MrMobiusDoes everyone else get Bandwidth limit exceeded for the STC Micro site?
drac_boythe what?
Peetz0rHooloovo0: I killed the ccfl tube from the first panel, and then basically found out that the LED backlicht of the second panel cannot easily be removed
MrMobiusya it doesnt inspire confidence in the future of their products
Peetz0rso I now have 2 unusable panels
Hooloovo0oh :(
Peetz0rRIP. oh well
Hooloovo0mine came off the same way
Peetz0rI wasn't happy with both of them anyway
Flea86MrMobius: I'd rather use silabs TBH..
Peetz0rone is incompatible with any LVDS driver board that I could find
Peetz0rthe other was barely an upgrade from the original crappy Apple panel
Peetz0rso, the hunt for the right panel is not over yet, and I will spend more money soon!
Flea86MrMobius: silabs EFM8 laser bee series is more than 2x as fast as an STC part iirc (for roughly the same $$)
kmcSiLabs have fun names for their chips :)
kmcah it's an 8051 neat
MrMobiusFlea86, is that the ~70mhz one?
Flea8672MHz iirc
MrMobiusthats fast
Flea86I've got a few samples here.. wanted to port my x86 emulator to it ;)
MrMobiusno external bus though if im thinking of the same one
MrMobiusthat would be cool :)
Peetz0rso ideally I'd look for a set of a panel plus lvds-board like this:
Peetz0rbut with a better panel and LED backlight
MrMobiusI found something that said those single cycle Dallas 8051s I was looking at were rated 50MHz but they changed it to 33mhz since the internal flash couldnt do 50mhz at all temperatures
Flea86MrMobius: Yeah, not extmem bus.. but might still be able to run a VM in it
Flea86*no extmem
Peetz0rthere are no panels (at all, I searched for days) which are still in production in these dimensions
MrMobiusI wonder if i could try 50mhz running from external memory
Flea86I suppose it's possible, but I've not used them for anything
Peetz0r17" 16:10 is what I'm looking for, anything 16:9 won't fit
Flea86Dallas 1-T 8051
MrMobiusFlea86, ya VM is interesting. im most of the way done with one for that ARM in dip package they dont seem to be making any more
MrMobiusI still have 3-4 to play with somewhere
drac_boypeetz why not consider 15" btw .. apple sold that as well
Peetz0rdrac_boy: I *have* an 17: iMac G4 sitting in front of me
Peetz0rwith it's parts all over the table
MrMobiusFlea86, dont you need a lot of external memory for your x86 stuff?
Flea86MrMobius: Well, need around 1MB of RAM for the 640k + Video RAM etc.
drac_boypeetz dunno sorry .. unless you want to send the logic board to me in trade :) tbh I only know of retail 9-15" in 16:10 ratio anyhow
Peetz0rdrac_boy: the iMac logic board?
Hooloovo0I can only suggest to try ebay
Peetz0rbe careful what you wish for :D
MrMobiusFlea86, so would you use serial ram or something with the EFM8 chip?
drac_boypeetz yeah :)
Peetz0rdrac_boy: this is the current state of the board:
TheTrashSalt should be dyed dark so it contrasts more with meat and eggs.
drac_boythetrash stop adding 2 cup of salt to only 1/2 cup of meat then
TheTrashBut that's my point, I can't see it!
TheTrashCups should be... oh wait.
drac_boyyou are not supposed to dummy mr.not-a-chef
Flea86MrMobius: Either serial RAM or HyperRAM yeah
Flea86Serial RAM only goes up to 128KBytes iirc?
Flea86MrMobius: Sorry was distracted
MrMobiusFlea86, afaik only 128k in the dip version
MrMobiusinteresting, never saw the HyperRAM stuff...
MrMobiusFlea86, how were you handling loading code into RAM on your 8051? did you tie the data and code fetch signals together?
Peetz0rdrac_boy: you still interested in that logic board? :p
Bird|otherboxwhere did the "red = positive, black = negative" standard for DC chassis wiring originate from?
Flea86MrMobius: Neither, I bit-bash a DRAM controller to talk to parallel DRAM xD
MrMobiusFlea86, maybe I could just write the ram in GPIO mode then switch to external memory mode after it was loaded. I wonder if that is workable
Flea86Depends on the ram we're talking about
JFK911ram 1500 single cab
MrMobiusFlea86, 512k SRAM is enough for my purposes I think :D
Flea86I was thinking more male sheep :)
Flea86MrMobius: I see ;)
Flea86MrMobius: I would say that sounds possible but only one way to really know for sure
kurtBird|otherbox: Hot objects glow red?
Bird|otherboxkurt: I was hoping it'd have been codified into some actual standard somewhere...
ozzzyhotter objects glow blue
mrdata-Bird|otherbox, something like this?
Bird|otherboxmrdata-, nah, the wiring color code thing :)
mrdata-i thought this w\as about hot objects
Bird|otherboxon a different note -- 1970 house, 1850 square feet, not that well insulated. how big of an airconditioner would be typically found?
mrdata-ACTION guesses 5 to 10 kW
ozzzyI always like a bit of overhead
JFK9112-3 tons i think
mrdata-Bird|otherbox, is there a furnace to heat this house in winter?
JFK911Bird|otherbox: what is there now?
Bird|otherboxmrdata-, the heat on the house is hydronic
mrdata-what does that mean
Bird|otherboxJFK911, I couldn't tell when I was down there (IIRC, the nameplate was all worn off)
Bird|otherboxmrdata-, hot water heat
JFK911oh. well fuck if the nameplate is gone.
ozzzythat sucks
JFK911Maybe the inside machine has a nameplate on it
mrdata-Bird|otherbox, so, how many kW heat does it consume in the winter?
ozzzyyou could put a couple of those mitsubichi 'wall hangers' in
mrdata-Bird|otherbox, and what's the temperatur difference, inside to outside?
Bird|otherboxmrdata-, not a clue. I'm not down there to measure :)
bobo1on1there are standard calculations for the size of AC needed
Kamilionbuy some servers, mine bitcoin, enjoy the 'waste' heat.
mrdata-for the A/C you can guess, based on temperature difference inside to outside and ocmpare to heating
JFK911depends a lot on regional climate and construction fashions
bobo1on1you usually calculate the volume of the space, then multiply by a factor to get the power needed
Bird|otherboxbobo1on1, yeah. I'm just looking for an overconservative rule of thumb here as I'm trying to figure out how big the electrical service should be compared to what it is
bobo1on1I think you need 10kW thermal at least
JFK911my outdoor machines are on 20 and 25 ampere breakers
JFK911funny the smaller machine has the 25 ampere
bobo1on1for the whole house that is
Bird|otherbox(the A/C outdoor unit is on a 40A breaker)
JFK911lesson: it should be what the nameplate advises
mrdata-so if your winter temperature differential is 20C, and your summer temperature diffferential is 10C, then first approximation should say you spend half as much energy cooling as heating
mrdata-it is only a first approximation tho
JFK911mrdata-: sun load
mrdata-JFK911, yes
kmconly if you have something that's just as efficient in both directions
kmcwhich is not true for combustion heating vs. compressor based AC
mrdata-and people inside, etc
bobo1on1actually the thermal output is after inefficiencies
DocScrutinizer05thermal output of A/C is twice or more of the electrical input
DocScrutinizer05since it's a pump
bobo1on1often 4 times
bobo1on1I'm looking for an A/C unit that cools a water loop, but couldn't really find anything that I could buy
jaggzwater loop in ceiling?
kmcanyone here enjoy currywurst?
kmccan I easily get (in america) a better sauce than plain american ketchup + curry powder
JFK911indo/paki grocers are available with real spices too
JFK911you can use something like kitchen king masala in your cooking then use regular ketchup
kmcJFK911: bullshit walmart website isn't loading :(
kmcwhat I usually do is plain old ketchup + curry powder or garam masala
JFK911walmart link is 'red gold/huy fong sriracha ketchup'
ozzzyit's good
ozzzythe Heinz sriracha ketchup is good too
JFK911generic 'garam masala' at the white people grocer is pretty lame
JFK911and very overpriced
JFK911indupaki stores have 100g for $2
ozzzyI gave up on curries
JFK911ozzy this ones good for beginners but requires ghee and yogurt
JFK911murghi salan is usually palatable for europeans
ozzzynobody here will eat curry... I don't make it anymore
JFK911thats a shame :(
JFK911So aldi has a frozen chicken tikka, and a butter chicken, that are okay if you are lazy
ozzzybest curry I've had was in Ismailia
SpeedEvil coordinate systems matter people!
kmcJFK911: yeah indian grocery for sure
kmcnot hard to find them in the south bay
kmcbit rare in san francisco
JFK911or even ohio.. yelp is helpful
kmcI should make weed curry again
kmcthat was great
kmcwhen I'm really lazy I like those shelf stable premade curry packets
kmcI think we discussed them here before :)
JFK911Haldirams / MTR ?
JFK911theres another brand 'swad' with a better package that you can put directly in the microwave
kmcyeah MTR is good
kmctrader joe's also has them; not as much selection but the quality is okay and it's much more convenient to me
kmcI take them camping all the time
JFK911i still havent checked out tj's
chandoois it a business trick to buy their powr adapters?
LeoNerdchandoo: sometimes folks like to use the switching part of the connector to switch out the battery pack, and for some reason get it into their heads that they have to switch the positive side of the pack
kmcchandoo: center negative allows an adapter-vs-battery switch to be implemented with just a mechanical switch on the jack
LeoNerdBut so does centre-positive :)
LeoNerdYou just switch the negative side of the battery instead. It's exactly equivalent
kmci dunno, eevblog did a video on it
kmcit made sense to me at the time why you would prefer center negative in this case
begl_workaroundDocScrutinizer05: Really? I was told that the latency of Gnuradio is subject to considerable variation.
chandooi am thinking of opening the label printer and switching the polarity, is it a good idea to do so?
DocScrutinizer05chandoo: possibly, yes
chandooits small handheld printer
chandooDocScrutinizer05, okay let me do it then
DocScrutinizer05I got a similar thing
jan64_i'd make sure to change the markings on the case, tho
jan64_when you do do it
DocScrutinizer05didn't bother to look into their weird power supply stuff yet, only noticed it was way too expensive and sort of weird
jan64_so you won't accidentally plug a wrong cable into the thing in the future
kmci'm still intimidated by gnu radio :(
TheTrashCall the cops and get a restraining order, this can't go on.
DocScrutinizer05begl_workaround: gnuradio itself is complex and hard to predict latencies. RTLSDR receiver though has a single binary (no plugins and weird GUI und stuff) that works considerably well afaik. Ask in ##rtlsdr
DocScrutinizer05it's a mere cmdline tool
SpeedEvilIt does not have very consistent latencies and drops occasional samples reportedly. You can fix this somewhat with external clocking.
SpeedEvilAnd fingerprinting of the input signal with a known broadband spike at known times
DocScrutinizer05output may be *.wav to a file or pipe, so ideal for direct input to your decoding software
TheHexaCubesup folks
kmchi TheHexaCube
DocScrutinizer05anyway, forget about precision when using audio NTP RF stuff
DocScrutinizer05you don't worry about a 1 or 2ms, you simply average that out, adjusting drift of your local stratum longterm
SpeedEvilYou can do it properly and get moderate precisionn. To do that, you are not treating it like an audio signal
SpeedEvilBut a RF pulse with a wierd shape that you correlate against the expected pulse-shape to get a best fit time.
SpeedEvilSpecifically, you are not demodulating before doing this
DocScrutinizer05works too, yes
DocScrutinizer05anyway all that is only a means to adjust your local stratum, so short term jitter is irrelevant
SpeedEvilOnly if you can guarantee that the simple decoder you're using has no offset.
SpeedEvilEspecially (for example) offset which varies with signal state.
DocScrutinizer05you check the offset when youz got a higher stratum for reference
DocScrutinizer05you can even create correction factor lookup tables over time, signal state -> offset
DocScrutinizer05when you do the RF-direct pattern matching you suggested, it's basically a nobrainer
DocScrutinizer05implicitly provided by the operation principle
DocScrutinizer05(latencies, jitter) IIRC the guy over at ##rtlsdr doing radioastronomics used several parallel RTLSDR with common clock hack to even do correlation between the signals, so it can't be that bad regarding jitter etc. the internal clock is known to be a tad noisy and drifty and not temperature compensated
SpeedEvilYou can get USB packet loss too IIRC
SpeedEvilACTION sighs.
SpeedEvilThis is made considerably more annoying by one of my pet peeves.
begl_workaroundeww USB
SpeedEvilThe USB3 standard has no standard for transaction translators.
DocScrutinizer05hmm, that should be a "dropout" worst case then, since it won't go unnoticed, right?
SpeedEvilSo, this means that you can't take ten USB2 RTLSDR sticks, and put them in one superspeed hub.
SpeedEvilBecause if you do that, they work precisely like you plugged them into a USB2 hub
SpeedEvilAnd because many motherboard ports are not actually root ports, it's even more limited.
DocScrutinizer05yes, of course
DocScrutinizer05but that's not a problem of the RTLSDR and any other solution (except mere audio card mic input) will have exactly same issues
DocScrutinizer05unless you go for PCI cards
DocScrutinizer05and you could do PCI USB cards, one for each SDR dongle
DocScrutinizer05but honestly, for a NTP node employing GPS timing (and internet NTP?) and a *local rubidium based stratum* I'd not bother much about precision of the immanently non-precise WWV
DocScrutinizer05even with direct RF pattern matching, the theoretical precision of a noisy signal with a 1500 (or even 100) Hz timestamp is in a range that makes worries about USB jitter look silly
SpeedEvilGPS has a 50hz timestamp
DocScrutinizer05not even thinking about RF multipath propagation and the like
DocScrutinizer05no, not really, it has highly accurate edges (square wave), not a fuzzy sinus tone of 100 Hz
SpeedEvilyes, and time stations don't do fuzzy sinus tones.
DocScrutinizer05they do
SpeedEvilthey have sharp transistions between binary states.
DocScrutinizer05see WWV wikipedia
SpeedEvil9thinking of rugby/dcf77 anyway
DocScrutinizer05DCF77 does a square wave 100%(?) AM
DocScrutinizer05aka CW
DocScrutinizer05WWV doesn't
DocScrutinizer05they do 100Hz audible second ticks
DocScrutinizer05BCD pulse length code
SpeedEvilEach tick begins on the second, lasts 5 ms and consists of 5 cycles of a 1000 Hz sine wave. Done right, you should get well under 50us precision from that.
DocScrutinizer05and 5 sines of 1000? Hz
DocScrutinizer05yep ^^^
SpeedEvilConsidering several ticks to disambiguate SNR
DocScrutinizer05considering several ticks you can average out any USB jitter as well
DocScrutinizer05and again, you consider minutes worth of ticks anyway, since you constantly *speed-adjust* your local stratum. It's not like you retransmit the received signal without any further processing
DocScrutinizer05and aiui here the local stratum is a rubidium clock ;-D
DocScrutinizer05honestly the whole WWV thing is only worth a emergency fallback when nation wide blackout incl your local gear makes a restart necessary and there's no other better stratum available (pretty hard to imagine)
TheHexaCubehmmm, okay gotta figure out how to between two power supplies. IE. power the board from USB as long as no sufficient voltage is at the 2nd power input
TheHexaCubeand when it is, turn off the USB supply to avoid backfeeding
TheHexaCubewhat I do wonder now though is, what if I have both USB and normal supply connected, but the normal supply is off?
DocScrutinizer05umm, use an ideal diode
TheHexaCubewould I backfeed into the PSU?
TheHexaCubeor is it like high resistance when off?
TheHexaCubeor do I use a transistor to break the connection
DocScrutinizer05"Ideal diode" consists of a FET
DocScrutinizer05you can shut it off deliberately
TheHexaCube(I really should look up the differences between mosfet, transistor and uh... jfet)
TheHexaCubefor me they all do they same thing, act as a switch :P
DocScrutinizer05the diff is in detail, aka "how they do it"
X-Scalebe welcome, math178
jsoftBlah blah blah something something, In addition to complex mathematical equations involving soup.
ThePendulumI like soup
password4hi soup liker
kmcI bought some soup
kmctom kha gai
kmcthai chicken soup
kmcwith coconut broth and mushrooms
jsoftmm soup
jsoftHey whats the symbol for an open circuit?
jsoftOr say, if I were to mark a fault on a circus diagram where it is open circuit, how would I go 'here it is, right here'
jsoftI dunno, is there some official/standard symbol for that?
jsoftyou know, for when trouble shooting and for the purpose of showing other people what's up
jsoftand also for use in soup recopies
password4! in a triangle
jsoft! in a rectangle
password4! nin you
jsoft! in your sister
jsoftSo it's actually a ! in a triangle ?
jsoftOr is that a symbol for hot soup
password4thats wha ti would use
jsoftHmm ok
password4imagine a cars check engine light
jsoftOh I see what you mean
password4except now its a check circuit engine icon
jsoftBut thats just a symbol generally which shows a lit up engine
password4yes , but the ! in a triangle is kinda universal warning
jsoftLike 'danger danger hot soup'
phinxyAny ideas what "FB" could be?
password4or you could do ---X---
phinxyAnd isnt 22K a too high value to make a LED illuminate anything at all?
jsoftphinxy, depends on el voltage I guess :)
password4jsoft, hmm
jsoftpassword4, ahh right the old no connect gizmo
password4multimeters norrmally just show OL
jsoftpassword4, I just tried to make that symbol with my arms
password4you making a circuit sim?
jsoftO being the head, and the L as arms. You have to like cross one arm over and what not. Its tricky
jsoftpassword4, nah I was just doing fault finding testing today, and had to show where the fault for each circuit was on the circus diagram.
jsoftpassword4, was just pondering on the bizzo about showing that
jsoftI mean I just marked it and said 'yeah she's fucked right about there' type deal, but was just wondering.
jsoftphinxy, I dunno
jsoftphinxy, that looks odd... is it a test point or something random?
jsoftOr does it mean 'feedback' or something?
phinxyjsoft• The other application example circuits makes a lot more sense
phinxypage 8:
password4phinxy, an led will ligght on nA
jsoftphinxy, I don't understand what that bottom one is up to.
jsoftphinxy, I can't really imagine that circuit doing much on it's own
password4its a high level crcuit it seems
jsoftWhat does that mean
password4its essentially a block diagram
jsoftWhy would they do that to us ?
jsoftSo what are you cat's up to this weekend then?
jsoftAnything interesting and constructive ?
Mangy_Dogim strating my mod1 bike training on sunday
Mangy_Dogthats pretty productive
Mangy_Dogfirst of a 2 stage full motorbike training
jsoftOh right
jsoftMotorbikes are the shit! :)
jsoftSo is it like, learning to ride a bike type deal, or testing the traffic rules and navigation stuff
Mangy_Dognot quite
Mangy_Dogive been riding on a cbt for a year
Mangy_Dogthis allows me to get a bigger bike than a 125
jsoftAhhh I see
jsoftlol yeah I am still on my learners.
jsoftBeen on my learners for a decade now :D
Mangy_Dogits mostly about hwo to control and handle the bigger bike
jsoftIt only allows me to ride a 250CC or bikes with a certain power to weight ratio
Mangy_Dogyeah i lived in london my whole life... never needed a driving lisence
Mangy_Dogso never bothered
Mangy_Dogbut now i live in hte country
Mangy_Dogcant afford a car
Mangy_Dogso motorbike :)
jsoftBut i've 'accidentally' bought R6's, 650CC things, and what not
mulleinwhich is better for a dog with mange? the city or the country?
Mangy_Dogciuntry :p
jsoftmullein, country, surely
mulleinexcellent answer.
jsoftcountry is better for all things except convenicene stores and what not
jsoftMangy_Dog, where you live?
Mangy_Dognorfolk uk
jsoftOh trues
jsoftI want my next bike to be one of your countries deluxe as fuck triumph street triples or a thruxton, not sure which yet
jsoftAlso, I have to say, uk/england/briian/great britian/x/y is confusing
Mangy_Dogall the above :p
kludgeWell, it keeps changing, jsoft.
Mangy_Dogonly UK and great britain are one in the same... England is a country within the UK,
Mangy_Dogscotland wales and norther ireland too
jsoftso.. UK is like a mini europe ?
Mangy_Dogthe uk and great britain are said apart a lot buit its actually part of the same full tital
Mangy_Dogthe unighted kingdom of great britain
krizoekdo you mean the EU jsoft ? the term europe is a geographical location
Mangy_Dogsorry my typings a bit shite at the moment im reaching actross my soldering
jsoftkrizoek, fuck
jsoftkrizoek, what does EU mean then?
Mangy_Dogeuropean union
krizoekEU seems more like a capitalistic tyranny. that's why UK goes out of it, in order to protect and survive
jsoftI need to learn me some 'what exists in the world and what is it's correct name'
Mangy_Dognot at all on both counts
g0zoh boy here we go
jsoftTrump 2020!
jsoftWell, that was a polite disagreement :)
Mad7ScientistWhat's the cheapest (used) x86 Windows XP to Win 8 tablet or netbook?
kludgeMad7Scientist: You can probably get an Asus EEE for $25 used.
jsoftOh yeah, I remember those
kludgeMangy_Dog: that's why it's listed as UKOGBANI by the ITU.
Mad7ScientistI have a Toshiba Libretto 70CT from 1997ish. 640x480 tiny keyboard and it fits in cargo pants pockets!
