jaggzyou wonder why they chose him it's cuz he's their fastest reader
jaggzCircadianRebel, yeah what's up with all the history of cutting video feeds
Viper-7ThePendulum: i'd be fine with vimeo, metacafe or dailymotion, but yeah more modern options like d.tube are probably even better
ThePendulumeveryone put their phones on silent
CircadianRebeljaggz, you mean the drone feed? That always cuts out on landing.
ThePendulummaybe remove the mic from silent
CircadianRebelMy current bet is the drone ship was damaged and the link didn't come back up, so they couldn't comment until they got the crew ship over to it to confirm the situation
SpeedEvilhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KORTP545vAc press conference - starting very soon
electrobotSpeedEvil just linked to LIVE: Space X News Conference after SUCCESSFUL Falcon Heavy Launch, Most Powerful Rocket - YouTube
ThePendulumViper-7: I think vimeo is less suitable for craploading whatever you want and is more quality/art focused? not sure
SpeedEvilElons arriving
ThePendulumahh it'll be elon's musk himself?
jaggzwe had to wait cuz he was in Japan
ThePendulumanother scale pic from today https://scontent-waw1-1.cdninstagram.com/vp/5f3b75f97d4865c0f2baa4c35e2c5171/5B1A50D3/t51.2885-15/sh0.08/e35/p640x640/26872254_328284044326958_8786504731057979392_n.jpg
ThePendulumthey look absolutely ruined haha, reckon it's better than it looks though
jaggz “We lost the center core,” someone said on a separate, unlisted live stream of the launch.
kmc2/3 ain't bad
ThePendulumreferring to the stream, having absolutely no information anyone else didn't have
SmokinGruntsI'm always surprised Elon doesn't have darker bags under his eyes
ThePendulumI think theverge is repoprting prematurely, the press conference is only just starting
SmokinGruntsI got mad bags under mine, shit
Viper-7lol audio on strem?
ThePendulumwould be lovely if they mixed in the mics
jaggzwish they'd fix their audio quality
jaggzyeah.. srsly.
SmokinGruntsyeah, wtf with this potato quality
DocScrutinizer05FUUCK can't they switch on the mic??
ThePendulumcenter core didn't land on the core
ThePendulumon the drone*
SmokinGruntslil better... oops, disregard
ThePendulumah so the outer two engines indeed were supposed to work
ThePendulumI noticed not all engines were on while it was still live
jaggzdamn.. it's not that big of a deal that they need to be so ashamed of it
DocScrutinizer05MEH unbearable
jaggzI guess it ruins stocks or something?
ThePendulumare they?
jaggzyeah.. totally
ThePendulumhow so?
jaggzhe's trying to use various "I'm going to break the news to you carefully..." psychological tactics
ThePendulumhe literally said "the center core obviously didn't land on the drone" right away
jaggzmaybe he's emotional about it himself..
SmokinGruntsthere we go
Viper-7fuckin hell
ubpwut happned
grogholy soundguy
grogsomeone forgot about the mixer
DocScrutinizer05AUDIOOOOOO <3
ThePendulumyes I have a question, can you repeat all of that
ThePendulumbecause I only got half of it :P
Viper-7now that its OVER
SmokinGrunts"what did it teach you" -_-
Viper-7"hire a new audio guy"
LewsThanThreeCore basically hit the water at 300mph
SmokinGruntsACTION makes fapping motion vigorously
grogso it's still good?
CircadianRebelproper answer: "I don't know yet, we're still collecting data"
LewsThanThreeNot enough propellant to slow it down enough
grogJUST LIKE ZE SIMULATION omg he is so a lizardpeople
Viper-7heh BFR
Viper-7big fuckin rocket >:D
CircadianRebelLewsThanThree, I think he said the engines didn't light up as expected, not a fuel issue, but hard to tell
grognot enough propelland to relight them or somesuch
LewsThanThreeSOmething like that
SmokinGruntswho the hell is sound engineer today
CircadianRebelor maybe not enough propellant. someone didn't switch the mics over so was hard to hear :P
ThePendulumnot sure if it's local or ABC messing up
SpeedEvilRan out of TEA/TEB - which is the ignitor fluid.
brand0so the center core is lost at sea?
LewsThanThreeNot really lost.
SpeedEvilbrand0: in very small bits
LewsThanThreeBut yea, it went boom.
SmokinGruntsbaww, so the roadster?
SmokinGruntsbawww :'(
SpeedEvilHit the sea at 300mph.
ThePendulumhe said that?
SpeedEvilRoadster is fine and in orbit
ThePendulumthese questions >.>
SmokinGruntsman, what a day today
brand0i thought he said the roadster was on a course directly for the sun at first
LewsThanThreeYes, he said that
SpeedEvilhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBr2kKAHN6M Live feed of the video
electrobotSpeedEvil just linked to Live Views of Starman - YouTube
brand0i couldn't hear anything he said
ThePendulumbrand0: an orbit around the sun afaik
SmokinGrunts"Elon, what is the next step, considering today's results?"
ThePendulumoh shit @ tiny spaceman
ThePendulumI didn't notice
brand0lol is musk high?
ThePendulumman who isn't high after that launch
ubpi'd be high after launching a rocket
CircadianRebelbrand0, if you just did that, you'd be high on adrenaline too
LewsThanThreeLol, I would be, given that launch.
brand0high from the fumes? isn't the fumes just water?
ThePendulumbrand0: it looked like a giant joint coming from the sky too https://i.imgur.com/pcFGoAU.png
DocScrutinizer05all the champagne
ThePendulumtripping balls here
ThePendulumconfirmed :P
grogtripping balls omg theres your answer
ThePendulumhahaha that's great
SmokinGruntsthey need to get better journalists to ask him questions
LewsThanThreeHe also sucks at answering.
SmokinGruntsyeah, he's gotten better over the years, tho
LewsThanThreeBut thats besides the point
brand0musk mumbles a lot
dave0x6dSmokinGrunts: whiskey is in the same spot as the free pizza
LewsThanThreeNot just that
ThePendulumI think he's a pretty shy guy?
LewsThanThreeHe goes beyond the question a lot.
brand0does anyone have a summary of what he said in the beginning before we could hear?
DocScrutinizer05musk doesn't need to be a comm officer
LewsThanThreebrand0, successful, lost the core
grogbigger and better and cheaper!
SmokinGruntsshit, when you're leading the forefront of bringing humanity to mars, you can speak however the fuck you want, stutters and all, IMO
brand0LewsThanThree, any information on how/why?
ThePendulumdaryl nail from the fucks facility?
kmche's probably been awake from 3 days
LewsThanThreebrand0, ran out of starter propellant, it hit the ocean at 300mph
dave0x6dSmokinGrunts: isn't English his second language too?
SmokinGruntsas far as I know
DocScrutinizer05kmc: it felt like 8 days
azonenbergAnybody have resources to recommend for DSP filter design?
azonenbergI have the impulse response of a channel
Viper-7still sound guy...
LewsThanThreethis audio
ThePendulumcould ask the ABC soundman
SmokinGruntsazo Analog Devices has some great whitepapers
azonenbergI'm trying to design an equalization filter
LewsThanThreeTHat interruption
azonenbergto recover the original signal
DocScrutinizer05azonenberg: hehehehe
azonenberg(note that the impulse response is measured at discrete points, not a closed-form expression)
Bga3https://hackaday.com/2018/02/05/3d-printering-printing-sticks-for-a-pla-hot-glue-gun/ cool
brand0thanks LewsThanThree
SmokinGruntsoined ##electronics
SmokinGrunts18:16 azonenberg Anybody have resources to recommend for DSP filter design?
Viper-7'way hard'
LewsThanThreeI have something that's way hard...
SmokinGruntsazonenberg: beginners link: http://www.analog.com/en/analog-dialogue/articles/dsp-101-part-1.html
SmokinGruntsgeneral link http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/application-notes/617780679AN334.pdf
DocScrutinizer05meh, even with fine audio I don't understand shit
ThePendulumway hard, with a load coming in
LewsThanThreeYea, he's getting very technical
LewsThanThreeThePendulum, hahaha
azonenbergSmokinGrunts: i'm not looking for info on how to do a convolution, etc
azonenbergI'm trying to calculate FIR coefficients for the inverse of a given impulse response
ThePendulumhis PR concepts are better than his communication :P
SmokinGruntslooking for FIR filter specifics?
SmokinGruntsmatlab ++++
DocScrutinizer05technical isn't the problem, I learned technical english... bur from reading only
SmokinGruntsgraph in matlab for sure
SmokinGruntsthere's plugins, but its been years since I went down that path
azonenbergSmokinGrunts: dont have matlab :(
SmokinGruntspirate it temporarily and give back to the community when yer able, then
SmokinGruntsdon't let money keep you from learning
SmokinGruntsknowledge is freeeeee!
SmokinGruntsuh oh, lets see WashPo
PTYinverse of a filter is easy to do in frequency space, right?
ThePendulum"I don't wanna get too off-topic" xD
SmokinGruntsjesus, they failed again
ThePendulumah shit
Viper-7omg this fkn stream
Viper-7much protessional
grogderngit, yourtoob
grogshoulda had pornhub host it
CircadianRebelI find it hilarious that these big networks can't handle this, and the volunteers at AGDQ can do an almost perfect job
LewsThanThreeAnd here I thought it was my stupid internet
SmokinGruntsinverse of a filter... wouldn't that be time-domain anyhow?
ThePendulumbut then someone would edit some celebrity's face on elon
LewsThanThreeCircadianRebel, right!?
Viper-7holy shit at that chat tho
ThePendulumCircadianRebel: YouTube or ABC?
CircadianRebelThePendulum, ABC
CircadianRebelThePendulum, most of these fails are on ABC's side, not youtube's
ThePendulumyeah, I reckoned it must be
SmokinGruntsthis guy fucks, dat voice
SmokinGruntstrue announcer/radio voice
DocScrutinizer05I'll wait for the transcript ;-D
SmokinGruntsomg somebody ask Elon if he'll have anything to do with Bill Gates' Arizona 'SuperCity'
DocScrutinizer05ACTION pukes
LewsThanThreeHe keeps forgetting the questions.
DocScrutinizer05let that dude have his drink and chill!
ThePendulumit makes him more human though :P
ZeroWalkeri was at least able to figure out how to make two P Mosfets work in flipping the leds;d http://tinyurl.com/y9g4gjf8
electrobotZeroWalker just linked to www.falstad.com
LewsThanThreeI mean I can "read between the lines" of what he's saying, but still.
SmokinGruntsZeroWalker can you model a BJT in reverse-bias mode on falstad with a single led?
LewsThanThreeBasically "we don't know, there's lots of stuff to figure out before interplanetary"
DocScrutinizer05SmokinGrunts: no they can't
ZeroWalkerehm, duno
SmokinGruntsnot bad, 3-4 yrs
DocScrutinizer05SmokinGrunts: we been there
SmokinGruntsright, IIRC
SmokinGruntsooh, he likes reddit
DocScrutinizer05I could, usinf the equivalent circuit
DocScrutinizer05but not going ro do this
Viper-7"its a dangerous trip, you wanna look good."
LewsThanThreeYep hahaha
SmokinGruntsof course. A spacesuit's gotta be produceable...
kmccan I buy a perfume yet called Elon Musk?
SmokinGruntswhat even is the ad for that
electrobotViper-7 just linked to Elon's Musk - A Fragrance by Elon Musk - YouTube
SmokinGruntsno wei
HighInBC"The smell that well send you to Mars"
grogamsat freeforall for BFR test load
grogor a solar array, with a microwave beam, and just point it at.. things.. for funs..
groglike, fry asteroids with a couple dozen KW and see what happens
SmokinGruntsit'd slightly push them, wouldn't it?
Viper-7whoa whoa whoa, dont get too technical now elon "gets all twisty"
groglots of them are ice
grogi think
grogor like iron ferrousness
SmokinGruntshueh hueh *grunt*
grogso.. hot fizzy flaming
ThePendulumJames Deen?
ThePendulum"when will we be seeing Falcon 9 dildos?"
grog"you havent been to pinkcherry lately have ya"
ThePendulum- "we do have plans for BFR dildos, it seemed more... relevant"
tawrThePendulum: i already made one
tawrby accident
LewsThanThreePutting the F in BFR
ThePendulumaccident is it
tawrfor a teenager's school project
tawryes :(
grogthey also sell one called The Elon
tawrhe had some stupid art project he put off for 2 months then shows up at my house at the last second 'its due tomorrow'. it needed to be mixed media art
tawrand needed that stupid fucking emo melted crayon bullshit involved
tawrso we made a falcon 9 rocket out of a plastic easter egg, a piece of pvc tube.. got it made
tawrprimed it
tawrand when it was hanging from the wire for topcoat, i took a step back
kmcthis old couple at In-n-Out seem to not know what a laptop computer is o_O
tawrand realizd. yup. just made a spacedildo
tawrkmc: saw it
LewsThanThree"Id have picked the core to explode"
ThePendulumwell, it's his lucky day :D
grogso.. did the spacedildo.. perform adequately.. on "reentry" ?
LewsThanThreeHaha yep
ThePendulumtawr: haha
tawrhttps://i.imgur.com/3aWPcX3h.jpg kmc you tell me
tawrmaybe i'm overly sensitive in this PC culture, and didn't want a family member expelled from school for an art project. lol.
grogflare the bottom quite a bit more and i'll buy three
ThePendulumPVC culture?
kmctawr is a tool of the phallocentric hegemony
SmokinGruntstawr hells yeah
kmcwhy aren't rockets shaped like vaginas huhhh???
tawryou're goddamn right, kmc lol
grogmuh patriarchy
grogi mean with that hole in the middle and the mythical spacenub they'd be way more aerospacedynamic
tawrkmc: make a scramjet rocket and i'll add the labia, deal?
SmokinGruntsalso, them are some smiley-ass lounge-pants
kmclol spacenub
kmcit's stealth -- nobody can find it
tawrgrog: it will never work
tawrthe engineers will never be able to source it
grogit can work, we'll just never be able to figure it out
tawrand when they do find something they believe will work, they won't figure out where to put it
grogcan have all the telemetry in the world, still wont be able to tell what's wrong ;)
tawr"uh, is it under the liquid drain tubing?" another engineer pipes in 'dont be silly, rockets have a cloaca and it's all one hole'
kmcme when I see a sexy rocket: https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--eG6uv4cp--/c_scale,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/eadzd2j18vb0kqafzam6.gif
zap0it will appear to leak a little bit, every few weeks
groglol @ rocket cloacas
kmcit's cloacae you insensitive clod
tawrACTION pouts
grogoo bb u got mor den 1??
tawri'll defer to your experience, kmc
tawras the leading astrophysicloacae expert of the room
Viper-7shove your spacey dildo up your spacey ass
electrobotSmokinGrunts just linked to www.youtube.com (Austin Powers Dick Rocket - YouTube)
tawrViper-7: hah
grogViper-7: up your spacey cloacae, eesh pay attention
tawryeah we're so past dick rockets, it's all about rocketcloacae now
Loshki'rockets have a cloaca and it's all one hole' -- really, who makes up this stuff?
SmokinGruntsnatural selection.
tawrACTION raises his hand in shame
jaggznobody asked you to participate
kmcThere was a young man from Decatur, who buggered a LOX generator
kmcHis balls and his dick froze up real quick, and his asshole a little bit later
tawrit even rhymes better like so, kmc
kmcfair point
tawrand Loshki dont you say it i see you typing old man
jaggzthere once was a cow names Zephyr.. who was an incredible heifer.. for when the farmer drew near, she kicked off his ear, and made him considerably deafer.
kmcnot dirty enough
LoshkiThere once was a Parson named Bings, who talked about God and such things, but his secret desire was a boy in the choir, with a bottom like jelly on springs
grogomglol dat boy pussy
jaggzLoshki, can you not
kmcthese aren't about rockets, sadly
SmokinGruntsAIGHT! I'ma pack up and drink elsewhere. see ya'll later!
grogi mean, we could make that last oen about "rockets", wouldnt be much of a.. stretch..
LoshkiThere once was a chap known as Sprocket...
kcrowI recall a book named "Sprockets and Rivets"
LoshkiSounds like part of any idyllic childhood
kcrowsorry, "Rivets and Sprockets"
VanUnamedhi Viper-7
Viper-7dont threaten me like that
tawrACTION points at the 20+ users from matrix.org with [m] in their name lol
VanUnamedtoday I went to see used washing machines
VanUnamedprices are like 600 - 800 lei
VanUnamednew at the store we're talking 1,000 / 1200
VanUnamedthere are some indecent brands that costs 800 new
VanUnamedfor 700 used, you can buy a miele made in germany
VanUnamedi am not sure what to do
VanUnamedlolo, it was also fun cus the guys at the store asked me, running water or well
hitekhaha, we need a new washing machine also
VanUnamedI said well, they have a blue thing that you fill with water
VanUnamedand you can run the washing machine without running water
VanUnamedI've even thought how to make it work with less than 1kW too.
hiteklooking at top load stuff, likely HE
antiontawr: dafuq is matrix.org
VanUnamedi'll just need to spin the motor, the water can be put hot inside before.
VanUnamedno need for 2kW heating element
tawrantion: look up like 5 lines
hitekI want something simple, like mech controls that can last a bit longer than something with a lot of pcbs inside
tawrdid you not see 15+ people join with gateway/shell/matrix.org/ as a host join
antionyes, i thought its a "netsplit" not shure if such things still exist today
VanUnamedwhat i am not sure, is if it's sane to pay 700 lei for a machine that's used
tawrlol. they exist more now than ever before
VanUnamedit's true that 1,200 / 1500 you buy a decent one at the store
VanUnamedbut the miele used to cost 1,200... euro
VanUnamednot lei.
VanUnamedthe quality is surely better
tawrlike i said, the chance that it was a vhost coming back on line is non-zero, until you realize EVERY person has [m] in their name and different user accounts, antion
antionbut whats matrix.org some weird hybrid of stuff mashed together into one app
tawrwhich i'd assume is stating their gender for a room, since it's not a thing here
VanUnamedthey also have used fridges, but I am even more concerned with those
VanUnamedthey are made to be faulty
tawri'm in ur fridge, h4xing your gibson
nohop/dev/sdb1: read failed: Input/output error
Viper-7tawr: not all of them had the [m], but yeah
nohopOh.. no....
tawrViper-7: 5 didn't.
VanUnamedthe fuck, if I save money on "appliances" i can expand solar
tawr10+ did.
VanUnameda battery also costs 1,600 lei
ZeroWalkeri like how i tried setting up a 555 using falstad, and i made a smoke device;)
ZeroWalkerby mimicing falstad*
VanUnamedViper-7: what the fuck are inverter fridges,, I saw at the store
Viper-79/22 didnt
VanUnamed1,800 lei for a fridge lol
tawroh kmc dude it just dawned on me, i am an egalitarian rocket dildo manufacturer
Flea86ZeroWalker: How cool would it be if falstad did magic smoke emulation too =)
ZeroWalkeryeah, it's too unrealistic!
Viper-7VanUnamed: means the compressor has speed control, not just on/off
VanUnamedit's best for my situation isnt it
tawrmy propane burner is a hollow rocket, after all
Flea86ACTION puts a burner under tawr of pawr
Viper-7ACTION runs from the furtawr
tawrFlea86: you should scroll up to read about rocket clitorii and cloacae
VanUnamedused fridges are also 300-400 keu
VanUnameda quarter of the price
VanUnamedthe only thing I'll buy new is AC, i need it to be invertr for realz lol
tawrVanUnamed: but vfd / multispeed compressors would need cleaner AC than a dumb one
VanUnamednow pure sine wave inverters wont do?
Viper-7inverter fridges / AC are probably more ok with modified sine or even square tbh
Viper-7since they're internally doing AC - DC - AC
Viper-7the only problem may be any active PFC they contain
tawri dont know VanUnamed, it's probably mfg related. i'd google to find out
VanUnamedas long as I don't spend 3,000 lei to buy washing machine and fridge i am happy lol.
VanUnamedaalso today I built this antenna
VanUnamedit doesnt work Lol
ozzzywell... it's like most destructables then
SmokinGruntswas there some Bowie connection with this launch?
ozzzythey squeezed out his liver to make the fuel
electrobotSmokinGrunts just linked to www.youtube.com (David Bowie – Space Oddity - YouTube)
grog555 epic
nohopI guess I have been running my Windows KVM with a broken hard drive... No worder the slowness of the damn thing bothered the shit out of me :)
Viper-7apparently i ordered the wrong pack of zeners
Viper-79.1V - 33V
nohopVoltage or package ?
nohopoh... Damn, that's quite a bit off ;)
Viper-7instead of 2.4V - 8.2V
Viper-7oh well, guess i have stock of some higher voltage ones ill almost certainly never use
SmokinGruntsnohop what manufacturer of hdd?
SmokinGruntscuz there's magic you can do with certain ROYL WD's
nohopSmokinGrunts: Samsung
nohopit's fine though. I noticed it in the process of copying to an ssd
SmokinGruntsa-la resetting the file relocation table
electrobotViper-7 just linked to Tesla Car In Space with David Bowie - Starman Soundtrack - YouTube
nohopSmokinGrunts: So far I've only seen 1 bad sector. Guessing the fs will probably be fine
SmokinGruntsnohop, if ye ever need HDD help from fucking balls-to-the-wall experts (in the future), I highly recommend http://www.hddoracle.com
nohopSmokinGrunts: Def. have needed that in the past... :)
SmokinGruntsyeah, Spildit is the nick you wanna look for
SmokinGruntshim and 'fzabkar'
SmokinGruntseffing pros
VanUnamedi like vaping lol
nohopSmokinGrunts: Kinda cool there's sites for that stuff now :) Didn't know people actually got into that much without having $1G rooms and such :)
VanUnamedwhats best, monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels
kmcmono- has better power per area
kmcpoly- is cheaper
SmokinGruntsnohop for reference-sake, (what I did for my WD drive) http://www.hddoracle.com/viewtopic.php?f=86&t=848
kmcafaik there isn't a huge difference in other factors
SmokinGruntsmating stack thread: https://superuser.com/questions/935890/gnu-ddrescue-imaging-of-failing-hard-drive-is-extremely-slow/1120599#1120599
VanUnamedhow better
VanUnamedhow much better i mean
kmcdo some googlin'
SmokinGruntsbros and sis's, what's that new WD 8TB drive that just came out?>
VanUnamedWD hdds
VanUnamedi just broke one with all my life on it
VanUnamedis gonna cost me 250 quid to recover
LewsThanThreeViper-7, what was that simulation site you mentioned?
LewsThanThreeRather, layout.
kmcyeah [m] is Matrix relay by default
nohopSmokinGrunts: nice hack :)
SmokinGruntscaveat, if file re-lo table is fuxxed, ye gotta try and figure out why
SmokinGruntscuz it's usually an indicator of the drive being on-its-way-out
hjf_i put RGB LEDS on my TV
hjf_because EVERYTHING is better with LEDs
nohopSmokinGrunts: Does it happen when there are too many bad sectors to be relocated basically ?
SmokinGruntsyeah, also, sometimes the re-lo table is wrong
SmokinGruntsthere's in-depth testing on the hddoracle forums
KamilionSmokinGrunts: oh HELLO there, this only works on WDs, doesn't it?
nohopThat is just weird! Why would that happen ? Sounds like a firmware bug...
Kamilionright, they're the only ones that expose full debugging over the SATA interface
SmokinGruntsbut for srsly, check them forums for other manufacturers KamelReds
Bird|otherboxo/ Kamilion
Kamilionmost of the others deal with UART ports off the back
hjf_ https://youtu.be/K51DhCJTfFg vid related
electrobothjf_ just linked to www.youtube.com (Hyperion test - YouTube)
nohopI did notice the disk i'm dd'ing just z0nk3d from ~70 to ~40MB/s :)
Kamilionlike the HGST/Seagates
Kamilionnohop: standard old gnu dd?
Kamilioni don't think I've used that in a couple years, lol
Kamiliondc3dd makes things so much nicer
nohop"dd (coreutils) 8.25"
LewsThanThreeViper-7, is there an alternative that would have the chips I'll be working with? MP1584 and ADS1015 ?
nohopNever heard of it
Kamilionno bs=1M either
LewsThanThreeEven if just to do layout
Viper-7LewsThanThree: for just making the schematic and such, easyeda
nohopKamilion: How about: dd if=/dev/sdb1 bs=1M skip=209920 of=/mnt/GoFlex/sdb1 bs=1M seek=209920 conv=noerror,sync status=progress iflag=fullblock ? :)
Kamiliondd's default of a single sector is not very performant these days
Viper-7falstad is a simulator
Bird|otherboxwhat's the max bs on dd anyhow?
Kamilionbs is specified twice
VanUnamedim straining my car battery lolol
KamilionBird|otherbox: as big as you want
Bird|otherbox10M? 100M? 1G?
VanUnamedits at 12.10V under load
VanUnamedi hope it wont die
KamilionI've done 32M before, bird
VanUnamedi need laptop juice
Kamilionbut it didn't speed anything up past about 1MB
Bird|otherboxKamilion, btw: FHFTW
Kamilionit's the amount of data dd will hold in memory per block
nohopKamilion: heh. funny. I had 2 dd's on both sides of 'pv' before. Must've kept a bs=
Kamilionso pretty much, as much ram and swap as you've got
nohopdoesn't seem to hurt it though :)
Kamilionnohop: well, that's cause you had to frontend and backend pv
Kamilionno need to do so with dc3dd
nohopKamilion: I know why i did it :)
Kamilionyou get pv-like realtime output by default, unlike dd
Kamilionand wiping off a disk is even easier
nohopI like that. I just installed it, for next time.
nohopI don't wipe disks
Kamilionno need to if=/dev/zero of=/dev/somedevice
nohopI keep them forever
Kamilionjust wipe=/dev/somedevice
Kamilionand it does the right thing
Kamilionno bs=
Kamilionyou don't need uransom.
Kamilionsuperparamagnetic effect drives havn't really been recoverable without multimillion dollar rigs since about 20GB.
Kamiliononce we got past 80GB drives, it's really rather hard to recover from a single pass of zeros.
nohopKamilion: You're calling my data not worth multimillion dollars ?
Kamilionnohop: hey, if your time's worth nothing, by all means, go right ahead
Kamilionit's a lot easier to invoke ATA secure erase than use urandom
Kamilionlet the drive generate bullshit noise to fill itself up with, without bothering the host until it's done.
Kamilionor if it's internally keyed, just drop the old key and replace it with a fresh one
nohopThere's an ata command for that? That's so cool :)
Kamilionit's part of the SMART commandset.
Kamilionmost drives that support the extended ATA commandset including SMART responses should support it.
KamilionACTION wipes drives for a living
spludHah: http://www.instructables.com/id/AVR-Attiny-fusebit-doctor-HVSP/
Kamiliongenerally none of our customers will pay for gutmann overwrites anymore
SmokinGruntsever try to repair a HDD with faulty heads?
SmokinGruntsomg fuck that!
Kamilionthese days $security_vendor wants us to do a single pass of mersanne twister, and $networking_vendor wants a single zero pass.
spludright in first paragraph, the author says "no need to buy or make inconvenient HV programmer only for unlock couple of Tiny AVR's". Er, whatever you are presenting is either buy or make...
KamilionSmokinGrunts: yes
KamilionSmokinGrunts: quite a lot, actually
Kamilionit's a lot easier if you buy the proper tools and jigs
kmcif you use FDE then you only need to erase the disk encryption headers
kmcunless you're REALLY paranoid
SmokinGruntsI don't have good dust-control
KamilionSmokinGrunts: you shouldn't need it, all you need's a couple PC case fans, a cardboard box, and some clingwrap
SmokinGruntshad a positive-pressure hood which acted fine fer a few trials
SmokinGruntsbut then the filter went out, and man was it obvious
Kamilionoh, if you're actually set up, that's a different story
Kamilionthe single motor ones are kind of shit
Kamilionyou want the twin motor with three filters
Kamilionchange the middle one first, then the outer ones, while the motors are running
Kamilionmakes things a ton easier
Kamilionand you'll be changing filters a LOT.
Kamilionbuy in bulk.
KamilionI'm not even kidding. We buy by the pallet
Kamiliononly lasts a good three to four months.
Kamilionhddsupertool isn't opensource
Kamilionwhat a punk
antionso whats the best way atm to check if you hdd is going to shit itself soon?
Kamilionantion: SMART.
Kamilionit's harder to interpret the counters though
Kamilionso if you've got someone specific's drive, use their tool.
KamilionLike intel's SSD toolbox, or Samsung Magician.
nohopDo they provide linux tools ?
Kamilionthose will give you a write lifespan left for SSDs
nohop(I could google, but you seem to be a guru :) )
Kamilionand they'll show the SMART counters on windows
SmokinGruntswait wha
antionyeah never quite understood SMART until it was already failing, some notification system would be nice, failed sectors or smth
SmokinGruntsI've talked to HDDSuperTools dev
SmokinGruntshe's cool
SmokinGruntsScott Dwyer I think
KamilionSmokinGrunts: I still can't add his package to my ISO
WelkinSmokinGrunts: like, he wears shades?
SmokinGruntshe'll help ya
Kamilionit's not open source.
nohop$ sudo ssdLife /dev/sda
nohopTBW: 14.7658 TB
Kamilionantion: if you just want something easy
nohopYou mean that ?
SmokinGruntsright, ask him for source
SmokinGruntspromise him you wont release it
KamilionSmokinGrunts: dude, I don't need the source
nohopAnd compare about the TBW on the datasheet ?
KamilionI'm GOING TO RELEASE IT, SmokinGrunts
Kamilionbut it's not freeeeee, so I can't
Kamilionand I won't
KamilionAll the other disk tools are packed into kamikazi ISOs.
Kamilionwhdd, dc3dd, qemu-img, ddrescue, and photorec too, I think.
SmokinGruntsask whatever yer heart desires on hddoracle forums, put it succinctly, and you'll get yer answers, I'm tellin' ya
Kamilionjust double click the disks icon from the desktop, it'll show you diagnostics on anything.
Welkinwhat do you have 14.7 terabytes of?
KamilionSmokinGrunts: I don't need to, because I already have proper propritary tooling myself.
SmokinGruntsddrescure and photorec ftw
SmokinGruntswell then
KamilionSmokinGrunts: https://www.dolphindatalab.com/product/dfl-super-data-recovery-equipment/
KamilionBuy yourself one of the DDL kits, you won't regret it
Kamilioni've got the older USB 2.0 model; I suggest the newer USB3 model, it's got a much faster FPGA in it
Kamilionmine's already serviced thousands of disks
SmokinGruntsACTION bookmarks
Kamilionand they have a whole FTP site full of drive firmware images
SmokinGruntshell yeah!
Kamilionplus reserialing, clearing SMART, everything.
Kamilion$650 per drive brand.
SmokinGruntsgood to know
nohopWelkin: I don't have 14TB of anything :)
KamilionI suggest the WD license first.
Kamilionmost of the rest you can service over UART
Kamilionor buy additional licenses for
SmokinGruntsI'm very very extremely apprehensive about WD lately
KamilionI swear by them, because I own that box
Kamilionit makes the little fuckers so easy to service
antionhmm thats all after-failure, i need to know before they die lol
SmokinGruntsmust be noice!
KamilionSmokinGrunts: their tooling is awesome too.
SmokinGruntsthat be pro-ass tooling
Viper-7mmm, ass tooling
Kamilionthese guys are not fucking around; and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than PC-3000
Viper-7professional grade too
KamilionDisks are my bread and butter
SmokinGruntsyeah, I just used a microscope and held-my-damn-breath to resolder the fucked head, got datas, and during verify dust tripped up the head and caused KILLER vibrations
Viper-7if getdataback and dd cant do it, its propahfucked
SmokinGruntsdd WAS doin' it, just at ~few-KB/sec
KamilionViper-7: platter extract and reflash, as long as the platters didn't take a scratch or dent.
KamilionSmokinGrunts: oh, also, their tool basically takes over the internal ARM; and it'll spit you a deep recovery image of whatever the heads pick up.
SmokinGruntsyeah pc-3000, in my dreams
Kamiliontheir software can then spit it out as a DD image
Kamiliontakes like fucking 18 hours to process though >.<
bongofurydid somebody say PRO ASS TOOLING? http://www.ass-automation.com/en/company/ass-inc.html
LewsThanThreeViper-7, ok, so do I need to add any inter-connection glue? https://i.imgur.com/arvb5mc.png
SmokinGruntsroflmao "Made-in-Germany" in Overseas
KamilionI don't think I want that anywhere near my ass
Kamilioni don't need an ass transplant today
Kamilionand certainly not onto a robot, I don't care what officer beepsky says
Kamiliontell the doctor and that damn clown I'm not going to...
SmokinGruntsWHAT A CLEAN SHOP-FLOOR OMG http://www.ass-automation.com/images/images/basic/ass-usa.jpg
KamilionACTION slips on a wet floor
SmokinGruntsfuck, I'm jelly.
KamilionSmokinGrunts: I bet that's what they need the robots for
SmokinGruntslol cleaning
Kamilionno, the robots don't leave footprints everywhere and everything a mess
Kamilion"fuck you human, just leave the pallet outside!"
Kamilion"yeah, we don't want your skinflakes in our nice clean warehouse!"
SmokinGruntsgoddamn, state of my bench right now: UGH!
Viper-7LewsThanThree: the ACS712 modules will need power and ground too, the ADDR pin on the ADS1015 should be pulled to ground, i still say an ADS1115 would be better since it should be about the same price, and you really dont need thousands of samples per second, and is the ADS1?15 part a chip or a module?
Viper-7ok, then i'd think (hope) it has decoupling caps on it already, so no big worries there
LewsThanThreeIm having to make the ACS712 module, doesn't look like the ones listed are correct.
LewsThanThreeToo many connections, etc.
Viper-7hmm ?
electrobotKamilion just linked to www.youtube.com (Construct GTC Teaser Trailer | Photo-realistic 3D Animated Short Film by Kevin Margo - YouTube)
Viper-7yeah easyeda will be showing the chips, not the modules
LewsThanThreeCan I tie the grounds before and after the stepdown together?
Viper-7kinda sorta - you shouldnt
LewsThanThreeIt's all DC, so I thought it would be ok.
Viper-7SmokinGrunts: looks like someone wiped its ass? :D
antionfml spent a day, produced this cant figure it out, SPI on rpi ... any clues? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjIOZmPjGdw
electrobotantion just linked to NHD-2.7-12864 Oled - YouTube
SmokinGruntsyeah, fuckall components from a side-repair and power-harvesting trials = a bench nobody can accomplish shit with.
Viper-7LewsThanThree: what you can do, is use the IN- line for the GND of the ADS module
Viper-7LewsThanThree: and for the voltage dividers, which you still have to add to the probe lines\
SmokinGruntsooh an OLED!
SmokinGruntsantion whatchu got? also, ever use an I2C board in-between?
LewsThanThreeOk, got https://i.imgur.com/HSOsAjy.png
SmokinGruntsdo you have pullups/downs on comms lines?
antionnah its all straight to the pi and via SPI
SmokinGruntsalso, before you do a rotating cube, antion, you should prog for an every pixel check
antionits the only example that works from luma.oled library
antioni tried more simple stuff
antionit only randomly even starts
SmokinGruntsyeah something fuxed with the driver then
Viper-7LewsThanThree: ok, now voltage dividers for the probes - i'd start with maybe 470k between probe and ADC in, then 100k to ground
Viper-7that'd give you a max input of 28.5V
SmokinGruntsantion init the screen, pause program execution, and start testing lines
Wayward_VagabondSay, what might be a sane value of pot for an audio attenuator to an amplifier input? (two amps in parallel to their own speakers, and each does have an input volume adjust that's now just for balancing)
antionSmokinGrunts: no oscope here, i guess its some timing issue tho
SmokinGruntsput a 'while(1){};' in code
SmokinGruntscheck all connections and pullups/down
LewsThanThreeViper-7, https://i.imgur.com/Ejdqu9z.png
SmokinGruntsantion, got a multimeter at least, right?
