jaggzhttps://youtu.be/yP2d3mnhiT8?t=2m07s so much expansion with this ball of rocket propellant
electrobotjaggz just linked to www.youtube.com (Most Beautiful Thing in 4K Slow Motion - Rocket Igniters in Macro - YouTube)
matlandbreaking changes?
SmokinGruntsyeah I did an update cycle
SmokinGruntssudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
matlanddon't update unless it's broken
SmokinGruntsnow all my java context menu fonts look greyed out
matlandACTION runs ms-dos 6.22
matlandthey probly disabled it because of security concerns
SmokinGruntsno menu-item is disabled; they only look that way :'(
matlandis this gtk crap?
matlandkinda sounds like the theme broke lol
SmokinGrunts2.0 I believe
matlandtried different themes?
SmokinGruntsnot yet; everything is stock, and I have a penchant for pain, so I wanna suss this !@^$! out
matlandif you like pain try android studio lel
matlandevery update does that there
matlandor worse
matlandyou spend more time debugging the dev tools than your own code
SmokinGruntsI've heard of Android Studio in my searches for this problem, heh
matlandit's a nightmare i tell ya
SmokinGruntssounds a lot like Code Composer Studio
SmokinGruntswhich is Texax Instrument's rebranded version of Eclipse
matlandits worse as eclipse
matlandand the build system for android java arrr
matlandburn it with fire
matlandgo back to symbian os
matlandACTION cries on top of broken android phones
SmokinGruntsfuck java
SmokinGruntsit was a nice idea
banandanaf u c k j a v a s c r i p t t b h f a m
SmokinGruntslolol jscript
matland.NET did what java wanted a lot better
banandanaa thousand times this
matlandbut sux it does not port to more platforms
SmokinGruntsyeah Oracle dropped the ball
ozzzyI gave up on my android phone
drewmuttGood language, bad environment.
matlandms needs to open sause all .NET core shit
matlandand port to lunix
matlandso can has C# open sauce compiler + all that libs that it has on 'doze everywhere on *nix
SmokinGruntsLinus just needs to manage his minions better and start a new multi-device framework
matlandthey would eat up a lot of javas territory if they did that
matlandor fix mono
matlandmono is a great idea but crusty implementation so far
ozzzyAFAIK .NET is already open source
spludmatland - I tried eclipse for about 6 months a few years ago. Coulnd't stand how fecking SLOW it was.
spludEspecially on initial launch.
SmokinGruntsACTION is SO MAD!
matlandsome .net parts are open saus
matlandbut C# compiler is not etc
McDonaldsWiFizigggggy: aayyyyyyyyyyy
SmokinGruntscouple hundred folks on #ubuntu and NOT ONE to respond
matlandits noob city SmokinGrunts
SmokinGruntsI'm so mad.
matlandubuntu = noob magnet lunix
matlandask in #debian, shit's the same anyway
SmokinGruntsI didn't get SHIT done today other than wrap up that DJ turntable and make a fuck-ton of wire assemblies
SmokinGruntsACTION cracks a whiskey bottle
spludSmokinGrunts 'cuz all of them are there looking for answers.
spludDon't be hard on yourself - I didn't accomplish much myself either. Set up laser cutter to perforate paper, just because. Certainly not because it was less work than using a rotary cutter to do it.
spludOn the plus side, I won't need to make more inventory tracking tags for a long while.
SmokinGruntsI can't help being hard on myself very much; my bosses are 100% German
SmokinGruntsplus I don't have the help I need :/
spludAre you in Dachau?
spludbad German boss joke, nevermind.