Mad7ScientistPentium 120
Mad7ScientistI'll look in to Asus EEE
Hooloovo0I just got a set of 3 X200 series for $155
jsoftWow, pentium 120
Hooloovo0not sure if that really counts as a netbook
jsoftI remember when that was not too unreasonable
Hooloovo0librettos and other palmtops were really cool
jsoftOf course, I was rocking a Cyrix 166+
Hooloovo0but they're real expensive nowadays
Hooloovo0I pre-ordered a Pyra, which is similar, but is ARM
jsoftOld thinbooks are all gravy
Mad7ScientistWin95 on P120 is faster than the latest computers' GUIs
jsoftor thinkpads
Mad7ScientistAlmost as fast at least. You don't notice any slowness.
jsoftThat is not really that good of a reflection on modern software is it
Hooloovo0gravy? what do you mean?
jsoftHooloovo0, oh sorry. I mean 'good'
jsoftThe ducks gut's
jsoftOr the tits
jsoftOr even the shit :)
Mad7Scientistjsoft, yeah exactly
jsoftMangy_Dog, well good luck with your mod1 thingy, anyways :)
jsoftMangy_Dog, what bike ya got lined up for later on? :)
Mangy_Dogthe test is on wednesday
Mangy_Dogi have a er6f
Mangy_Dogalso known as a ninja 650
jsoftOh ok
Mangy_Dog2007 model
FuchikomaOddbal question; Does anyone know of a commercial product that can take a 0-10VDC input and convert that to a chopped AC output? Basically 0-10VDC dmming to triac dimming
jsoftChoice as
coinomy usb-to-serial has 5/3.3V, TX,RX,GND, but board has GND, 3.3V, CLK, I/O, pls advise
Hooloovo0in that case, I'd guess it's I2C
bobo1on1Fuchikoma: a 0-10VDC triac dimmer :)
kludgeFuchikoma: You want something in a DIN package and not a 555 in a box?
bobo1on1surely there are hundreds of those
jsoftcoino, yeah could be i2c
jsoftlike Hooloovo0 said
FuchikomaI want something that can actually be used ina commercial installation, not a kludge
bobo1on10-10VDC signals were invencted for triac dimmers
coinowhich one is i2c
jsoftcoino, both CLK and IO
coinoso the usb-to-serial is useless?
kludgeFuchikoma: Then why not just buy a high speed dimmer instead of the triac dimmer?
jsoftcoino, correct.
jsoftcoino, well, if it _is_ i2c, then yeah.
FuchikomaI have a situation where a client wants to have different light fixtures on the same dimming switch. 2 of 3 fixtures use 0-10VDC. The other uses triac.
FuchikomaI'm putting together options to make this work, and if there's a power supply that works that's another option
kludgeFuchikoma: wait, what does the triac dimmer take as input?
FuchikomaThe *fixture* is listed as dimmble via triac
brick12:1 stepdown?
FuchikomaAs in you would use a wall switch with a triac dimmer in it
FuchikomaThe other fixtures have 0-10VDC dimming input, which would come from a 0-10VDC dimmer switch
weyland|yutaniso its 110/230v?
OdinYggd<bobo1on1> 0-10VDC signals were invencted for triac dimmers
coinojsoft, would a usb-to-jtag be of any use
kludgeFuchikoma: So what you want is a triac dimmer, then.
OdinYggdNot convinced, have seen 0-10v DC control signals in CNC servos from the 1970s
bobo1on1ah that's not the right thing
jsoftcoino, I don't think so, no.
kludgebobo1on1: that's the thing that controls the dimmer.
bobo1on1well then the dimmer must also exist
jsoftcoino, you need to confirm that thing is an actual i2c board though
bobo1on1actually, 1-10v was invented for lighting, not 0-10v
bobo1on1Fuchikoma: is it 0-10v or 1-10v
FuchikomaSo how do I put that on a bid document so contractors can bid on it? :D
FuchikomaNot really, 0 = Off
Fuchikoma1=10%, 2=20%, 3=30% ... 10=100%
flybackswitced relutance motors are insteresting
bobo1on11-10v is the standard for lighting
Some_Other_Guyis there a good / effective way to easily measure power losses in the network of a home?
Goatmando home network switches pass PoE along their ports?
FuchikomaI've never seen a lighting cut that said anything other than 0-10V
kludgeYou never want to be totally off, Fuchikoma, for theatrical stuff. You want to keep the filaments warm so you can rack up to brightness quickly.
kludgeFuchikoma: A lot of them say DMX now.
FuchikomaThis isn't theatrical though
bobo1on11-10v has a pull up resistor/current source, so that you can hook up a control knob with only two wires
flybackkludge, also so you don't piss them off
flybackwith too much thermal ccyling
bobo1on1you can connect it to a 0-10v circuit, as long as it can handle the pull up current
bobo1on1but it won't function the same
flybackBEEP BEEP
flybackPULL UP!
flybackBEEP BEEP
flybackPULL UP
Some_Other_Guyi suspect a leak to the ground, or a leak in the furnace (which seems to have 2 LEDs that are wrongfully on)
bobo1on1Fuchikoma: this gets closer
FuchikomaWell the light's datasheet says 0-10V, so I'm comfortable pairing it with a 0-10V controller
bobo1on1ah damnit, it outputs 0-10v
kludgebobo1on1: Try this: -- the grey and violet wires contain the 0-10V input.
bobo1on1stupid ebay
jsoftBEEP BEEP your food is cooked. BEEP BEEP your food is still coooked. BEEP BEEP hey your food is cooked. BEEP BEEP hot food in here.
jsoftSculptor, fucking oats !
FuchikomaI already have a 0-10V dimmer
jsoftA toast, to the most besterist day of the week!
kludgeWill work fine for fluorescent and incandescent loads but ask leviton if you want. Leviton and lutron are the two big makers are cheap installed dimming systems.
Some_Other_Guylol jsoft
kludgeFuchikoma: Then all you need is to put a 0-10V input into it and it will dim.
FuchikomaACTION facepalms
FuchikomaThat was never the question :D
coinoit's a USB-to-TTL and a STM32F103C8T6 ARM
Some_Other_Guyits like the lights for the cooking plates on top, 1 plate stops working on random occasions, and 2 LEDs are always on, sooooo... doesnt look too good
kludgeFuchikoma: I don't get what you are looking for. You have two lights with dimmers, and one light that has no dimmer but is designed to be used with a triac dimmer. This is a triac dimmer you can put on the third fixture.
jsoftcoino, an ARM has a lot more pins than just 3.3V and CLK/IO
Sculptorbobo1on1, what light timmer do you use
bobo1on1I worked in the led industry, that was all PWM dimming
coinojsoft, yes, there are lots of pins, this is a spare 4 pin connector
flybackfreescale makes a special 5v arm
jsoftcoino, oh ok.
flybackwith extended temp, emi and esd protection
FuchikomaBut I can't specify some random bullshit item off of eBay, both for practicality's sake and for liability reasons.
flybackmight be better for a complex lighting system
flybacktgo handle the stree
jsoftcoino, well what are you trying to do with this thing?
coinojsoft, 0 to blinky and beyond
Some_Other_Guydoes anyone know if its common for these furnaces to start leaking power when they get old? im kindof an idiot with AC lol
jsoftcoino, what?
jsoft0 to blinky? what is 0 to blinky?
bobo1on1Fuchikoma: is it for incandescent lights or fluorescent
flybackACTION bites coino 
FuchikomaThey're all LED fixtures
coinojsoft, I think they call blinky the hello world of mcu
jsoftcoino, Oh ok
jsoftcoino, well what is the board?
flybackyou guys have it so easy :)
Sculptorthis is the picture of my led dimmer up to 60W LED 500mA..1400mA six const current settings. PFC aware. 3 types of dimming: 0..100K pot, 10V PWM and 0..10V, dimmable to zero output
Sculptori use it for all led panels. i only need one spare to replace any broken one
coinojsoft, the blue pill mean anything to you?
chandooi connect 9v 800ma to the label printer it says "Wrong adapter"
chandooi reversed the polarity
FuchikomaIt looks like the other fixtures are compatible with ELV dimming control if they're specified as 120V and not universal voltage, so that's my answer.
jsoftcoino, only as a term for poor bastards stuck in bad relationships
FuchikomaThen everythnig can be on a single ELV controller
jsoftcoino, sure you cant just program it via usb ?
bobo1on1Fuchikoma: only thing I can really find is 0-10v to DMX, then DMX to triac
jsoftcoino, otherwise get an stlink
jsoftcoino, and you will be good to go.
phinxyIm handling a LCD display from a multimeter
coinojsoft, you mean, just plug the board to usb and ???
phinxydoesnt it require power or are my hand leaking? it seems to show random things on it.
Fuchikoma...that link was a bit longer than I thought but at least it fits on one line...
jsoftcoino, possibly.
jsoftcoino, see what it says comes up.
jsoftI know my other two boards have an stlink on board.
kludgebobo1on1: What do you mean by "triac?" A triac dimmer is a device that takes a 0-10V input.
bobo1on1no it's not?
bobo1on1a triac is a type of semiconductor
FuchikomaA triac dimmer aka an incandecent dimmer aka forward-phase control
bobo1on1Fuchikoma: best to use the drivers that already have 0-10v dimming built in, I have honestly never seen a led power supply that can be properly dimmed using a triac
bobo1on1and I've seen plenty
FuchikomaRight me neither
FuchikomaBut that's what the cut says, so whatever kind of power supply is baked in that's what it does
bobo1on1they go down to like 10% and below that it's in the quantum state
bobo1on1you don't know how much they dim until you make an observation
[Gentoo]hi, does anyone know anything about repairing / diagnosing problems with CRT monitors?
jsoft[Gentoo], poke it with a stick
FuchikomaSo I'll suggest ELV control, which is functionally equivalent to a basic triac but will be compatible with the other fixtures
bobo1on1and works much better
jsoft[Gentoo], sorry. Never had to deal with CRT repair, but be _fucking careful_ if you are pulling it apart. High voltage inside.
jsoftWhich lingers in capacitors and what not.
bobo1on1and in the tube itself
[Gentoo]yeah i know the risks but prob won't touch inside
spludI repair CRTs by throwing bowling balls at them.
jsoft[Gentoo], well I dunno, hit it with a stick, and get an LCD
spludjsoft, go big or go home <g>
[Gentoo]well, I had a power cut months ago and ever since, instead of going into standby (orange light) it just goes off completely.
[Gentoo]the only way I used to be able to get it to work was to leave it for ~10 mins then it would be able to turn on again
[Gentoo]now it's hardly coming on at all
jsoftSounds like it requires some percussive maintenance.
[Gentoo]my gut feeling is some capacitor or something
jsoftYeah it probably is.
[Gentoo]seems like it needs to trickle charge or something to get the power to get going
jsoftI think the capacitor is taking advantage of your good nature. You need to show it who's boss.
jsoft[Gentoo], is it a normal CRT ? For a computer or something?
[Gentoo]I know it's old tech etc and finding someone to repair seems hard
[Gentoo]jsoft: 22" CRT pc monitor
jsoft[Gentoo], I would wager it is cheaper to get an LCD than it is to repair via 3rd paty.
[Gentoo]it's a good one hence why I wana save it, I'm on a LCD now and it's horrible
bobo1on1a tv repair man should be able to fix it
kludgebobo1on1: In other words what you need is a triac dimmer?
bobo1on1kludge: yes but one that can be controlled with a 0-10v signal
bobo1on1which doesn't seem to exist
[Gentoo]using the LCD even feels really weird after using the crt for so many yeard
kludgebobo1on1: Like the one I cited about five minutes ago?
[Gentoo]like the mouse is floaty / laggy
jsoft[Gentoo], it is better.
[Gentoo]feels horrible
bobo1on1kludge: yeah, I guess
[Gentoo]well on the off chance i could find someone local who would be able to repair it, what on average would I be expecting to pay>
kludgebobo1on1: You should try it. Lutron and ETC also make big racks with dozens of dimming modules with 10V control, but that one gives you one channel.
jsoft[Gentoo], A semi decent LCD is better than a CRT.
jsoft[Gentoo], $1000
jsoftGet an LCD :P
g0zCRT > LCD
jsoftSeriously, get with the times :)
jsoftg0z, lies!
[Gentoo]I own LCD's
jsoftfake news!
kludgeA good crt will beat a good lcd... but unfortunately there are a lot of bad crts.
bobo1on1[Gentoo]: I guess £100 sounds on the low side
g0zwhat's wrong with your CRT?
kludgeIn fact the vast majority of crts are pretty crappy.
[Gentoo]i will get my dad to have a look @ it with me
bobo1on1it's probably just the power supply
[Gentoo]well yeah, them old win2k round screens are horrid
jsoftWhat think ye about CRT vs LCD for the eyes?
[Gentoo]lcd much better
bobo1on1try to get a service manual for the CRT
[Gentoo]for eyes
kludgeg0z is likely correct about bad caps too, although you can get collateral damage from bad caps also.
jsoftThere ya go
bobo1on1it could be that it has a separate standby power supply which is now toast
[Gentoo]jsoft: well for photo editing, games, and movies i find the crt much better
kludgeI have a couple VT220s here where a DC blocking cap went bad and took out the flyback. Which is no good.
bobo1on1the main power supply is often supplied by the flyback transformer
[Gentoo]for colour, refresh rate, input lag, smoothness
kludgebobo1on1: Some of those have power supplies but a lot of them still just have all the power scan-derived. It is kind of scary.
[Gentoo]bobo1on1: ok i will have a look
bobo1on1well with a post switching regulator it's sort of ok
[Gentoo]could a power cut have damaged this?
kludgebobo1on1: it's no fun to fix when it fails though.
[Gentoo]which is when it happened
bobo1on1[Gentoo]: yes
kludge[Gentoo]: Yes, but likely being old and never PMed would do it also.
[Gentoo]bobo1on1: are power supplies quite generic, is it a board like on lcds?
bobo1on1no, it's probably on the pcb
bobo1on1it could have a simple series capacitor
bobo1on1check if that also has a series resistor, those can burn out
[Gentoo]the model is a Compaq P1220
chandoohow brother label printer is checking the adapter, it says "Wrong type of Adapter" I will post internal pictures
[Gentoo]i will have a look for some info on it
bobo1on1I've seen that happen with a timer switch, it was powered by a series capacitor, also has a series resistor, some idiot unplugged it while it powered a pump, the inductive spike damaged the resistor
kludgeAgreed. I go to eat lunch.
spludACTION suspects that what you'll save in electricity costs alone in a year of substantial use will nearly pay for a replacement LCD.
[Gentoo]bobo1on1: it doesn't seem to work @ all now, I got it to work last night after it had been unplugged for hours but it's hit and miss when I press the power button
bobo1on1is that it?
[Gentoo]yeah I agree with the space / power saving / eye saving etc of the lcd, but I want to try to fix this
[Gentoo]bobo1on1: yes
mitmfSopaXorzTaker: :)
_abc_This looks like someone kept his promise?
password4"world's biggest battery in Australia"
linux_probecoming soon, giant mushroom cloud in aus
[Gentoo]bobo1on1: can you manage to get a pdf of that manual?
[Gentoo]the captcha is being a pita
password4the worlds largest battery in my flat is 18V 1.2Ah
chandoothose are the images of the internals
chandooi connected a 9v power supply it says wrong type of adapter
bobo1on1[Gentoo]: yes I did
bobo1on1[Gentoo]: doet that work?
[Gentoo]yeah cheers
bobo1on1nice captcha then :P
_abc_ Wozniak's bluebox - good pics
bobo1on1interestingly those boxes were built in a time where getting a keypad was difficult
[Gentoo]bobo1on1: so what bit do you think is most likely to have gone on it? This manual doesn't mean a load to me (im not experienced with electronics much) but my dad knows a bit
[Gentoo]I wouldn't feel confident opening it up on my own
bobo1on1[Gentoo]: look at the power block
bobo1on1you would have to study it for a while though
bobo1on1check the circuit on page 10 I guess
bobo1on1specifically R950, R951 and R952
bobo1on1those provide a small current for the power supply that enables it to turn on
bobo1on1and check C931
bobo1on1other option might be the circuit on page 8, if that doesn't make a stable voltage then the circuit on page 10 might not work right
[Gentoo]right, that sounds like the type of thing
chandooI switched the polarity, it complaints "wrong type of adapter"
chandoohow is he checking the adapter
bobo1on1voltage maybe
chandooi posted the images, any comments are welcome
phinxyWhy have the manufacturer of these cheap/dumb RGB LEDs opted to make the RED have largest surface area when its the color which requires the least amount of voltage?
jsoftOut of interest, has anyone here who has been doing electromagical R&D and design and constructive stuff, have they ever got bored and wanted to pursue other fields? I am asking because I came from IT and felt it ended up being the same old same old. But electronics seems sooooo deep that there is always something new and interesting to learn. Is this the case, or am I simply to inexperienced to see an end of learning ?
spludIT is ever changing too.
majuk90% of job 'variety' is going to boil down to the company/clients you work for.
spludI mean who doesn't like it when IT uses active directory to manage non-windows systems?
jsoftyeah but it is just different packaging of the same old shit
jsoftmajuk, yeah well I am prepared to move wherever the new unexplored shit is.
spludcolonoscopies it is!
spluddive right on in.
spludimmerse yourself.
jsoftyou first.
spludI'm not looking to move to whereever the new unexplored shit is.
spludthat's YOUR thing.
majukYou're not understanding. If your company/client does the same shit day in, day out, doesn't matter how wide the field is.
spludR&D, always something new./
jsoftYeah I thought I said R&D designing stuff
spludSoftware always presents new challenges as well.
jsoftWell... yeah I guess
jsoftI am sure I used that Yusuea or whatever as a motorbike battery for a while there
begl_workaroundDo linear DC wall warts typically supply regulated, clean power?
_abc_Yuasa is normally a good maker. With pedigree, long track record etc.
jsoftbegl_workaround, yeah
_abc_begl_workaround: no, only ones marked 'regulated'
_abc_begl_workaround: and most are not so
_abc_regulation makes more heat and costs more.
begl_workaround_abc_: oh wow
jsoftIs there a linear DC wall wart which is not regulated?
n2I've never seen one
n2of course they are
n2otherwise it wouldn't be DC
begl_workaround_abc_: problem is, I need a solution for powering an LNA @ 12 Vdc
_abc_jsoft: lots.
n2it'd be AC with an offset
jsoft_abc_, like what
_abc_begl_workaround: get a 12v wall wart that says 'regulated'
_abc_jsoft: typical example: all charger wall warts for electric hand tools like screwdrivers, razors etc
jsoftI thought the term linear implied regulation when talking about wall warts
jsoftotherwise... what is linear about it
_abc_jsoft: no, it implies the lack of a dc/dc converter and the presence of an iron transformer.
n2jsoft, technically, linear could just be step down transformer
n2and bridge rectifier
begl_workaround_abc_: Ok, thanks---the natural approach is putting in a rackmount linear lab PSU, but LNAs consume like nothing, so it would be overkill.
n2with a big arse cap
jsoftOh ok.
jsoftAll right well I know more now.
_abc_begl_workaround: indeed. You can also get any linear wall wart and add your own regulation. It's just $2 of parts
n2In that sense, they aren't regulated
_abc_begl_workaround: pick an unregulated wall wart (any) with voltage higher than the lna's required voltage
n2typically the product does regulate it
begl_workaround_abc_: but then I would need an enclosure---I'm using the LNA w/o one (just the metal RF module)
jsoftbut cmon, linear power supply.
n2with an SMR or linreg
jsofthow often is that not really regulated
_abc_begl_workaround: also modern sat lna's can consume quite a bit, some even have antifreeze resistor heating
jsoftthat term right there though
_abc_begl_workaround: check the ratings
n2jsoft, it's wrong to call it linear
n2The best term is unregulated
n2You can't have an unregulated linear power supply
n2you can however have an unregulated supply
n2DC != linear
mitmfthere is way to get bitcoin from good guy?
begl_workaround_abc_: Oh, this is an HF LNA; let me get the I specification
n2Having a transformer != linear
_abc_begl_workaround: you be the judge of that.
jsoftn2, right, so then a linear wall wart kind of implies some form of pass transistor regulation type deal right?
_abc_n2: you're confusing linear with dc maybe?
_abc_also some 'linear' wall warts output ac or unfiltered half wave dc... just a diode inside
n2_abc_, no, and neither is wikipedia or the book i just opened
n2Yes, then they're not linear
n2they are AC/DC converters without regulation
n2Linear means continuous regulation
n2i.e. not switching
n2i.e. an active device being operated linearly
jsoftI so often run into battle of terms in electronics. 'well what do you mean by this' type deal
_abc_linear means no swithching, period.
n2It means analog control
n2i.e. continuous
jsoftYeah that makes sense _abc_
begl_workaround_abc_: just 35 mA
n2The proper, unambiguous term, _abc_, is an unregulated AC/DC converter
jsoftbegl_workaround, look what you started :P
n2it's not a proper power supply
n2but a simple, dumb converter
begl_workaroundjsoft: semantic wars
n2All passives
jsoftbegl_workaround, yeah :)
n2As opposed to the unregulated power supplies are the regulated power supplies
jsoftI switching supply has non linear action in it though
_abc_linear does not imply control. It just implies lack of switching.
n2of which there is the linear, and the switching-mode
_abc_A resistor is a 'linear' part... no regulation. So is a transformer...
_abc_A resistor limited wall wart consisting of diode, transformer, resistor, used to charge an electric screwdriver is 'linear' (even if there's a diode in it)
_abc_But it is not 'regulated'
n2It's a really shitty way to use the term
n2A capacitive dropper is a linear power supply too then
_abc_Nor 'stabilized'
n2...except it's not
_abc_n2: yes it is
begl_workaround_abc_: I am extremely surprised that there aren't fully-packaged LNAs---I resorted to getting an LNA within an RF module, soldering the ends of a wallwart to the bare power connectors (you know, the typical ones on RF modules), and finally applying heat shrink tubing to avoid exposing bare contacts.
n2_abc_, "Linear power supplies gain their name from the fact that they use linear, i.e. non-switching techniques to regulate the voltage output from the power supply. The term linear power supply implies that the power supply is regulated to provide the correct voltage at the output. Sometimes the sensing of the voltage may be accomplished at the output terminals, or on some occasions it may be achieved directly at the load.
