is threatening every gun owner
skinkittenanyone care to help mount my ipod? https://imgur.com/a/vbcJn
moaks1 hello hello
V7Hey all :)
moaks1so alcohol didnt do much to clean this videocard
moaks1i could possibly use acetone right
V7Is it right ? https://i.imgur.com/oUNI4xI.png
V7I guess this one is right isnt it ? https://i.imgur.com/uAZjHDy.png
V7This is Karnaugh map
V7Anyone ?
kmem/sbin/modprobe -f dont-delete-me.ko
skinkitten??? can anyone mount this ipod for me? https://imgur.com/a/vbcJn
spludLuminax: earlier "catch" reference: gopher. No luck though.
restorerI shouldn't have charged these batteries, now I have to think of something to do with them to discharge them enough for storage
spluder, high power LEDs? A suitable valued resistor?
spluda 0 ohm bridge wire?
restorerI have a couple of power resistor loads
restorerbut I also have some arc devices :D
spludHrm: https://www.arrow.com/holiday/new-era-oscilloscope
spludwifi based oscope.
splud2ch, 12bit per, up to 2MHz, good for up to +/- 20V input, plus a signal generator
spludplus 10ch logic analyzer.
spludabout US$92. NO display though - purely intended to be interacted with via a computer/mobile.
spluddesign q: if you have a circuit which is zener regulated to 3V3 (but from a substantially higher source voltage), would there be any reason to use a cap rated for the unregulated source voltage?
spludGiven that what's being powered from the regulated output is toast if it gets substantially more than 5V.
spludso a 10-16V rated cap should be fine, right?
Luminaxsplud: 'gopher' ?
Luminaxsplud: 10~16V should be fine
spludLuminax, specifically "pocket gopher" a burrowing rodent around here.
charon77splud: you can slap a 100V cap and it'll be all fine
Luminaxalthough an 'extreme condition' safety failout can be implemented
Luminaxuh.... catch reference? gopher? burrowing rodent?
spludExtreme condition is there's already fuse and MOV.
Luminaxsorry, I think I missed the story :o
spluda while back I mentioned I had to check to see if I caught something, and you asked what.
Luminaxyes yes, I thought you were fishing
Luminaxhmmmmmm with luck you might catch a hamster? :3
spludIf the zener fails short, nothing is going to work (though ironically, with current limiting, that shouldn't blow a fuse), and if it fails open, the output voltage is going to rise and hose the uC.
V7Anyone ?
splud(and cap <g>, but the uC first)
V7I need some help with kmap
spludV7: http://www.32x8.com/
Luminaxmmm karnaugh
Luminaxbut anyway, won't the MOV catch the overvoltage?
V7I've already seen this and it gives me https://i.imgur.com/oUNI4xI.png
V7But shouldn't we make it like: https://i.imgur.com/uAZjHDy.png ?
LuminaxV7: okay? answer already available, what's your question then ?
spludMOV would catch overvoltage from mains side.
LuminaxV7: redundant
V7What do you mean by this ?
Luminaxthe point of K-map is to make/derive/find an answer with as little 'grouping' as possible
V7You mean that all 1 are used already so these XX are redundant ?
Luminaxisn't it written somewhere in the 'karnaugh law' or something ?
LuminaxV7: in short, yes
V7Then ... thank you very much :)
Luminaxif there's another 1 at the second column from the bottom right, then yes you need a third one at the lowest right corner
spludi.e. MOV is dealing with potential bad input, not in-circuit component failure.
Luminax(cell 11, btw)
spludfuse deals with certani in-circuit component failures (including shorting of the MOV).
Luminaxmeh... fuse deals with overcurrent, not overvoltage
Luminaxalthough usually overvoltage leads to certain overcurrent...
spludfuse deals with overcurrent caused by a shorting of the MOV, which is there to protect against overvoltage.
Luminaxwelp, if the uC is dead, it's dead :3
spludas it is, the Zener isn't dealing with a whole lot of dissipation. Though the combined zener and load is constant, whether the load is or not.
spludYes, if zener goes open and fails to regulate, game over for the uC.
Luminaxanyway, to answer your earlier question : using a way way higher voltage rated cap is not a bad choice
spludAt which point, a failure of a cap that sees overvoltage is not a big deal, since the device is toast.
Luminaxalthough there might be constraint in space and size etc
Luminaxsplud: yeah, that's the 'last line of defense' from a regulating perspective
ethosDoes anyone know why omega sub 180 is sqrt(3) x 10^4 in this stability question for feedback?
ethos1 sec, apparently my linux VM and host machine don't share a clipboard :P
Luminaxyou're running a virtual linux inside windows ?
Luminax(or mac)
Luminax(which is linux, sort of...)
ethosToo lazy to keep switching for gaming and I don't mess around with openCL to run linux in bootup
Luminaxthat's refreshing... I usually see people running WinE under Linux, not a lot runs it vice-versa
ethosI've never heard of that haha
Luminaxalthough granted, the VM that's implemented post Win7 is quite good
ethosAll my coworkers run linux VMs too
ethosThere we go. Need to change settings to share clipboard >:(
Luminaxmeh if you just want a linux-like environment, cygwin is good enough usually
ethosBleh, I've tried that before
ethosrunning apt-get or aptitude is annoying
Luminaxanyway... I think I left all these laplace and transfer function back in my classroom at around 2007 or something...
LuminaxACTION looks back with distant eyes
ethosYou old soul you
spludOSX is a rip of BSD, not Linux.
Luminaxyeah, I know it's needed in places, and it's a good thing to remember... but I never expected the place of usage to be very very narrow/sparse :|
zap0mac is a rip of NeXT
spludLuminax, cygwin is useful when stuck with windows, but it's not a Linux like environ by a long stretch.
spludit's various gnu and gnu-adjacent tools.
ethosGetting ready for an interview so op amps / transmission line / DSP stuff prep is underway
Luminaxbeen designing electronics a lot since then, never have I had the need to calculate any fourier transform or transfer function of a Kirchoff Voltage loop or whatnot
Luminaxsoftware solves all that for you :|
Luminaxsplud: yeah, my bad
ethosYeah, same with me for the 6 months I've been out of school
ethosBut.. interviews *shurgs*
spludRun windows in a Linux hosted VM...
Luminaxit's a ........ simulated linux base toolchain
spludLinux more readily ports to arbitrary hardware, windows doesn't.
ethosYeah, the main reason I'm running a Ubuntu VM is for learning the linux kernel
ethosdefintely helps to be able to build it in the right env
spludsuppah. later.
Luminaxah, yeah, running it in a VM env means you can fuck about with it without worrying about it panicking on you
ethosSee ya
Luminaxand then you having no PC :P
ethosHaha yeah
ethosI'm prob gonna end up removing all my keyboard/ mouse drivers too at some point
Luminaxanyway, I don't think I can help you with this ω 180
ethosso having no IO would be bad :P
ethosthanks for looking
Luminaxtransfer function... how nostalgic
LuminaxI remember that red book of 'Control System'
Luminax2nd degree differentials and whatnot
ethosNowdays everything is all in one
ethosThis textbook I'm looking at is ~1400 pages
ethosThis particular problem doesn't need Laplace methinks
ethosOppenheim errr
ethosI was torn between his book, Haykin's, or some new guy's
jlfi don't know the others, but the one i linked and https://www.amazon.com/Discrete-Time-Signal-Processing-3rd-Prentice-Hall/dp/0131988425 are very good
Luminaxbut... but....... that function is in frequency domain, yes >
Luminaxoh wait... since it's already in freq domain, no need to convert to time domain >_>
ethosEnded up getting that one
Luminaxbooks.... I really need to start re-getting some of them
LuminaxI have a full set of Circuit Theory, I to V from....... uhm... wherewasitfromagainIforgot
ethosAfter graduating from undergrad, I feel like I'm losing everything if I don't read some textbooks / research papers
Luminaxethos: of course
Luminaxknowledge only stays if you re-study, or you teach/practice them
Luminaxteaching/practicing is the best form, but re-studying works too, albeit at about half efficiency or so
ethosYeah, that's kind of why I want to go back to grad school - to TA all the undergrad classes I took
ethosbut starving doesn't sound too appealing :P
Luminaxthe reason why I stayed with this shit company for 1 year+ is mainly because of that :P
Luminaxthough I already found a way way better job <o>
ethosPCB design?
LuminaxPCB design, software, overall R&D
Luminaxsome arduinos and maybe ESPs too
Luminaxthis engineering/machine manufacturing company has EVERYTHING
Luminaxalmost quite literally
Mr_Furywhats up
Luminaxmilling, lathe, vertical cnc, vertical lathe, laser engraving, laser cutting(the big type), 3d printer, solidworks, SMT machine, board developer thingie........
Mr_Furywhats the topic?
ethosSounds sweet
Mr_Furyyou use solidworks luminax?
Luminaxright now they're using Eagle for the ECAD, it seems
ethosIf it's R&D, they must have IC design and process fab?
LuminaxI might be able to persuade the boss to buy Altium ;D
LuminaxMr_Fury: eyup
Luminaxalthough buying OrCAD package is good, too... hmmmm
Luminaxthat PSPICE is amazing
Mr_Furyluminax, using an nvidia qudro?
ethosAltium is what we use at at our work
Luminaxunfortunately not THAT low of an R&D
Luminaxbut process fab, yes
Mr_Furyquadro chips?
ethosNever going to be happy with eagle again
LuminaxI mean... die design is another world of pain
LuminaxMr_Fury: right now? just onboard Intel AGP
Mr_Furywe use a lot of solidworks at our commpany for engineering and civil engineering projects
Luminaxat my next workplace, I think it's Quadro
Mr_FuryAGP hasn't been a standard for years
ethosI remember laying out my first transistor
ethosit was terrifying
Mr_Furyyou're talking sup P4 chips
Luminaxoh... sorry
LuminaxI meant Accelarated Graphic processor, i.e. onboard
Mr_Furyyou mean integrated, oh okay i see
BohemianHackswoo, all my stuff should be here friday!
Mr_Furyit's idiotic when they gave me a dual 2011 xeon workstation
BohemianHacksnew 3d printer, scope, bench supply, and a bunch of random parts
Mr_Furyi don't need it to do excel and macros
ethosBohemianHacks: Sounds like you got some sweet deals
Luminaxthis PC is i7-6700, 8G RAM with onboard graphic
BohemianHacksethos: kinda, mostly just have the time/money to start doing stuff again
ethosFirst project figured out yet?
Luminaxmy PC at home is i7-7700(or 7900)K with 32GB RAM and nVidia GTX-1070Ti
Luminaxthat one sure runs faster ;P
ethosI got a Prusa that needs to be assembled in my garage...
BohemianHacksethos: several things centered around 18650 li-ion cells
Mr_Furythat's a solid system, too bad i'm running 970 SLI
Luminaxmmmm Prusa
BohemianHacksand tearing down my old prusa for parts
Luminaxethos: go for broke and buy Stratasys ;D
BohemianHacksgoing to nab all the steppers and drivers to make random stuff
Luminax(i.e. the Ferrari of the 3d printer world)
ethosLuminax: My job isn't THAT cushy haha
BohemianHacksI got a cr10 for now, after reviews come in ill probably get a prusa mk3
ethosMaybe I could just 3D print a nice box to live in using rent money
Mr_Furyhum, maybe i should ditch PC and just fully go the android route
Mr_Furywhat's the point when i can run nearly everything on a sub-100 box
Luminaxnext year's MetalTech
Luminaxmy company... I mean my next company will probably be opening a booth
LuminaxI need to make something to be displayed
BohemianHacksMr_Fury: just use server time to do any heavy lifting
Mr_Furytrue bohemia
ethosLuminax: 3D print of your face
BohemianHacksIve been doing that for like 5 years, always have a decentish laptop to do browsing and CLI stuff
BohemianHacksanytime i need to do something big I stick it on whatever VPS i have free at the time
Mr_Furywhat kind of machine?
Luminaxethos: I'll probably make a compact LCD-based frequency counter
BohemianHacksright now Im actually on a pretty solid computer becuase I just upgraded this year. XPS 13
Luminaxupper frequency of around 4MHz or so
ethosLuminax: What do you mean by frequency counter
Luminaxuh, exactly that, frequency counter
Mr_Furylucky, at least you're not on the laptop i'm on :)
ethosi'm imagining a spectrum analyzer
Mr_Furyregret buying this machine
LuminaxSMA or BNC input, counts frequency
ethosor a display of an FFT for the noise around you
Luminaxethos: no no no, just simple frequency counter
BohemianHacksI just upgraded and will be on this machine for several years again. before this is was a crappy pawn shop HP
Luminaxcounting frequency input from the SMA/BNC
BohemianHacksthe case started cracking on that though so i took out the batteries and use it for my daughter
Mr_Furyi see, oh okay
ethosLuminax: Neat, I haven't actually encountered one of those before
Mr_Furyat least you have a use for it
Mr_Furyi ended up buying a vaio, however you get little machine for the money
Luminaxethos: never encountered a lab frequency counter?
Mr_Furyi think i should have bought an acer
LuminaxIwatsu, Keysight, etc
ethosI've had scopes and other lab benches that count frequency
ethosnever an entire closure dedicated to it
Luminaxthere is a 'lab spec' frequency counter, usually containing TXCO or the sort of controlled frequency, calibrated once per year or per two year
ethosFood time. peace
Luminaxthat can later be used as frequency standard for other things
Luminaxokay, see yas
BohemianHacksMr_Fury: ive been pretty much dell or hp forever. hp when im being a cheapass
Luminaxthe last time I bought a branded PC was...... never
BohemianHacksLuminax: you build your own laptops?
Mr_Furyi think dell is awesome, however i must say some of HPs never machines are awesome
Luminaxadmittedly this PC I'm using right now is a Dell, but eh that's work PC
LuminaxBohemianHacks: laptops are a different story altogether
Mr_Furyi've been thinking of getting a sager
Mr_Furythey make some awesome machines
BohemianHacksLuminax: thats what we are talking about :D
Luminaxalthough I am looking forward to building my own
Luminaxre:RPi laptop ;)
BohemianHacksits been on my todo list for awhile as well
BohemianHackswould be nifty to do multiple pi zeros in a mini cluster laptop
Mr_Furycould you buy a clevo?
Mr_Furydon't they make barebones laptop kit?
BohemianHacksMr_Fury: not as much fun
Mr_Furyi would love to ideally buy a new laptop with zephyrs graphics inside from nvidia
BohemianHacksafter all the stuff we have seen security wise there is also the appeal there
Mr_Furyor maybe build a watercooled pc with close to zero fans
Mr_Furyideally a kit for the graphics pcb too, all watercooled, i can't stand fans
BohemianHacksMr_Fury: 10 gallon aquarium and a bunch of mineral oil
Mr_Furybohemian, joking? or serious? sorry out of it
Mr_Furyi think i'd go with a regular resorvoir design, we'll see
LuminaxACTION sighs
LuminaxI think there's a youtube video on that mineral oil thingie
Mr_Furythis is awesome if it works
Luminaxalthough imo, it's more hassle than it's worth
Mr_Furywow, this system doesn't experience any thermal throttling
obskyrIs there a reason to get this...?
obskyr<Aryllos> except give one to me
obskyrthat's an IRC message not a link
Luminaxindeed it was
obskyrIs there a reason to get this...? https://www.elfa.se/Web/Downloads/_t/ds/DS1995_eng_tds.pdf
obskyrI've found a place selling them at an 85% discount, but I honestly can't come up with an application for them.
Luminaxit's a sort of 'keycard'
obskyrUsually I'm all for buying components for a rainy day, but I can't even imagine a scenario where a detachable NV-RAM in a weird form factor would be useful
Luminaxin this case, a 'keybutton'
obskyrthis particular one is 16 kBits of NV-RAM, actually
coffeeguyopps sorry wrong window
jlfobskyr: let me understand: you find products advertised for sale at ostensibly high discounts, and then try to figure out if you have any use for them?
obskyrYou got it!
Bird|otherboxobskyr, it'd be used for like an authentication token or the likes
obskyrI don't think that'd be the main application though
Luminaxobskyr: this thing communicates by 1-wire interface, and it has the capability to store some encrypted authentication thingamajigga
Luminaxobskyr: that's exactly the main application
obskyrit is?
Luminax....or one of its main application
jlfcan i interest you in my 4 GB USB stick, which normally sells for US$10K but for a limited time i'm offering at US$1K (90% off!!!!!111)?
Casperobskyr: ibutton are used in some equipment as key<
obskyrThere are lots of iButtons, though
jlfif you act now i'll let it go for US$500 (95% off!!!!!1111)
obskyrsome are thermometers even
Casperlike some forklift use some ibutton instead of a key or an rfid
joe_zjlf, s/sells/lists
jlfhush, now
Luminaxlong story short, it's small and compact, have a decent memory size, communicate with low-power 1-wire interface
Luminaxmain applications being to be able to store and quickly retrieve 'something'
Casperpersonally I think the fact that it use contact is a mistake from the manufacturer, but they probably use them so you buy the proper thing from them instead of a generic rfid chip
Luminaxaccess data, access key, machine/equipment id, etcs
obskyrI guess it's just sort of useless to me, then.
jlfbut it's such a discount!!
Bird|otherboxobskyr, it's useful for like contact-type (vs. RFID) id-tag things
obskyrjlf: will you stop, please
jlfok, ok
Luminax5mm... hmmm how thick is that
Luminaxabout double credit card ?
Luminaxor 2.5... ?
obskyrNah, more than that
obskyrThink a thick coin cell.
joe_zwhile I'm here in ##electronics, am I wrong in thinking that a pure-sine DC->AC inverter is mostly a special case of a class D amp?
CasperLuminax: an hair under 1/4"
Casper1" = 25.4mm
obskyrI guess these would only really be useful for storing different data for different people in a physically separated way
Luminaxo.o sorry I don't 'doublequote' :P
obskyrnot much use in a hobby context, though, I suppose
Luminaxobskyr: equipment tagging is one of the major applications too, it seems
Luminaxnah, not much over that field I guess
Casperjoe_z: there is a few ways to get pure sinewave, one of them is "magic sinewave" ... google that up, it is magic
Casperbut yes, it can be considered class D amp
obskyrI did find some super cheap FRAM chips, though, so that's 100% sweet.
obskyrGotta get a couple of those for sure.
Luminaxclick clack click clack *hummmmmmmmmm*
joe_zCasper, I came to the same conclusion as what I think you're talking about
joe_zbut it has no way to control amplitude
Casperwhy wouln't it?
joe_zfor my class project, I have to keep good output regulation, mostly independent of input
joe_zCasper, there's just not a mechanism for it, unless you feed the H-bridge different voltages
Casperthere is ways, once you introduce magnetics
Casperinductor or transformer
Casperyou basically are making a boost/buck regulator with an h-bridge
joe_zCasper, to be clear I'm talking of the magic sinewave
Casperthe pattern control the output
Casperchange the pattern and you change the output
joe_zCasper, change the pattern how?
joe_zin what way can you do it on the fly without messing up all the benefits it has?
Casperthat is not something I investigated, but it can be done
Casperbut afaik, that magic sinewave is only good for huge transformer
joe_zCasper, or a good low pass filter
Casperyou are better doing it with smaller magnetics and higher frequency
joe_zanyway, the point is that it seems I'm going to have to design some real feedback control for this thing
joe_z4V range on the input (22-26V) +/-.2V range on the output (12V nominal)
joe_zso it's harder, probably, to find information on doing pure-sine inverter feedback loops, than doing class-D amp feedback loops
joe_zthat'll get me started at least, but in reality the designs should be somewhat different since the inverter would normally have to deal with changing loads
joe_zclass-D amp, not so much
joe_zhowever, in this case my load is 50W, always
Casperseriously, your main challenge will be to deal with the single supply
joe_zthey didn't give a range
joe_zCasper, full bridge takes care of that nicely
joe_zthere is no isolation requirement
joe_zthis is for a class project
Casperso just build a class D amp which get a 60Hz 'audio'
Casperset the gain so the 'audio' put the output at the right volume
Casperif the feedback is well designed, then it will self correct
Casperextra point if you succede to make it atleast 85% efficient :D
joe_zfeedback has to work well with loads that have reactance too
joe_zI'm sure they expect *some* kinda decent efficiency
joe_zotherwise you could throw a linear amp at it :D
joe_zand, uh, a big fan...
joe_zand some good heatsinks...
Casperor just call it a magic smoke inverter
joe_z'it works as long as you keep replacing the output transistors diligently'
Casperliquid nitrogen cooled
CasperI once succeded somehow to make a 4% efficient boost converter :(
CasperI still have no idea how I succeded this
obskyr4%, hahhahhah
obskyrThat's actually impressive.
Casperyup, very impressive
Casperand I succeded to not let the magic smoke out somehow
CasperI think I miswired one winding in the transformer, and may have anti-parallelled instead of parallel...
joe_zCasper, that could do it, maybe...
joe_zotherwise maybe you had excessive switching loss
Casperthat can definitelly do it, it basically short out the transformer
joe_zyeah, a shorted loop basically
Casperand probably a "4%" mismatch in coupling, hence why a bit came out
Welkinthe ghost?
Welkinor the spammy mattress company?
Casperthe ghost
password4anyone mind testing if my webserver is open?
LuminaxO Casper~♬ The friendly ghost♪
Luminax"It works"
CasperCurrently playing on Spotify: Ghost B.C. - Infestissumam (Redux) - 10 - Monstrance Clock
password4oh , so i can't access it but you guys can
redrabbityou need NAT hairpin to access it from your own net
Luminaxusually works :3
Luminax(assuming it's localhost)
Luminax(but then again the httpd might filter it)
password4its my first time exposing it to the internets
redrabbitlook if you can enable NAT hairpin on your router
password4i did not see hairpin
password4but under NAT there was only two options cone and something else
password4my network is wonky i can't access my router from my desktop because my server does forwarding for my desktop
password441.146.61.152/forum should be setup now
password4now the whole world can see what i work on , just had to hide the sub forum about your mom and my antique dildo collection , don't want people to know about my personal life
password4maybe i should disable registration , oh well , have to go now
password4hi Flea86
password4how have you been?
Flea86in a word, warm..
Flea86ACTION backscrolls
Luminaxyo Flea86
Luminaxdid I tell you, I got a new job ;3
redrabbit"Build an shower with water misters for the ultimate shower experience."
password4you already started?
Luminaxthis time, finally, after all these years, PROPER job
Luminaxwell, no
password4redrabbit, xD
Flea86Luminax? No?! :D
Luminaxmy last day on this shithole is 29th december
Luminax2nd Jan on new job
Luminaxwhat to do? watch youtube XD
Flea86Luminax: Congrats!
LuminaxI got a bad case of device/machine/equipment envy when the (new) boss gave me a(nother) tour
Flea86sounds like they've got a good dev lab setup
password4yeah Luminax , we just hired a new guy at work , poor guy will work for a week or two , then he has to take mandatory leave
Luminaxmills, lathe, cncs, lasers, scopes, 3d printers, arduinos, robot arms, PLCs, Solidworks.......
password4so he will have negative 8 days leave by january
Luminax"if you need something, tell me, we'll get it"
password4what are you going to do?
Luminaxmy official title is software engineer, my real job is mainly on electronics R&D
Luminaxdevices, solutions, new 'methods' etc ?
Luminaxso the whole lot of PICs, STM32s, ESPs devs and maybe some interconnect with PLC-based systems
Luminaxoh and RPi/OPi
password4that sounds nice
password4gotta run for real now , catch ya later
obskyrLuminax: Hey, congratulations!!!
Luminaxlater o/
Luminaxthis channel might soon become my 'official' hangout
Flea86password4: Later o/
CasperLuminax: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LuminaxCasper: whu wha?
LuminaxACTION pokes Flea86 
Luminaxkinda wondering why the private message ;P
CasperACTION straps Luminax to a chair, duct tapes his eyes open, and puts Emoji, the movie on the big screen
Luminax( ◎ ω ◎)!
Casperprobably the worse movie made...
LuminaxCasper: somebody was rustling around the bargain bin, found that old something something inside a stomach 3d animated movie something or other, and thought "hey, IDEAS~"
LuminaxI forgot what's the title of that old movie, now THAT one is quite a good one
Casperanother bad one is "The Star" .... no review or preview said it was that much christian stuff... don't go see it... seriously...