SmokinGruntsI ain't Jewish, so...
drewmuttsplud I have one of those cheapy vinyl cutting machines to do that, got way more use out of it than I would of guessed.
drewmuttCan even do a solder paste template in a pinch.
spludWell, I cut acrylic and wood and cardboard with the laser.
birkoffsometimes my lg ips screen doesnt come back from 'screen saver' (blackens) unless I take out the power plug from behind the screen and put it back in
spludBut was thinking the other day that I needed to print another sheet of asset tags, then thought, hey, they all print out with the same alignment - why not set up a job for the laser to perforate them?
spludbirkoff - google "goldstar" sometime.
birkoffthe beer?wtf?
spluder, check 'em out on wikipedia.
birkoffwhy should I /
spludThat's the former identity of LG.
spludThough the wikipedia entry doesn't mention just how shitty their stuff was.
spludBasically, they ditched the Goldstar name and took on a new identity, as companies often do when the brand is soiled.
birkoffyeah i think i heard that one
spludlong term reliability was never one of their strong suits.
birkoffactually i'm quite pleased
birkoffi have this screen for a long time and it's working neatly
SmokinGruntsFOUND IT
r0n0xhey can anyone recommend a good aluminium capable cnc router?
SmokinGruntsHurco 5-axis
r0n0xive decided to put off getting a mill for a while
birkoffi'm asking because i consider replacing the PSU of it if theres a chance it could help
r0n0xgood cheap one* mostly ill be using it for stuff id use a laser cutter for, acrylic and MDF
r0n0xbut, if im getting a router i may as well get one that can do alu
r0n0xim just after good value for money in an alu router/mill from china
jaggzdo you also feel awkward when you're breathing while, say, glass is getting shattered with glass fragments/powder filling a video you're watching?
jaggz(not related to anything you're discussing right now)
jaggzwhy's there a black dot right at the tip of the bullet as it hits? https://youtu.be/ZmO_J-_N_8Q?t=5m56s
electrobotjaggz just linked to www.youtube.com (.50 Cal vs Ballistic Window HARDCORE Slow Mo - Smarter Every Day 187 - YouTube)
jaggz(run in .25 speed)
SmokinGruntsfeesh n chips
SmokinGruntsACTION cries
jaggzACTION puts some more of our tardigrades on mars
zap0SmokinGrunts, scream "it burns! it burns!"
SmokinGruntsouch for real though
SmokinGruntsI was slathering my fishies in lemon, and BOOP!
VanUnamedhi Viper-7 how are u
CasperSmokinGrunts: oh? lemon in eye? You know, a cure is to put citrus in the same quantity
zap0just gouge your eye out.... you have another
VanUnamedre-ven-ge is killin me
VanUnamedeye for an eye, tooth for a tooth
VanUnameddo these things work
VanUnamedalso can I control how much power an element heater takes with a thyristor or a triac?
VanUnamedI have thyristors
SmokinGruntsVanUnamed, just calc for wire alloy, dia, and length (total resistance)
SmokinGruntsunless you want a knob
VanUnamedoh no but i ma not building the element heater lol
Casperbe carefull, apple is watching?
Casperand worse, you could offend a fanboy!
ozzzyI have no apple-crap
zap0an apple a day keeps the ...
electrobotSmokinGrunts just linked to www.youtube.com (Overtime (Live Band sesh) - KNOWER - YouTube)
SmokinGruntsunf unf unf
Casperme no like
Casperwhat'S that?
SmokinGruntsthat's my bastard of a dashboard
SmokinGruntsit's very much a work in progress
SmokinGruntsbut the "PowerHarvester" unit is up
SmokinGruntslemme change sleep time to.. 15 seconds
bongofuryElon Musk promises workers a roller coaster it they vote down the UAW @ Tesla
jaggzSmokinGrunts, I think the video effect addiing blue on her mouth is not good.
jsoftGood afternooning
jsoftOperation WEEKEND is underway
tttbare general purpose registers inside the Core of a microcontroller? or are they in some I/O section or memory?
jaggzSmokinGrunts, oh.. that's not your band?
jsoftHow do I go char foo[10] = "abc"; but have "abc" a const
Bird|otherboxtttb, inside the core of the CPU
jaggzjsoft, abs is a const
jaggzconst char foo[10] = "abc"; ?
jaggzthen it's const over on the left too
SmokinGruntsjaggz nah lol
SmokinGruntsjust found 'em
jsoftjaggz, yeah but I need to alter foo
jsoftI suppose I could cast it
SmokinGruntsjsoft, aye to Operation Weekend
zap0jsoft, char* const foo = "abs";
jsoftSmokinGrunts, a toast! To not ding weekday things!