_abc_begl_workaround: there sure are packaged lna's
_abc_n2: quoting texts to me is useless. I am older than the internet.
n2That's straight out of a magnetics manufacturers cute little book
jsoftn2, I gotta say, I thought that was common terms for linear regulated shit
begl_workaround_abc_: I meant, an LNA that's housed in a metal RF module
n2How many sources will you need?
n2Before you realize that your usage is not only dumb
n2but stupid
n2because it is ambiguous
_abc_you are trying to say a non regulated supply is not linear, right?
_abc_linear does not imply regulated. The above is about regulated supplies.
begl_workaround_abc_: Well for like consumer satellite TV of course, but not this niche application (HF @ 30 dB)
password4is a linear supply really linear though?
_abc_begl_workaround: I beg to differ. They sell lna's for car radio applications among others, they are in a metal enclosure, inline with the cable, and remote powered
jsoftThis is interesting, I can see n2 is going for the common use of the term, but _abc_ is being kind of a term/definition nazi
BohemianHacksmore stuff trickling in already this morning :D
jsoftwell, I don't mean nazi in a bad way, but you get what I mean
n2What I want is clarity
_abc_You just godwinned the thread.
begl_workaround_abc_: Really!? I have never seen such an LNA that works on HF.
BohemianHacksregular kit, capacitor kit, and op amps just got delivered
jsoft_abc_, nah as in gramma nazi
n2_abc_, linear certainly does imply regulated
n2a /linear regulator/
_abc_begl_workaround: they work for AM through FM. 500kHz-108MHz
n2What's wrong with using the term "unregulated power supply"
Caspermany cars actually does come from factory with an antenna amplifier, which is a LNA near the antenna, powered by the antenna wire from the dash
n2or "unregulated AC/DC converter"
n2They unambiguously refer to such a supply
begl_workaround_abc_: But this is consumer-grade, right?
Caspernothing wrong with "unregulated"
n2And in common parlance, a linear supply has always referred to a linearly regulated DC power supply
n2in every job, project I've worked
n2Never an unregulated supply
Casperand would be often be a classic wallwart
n2Because you would call that... an unregulated supply
n2or an unregulated converter
Casperor those halogen transformer
begl_workaroundCasper: some wall warts don't even have rectification!
n2But if you just love being extra confusing, feel free to use linear power supply
Casper(they are basically only a 10:1 transformer driven at high frequency from the main directly)
jsoftn2 for semantic president!
n2jsoft, semantics and meanings matter
begl_workaround_abc_: and I need a 30--40 dB gain figure
jsoftn2, sure.
n2I also hate when people use idioms wrongly
Casperbegl_workaround: I know, hence the classic one
Casperthe transfo, diode and capacitor kind...
Casperheavy ones
jsoftn2, Yeah well I honestly always thought a linear power supply was a linear regulated power supply
_abc_begl_workaround: I can't find one right now, my local supplier has them, but there's similar stuff
Casper... but man they were so reliable...
begl_workaroundCasper: No, no diode or capacitor, just transformer
jsoftn2, otherwise.. you could techinically say a linear unregulated power supply
_abc_begl_workaround: certainly consumer grade. You can also get fancier stuff but for much more money.
begl_workaround_abc_: Haha no, this LNA is going between the rackmount preselector and rackmount demodulator.
Casperthat would be a transformer... a powersupply, even if it is wrong, somewhat imply some other parts inside
_abc_begl_workaround: sure but you can see how you can reuse the little box they sell you
_abc_ etc
_abc_there are tons
_abc_Try not to get the $5 ones, aim for something more brand name. Maybe Hirschmann if they make one
n2jsoft, you could
n2but you'd have to specify unregulated
n2if you wanted to shit on the gilded lily by using linear in that sense
_abc_You want one with specs begl_workaround since you need to have HF too, not just am fm
begl_workaround_abc_: I think that it would be reasonable to use this out in the open, with heat shrink tubing over the power connectors:
begl_workaround_abc_: so its weight will be borne by a rackmount unit's rear BNC connector
n2ACTION is building a step-up converter, from 1.5 to 12V
_abc_linear? >;)
begl_workaround_abc_: do you think that it's ok? Obviously such RF modules are meant to be enclosed.
n2now that would be difficult, _abc_
n2don't see many step up linear DC/DC converters around
spluder, linear step up?
_abc_begl_workaround: put it in a metal box and use shielded cables.
n2splud, that was the point :P
_abc_begl_workaround: what are you making? Softrock?
n2no such fish
begl_workaround_abc_: Really? I can't just put heat shrink tubing over the power connectors?
begl_workaround_abc_: terrestrial timing segment for an NTP node
_abc_ this is a custo pi box. Anyone have a link on it?
_abc_begl_workaround: heat shrink is rf proof since when?
_abc_ntp on hf?
begl_workaround_abc_: yes, WWV and CHU
begl_workaround_abc_: Why does the power connection need to be shielded?
darsieIs it a good way to detect discharges from a Geiger Müller tube by running it through a white LED on a uC input?
_abc_darsie: no
darsieWhat would be better?
n2Not at all
darsieThat's how I do it now.
_abc_begl_workaround: to avoid using them as antenna
n2Also, _abc_
n2on that link
n2"Use a linear supply, not a switcher"
n2I wonder what type he's referring to
_abc_ACTION pats n2 on the back with a large ironing board
n2In your heart of hearts, you know I'm right, and the better term is unregulated supply
begl_workarounddarsie: NIM units connected to a data acquisition system?
n2You're just being intransigent
_abc_pro tip: each tube wants a different load circuit. Get the datasheet of the tube, it is in there.
darsiebegl_workaround: Dunno NIM. I built a geiger counter.
darsiewith uC and LCD.
begl_workaround_abc_: I don't understand why this is necessary---what about the rest of the line going to the wall wart?
_abc_begl_workaround: also needs attention, ferrite choke at least
darsiebegl_workaround: Is that the NIM?
begl_workaround_abc_: is it b/c LNA power is very sensitive?
begl_workaround* critical
_abc_the lna is a high gain amplifier, it needs shielding and filtering on ALL connections
GoatmanWhat is the best office / business motherboard brand?
GoatmanI’ve been using intel, but they went out of business
begl_workaround_abc_: But the LNA module apparently uses a special bulkhead power interface for shielding.
darsieIntel went out of business?
theBearACTION calls shenanigans
GoatmanYes. they went out of the motherboard business
theBearthat's cool then, they were never that good at it... if they hadn't been implementing chipsets they designed themselves they never woulda got anything working
GoatmanWhat is the best brand for office equipment?
theBear10 or 20 years ago gigabyte and asus were right up there, but things change i spose
TheHexaCubeso I can't seem to switch a mosfet in the falstad simulator
fmcdwish Intel would start making mobos again
begl_workaround_abc_: So this is insufficient shielding?:
TheHexaCubewhat am I not getting here?
theBearTheHexaCube, is that a n or a p fet ?
TheHexaCubebasically what I wanna do is switch the 24V line once 5V are present
_abc_begl_workaround: that looks like a metal box to me
theBearthe way them colours are lookin, yeah, that's what you doin wrong
TheHexaCubelooks like the same as in the arduino schematic
TheHexaCubeIt kinda seems like the voltage difference is too large?
TheHexaCubeso it doesn't turn off fully?
spludheh, looking for some refs to snarf footprint info from to complete a personal reference I have.
theBearprobly not at all if it's a non-linear/remotely-modern fet
spludgo have a professional photo made for the cover of your brochure and use a cheap iron...
begl_workaround_abc_: So it's insufficient? I need to enclose it in another metal box and locate the power supply within it?
theBearalso yer doing like volt follower, err, i spose you'd call it common source in fet-land, you probly want the resistor on the low side
theBearwtf you want a p-fet like that for anyway ?
_abc_ this is so millenial. When I was in school you had to go to geography or languages to catch any skirts
TheHexaCubetheBear: honestly i just looked at which component resembled the one in this circuit -
_abc_begl_workaround: no, the box should be enough
TheHexaCubewhich is on the arduino board, and I wanna do something similar
theBearsidenote: usual approach is to use a pullup to v+24 for 'off' and a open-collector/drain style pulldown tiny-other-fet/bjt to turn things on
_abc_begl_workaround: what ntp service uses hf?! The US one? Err Boulder?
begl_workaround_abc_: Oh, you thought I was just talking about a bare PCB?
_abc_begl_workaround: yes, you seemed to imply that 1st
theBearTheHexaCube, mmm, see "usbvcc" is around 5v, which is ya know, nowhere near 20something, and very near to logic-high outta a 5v supplied something chip
_abc_This will be net un-neutrality, squared, with the US neutrality expiring in a few weeks
_abc_Hi theBear
begl_workaround_abc_: So it would be adequate if I got a regulated wall wart, cut the end, stripped it, soldered it onto the power connectors of the LNA module, and then applied heat shrink tubing to avoid exposing live contacts?
_abc_begl_workaround: probably yes
TheHexaCuberight I just realised that, I actually think I had it the wrong way around in my head :P
begl_workaround_abc_: Ok, thanks.
TheHexaCubelemme think about it again for a sec
theBearTheHexaCube, on/off on a modern switchey-purpose-spec'd fet is generally 0 or 3-5v for off and on, between (in a p-fet) the drain and the gate, or err, between source and gate in a n-fet
theBear_abc_, yo !
begl_workaround_abc_: WWV (NIST, US, in CO) and CHU (Canada)---NTP can decode those
TheHexaCubeI think I just swapped 24V and 5V in my simulation, heh
TheHexaCubewhat I basically wanna do is prevent backfeeding into the usb port of PCs once the 24V are present
JosephRealHey guys, quick question- I have a backlight to an LCD screen, I want to dim it using manual method, like a potentiometer. I found that the voltage range for the screen is 15v at its dimmest and 22v at its brightest. Does anyone know what I can use to regulate the voltage manually to the screen?
_abc_begl_workaround: why not gps?
begl_workaround_abc_: Yes, there will be redundant GPS as well, and a Rb standard.
theBearJosephReal, led backlight i guess ?
begl_workaround_abc_: and this is a remote ``satellite'' site, only a fraction of what the main site will have
_abc_What on Earth are you up to?
_abc_Stratum 2 ntp server setup?
theBearsatellites... nothing on earth maybe <grin>
JosephRealYes, the LED backlight is what I want to dim
begl_workaroundstratum 2!? Are you kidding me?
theBearmeh, eff the public, go strat 3 with the awesomeness of a strat 2
_abc_ Russia band Wikipedia?!
begl_workaroundstratum 0, due to the atomic standard
_abc_begl_workaround: stratum -1 ? :)
begl_workaroundof course the exposed service will be stratum 1
_abc_Rb is s0 since when? Needs calibration last time I checked?
theBearrenice -19 stratum.ntp
TheHexaCubetheBear: so that's how it was supposed to be, duh :P
TheHexaCubethanks, though
begl_workaround_abc_: what, it needs to be a primary reference to qualify as 0?
_abc_I think so?
_abc_Cs and not one but 3 or so?
begl_workaroundWell what is ``primary''? Cs is not good enough compared to an H maser + Cs ensemble
theBearTheHexaCube, oh yeah, that should do it :) tho erm, you'll probly need to get the 24v to almost wait.... aww it's too late, i been mathing stupid hand-aligned sectors and crap all night, you got a sim, i got confidence in yer :)
begl_workaroundand now there are those Cs and Rb fountains and optical clocks
begl_workaroundit's really an arbitrary designation
theBearshould probly up my game on the bugging-a-buddy who said "i'll be back ASAP ! A - S -A - P!!!" to me last saturday :)
theBear"la volta" ... i like it
theBearle tension, if you will
JosephRealI need to create a basic circuit to dim that screen
spludscribd seems like an ethically questionable business model
begl_workaroundsplud: who cares, more technical ebooks
spludsolicit people to upload generally copyrighted documents, then charge subscription fees for people who want to download the content that doesn't even belong to scribd
begl_workaroundsplud: (C) shouldn't even exist
splud(and which the people who uploaded no doubt don't posess the rights to confer to them)
spludbegl_workaround, you'd probably have a different opinion if someone else were profiting from your work.
theBearoh, broken screen, leftover backlight... i approve, and suspect my next bench-lighting upgrade (fighting stupid modern lightbulbs with too much missing freqs) will be made of the same... ideally you'd have a little pwm thinger, maybe with or maybe without a l-c kinda filter on the output depending if you notice flicker at lower settings.. a 555 or dual opamp and a pot and a few diodes/resistors and a cap or two can do that, g-image search in weblan
theBearhas scehmatics
theBear^^ JosephReal
begl_workaroundsplud: I release, and have released, all of my personal work into the public domain, not even BSD/MIT/etc.
begl_workaroundsplud: I dislike FOSS b/c it acknowledges (and utilizes) the legal theory of the copyright.
theBearanyone know off-hand what makes a samsung "s-pen" different to a normal stick of any old thing ?
SpeedEvilFrom memory, it does internal pressure sensing, and amplification so you don't need a large surface area contact
JosephRealGreat, thanks theBear
JosephRealI was thinking pwm controller, too. Was hoping a simple circuit would do just fine, also.
theBearJosephReal, on the other hand IF power (and wasting it, equalling also much-ish excess heat) was no issue, you could probly just use a pot and a resistor and a lm317 (circuit in the long-version datasheet for lm117/317 appnotes) mmm, and you'd need a heatsink big enough to take up the % of power you were not-sending to the backlight, ie. for 50% bright with a 20w backlight, you'd be generating 10w of heat and 10w would go to light the panel, and th
theBearkinda watts starts to need non-tiny heatsinks
theBearbut a simple 555 or opamp based pwm is a couple bucks of parts and maybe 10 components total.. not too bad
jsoftHow would you cat's 'disable' a SMPS buck/boost IC, if it does not come with an EN pin?
HallmanLabsWOOT! My 100W Dale resistor is here!
jsoftJust pull the ground from under it?
jsoftHallmanLabs, 100Watts?
HallmanLabs5 ohm
HallmanLabshas a heatsink that could probably keep a CPU cool
HallmanLabsDale PH-100
HallmanLabslike this one, just 5 ohm instead:
jsoftOh one of those things
JosephRealMakes sense, theBear
_abc_HallmanLabs: that kind of heatsink is not ok for a cpu, it gets up to 130-140 degC in use at max rating, needs to be bolted on a plate too
_abc_ /me would like to f*** the securidiocy pushers with a sequoia tree
Sculptorit sucks when your hobby is your job
_abc_Why do we need all this paranoid "security" when the underlying systems, mostly Windows, are pirated Swiss cheese grade security? The "new" web security is a Maginot line
_abc_(of lack of defence)
_abc_*defense for you muricans
Sculptoryou must be deluded if you think linsux is any safer
HallmanLabs_abc_ : I did mean literally
RoChess_abc_, not as Swiss as Apple with their root + enter gaining access lol
_abc_Been cussing at Chrome before for trying to 'look up' a local ip address before. will be looked up on google you know
_abc_RFC1918 is ignored completely
HallmanLabswas describing the shape/look, not the function
HallmanLabsso I finally figured out why my pre-amp is cooking the op-amps
_abc_RoChess: Windows also had a cheese hole logon moment like that way back when, just press Enter many times at login prompt
theBearSculptor, it at least has the capability to be, not to mention a little transparency so you can tell what is/isn't happening, unlike the BIIIIG black box that a windows system is anywhere beneath the highest of levels...
HallmanLabsI installed a 100k pot instead of a 10k
HallmanLabsDAMN IT
HallmanLabsthe first buffer stage is dead now
HallmanLabswell, for the left channel anyway
_abc_HallmanLabs: 100k should not cause trouble? 100 ohms would?
RoChess_abc_, that's because Google only cares about their bottom line and will harvest as much info as they want, and appologize for it later,
_abc_RoChess: I know.
HallmanLabs_abc_ tell that to my opamps
_abc_RoChess: that being said, using Exploder/whatever it is called now, ALSO looks up online, and does not even resolve it locally most of the time
HallmanLabsI had the voltage adjustable at the LDOs and it was giving me -15.001V and +14.9998V
HallmanLabsso I believe my voltages were within range
theBearthey won't apologize later ! heck, every new agreement they release for things like g-accounts is in more and more idiot-comprehensible language, and blatantly says how you got no rights, they own everything you put NEAR that account, etc etc, and people still lap it up
_abc_+14.9998V <- you have too many decimals I think
RoChess_abc_, actually if you do // it does not do an online lookup, but if you do it without the protocol header it will
_abc_15.001 too...
RoChess_abc_, that's part of RFC i believe
_abc_RoChess: apparently it depends on what address bar "helper" is installed
SculptortheBear, SUUURE SUUURE
theBearchrome cares not about rfc's or codes of sensible conduct !
_abc_RoChess: and these being locked down machines it can't be changed
HallmanLabsnope, that is correct
_abc_HallmanLabs: 15.001 is 16 bit resolution and accuracy adc
HallmanLabsTenma 72-1020 True RMS Benchtop VMM goes to 4 decimal places
_abc_The other one is 20...
_abc_HallmanLabs: you showed 5
RoChess_abc_, switch to then, as i'm considering the same and trust IBM motives more than Google on
HallmanLabsV is not a number'
jsoft_abc_, I am increasingly suspect of google
SculptortheBear, i'm sure you know what is going on on your android phone under the hood
_abc_RoChess: I think we need a majority vote on sites. Caching dns looks up on, local isp dns, and - heuristics flag sites locally as 'okay' 'maybe' 'uhh'
_abc_RoChess: I know about it.
_abc_RoChess: they said they will drop other things instead.
theBearSculptor, you read one of those things in the last 5 or 10 years ? they openly say they can disappear your entire everything at any time, close yer account(s) with no warning or reason given, put your personal emails up on billboards and tv ads as THEIR intellectual property and you agree to it all by simply continuing to use the service, or signing up for it fresh... and it ain't remotely legal confusing refer to this appendix then that clause th
theBearthis glossary stuff, it's all in the plainest english i seen in years !
RoChess_abc_, i'm sure Hollywood is salivating while knocking on IBM's door
HallmanLabswhy are voltage divider circuits not recommended for HiFi?
_abc_Installed a firewall on a droid phone I use just for playing around with apps, it got so many call home to mothership acesses logged (this phone is not registered, as no sim and account).
_abc_RoChess: for horror movie scripts, or?...
HallmanLabsthat is being used to either drop voltages below a threshold or to share specific amounts of voltage
theBearSculptor, i know bits and pieces, but i always believed strongly in kinda border-based security (against all common wisdom in security land) .. so if i can see what is going in and out of my fone, and block things i don't like, that's good enough... not like i got much to hide on my fone anyway
RoChess_abc_, if only, but no more to block piratebay/etc
_abc_"Best job-interview question I've been asked (and have asked later) in recent years;" -- "what is systemd" -- uhh
theBear_abc_, i stumbled on a little app a while back that does geo-ip stuff for anything going in/out of an app on the same device (probly needed root etc,) so you'd get nice world-map and little kinda rainbow-arc's from you to various other-ends, and could ya know, zoom in a bit details-wise if yer wanted to, but i liked it mostly cos it showed how outrageously most apps behave these days
SculptortheBear, two tri phones ago i remember whenever i snapped a picture with a barcode, google used to decode i
_abc_theBear: yeah get 'noroot firewall' needs no root, free, non google play gettable
theBearSculptor, heh, sneaky bastards ! but like i say, while they probly don't mention that specific thing, they don't even TRY to hide the fact that they got all the power and you got nothing
_abc_theBear: no geolocation but blocks the system's accesses to the mothership too.
SculptortheBear, yeah, bastards
HallmanLabsgeolocation? I thought this was ##electronics! lol
theBear_abc_, mmm, i'll have a peek sooner or later, tho i tend to have rootness for a couple obscure reasons that i tend to like having, so i can do anything from real iptabling (i assume the droid kernels still got that ip-stack stuff in 'em, pfft, i dunno, wacky os inside a os nonsense) to hostfile-redirects and dns-server tricks (i always got a public-net and lan-side dns bind and cachey/sneaky kinda dns thinger in the loungeroom i can use for that ki
theBearthing) etc etc, i ain't real worried
theBearelectronics happen at locations, most times
HallmanLabs##Hardware wouldn't let me ask detailed electrical questions lol
phinxyIs it overkill to drive two lcd backlight LEDs with a 250mV LDO linear regulator?
theBearheh, this ain't #hardware, or #physics or #C++ or any other overly precious kinda channel
SpeedEvilphinxy: there is no reason you shouldn't use a LDO for other regulators, it's just more expenive often
darsieDo you think I can change the batteries in a Sony InfoLithium battery while keeping the copy protection circuit functional?
theBearphinxy, seems kinda err, redundant without any special context... 250mv ain't much, and ya know, can you see .005% brightness wiggles ? :)
RoChess_abc_, still it is bad for companies to use .dev after Google bought it, should have stuck with .local or .test
theBeardarsie, dunno, i don't know how good you are :)
darsieI have a soldering iron and cutters.
darsieI mean, would they disable the copy protection when n
theBearwell, that's a start, but are yer any good at using them ? you got steady hands and can't be distracted ? etc etc
phinxyI dont know how the voltage is supposed to drop from +5V-+9V to about 2V without a regulator. I see circuits using NPN+PNP transistors but how does that help with voltage that high?
darsieI mean, would they disable the copy protection when someone removes/replaces the batteries?
HallmanLabsphinxy yes
theBearthey seriously put a copy protection thinger inside the batteries ? man, assholes, that's apple-grade nonsense
HallmanLabsyou should only need about 32V
theBear5-2 is more than 0.25
darsieThey charge 60 USD for a battery or so.
darsieMaybe I could apply 7 V while replacing the batteries.
HallmanLabs32V can drive 100W LEDs
HallmanLabsto almost full brightness
theBear3v can drive 100w of led's too, 4v to full brightness, but ya know, that's kinda abstract and meaningless
_abc_RoChess: routers and such I get to use insist on using local domains like my.router or my.firewall
kcrowit can be bright
theBearyer'd need some thick-ass wires at 3 or 4v tho
darsieWhat are the largest LEDs? Can they be 6x6" like solar cells? Are solar cells LEDs?