Wayward_VagabondFor some reason my TV's audio output is /wayy/ too hot of a signal to get any usefull range out if it's volume control
SmokinGruntscan still check for digi on/offs
antionthose are normal
kmcbah, my baofeng turned on in my backpack w/o antenna attached. hope I didn't blow out the TX frontend
SmokinGruntsWayward_One an e-fuse prolly blew
SmokinGruntsbest bet is replace the affected board, unfortunately
SmokinGruntsunless you REALLY wanna spend the time...
zap0kmc, i'd image it can detect that
Wayward_VagabondHeh, I should get the PS3 to play a 60hz sound, nd just stick my meter on the tv's output turned up past 4/100
Viper-7LewsThanThree: looks good to me
Wayward_VagabondShould give a good idea of what kind of voltage reduction I need to get something similar to my laptop's output
Viper-7LewsThanThree: oh, except the ground is still a bit funky
LewsThanThreeHow so?
Wayward_VagabondSmokinGrunts: A fuse blowing will ramp up the gain on it's audio output?
SmokinGruntsyo LewsThanThree check this: http://www.ti.com/lit/an/slva689/slva689.pdf
Viper-7LewsThanThree: remove the link to the GND symbol on the out- line, and change the ACS712 modules to use the GND symbol for grounding instead of the out- line
Viper-7same with the ADDR line of the ADS1015
Viper-7the only thing connected to out- really should be the pi
SmokinGruntsWayward_One lots could happen, lol. What is manufacturer and model #?
Viper-7everything else you want as close as possible to your negative reference
Wayward_VagabondOn it's 100 unit scale, 0 is mute, 1 isn't audible still, 3 or 4 is a normal volume, 5 is too loud
kmczap0: I hope so; then again, these things are made to be cheap
Kamilionoh, yeah, I picked up one of those aneng an8008s for a laugh
zap0i've seen those on ebay for $40.. that's pretty damn cheap!
Wayward_VagabondUhh, It's a seiki tv
Wayward_Vagabond21", but it'd be a pita to get at the back of it right now
Kamiliongot mine for $18
SmokinGruntsok so you haven't done a teardown?
Kamilionhttps://www.ebay.com/itm/AN8008-True-RMS-Digital-Multimeter-9999-Counts-Square-Wave-Voltage-Ammeter-meter/312023114562 Oughta show up on friday the 16th.
LewsThanThreeViper-7, oh, I'm doing a thing here too... should I tie the secondary modules to the +5V0x from the Pi?
Wayward_VagabondAs far as I know, it's always been this way
Viper-7LewsThanThree: the out+ rail is a common 5V source for everything yes
LewsThanThreeAh ok
Kamilionpicked up one of the saleae clones with wide voltage for $45, too.
SmokinGruntsWayward_Vagabond so family or someone like that was like "pls fix?"
Wayward_VagabondIt's more an issue now that I' switching the speakers back and forth a lot- can't roll back their gain
Viper-7it would be slightly better if you had a different supply for the ADC and such, but eh, shouldnt be a big deal
Wayward_VagabondSmokinGrunts: ?
SmokinGruntsasking ye about world-specifics
LewsThanThreeAlso I should plug the battery and solar inputs here.
Wayward_VagabondWith the gain set low enough on the speakers that th tv volume control is useless, I really have to play with audio settings on the laptop to get it's output hot enough
SmokinGruntsso volume +10 is not much different from +30?
Wayward_VagabondOh, the TV is a thing I bought for me a while back, and still use for me
SmokinGruntsnow I be confused
Wayward_Vagabondatm, I can't go much past 5 volume
SmokinGruntsdescribe from the beginning please
Wayward_VagabondThe audio output on my tv is a very high level signal compared to the seemingly sane value of my laptop
WelkinWayward_Vagabond: advertisements max out your output levels
Viper-7LewsThanThree: adding something like a LM7805 linear regulator powered from the 12V0 line and providing 5V to the ADS1015 and ACS712 modules would reduce the noise on the analog circuit
Wayward_Vagabondthe tv's volume control acts as expected- just too hot a signal
SmokinGruntsother devices tested with? also how are you outputting signal from laptop -> TV?
Wayward_VagabondWelkin: No cable, just a ps3 via hdmi to the tv
LewsThanThreeWhy a linear?
Viper-7LewsThanThree: current worst case would be up to about 0.1V of noise of your 0-28V input
Viper-7with the 7805, that'd drop to more like 0.01V
tawrkmc: i just created an organic magnifying glass
LewsThanThreeI went with switching, because of heat concerns.
Wayward_VagabondSmokinGrunts: no, tv is just wired to PS3. Speakers are shared between tv and laptop
Viper-7LewsThanThree: switching for the raspberry pi absolutely
Viper-7im talking about an independant supply for the ADC
LewsThanThreeOh, a second power.
Viper-7because thats low power
Wayward_Vagabondnormally on laptop instead of normally on TV now, which is why this is now an issue
LewsThanThreeNo heat concerns there?
bongofurylollin at this photo of the falcon heavy payload https://twitter.com/DustinGiebel/status/961043197970518016
SmokinGruntsokay, hdmi? coax? RCA (red-yellow-white)
Wayward_VagabondToo hard to get the two pairs of speakers balanced each time to use their adjustment- it's set at a sane value for my laptop's output
Viper-7LewsThanThree: the ACS712 modules use about 10mA each, the ADS1015 uses basically nothing, 0.15mA
Wayward_Vagabond3.5mm jack
Viper-7so thats about 20mA * 7V == 150mW of heat from a linear regulator
Wayward_Vagabondtv has hdmi, rca composite + audio, VGA, and 3.5mm input jacks, and a 3.5mm output jack
Viper-7more than nothing, but not enough to need any kind of cooling
Bird|otherboxo/ Wayward_Vagabond
LewsThanThreeOk, so, how do I do this in the schematic without lines ERREWHAR
kmcACTION is trying to find something interesting in the air band
kmcI found plenty of NDB/VOR beacons... but they don't have much to say
Viper-7LewsThanThree: flip the MP1584 module and put it up next to the pi, put the 7805 where the 1584 is now
tawrhere kmc whats your freq i'll blast a few kw your way
tawrACTION pulls up a gps app and aims his microwave at kmc
Bird|otherboxkmc: ah, can you ident one of the VORs you're pulling up and PM me the ident?
kmcwell I'm not even sure they're VORs
kmcidk I'm clueless about radios and stuff
Bird|otherboxbecause yeah, VORs generally don't have much to say (a few will talk from time to time for HIWAS or some sort of lost-comms emergency, but that's it)
Bird|otherboxtheir ident is transmitted in Morse
Bird|otherboxkmc: actually, come to think of it, I recall you're somewhere in the Bay Area, right?
DocScrutinizer05bongofury: is this just me and my ignorance about social media at large or isn't there a photo on this link?
Spirit532I deserve to have fun now that I've spent so much money on this stupid thing
Spirit532ACTION cries
drewmuttHere’s my stupid question of the day. I notice no matter how new a car that there’s seemingly no limit switches on the power windows, how come?
Bird|otherboxkmc: try 135.1 or 135.65, you should be able to pull in NorCal Approach on either of those two frequencies
SmokinGruntswell Wayward_Vagabond yer fighting ps3's output signal to yer TV's natural input; my guess is factory settings for the audio board TV-side...
Bird|otherboxalso, 125.35 or 127.0
DocScrutinizer05bongofury: http://susepaste.org/92212309
Wayward_VagabondSmokinGrunts: TV has no adjustents other than 'volume' for output level, ps3 has no adjustment for level on the HDMI
jsoftnow what say ye, fellow nerds. I have to do a lot of sending "mac set X Y\r\n" down ye ole comm port on a PIC with 8K flash. So I was pondering of going #define MAC_SET "mac set" and #define X "something" and #define Y "something else" #define TERM "\r\n", NULL
kmcthese ar AM right?
kmcor SSB?
SmokinGruntsright so fuck all the board-change potential-fixes
SmokinGruntsbest bet is to turn the volume up
jsoftso then I can save on prog space, and address and concat like this send_shit( { MAC_SEND, X, Y, TERM } );
jsoftis that a sensible thing ?
jsoftobviously the send_shit function loops through each char ptr and looks for a NULL at the end
Bird|otherboxkmc: DSB-AM, yeah -- all airband voice comms is that way
Viper-7heh, got that cheap 18AWG wire - straaaaight from the factory
Viper-7my room now smells like a pool toy
Viper-7(PVC :P)
SmokinGruntsjsoft that
SmokinGrunts'll be compiler specific
jsoftSmokinGrunts, orly ?
SmokinGruntsmight as well declare as Const
jsoftSmokinGrunts, why is that
SmokinGruntswell, without getting into language compiler specifics, preproc-declares are usually optimized to be consts' anyhow
jsoftSmokinGrunts, well ok, consts then. But it should work out ok though right ?
SmokinGruntsshould, sure
SmokinGruntssetting mac as in mac address?>
jsoftJust gotta save some flash space
jsoftnah this is for a lora module. So there are lots of mac commands, so like, mac set pwridx, mac set potato, mac set whatever. It pretty much configures the lora settings and keys and all that shit
Bird|otherboxkmc: double sideband
SmokinGruntslora as in LoRaWPAN?
kmcthese damn signals keep popping up and disappearing before I can tune them
kmcit's like goddamn whack a mole
Viper-7well, i guess thats one way to sell wire... https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/14AWG-Flexible-Silicone-Wire-RC-Cable-14AWG-400-0-08TS-Outer-Diameter-3-5mm-2mm-Square/1946892_32665614712.html
SmokinGruntsalso jsoft whatchu programming in?
SmokinGruntsif so, gnu?
Bird|otherboxkmc: focus on a frequency, not a specific signal
Bird|otherboxif someone is blocking an approach control frequency with continuous transmissions, then they're doing it wrong :P (usually a faulty radio/mic is the culprit)
kmcI'm on 135.65 and don't hear anything aside from occasional digital (?)
SmokinGruntslol @ mac.setPotato()
Bird|otherboxkmc: o.O
kmcwait, there we go
kmcsome voice finally
Welkinham radio?
Bird|otherboxWelkin, no, kmc's tuning airband stuffs
jsoftSmokinGrunts, hmm? C
jsoftSmokinGrunts, its a PIC compiler, which I think is gcc
SmokinGruntsoic, and also, cool
jsoftSmokinGrunts, yeah I gave up fighting the ARM for now, I want a SIMPLE, no suprises, no HAL, no bullshit uC to get this shit working solid.
jsoftGotta say, PIC's are an absolute pleasure to configure
jsoftthe 8 bit ones.
jsoftSo simple
SmokinGruntsyeah, GNU gcc will make #define BLAH constnumber as 'const uint16_t BLAH' the same
SmokinGruntsor however size
jsoftJust writing up some code to send it now, will send a full 35 page report on how it turned out, complete with pie graphs.
Kevin`jsoft: #define does not direct or require the complier to create a common memory address for constants
jsoftKevin`, hmm.
McDonaldsWiFizigggggy: ayyyyy
SmokinGruntsI wish I had the reference now, shit.
McDonaldsWiFizigggggy: sry I had to afk earlier :o
SmokinGruntsfuck, debug ASM mode
jsoftKevin`, wait, what does that mean
SmokinGruntsmeaning the compiler doesn't HAVE to consider a define as const
jsoftKevin`, as in every reference to FOO might be its own instance?
CircadianRebel#define is not processed by the compiler at all, it's processed by the pre-processor, which replaces all instances with a literal
CircadianRebelif you do #define foo 1 const int k = foo; what the compiler will actually see is const int k = 1;
Kevin`jsoft: #define A "Hello", print(A), print(A, A), can easily create three instances. for numeric values it actually makes sense to do this also, as they get put into the instruction as constants instead of as memory addresses
jsoftAllright, well a small change to const and it should be all good
jsoftKevin`, gotchya
Bird|otherboxkmc: I take it you're hearing airplanes now? :D
jsoftThanks for the heads up
kmcow damn my RTL-SDR is actually getting quite hot
Kevin`jsoft: also, pic is harvard plus even more weirdness, right? make sure you understand how your compiler handles memory addresses that aren't in ram
CircadianRebelin theory gcc will collect identical string constants in to one instance, and in theory gcc will optimize const values as though they were literals ... but it's dangerous to assume the compiler will be smart
Kevin`and indeed, how to create memory addresses that aren't in ram
Kevin`otherwise you can end up with constants loaded into ram
CircadianRebeler, s/string consts/string literals/
kmcBird|otherbox: I'm faintly picking up voices
kmcmostly static
mrdata_what re the voices saying
Bird|otherboxkmc: yeah, it may not be the strongest signal down on the ground, especially the Approach end
kmcI'm inside and I have a crap antenna
kmcjust a telescoping dipole
kmcwhich I haven't tuned or anything
CircadianRebelha, so the seller that sent me fake opamps... I messaged them a few days ago. Today they reply and say the order hasn't received feedback yet and to contact them if there is anything wrong. :|
SmokinGruntsCircadianRebel you proved it!? UNF! UNF!
winsoffSomeone here has to have "accidentally" bought a spare fluke and wants to give it to me for $20.
Kevin`the shared memory space on arm is IMO a big plus for programming on arm. you can just declare something as const and references work directly from flash, rather than requiring completely different instructions to read
winsoffisn't that a security issue, Kevin`
kmcKevin`: that is handy
Kevin`how so?
kmcgcc & clang know about it?
CircadianRebelSmokinGrunts, yes, I was able to prove they were fake (both the TL082s from a week or two ago and the TL084s that arrived late last week), but doing so in a way to submit as proof in a dispute would be a PITA
Kevin`gcc does for sure. haven't tried clang
SmokinGruntsgood man!
SmokinGruntsthey'll prolly never respond
jsoftKevin`, yep
jsoftKevin`, fair call :)
winsoffKevin`, I dunno, maybe I'm just hipfiring instinct here
SmokinGruntslol @ winsoff
SmokinGruntsme too, shit.
winsoffSmokinGrunts, you and I should go halfsies on a fluke 117 or whatever
winsoffi'll keep it safe at my house when you don't need it
winsoffI just want good tools, man
SmokinGruntsI'm saving parts of checks fer one
CircadianRebelSmokinGrunts, no, but I can tell everyone not to order from 'SSS electronic components flagship store' nor 'CN electronic components flagship store' as they sell counterfeits (they appear to be the same store)
SmokinGruntsalmost there!
SmokinGruntsCircadianRebel AYE!
SmokinGruntsa blog
winsoffI remember going over to my uncle's to pick up a trailer, and he starts troubleshooting some electrical thing in the truck I was sent in
SmokinGruntsmake a WP blog real fast
biaxone of my gpu pcie copper pins is scraped off (half of it), probably happened while removing the card or something. any suggestions on how to fix it?
SmokinGruntsI'll share to the world-OVER
CircadianRebelI was in the process of putting a website together, that's part of why I swapped names
SmokinGruntswhat was yer handle before>?
LewsThanThreeViper-7, https://i.imgur.com/LkXlbld.png
kmcACTION has a Fluke 115
winsoffand he's got a fluke meter and proper crimping tools etc, and i'm like, "Wow, you've got some good tools." He responds with, "winsoff, all of my tools are good." and I realized how much more experienced people can be.
LewsThanThreeHmm, those grounds look weird all over.
SmokinGruntsLewsThanThree did you check that app-note about I2C pullups/pulldowns?
JoeLlamai haz multiple fluke 87 and 87 mark III
LewsThanThreeSmokinGrunts, not yet, getting there.
LewsThanThreeWhat was the link again?
SmokinGruntsotherwise, programatically activate the built-in ones on the Rpi
winsoffI think I asked before: Are good multimeters good across the board, or are good multimeters that do well in "electrician" scenarios not good for electronics, and vice versa?
SmokinGruntsLewsThanThree http://www.ti.com/lit/an/slva689/slva689.pdf
LewsThanThreeLooking now, thanks.
SmokinGruntswinsoff not all multimeters are built the same.
SmokinGruntsLewsThanThree aye-aye.
CircadianRebelkmc, the 115 is the cheap (for fluke) one that's great for an electrician, but not so great for an electronics bench, isn't it? (e.g. it doesn't have low current ranges, etc)
Bird|otherboxwinsoff: there are two axes of multimeter selection you have to consider: functionality and safety
Kevin`winsoff: if you spend $$$ on a multimeter you can easily get one that's both good for basic electronics and safe for basic mains maintenance
winsoffDoes $$$ represent the sigfigs of the pricetag?
CircadianRebelwinsoff, read what I just asked kmc. good for electricians does not mean good for electronics
Kevin`winsoff: of course, you can pay less for an entirely functional unsafe meter, or a low-end electricians meter. and there's extremes with extra features on either end
Kevin`winsoff: yeah
Wayward_VagabondIf you play with line voltage very much, the meters with tiny glass fuses in them can get you hurt
kmcI think it's a 115. not at my bench atm
winsoffI think my only current meter is some garbage that came in a kit from Radioshack.
SmokinGruntsat least $300 for a decent Fluke, regardless of mains voltage or not
CircadianRebelwinsoff, I missed the start of things due to the spam, are you looking for a meter?
Bird|otherboxelectricians have a somewhat lesser functionality demand on their meter, but very high safety demands due to high energy circuits
winsoffCircadianRebel, yes, but I'm so goddamned cheap.
SmokinGruntswinsoff check out EEVBlog's uCurrent meter for low-current measurements
Bird|otherboxwinsoff, while you can get a good meter for less than a Fluke 87's pricetag
Bird|otherboxyou're going to be spending $80-$100 as the cost of entry into the world of decent meters
CircadianRebelwinsoff, http://www.circadianrebel.com/u/an8008 <-- best $25 meter you'll find. (well, the AN8009 is good too, and is sometimes $25)
Wayward_VagabondResistance, capactance, and diode test are important still to sparkies, but sub 1v measurements are not
SmokinGruntsinterfaces with whatever yer existing multimeter is
Bird|otherboxCircadianRebel, no.
CircadianRebelwinsoff, great for electronics bench, not good for electrician work
Bird|otherboxthe Anengs IMO are too cheap. still in the CAT I ONLY land
winsoffCircadianRebel, do you and Viper-7 share an aliexpress cart
LewsThanThreeSmokinGrunts, so, what do I need to do here? Pull up on SCL and SDA on my ADC?
Bird|otherboxwinsoff, define "cheap" btw, and are you WANTING to be cheap here, or can you literally only spare the contents of a piggy bank for this?
SmokinGruntslol hang, I don't remember :x
LewsThanThreeIm guessing, based on those charts, 1k on each going to VCC
SmokinGruntsI use 10-Kr's
CircadianRebelBird|otherbox, for electrician work? yeah, stay the fuck away. for small electronics? good cheap meter
Wayward_VagabondIf you accidently short a 120v+ circuit with one of those electronics only meteres, something will fail spectuarly
CircadianRebelwinsoff, nah, and I think he'd recommend the vici, which IMO is junk.
Bird|otherboxCircadianRebel, you want to stay away from a meter like that if you're a novice, because it'll be *too tempting*
Bird|otherboxto try to do mains work with it
winsoffBird|otherbox, I always try to keep things tight.
LewsThanThreeSmokinGrunts, how does the rest of that circuit look?
Bird|otherboxand they aren't even safe to CAT II
winsoffWhat's CAT II? I'm rusty
SmokinGruntsLewsThanThree pullups for sure
CircadianRebelBird|otherbox, it's better than the shitty ones people would grab from horrible freight or something instead
Wayward_VagabondI did that across 208v with my current multimeter once- blew the $11 fuse, but iterally no other ill effects\
Bird|otherboxCircadianRebel, I'm of the opinion that you should save up and get a decent, safe meter instead of gambling with anything Cheese
SmokinGruntsLewsThanThree why a resistive-divider for PV cell?
LewsThanThreeI think something is weird with the grounds.
SmokinGruntsmajor waste
CircadianRebelBird|otherbox, I'd recommend getting a better meter as well, though you may notice what I said was "best $25 meter"
LewsThanThreePV cell?
SmokinGruntsphotovoltaic cell
SmokinGruntsaka solar-cell
winsoffCircadianRebel, what does that meter skimp on that makes it so cheap?
LewsThanThreeBecause I'm a newb.
SmokinGruntsno worries
CircadianRebelwinsoff, input protection is the big thing. You wouldn't want to use it on anything high voltage
Bird|otherboxwinsoff, CAT I is low-energy/low-voltage circuits, CAT II is mains from the wall or in equipment, CAT III is high energy mains equipment/service equipment located indoors, and CAT IV is *outdoor* mains
LewsThanThreeIts been over a decade since I've done electronic work.
SmokinGruntsyer gonna waste a TON of energy with a resistor-divider, as heat
CircadianRebelwinsoff, even 3 phase mains is over it's ratings
LewsThanThreeWhat do you suggest there?
SmokinGruntsuse something IC to interface in-between
Kevin`Wayward_Vagabond: $20 meters don't have an $11 fuse :)
winsoffBird|otherbox, ah. There are handheld meters you can fucking measure power lines with?
SmokinGruntsI advise a BQ25505
SmokinGruntsLewsThanThree http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/bq25505.pdf
Bird|otherboxwinsoff, at least at "regular" mains voltages (vs >600V distribution/transmission lines)
Wayward_VagabondKevin`: ~$300 Ideal
winsoffAlso, while we're on the subject, so what happens if I measure someone's laptop power supply that accidentally is shorting mains through to the DC side? Asplodameter?
SmokinGruntsof course, depends on power reqs
LewsThanThreeWell, the voltage there will be 14v or less.
LewsThanThree3 solar panels in parallel.
Bird|otherboxwinsoff, if you screw up when using it, yeah (like if you had the cheapometer on ohms when this happened)
SmokinGruntsLewsThanThree check other harvester IC's then
Kevin`winsoff: now that you know what the CAT ratings mean, remember that the ones printed on no-name meters are essentially lies. there's no legal requirement for testing to print it on a product
SmokinGruntshow much POWER do you need, ultimately
LewsThanThreeSmokinGrunts, the language in this document is extremely beyond me.
LewsThanThreeWhat does this do?>
Bird|otherboxwinsoff, CircadianRebel: "outdoor mains" isn't just high voltage stuff, I'm including 120V lines run outdoors
SmokinGruntsit's all easy-to-learn.
bongofuryDocScrutinizer05 - <3 <3 :)
winsoffKevin`, true.
kmcscrew airband, I'm gonna listen to the police now
Bird|otherboxthat lamppost in your yard? that's a CAT IV measurement environment
Wayward_VagabondBird|otherbox: I'd argue 480v 60a equipment would be 3, and 2000ka main gear 4, but if you're in the position to probe those, you realllly should have some training on what to poke it with
CircadianRebelif it was in voltage or ohms mode, it would be fine. if you had the probes in amp sockets and stuck in on mains, the fuse would blow and probably kill the meter; depending on your luck it may damage you a bit. This is why I said it's great for electronics, but not for an electrician
winsoffCircadianRebel, have you seen/done any teardowns on this meter versus the vicis?
SmokinGruntsit takes a variable-energy-source, and does some impedance magic, and gives you nice clean DC output
Bird|otherboxWayward_Vagabond, yeah -- 480V/60A is def. CAT III
Bird|otherbox"high energy mains equipment" :)
LewsThanThreeSmokinGrunts, oh, I don't need to replace the charge controller, if that's what you mean.
winsoffNow, what if I want to do basic electrical, too? I suppose that's when I stop fucking around, regardless?
Bird|otherboxwinsoff, exactly
LewsThanThreeJust need to find the out how many volts the solar panels have.
SmokinGruntsright, but you should have something to directly interface with the PV panels
CircadianRebelwinsoff: there are a bunch of teardowns of the an8008. it lacks good input protection, but other than that even eevblog dave struggled to find any issues with it
LewsThanThree*are putting out.
Bird|otherboxthat's when you get something like a BM235 winsoff
SmokinGruntsAKA solar-panels
winsoffI just hate how everything seems so expensive just because it's made for dudes who are going to be making enough to pay for it.
Bird|otherboxabout $100, but worth saving up for
Bird|otherboxit has basically all the functions you'll ever want in a meter for electronics work
winsoffHmm. Perhaps I can skimp for that, regardless
LewsThanThreeThat chip is a bit beyond what I want to do with this project >_>
Bird|otherboxis fully UL listed at a CAT IV 300V rating
winsoffOh fuck, you're right, actually
Wayward_VagabondKeep it out of the lighting panel or that 10hp motor peckerhead, and you'll be good to go
CircadianRebelwinsoff, at the ~$50 range you might find a decent meter with decent input protection, but if it's a concern for you you're looking at the $80-100+ range to get a known good meter, and it'll probably skimp on a few features (e.g. low current settings) in exchange for that safety
winsoffCircadianRebel, I see.
Bird|otherboxyeah, the input prot and fusing are my knocks on the Aneng as well. I'm sure it would do OK for like school labs and stuff CircadianRebel, but not as a general recommendation
SmokinGruntsLewsThanThree that chip be purty easy, but I guess I should ask how far you really wanna go?
Bird|otherboxCircadianRebel, the BM235 has pretty much all you'd ever need at that $100 mark
winsoffEven for low current, Bird|otherbox?
LewsThanThreeThats the point. All I really want is a "cheap" monitoring system for V and A of my solar equipment at a communications tower.
winsoffWhat does the fluke 117 have over the bm235, then?
CircadianRebelBird|otherbox, I've yet to see a non-biased review of it
Bird|otherboxgoes down to uA (although the burden isn't write-home-to-Mama about -- if you're serious about low current measurements, you really need a TIA-based measurement system like the uCurrent)
LewsThanThreeKeeping it < $100 and complexity down is what I'm hoping for.
winsoffAlso, the real problem here is that even when I get a good meter, all it's going to do is make me want a good scope.
SmokinGruntsLewsThanThree describe to me your system (the one you're powering with solar-cells)
Bird|otherboxwinsoff, that'll be the other thing to save up for. Tequipment.net has the DS1054Z + a bunch of unlocks for $350
winsoffSee, now I just need people to trust me more with electronics repair, and then I can just buy it with the cash.
Bird|otherboxwhich is a FREAKISHLY good value for a scope.
CircadianRebelACTION wants a 1054Z
LewsThanThreeSmokinGrunts, 3 PVs in parallel to charge controller, charge controller to batteries, batteries to low volt shutoff, low volt shutoff to comms tower (it's all 12v gear)
Bird|otherboxwinsoff, keep in mind that tooling like this is an *investment*
LewsThanThree(I didn't set up the site, someone else did)
winsoffBird|otherbox, only if it's going to repay itself, lol
Bird|otherboxthis is not like skipping the Starbucks in the morning to save a few bucks
Bird|otherboxthese are basically capital expenditures :)
winsoffIt's just that no one I know has these tools
CircadianRebelwinsoff, go check price on a fluke 87-v, which has long been the benchmark for DMMs :P
LewsThanThreeSmokinGrunts, I want a way I can monitor use and state remotely.
winsoffAnd so if no one has them, I'm kind of beholden to do so
SmokinGruntsLewsThanThree what's yer charge controller model #?
LewsThanThreeUh, sec.
LewsThanThreeSome crappy thing.
winsoffCircadianRebel, the local classifieds has a used one for $200!
LewsThanThreeTriStar TS-45
Kevin`I use a fluke 87 of some oldish vintage. tis fine, as you'd expect
LewsThanThreeI know it has serial, but I don't know the protocol.
winsoffI thought I needed to get married before I started spending money on "frivolous" tools, though.
CircadianRebelKevin`, they're pretty durable
LewsThanThreeAnd this same device I'm making might be sent to other sites with other controllers, as well.
CircadianRebelwinsoff, $200 is a pretty steep discount, depending on condition :P
LewsThanThreewinsoff, I know the feeling there.
jsoftWell it appears my bullshit scheme of saving memory is a failure, I cannot just allocate a { "foo", "bar" } free form
SmokinGruntsokies and LewsThanThree whatchu wanna monitor?
SmokinGruntsremotely, I mean
Viper-7LewsThanThree: re I2C pull-ups, its irrelevant
LewsThanThreeall 4 values, incoming and outgoing voltage and amperage
Kevin`jsoft: nothing stopping you from storing it expliticly and giving a function array pointers to it
CircadianRebelwinsoff, if you get in to electronics for long, you're going to end up needing at least 2 DMMs, at least one of which should be a good quality, reliable meter. If you can afford that meter now, it's a good starting point. If you can't, you can get a cheaper (but still good value) meter now and don't use it for anything it shouldn't be used for.
Viper-7LewsThanThree: re your schematic, looks good, except the grounds still funky :P the GND symbol shouldnt be next to the pi on the OUT- line, it should be on the IN- line :P
Viper-7OUT+ should just go to the 5V0 line on the pi, OUT- should just go to the GND line on the pi
Bird|otherboxI have a Fluke 77 III I inherited and a Brymen BM235 (not the eevblog version though -- mine wears the stock Brymen colors)
Viper-7everything else should be referenced to Output - on the solar thingy
SmokinGruntsLewsThanThree does that TriStar have GPIOuts for shit, namely current?
SmokinGruntsAKA does it come ready to interface with an MCU
LewsThanThreeJust a RS232
Viper-7and yeah, its fair important to check the max *open circuit* voltage for your panels
SmokinGruntsokay well voltage is easy
CircadianRebelBird|otherbox, I'll be honest, dave being attached to the bm235 makes me skeptical of it, due to his biased nonsense
SmokinGruntscurrent is gonna take a REAL tiny, precision, current-sense resistron
Viper-7LewsThanThree: is this the part where i show you https://imgur.com/a/fbduA and you rethink your life? :P
LewsThanThreeThe AC712 won't pull it?
LewsThanThreeViper-7, ...
Bird|otherboxCircadianRebel, I'm not sure if that joe smith guy reviewed the BM235 or not, actually, I know he did his for-funsies transient testing on it
Viper-7wifi rs232 solar inverter monitor :P
LewsThanThreeNice SCADA :P
LewsThanThreeBut.... WIFI?!?!?!
Viper-7sure, its about 4 feet from my home router
LewsThanThreeNice touch on the "high voltage"
CircadianRebelbecause we all know the esp8266 barely sips power ;)
Viper-7heh :P
Viper-7CircadianRebel: in deep sleep, correct :)
LewsThanThreeViper-7, is the protocol hard?
LewsThanThreeGranted, yours will prolly be different than mine.
Viper-7im using a shitty ~800mAh 18650 cell in that, and its been running for 6 months now and is still far from empty
Viper-7but it only actually connects to wifi once a day
LewsThanThreeNice, wondered about that.
password2wow , did you guys see the eeblog video where he hits scopes with a little plastic poker?
SmokinGruntsooh very good, Viper-7
Bird|otherboxpassword2, yeah. he raises a good point re: piezoelectric class II ceramics xD
nohoppassword2: Yeah :)
CircadianRebelesp8266 power usage is sensible when the wifi is off at least
Bird|otherboxinterestingly enough, I found out the other day that you can get 100nF C0Gs nowadays
nohopCaps in the front end
CircadianRebelwifi just sucks power
Bird|otherboxwhich is NUTS big
SmokinGruntsviper what is middle board?
password2some of them max out the most sensitive level!
Bird|otherboxfor a C0G ceramic
Viper-7LewsThanThree: the protocol was a pain - not THAT complex, but more that documentation on it was very scarce - luckily i found some python script someone wrote to use from their laptop and reverse engineered it
Viper-7password2: a boost module
LewsThanThreeThis one has some application you can run on your computer, I was originally thinking of wiresharking it
Viper-7while i had a proper max232 in there, feeding that with 3v3 from the esp's power rail just wasnt good enough
password2Viper-7, boost?
LewsThanThreeBut then realized I wanted to do more onsite anyway, so yea.
Viper-7the esp has the ability to control the max232 + boost module, so they're off 99.9% of the time
Viper-7who what where
SmokinGruntsbut srsly, I see the esp, what are the three bottom boards?
Viper-7wtf is an egyptian bracket
SmokinGruntsgoogs my friend, TYL
SmokinGruntsa programmer's argument
SmokinGruntsbottom right a serial bridge?
Viper-7left to right its a MP1584 step down module, sx1308 boost module, and tp4056 + dw01 lithium charger + protection module
SmokinGruntsvery nice
Viper-7black DIP chip is a MAX232 for RS232
jsoftKevin`, hmm, I guess
Viper-7and the ESP01 speaks for itself
SmokinGruntsblue silk your designs?
CircadianRebelViper-7, egyptian brackets are the kind you are NOT using... dunno what SmokinGrunts is on about
Viper-7nah, all 3 are <50c modules from ali :P
winsoffViper-7, I had an idea from a really shitty product I saw: Magnetic wristbands. Just glue some gutncheap magnets to a slap bracelet or something and it can hold the screws for you
password2my probes does the same regarding piezo
CircadianRebelegyptian brackets is slang for K&R style, but unless I'm looking at the wrong thing Viper-7 is using allman style like a sane, intelligent person
Viper-7SmokinGrunts: yeah.. so that code doesnt use egyptian brackets...
SmokinGruntslol my bad
Viper-7the twist tho? that output format is just from PHP's var_dump(), and in code i DO use K&R style "egyptian" :P
SmokinGruntsmine fuxxed eyes
password2wow 4mV if i hit the input of my scope
CircadianRebeloh, so Viper-7 does use K&R style... I was confused about the "sane and intelligent" thing, as it didn't seem to apply to him :D
password2i wonder if you can make a vibration sensor with ceramic caps
g0zk&r is ugly
Viper-7allman is ugly
CircadianRebelk&r caused me several errors this past week, because you just can't match the brackets as easily
Viper-7waste a whole line for the {
SmokinGruntsI do however dig K&R style for longer than 4/5 line functions
SmokinGruntsbut fuck telling that to a company's style-guide
Viper-7CircadianRebel: the 80s called, they want their text editor back
CircadianRebelwasting a line hasn't mattered since we stopped using 20 line displays
g0zall that line wastage we are gonna run out of them!
Viper-7who the shit doesnt have brace highlighting these days
CircadianRebelViper-7, they don't all constantly glow. looking over a block of code and instantly spotting bracket mismatches is MUCH easier in allman
SmokinGruntsViper-7 good point
Viper-7CircadianRebel: that should be obvious from indenting alone.
CircadianRebelbut I can deal with K&R if need be, as long as we stop this spaces for indent nonsense. The 80s called, and they want their text editors back!
Viper-7you're one of those people that hates python for the enforced whitespace, arent you? :P
CircadianRebelViper-7, yes, and we've discussed that before :P
g0zViper-7: I am it looks like COBOL
SmokinGruntsokay okay I should specify, I prefer K&R brackets for J-script dev, for functions/methods > 4-5 lines, for readability.
Viper-7CircadianRebel: sorry, i readily forget idiots :P
SmokinGruntsany other C IDE is gonna have folding and proper highlighting/colors
SmokinGruntsbut web dev is a special-fuck-of-a-beast
LewsThanThreeViper-7, ok, so https://i.imgur.com/IJtlcj0.png
LewsThanThreeNo need for additional fuses or resistors or anything?
CircadianRebelViper-7, python's enforce whitespace is not quite as bad after they allowed tabs instead of spaces, at least
SmokinGruntsLews how many watts is the 470KR?
LewsThanThreeSmokinGrunts, no idea lol
SmokinGruntsokay bro you gotta get yer ass right back to the drawing board
Viper-7SmokinGrunts: uwot
SmokinGruntsyou got 3x solar cells of high value in the works
Viper-7it'll have to handle approximately a fuckteenth of a watt
SmokinGruntsinterface with them efficiently
CircadianRebelSmokinGrunts, FWIW, I was doing webdev, not using a good language like C, and thus why no bracket highlighting :P
SmokinGruntshow many bits res. is ads1015?