Flea86Luminax: Good question heh
redrabbitCasper: id try to choke on my own puke quickly if i had to watch this movie
redrabbit"Emoji, the movie"
CasperI tried to watch it... "it can't be that bad!" ...
redrabbiteven the trailer
redrabbitif you can watch the full trailer you get god points
Casperthe trailer is quite good compared to the movie itself...
Flea86ACTION decides to make room in his refrigerator so that he may sit inside it for a bit
Casperand I did watched the trailer
redrabbiti only beared a minute of it
LuminaxAndroCrap.... my net died on me again
CasperI was like: no, it can't be that bad... it will get bette... oh, it got worse...
CasperLuminaxAndro: mine basically never goes down
Casperlast time I got a real downtime is when an asshole decided to cut the cable outside
Casperand I'm serious
Caspersomeone snipped it...
LuminaxWkmeh..... back
redrabbiti have a 3G failsafe on my router atm
LuminaxI AM using 3G
Luminaxhowever this old samsung is dying on me :|
redrabbitwhen coax link is down, i get an sms.. and 3G takes over
redrabbittill coax is backup
Luminaxanyway, back to previous story... I forgot that old movie title...
Luminaxlesse if I can coax google to tell me
redrabbithappens like once every few month
LuminaxOsmosis Jones
Casperwhen the cable got cut, I called my isp, they said that there was no outtage in my area, so we scheduled a tech... then... I got a feeling to go outside check...
Casper... and found the wire cut
redrabbitso lame
Casperwent back inside, took an union and 2 compression fitting, and fixed
LuminaxI would inspect the scene of the crime first
Luminaxif someone did something like that to me.... and I found out who did it
redrabbittbh im tempted to go full 4G and ditch the coax
Luminaxthere will be blood spilled.....
redrabbittill we get FTTH
CasperI want to install some security camera one day... but that cost alot
Luminaxwhat, USB camera is like a few dollars no ?
redrabbiti get 100/5M 7ping with the coax 100/30M 30ping with 4G
redrabbitlots more upload
Casperusb camera is no good outside, and with long wire
ubpmicro center usually has a DVR+4cams for around 100USD
Casperredrabbit: lots more upload, but way less bandwidth
redrabbitthere is unlimited for 25euro
Casperlucky bastard
redrabbiteven 20euro
redrabbitbut quality is a bit inferior on that isp
Casperhere, I got 6+2G(2 years) for 70$ (with a 20$ for the phone for 2 years)
redrabbiti payed like 150eur for my moto g4
Casperbut hey! I have the voice mail! ... with 3 messages...
redrabbitand 12eur per month for 50gb
redrabbitand unlimited call n text
Casperunlimited canadawide call and text here, with 6+2G data, I think it's 10$/500MB over...
redrabbitthe isps prices are so low their stock lost like half the value
redrabbitthey are quite desperate atm
redrabbitand a good deal
Casperbut... is it true unlimited?
Casperor "unlimited"
Caspersome provider say unlimited, but past a few GB they madly throttle down
redrabbitwere supposed to get FTTH
redrabbitsome houses nearby have it already
redrabbitbut time is long
Flea86Casper: Our provider does that, but they state the true download quota at full speed only
Casperhere FTTH has been mostly stopped
Luminaxlaters o/
Caspernew area does, old 'no service' area will. Current 'deserved' area won't
Casperlike here, the phone line is from the '60
Caspersee ya luminax
Casperthe burried portion is damaged and take water
Flea86Casper: Great. We won't be seeing FTTH anytime soon either.
Casperthe aerial portion got chewed by squirel
Casperthere is 4 gauge of wire from the house to the remote somehow...
Flea86Casper: It's a pity that magnetrons aren't phase coherent :)
Casperand 3 years ago the city worker broke the underground wire
Casperso they patched it
Caspermaximum vdsl2+ available: 50/10Mbit, real speed: 18/8, unstable
Caspercable speed available: 200/30
Casperand rock solid
Casperactually, one business that my boss take care of actually switched from fiber (t3) to cable
Casperwas more stable, and WAYYYYYY cheaper
Casperwith a cellular backup link
Flea86and over here, the former standard you've just mentioned is intended to replace cable
Caspervdsl to replace cable??????
Flea86That's what I've been led to believe. Broadband cable is being replaced by the NBN (in Australia)
Flea86which is FTTN
LuminaxAndroThat reminded me
LuminaxAndroNeed to find a new place
LuminaxAndroPreferably with 100 Mbps available
Welkin100 mbps should be standard these days
WelkinI think that is the lowest I can get in my area
Welkinthere is also 1 gbps fiber, but that requires using att
Caspermaking onion soup :D
Welkinghosts don't eat soup!
restorerACTION is diagnosing his odd dinner while Clive does an autopsy on one of his devices
Casperwhich clive? big clive?
Casperyeah.... the disadvantage of an induction plate is....
Casper... your pan or pot tend to walk away....
Shawn|i7-720QMI found one of these at the thrift store :D https://www.ebay.com/itm/RCA-Portable-9-Inch-LCD-Screen-DVD-Player-Audio-Video-for-Parts/222704547189?
Shawn|i7-720QMit features a proprietary usb-A interconnect for a dvd player system
Shawn|i7-720QMits got this chip inside https://track5.mixtape.moe/uurmaj.pdf
Shawn|i7-720QMand I am hoping to turn it into an S-Video external monitor for my Sony Vaio
WelkinShawn|i7-720QM: why is your cpu's codename in your nickname?
hl521what vacuum tube socket has an led in it?
OdinYggdYou sure its for a vaccum tube and not a relay?
OdinYggdSome relays use an 8 pin round socket that looks like a vaccum tube might fit it
OdinYggdProbably is originally a vaccum tube socket that people started repurposing for relays
Luminaxaaand back
LuminaxOdinYggd: that's the relic of old circular socket thingie relays
LuminaxOmron used to use those, and Phillips, and...... I wonder what else
LuminaxMatsushita ?
Caspermatshishita, they used to make really good cd burner back then
Casperaka panasonic
LuminaxMatsushita General Electric Ltd
Luminaxit swallowed up a lot of companies, got too bloated, and vomitted some of them
Luminaxand my current shit company bought one... how stupid
LuminaxSanyo was one of the gulped one
Luminaxwell...technically that can be said to be a 'branch' of Panasonic, before they re-swallowed it back
Casperso, buy a compagny, have it licence for life all of it's product, resell
LuminaxKeyence had the right idea with going fab-less
LuminaxToyota also did a good job with their JIT fabs
LuminaxMatsushita.... was good...
CasperI blame alot the customers...
Casperthey are mostly responsable to the cheap stuff today
Casper"oh look! 1 cents cheaper on this 1000$ product! let's jump to that special!"
Luminaxof the 'old school' Japanese tech company... I think only Hitachi is left that's still can be said to be 'prominent'
Luminaxunfortunately some of its fab-plants still sucks...
kmemI worked with Matsushita Kotobukie Electronics for years and they enabled my understanding of manufacurabilty
hl521OdinYggd: oh I forgot I asked that, yeah I'm pretty sure it's a vacuum tube socket but I guess it could be the tubes themselves https://imgur.com/a/s1qu8
kmemWe could accept other parts made in japan with a smal AQL check but chips made in USA had to get 100% check
kmemit turned out to be welld eserved :(
Luminaxkmem: the problem is not with the home-ground
Luminaxit's with the away-ground
kmemTis was the effort to build disk drives
LuminaxI used to work at one of Hitachi's fab-branch, which is part of Nitto denko, which is part of Mitsubishi zaibatsu...
kmemdesigned in USA and made in Japan
Luminaxthe quality.... is..........
kmemwe used lotsa NEC and Hitachi parts
LuminaxMatusita Kotobuki Densi Kougyou is now known as Panasonic Healthcare ;P
kmemthat is quite amusing :)
Luminaxso you have... Sumitomo Group, Mitsubishi Financial Group, Panasonic, Sony.... ? I think that's the main big four
kmemwe converted a VHS recorder factory to a disk drive factory
HaxxaIs reading from an eeprom slower than flash on a microcontroller? Also are eeprom reads basically unlimited?
kmemsony was the enemy :)
Luminaxkmem: we converted the tape and floppy factory, to a cd/dvd factory, to a... guess what?
LuminaxLENS manufacturing and coating company...
Luminaxoh, I should say 'they', since I no longer work there ;P
kmemworking with Matsushita was interesting, I found out even the light bulbs in the factory dormitory were made in part of the Matsushita family
LuminaxMatsushita was one of the largest, probably beaten only by Mitsubishi group
Luminax(Sumitomo is another story)
kcrowFrom the factory in Ipponmatsu:
Luminaxso you had an industrial giant who evolved from a traditional manufacturing giant, mainly manufacturing carts and shaws, etc....
kcrowCAW !
LuminaxI don't think they joined the 'ranks' in the war, but probably provided some background tech
Luminaxand then... the war ended.... US of A broke Mitsubishi 'keiretsu' into smaller component... so as not to launch a counterattack on economic scale
kmemThose were the daze ;)
Luminaximagine industrial giant who makes airships and jets, jumping into machination and industry...
Luminax(oh and Sumitomo, too)
Luminaxthere was another player in the field... I forgot who...
Luminaxgah... wikipedia
jaggz"if you write anything on your computer, you *need* to get grammerly"
jaggzgrammarly I guess, right..
LuminaxI was looking up the name of the high manouvre fighter plane that never get the chance to fly (KyuuShuu Shinden)... and then from there to fighter jet... to boeing... to supper guppy... to.....
CasperACTION pokes jaggz with blue
jaggzi ordered two blues
Luminaxpills ?
hl521ACTION here's a second blue
kmempillz !
notcoolhow does diodes perform logic gates with cmos resistors?
HaxxaIs it safe to read an eeprom constantly in the main loop of a program?
HaxxaI assume from my hw knowledge there is no real downside
kmembut it shouldn't change very often
Haxxakmem, no but I'm been lazy and rather than write a script to pull th eeprom values into ram and then have a timer to check every so often whether the values have changed I want to just read them directly
azonenbergHaxxa: in general reading eeprom is pretty harmless, although it may be slow depending on the chip
azonenbergsome older efuse IPs did actually wear out upon reads
azonenbergeeprom/flash shouldnt wear significantly on read
azonenbergalthough it does have limited *write* cycles
Haxxaazonenberg, Yeah, I considered that I have to decided to only ready the eeprom each second as it controls a 24 hr timer and precision in not needed for the operation thus hopefully by reading once every second instead of once everytime the loop iterates it will improve performance.
HaxxaI only write once a day to the eeprom
linux_proberead my 8IIIIIIIIIIIID
zigggggyACTION slaps linux_probe around a bit with a large trout
zigggggyACTION hugs linux_probe
azonenberganybody have a few minutes to help me with this datasheet?
linux_probeI rival your large trotuh with the reals thang
azonenbergi'm trying to figure out what the V1, V2, and I pins do
linux_probewhap whap whap
azonenbergground is obvious, as are RF1/RF2
azonenbergSomehow V1, V2, I control the attenuation level
linux_probeI being funny but mostly truthfull also
zigggggyazonenberg just use TI
azonenbergzigggggy: for a VVA?
linux_probeTurd 1
azonenbergzigggggy: if you have any suggestions on a voltage variable attenuator with 10+ dB of range that can go down to DC
azonenbergi'm all ears
linux_probeoh h TYI Texas Instrument
linux_probeoh my hands
zigggggyACTION slaps linux_probe around a bit with a large trout
azonenbergmost of the PIN diode etc attenuators i looked at couldn't go below a few MHz
linux_probephysical labored for two dasy straight
azonenbergThis one goes to DC
linux_probemty 40year odl arse got up at 3:30am yesteryear
linux_probeHank Williams - Hey Good Lookin'
linux_probe^^ is what I linked ;)
zigggggyACTION ruffles linux_probe's hair
linux_probeno no zigggggy, bad idera
linux_probeI have to take a pishen
linux_probeACTION pishesn on zigggggy 
linux_probeI did have to whizz bad
linux_probewalked me 15 of shame to whizzer ( I put in a 1/2 bath on second floor about 3 years ago?)
linux_probejust spent last two days putting up OTA antenna, cause former TWC, now specturnm/.sharter cable went ful digital scrambled
linux_probethe full scrambled is nonsense, I am quite sure ai can places multi milloin lawsut
Luminaxmethink linux_probe is smashed
LuminaxACTION digs around for the breathalyzer(tm)
linux_probeto make them shart, and have to provide the lcoal OTA stations digitla non scrambled
linux_probeACTION will leave this here.. ago?)
linux_probe* cdchapm2 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
linux_probeffs stupid tight-vnc/heschat/linux/windows7
linux_probe>_< booo
linux_probeOld Man Drinks Breathlyzer 0881 S
linux_probeI wins
linux_probeor the clowns/russians, that rerposted that 955 times winned
linux_probeACTION = age 40, been awake near 24 hours
linux_probeno alcohol/drugs needed natural old age occuring :)
Luminaxgo to sleep ol' man :3
joe_zno, stay up and keep me company
zigggggypoor linux_probe
zigggggyhi joe!
joe_zACTION got 2 hours of sleep today
joe_zno, that's right
joe_zI went to bed at 3am
zigggggypoor joe
FauxYou should sleep more so you can accurately compute how much sleep you had.
linux_probeno joe_z
linux_probeThu Nov 30 03:07:56 EST 2017
joe_zI've probably slept about 10 hours the past 3 days
linux_probeclosde to what I have had
zigggggyjoe :(
linux_probewhaen ai was age 16 yto age 26 that was OK and lovely
linux_probeI would regularly do 28 tyo 40 hours
linux_probethen sleepl 10 to 12
joe_zzigggggy, yeah I know
joe_zthe whole semester has been like this though
linux_probeACTION goes back to cleveland, ohio
linux_probesomethig about them HUGE womenup there tat attratced me'
joe_zI slept nearly 24 hours straight, with breaks for meals, when I got home for thanksgiving break
linux_probeI still dont lknowe why
joe_ztook the rest of the week to finish correcting my sleep schedule...
joe_z...just to fuck it up again monday
linux_probeI went to job as peasant co-worker ( 35+year friend)
joe_zmy sleep schedule has been beating with the day-cycle all semester
linux_probeworked for the same fols 14+ years ago
linux_probeand the placve was full of tall folks that made my 5'11" short
linux_probethey was mainly all 7'+
linux_probeno lies, I looked at pne dark skin chick made me say dat tall
linux_probei walked 15' more and that gal was 7'6" flat shoes at minimum
Tazmainhi all, my adsl router after a bit starts to make a high pitches noise, its not coming from the power brick but the device itself. If I power cycle it , the noise stops for a few days. Is this okay? Is it failing ?
linux_probeTazmain~ take ti back to ISP and say PSU makes noise and Modem sarts to fail
linux_probeshort of the parts swap, they need to fix LINE issues
rephlexieTazmain, what router is it?
linux_probekeep caling and complaining to them, increase frequency unti they visit and ix it
Tazmainrephlexie, tp-link
Tazmainlinux_probe, also not supplied by ISP
Tazmainso it should be replaced?
linux_probeohh TP-stink 1yr warranty so dead at 1.3 at best
linux_probecapacitors are junk by new
Tazmainlooking at an asus to replace it
linux_probeor learn electronics snd repar it ;)
Tazmainsnd ?
Tazmainsignal noise detection ?
TazmainI don't think my soldering work station can deal with surface mounting components. Those are a little hard to deal with
linux_probemore or less, look at warranty, 1yr = junk dshortly ag=fter, 3yr same junk after 3yr, unless used heavily
Tazmainand some caps are only in taiwane
linux_probesoldering work staion
linux_probeI just typed out a 12x paraghrph
Tazmainlinux_probe, what about soldering work station ?
ewongsoldering stations suck with smcs
ewongya need a heat gun
ewongerm hot air station
TazmainI have a heat gun
ewongwell unless the soldering station HAS a hot air gun
Tazmainyaeh hot air station, but those are pricey
ewongthat they are
TazmainI have a normal hot air gun , a big one
ewongprobably would work
Tazmainreflow ovens are even more expensive
Tazmainewong, surface area is very big though that is covers
ewongyeah welll unless you do heavy duty electronic stuff/repairs.. reflow ovens are overkill..
azonenbergewong: Toaster oven
Tazmainat one stage owning an Nvidia card meant you had to have one close
ewongazonenberg that works as well
ewongthough make sure you don't cook any food in 'em afterwards
Tazmainnormal oven works as well.
Tazmainewong, you can just let it cool off, air it out
azonenbergNot recommended, toaster ovens are cheap
JFK911scrub it with benzene
azonenbergJust get one and dedicate to electronics
azonenbergI did http://thanatos.virtual.antikernel.net/unlisted/DSCF1728.JPG in a $50ish? convection toaster oven from walmart
ewongonce a toaster oven is used for reflowing... I don't trust it being healthy for food preparation
azonenbergused to use an even cheaper one without a fan but this gives better results
ewongJFK911: erm isn't benzene a bit... explosive or am I thinking of something else?
JFK911i think you mean cancerous
azonenbergit's carcinogenic among other things
DrakoniteI've wondered how the fan in a convection oven would affect reflowing
ewongoh that too
JFK911that's a better word
azonenbergDrakonite: it helps a lot with uniformity
azonenbergMy next step to improve the process will be putting a hose barb on it
azonenbergand getting some aquarium tubing to a tank of nitrogen
azonenbergSo i can do oxygen-free reflow
azonenbergBuying the tank is a bit pricey but it's like $20 at a welding store to fill it
azonenbergthe gas is practically free
JFK911my meteorism is free gas
JFK911az if you look around you can find a bottle in scrap and turn it in for a tested one
azonenbergJFK911: actually i was just gonna rent one from airgas to start
azonenbergit was like 50 cents a day
azonenbergif i actually make heavy use of it i'll buy
azonenbergif not i'll say failed experiment, return the bottle, and call it quits
azonenbergThey quoted me like 75 cents a day
JFK911im surprised you can get anything there for $1
JFK911my o2 + c2h2 bottles are worth like $800 at their prices.
azonenbergI've seen some good looking N2 bottles for like $250 elsewhere
JFK911i bought a brand new drawn aluminum 20# bottle for co2 for $225
JFK911its out of date now
azonenbergThis was i think a 150 or 250cf bottle
JFK911my o2 bottle is 150cf its over 4 feet high
azonenbergI'm looking at getting one of the ~5ft tall bottles
azonenbergPurging a reflow oven once will require about 1-2 cf of gas plus i'll need contiuous low flow since it isnt airtight
Luminaxpeople developing this damn tester have no fucking clue ><
azonenbergSo i'm figuring somewhere between 5 and 10 cf per soldering operation
azonenbergSo 15-30 oven cycles on a gas bottle sounds reasonable
LoetmichelHmmmmpf... Somehow Insulation milling isnt THAT good for series work... Toolk me 1.5 days now to mill that 22 pcbs. And i still have to populate the boards. (Our pick&place guy has set us up. should have delivered 130 of these on last monday)... -> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=16897&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
ewongLoetmichel: you're milling it yourself?
ewongwhich milling machine?
Loetmichelchinese CNC 6040
ewonghow much did you pay?
p0g0azonenberg: What size O2 tank can you get filled for $20? My last oxyacetylene tank pair (the typical "big" tanks, c. 5' tall) cost about $175, and I own my tanks.
Loetmichelfor the mill?
Loetmichelabout 2kEur
azonenbergp0g0: this was N2
azonenbergwelding grade, i forget the price but it was like 20 or 30
p0g0ahh, yeah, much cheaper
azonenbergfor 150 cf?
azonenberglast thing i want to do is solder in pure O2 :p
p0g0I misunderstood, apologies to all.
Loetmichelewong: the vacuum table is selfmade of course: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=14682
Johnsenmake a vacuum cable
Johnsenand sell to audiofools
Johnsenah i thought it was to form plastic
Johnsensome dude on youtube made a plastic shaping table with a vacuum cleaner and electric grill elements :p
Johnseni need to make a square hole in a alu panel with slightly rounded corners, and it is not supposed to look handcut :p
password2Johnsen: how thick alu?
password2and how big
password2you can try a cold chisel , or make a punch
Flea86n2^: Hello
n2^Hello, oh Australian with a slavic sounding last name
n2^And purveyor of FPGAs to the masses
Flea86haha good memory!
Flea86How's things?
n2^Good, albeit boring. Have to finish a few software things.
trauman2^: your day could be as exciting as mine if you tried.
traumamisdelivered doughnut interruption day.
Johnsenno idea
Johnsenthe piece of alu i'm gonna use as frontpanel is the top panel of a 1u rack server i dumped
Johnseni dont even know if its alu, may be steel since the server is pretty heavy
traumaI suspect it'd be steel, I've not seen much alu in servers.
n2^Or dish-washing machine cleaning stuff
n2^It will oxidise aluminum, not steel
traumasomeone designed a protocol meant to be read by microcontrollers that uses JSON. burn in hell.
n2^trauma, at least it's not XML
traumaJSON is almost explicitly designed to be hell to parse without an assload of memory.
daeytrauma: why is that?
traumadaey: it's filled with delimited, variable length fields. there's no guarantee of any specific key ordering.
tr0ubl3I am having trouble understanding the unconnected error that the DRC gives me. Here is the error and where it is on the PCB. https://imgur.com/a/YFQnN how do I fix this?
p0g0tr0ubl3: imgur tells me it is overloaded...
solidcoreAnyone worked with ADC's for analog video input? I've got a rolling vertical input but no matter what I do I can't seem to stabilise it, got a vsync and hsync but this is a rolling image from the analog through an adc08100...
solidcoreI've heard there is a few clock cycles of delay from the adc. So I'm assuming I have to delay after hsync pulse to read from the output of adc otherwise it's old pixel data. but I'm quite unsure why the image is rolling.
solidcoremy output video has a pixel clock of 27, and i believe the pixel clock of the input is ntsc 14.x mhz so perhaps a dysync between input and output frame rate
tr0ubl3p0g0: okay, this is the err https://i.gyazo.com/db77c0c160ee37ba65149346ce11ef41.png and this is the pcb https://i.gyazo.com/2a8205fcef344bcf478540adaac9b0ef.png
tr0ubl3Wow just saw the texas instruments 16bit 1Gsps adc, £740!!
solidcoreexpensive yeah, i'm working with a 8 pounds (without tax) from rs adc08100 atm..
solidcoreIt should offer me enough bandwidth for analog to digital - but i'm fricking going crazy spent 2-3 days trying to work on the vsync issue.
solidcoreif i slow my framerate down on the output end by adding additional lines i get a more stable picture, but thats a hack ,still scrolls vertically
Goatmantr0ubl3, nice! re: ADC
p0g0tr0ubl3: my kicad skills are not much, try #kicad or hope some talented person rises to the occaision.
solidcorei think ill make a 10gbit nic sometime when i get more experience with these beasts haha.
Goatmantr0ubl3, are you gong to buy one?
tr0ubl3p0g0: okay thanks
tr0ubl3Goatman: I wish I could, but I dont have that kind of money :(
tr0ubl3I would like to make an SDR at some point, maybe I could get my boss to get one because we work with sdr
solidcoretr0ubl3, ever played with analog video with adcs?