SmokinGruntsACTION pours another finger o' whiskey
jaggzjsoft, then you DON'T want it const?
SmokinGruntsTo sons with rich fathers, and beautiful mothers!!
jsoftjaggz, I want the right hand side const.
SmokinGruntsACTION drinks
jaggzthe right side is const.. but the compiler will put that in the array at the left and optimize it out. What do you want to not change?
jaggzand what do you want to change?
jaggzyou want to re-assign foo later?
jaggzto another "cba" ?
jaggz(this is really better for ##c, but whatever)
zap0const char* foo = "abc"; foo = "bar";
jsoftjaggz, the whole angle here is const stuff get's stored in flash
tttba CPU and a microcontroller are distinct Bird|otherbox
zap0jsoft, const char* const foo = "can't reassign";
jaggzlook into your MCU's specifics on the compiler notation for getting the stuff into flash, since it varies.
Bird|otherboxtttb, a microcontroller is a CPU + memory + peripherals on a single chip
jaggzchar *foo="abc"; foo[0]=0; // fail
jaggzchar foo[] = "abc"; foo[0]=0; // This works.
jsoftzap0, yeah I am not reassigning the whole thing, I am actually only changing the first char in it
jsoftzap0, this is mostly thinking aloud on ways to save ram and what not.
SmokinGruntsconstant aint gonna dig that
SmokinGrunts!= static
jsoftso it will actually be foo[0] = number + 48;
zap0char foo[] = { 'f', 'o', 'o' }; foo[0]='p';
jaggzIt's not actually about the right side, which would normally be a static constant string (const). when you assign it to the pointer, the pointer can be assigned other memory locations, but it currently would point to "abc", which is considered const. However, when you declare the char array (char []) and assign ="abc" to it, the compiler will allocate non-const memory (variable? what's non-const called? dynamic?) and store abc\0 there. then
jaggzit's changable, but your variable no longer is.
SmokinGruntsstraight 'c' jsoft?
jsoftSmokinGrunts, yeah.
jsoftjaggz, yeah I was for some reason thinking my compiler was not thinking the right hand side was const ( and so not storing in flash ). But after some experimentations, it seems it mostly think's its a const and stores to flash
zap0jsoft, you just will not be able to have the string in ROM and then set just the 1st letter.... that would require the entire string to be in RAM eventually anyway
jaggzstill, I've found my mcu's needed special keywords to declare things as puttable-in-flash
jaggzjsoft, actually if you store it in char foo[], it's NOT consistered const
jsoftzap0, I want it initialized from a const, but not the memory an actual const.
SmokinGruntsalso, some compilers differentiate between ' and ", so be aware
jaggzbut const char foo[] would be static
jaggzjsoft, ohh.. hmm
jsoftif that makes sense.
jaggzjsoft, that means you'd need to copy it later then
jaggzbecause it's really stored in one place, then you want it in ANOTHER place
zap0jsoft, if you form a new string at runtime, then it will have to be in RAM at that point
jaggzI'm no expert, but you really want two copies of the thing and I don't know a way of doing that except to make two copies one way or another
drewmuttAm I correct in saying that const is more memory saving than #define ?
drewmuttSince we converted this room to C...
jaggzdrewmutt, no.. depends on how you use define.. the define is a big nothing, until it's used.
jsoftActually fuck this
jsoftI should just make a function to send a single byte anyway
jsoftthis is all going out the uart
jaggzk do that
jsoftyep that would be more betterer
jaggzand next time ask in C so you'll get a lot better ridicule.
tttbif 0x is hex, is 0d and 0b what i think it is?
drewmuttjaggz: I ask because with a define you're potentially saving that "copy pasted" value in a bunch of places as opposed to a const.
jaggzdrewmutt, no you don't know what you're talking about
jaggz#define is the most efficient because it is not stored anywhere. It's infinite efficient.
zap0drewmutt, #define is just text replacement. the result of the #define is just as deteministic as the const code.