HallmanLabs3V-4V can barely push 30W LEDs
theBearmaybe 3.5 or 4mm^2 crossection
kcrowuse bus bars
theBearHallmanLabs, sure it can, if they ain't all in a big string in a cheap multi-die thingey
password4truck bars
RoChess_abc_, i hate those as well, but they are catering to people who struggle to plug in the right RJ-45 plug, let alone know what that is ;)
HallmanLabsthere is no "100W single LED" I know of. Anything above 5W is an array of LEDs
_abc_RoChess: I'm talking about things which run into 4 figures and more
_abc_RoChess: but yes, you are right >;)
_abc_HallmanLabs: Cree has made a single die 100W one quite some time ago
kcrowRJ-45 plugs are best inserted with pliers
_abc_It's great fun to power it. Not. 30A or so.
kcrowand a chisel
theBeardon't matter what yer doing, how fancy yer silicon-fab factory is, you can't really change the voltage drop of silicon/other-metal combo voltage drops.... "ye cannae` change the laws of fuzzicks, jim !"
HallmanLabsI've never heard of that
HallmanLabseven some of the small LEDs are many even smaller LEDs in an array
LoshkitheBear: then explain how Scotty got so fat just sitting in a pattern buffer for 40 years...
theBearLoshki, erm, hearty stew's ? :-)
LoshkitheBear: memory leak...
theBearwell played
HallmanLabsI just had to explain to a friend why using a variac is not a good choice for a volume control...
HallmanLabsI don't think he has ever seen one in front of him
HallmanLabsMy 2000W weighs about 30 lbs
spludHallmanLabs, IMO if it's a larger LED made up of an array of junctions which you cannot actually access yourself, that seems by most definitions to be one LED.
theBearheh, now he's gonna findout about constant impedance attenuators, aka sneaky wired 50 or 100w pot's :)
inex30 lbs = 13.6077711 kilograms
AshIndigothat looks gigantic
HallmanLabsI have actually heard of constant impedance attenuators. I told him to look at ladder style attenuators
theBearwowee ! i get 13.63something, but that just seems so close to half, crazy decimals and converting backwards to what i used to !
theBearHallmanLabs, they're popular for things like horns and piezo-tweety-things in cheap pa speakers and bass-guitar amps
HallmanLabsyeah, I have seen them used on guitar amps
spludshould be close to 1/2.2 or thereabouts.
HallmanLabsespecially someone with an amp way too loud
_abc_HallmanLabs: ^ see link 70W single die led
HallmanLabsor lack of master volume
theBeari been using a half-blowed up one on the bench for stuff like quickly tickling life back into a battery without needing to setup a little reg or whatever else... 0-8r, happily sucks up 50w of heat when it at the 8r end
theBearthe 'track' is basically a coil, like a wirewound power resistor i spose, rather than the traditional smear of carbon coloured film in small pots
HallmanLabsI mainly use mine for bringing either vintage circuits or brand new circuits up to operating voltage
spludto burn off the Chinese component sealant?
HallmanLabshitting something old with a full 110V/220V can blow easily, especially if the capacitors no longer hold their stock values
spludSo, you slowly bring it up, until the caps blow and everything cascades anyway?
HallmanLabsit's kind of weird how caps can drift up or down
theBearHallmanLabs, mmm, that's the only useful thing i ever found to do with them really... also nice for things like BIG power stages in modern-ish circuits... yer $500 worth of new power devices you just installed in something is a lot more likely to not explode when yer get the rails JUST high enough for all the drive/bias stages to start behaving a bit while watching some voltages and maybe a scope screen, than if yer just hit the power and send mayb
theBearor 15a of 80 or 120v either side of nothing to the poor things :)
HallmanLabsI can usually hear that whine noise if a cap is giving issues
spludI last used by Variac to recalibrate a power meter which needed 100V AC in.
splud(as part of it's calibration process)
HallmanLabswhat do you mean by a power meter
HallmanLabsa VMM?
theBearsplud, shhhh ! that's my top-secret ninja technique for not only finding shorted caps/chips in old many logic or opamp ALL parallel rails huge pcb/circuit stuffs, but more recently for finding shorted tiny-caps in various dead mobile fones ;-) way easier than digging into all that glue goop and under all them metal rf shield thingies, THEN attacking single caps with an iron or hot-air, assuming you can even find the right one any other way <grin>
HallmanLabslike analog ones you see in old amps
spludah, like a Kill-A-Watt that went diff.
theBearsidenote: tantalum caps are stupid, and at some very similar per-batch/source age (AMAZINGLY similar/consistant it seems) they ALL go dead short and piss me off ! sure, it might be 15 or 25 years later, but they all do it eventually, and it just bugs me too much to describe !
spludduff even. Was cominh up claiming insane voltage and watts. Located info on how to recalibrate the things (fortunately, the control IC actually has a mode for that, not that it's documented for end-users)
HallmanLabsI prefer Tripplet
_abc_theBear: yes it is a batch thing
spludWhat, the twins fantasy isn't enough?
_abc_theBear: I saw it a lot with commie era makes.
_abc_splud: Quadruplets are coming up as a sequel.
theBear_abc_, but it seems not a "bad batch" thing, just that ones from the same source die at amazingly similar ages to one another
HallmanLabsso I found out one of my Hellpots is actually a balance control instead of volume, errrr
HallmanLabsyou turn CW one side goes up and one side goes down, turn the other way vice versa
spludtheBear, like, because they're all abouy the same age and general wear in similar conditions? Who'da drawn that conclusions?
theBear_abc_, mmm, me too MOSTLY (tho it persists in much more recent crap that some idiot filled with tant's all parallel on the same huge track with no breaks or access points in it) tho my commie-era stuff was mostly made here or in us land
spludtheBear, so made by commie Aussies?
HallmanLabscommie stuff lol
theBearsplud, but they go DEAD SHORT ! and if you replace only the dead ones, within the 10 or 20 mins you leave the thing sitting after fixing it before you feel like putting it away properly, another few will die, and so-on and etc if yer don't just massacre every one of the stupid lookin things
spludSeems were' still in the commie era anyway, North Korea and several other countries spring to mind...
restorerI'm guessing the NAS shield wasn't really meant for use with the Orange Pi *Zero*, given that the best transfer speeds I can get between any two points (including RAM and a USB-attached drive) are around 10MB/s
HallmanLabsrather have dead shorts in caps than transformers
theBearsplud, maybe, i mean, look at the universal healthcare and welfare systems that they legacy'ed out the other side !
HallmanLabsobviously the commies were too stupid to stop making more rockets than needed to destroy the entire planet
theBearthey did leave a lotta nice cheap cnc gear and tank-grade equipment-casing factories behind tho :)
HighInBCthere are other planets
HallmanLabsunless they thought the US could shoot down nukes in the 70s
spludWas wondering the other day about the most recent NK missile "test". Some article claimed it went 10x higher than the ISS.
_abc_theBear: nothing goes dead short on a 30A dc rail. Everything goes boom.
HallmanLabsthat missle went straight up and down
theBearthe erm, the iss WAS in space, i assume ?
SpeedEvilsplud: it did.
spludI wonder if there's ANYTHING in their test to ensure they're not hitting some object in orbit, or if it's just "FIRE!"
SpeedEvilsplud: space is big
HallmanLabsthey don't check anything
theBear_abc_, like i said "SHHHH !" you'll give away my top secret diagnostic methods !
_abc_What missile went straight up and down.
HallmanLabstheir rocket silos just fall into the ocean too
spludSpeedEvil, I realize space it big, but there's lots of objects in orbit.
HallmanLabsthe last NK test
_abc_theBear: don't breathe in too much shorted cap smoke, it'll shorten your 'MTTF'
SpeedEvilsplud: unless it's precisely targetted, the chance of it hitting anything in one up and down trip are well under a million to one
jlf"Oh, shit, we forgot about the wind!"
RoChesssplud, ISS is in LEO
spludRoChess, yea, still an object to hit with a passing missile.
_abc_SpeedEvil: yes you can be sure every SK and Japanese plane in radar range (200mi?) will have filed a complaint (by the company) for "endangering the flight's safety"
theBear_abc_, mtBf is what i plannin... none of that soft-failure here, no sir ! when i fail, it gonna be EPIC !
HallmanLabsI couldn't believe the US let them put another rocket on the pad
HallmanLabsafter we made such big threats
TheHexaCubehm, skimming through the space talk makes me wanna play some KSP again
theBearthe us is run by a cartoon character ffs ! wtf they gonna do
HallmanLabs"we" I am in the US
_abc_g0z: Royal, no doubt
theBearwe i am not
HallmanLabsI did say us, as in this chatroom
RoChesssplud, the Hubble telescope and ISS are pretty close to earth in comparison to say GPS satellites --
theBearoh, heh, us...
_abc_US not us. Heh this is a good joke.
g0zrussians saw out advanced missle intercept capabilties in 1979 by playing Missile Command
theBearheh, engrish is hard... i been doing it for years, and i still don't do right sometimes, do me ?
g0ztheBear: you am not
spludRoChess, - I was checking specs on some barometric sensors I have, noting that they're capable of registering pressures equal to altitudes just near the beginning of the strasosphere.
HallmanLabsI used to be the chief editor for a polish site publishing in english lol
HallmanLabsmy Lord
HallmanLabsthe number of article mistakes
_abc_HallmanLabs: did anybody else refer to what you were publishing as 'English'? Just asking :)
spludchef editor mean you?
RoChesssplud, time to wire it up to a cheap smartphone, tie a helium baloon on it, and let it float up ;)
kludgeACTION waves to theBear!
HallmanLabsnow I run my own site
_abc_splud: pressure sensors used at or near vacuum are really tricky. Hysterezis and so on can be larger than what you measure and drive you insane
spludRoChess, these are bare ICs (though SPI interface, doesn't reuqire much external).
kludge_abc_: some of those aren't pressure sensors so much as atom sensors.
_abc_kludge: I mean the usual silicon membrane mems etc ones
_abc_When used to measure vacuum
kludge_abc_: such a soft vacuum you have!
OdinYggdso, I'm building a mining rig, and I figure you guys would be the ones to know- I need a dirt cheap way to measure power consumption
OdinYggdWatts or amps I can do either one easily enough
spludMEMS is what these are. I'm not looking to measure vacuum. I didn't even order these, they're just parts in my unidentified bin of mIsc.
_abc_So is there a site documenting the nork rocket's 'local' parabola? How high did it go anyway? 50 minutes of flight with Earth rotating underneath... what could possibly go wrong?
OdinYggdMy existing multimeter can theoretically do up to 10A, but I don't feel like using that to measure mains power.
OdinYggdAt least, not mains current. I do measure mains voltage with it pretty regularly, up to 480v
_abc_splud: I used Motorola MPX2xxx for vacuum before, it gets quite hazy under 10mbar.
spludOdinYggd, pkug the thing into an RMS power metre? Like Kill-A-Watt, or any number of clones.
theBeari spose a few winds round something in the mains end of a modern switcher, ya know, around a common mode choke or anti-common mode one, something over that general area, is a lot like a current transformer
OdinYggdYeah, that's what I am looking for is a Kill-a-watt or equivalent
TheHexaCubesomething like this?
splud_abc_ - this decide is 50-115 kPa
spludSo, just below sea level to circa 5.6Km
_abc_kludge: would you consider a 70W single die led as a low power arc replacement for projection?
_abc_Hmm one of the led lamps in my ceiling is emitting smoke signals and fizzing brb
theBear_abc_, i consider my $20 directx or wtf they called 50w one to be, tho you gotta re-jig the optics at the input end more than a tiny bit to make it workout good
OdinYggdSomething like that would work.
spludOdinYggd, the benefit to the Kill-A-Watt is that it's all ready to go. Downside is that it's not set up for you to obtain the readings.
OdinYggdIt'd be nice to have it capable of reading without having to crawl under the desk and look at the wall
kludge_abc_: Not unless you could combine ten of them and the color reproduction was really good.
kludge_abc_: maybe combine three.
kludgeAt minimum.
spludIt would also be registering the total consumption of your rig, not just say the DC side of things. Losses in your AC-DC conversion are part of your cost.
spludAnalog Devices has a series of ICs for up to three phase power metering.
Hooloovo0some servers do this
theBearif it a 3lcd 3 small ones right up near the colour split/filters or even right on near the lcd's themselves at the final combo-multi-shiny-block-thingy with coloured leds can be a lot more efficient, tho i suspect most people wouldn't approve of the colour output that way, while my eyes just don't care too much, cos they don't know any better.... but that 6500k 50w thing does roughly what the old 150w mh/hid (from memory) used to do, tho to be fair
theBearstock optics weren't amazing as far as not-wasting small %'s of the light here and there
Hooloovo0at least, my r410 does
_abc_kludge: well cri should be above 80
HallmanLabsor just by a UPS with USB power monitoring
kludge_abc_: that's kind of crappy.....
_abc_kludge: need 12000km?
OdinYggdYeah, since I am already considering a custom case it would be really cool if I could do a panel mounted insturment
OdinYggdbut those seem to be a lot more expensive than the chinesium plug-in blocks
theBearaccording to my noname pdf docs my cri is well above 80, and 6500k is not only fairly common as far as stock hid projector light sources, but definately the kinda temp my eyes like, none of that nasty blue headlight stuff, or yucky yellow sun-colour 4000k nonsense
Sculptorkludge, that's the application for that cri
spludBut then you're having to deal with interfacing with the IC and attached current transformers.
_abc_theBear: normally for work light you want 4000k or so
_abc_theBear: yellow is 3200k
SculptortheBear, 6500k? where do you use that
HallmanLabsI think soldering everyday is therapeutic
kludge_abc_: The marc300 is about 13,000 lm. That's for a small screen 16mm setup. Figure four times that for a 35mm multiplex-sized room, 16 times that for a movie palace.
OdinYggdJbox in a corner of the case to hold all that and present a normal PSU socket afterward
_abc_kludge: wow.
_abc_kludge: is that because the film and projection unit eat a lot of light?
HallmanLabsdo you guys think dedicated AC lines for audio is bit too much?
SculptortheBear, having 6500k light in your living room is like living in a hospital
_abc_HallmanLabs: nothing is too much for audiophools
theBear_abc_, maybe for umm, working on a car engine ? all i know is i can't distinguish/see a lot of colours most people can, and that 4000k-ish then 6000-6500k then maybe 8000k+ are the 3 common mh/hid and led (psuedo in that case of course) colour-temps
OdinYggdMy thoughts are more along the lines of what exactly do you need that for
kludgeColor temperature probably ought to be around 4k to 6k for 35mm since prints are balanced for xenon or white flame arc.
OdinYggdNoise is going to couple no matter what you do
_abc_HallmanLabs: also some cases stage sound needs separate ac lines for sound, to avoid the lights blinking...
TheHexaCubeohhhh, I bet you folks should know about this:
OdinYggdand if you are filtering it all to DC anyway to make the amps work right, address the noise there.
spludSculptor, you mean I get one of those machines with a button to dispense Demerol?
HallmanLabsresidential AC lines are notoriously noisy
_abc_HallmanLabs: I mean a stage amp setup can easily run into 30kW now
TheHexaCubeis there a common IC package that does dc-dc buck conversion?
HallmanLabs60 Hz hum
theBearSculptor, not when yer see colour like i do, and i suspect not when yer filter it thru a bunch of cheap little lenses and tiny weeny lcd screens
Sculptorsplud, i have no idea
TheHexaCubelike, all in one IC
_abc_HallmanLabs: that's not hum that's power
HallmanLabsI think the better option is DC everything
theBearTheHexaCube, 8pin smd or dip
OdinYggdYeah, but 60hz hum is basically unavoidable
OdinYggdUse a good PSU to remove the 60hz ripple
OdinYggdAnd beware ground loops
HallmanLabsbattery bays of DC charged by solar
HallmanLabssome recording studios use this method
OdinYggdshort of inserting 60hz filters all over the place there is always going to be some
TheHexaCubetheBear: SMD if possible, so far I never found an IC that does those sorta things though
TheHexaCubeapart from rather expensive ICs
TheHexaCubelike, 7€ and up
spludACTION <voice=Dundee>You call THAT hum? THIS is hum!
kludgeHallmanLabs: Depends on what noise sources you have nearby. If you have a record pressing plant with big electric motors on VFDs on the other side of the building and you need 96dB S/N for a mastering studio, an isolated service is likely the cheap way to get it. Don't guess, measure the noise and see.
_abc_theBear: 3200k is definitely yellow 'warm' light, 6500 is cold 'sky' light, and 4000k is a good compromise in between
HallmanLabsit's more the other things on the AC line making them noisy
theBearpfft, some recording studios got jackasses who don't know how to read measurements and apply those to practical anything, in charge ;-)
HallmanLabsso you send dedicated lines
_abc_theBear: 4000k is 'bright sun white', without blue tinge
Sculptoryes, i use 4200k in my living room
TheHexaCube*or* some very cheap chinese board that's meant to be mounted with pin headers, but I'd like to put it directly on my board
HallmanLabsno light dimmers
OdinYggdLike cheap chinese Fluorescent light ballasts
TheHexaCubebut the IC used on that board yields 0 results in google
HallmanLabsfridges, toasters etc
OdinYggdThere's a few here that emit so much RF that the FM radio in the room doesn't work when the lights are on
theBearTheHexaCube, howbout iceerr, ice724 or something like that, and of course the old tl494 tho that a few more pins than 8
_abc_OdinYggd: leds are the same
SculptorTheHexaCube, what board. pics
OdinYggdI want to chew out my power company for installing them as part of their green power subsidiy crap
OdinYggdThe good ones that I install don't have such problems
_abc_OdinYggd: 12-18 W led bulbs, E27, have almost the same electronics in them as CFLs
OdinYggdPay a little extra for a brand that you know works well
TheHexaCubeSculptor: one sec i'll search for the link
HallmanLabseven wall outlets are upgraded by some audiophiles
theBearTheHexaCube, basically, look in the mains side of any switching psu you got, and that p/n will do it
HallmanLabsfor larger contacts with better pressure
kludgeHowever, if you have projection that runs south of 4000k, you can put orange lighting in the lobby and on the side lights and people get used to the orange after about ten minutes and when the film comes up, the projection lamp looks blue in comparison.
TheHexaCubethis is the board I'm talking about
_abc_kludge: heh. Or red plush in the cinema
_abc_and curtains
HallmanLabsaliexpress, only used them once
HallmanLabsand i was desperate
SculptorTheHexaCube, ah, i know about that one
kludgeHallmanLabs: Yes, a lot of people are idiots who "upgrade" things randomly without actually knowing what they are doing and why. They don't measure things, and they ignore real problems while spending money on things that do no good.
theBearooh, and that link title reminds me of umm, i got one on the desk here somewhere, ya know, lm3805 or err, something a bit remotely like that
TheHexaCubeSculptor: but I personally really dislike the idea of stacking several PCBs together
_abc_kludge: I think that's an old trick they used a lot when projection lamps were incandescents and could be run at lower volts to make them last longer
TheHexaCubeit seems much better to have it on the same PCB as everything else
theBearlm2596 !!
_abc_kludge: now that I think about it, ALL cinemas here in the 1980 had red seats, red curtains, and red plush
HallmanLabsI think it is nuts that AC line conditioners still bring thousands on the open market
_abc_kludge: dark red plush mostly
theBearor lm2596s or lm2577 apparently
kludge_abc_: It's a thing they did in the B&W days when they ran yellow flame arc.... yellow flame carbons have sodium in them, and burn brighter for the same current but are yellow. So you make people see yellow beforehand.
HallmanLabsI have a 100W RGB LED!
theBeari got a 10w rgbw 4 die thingy
HallmanLabsrgb + white?
_abc_kludge: I really don't know what they used for cinema lamps in the 1980s. Probably imported possibly Russian carbon. I should ask a school colleague, he would know.
TheHexaCubetheBear: ahhh, that looks promising
theBearofficial warranty-repair removal from a very much noname chinese disco light (i used to be the agent for them in this country, mostly cos i knew the jackass that decided to start importing them, then continue in the face of overwhelming evidence of how shit they all were)
HallmanLabsspeaking of Cinema
TheHexaCubethe LM2596
HallmanLabshas anyone ever seen "Cinema" brand capacitors
HallmanLabsI have one out of thousands of vintage parts
_abc_HallmanLabs: no, I have not. Means nothing.
HallmanLabsI am just wondering if anyone has, but thanks!
_abc_There were probably lots of tiny outfits repackaging capacitors under various names along the years.
kludge_abc_: I never saw the Russian carbins... we got Indian ones (actually we still do get them), they are kind of sputtery but cheap.
theBearmmm, rgb+w is common in both discrete (5mm and 10mm older stuffs) led and mdoern power-led disco/stage lightey stuff... gives you a little more of a chance to balance out reasonable white's and skin-reflectey-colours (that don't look like aliens) without losing more than maybe 10 or 20% off the max brightness on any given one of the 4
HallmanLabshm, I have never seen one (yet)
theBearr+g+b led's do NOT mix together for a nice white kinda colour, and remember i'm quite colourblind, yet i still can tell
_abc_theBear: depends which ones. Someone makes ones where there are 2 red leds, different wavelength, just to overlap nicely, and maybe a yellow one too.
_abc_Sammyware made a big deal out of adding a Y filter to their lcd tvs
_abc_Some time ago. I see it died down a bit.
archivistno rgb system is perfect and the translation one to another loses a bit
_abc_archivist: yes, but, in the digital era, it's just a few bits shuffled over here and there. It's not perfect to start with.
HallmanLabswhat do you all think about 0.1ppm "Golden TCXO (Oscillators)"
_abc_Link above is from 2010 ...
archivistrgb triangle does not fit the CIE shape, adding some other colours helps,, a bit
kludgeHallmanLabs: Who makes them and what does the spectrum on the datasheet look like, and why do you need such good long-term stability?
restorerno, I'm wrong... it must only be for the Zero because only the Zero has that row of pins
kludgeHallmanLabs: A lot of those things have nice long-term numbers but poor short-term numbers in comparison.