Johnsenbah i hate devving for esp
tr0ubl3solidcore: I remember using a chip that took analog sd in and spat out HDMI, but I havent done any of the heavy lifting myself
n2^tr0ubl3, National used to make those
Johnsenvia arduino its easy, via the esp-sdk its still relatively easy, but now i'm using nosdk8266, and esp is so badly documented
tr0ubl3Analog do a lot of video decoder chips
n2^Johnsen, esp-idf is the way to go
solidcoretr0ubl3, ah i'm doing the heavy lifting but find that it certainly doesn't add up very well in the v... my hsync is perfect though
solidcorePAL gives me a lot more flickering and v scroll than NTSC whch seems almost stable.
solidcoreI wanted to skip passed the video decoder chips a little just to understand ADC more
Johnsenmy point is that i need to keep ram usage as small as posible, and nosdk8266 is made for that, it does not include wifi/tcp, but its all confusing how to use dram vs iram, and what cache is, and how to talk to the flash IC etc
n2^Johnsen, upgrade to ESP32?
tr0ubl3Fair enough, I just need a quick video source for a project so didnt look at it in much detail, so cant really help you. Best of luck :)
Johnsensuch overkill, all i wanna do is turn 6502 emulator for arduino to nosdk8266 so i have 64k ram free, via arduino all my ram goes to nonused wifi
solidcoreI am trying to isolate why a 640x480@60hz output and a 60hz ntsc input are not syncing via the adc... must be some delay , the datasheet says 2.5x cycles, I've tried to delay after the hsync pulse but nothing
n2^Moar flash, moar ram etc
n2^Johnsen, the wroooooooom-32 has ~520kB of SRAM, and 4 MiB of flash
n2^It's quite a bit more roomy than the ESP8266 modules
n2^And not that more expensive
tr0ubl3Ah 4MiB of flash what a luxury
n2^You can drop in up to 16MB
n2^If you're doing the board yourself, of course
n2^You could also add it in via the SPI bus
Johnsenesp8266 also has 4Mb flash :p
Johnsenunless you bought a real cheap one :p
JohnsenMB even
Johnsenbut seriously i'm not gonna get an esp32 for 6502 emulation, all i want is that wifi/tcp is not stealing my ram, so i have almost 64k ram free (the max for a 6502 cpu)
Johnsenanyway it should be doable, its just that nosdk8266 is only slightly documented
Johnseni saw some projects with it and the confusing part is that they added libs to talk to flash, while i assume the flash on the esp would be memory mapped
tr0ubl3All this flash is making me jealous. The mcu I use for work has I has 32K and with hal that gets tight
jancoSo i'm having trouble calculating the LRC sum of a modbus message..
janco010300030001F8 is the message, where F8 is the LRC given
jancoSo i'm trying to calculate the sum over 010300030001
jancobut i'm never getting F8
jancoeven not in a online calculator..
Johnsenis it a stm32? :p
traumatr0ubl3: there's a common micro you can get that has like, 13 bytes of memory.
tr0ubl3Johnsen: Yeah, HAL is not nice but its the best ive got
traumatr0ubl3: http://www.microchip.com/wwwproducts/en/ATTINY4
trauma512 bytes of flash, 32 bytes of memory.
Flea86Also PIC10 iirc
traumaI find it funny how many peripherals it has, when it has literally 6 pins total.
tr0ubl3trauma: that wouldnt be a pleasant experience for me. I guess you must program in assembly
traumathat product page is just.. wrong.
tr0ubl3I think that the development would be too slow for me. STM32 dev takes me a long time (admittedly because the peripherals work in very strange ways)
traumagood news is there's not really enough IO to do complex things.
Johnsenif you kick out stm32 libs or especially that cube crap, and you replace it by opencm3 you get smaller code
Johnsenbut then its not really hal anymore i guess
Johnsenbut libopencm3 does support multiple ARMs
Flea86Johnsen: I think that's the moment modern microcontrollers stopped being interesting for me as a hobby
Johnsenstm32f1 is still relatively simple to access via registers
olspookishmaguscan you identify the top row people here? https://i.imgur.com/etUBv1z.png
Johnsenanyway i like libopencm3 way better than st's own libs
Flea86Johnsen: If I were to do anything with arm for low-end stuff, I'd probably try Cortex M0+
Johnsencrappy day today
olspookishmagusJohnsen: why?
Johnsenbecause there's a lot of work, and on top of that i'm troubleshooting stuff of which i don't really think its my problem, but i wanna be helpful
tr0ubl3Johnsen: libopencm3 isnt really ready yet in my opinion.
Johnsendepends what u plan to do i guess
Johnsenfor a bit of led blinking or SPI'ing its good enough :p
n2^ACTION is winding a transformer
Johnsenoh no
Johnsendrama of the day
tr0ubl3Yeah, for work my stuff is a bit more complex and they wont use opensauce stuff
tr0ubl3Not reliable enough according to them
Johnsensomeone stepped in poop and its now on the office carpet
traumaI'll take the doughnut drama over that.
n2^Johnsen, my biggest office drama
n2^Was when someone basically shat all over the bathroom
n2^Who the fuck does that, anyway
eirirsn2^: gypsies
Johnsenacrobatic ppl
eirirsJohnsen: hahahahahaha
Johnsenive seen it too
n2^Also happened in school, when I was 14
tr0ubl3n2^, yeah we had that aswell, someone took a shit in the toilet
Johnsenhigh on the wall, and i was like how the f does it get there
tr0ubl3but they missed the toilet
n2^But there was this really odd guy
n2^Basically, feces smeared everywhere
Johnseni did have a colleague once who had it in her white leggings
n2^The bathroom was locked for months
traumaI was in a tiny club in france that had a single bathroom in the basement. up the walls, in the sink, everywhere.
tr0ubl3That used to happen at school
n2^tr0ubl3, but, how?
eirirsn2^: government did put some mobile public toilet to be kind to gypsies when those put up a camp outside a city centre. they got removed after a few days after ALL of those gots all toilet paper rolls removed, and every inch of the interior got smudged in shit
n2^How the fuck do you miss the toilet?
tr0ubl3Well I am not sure if he actually missed but long story shit there was a large log in the corner of the cubicle
Johnsenby not sitting down and hovering too high
tr0ubl3meant to say long story short but oh well :p
trauman2^: quite seriously, chinese visitors to other countries often try to squat over the top of a normal toilet. causes lots of broken bones and stuff flying everywhere.
n2^Yea yea but...
n2^No Chinese visitors either place
Johnsenif you dont wanna sit on the toilet fine, but dont hang higher than 30cm over it
n2^Johnsen, sorry to say it
n2^But if you're that person
n2^You have a responsibility to pick up your own shit
Johnsenoffcie ppl dont do that
eirirsn2^: they don't care as long as they don't OWN the toilet.
Johnsenppl who work in construction etc are actually cleaner than office people
eirirsn2^: those people are just like "thank you, and fuck you"
tr0ubl3I was speaking to my mum and she thinks its outrageous I shit at work, apparently its really bad etiquette. I said "what else is the toilet supposed to be used for?"
Johnsenit happens on every level
n2^It's not that difficult
n2^Be a decent person
n2^Pick up your own shit
Johnsenppl who drop a coffee in the halway will just run away when noone saw them instead of cleaning it up
tr0ubl3To be fair she is a teacher and they recently had the annual "crazy kid who smears shit all over the bathroom" incident so she may be a bit triggered.
KryczekJohnsen: I've seen (not the culprit but) the result of that as I was walking past with an ex-military colleague/friend, and he started cleaning it up himself, just because it was the right thing to do
KryczekI was guilty of thinking manners are probably proportional to education, but learning from this friend, and using toilets in offices where only PhD's are hired but they still shit like animals, I see I was really wrong
Kryczekactually that's not fair to animals, cats are cleaner than some of those PhD's
Johnseni know a woman who got depressed from her job as bus responsible in a bus that transported mental issue kids
Johnsenone kid constantly stuck his finger in his butt and then smeared it on the seats
tr0ubl3kids are messed up man
Johnsenthey had mental conditions
Johnsenfrom traumas to actually mentally handicapped
Johnsennot a fun job
nitrxgenapparently there is a plug end for this microswich, i need to find it :o
Johnsenother ppl asked for esp Arduino support without the wifi/tcp implemented
Johnsenthat would be a nice solution
n2^Johnsen, esp-idf?
n2^Doesn't take up that much space
Johnsenthats for esp32
Johnsenlunchtime bbl
slothyou think 2 100w LEDs for my workbench is too much?
slothi mean they are ebay LEDs, chances are they're 20w each
nitrxgenjust get an ordinary led strip, one of them flexible mf
p0g0my 30w floodlamps are Plenty Bright for close work. I can link you to the ones I used, after having the Ebay stuff prove to be utter crap.
slothnitrxgen: i have a lightbar atm but i want some more points of lighting so my shadow fucks off out the way
p0g0something like 10 out of 10 died in weeks....
slothp0g0: not wanting to spend more than about $40 au for two lights
nitrxgenguys - im trying to find the connecting socket for this microswitch - https://securitysnobs.com/item_images/0d50fab143526364d02006955de8ee2a_2.jpg
nitrxgeni could solder it but .. bleh
nitrxgenchosing a different microswitch isnt an option
nitrxgenapparently its used in fire/security systems, its labelled as "generic", the pdf says simply "quick connect" type termination
nitrxgenso... there must be a plug to fit it, right?
nitrxgenpin pitch is 4.8mm according to pdf (.19 inch)
zigggggyACTION feeds Feral_Cat
p0g0sloth: try searching for "LE 30w super bright outdoor LED" - Those have been working well enough here, and Amazon sells them here in the US for under $20 ( I think I got enough to qualify for free shipping). They may not be what you want, but I've not found many cheap LED lamps that don't fail in weeks- 7 of 8 have lasted > 1 year so far (and warrenty covered the dead one).
p0g0hmm, I just looked again at the current price, it is up to c. $21
DocScrutinizer05to all Mac users: check your security updates!
SpeedEvilIs the above a local exploit only - I haven't properly checked as I don't own a mac
DocScrutinizer05SpeedEvil: also remote if your Mac exposes any services
DocScrutinizer05*certain* services, they say
Johnseni remember when macs were cool
p0g0It is an absurdly easy crack, login as root, no pw, keep trying until it lets you in as root...
Johnsenwhen they had 68k cpus :p
SpeedEvilMac needs Aegis.
DocScrutinizer05it's ridiculous. AIUI when you enter a username and invalid password, macOS "does an upgrade and tries to convert the encryped password into a shadow password (?) and due to a bug in this procedure the shadow password is based on the password the user entered in the authentication dialog"
DocScrutinizer05I read that as: if user isn't in passwd/shadow, try to get user credentials from YP/NIS/whatever and create the records in /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow. And obviously the developer who wrote that code was on bad vodka or on crack and used the password entered to the auth dialog to encrypt and store it to /etc/paswd
DocScrutinizer05what we learned: BE ROOT on your systems, or _somebody else_ will be
SpeedEvilI wonder if it was just bad null comparison
SpeedEvilempty string should equal zero, but does
DocScrutinizer05too similar var names?
DocScrutinizer05anyway the hotfix is to *create* a root account (incl password)
DocScrutinizer05which makes the exploit fail early, on "if user isn't in passwd/shadow"
Johnsenpassword toor
Johnsenoh boy
p0g0and if there is already a root account and pw, figure your Mac is cheesed (sry, I just had to).
Johnsena bit of snow and ppl are standing at the window making pics with their phone
DocScrutinizer05apple and cheese, delicious ;-P
p0g0The Big Mac was my notion, but yes. Also, Macaroni and Cheese...
SpeedEvilACTION wishes he had one beeelion dollars to un-screw sw and hw.
DocScrutinizer05hey, Apple _has_ and they fail
SpeedEvilThe bugs I don't care about.
SpeedEvilthe systematic intentional denial of functionality I more meant
p0g0yes, but they keep all those $ offshore, so not available for some fixes.
DocScrutinizer05I can't really blame them for doing bad. I think they are rather nice in what and how they do, given their business goals with all that stuff
SpeedEvilAnd yes, it's systematic, it's not apple solely that's the problem.
p0g0systemic and chronic
SpeedEvilEveryone wants to force things into their own appstores, meaning all sorts of nasty stuff happens
Johnsenwhy is it loginable? do macs have sshd open?
SpeedEvilAnd has not gotten better recently
DocScrutinizer05it's the "we built the hardware so it's ours. You may *use* it as long as we allow you to" mindset
Johnsenhey at least you don't have to give your old mac back if you buy a new one :p
p0g0hmm, we've done market research and as long as we tell the right lies, folks are fine...
Johnsenapple took a patent on bendable screens, and apple fanboys already think the next iphone will be bendable :p
DocScrutinizer05patents are the root of all evil
Johnsenalso they screwed other companies who were working on it longer than them, but i guess thats the fault of the other companies that didnt take the right patents
SpeedEvilThere are some legitimate patents.
Johnsenafaik all ihpones are bendable :p
SpeedEvilBut almost none.
WSPRJohnsen: the iPhone 6 already had that feature. you just put it in your back pocket
DocScrutinizer05and they all do vlend
DocScrutinizer05blend even
Johnsenthats a woman thing
SpeedEvilWay too often you get a patent for having a problem, and solving it in an obvious way to an engineer.
Johnsenso many women wearing tight jeans with an iphone sticking half out their bumpocket
DocScrutinizer05SpeedEvil: ACK
SpeedEvilWehreas you should not be able to get a patent for something soluble in under ninventions-in-device * time-to-do-exhaustive-patent-search or so time.
SpeedEvilOr it's just pointless.
Johnsenmost likely to show they have an iphone tho
Cuby96Can somebody help me with the UDN2981? I want to Control an 7-segment Display by a 2981 and I want to Control only by switching 1 and 0 to them via a microcontroller, my question is: if i Set 1 on Anode and 0 on cathode do i need to put an pull Down resistor or does the 2981 Provider a ground?1
Johnsenafaik you connect it like you would connect 8 separate PNP transistors to a 7seg
Johnsenno pulling needed, but you need a common cathode 7 seg, and have a current limit resistor per 7seg segment
limpkinstupid question: can we use the LSBs of an accelerometer as a source for a RNG?
DocScrutinizer05Cuby96: UDN2981 only can "push" VDD+, it can't sink to GND
DocScrutinizer05and yes, you need a series R per segment
SpeedEvilLSB of accel noise is pretty random.
SpeedEvilIf you don't care about people able to perturb it at creation time, and put it through some sort of whitening
Johnsenthat image shows how you connect udn to (multiple) 7segs
limpkinit does look that way: https://info.cs.uab.edu/saxena/docs/vsh-wisec11.pdf
limpkinACTION reading
limpkin"Additionally, we show that accelerometer based RNG compares
limpkinfavorably to existing RNG solutions in terms of many metrics."
SpeedEvilOn the equality comparison, I recently found that 'alexa turn bedroom cancel' turns my bedroom lights off. Specifying a particular light fitting does not do this, only a light group. Fun.
DocScrutinizer05Cuby96: I fail to understand the second half of your question, about pulldown
Johnsenme neither, but you don't need any pulldown so the answer is no :pp
Johnsenonly limiting resistors, which you CANNOT put in the common cathode
Johnsenanyway no response
Johnsenalways annoying if you help someone and they dont confirm/decline/... :p
Cuby96Ok so there are 2 2981 Controlling a 8-digit 7 Segment Display with dots and I want to Control every Anode and cathode with the 2981 if i Send a Signal 1 to Anode and 0 cathode dies the led glow? As i looked into the docs and I am not Sure if it Can make a Connection to ground that's why i ask if i need to use a pull Down resistor aswell
Johnsenyou cannot do that
Johnsenif your 7seg is common cathode you control the separate segments with a udn2981 and the common cathodes with a uln2803 (or uln2003)
Johnsenif your displays are common anode you control the common anodes with the udn2981 and the separate segments with the uln2803
Cuby96I habe Common Anodes
Johnsenthen the UDN2981 is the one controlling the display, and the uln2803 between segments and gnd
Johnsenbut err.. $0.97 for a aliexpress board with 8 7segs + max7219 :p controlled via SPI
JohnsenCuby96: https://www.mikrocontroller.net/attachment/144229/12V_Display.JPG this is how you connect common anodes, like what i explained
Johnsenyou cannot use 2x udn
Johnsenbrb now
Cuby96I tried to make it work with a 7219 but it didnt work so u suggest that i use 2981 and 2803... What is the reason why not directly via 2 2981 putting the high low Signals is there a reason?g
Cuby96Ok so i just have 100 Ohm and 1kohm resistors so what of them would be the better choice?
Cuby96Cause i have 8 Segments attached
Cuby96I know that i have to Connect the Segments in parallel
DocScrutinizer05you're sure you have a clear idea of what you want to do?
DocScrutinizer05please provide a diagram like https://www.mikrocontroller.net/attachment/144229/12V_Display.JPG Johnsen linked you to
Cuby968-digits 7 Segment Display with dots to Control with gpio Pins from my raspberry
Cuby96Well the same Thing as he Provider but 8 times
DocScrutinizer05you connect the other seven displayes to the ULN2803 just in parallel to the one shown in https://www.mikrocontroller.net/attachment/144229/12V_Display.JPG
Cuby96So they are 8 Anode lines and 8 Segment lines
DocScrutinizer05you connect the CommonAnnode of the other displays to the free outputs of the UDN2981
Cuby96Yes ok Well yeah Cause the 2981 Controls One Display at once now i get it, so i got 100 and 1kohm left over is 100 enough?
DocScrutinizer058 x 100R in the cathode lines will suffice
archivistdepends on led colour and vcc
DocScrutinizer05you "split" the cathode lines to all 8 displays *after* the 100R
DocScrutinizer05oh yeah, 100R is for pulsing each display for 1/8 of the time
DocScrutinizer05I guess
Johnseni dont feel like calculating it atm, but if controlled by like 5V, and multiplexed fast enough 100ohm should be enough as each display is only on 1/8 of a period
Cuby96They are bigger led Screenshot with Red LEDs and I Tested them One by One and they Turn on at around 9v
DocScrutinizer05Johnsen: what I meant :-)
Johnseni know :p
Johnsenbut if your max7219 didnt work it must be a software error :p they work fine and are easy to use :p but your SPI needs to work properly and you need to initialise the IC with some values
DocScrutinizer0512V-2V/100R = 100mA. for 1/8 duty cycle that sounds about right
Johnsen12V on that drawing i posted can be replaced by the 5V line of the rpi tho afaik
Johnsenmuch work today :/
DocScrutinizer05sure, then you might want to go for lower R, or just see if the brightness is still OK
Cuby96Well for the Control of my raspberry i Can only Draw around Max of 2mA so i think i need resistors at the Inputs aswell
Johnsenthe 2mA is to open the ULN and UDN and thats enough, just make sure you have the real power rail going to those 2 ICs
Johnsenthe hardest part will be your software
Cuby96So no pre resistor to the Inputs?
Johnsengood question
JohnsenULN has 2.7k resistors inside
Johnsenbut UDN datasheet does not mention anything
DocScrutinizer052981 input current 100 to 300 microAmps
Cuby96Well i will Hook it to 9v the 2981 but i am bot Sure if i have to put resistors on the Input so i don't Draw too much current from my rpi as i don't want to damage it
VolisHey, I have an eval board that runs using a windows application. By sniffing the USB packets, I see that the application sends some packets to the board and then it starts continuously broadcasting information until a stop signal. How do I make this work on linux?
Johnsenanyway, if i were you i would not do the effort since you already have max7219 boards, i would rather troubleshoot why thats not working and stick with those
Johnsenbut thats my opinion
DocScrutinizer05uln2803a input current max 1.3mA
VolisI guess I will have to write a elementary driver but where do I begin?
Johnsenyou can have resistors, it will not hurt
DocScrutinizer05it's not needed
Johnsenso if you wanna feel safe put 4.7k resistors to every input of the ULN and UDN
phinxyWhat kind of motor uses 6 taps like this: https://imgur.com/a/Ki0XL
DocScrutinizer05ACTION wouldn't
Johnsenno idea, i don't do mains or AC motors
JohnsenACTION blinks leds
Cuby96Ok Well @Johnsen i had the software running and the LEDs stay black i Double checked the Pins if they are soldered correctly and it didnt work that's why i want to Control every Pin by Hand now
Johnsenanyway i dont use rpi etc, i just know that all my chinese boards with max7219 (7seg or led matrix) all worked :p
Johnsenbut i wrote the software properly myself on a real mcu:p
DocScrutinizer05Cuby96: http://susepaste.org/22401021
DocScrutinizer05Cuby96: you're absolutely safe without resistors between rPi and U*Nxxxx inputs
DocScrutinizer05phinxy: looks like a 3phase induction motor
Cuby96Ok nice so just the resistors after the Outputs of the 2803 what about the Power supply of 9v any pre resistors there needed?
Johnsensnow is getting thicker :/ its staying on the cars
Johnseni hope it wont stay on the road i didnt buy winter tires yet
Cuby96Or hoooked straight to the 2981 Chip?
DocScrutinizer05Cuby96: no resistors in power supply
Johnsenno resistors on the common pins of the displays
Johnsenthe your brightness would change depending on the number of segments being on, only on the separate segment pins
Johnsenand like doc said, put 1 resistor per ULN output and split/parallel after that, otherwise you're wasting resistors and using lots of pcb space
Cuby96Ok could it be that it doesnt Turn on? Cause i put a resistor before the vcc of the 2981 for safety reasons
Cuby96@johnsen yes that's what i did
Johnsenthats completely useless and will again alter the brightness depending on the number of segments being on
DocScrutinizer05Cuby96: just do exactly what Johnsen provided https://www.mikrocontroller.net/attachment/144229/12V_Display.JPG -- just duplicate the display and connect CA to free pins of UDN2981
Johnsenhttps://www.mikrocontroller.net/attachment/144229/12V_Display.JPG stick to this connection
Cuby96Ok i will replan my Old circuit with my 7219 maybe it Works then thanks alot i will reply when i am done
Johnsendownload existing rpi code?
DocScrutinizer05Cuby96: yes, putting a resistor to VDD_9V will likely make the whole stuff fail
Johnsenfor max7219
phinxyDocScrutinizer05• ill keep it in its current delta 240V configuration and the order of the connection "does not matter" ?
DocScrutinizer05great, much appreciated, we love to hear feedback
Cuby96@johnsen yes i did the spidev Library @doc yes probably so i will hard sold it to 9v to check
DocScrutinizer05phinxy: "order of connection" determines spin direction
DocScrutinizer05phinxy: if motor sopins wrong direction, swap any two phases
Johnsenspidev is fine but you also need to know what to tell to the max7219 IC
Johnsenin reset state its disabled afaik
Johnsenyou have to enable it, turn on the 8 digits, set the brightness, set the mode, and then send data to the correct register
Johnsenbut thats stuff i don't have time to explain
DocScrutinizer05phinxy: if you'd clean the plate, we could tell more detail from what's written on there
phinxySo the 3 phase system in America is like 230V between any of the phases and 110 to neutral?
DocScrutinizer05aiui yes, but I'm not a native US resident
DocScrutinizer05they have *really* weird stuff there too, I heard
DocScrutinizer05actually phase to phase should be more like 200V
DocScrutinizer05for 110V Ph-N
DocScrutinizer05but it seems they have totally weird 2-phase configs too there, with phase shift 180° (instead of the 120° in 3ph systems), so when you connext sth between the two phases, you get 220V~
DocScrutinizer05at least some comments in here during last weeks make me think such stuff exists
DocScrutinizer05phinxy: clean that plate!
phinxymove that bus!
phinxyIts just a normal induction motor im sure
phinxywell ok then brb
DocScrutinizer05phinxy: but for which voltage?
DocScrutinizer05not that it could be for significantly lower voltage than you find in 110V systems
OdinYggdThere is no 2 phase AC.
OdinYggdIts single phase.
Johnsenpffrt i need to read in a key matrix
OdinYggdHowever, typical household single phase wiring has a center tapped transformer that is tied to both neutral and ground
OdinYggdSo you end up with two hot leads with 120v relative to ground- and relative to ground they are 180 degrees out of phase
OdinYggdDocScrutinizer05, make more sense?
OdinYggdphinxy, there is more than one valid solution for 3 phase AC in the US.
DocScrutinizer05phinxy: check the three upper connectors in https://imgur.com/a/Ki0XL. To which other connector are they 0.0 Ohm?
OdinYggdThe most common being 3 phase star, also known as wye. This is usually one of: 120v P-N 208v P-P, 208v P-N 240v P-P, 277v P-N 480v P-P
OdinYggdBut there is also 3 phase delta, which in its proper form is without a neutral and only provides phase to phase voltage. Practical usage many deltas have the coil between L1 and L3 center tapped, resulting in a high leg delta
DocScrutinizer05they are either all 3 connected (Y circuit), or each connected the the lower sibling (delta circuit), or they are not connected to any other pin and you miss the according steel rab bridges on that block
OdinYggdhigh leg delta will have L1-N 120v L2-N 208v L3-N 120v, but still 240v between any two phases.