Viper-7LewsThanThree: the 7805 needs capacitors on in and out, but if you're using a module rather than a discreet part thats fine, it'll include them already
LewsThanThreeYea, module.
LewsThanThreeAll of them are modules.
SmokinGrunts12 bit, huh?
Viper-7LewsThanThree: you could put a resistor between the out of the ACS712 modules and the AIN of the ADC, maybe like 1k would do - but its also not hugely relevant, the ACS712 would have to fail catastrophically for that to have any use
Viper-7SmokinGrunts: i've been pushing the ADS1115 at him instead, which is 16-bit, but eh
Viper-7he probably doesnt even need 12-bit
LewsThanThreeOh, yea.
SmokinGruntsoh fuck yeah
SmokinGruntsgo 16 bit just cuz
SmokinGruntsmarket price is good fer 'em
LewsThanThreeYea, that I can do, just haven't gotten to it.
SmokinGruntsup the 'proverbial ante'
LewsThanThreeOf course :P
Viper-7LewsThanThree: you could clamp the voltage on the two sample lines, but that would require both a zener to do the clamping, and a polyfuse or such to break the circuit if the clamping is triggered - its simpler and safer to just handle it like we have, with half a meg (470k) of series resistance between the higher voltage and the adc pin, so even if something goes wrong and eg the 100k
Viper-7resistor to ground vanishes, there'll be so little current available on that line that it wont harm anything anyway
SmokinGruntsanyhow, if yer sampling a big-ass source, like 3x solar panels in parallel, you should have some relatively efficient means to drop that voltage/current to a reasonable, sampling-ready-level.
Viper-7LewsThanThree: so the only thing left, is the open circuit voltage of the panels
Viper-7somehow i feel kinda confident that it will be higher than the 28.5V the divider is designed for
LewsThanThreeThe panels are in parallel, so probably 14v or so max.
SmokinGruntsORRRRR get a PV-charge controller with GPIO-outs
Viper-7SmokinGrunts: we have that, its called a high resistance.
SmokinGrunts^ prolly easier.
SmokinGruntsheh sure
Viper-7LewsThanThree: open circuit voltage is easily twice the regular maximum loaded voltage
LewsThanThreeOh, right. I misread. You mean no-load voltage, right?
Viper-7do you have any form of spec for the panels? know where they were purchased from? anything like that
SmokinGruntslews is your target load properly measured?
LewsThanThreeI'd have to look at their stickers.
SmokinGruntsdo it!
LewsThanThreeI think they're 150W / 12v
Viper-7kk, well do that before building this up :P
SmokinGruntswhat is mcu/fpga?
LewsThanThreeMight be 100W
SmokinGruntsoh yeah raspPi
rajkostohow do you even know if a mosfet is good
Viper-7ok, well open circuit voltage of the two 12V 150W panels i find on a quick google, is 22V
Viper-7so yeah thats fine
LewsThanThree3 panels. :P
rajkostoi have some i tested with a component tester and they readout fine, but when actually used they shorted immediately
Viper-7doesnt matter if they're in parallel
LewsThanThreeThat much I know.
SmokinGruntsrajkosto https://www.utm.edu/staff/leeb/mostest.htm
LewsThanThreeAmps increase, not voltage.
Viper-7so yeah, worst case current on that line AIN1 line, if the panel goes open circuit and the charge controller stops drawing any current whatsoever, that'll be 46.8uA
rajkostoSmokinGrunts, it reads e-mosfet on the component tester
LewsThanThreeSmokinGrunts, to be transparent, I'm not in charge of the solar setup. Another guy set it up and manages them. I don't know if he has the system properly designed or not.
Viper-7which is fuckall, both in terms of wasted power, and damage causing potential
SmokinGruntsrajkosto that's an Enhancement-mode MOSFET
rajkostoi think it always says that
r0n0xthis is neat, every smoko i can hop on over here for a learning
rajkostoreads Vt as 2.0v and 700mV diode voltage
SmokinGruntsLewsThanThree you gotta get a good rapport with that guy-or-gal, then.
SmokinGruntsya'll gotta *work together!*
LewsThanThreeOh, rapport is there.
LewsThanThreeNo problem there.
SmokinGruntsthat's good
LewsThanThreeI just don't know what he used to decide on for building this out, other than "I have $$ monies, throw more batteries and panels till it works"
SmokinGruntsget him or her on here too, then
SmokinGruntsIRC, I mean
LewsThanThreeHaha, he speaks spanish, and electronics isn't his thing.
SmokinGruntsI speak a lil spanish
LewsThanThreeHe's mainline communications.
LewsThanThreeYe, and I'm fluent.
SmokinGruntsprolly not enough fer EE, but hey
LewsThanThree<- Mexico dweller.
SmokinGruntscool cool
LewsThanThreeMarried a local, even.
LewsThanThreeFor better or worse ^_^
SmokinGruntsLews part of developing in this world is learning people's reasons for 'why they designed that thing, in those ways.'
LewsThanThreeOf course.
SmokinGruntsthat's the start of equal-understanding
SmokinGruntsget a common ground, and a partnership can flourish
CircadianRebelis this ##electronics or ##datingadvice ?
LewsThanThreeYea, we're good buds, all that stuff is there already.
LewsThanThreeHe offered for me to use his comm tower to set up a wireless link, which is a fun story of itself.
LewsThanThree<- talking to you live, 6mi away from his modem.
SmokinGruntsanyhow, when is project due-date?
LewsThanThreeNah, is hobby project.
LewsThanThreeI can take the time I want, decided to do it myself, etc.
LewsThanThreeHe knows what I'm doing, tho.
SmokinGruntsokay, well where is project log?
Viper-7CircadianRebel, You might be a RedNeck if, Your mother has been involved in a fist fight at a high school sports event.
LewsThanThreeLog? Who logs these days? * eyeroll *
LewsThanThreeViper-7, check.
Viper-7LewsThanThree: they prefix it with B or V
Viper-7LewsThanThree, You might be a RedNeck if, The directions to your house include "turn off the paved road".
Viper-7LewsThanThree, You might be a RedNeck if, You've never paid for a haircut.
LewsThanThreeHell, dirt roads are the norm here.
LewsThanThreeALso check.
SmokinGruntsYou will NEVER, as a researcher, a learner, a student, or a soul experimenting with-shit, remember everything you do.
SmokinGruntsWrite things down.
CircadianRebelACTION hasn't paid for a haircut in at least 12 years
SmokinGruntsthe very act of writing-down a thought changes how you interface with that thought.
Viper-7CircadianRebel, You might be a RedNeck if, On stag night, you take a real deer.
SmokinGruntshelps memory in ways you wouldn't imagine.
LewsThanThreeAll joking aside, yea, I am keping notes and stuff about this.
LewsThanThreeI potentially might sell this setup to ranchers in the area needing SCADA coverage.
SmokinGrunts'tis the start of a marketable product ^
Viper-7whenever i see the term SCADA i think "SCUBA for IT"
LewsThanThreeHell, I can throw a relay board on the GPIOs, and bam, instant controls, no real biggie.
LewsThanThreeOne of the reasons I want a rPi
SmokinGruntsright, now make a sale-able product.
Viper-7diving into those elechicken depths
LewsThanThreeDude, you're preaching to the choir :P
LewsThanThreeFinal product won't be with modules, I tell ya.
CircadianRebelI'll be honest, I have no idea what SCADA is, and I keep reading it as SCALA
LewsThanThreeCircadianRebel, it's a system meant for monitoring and control of devices.
Viper-7i'd move to a dedicated microcontroller rather than using a pi in a saleable product, but hey, its fine for dev
SmokinGruntsmodules have their place in development, and even production...
antionthis fucken display -.- 5am and not a single pixel...a day well spent
LewsThanThreeOf course, but considering that the product will have solidified when it's ready, might as well have everything on one board.
SmokinGruntsViper touches on some advanced stuff with ^
LewsThanThreeAnd yea, I'd probably move to arduino, once I know more of what I'm doing.
Viper-7fuck arduino :P
SmokinGruntsstm32 looks like the shit
CircadianRebelViper-7's family was killed by a wild pack of arduinos
Viper-7it already has the ADC you'd need too :P
LewsThanThreeSo does Arduino.
Viper-7no, the arduino adc is terribad :P
LewsThanThreeMy research has failed me!
SmokinGruntsalso check the MSP432-line, and the whole TM4C1294X line
LewsThanThreeOk, stop stop, one step at a time :P
Viper-7something with native ethernet would be nice too
LewsThanThreeBack to modules, 7805. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RKY0NP6 ok?
LewsThanThreeThus rPi.
jsoftconst char *MAC_SET = "mac set";
jsoftconst char *SEND_SHIT[] = { MAC_SET, "POTATO\r\n" };
jsoftDo I have my head up my arse here ?
SmokinGruntsarduinos are just the first marketing success that became 'viral', for an Embedded project line. DISREGARD THE PRIOR POPULARITY OF PIC!
SmokinGruntsdiff situation.
Viper-7STM32F107 would do nicely
LewsThanThreeUsed those in HS.
jsoftyay pics
LewsThanThreejsoft, not nudes. come on man.
tawreww pics
Flea86Those things were horrid to program in assembly for
LewsThanThreeThe ones we used had some intermediate language
jsoftFlea86, banksel!
Viper-7LewsThanThree: ugh
LewsThanThreeViper-7, you suggested a 7805 for the AC712s and ADS1115
tawrACTION sneaks up behind Flea86
Viper-7LewsThanThree: i suggested a 5V linear regulator such as the 7805
Viper-7the AMS1117-5.0 also fits that bill
Viper-77805 modules used to be a thing, not so much anymore it seems
LewsThanThreeAlso, 10x... nice.
Viper-7AMS1117-5 modules will do fine
Viper-7max Vin is 15V, but that should be fine here
Flea86ACTION activates reality distortion field :)
SmokinGruntsACTION thrusts
LewsThanThreeACTION giggles
SmokinGruntslol at pointer to "POTATO"
LewsThanThreeOk, so, AC712 for amps, resistive divider for volts, ADS1115 for ADC, MP1587 for rPi power, AMS1117 for everything else power.
SmokinGruntsjsoft you using an open-source lib you can link me to?
Welkinwhat's with potatoes?
Viper-7MP1584, but yes
LewsThanThreesorry, typo.
Viper-7sounds good
SmokinGruntsjsoft dunno about a const char function-pointer to MAC-SET
SmokinGruntsdoesn't make sense
jsoftSmokinGrunts, what do you mean a function pointer
jsoftSmokinGrunts, no lib, no
jsoftWelkin, they are a vegetable
SmokinGruntswell it looks like yer *trying* to create a global pointer to a function
jsoftSmokinGrunts, an array of char * pointers
SmokinGruntsokay, just makin' sure
SmokinGruntsanyhow, is your declaration of SEND_SHIT dereferencing the char-pointer just like that?
SmokinGruntsif so, compiler ain't gonna dig that
Evil-CorpYesterday, I asked why incandecsent bulbs rarely last as long as the rated hours stated on the bulb..it ended up with someone saying I should be using LED's...to this I say..try baking a cupcake in an Easy-Bake Oven using an led....not gonna happen man.
LewsThanThreehttps://www.amazon.com/AMS1117/dp/B078BCCDN1/ https://www.amazon.com/ACS712/dp/B00COD8KJY/ https://www.amazon.com/ADS1115/dp/B01DLHKMO2/ https://www.amazon.com/MP1584/dp/B072M73KWY/
SmokinGruntslol Evil rated hours are based on a limiter
Evil-CorpExpecting viper7 remark about how he cant get hus cupcake to rise....
SmokinGruntsprolly Amps
KamilionEvil-Corp: one sec
SmokinGruntsblah-blah @ 0.X Amps
jsoftconst char *MAC_SET = "mac set";
jsoftconst char *SEND_SHIT[] = { "TEST ", "POTATO\r\n", 0 }; is all gravy
WelkinI don't get the potato joke
SmokinGruntsyeah, SEND_SHIT declaration doesn't use MAC_SET in that case
Kevin`Evil-Corp: you buy more if they don't last very long is the primary reason. also, incandescent bulbs can be made to last an arbitrary amount of time by increasing filament width or decreasing voltage, although this reduces efficiency somewhat
SmokinGruntsyou're setting SEND_SHIT to a predefined array of type 'const char'
Evil-CorpAlso...in canada we can posess 30 grams of dope...but it is a criminal offence to import an incandescent light bulb....progress.
SmokinGruntspotato is an old internet thing describing terrible quality
KamilionEvil-Corp: here's your easybake bulb :) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/LAIDEYI-Pet-Heating-Light-Bulb-E27-25W-50W-75W-100W-Mini-Infrared-Ceramic-Emitter-Heat-LED/32846346309.html
SmokinGruntsstems from an old Lithuanian joke-thread
WelkinEvil-Corp: in china, smuggling any drug, even cannabis, gets you the death penalty (even as a foreigner)
tgeekyWelkin: dubai too
Welkinand yeah, laws are weird
WelkinI thought incandescent bulbs were banned in the US years ago
Hooloovo0they weren't banned
KamilionWelkin: for new installations, yes.
Welkinbut I saw some at the store when I picked up some LED bulbs last month
KamilionWelkin: they are no longer code compliant
Evil-CorpThanks Kamillion....trust the chinese to have a solution to a problem only 4-5 people care about.
Kamilionand an inspector can tell you to change your incandescent bulbs for CFL or LED
Viper-7Evil-Corp: people are linking cheap crap from china, my cupcake is hard at attention
Kamilionunless it's specific circumstances like outdoor floods
WelkinKamilion: aren't you a rapper?
Kamilionbut you can still buy normal 60W incandescents
KamilionWelkin: you're thinking of Kameleon the O, that shitfuck from shitcago.
Kamilionor DJ Kamilion, AKA Michael Kamil; of germany, djkamilion.com
tgeekyyou absolutely can buy normal incandescents
Kamilionno idea who that is
tgeekya decent rapper from like 10 yrs ago
Welkina rapper
KamilionI seriously doubt your idea of decent rap and mine coincide.
electrobotKamilion just linked to Devin the Dude - The Dude [Full Album] - YouTube
Viper-7like... dude!
Welkinyour favorite rapper is Sir Mixalot?
bongofuryur nick is kamillion
Kamilionone l, two eyes.
tgeekyi like big bhuts
SmokinGruntsACTION dies
WelkinI'm surprised he was knighted by the queen of england
electrobotbongofury just linked to Doctor Octagon(Kool Keith) - Dr. Octagonocologyst (Full Album) - YouTube
KamilionSmokinGrunts: https://youtu.be/fMw83hXdBWs?t=1675
Evil-CorpYou can still buy them here as well...mostly dollar stores etc...but still illegal...not enforced, but illegal.
electrobotKamilion just linked to www.youtube.com (Devin the Dude - The Dude [Full Album] - YouTube)
Welkinshe must have really enjoyed this song about big butts
tgeekyEvil-Corp: i am pretty sure i have bougt them at home depot within the last year
tgeekyi use them as load elements
KamilionACTION turns the subwoofer up
tgeekyand/or current limiters
electrobotSmokinGrunts just linked to www.youtube.com (Lil Dicky - Professional Rapper (Feat. Snoop Dogg) - YouTube)
Kamilionsounds like shitty eminem
Welkinweird al?
Kamilionyet another monotone rapper
tgeekyweird al is not a rapper lol
Welkinyes he is!
Evil-CorpNot saying you cannot buy them...just that our government could have passed laws on other things besides light bulbs.
Kamiliontgeeky: white and nerdy.
bongofuryno man, you're being dismissive
tgeekyhe has rapped, but he is not a rapper
bongofurythat album came out in '97ish
bongofuryif anything, Eminem mimicked Kool Keith
SmokinGruntsbongofury thx mate
bongofuryaka Dr Octagon
electrobotWelkin just linked to "Weird" Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise - YouTube
Kamilionspeaking of dr octagon
bongofurydude, watch who you diss
electrobotKamilion just linked to www.youtube.com (Deltron 3030 - Deltron 3030 (FULL ALBUM) - YouTube)
tgeekythe idea that eminem is anything but original is laughable
Kamilioni think automator and octagon worked together
Kamiliontgeeky: oh, but he is.
Viper-7i've never heard of such a thing
Viper-7cheap tho...
KamilionAnd he can sing too.
Kamilionunlike this monotone mofucka
electrobotbongofury just linked to Kool Keith - 98 Year Old Refrigerator - YouTube
tgeekyKamilion: so you're saying he's unoriginal?
Viper-7electric heating for floors
KamilionLil Dicky? yes.
KamilionHe is unoriginal.
Evil-CorpHorrible canadian rapper called 'snow'...another called iced-t or some stupid thing...think he ended up doing a home reno show on tv...it sucked as well.
bongofuryold school rap thats not kool keith : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vLiJIgVlRQ
electrobotbongofury just linked to Gravediggaz - "1-800 Suicide" Music Video - YouTube
tgeekyKamilion: oh my god are you asserting the statement "Eminem is unoriginal." or not?
KamilionNo, I never said that.
tgeekyKamilion: oh
bongofuryTCQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P800UWoE9xs
SmokinGruntscheckout dat cheeky-Jew with the Dogg, doe.
electrobotbongofury just linked to A Tribe Called Quest - Award Tour - YouTube
KamilionI happen to enjoy marshall mathers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAgdu-otx5E
electrobotKamilion just linked to The Slim Shady Show Episode (Complete) - YouTube
Evil-Corp..Dread Zeppelin
tgeekyViper-7: so the wire itself is carbon?
Kamiliontgeeky: I was exceedingly impressed with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvqYabGI6HQ
Viper-7tgeeky: yup, 33 ohms per meter, 25W per meter allowed dissipation
electrobotKamilion just linked to Eminem - Campaign Speech - YouTube
Evil-CorpEverything is carbon...
KamilionOh look, he can change the tone of his voice! Unlike Lil Dicky.
tgeekyme wonders how the strands behave
electrobotWelkin just linked to EMINEM is gay (scene from The Interview) - YouTube
Kamilionah, that was just too good.
KamilionI'm so glad he's got a sense of humor.
Kamilionand acting chops to be able to pull that off so cleanly and believeable
Viper-7philips huehuehue
Kamilionah well, back to listening to real music where people don't have to rely on autotune
electrobotbongofury just linked to Digable Planets - Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat) - YouTube
SmokinGruntsslick be true
SmokinGruntsold-stlye ass jazz-sample too
SmokinGrunts"I'm phat like that, I'm black like that."
SmokinGrunts"I'm out like that."
KamilionACTION takes 3 damage from AUDIO_WEAPON
KamilionACTION counters with https://soundcloud.com/big-room-republican/supamau5
KamilionACTION fixed your RAP! It's super effective.
Welkinis william shakespeare the greatest rapper?
KamilionNo. Thomas the tank engine is.
Welkin"the lady doth protest too much"
Viper-7"Third burn successful. Exceeded Mars orbit and kept going to the Asteroid Belt."
Viper-7thats right elon, if at first you dont succeed, redefine success
KamilionSo they missed?
Kamilion[14:24:02] <shock__> someone else on another channel already said something alike the lines of "once mars has been colonized, it will be taken to the ground as a monument"
Kamilion[14:51:07] <Kamilion> we don't even know if it'll get into a stable orbit there
Viper-7thats gonna be one holy car
tgeekyViper-7: I'll defend that definition of success. The goal of the launch is to show the launch capability of the heavy configuration and the plausability. that was done as soon as 2nd stage sep was done
Viper-7tgeeky: "Third burn successful" implies success of the third burn, not the mission as a whole :P
tgeekyViper-7: ok, I'll concede that, seperate the two arguments, and say that just firing at all for the 3rd time is the kind of success wanted here
Viper-7hence redefine success :P
tgeekyi haven't even heard anything yet
tgeekyViper-7: no, that's the level of definition they were dealing with
electrobotKamilion just linked to fire the laser - austin powers - YouTube
tgeekythe loss of the 3rd core was a failure for sure, because it made the test results less valuable
Viper-7tgeeky: the objective of the third burn was to push it towards mars orbit
Viper-7it burned successfully, but that objective failed
tgeekyViper-7: to push it into a heliocentric orbit
tgeekymars is not really part of it
tgeekyit's to go into an orbit which is out at the same distance of mars
tgeekybut not near mars itself in that heliocentric orbit in particular. in other words, to occupy a transfer orbit between earth and mars, except with mars missing
tgeekythey may have failed at that too
tgeekyi don't know
Kamilionwonder if they left a radio beacon in the frunk
tgeekyKamilion: no9
Kamilioni wonder if the speakers are still working with no atmospheric pressure to keep them from exceeding their throw
tgeekyhe said there was no instrumentation except what's on the 2nd stage and the cameras
tgeekyViper-7: yeah, this makes total sense to me as a success. I bet they basically burned all of the remaining fuel
KamilionWell, that's kind of dumb, won't it be a future navigational hazard then?... Well, I suppose we know it's orbital eccentricity, so it's not really that much of a hazard...
tgeekyand it took them to a farther out transfer orbit
tgeekyViper-7: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/961083704230674438
Viper-7tgeeky: when it comes to navigation in space, burning too much is just as bad (worse?) than not enough
Viper-7tgeeky: yes, thats what i quoted and the image i linked.
Kamilionoh, y'know what, I bet it's still transmitting the camera feed from starman's over-shoulder cam
tgeekyViper-7: that's what i'm saying
Viper-7they burned more than they planned
tgeekythe point is, they could take it to transfer orbit as far as mars, but in reality they decided to take it much farther?
Viper-7thats not typically a good thing
tgeekywho said?
Viper-7that quote, with the word exceeded? :P
tgeeky yes
tgeekyexceeded as in: this spacecraft can go much further with the fuel we gave it
tgeekythey could of course have stopped when they got to a mars transfer orbit
tgeekybut why? they are there to show off its capabilities
Viper-7also, last time we had an argument about this, it was stated that the timing was 'all wrong' to go directly to mars
Viper-7doesnt look that way to me
Viper-7looks like it could've damn near landed, with the fuel it had.
tgeekyViper-7: ... no
tgeekyit's nowhere near mars right now
Viper-7certainly settled into a much closer mars centric orbit
tgeekyif we waited, mars would be in the right place
tgeekybut right now, it's not
Kamilionhey cool, the tesla's over japan right now.
Viper-7wave to starman
tgeekyViper-7: I also actually said (check the logs if you care) that I'm not sure how to actually do the calculation, and it looks like the ideal period is in a few months
tgeekye.g. jan is wrong, but not this time in general
tgeekywhat i was really arguing was it would be stupid to actuall impact mars with the vehicle
tgeekyand also that they do not have the fuel to stick it in mars orbit (Though I bet they actually did)
Viper-7and i said it will be end of jan, possibly later, and we've only 'exceeded' end of jan by a week :P
tgeekybut that is not the optimal period
tgeekythat's still in late march
Kamilioni wonder if elon left the keys in it
Viper-7not optimal, but not impossible
tgeekyit's never impossible
tgeekybut you always take optimal
Viper-7it was stated in that discussion that it wasnt possible with the fuel it would be carrying etc
tgeekyespescially when it's only a few months wait, versus 150 years or whatever, for e.g. the grand tour
tgeekyViper-7: yes, i argued that, but I think I am wrong
tgeekyi bet they could have put themselves into mars orbit
tgeekyif they can get this far into the asteroid belt
Kamilionif it was just the roadster with no attitude thrusters, then probably not
Viper-7its not "just the roadster"
Kamilionit was mounted to a harness before
Viper-7the second stage is beneath it
tgeekyViper-7: put it this way: there is no advantage to any particular orbit, so why not just run the engines until they are dead
Kamilionah, okay, they probably shoved the keys in there there
tgeekyViper-7: that is how I would argue it if I were in charge
tgeekywho knows how they came to what decision they took, and if it indeed, as you are thinking or suggesting, actually burned for an incorrect amount of time or if the engines somewhow got stuck, or if the engine is for some reason more efficient or something.
tgeekyor maybe some major outgassing took place from something, and the vehicle's mass went down tremendously lol
Kamiliondepends on the engine specs; if they're cold gas thrusters; they'd still be operational, but liquid fueled thrusters, yeah, better off burning to the last drop.
tgeekyKamilion: i forgot who argued, but I believe it until I see it, that they could not keep their 2nd stage engine warm enough to reignite once it got to mars
Kamilionthen yeah, liquid fuel
Kamilionso I agree with their assessment for full burn
Viper-7Now, the upper stage will spend about six hours coasting through space — a move by SpaceX to demonstrate a tricky orbital maneuver for the US Air Force. That coast will take the rocket through regions of intense radiation that surround Earth called the Van Allen belts, where it will be pelted by high-energy particles. If the vehicle is still operating as it should by then, the upper
Viper-7stage will do another engine burn, putting the car on its deep space path to Mars’ orbit.
Kamilioncold gas thrusters are only useful for basic manuvering
Viper-7the last part is just shitty reporting, and most of it does speak towards tgeeky's view of "third burn WAS successful"
KamilionACTION nods
Viper-7but eh, i still feel like if they wanted to demonstrate they could still confidently do shit that long after launch / that far out, they'd stick to their planned maneuver
tgeekyViper-7: maybe someone will ask him. He was asked in his press conference if there was any plans to communicate with the public about what is happening with the spacecraft after the video feed dies, and he said no we planned nothing
tgeekyso perhaps they are just describing the rough idea of the performance they were talking about re: falcon heavy, and there is some obsession with the red planet
tgeekybut I doubt they really want to get close to it
Kamilionwonder what happened with the core; the video feed said the landing could jar some antennas; I wonder if it broke it's own telemetry link, tipped, or missed entirely...
CircadianRebelthey wanted to demonstrate it was capable of going out that far, but they explicitly did not want to get close to mars, for fear of contaminating it
Viper-7it missed entirely, about 100m from the droneship, and hit the water at 300MPH
tgeekyKamilion: what I have heard and saw with my own eyes: 1) their own video feed shows that it for sure did not land on the 60% left side of the platform, and 2) they claim it damaged the engines of the drone ship
KamilionViper-7: thanks.
Viper-7apparently still showered the droneship in shrapnel
Viper-7elon says there should be video of it that will be released later
CircadianRebelKamilion, it needed 3 engines to land, only 1 restarted successfully, so it was going too fast to land, so they let it hit the water. It splashed down at over 300mph
tgeekyKamilion: this is due to the fact that the 3-engine burn did not start properly (the same three engine burn that saved the very previous craft which is a falcon 9 (not a falcon heavy core), which did a 3 engine burn and stopped on the ocean, gently tipped over
Kamiliontgeeky: I didn't see anything from the youtube feed; they lost signal and just babbled about it till i got bored and turned it off
tgeekyKamilion: yep, you have to look carefully: once they cut back to the announcers, on the big board of screens behind them, the one-up-from-bottom-right screen shows a live, working, feed of the droneship
Kamilionooh. Fuckers.
tgeeky(after you see the smoke/water/haze clear from the screen)
KamilionI still have the tab open, I'll go and look.
tgeekyI think it's 39:00?
Viper-7tgeeky: he also said in the video conference that the batteries for the cameras and transmitter would be operational for "at least 13 hours"
tgeekyat the a similar time, on the other feed, they say "we lost the core" or something like that
Viper-7but the starman stream ended after 4.5 :<
tgeekyViper-7: yeah, perhaps they got very cold very fast? who knows
CircadianRebelViper-7, at one point he said there was only 12hr of battery life
tgeekyi bet transmitting what is essentially semi-HD footage from two cameras back to earth is pretty power hungry
tgeekyand there is zero intake of power, no panels, no rtg
tgeekyno 3 cameras
Kamilionah, all I got was up to 39:38
Kamilionand youtube's giving me the spinning wheel since the stream's no longer available
KamilionViper-7: do we know what orientation the core plunked in the water in?
Kamilionbelly flop or ass dunk
tgeekyKamilion: https://youtu.be/bCc16uozHVE?t=30m56s <-- the screen (half of a screen) on the back wall, 1 up from the right
electrobottgeeky just linked to www.youtube.com (Falcon Heavy Test Flight - YouTube)
tgeekyis the "barge filled with smoke" picture
tgeekyKamilion: it fades to clear, and you see there is no vehicle on the drone ship
Kamilionah, this is the same video i was watching
Kamilionnormally the URL doesn't change; perhaps they edited it or something.
tgeekyso they technically outright lied twoce during this mistake
tgeekyKamilion: they did edit it, it was 40 minutes long originally this is 32 something
tgeekyin any case, the lies they told: "we have lost the feed" or whatever, which was untrue, they just cut it.
tgeekyKamilion: the videi J ust sent you was at 30:56 of 34:18
Kamilionthat's where I paused it
Viper-7tgeeky: no, it stalled on their screen too
tgeekyViper-7: it is not
tgeekywatch it
Viper-7it just came back just after the announcers gave up
Viper-7i just did
tgeekyViper-7: oh right
tgeekyyes, they did lose it
tgeekybut they immediately got it back
tgeekyand didn't update, when they knew it didn't land (because they can see it not there)
Viper-7thats when the announcers went 'we have confirmation, oh wait, no we dont'
tgeekythat's fine though, I don't care
Kamilionlooks like they trimmed the front of the video, tgeeky
Viper-7thats where they regained the feed, and the pad was still empty
tgeekyViper-7: i don't care about that one. the other lie, which was just a mistake I think, is that they specifically said that you are looking at the live view of the boosters landing, when it was clearly the same feed from the same booster
Kamilionit wasn't; I watched closely
KamilionI could see differences between the two boosters
Kamilionone starts spinning for touchdown before the other
tgeekyKamilion: right, on this edited version.
tgeekytrust me, on the live version
Viper-7there are differences in the views between the two boosters, but it still could be the same booster with two cams, or even just two different crops of the same camera feed
tgeekywe saw the LEFT picture
Kamilionno, on the live version.
tgeekythe whole time
tgeekyKamilion: no
Viper-7on the live version.
tgeekygo check the replays from other streams
Viper-7tgeeky: they are very very similar, but at the very least the cropping is different
tgeekyViper-7: right up at landing time, it was the very same shot twice
Viper-7the right view is panned to the right and down slightly
tgeekyyou could see the two landing sites
tgeekyand they were both landing at the same one
Viper-7yes, hence what i said
Viper-7"there are differences in the views between the two boosters, but it still could be the same booster with two cams, or even just two different crops of the same camera feed"
tgeekyi thought it was so close, even when i relooked at it, that it was the same thing
tgeekybut it certainly wasn't "both boosters"
tgeekyagain tho, fine, I don't doubt they landed them both :O
KamilionViper-7: http://puu.sh/zioRk/012fac58e4.jpg
Viper-7i do think that was just mixing fail
tgeekyViper-7: agreed
tgeekyfirst time doing this particular part of it, its going to be somewhat rough
Kamilionthat's the live version.
tgeekyKamilion: i can't tell until it gets toward the ground
tgeekyshow me later, when you can read the logos on the landing pads
CircadianRebelit certainly seemed likt it was supposed to be both boosters, but was one of the fuckups of the streaming setup. They had a couple of them.
Kamiliontgeeky: dude, you can see the difference right there
Viper-7heck, its still much better than their press conference was :P
Viper-7half the time with no audio >.<
Viper-7well, room audio
tgeekyViper-7: I actually thought it was cool to see how careful and considerate elon is
tgeekybut yeah, not a modern professional PR thing
Viper-7when we cant hear him? yeah heaps good
tgeekyi had my volume loud, so it didnt bother me
tgeekyplus the stream i saw was from ABC or whoever
Viper-7i couldnt hear shit over the camera clicks heh
CircadianRebelthe question about competitors was a dick move, but he did a great job dodging it
tgeekyCircadianRebel: I think he half-dodged and half-answered
Viper-7didnt even really dodge it imo
Viper-7'we love a race'
tgeekyhe's talking about boeing
tgeekybezos' space venture is no threat to spacex yet
CircadianRebelI don't think he said anything about it in response to the question, but he had said earlier that he "loved a race"
tgeekyCircadianRebel: yes, he's referring to the time when he and boeing CEO said "lets race" or the equivalent in tweet exchange
tgeekyCircadianRebel: the guy then asked about blue origins and if he thought he was competitive
tgeekythe guy asked a two parter question, and elon's response was "laugh, laugh, what was the first part again?"
tgeekyand he never answered the 2nd part
tgeekye.g. "not answering, but no"
CircadianRebelright, that is the bit I'm talking about. the question was quite rude, and his only response was "what was the first question?"
Kamilion"Does it blend?"
Viper-7ot: i had no idea ABC as "american broadcasting company" existed, because ABC as "Australian Broadcasting Corporation" has been a thing since forever
CircadianRebelViper-7, not as long as american broadcasting company has been around though :P
KamilionViper-7: CBS and ABC have been longtime rivals in broadcast
Viper-7CircadianRebel: longer.
Viper-7turns out the aussie one started in 1923, the american one started in 1948
Viper-7both in radio
tgeekyKamilion: (and anyone else): https://youtu.be/wbSwFU6tY1c?t=37m13s <-- here is them literally saying (on the live feed) "Even though they are similar, these are different boosters."
electrobottgeeky just linked to www.youtube.com (Falcon Heavy Test Flight - YouTube)
tgeekyand they are, at that point and until forevermore, the same feed
CircadianRebeloh, didn't think about radio. ABC was one of the first tv networks
tgeeky(and some time previously)
KamilionViper-7: 1956 is what I see
Viper-7Kamilion: thats for TV
Kamilion5th of november
Viper-7Launch date
Viper-723 November 1923 (radio)
Viper-75 November 1956 (television)
Kamilionyes, that's what we're talking about
Viper-7Launch date
Viper-7October 12, 1943 (radio)
Viper-7April 19, 1948 (television)
Kamilionthe television channel
Viper-7im talking about the entity as a whole :P
tgeekyCircadianRebel: the question was rude, but he was proper/plite enough to ask the first question to give elon an easy out
Kamilionthe american television broadcasting definitely started first.
tgeekyCircadianRebel: to just ask the 2nd part would have been terribly rude
Viper-7the australian company of that name started 20 years before the american one
Viper-7but the americans picked the same name >.<
CircadianRebeltgeeky, I disagree with your assessment. I think he was being rude in all respects; he was trying to get two questions in when he was only supposed to ask one. It wasn't an "easy out" for elon.
Viper-7same acronym at least - tho i suppose back then it was hard to check :P
tgeekyCircadianRebel: sure it is, and he took it
Viper-7Kamilion: creepy
Kamilion"James Dibble, reading the first ABC News television bulletin in NSW, 1956"
tgeekyCircadianRebel: if you ask two questisons where you are supposed to ask one, then you are giving the answerer the opportunity to just answer one of them
KamilionNSW being new south wales?
tgeekyKamilion: in nay case, you can see from that last link, that they both land on the same pad. Note that the two spaceX pads were actually painted differently
tgeekyone had a large logo, one had a smaller logo with a black bkg
KF5YFDi have been told by aussies that they have the worse tv and internet of any 1st world country
Viper-7im talking about australians forming a broadcasting company called ABC, and 20 years later, americans deciding to form a broadcasting company, and going "hey, ABC is a cool name"
Mad7ScientistWhy are people talking about rockets?
Kamiliontgeeky: aye; i see the footage is different, then they cut away, and when they cut back, it's the same
Viper-7Mad7Scientist: its falcon heavy day :D
CircadianRebelViper-7, no one cares what a prison colony does!
tgeekyKamilion: so it really stuck out in my head, when they said something and I saw something, and it literally is untrue was they said it
Viper-7only 1/3rd of it exploded! :D
tgeekyI was like damn it, I'm not insane
KamilionSuccessful Falcon Heavy launch, and recovery of 2 of the 3 rocket stage, Mad7Scientist
fyberI feel like I shouldn't use a power supply rated at 24V/2.4A (for TS100) but it's the cheapest UL Listed thing on Amazon
KF5YFDbtw the third burn was sucessfull
fybersketchy power supplies :/
tgeekyKF5YFD: we have been discussing that :o
Kamilionfyber: heh, are you sure it's UL listed; or did some chinese stinker just silkscreen the logo on, along with both CEs?
fyberI should check that.