drewmuttif(x > DEFINED_VALUE) vs. if(x > const_value)
jaggz#define LETTERS "abc" // Nothing has happened to my compiled code at all
kmctttb: yeah
jaggzchar str_array[] = LETTERS; // stored as non-const memory
zap0teh const one carries more 'information' with it... so has more potential for compiler to optimz it good
zap0if anything, the const is betterer.
drewmuttFunctionally, yes, but in the first example, it has to save that value where as the second can simply refer to that value in memory.
drewmuttI agree, I see macro abuse often.
jaggzchar *str_ptr = LETTERS; // ANOTHER copy stored as a static string (const) somewhere
SmokinGruntsjsoft you want a single-byte write or n-byte write function?
jaggzdrewmutt, within your family?
zap0jaggz, gcc -string-pooling solves all that.
jaggzoptimization does beautiful things
jaggzfreaky things
DocScrutinizer05lol, yeah
drewmutt..it... defined me... meds are undef'ing it..
jaggzwhat do I write on a piece of paper to get to know my true self?
drewmuttA perfect circle.
jsoftSmokinGrunts, i've just added a single byte send function. I had one which sent arrays
SmokinGrunts"Who am I?"
jsoftSmokinGrunts, I am doing this so I avoid ram, functions like sprintf, etc
SmokinGruntswhat platform?
jsoftso I concat things rather than pull in bloatatron stuff
jsoftSmokinGrunts, pic
jsoftSmokinGrunts, I had a wee pic kicking around
tttbi got a question in my lecture that i don't understand
tttbit's asking me why 0xF102010A means an addition of 10
tttbasks me to convert to binary first
tttbvery confused
jsofttttb, what
tttb 4,043,440,394.
tttb (or 0xF102010A in hexadecimal)
SmokinGruntswhat are you doing with your strings?
tttb Why does this number correspond to adding
tttbten in machine code?
jsoftSmokinGrunts, sending them to a lora module
jsofttttb, oh
jsofttttb, is that machine shit ?
SmokinGruntscool, how's your stack and heap usage?
DocScrutinizer05jaggz: I debugged ARM code in Lauterbach, had a hard time determining which *function* the line of code it shown as comment came from. What the binary did had barely any similarity with the sourcecode
jsoftSmokinGrunts, using 11 stack atm
zap0"tttb: it's asking me why 0xF102010A means an addition of 10" if the first part instructions for add ?
SmokinGrunts11 *units* ?
jsoft6 bytes now, just deleted some stuff from the main function I was dicking with
tttbthere was nothing in the slides which told me 0xF102 means add
SmokinGruntsjsoft can I see some code? a-la pastebin.com?
jsoftSmokinGrunts, lol really?
jsoftI've only just started this, but ok i'll show the uart stuff
jaggzDocScrutinizer05, yup.. losing functions altogether even :)
SmokinGruntsyeah I dig it
SmokinGruntsI'm here to help, after all
SmokinGruntsalso drink and wax-philosophical
electrobotSmokinGrunts just linked to www.youtube.com (Another Day On the Train - YouTube)
Greg-JAnyone on that can help me understand a schematic? https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/hardware/computemodule/RPI-CMIO-V3_0-SCHEMATIC.pdf in the very lower left where USB A and USB B are.
jsoftSmokinGrunts, https://pastebin.com/1ZHG1sL5
Greg-JThere is a square with a diamond in it labeled PP11, and I don't know what that means.
jsoftthat is the eusart stuff
SmokinGruntsprobably a probe-point (also commonly called a test-point) I think...
Greg-JWas that meant for me SmokinGrunts ?
SmokinGruntsyep, sry
Greg-JThank you.
Greg-JI'm new to this and figuring it out as I go.
Greg-JI understand that the FSUSB42UMX switches between the two usb ports depending on if it gets put in host or slave mode, but I don't understand on the schematic how that switch happens.
jsoftSmokinGrunts, https://pastebin.com/fyu8FLQ7
Greg-JIt seems self contained except for DM and DP, which are transmission lines (yes?), but I don't see a jumper or a switch on that schematic.