OdinYggdMy workplace uses such a system, I've fried control electronics by accidentally hooking them between L2 and N
DocScrutinizer05indeed, very
OdinYggdThe reason such a system is used is that L1 N and L3 form a standard center tapped single phase.
OdinYggdAvoids having to wire in a separate single phase power system
DocScrutinizer05that must be the answer to the miracle why OpenMoko apartment in Taipei had 110V outlets but 22V lamps (or was it vice versa?)
OdinYggd120v outlets but 208v lights is a thing
OdinYggdSome of the lighting circuits I deal with are like that
DocScrutinizer05the apartment had a transformer somewhere behind a wall, I could hear it
OdinYggdSince modern electronic ballasts are usually rated for 120-277v input, I've been moving the lighting circuits over to L2 and running them on 208v in order to balance the loads across the phases
OdinYggdPreviously with magnetic ballasts all the load was on L1 and L3, making the system take performance penalties from the load being so imbalanced
OdinYggdIts as simple as moving the breaker down a couple bars onto the L2 bar
OdinYggdTo get 220v lights, you'd connect phase-phase instead of phase-neutral
OdinYggdalso a valid solution if the lights can handle that
DocScrutinizer05or... move to sane 230V~ 3ph like old Europe ;-)
OdinYggdPfft, europe isn't sane
OdinYggdThey just hide it better.
OdinYggdRemember, children grow up to inherit everything wrong with their parents and a little more
OdinYggdBetween America and Australia, everything wrong with europe is painfully obvious
DocScrutinizer05electricity isn't one of those
OdinYggdYeah, silly 50hz instead of a nice even 60hz
OdinYggdAll your stuff is bigger than it needs to be
DocScrutinizer05I'm actually amazed there's seemingly no Eddison DC mains in some corner of USA anymore ;-P
OdinYggdThere is.
OdinYggdPowers the NYC subway
OdinYggdEquipment that was built and installed with the supervision of Edison himself
OdinYggdstill in service supplying 600v 2000A DC to the third rail of the Manhattan subway tracks
archivistDc is still used for rail in UK too
OdinYggdThe breakers consist of copper blocks.
FireHoppermorning all
OdinYggdWhen 9/11 happened and the building rubble fell on and shorted out the tracks, those blocks that hadn't moved since Edison put them there snapped open.
g0zI want to touch the third rail :)
OdinYggdAnd several workers were sent to the hospital with third degree burns from the spray of copper
OdinYggdI got this info from my ex's father, who worked in said substation at the time. He was off-duty that day.
DocScrutinizer05by "snapped open" you mean a fine explosion spreading milten copper in a 50m radius?
DocScrutinizer05aah yes, you did
DocScrutinizer05"burned by copper vapor"
Cuby96_@johnsen @doc so i directly connected the 9V to the power supply of my own build and it still doesnt work i may start a new project connecting the pins straight to the 2981 and 2803
Cuby96_ik that it will be more software work to done but at least the hardware is easy made
Johnsenerr ok
Johnsencheck out my gravel pit
n2ACTION has wound a big fancy transformer
n2with no less than four windings :P
SpeedEvilIs it bigger than your head?
n2It's bigger than my dickhead, though
Kerr-Amy 1994 Oldsmobile 88Royale (4 door) won't start. When I put the key in and start turning it, Accessories turn on, then in run position the fuel pump turns on (i can hear it) then then the fuel pump turns off when it has pressure (normal) then I turn to start and... the accessories turn off (normal) and nothing else happens.
n2Although that doesn't have a feedback winding
Kerr-AI initially suspected it was a "security" issue because for over a year the "security" light has been stuck on. I performed a "bypass" procedure by cutting one wire and soldering in a resistor, and the security light acts "normal" now(and acts as it was before if i disconnect it), but the car still wont crank
n2Kerr-A, have you measured voltages?
n2for the starter, etc.
Kerr-AI did try jumping the car
SpeedEviln2: http://powermagnetics.co.uk/pace-components/micrometals-iron-powder-Miscellaneous/all-iron-powder-cores/t-10-17-micrometals-iron-powder-toroid is this the core it's wound on?
Kerr-AI haven't physically located the starter, yet
n2SpeedEvil, nope
n2I made the core myself
n2And I have a large penis, so
n2Go figure
n2Kerr-A, alright.
n2Kerr-A, you can probably find the service manual online
n2not the "user manual"
Kerr-Aevery site I find has a paywall
Kerr-Awhy is the service manual not readily available?
FuchikomaSanity check: If you have an appliance, 1400 watts, on a208V single phase (US power) that's 700 watts per phase right?
FireHopperno idea
n2Fuchikoma, single phase?
FuchikomaSingle phase 208V, so two hot legs instead of a hot and neutral
OdinYggdLol Fuchikoma
n2Fuchikoma, is that not split phase?
OdinYggd208v can be phase phase or phase neutral depending on what wiring you have
FuchikomaThat's how I've always done it but having just had a conversation and being a bit sleep deprived I'm doubting myself :D
OdinYggdEither way, its single phase so its 1400w
n2If it's single phase
n2it's... 1400W per phase
OdinYggdSo 6.7 amps
n2If it's split phase, then it's 700W
n2per phase
OdinYggdThere is no split phase
OdinYggdThere is only single phase and 3 phase
FuchikomaThe panel is 208V 3-phase
n2ACTION knows not a lot about US power distrib
OdinYggdSo you are connecting a single phase load to one of the 3 phases.
OdinYggdIt is still treated as a single phase load
FuchikomaNo, it connects to two phases
n2OdinYggd, in the EU, you sometimes see odd stuff
OdinYggdThis could indeed be connected between two phases, or phase and neutral, depending on the facility wiring and what voltage is obtained where
n2with center tapped transformers
n2and such
FuchikomaPhase-phase for 208V
n2208V sounded like an odd voltage
OdinYggdIts still a single phase load.
OdinYggdEven though it is phase-phase, it is still a 1ph load
FuchikomaSo when I add up the volt-amps per phase, is that 1400 for each of teh connected phases?
OdinYggdFuchikoma is connecting to a 3 phase wye (star) wired system which has 208v phase-phase or 120v phase-neutral
OdinYggdWhat's confusing you is that you are connecting a load as a delta across a star wiring
OdinYggdThere is additional math to be done here
OdinYggdIf you hooked 3 of these up so that all possible phase pairs are in use, the result would be the same as a delta configuration
FuchikomaThe appliance as a whole is listed as 1400 watts. It uses 2 legs. What is the *per leg* watts?
FuchikomaIf I split it 700/700, then I add 1400 watts to the panel as a whole (grand total) which makes sense. If not, the load on the panel as a whole ends up being 2800 watts
phinxyDocScrutinizer05• Must have had a memory card error. The images did not save. The good news is the motor and variator/gearbox is running fine. From 0 to about 1.0 stepless gear ratio
phinxyThe plate reads 220V and 2.0A
n2Fuchikoma, does it draw 104 volt from each leg?
n2or does it draw 208 volt from each leg
n2to put it very simply
n2yea i know it's AC
FuchikomaIt's 115V each leg to ground, 208v phase-phase
n2the point is, it may have phase-phase, but
DocScrutinizer05a star circuit basically has virtual Neutral
n2Fuchikoma, https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/attachments/electrical-engineering/28735d1264960723-single-phase-30a-208v-wye-f1081-02.png
DocScrutinizer05I.E you *could* connect Neutral to the center of a star / Y / wye circuit and it wouldn't change a thing
FuchikomaDocScrutinizer05: In practice there is always a neutral attached.
n2There's no such thing as 208V two phase
FuchikomaCorrect, which is why I never said anything about "2 phase"
n2the two conductors may have a potential difference of 208V between them
n2but in practice
n2it is a single phase system
SpeedEviln2: I bet there is, somewhere.
SpeedEvilPeople do fucky stuff.
FuchikomaWhat would be the phase offset of a 2-phase system?
n2Fuchikoma, usually 90
FuchikomaACTION thinks
FuchikomaSomething about that just seems like a really bad idea, but I can't explain why
DocScrutinizer0590° offset? makes no sense at all
n2DocScrutinizer05, sure
n2except it allowed for self starting electric motors
n2no one has used two-phase power for a looong time
n2there's still a system in philadelphia, people say
zap0anyone recommend a good brand of headphones
n2no such thing
n2there are good brands for specific headphone uses
n2no silver bullet
redrabbittry #hardware
FuchikomaI use some Avantree bluetooth ones that I quite like
Fauxhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Perilex_Stecker.jpg wow, ew.
DocScrutinizer05this would be what voltage between those 2 phases then? sin(45°)*2?
n2DocScrutinizer05, OTOH, you can use the complex exponential for it
n2that was the impetus
n2i believe
n2i once read in an old german electrical manual from the 1920s
DocScrutinizer05sin(45°)*2, aka sqrt(2)
tr0ubl3Is it just me that gets worried when sending PCBs for manafacture
DocScrutinizer05no, that's normal
Bga3zap0: koss porta pro or koss ksc75
Bga3tr0ubl3: to chana?
tr0ubl3Yeah, especially when its at work and I am not paying for it
tr0ubl3Bga3: ??
kcrowsony make decent headphones, I have had two pairs that have lasted for more than 20 years
Bga3Thay can clone you pcb
n2Is this understandable
n2for moderate, intermediate electronics enthusiasts?
tr0ubl3understandable have a nice day
tr0ubl3I have sent it to china yes
Bga3tr0ubl3: did you waited 3 days after pcb design was finished?
tr0ubl3No I just finished it today
tr0ubl3Its the second revision
tr0ubl3And bloody hell that shipping is expensive wow
n2tr0ubl3, ah, what?
tr0ubl3SHipping is 58 dollars for 30 pcbs and stencil god damn
n2overcharging on 'dat shipping
tr0ubl3yeah, they make the PCBs really cheap and get the money from shipping
n2Which fab?
n2May I recommend one?
n2Just because I've had good results
n2so, no, won't stick a referral link in your face
n2they look moderately crummy
n2but they do good silk-screening
n2haven't had a single board quality complaint
n2and they don't price gouge on the shipping
tr0ubl3okay, do they od stencil manafacture aswell
n2They even do funky transparent solder masks
n2if you want it to look hand etched
n2For some reason I've only got photos of the THT boards I've had made there
n2but the SMT stuff is fine, as well
tr0ubl3Im not a big fan of that look :p and the board will be inside the arm of an octocopter so no point :p
n2Naw, I just had to try it out
n2had a bunch of free boards
n2so I thought, why the heck not
n2Recently ordered 100 SMT boards, round, fitting within 15x15mm...
n2paid very little for that
tr0ubl3Yeah that places charges 46 dollars for shipping
n2Sure, if you go with DHL Express
n2It may also charge 25
n2depends on the qty
n2If you can accept a longer time, go with China Post, or specify UPS and arrange it yourself
n2they will allow you to do that
DocScrutinizer05ACTION wonders how those fabs go with nasty PoP stuff (Omap3) that simply fails on soldering
SpeedEvilTI app note I found said that low oxygen actually helps a lot.
DocScrutinizer05"yeah we soldered it, sorry we didn't promise we make all of those 515 BGA balls connect"
SpeedEvilIf you get under 1% or so
n2tr0ubl3, and, no dot matrix printing
n2that in itself made me happy
n2even minute text is legible
n2those "9V BATTERY EDITION" letters are positively tiny
n2compare it to the DIP8 package on the board...
DocScrutinizer05SpeedEvil: sounds about reasonable
SpeedEvilGreatly improves wetting.
tr0ubl3Ah excellent, I have some very tiny text where I tried to fit references inbetween 0805 pads (dont ask why) and seeedstudio couldnt do it properly
n2tr0ubl3, they actually produce films of the silk screening
n2so tiny vectors and text are sharp
DocScrutinizer05one of the nice things about VPS: it's inert
n2I appreciate that in an economy vendor
DocScrutinizer05SpeedEvil: but the actual issue Nicolaus had was warping
tr0ubl3Yeah thats nice
DocScrutinizer05ehich sucks big time
tr0ubl3What does a chinese post code look like?
drac_boygot silly question but whats the cause of a breadboard being tan brown and a pcb light green for most everyday ones?
FuchikomaBy "breadboard" I assume you mean the perfboard type
FuchikomaBreadboards don't come with solder mask, PCBs generally do and green is the traditional color
FuchikomaBrown/tan is the color of the base material the board is made of
drac_boyhmm so the mask is green unless recoloured?
ThePendulumthe protoboard I have here is all green
ThePendulumhmm apparently 'perfboard' is different and is usually brown, curious
FuchikomaFancy ones
FuchikomaRather, good quality perfboards might go the extra mile with solder masks and plated through-holes
FuchikomaBut the cheap ones are just resin boards with tiny bits of copper barely hanging on
ThePendulumhuh, do you get them with non-plated through holes?
ThePendulumI see
tr0ubl3My boss doesnt want to go through the hassle of organising shipping, I would prefer the one you suggested n2 but the boss :/
FuchikomaYeah, 'cause they're cheaper and good enough
ThePendulumI'm trying to envision this, the copper is just in a circle around the hole on the top but not all the way through?
ThePendulumbecause when I think non-plated I think like screw holes
drac_boyanyway just had to ask so ty...at least tan brown goes together nicely with the wood case :)
FuchikomaThat perfboard has seen some shit but it mostly intact still
ThePendulumseems like mine is plated all the way
ThePendulumdidn't really consider that would sometimes not be the case
FuchikomaThose are better quality ones, then
kevinb1012Hello everyone, I have built a Slayer Exciter with a voltage divider. The voltage divider is connected to a Oscilloscope. But the problem is that the wires act like an antenna. So we are measuring the radio signal of the coil and not the voltage divider. How can I solve this?
SlofishCan I get some advice on a BLDC project?
Fuchikomakevinb1012: Is your oscilloscope properly grounded?
theBearSlofish, probably.... if you ask some questions :)
kevinb1012Fuchikoma: we connected the ground of the oscilloscope to the ground of the source, in our case
kevinb1012Fuchikoma: We haven't ground the oscilloscope itself
SlofishtheBear: Right now i'm controlling a BLDC using an arduino through a l6234 IC with three pwm inputs. When I drive trapezoidal waves at full amplitude through pwm, it drives very well, but the l6234IC overheats a lot
SlofishtheBear: I fixed that by sending a trapezoidal wave with a smaller amplitude (120 instead of 255). This fixes the overheating, but gives me less resolution and creates a lot of cogging
SlofishDo I just need a better driver?
SlofishIt's rated for 50+ V, and i'm only feeding it 12, so I'm not sure why it's getting so hot
theBearwas messing about with a buddies new go-kart earlier tonight... we were using a $10 noname power drill for a starter 'cos it was all we really had and there is no kick/pull start or anything on the motor.... turns out the fitting that you spin to start it has no freewheel/ratchet thinger between it and the main shaft that the piston/motor is all attached to... turns out that somewhere a little "vrooom" above idle is too fast for a $10 drill... tur
theBearout that the little centrifugal fan at the front of the drill motor exploded a lot... various minor-ish ouchies occured at that moment on the 2 of us with hands on the thing...
theBearSlofish, generally you want hard squares driving any pwm thing.... reason it is getting hot basically is 'cos the whole thing is designed for hard on/off drive, and that anything inbetween those 2 states makes the power transistors inside the driver dissipate a LOT more heat
theBearwhy you using trapezoids anyway ? that sounds like it'd take a few extra lines just to do vs squares
SlofishtheBear: If I use squares, I basically get 6 positions. I need every position in between down to a tenth of a degree
SlofishI know it's possible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=667XSSxieXM&t=16s
SlofishThis guy uses sin waves, but that still overheats the IC unless I limit the amplitude, which still gives me cogging
Fuchikoma10:47:11] <kevinb1012> Fuchikoma: We haven't ground the oscilloscope itself
FuchikomaThat's not helping
spludSlofish, if the motor were at the higher voltage it would be pulling less current
theBearyeah, sine will, like i said, anything 'not hard on/off' will over heat things.. the umm, i still don't see why you can't do err, 1/3rd-rotation * pwm resolution positions
theBearwith squares that is
FuchikomaThe stray signals have nowhere to go if the scope is not grounded
Slofishsplud: Can you explain?
spludtheBear, - no exposed pulley on the motor?
SlofishtheBear: The guy in the video uses Sin waves along with a lot of other examples online, and they don't have the same overheating issues
theBeargenerally when driving a stepper with sin shapes is mentioned (microstepping they call it from memory) that just means that the squares outputted via pwm are modulated in a sine shaped kinda way, they still always squares, very much hard on or hard off
spludI used to pull start an old tractor by taking a cord with a couple of knots in it near the loose end, and wrappuing that counter to the engine rotation around a vacant accessory pulley, and giving it a good pull.
spludor 3 or 4.
SlofishtheBear: Right. I'm simulating a Trapezoid wave using different PWM values, which create square waves
spludSlofish, the idea is that the higher voltage you drive a motor (within spec), the less of a loss the windings represent.
spludwindings are resistance.
Slofishsplud: If that was the issue would it cause overheating in the driver?
theBearsplud, not on the inside-side (where the spark-maker watchacalllit thing sits on the end of the shaft) and the starter side has a centrifugal-clutched (internal somewhere nearby) cog that drives the chain for the wheels, and the big nut-shaped starter shaft that would usually attach to something similar to a drill, which seems to be a little fist sized dc starter in a frame with a couple handles to hold onto judging from a couple quick image-search
SlofishTHe motor isn't overheating
theBearSlofish, hmmmm.... you in the general right ballpark voltage-wise (main/highest-voltage power input to the driver ic) for that particular motor ?
theBearalong the same lines as what splud is saying, assuming a minimum hard-on voltage drop across the transistors (bjt or more likely fet) inside the chip, lower current will mean less heat
archivistSlofish, if you are increasing the switching frequency to get some resolution then the linear region increases as a percentage, therefore hotter
archivistwhy do you think you need that resolution
theBearSlofish, while we at it, you sure you driving enough voltage into the chip ?
archivistfor best out of any motor run at a higher voltage
theBearsidenote: pwm output for say 128 vs 255 isn't really "lower amplitude" but just "lower duty cycle"
spludthough, this is BLDC. so current = torque, voltage = rpm. I'm thinking steppers.
archivistback emf and response speed with the inductance means more volts
theBearsplud, err, isn't that kinda the same with any dc, and most ac motors ?
Slofish_whoops Dc'd there
Slofish_I'm not really going for a full rotation. I want a really high resolution for about 180 degrees. Basically what a gimbal does, but without an IMU
Slofish_I'm pretty new to electronics, so I'm not positive I've got the right voltages, but I've seen plenty of examples doing this correctly
Slofish_This is the IC driver I'm using: https://drotek.com/shop/en/electronics-parts/212-brushless-gimbal-controller-l6234.html
Slofish_and this is the motor: http://www.iflight-rc.com/ipower-gbm2804h-100t-gimbal-motor-with-as5048a-encoder-compatible-with-slipring-566.html
Slofish_I'm using the encoder for position sensing, and a PID loop to move the motor to a set encoder position
spludtheBear, yea, I guess. I equate higher voltages on a stepper to a more absolute step - too low a voltage and the motor will fail to actuate some steps.
Slofish_splud: I think that's the issue I'm having. When I push full pwm, It turns each step evenly and correctly, but the IC gets hot. If I dampen it, it stays cool, but some steps move small increments, and others make the motor "jump" a much larger amount
theBearsplud, mmm... i kinda tend to think from a different angle, more current is related to voltage and what the motor coils "want" current-wise at a given voltage, and that therefore the voltage kinda/roughly defines the torque. then anything like top speed will be a function of torque vs load (where you start to slip for a given drive input) and eventually (at relatively HIGH speeds for the motor) maybe inductey factors start to limit you
theBearSlofish_, you got any code or a graph or something you can pastebin ? sounds like maybe your drive signal isn't 100% sane, cos if you (can) only go 0-50% on your drive signal, you're kinda not driving it right
TheHexaCubeahhh now I can write, interesting
TheHexaCubehey folks o/
theBearhurro :)
durrfhi welcome to the dangerzone
TheHexaCubeACTION puts on safety gloves
Slofish_theBear: Yeah I can post my arduino code soon. Only fix for the overheating I could find online recommended lowering the amplitude of the wave. It worked but added the cogging issue
TheHexaCubesooooo, I'm looking into slapping a STM32F4xx on a printer controller I'm planning
durrfsorry i misspoke i meant to say dongerzone
TheHexaCubenow looking around for reference designs, I found the bluepill, which interestingly has the bypass caps on the bottomlayer while the IC itself is on the top-layer
theBearSlofish_, remember my sidenote ? you can't lower the amplitude of the wave, only the duty cycle of the pwm output
TheHexaCubewhich surprised me, because someone once told me not to do that
TheHexaCubebut perhaps it's actually better to do? (compared to having both on the same layer?) I'd be happy about some opinions on that
theBearSlofish_, if you apply some resistance (say grip with your fingers) to the motor when running either of the 2 ways you described/used so far, is it INSANELY strong, or easy to stop/make-skip ?
theBearTheHexaCube, can't think of a good reason opposite side shouldn't work
Slofish_theBear: Right. I'm really just lowering the amplitude of the simulated trapezoid
theBearSlofish_, and effectively doing what would happen if you halved the motor/power input voltage to the ic
intranicktheBear is so gay
theBeargayer than you'll ever be !
Slofish_theBear: Yeah I kind of figured that was the effect. I guess my question is why is this IC rated for 50+V input overheating when I put over 6 votls in
TheHexaCubeI also am curious, what is a signal generator used for?
FauxGenerating signals.
durrfgenerating signals
spluder, generating signals.
TheHexaCubeI mean
FauxACTION high-fives.
TheHexaCubewhat do you use those signals for? :P
durrftesting test equipment
FauxTesting your signal processing equipment.
TheHexaCubereason I ask is I might be able to get a broken one from school, buuuut even assuming i can make it work I wouldn't know what do do with it
spluduseful for producing different types of input to a circuit. could be a clock, a tone. an arbitrary waveform.
TheHexaCubemaybe I could just salvage components
durrfits very useful you can generate signals with it
TheHexaCubethat's the one
TheHexaCubeit looks all fancy doesn't it
spludSometimes broken equipment is just "this knob doesn't always work", or "the power button is stuck", or "this range is out of calibration"
TheHexaCubesplud: I'm hoping for that tbh :P
TheHexaCubebecause I doubt I'm able to do much more than that regarding fixing :P
spludSome older devices just need a bunch of capacitors replaced.
Slofish_theBear: Did you take a look at my arduino code? You can see I have two look up tables, one full amp and one half amp. https://pastebin.com/SmtiwZNw
TheHexaCubeI also might be able to get a nice DMM which most likely just has a fucky contact so the 20mA range doesn't quite work
TheHexaCubebut that sounds quite fixable to me
TheHexaCubeit's one of the nice ones that measure frequency, capacitance and such aswell
theBearTheHexaCube, in audio land we use 'em to check that power amps (and signal-processing thingies i spose) are behaving just how they should, sometimes to inspect crossover distortion when fine-tuning idle-bias on a power amp, and of course to give a good clean known signal input to a power amp for testing it into a power-sink/soak (BIG resistor(s), aka silent-fake-speaker)
spludsignal generators are handy for tweaking power supply circuits.
TheHexaCubeI gotta see if they have an old oscilloscope, too :P
TheHexaCubegotta seize all the opportunities to get cool gear :P
spludyou're able to dial in a frequency, duty cycle, and amplitude to "tune" to the actual components you have.
spludOr test stepper motors (via a driver). Just pulse away.
TheHexaCubewell that's what my board is supposed to do on it's own someday ;P (using an STM32F4xx)
spludI'd readily say that an old oscilloscope will work for most things, but honestly, a newer digital one makes life much easier, being able to interpret data and report voltages (incl. RMS) and frequency instead of you having to count and measure divisions.
tr0ubl3v=ir fam
TheHexaCubeU* :P
TheHexaCubewe learnt that at school today actually ;P
spludThat said, I still have a 10MHz 2CH analog above my bench. It'd be an example of gear which was brought back by replacing duff capacitors...
tr0ubl3Okay the pcbs and stencil have been ordered. I just realised how expensive my boards, £13 each :o
spludtr0ubl3, boards to do what?
tr0ubl3splud: Monitor LiPo batteries on drones
spludabd is that per PCB, or per order of 3 (which is how many small batch fabs do it)
tr0ubl3I meant the components are £13 for each board
spludinstalled ON drone? So, that's the complete BOM cost, not just the PCB
TheHexaCubesplud: I'd love to get a digital DMM someday but they're a bit pricey to "Just get"
TheHexaCubegotta save money for one
spludWell, you should check for the price breaks you'd get at say qty1M !