Kamilionfyber: http://www.icomuk.co.uk/News_Article/3794/17103/
Viper-7fyber: 65W at 24V means it draws 2.7A
Viper-7so 2.4A isnt really good enough no :P
Viper-7Kamilion: CE != UL ...
Viper-7them putting fake certification labels on is a different matter
Kamilionit's not fake
password16ce vs ce!
Casperalso, CE |= C E
KamilionCE means china export not Conformité Européenne
password16probably the place where kerning makes the biggest diff
Viper-7if it has a UL Listed mark but isnt UL Listed, that is fake.
Viper-7nobody mentioned CE till you :P
password16cunt enable!!!111!!!!!ONE
tgeekyViper-7: further backing me up, someone on reddit says Elon said the plan was to "deplete the propellant"
tgeekyI certainly don't remember that though
KamilionViper-7: I've got quite a few shitty cellphone bricks that are covered in fake logos
tgeekythen again, I was high on bath salts.
Viper-7tgeeky: lol
Mad7ScientistIS this the biggest rocket since the 70s?
tgeekyMad7Scientist: unless there is something truly secret
Kamilionnah, think the russians have had a bigger one
CircadianRebelit's the biggest operational rocket
fyberThe 2.7A ones don't have a ground pin
Kamilionfyber: ... how do they work then, magic?
fyberI also heard that power supplies without a ground pin mess up the TS100
fyberI mean
Mad7ScientistBut Apollo and maybe Mercury were bigger?
tgeekyMad7Scientist: mercury hell no. apollo rode saturn 5
tgeekythere are three classes of rockets now:
tgeekyheavy: Saturn 5, Russian N2, China's Long March
Kamilionpingas, Pingas and PINGAS!!
fyberno third pin
Viper-7fyber: a supply with a higher current rating is fine, but a supply with a lower current rating will probably overheat
tgeekymiddle: Falcon Heavy, delta (heaviest config), maybe ares 5 heaviest? i forget
tgeekythen everything else
KF5YFDfalcon heavy is curently the bigest in use
tgeekythe big boys are up near ~ 125,000 kg to (whatever)
KF5YFDas far as thrust and capacity
tgeekyI should say, of those big boys, only the Saturn V really existed in service
password16fyber: you've got leakage?
tgeekyLong March is hypothetical, N2 was built but is basically 0/2
tgeekySaturn 5 is like...10/10?
buhman0/10 if it's not being produced or serviceable anymore
Mad7ScientistThe video footage from the Apollo is quite fake which calls in to question if the mission was actually successful or where it really may have gone instead
tgeekybuhman: ... it had a 100% success rate
tgeekyand it was the most powerful rocket ever launched, the only one to launch men
CasperLOL amazon can be funny at time... CDN$ 25.72+ CDN$ 50.98 shipping
fyberpassword16: Haven't measured, but to be safe I probably should get a power supply with the third pin
tgeekyi'd say it's a complete success in every way possible
tgeekyit's literally the most perfect rocket ever made
KamilionCasper: uh, don't buy from the seller targeting europeans then.
Mad7ScientistThey destroyed Saturn 5 with most of the Apollo stuff didn't they
password16tgeeky: the launch last night?
KF5YFDwell depends on wether you count the crew capsule fire
buhmanyou're going way overboard with "most perfect" now
tgeekyMad7Scientist: they were all used, for one purpose or another
KamilionCasper: huueg shipping costs and low item costs are usually to get past VAT for selling to euros who don't have to pay taxes on shipping fees.
tgeekybuhman: I literally am not.
tgeekyIt has a *perfect* record, and enough launches to actually be significant (e.g. it's not a 1 off rocket)
tgeekyit's an actual rocket, actually in service, that never had a mission failure of any kind.
tgeekyit's *literally* perfect, and no other rocket will ever be able to beat it; only tie it
CasperKamilion: or they just are hopping to sell on unsuspected buyer that click the 1 click purchase...
Mad7ScientistSaturn 5?
Kamilionthey still use it to launch satellites, don't they?
KF5YFDthe crew capsle fire made the saturn below it useless for launch
tgeekyabsolutely not
tgeekyKF5YFD: it wasn't on a saturn 5 at the time
tawrgoddamnit when my screen is nearly all + i know the nerdhive is out in full force
tgeekyit was on a lesser saturn
tgeekyit was on one of those boostered rockets that sit high up on that platform
KF5YFDits the one that now sits in the rocket farm at cape canaverial
Kamilionso that's where they keep them growing... I had always wondered...
tgeekyKF5YFD: that is a full vehicle, saturn 5 (5x F-1)
Kamilionwhen do they ripen?
tgeekyplus whatever the middle stage was, with 5x J-2 rockets, then the 3rd stage with 1x J-2, then the CSM
password16tgeeky: i fluke does not mean its perfect :D
Kamilionpassword16: just because a full assembly including one of them had a fluke doesn't mean an instance of the class of engine we are speaking of did.
KF5YFDthey are just lucky the rocket wasent fueled up
tgeekypassword16: the fluke? apollo 13? was not in the saturn 5
tgeekyKF5YFD: apollo 1 represented no threat to the vehicle, afaik
tgeekyjust the people inside
Mad7ScientistLOL Eric Cartman goes to Mars to find a neo feminist Mars colony horror
tgeekyI think this is what Apollo 1's rocket looked like: https://cdn.pastemagazine.com/www/articles/7.%20apollo%207.JPG
Mad7ScientistThey said in the video that was posted here that the purpose is to reach Mars
KF5YFDthe fire suppresion system was activated and it destroyed all the electronics in the rocket
jaggzUsually ships within 1 to 2 months.
Mad7ScientistIs that the actual same launch pad that was used in the 60s?
tgeekyMad7Scientist: i don't know
Hooloovo0I believe the crawlers were built for apollo
KF5YFDlest thats what i was told by some one i knew that worked there at the time
tgeekyI think so, they just built a stand for the thing to sit on
tgeekyHooloovo0: they were
Hooloovo0I think that test stand is abandoned now
Kamilioni'm pretty sure they've put new concrete down since the 60s
Kamilionthey have the big water-tunnel things now, I thought
tgeekyI know the two sites are 39-A and 39-B. I know one of them launched all the apollo moon missions.
tgeekyI don't know what the other pad had on it
tgeekyBoth launched shuttles.
tgeekyKamilion: those were there then too
tgeekyflame trenches
KF5YFDone was just used today
tgeekyI've seen in person, and saw a launch from, STS-125
tgeekywhich was launched from 39-A
Kamilion"Pad 39A was never built, and 39C became 39A in 1963. With today's numbering, 39C would have been north of 39B, and 39D would have been due west of 39C."
Kamilion"The Crawlerway was built with the additional pads in mind. This is the reason the Crawlerway turns as it heads to Pad B; continuing straight from that turn would have led to the additional pads."
KamilionHuh. Never knew that.
fyberwth, everything on amazon is either not UL Listed, probably fake, or is below 2.7A
Mad7ScientistThey're sending a Tesla car in to space?
password16jaggz: show me where the wire touched you
Hooloovo0Mad7Scientist; that happened
KamilionMad7Scientist: no, they SENT a tesla car into space.
Hooloovo0it's up there
fyberAmazon: Everything under the sun (except 12V 2.7A power supplies)
tgeekyspinning round
password16oh white , not wire
Hooloovo0I posit that there's also a teapot up there
KF5YFDMad7Scientist they already lauched it
Kamiliontgeeky: aha
acetolineGod I love electroboom
acetoline"am I on fire?"
Kamilion"Apollo-Saturn 506 with Apollo 11 spacecraft being moved from the VAB to LC39A (1969)"
password16that was a severe misread
Mr_FuryWell, at least for now cryptocurrency is going down in value
Hooloovo0but I expect they won't tell us about the teapot to keep us in suspense
Mr_FuryToo bad GPUs are still selling at an alltime high
Mad7ScientistWhen will it re-enter the atmosphere?
Casperfyber: I'm sure they have something that fit, what is the usage of it?
Hooloovo0it won't, it's in a solar orbit
KamilionMad7Scientist: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DVZ0h3YW4AIc-9w.jpg:large Then.
fyberCasper: TS100 soldering iron
KamilionMad7Scientist: After that happens.
Mr_FuryTalking about spacecraft?
fyberneeds to be 24V 2.7A or higher
KF5YFDMad7Scientist its not going to for a long time
Mr_FuryWhen do any of you think alcubierre drive will exist?
Mr_Furyat least when they can work out the right materials and exotic matter requirements
XiongMight be some time in development.
acetolineMr_Fury: never
tgeekyso i just checked; today's launch was from 39A, which launched all Apollo missions except Apollo 10, and a bunch of shuttle missions.
acetolineI highly doubt that FTL is possible.
Kamilionfyber: dude, use a HP laptop brick
KF5YFDits in orbit around the sun
fyberI don't have an HP laptop brick
fyberor mabye I do
tgeeky39B is going to be launching Nasa's SLS
fyberare those 24V?
tgeekyif indeed it ever happens
acetolineI researched alcubierre drives a while back. Got deep into the math. There are serious issues.
Mr_FuryAcetoline/Xiong, I think at least for another fifty years
Mr_Furyyou can travel at a speed of 10c without really violating the principles of general relativity
Mad7ScientistThe shuttle seems like it was a good idea but it ended up being expensive too
acetolinefifty years? More like fifty thousand.
Mr_Furyacetoline, i believe scientists at nasa are working on resolving the power requirements
KF5YFDthe farthes point of the orbit is problay going to be amst to the astaroid belt
tgeekyMr_Fury: no
acetolineThe warp 'bubble' contains the mass-energy of roughly a planet.
acetolinethat's not just a mere technical hurdle
tgeekyand in particular has to be anti-energy for the idea to work; and even then controlling it even if you had such a thing, is not known to be possible
Mr_Furyi believe they reduced it, but yes right now there are severe severe limitations
Mr_Furyi'm not a physicist, but what about beyond that at least
Kamilionfyber: the 2.4A 24V will work just fine
tgeekyright now it's safe to assume that we will not even approach C for human spaceflight; probably some sensible maximum of 0.3c or something
Kamilionfyber: don't set it at full temperature.
acetolinetgeeky: I'd be ecstatic if we achieved practical 0.3c spaceflight in the next century
KF5YFDthere are ways but it might tan be good for the solar system when you fire it off
KF5YFDnot i meant
Kamilionfyber: I seriously doubt you'll be using more than about 20-25W unless you're trying to braze pipes together with that thing.
Mr_Furyworking on high efficiency fission rockets, possible at least for solar travel?
Mr_Furybetween earth and pluto?
tgeekyMr_Fury: there is nothing forbidding a particle or object from travelling faster than c in general realtivity; but it must *stay* going faster than c, at all times, and it gets heavier and heavier the slower it gets
acetolinewell, I won't be alive, but you get what I mean.
fyberKamilion: Sounds good
password16so is launching a tesla to go to mars the most expensive publicity stunt yet?
Kamilionfyber: it'll work fine with a 19V supply
tgeekyMr_Fury: it can never slow down to C, and can never be going slower than c.
Kamilionfyber: anything from 12v to 24V, in fact
Mad7Scientistpassword16, it seems so
Kamilionand you want to avoid maxing it
Mr_FuryAcetoline, that'll probably occur in the next 20-50 years
acetolineI highly doubt that.
Kamilionthe capacitor inside is only rated 24V
Mad7ScientistSome museum will have to get the Tesla out of space in the future
Mr_Furywhat about fission rockets?
tgeekypassword16: killing the Teacher in Space cost more than a billion dollars
Kamilionso running it any higher has a chance of popping it if it's not under load.
KF5YFDpassword16 not if it proves you can launch large amounts of mass into orbit on the cheep
KamilionLike a 24VDC transformer, would be a bad idea.
Mad7ScientistDoes this rocket have some kind of new technology?
fyberWhat about grounding it
KamilionMad7Scientist: yes, it can land standing up.
fybershould I look into that somehow
password16elon is a funny character , he cried in an interview when teh interviewer said some ofthe old astronauts and then he goes and do a mostly pointless stunt like this
fyberpeople say it has ac voltage at the tip when not grounded
Kamilionfyber: no, you'll be fine with the isolated ground from the power brick
acetolineLast I checked, fission rockets were only practical up to say 100,000-200,000 m/s. Not even 0.001c.
password16KF5YFD: theres loads of research gear they could have taken instead
Kamilionfyber: it can if you've got a crappy capacitive dropping mains supply
KF5YFDit also uses modern computers and materials
tgeekythe fact, that this is not a faked image, is insane: https://i.redd.it/ts0ouhqjmpe01.jpg
tgeekyreally absurd
acetolineAnd that's assuming a lot, since we do not yet have practical fission rockets.
KF5YFDand it if blew up
password16or possible mars 1 gear
XiongNot stunt. Test flight. Could have had sandbags for payload.
password16i ton of food :D
Mr_Furyaccording to what i'm reading russia is going to test one design this year
Kamilionfyber: the apple USB chargers are infamous for this -- do not use the 8W USB soldering irons with them.
password16could have test equipment
tgeekyanybody thinking that fission rockets in general would be a good idea, should read and watch videos by Freeman Dyson's son, George Dyson.
tgeekyabout Project Orion
Mr_Furywho knows, i'm not a physicist or rocketry expert
Mad7ScientistTHey could dispose of toxic waste as the payload
acetolinepassword16: 1 ton of food wouldn't be much useful if it's in the form of a blast crater.
password16tesla is just as good as bag of sands
tgeekyMr_Fury: I am a physicist, so you can ask me questions
Kamilionfyber: but most laptop supplies use some isolation
password16acetoline: :D
tgeekyand I can help your and/or tell you if they are sensible
Mr_Furyi still think it might be the most practical way to travel in space
password161 ton of blast proof food
acetolinein fact, 1 ton of food would be a very bad idea, because you could use that to feed people on earth.
Kamilionfyber: the reason I say, use an HP power supply is, they already have the weird barrel connector the TS100 needs
password16acetoline: thats a circular argument
KF5YFDah you want to spend all your grant money on putting your lifes work on a untested explosive device?
acetolineI don't see the circle.
password16hunger exists not because of lack of food production , but as a lack of income
XiongMusk can get another car.
password16there are no rich people starving
KF5YFDbut a sat thats another issue
acetolinethat's a tautology
Kamilionfyber: here we go, google for "lp2844 power supply"
password16Xiong: and how about all the lithium ?
Mr_FuryMusk, great technology, but highly improbable and expeimental
password16lithuim is a much less abundant material than food
tgeekythey probably chose car because there was a meeting, and somoene said "usually they do this with a block of concrete. Is there anything else we can use that would be better than a block of concrete for PR, educational, entertainment, or any other purposes?"
Kamilionfyber: https://www.amazon.com/T-Power-Printers-808050-001-LP2824-Z-TLP3844-Z/dp/B008G4SGNA
tgeekyOne of the guys says "I have this car."
XiongWe're going to Mars!
acetolineOf all the 'speculative' spaceflight ideas, the ones that are most practical currently are solar sails and ion propulsion
acetolinewell, ion propulsion isn't speculative
XiongWe'll get the car back eventually.
acetolinebut I'm talking about things like VASIMR
acetolinei.e. high-power ion propulsion
password16ion propulsion cant get you into orbit
Kamilionfyber: https://www.amazon.com/Adapter-9NA1200312-FSP120-AAB-Supply-Linetek/dp/B06XWH1LLF/
KF5YFDactulay the most likley form will be the "original" orion project method
Mr_Furyacetoline, that's a problem, it takes too long for an ion thruster to developer enough inertia
Kamilionfyber: there you go, that thing will provide way more than your TS100 can use :D https://www.amazon.com/Adapter-9NA1200312-FSP120-AAB-Supply-Linetek/dp/B06XWH1LLF/
tgeekya lot of kinds of propulsions are not great to get into space, but are great once you are there
Mr_Furyto move at speeds fast enough for regular and efficient space travel
Kamilion120W, 6.32A at 20V
Mr_Furyi think the russians have a leg up in spacecraft design and tech
Mr_Furyover nasa
KF5YFDdroping small nukes out the back behind a blast plate
tgeekythe key part about going fast isn't going fast, it's being able to slow down fast enough when you get there
fyberthere we go
fyberfirst UL listed one :P
Kamilionhttps://www.amazon.com/Adapter-9NA1200312-FSP120-AAB-Supply-Linetek/dp/B06XWH1LLF/ is DEFINITELY UL listed.
KamilionIt's a fortron FSP.
KamilionI swear by fortron FSPs in most deployments.
KamilionI have a crapton of their 12V 7A supplies.
fyberThe power supply I was using before is a fortron FSP
fyberjust realized that
Kamilionthey're really hardcore.
tgeekyi have a power supply with the word "MINGER" on it lol
Kamilionbut you can still blow them up if you mistreat them :D
KF5YFDbasicaly you have to build a ship with engines at both ends
KF5YFDone to speed you up and one to slow you down
Kamiliontgeeky: did it come with a 3D printer?
tgeekyKamilion: nah i bought it by itself
KamilionI think my ANET A8 came with a weirdly named power supply too
KF5YFDand some where in the middle of the trip you swap engines
Mr_Furyit's pathetic how the russians have outdone the U.S. space program
tgeekyMINGER means like... ugly woman in English (UK) slang
fyberThe UltraFire batteries too
tgeekyMr_Fury: ... whatever, man.
fyberI don't want my batteries to be on fire
Mr_Furythose idiots at nasa shelved the only trump card we had which was the space shuttle
tgeekymany things that the Russians did they just copied or stole from us directly
Kamilionfyber: Careful though -- you should totally put a big ass "19V" label on that supply, because it's the same barrel jack as their 12V supplies too!
Evil-Corptgeeky...I had that problem everytime the abs failed on the Jeep....trying to slow down once I got there.
KF5YFDwell thats becuse we are risk adverse and choose projects by how many people it will employ
fyberYup, I have 2-3 12V supplies from (???)
tgeekyMr_Fury: the overall best decision that could have been made, would to have keep producing and using Saturn 5s
Evil-CorpAbs failed a lot...
fybernot sure how I accidentally collected these
Mr_Furyyou're correct kf5
Kamilionfyber: we get these big ass 19V supplies a lot with the UPS label printers we get in (zebra LP2844s)
Kamilionthey're thermal printers so they want a lot of juice too
Mr_Furyi don't know why all of these new spaccraft designs look like retro capsules from the 60s
Kamilionbut to be honest, I have one of the TS100 clones around somewhere, bought it last year and lost it somewhere in the warehouse, lol
tgeekyMr_Fury: because it's the easiest, safest, and most proven?
Kamilioni bought some of the shitty 8W USB soldering irons cause I couldn't find it, and honestly, I've been hooked on them.
KF5YFDwell they are built with functionality in mind and not to look pretty
KF5YFDyou dont need airodynamics in space
Mr_Furytrue KF5, you're correct again
Hooloovo0probably the same reason the buran looked like the shuttle
Hooloovo0but to get there and back, you do
Mr_Furyfrom what i read the buran was a better spacecraft than the nasa version
tgeekyKF5YFD: you do need a arrangement of control surfaces that is symmetric enough to be modelable and thus controllable
tgeekyKF5YFD: and also, the reason the general shape is chosen is safety
Hooloovo0yeah, sadly the fall of the ussr interfered with development
KF5YFDsure but that could be a cube
Kamilionhttps://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06W57VSWR/ This is what I just recently picked up; before I was using a Romoss Solo with 5V boost.
Mr_Furytrue K5, but for orbital reentry
tgeekythere are lot of funectional ways to get shit into space (space shuttle is one), but meatbags-on-top is the safest
tgeekyKF5YFD: a cube would be a horrible idea
tgeekyyou couldn't control reentry
KF5YFDim refering to space
Kamiliontgeeky: let's just put a winch on the side with a couple kilometers of slack, and just tow some meatbags behind
Hooloovo0congrats you've invented the space elevator
Kamilionwhat could possibly go wro--Oh, right fire burns metal.
KamilionACTION snaps fingers
tgeekyspace elevator still requires at least one rocket or something
tgeekyto carry it up the first time :o
KamilionTch. Always with the physics. Can never catch a break.
KF5YFDhell if you figured out how to make space craft defy gravity even that wouldent matter
KamilionKF5YFD: what if we just passed a law declaring gravity illegal
Kamilionthat would totally work, right?
Kamilionthe universe obeys whatever instructions we meatbags decide should REALLY be happening, doesn't it??
Mr_Furydo we have the technology for particle beam weapons?
KF5YFDwell you could just throw yourself at the ground and miss :P
jaggzwhat do you guys think about the revvl plus? https://www.phonearena.com/phones/T-Mobile-Revvl-Plus_id10741 it's got a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 8953, and an adreno 506
Mr_Furydidn't the U.S. at one point during the star wars program develop neutral particle beam accelerators?
Mr_Furywhat's the price jaggz?
Kamilioni'm pretty sure they were actually fifth gear or reverse particle accelerators... they wouldn't do anything in neutral.
jaggzabout $250 I guess
tgeekyMr_Fury: nobody has ever developed a true neutron accelerator
Mr_Furytoo much, get a LG G5, better price and more powerful
tgeekyyou instead rely on accelerating charged particles and cause them to decay in a way such that the result is like you want it
KF5YFDthey sorta did but it could fire only one shot
Kamilionhow do superconducting magnets work
Mr_Furyi see kf5, power requirements a problem?
KF5YFDbecuse the nutron source (a nutron bomb) destroyed the device
tgeekyACTION a particle physicist, is starting to see this discussion going into the realm of madness
KF5YFDthe other issue was percision aiming required all these mirror sats
Kamiliontgeeky: Don't worry, I'll save you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bueZoYhUlg
electrobotKamilion just linked to MC Hawking - Entropy - YouTube
KF5YFDwell they were waveguides technicaly
KF5YFDbut anyways you get the idea
KF5YFDcourse if you could aim the beam from the LHC anywhere in the world....
KF5YFDthings could be interesting
tgeekyKF5YFD: no you can not
KF5YFDnot quite sure what effect that would have though
willcI only joined this channel and these logs are larger than any other channel on IRC. What do you people even talk about?!
tgeekywillc: absolute nonsense usually
tgeekysometimes electronics
Kamilionelectronics and shit.,
antioncrap, rewrote the driver for this display and its still not working wth -.-
willcI've been in #reddit for waaaaaayyy longer than their logs are only 2mb to ##electronics 6mb
KF5YFDwhat your not building a quantum vacuum metastability generator in your basement?
tgeekyKF5YFD: you can only really aim the beam (after dumping from the LHC, you can't aim the ring itself at all) on-axis to the ring of the LHC
tgeekyyou can't really afford the space to aim it up or down
tgeeky(in terms of placing magnets there to aim it)
KF5YFDwell yes i know
KF5YFDbut the mind can wander
Kamilionwillc: must not be hanging around -- my logs are 36MB for ##electronics since nov 30th.
tgeekyKF5YFD: i think I can say with some certainty, with 1 exception, that I am the most knowledgeable person about the LHC proper (as opposed to the detectors) who uses IRC, in the world
willcKamilion, of 2017? dayom
willcI only started leaving my computer on
tgeekybecause almost none of them use IRC< but occasionally, the guy who is the DIRECTOR of the beams department (e.g. of the ring itself) uses IRC
KF5YFDi have often wondered how well the LHC could move something heavier....say a pellet from bb gun
Kamiliondoes it use it to /msg #lhc PEW PEW
Kamilionah, no, the channel's +n
tgeekyKF5YFD: it couldn't, because such a thing is not charged
KF5YFDwell the idea is using the magnets like a rail gun
tgeekyit can (and has) moved bunches of xenon ions, and bunches of lead ions
Kamilionwillc: ah, my IRC logs are 1.6GB right now.
Kamilion1.60 GB (1,721,376,768 bytes)
tgeekyKF5YFD: the acelerating force is electric field, not the magnetic field
Kamilionand they're gzipped
tgeekygood ol' klystrons
Kamilion(yay for kvirc keeping compressed logs)
Kamilionplus I've got another 4.53GB of logs on the ZNC box
Kamilionthose go back to about 2011
Kamilionbut I've got backup DVDs and CDRs with IRC logs going back into the mid 90s and efnet.
Kamilionkinda fun to pop open a random one and look at what the fserves were pimping that day
KF5YFDwell anyways if you could move something with a lot more mass and get it up to relativistic speeds you defently would have one hell of a weapon
tgeekyKF5YFD: sure, against anything small enough to fit into the beamline
tgeekye.g. a fingernail or something
zap0having an archive of shit talk for a decade is a lot of shit talk.
Xionabawhy would one make an astable 555 oscillation circuit? to get to reach extremely low frequencies without having fat capacitors?
Kamilionafter usenet's alt.binaries groups, IRC DCC bots were your second best bet for finding interesting data to swap.
KF5YFDwhat would happen if the thing was switched off at full speed
tgeekyKF5YFD: that has happened before; the critical safety mechanisms are all UPS back-uped
tgeekythe beam dump system responds before 1 revolution of the beam around the ring
KF5YFDand if those failed
tgeekyKF5YFD: there are layers and layers of reasons that part of the beam can't fail
Kamilionthen the magnets would lose cooling and quench, dropping the superconductivity?
tgeekyKF5YFD: but basically, in the most horrible scenario, there are large bricks of heavy material spread around the entire ring
tgeekywhich form an aperture
tgeekycalled collimators
KF5YFDbtw im just playing what if
tgeekyKF5YFD: yep
tgeekyagain, i'm the guy to ask
Kamilionooh, i remember collimators from minecraft fusion reactor mod
KF5YFDso lets go where one leasts expects
tgeekyKF5YFD: the beam will basically continue to circulate for some time (tens to hundreds of revolutions), and then the will lose enough momentum and smash into the collimators
tgeekywhich will absorbe the entire beam, but also spray huge amounts of secondary particle streams and radiation (from the proton<->atom in the collimator collisions)
tgeekywhich will damage many things
tgeekyto prevent this
tgeekythere are three layers of these collimators
tgeeky(which are physically in a certain position, and will stay there unless power is used to move them)
tgeekyso that the 2nd generation of particles is also absorbed, and so some of the 3rd generation of collisions is absorbed
KF5YFDwhat would happen if the particle was dumped out of the ring at full speed
tgeekybut this will not stop 100% of the particles
tgeekyKF5YFD: that happens when the beams are dumped normally, or in case of emergency, and they are directed using magnetic fields into a huge room filled with carbon and steel
KamilionKF5YFD: https://youtu.be/_Jf04sM22DM?t=2430
electrobotKamilion just linked to www.youtube.com (ReactorCraft Fusion Reactor Build Tutorial - YouTube)
KamilionSomething like this is not likely to occur.
tgeekyKF5YFD: http://images.iop.org/objects/ccr/cern/53/7/21/CCcol1_07_13.jpg
Kamilionwith the beam going unsteered into free space and murderifying humans
tgeekythere are no humans around
tgeekyit is not possible to operate the LHC with human entrants
Kamiliontgeeky: http://puu.sh/ziqNA/fe4043c0f3.jpg referring to this.
acetolineoh man, you guys are still talking about this
tgeekyKF5YFD: i have some pictures, by the way, taken from insider applications
tgeekynot to sound secret or anything, but they usually aren't seen by the public
tgeekythat give you an idea of just how many of these collimators they have
KF5YFDheh a minecraft tomak
Kamilionbut yeah, the beam will never go unsteered like that
Kamilionthat right there is most normal people's fear
acetolinewhile we're on this topic, I've been throwing around the idea of making my own UHV setup
Kamilionthat it turns into the lasers from the half life intro
acetoline(and yes I'm aware of the technical difficulties)
acetolinewhat would be some cool experiments that you would want to do in UHV if you had a UHV chamber?
Viper-7pfft, mines better :P https://imgur.com/a/0ykUT
tgeekygrr, the problem with these pictures is that they are so complicated it's hard to relate how much information is in one
Viper-7yeah, modded minecraft is complex :P
tgeekyKF5YFD: https://i.imgur.com/W0CxFcW.gif
tgeekyKF5YFD: every single red dot you see in the picture is a protection device/collimator
KF5YFDi once saw a simulation of a penny being shot into the earth at relativistic speed and when it struck on the side it hit nothing happend but where it exited it blew half the earth off
Viper-7sounds like tgeeky's sister
tgeekyKF5YFD: the lines of red dots that move up and down, are moving up and down, because the protect the beam to a different extent when you are injecting particles and accelerating them, then when you are at top energy
tgeeky(they move the collimators in tighter towward the beam, to protect it even better)
tgeekyKF5YFD: if there were no losses/particles flying off in straight lines/errors in control algorithim, then you wouldn't see any towers of blue or grey or orange or red lines
Kamiliontgeeky: ooh, QT.
tgeekye.g. it would be flat-ish, at down 1E-6
tgeekyKF5YFD: however, this can not be: the intended result of the machine (collisions) results in such towers
tgeekyKF5YFD: that is why, if you look very carefully (look at the top red dots)
tgeekythere is a path from the very bottom of the graph, straight, all the way up to the top of the graph
shodan45anyone have one of these? https://www.sra-solder.com/aoyue-888a-2-in-1-digital-hot-air-rework-and-soldering-station
tgeekyin octant 1, octant 2, octant 5, octant 8
tgeekyKF5YFD: also you notice that those red dots for those octants are symmetric to some extent
tgeekyKF5YFD: this is all of the protection in and around the detectors
Kamilionshodan45: I do. https://goo.gl/photos/9gPPxBxC3L6HxUpi6
electrobotKamilion just linked to photos.google.com (A workbench - Google Photos)
immibisheh... i just got some more solderless breadboards, on the back of the packet it says "ideal for high frequency and low noise circuits". yeah right
Kamilionshodan45: it says kendal, but it's a rebranded aoyue, takes their tips.
shodan45Kamilion: how do you like it? is it well built?
shodan45$73 is pretty darn cheap
KamilionS'aright. Mine's been around for... 6-7 years?
Kamilionchanged the tips probably four times now, since taking it back from hacker dojo
Kamilionthey went through a box of 30 tips in like six months
Kamilionshodan45: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Oskf2w44AfXm1nka2 Some older photos. Radio shack on the left, aoyue in the middle, 8W USB iron on the right.
electrobotKamilion just linked to photos.google.com (Shared album - Graham Cantin - Google Photos)
Kamilionhere's a closer shot of the aoyue: https://photos.app.goo.gl/i4EriQBPG7xZrzpD2
electrobotKamilion just linked to photos.google.com (Shared album - Graham Cantin - Google Photos)
Kamilioni've been using the little 8W iron a LOT.
electrobotKamilion just linked to photos.google.com (Shared album - Graham Cantin - Google Photos)
electrobotKamilion just linked to USB soldering iron test and teardown with schematic. - YouTube
KamilionBigclive reviewed one.
shodan45ohh, I remember that
Kamilionhe covers most of the issues with it, especally using an apple USB brick
Kamilionas you can see, I use a lithium pack, to be "Very safe" with my voltages.
Kamilionsuprisingly, the little bastard hasn't let me down. Even on big barrel jacks.
KamilionYou wouldn't think it could -- but the thermal mass of the tip is very small, and it heats and cools quickly, 3-4 seconds.
Kamilionwhich is the most annoying part, cause it'll turn off after about 3 joints and you have to give it a bit of a shake or touch the little nub to wake it back up
Kamilionbut it's just a 555 timer driving it.
Kamilionso I can't be too picky
shodan45I mainly need the hot air gun... the iron is a bonus, my current iron has been flaky but usable
Kamilionthe hotair's quite usable, get some of the nozzles though
Kamilionmine came with two, and they weren't very good
shodan45it's probably fixable, but I haven't bothered
Kamilionthey were bent metal
Kamilionand the seam wasn't well formed
Kamilionso they 'leaked' laterally
Kamilionso get some better nozzles off amazon
Kamilionor whereever you shop
Kamilionthis style is much preferable
shodan45hmm... might not be a problem for my first use... melting/softening the glue on my phone
Kamilionoh, for the lcd?
Viper-7hair dryer will work fine for that :P
shodan45yeah... droid turbo 2, with the "unbreakable screen"
Kamilionthis is overpriced, but look for a design similar.
shodan45it didn't crack or anything
shodan45it's doing that
shodan45I guess technically the screen didn't break...?
shodan45Kamilion: actually the nozzles in the pics on SRA look good
Kamilionthe big wide nozzles work REALLY good at getting the LCD off the glass+touch
Kamilionhad to do it for my galaxy S3
Kamilionstupid-expensive otherwise
shodan45hm, this is an oled, I wonder if the heat would damage it
Kamilionwas like $12 for a new glass+touch, and like $75 for a new LCD+glass+touch :/
Kamilionbut the hot air gun worked just fine for that
Kamilionlook around for the slightly different aoyue station that looks almost the same but has two switches
Kamilionone controls the soldering iron, the other controls the hotair
Kamilionversus the one you linked that has one power switch that turns both sections on
Kamilionand you have to fiddle with the temp dials to 'pick one'
Kamilionoh, hey
Kamilionshodan45: https://www.sra-solder.com/aoyue-888a-2-in-1-digital-hot-air-rework-and-soldering-station-refurbished
shodan45Kamilion: oh thanks
shodan45the non-refurb one is out of stock, too :)
KamilionACTION adds that to his list of crap to buy
Kamilionoh, they have the vacuum pickup station for $33, I'll go with that instead since I already have the hotair side
KamilionI've been going a little crazy with tool purchases recently...
Kamilionpicked up one of the Aneng AN8008 meters, and a saleae 16 channel clone with +/- 50V inputs
Viper-7iron+hot air+usb charger+adjustable cc/cv supply+voltmeter
Viper-7for once "3-in-1" is an understatement heh
Viper-7probably all shit quality, but hey
KamilionI was just about to say, that +5V usb jack does not seem skookum
KamilionViper-7: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1sHq3iY_I8KJjy1Xaq6zsxpXat/110V-220V-3-IN-1-YIHUA-853D-1A-2A-5A-SMD-Rework-Station-Soldering-Irons-with.jpg
Kamilionthe shitty charizardness of the "for computer fix" has me laughing wayy wayyyy too hard
Viper-7you computer fix, you computer fix now!~
password16ACTION feels strong
acetolineno one answered my question about UHV
KamilionI do not know the answer to your question, sorry.
mine9what is UHV
acetolineultra high vacuum
mine9you can find it in space :P
mine9might be a car floating around up there now though
acetolineactually, you would have to go pretty far into interstellar space to find UHV
mine9how much vacuum do you need?
mine9and what are you doing with it?
acetolineUHV has lots of uses
acetolinethere are certain things that can only be done in a UHV environment
acetolinelike molecular beam epitaxy
acetolinewhich is the process of depositing nanometer-thin films on substrates,
acetolineto make exotic semiconductor devices
ZeroWalkeranyone have a clue how to disable Monthly Account Statements on paypal, can only find info on it from older paypal versions
mine9you mean the email you get saying there is one?
Evil-CorpI have 4, 1500 watt block heaters on my truck to keep the engine from freezing solid..I assume, short of some wacky free energy device, that these things will always be an expensive way of fighting off the cold.
Evil-CorpOr I could move south
password16how fucking cold does it get tht you need to add 6kW of heat to defrost a truck?
password16well just an engine
Evil-CorpOr...I could start talking about the great light bulb scam...
Evil-CorpI worknin Alert...it drops to -50C at times...it is either that, or leave them running all the time.