SmokinGruntsjsoft I want to stress readability in your future developments. I know that many example programs will use shorthand similar to 'BAUDCTL' or something like 'CLRWDT' (for clear watchdog timer), but I seriously recommend you add a little more... 'language' to your stuff. Not only will it be easier for you to read and understand, but anyone working with you (including your future self) will have an easier time
jsoftSmokinGrunts, sure. Right now I am making it go.
jsoftSmokinGrunts, I litereally started farting around yesterday. Now I have my booze and weekend, I can write the rest tonight.
SmokinGruntsif you can habit-ify the readability while-you-go, then major points to you
SmokinGruntsno worries, I'm just here to bounce things back to you :)
jsoftyou mean comments or what
SmokinGruntsI want you to be the best developer you can be
SmokinGruntsalso comments
Bird|otherboxGreg-J, no, it isn't -- look at what drives the control pin on that switch
jsoftoh you mean renaming registers and what not
SmokinGruntsyou won't need them eventually for common-use functions like easuart_tx() and the like, but getting into the habit takes time
jsoft#defining stuff to be more 'verboes'
SmokinGruntsso might as well start now
jsoftyeah I am not going to change the registers.
jsoftI am going to leave them exactly as they are.
jsoftI dont want to look up twice wtf a macro is up to, or whatever
jsoftI want to go oh, BAUDCTl register... datasheet.. done.
SmokinGruntshere's an example UARTwrite func: https://pastebin.com/mQn90hXZ
Greg-JBird|otherbox, I really don't know how to read schematics.
Bird|otherboxGreg-J, this one's simple -- look at Q5 below and to the left of the IC in question, and look at what's driving its gate
SmokinGruntshehe also don't change the registers hehe
SmokinGrunts^ jsoft
jsoftSmokinGrunts, I dunno, looks like a generic functiont o me
SmokinGruntsyou *could* add some #defines for squirrely, non-intuitive registers, if you wanted
SmokinGruntsbut that's up to ye
jsoftSmokinGrunts, nah, I think keeping it simple is the win here.
SmokinGruntsokay, so things to look at
SmokinGruntsASSERT is nice
jsoftI just came from an ARM thing, where i was getting mighty wroth with all the bullshit HAL / LL stuff which forever got in the way.
SmokinGruntshow are you checking for buffer overruns?
Greg-JBird|otherbox, okay, I see the DMG1012T which I think is a transistor. That's running to VBUSB, which is also featured in the "USB BOOT ENABLE" schematic.
SmokinGrunts /overflow
jsoftI am nt.
SmokinGruntspoints to adding that
Greg-JAhh, okay. I think I get it.
jsoftI am not reading anything atm
Bird|otherboxGreg-J, :) cool, yeah -- they're sensing the VBus on the USB device port to determine whether to switch to it, which is basically what I'd do
SmokinGruntsit's cool, just layin' down some ideas for your personal future-reference, should you decide to leverage them :)
Greg-JThis stuff looked like matrix code a couple days ago, but I can almost see the woman in a red dress...
jsoftSmokinGrunts, Fairs enough, thanks.
SmokinGruntsfor comments, I like to imagine I wrote all my code really drunk, and so I won't remember what the hell I was doing next time. This idea won't really -hit- until your codebase is much big
Greg-JBird|otherbox, So, can a FSUSB42UMX used to switch _any_ two data lines between two sources?
Greg-JOr is the USB in FSUSB42UMX specifically for USB?
SmokinGruntsalso, having a return value for error checking is nice
SmokinGruntsnot always necessary, though
SmokinGruntsI like to return '-1' for general error
Bird|otherboxGreg-J, the FSUSB42 was designed for USB physical layer signals, but it's merely a dual wideband SPDT analog mux/demux, so it can be used for a wide variety of applications
jsoftSmokinGrunts, I hear ya, I do.
SmokinGruntsokay, enough about my 'ideas', anything you wanna know?
jsoftSmokinGrunts, yes.
SmokinGruntsgo for it
DocScrutinizer05Greg-J: >>but I don't understand on the schematic how that switch happens<< is that answered already?