TheHexaCubebut I need(want) a new PC first
tr0ubl3Yeah, for the current testing drone its an octocopter so 8 boards and also there is another "central control board" which collates all the data and sends it back to control via wireless uart
theBearat my last job i only had a 1ch 10mhz crappy scope, but i seldom even thought about wanting a better/bigger one, letalone NEEDED one... course things like debugging 250kbps serial streams on such a thing take a LOT of scope-knob-turning practice and maybe a LITTLE luck
spludtheBear, uhm, looks like you could have used a USB based logic analyser or a buspirate.
theBearsplud, for that (one of the wide and varied things i used it for on a kinda daily basis) i could have, but i didn't have one, and that would be a bit too easy ;-)
TheHexaCubei actually do have such a logic analyzer
DocScrutinizer05ACTION waits for the advent of analog DMMs
durrfwtb digital converter for my analogue dmm
TheHexaCubewe have analog DMMs at school
TheHexaCubethey're just huge and sucky
DocScrutinizer05what's the D in DMM for?
theBeargenerally i'm happy with a dual channel 20mhz of any brand if it works properly... note that i am mainly an audio and sub 1ghz range kinda guy.. even for things like tv/video you very quickly feel limited at those kinda speeds tho
Skreeif you just called an Avometer 8 huge and sucky we have a problem
tr0ubl3The D stands for definitely not digital
DocScrutinizer05or Dummy?
spludtheBear, like it'd have been too easy to call the cops on the neighbour scuffle, but instead you used your head?
theBearTheHexaCube, they can be handy for certain situations, tho in most of those a digital meter is just as good if you turn off any autorange stuff (auto-ranging slows down time to get a reading, even an approximate or out-of-scale kinda one, which quickly gets old when yer probing and poking many things in a row looking for a dead something or other)
DocScrutinizer05prolly "Disposable"
Skreethe old analogue meters, especially if good quality movements, have theit times of usefulness
DocScrutinizer05ooh, an analog meter is *great* for some stuff
TheHexaCubeoh actually
spludAnalog metre would generall at least bounce the needle. A DMM may not register anything based on the sample rate.
TheHexaCubelooks like "real" analog ones are much more useful
TheHexaCubethe ones at school are HUGE
DocScrutinizer05you can tell from movement speed and direction of the err hand(?) what woukld result in mere gibberish on a DMM
TheHexaCubeand you gotta lay them down on the table (so basically you have to stand up to get a reading)
TheHexaCubeand most of them are broken
spludI just happened to read a blog post about a cheap analog DMM the other day, guy orders stuff he's looking for, then trolls around for cheap crap to look for surprises.
SkreeTheHexaCube: https://martinjonestechnology.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/dscn8951.jpg
Skreethats what i cut my teeth on (they made that meter for decades so styles changed)
TheHexaCubeSkree: not *that* big :P
Skreegood meters avo 8s
DocScrutinizer05please enlighten me what's a "analog DMM"
spludmisstatement, you know what I meant. Obviously A != D
DocScrutinizer05in my world there are Amp-meters, volt-meters, MultiMeters and Digital MultiMeters
spludwhat about "multitesters" ?
spludand curve tracers?
mulleinand LCR meters?
SkreeLCO meters
Skreethats the one, lcr
TheHexaCubeoh geez I really did write analog dmm
TheHexaCubeACTION leaves in shame
g0zgtfo noob
Fauxd amm
theBearcurve-tracer (aka component tester, at least for single curve versions) is suepr useful for general repairs/diagnosing/testing almost anything
SkreeACTION sneers
spludTheHexaCube, I did too, when making reference to a hackaday entry.
TheHexaCubealso I wrote "I'd love to get a digital DMM" earlier, where I meant a digital oscilloscope
TheHexaCubeand I'm not drunk yet nor is it late
spludit's a type it quick to get it out there and then turn to go looking for a link thing.
TheHexaCubeACTION sobs a bit
spludMy excuse it that it is cold and I was just getting my first bit of caffeine, which hadn't hit my system yet.
DocScrutinizer05that's your problem, get booze!
Skreei need an o-scope but no space for an analogue one and no money for a digital one
TheHexaCubeDocScrutinizer05: waiting for my buddy to call me so I can walk over to his place :D
spludSkree, build UPWARDS son.
TheHexaCubewheeere the boozy waits for me
TheHexaCubewhat's going on today, I think my fingers are too fast
spludIt works for highrises in the city, it can work for you at your workbench..
Skreerun out of space i am legally allowed to use upwards
spludyour fingers are working faster than your brain?
Skreewould need to build a basement
TheHexaCubetime for you folks to check out my amazing(tm) board ;P
Skreeanyone know a reputable company making quality hardcase lipos?
kcrownice board
TheHexaCubeand with one more amazing dimension! https://i.imgur.com/9niLT1P.png
tr0ubl3the opengl view is not nice with copper pours
tr0ubl3but nice board
tr0ubl3Are those jst connectors
tr0ubl3I approve of that
TheHexaCubeI like them, because that may I can't fuck up polarisation and they don't randomly disconnect
theBearmmm, nice and neat
TheHexaCubereally wonder if that board will work this time
TheHexaCube(last version did not)
tr0ubl3Yes I use them alot, mainly because the balance lead from LiPo batteries uses them
TheHexaCubebecause my dumb ass forgot to connect two important pins
theBearwhat are the chips ?
TheHexaCubeTMC2130 stepper drivers
tr0ubl3time to get the bodge wire out
TheHexaCubetr0ubl3: I tried :(
TheHexaCubeand failed
TheHexaCubethe wire i have is jus toooo small and I can't get it soldered to the pin
theBearwowee, funny shaped ones
TheHexaCubeACTION has to work on his soldering skillz
TheHexaCubebackside looks quite pretty I think - https://i.imgur.com/3mze9tj.png
Skreehave done some very nasty things to get tiny soldering done
TheHexaCubebrb food time
tr0ubl3Yeah so have I, there is some perfect modwire for bodging
tr0ubl3Can fit onto a tssop pad nicely
TheHexaCubeACTION makes grunting noises
DocScrutinizer05TheHexaCube: just keep in mind that vias are not as beefy and fat as a wide trace - IOW sometimes you want 2 or 3 parallel vias
DocScrutinizer05ooh, you got 2 in some places already
DocScrutinizer05so what about J6:1 ?
theBearawwwwwwww... starting to look a lot like i left my good (works on fast/modern cards reliably, unlike many old/cheap ones) micro->regular sd card thingy in a laptop i sent home a couple days ago :(
jnewtany idea why pll wouldn't lock on a pic24f128gb108 microcontroller? prototyping a new design, but using same mcu / crystal / caps from another similar setup which locks fine. oscillator waveform looks spot on, the lock bit just never sets on this one.
DocScrutinizer05TheHexaCube: and your mounting holes are soewhat too close to PCB edge
DocScrutinizer05TheHexaCube: actually *I* had made copper fill on top act as VDD plane, not GND plane
monkeyislhttps://imgur.com/a/o0q9l anyone knows how do i make those red finish on the wires?
theBearmonkeyisl, they lookl ike little crimp-on ends (so the wire doesn't get all broken by the grub screw
theBearmonkeyisl, similar to spades and things like you see in cars and on the back of switches/iec/various things in commercial stuff... basically they all got a hole in the end where the wire goes, inside the red in this case, you stick a bit of stripped wire in there and crimp/squash the section the wire is inside
theBearmonkeyisl, http://www.elecdirect.com/crimp-wire-terminals like that
theBearlocal hardware store might have them, otherwise your favourite electronics supplier should have
theBearhehe, buttsplice
DocScrutinizer05TheHexaCube: your VDD+ from J6:1 to buffer caps C9,13,25.29 could use more vias
DocScrutinizer05TheHexaCube: also check - side of C26, looks strange, might be rendering only though. All 4 buffer caps seem to have only one thermal iso bridge on - pad (C25 none?) Could use 3
Jan-hihi :)
Jan-ACTION waves
Jan-I had an american delicacy last night
kcrowACTION waves back
Jan-there were camp fires, there were long sticks, there were marshmallows and graham crackers
Jan-ACTION dribbles 
kcrowohhhh, that sounds good
Jan-there was only one thing to do
Jan-well, eventually mmm
Jan-but it was OK, there was beer to soothe the burns
g0zI can think of other things to do
Jan-ACTION had a good night
Jan-ACTION regrets it this morning aarrrgh
kcrowACTION recommends v0dkaw
Jan-it was beer
Jan-thin fizzy american beer with no taste
Jan-but it was ok
Jan-ACTION ate and drank way too much
Jan-They had steak and mashed potato.
Jan-the mashed potato had lots of butter in it
Jan-so I ate a porpskillion calories and drank lots of beer. IT WAS GREAT.
TheHexaCubeDocScrutinizer05: I just got back
kcrowthat sounds GOOD
TheHexaCubeI actually noticed the holes being too close to the edges but forgot about it
Jan-it was
TheHexaCubethere's something weird going on with the caps indeed, I gotta investigate that
Jan-anyway now I'm at the airport again
Jan-I didn't get a ride on the airportmobile this time, we had to walk
spludJan-, the stuff popularly referred to as "beer" here in the USA is in reality just cold filtered sewage water.
Jan-splud it was OK
Jan-it made my brain go nice
TheHexaCubeDocScrutinizer05: right so that cap without any bridges to GND is correct, it's supposed to be like that
Jan-ACTION is now flying to LA
Jan-My flight is being called. I should go. They'll want to park me early
kcrowBai Jan-
kcrowenjoy your flight
Jan-caw :)
spludACTION firmly believes you should be able to drop a 100W incandescent bulb in your pitcher of beer and not be able to see any light from it.
kcrowCAW !
gurkisplud: now that is some dark beer :D
kcrowACTION suspects that bulb will crack
TheHexaCubemhhhm, dark beer.
gurkikcrow: depends on the bulb i guess.
DocScrutinizer05that's not beer, that stuff is called coffee
gurkimight actually not break when you put it on after putting it into that beer
TheHexaCubeman I want a Kirschgeiss now :(
gurkii should try this :)
gurkithank you for putting crazy ideas in a gurkis head *g*
TheHexaCubeKirschgeiss is life, Kirschgeiss is love
ThePendulumwhat's a kirschgeiss
theBeardon't spose anyone got a non-ANCIENT ver android terminal handy and feels like doing maybe pfft, busybox ls -n /path-to/ext-sdcard for me ? just looking for the numeric for media_rw uid/gid (i pretty sure) to prepare some sd bits on a real machine
TheHexaCubeyou take a dark beer, half a liter of coca cola and 4cl of uhh... cherry liqueur(?)
theBearno i don't <grin>
TheHexaCubepour it into a Maß
TheHexaCubeand drink it :D
TheHexaCubetastes really great
TheHexaCubeactually it's 2cl Cherry and 2cl cognag
TheHexaCubebut we never keep cognag around so more cherry it i s:P
TheHexaCubealso apparently google knows it as "Kirschgoaß"
theBearoh, i think that thing i just asked is impossible (default fat-something fs on ext-sd doesn't have user/group concept) so err, belay that order
DocScrutinizer05ACTION already wondered
gurkitheBear: there are android vms that might do the trick for your future needs
gurkithey ship with the android app coding thing
kcrowI have a real machine but no fat-stuff
TheHexaCubealso I'm gonna treat myself to a nice bottle of coconut wodka tomorrow *_*
kcrowv0dkaw !
TheHexaCubesadly it's the only stuff I could really drink a shitton of (well besides beer)
TheHexaCubeeverything else still tastes kinda bad :P
theBeargurki, or i could just turn on my fone <grin> but i'm lazy today
gurkitheBear: :P
spludACTION is firmly against drinking shit.
gurkiyou just reduced my willingness to help below zero :D
DocScrutinizer05TheHexaCube: anyway you don't want to charge 4 fat buffer caps from J6 across only one flimsy via
TheHexaCubeoh, I was thinking the motors wouldn't pull alot of current as the motors run with around 4V or something
theBeargurki, i probly didn't stress the "got one handy" aspect of my inquiry enough... i didn't expect more than at-most a click and a paste or type single liner from anyone... i might be a bit crazy, maybe even a little lazy, but i'm a reasonable man :)
TheHexaCubeso... 1A at 4V makes.... less A at 24 :D
TheHexaCubethe caps are 100uF each
DocScrutinizer05once that thing goes pooof you gonna drill it open ans solder a wire through it
theBeari should try one of them emulatey android-in-a-window things one day tho, sure it'd be handy for various bits and pieces
TheHexaCubebut no problem adding more vias
kcrowls -lat /media/
kcrowtotal 0
kcrowdrwxr-xr-x 1 root root 216 Oct 30 20:25 ..
kcrowdrwxr-xr-x 1 root root 0 May 1 2017 .
spludAny ideas on design considerations for a flame detector?
jan641. can't burn
spludOur pellet stove can run out of pellets or jam, etc occasionally, but continues to run blower (and the auger, which might continue to dump pellets).
OdinYggdsplud, cds photocell with vision of the flame.
spludI plan to make a warning sensor that comes on when the pellet stove is turned on, monitors the box for flame.
OdinYggdAlternately, mount a thermocouple right near the rim of the firepot
DocScrutinizer05either that, or meare NTC
spludI have IR phototransistor.
kcrowa squirrel can detect flames
OdinYggdThe thermocouple won't react quite as fast as the photocell will, but is less likely to be bothered by dirt
TheHexaCubecombine squirrel with microphone
theBearsplud, is there a nice little easy-to-aim pilot in there somewhere, or you gotta judge from a pig bile of burney-pellets ?
TheHexaCubeif it goes SQEEEEEEK
TheHexaCubeyou can detect that
OdinYggdA thermocouple would stop the stove once the fire went below a certain size
spludIR has benefit of being able to see the emissions even through a film of soot on the glass of the stove.
OdinYggdBut you would have to mount this thing right against the inside top of the firebox, looknig down into the firepot
theBearsplud, also, if there's a quick-enough change in air-temp maybe wherever the blower goes, that'd be a nice place maybe (flames tend to be a bit hot for most el;ectronics)
OdinYggdsince at low flame its just a little bar of glow
OdinYggdwhile at high flame its a good 10-20cm tall
OdinYggdACTION has worked on pellet stoves before
theBearwtf is a pellet stove ?
OdinYggdTake sawdust and compress it into pellets
OdinYggdThen make an automated stoker to burn those pellets
OdinYggdIts wood burning for the lazy
spludAnyway, some considerations are wanting it to detect loss of flame (or hot embers) before it's gone out, whereas the box can retain a fair bit of heat even after it's out.
theBearyeah but i mean, is it a cooking stove, or a heat-people/room kinda thing or what ?
spludit's wood burning automation.
OdinYggdI'd go with a thermocouple or thermistor mounted right to the side of the firepot
OdinYggdRoom haeting
OdinYggdSometimes whole house heating
spludthing will keep running when you've gone to bed. This is primary winter heat for us.
OdinYggdbut a temperature sensor right on the firepot would detect when the fire is unacceptably low, but not 100% dead either
theBearmmm, and glass-window front eh ? mmm, i tend to agree with the ir sensor then
OdinYggdYou would have some time to take action before it goes out fully
OdinYggdI disagree with the IR sensor because it will not work correctly unless it has line of sight to the burning fuel
OdinYggdWhich means cutting holes in the stove plate to install it
spludglass windows on side corners as well, which would allow for having a sensor near the control panel (easy wire tuck)
theBear^^ indeed, if it's always got you nearby to supervise, you could just trigger a audible/visible warning when it getting lower than it should, then take action manually
theBearOdinYggd, couldn't maybe hang it thru the flu/exhaust hole ?
spludI have some concern that a thermocouple inside the fire pot could get coated with ash and become insulated.
OdinYggdalso possible
spludI could tinker with using more than one input of course.
OdinYggdWouldn't be inside inside, would be on the rim of
theBearthermocouple wouldn't sense quick enough unless it was right in the middle methinks, and then it would get cooked and die
OdinYggdand measuring the firepot's temperature anyway
DocScrutinizer05weird approach: how about a CO2 sensor in funnel?
spludThermocouple necessitates having an instrumentation amplifier, and a split rail supply.
theBearoooh, that's a thinkin-mans approach right there
OdinYggdPellet stove fires don't start and stop instantly
splud(which I was tinkering with earlier in the week).
OdinYggdThey smolder for quite a while before going out
OdinYggdI suppose your infared sensor could read the firepot's temp the same way
theBearwhat about air intake ? if that is NOT fan-forced, lack of intake airflow would mean lack of fire
spludWell, an IR + more visible light sensor, both directed into the chamber.
spludtoo many venues for air intake AND the stove is running a blower, which is part of the issue - it'll happily continue to run even when the fire goes out.
DocScrutinizer05theBear: intake will work for a long while after fire stopped, thanks to the thermics in chimney
OdinYggdTypical pellet stove: http://www.woodlanddirect.com/Wood-Stove-and-Accessories/Pellet-Stoves/Napoleon-NPS45-Eco-Pellet-Stove
OdinYggdA small tray holds the burning pellets, and more are pushed up from beneath by an auger
spludI want to sound a buzzer when it is first detected to be waning, and peter off to a periodic (like low battery) chirp after that.
OdinYggdthe ash then overflows the top
OdinYggdor blows away in the airflow
spludAND turn off the fan.
theBearDocScrutinizer05, ahh, good point, i retract that idea :)
OdinYggdSo if your infared sensor could see down into the firepot and alert when the glow fell below a minimum intensity
spludvery low ash - can run several days on end without needing to clean out the firebox.
spludand it's more like a crucible pot where the pellets get dumped.
OdinYggdDoes yours feed from above or from below
spludnot a big mass area where you have logs spread out.
OdinYggdMost of the ones I've seen feed the pellets from beneath
OdinYggdin operation a clump of hot coals is visible
spludfeeds from a tubular chute at the rear, from above. Auger.
theBeari suppose if it burning not-enough, the temp of the fire-box will be noticably lowish, you could thermal-sense from the outside of that maybe ? simple diode or transistor would be fine
OdinYggdI mean where does the pellets enter the fire.
OdinYggdMost designs I've seen the auger pushes the pellets up into the base of the fire, and the burned ash overflows the top
OdinYggdIn operation you can see glowing embers, which your infared sensor would love to look at
OdinYggdWhereas if it is a top feed design where a chute drops the pellets into a cup
OdinYggdthe embers won't be as visible, and monitoring fire status is not nearly as easy
theBearit probly impractical, but maybe weight sensing could work ..? ya know, overweight=too many unburnt pellets
spludthe fire pot is a rectangular cup perforated with holes, air is forces through those into the base of the pellet mass. Ash tends to blow up and out (but there isn't like a cloud of it).
OdinYggdYeah, the ash blows out continually
theBearso far the co2/gas sensing approach sounds most sane
OdinYggdYours is top fed from the sound of it, which makes the infared approach have some issues
OdinYggdNamely when the fire is burning down there will be exposed embers and a really high infared signature
theBeari wonder what the output of a cheap car (mass-produced=CHEAP) sensor would look like for that kinda thing
spludImpractical. Also, chief form of failure is not enough pellets. But equally, a lul in pellet drop can result in the fire going out, and then the pellets continuing to feed and fill up the fire pot.
OdinYggdbut then when the fire is building up, the embers would be covered, and low readings produced
OdinYggdtbh it shouldn't be jamming at all.
OdinYggdFeed jams = moisture in pellet supply
OdinYggdor debris
theBearwhat about sensing temp at the base of the chimney on outside-surface ? when that isn't "quite hot" you know something is going wrong
spludOdinYggd, also too many broken pellets or powder.
OdinYggdWhy? Just measure the firepot temperature
OdinYggdIf the fire is too small because it is dying, the firepot will cool off
OdinYggdshould be possible to get it to trip while there is still a spoonful of embers in it
theBearmmm, i'm trying to err-away from the fire regardless of approach, cos it'll kill any sensor a lot quicker than not-close-to-fire
OdinYggdmanually putting a scoop of pellets in and clearing the jam would avoid having to re-fire
spludYea, I don't want to have to run stuff clear up the chimney (and even though ducted up through the fireplace chimney, the pipe is double insulated).
OdinYggdSee, that's why I initially said thermocouple
OdinYggdThey can take the heat no problem
spludOdinYggd, which is where knowing the fire is waning would be helpful.
OdinYggdGet it as close to the fire as you can without actually being in the fire
theBearOdinYggd, mmm, the couple itself cna, tho wires will tend to age poorly if they ever get wiggled/moved
OdinYggdWhat about inserting the sensor through the air path
p0g0fwiw, the pellet stoves first used pea coal. They are an ancient tech, reknowned for trouble.
theBearif it was ALWAYS a lack of pellets, you could just opto-sense somewhere in the pellet-feed path
OdinYggdNono genius idea
OdinYggdPut your infared sensor in the air duct beneath the firepot
DocScrutinizer05I'd put a temperature sensor to the outside at a convenient place that cools down quickly when no fire
theBearmust be very different living places where you NEED heating in houses/everywhere...
spludanything inside the fire chamber also has issues with being interfered with when cleaming the chamber out (the pot itself is removable), and necessitates having a hole to route it out through.
OdinYggdAt all times it will be cooled and protected by the airflow
OdinYggdAnd if the fire is too low, the incoming air will cause the surface of the pot to cool very quickly
OdinYggdGiving a sharp response
DocScrutinizer05you have several minutes, maybe a quarter of an hour before real mess happens when fire foes off
DocScrutinizer05goes out*
OdinYggdThat too
theBearOdinYggd, oooh, i get what you saying, that's certainly not-not-smart :)
OdinYggdI had a coal stove on the farm :)
OdinYggdIt used a sloped tray with holes for air and a clockwork gadget on top to feed the coal
OdinYggdAnd in at least one incident, the feeder was set too fast and it literally pushed the fire right off the end of the tray
OdinYggdBut if I had an infared sensor up inside the air duct aimed at the perforated plate, it would have seen the plate temperature plunge and cut the feeder
theBearACTION is no stranger to very manual wood/coal space-heaters, water-heaters and even olden-times integrated cooking-stove/heat-water+everything-else things :-)
spludMore often than not, the fault is lack of pellets that doesn't self-resolve. But jam sucks. Would just as soon there were a reminder.
DocScrutinizer05it's not like you need to yell RED ALERT when the fire is too low
OdinYggdIf you live in new england, canada, or alaska, you just about do need to
OdinYggdNo heat in January = ruined house
spludThere's also the issue that this isn't free standing in the middle of a room - disconnecting chimney seals and dragging it out is a major PITA.
p0g0A strain gauge under the stove could detect too much mass (pellets accumulating without burning). A simple water pipe across the top of the combustion chamber could tell you if there was heat generated or not (folk use that tech often for heating water).
DocScrutinizer05aiui it's just to have a 'reminder' when the fire is off, to stop pellets falling in
OdinYggdWithin a matter of hours, all the plumbing will freeze and burst
OdinYggdYeah, he wants it to stop the pellet feed if there is no fire
OdinYggdIMO you should leave the blower running regardless.