Evil-CorpHelicopter wont even shut down when it comes up here....guys are afraid it won't start again.
linux_probeit probably wouldn't
KamilionI'm suprised, down here in normalsville we have cars that can be started from cellphones... what the hell is wrong with you people up there </sarcasm>
linux_probeperhaps they're smart, but have no common sense =p
linux_probeaka avoid the cold lol
KamilionI'm rather suprised the car doesn't start itself every so often; but I suppose there's the need to conserve fuel in the tank as well.
mine9-50c is pretty nasty
Evil-CorpBragging rights mainly...I can say I survived...so far...plus the $ is good.
password16please tell me you don't aprk it outside?
mine9I've only ever had to deal with temps down to around -30c before
Kamilionand on the flip side -- are you saying you have your car parked in a garage and still need 6kw to keep it warm in -50c weather?
mine9and that was just the lowest it got for a day or so for that week
mine9wasn't even very far north, just got stuck doing deliveries in Illinois and Iowa during that cold streak
mine9but I never turned off the truck
Evil-CorpIt is my Titan..it is one of 2 trucks up here that run gas....everyone else uses diesel or even kerosene.
Kamilioni've heard of changing the fuel nozzles in diesels to go trifuel
Kamilionbut i'm suprised -- where do you get normal octane gasoline up there?
password16fuck no
password16its too cold there
password16nope nope nope nope
Evil-CorpDog sled dude...he just laughs at us.
Kamilionat least his transportation can keep him warm on cold nights without any additional fuel
ethosanyone here ever look at: https://www.crowdsupply.com/lime-micro/limesdr ?
Evil-CorpThey fly gas in, using fuel cells that can handle a low alt. drop...or just plain 45 gallon drums.
ethosChecking out the layout for this thing and it's beautiful
Evil-CorpDog sleds haveba complicated social order...am not sure humans are part of it when hunger strikes.
password16ethos its overfunded , thus its not good :D
password16ACTION runs away
Evil-CorpSo overfunded is bad....
ethospassword16: overfunded or not, this pcb layout is almost arousing
ethosall my pcbs are ugly as hell
password16ACTION pokes ethos with a long stick
zigggggyACTION waters watered!
wateredACTION blooms
zigggggywatered :)))) <3
intranickwhat i do when bored https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vouGA3nEZ_A
electrobotintranick just linked to Sugar rocket test - YouTube
dongbaHi guys
dongbaanyone here?
mine9empty as homer simpson's head
mine9nothing but donuts :P
password16doh nuts
ewongwhat is the 'right' way of stepping down a 12VDC signal to a 3.3V signal? I'm guessing a voltage divider might be a good choice, though I'm not too sure
Mikeeeits called level shifting
password16ewong: depends on your needs
ewongthis is basically to scale down a 12V signal so that the RPI3 can handle with the GPIOs
password16if its a signal without much power , then votlage divider should be good
Mikeeea zener+resistor would be much better
zap0just signalling? not power conversion?
ewongno.. no power
zap0then voltage divider is peasy
password16eh idk about zener , zener will atleast provide some safety
ethosalso depends how often the signal switches imo
password16yeah , if its GHz then a simple voltage divider wont work
ewongso a zener diode connecting to a voltage divider?
ethosif it's a slow signal, divider should be fine
Mikeeeewong no, a zener to clamp 3.3v and a single resistor for current limiting
Mikeeesince the zener will have a very specific voltage drop at a given current, it's ideal
Mikeee5v, 12v, 20v - it'll still only see around 3.3v if its a 3.3v zener
ethosIs the zener + resistor solution common?
ethoshave never seen it
ethosalways level shifting or voltage divider
Mikeeezener is level shifting
dongbaI need a huge favor
dongbaI'm shipping GERBERS off for the first time
ethosdedicated ICs as level shifters. for TTL-CMOS level shifting
dongbahttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1doVZ3D5MnDCO1jprnESGxAOgoDncY2EG <----
dongbado these look right?
dongbaam I missing something
ethos(Sorry I'm useless. have only used odb with my boards)
dongbaold dirty bastard makes your PCBs
ethosodb++ *
ethosi was under the impression all the oldies still sent out gerbers :P
n2ACTION just ordered 10 BiCMOS op amps, in metal cans
n2slew rate of 40V/us.
n2Gonna build dat amplifier.
n2(dat other amplifier)
MagnusRM2In a circuit I am designing I need to create a reference voltage at around 50 mV. It has to stay somewhat stable even if main voltage changes between say 5 to 30 volt. The current I need from this reference voltage is very small, 1 uA or so. What is the simplest way to create such a reference?
MagnusRM2One more concern here, I would like the reference voltage circuite to use maximum 20 mA.
ewongno one says 3.1 cA, right?
ewongit'd be 31 mA
listeis "c" even a valid SI prefix
listeI don't think it is
MagnusRM2nobody says cA, but your conversion is not correct
ewonghttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metric_prefix I'm looking at t his wrong?
MagnusRM231 mA would be 0.31 cA
ewongsomeone just shoot me
ewong0.033A = 3.3mA?
ewongreally... someone just put me out of my misery... I can't believe such a basic thing like this is giving me trouble :(
MagnusRM2your are off by 10 x
zap01000ma = 1A
ewong0.033A = 33mA
MagnusRM20.31 cA = 0.031 A = 31 mA
zap00.033 move the . 3 places
ewongthanks guys..
zap0stop saying cA it's nonsense
MagnusRM2from now on i will only say cA
MagnusRM2i never even thought of it :)
ewongheh... oops.. sorry
MagnusRM2i wrote wrong here
MagnusRM2i thought you said dA
MagnusRM2here comes the new correct claims
ewongno. I didn't say dA... though even that isn't spoken at all.. not that I've heard of it.. but that's not saying much
ethosMagnusRM2: 50mV is a strange one. lots of LDOs and bucks allow for a tolerance of inputs and adding a smoothing cap at the output would make them relatively satble
Johnsen4096 rpi supercomputer!
MagnusRM231 cA = 0.31 A = 310 mA
MagnusRM2and that would be 3.1 dA (deci Ampere!)
MagnusRM2ethos, ok
Johnsenwho does deciampere
ewonghere's my 2nd damn basic clarification question.. with a voltage divider (R1 = 260ohms, R2=100ohms) and input VDC is 12.. the Vout = 3.3 (around there).. the voltage that goes to ground is still 12V right?
ethosSome of the buck datasheets out there allow you to change output voltage using feedback resistors, but you might have to talk to the manufacturer since that's a non-standard reference
MagnusRM2ewong, hope you noticed that my first replies were wrong
ewongMagnusRM2: no.. my head's still swimming .. dunno if it's because I'm tired
MagnusRM2I am also tired, skipped one night of sleep more or less
ewongMagnusRM2: actually.. what's wrong with off by 10x? i.e. 0.033A = 33mA which is what you mean when I said 3.3mA
MagnusRM2ethos, yeah, well, i thought i could do something with a zener, but they require so much current
ethosewong: What do you mean by "the voltage that goes to ground"
ethosMagnusRM2: Yeah. don't know any zeners with test currents down to 1uA
MagnusRM2ewong, whatever i said first was wrong, the correct is this --> 0.31 A = 3.1 dA = 31 cA = 310 mA
ewongMagnusRM2: ah right..
Johnsen0.0031 hA
Johnsen0.031 daA
Johnsennd of course 0.00031 Kilo Ampere!
MagnusRM2ethos, i was first thinking of creating a voltage divider with a zener, to produce say 6 V, and then over the zener create another voltage divider, to get that 6 volt down to 50 mV. But a zener takes too much current for my application.
ewongethos oh wait.. sorry...
MagnusRM2I would like to buy one hekto Ampere. Do you have that?
Johnsenafaik a zener is not stable enough to get 50mV
Johnsena bit of temp change and your 50mV is gone?
MagnusRM2Johnsen, my idea was to use a zener to make 6 volt, and then divicde that by 120
Johnsenyes, but the 6V will probably be changing with external influences too
Johnsentemperature, humidity, mooncycles, solar flares :p
MagnusRM2sure, but that does not matter so much
MagnusRM2approximately 6 will still give approximately 50 mV, when divided by 120
Johnsenlife of an electronics hobbyist is hard
MagnusRM2it's a life of compromise
MagnusRM2I have been using systemvision.com for simulating circuits now for a while, and I must say it is really nice
Johnsennever heard of it
Johnseni only have that annoying old program
MagnusRM2i tried that first, got a bit upset with it, and tried systemvision. It is online, and their free account has very reasonable conditions
MagnusRM2the condition is that you can only make 5 private circuits, the rest must be public
Johnseni rarely simulate, only when i('m too lazy and dumb gto calculate
Johnsenoh, thats ok i rarely make full circuits anyway
Johnsenso i dont care if for example the filter part of my circuit is public :p
Johnsenand as a hobbyist i'd be proud if ppl use my circuit :p
MagnusRM2It is also easy to show friends and so, just give them a link
n2systemvision is a subideal name for such a thing :-P
MagnusRM2n2, it is, yes, in a way, but the thing is that they have simulation of not just electronics, but all kinds of things
Johnseni forgot to pay my VPS:/ need to do that today before they shut me down
Eduard_MunteanuHm... they make surge protectors which you can install into an ordinary breaker panel. Why aren't these more common?
Johnseni doubt they would tho i've been a good customer since yeaaaars, always pay in time, never make support tickets unless there is a real issue
Eduard_MunteanuIt seems much nicer than surge-protected power strips.
Johnseni dont believe in surge protection :p
Johnsenlet the lm7805 handle it :p
Eduard_MunteanuWell, you don't want the devices fried, they're usually more expensive to service.
Eduard_MunteanuI know a computer PSU has OVP but you don't want that to wear out.
Johnseni have one at my pc but it must be dead
Johnsenisnt the general rule that if the led stopped working the device passes through but stopped protecting?
Johnsenthen mine is dead, because the led is out
Johnseni need to aliexpress some useless toys
Johnseni ordered radar motion detectors, €0.33 per piece
Johnsenand according to youtube they work pretty well
n2ACTION just ordered a bunch of https://elektronik-lavpris.dk/product_thumb.php?img=images%2Fuser_uploaded%2F2013%2Fcropped_2013-11-26_11_57_49.jpg&w=300&h=300
n2And a bunch of https://elektronik-lavpris.dk/images/user_uploaded/2017/141144_1507186229.jpg
Johnsenthey both look like thingq
mine9things and stuff
n2the first is a high-current high speed op amp
n2the second is just a fast P-channel MOS
n2input capacitance of 1.5pF to 3.0pF
JohnsenACTION stares
n2which is very low, incidentally
n2oh, and it’s MILSPEC, rated to 200°C
n2hence the metal can
Johnsenso you can bake a cake and switch loads at the same time!
mine9rf parts wants like almost $10 a piece for those 211's
Eduard_MunteanuJohnsen, I arrived home last evening and my surge protector power strip was buzzing loudly.
Johnsenit was having a party and took too much wtc!
n2Johnsen: a pretty small load
Eduard_MunteanuIt killed *my* buzz, tho.
n2small capacitance = short channel and small gate
n2= small load
JohnsenACTION stares even more
Johnsennothing like BJT :p
Johnsenkids these days all wanna use mosfets because the arduino forum said so
n2that’s stupid.
mine9Johnsen https://img.4plebs.org/boards/tv/image/1515/02/1515028741946.jpg
n2there’s a reason why BJTs, JFETs and MOSFETs exist.
n2each have a nice sphere of use.
n2Don’t use MOSFETs cause they are “more modern"
cheapieACTION digs out an IGBT and random assorted other parts
Johnsenjfets are cute tho
archivistuse a hexfet
n2i love ‘em for what they’re good at
Johnseni did a cleanup of the attic last week
n2archivist: that’s IRF’s power MOS design…
archivistI know
Johnseni found a lot of bags of stuff i forgot i had
n2they are specced for low RDS(on)...
n2but there is significant gate-source capacitance
Johnseni have enough stuff to make things apparently :p
Johnsenwithout having to go to the electronics store first
Johnsenleds, resistors and buttons
Eduard_MunteanuPfft, you need to get on the IGBT bandwagon.
n2Unless you wanna do anything linear
mine9I've gotten to the point where if I need to order something for a project, I order a small pile of them if they are cheap enough
mine9odds are I will need it again in the future
n2mine9: yeah.
n2on top of that, I bundle shit together for free shipping
n2so i get stuff in huge lumps :-P
Johnsenbut i need diffused warm white leds
mine9that too
Johnseni need to make a frontpanel and i'm tired of all the colored leds, i want it to look classic as if it had little lightbulbs in it :p
n2you could get actual small 12V light bulbs...
n2and run em at 9V
Johnsennah :p
n2they’ll last longer
cheapieACTION builds a front panel for Johnsen, using nothing but "SUPER MEGA BURN YOUR EYES OUT INTENSITY" blue LEDs
Johnsendiffused warm white leds are the best thing since the invention of transistors
ewongethos what I meant was that if I had Vin as 12VDC, after R1, it becomes 3.3V which goes to the voltage divider path. The other path to R2. after R2.. what is the voltage after that?
Johnsendiffused (precolored) blue leds arent bad
Johnsenbut the annoying clear burn your eyes ones suck
Johnsenah well
mine9burnt retinas smell funny
Johnsenthere has been a kid who had a chinese laser on a chair
Johnsenthen it rolled off, and during the roll it shone into his eye
Johnsenmuch fun
cheapieACTION has a tiny dark spot in one of her eyes due to an "accident" with a DVD burner ages ago :P
Johnsenbeh im outworked
genr8_ill make sure to keep that in mind
cheapieIIRC, I was running it with the cover off, had it burning a disc, and for some reason decided to pull the disc out. It was rather bright :P
Johnsentheres not so much work today but its annoying work
JohnsenACTION stares at cheapie with his 2 good eyes
ewongread that as chappie
Johnsenthe dog food?
cheapieAt least it was a DVD (red laser), so I was able to see that it was quite bright and quit looking at it before it did much damage :P
cheapieProbably wouldn't have ended as well with a CD (IR laser).
Johnseni assume they're less powerful
Johnsenalso i thought dvd etc lasers had a focus point so narrow that the light is all spread out by the time it reaches your eye
Johnsenso close to the diode i mean
Johnsenbrb quick meeting
cheapieI would have expected that, but I can't remember if maybe I was kind of close to it or something? Dunno, this was about 10 years ago.
cheapie"Moreover, an attacker was able to remotely pleasure individuals without their consent."
rabbitearlol, sorry
cheapieI'm reading it now. It's fairly interesting :P
rabbiteartomorrow I'll read that more in-depth
Johnsenlol that was a fun meeting
n2the local electronics store has a few MC68000s...
n2i’m tempted to pounce
n2The original 68k, in DIP64...
Kerr-ASo, I seem to have an alternator problem with my car. I had to get a jumpstart to get going, then after letting it run for 30 min i turned it off and the battery was too dead to even roll up the window. I got a jump and drove home tonight then before turning off the car checked the voltage across the battery terminals - 13.68V I then turned off the
Kerr-A car and checked the voltage again - 12.55v... I started the car again, and the voltage was - 12.62v. Is my alternator intermittent or.... ?
Kerr-ABecause it seems like at 13.68 it was charging the battery, but upon restarting it was not.
monkeyislis there naything supercommon zener diode smd for protecting 3.3v mcu gpio ?? gpio has up to 4v tolernace.
Kerr-Amonkeyisl smd zener diodes are quite common... I wouldn't say they are nescessarily commonly used on the board to protect GP‭IO pins though (You would need a resistor and a zener to do that)
p0g0Kerr-A: you can easily test the alternator, start the car, and disconnect the battery
p0g0if it still runs, your alternator is working, at least some.
bindicharging voltage should be 14.5
p0g0You can test the battery easily too. Charge it, and with the motor off, leave the headlights on. Weak batteries won't drive the lights for very long, like minutes, not hours.
Kerr-Ap0g0 I shall perform alternator test as described
password16i can't leave my cars roof light on for like 30 min , then my car won't start
ScottKevillpassword16: Replace with LED? :)
password16or just get a new battery
Loetmichelpassword16: seems your battery is dead
password16it is
Skreereplace with led as well
password16I'm living on hte edge
ScottKevillOr LED + µcurrent MCU + motion sensor. :)
LoetmichelACTION has a booster box on the back seat for reasons ;)
ScottKevillAnd/or power the internal light with a separate battery source so you can drain it without hurting anything else.
Skreethats how my bus of doom is
ScottKevillWhen I think about it, car design is kinda dumb that something like a door not closed properly will kill your car.
archivistthe doors are part of the structure in a crash, not so dumb
ScottKevillWhile it's parked.
ScottKevillIf it's driving, that's not going to drain the battery because it's being charged.
ScottKevillSo yes, dumb.
Skreekeeps noobs going back to their repair centres
ScottKevillMakes sense that it would be another evil plan by BigRepairCentre.
HaxxaWould this cable be suitable for 24VAC Thermostat - only powering a fw relays and some passives: https://www.jaycar.com.au/red-heavy-duty-7-5a-general-purpose-cable-handy-pack/p/WH3045
TheTrashHaxxa: if you don't exceed the rated current.. but that probably won't happen with a couple of relays and some passives. But make sure to be safe.
monkeyislKerr-A : hi, resistor? ..hm.. like how?
HaxxaTheTrash, thanks rated for 250v 10amp so should be fine probably only 500ma or under
EdaneHello. I have some questions. I have a three bedroom apartment in Spain and it was built in 1965, it now has one of the modern breakers for the whole apartment. Is this legal?
Crackilegal advice on the internet
Edanewe must have some electricians here
Edaneor someone who know if it can be ok to have that setup
n2Ah no
n2I’m out of flux
CrackiHaxxa, that cable is awg18. that's commonly used in computer PSUs
n2I must compulsively order more!
HaxxaCracki, yeah I checked 18 awg is also standard for thermostats
HaxxaCracki, also its cheaper in store than from ali it seems due to shipping works out like $10 for 30 meters which is ok
Crackiif you need to know the resistance, check some tables for copper wire. it'll be small enough.
Mangy_Dogwatchign some starman stream... i guess they havnt actualy sent him off yet... he still seems to be in earths orbit...
g0zthere's a starman waiting in the sky
p0g0Edane: how big (amp-wise) is the breaker? And yes, it is not sane to run all the circuits in a home on one breaker. I doubt anyone knows anything about Spain's electrical codes, per se.
Crackisaw an animation, the thingy will orbit around the sun, crossing earth's and mars' orbit
Crackiplanned trajectory http://www.businessinsider.de/spacex-successfully-launched-falcon-heavy-rocket-2018-2?r=US&IR=T
p0g0Hey, it's a Tesla with a dummy and a sign that says "Don't Panic"... That's going to end up in so many ads and stories, it might just pay.
Mangy_Dogit will pay
Mangy_Dogeven as a pr stunt it gets people talking about space
Mangy_Doggetspeople interested about space
Mangy_Doghelps gets public backing to go to mars and do stuff
p0g0and Tesla's
Edanep0g0, ok, but how realistic is it that theres only two wires coming into the breaker panel? And if so, do I have to stretch new cable everywhere?
p0g0Edane: do you own the place?
Edanep0g0, yes, its in spain, but i am in Norway now
Mangy_Dogim curious to iknow what they removed from the car
Mangy_Dogi think the battery being removed is a given
p0g0Edane: If you own it, I would suggest hiring a local electrician to sort it out.
Mangy_Dogbut i wonder if they removed the motors and much of the internals
Crackiapparently starman is beyond mars orbit now https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/961083704230674438
p0g0Mangy_Dog: anything that might explode or outgas in a big way, I bet they pulled all that.
Edanep0g0, ok, but do you think theres a chance that theres a loop of cable going through the whole apartment?
p0g0Cracki: already past mars? that sounds like some serious acceleration.
Mangy_Dogi think he elon meant the trajectory
p0g0Edane: I haven't a clue.
Mangy_Dograther than the actual possision
Crackithey should have strapped solar panels and an ion drive to it
Crackibtw, moon conspiracy: where are the stars?!?!?! too dim compared to earth and sun
Mangy_Dogcameras dont have that level of dynamic range
Crackidisplays don't have that
Mangy_Dogeyes do though :D
Crackithey could be tonemapping the camera data.
Mangy_Dogwell there would be some auto exposure going on
Mangy_Doggoing from insainly bright in direct un atmosphear filtered sunlight to deep darkness
Crackithat of course
Crackicameras acquire in linear space. it's gamma-mapped for legacy reasons and for efficient storage
Crackiun-debayered raw sensor data can easily be 10/12/16 bits
Crackistarman *is* sitting in direct sunlight, even without atmosphere. he's getting roasted.
Crackiwonder what telemetry they're getting out of the suit...
Crackiuh, I just notice, the "webcast" on spacex.com is a recording...
Mangy_Dogits a replay now
Crackithe two returning boosters... they had video of the same booster twice. seemed to be either stereo camera or weirdly cropped. it was definitely the same booster.
Crackiwas trying to cross-eye the pics, had not much depth though
Mangy_Dogit was teh same feed
Mangy_Dogsome one int he mcp suite fucked up and didnt select the OTHER camera
Crackiwonder whether they made the boosters synchronize especially, or if that just turned out to be nearly perfect
p0g0I read that they were in sync.
HaxxaAnyone knowledgeable in trade terms know what is meant by "nog out tile battens and ensure they are plum then wooby her out"
p0g0But that the main core failed to ignite the last steering thrusters on descent and hit the water.
p0g0Haxxa: is that real?
Crackithat's gibberish
Haxxap0g0, installing swamp cooler tomorrow and I have no idea what they want me to do before hand
Crackithey want you to pay them to do it for you
archivistHaxxa, you wont find many carpenters in here
Haxxaalso appently I need Tech-screws
p0g0Battens in my experience are used in sails, and rarely are they in need of being set plumb.
p0g0there are board and batton constructions tho
p0g0there, the batton covers the gap between the outside sheeting boards.
p0g0and they are plumb
electrobotCracki just linked to "Turbo Encabulator" the Original - YouTube
p0g0Haxxa: my WAG is that they mean that you pull the outside trim on the window, fit the cooler, then replace the trim, making it plumb, tight and pretty.
Haxxap0g0, yeah I think that is likely
Haxxano idea what tech screws are though going from sheet metal to timber so not sure if I should get sheet metal screws or timber screws
p0g0Get 'roofing' screws
p0g0Those are meant to tie down metal roofing
p0g0and you have a metal sheet tied down the same way.
p0g0They have a gasket on the screw usually
jpa-yeah, those should work; basically you want the screw head to work for metal, and the screw threads to work for wood
p0g0and are designed to pin a sheet of metal to wood.
p0g0and the gasket to seal it all
Haxxathey come in min of 400 :/ I might just get timber screws as I plan to silcone them anyway
p0g0I can buy them in lots of 50 or so at my local hardware store. The gimlet point on them pierces the metal, so you need that. You'll want the gasket I think, to limit water behind the sheet.
electrobotn2 just linked to Project Tinkertoy (IC Precursor) 1953 US Navy; Automated Manufacturing of Modular Electronics - YouTube
n2That is fascinating.
n2I’d just like to say.
n2printed resistors… silver paint on notched ceramic wafers…
n2for both side connectors and “traces"
n2as well as on-wafer ceramic capacitors. :-D
Johnsenmy fleeohm is at local customs since 1 feb
Johnsenwhy are customs ppl always so lazy? :p
n2they are too busy weigh9ing 200kg, drinking coffee with cream and eating jelly donuts
n2…thats been my experience with them so far
g0zI think I need a better/sharper punch or less hard cast aluminum to drill cause I just totally screwed up drilling this hole :S
Johnsenand complaining about working hard and their state provided pension at the age of 53
g0zsee also: every government employee
Johnseni remember when mailmen rode bicycles
g0zwhen was that?
Johnsenthese days they drive with their car up do your mailbox and shove the mail in from their car window
Johnsendriving on the wrong side on the road otherwise they cant access it without getting out
Johnsendunno, up to 5 to 8y ago
p0g0g0z: sharper punch, more accurate layout, start with a smaller drill.
Johnsenin some towns there's huge amounts of complaints because they destroy non-tiled sidewalks by driving up to the mailboxes
g0zp0g0: the layout was fine, the punch was just extremely shallow
p0g0Even hard aluminum is pretty soft compared to a lot of stuff.
g0zteh drill size too
g0zI'm gonnahev to washer up this thing gooid
g0zfuck I can't type either
p0g0so the hole is off center, it is too large, what?
n2p0g0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=220XsrVZ1rk
electrobotn2 just linked to It's Everybody's Business 1954 US Chamber of Commerce; John Sutherland Animation Macdonald Carey - YouTube
n2such propaganda.
g0zp0go: it'll be too large when I carve out the rest of the hole to the proper position
p0g0ACTION cues up "How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying"
g0zthe nut will have zero suport on a good 60% of it's area
p0g0g0z: off center then.
Johnseni guess flea's jtag uploading tool has not changed for ohm?
g0zI wonder where I can get a sharp punch locally
p0g0g0z: you can sharpen your own
g0zI hammered the one I have pretty well but it barely left a mark
p0g0you may need to harden the tip again
p0g0Grind it, try it, if it is too malleable, heat just the tip to a faint cherry red, dip it once in oil.
g0zwhat does hardening it entail? I live in an apartment
p0g0That should case harden the tip
g0zprobably easier to just buy one :P
p0g0You might be able to use a gas stove top and cooking oil...
faekjarzHi, is eDP compatible to DP (Display Port)?
p0g0g0z: I tend to forget that not everyone has a tool shop at home.
g0zI bet wikipedia knows
g0zp0g0: I used to have a space for power tools but I moved and lost it, and my rent went up a lot. I blame women.
p0g0g0z: get honest, blame your testicles...
faekjarzg0z: talking to me? (eDP/DP) The German / English Wikipedia article didn't discuss pin-out, nor compatibility.
g0zshe wouldn't move into my large, cheap apartment because various women reasons, so I caved. so yeah probably testicles fault.
g0zfaekjarz: I typed edp to dp adaptor into amazon and I see some products so I guess they are not pin compatable anyway.
corecodeisn't edp just dp signals on an internal connector?
faekjarzg0z: actually, i intend to adapt to eDP, from DP or preferably from HDMI
raphai've an unmarked 3 pin elecret microphone here (the pins are all next to each other in a line) ... could someone help me find out which is which or maybe even a datasheet?
ketaswtf do they mean that package was returned
ketasso i don't have 100 pieces of nice 1a glass fuses... instead i got money back
ketasnever happened before
ketasbesides i have to check what kind of fuses are in that package i received
Johnseni had a package reaching my own town, then went back to china with "address incomplete"
Johnsenbecause the printer turned a 4 into a 1
Johnsenmy name, street everything was correct, but lazy ass mailman didnt even do effort to look up my real housenumber
Johnsenand there's like 20 houses max in the street
ketasoh indeed, reason was "something was wrong with buyers shipping address"
Johnsenchinese showed me a photo of the label and indeed, it was a 1 instead of a 4, and it was not a misinformation, it was a print that didnt come through
ketasprinter i guess
ketasbecause address is fixed
ketasi use it all the time
Johnsenthe chinese dude was an ass tho
Johnseni informed him and he didnt do nothing
Johnsenonly when i clicked the aliexpress dispute button he was suddenly helpful
ketaspeople often become helpful after it
ketasor scared
Johnseni also had helpful chinese sellers contacting me myself before end of order time "dear, your order was returned, do you want me to ship it again?"
ketaswhere did the money go i wonder
Johnsenback to your visa
Johnsenin 30 days
ketas30d bleh
Johnsenthis other dude resent it
Johnsenbegging me to cancel order, i forgot it, so he resent and i had my money back
ketasrefunded 1.49 gbp
Johnsenbut then he was crying and i admitted to repay via paypal
ketasso you got both item and money?
ketasoh no
Johnsenhe was like "plz reorder" i said "it costs $5 more now i'll just paypal the original amount" and he agreed
Johnseni admitted to be honest
Johnsenonly after new tracking number got registered tho, thats why i was too late to cancel dispute
ketas"if you still need them, you can reorder"
Johnseni hope he didnt send me a box of sand :p
ketasfuck, really
ketasthey were so nice
Johnseni doubt it tho
Johnsenmine was a €18 psu board for a samsung tv
ketasbit more expensive
Johnsen90% it'll fix my tv, 10% its something else and i lost €18
Johnsenbut most dead samsung tvs is psu anyway
ketasi think 40 eur was most expensive thing i ordered
ketasit was dense apa led strip
Johnsenme a €300+ phone via banggood
ketaslike leds are side to side for 1m
Johnsenbut banggood is not a seoparate seller store
Johnsenbanggood is very easy too, i once gave a non 5* feedback saying my usb charger made highpitched noise
ketasbanggood still sounds like porn site
Johnseni still gave 3* or so
Johnsenand they asked me "plz make a vid"
ketasdid you make it
Johnseni replied "the noise is not hearable on vid"
Johnsenno i didnt even try tbh
Johnseni lied :p
ketaswhy did you lie!!!
Johnsenand a bit later they refunded my €17 without asking charger back
ziongatewas looking this bga reflow station http://www.consoleopen.com/forum/attachments/rework-e-reballing/17177d1402593024t-shuttle-star-rw-sp360c-imbarcamento-sp360c.jpg and seen there are around several china clones, now, anyone know how to discovere the best/original of all the clones ?
Johnsenbecause i didnt feel like making a video of a charger making highpitched noise
Johnsenanyway without any further communication (i didnt ask for a refund) i suddenly had money back
ketasi wonder if i should order fuses from another seller
ketasi love the bottom text
Johnsenup toyou, my other returns were local customs refusing btw
ketasbtw, we are in vacation now due chinese new year
Johnsenthey returned pakages back to china because the seller lied about the real price
Johnsenanother time i had to pay tax, but that was not from aliexpress, but a chinese RC store
Johnsenand because the chinese lied about real price local customs looked up the price themselves
ketasi don't think it's the case here
ketasvalue is small
Johnsenand found €150 so calculated tax on 150 eur while i paid 110eur
ketasapparently they put real values now?
ketason packages
Mangy_Doghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KORTP545vAc press conferance... Its interesting hearing elon musk talk about engineering stuff... I mean i know he didnt design the things himself... but its cool to hear him talk as it appears he certainly has an understanding in engineering... hes not just throwing money
electrobotMangy_Dog just linked to LIVE: Space X News Conference after SUCCESSFUL Falcon Heavy Launch, Most Powerful Rocket - YouTube
ketasand it's not gift anymore?
Johnsenbut i didnt make a fuzz of it
ketasi think gift isn't going to pass anymore? :P
Johnsenye its getting sensitive
ketasno more 1 usd values
Johnseneverything over €100 used to say gift value €30
ketasbut my orders are small
Johnsenbut recently local customs are being more severe on it
ketas1-5 eur
Johnsenye dont worry then
Johnseni never had a small ali order go back for customs reasons
ketascustoms look for big orders i guess
ketaslike when you resell
Johnsenin all the orders i did only 2 got lost
Johnseni have 9 or 10 pages of orders in my ali history and only ever lost 2x esp8266
ketaswhere did they go
Johnsen2 reships to china, and all the rest arrived
ketasbleh, missing fuses
Johnsendunno, container fell off the boat?
ketasit's now in bottom of sea
Johnsenthere's a myth that once in a while a whole container falls off a ship and its lost forever
Johnsenbut i dont believe its true
ketasthey stole it
Johnsenanyway 1 return to china was sent back to me on the sellers initiative
Johnsenand the other one that happened few weeks ago took me some effort with the dispute button but its now on the way back to me
Johnsenso everything considered i have no complaints about aliexpress
Johnsenbesides aliexpress doesnt even read complaints, it says "in 7 days aliexpress will be involved if you dont come to an agreement"
Johnseni thought a real person would read the message history and go "ah, they came to an agreement" but its not true, since we had an agreement and i automatically got my money back
ketas200pcs energy saving lamps fuse 3a
ketasoh fun
ketasi actually saw them first in cfl
ketasi didn't realize first it's fuse
Johnseni have sets of glass fuses from before i knew ali or ebay
ketasbecause it was just lead between center contact and board
Johnsenhttp://ledsee.com/ <--- they are dead
ketaswell it's no-endcap fuse
Johnsen2 months ago site still worked
ketasi like it
ketasdo you have those too?
Johnsendunno i was looking for link but ledsee is dead :p
ketasnamed as 3*10mm fuse
Johnsenno clue, standard glass fuses with 2 metal caps at the end
Johnsento go in standard fuse holders
g0zI call that a glass buss fuse
ketasthose are more like cheapest pcb fuse possible
ketasyou just spotweld (?) wire to leads and crimp it into tiny glass tube
ketasthese are apparently sold with 0.5a, 1a, 1.5a, 2a, 3a, 4a, 5a current
ketasi wonder why they lost fractions in higher currents?
n2ACTION has just repackaged about 6000 1/4W resistors
Johnsenbecause the higher value the less precise?
n2in bags, each now an order of magnitude
n2ketas: i was losing control of them?
n2so now, it’s 0R1 to 1R, 1R to 10R, 10R to 100R and so on
n2Also, ketas, you can use them in parallel
ketasoh that
Johnsenif you wanna fuse 10A wat do you care if it pops at 10.2 or 10.5? :p
n2the resistance etc
Johnsenif you need precise make a current limiter instead
n2A current limiter can clamp quickly, too.
ketasnah i just need fuses
g0zI have each rating in it's own little resealable bag, in order.
g0zI probably only have like 1000-1500 resistors though
n2g0z: i have all the larger wattages in sorted bogs.
n2bogs? boxes
Johnsentbh i dont use fuses that often
Johnsenbut i never make stuff for other ppl
ketasbog is both bag and box
g0za bog would not be a good place for them
n2but there just is so many 1/4Ws...
n2they are still on their strips...
n2I throw out used 1/4W’s...
g0zwrapped in bog roll
ketaswtf is bog
Johnseni bought a 8600piece resistor set on ledsee once
g0zin britain yes
ketasor muddy area
n2it’s also a muddy lake
cheaterstone soup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrICr4izINQ
electrobotcheater just linked to The Secret Ingredient for This Delicious Soup? Rocks. | Short Film Showcase - YouTube
n2where ancient corposes are found
g0zyeah also a marshy area
Johnsenthe reason i used ledsee so often 10y ago is that the dude was dutch and i kknew him from a forum
Johnsenit was a dutch living in china for work, and he sold cheap electronics as "hobby"
n2all of the generic sizes are shitcrap ebay resistors
n2but the more specific ones are usually better stuff
ketasstart a task enthusiastically
n2like, 0R211
Johnsenbut his cheap resistor set is crap
n2or 15.5K
Johnsen1/8W rather tempsensitive
n2i think i have a strip of 1K 1/8Ws...
n2never use ‘em xD
Johnsen8600res for €15, he also sells "real quality" but those are 4300 piece for €21
n2My trusty DYMO has been in overdrive mode :-P
ketashmm i wonder if i should have electric gloves or not
ketasi might not have enough power to run them
Johnsenfor warm hands?
ketasor just have thicker gloves
n2there are still boxes that have hand written labels
n2it’s unacceptable
ketasyes warm hands if you don't move
ketasmoving quite helps
Johnsenhandwritten labels are cheaper than overpriced dyno refills :p
n2Johnsen: i just buy the cheap 3rd party ones :-P
n2sure, the adhesive isnt 3M, but whodafuk cares :-P
Johnseni never had a dymo :p
n2also, it’s one of the modern dymos
ketasi wish i could have nice label printer
n2not the embossing thing
Johnsenbut i do have a pen and painters tape :p
n2just heat printing
ketasbut writing is cheaper indeed
Johnseni dont even use labels, painters tape works equally well
n2the DYMO can print stuff legibly in smaller font sizes than I can write at the same speed
ketason some surfaces, i use marker + tape
ketasso it doesn't rub off
n2for instance, the op amp trays have offset voltage, gain bandwidth and so on
ketasfor flexible heating elements, there are two types on sale now
ketasexpensive uses carbon tape
Johnsenanyway most my components just get thrown on the floor :p
Johnseni did a cleanup 2 weeks ago and i found many bags with components i forgot i had
ketascrap juse uses random carbon mess(h) between plastic
Johnsentransistors, jfets, ICs, all stuff i ordered during the past 10y or so
Johnsenanyway its nice to have everything to start without needing to go to the store
ketasstore is faster
ketasfaster than 1month
Johnseni have elcap sets, ceramic cap sets, resistors, the most common diodes, a set of 1400+ zener diodes of all values, and the most commons transistors and ICs
Johnsenmany opamps and CD4000 series ics
Johnsenand common accessories, like to220 heatsinks etc
Johnsentook me 15y to collect these things :p
Johnsenthese days its mainly modules from aliexpress, radar motion sensors, max7219 dispays, that crap
Johnsenmy local store has its charms, but i dont trust everything
Myrl-sakiHey, is there anyone who can help me like right now? Disclaimer: It's homework.