HallmanLabsVanguard 100 MHz for High Res DAC
restorerI can't find anyone else's results for it, but mine are piss-poor
RoChess_abc_, must not have had the right cost vs quality benefit, and HDR efforts have replaced it
HallmanLabsES9038Pro based
kludgeHallmanLabs: For audio you don't care at all about long-term stability, you want the best short-term stability possibly. The TCXO is likely not the right tool for the job but you'll know by seeing the jitter spectrum on the datasheet.
_abc_RoChess: RGBY lcds are still around afaik. LG and Sammy?
HallmanLabsHDR is better than 4K IMO
kludgeHallmanLabs: What bout 4K HDR?
TheHexaCubewoooo 4k
TheHexaCubeACTION cheers
HallmanLabsHDR 1080p TVs look better than affordable 4K
RoChessHallmanLabs, but 4K HDR looks even better :)
HallmanLabsyeah if you have thousands to spend
HallmanLabsalso it's 2K
HallmanLabsnot 4k
password4but how many HDR media is there any?
TheHexaCubeI don't have stereoscopic vision so 4k for me looks as if I'm looking out of a window :D
RoChesspassword2, plenty
kludgeACTION is running 35mm and it looks just fine.
HallmanLabswhen we have "8K" that is real 4K
password4last i heard most OSes don't even support it
TheHexaCube(when standing away far enough)
HallmanLabsmost video games are now in HDR
TheHexaCubethough it *might* be HDR 4k, I don't really know
HallmanLabsselect movies
TheHexaCubethe TVs cost several thousand euros though
password4i don't know
RoChesspassword4, 4K 2020 HDR works fine for me on Windows
kludgeHallmanLabs: Actually, theatrical 4K is really 4K... you can see some compression artifacts in the shadows but they are mostly inoffensive. The consumer 4K is much lower bandwidth so the compression artifacts and motion artifacts are apt to be worse.
HallmanLabsyou just need a compatible GPU or a CPU that can do HDR
HallmanLabsand W10
HallmanLabskludge, they changed the axis of measurement
HallmanLabswidth pixels vs. height
kludgeI have seen the theatrical 8K systems but never run one. They don't really fix a problem... the greyscale is more an issue than the resolution even on a 40 foot screen.
kludgeHallmanLabs: That's also true.
HallmanLabswhich is why 4K is not 4K
HallmanLabsit's 2K
HallmanLabsor start calling 1080, 1920 instead
_abc_4k dollars 2k pixels?
kludgeThe compression bothers me more than the resolution with the consumer 4K stuff. And of course none of these things have decent greyscale but that's not the fault of the data format.
JFK9111080p overscan = 1125 lines
JFK911complete frame 1920x1125
RoChesskludge, you need better sources then
kludgeRoChess: That's ALSO true, of course.
kludgeRoChess: No matter HOW good it is, you need better sources.
HallmanLabsUltra-Blu Ray is real now
HallmanLabsyou don't need to rent video servers from Sony anymore
RoChessi'm still mad that 3D didn't make it into the UHD specs
bobo1on1also you tend to notice source quality more if you have better equipment
HallmanLabsyeah but we have 10.4 audio!
RoChessyeah, NHK 22.2 didn't make it either lol
kludgeRoChess: So you can watch Swinging Stewardesses in full 3D?
g0zI liked the picture on my 27" CRT better than 42" LCD tbqfh
HallmanLabsI think the standard goes up even higher, to like 16+ speakers
bobo1on1is there even a point to 16 speakers
Sculptorg0z, i wouldn't touch a CRT with an ugly stick
password4why do i feel so weak
kludgeHallmanLabs: the new standard is object-based and not speaker based (If you mean ATMOS).
HallmanLabsdepends how big of a room
bobo1on1I find 5.1 surround to be under used often
password4man feels like i can barely stand up
HallmanLabsyes I know, but you still have speaker limits
Sculptor5.1 sucks
Sculptor2.0 or 2.1 ftw
bobo1on1I disagree
_abc_10.4 audio?
Sculptor99% of material is in stereo
g0zI like 1.0
kludgebobo1on1: Height may be a useful thing. The ability to get accurate imaging to the sides seems pretty useless to me but it doesn't hurt anything.
g0zthrew 3" speaker made in 1942
bobo1on1no it's not, almost everything is 5.1
HallmanLabsdid you know stereo doesn't even mean 2 speakers
RoChesskludge, i got a 65UH8500, so i got 4K/HDR/HLG and 3D support, and i'm more impressed by 3D/HDR/HLG than 4K (albeit still impressive)
bobo1on1kludge: actually, humans can barely detect that
kludgeHallmanLabs: And most 2-speaker recordings are far from stereo.
kludgebobo1on1: Exactly! Well, you can detect it if you turn your head to the side... but you aren't likely to do that.
HallmanLabsI have done big time research on stereo vs. multi-channel, there is no contest
HallmanLabsonly poorly implemented multi-channel systems keep the debate alive
bobo1on1and poor quality sources
HallmanLabsor the algorithm used
HallmanLabssome of the first surround techs were terrible
bobo1on1you mean dolby pro logic?
HallmanLabsespecially since they didn't understand how the human ear hears different freq
bobo1on1or the quadraphonics before
g0zcan someone make a video sound standard that makes the story/plot better?
kludgeg0z: My mom says TV will rot your brains right out.
kludgeg0z: We're not getting a TV until it's been perfected.
bobo1on1dolby pro logic II is actually quite good
HallmanLabsanything with II in the name means Stereo to Multi
HallmanLabsby false means
HallmanLabs(not source multichannel)
bobo1on1well only if you have a source that is properly dolby pro logic II encoded
bobo1on1then it's quite good
RoChesswatching Total Recall on a Bose system in 1994 on a Laserdisc with 5.1 surround sound opened my eyes (ermm ears) to the wonders of audio... got a 7.1.4 system myself and it is amazing
kludgebobo1on1: Actually, the original dolby stereo without the steering logic works pretty well IF levels are properly controlled. The steering logic limits what you can put into the mix a lot.
HallmanLabsI find it funny Best Buy sets up home theaters but they have no SPL meters
bobo1on1dunno, I used a passive matrix for a while for surround, it's way worse than dolby pro logic II
HallmanLabsuse a multichannel preamp for best stereo to multi quality
g0zI would like a way to listen to my black sabbath-paranoid LP (CD4 Quad) without buying some decoder on ebay for too much money.
bobo1on1I use a program for dolby pro logic II decoding
kludgebobo1on1: If the delays are right AND the levels are perfect, it can work very well, but very small changes in levels can screw everything up totally. The steering logic at least keeps the dialogue out of the surround as the A-chain drifts.
HallmanLabsNetflix is encoded in Dolby IIx I beleive
bobo1on1I reverse engineer the api of a windows dll so that I can decode dolby pro logic II on linux in real time
Hooloovo0bobo1on1, is that open source?
HallmanLabsI have always prefered DTS over Dolby or THX
bobo1on1I'm afraid to release it
RoChessHallmanLabs, have you been asleep? Netflix does 4K with Atmos now
HallmanLabsRoChess: depends on the player doing it
bobo1on1I'll email it to you if you want it though
Sculptorbobo1on1, my boss heavily uses kodi. will give it a go soon
kludgebobo1on1: it's nothing sophisticated, it's just dialogue extraction, steering gains to center the dialogue, the differential amp to get the surround, the surround delay, and if you meet the spec a Dolby B decoder for the surround but otherwise a 70uS filter.
RoChessHallmanLabs, XBox One or LG TVs do :)
bobo1on1kludge: afaik the dolby B decoder is for the first version of dolby pro logic
HallmanLabsTrifield is the best
HallmanLabsover DTS or Dolby or THX
kludgebobo1on1: It's in the II standard as well, but nobody except dolby implemented it.
HallmanLabsmost have never heard of Trifield, much less "heard" it
bobo1on1I find that a matrix encoder with a hafler transform works quite well
kludgebobo1on1: In fact, it was usually not implemented in the original PL decoders either.
bobo1on1well those sucked
HallmanLabsTHX = Tomlinson Holman's eXperiment
bobo1on1the thing that bothers me most though is that sound that should come out of both front speakers, comes out of the center instead
HallmanLabsI didn't figure out until a few years ago how such cheap equipment can be "THX Ready"
kludgebobo1on1: I still have a Dolby 108C around here somewhere and it's not horrible. You can hear weird stuff going on but without the weird grainy sound in the delay that the 108A had.
HallmanLabsit's because THX ready only requires the re-equalization circuit
HallmanLabsalthough THX is made up of 3 separate technologies
kludgebobo1on1: The dialogue should only be in the center, not in R and L, that's how it's supposed to work. So if you're in the cheap seats far left and right the dialogue still sounds like it's coming from the center of the screen, not spread across the screen.
bobo1on1well yeah, but sometimes music is played in both fronts, and that bleeds into the center
HallmanLabsthere is huge debate over dialog location by Ph.Ds in Recording
HallmanLabsalmost nobody agrees
HallmanLabsI think the center channel should anchor the dialog
kludgebobo1on1: If you're always in row C center you can dispense with the center channel altogether but you want as many people as possible not to be annoyed, assuming your goal is to sell tickets.
HallmanLabswith Left and Right being fed reverbs
HallmanLabsof the dialog
bobo1on1well I find that a single speaker for the center makes it a lot better to understand
kludgeHallmanLabs: that spreads it out across the center.
HallmanLabsonly using the center removes the airiness
kludgebobo1on1: yes, precisely.
RoChessHallmanLabs, all depends on where the dialog is coming from... as i've had dialog come out of my left back height speaker sometimes when somebody was shouting "come on upstairs"
bobo1on1I have a full range speaker for the center, sounds very nice
kludgeOkay, it's time for me to go back to cutting lacquers. Peace, all.
HallmanLabsyeah and the human body has a natural tendency to look towards loud sounds behind them
HallmanLabswhich is counter-intuitive to everything about audio
HallmanLabsyou don't want to distract people with loud sounds, you want them to get lost in the sound
RoChessi've paused many movies thinking somebody was at my door, only to realize surround sounds tricked me
theBearACTION LIVES to distract people with loud sounds
_abc_theBear: call yourself an African Grey
theBearsome people call me a space cowboy...
_abc_Buzz? Is that you? :)
theBearnot many tho, on reflection
_abc_ACTION feels sad about the departed AC/DC guy
theBearACTION flashes his best giant-chin'ed hero grin
_abc_I used to like AC/DC a lot
theBearhe's buried about 25 mins drive from here yer know
_abc_'sounds of the free worls' in commie times
theBearahh yes... the old 'rockin the free world' game
theBearACTION knows all about that game
_abc_That too
RoChess_abc_, did you get that Millenium Falcon from video?
_abc_RoChess: hmm? from video?
theBearwowee ! this win 8.1 sure doesn't go real fast when yer clone it and boot it on a machine with only one cores and even worse, "ONLY" (!!?!?!) 2gb of ram
_abc_RoChess: it's not my upload if you're asking? I don't follow.
RoChess_abc_, you linked to curaway minature video on youtube, thought you perhaps had one
theBearnot only do i not follow, i have no idea what that dizzying array of icons that appears if you accidentally hit a "share" button these days ! not a one of them :)
_abc_RoChess: no, I do not. It's just nice. Also there's an article about Han adding a kitchen for Leia in there...
RoChesstheBear, if you hover over them it usually has a tooltip explaining ;)
RoChess_abc_, was just freaky you linked, cuz i checked again this morning if Lego has released their Millenium Falcon to non-VIP yet
_abc_Well that is not lego
RoChessnot for the faint of heart budget wise --
theBearRoChess, sounds like a moment of hovering i could be using for something useful, or just kinda wasting ranting at you folks <grin> theBear is not a social beast ...
_abc_ RoChess I know about the lego one
theBearforward 200<cr> rotate 90<cr> forward 100<cr>
theBear^^^ THAT is not lego !
theBearoops @! i forgot to turtle on !
theBeartalk about an effective waste of 3 whole lines of code !
bobo1on1time to watch The Orville
theBearthe 33 years ago ?
theBearerr 7-3 ? yeah, 33 years will do
HallmanLabsmy laptop has 2GB of RAM
HallmanLabsjust need a workhorse desktop
HallmanLabslaptops are always changing and spending $1500 one year is equal to half that next year
HallmanLabsI prefer to spend on desktops
HallmanLabsGTX 1070 on H2O FTW!
HallmanLabswhat are some of the best Android IRC clients
HallmanLabshow is Rice?
_abc_I use simpleirc
theBearHallmanLabs, actually now you say it like that, my laptop (well netbook) has 2gb of ram, runs 64bit everything, AND can comfortably run a virtual machine (even a ms xp-era one !) AND a local gui session with a ton of ffox tabs and music in the background etc etc, quite comfortably :)
_abc_btw what's good about ScorchCAD for Android? OpenSCAD for android...
theBearrue rants and raves about the openscad for printer-related designery, that and err, some other thing that goes hand in hand with it
_abc_3d printing. yes. Entering/editing text for OpenSCAD will not be fun on any droid without an attached bt keyboard
_abc_ ... Where is Chuck Norris when he is needed?
TheHexaCubehmpf, I really don't like articles like that
TheHexaCubethat's not an invention if you ask me
Bga3JohnnyQ90 have most weird hobby
TheHexaCubea development, yeah, but an invention? Nope
_abc_dm ftw!
theBearheh, when i see things like boy-18 and defence-sandal and ward-rapists in a link, i don't feel teh slightest compulsion to click on 'em :-)
Jan-hihi electrons :)
Jan-ACTION is in Los Angeles
Jan-ACTION basks in sunshine
TheHexaCubesame thing with "16 year old invents the greatest 3d printer evahhhh"
_abc_ACTION hates Jan- for that
theBearyou know, it's a heavy undertaking keeping up a total ignorance of almost all mass-media and current-affairs of any kind these days
TheHexaCubeand it turns out all he did is make a shitty blender mockup and make a homepage
_abc_ACTION sends some bottled rain and misery to Jan- 
Jan-hates me for what?
TheHexaCubewithout any single proof of concept
Jan-I knew that _abc_ was a miserable slav, but honesgtly
_abc_Jan-: not fair, sunny, etc.
Jan-Oh, right.
Jan-ACTION sticks out her tongue
Jan-it's ridiculous
Jan-it's 70 degrees and they're playing xmas songs
Jan-this is WRONG
Duckleanyone in here who has experience with making a programming jig?
theBearTheHexaCube, heh, gotta love the modern online media, happy to assume each other aren't exaggerating or working without any facts behind them, and then going on and on in circles based on this, until you got a whole army of fools convinced of something that is pure vapor
TheHexaCubefrom april 2015
Duckleoh hi hexa :)
Jan-hey theBear :)
Jan-ACTION gives theBear a big hug
Bga3Jan-: travel to Alaska
theBearhurro miss jan ;-)
Bga3Real snow
TheHexaCubeand then look at the website -
Jan-Bga3: Errrrr no?
TheHexaCubenoooo it's Duckle
TheHexaCubehow did he find me
Ducklehow did you find me!?
theBearlol "about talking less and doing more" in the opener
Jan-_abc_: it's like the most beautiful summer's day, with a cool breeze off the sea.
Jan-You do want a light jacket on at night. You know, after 10pm. Just a linen jacket or something :D
Jan-ACTION mocks openly
TheHexaCubeshit like this makes me furious -
Bga3Jan-: weather is weird now. Rain in xmas even in Russia
Jan-what's that hexa
TheHexaCubeJan-: an excerpt from a wesite i linked above:P
Jan-Bga3: get Putin to change it, he's the boss :D
TheHexaCubejust me ranting
Jan-oh, we have to go to lunch now
Jan-wonder if we'll sit outside where it's actually warmer than the airconditioned interior
Jan-laters all
TheHexaCubeman I wish the chinese would make those "small boards" with castellated holes too
HallmanLabshow difficult is it to add or remove turns from a toroidal transformer
TheHexaCubelike, this:
TheHexaCubebut with castellated holes instead of round drills
_abc_ excellent hacks (look at the pics only :)
TheHexaCubeso you can directly solder them properly to a PCB
TheHexaCubethat'd be nice
HallmanLabsso LA Noire VR is coming out in 15 days, how long until they release GTA (V)R
TheHexaCube_abc_: that cork wall looks pretty cool :D
theBearHallmanLabs, on the outer/last winding it usually pretty easy, kinda impossible/impractical-as-eff on any other ones tho
_abc_If the sunspots all go dark we're all going to wish we had burned much more fossil fuel than we did.
HallmanLabshow about with R-Core
HallmanLabswhat is the easiest style to change
theBearooh, cascading light switches ! tre-fancy
HallmanLabsthe secondaries
HallmanLabswell either one works fine
theBearhmm, what is a R core ?
HallmanLabs(add or remove)
_abc_Bga3: I assume you recognize the car type
HallmanLabssometimes called a balanced design
theBearalso secondaries can be inside or outside, depending on all kinds of stuff and if no overriding design factors, personal preference (and i spose which way round you wire the thing any given day)
theBearthe umm, is "R" the common name for them ?
HallmanLabsin audio anyway
HallmanLabsyou'll probably recognize the design
theBearoh, split toroids.... and really ? that musta happened in recent years, 'cos audio is kinda what kept me fed and sheltered most of my working years until recent cripple-tirement
HallmanLabsnever heard them called that
HallmanLabsand I studied transformerws
TheHexaCubehmmm, I wonder
TheHexaCubeI read about the possibility of switching powersupplies generating noise
theBearalso i can't think of any good reason to use that style of winding/toroid for anything audio... usually you see that for rf and multi-mhz signal kinda transformers, often in conjunction with multi-filiar windings cos you care about inductance and capacitance and parasitic crap when you way up there
theBearalso i just call them that, i never really had to describe them to anyone else before :)
TheHexaCubehow would one go about preventing that noise?
TheHexaCubeor at least supressing it
TheHexaCubejust out of curiosity
HallmanLabsit's for the cost
theBearTheHexaCube, lots of it ! a lazily designed one can do it in electrical, magnetic AND rf lands :)
HallmanLabsR-Core is cheap compared to toroid
theBearHallmanLabs, oh, cos you don't need a full toroid-windey split-ring thinger to wind them ?
TheHexaCubetheBear: I've seen PCBs that had this kind of... "metal shield" around components, would that prevent the noise from escaping?
Bga3Open your smart phone
theBearTheHexaCube, that'll catch the rf noise usually, but have little to no effect on magnetic or electronic noise (cos of the hard switching and sharp edges everywhere, you tend to get harmonics and/or small %'s of that on both incoming and outgoing power lines, any coil/xformer seeing those sharp switchies will in turn make magnetic realm noise anywhere it leaks (some designs and poor quality constructions leak much more than others) etc etc
theBearyou open it ! i already know what's in there
TheHexaCubei... i don't even know how to open my smartphone :P
theBearoooh, /me just worked out what that comment meant
theBearTheHexaCube, it involves some TIIIINY screwdrivers, and then something like a .50 or .6? mm nylon plectrum makes the next bit pretty darned easy
TheHexaCubewell I assume it's somehow glued
TheHexaCubeit doesn't have a removable battery case thingie
theBearunless it a waterproof s7/s8 or similar, then you also need a ton of iso and maybe a little afternoon sun or something to un-waterproof it too
TheHexaCubeoh wait I'm seeing two tiny torx screws
theBearooh, or a stupid one-x , stupid one-piece casing nonsense
TheHexaCubebut I don't really wanna open it ;P
theBearTheHexaCube, i save you the effort, it's full of tiny little metal boxes covering various fast chips and rf amps and stuffs
TheHexaCubeohh, I see
theBearthat errm or wtf it called has countless examples if you wanna see
Bga3TheHexaCube: hope your phone is not from Japan
TheHexaCubeit's a huawei sooo... possibly? :P
Bga3They like to use secure screws
theBearhawaii fones are kickass ! the expensive ones are easily even with all the big brand names, and the $50-80 ones i can buy at the supermarket with my food and everyday supplies are pretty effing amazing, i feel, and i had 2 or 3 of them for LONG periods without any fancy cases so far
theBearoh yeah, also, they full of em like any fone since the first gsm/digital nokias, and likely the old motorola pre-digital ones too, just haven't looked in many of them personally
g0zI haven't seen phones for sale at the supermarket
theBearheh, funny how when phones cost as much as a small car, people didn't seem to smash and break them constantly
g0zunless the big box stores with supermarkets+clothes+electroncis+etc count
g0zmy motorola moto e 2nd generation died last week
theBearg0z, local one here is coles (was independant conglomerate kinda one before, but they bought the place and kept on all but the management staff, who were dicks anyway, so i kept going, i don't care for change, i like familiarity in everyday life)
g0zwaiting for my new phone still
TheHexaCubefound the metal can! :D
Bga3TheHexaCube: and its hard to desolder it
theBearyou can get maybe a y550 or so for $60 there, probly a model or two newer by now, or pay $150 for a sammy mini j1 (newer 4g model) which isn't any better physically, has a much smaller screen and battery, no focus at all on the cameras (vs hawaii full auto/adjustable tiny focus mech) and equal if not slightly lower cpu/ram/int-storage specs !
TheHexaCubeyeah, i bet it soaks away ALL the heat
g0zit boots but freezes on motorla splash screen, if I exacpe to "fastboot" dialog you can't factory reset it, etc so I give up. I dunno if you could fix it with a USB connection and a gig of sdk shit and usb drivers etc etc
theBearTheHexaCube, most of them in phones these days have a tiny little kinda clip-on lid around a thin line of 'fence' if you look closely
g0zI just spent $78 and ordered a new phone
theBearhmm.... s4 ?
g0zme? e4
theBearACTION is getting pretty darned familiar with the insides/pcb's of most samsung and many htc and other modern fones
theBearnah, the link from thehexa
Bga3g0z: most phones dies from flash wear out
theBearmaybe a s6 actually
theBearACTION thinks s4 had removable battery
g0zBga3: that's possible it seems like some memory failure to me
theBearhmmm sm-g925 eh ? that'd have to be something a bit newer than s5 methink
Bga3Bad blocks in fat table. Goodbye
TheHexaCubetheBear: so anyways what you're saying is, metal can is a good idea for RF, selecting the right components is important regarding magnetic and electric noise?