OdinYggdNot going to hurt anything to have the combustion air on fire or not
theBearlotta time saved with something simple like going from a big tank-beside-cooking-area giant-box-of-wood-fire kinda system to gas cooker+water-heater+whatever ... plus you don't gotta plan yer showers hours ahead of time (you don't run the thing flat-out all day, that just wastes wood and cooks the room where the thing lives..) you can just ya know, have one when you want it :)
spludNo, if fire goes low, chirp some. if it foes out, continue a periodic chirp, but cut auger and 'x' minutes after going out, cut fan.
spludall the actions are separate issue. First task is detecting the fire consistently.
theBearDocScrutinizer05, and a lotta euro-land from what i gather... but this country 99% of places you can get by with just a jumper or jacket and no heat-thing on the coldest of days, and there ain't a lot of them to begin with
OdinYggdhttps://coalpail.com/coal-forum/download/file.php?id=67143&t=1 is what the coal stove I had uses
DocScrutinizer05splud: that sounds like a straigt temperature -> reaction function
theBearsplud, any reason you don't like the co2 sensor idea ?
spludIR sensors I have are also triggered by most wide spectrum visible light (incandescent and sun, but not LED)
OdinYggdWe upgraded to this because my mom was terrified of the hand-fired stove we had and wouldn't keep it lit
OdinYggdThe self-stoking was easier to operate, just add coal and remove ash
OdinYggda thermostat would change the firing rate to match the heat demand
spludmounting CO2 means extracting the stove installation and putting a CO2 sensor someplace.
theBearsplud, for that you use a dark filter (usually plastic, but that no good here) like tv/vcr/dvd remote-peekholes tend to have over 'em
OdinYggdWhy not just poke a hole in the stove's vent pipe and plug the sensor in
OdinYggdI think that's why it was suggested, really easy installation
p0g0The screw can jam too, so some sort of encoder on that would do. Again, a small copper loop with a fluid (if water, you'll need a reservoir or such) that transports heat out of the box will let you measure the internal T well enough I think. I wouldn't try anything that sat in the stack directly, it would just crap up.
theBearsplud, tho i sure that some % of ir sensors (phototransistor/similar) out there come with that dark/visible filter integrated/permanently attached
OdinYggdBut I am liking the idea of an infared sensor in the air supply duct would be the winner
OdinYggdbecause the perforated plate of the firepot would block most of the visible, making it register black body radiation
theBearsplud, i was thinking just poke a hole in the chimney, but it sounding liket his whole thing is less free-standing than i assumed
p0g0Something that read the temp of the exhaust pipe might do OK
OdinYggdand the airflow into the fire would cool the sensor and wiring
spludThe phototransistor I'm using is itself smoky.
spludI have some blue, and pink shelled variants as well, but no actual specs on them.
DocScrutinizer05splud: put on black glasses and then consider what you'd do regarding that pellet stove
DocScrutinizer05I guess you would touch it to feel if it's hot
theBearsmokey is halfway there, but to the bare eye it needs to look VERY dark/basically like solid black to really get most visible stuff filtered out
jan64DocScrutinizer05, that sounds like a great way to get burned
DocScrutinizer05if you're a fool then yes
DocScrutinizer05I for one stop approaching hot surfaces a few centimeters before I touch them, when I start feeling the heat
gurkithat requires you realizing that it might be hot
DocScrutinizer05a NTC however will happily work up to a few 100° C
jan64well, you said yourself, "touch".
jan64but, yes.
gurkiaccidents dont ussually happen by ppl expecting whats going to happen
jan64You do have a valid point regarding the method.
kmemif I hear sizzling after I touch it, it was toooo hot :)
spludexhaust pipe is inside a brick chimney. This is a pellet stove insert. Not free standing. It's enough to access the control board on the one side, but having extracted the stove a couple of times before (dealing with cleaning), it is a major PITA I'd like to avoid.
theBearwoops, that network cable needs to be plugged in to make everything work
p0g0splud: the pipe thru the combustion chamber stuff is common, upon consideration, you don't need a fluid, just clamp a T guage on the extruding end of the pipe, heat conducts.
DocScrutinizer05splud: why would you have to extract it?
jan64kmem, i've read a fun thing on wikipedia recently, sort of related " A pop or click noise emanating from the eyeball may be the only indication that retinal damage has occurred i.e. the retina was heated to over 100 °C resulting in localized explosive boiling accompanied by the immediate creation of a permanent blind spot."
spludDocScrutinizer05, the pellet stove is INSIDE the fireplace chamber of a standard log-type open fireplace. Thus "pellet stove INSERT"
DocScrutinizer05is this a reason to extract it?
p0g0splud: I bet that steel pipe inside the brick chills fast- does creosote and such build up more quickly than you'd expect?
DocScrutinizer05I'd think that's a reason to NOT extract it
spludIf I have to get behind it to connect sensors to the output ducting, yea, which is why I don't want to go that route.
DocScrutinizer05then why don't you go the route I suggested?
p0g0splud: well, the coal fired power plants use an opacity sensor above the stack, that tech is around too.
kmemI would hate for my eyeball(s) to make any noises :/
spludWell, I need to run some tests to figure out where outside I can affix a temp sensor that will provide meaningful results.
jan64Yep. High power lasers are scary.
DocScrutinizer05splud: I'm pretty sure there's lot of surface on that thing where you could attach a thermosensor with a magnet or the like
spludkmem, <kersplurch> is prolly a noise you don't want your eyeballs to make
spludmagneet and heat. Cool.
DocScrutinizer05no problem unless it gets too hot
kmemsilent eyeballs are good
DocScrutinizer05I don't assume the surface of that thing starts glowing
theBeartalk about timing... first line relevant... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiiUh0PygvM&feature=youtu.be&t=6 re: if you're a fool (woulda made sense if it was on time, like 3 minutes ago) .. also mild language/sillyness warning
g0zI have retina issues, maybe I fried my eye ball
theBearkinda a funny scene if you don't mind a bit of silly actually, i feel
DocScrutinizer05but if you feel uncomfortable with magnets, attach a lever to the wall next to the oven and just press the sensor to the surface
kmemglowing things may be poor choices to touch
TheHexaCubeACTION touches the sun
kmemI know I picked up a glowing brick accidentally and I was immediately sorry
spludokay, more experimentation is in order then.
DocScrutinizer05anyway I think there are few solutions other than (drilling a hole and) screw sensor on, or use magnets, or use a lever mounted to the wall nearby. Glue obviously won't worj any better than magnets ;-)
p0g0Brazing, welding, gravity...
DocScrutinizer05hehe, right
p0g0The magnets might fail if they get enough heat.
DocScrutinizer05good luck with all three
p0g0gravity works
DocScrutinizer05p0g0: that's true but would result in a false positive
DocScrutinizer05magnet fails, sensor off, temperature low, -> alarm
p0g0ohh, ok
DocScrutinizer05flase positive is not as bad as a false negative
DocScrutinizer05and when you use e.g. 30mm long magnetic rods, ods are the ends of those rods stay always cool enough in free air
DocScrutinizer05you can extend the distance using mere steel rods on top of the magnets
DocScrutinizer05or a U shaped magnet
DocScrutinizer05honestly I don't think an oven you're supposed to operate in a living room where you accidentally could touch that thing is getting so hot on surface that magnets are a problem
jan64according to this, for some magnets, it's as low as 310C
DocScrutinizer05yeah, the lowest
DocScrutinizer05sounds absolutely safe to me, as long as the magnet has free air ventilation and not directly sticks on the hot surface
DocScrutinizer052mm of whatever iso material in between would reduce temeprature a 100 or 200°C already
spludI will look to run some experiments.
DocScrutinizer05tbh I doubt the surface reaches 300°C
DocScrutinizer05and same wiki page mentions other neodym magnets that have Tc of 700°C
spludWas originally thinking that with a uC monitoring the IR sensor, I could (after some experimentation) look for variations in the level. So healthy on is above some level, and active flame would involve a fairly rapid fluctuation of the level (unlike ambient light)
DocScrutinizer05not neodym
spludnow I'm wondering what's in a cheap IR temp sensor?
vegiiHi. I have a module with a gyroscope/accelerometer and some 5-pin, tiny part with "S20A" marking. How can I find out what it is?
theBearACTION smiles
theBearvegii, got a decent-res non-blurry pic you can link ?
vegiigonna take one
DocScrutinizer05vegii: that's extremely difficult
DocScrutinizer05there are a few websites that list component vs printing
DocScrutinizer05they are never comprehensive
vegiiI bet it's an LDO, not a magnetometer...
theBearvegii, tho general approach is workout what the part is, then trawl thru appropriate lists/datasheets to find one that is marked S20A .... cos they so teeny (most smd bits) there is HUGE overlap on markings between all kinds of brands and different components
spludSame part marking could be wildly different parts in the same case style even.
DocScrutinizer05so first RE the schematics
vegiiit has the same logo and package as the LDO on a pro mini clone
theBearvegii, mmm, things like that are usually easy to edu-guess visually (and maybe a poke with a meter set to beep) .. ldo will have a gnd pin or two, one pin connect to v+ input, one with a easy to measure output voltage if it not dead, or a beepable out to likely v+ pins on the rest of the pcb if dead
spludbut an LDO doesn't need 5 pins.
vegiidifferent marking, but yea... probably LDO
DocScrutinizer05hey, when it has a logo, you won
theBearACTION enjoys the guessing game
jan64might still be in a weird package
jan64are all of them connected?
jan64and, if so, are some of them connected together?
vegiiyea, some are
spludSo, the cen-tech IR thermometer used in the above tear down (I merely searched for a cheap IR termometer teardown to see what's inside), reveals that there's a serial port header in the device...
DocScrutinizer05there are a lot of LDO with >3 pins
DocScrutinizer054 and 5 very common, for current limiting and voltage programming
theBearACTION kinda wants to see a picture now, have a proper guess
DocScrutinizer05when you got a logo, you got the manuf, you got a very low number of possible components and each if them has a unique mark by that manuf
theBearalso, if it ISN'T broken, measuring voltages while powered will make any regs very obvious, and a lotta other things if you know what to expect/assume about your readings
vegiiit is an LDO for sure... gotta check the voltage, probably 5v>3v3...
DocScrutinizer05now the cghallenge is to find the manuf using that logo
vegiialso, pic incoming
JupeliusIs there any other systems than oscilloscope to record voltages over time in multiple channels?
JupeliusVoltages would be low (<1V) and the frequency <1kHz
DocScrutinizer05err yes, a DMM with PC connection for example
DocScrutinizer05rtaher a few of them
theBearvegii, if it for a standalone sensor module it could well be less than 3v3 these days
bobo1on1arduino with the analog inputs would work also
theBearJupelius, bus-pirate is a good start to lookup various things that can do that kinda stuff
JupeliustheBear: that's a product name?
DocScrutinizer05Jupelius: or, if the frequency isn't too low, just use audio-in of your PC
theBearJupelius, product or project, not sure, but wide world of web will find it easy
kmembus pirate is good tool
vegiieven better than arduino would be an STM bluepill. The cheap handheld oscilloscopes use em
JupeliusDocScrutinizer05: my sound card do not have multiple channels
JupeliusThe amount of channels should be atleast 10
kmemACTION agrees with theBear
bobo1on1sound card often does not do DC
JupeliusI don't need the DC component
theBearnot until you solder in a couple choice places <grin>
DocScrutinizer05Jupelius: good luck with finding a 10 chan scope ;-)
bobo1on1well then you get DC with an offset
bobo1on1granted it's still DC
theBearJupelius, what kinda resolution/precision/samplerate you need ?
theBearbobo1on1, yeah, but usually a pretty static and digital-land easy removable kinda one :)
vegiitheBear: how do you like my crusty af versatip soldering?
JupeliusHmm.. Not sure yet, but less than 1mV
theBearmost soundcards got a ugly dc offset on the input post input-ac-coupling anyway it seems
JupeliusAnd if the frequencies are less than 1kHz then the sample rate is probably not an issue
JupeliusActually they're probably less than 100 Hz
Jupeliusbrb, grocery store run
theBearvegii, v+ and gnd in, cap on output side, that gotta be a reg... and meh, while it ain't pretty, and a couple look a bit like they ran outta smoke (aka flux) before they set, they look pretty functional from here :)
EntropyWizardsomething like http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/lp2980-n.pdf, see if the 5th pin has 2 V on it
vegiiI gotta invest in a good soldering iron. Dremel versatip is not really the thing for being the only soldering iron
vegiiit runs too hot...
redrabbityou can get temp regulated on ali for 14 bucks with extra tips
TheTrashGet one that takes 900-series tips
vegiiwith a station, or just the pen thingy?
redrabbitregulation is inside the iron
TheTrashMy station with 900-series tip and heatgun was like 45 euros shipped.
redrabbitbut its real temp. regulation no bs
TheTrashBut there's handles that have it built-in as well.
theBearvegii, also (general tips for guessing/finding stuff like this) to use this board as a example, you pretty sure there gonna be a reg on the board (cos you want nice VERY quiet power for that kinda sensor), and you know the big chip is the sensor itself, and assuming there no other parts outside that pic we can see, you basically "sure" that it's gonna be a reg
vegiitheBear: well, a magnetometer was a second option
vegiitheBear: some ali sellers claim it is a magnetometer...
theBearvegii, also for general v+/gnd locating on tiny things (i do a lotta work in fones and lappies where nothing is obvious often) beeping the end of any physically "large" caps like that one next to the 5pin something, to gnd to confirm a gnd end, then measure voltage from gnd to other end of that cap, generally if it a rail it'll be a nice steady voltage, anything else will be all over the shop fast digital something
mitmfelf girl
vegiithe sensor has an i2c master for a magnetometer, and there are also boards that have both
mitmfhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMcWbAufarc <—— 2:11 elf girl
DocScrutinizer05hmmm http://www.s-manuals.com/pdf/datasheet/r/1/r1162x_series_ricoh.pdf S20xx
theBearvegii, second option for what ? and pretty easy to confirm what it is once you got it "working" ... wave a magnet nearby, or maybe power it on upside down and see what you see... gyro output won't care much about all but the strongest of mag-fields, and will tend to slowly drift-roll as gyro's do, accell will only respond to accell (and if integrated will account for gyro drift correction) and magnet/compass style sensors will very obviously output
theBeardiffent when flipped or a magnet nearby
theBear^^ don't take much magnet near a chip to look like 100times a north/south pole of a huge planet
DocScrutinizer05is that Logo a "R"?
DocScrutinizer05for Ricoh
theBeari say, that logo is, very hard to make out
vegiiidk, gonna take a second pic
theBearquick image-search suggests that if it is an "R" on the chip, it isn't ricoh-shaped
vegiisame logo here, that's a pro mini clone https://i.imgur.com/TzP3wol.jpg
theBearfirst half of the p/n matches too
theBearand the pinout
theBearwhatever that logo is sposed to be, looks a bit like a rainbox kinda thing to me
vegiiyes :p I bet it's a 5V vreg on the pro mini and 3v3 on the accelerometer
theBearwow, that image-list is way better than the one that been hanging around webland forever
theBearthere sure are a lot more semi companies/logos than there were 15 or 20 years ago
vegiiyup, thanks for the link
vegiiit seems there are still some that aren't listed there
theBearhmm, scanned the list twice, unless the one on these 2 chips is an abstract/small-part of a logo i don't see it on that list
vegiime neither... Shenzhen market exclusive part, apparently
theBearvegii, do you really need more info than we got tho ? basically 99.999999% sure we dealing with a reg, likely same series just a diff. voltage as the one on that mini clone you showed
DocScrutinizer05S20 suggests 2.0V
theBearlotta parts that size don't have anything other than crappy blocky font text/digits, if that makes it feel any better :)
theBearDocScrutinizer05, but what then does S2J on the other avr board suggest ?
DocScrutinizer05at least Ricoh would use that
theBear^^ which i would guess uses 3.3v
vegii2.0V is odd and below the specification of the gyroscope, so nope
theBearbut nonetheless, i point back at my "do you need more info ?" line
vegiiI don't... nope
DocScrutinizer05RE chips, always such 'fun'¡
theBearalso re: voltage, can you not just apply some volts to vcc/gnd and measure the output side (non-gnd'd end of the cap next to it) voltage ?
vegiiit's 99.999% surely 3.3v on the gyroscope and 5.0v on pro mini
DocScrutinizer05ACTION waves and heads out
vegiijust by looking at the datasheets
anisfarhanatawr the geek.
theBearwith tiny fets/bjt's like you find near say, pwm fan outputs on a mobo, i long ago gave up trying to find data via the spartan semi-p/n printed on 'em, just started using common-sense to workout what is needed and replacing to that spec
vegiinot of the vregs, but the other parts that they're powering
enycACTION meows
theBearvegii, what is the minimum v+ input on the mini pcb ?
vegiilike 2.35v... just a second
vegii2.375V - 3.46V for the accelerometer
theBearvegii, the whole pcb or just the actual sensey chip
vegiithe sensei chip
theBearumm, what ?
vegiisensor itself
theBearhmm, looks like pro mini board comes in 2 vers (3.3v and 5v, err, avr/reg-output voltages i assume)
Sculptor5V is the tarduino version
vegiifor the pro mini, it seems like it has a 8M oscillator (marked "80n.", weird) so it could be also 3.3v
RickyB98hello guys :) (sidenote was i so retarded to not be able to complete the captcha to enter the webchat)
theBearS20A S2PJ .. hmmm, hard to guess a likely p/n pattern matching anything like 5 and 3.3 or 2 or 1.8 or anything really, it'd be like quantum-physics, to get a plausible guess you'd have to also assume MANY inbetween voltages/parts also exist <grin> many more than sounds remotely likely, again like quantum physics <biggrin>
theBearRickyB98, don't be sad ! we all had bad days with the old kap-chah things :)
vegiilemme just solder a wire and see what comes out on vcc for the pro mini :p
RickyB98not sure i can put this question in here. i'm trying to make a model aircraft that should fly on a single prop engine with an electric motor. we're talking about a very light aircraft that should weight about 1kg in total and fly at 19.5 kmh at max efficiency. since it's a thing i'm doing from scratch, i was supposing i might need a 12x6 prop (based on proportions), but i'm not sure what motor to pick, how many RPMs it should handle and the amps
theBearvegii, that's the spirit, end this madness ! <grin>
RickyB98so is anyone here able to guide me through it?
redrabbitRickyB98: try rc forums
zzlaare you new to electronics, RickyB98 ?
theBearRickyB98, erm, remind me how the AxB prop thing works (been MANY years since i had to order/spec a rc prop, or any one really :-] ) and these days, i'd say yer motor is gonna be one of the smallest "brushless" motors yer local rc/model shop stocks
RickyB98it's kinda weird to ask in here since it's not an aerospace channel, but i haven't found any. also, i'm an aerospace engineering student but i just don't understand how i'm supposed to choose it since every wing profile is different and they producers on amazon will not say like "these RPMs will give this thrust"
RickyB98zzla: not new to electronics, but wouldn't say i master it :) of course if you talk to me about voltage, amps, power etc. i would definitely understand it
RickyB98theBear: AxB - i read - is diameter x pitch
theBearRickyB98, for a start, i'd say look at model-shops and those kinda sites, maybe even prop-manuf's (from rc land, not big props) sites, for anything like that kinda rpm==power/whatever specs, cos ali/china kinda sites always skip that info, IF they even have it
RickyB98the chord of the wing is 30cm, hence why i was looking at 12 inch cuz that'd be around 30 cm
theBear12" is a BIG prop, i've seen probably 20-40kg giant rc planes with less than that pulling them thru the air
theBearalso modern rc engines ("brushless" in rc talk, bldc 3phase motors in lowdown electronics talk) go CRAZY fast and have HUGE torque compared to any small electric motors before them
RickyB98yea as i said i got no clue how to pick any dimension out of this
RickyB98"bldc 3phase" hahaha
vegiitheBear: 3.30V on the pro mini
theBeardamn, you'd think "aerospace engineering" would at least give you a clue about this kinda thing, i'm no expert in the field, but it sounds like it should cover the basics <grin>
RickyB98well ya know, they give you the formula like "T = 1/2 d n^2 D^4 C_t"
RickyB98but then you won't find the C_t coefficient anywhere out there lmao
theBearerm, not only did i not know they give you that, i got no idea what a C_t coeff. is good for ;-)
RickyB98btw that formula says that the thrust is directly proportional to the RPMs, the diameter of the prop, the density of the fluid and... the coefficient
vegiiso I became an ESD zapper...
theBearhmm, so the coefficient is related to the angle/blade-size of the prop i guess ?
vegiiI might need a humidifier
theBearvegii, you often notice a little jolt in everyday life when you touch something gnd'd ?
vegiiespecially right after I get up from my chair
RickyB98theBear: yes
DocScrutinizer05don't wear those plastic clothes!
RickyB98if you take the lift formula the angle of attack determines the Cl which is the coeff. of lift, which makes sense because you can find wing profiles on the internet and the coeff you need
RickyB98just... not for blades hehe
RickyB98i believe the problem here is that my group and I are going like "kay we need a thing to fly, great. this is the weight, this profile is good, this is the speed we want, this is the power we need. now what?"
Elliedif you were transferring a moderately-low-RF (<100MHz) signal over a short distance (less than 30 cm) between two separate PCBs, and you wanted something that would not accidentally disconnect easily and was lightweight, what kind of connection would that be?
theBearvegii, ahh, in that case, if you working with lots of sensitive stuff, and find straps as annoying as i do, maybe you should... i noticed when i moved states from where i learned 90% of my electronics skills/trade, not a BIG difference in avg daytime humidity, but suddenly i went from NEVER feeling a tickle regardless of footwear/flooring/etc etc etc, to regularly feeling various sized ones, and suddenly started thinkin like you are, at least when
theBearwas working inside other peoples EXPENSIVE equipment ... and always remember, careful angling/approach where you always make sure to touch a big case/gnd on anything as your hands approach it, making you nicely the same potential as the unpowered circuit you touching at, makes a WORLD of difference even in humid situations when yer not got a strap on
ElliedJust soldering wires to both boards is an option but not ideal, it would be nice to be able to disconnect them and reconnect them at least sort of easily
theBearRickyB98, if you can afford a little "wasting money" you could always get some random small-mid sized prop from a rc-place, with fairly average shaped/width blades, do some testing to workout what the coefficient is for blades that shape/angle and that n'th of 360deg width, then you'll have enough to get a good idea what you'll get out of any similar prop ?
RickyB98i don't have such a complex equipment to make those measurements
theBearEllied, just about anything if it just 100mhz, if it an aerial/transmission-line-sensitive kinda thing, it might matter a bit more, be nice to use a coax kinda connector
RickyB98and i don't think such a high level of precision is even needed
RickyB98my major doubt is about making the electronics of battery + motor + blade work
theBearRickyB98, cos of your skill level, or err, why ?
SpeedEvilRickyB98: propcalc.de
SpeedEvildownload and use
RickyB98aka i don't want either of these 3: 1) a blade that won't create enough thrust, 2) a motor that cannot make the blade rotate fast enough, 3) a battery that will not explode because of the motor requiring too much amp
mra90is there any channel for RF circuit FM etc?
Elliedactually it just occurred to me that my passband requirements are likely much higher than that. I was being silly and confusing my input pulse rep rate with the actual bandwidth of the pulses, and since they're δ-functions... yeah, u.fl might be the one for the job
RickyB98SpeedEvil: that site won't load
SpeedEvilhttp://www.drivecalc.de/PropCalc/ oops
Elliedor SMA, that would be less likely to get pulled out accidentally
SpeedEvilOr drivecalc, which does the whole drivetrain
mra90SpeedEvil: any channel for RF?
SpeedEvilalso #multirotors
SpeedEvilmra90: #hamradio
theBearas usual, SpeedEvil with the save, the old "skinny dope" as possibly noone calls it these days
mra90SpeedEvil: thanks
theBearoooh, and it even by a guy with a cool .de name
mra90anyway, do you gyus have circuit for RF transmiiter and receiver (analog) rather simple one?
vegiitheBear: pro mini is 3.30v, accelerometer is 3.34v. Riddle solved
DocScrutinizer05no LDO is precise to 1%
theBearmra90, the wide world of web got lots... personally i like using an image-search something like https://duckduckgo.com/?q=radio+rx+tx+circuit&t=ffsb&atb=v91-2_w&iax=images&ia=images maybe, to find such generic circuits that suit my needs (easy to see how big/complex and often more this way)
vegiialso, they put an LED on that board and Vcc is LDO input, meh
theBearvegii, dare i suggest, 3.3v with maybe +-.05v-ish tolerance
theBearooh, doc dared before me !
vegiiI think they could be 3.3v and 3.33v parts
mra90theBear: it shall be analog
mra90your example conatins IC
theBearman, the cajones he must have ! didn't even qualify it with a "dare i ..." ! wowee
restoreranyone have suggestions for IR thermometers in the $25-$60 range? A step or two above the cheap ones, but not quite Fluke
theBearmra90, my example contains a huge list of rf circuits, involving both ics and not-ic's, plus you are allowed to adjust the search terms a bit
theBeara lot really, i'm not the boss of you
mra90theBear: ok enough now
mra90thanks! :)
RickyB98how does it work instead in terms of current absorbed by the motor?