Johnsen85°C Elcaps, how many decades are they laying there
Myrl-sakiIt's network analysis.
Johnsengood luck ;)
Myrl-sakiAccording to my book, all capacitors in series have the same charge.
Johnsenmicrosoft paint woop
Myrl-sakiUgh, I forgot to label that.
Myrl-sakiOkay, better.
Johnsenand now? whats your question :p
archivistnocapacitor is C1 etc not Q
matlandi think it is Q for charge
matlandseen that used before
matlandon circuits Q would be a transistor
archivistQ denotes a semiconductor
Johnsenanyway, details
Myrl-sakiAccording to my book, all capacitors in serieve have the same charge. Therefore, Q1 = Q2 = Q3. However, C2 is in a loop. That means that V2 = 0, and conversely, Q2 = 0. Of course, we can't say that Q1 = Q2 = Q3 = 0. I do believe that C1 and C2 shares Q3 proportionally, the question is why?
Myrl-sakimatland: Yeah, it was my fault. Just a bit panicky.
archivistQ is also quality of a resonator
Myrl-sakiOne thing that I tried is to not have a larger loop, that keeps the equation Q1 = Q2, and gives me Q3 = 0. However, bla bla, law of conservation of energy.
Johnsennow you need to wait until someone smart comes online :p
Myrl-sakiThe loops I used are `Q1 -> Q2 -> Q3 -> Q1`, `Q1->Q3->Q1` and `Q2 -> Q2`
Myrl-sakiJohnsen: Oh no. ; n ;
Johnseni dont do math
Myrl-sakiMy intuition tells me that the premise Q1 = Q2 = Q3 is invalid because of the loop Q2->Q2 though.
Myrl-sakiEither way, I still have 1 hour.
Myrl-sakiI'll work on the other questions in the meantime.
Johnseni heard Miyu is smart ;)
Myrl-sakihttps://imgur.com/a/Sg66u (Change Q to C) According to my book, all capacitors in serieve have the same charge. Therefore, Q1 = Q2 = Q3. However, C2 is in a loop. That means that V2 = 0, and conversely, Q2 = 0. Of course, we can't say that Q1 = Q2 = Q3 = 0. I do believe that C1 and C2 shares Q3 proportionally, but I don't know how to approach that mathematically. The loops I used are `C1 -> C2 -> C3 ->
Myrl-sakiC1`, `C1 -> C3 -> C1` and `C2 -> C2`
redrabbitis there a good chan for robots here
Myrl-sakicorecode: Hallu
corecodeC2 is shorted
corecodeno charge on C2
corecodeQ_C1 == Q_C2
corecodeQ_C1 == Q_C3
corecodeQ_C2 == 0
oxymoron93easy as that
corecodedoes that answer?
Myrl-sakicorecode: Wouldn't ti be Q_c1 = Q_c2 = Q_c3, because they're all in series?
corecodeQ2 is not in series with Q1 or Q3
oxymoron93I don't see no serie
corecodelet me redraw it
Myrl-sakiOh wait, I think I get what you mean.
Myrl-sakicorecode: Aside from "law of conservation of energy," how do I say that Q_c2 distributes on Q_c1 and Q_c2?
corecodeoh tricky
Myrl-sakiand Q_c3*
corecodemy guess is that there is a tap between Q1 and Q3
corecodeor the circuit doesn't make sense
Myrl-sakiOh wait.
corecodedoes that make sense?
Myrl-sakicorecode: I think it's *exactly* law of conservation of energy.
corecodeq2 definitely is empty
Myrl-sakiQ_c1 + Q_c2 + Q_c3 = Qtotal
corecodeunless you add this in/out like i did
Myrl-sakiI can then say that Q_c1' + Q_c2' + Q_c3' = Qtotal, where ' denotes "final charge"
corecodeyou can say whatever, but it might be wrong
corecodei'm missing the original question
Myrl-sakicorecode: Yeah, there is a tap. I just reduced the circuit to that, with "inital charges"
corecodewhat happened to the circuit before?
corecodeah okay
corecodeso there are initial charges on the caps
Myrl-sakiYep. Thanks for the help. I think I can proceed now. :)
corecodeclearly C2's charge has to be 0
corecodeeven initially
Myrl-sakicorecode: The middle wire is a switch and is open in the initial state.
oxymoron93maybe there was a switch, which sc-ed C2 ?
Myrl-sakioxymoron93: Yep.
corecodewell that wasn't shown either
corecodeall of these things are important
corecodeif you're dealing with ideal caps, you'
corecodeyou'll get infinite current out of C2 unless its initial voltage is 0
corecodeso, that doesn't work well
corecodebut if you can accept infinite current as a concept, okay
Myrl-sakicorecode: Yeah, that's also what I was thinking. Too much falstad got me paranoid of loops.
corecodewhen you say loop, you mean short?
Myrl-sakicorecode: Yep.
corecodethen you probably should say short
Myrl-sakiMy mistake. Sorry.
Myrl-sakiACTION wonders if this can be reduced to matrices
corecodeyes, with elements that prevent you from solving it
corecodebecause, infinity
corecodewell, you get a division by 0
corecodeso if you can deal with that
Myrl-sakiAnyways, brb for a while now. Gonna fill up the homework. Thanks.
corecodei keep wondering, did they stick the helmet on the headrest?
ThePendulumI reckon he's nailed down a bit here and there, yeah ;p
ThePendulumalthough the head not per se, it's a mannequin, it'll retain its shape
ThePendulumbut I reckon they'll still have just to make sure
redrabbithttps://i.imgur.com/OoDhfVd.jpg < atm im using this to control power to the rpi from the attiny85
redrabbithowever its looking like the mosfet is using a bit of current
redrabbitatm the attiny85 is powered from a second, tiny 500ma battery and it controls power from a big battery to the rpi
Myrl-sakicorecode: Well, apparently, doing law of conservation of energy didn't work.
redrabbitif i add a transistor the mosfet would draw from the big battery instead of the small battery right
Myrl-sakicorecode: So the C2 didn't really affect C1 and C3.
kludgeredrabbit: You mean "using current" in the sense that it takes some current going into the gate to turn it on or, "using current" in the sense that the resistance isn't zero when the gate is turned on?
Myrl-sakicorecode: Dammit, Ioverthought it. Haha.
redrabbitkludge: takes some current going into the gate to turn it on
redrabbitits minor, but on a 500ma battery it turns flat sooner than it should
kludgeredrabbit: That will stop after a while after it's on. If it doesn't, try a different FET.
redrabbitno point adding a transistor?
kludgeredrabbit: redrabbit that will use more current.
redrabbitthe second battery is 26000ma
redrabbitit will use more current total right, but most will be used on the 26000ma?
kludgeA smaller mosfet will likely have less leakage.
redrabbiti can also scrap that and do something fresh
redrabbitit that circuit fine to control power from the rpi0 with the attiny85?
redrabbitit works, but isnt there ways to use less power
nuxilis that drawing correct?
redrabbityes, the attiny85 is on a second power source
nuxili mean. whats on the gate if that mosfet? a resistor? looks like you taping off the voltage over a resistor.
redrabbitin is a huge battery /out is for the rpi
nuxildraw batteries symbols using the standards :p
redrabbitgood idea
redrabbitso the mosfet draws power from the tiny 500ma battery that powers the attiny85
redrabbiti tought adding a transistor would help to offload the power draw to the big battery instead
kludgeThe mosfet gate draws hardly anything.... a transistor base will draw much more.
kludgewhat mosfet do you have?
redrabbitany suggestions to use less power then
ozzzydo you need a logic level gate?
nuxilyou need a medium sized fet. iirc. the PI requires upto 2 Amps. at max . dont know if this is with dongles and screen and all that stuff tho.
birkoffa bit of a weird question but : how do criminals make cellphones ignite a bomb remotely ? like here for example : https://images1.ynet.co.il//PicServer5/2018/02/06/8330459/833045801001909801023no.jpg
kludgeredrabbit: Look at the datasheet... gate-source leakage is specified as less than 100nA.
redrabbit2A is fine
redrabbitso the IRFZ44 is fine
kludgeAre you seeing more than 100nA? And if you aren't, do you need still less? If so, find something in the Vishay catalogue with less than 100nA.
kludgeYou can go down to pA with some of them.
redrabbitim not sure why but the 500ma battery that power the attiny drops voltage faster than i thought
redrabbiteven though it sleeps 99% of the time
redrabbitand only runs at 1Mhz
nuxilbirkoff, just call your number :p
birkoffdoes the vibrations make it go off?
birkoffor it involves electric signals?
redrabbitbirkoff: terroris
nuxilthat is up to you to figure out
redrabbitgo away pls
nuxilnot gonna tell that stuff :po
kludgeredrabbit: well, measure the draw! I bet the attiny is pulling more than you think... but you don't know until you measure it.
spludkludge - mosfet IS a transistor, a Field Effect one, versus a Bipolar Junction
redrabbitkludge: yeah not sure my gear is sensitive enough to measure that but ill look
kludgesplud: Granted.... thats what the T on the end is for.
redrabbitso nothing wrong with my circuit?
redrabbitit works 100% fine
kludgeredrabbit: If it's not, then you likely don't have an issue. ALSO.... what is the self-discharge of the battery? It may be going flat even with no load.
redrabbiti wanted to optimize power use. not sure if its the mosfet now
Johnseneverything under 10A is leak current
redrabbitkludge: its not the self-discharge
redrabbitwell most simple solution would be to get a bigger battery
spludWhy is the mosfet part of powering the uC? (I'm just in, haven't reviewed scrollback). uC in sleep uses virtually nothing.
redrabbitor tap in the big power pack to recharge it
kludgeUntil you measure it, you don't know!
redrabbitattiny85 (500ma power source) > mosfet > RPI0w (huge power pack)
redrabbiti need the 500ma power source because the huge power pack cuts the outputs when there's no draw
spludEr, I just looked at an imgur link from redrabbit. why is OUT from the IRFZ44 have +/- on same pin?
redrabbittheres a diode in between
nuxilsplud, i opend that link and clised it. looks awefull dosent it :p
nuxilredrabbit, redraw your schematics :p
redrabbityeah good idea lol
redrabbitit does look like shit
spludWhy is the diode there at all?
spludACTION goes and pulls up datasheet of IRFZ44 to check pinout.
JoeLlamaUm.. I just wanna say... the launch.... the launch.... was freakin' awesome!!! 8)
Johnsenthe landing not so much
spludJohnsen - what, the two boosters were spot-on. The core, that was the dissapoint.
spludhrm, http://datasheet.octopart.com/IRFZ44NPBF-Infineon-datasheet-10898344.pdf
redrabbitit could just be that the extra components on the attiny85 dev board are drawing current
spluddatasheet doesn't clearly show pinouts...
redrabbiteven though i power it directly on the chip
redrabbitmaybe bare chip attiny85 will solve my issue
nuxilsplud, page 8
spludVishay does; G D S on TO-220AB
redrabbitit works damn fine though, wakes up every 30 minutes and calls home just fine
spludah, yes, in tiny print on package OUTLINE page.
redrabbitthe tiny blue battery goes dead too fast though
Johnsenso you wonder were your current is stolen but you have an AMS1117 with a led on that board?
JohnsenACTION stares
spludEr, the schematic shows an ATtiny, but the pic below is a digispark-like board.
redrabbityeah power goes to the ATtiny85
Johnsennot to mention that cheap powerbanks lie about their capacvity
spludAnd digispark is getting power then from a boost or actual 5V?
redrabbitpowerbank isnt the problem
redrabbitdigispark isnt powered
redrabbitpower goes to the ATtiny85
spludJust rule it out "don't look behind the curtain" ?
redrabbithowever it would still draw some stuff
Johnseni dont trust that ams1117 to not waste power when the output and gnd are connected
redrabbitalso, i snapped off the leds
Johnsenafaik most vregs dont like the output higher than input
spludSo, run it off a battery that isn't a power bank.
redrabbityou are probably right ams1117 may be the issue
redrabbitim waiting for my bare chips then
spludThe tiny uses so little current when properly set up, that a linreg wouldn't be a big deal.
Johnsenalso keep in mind the pull(up?) pins on the usb port
nuxilyou will run a atiny for years in sleep mode with that battery :p
Johnsenyou may want to set the gpio pins to inputs without pulling enabled after your usb bootloader is done
redrabbitthe 500ma blue battery nuxil ?
redrabbitsounds good
redrabbiti guess its the digispark board that draws then
nuxilbut you need to setit up as splud said.
redrabbiteven though power goes to the ATtiny85 pin directly
spludWho knows what setup is part of the USB code on the digispark.
Johnsenits just guesses tho, but i suspect the usb port having pulling resistors may also have something to do with it
spludI have a few of those boards, but lost interest when everything for them seemed to be windows centric.
Johnsenwhich may be lowered by setting the unused gpio pins to inputs
spludHaven't taken the time to revisit. I use bare ICs anyway (the digispark wasn't for a dev crutch, but an interesting USB dongle)
Johnsenwindows centric ?
Johnseni havent used windows in years and i can use digisparks
spludthe original dev setup for them was windows. Didn't say I'd revisited them in the past couple of years <g>
spludVgs(th) is 2.0-4.0V, and the 0.028 Ohm on-state resistance is stated at Vgs = 10V.
redrabbitso the MOSFET isnt what is using the blue battery
redrabbitprobably the digispark crap on the board
spludI'd put a DMM in current mode between the power for the tiny and measure it's current draw when it IS NOT switching (in fact, disconnect output to mosfet.
splud) :)
Johnsenget a car battery and use relays
redrabbitwhat a troll
Johnsenyouth these days with their scooters and their lightbulbs! *shakes cane*
spludCharacterize what the tiny is using when idle, Then put your metre between the fet and the Pi (ground) and measure current there.
redrabbitwith relays the 500ma battery would like last 1 hour
Johnsentiny should use less then meter can measure accurately ;)
redrabbityeah.. it shows 0
spludWhat is the difference between the two supplies?
redrabbit500ma battery > attiny85 pins
redrabbitbig power pack is regulated
spludand if it's that low, the tiny isn't draining your batt.
Johnseni havent started playing with attiny yet but i plan to order a few (the ones going down to 0.8V or whatisit) to use on coincells
redrabbitit only switches on on demand
spludAh, not enough of a load, doesn't come on?
spludso it's a boost too?
Johnsenbah i hate powerbanks that do that
redrabbitthats why i need the 500ma battery
redrabbitat least it has passthrough
Johnseni have a few real xiaomi banks, and they're very nice for the price, but they want 100mA or so draw or they turn off
spludJohnsen - I'm waiting for some dev boards I laid out to return from OSHPark for the ATTiny43U. That has a boost regulator onboard.
redrabbitits not a bad power bank
Johnsenarent the boosted ones using more current?
spludand conseqeuently, the pinout and package differs from other tinys.
redrabbittesting time bll
Johnsenanyway i confused 0.9v with 1.8v
Johnsenstill enough for a coincell i guess
spludNote that if modding the power bank was acceptable, the nominal voltage of the LiIons will be greater than what a bare tiny needs to operate.
Johnsenit hurts my brain to google attiny and get on the microchip site :p
ballACTION roars like a LiIon
ballDid AVR eat PIC?
Johnsenmicrochip ate atmel
spludIf you were productizing something, yea, that'd be a problem, but for own use, tapping the battery contacts inside the power bank and bringing out a little 2-pin DuPont connector to run to your Tiny board would do wonders.
ballJohnsen: Damn.
spludThis has been a few years.
nuxilso not atmel vs microship fanbois anymore.
nuxilnot just avr vs pic
nuxiland avr rules ofc :p
spludavr/pic vs. arm
nuxil*now its just
ballsplud: Vs. RISC V?
ballsplud: Vs. MIPS? ;-)
ballDEC Alpha ftw.
spludA bennie of having the cells inside the battery pack tapped for output to the AVR is that the AVR could not only power from them (very low consumption, remember), but also could monitor the voltage of the batteries.
Johnsenpic woop thats ages ago
Johnsenbut the good ages
Johnsensitting in a basement with a mate smoking pot and doing electronics
Johnsengood times
spludSince most of those power banks will churn about 5V output up until they can't, and just fail.
n2ACTION just ordered a carton of flux pens
n2parteh time
Johnsenlick em
Johnseni need flux too
Johnsenfor soldering smd
spludnot "doing pot and smoking electronics" ?
Johnsennever did effort getting any
n2Flux sounds like some dutch “party oill”
ballWhat was the 4-bit microcontroller from Atmel? MARC?
n2Johnsen: i’m a big flux fan :-P
n2for THT, too
Johnsenno idea i only know intel 4004
n2makes desoldering n shit easier
spludSo, what is the Tiny actually doing for the power switching?
Johnseni doht know
Johnseni dont desolder, and i dont need flux to shit, my bowel movement is fluent enough
spludIt's getting a signal from the rPI to switch, or sendng a signal to the RPI that it is running off of battery?
n2Johnsen: fluid?
Johnsenfluent as in clean nonsticky logs that come out without trouble
spludthis went bad fast.
Johnsenits science dude!
n2Johnsen: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/9e/BristolStoolChart.png/400px-BristolStoolChart.png
n2so a type 3?
spludIs the tiny periodically waking the rpi?
n2my my
n2so a 3
n2its automatically rounded to the lowest number if graded
Johnsen3 in the center, and 4 at the ends ;)
n2Glasgow has the coma scale
splud(and from second link, I see it's a zero, not a full-on pi) First link had some other SBC sitting on the desk.
n2Bristol has the shit scale
n2Parteh on the british isles
n2now we just need the Dublin Semen Scale
Johnsenso... will my fleaohm be in my mailbox today
spludhow's your #shithole? Take the test!
slothman i wish i could have a normal shit
n2or the Cardiff Vaginal Excreta Chart
slothi either shit rock hard 3-4 finger asshole rippers that make me bleed
slothor water
slothno in between
n2“Like cottage cheese - Probably fungal"
n2“Like sour, tainted yoghurt - Probably bacterial"
Johnsendublin semen scale? sounds like a value to express how many 13yo girls in uk in a specific area are still virgin or so
Inari-This went weird
Johnsenas in 0.00003%
spludwell, I'm gonna take a break from IRC now.
n2Johnsen: that’s the Crudlin Seamen scale
slothsplud: people poop irl too
Johnsenok have fun
slothin fact irl is where they poop
n2Actually, people poop more IRL
Retr0id_I have a highlight set for Cardiff, and this is what I walk into...
n2the Brighton Bumsore Scale?
slothcardiff is definitely poop
n2the Penzanze Pubic Hair Chart
n2so many options
n2so many poetic options, too
n2Actually, there’s already a scale for that… funnily enough
n2Tanner staging...
n2Ah well, it needs a new name
spluder, wait, pubic hairs on a tanning bed?
n2splud: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/dd/Tanner_scale-male.svg/320px-Tanner_scale-male.svg.png
n2welcome to the tanner scale
n2Female one, too - https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/0c/Tanner_scale-female.svg/462px-Tanner_scale-female.svg.png
Johnsenwhy am i watching these things at work?
n2it’s science?
n2generally I wouldn’t consider that NSFW
Johnsenmaybe not
n2its charts, not photos...
spludbecause your work involves pubes?
Johnsenbut they're gonna wonder why im watching this and what number my preference is
n2Although most physiology books actually do incorporate photos
slothtechnically all work involves pubes
n2always a bit disturbing
spludsloth - so, them's the people in marketing, or HR?
slothsplud: yes they have pubes too
slotheven people who work in finance have pubes
Johnsenwe have trouble with HRs here
Johnsenthey all make the stupidest mistakes
Johnsenand i suspect its because its all faebook type girls
spludah, awesome, sloth gets called to HR and sits there thinking "are you a II or a IV" ?
Johnsenall being too busy giggling with facebook pictures than concentrating on work
slothsplud: hr wont speak to me in person
slothemail only
spludwise on their part. Requires and outside intermediary, and they use a different one each time?
slothapparently my dad jokes are "insufferable" and "make in-person meetings difficult to the point of pointlessness"
spludDue to the risk of contamination.
spludSo, the power bank thing - I take it that it is for firing up the pizero periodically to do some task, and perhaps the pizero raises a signal to the AVR to say "I'm ready to be powered off" ?
spludSo the AVR can wake again in 10 minutes or whatever?
slothno its for saving and lending power as well as long term power investments like power home loans
slothtrust me, i work in the banking industry i know how banks work
corecodei wonder what advantage dedicated headphone amp ICs have over op amps
slothcorecode: noise
corecodemore noise?
spludprolly, LESS of it
Johnsenmore drive i guess
spludspeaking of which, time for me to drive my kids to school.
Johnsen32ohm headphones and normal opamps dont like eachother that much
Johnsen600ohm headphones are fine with opamps :p but mp3players/phones/tablets cant properly drive them
corecodeyea i don't see noise specs
Johnsenbut those tpa6206 or whateveritis headphone drivers are apparently very good and noisefree ics
corecodebut then, gain is 1 or 2
corecodeso where would the noise come from?
Johnsenspace radiation :p
Johnsenand solar flares
corecodethe monolithic ICs draw much more power tho
Johnsenanyway i used crappy cmoy designs on 32 ohm headphones, and they dont go very loud, and don't sound very good on higher volume
pk2010https://ibb.co/cPOvLc i dont know why my relay is always on and transistor heated..can you help?
corecodemore schematic please
corecodehow do you drive the transistor
raphaanyone here ever see or use a 3 pin elecret microphone?
Johnsenno, i heard of it tho
Johnsenshield, source and drain separated
matlandhm i seen a lot of 4pin mics in phones before
rapha4 pin interesting
raphaJohnsen: my best guess is GND, VCC and output
Johnsenthats what i said in other words :p
raphaGND is obvious as its connected to the casing
raphaJohnsen: you used MOSFET terminology which confused me
Johnsenafaik, but i'm not sure, source and drain on a jfet are switchable
Johnsenbecause an electret mic has a jfet inside
raphait always does?
Johnsennot sure
raphawhy do people build a transistor amplifyer around it then?
matlandbecause the jfet still gives you weak ass output
matlandyou dont wanna go and put loads of current through it so some amplification is likely wanted
Johnsenthe jfet is probably used as an extremely high input impedance buffer, that doesnt load the charged electret stuff too hard
matlandsignal level might also be low
raphamatland: and in a 3-pin devide V+ would still be at the source but the gate would be the third pin?
pk2010can somebody help me please?
electrobotSopaXorzTaker just linked to Sega Master System - YouTube
SopaXorzTakerpk2010, yes?
Johnsengate is connected to the microphone film
pk2010https://ibb.co/cPOvLc i dont know why my relay is always on and transistor heated..can you help?
Johnsenyou dont have access to the gate
raphai see
raphathe microphone film ... as in, the membrane?
matlandpk2010: how do you drive the transistor? that's probably where the problem lays
Johnsenye whatever stuff that makes the capacitor in an electret mic
SopaXorzTakerpk2010, check the gate voltage
raphaokay i'll just give this a go and if burn it up i have 9 more to try
Johnsenhttps://www.electro-tech-online.com/attachments/electret-mic-png.85338/ i guess something like this
pk2010matland: its connected to a microcontroller through a 2.2k
pk2010but i am pretty sure that microcontroller output is low
tomeaton17I need to use a buzzer to signal that a door is open. Will a simple 3.3V buzzer be good enough?
tomeaton17or loud enough
matlandpk2010: maybe 2.2k is too high resistance and you are not saturating the transistor
raphaJohnsen: yes, i also found that pic through Google before. what i can't find, though, is a photo of the package
Johnsentroubleshooting part 1, connect the base via that 2.2k to gnd by hand
Johnsenreal gnd, not gpio :p
matlandpk2010: if you turn it half-on it would have voltage over it so more current dissapated
Johnsenif relay turns off then that part works :p
matlandpk2010: is the mcu 3.3v or 5?
pk2010matland 3.3v
Johnsenrapha: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Electret-Condenser-Microphone-with-Dustscreen-and-3-Pins-10-mm-3-to-15-V-DC-/271353125841 ?
Johnsennot that that pics helps you much
raphaJohnsen: in https://www.dampfradioforum.de/download/file.php?id=21292&sid=5b8d7715951db74a1663652dd21d5c0f&mode=view, if i put the microphone's source between R1 and R2 and keep the output and the drain where they are, that might work, no?
CircadianRebelpk2010, you need to show more of the circuit
Johnsenno idea
matlandso you'd get (3.3-0.6)/2.2k=1.2mA through the base, datasheet says hfe is 30 or so minimum with 100mA through it, so you would likely not be turning it fully on
raphaJohnsen: yup, those are the ones i have! unfortunately none of the eBay sellers tell you about a model number.
matlandnot sure what current the relay needs to operate tho
matlandcan you measure resistance of the relay coil and tell what voltage is supposed to be on ik pk2010?
pk2010i can tell that tommorrow
pk2010matland: i disassembled it..tommorrow i will connect it again and will come back to you
matlandpk2010: my best guess is you are likely running the transistor to somewhere in the linear region
matlandpk2010: try to replace the 2.2k resistor with something around 500 ohms
matlandthat'd give you around about 5mA in the base which oughta be enough to saturate the transistor
pk2010matland: by the way .. i want to ask in general..is this kind of transistor ok to control a relay without getting hot if operated properly?
matlandpk2010: depends on the relay, for small relays should be fine
pk2010its a 12v automotive relay
matlandyou might need more current if it's a beefy one, i.e. bigger transistor, or small mosfet
matlandfrom the parts i have laying about i'd take an ao3400
matlandalso sot-23 package but they have super low on resistance and can take a couple of amps current
matlandcause low rdson the power dissapation stays super low
matlandand 3.3v would turn them on also
pk2010i see ..thanks
Johnseni was like why the hell is everyone stansing in a circle at work
Johnsenapparently because a colleague got a mechanical keyb and everyone wanted to press a few keys on it once :pp
Johnsenpretty funny lol
kludgeEveryone should have one!
Johnsennew brown cherries
Johnsenthey feel neew
kludgeThe keyboard and monitor are the most important part of the computer, don't put up with crap.
pk2010yeah i always use mechanical keyboards only
matlandi like the blue cherries
Johnsenits for home tho
Johnsenhe's not using it in the office
matlandi hate to type on smooshy things
matlandand especially phones
Johnseni have nonclicky ones at home but i forgot what color
matlandclicky is good clicky is nice
Johnseni think brown ones too, but they have a bit less resistance than his
pk2010butonly issue is when it gets dusty ..multiple keys start pressing together
Johnsenanyway i type hard
Johnseni hit the bottom so i dont need clickety
matlandi wash my keyboard on occasion to prevent dust being problem
matlandif you got the time you can just give a bath in DI water u know
mrdatayou could pass a small vacuum over it
raphaJohnsen: okay, so the way i described does not work
mrdataas you brush it
Johnsenye, i never usedthem i woldnt know
matlandbe careful with vacuums tho they can suck keys up
raphaanyone who ever used elecret microphones?
Johnsenlike i said i only once heard of them from a crazy wizard in the woods
matlandif im in a hurry i just throw it full of isopropanol alcohol and blow it dry with compressor
pk2010matland: i read the transistor's datasheet ..it say vce(sat) = 300mv so if relay works at 0.5A ..so it will dissipiate ar least 150mW right?
matlandpk2010: that's correct, yet i don't think 2.2k would saturate it
mrdatapk2010, makes sense
matlandpk2010: at 100mA hfe is 30
matland2.2k would give you 1.2mA base current
matlandand max IC is 200mA
ballWhat do flourescent tubes need to light up? What does the ballast output?
matlandthey need a high voltage to start and then current limited ball
ballThanks matland. Any idea how high that Voltage is?
mrdatathousands of volts, isnt it?
matlandnot sure, higher than mains
raphanah 600V is enough
raphato produce plasma inside
ballDC or AC?
raphagot one right besides me
n2ball: short spike.
n2thats why they are, like, inductive ballasts and what not.
matlandthe starter thing shorts the lamp so the ballast which is just a big inductor takes current
balln2: Between the ends?
matlandthen it opens
matlandand a voltage spike appears coz of inductance, (hopefully) starting the lamp
n2the starter charges the inductor, then lets it discharge into the lamp
n2i.e. a voltage spike
n2it may vary somewhat
matlandthen the lamp starts and the inductor limits the current
matlandand coz the lamp then operates at rather low voltage the starter stops messing about
n2“An inductor is very common in line-frequency ballasts to provide the proper starting and operating electrical condition to power a fluorescent lamp, neon lamp, or high intensity discharge (HID) lamp. (Because of the use of the inductor, such ballasts are usually called magnetic ballasts.) The inductor has two benefits:
n2Its reactance limits the power available to the lamp with only minimal power losses in the inductor
n2The voltage spike produced when current through the inductor is rapidly interrupted is used in some circuits to first strike the arc in the lamp"
n2to quote Wikipedia, ball.
n2ball: Some more detail can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluorescent_lamp#Starting
n2including voltages iirc
n2there’s also a heating phase, btw
matlandalso the electrodes of the lamp are often heated
n2to allow for better electron emission
n2when they are heated, an arc is struck with the starter inductor
raphasooo going back to https://www.dampfradioforum.de/download/file.php?id=21292&sid=5b8d7715951db74a1663652dd21d5c0f ... shouldn't i be able to measure +12V from the right transistor's collector to its emitter?
raphainstead there's just 9.5mV
raphawell, okay, the phone only puts out 6.14V on the two pins where the old charcoal microphone was connecfted
raphaand if i short those two pins for a bit there's a crack in my mobile phone's speaker, so the connection is good
spludredrabbit doesn't seem to have returned with his pizero power thingy. It's been over an hour...
raphathe pins were the wrong way around
raphanow it's 1.6V from below the 1N4148 to above the Zeners
Johnseni go home woop
Johnsenworked enough fro tdoay
ballHave a great evening Johnsen
raphabah something's awry here
ThePendulumhaha at all the people calling the Starman fake, because where are the cars?!?!?!?! SpaceX' /actual/ animation does have stars... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tk338VXcb24&t=145
electrobotThePendulum just linked to Falcon Heavy Animation - YouTube
ThePendulum*the stars, even
mrdatayou wont see the stars with all that contrast
mrdatawhen ever you can see sunlight
raphafucking flat earthers, but yeah, thats what you get for decades of fucked up locust capitalism and other crap
TheTrashHeh they used to be less disingenuous... like spotting cameraman reflections or ropes or something. Imagine the "animators" at spacex... "Yep E., animation is done. Posted to Youtube!" Damnit Frank, you forgot to add the stars".
TheTrash"Ah well, people will just have to be satisfied by this GIANT ROCKET that's actually physically there to see"
TheTrashI still think "Starman" is an actual live (well, dead now) Tesla engineer who failed to deliver a fully functional car on time, and as punishment he was sent into space in a non-functional unfinished car.
TheTrashThus covering up the murder for all eternity.
mrdatabecause musk has all the hallmarks of an evil billionaire
mrdatahe has his own space launch company, and his own tunnel boring company
Hooloovo0I think if he were evil he could have done worse than putting a car up
tomeaton17Whoever likes ruby is
tomeaton17dumb. Nothing better than a 5+ year old codebase with broken gems
TheTrashEh that kinda happens with most programming languages and frameworks.
TheTrash5+ years with no maintenance is going to bitrot
TheTrashYou're lucky it's open sores, that way you can fix it yourself! Even if it takes a couple of million $...
tomeaton17I would be okay with it if the gem code was stored locally, but they try to install from a broken link so cant even get the code. Developer who made this has left so no help there. Might just port to python tbh
TheTrashSure. Just don't make the same mistake :P
tomeaton17Yeah, well I will document what I do at least. Spent the last week reverse engineering a protoboard the last engineer left behind with no schematic for the same problem
TheTrashSounds like a few people failed at job security strategies...
tomeaton17Yeah well the guy is in prison..
TheTrashhaha I figured it must have been something like that, the rest of the strategy was sound... make yourself irreplaceable and all.
raphaif there's no microphone in https://www.dampfradioforum.de/download/file.php?id=21292&sid=5b8d7715951db74a1663652dd21d5c0f, is there anything you could measure to determine if the thing is working alright? (to know whether it's the microphone that might be the problem)?
flybackACTION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=io9SxQXcYzo <-- theif caught on camera
electrobotflyback just linked to Brown Bear Thief CAUGHT Stealing Dumpster - YouTube
raynoldAhh it's a wonderful day
raphawhat i rly dont get ... when you put that circuit together, without the microphone, you get just 30mV from the second transistor's base to its emitter ... how is that little supposed to power the elecret mic?
SmokinGruntsoh my, what for lunch... Tacos, or turkey chili
SmokinGruntsI think both!
ozzzyhot wings
LewsThanThreeTHanks for all your help guys, the last few days.
LewsThanThreeMuch appreciated :)
LewsThanThreeStill not going to get the parts yet, gonna sit on this design and let it stew for a bit, as well as review my PV specs before taking the jump.
SmokinGruntsno prob, I hope I didn't say anything silly late last night; I got a lil tipsy :o :x
LewsThanThreeNah, you're good :)
LewsThanThreeEven if you were out of line (you weren't), I try to take things with a grain (read: bucket) of salt.
LewsThanThreeAs I mentioned, it's been over a decade (almost 15 years) since I last did this level of electronics, so yea.
LewsThanThreeI know the ideas behind it all, just taking some time to fit the pieces together again.
LewsThanThreeFor now I'll breadboard everything, then later I'll look into getting some PCBs made.
LewsThanThreeUnfortunately, due to location, that last bit will be challenging.
SmokinGruntswhat location?
LewsThanThreeBumfuck nowhere, Mexico :P
jaggzMexico and its people have an amazing heritage.
SmokinGruntshellllll yeah!
LewsThanThreeEnded up marrying a local, too :P
SmokinGruntsOSHPark should be good to go, but they're in Oregon I think?
ozzzyI think that everyone, everywhere has an amazing heritage
SmokinGruntsfor cheap, high-quality pcbs, that is
jaggzLewsThanThree, oh you married a mexican?
LewsThanThreeThe issue is more how to get it shipped to me.
LewsThanThreejaggz, yea
jaggzLewsThanThree, you're amerkin?
LewsThanThreeBut yea, we're 5 hours south of San Diego.
LewsThanThreejaggz, give or take, yea. Canadian :P
jaggzok no, not american
LewsThanThreeNorth American!
LewsThanThreeBut no, not 'murican
LewsThanThreeI jokingly call myself "Mexinadian"
LewsThanThreeBeen down here 14 years now.
jaggzpretty sure Canada is like.. the idealistic naivety of America, when you take out a lot of the corruption and lack of reason we teach our people.
LewsThanThreeACTION rearranges abc__ 's _s
LewsThanThreejaggz, oh, you'd be surprised.
LewsThanThreeWe have our dumfucks as well.
jaggzoh.. no doubt
jaggzmostly dumbf's I'm sure.
LewsThanThreeYep :P
jaggzthat's the bellcurve of humanity
jaggzI myself cover both endpoints
jaggzSmokinGrunts, just came up with that
jaggzjust sent something worthwhile in pm, SmokinGrunts
jfcaronHow do people get prototype PCBs made? Like one-off boards?