TheHexaCubeaswell as PCB layout for electrical noise?
theBearTheHexaCube, well, erm, that's the short version... ask wiki bout watchcallem, err, faraday cage theory
Bga3Flash memory was slc than mlc now tlc
theBeargenerally to keep the electrical inside the switching whatever circuit (be it fast digital or big choppey psu stuff making it) you use some combo of caps and inductors/various-sneaky-chokes to kinda fence/resist/filter it
theBeartender lovin flash
TheHexaCubeoh neat TI provides configurations
TheHexaCubethat's nice, I was fearing i had to do the math :P
Bga3Less and less writes count
Bga3From 100k to 5k
TheHexaCubetheBear: I see - though I do feel like electrical noise won't be an issue if I use a linear regulator *after* the switching one
theBearTheHexaCube, these days a few brands have webpages or downloadable free apps for mathing and doing basic circuit and even pcb designs for their fancy switchering chips
Bga3And modern phones lives Max 2-3 years
theBearTheHexaCube, i don't even know what you doing ! <grin> i just answer the questions as i read them line by line, specially when i'm tired/late and doing something else that takes my conscious thought to stay on top of
TheHexaCubetheBear: that's because I tend to ask only specific questions, instead of giving half of my life story ;P
TheHexaCubebasically I'm designing a 3d printer controller and I want everything on one PCB
TheHexaCubeI need 3 voltages, 24V, 8V and 3.3V
TheHexaCubeidea is to feed 24V in, step it down to 8V using the switching regulator and step that down to 3.3V using the linear reg
Bga3TheHexaCube: get atx power supply and make
Bga3It's easy
theBearTheHexaCube, oooh ! harsh words ! i think i need to go have a little cry now, maybe get me a cuddle <grin>
TheHexaCubetheBear: oh, I didn't mean to be harsh, I'm sorry
Bga312 to 24
Bga35 to 8
TheHexaCubeBga3: well I want to use an LED PSU
TheHexaCubewhich outputs 24V to begin with
theBearTheHexaCube, lol, if that wasn't dripping enough sarcasm-nistic-ness, it's aiiiiight, i just funnin' yer
TheHexaCubetheBear: ah I'm german, sarcasm goes past me 95% of the time :P
theBearassuming it was, you should practice your text-based sarcasm, cos that last line wasn't big on it
theBearaha ! in that case erm.... ich bin farfegneugen, well, obviously not at this very moment, but it's late and i short on foreign words <grin> also, kudos on (as a language/country) coming up with the term for schranz, one of my favourite families of washing-machine techno :)
TheHexaCubethat's the first time I've heard of "schranz"
TheHexaCubealso I'm afraid farfegneugen isn't a german word, hehe
theBeardon't be sad... it IS a fairly specific/niche family of very repetitive non-musical dancefloor kinda techno music ;-)
theBearit is if i can spell it right, at least it should be, i'm led to believe that vw invented it a few years before i was born for an ad campaign, but nevertheless, a word made-up and remembered 30 or 40 years later, is surely a word
theBear"Fahrvergnügen Fahrvergnügen was an advertising slogan used by the German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen in a 1990 U.S. ad campaign that included a stick figure driving a Volkswagen car." there 'tis, with fancy foreign letters and all
theBearholy crap ! that's not before i was born
theBearACTION makes it quite clear, he ain't one of them young-folk of 90's vintage, no sir no how !
theBearsidenote: 'sif a simple backwards westerner like me was ever gonna workout how to spell that from memory
theBearbut much like schaudenfreud (again spelling <grin>) and even things like good old ennui (enoui ? needs some fancy foreign lettering and a french accent either way), it's something your language can say that takes so very many words to say with less elegance in stupid english
theBearACTION spins on his chair and looks this way and that, hoping to spy some appropriate laptop ram for this poor old windows thing, WITHOUT having to use his thinking-tank to find it
Feral_CatThe fake reviews on amazon are out of control. They seem to be focused on things like iphone cables.
theBearheh, smalll minds, small reviews
SpeedEvilIt's annoying when something you want has shit reviews.
theBearACTION apologizes to anyone that can actually speak and/or spell any of the languages he butchered thismorning, and promises he won't do it again, for the immediate future :)
theBearACTION enjoys butchering foreign languages he knows little to nothing about
Feral_Catlike this
theBearlol, even the comment about it likely won't work doesn't sound remotely confident
zigggggyACTION pets Feral_Cat
TheHexaCubetheBear: sorry I had to afk for a moment
TheHexaCubegimme a sec to scrollup
theBearwowee ! i can save over 200 english foreign-monies ! i'm losing money if i DON'T order that fancy beyond not-concave tv !
TheHexaCubetheBear: Schadenfreude is a lovely word if you ask me :P
theBearTheHexaCube, lol, i wouldn't worry too much, most of my mumbling and ranting isn't anything anyone NEEDS to read, just something that keeps me entertained between electronics
TheHexaCubethough there *is* an english word for it, which i forgot though
theBearTheHexaCube, it is, and i'll be shocked if there is (an english word for it) !
Feral_CatHISSES and swats at zigggggy
theBearMAAAAYBE some kinda idiom/colloquial-ish mutli-word thing, but even then it'd be fairly obscure, and understood by far from the majority, i suspect (idiom is a good word tho, learnt that one from the archer cartoon, the one where he was a pirate-king :-] )
bouncethe olde inglishe is like 90% furrin woids by meaning anyway, of which a goodly bit is latin (go ahead, open up a latin-for-english-natives book, check the lists of words that don't need translation) -- cultural appropriation much?
theBearsure, most languages probly got an equivalent for idiom, but i don't know most languages
TheHexaCubeI could *swear* it was a single word but I can't remember it for the love of it
TheHexaCubedamnit offers "gloating" next to "schadenfreude", though that doesn't quite cover it
theBearnot even close ! gloating isn't a fraction of the whole picture
bounce"joy in other's suffering" is like four words
theBearand far from elegant
TheHexaCubeperhaps the word I was thinking of was "Fremdschämen" which according to some youtube video didn't have an english translation either
theBearlol, perhaps, who are we to say <grin>
TheHexaCubebut I like it when I find german words in the english language
Sculptori don't speak jerry
bouncetime to learn jerry, it's good for you
mulleini'm not jerry, but you look like you're speaking
TheHexaCube...jerry? D:
theBearoooh, i like that one too, i'll need to remember fremdschämen
bounceor any second (or third, or...) language
TheHexaCubetheBear: it does translate to 'cringe' pretty much perfectly, though
zigggggyACTION bounces bounce
TheHexaCubei think "abseilen" is another german word used in the english language, however rather rarely
mnrmnaughACTION licks zigggggy 
bounceon another note, my electrical skills are limited to soldering and spotting blown caps. now I've broken open (glued shut, yech) and soldered open (earth shield) this here broken power brick, but no blown caps. what next?
theBearlol, i was wondering recently, how the eff did "the bosch" become slang/slur for the deutsch persons ? only other place i ever heard it is Bosch, which are kinda the Yamaha or euro-land, which is to say they make a HUGE range of stuff, a lot of which many of us use everyday without even knowing it, and do it well
mnrmnaughzigggggy make this pi untar faster!
zigggggybounce you have xray vision?!
bouncenope, should I?
TheHexaCubetheBear: wait, people really call germans "the bosch"?
mnrmnaugho sweet its done
TheHexaCubethat's... that's pretty weird and cool
theBearbounce, mmm, if you got a meter, AND most importantly you know "the rules" of how to not kill yerself poking stuff connected to the wall, there a bunch of directions you could go
mnrmnaughi never heard that. bosch
Sculptorhere's german language compared to other langs
zigggggybounce i didnt know blown caps can always be spotted :P
theBearTheHexaCube, not so much these days, kinda thing you hear in old ww2 war movies
bouncewho says always? I didn't.
mnrmnaughmake sure you poke things with your nose, so you dont hurt your hands
TheHexaCubeholy hell bosch really is a HUUGE company
TheHexaCubeI kinda wasn't aware of that
theBearheh, i seen a handful of those "what X language sounds like in Y language" clips over the years... the ones done well are amazingly effective i think
bounceACTION just had a board refuse to see any memory and all the caps look fine. that there other board has like 11 out of 19 820 uF caps grow bowler hats and it works fine
TheHexaCubeit's even bigger than Siemens, who would have known
mulleinre germans called bosch,
bouncehave a dmm (el cheapo) but it needs a new battery. and I tend to manage not to electrocute myself, sure.
mulleintl;dr the french called them that in wwi, americans probably borrowed it
bounceif I can remember where the multiplug multivoltage wall wart is I could even power it up too
TheHexaCubeI always thought germans were called 'Krauts' or 'Fritz' in the world wars
theBearTheHexaCube, they make everything from small things like electric-valves thru to power tools, VERY wide range of vid-cam stuff from low-end kinda stuffs right up to many-thousands a unit vandalproof ptz crazy things with little windscreen wipers and heaters to deal with fog/mist/moisture etc, and a bunch of stuff my stupid head won't remember now i got started doing a list <grin>
TheHexaCubeand I thought *I* worked at a big company with 5500 employees
TheHexaCubebut 350.000, that's just... nuuts
theBearso i spose not as wide as yamaha, who got everything from industry leading motorbikes thru to guitars and guitar amps, motor-boat engines, body-armor and again a bunch of stuff my head don't wanna list for me while all eyes are on me :)
theBearit must be getting a bit late
tawrACTION pokes theBear
mulleinTheHexaCube: the allies had lots of derogatory names for the germans in the world wars, e.g. heinie, hans, hermann. see if interested
theBearheh, fritz always makes me smile, and along the same lines helmut is often used, kraut just feels too lazy and over-used to me (i'm kinda an afficianado of racially based insults and jokes, not for the reasons they are usually said/used, but because i find the whole concept of xenophobia/racial or location-based-dislike so amazingly novel and impossible to understand, and i also like saying the odd line like "c'mon ! EVERYONE enjoys humor about the
theBearminor differences in appearance and customs between people from different places and cultures !" ideally just before i go on stage to make a speech or something, ya know, really get whoever i say it to sweating <grin>)
kmcthere's a bit in cryptonomicon about calling people nips vs japs and which is more insulting
spludYou make speeches?
Loshkimullein: "the jerry" was BrE slang for both Germans and the chamberpot that went under the bed (a gozunda)
kmc <--- does this thing work at all? I am skeptical...
kmca "geiger counter" that plugs into your phone hadphone jack
theBearoooh, i never thought that "boche" as a racial slur/insult might be spelled differently
theBearoh, then i read the 2nd sentence and notice i'm not the only one
spludkmc - get one and go somewhere highly radioactive and report back.
kmcsurely it's not using the geiger-muller effect
kmcbut some solid state detector?
kmcsplud: yeah I'll just dash over to Livermore and ask for some time next to one of their reactors
kmcI did tour the MIT Research Reactor, that was pretty dope
kmcboron neutron capture therapy -- terrifying!
cheaterhey bear
theBearheh, 'je mapelle... le caboche ... formidable !'
kmcspeaking of dope they also use the reactor to do very uniform doping of semiconductors somehow
RoChesskmc, find one that has actual reviews
theBearthere's another one for me to remember
bouncewant me to break that impossibility for you? (most) everyone is "racist" in the sense of discriminating between "my people" and "not my people"; how you draw the lines and how openly you go about it is whether you get labeled "racist" or not
spludONE proton, ONE proton only...
theBearspeaking of dope, don't smoke too much when yer younger, or you might end up as silly in the head as me when yer older <grin>
spludsaid in a Sean Connery Russian accent...
kmcI'm getting older so fast
cheatertheBear: that would be pretty terrible
kmcI've become 10x more conservative just from living in SF a few years and seeing the crazy failed-state shit that happens in our liberal utopia
kmcsplud: :)
theBearsplud, heh, with the accent, i like it a lot
spludooh look, a patch of skin. Shall I tattoo it or punch a hole in it? Wait. I can do BOTH?
kmcthere's a MIT freshman lab where they do free-space data transmission via audio
kmcthe code is called onepingonly
theBearcheater, heh yeah, nightmare-situation amirite
cheatertheBear: i'd rather kms
theBearerm, kernel mode-setting ?
TheHexaCubedope is weed, right? :P
banandanaya na
theBearTheHexaCube, most commonly, tho people not into the whole self-medicating kinda lifestyle tend to use it to refer to any recreational err, 'substance' shall we diplomatically sya
cheaterkill my self
banandanadope = heroin
TheHexaCubeahaaah, I see
g0zto young people dope is heroin
theBearheck, my dad even refers to stuff like prescription medication and headache pills as 'dope' when he's really excelling at being an ass about something
RoChessTheHexaCube, ppl who smoke weed tend to use `dope` to refer to heroin, ppl who don't smoke use the term for weed, and it can also mean cool/good
begl_workaroundkmc: I pass by this gun shop occasionally: ``As gun sales boom, New Hampshire posters draw controversy'':
g0zto old people dope is weed or heroin
TheHexaCubeI see, thanks for the explanation
begl_workaroundkmc: PS I approve and am a customer of theirs.
TheHexaCubeI wish drugs just had one name and not 12 for each :P
LoshkiI'm old (60), and dope use to mean pot.
theBearRoChess, heh, hells yeah it can, and that's aiiiight with me, word to yo' mother !
theBearACTION falls off his chair laughing
g0zold meaning over 40 I guess.
theBearahh, those youths and their urban slangery
TheHexaCubeto me everyone in here is old :P
LoshkiThat was before every letter of the alphabet had a drug to go with it...
TheHexaCubeor rather, I doubt anyone here is younger than me, hehe
spludI used to keep some ibuprofen in a bottle, which I slapped a new label on as "Anti-Psychotic meds"
LoshkiGet Off My Lan
theBeari said things like that when i first discovered irc, and heck, look at me now, a veritable pillar of the community
spludKept that at my desk at work.
g0zit's a context thing too "smoke dope" always pot "shoot dope" always heroin (before kids decided dope was only heroin)
g0zI dunno any current heroin users
spludWhat ever happened to the term "reefer" ?
TheHexaCubeheroin is weird anyways
theBearheh, i like the gunshop posters... i also very fond of <link-en-route> ... i mean, little pointy hats are one thing, but when someone puts on a lampshade for a hat, you KNOW it's a serious party !
RoChessTheHexaCube, it can also differ between regions, same way on rubberneckers vs looky-loo
g0zreefer is still used but like ... jokingly maybe
TheHexaCubeI don't get why you'd wanna take a drug that is *really really* not good for you
TheHexaCubecompared to weed, shrooms or LSD
spludNeighbour on one side of me (or rather, one of the multiple tenants of the property which I'm increasingly viewing as a wannabe commune) is growing pot.
TheHexaCubewhich don't harm your body
g0zthe devil's lettuce
RoChessTheHexaCube, those ppl who slow down on opposite car lanes to watch accident, called different around the world
begl_workaroundtheBear: haha, is ``gunshop'' a word?
spludI think it's supoosed to be legal at the beginning of 2018, but he wasted no time setting up after the vote earlier this year.
g0zI hate rubberneckers
begl_workaroundtheBear: reminds me of ``videogames''
theBearg0z, surprisingly there's been a small resurgence in the popularity of the crap here in recent years, nothing like back in the 90's when the zombie assholes were all over the place, but enough that i noticed, and that ain't exactly the kinda social circles i tend to move in
theBearbegl_workaround, wtf ? don't ask me hard questions like that ! suddenly i'm not so sure, not sure at all !
g0ztheBear: heroin dealers have kept out meth dealers here in southern new england
theBearACTION starts to question all kinds of thoughts and terms he uses
theBearg0z, heh, well, i spose that's some small concession
g0zheroin is definitely still "a thing"
begl_workaroundtheBear: s e m i o t i c s
LoshkiI'm so old I remember when porn arrived *on paper* and when it stopped working, you turned it upside down. Try it on your spouse when things get boring.
begl_workaroundLoshki: Playboy magazines?
theBearmmm, if yer think about it, heroin users ain't that likely to transition to meth regardless of price or availability... they're kinda polar-opposites, and while many drug addicts will take anything they can get on a slow day, i don't see yer average hammer-zombie running around and sweating and wide-open eyes on meth in my imagination
theBearbegl_workaround, erm, like rice-pudding ?
g0zI assume in this day and age the phenomena of found deep woods porn doesn't exist anymore
g0zie being 12 and finding some porno mags stashed in the woods
Loshkibegl_workaround: I've long forgotten the names. The pages were often sticky.
theBear"Semiotics is the study of meaning-making, the study of sign process and meaningful communication. It is not to be confused with the Saussurean tradition called semiology which is a subset of semiotics" wtf ! surely whoever wrote that was just trying to confuse people further
g0zOui, High Society, Cheri, Hustler
Sculptoryou know your stuff g0z
LoshkitheBear: I would have thought "do not confused something with a subset of itself" was clear enough
begl_workaroundtheBear: terrible definition
g0zfond fond memroies
mulleing0z: i haven't seen those mags since the 80s
theBearheh, if i was in a position to publish such magazines, i woulda responded to Oui coming out by releasing my own Ennui competitor
RoChessLoshki, did you ever stumble on your dads 8 or 16mm stash?
LoshkiI have tried turning porn upside down on my phone. Epic fail.
begl_workaroundLoshki: that's what rotation lock is for
mulleing0z: have you ever tried to find comic strips of chester the molester from hustler online?
theBearbegl_workaround, i was about to blame that one on google picking it for special top and to the side result, but this time it was my newer friend duckduck who dunnit ! /me is very disappointed, he expects better of his new friend
LoshkiRoChess: I had two older brothers :-)
begl_workaroundtheBear: quack quack quack
begl_workaroundHehe one of the girls whom I've talked with extensively actually watches male porn
begl_workaroundI didn't know that it existed
theBearheh, film-reel porn ! what a nightmare from a time before my porn years ! just imagine the horror when yer machine jams and you can't make it across the room before yer whole reel goes woof, up in flames !
CelelibiThey're actually fairly common.
g0znever saw 8-16mm , but when I was a kid circa 1980 David something's parents went out of town and they had Swedish Erotica videotapes we watched
begl_workaroundg0z: Scandinavian porn?
RoChessbegl_workaround, if there's a market that money can be made at, somebody will be selling it :)
g0zthe boxes were HUGE too from what I recall, like way bigger than retail boxes were in 90s
g0zbegl_workaround: no just the name of the company
theBearerm, male porn ? what err, is that kinda like opposite from that lesbian porn all the young fellows in hollywood films seem so very excitesd about ?
begl_workaroundRoChess: obviously, but I didn't know that there was demand
begl_workaroundACTION doesn't consume any porn
CelelibitheBear, there's a thing called "porn for women".
Sculptorthis channel really cover all topics
g0zSwedish erotica promo fromn 1978
CelelibiEspecially the topic of uncovered things. :D
g0zman this shit is rich
theBearon that note, i got a couple of what gotta be nearly the last functioning and good-condition vhs vcr's and some pretty darned better-than-progressive-pal-spec capture stuffs around, if anyone needs some tapes converterized before they get all old and the magnettey-stuff just peels off on the tape mech when yer try to play them
g0zlol refer to this woman as "a pretty oriental"
g0zthem were different days
begl_workaroundtheBear: In the mid 2000s I actually owned a VTR
theBearCelelibi, i know that, but i figure much like myself, most women aren't really looking for videos of things they can't imagine themselves involved in... i know what all the movies tell us, but personally i find lady-only porn to be boring and lacklustre, even in tiny doses
begl_workaroundtheBear: from the 80s---it was computerized and came with 30 lb. of heavy cables, and a remote control console
begl_workaroundtheBear: And had a row of four meters, one of which displayed like chroma level or something
begl_workaroundtheBear: very excellent quality (but it was before SVHS, obviously)
DusXMTHi there. I'd like to build a replacement power supply for an old computer, and since it requires AC inputs (from a plain old transformer; most notably used by the sound chip) as well as a DC input (which I plan on using a switch-mode power supply for), I wonder if it's a good idea to connect the ground to the distribution network's ground? Similar question to this: https://electronics.stackexchange
begl_workaroundtheBear: I scrapped it b/c the ejection mechanism was broken (it would chew the tape upon ejection)
begl_workaroundtheBear: so playback for digitization would probably be best done on a VTR instead of a consumer shit VCR
DusXMTThe reason why I'm not sure is, if there's any danger that this would pose to the switch-mode power supply, eg. because of the capacitor that's added between the primary and secondary windings of the transformer to help control EMI
Kevin`DusXMT: does your distribution wiring seperate safety ground and return ground?
DusXMTKevin`: It does
ThePendulumhmm fixed the WS2812B ring, slight green hue difference between the old and new ones though :(
ThePendulumwell, a lot... since the old green was broken on those LEDs, but well
Kevin`it is extremely common to ground one side of the output of a switching supply
Kevin`well, and non-switching. goes back.