Greg-JYep, got it now DocScrutinizer05
jsoftSmokinGrunts, I am using lots of P and N channel's to switch power to sub circuits. I was looking for an array of N driving P channel fet IC's. I could not seem to find any. Suggestions?
DocScrutinizer05power on VBUSB
SmokinGruntshigh side or low side?
jsofthigh side.
DocScrutinizer05coming from external aka "host"
jsoftAs in N channel isolates from P channel pull up resistor, so P channel could be switching 10's of volts higher than the uC
SmokinGruntshttps://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/942-IR2110PBF are nice for FET driving
Greg-JSuper noob question: Why do I see so many otherwise hot circuits grounded with a resistor? What is the purpose of that?
SpeedEvilGreg-J: in what cases?
Bird|otherboxGreg-J, that resistor is a *pull down* resistor, that ensures that the circuit voltage goes to ground when the signal or power source is unplugged
Bird|otherboxwell, goes to 0V
SpeedEvilyeah - also that
Greg-JAhh, okay.
Bird|otherboxyou see one on VBus because a FET gate is a tiny capacitor
Bird|otherboxand if you leave the other end hooked to nothing, you get rather spooky results because of how sensitive it is to ambient electrical fields and whatnot
Greg-JI've read a bit pull-up/pull-down resistors but have only really used for buttons in.
Bird|otherbox(as in: your FET turns on at seemingly random)
Bird|otherboxits the same idea with a SPST button/switch :)
Bird|otherboxACTION made the mistake of leaving a pull resistor off the gate of a FET once. bodged a pull resistor in ASAP :P
Greg-JThe irony here is that I promised myself I would stay away from circuitry because I was expected to (family founded Flextronics, yes really) and I here I am in my late 30s figuring it out.
Bird|otherboxGreg-J, LOL!
jsoftSmokinGrunts, I was more thinking a N channel driving a P channel gate
Greg-JJust hobby stuff though. I'm not making a career change ;)
SmokinGruntsjsoft here is an example h-bridge circuit with that FET driver http://microcontrollerslab.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/circuit-diagram-of-h-bridge-using-IR2110.png for reference
jsoftSmokinGrunts, all in one IC, and a bunch of them
SmokinGruntsjust use a driver IC, it'll buffer and be easier
Greg-JThe recent surge in affordable SoCs just makes so many projects possible now that a few years ago would have seemed like science fiction.
jsoftSmokinGrunts, but it's not super high current stuff
Bird|otherboxGreg-J, still cool :) it's still good to learn how the world works instead of trying to go through life driving around with the check engine light flashing angrily at you until your car breaks, and no kidding re: applications processors/SoCs
zap0Greg-J, name 1
SmokinGruntswell, that's part of the ol' sourcing parts game ;P
jsoftSmokinGrunts, yeah :D
SmokinGruntshow much current you need?
Greg-Jzap0, name 1 what?
jsoftSmokinGrunts, no more than 1A at the very most
SmokinGruntsoh shit, well that'll be just fine then
zap0Greg-J, projects possible now that a few years ago would have seemed like science fiction.
jsoftBut low Rds on
SmokinGruntsyeah, the FET itself... mouser's search is tops fer that
Greg-JOh, sure. I mean, the raspberry pi and the plethura of projects based on it are all good examples I think. I just saw a guy who build a retropie completely inside of a dreamcast VMU.
jsoftSmokinGrunts, I already have fet's for it, I thought I could save space used by 2 fet's and a pull up by having them all in an IC
Greg-JThe dreamcast controller charges the battery in the VMU, and the controller buttons work when it's plugged in.