DarkUraniumgood job me.
vegiiumm nevermind, looked up a datasheet of ams1117, there aren't that many variants available, so probably both are 3.30v
DarkUraniumI just spent long enough looking at 16-bit ADCs that I forgot what I needed them for.
zzlawell done
DarkUraniumI remember I wanted to measure voltage (that is, a more or less constant voltage [think voltmeter], as opposed to a signal) ... but *why*?
theBearrestorer, this is only a site i picked cos it local and i use it a lot, http://www.altronics.com.au/search/all/?sr=thermometer&pz=64 ... but if you look a few lines down, there a lot of noname/cheapy things like those all over the place in recent years... personally i find the main thing i look for vs the cheapy (often laser-pointer shaped) ones, is going over 200-220C, which seems to be a common point that many sensors top-out, but maybe you don'
theBearneed to go that high
theBearRickyB98, to get a kinda semi-ballpark power thing going on, i'd be starting with taking watts listed by propcalc and comparing to watts in electronics-land, maybe with a few % added for motor efficiency (that's likely easy to lookup for a few motors to get a rough idea what is common for a given motor style)
theBearDarkUranium, "I just spent long enough looking at 16-bit ADCs that I forgot what I needed them for." heh, problem solved ! you gone from some work you gotta do to no work needs doing, AND learnt a bunch about adc's in the meantime <grin>
RickyB98yes i have that.. even without that program i calculated that the power i need is 25 W, so with a pretty bad motor i should require 50 W
DarkUraniumtheBear, lol
DarkUraniumtheBear, mostly just one ADC, the ADS1110
RickyB98by pretty bad i mean it's eta is 50 %
theBearRickyB98, and watts of course are volts*amps (which is a bit tricky with most motors on a sub-single-rotation kinda level, but easy avg'd over a slightly longer arbitrary time) so that lets you start mathing around with battery voltages and max current for everything from the batt -> motor-controller electronics -> motor itself
theBearACTION muses
vegiiI recently noticed such a device for like 15 euro locally, looks neat for 5eur on ali https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Pen-Type-Non-Contact-Infrared-IR-Digital-LCD-Thermometer-with-Battery-ALI88/32835870389.html
theBear9.6v sounds common, 50w / 9.6v = 5.2a .... that doesn't sound like a HUGE batt/motor controller, by rc standards
vegiinot buying cuz I don't need it, but it's nice
RickyB98yea okay on that.. but my point is.. let's suppose i have a 6 V tension , then i would "need" 8 amps
RickyB98the "need" part, what does that mean?
RickyB98like how do i "give" the motor 8 amps?
RickyB98so in that case, i believe it's the motor "taking" 8 amps, am i right?
theBearvegii, i got one around that size, local-market equiv. of same price, but more laser-pointer colour-theme, all grey and silver highlights etc, just under 10 years ago from a rc-shop... reads quite fast, neeeded only 1 or 2 rounds of new batts (maybe 2 or 3 little lr44 or so) for MANY uses, and apart from topping out around 200C, it been very reliable... and whenever i had something known (known temp or another temp-reading-something) to compare to,
theBearalways seemed to be within about a .1 of a C, which is the same as the display resolution, which is nice
RickyB98off for dinner, good talk, bbl! :)
theBearRickyB98, it don't work like that, you give a motor X volts, and depending on the motor itself, and the load (spinup torque to move the prop, and/or load from prop moving fluid) at any given time, Y amps will be sucked outta the power source, assuming it can provide that amount
vegiitotally gonna include this soldermask from now on
theBeari always liked the old "E 2 BRUTE" on the pcb of the olden-times/very-early sampling keyboard, the emu E2 (or was it just Emu model/mk 2, aka E2 ? you get the idea) hidden nice and deep where only a dedicated tech would even spy it
restorertheBear, vegii: I'm intending to use it mostly for cooking, but even for cooking 220C is low, for surface measurements
restorerI usually go for the pistol grip type
tawranisfarhana: !
vegiiokay, didn't expect 220 to be little for cooking
spludheh, emu.
anisfarhanatawr the geek.
restorerI mean, if I were grilling, I'd want to measure surfaces in excess of 800 F
spludWas the name of a product I used to work on.
spludEnergy Monitoring Unit.
tawranisfarhana: heh :P
tawrnot today (and yesterday)
tawri was tawr the lumberjack
spludprior devs had used a drawing of an Emu (flightless bird) on the 404 page internal to the device.
spludSomething I referred to as "getting the bird"/
restorerI figure I'd need it more often for a higher temperature range for cooking than for random electronics stuff
spludACTION queues Monty Python Lumberjack sketch
restorerbut yeah, I'm looking at things like these right now: http://amzn.to/2Ahk7U1 http://amzn.to/2AhWdYP http://amzn.to/2zTGNuE http://amzn.to/2AhwiQI
tawrrestorer: what exactly do you want
tawrthose are all 10 dollar chicom tools restorer
tawrlike shipped to your door for 10 dollars on aliexpress in 10 days.
tawrso either BUY it from aliexpress and save yourself 20 bucks, or spend more and get the GOOD/real kind
restorertawr: I haven't narrowed down exact things I want, I'm just wondering if there are any specific features that show up between cheap Chinese junk and high-end Fluke-type devices
tawrhigh aspect ratio, high temp measurement, an actually aligned laser, etc
restoreralso hoping to get something with decent build-quality (not like the one I borrowed that fell apart when I pulled the trigger slightly wrong)
tawrlook at the 62max which is around ~100
tawr300ms read time, 1200f max temp, .2f resolution etc
restoreryeah... I don't actually think I need anything high-end so much that it'd be worth $100 to me
tawrall those 20-30 dollar ones on amazon are 10 dollar aliexpress models
restorerwhich is why I'm looking at features in the $25-$60 range
tawrso just buy from aliexpress.
spludI'm wondering how different is a PIR element from a standard thermopile.
tawrthere's nothing in that range that i know of that isn't just overpriced 10 dollar units. i am in the market to buy a SMALL fob/keychain style one
restorerokay, $35-$60 range ;P
restorerokay, thanks, that's an answer I was looking for :)
tawri have an extech DMM with integrated ir temp
tawrit's within 1% of my thermocouple
tawrbut i want something small so i've been in the market also :)
tawrrestorer: https://www.amazon.com/Thermometer-Janisa-AD6530D-Temperature-thermocouple/dp/B01MTLLWNA/
tawrfrom what i can tell the 2012-2014 models only go up to 800-900f
tawrthe newer ones go up to 1200f
tawri'd buy that one
jaggzso.. I'm reading this page cuz my not-very-old Nolo book is falling apart
_abc_I see #reprap is dead quiet?! Huh?
jaggzman.. Google's convenient high speed spying links
jaggzooh.. _abc_, what you working on?
HallmanLabscan anyone think of a reason that a Weller WESD51 and matching iron can show 450-500F, but after soldering maybe for 10 mins that tip temp falls below the temp required to melt solder, usually in the 300's.
HallmanLabsWellers are supposed to be one of the best brands around in the USA
jaggztime dilation?
HallmanLabsthe station won't get the heat back up to above 400F unless I change the temp on the satation
HallmanLabseven though it is set for say 450 already
jaggzgood quality doesn't mean things never fail
HallmanLabsit's only 3 years old
jaggzif say this would be a good Google search and maybe a call too their support (maybe only if it's under warranty)..
tawrrestorer: see the pic?
_abc_jaggz: trying to breathe life into a Chinese 3d printer on and off, helping someone out
jaggzwhat do you guys think would be going bad that causes that?
HallmanLabsyeah, I figured i'd ask anyway
tawrHallmanLabs: it is weird, since it's showing the current temp properly
restorertawr: a specific pic on that Amazon page?
tawrerr link, not pic, force of habit
restorertawr: I do see that it takes/has the same kind of thermocouple as my DMM
tawrthe unit i linked
jaggzhere's how you make your book binding feel better
tawri went through my wishlists to see which one i almost bought a while back
restorerhah, nice
tawrand that is the one i almost bought. thermocouple + 1200f IR temp reading + color screen
tawrat the low end
tawrof your price range
restorerwell now it's on my wishlist for someone to get for me this Christmas
restorerI put it on my list of devices to consider (open tabs to come back to...) just to see if it had any redeeming qualities other than the fancy screen
restorerI guess when I was going through these before, I was skimming real fast
tawri do that too
tawralso restorer you should get a non-contact tach
tawrthey are very handy
restorerhm... "Customers who bought this item also bought" sleep masks that look like bras https://www.amazon.com/TANGCISON-Sleeping-Material-Eyeshade-Adjustable/dp/B071XBSKZ2/
tawrhah whoops
restorertawr: I've probably run into situations that a tach might have helped, but I can't remember any except for the obvious (comparing fans) - what do you find yours useful for?
jaggzHallmanLabs, so.. maybe a drifting (falling temp reading from thermocouple) is sensed by the Weller so, for safety, they drop the output power
_abc_What does this do?! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5131581/Amazon-unveils-185-DeepLens-AI-powered-camera.html
jaggzHallmanLabs, you're actually seeing their high quality at work
tawri used to do a lot of mechanical repair so measuring gearbox rpm, motor rpm, loaded rpm of systems, fans, etc
tawrthey're cheap enough the first time you use them they pay for themselves since they're like 12 bucks
_abc_tawr: non contact tach or stroboscope?
restorerwell, maybe I'd find some uses - if I get the time, I'll be adding speed controls to two fans today
tawr_abc_: former
HallmanLabsI got an early christmas present already, my 2000W Variac YAY!
jaggz_abc_, what it says
tawrrestorer: see that works right there
HallmanLabsjaggz: I will give them a call
tawrrestorer: dont forget to get a roll of reflective tape if you dont have foiltape around
HallmanLabsI only live 45 mins from their main plant
_abc_jaggz: So punters are training nn's which then get harvested by amazon.co to improve their own?
jaggz_abc_, got a deep nn model in there, I guess, and your own code can then be more simple, with object type and action stuff reported
jaggzprobably you set up events
jaggz_abc_, I don't know what they report but it's unlikely they keep your stuff private
_abc_jaggz: privacy is very relative. A hidden Markov model of what you do and how you're recongnized is not going to contain any pics of you and your kids ambling around naked in the room, but will still recognize you in a crowd in public if run on another ...
_abc_... lens elsewhere.
_abc_From face, gait, and so on
_abc_Lately fartbook wants a good picture of you to let you in at all.
_abc_They say they delete it after they 'learn' it. See above how and why.
jaggzit would be awesome if the raw camera data was isolated, indeed..
_abc_It certainly is, the hmm is much easyer to store
_abc_Same for facial recognition.
_abc_And fingerprints.
jaggzI'm going to look at other more technical sites on it in hopes they give the important details
_abc_The 'signature' is not useful to re-create the original object
jaggznot useful "enough" maybe
_abc_It's a sort of dynamic hash if you like. Not just a hash number but an algorithm-fitting decision tree encoded as a hash.
_abc_jaggz: Well, as I said, there will be no picture of you in the system, but it is not needed. Nobody cares if you look like Tom Cruise. They just need to tag you with your buying habits. Cynically.
HallmanLabsI noticed GOogle Photos will ask you to confirm your face
HallmanLabsbefore even loggging into the service
tawrwell not really
_abc_And, later, when the police wants you, or the state wants to tax you, farm out the same algorithm hash setup, sans picture proper (no mugshot), to every public surveilance camera in the country.
HallmanLabson my mobile anyway
tawrthat is only used to group photos by name
jaggzwe do have identity networks now -- where you convert images of someone to a single array (vector) representation of them, then you can transform that in different ways
tawryou can then search for people by name
tawrand now
tawrit does dogs too
jaggzdrunken tawr walks through living room at 10am for the 5th time this week
jaggzthanks Amazon!
tawr^YOUR livingroom
azonenbergSoooo guys http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/HMC346AMS8GE.pdf
tawrjaggz: im so fucking sore i can't even pick my arms up lol
azonenbergTrying to figure out how this thing works and if i'm hooking it up right :p
kmembe interesting when faces are snatched to phake auth
jaggzwith 1930's underwear on
azonenbergkmem: The Many-Faced God is now being served by hackers instead of assassins?
jaggztawr, that's not my fault
tawri borrowed my neighbors chainsaws and they were both broken
tawrthe 42cc poulan required 20 pulls to start then would die randomly. owner said grandkid put baroil in it lol.
jaggzso you used a chainsaw that wouldn't turn on to cut down a tree cuz a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do
kmemlikely from India
tawrjaggz: pretty much
spludChip ID time. Not in circuit: https://imgur.com/a/c9rXM
jaggzI've had my chainsaw sitting for weeks with fuel in it
SpeedEviltawr: At some point, a pull saw gets to be less work than pulling the starter :)
azonenbergtawr: http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/attachments/f19/38152d1315736796-two-man-chain-saws-mercury-mccullock-twosaws.jpg
jaggzlike a month now
azonenbergSo you used one of these?
_abc_tawr: what is baroil!?
tawrazonenberg: i wish
azonenbergFor when that tree positively must come down right now
azonenbergAnd the one next to it
azonenbergAnd the one next to that :p
jaggz_abc_, probably the chain oil
_abc_azonenberg: in redneck country that mean dynamite, right?
splud_abc_ it's lubricatnt for the chain which will otherwise bind on the bar from friction.
tawr_abc_: "bar oil", chainsaws have 2 tanks, one for fuel/oil mix for the 2-stroke engine, and another tank for "bar oil", which lubricates the bar (the rod that sticks out the chain rides on) and the chain
jaggzthe long thing is called the bar iirc
azonenberg_abc_: A 2-man chainsaw isn't redneck enough for you?
_abc_Oh that bar. Okay I know it
tawryeah :) he mixed BAR OIL WITH GASOLINE
_abc_azonenberg: 2 man chainsaw and no trucks? Come on, they would be kids.
tawrand put that in the 2 stroke fuel tank
_abc_tawr: sounds like a lot of gunk cleaning from the carburettor is in line
tawrand didn't put bar oil in the bar oil tank, so i finally cleaned the plug, dumped gas, cleaned it up, got it started, revved a few times and sparks shot out of the bar/chain
tawryeah, it would run, barely. the chain was so dull it smoked the tree instead of cutting it, but it was better than nothing
jaggzhow can this video be improved, on the book binder repair wikiHow? https://d5kh2btv85w9n.cloudfront.net/b/be/Repair%20a%20Books%20Binding%20Step%208.360p.mp4
spluda sharp chain is also a must with a chainsaw.
jaggzI have dull chain
tawryou ARE a dull chain, jaggz
jaggzmy chain sharp
tawrzzla: rofl
spludI have a file and guide, but picked up a cheap HF chainsaw sharpener this year. really speeds up the process.
_abc_http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2017/11/30/15/46D4A11300000578-5131817-image-a-5_1512055473031.jpg this is why I hate modern karts and like old 1960s style ones (with tube welded frame and rollbar like an F2 car's)
tawryeah this isn't my saw, i didn't have time to sharpen it after i spent 30 minutes getting the electric and gas chainsaws even spinning
azonenberg_abc_: ouch
tawrbut i'm probably going to buy her, for christmas, a new chain
tawras a thank you for lending me her saws in the first place
_abc_azonenberg: tbh it's incredibly hard to roll such a kart without a one sided ramp
tawronce i finish cleaning it up and making it nice for her
HallmanLabsnot if dirt racing
GoatmanAre there any ARM microcomputers with more than 2gb of ram>?
tawrGoatman: yup
_abc_Goatman: you can add a lot more to a 64 bit arm
tawrGoatman: http://www.hardkernel.com/main/main.php
_abc_Goatman: 32 bit arm should to out at 2GB or 4GB at most. I think they use signed 32 bit offsets in virtual address calculation so 2GB max
Goatmantawr, those are all 2gb
tawrisn't the xu3 4gb?
Bga3No PAE?
DocScrutinizer05Omap3 phy limit addr space 1GB
tawrjetson tx2? tx2?
tawrGoatman: ^
DocScrutinizer052 banks a 512MB
jaggz_abc_, AWS DeepLens can stream video back to AWS using Amazon Kinesis Video Streams, and apply more advanced video analytics usingAmazon Rekognition Video. 
tawr4gb and 8gb Goatman
tawr:) nvidia jetsons are magic
tawri wanted a tx2 but i really have no use for it, it would end up in my closet running my irc client lol
jaggzseems lovely.. more spying available for every sinister purpose
Goatmantawr, does it run a mainline kernel?
jaggzI am even bothered take I might be buying this leap motion and aiming it at my wife's paws
tawrit's by nvidia Goatman i am sure there is everything required to make it run available. they aren't going to sell badass accelerated boards without kernel support Goatman
jaggz$55 new on what or $79 on Amazon, tawr?
jaggz$55 new on eBay or $79 on Amazon, tawr?
tawrjaggz: for the tx2? they're 500 bucks last i checked
jaggztawr no leap motion
tawrjaggz: did you look up more info?
tawrsurely you're not the first person to think of it for this use
jaggzregarding Jetson: 4gb is a limiting amount of gpu for many deep nets
tawrthey have an 8gb version jaggz
JoeLlamaB&H usually has a pretty good price with that free shipping
Goatmanis the tx2 fast?
jaggzI'm considering getting an 8gb card myself..
_abc_tawr: has to 64 bit and or PAE to do >2GB usually
tawrGoatman: it is literally a supercomputer
jaggztawr, yeah.. even emailed leap.. 1/100 mm precision possible
_abc_2GB is 2^31
tawrit is the fastest single board computer out there and by far the most powerful
jaggzseems like it might work
Goatmantawr, my 450MHz PPC G4 was also marketed as a ‘‘supercomputer’’
tawrit's used for running computer vision on 6+ cameras real time for selfdriving cars
_abc_2^31 is 1^32 without the sign bit :) As you know.
tawrGoatman: well don't be an idiot. due dilligence.
GoatmanThe term supercomputer is just a floskel to me
tawrgo to nvidias page for them, Goatman
tawrand read
tawrit does 1tflop and has 256 cuda cores in a sbc
jaggztawr, from their email: he Leap Motion Controller can track movements up to 1/100th millimeter (smaller than the tip of a pin) with no visible lag time. It also has a 150-degree field of view, and tracks individual hands and all 10 fingers at up to 290 frames per second. These specs have of course increased with our recent shift towards mobile VR/AR as we are developing a new type of hardware. 
tawrthat alone should tell you
tawrjaggz: that may work
jaggzyeah I think it would
tawrdid you see
tawrif someone made the app for keyboard already?
tawreven if it's not FULL qwerty interpolation, even if it would be "morse code" tapping of a single button, it would still be better than nothing, no?
spludSo, might this actually be a thermopile in SMD: https://imgur.com/a/c9rXM
JoeLlamasplud kinda loooks like a crystal
JoeLlamaor even a microphone or pressure sensor
jaggztawr, nah.. she can use two physical buttons fine currently
JoeLlamais that a hole on the top splud?
jaggzJoeLlama, so insulting
jaggzJoeLlama looks kinda like a rock
jaggztawr, oh.. on.. no haven't seen..
tawrjaggz: okay so the way it works they have an APP STORE with apps/games that use leap motion
tawrgo to their app store and see what apps are available for keyboards / data entry.
Johnseni'm considering a new samsung tablet
Johnsenbut s2 is 340eur and s3 650 eur, much diff
tawrbrb doggoe calling
Johnsenthe s3 comes with a pen, would be ideal to draw schematics and ideas, i tried making idea drawings with finger and that sux
jaggztawr, cool, thanks :)
Johnsenbut i think you can just but the pen separate and use it on an s2
LoshkiBrexit isn’t going to be some beautiful expression of national power and sovereignty, it’s going to be a long, tortuous series of kow-towing, humiliation and concession for a post EU Britain. And they know it. This is only the beginning. -- Today's Guardian
spludJoeLlama, the little spot on the top has a pink cast to it, like a filter.
spludis an 8 pin device
jaggzI have a feeling nobody's done this one specifically cuz I have some kinda specific ideas on enabling the quality, but maybe hopefully they have :)
GoatmanLoshki, is the UK only the beginning?
spludsearches on M1PR or TA0D (or TAOD) don't seem to come up with anything relevant. I have no manufacturer ID.
LoshkiGoatman: no one knows, but when they see the shitty deal the UK gets, it won't encourage 'les autres'
Shawn|i7-720QMis AC live-neutral bipolar?
_abc_https://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Porsche-Mehr-PS-kuenftig-als-DLC-nachladen-3905572.html - Porsche cars will be 'upgradeable' ota, temporarily, by buying extra 'features'. SIGH.
spludAh, found something.
spludAt least, reference to the M1PR first line, and it appears to be the same package. Barometric pressure sensor.
Loshki_abc_: yes, you can now buy Porsche gift cards at Safeway...
_abc_https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/11/30/cps_cryptocurrency_confiscation/ related
_abc_(cross posted to #reprap)
_raven__abc_: hi
_raven__abc_: i am still trying to debrick the wifi ap but have no real idea what to do next. what parts a bin consists of and where to jump at after uploading to ram?
_abc_https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/11/30/crypto_mining_persistent/ [LOL]
_abc__raven_: the hsys header has fields which show load address, and start address
_abc__raven_: work them out from the bin dump you showed
_raven_my suggestion (!!) is this is the right bin https://ftp.csl-computer.com/pub/drivers/network/19182-CSL_Wireless-N_Repeater_300
_abc_How shall I know?!
_abc__raven_: just work out the jump address and the load address, take into account endianness. MIPS can be big or little endian at boot time depending on some resistors on board! (wicked that)
_abc__raven_: you can also disassemble the code online using the online disassembler.
linux_probethat is super "lulz" @ _abc_
_abc__raven_: a strong tip wrt 'is this the right code' is: the load address and the endianness match, and both use a hysy header.
_abc__raven_: and the size fits (i.e. equal or almost)
_raven__abc_: do you know bout any "how to reveng hardware" tutorial/book? ^^
_raven__abc_: i tried to diff it but did not go very far
_abc_diff is not helpful
_abc__raven_: get binwalk and also paste code into this https://onlinedisassembler.com/odaweb/
_abc__raven_: you need to select the right cpu and endianness.
_abc__raven_: the right cpu can be found on wikidevi.org usually
_raven_upload limited to 256kb -.-
_raven_looking for different ways right now
_abc_Yeah you upload pieces, not the whole thing. You can also buy IDA if you are serious about this.
_abc_https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/11/30/mozilla_releases_voice_dataset_and_transcription_engine/ apropos facial recognition Markov models and what we were talking about earlyer.
_abc_Works with voice too.
BohemianHacksfirst packages are arriving!
BohemianHacksnew bench supply and some diodes made it today
BohemianHacksother stuff should all be here tomorrow, 3d printer will probably be monday
spludSPI version of the Freescale/NXP 50-115kPa barometric pressure sensor. 5uA active. Bummed it isn't I2C, Found a strip of 8 of them in my bin of magic parts.
Johnsenmy common sense says getting galaxy tab s2 for €350, good for surfing, videos, and straming tv from my digitv provider
Shawn|i7-720QMon ac power, does it matter where live and neutrak connect to an incandescent lamp base?
Johnsenmy geekfactor says s3 with stylus/SPen to draw schematics and ideas out on the tablet, but thats €650
DrakoniteShawn|i7-720QM, in theory or in practice?