DusXMTOh, okay then :) I just wasn't sure because of the binding capacitor
theBearbegl_workaround, ooooh, very nice ! i still got a "portable" 8track reel2reel (only takes the little 7 or 8" reels tho,) with a very nice removable/long-cable BRIGHT led fig-8 displays worth of smpte numbers and transport controls and even bright led vu's, and a ltc/mtc (smpte over midi cable, or same kinda thing over coax-esque timeclock cable, with some sneaky so it can track at HIGH speeds when yer fast fw/bw ing huge amounts of tape,) stripe/sy
theBearunit on the back, but apart from the sexy BRIGHT lights on the remote-panel that's shit next to a proper fancy helical HUGE tape old video machine
DusXMTKevin`: Thanks a lot for your help :)
begl_workaroundtheBear: what's an 8 track reel to reel? Those are like opposites.
begl_workaroundtheBear: 8 track---consumer shit, but easy to handle and portable
begl_workaroundtheBear: reel-to-reel---pro and audiophile grade
theBearbegl_workaround, probly, but i honestly haven't spotted even a crappy hock-shop back-shelf vcr, beta or vhs, for well over a decade now, almost 2 come to think of it :-) i mean, i only probly keep em cos they're udner the bed in a case and hard to get out now i all old and crippley <grin> but hey, i can say i got em ! also one has a cool remote with a little quasi-shuttle-HUGE-knob at the bottom of it, which is ya know, utterly unheard of
begl_workaroundtheBear: Ah, you want to become an archivist.
weyland|yutanitheBear, i will never forget my 1000 times rewound vhs records with all those errors
weyland|yutanigood times#
ThePendulumdoes anyone know how long it roughly takes for a 65W iron to cool down to handleable temperatures from 280°C?
begl_workaroundtheBear: don't forget old drives (Zip, Jaz, etc.), a drum scanner, etc.
theBearbegl_workaround, audio, and technically pro, but very bottom of the range, i won't even say out loud how wide the tape is now i talked it up <grin> but when i got it, it kicked the crap outta the 4+4 tracks on a casette tape!!!! thing i had been using daily before it, heck, was BARELY studio quality at that time, assuming it was well tuned and adjusted, and of course i did several machines a week for all kinds of serious places at the time, so i wa
theBearmore than on top of tuning the eff outta my own machine
theBearthis was ya know, before pc's could manage even stereo audio anything without hiccups and skippery....
begl_workaroundtheBear: I wish that more archivists would work on preserving user/service/etc. manuals, software, firmware on UV-EPROMs, etc.
begl_workaroundtheBear: probably >90% of my searches turn up almost or exactly zero results
Hooloovo0begl_workaround, bitsavers is good for that
begl_workaroundHooloovo0: Isn't that for like hobbyist shit?
begl_workaroundHooloovo0: I am talking about instrumentation, industrial equipment, etc.
Hooloovo0I found manuals and roms for my logic analyzers on it
theBeari do miss all that stuff, working on desks big enough to not only stand inside of (well between the removed base and the insides you were working on at least) while you worked away, but you could take a chair and a toolbox in there with yer, tape machines with reels so big you needed both hands to pick them up, endless rows of sexy big vu meters with their little yellow filiament lights inside, but i also kinda like that you can do basically the sa
theBearthing for under a grand worth of pc+interface these days, and it all works off a teeny little hd inside the thing, that can do ENDLESS recordings, none of this new multi-hundred-dollar reel of tape every 20 or 30 minutes business
Hooloovo0and a lot of other stuff, too
bouncethere should be something structural for that sort of thing for new stuff. say, 10 years after mfr stops making the thing, release all the documentation, schemas, firmware source, etc.
theBearbegl_workaround, i assume you are familiar with our local, and i suspect one of the very finest yet to exist, archivist ?
begl_workaroundHooloovo0: you know, stuff that is actually useful now and will remain useful, possibly many decades from now
Hooloovo0I don't disagree
begl_workaroundtheBear: yes, plus kurt (specialist in Tek oscilloscopes)
Hooloovo0but manufacturers don't always like giving that out
theBearbegl_workaround, not only generally, but between him and the kludge there ain't a lot of video/film/audio stuff you can't get a manual/docs for, or at least a VERY detailed description and tips from memory
begl_workaroundHooloovo0: they usually don't give a damn
begl_workaroundtheBear: I am talking about stuff like custom-fabricated mm wave modules from an obscure defense lab in the 70s
begl_workaroundtheBear: Well, rather, that's quite an extreme case---much more reasonable cases turn up exactly 0 results on the entire WWW.
theBearbegl_workaround, i dunno about internal mil stuff so much, but it wouldn't surprise me if between the pair of 'em they at least got a hundred hours experience working on or at least with such things
begl_workaroundtheBear: no, there's too much specialization
theBearalso re: 10years after production ceases, since computers (mainly cdrom's really started things) have been able to store such data easily and without needing big physical archives to deal with such things, i find that most companies, at least ones with anything resembling a known-brand, do keep that stuff and if not give it out freely to anyone looking/asking for it, will give it to anyone with a remotely technician-like job title who asks
begl_workaroundtheBear: extant information, if any, is probably in microfiche under a layer of dust in the basement level of corporate archives, some printouts in a former employee's home filing cabinet, decaying in a landfill, etc.
begl_workaroundtheBear: Yes, that has been my experience as well.
theBeari do miss the old microfiche corner at the back of the library.... funny, the old dunning-kruger style, microfiche and the readers to match have come up several times in the last month or so, in all kinds of situations/places
begl_workaroundtheBear: However, many times the manufacturer's ownership has changed hands numerous times over decades, and sometimes the division is totally defunct.
bounceso, make wishlist as a shared to-do list and dump the results on bitsavers?
begl_workaroundbounce: Honestly, you fail to realize the rarity of some equipment.
theBearrane are great in that regard.... last i checked, and for many years before since mid-late 90s ish, they had a public (well, not advertised, but not hard to find) ftp site with ALL their user and service manuals/schems for pretty much every product they made back to early times, and if yer got a sales-rep that visits you at work, they freely pass out the nice printed cd versions of the same whenever tehy think of it
begl_workaroundWell, there's always reverse-engineering---some of this equipment is valuable and important enough to warrant it.
kmcbegl_workaround: new hampshire sounds cool
theBearmmm defunct.... like a disco band without anyone to pop or slap
kmcI biked through there and met a woman who said she was a refugee from the liberals in MA
VolisHey, I'm trying to reverse engineer a USB protocol and stuck while analyzing the data dump. Can anyone help?
begl_workaroundkmc: MA sucks---it's like CA
bouncethe stuff I have probably doesn't count as rare and valuable equipment where the manufacturer will be accomodating
ThePendulumhmm WS2812Bs are easier to cut in half than I thought
theBearlike a hot chocolate without huge spangled flares and the longest legs you ever seen on a human
ThePendulumand the metal inside is thicker than I anticipated
kmcit's new england so everything is close together, you can drive from manchester to boston in like one hour
VolisHere are the device descriptors of the device,
kmcthat's closer than san francisco to silicon valley
ThePendulumfrom manchester to boston in an hour?
SpeedEvilVolis: do you have a working driver?
bounce(2000s era nokia phones, irex illiad without devkey, ...)
kmcsplud: I've taken actual antipsychotics on several occasions. not a fan
kmcrather they are very good for aborting a manic episode but I hate taking them more than a week
begl_workaroundbounce: A number of manufacturers, upon googling, result in exactly 0 results---*any* results remotely resembling the name (in case of OCR errors or misspelling).
VolisSpeedEvil: yes, I have a working windows driver. Trying to make this work on linux with a very limited functionality
kmcg0z: people smoke heroin, it's maybe even more common than shooting up
theBearhmmm.. what does a blackfin do ?
VolisRaspian to be precise, SpeedEvil
kmcTheHexaCube: alcohol is *really really* not good for you
kmcit's all about dose
SpeedEvilVolis: there are shims that can be run on hypervisors to log USB accesses
TheHexaCubekmc: well... fair enough, nothing I can argue against
kmc13:26 < Loshki> I'm so old I remember when porn arrived *on paper* and when it stopped working, you turned it upside down. Try it on your spouse when things get boring.
kmcisn't that called 69
bouncefly-by-night chinese makers of "set top boxes" with linux but no source and no answers to any questions at all
TheHexaCubebut let's say the dose required to hurt your body with alcohol is far higher than with heroin :P
kmc13:27 < g0z> ie being 12 and finding some porno mags stashed in the woods
kmcnow it's a flash drive
begl_workaroundbounce: a.k.a. disposable businesses
Loshkikmc: if only one of you is upside down it's 68
bounceor israeli companies, same, but selling "enterprise-y" kit
begl_workaroundkmc: Yes, this is the old world of the New World.
theBearall i know bout antipsychotics is, real crazies who insist on using drugs need 'em real bad, and that them erm, serapax? maybe, something like that, they make me sleepier than all the sleepy-pills in lazytown, but even more than that, they make my feet itchy, which is infuriating !
VolistheBear: blackfin is the processor. The device is this thing,
theBearoh, also i should mention, don't take medication not prescribed to you, for recreation or self-medicating kinda reasons
theBeardo as i say, not as i do <grin>
kmctheBear: lots of straight women fetishize gay guys just like lots of straight men fetishize lesbians
kmcit's less talked about but definitely a thing
VolisSpeedEvil: I don't understand shims and hypervisors but I guess you are talking about making a windows virtual machine and then sniffing the packets from outside the VM
kmcall that dick... mmmm...
SpeedEvilVolis: yes
theBearkmc, mmm, maybe... i spose my surprise/lack of understanding such things being exciting to a person blind me to the details involved
kmcbegl_workaround: yes it's like CA but more puritan, which is worse. and with less worker-friendly tech employment laws
begl_workaroundkmc: Oh don't get me started on this ``tech'' nonsense.
VolisSpeedEvil: I already have the data dump from quite a few softwares in windows, I just needed some help in making a driver from that dump. I read ladyada's hacking kinect tutorial but she uses a hardware intercept to sniff USB packets, and the software doesn't show data as i see it.
bouncequick, someone make me a mechanical horse so I can go do traditional farming the modern way
kmctheBear: in my case the atypical antipsychotics (olanzapine and lurasidone) were prescribed for mania prevention in bipolar I and not for psychosis per se, although it can be a symptom of an extreme manic episode
kmcmostly it just let me fucking get some sleep
theBeari mean, i've been involved in making porn, worked at sleaze-balls and sex-po's and ain't easy to surprise letalone shock, but some things like excessive fondness of lesbian-action (or asian-women, for that matter, that one's probably even more common among 'normal' males i found) i just cannot understand
DocScrutinizer05WOW! when I start microwave in kitchen, my TV in living room (separate breaker branch) starts humming
theBearkmc, oh i wasn't saying that to you, it was just something i felt i should mention after so casually speaking in public about occasional/casual ingestion of such things
bouncetrying to understand people's kinks maybe isn't the best use of one's time
SpeedEvilVolis: actually sniff the packets, not the data, including the packet formats for setup/... so you can replay thins on linux and see what happens
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer05: Aliens!
theBearbounce, oh i don't spend any time on it, it just shocks me whenever i observe it, just the extremeness with which an otherwise normal person can be excited by some not-particularly-exotic (specially these days) thing like lesbians kissing or any REMOTELY asian female or various other things i find surprising, but that seem quite common
begl_workaroundSpeedEvil: I haven't done much for the alien transmitter :)---currently I'm focusing on metrology.
bouncenot everyone has seen enough to get desensitized.
begl_workaroundtheBear: What is it with this yellow fever?
begl_workaroundtheBear: I've lived on a Japanese island and have been raised in an Asian environment somewhat, yet I have zero interest in it.
VolisSpeedEvil: oh wow, that would do my job! To give you a little context, when I start the AD's software, it initializes the board; I press record button, it starts sending data; I press stop button, the data stops. That's all.
theBearbounce, along the same lines, i always remind myself and others, no use trying to understand what a crazy person thinks to get them to somewhere, 'cos crazy people don't NEED to think like we can't help doing, same applies to fools/compulsive-liars etc etc (and again, i not thinking of anyone here when i say "crazy", it's just a thing i find myself having to remind me/others of regularly, you know the old "i just can't understand WHY foo-person wou
theBearDO such a thing !" kinda statements)
VolisAD is Analog Device
kmcbegl_workaround: well yeah it's about exotic
kmcif you're raised in that culture, it's not exotic
bounceACTION was vaguely amazed to learn there's large communities in the 'states full of deeply religious people for whom entertainment is already rather racy that just about everyone "average" would consider tamer than tame
kmctheBear: I enjoy your slightly crazy run on sentences :)
kmcbounce: I dunno how large they are, but they're loud
kmci mean. many of them are large. but I mean the group ;)
begl_workaroundkmc: well, honestly, to me ``exotic'' is British and Irish, Native American, and African
kmcunfortunately plenty of countries have a problem with fringe religious nutjobs who get oversized political influence (*cough* israel)
theBearbegl_workaround, heh, that's a term i'm quite fond of, teh jungle/yellow fever, adn when yer fairly sure no-one of the right background is around to be offended, an old wartime classic always makes me smile, the peril.... as in "resist the yellow peril" which as i recall was a popular propoganda line somewhere during some war long ago
bouncelarge enough to support quite a few large-ish entertainment venues on low per-capita visiting frequencies
theBearbegl_workaround, but ya know, for obvious reasons, both historical and just what those simple 2 words put together imply, that one can cause offence to many
bouncewell, I don't know numbers, just inferring from some article or other I read a while back
begl_workaroundkmc: Chinese, Nepali, Korean, Laotian, Cambodian, Uzbekh, Kazakh, Chukchi, Estonian, Georgian, etc.---nothing new or interesting
theBearhmm, did i mention numbers ? heh, i should probably add that if i did, they were entirely made-up on the spot, you know, like 84% of all statistics quoted, across the board, anywhere, ever !
kcawCAW !
theBearnever more, never more
bounce86.2%. TYVM
kmchi kcaw
begl_workaroundkmc: It's funny, so I once encountered this Irish-American guy who was uninterested in colleens and instead only dated Eastern Europeans.
kcawGreeting from the land of CAWs
kcawJust CAWs
begl_workaroundkmc: I was like, I am the exact opposite! I reject advances from Eastern European girls b/c I hate my own and only date colleens!
theBearvoidah, at a guess, might be worth probing it a bit with some generic/standard "dfu" protocol(s) over the usb, 'cos i get the impression they're becoming fairly common/standard across many mciro kinda things, including many fpga land things
kmcI don't have a racial preference in dating... but my social circles are pretty heavily skewed white
theBearvoidah, i'd also risk a guess that at least some of the endpoints are configurable/do-nothing-until-you-tell-them-how-to if ya know what i mean
kmcI grew up in a > 90% white state
kmcwe actually had a decently large population of refugees from former yugoslavia
begl_workaroundkmc: I seriously only date this single ethnicity---in fact, I always ask for the proportion within the genotype.
kmcwill not date without full 23andme report
kmcthat's verging into creepy :P
kmc13:27 < g0z> ie being 12 and finding some porno mags stashed in the woods
kmcwhoops mispaste
begl_workaroundkmc: Oh, some actually supply me their report
begl_workaroundkmc: quantitative figures are appreciated, but unnecessary :)
kmcalso "colleens" never heard that one
begl_workaroundkmc: yeah, you know, that's a noun
theBeari always found a lot of indian (err, the kind with dots on their forehead and crazy genie-pants, not the ones with tiny axes and feathers <grin>) women attractive, both visually and personality-wise, but other than that, pffft ! i don't care what shape or colour or accent someone has... if they got the awesome-sauce, they got it, and there ain't no changing that :)
begl_workaroundkmc: hint---etymology is from the Irish cailin
jeffreeis there a relatively easy way to eliminate the white noise generated by these shitty pc speakers?
theBearACTION has been much happier since he learned the term xenophobia/xenophobic a few years ago... it really fills a big gap between real racist bigot types, and 'normal' (to my mind) persons who just don't care about such things, and even explains to a degree some of that kinda behaviour/feelings, tho like many explanations, still can't possibly excuse it :)
tawrkmc: rofl.
begl_workaroundtheBear: antiracists are bigots
theBearjeffree, what shitty ones ? or more specifically, what they plug into on the computer, and where they get power
begl_workaroundtheBear: and only a subset of racists are bigoted
bongofuryanti-antiracists are bigots
bongofuryanti-anti-antiracists are bigots
bongofuryanti-anti-anti-antiracists are bigots
bongofuryanti-anti-anti-anti-antiracists are bigots
Hooloovo0meta-anti-racists are bigots
theBearbegl_workaround, can't argue there, buy ya know, i always trying to shorten the things going thru my head, cos ya know, i do tend to be a bit wordy once i get going :)
jeffreethey plug into headphone type jack and have internal amplifier, ac powered
bongofuryand finally, anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-antiracists are bigots. That's all. It doesn't go more than 7 layers
tawrdamnit bongofury
begl_workaroundkmc: So the next time you see a fat African woman in line for her welfare check who's aptly named ``Colleen'', you can authoritatively remark that her parents are devoid of intellect.
bongofurysup tawr
jeffreeI've been away from this channel too long
bongofurylet us riff in peace please sir
kmctheBear: here in SF we have xenophobes at the micro neighborhood level
jeffreeI don't intend to interfere :)
kmclike people who think only latino/a should be allowed to live in The Mission
kmcor just don't like "those new people" whether it's race, culture etc
kmcthey get pretty trumpy sometimes
kmcwe'll build a big beautiful wall and google will pay for it
theBearjeffree, in that case, adding some filtering on the psu side will probably help a bit or a lot, ooh, and if they use a wallwart/external power-pack kinda psu, that's likely a cheap switcher, so some basic filtering (l-c kinda thing) between that and the speakers would help a lot, or even better getting a big heavy old linear wallwart with a nice clean quiet supply/reg inside it will clean things up... tho if yer unlucky and they new enough they'll
theBearsome crappy "d-class" switching amp chip inside the speakers, which never shoulda been called an audio-amp, cos it's criminal what comes out of a lot of those chips these days, in which case there probly not a lot you can do
theBearmy bro got a pretty trumpy, '66 i think ... perfect for olden-days style cafe-cruiser-ing
bouncejeffree: I fixed a pair of those by replacing a visibly blown cap (also just about the only repair I know how to do, but hey)
xihiroI was given a phone that fell into water and the LCD died. After replacing the lcd, it had no image, so I resoldered the lcd connector (it appeared to have an issue in one of the pins) it started showing a blank image. After resoldering again, it now shows image, but glitches, and eventually goes blank again.
kmcyou can jack a linear regulator in after the wallwart even if it's a SMPS
begl_workaroundkmc: Heh, there are only two points that I appreciate about Trump: 1. racism against Africans (but not hispanics); 2. boldness per se, regardless of whether it's used for good or bad.
theBearcafe-cruiser ? i feel like that's a poor analogue of the proper term for such old semi-sit-up position motorbikes
xihiroDo you think resoldering might solve the issue?
kmcalso, consider ferrites / common mode choke
xihiroor it shouldn't glitch
theBearkmc, that's a point, still be a ton better than what comes outta a cheap switcher these days
xihirothat is, do you think a bad contact could be causing these glitches?
theBearxihiro, you sure the connector is nice and clean and not SLIGHTLY bent along the long dimension, or some TEENY-WEENY little speck of dirt/dust in the bottom of it stopping the connector properly sitting down ?
kmcbegl_workaround: it's kind of astounding the differences in outcome between african immigrants to the US vs descendents of slaves. I think this points away from race as a determining factor and towards culture and history
begl_workaroundkmc: I voted for Bernie/Hillary, but they are not significantly better than the incumbent.
kmchillary was such an awful candidate it blows my mind
kmcmuch of the left hates her now
begl_workaroundkmc: genetics exist---it cannot be dismissed
kmcbegl_workaround: of course, but it's hardly the only factor especially in a modern society where wealth education etc are so important
jeffreetheBear: alright, thanks
jeffreebounce: I think it's just crappy, since they are new
xihirotheBear, I don't know. I mean, it could still have flux residue, but I brushed it with a toothbrush with alcohol.
begl_workaroundkmc: Of course, but it's the ultimate foundation on which everything rests---you don't have DNA, you don't have an organism; you have really defective DNA, you have someone with Down's Syndrome.
kmcI mean honestly much of the left hated her back in 2008... I remember making endless fun of the "Hillaryis44" people
kmcbegl_workaround: and? what does that have to do with some supposed important racial differences? it's reducto ad absurdum
xihirotheBear, I pressed the connector and there's no difference.
kmcfind me some stats that control for economic and cultural background
xihirotheBear, do you think it is better to resolder it?
begl_workaroundkmc: Problem is, people *completely* disregard this foundation---similar to how one could just flip a switch and supposedly change one's sex.
theBearxihiro, also what does the glitches and eventual-to-blank look like in detail, that can tell a lot about where the problem likely is (for example slow fade from any image to black on a lcd tends to be a power supply (to lcd onboard/integrated controller/scanney stuffs) going missing, or in very rare cases a clock in the same area dying/stopping (which is kinda between near-impossible and ridiculously-impractical to fix, even with serious lcd-factor
theBearequipment at your disposal)
begl_workaroundkmc: read Jensen, Rushton, et al.
kmchoo boy I don't want to get into that right now
kmcre: transgender
bongofuryTransgenderism in the west will increase
bongofury#1 reason: chemicals that should be banned
theBearxihiro, is it one of those big long flat, maybe one or two rows of many-sidebyside-tiny-fingers that kinda fit into each other like a U crossection ones ?
kmcwondering how many transgender friends you guys have
begl_workaroundkmc: You know, one of my friends is a trans woman.
kmcthat's cool
bongofurykmc I was pals with the tranny hostel on my block in the city
theBearxihiro, or more of a ffc/fpc film under a clamp thingy ones ?
raphain this schematic am i correct to think that R6 controls U2's gain and R3 (if it were adjustable) would control U2's slope?
xihirotheBear, not sure, I'll search a similar one.
xihirotheBear, as for the glitches, in this case, there's a logo at the startup. The image looks like that of an old tv that is having bad antena reception.
bongofuryFWIW, every hardcore porno mag in the 90s had solidly 25% tranny "call live now shemale" ads... They wouldn't have that if it weren't the fetish of A LOT more people than you think
bouncehm, I don't think it's all chemicals. there's also the idea that "feels" are more important than biology so if the feels are wrong, it's off to surgery you go
begl_workaroundbongofury: Oh, so like a 1-900 number at a discounted rate?
begl_workaroundbongofury: i.e., fake girl
begl_workaroundso many fake things nowadays
begl_workaroundfake capacitors
begl_workaroundfake girls
xihirotheBear, so the glitch is not something static. Then when it gets to the combination-code screen it usually goes blank, but once it normalized.