SmokinGruntsthere's a few spots that'll do minimal order requirements for cheap
SmokinGruntsthen you just send gerbers, and order stencils
SmokinGruntsor just hand solder
jaggzjfcaron, good ol' 1960's perf board
jfcaronYeah I might get some perf board.
jfcaronOur lab is full of solderless breadboards, but not "solderfull" ones.
jaggzjfcaron, nail polish on pcb then acid it
jaggzI've still not done that.. would want to try 3d printing my traces one day
jaggzbut I have no acid.. and my h2o2 is now mostly h2o
jaggzand it was the normal 3% stuff from the drugstore :)
jaggzI ordered once online..
SmokinGruntsoooh! if you have a fiber-laser, you can cover copper-clad with black cheapo spraypaint and 'laser' a negative of your circuit... That was fun while I had the laser.
jaggzif you print that, know that you have to put the connectors on the opposite sides cuz I messed up :)
LewsThanThreeIn HS we did the hotstick acid system.
LewsThanThreeWas pretty nice.
jaggzoshpark was inexpensive and relatively fast
jaggzbut I don't have other experience to recommend them over others
SmokinGruntsimagineering inc. ( http://www.pcbnet.com/ ) is great for next-step-up, and incredibly competitive
SmokinGruntsvery good boards from them, unf
jfcaronI think I'll stick to breadboard for now.
jfcaronThis looks too complicated to get into on my own.
jfcaronI'd have to learn how to design the things first of all.
jaggzbb's good
jaggzthen some perfboard and wires if your designs are nice and simple
LewsThanThreeffs, can we just fire my coworker now?!?! </offtopic>
SmokinGruntsI wish I had my old wire wrapping tool
jaggzbut it was a good experience to design a pcb board in.. I don't recall what I used.
SmokinGruntseagle! KiCAD!
LewsThanThreeSo yea, if I can get a company to ship to mexico, that'd be nice.
LewsThanThreeDHL usually arrives in a week.
LewsThanThreeUSPS literally takes a month, rofl
jaggzLewsThanThree, I've seen the mexie do the nailpolish :)
jaggzon youtube
LewsThanThreeYes, but I need the acid and copper regardless.
LewsThanThreeAnd I'd only do that method if I'm still in dev, which I can use solderful breadboards to do that anyway.
SmokinGruntsjfcaron what sorta project you got?
restoreralright... I think I'm past the worst of this illness and I can get back to poking at electronical things
restorer(certainly not completely through it, though)
SmokinGruntsrestorer is... restored.
restorerhah, I wish
restorerstill waiting on The Call for that
LewsThanThreeSo if I've been using EasyEDA for prototyping the circuit, what can I use to prototype my PCB?
SmokinGruntsLewsThanThree oshpark does next-business-day shipping to Mexico plus tracking
SmokinGrunts~$25 though
LewsThanThreeYea, I sent them an email.
LewsThanThreeBut it can't be UPS/USPS
kludgeLewsThanThree: print it out on paper, put the parts on the paper and make sure it all lines up properly.
LewsThanThreeLIke I said, takes over 4 weeks to arrive.
SmokinGruntsfedex intl.
kludgeIf you want fast, you send it to Advanced PCB and pay a lot of money.
ozzzyif I get stuff from the us it HAS to USPS
LewsThanThreeHm, will look into it.
kludgeOr you can use expresspcb which is fast, has a rather cool free tool, and is moderately expensive.
LewsThanThreekludge, gotcha.
jfcaronI've got an Arduino Due hooked up to the analog control pins of an old Droege HV power supply. I also need 3 op-amps to shift the DAC outputs and amplify the signals going into the DACs. It'd be nice if all the extra stuff was a "shield" that lives on the Due instead of jumper wires & breadboard.
g0zstill waiting for my dirtypcbs here
g0zI think they actually fab them on a different planet
SmokinGruntsDroege... wasn't that designed at Fermilab?
Sculptorhah, g0z
SmokinGruntsI'm right next to Fermilab...
Sculptori did not know you were so active with electronics
Sculptormaking pcbs
jfcaronYeah Tom Droege was a Fermilab guy.
SmokinGruntscool, small world
jfcaronThis power suplpy was made at Fermilab in the 70s, but I'm at U Minnesota
jfcaronWorking on a Fermilab project though.
restorerACTION is reading a Droege/Fermilab paper on a power supply
SmokinGruntsgot a schematic for this shield you want?
jfcaronNah we're still futzing with it to get the right gain for the outputs and such.
restorertypos preserved for the Ages
jfcaronThere's a US patent too.
jfcaron^ that one is almost identical to ours.
jfcaronThe back panel has pins for analog control, 0-2V input gives approximately 0-2kV output.
SmokinGruntswhat a sexy piece of kit
jfcaronSo we're using the Arduino Due DAC for that.
SmokinGruntssimpson meter, too
jfcaronThen we read the scaled "Voltage Monitor" line (1kV = 1V) with the ADC and "Current Monitor" line (0.1 mA = 1V) with another one.
restorerthat last link has mixed specs from the original paper and the revisions, huh
jfcaronYeah they made a lot of these, and a lot of people customized them.
jfcaronE.g. change the output range, resolution, polarity..
jfcaronSo when you scrounge up one of these you have to test it to make sure it does what it says on the tin.
jfcaronMine had a sticky note that said "Added protection diodes, 09/12/79" =p
spludLooking at scrollback. SmokinGrunts -- fiber laser should be able to cut the copper clad directly (no chemical etch). a CO2 laser is what you'd cut a negative of from a spraypainted PCB and then etch
kmcI miss my CO2 laser
spludI've used my 40W CO2 to do negatives on spraypainted PCBs. It works, but honestly, toner transfer works quite well for me.
SmokinGruntssplud I used an Epilog laser in an American Laser CNC Marker
SmokinGruntsyeah, toner transfer is boss, specially if ye got a good printer :)
SmokinGruntsjfcaron for reference, there's a Due Shield project file available here: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=153875.0
SmokinGruntsnote that arduino's have an uneven gap between pins 7 & 8. This is all in case you decide to dip into board layout
spludThe pin spacings on Unos is mind boggling.
spludfor a DIY electronics thin, why the feck didn't they lay it out to be compatible with protoboard?
kmcthey dun fucked up
spludYea, you can 'twerk' the pins just enough.
spludACTION takes that back, I don't want to see a protoboard twerking.
SmokinGruntsand http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=163580.0
jfcaronDoes the Due also have weird pin spacing?
spludheh, why would you plug the arduino down into a breadboard?
spludnevermind the wide rail spacing.
SmokinGruntsjfcaron the Due does have the same weird spacing
kmcit goes back to the original arduino
kmcit's just a mistake, a frustrating one
kmc> Massimo said that he fat-fingered the placement in Eagle at one point during the layout and didn’t realize it until it was too late.
kmcyou think they might get, like, a prototype run
kmcand test it out
kmcoh well
spludDilbert is great today.
jfcaronNo one sells a "proto shield" for duinos?
kmcjfcaron: plenty of people do
kmcsplud: link?
spludkmc: dilbert.com ?
spludjfcaron - there are protoboard shields with perfboard as well as small solderless breadboards
spludThankfully, shields aside, there are teensy and nano and such with standard spacings.
f003brvWill ESP32 be able to take on Arm based MCU's?
splud"take on" ?
f003brvI know it's using the Xtensa architecture. I don't know much about it aside from that it is MIPS like
spludI think it compares favourably against an STM32F103
kmcsomething like a STM32 has much better peripherals
f003brvsplud: compete with as an mcu. Obviously WiFi is why we use these modules
spludbut ESP32 has wifi <g>
kmcwell yes
spludand a crapton of flash (vs base STM32)
kmcwhich makes it good for certain things
f003brvthat's why I used the esp8266 but never used it for anything else
kmcbut there are a tremendous number of ARM products out there where an ESP would make no sense
SmokinGruntsI <3 my lil' nano, even though it's an OSEPP
kmcit's more likely that we will see more ARM MCUs with built-in WiFi
f003brvkmc: I'm waiting for that, but it has not happened yet
spludIts funny that the ESP8266 boards were originally pitched as a serial device to add wifi to something like an arduino, but are in fact more powerful,
f003brvMaybe nrf would do it as they have already integrated Bluetooth
spludbut have their own limitations - less I/O, can't truly "sleep", etc.
spludkeyword "SoC"
f003brvsplud: I know the esp8266 is more powerful than just as a serial device but that's all I have ever used it for
spludWith the integration of it as a core for the Arduino IDE, it should be a lot easier to just use it directly.
f003brvsplud: well I have not used in the case of Arduino but in conjunction with stm32
spludIt's a power-hungry device though, and the "sleep" needing a device reset to wake up (and thus state reset) it obnoxious.
f003brvI really want to see arm-based wifi
f003brvI can't wait for that tbh
SmokinGruntsthat'd be cool
spludLike, uh, OrangePi?
spludor any other ARM board with built-in wifi?
f003brvarm board with bult in wifi
f003brvbuilt in wifi* like nrf52 did with BLE
f003brvarm chip*
SmokinGruntsoooooooh that orangepi looks nice
SmokinGruntsI'ma need to get me one of them
Mad7ScientistWhat wifi did the Chinese government backdoor?
restorerI'm not a big fan of the OPi Zero's wireless
JosephRealHey guys, I’m trying to replace the mic on my two-way radio with a amplified mic, but all I am getting it a high pitch noise. Any ideas? https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/kzpTFSfa/IMG_2182.JPG
Mad7Scientistwifi requires a separate CPU due to real time requirements
f003brvMad7Scientist good to know. Hmm I did not realize that
f003brvWell the esp's are already mcu's too right?
f003brvCan't they just used ARM instead of Xtensa
Mad7ScientistYes and I think you can use the wifi CPU for other tasks too, but I presume it must not interfere with wifi operations
f003brvI understand, are you saying it might be better to have it a serial device?
Mad7ScientistI suppose an interrupt based wifi system could work on a regular operating system too
Mad7ScientistI don't know about that but for FCC reasons wireless devices are often modules
Mad7ScientistIt'll stall development by 6 months for certification
f003brvI have found esp8266 to be fine for my current needs to be honest but only because I don't really use the mcu part
Mad7ScientistI need to get one
Mad7ScientistIs there a software kit that comes with it?
f003brvHmm not that I know of
f003brvThere have been more dev tools from Espressif lately since the ESP32 launch. When I used it 2016, it did not
Mad7ScientistHow do you use it? Does it use a serial modem interface? what CPU is in there? Can you compile your own programs to run along side the wifi firmware?
f003brvAlthough they did have the compiler ready
f003brvThere was not an ide or anything but examples and some firmware from Espressif that was available with demos and such
f003brvI used some of the examples to create an http server and host a webpage and send thermal data
f003brvthe pc could then connect over WiFi. The access point stuff was cool
f003brvAnd it has a 32 bit mcu for other stuff too
f003brvnot many peripherals though
Mad7ScientistAn Xtensa processor can be customized into anything from a small, low-power cache-less microcontroller to a high-performance 16-way SIMD processor, 3-issue VLIW DSP core, or a 1 TMAC/sec neural network processor. All Cadence standard DSPs are based on the Xtensa architecture.
Matt|homehi. silly question: if you needed to generate a huge amount of amps, like in the millions range through a DC power source, is that something that requires like a giant powerplant , or is that doable on an amateur scale or what?
longus_catusReinforced the solder on this stm32 board usb port... it was using smd-amounts of solder for the load-bearing pins
f003brvI don't much about Xtensa. I understand it is customizable but I'm not sure what that means
f003brvthey call it a reconfigurable architecture
Mad7ScientistMatt|home, you have to make a flywheel generator
f003brvbut idk if that means before or after the chip is manufactured
longus_catusI'd use AC and a transformer...a big one... you can get many amps that way
Matt|homelike what's the highest current you could theoretically draw on an amateur scale that doesn't require building your own generator
Mad7Scientist1000000 Amps at .01 Volts
longus_catusYou can pick one up at the store. They call them electric arc welders
Matt|homei actually don't know the required voltage for the project i want to do..
Matt|homelet me see
Mad7ScientistI don't think even a flywheel generator can make such low voltages at such high current
Matt|homeso basically im looking at building a functional railgun, not to launch like missiles or anything but really light things, like model rockets
synx508lock the doors
Matt|homewhat kind of necessary power do i need for that
Mad7ScientistIf 1cm^2 copper can do 1000 Amps, then something like 32x32cm of buss bar would be needed
Matt|homewikipedia is like 'one million amps to launch missiles'
longus_catusPeople use capacitor banks for that
Mad7Scientistand the voltage drop after a fairly short distance would be 1 volt
Matt|homealso , it states that after a few launches the rails "degrade" , what does that mean.. they melt or something?
longus_catusi think the part that touches the projectile tends to turn into plasma
Mad7Scientistrail guns use much lower current than that. Probably closer to 1000 Amps with voltages in the 2 to 3 figures
Mad7ScientistIsn't a rail gun just a big solenoid, like when you disconnect it just at the right time and it shoots the solenoid out?
durrf2mfw lower amps means 1000a
spludMatt|home - you have a PS that charges a bank of caps, which can DUMP the stored energy very quickly.
Matt|homei had an idea, basically i wanted to measure what kind of altitude i could get using an amateur rocket starting on the ground by itself, versus being launched with some kind of system like a railgun and -then- doing the fuel ignition
spludthe PS itself doesn't need to be high current/
Matt|homei dont know if it'll make any difference
Matt|homebut for something like that what should i be looking for in terms of current/voltage ?
Matt|homei know about the capacitor bank design
longus_catusacademic funding levels
Matt|home.. is it really that expensive :\
Greg-JThis looks like it could be the right place.
Mad7Scientistoh nevermind the projectile is part of the circuit so they probably do use 10s or 100s of thousands of Amps
longus_catusYou want to launch a 6oz missile a thousand feet into the air with a impulse of 100ms
Mad7ScientistBut at much higher voltages
Matt|homelongus_catus - where's the primary cost going into ?
Matt|homeor the majority of it
Matt|homethank you SmokinGrunts
Mad7ScientistA coil gun is different than a rail gun it seems after reading wikipedia
Mad7ScientistA railgun runs current through the projectile to magnetize it
matlandlol just seen a video about a stun gun phone case
FuchikomaThe projectile or a sabot
FuchikomaUsually a sabot
matlandna just stabbing thing
matlandi wonder if not that is a nightmare for the phone in EMI terms
longus_catusPretty sure this is the primary expense: https://coilgun.info/mark5/images/IMG_4166.jpg
matlandmaybe thats why it looks like a weak stungun though
matlandwhat voltage are those rated?
g0zI can't find my stash of LM386 s :(
matlandi just carry a defibrillator for self defense
durrf2must be one of those old ones
syHi there!
longus_catus450 volts https://coilgun.info/mark5/parts.htm and apparently affordable
matlandthats hella cheap
matlandlast time i needed a big capacitorb it was like 70 euros for 1
matland350v 2450uF and a stupid size lol
sySo I have this phone that supports smart charging; that's where it charges the battery to 90% and keeps it there just before the usual unplug time, when it charges it to 100%. The OEM charger has a rating of 5V/2700ma but I'm using a 1000ma one, just because I don't quite trust it, and so it spend less of the night at 100% if smart charging fails. Which is has (i think). Any ideas how I can test if it's
syworking, or what I'm doing wrong?
longus_catusWhat the hell, it's 5v at 2.7A? I have a phone from 2015 that does 5/9/12v charging
syyeah i'm just reading on the plug and there's a bunch of other voltages too, at lower amperage
longus_catusSmart charging can't really fail unless the battery experiences thermal runaway and then vents with flame. Otherwise, it would shut off at overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, undervoltage
Mad7ScientistDo you have to open the circuit of the coil at maximum current to fire it?
syWould using a non-standard charging amperage confuse it?
syI know it needs to time it according to how far away the wake up time is, and how fast it thinks it can get to 100% during that time
longus_catusNo, what will happen is the phone will use the highest current that keeps the voltage at a certain level..which depends on the manufacturer. So if you use an underrated supply, it will charge slower because the power supply will be unable to give 5v at any higher current
raphai fucking bought a 2 pin elecret now
raphastupid undocumented 3 pin fuck
syso, i'm not harming the battery by doing this?
Greg-JAnyone here have experience with VisionBOT?
SmokinGruntshttps://coilgun.info/mark4/measuring_speed.htm I wish I had such a skilled helper
sybut from what i understand, lower amperages don't exactly prelong the life either, right?
longus_catusMy motorola phone will switch to a lower current if it falls the slightest bit below 5v. Will keep lowering the charge current until it is stable. My samsung will let it go to 4.6v or so before switching down
syHow do you know?
restoreroh man that site's still around?
sythat's pretty specific :P
restorerACTION remembers his coilgun experiments in 2003
longus_catusI have one of those usb current monitor passthroughs
syah neat
syI'll get a battery level logger and run it while charging to see if it actually stops
longus_catushttps://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019RHJRM8 I think this one is fantastic
longus_catusIf it didn't stop, it would go above 4.4V, and the circuit built onto the battery would disconnect it electrically.
longus_catus4.4V is the cutoff for cell phone batteries, according to testing I've done with a battery analyzer
kmcsounds right
kmc3.7 to 4.3 or 4.4
syoh no, i mean stop at a battery capacity below 100%
longus_catusI set the battery analyzer to increase charge voltage every second, and at 4.4V, it disconnected
restorerI have this one https://www.amazon.com/PortaPow-3-20V-Monitor-SmartCharge-Technology/dp/B01CVMAK2M and I use it in conjuction with the Amperage app to monitor charging (and discharging)
syto prevent keeping it at 100 for too long
kmcMad7Scientist: the solenoid thing is a coil gun
longus_catusKeeping it at 100% is less harmful than heat
restoreramazing how much lower the idle discharge is on my S8 than on my S4
kmcusually you have multiple coils along the barrel
kmcthey turn on and off just as the projectile passes
kmcso you need some position sensor like an optical interruptor
restorerheh, I only went as far as a tuned single coil
restorercarbon fiber barrel though :D
restorerI no longer have those capacitors :(
kmcMad7Scientist: does the ESP not have a separate baseband DSP processor for wifi?
Mad7ScientistThat's the thing I don't know. A wifi chip has a CPU to handle wifi related packets which requires low latency. It must respond to each packet received.
f003brvHave you worked with Xtensa, Mad7Scientist?
kmcMad7Scientist: you mean like replying to a ping?
Mad7ScientistI have not
kmcthere's no explicit time requirement there
groghow'd the spacex burn go? please dont make me visit twitter
kmcif you reply faster, then you have alower latency
kmcgrog: it went well
kmcthey got the payload into spaaace
kmcand recovered 2/3 of the first stage boosters
Mad7Scientist802.11 acknowledges every packet received with very low latency. So low that normal hardware cannot be used for long distance links.
raphagrog: it went more than well, all social media are full of flat earthers claiming it was fake.
kmcoh, right
grogkmc: ya did the car burn into helio yet?
kmcI read it's actually going to miss and hit the asteroid belt
kmcand you are right to avoid twitter. it's a toxic cesspool, a platform designed to make people stupid and mean
SpeedEvilIt was never really aimed at Mars
raphagrog: nah it can't because the sun is actually just a giant lamp put in earth orbit by a previous space faring race.
kmcregardless it is sometimes the best source of breaking news :(
kmcI hate flat earthers and don't even want to devode space in my head to understanding how they think
SpeedEvilhttps://youtu.be/aBr2kKAHN6M?t=9291 - I think was one of my favourite bits of the launch to Mars.
electrobotSpeedEvil just linked to www.youtube.com (Live Views of Starman - YouTube)
kmclet's see though if we can get trump to embrace flat earth
SpeedEvilLightning and cities over Africa, and Sunrise.
kmcjust say that clinton and obama believe the earth is round
f003brvHave you heard of the the new 802.11 standard?
raphakmc: would you be surprised if he already did?
jfcaronis flat earth compatible with hollow earth?
kmcI'm annoyed that he sent a fucking car... cars suck
jfcaronYeah the car thing is really trashy.
raphac'mon this one doesnt kmc
kmc"hey alien civilization, have this symbol of how we designed our entire cities to be inefficient and dangerous"
raphaACTION loves the car thing and would've done it as well
grogya shoulda loaded it up with amsats or offered the space to uni's or something
kmche should have loaded it with dildos
kmca symbol of peace and love
jfcaronThat's what I say too, and all these americans I know don't see any issue with sending a car up.
grog"you've got a month to come up with some epic spacejunk, aaaand go"
kmcjfcaron: join #trains, we are like the most anti-car
kmcACTION confesses that she owns a car
raphajfcaron: I'm German and I'm still liking the Tesla in space
kmcbut it's for getting out of the city mainly
grogwell, at least it's not like, a Ford Falcon or something, it's our newest and bestest and brightest
kmcand coping with our awful transit system -- but Ia'd rather have transit!
jfcaronI'm a bicycle + transit guy myself, but yeah I also have a private motor vehicle.
jfcaron= (
kmcI'm going to take advantage of govt subsidies when I can, but I'd vote against
jfcaronI lived in Texas, had to buy one to survive.
raphakmc: also I *don't* own a car which makes me less qualified than you to like the Space Tesla :-D
kmcI mean for heaven's sake... my neighborhood has free street parking, you only have to move your car 2x/month, and people STILL own so many freaking cars that they are parked all over their own driveways, front entry, the sidewalk etc
kmcit's fucking annoying
jfcaronThey should have asked for suicidal volunteers to die in space. I bet they woulda had plenty.
kmcand they use their garages for storage
raphawell, that, it is
kmcbecause street parking is essentially untaxed
kmcdespite the obvious externalities
raphaIMHO let's just put ALL the cars in a helio orbit
kmcpeople in SF will cry bloody murder if you want to remove 1 parking space for transit improvements
kmcthey block new housing construction because it might affect parking
kmcfuck those people
jfcaronGood book.
raphasee, all cars in helio orbit -> lotsa problems solved
Mad7ScientistI watched the delayed live feed and they said that the center booster returned safely to the floating barge
kmcthey can move to pleasanton or mountain view or something. there's no moral right to own a car, have free car infrastructure AND live a couple miles from downtown
jfcaronJust ban all cars.
kmcat least, scott weiner is introducing new bills to make them pound sand
ozzzyno thanks
raphawe can even let ppl fill up the cars with whatever they want (amateur radio equipment, science experiments, whatever) before lifting them off
kmcI'd say there should be congestion charges for cars in cities
kmccan't ban them entirely
ozzzywhat if there's no congestion
raphacan shoot them into space though
grogjfcaron: die.. in spaaace? man what if you change ur mind on the epic ride up tho?
jfcarongrog: You'll sign such a heavy waiver that you won't change your mind.
jfcaronVolunteer soldiers can't just change their mind about soldiering when the bullets start flying, that's called desertion. =p
grogbig cities already have congestion charges, limited/pay access, artificially-inflated parking, tolls, etc... they'll be the first places that SDCs/fullautos take over, too
raphajfcaron: grog: that's a stupid idea. at least TRY to land them on mars with a bunch of stuff to at least get some useful data out of the whole thing. like, how long until they die, and why.
jfcaronThey can all be streaming periscope from the cargo bay. =p
grogimho there's not a lot that humans can tell us about mars or the moon that satellites/robots/landers cant
grogbut hey, someday, we'll live there, so..
raphahttps://www.theverge.com/2018/2/5/16966530/intel-vaunt-smart-glasses-announced-ar-video <-- crazy feat
jfcaronSome day we might even be able to live on earth again.
grogequating "moon refuel base" with people tho.. nah
kludgeMars is disappointing. There are no banths or thoats and no beautiful princesses.
kludgeI want to live in a place with beautiful princesses.
g0ztry another castle?
kludgeCastle? There aren't even any canals. We were hoping for canals.
jfcaronElon Busk should build a huge giant face of himself on Mars, visible from orbit.
jfcaronSuper classy.
kludgeThe only good thing about Mars is the theme song.
Mad7Scientistjfcaron, Interesting concept
kludgeAnd really, Jupiter gets a catchier tune.
Mad7ScientistI didn't know that businesses were required by zoning to provide parking
Mad7ScientistIt doesn't have to be free parking though
Mad7ScientistThe cost of driving a vehicle to the store far exceeds the rental value of the parking space though
ozzzybusinesses have to provide parking?
Mad7ScientistThe cost of parking a vehicle in a city would be something over $2 per day I would imagine. That's $700 per year for an 8ft x 20ft spot
jfcaronWill a DIP-8 chip sit properly in the middle of this kind of board? https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/chip-quik-inc/SBB400/SBB400-ND/5978198
Mad7Scientistozzzy, jfcaron> https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/101843.The_High_Cost_of_Free_Parking
ozzzygenerally the city provides parking... and it ain't free
jfcaronDidn't I just link that?
ozzzynow SOME businesses provide parking.... free or otherwise
Mad7Scientistthe description talks about zoning rules
kludgeSome cities are more touchy about zoning than others.
kludgeWhen you have only 2,000 people in the city they don't worry so much about parking.
g0zjfcaron: I don't think so... DIP-8 is a holethrough formfactor, no?
FuchikomaIt is
kludgeYes, you want perfboard for dips.
ozzzywe have just < 400,000.... lots of parking
Mad7ScientistImagine a grocery store with 300 parking spots. They probably get 2000+ vehicles in a day
g0zACTION knew something
kludgeSure, ozzzy, but we have the champion tomato in the state.
ozzzymost grocery stores here share their lot with several other stores
ozzzykludge, that's something
kludgeIt made the front page of the town newspaper! The only time they got that big a headline was when a kid from the high school was accepted by Harvard.
kludgeACTION goes off to get his annual haircut!
Mad7Scientist2000 per day and each customer spends $50, %10 in profits that's $20,000 per day that the parking lot is worth
Welkinkloeri: what made it in the newspaper?
Mad7Scientist$10 in profits I mean
kmcjfcaron: lol. from "Starman" to "The Man who Sold The World"
Mad7Scientistjfcaron, Mount Muskmore!
WelkinI'm going to see star wars in about 10 minutes
Mad7ScientistClassic or Disney?
Welkinthe 8th one
Welkinthe new one
kloeriWelkin: I think you got the wrong nick
Mad7ScientistI haven't seen it
kmcthe problem in SF mostly isn't zoning rules... the problem is that AFTER passing all zoning & code compliance, the local neighborhood groups can delay a project for years with "discretionary review" and fauxvironmentalist bullshit
Welkinkloeri: yeah, I meant that for kludge
kmcthe local sierra club is adamantly pro-car, anti-density
SmokinGruntswoah - https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino/issues/570#issuecomment-313931258
SmokinGruntspretty neat
niconiconiHow do I remove the solder stuck inside a hole on the PCB?
niconiconiPlayed with electronics for years but still have big trouble with it.
kmcand/or solder sucker
kmcif you try too hard with wick, you might lift the pad / via plating
niconiconidoesn't work for really small holes
kmcI've also had success jamming a wire in
kmcwith heat from an iron
ScottKevillGood solder wick actually works way better than I realised.
matlandsometimes it helps to add some new solder niconiconi
matlandand wick or sucker indeed
ScottKevillEspecially once I realised that I was using too much heat.
SmokinGruntsflux that hole bby
matlandhave to get it out in one go
kmcSmokinGrunts: :O
ScottKevillI was vaporising the flux too quickly.
matlandif you get it out halfway you're stuck
matlandand need more sodder again
ScottKevillTurning down the heat made it more effective.
Mad7ScientistACTION would like to see gasoline spewing out of the space car
matlandwick works great
ScottKevillLess is more.
niconiconiyes, I know these methods and they work for most of the time...
matlandif the hole is half empty, add solder until you got a little convex thing at the top niconiconi
ScottKevillI found it sometimes easier to remove solder by adding more solder first.
matlandand then wick it off
matlandnever fails to work for me
Welkinis that like homeopathy?
matlandif you mean using heavy metals and other toxic stuff to solve a problem, yes :P
ScottKevillWelkin: I contemplated saying that as well. :)
Welkinor a cure from pliny the elder
matlandif you dont have enough solder in the hole its just impossible to transfer enough heat into it to melt it all
ScottKevillIt's certainly true for removing spider web.
groglol they #sendit to the asteroids that's so musky
niconiconithe problem for small holes, when the iron is on the hole, there is no clearance for the sucker to work
ScottKevillWeb removes web.
matlandi much prefer wick niconiconi
matlandor a desolder gun
kmcniconiconi: I've got an iron that includes the sucker
g0zI still like my radioshack $12 desoldering iron w/ sucker
matlandif you really in a pickle, melt the solder in the hole and whack the board on the table as hard as you feel comfortable with
ScottKevillOnce I got better with wick, I didn't bother with the spring-loaded solder suckers.
grogwick, more solder if needed, plenty of flux on the part and the wick, you can also pull the wick apart/open it up a bit
matlandspring loaded suckers are pain in the rear
g0zthose spring loaded things ... suck
grogthose solder suckers never worked for me
ScottKevillSupposedly there's a lot of fake solder wick out there on eBay / Ali / etc. that doesn't have any flux in it.
kmcmatland: don't put it up your rear, there's no flared base
grogalso heat/rework gun or toaster, warm up the whole damn thing if needed
niconiconihat if a pin from a removed component is stuck inside the hole...
grogkmc: you want a doucher not a sucker anyway
shaunoI actually do fine with a sucker. I just hold it on the other side of the board from the iron, so it can get its lips around the hole
kmcand a bit lewd :D
kmcniconiconi: about the same I'd say
shaunoyes, that wasn't my first attempt at figuring out how to word that
matlandusually with enough extra solder and wick the pin will fall out when done
ScottKevillshauno :)
grogpush it with another hot pin
grogthen push that one with another one
matlandsame with the slamming on the table technique, albeit not sure if i recommend that
grogeventually, you're outta pins, success!
niconiconiI think I need to get a PCB holder
matlandyou also get hot solder on your hands every once a while using the slamming way
niconiconiand work on both sides of the board
matlandme too niconiconi lol
matlandi end up using a vice or my chin or something else stupid to hold boards
kmci have a PCB vice and also a helping hands w/ four flexible arms
niconiconiI have two holders and they cannot really hold the board
matlandsoldering kinda needs multiple hands even after you get the things clamped and have holder thingies
grogstickvise and 3rd hands ftw
matlandworkholding for soldering is an underestimated underdeveloped science
niconiconimatland: let's train octopus to solder things.
matlandhave an octopus helper
gewttroubleshooting a portable device
gewtit is working fine as soon as i start probing it
grogso keep probing it
matlandlol the problem got scared
grogwhat's the problem?
matlandsomething was high impedance and going higher impedance until it stopped working?
niconiconigewt: a common trap is the capacitance of the probe from an oscilloscope
gewtunstable voltages/noise on the voltage rails of a 37-year-old text to speech thing
matlandelectrolytic capacitor heated up enough to start working?
gewtniconiconi: that's what i'm thinking
spludwhat you need is nonconductive fingers that are heat resistant.
matlandoh old thing, check the ceramic caps gewt
matlandthey can go intermittent nasty broken
spludJust figured out what tripped up my project yesterday. AMS1117 regulator has a max Vin of 15V. was using 16V supply.
matlandalso dry joints gewt
spludCuriously, after the device quit responding, my check of the power was solid 3V3.
niconiconigewt: if you cannot find the source of the problem but additional capacitance make it work again, add a capacitor...
gewtyeah that's what it's looking like
matlandconsumery things things that are 37 years old often have a dry joint here and there
matlandflex the board by poking it and tada fully working
kmcmost regs have overvoltage protection
corecodekmc: how does that work?
gewtthat's the voltage regulation circuitry
spludkmc - this is small SMD bugger, and 15V is the "absolute maximum rating"
gewtflex it a bit and add capacitence and magically fine
kmcthen no
matlandcheck the ceramic capacitors and the solder joints gewt
matlandthe tantalums would be suspect if it wasn't so intermittent
spludFortunately, the uC was on a carrier board I made, and I've swapped it out, but before putting that back in, needed to sort what went wrong.
spludNeed to put another regulator in the mix, because I'm using 16V supply for driving a hot wire.
niconiconiI heard sometimes a detective crystal doesn't oscillate within the spec, but putting an additional SMD capacitor would workaround the problem...
spludI get about 130 ohms resistance from the Vcc and GND on the uC (out of carrier, bare IC).
kmcload caps for crystals can be tricky
spludoscillator FTW
matlandxtals are picky about caps
gewti was hoping to have to do more than flex the board. :(
matlandyeah you have to find why flexing the board causes this :P
matlandget out yer squintoscope or microscope and find the culprit :P
spludreflow solder - though that fixes the problem for that joint. Much better to flex and see that the problem CHANGES while you are doing so, which pretty well confirms it's a mechanical issue.
matlanddon't reflow before you know where exactly the problem is
spludreflowing the joints isn't an uncommon fix for older automotive ECUs.
matlandknowledge is power
matlandand you want the problem to show its ugly head as it is
spludfake news is powah.
kmcflexing makes it sound like a bad solder joint
spludGenerally, yes. However, it can actually be a problem within the pin to a component as well.
spludCo I used to work for had a problem brought on by potting compound leading to stresses on components.
spludPCB would expand and contract at a different rate than the components fixed in potting compound.
gewtafter having flexed it and reinstalled it in the case, it is 100% happy
BrisanceI cant beleive how frickin dirty and raw the DS-8 sounds
gewtso when i find all my microscopey bits, i'll investigate further
spludBad news when your products are subjected to a lot of thermal cycles which can be fairly extreme, AND you have a 25yr warranty.
gewtthis is a 1970s texas instruments speech synth
gewtso slightly rare
Brisanceit is perfect for sounds, that could be used in scary movies backgrounds, etc, for pads and such
matlandone thing worth doing is hook the ceramic caps to dmm or analog meter in resistance mode and tap them
Brisanceand man the bass :O
matlandsome old ones intermittantly go conductive
gewtmm, yeah
gewtat least i know it's fixable more easily that i thought now
gewtand when i've got the time i can fix it properly
ketasi wonder, for mere short protection for parallel li-ion cells, i could use something like 1c current fuse too?
ketasinstead of 0.5c
matlandwhy not? unless you have super wimpy cells they can take 1C discharging
ketasit's only purpose is to avoid it all turning into hot molten copper and whatever ese
ketasin theory i could even use wire between two kapton layers too
ketasfor average short protection
ketasthough 2.47 eur / 200 pieces = 0.01235000000000000000
ketasmere 1 cent?
ketasi also got 0.70 eur led voltmeter
ketashopefully it would be useful for measuring 1s
ketasit says range from 2.7v
ketas(2-wire, so min supply)
electrobotSmokinGrunts just linked to www.youtube.com (Airplane Snore - YouTube)
niconiconikmc, ScottKevill: thanks everyone, I eventually removed all the damning solder from the holes with my solder wick! after I turned UP the temperature
kmcniconiconi: cool! what temp did you settle on
kmcwas it RoHS solder?
ScottKevillWell, yes, naturally that advice is going to depend on what your temperature was originally. :)
LewsThanThreeLol, clients are great.