RoChessJohnsen, do you need that size? Note5 has SPen as well, and you should be able to grab a refurb unit for like 100 euro since everybody traded it in for S8/Note8
Shawn|i7-720QMin practice
Drakoniteit partially depends on the type of base
updhi i have one of this https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Bosch-Sgs43t72gb-16-Dishwasher-Water-Flow-Meter/696772931 does anyone know how can i test it, i can't find any wiring details
hjfso i have this old ceiling fan. to control the speed it has a transformer with 4 taps
Shawn|i7-720QMa common e27 US house base
RoChessJohnsen, and i bought a NuVision Slim 10" Windows 10 tablet for $99 that comes with pen as well, amazing little tablet for the money
hjfbut i see that some others use just capacitors for speed control
DrakoniteShawn|i7-720QM, in practice, there is a bit of a safety concern of having it backwards, but to my knowledge if you're just sticking light bulbs in it things will still work fine
jnewttrying to drive a ABS07-120-32.768KHZ-T (32.768 tuning fork crystal from an MCP795W10-I/SL (RTCC). i had it on my mcu on a different project with 6.8pF load caps and a 10M pull up on the output. does not start on this rtcc. should i remove the pull up, change the caps, idk, these always seem like black magic to me.
Johnseni'm not interested in an atom/windows based tablet
DrakoniteShawn|i7-720QM, AFAIK it mostly ends up you don't want the part you can easily touch to be live
Shawn|i7-720QMwell, I thought live and neutral alternate
RoChessJohnsen, that's why my first suggestion was Note5 with Android 7.x, i got one myself as well, handy little thing, but the screen might be too small for your purpose if you planned to get a Tab S2
DrakoniteShawn|i7-720QM, live is the one that is doing the pushing/pulling of the angry pixies. the neutral is just... neutral.
Johnseni have a s5 phone, more than good enough
Johnsenthe idea is really having a tablet that replaces my current single core thing from 2010 as it got completely useless
Johnsenalso, and i know its a stupid reason, my digitv isp's app uses msoft DRM and its picky on nonrooted, and nonchinese brands
RoChessJohnsen, so what's the dislike of atom/windows? you can just drop Ubuntu on it otherwise
tawrjaggz: still round?
Johnsenand tbh 4:3 9.7 looks great, widescreen 10.1 tablets are too narrow to surf in portret mode
Shawn|i7-720QMI take it white is live back is neutral
Johnsenthats 1 thing the ipad does great, its a bit wider, just likke samsung S2 or S3
RoChessJohnsen, that's why i like the 1920x1200 models, gives you that tiny bit extra
DrakoniteTBH I don't know the color coding for mains wiring
DrakoniteI know that different countries do it differently
Johnsens2 and s3 are 2048x1536 and oled
Johnseni love oled compared to lcd
Johnsenand €350 for a samsung tablet is very reasonable, even €650 for latest model is ok, but the only advantage is the S pen
abcabcoled has limited life. 4 years on already means visible burn in
RoChessJohnsen, i'm with ya, and it is hard to convince via text how beautiful the 10.1 IPS screen is, i think the fact it was 10" for $99 and give me the full liberty to hook up a printer or arduino via USB and program it was fun stuff
Johnsenfaster cpu and gfx card, more speakers and mpix, and the glass backside i dont care much for
jnewtcircuit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hh8u0otqfkqyhj7/rtcc_circuit.png?dl=0
Johnsenso my main consideration is would i pay €300 more for a tablet that you can write and draw on in a high resolution, the S pen is not a capacitive pen (disk or rubber tip) its az 0.7mm tip pen, the S3 has a separate layer on the screen for the pen detecting that S2 doesnt have
RoChessJohnsen, well how often do you make notes with pen & paper?
Shawn|i7-720QMgot my shiney iron head back
Johnsennot so much because i never have paper and pen on me :p but if you think of an electronics project on your bed or anywhere else you can't deny is very handy
Johnsenor wanna draw out a memory map of retro computer you have in mind or so :p
Johnseni get best ideas when not sitting at my pc ;)
RoChessJohnsen, at times the SPen never gets taken out, and other times it is critical to get the point across quickly by taking screenshot of something, circle the point i'm trying to make, and scribble some quick notes
Johnsenin 2010 i bought a widescreen tablet, and i have to admit it never really got my interest
Johnsenbesides some youtubing in the kitchen i never used it fanaticly
RoChessalso i plan this winter it will get used more, when it possibly goes -20F and i don't want to take my gloves off to text :)
Johnseni dont even like surfing on it
Johnsensomeone showed me a lenovo miix 320 (that comes as a tablet detachable netbook afaik
Johnsenbut also win10
Johnsenanyway i still have a bit of time to think but its gonna be either a tab S2 or S3, not really looking for something else
Johnseni guess i just need to move by butt to a shop and try the pen on a demo model :p
RoChessit's pretty nifty, pressure sensitive, and you can click on the screen or use button on the side
kmcwhat are the complaints with win10
Johnseneverything that i expect from a tablet is in android and the play store, including the app for my digitv provider etc
Johnseni already have a laptop if i want to win10
tawrACTION pokes Flea86
kmcah I thought you dislike win10 in general
kmcI started using it a bit and it seems ok
kmcand Microsoft Edge is fast as hell
Flea86tawr: Ahoy matey! :D
Flea86Also o/
tawrHow's it going bud?
Johnseni use win10 at work
Johnsenlinux mint at home
Johnsenand win7 and win10 are both ok
Flea86tawr: Kinda cooling down over some breakfast.. and you?
Johnsenthe spying stories about win10 are something else, but win10 tablet or samsung android one, they'll both spy about the same amounts
Johnsenallo mr flea
RoChessJohnsen, you can always run an Android emulator on the Win10 tablet :)
tawrso sore the only thing i can do is type lol
RoChessshocked that your digitv provider doesn't provide a Windows app though
Flea86tawr: lol wat happen? :o
Johnseni assume you can also just run android on a atom based tablet, but do android apps work on it or are they compiled for ARMs most of the time?
Flea86Johnsen: Bonjour man
Johnsenthe webpage of my digitv uses silverlight :/
magic_ninjaJohnsen, pretty sure android has an sdk that handles most of that.
Inari-Johnsen: Silverlight was nice
tawrcrappy chainsawing
RoChessJohnsen, they are compiled for ARM most of the time, but Intel has done some amazing work to fix that in real-time
Flea86tawr: Hope you weren't trying to cut something being balanced on your lap heh
Johnsenbut lets stick to the idea that i'm only doubting between newest gtab or the previous version, almost double the price is a lot ofc, and sure it is better, but €300 eur more better for someone not gaming on a tablet thats the question (gfx card on new one is almost 3x as fast), besides that cores are a bit faster and a gig more ram
RoChessJohnsen, if you go Intel for Android there will be a lot of emulation happening, so unless you have a use-case for the dual-usage, then stick with a dedicated ARM tablet
Flea86tawr: I tried soldering boards on my leg once.. once :)
tawrheh Flea86
tawri've sank a multiflute carbide endmill in my dremel into my thigh
RoChessJohnsen, does the new one use a better manufactoring process on the CPU? that can max out battery time as well
tawrpocketing a piece of moulding, bit walked, went balls-deep
tawrthat was fun
Johnsensnapdragon 625 vs new one snapdragon 820 i think, not sure if diff
Flea86t'was merely a flesh wound! :D
Johnsenalso just 150mAh difference on batteries
tawrheh i wish Flea86
jaggzACTION carves his name in tawr's femur
Johnsensame usage time estimations, but thats prob marketing talk on lowest display brightness
RoChessJohnsen, the S3 does use USB-C so it supports much faster charging solutions and more compatability moving forward
Johnsenolder one is 2mm thinner but almost 100g lighter, old one is that soft touch feeling typical samsung back, new one is glass backside (prob why its heavier)
RoChessJohnsen, the S2 is still waiting on Nougat update, and S3 comes with it out of the box (with plans for Oreo)... you definitely want 7.x+
Johnsenye, my idea was also it costs more (but its xmas only 1x per year) but it may last like 1 or 2 years longer when it comes to usefulness
RoChessyou're worth it, treat yourself :)
Johnsenmy old single core one even still plays youtube via browser, not anymore via youtube app tho
Johnsenbut 720p for a tablet these days is low, and for the rest it doesn't do much anymore
RoChessif the stylus is less of an issue, but you want the other benefits, you could consider Google Pixel C tablet
Johnsenye, but same price and about the same specs as s2 :p
solrizeare there other places like aliexpress that sell the same stuff? aliexpress blocked my account and wants me to send a bunch of invasive docs before they'll unblock it. so i'd rather just buy elsewhere. hmm it looks like dealextreme has some of the stuff i want so that's a start
Johnsendx, banggood, ebay?
Johnsenthen again i don't think many stores compare to aliexpress well
solrizehttp://www.dx.com/s/stlink they have 3 different st-links, any advice on which? i'll try banggood thanks
RoChessthe Snapdragon 820 was launched at 14nm last year, but is set for a refresh at 10nm LPP... the 652 is 28nm so uses a lot more power
solrizewow dx has a lot more of this DIY stuff than they used to
Johnseni dont think there is much diff
Johnseni have the stlinks in the aluminium shell
Johnsenbut all clones are based on a stm32f103 afaik, the only diff is the shape and the attached usb connector or separate micro usb port
RoChess820 has 2x 2.2Ghz Kryo cores, and 2x 1.6Ghz Kryo cores... the 652 has 4x 1.8Ghz Cortex big.A72 for power usage, and switches to 4x 1.4Ghz little.A53 cores when not under stress
Johnsenshop sites lie a lot (misinform)
Johnsenmediamarkt claims they're both octa core, other electro store says quad core
RoChessyeah i had to dig deep to get the tech details
Johnsentoo bad your ali is blocked tho, stlink on ali is $2 or so
RoChessmemory wise the 820 supports LPDDR4 at 28.9GB/s, and the 652 maxes at LPDDR3 @ 14.9GB/s, but you'll probably only notice that difference in benchmarks
Johnsen$1.8 even
Johnsenye, all those specs make huge diff for ppl who game on their tablet i read, but for a bit of surfing in the couch not so much
RoChessyup yup
RoChessloading all those textures fast in memory is useful for gaming, but watching 1080p videos the system is almost falling asleep hehe
Johnsenbut mediamarkt site says both tablets do 8 surfing, 12hours film,, i'm sure its on minimum brightness, but its probably also misinformation if the cores are 28nm vs 14
durrfbacklight 100% off, sound off, network off, no sd card
RoChessdoes the S3 come with LTE support? or you getting the WiFi model regardless?
Johnseni could just look on samsung site tho see if they give a bit more info, but thats for tomorrow
Johnsenwifi only i think
JPTWalk into the store, ask them to run 'cat /proc/cpuinfo' and show you the output :)
Johnsenit can be handy having it available but atm i dont plan on paying for it
RoChessJohnsen, the S3 has 13MP camera though vs 8MP on S2, so all those selfies you plan to take, worth it ;)
Johnsenhaha sure
Johnseni'll go to shop on saturday
Johnseni also wanna know if the weight and glass backside make diff
RoChessyeah, having both in hand is much easier to decide
Johnseni kinda like the soft touch of the older samsung tablets, but meh
Johnsenas long as it doesnt crack too fast :p
RoChessin both cases, don't drop it ;)
Johnsenoh, the s3 comes with a free keyboard cover :p
Johnsennot sure https://s7d2.scene7.com/is/image/SamsungUS/1_EJ-FT820USEGUJ_3817?$product-details-jpg$
Johnsenif its good quality and wont scratch the screen
RoChessJohnsen, just be on the safe side, get yourself one of these -- https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y29G9LK/ ;)
Johnsennice ;))
RoChessthat's always been my benefit of picking brands such as Samsung over some cheap Chinese one, is that it is much easier to get accessories
Johnseni kinda like samsung (if i dont have to pay myself) :p
zzlaif we're talking phones and tablets..
Johnsenmy work gave me the s5
zzlaim probably a minority here, but i'd go with apple
kmcI got a Moto G5+, "budget phone" which is still extremely powerful
redrabbitgot the moto g4
Johnsenmy samsung tv is from 2010 and even the powersupply never had to be replaced :p
redrabbittheses are good
redrabbitesp for the price
g0zer why woudln't a ps be good for 7 years?
RoChessJohnsen, company did a usability test on Note5, so they bought a bunch of them, i'm on my 2nd one though, battery quality on a refurb unit is hit-and-miss
jaggzWe're building a dystopia just to make people click on ads | Zeynep Tufekci
Johnseni'm sure ipads are great
Johnsenbut i'm not into apple stuff etc
g0zI've still never used a tablet
Johnsendont wanna move to itunesing my pc, dont always agree with how they threat ppl etc
DocScrutinizer05apple is too far from FOSS
DocScrutinizer05not that andriot was any much better
Johnsenand i assume an ipad these days is €899 ot so :p
solrizeif i want to run a small motor from a gpio pin do i need an h-bridge part or can i just use a pass transistor? i don't need to reverse the motor
Johnsensize is similar, and i like the back and home button to be separate, my old tablet and phone had those buttons on screen in a bar
Johnsenand i didnt like that
RoChessJohnsen, so when you're at the store tomorrow and look at both, you plan to go home with one no matter what, or think about it more?
Johnseni dont know
Johnseni have to count my money :p
RoChessbring a bag of pennies, have store clerk count lol
Johnsenmy car loan goess off my account 5 days before i get my salary, kinda bad timing
Johnsenso i always need to make sure i have the loan money on my account at the end of the month :p
Johnsenand my bonus newyear money only comes few days before xmas
RoChessi guess you can always apply for a credit card ;)
Johnseni watched ipad vs s3 revciews just for fun
Johnsenand basically its exactly the same thing, different specs :p
Johnseni mean diofferen OS
Johnsenthey do the same, look the same, both have stylus, both do split screen in the same way :p
RoChessyeah, but Google gives it away for free pretty much, and Apple doesn't charge either... so you still end up paying a 200+ Apple tax
Johnsensince i pay in euro
Johnsenbut same with samsung
RoChessohh i thought it was 699 vs 899 for ya
Johnsenthey say $599 on their site, but its €650 in europe
tawrFlea86: still around
Johnsenah nbo
Johnseni meant that apple converts 1:1
Johnsen$599 = €599 for apple
Johnsenin fact for an iphone x they even added euro
RoChessad $599 should be 503.83 euro at the moment (though most European prices have VAT included, and US still gets that added for most people)
Johnseni didnt know that part
Johnsenanyway no apple for me tho
RoChessyeah, if you order from company out of state it is 0% upon purchase, and you have to declare it at tax time... but if you buy it locally, or when say Amazon decides to open a shipping center in your state, you pay sales taxe at purchase time
Johnseni think i should just get s3 and leave s2 for what it is, otherwise i'll end up not getting into it like my old tablet, only youtubing in the kitchen
Johnsenwhile i can see myself drawing out ideas and schematics on the s3
RoChesssee on the windows tablet (while it also has stylus support), you could connect one of these -- https://www.amazon.com/dp/B010LHRFM2/
solrizebanggoods is nice, thanks for the rec
banandanaayo lets go
banandanasolrize: aliexpress is good too
banandanaif you don't mind waiting /sometimes/
banandanaI've had luck here and there
solrizebanandana, yeah, i was looking for alternatives to aliexpress because my account there is messed up
banandanabut you can also buy a bunch of stuff hella cheap there too
solrizelooking at banggoods now
banandanaI've heard good things
banandanaabout banggood
solrizedx is way more expensive than ali but it has most of the stuff i want and it's still chea
jnewti think my rtcc chip is dead. i removed the oscillator circuit and i have no output from either oscillator pin. both are at 0V. i would expect some output from one to get the oscillator started, but i don't really know if thats a valid assumption.
Johnsenha, something negative had to come up
Johnsenbattery life on tab s3 seems to suck
Johnsenespecially compared to ipad
banandanaI own a tab s3
banandanabattery life sux ur rite
banandanas pen breaks tips easy
banandanabut the replacements are 4 bucks so fuck it
Johnsenalso meh :p
banandanaI don't mind it
Johnsenthe reason i'd get a s3 vs s2 is exactly to draw ideas and schematics at the moment they hit me
banandanaACTION hits Johnsen over the head with a schematic
Johnsenfor the youtubing in the kitchen part it doesnt make any diff :p
Johnsenbut i assume s2 batt is same or worse
Johnsenits 150mA less and the cpu is larger die process whatever its called
Bga3I used dx before. Yes it's expensive but consolidate packages
Bga3I like fasttech. Primary for flash lights
Bga3But 90% is ebay now
Johnseni ordered on dx once, years ago
Johnsentook 3 months to arrive
Johnsennever used it again
Johnsennot even for uranusfire batteries
Johnseni ordered many things on baggood, including a pretty decent chinese phone with 8 cores etc, never had a single issue
Johnsenand hubsan quadcopters and those things
spludI haven't used banggod. Used DX a few times back when. Did take a while.
Bga3Used Ali alot - more than 200 orders but Ali forbided free ship to Russia
spludProlly because of claims of nonreceipt.
spludSo expect tracking.
Bga3Too many cheats
spludYou're welcome for living in a country with a crap postal system.
Johnseni use ali a lot too
spludI'm 1K+ orders on Ali.
Johnsennothing beats ali pricewise for small electronics
spludHi, my name is splud, and I...
Johnsenstm32 boards, stlinks, max7217 led displays, fake arduinos, those things
spludWel, considering there's a debate as to whether real arduinos are real or not...
Johnseni just read the s3 battery issue was kinda solved few months ago with updates :p so much info and opionions tho
RoChessJohnsen, you can always carry with you one of those portable battery packs
Johnsen:p i have those
Johnsenfrom banggood! :p
Drakonitesplud, didn't they finally resolve that trademark issue after they discovered no one care, or is there something else going on now?
Johnsen(according to them) genuine xiaomi ones
spludno, same old, but point is "real arduino" No such thing.
RoChessJohnsen, never leave home with it -- https://www.amazon.com/dp/B009OYSIVQ/
DrakoniteRoChess, why, will people make fun of you for having it?
zzlathats actually pretty cool
zzlascrew them
zzlahow long does it take to crank out a full charge
DrakoniteI seem to recall someone reviewing something like that, and it was not very effective
DrakoniteI'd like to have one though
Drakoniteanyone want to buy me one if I promise to make a video of cranking it to a full charge?
Bga3I ordered https://www.ebay.com/itm/5V-2-1A-USB-4X-18650-Power-Bank-Case-Kit-Battery-Charger-DIY-Box-For-Smart-phone/192057227978?hash=item2cb780baca:m:m32EGDlc-0DsQePCIAzEd6g
Bga3Hope it will be good
zzlai should get one of those
Bga3Have 9 18650 from laptop
DrakoniteI lost one of my nice power banks :-/
Drakoniteit vanished when I moved
zzla'gonna go crank one out'
Johnseni only have xiaomi powerbanks
Johnsenthey're one of the cheapest still using real brand li-ions and proper TI ICs
Johnsenand not lieing (much) about capacity
spludHrm, store open 2 years on ali, no feedback score. I think I should take a pass on getting these parts from them...
Johnsenok theyr 10Ah banks have 3x 3300mAh cells so its 9.9 and thats at 3V, not 5V, but its still not making numbers up
DrakoniteI've been getting the impression xiaomi is about the closest to be reputable you can expect from a chinese company
ecstasyHey all, I was planning to install a video intercom system with control for electronic strike, but I was wondering, is there a major security flaw? Check this out: https://www.amazon.com/Electric-110-240V-Dedicated-doorbell-Intercom/dp/B06XRVMGDN/ My question is, is this device wired in such a way that someone could just rip the keypad off outside and cross the two wires to unlock the door?
Bga3ACTION don't carry power bank because his casio gzone c811 is not power hungry 
DrakoniteBga3, they are not phone chargers, they are isolated 5v power supplies for my workbench!
ecstasyThis might not be the perfect place to ask my question but I was out of ideas
Bga3For USB solder!
kmcecstasy: looks like cheap shit so probably
ecstasyIt looks like Push//Unlock and Ground are exposed outside the home coming from the keypad, so I think they could just be shorted to unlock =\
Loetmichelecstasy: on a good and secure system only the keypad is outside.
ecstasythe device is removable to charge battery so this seems like a huge vulnerability unless I'm missing something
Loetmicheland the decoder/lock on the inside of the doorframe
Johnsenif its connected like on the second pic then yes
Johnsenits just 2 wires being 'shorted'
ecstasyNot good, ok =\
ecstasyaha Loetmichel.... that would make a lot more sense
ecstasyLooks like I'll rule out this system
Peetz0rohai! Does anyone know the name for the connector for CCFL backlights? this one: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1ZzQdRXXXXXXiaXXXq6xXFXXX8.jpg
ecstasyor more specifically, this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Brand-7-2-4G-Wireless-Video-Door-Phone-Intercom-Remote-Camera-RFID-Password/ coming out of the back of that box is those two wires
ecstasyI see now it has no security with anything more than the keypad being outside, this integrates it all into one box
Peetz0rand, if it's a good idea to extend it to maybe 30cm?
Peetz0rI have 0.0 experience with high voltage stuff
LoetmichelPeetz0r: IF you have high voltage capable wire: no problem
Peetz0rI can buy the stuff, yes
Loetmichelput the two wires quite a few mm apart or it will fail thouhg
Bga3Peetz0r: search this image in tineye
Loetmichelif the capacitance of the two wires is more than a few 100 pF the inverters will fail
drac_boynot sure if ot or not but anyhow would an engine e-clutch be actually a servo arm connected to a normal clutch? or am I wrong about that
LoetmichelPeetz0r: i killed quite a few 24" tft inverters by simply taping them to the back(metal) of the TFT with copper tape (shielding reasons)
Peetz0rBga3: the image comes from a listing which doesn't actually specify the name of the connector :p
Loetmichelso keep the wires apart from grounded metal (at least 5mm in my experience) and from each other.
Peetz0roh, that's going to be hard
Loetmichelespecial if you elongate them
LoetmichelPeetz0r: only for long distances
Peetz0rbecause this is going to be an iMac G4 casemod. I replaced the screen with a new one, with a seperate quite bulky inverter, and there is no way that it would fit behind the screen
Loetmichelif you have to go thru a punched hole in a sheet metal: thats OK, as long as before and after you have said distance for most part of the wire
Peetz0rso I wanted to relocate the inverter to the iMac G4 base. which means routing cables trough the neck, together with other (LVDS, etc) cables
Peetz0rso, all those cables will be close to eachother
Loetmicheltry to get it as far apart from the other wires as possible
Peetz0rthere is another possible solution; replacing the inverter with a smaller one
Peetz0respecially one which is <7mm thick
Loetmichelir, if not possible: use 2 RG58 or similar coax for the HV and only connect the core to the HV, connect the shield to ground
Peetz0rmaybe I could take one from an old dead laptop
Loetmichelless likely to fail, AND less likely to produce massive artefacts in the LVDS signel
Peetz0rare these inverters somewhat universal? what are the specs I should look out for?
Loetmichelpower and outp count
Loetmichelso if you have a 4 CCFL display you need an inverter with 4 outputs
Peetz0rthere's only one pink-white cable coming from my display
Peetz0rmy current bulky inverter is rated for 8W
Peetz0rit's this one: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Factory-direct-pressure-plate-pressure-plate-lamp-inverter-single-JX-01S203/1972401217.html
Peetz0rLoetmichel: so, should any 8W or greater CCFL inverter with 1 output just work?
Peetz0r(e.g. just take anything from any laptop-spare-part-store and try to find a power rating >=8W, right?)
Hooloovo0Peetz0r, easiest solution is to find a screen with LEDs, and remove the LEDs themselves and transplant them
Hooloovo0I did that to my t500
Peetz0rthat would be nice to try indeed
Johnsenbah time flies
Johnsengood night
Peetz0rI happen to have 2 lcd panels of the exact same size, one with ccfl and the other with led backlight
Peetz0rthe led one is newer and better specced than the other, but doesn't have lvds driver boards available for it
Peetz0rso I got the other one instead
Peetz0rbut it'd be nice to at least get the better backlight of the two
Hooloovo0the backlight is mostly separate from the actual panel
Hooloovo0the power supply, at least on my t500, is also separate
Hooloovo0so I just did a swap of the LED bar and the ccfl bar
Peetz0rthese are the 2 panels I have right here: http://www.panelook.com/modelcompare.php?ids=18946,27656
Peetz0rI'll find out how easy this is, hopefully soon ;)
Hooloovo0mine were also 1900x1200 panels
Hooloovo0well, actually, one was lower resolution
Hooloovo0mine were 15 inch, but that sounds like a familiar situation
Hooloovo0though I'll warn that I have some artifacts at the bottom of my screen due to LEDs