begl_workaroundfake Cisco routers
begl_workaroundfake leather
bouncethe real ones come with nsa firmware, that's how you can tell
raphaalso i don't understand at all /how/ U2 is offsetting its input? it just looks like another amplifier?
theBearrapha, what does the circuit do ? kinda looks like maybe the left opamp is some kinda oscillatey thing, then the right one compares the output of that (assuming it were something kinda triangley or saw ish) with r6 making r6 a pwm-offset kinda control, or more of a duty-cycle setting i spose, and r3 probably doesn't do a lot, just a bit of a resistance to 'buffer' the two chips/circuit-fragments from each other, tho something like err,
theBear and paying a tiny ‎bit of attention (like i am not doing today) should tell you more
kmcall I know is that when I started transitioning I became much less miserable and suicidal and my brain seems to work way better now... I don't really care if you think I'm delusional. 90% of the world is delusional simply for beliving in religion
kmcask me again in 2 or 3 years how it's going
bongofurybegl_workaround yes those
kmci also support transhumanism and the right of people to modify their bodies pretty much however they please
raphatheBear: U1 amplifies the signal from the BNC socket around 3.5 times, then U2 offsets it so that an input signal of 0V ends up at 2.5V.
begl_workaroundkmc: Heh, I am a transhumanist!
kmci don't support the gatekeeping like "oh you really have to believe you're a woman and be certified by a psychiatrist to get hormones"
kmclet adults do what they want
raphatheBear: i need to add that the input is DC, not AC. no oscillation going on iirc.
kmchere in california though you just need to sign an informed consent form
begl_workaroundkmc: and a genuine nihilist :)
xihirotheBear, yeah, it is a flat cable that gets inserted in a piece with a clamp (like closing the trunk of a car) thingy.
kmcmost of my trans friends seem extremely happy about transitioning, and they aren't SJWs or delusional Tumblr kiddies, I cut those kind of people out of my life with extreme prejudice
SolderBlobWe believe in nothing, Lebowski. Nothing. And tomorrow we come back and we cut off your chonson.
kmcSolderBlob: :D
theBearrapha, if you forget the way r4 sets the gain down from 'infinity' (feedback from output to neg input of a opamp tunes it down from infinite-ish to sensible numbers, as that linked image shows,) basically whenever the neg/pos inputs are higher or lower than one another, the output will swing hard in either direction, so assuming a saw coming thru r3, r6 will adjust duty cycle of the squarewave (pwm style) output of the u2 chip between nothing and 1
kmcone of my college friends is now one of the main SJW shit-stirrers at google :(
Hooloovo0most of my trans friends are also weird hackers so it works out
begl_workaroundSolderBlob: yep, epistemiological nihilism
kmchack your body, hack your mind
begl_workaroundhack your world
theBearrapha, yeah, i was kinda ignoring the fact there was an input, and that i don't know what a IF means, or how a ph probe works <grin>
kmchack the planet
begl_workaroundhack your life
raphatheBear: "IF" is my way of saying "interface" (as in: an interface between the pH probe and an ATtiny's ADC)
Hooloovo0hack the planet!
begl_workaroundrapha: like ``ifconfig''
raphatheBear: the probe outputs 0V for pH7. it outputs up to -350mV for pH0 (theoretically, that is) and up to +350mV for pH14.
bouncetotal hax and then jail time for everyone ("computer hacking" is like rilly bad, hmkay, says the law)
raphatheBear: and the goal (theoretically) is to change these into 0V for pH0 and 5V for pH14.
begl_workaroundbounce: If everyone goes to jail, who will let anyone out?
raphaso, 0-1023 for the ADC value
theBearrapha, actually, in this case r6 may just adjust the dc-offset of what comes in thru r3, i'm super tired and outta practice with opamps (they're so very simple, yet in many ways so very complex in their behaviour, due to all the feedback and current mirror input stages etc etc, but that link i gave still covers pretty much everything they do, tho readding a good webpage describing their behaviour in general also teaches you a lot, or at least puts
theBearthings in terms that make you look at them quite differently than if you treat them as simple amp (gain from way below 1 to way above one, but basically input -> output at some ratio) blocks
begl_workaroundbounce: And Europe already has the thought police (I am serious)
raphatheBear: well for me it's the first time ever i'm trying to figure out something that uses an op-amp
raphaand sorry to hear you're tired, maybe someone else will chip in :)
begl_workaroundbounce: apparently hate speech magically is not considered speech but a thoughtcrime
bouncesays who?
kmcbounce: surgery isn't really the important part for a lot of people. a lot of people elect not to do it
begl_workaroundbounce: Says the legislation of each respective nation.
theBearrapha, i thinking the top right "inverting amplifier" with simple Vout = -Vin * (r2/r1) maths and 2 resistors involved covers (or at least almost) covers what your schem is doing
kmcI'm waiting for the technology to improve lol
kmcthen maybe i'd consider it
bouncewhich ones? a little specificity would be nice here
raphatheBear: you mean that one covers what my two are doing?
theBearactually no, the u1 is a non-inverting as in top-middle
kmcin europe there are hate speech laws and you can go to jail
raphaokay so i identified that correctly
Hooloovo0kmc when did you start transitioning?
begl_workaroundbounce: I am not joking---look for yourself:
theBearrapha, also the top-left comparator one explains what i was saying earlier re: r6 vs whatever comes in thru r3
raphatheBear: and C1 is sort of a smoothing cap then for U1?
begl_workaroundbounce: N.b. the US is really the only Western nation with actual freedom of speech.
kmcthis is not the case for the US, however there's a growing disdain for free speech (especially on the left) and you can easily get fired, doxxed etc. for "hate speech" which is now defined as any speech they don't like
bouncekmc: yeah, that sort of spoiled the whole thing for me. woman had herself be declared legally male, then proceeded to give live birth twice. "now you're just taking the piss", and I was done.
begl_workaroundkmc: We are talking about government-induced restriction, not from a private entity.
kmcthe future is weird
raphathe future may be war in "western" countries :(
begl_workaroundrapha: excellent
kmcalso Title IX is quasi govt and very anti free speech
kmcand public universities run by SJWs
kmcrapha: indeed. I think the US government will collapse soon
raphabegl_workaround: are you congratulating me on my assessment or are you finding war excellent?
kmcor at least experience major civil unrest
begl_workaroundrapha: the latter
raphabegl_workaround: why?
raphakmc: how about trump impeachment?
Hooloovo0anyway I'm out to my local 2600 meeting
kmcHooloovo0: it's been a gradual thing of becoming more girly over a period of years but as for taking the plunge so to speak, only been a few months
begl_workaroundrapha: I'm a *genuine* nihilist, remember?
bounceACTION isn't in the US, by the by. yes, lots of "freedom of $whatever UNLESS you can't have it" here, and I'm not too happy about that, but then again if you see the crap ways people try to stand on their 1st amendment rights I'm not too sure that's actually better.
kmcI also likely have an intersex condition going from my own physiology
begl_workaroundkmc: you're hermaphroditic?
kmchaven't been tested for baseline hormones yet but I want to
theBearrapha, ahh, c1 and c2 give the feedback (and therefore gain) a frequency-variable/dependant characteristic.. series caps look like an open circuit/nothing at lower freqs, and like a short-circuit/plain-wire at higher ones, freq dependant on the impedance either side of them, short version, they make high-freq gain much lower than any other freqs, and often you see them like that as a general kinda hi-freq tamer, because among other things a lotta
theBearopamps tend to get a bit oscillatey and just "take off" if they get a high enough freq running around their feedback loop
raphabegl_workaround: nope, i don't, sorry, haven't been part of the discussion for long enough :)
kmcbegl_workaround: I got male plumbing and it works fine, but as for secondary characteristics yes, kinda
Hooloovo0my roommate had something similar, I think
begl_workaroundkmc: Oh, I see plenty of men like that; so what?
theBearACTION takes comfort in the concept of 'metaphysical nihilism' in recent years... 
kmcbegl_workaround: I don't know what you mean by "so what". it's just a fact about me, you don't have to care
begl_workaroundkmc: I mean, I don't see anything really wrong about it.
Hooloovo0anyway, actually out
kmcbegl_workaround: nor do I... if they're happy living as men then more power to them...
raphakmc: a friend of mine recently announced to us that, surprise, he's a woman, but will continue living as a man. his case is really interesting medically speaking because he has a genetic XY configuration but is phenotypically male, just with more body fat than he'd like. the big bummer is, he always wanted to have children and it turns out he's sterile :(
kmcyou mean genetic XX?
raphasorry, yes, genetic XX
kmcanyway that's interesting
raphai always confuse the two
raphathe cool thing is that his girlfriend is totally fine with them adopting instead
bouncethey're like right next to each other
theBearcan be translated to various things, but the whole concept of things in the Matrix movies is one possible approach... however you go at it, the loose idea is that you believe everything you comprehend doesn't really exist at some/various levels... i find even the suspicion of such an existance makes me feel much less-bad about the world i see around me <grin>
begl_workaroundkmc: this is myself, in case you're curious:
raphabegl_workaround: what do you identify as?
begl_workaroundrapha: transhumanist, nihilist?
theBearheh, ironically sterile is something you want around children, you know, with the uv light and the steamed bottles and so-on <bad-joke grin> sorry, couldn't resist
begl_workaroundrapha: Eurasian shit mongrel?
theBearbegl_workaround, heh, you look kinda mildly surprised and a big amused by the whole situation... i like it !
raphabegl_workaround: i thought we were talking about gender and stuff.
begl_workaroundrapha: cis male
bouncewe'll see a resurgence of eunuchs in daycare soon, 'cos they're the only ones that can be trusted </dystopian muttering>
rapha(or the US imploding, or politics, i lost track really)
xihirotheBear, so it is likely bad contact?
theBearoooh, it's a time of day that grinding some coffee isn't unfair to neighboring units ! i'm ya know, gonna go grind me some coffee, and then use that coffee to make coffee, for my face to drink !
kmcanone here bought a geiger counter? like the old civil defense kind
bongofurybounce - Counterpoint: some really big, powerful abusers are being identified, shamed, and many are taken down.
raphatheBear: what you're saying about the caps is confusing me to no end because where does the frequency come from in the first place with the input signal being strictly DC?
begl_workaroundkmc: I have five current-issue computerized radiac sets.
bongofuryThis is like the "infection" stage of the healing.
begl_workaroundkmc: with recent NIST-traceable calibrations
kmcbegl_workaround: that's... intense
kmcI'm still waiting on 23andme to find out about my european mongrel composition
begl_workaroundkmc: rad-hard, three types of sensors (GM, solid-state gamma, and neutron)
bouncebongofury: that's not a counterpoint
begl_workaroundisn't a lot of that 50s US CD stuff just ionization chamber shit?
begl_workaroundobsolete, insensitive junk
begl_workaroundbulky as hell
raphakmc: do you agree with U2 being an inverting amplifier in ?
theBearxihiro, it is possibly one, only just read your further description of what it behaves like... if it's not got straight vertical/horz lines in odd/unique spacings when it IS showing an image, there's a good chance it's a connection issue... you cleaned the contacts on the floppy stupid-cable with a white soft pencil-eraser to get any corrosion/oxidization off them, and maybe tickled the socket side with a little iso or not-cheap/crappy contact-clea
theBear? also is the hinge thinger that closes/clamps the connector nice and firm and stiff, not a bit loose or not really on the hinge at one end anymore, meaning it doesn't really press down and therefore the connection is intermittant at best ?
begl_workaroundkmc: My father (MD, Ph.D.) used to be the Director of a biological lab---due to new post-9/11 regs, naturally the gamma sources had to be locked up in a special cabinet.
theBearrapha, now you remind me bout the dc-ish-ness of the signal that IS wanted, i say those caps are for exactly the reason i mentioned, basically to stop the opamps doing silly things at high freqs they aren't really setup to deal with at all, and maybe as a general noise-filter, a low-pass i spose is the technical term for it
OdinYggdbegl_workaround, the amusing part of that is that a terrorist basically wouldn't be able to make a bomb out of a gamma source. I suppose they could mix it with explosives to make a dirty bomb that irradiates an area, but no nuclear explosion is possible.
theBearwith sensors and smallish voltages like you mentioned, what is normally negligible tiny noise picked up on the leads or from psu or whatever, suddenly becomes a bit of a problem, thus some smoothing (which is the same as low-passing if you think about it) is often very helpful
begl_workaroundOdinYggd: duhh, that's the whole point
OdinYggdYeah but why would they bother
OdinYggdThey'd rather make shrapnel bombs
OdinYggdStuff that kills people right away
theBearrapha, but the short version is you can more or less ignore the caps as far as working out gain and what the circuit is generally doing
theBearnailbomb cults
begl_workaroundOdinYggd: isotropic or directed x-ray emitters would be interesting
theBearawesome name for a hardcore-techno/verging-on-noise kinda dj crew
raphatheBear: okay now it makes more sense
OdinYggdTerrorists tend to not do the math behind their explosives that would tell you how big of a blast you get- math that is necessary to make an effective dirty bomb because the nuclear material is only dangerous above a certain radiation dose
JFK911future technology from the past
OdinYggdYou woudl have to do some serious engineering to figure out how big of an explosion you could have and still get dangerous exposures
begl_workaroundOdinYggd: guns are useless---you shoot some people, that's it, you're immediately shot/killed/taken into custody and given the death penalty/life sentence
theBeardamn ! was in the viral side-list on that last link i looked at, not only is she a woman sociopath, she's effing anorexic and/or very similar ! she's all length and skin
begl_workaroundOdinYggd: slow, covert poisoning (which yields great suffering, like torture) is the most effective strategy for inflicting harm
theBearheh, her neck is probably the widest/thickest part of her body
OdinYggdYeah, except that's not what most terrorist attacks thus far seem to be interested in
OdinYggdThey want to go out with a bang
OdinYggdand kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible
theBearthere's no terror in killing someone softly, specially if it so soft that they don't even know you did it to them
OdinYggdThat way people know the who and why, and fear it
begl_workaroundb/c they're terrorist---i.e., psychological effect
theBearsure there's vengeance in it, but no terror
theBearheh, i didn't know british columbia was full of terrorists (sorry, couldn't help myself)
theBearto the coffee dept !
capacitorreplace all the capacitors
begl_workaroundtheBear: Cape Breton, in particular, stated intentions of welcoming potential terrorists upon Trump's election
raphaalways, capacitor
theBearcapacitor, ALL the capacitors ! total genocide style !
raphaACTION replaces capacitor
capacitorhey boys, molotovs over here!
capacitorhow are they ;
theBearcapacitor, how are they indeed ! ;-)
begl_workaroundtheBear: Unfortunately the Celts are not very savvy, I am very sad to say.
begl_workaroundtheBear: No, only a particular race of capacitors---the electrolytic capacitor.
capacitori collect capacitors
OdinYggdACTION charges capacitor 
kcawv0dkaw !
begl_workaroundOdinYggd: yes; moreover, quite-ironically and -paradoxically they could improve the health and prolong the lifespan of the targeted populace! Radiation hormesis has quite solid scientific backing.
capacitorgreeting Ketis
kurtI only recently read about the Minix-in-Intel stuff.
kurtI'm always late to the party.
kurtBut I eventually arrived.
kurtAnd, just, wow.
OdinYggdWhich is again where the size of the explosion matters.
OdinYggdIf you use too much explosive, the nuclear material disperses to practically harmless exposure rates
OdinYggdTerrorists can't do math
begl_workaroundOdinYggd: or beneficial
OdinYggdEven though our current system of math was invented in the middle east iirc
ace4016multiple places
OdinYggdCame to europe with the crusades
OdinYggdprior to that we were still using roman numerals
begl_workaroundWell, civilizations rise and fall.
begl_workaroundThe Chinese invented the printing press a millennium before the Gutenberg one.
bouncethe middle east built on stuff from india, we only call it arabic numerals because that's where "the west" got them
begl_workaroundthey had pretty advanced petrochemical operations (Ancient China) and extracted natural gas, conveyed to appliances via bamboo pipes
OdinYggdOh yeah
OdinYggdSome of the ancient chinese ceramics were gas-fired
begl_workaroundOdinYggd: I am not talking nonsense:
bounceliked the "oh yeah we had moveable type but we went back to carved woodblocks, easier" -- because simply too many different glyphs
kcawwe need moar radiation
bouncethen again they invented lots of stuff then regressed. weird how that works.
OdinYggdPretty sure the whole reason radiation treatment works against cancer is that a directed exposure of radiation damages the cancerous cell DNA enough to trigger the cell to destroy itself
begl_workaroundOdinYggd: this is not that
OdinYggdHealthy cells tend to repair themselves
OdinYggdradiation hormesis sounds like a similar effect
begl_workaroundOdinYggd: this is very low-level exposure
OdinYggdwherein the exposure to low doses causes cells that are already compromised to die
OdinYggdand healthy cells reproduce to take their place
n2OdinYggd, it basically creates catastrophic DNA damage
n2so the cells either necrose
begl_workaroundOdinYggd: it's simply stimulation, much like the Cleanliness Hypothesis
n2(die spontaneously)
n2or commit suicide
kcawonce elected as World Leader, I will enforce the volunteer mandatory plutonium injections
n2Radiation hormesis is due to the induction of DNA repair enzyme systems
n2kcaw, unfortunately, plutonium is also toxic
n2not just radioactive
ace4016multiple empires have invented things and have gone through a dark age where they destroy the knowledge they've built, regressing...we're not necessarily impervious to it these days either
begl_workaroundace4016: That's why archival and library science is important.
n2the Dewey Decimal System
n2it will preserve us
begl_workaroundn2: piece of shit
n2Now, now
capacitorpiece a shiiiiiiit
begl_workaroundn2: used for retarded munilibraries
kcawn2: the deserving people will have no issues
n2kcaw, so, no people?
capacitorTHE FUCKEN 240
n2begl_workaround, it's also used elsewhere
n2but yes
kcawThis will be the Plutonium Bail Out
OdinYggd>library science
OdinYggdThis is actually a thing?
bongofurywhy wouldnt it be
bongofuryI dated someone who studied it, AMA
kcawmy sister is a library science professor
bongofuryOdinYggd needs a reframing to appreciate such an enterprise. I suggest: "Person who organizes information disseminated for the general public"
OdinYggdSo they specialize in organizing and preserving information?
kcawKCAW FM plays all the CAWs
bongofuryin the still of the night, I hear the wolf howl honneh, a-waitin for the NIIIGHT to kuh-kuh KUH-KUMMMM..."
kcawCAW !
bongofuryguh jugga JUGUN kujugga JUNG!
bongofurynow AH juss wonna git KAWs tuh yew
bongofurytase yo luvv so sweet
bongofurynow AH jus wonna mekk KCAW tuh yew
bongofuryhear your boddeh SKREEEEEEEEEE
kcawKCAW FM plays all the CAWs all the TIME
kcawCAW !!
bongofury... stilege nacht, heilege nacht
kcawfor a Good Time, call the KCAW studio !
kcawCAW now !
kcawor CAW 808-335-4363
kcawCrows are standing by !
xihirotheBear, can I send you a video of the issue with the screen?
kcawI am gonna updaterize some critical software
SupaYoshianyone good with patchpanels here? I got this patchpanel with a really odd coloring scheme.
kcawand stellarium
Goatmandoes anyone here like burritos?
Goatmankcaw, you’re the CAW from the other room!
kcawI suspect you know I like burritos
kcawCAW !
Goatmanbut you don’t say hi over there
kcawxcowsay and stellarium updated
xihirohi. I have a phone whose lcd I replaced after it got water on it. The phone gets charged, turns on and shows image, but the image is fuzzy at startup and eventually goes blank.
xihiroCould this be just an issue with the connector, or it is unlikely? Also, when I click the screen saver button after it goes black to turn the lcd back on, it shows a fuzzy lock screen that turns white quite quickly.
Moosezigggggy or anyone else - I'm looking to add a mechanical safety breaker to a small coolant tank level sensor and if the level drops below a certain level I want to trigger the breaker to open the circuit. I do not want to close the circuit if the level goes back up, like if the coolant was rocking and bobbing the level sensor.
MooseIt should be a manual reset. Is there a name for that?
DocScrutinizer05what's odd with this color scheme? looks pretty much like any other ethernet color scheme I ever seen
DocScrutinizer05SupaYoshi: ^^^
Moose I have something like this that I want to turn off if my water level drops.
MooseHi zigggggy do you have answers for me
MooseI am hoping you do!!
zigggggyhmm no i dont think I do
zigggggyyou should try to message kludge.. he should be on in a bit I think
zigggggyput kludge in your notify list
zigggggyi think good chance kludge might know if no one else here responds
MooseI don't think my client has a notify list lol
MooseI am on Windows :(
zigggggy/notify kludge
MooseYeah, unknown command.
zigggggywhat client?
zigggggyhmm dunno then
zigggggyit's a pretty basic feature in mirc
zigggggyand on irc i think
zigggggyjust registers with the irc server when you connect
Moosehm well I will watch for 'em,
zigggggyif i see him i'll ping you
DocScrutinizer05WRF?! you're not going to spend 159 bucks for a steel plate with two mains kacks and two 12V 20A relays, do you???
DocScrutinizer05jacks even
MooseI have infinite money, so absolutely.
kcawACTION is a quassel user
MooseNo, no, I am really not going to. I picked this thing up from my local electronics shop for like $30
DocScrutinizer05aah 30, that is more within reason
DocScrutinizer05which water level are you talking about?
DocScrutinizer05sort of a tank?
SolderBlobMoose Is a float switch with a latch circuit an option?
MooseYeah, 1L cooling tank.
DocScrutinizer05latch circuit?
MooseSolderBlob: It could be! Anything is on the table, it just has to be small-ish. Maybe a few cubic cm.
MooseSo like, the PDU has an integrated relay. Life is good there. I just want to shut off the whole thing, until a manual reset is done, if that sensor detects low coolant.
restorerhow about /notice?
DocScrutinizer05well, the thing is 12V@10mA, so you could use whatever tiny switch with a floating object tied to it that operates the switch when it doesn't float in water anymore
restorerer, wrong thing, nevermind