LewsThanThreeMe: "Don't worry, it's been a week of mondays" Them: "It has! wtf!" At end of call, them: "Hope the rest of your monday goes better, and that tomorrow is thursday!"
niconiconikmc: RoHS, 385 C. Normally 275 - 325 C works for me to solder things on most RoHS and non-RoHS boards. I guess in this case oxidation of the solder and the presence of the wick hinders heat transfer.
matlandwhoever voted that rohs shit to be a thing does not solder for a job
spludEarlier, I mentioned an AMS1117 linear that poofed an attached uC. Turns out, device has absolute max of 15Vin, and my supply is 16V.
matlandi always just mix snpb onto existing rohs stuff to get it to melt, otherwise no go
matlanddont wanna scorch the board by trying to melt it as is :P
Loshkisplud: that's just plain old intolerance...
spludStuff is in place on protoboard (with SMD parts), and the easiest rework is to put a higher Vin regulator before the AMS part.
spludlike a 12V, with a known max Vin of 35V.
spludThat much is straightforward. I could go ground-ground and Vsupply to Vin of new regulator, and Vout of new regulator to Vin of the 3V3 one.
spludHowever, in my bin, I have quite a few negative voltage regulator (79xx series) that I'm frankly unlikely to ever use.
spludThings that came my way in "grab bags" of parts - some other useful stuff, and a bunch of stuff I won't have a use for.
spludNow, if I invert the DC input to this, (+Vsupply to GND, and GND to -Vin), then swap that GND and -Vout to Vin and GND of the 3V3 regulator, I should have positive 3V3 for the uC.
spludand use up one of these gawdawful neg voltage regulators.
kmcthat's pretty hot
kmcI wonder if you could clean the oxidation somehow
spludTHAT much is legit right?
matlandoxidation on solder = add more solder, wick away as much as you can and put new solder
matlandif its really bad first alcohol and toothbrush
matlandor water n soap even lol
phinxyThese test probes measure about 5 ohm, How much do your similar test probe measure?
phinxyTwo of them in series measure 4 ohm. Its very jumpy and unstable
matlandphinxy: i have the same shit from same seller, let me test
phinxyThis black one must be defect
matlandmine came in a set though, also from cleqee
spludanyone on the vreg?
matlandlol wot4 ohms about
phinxymatland• does your measurement jump around if you press the button?
matlandthey officially suck phinxy
matlandalligator clips from same set are great tho
matlandhm i took the sleeve off from the tip of those grabbers
spludHowever, the uC is switching an NFET for the hot wire output (which runs to the +V of the 16V supply). That GND would then be the "-12V" out from the -12V linreg, which is really +12V WRT to the +16V supply, so I'd be switching a whopping 4V, right?
matlandand underneath the small copper rings do have good contact
phinxyThe crimp is almost 0 ohms
matlandACTION squints at it to see how to take further apart
matlandthe button pulls off to reveal the grabber hrm
matlandwhere the f it is supposed to make contact?
matlandit relies on the luck of the grabamathing touching the springamathing or crimp phinxy xD
matlandand the spring is magnetite coated or painted or something
phinxyat least its fixable!
matlandwait lets measure first if the grabamathing has ok resistance xD
Viper-7lol, well 10A "rated"
phinxyfor 10s perhaps
matlandlol i measure 1 ohm over the entire grabby thing
matlandthat's a lot
matlandwith the crapometer though hold on
Viper-7at 1 ohm that'd be 100W at 10A :P
phinxyi think its the coating, its the same trough the whole length
Viper-7so no, not even for 1s :P
n2such burn
Viper-7more power than my vape, and that gets over 200C in under half a second :P
matland.25 ohms on meter with more resolution
matlandi remember i bought cheep cables on fleabay that turned out to be aluminium
n2that said, I used a 0.5mm pencil lead once as a 2 ohm resistor
matlandshould of measured them before putting them between bench supply and whatever i was powering
n2that fucker took 10W without glowing or smoking
matlandthe wire fell right through the insulation on my bench and all i could do is laugh
Viper-7n2: it would've smoked with time :P
n2Viper-7: it was used for >30 minutes straight
n2so i somehow doubt it
n2it was an entire length, which probably helped a bit
n2and it had two metal clamps, which probably /also/ helped a bit
Viper-7then i somehow doubt it
Viper-7raw? no wood?
RoBo_Vany cool thing at aliexpress lately ?
n2yeah, just one of those ~5cm things you put in the … rechargeable pencils
matlandaliexpress is full of cool things
n2held down by two copper clamps, one on each side
n2playing nice at 2 ohm
Viper-7n2: ah, thats more likely then yeah
n2like, those refined graphite things
Viper-7it would've been hot enough to smoke wood, just nothing nearby to smoke :P
matlandACTION even get prescription eyeglasses from alixpress instead of local
n2don’t get me wrong, it was hot
matlandbiggest money saving ever
n2but less so than I had imagined
matlandphinxy: we need springy copper thingamabobs
RoBo_Vmatland: hah really ?
n2so, pencil leads make excellent 2 ohm resistors
n2the tempco wasn’t bad
RoBo_VIs that vailable there, I might try that.
matlandreally RoBo_V, been doing so for a while now and i enver was disappointed
phinxymatland• jamming in copper shavings in the cavity? good idea
matlandlocally prescription specs go like 500eur minimum
matland30eur at ali and i got photochromic lenses and all, seems no worse than specs i bought here :P
RoBo_VTalking of it, I think I need one. Let me check deals there.
matlandphinxy: maybe those spongy things for cleaning solder iron
n2jesus christ
n2all the free shit you get when you order chinesium pcbs
matlandRoBo_V: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/ENGEYA-Optical-Metal-Glasses-Frame-Men-Retro-Clear-Myopia-Prescription-Eyewear-Square-Designer-Eyeglasses-Frame-Unique/32806978888.html
matlandthat is what i wear on my face
Mikeeekeychains and usb adapters and shit
Viper-7incoming wall of links from my recent purchases
matlandwith cheapest photochromic lens from that seller
RoBo_Vglad you said 'face' :D
Viper-7https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2017-New-Creative-2nd-Generation-3D-Printing-Pens-Intelligence-Drawing-3D-Pen-With-ABS-Filament-3D/32806495936.html - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Alloyseed-2pcs-Gold-Plated-Speaker-Binding-Posts-Audio-Terminal-4mm-Sockets-for-Banana-Plug/32850082327.html - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2PCS-1meter-Red-1meter-Black-Silicon-12AWG-14AWG-16AWG-22AWG-24A
Viper-7https://www.aliexpress.com/item/8pcs-GD-Amp-Nakamichi-Speaker-Banana-plug-connectors/32617900763.html - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/RD-DPH5005-Buck-boost-converter-Constant-Voltage-current-Programmable-digital-control-Power-Supply-color-LCD-voltmeter/32840324731.html - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1pcs-STM32F103C8T6-ARM-STM32-Minimum-System-Development-Board-Module-For-arduino/32
Viper-7https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-5-5mm-3-colors-2IN1-USB-Android-Endoscope-Camera-IP67-Waterproof-6-LED-OTG-Android/32849453193.html - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/wago-20pcs-transparent-Universal-Fast-Wire-Wiring-Connector-2-Pin-mini-wire-connector-Conductors-Terminal-Block/32788830445.html - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2-13-Inch-E-Paper-Module-E-Ink-Display-Screen-Module-Bla
Viper-7https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Universal-QI-Wireless-Charging-Receiver-Charger-Module-For-Micro-USB-Cell-Phone-Android-Phone-FOR-Smartphone/32824256617.html - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/kebidu-1PC-Qi-Wireless-Power-Charger-Charging-Pad-LED-Indicator-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Edge-LTE/32845024547.html
matlandtheres the odd rich person out there who gets one just to wear on their polo shirt RoBo_V xD
n2jesus. tittyfucking. christ, Viper-7
matlandbut i doubt they do alixpress
RoBo_VAnyways but here we get cheaper and nice quality too. Although they come from there only.
n2Also, you know it’s proper chinesium when they use an LM324 as: a filter, an amplifier AND a comparator
matlandjeez fak
n2without tying it to a rail
matlandthose solder iron cleaning sponge things
n2i.e. crossover galorez
matlandfrom copper
matlandthey dangerous!
matlandcut up my fingers
matlandtryna pull some off
kevtriswell the interview they did with me on the super nt finally got posted. https://youtu.be/d_OW_t9RXEM
electrobotkevtris just linked to www.youtube.com (RGB310 :: Super Nt (w/ Kevtris) - MY LIFE IN GAMING - YouTube)
curlyearsheigh hough
kevtrisbonus shots of my work area :-)
phinxymatland• I'm trying to figure out how to put it back together. The claw acts as a one-way latch ;(
matlandshit i was wondering how im gonna do that phinxy
phinxymatland• getting it tough the hole is the easy part, it gets stuck half way trough
n2oh fuck it
n2ACTION orders an original CDIP64 MC68000
n2I gotta build that computer one day
matlandphinxy: i tried scotch tape on the tip and now that is stuck in there xD
n2https://farm3.static.flickr.com/2344/2534657651_922ef5aa71_b.jpg you will be mine
electrobotn2 just linked to s.yimg.com
matlandwait no its slided off
n2(one in better condition tho)
matlandand on the grab thing
n2unopened, original packing
curlyearsan origianl MC68000. Back in the day, that was one killer CPU
n2curlyears: indeed.
n2An original, actual 68000. Not a ‘010 or ‘020
n2not the later ColdFire etc
n2the ceramic DIP64.
kevtrisI got plenty of 68K's in ceramic PGAs here
n2and only around $10
matlandphinxy: i think they put it in the other way around at the factory
n2well, the PGA doesn’t have quite the same old school cred
kevtrisand a few DIP. I think 68K's came in the widest variety of packages
n2it did
curlyearsit's a pity Motorla didn't read the market correctly. They failed to keep thge MC68000 UP WITH THE iNTEL CHIPS, SO MUCH SO THAT THEY BEC AME TOTALLY IRRELEVANT. *SIGH*
n2quite the popular MCU
curlyears\damned c aps lock
n2in motorolaspeak
n2And yeah.
kevtrisshrink dip, plastic dip, ceramic dip, PLCC, QFP, PGA
kevtrisI know I am missing some
n2they should have gone further.
n2They messed up with the 88000...
kmcyeah 68K got used in a lot of high end embedded designs
kevtrismainly because it has been in use so long
n2kmc: and highend computers.
n2it got a second lease on life in embedded
n2admittedly, it was used in a lot of laser printers in the 1980s too
n2postscript was originally very 68k-friendly etc
kevtrisit's an OK CPU but pretty slow per clock
kevtris8 clocks/memory cycle
n2it has a beautiful assembly language, though.
n2really the pinnacle of nice CISC
kevtristhe 68K is basically interpreted via a small microcontroller inside the chip (aka microcode)
n2together with the VAX
kevtrisit's a smaller CPU that operates a bunch of registers and stuff to make it run 68K code
phinxymatland• Its not possible to get it trough this way, unless the tips were soldered together ?
n2sure, as with any modern CPU
kevtrisyeah it was pretty cutting edge in 1979 though to do that
matlandphinxy: i think they attached it inside the button part after sticking the grabby thing thru the front
n2actually it had two internal instruction sets, Kev-
n2544 17-bit microcode words mapping to 366 68-bit nanocode words...
matlandphinxy: yet i can't get it out of the button thing so far
kevtristhere's the die shot
kevtristhe microcode takes up a signficant amount of die realestate
n2Anyway, I don’t own a VAX anymore
n2haven’t for a good deal o’ years
kevtrisbig chunk at the top is the regs, the other big chunk in the bottom/middle is the microcode
n2so I might as well pay $10 for the second best :-P
phinxymatland• You got another problem on your hands if you manage to pull it out, attaching it. Hopefully its only friction fit. IDK its sits there pretty hard.
n2Nightie night.
matlandphinxy: yup and it looks like they crimped a ferrule on it that then latches into the plastique somehow
matlandphinxy: now trying if i can get it in after bending the points a bit :P
curlyearskevtris: did you ever see one of Motorla's prm otional cards for the MC6800*? Nice printing, had a faileed MC68000 die g;ued to it. They also ade those for 68009s
curlyearser, apologies, 68004
curlyearsI had severl of them, but I have soince lost them.
kevtrisI need to do a full RE/implementation of 68K in verilog now I think
kevtrisafter killing the SNES and its 65C816 CPU
kevtrisno one has made a cycle accurate 68K core yet
curlyearsI used to have about 1/2 wafer (broken half) of a 88000 16 bit chip. IT WAS GREAT
curlyearsI had a friend who worked at the (damnit, what was their name? OH, !) Zilog fab at the time
kevtrisI have a wafer of some cyrix 686 CPUs
kevtrisyou can see one of the finished working chips with the lid popped off compared to the wafer
matlandphinxy: SUCCES! i bended the tips to be straighter and it went in
kevtrisI like it when things get straighter and go in :-)
matlandalas my copper swarf does not make contact xD
tawrmatland: what are you trying to do
matlandtawr: fix this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/P5004-2PCS-Professional-full-insulation-fast-test-clamp-test-hook-flexible-probe-high-voltage-differential-test/32661571930.html
matlandby jamming some copper swarf in it :P
matlandit comes apart easy but not goes back together easy lol
phinxymatland• that did the trick!
dylACTION adds "swarf" to his lexicon.
dylmatland thanks! I've been calling it "tea brewed from chipped ginger" but now I can call it "a swif of gingibre swarf swill"
matlandphinxy: did you modify yours?
matlandlol swarf swill
kevtrisdo you call a snake a "slippery dipper long-mover" too?
dylA snake? No.
kevtrisor a lightbulb a "ceiling bright"
dylOther things?
dyl( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Laggger164Does anybody know how it is possible for a brushless motor of this power to cost just that little? https://goo.gl/6kV5R2 While this one, being less powerful and costing more? https://goo.gl/9oCKXB
electrobotLaggger164 just linked to www.aliexpress.com (GoolRC 3650 3900KV Waterproof Brushless Motor for 1/10 RC Car HSP 94123 HuanQi 727 FS Racing 53625/53632-in Parts & Accessories from Toys & Hobbies on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group)
kevtrishaha never seen that meme pic?
dylI call snakes "danger noodles".
phinxymatland• I'm about to. I have a crazy idea
matlandlet me know how it goes phinxy
matlandphinxy: iḿ trying the solder iron cleaning sponge i have, it has very low resistance and seems easy to jam in there
dyl> motorized rollinghams
matlandphinxy: result so far is mediocre
Laggger164kevtris how'd you find that? It's hilarious XD
matlandphinxy: i have a crazy idea too, if the wire would be bent just the right way it could contact inside the sleeve
kevtrissaw it awhile back and I think of snakes as "slippery dippery long movers" now :-)
matlandeven crazier idea would be to solder a wire between that sleeve and the grabby thing
dylSnake ⇒ danger noodle, racoon ⇒ trash panda, owl ⇒ cat bird, skunk ⇒ fart squirrel
dyland penguin ⇒ black-tie chicken
Laggger164So... anyone got any ideas on the brushless motors?
dylLaggger164 All things are possible on AliExpress.
Laggger164dyl yeahh
Laggger164dyl But many times ai
kevtrisyeah I like trash panad
Laggger164DAM*** with the light enter
Laggger164Many times I can only call bullcrap on some products...
LewsThanThreedyl, cat => a**hole
Laggger164This is the only brushless motor I found with that spec in such a price
Laggger164The GoolRC site claims the same specs...
dylTrying to buy parts from AE without being occasionally scammed is like trying to buy anything from Walmart without occasionally losing faith in humanity.
dylIt's just a part of the experience.
Laggger164Welp, what can you do.
Laggger164Seems to be a similar version
kmc> Police arrested a woman yesterday in the Mission district for aggravated assault after she threw a television at a passerby, causing injury.
Laggger164Just a higher KV rating
Viper-7Laggger164: will it meet its 3900KV spec? sure. will it handle 69 amps continuous? fuck no
Laggger164Some people complain about low quality...
Viper-7they're just bending the truth on the specs a little
Laggger164Viper-7 What do you think it could handle?
Viper-7quoted wattage will be stall current
Viper-7and it will smoke at stall current
Laggger164Like 50A at most?
Viper-7its not rated on what it will *handle*, just what it will *sink*
Loshkikmc: I like the on about the guy in the Mission who used a blowtorch inside a port-a-potty (to melt his crystal meth?) and it detonated
matlandphinxy: my swarf plan worked, i just jammed it halfway in the spring :)
matlandphinxy: now i get 0.2 on meter
kmcLoshki: and then he got stuck inside
dylLoshki oh jesus christ
kmcit was in the tenderloin though
dylYou mean all of the shit fumes ignited?
kmcwhich is even sketchier
Viper-7well it depends on what sort of cooling it has
Viper-7if you have eg https://hobbyking.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/565x414/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/legacy/catalog/19443.jpg
LoshkiOh right. I assume there was methane...
Viper-7or better yet a water cooling jacket
Laggger164Viper-7 right, forgot about cooling
Viper-7then it can do more :P
tawrdyl: i believe the sanitizer is flammable
Viper-7either way, even 50A continuous is pretty insane for a motor that small
tawrdyl: plus he looked like a smurf afterwards. a shitty smurf
Laggger164I never saw anyone use water cooling jackets actually
Viper-7mainly used in RC boats
DocScrutinizer05could somebody please translate "KV(RPM/V): 5200KV" to me?
tawrdont buy shitty motors on amazon
kmcthe tenderloin is basically a chunk of third world squalor in the middle of the downtown
tawrgo to hobbyking or towerhobbies
tawrDocScrutinizer05: how many rpm per volt. there
DocScrutinizer05tawr: hmm, strange, for a brushless DC
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: 5200 RPM per volt, so 4V in, 20800 RPM out
dylkmc https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tenderloin_Poop_Map.png
dylThis is a thing on Wikipedia, hah.
dyl"San Francisco's Tenderloin, as seen on a map that tracks reports of human feces on SF's streets. Blue dots represent reports in any given month"
dylNice of them to use blue.
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: max speed is still determined by voltage - you dont have to run it that fast, with it being brushless
Viper-7but it literally cant go higher than that, even entirely unloaded
dylkmc aren't the homeless doing it deliberately in the last few years?
DocScrutinizer05aah, inductance
kmcwho knows
Laggger164Viper-7 The motor has a 36mm diameter. How in the hell can they say it can run on 900W? For what? 3 seconds?
kmca lot of them are just nuts
dylI recall the city cracking down on them somehow, and. they started shitting in bus stops intentionally.
Viper-7Laggger164: correct.
dylWell, yes.
Viper-7900W would be the consumption during initial spin up, or stall
Viper-7if that takes longer than like... a second - it'll start to smoke :P
tawrDocScrutinizer05: no. that is how it's always been done. always.
Laggger164Viper-7 any ways to prevent it?
kmcpoops in front of the preschool 3x per week
tawrbrushless motors for rc have always been kv
DocScrutinizer05tawr: sorry, I can't follow
Viper-7Laggger164: push less current in
kmcnote that there's a free public toilet right behind him IN THAT PHOTO
tawri know you can't.
dylkmc I just don't understand why this seems to be a problem everyone associates with SF.
kmcbecause it's way worse here
tawrLaggger164: LOOK AT REAL WEBSITES instead of AMAZON
dylWhy is it that in SF of all places, people defecate on the streets though?
kmcas is petty property crime
dylIs it cultural?
tawrgo to hobbyking and COMPARE.
kmcdyl: that is the subject of much debate and angst right now
dylI mean, is it something people started doing not out of need, but to make statements?
tawrlook at the same sized motor and see what their specs are. for REAL name brand motors
tawrnot fly by night unknown brand bullshit
kmcI think there are many reasons
kmcthere aren't many public toilets
Laggger164Viper-7 Yeah, I was thinking of a more intelligent solution, like if the ESC detects high current for a few seconds, it will stop.
DocScrutinizer05you know you love to start all your answers with "<nickmane> NO!!!"
tawrthat amazon is flooded with
kmcif you're scruffy and homeless you can't bluff your way into starbucks to poop
Laggger164tawr I know, that's why I am here
DocScrutinizer05then completely failing to explain what that "NO!!!" refers to
kmcand the city sucks at using public funds to address homelessness
tawrDocScrutinizer05: i mean, you dont ask questions to learn things. you ask questions to argue about why it doesnt make sense to you. the world must be a confusing place
dylkmc that sounds like the likely cause then.
kmcand the weather is such that homeless people come here from all over the country
kmcand some cities actually bus them to here
dylOnce you have a few public shitters...
dylAnd they realize it's getting attention...
dylsoon everyone is shitting to make a point.
DocScrutinizer05tawr: take your pills!
Viper-7Laggger164: that can be a thing sure, if your ESC is smart enough
kmcdyl: I think like most public problems, it doesn't have a single cause
dylI keep hearing about it on the eastern seaboard though, so... it's working?
tawrshit dude, im not the one that needs to be medicated
dylkmc Oh absolutely.
kmcalso, california shut down the big mental facilities a few decades ago
kmcin favor of smaller community based things
tawrbut that's some imax-grade projection right there
kmcnobody bothered to fund those
Laggger164Hot damn, engineers seem to talk about all sorts of stuff if not talking about electronics, eh? Public poopers...
Viper-7Laggger164: some can even monitor the resistance of the motor windings, and tell when its getting too hot
dylLaggger164 brushless public poopers at that!
Laggger164Viper-7 Wonder which ones it could
Laggger164dyl XD
dylkmc Maybe someone should start a lot that harvests methane energy.
dylYou get paid a nickel to shit there.
tawrLaggger164: go to hobbyking and look
LoshkiIt's an international problem. As we pulled onto Cheetham Hill in my home town of Manchester, UK, a local woman who frequently pees in the street was just pulling up her knickers.
kmcand the police & district attorney don't enforce laws about vagrancy, bike theft, car breakins, etc
dylWe're engineers, we can find a better way.
dylWe can turn that poop into something useful.
kmcthe most that happens is an overnight in the county jail or a 72 hour psychiatric hold, if they determine you're dangerous
kmcthen back on the streets
dylThat poop has methane, water, biomass, ...
Laggger164dyl YEEES! Organize the revolution of the POOP ENERGY INDUSTRIES!!!
Viper-7dunno... poop power sounds kinda shitty
dylAlternatively: just get them all to go shit on the golf courses on the *same* day.
Loshki"Where there's muck there's Brass" -- British saying
dylAnd then the city might start looking for actual solutions.
kmcViper-7: har har
kmcdyl: oh, they are looking
DocScrutinizer05tawr: would you mind elaborating if your "No!" was an answer to my request >>[2018-02-07 Wed 23:43:08] <DocScrutinizer05> could somebody please translate "KV(RPM/V): 5200KV" to me?<< or to my >>[2018-02-07 Wed 23:43:50] <DocScrutinizer05> tawr: hmm, strange, for a brushless DC [2018-02-07 Wed 23:44:51] <DocScrutinizer05> aah, inductance<<
kmcthey're just bad at doing
dylIt seems like something systemic that isn't going to have an easy fix.
kmcsame reason rent is so high
kmcthe state govt may save us there
dylSF seems like it's being pretty badly screwed by VC bros.
dylSV seems like it's pretty well and over as well.
dylIt's just a mill now.
kmcI think that is not high on the list of things screwing us
kmcthe #1 problem is that we let anybody or their dog block housing projects
kmcas a result, there is not enough housing
kmcand people here think it's evil for corporations to make money
dylIdea: San Francisco 2.
kmceven if they're providing a sorely needed good
dylYou build a second San Francisco.
kmcof course, techies provide a nice scapegoat
dylSan Francisco Dos*
dylThe techies are a working underclass though.
dylThey're just there to burn themselves out with too much money and too little runway.
kmcshhh don't say that. we're all fabulously wealthy even though we own no real property
dylThat way the venture capitalists and large tech companies can snap up their IP.
dylIt's the same model as pharmaceutical startups.
phinxymatland• broke mine :) The spring is stretched
dylThey're expendable.
Viper-7hey, it could be worse, you could be in australia :P
kmcI've burned out of the software industry, permanently
kmcfuck them
kmcdon't know what to do next tho
dylACTION is heading for academia.
kmcno thank you
kmcI'll probably just move to a shack in the middle of nowhere
Laggger164Viper-7 tawr I know this may very likely be a scam brushless motor. What do you think? Should I go for it and see how much bullsh*t it is? Or should I avoid it completely? It's not that expensive and I know that I will break the motor at some point (Cuz me geniuz)
dylAnd shit on the street?
dylI mean, if it's a trail in the woods, no one cares.
dylThe plants would probably be thankful.
kmcand wave a shotgun at people and yell "GIT OFF MAH LAND"
dylIn their own way.
dylSo... eastern oregon then?
kmcnah you're supposed to bury your shit in the woods
Loshkikmc: dunno what to do next, or where to do it? Where do you go after SF, if not Portland (already full, I'm told)
Laggger164kmv GET OFF MY LAWN
kmcor western nevada desert
dylIt's pretty out there.
dylDesolate, but pretty.
dylWatch out for the nazis though.
kmcthat's for me
kmcLoshki: what to do next
Viper-7kmc: i got out of it for about 2 years, did a full year of a butcher apprenticeship heh, but got back into development after that, the money is just so much better :P just gotta pick and choose your jobs
kmcif anything
dylThey're all over the general vicinity of Idaho/E.Oregon.
dylAnd northern Nevada.
kmcI'm in no state to work right now, anyway
kmcwell that sucks
dylkmc you could solve the street shit problem.
kmcotoh I'll get a gun
kmcor lots of guns
dylBut their shit from them for pennies.
dylthen produce energy and sell it.
dylOnce they're all selling you their shit, you can extort the local government.
Loshkidyl: too much competition from people who just give their shit away
dylThey won't be giving it away when they realize how much money they're losing!
dylCall it a "shitvestment".
DocScrutinizer05tawr: when >>DocScrutinizer05: i mean, you dont ask questions to learn things<< is your notion then may I humbly ask you to put me on your /ignore list please?
Viper-7Laggger164: i dont think its a great choice, not necessarily because of the quality of it or such, just that its a 'waterproof' unit, which will already struggle with cooling problems - it will work fine even without a clever ESC, as long as you dont place too much load on the motor - but eg in an RC car, it could easily burn out just by something innocent like driving up-hill for more
Viper-7than a few seconds
kmc> No one here gives a damn.” Jean-Marie Zaragoza is astride his motocrotte, a customised motorbike with a vacuum pipe that he uses to hoover up excrement, which is deposited into a small tank on the back of the vehicle.
Viper-7Laggger164: and it would very much appreciate having additional heatsinking attached
dylAnyhow, I'm off.
Laggger164Viper-7 Yeah, you're probably right. Even with high gearing, still won't cut it
Viper-7considering there are equivalents available for not that much more, eg https://hobbyking.com/en_us/s2848-3900-brushless-inrunner-3900kv-11-5t.html that dont have such issues, eh
kmcmaybe it's enough with the pooping
Laggger164Bye dyl
Loshkikmc: I did notice Paris was absolutely *covered* in dogshit. You know those cute scenes where a French black widow pours a bucket of water on the sidewalk? It's to clear some of the dogshit...
dylBlack widows in France are big enough to hold buckets?
kmcit also smells like piss everywhere
Viper-7Laggger164: tho to be clear there, any/every brushless motor will burn out if you keep driving full power into it during a stall
dylBy god that sounds like Australia.
Laggger164Viper-7 The question still is, will it let me?
Viper-7but how good it is at dissipating the heat is something thats not really well quantified with these things
Viper-7Laggger164 ? yes
LoshkiI had the same feeling there as I had in SF? The 1st. world has sort of gone down the plughole.
Viper-7Loshki: protip: thats not water. :P
Laggger164Viper-7 So it will not protect me from my stupidity...
Laggger164Thats a problem
Viper-7Laggger164: no brushless motor will
Viper-7(or brushed for that matter)
Laggger164Viper-7 But a controller might...
Viper-7perhaps yes, and if so it'll be able to protect a crappy motor just as easily as a good one
kmcI don't know about France, but the USA is an empire in decline
kmcand we could manage that carefully, if we were'nt so deeply in denial about it
kmctrump is having a USSR / North Korea style military parade, costing us millions of dollars
Laggger164Viper-7 You ever seen a water cooling jacket used? If so, where's the pump and heatsink generally?
bgamariI'm seeing a rather large peak at 100MHz couple into my oscilloscope measurement
Viper-7Laggger164: on boats yes - and there is neither
bgamariI live in a relatively standard residential apartment; computers and such nearby
bgamariany idea what this mysterious 100MHz source might be?
Laggger164Viper-7 How come?
Viper-7theres a water pickup near the prop, so the prop itself acts as a pump to catch fresh water and push it through the cooling system - it runs through a spiral jacket around the motor, then dumps back out the back
bgamariit's definitely real since the amplitude changes as I move my probe around
bgamariI'm currently just measure a ground node
bgamarimeasuring, rather
Laggger164Viper-7 Well, aren't people clever!
Laggger164Viper-7 I might just triple-check my measurements and try that sketchy motor, just for the hell of it.
Laggger164What could possibly go wrong?
Viper-7fire, death, horrible painful burning death
Viper-7but sure :P
matlandphinxy: what was your crazy idea?
Laggger164Viper-7 Eh, it's like when Cyanide calls civilians "Acceptable casualties"
Viper-7Laggger164: as long as you're aware of the risks, you can mitigate what you can, and accept what you cant - so sure :P
Viper-7the main risk here is overheating - the failure mode of that is probably to fail into a short, which will then rapidly overheat your ESC, and possibly even cause issues for your battery
Viper-7so things can get out of hand real quick if you let it overheat
Laggger164Viper-7 So, make a current limiter you say?
Viper-7not necessarily a solution
Viper-7a current limiter means less available torque, which means it would be riding that current limit for longer on every use
Laggger164Viper-7 Better than nothing...
Viper-7which could mean more heat
Viper-7a thermal sensor or even thermal fuse would be nice if you want implicit protection
Laggger164Viper-7 Welp, I might ask around, see what others have tried
Viper-7like, run one of the battery lines (probably negative), past the motor, and have a thermal fuse inline with that, strapped to the motor
Loshkikmc: actually, France is doing rather well, among the best places to live currently, perhaps the best medical care in the world, but full of French people :-(
Viper-7so if the motor overheats, it cuts your battery connection
Laggger164Viper-7 But a thermal fuse? Might be a good solution
kmcLoshki: lol
jfcaronHey! I resemble that remark!
phinxymatland• installing a wire from the copper crimp to the center spiral. I almost had it but the wire thickness made it stick to the plastic walls of the last piece
Laggger164Welp, gotta sleep sometime, nice talking to you Viper-7 !
Viper-7in other news, i am dum
Loshki"I'm with a stupid" -- best t-shirt seen in Mexico
kmcsoy con pendejo
jfcaronLet us learn from Viper-7's dumness.
kmcwhat ewah
Loshkikmc: funnier if you get the verb wrong also
jfcaronI think it would be estoy, not soy.
Viper-7make some really yummy vape juice - cherry ripe, some extra chocolate, and a hint of vanilla - was epic - but a little weak on nicotine - so i added what i thought was a bit more of the vanilla stuff i have with triple strength nicotine - turns out what i added was 'regular', aka tobacco flavour, aka the whole bottle now tastes like arse
Viper-7its like someone dropped a cigarette in my coffee
restorerwhoops, I was forced into electrical stuff
restorerhad to recharge my car's battery
matlandoh i was thinking that too phinxy
matlandits kinda tight inside that button hole though, not sure i could solder it without melting the side accidentally
LoshkiViper-7: makes me nostalgic for the days when you'd pay full price for a restaurant meal and the guy on the next table smoked all the way through it. He alternated mouthfuls of food with drags on his cigarette. I'd never seen someone do that before.
Viper-7Loshki: hah
jfcaronSmoking is gross, I wish it were socially unacceptable.
Viper-7its weird, since switching from smoking to vaping, i completely have the whole ex-smoker thing of cigarettes smell/taste SOOOOOOOO bad
kmcthey really do
kmceven outside, I can't stand being around someone smoking cigs
LoshkiSame ingredients as cat piss. Once I gave up, I was holier-than-thou about it
kmci used to smoke hookah though
kmcit smells way better :P
Viper-7i mean i never *liked* the smell, i often used to wash my hands and use mouthwash after a cigarette
jfcaronSorry you can't smoke within 15000km of any doors or windows. Would you mind standing in the ocean, or inside the sun?
Viper-7but now i cant stand them
kmcin SF you're almost more likely to smell someone smoking pot
LoshkiI thought the traffic would get worse after recreational MJ, but it's offset by not being Xmas any more.
Viper-7and yeah, i think i've ruined one of my vape tanks with that 'accident', even tho there was only a dash of tobacco flavour in the bottle, and only a dash of that mix in my tank, and i've washed the tank out twice now, it STILL stinks
jfcaronWhy even have tobacco flavour?
jfcaronMight as well include vomit flavour, or rotten fish.
kmcI'm curious if recreational will really increase the number of people who smoke
Viper-7not sure - it was among the first bottles of stuff i bought before i even started
kmcprobably occasional smokers, but i don't know about regular
Viper-7i figured i'd get it if the lolly flavours didnt end up doing the trick for my cravings
Loshkirotten fish is madly popular, since at least the Romans. I forget the name of the sauce they make from them.
jfcaronI think more people will /try/ marijuana, but not that many more people will become regulars.
kmcthat makes sense
kmcLoshki: there's asian fermented fish sauce
kmcit's good... if you only use a tiny bit
jfcaronHomeopathic fermented fish sauce.
restorerheh, I passed by a hydroponics store earlier today that I've passed by many times
restoreronly this time their whole storefront window display was decorated with artistic posters of various marijuana strains
kmccoming out of the closet eh
kmcI wish I could grow at home, but no space
splud"hydroponics" has for a long time been a catchphrase for "these guys can help you grow your weed"
spludWould be funny hearing radio advertising that would have phrases like "maximize your indoor garden potential" and then "discrete parking".
spludLike, I'm gonna pay that sort of money to grow my prized tomatoes, and I need to not have people see me coming and going from a legit garden supply?
jfcaronYeah, it's like a "Specialty Bookstore" in the 70s.
jfcaronExcept with pot instead of books about how it's maybe OK to be gay.
spludThe dood laid back in the back smoking his joint, but having a LOT of incense burning in the shop?
Neutron-slI am wondering, how does the american grid work? as far as I know, transformers there are supplied with 3-phase on the primary. Then each home is normally supplied with a 120V - N - -120V..
Neutron-slbut what I am wondering is, how is the secondary side of the transformer wired?
Neutron-slhow can you have a different "N" for each phase? are they completely isolated from each other?
jfcaronSince it's the American system, I assume there is some corporate lobby group in Washington responsible for the arrangement.
Neutron-slas in, do the transformers there have (at least) 9 electrodes on the secondary?
jfcaronI would think there would only be one ground.
restorerthe dispensary down the street from the hydroponics store is now "Open for Adult Use"
jfcaronFormerly only for children and dogs.
spludBeh - got the "pre" regulator in to get the 16V to a permissible voltage for the 3V3 linreg, replaced the uC, fire it up, and it seems to work - and then doesn't.
spludstoopid stoopid me.
EntropyWizardNice picture of US electric distribution: http://waterheatertimer.org/images/Electricity-from-plant-to-distribution-transformer-to-business.jpg
spludPulled an SMD FET from my bin with a bunch just like it - the one I used in the breadboard (but with wires soldered to the SMD FET) is a 23N06 - 50A, 60V, like 0.03 ohm Rds(on), and a logic gate.
EntropyWizardThe residential transformers are just single primary and 240v secondary with center tap
spludThe oddball in the bin when I pulled another was actually a 16N25C, 16A 250V, but higher Vgs(th) and 5x the Rds(on) - assuming it was fully driven, which wasn't gonna happen with 3V3 on the gate.
ThePendulumhmm ali "Really can't understand the speed of the buyer's thoughts"
spludAny guess what happens with high Rds(on), some current, and a not fully driven gate?
ThePendulumI feel like that about a lot of people, either admiring their wit or amazed at their stupidity
ThePendulum"bought wife. mirror itself is excellent, light but has nuanced. detailed description no instructions in, like put batteries. the light battery does not work, new bought does not work. understood as, passed long. and two use their turns to reverse: minus put plus, where to minus-plus, otherwise not work"
spludNow, to desolder an SMD FET. There's a whole lotta heatsinkin there...
Neutron-slEntropyWizard: ah ok. I always thought they were a 3-phase primary, 3 phase secondary, but with each home supplied with just one phase
Neutron-slas if they were 3 individual single phase transformers
Neutron-slso do you have 208V industrial equipment?
restorerpossibly a [no question is dumb] question: if I were to wind a small toroidal transformer, measure its inductance, and match a capacitor in series with the primary (aiming at low current) - am I going to be disappointed?
Neutron-slwhat are you trying to do?
restorerstep up to something nicer to run through a multiplier for a negative ion generator