SmokinGruntsI would use the driver IC anyhow, it's more 'real-world usage scenario' esque
Greg-JSomething like that just wouldnt' have been possible a few years ago.
jsoftA driver IC to switch 1A? :|
electrobotGreg-J just linked to VMµ - RetroPie Gaming Handheld Inside a Sega Dreamcast VMU - YouTube
SmokinGruntsno, a driver IC to help you practice real-world deployments and design
Greg-JThere it is
jsoftSmokinGrunts, lol I am not putting a driver IC on a board just for shit's and giggles
SmokinGruntsto each their own!
jsoftCmon man
SmokinGruntshehe, I'm just tryna get you as learnt as possible
SmokinGruntsokay, what are your fet model numbers, and can you link a schem?
jsoftthis is an old schematic
jsoftwait one
SmokinGruntsalso, Vgs(thresh) pls
SmokinGrunts8 characters today, eh password8 ?
jsoftSmokinGrunts, ^
jsoftAnd no its not a finished schematic I would give to anyone
SmokinGruntsit's very blurry
jsoftbut si2301 is the p channel
jsoftHmmm seems pdf uploads don't work well
SmokinGruntsgood job compartmentalizing blocks of the circuit :)
password8or 16 SmokinGrunts ?
SmokinGruntsheh I saw that password8
jsoftSmokinGrunts, try this https://imgur.com/a/3UOhA
SmokinGruntsmuch better
SmokinGruntsI prefer my FETs drawn with drain on top, source on bottom, SIRRRRRRRRRAH!
SmokinGruntsyou will have an engineer most likely require that some day :P
jsoftdrain on top ?
r0n0xi have sooo many sensors
jsoftWhat do you mean drain on top
r0n0xa bunch of controllers of sorts arrived in the mail, now just gotta figure out what to do with them
jsoftr0n0x, sense _ALL_ the things
SmokinGruntsPFET, right
SmokinGruntsACTION flips that
jsoftsi2301 is pfet's
r0n0xmainly i got my rot encoders and some basic and good accelerometers
r0n0xone is 9 axis, the other 3
r0n0xif that makes sense
r0n0xi have 3 simple ones and one with accel, gyro and megnetometer
r0n0xi feel like rigging something up quick just to try out
r0n0xany ideas?
r0n0xsimply displaying numbers doesnt seem fun
SmokinGruntsjsoft, what is Vgs(th) on the pfet, what is the gate's voltage gonna be, and what is VBATT equal to?
r0n0xi have some servos and steppers i can use
r0n0xor other stuff
r0n0xwhats something good i should try?
r0n0xagain just to demo
jsoftSmokinGrunts, vbatt is ~6v max, Vgs(th) is -0.45V, gate voltage will be ~ -VBatt ( driven by n channel )
SmokinGruntsFET gate drivers are very common, just sayin'!
SmokinGruntsanyhow, what was the question again? :x
jsoftSmokinGrunts, what is the purpose of a gate driver.
SmokinGruntsas it stands, that pfet would be on in that state
SmokinGruntsgate driver can buffer, invert, charge-pump a low signal level to enough to activate a LARGE FET, and simplifies circuits with some complexity
SmokinGruntslotsa stuff!
jsoftThese p channels are more than on at what I am using them for.
Viper-7si2301 doesnt need a driver heh
SmokinGruntsaye :)
Viper-7they're a tiny fet with a rated sub 0.1 ohm Rds(on) at -2.5V
jsoftWhat I was origionally after though, was an array of p channels in an IC
jsoftViper-7, yerp
jsoftViper-7, they are quite cool and cheap :)
Viper-7jsoft: yup, i have a reel of them, and the nfet counterpart
Viper-7tiny little fuckers :P
jsoftOh SO DO I though Viper-7
jsoftACTION throws sticks at Viper-7 
Viper-7hehe :P
r0n0xnothing fun to do with accelerometers?
SmokinGruntsI am lazy tonight
jsoftr0n0x, fuck I dunno, make a punch-o-meter
SmokinGruntsACTION doesn't WANNA open a datasheet :P
Viper-7r0n0x: hand held POV display? :P
r0n0xoh right i have an oled module
tawrr0n0x: btw a fun control thing
r0n0xfor the magnetometer i can do a compass
SmokinGruntsr0n0x make an equalizer
tawris wii remotes
jsoftNah make a robot which does all the work for you, and then sit back and command it
r0n0xi just wanna demo the sensors
SmokinGruntsuse the accelerometer as a 'microphone' and see if you can pick up audio from the table a speaker is on
Greg-JBird|otherbox or SpeedEvil, How do you know what resistance to use on pull-up/pull-down resistors?
SmokinGruntsjsoft https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/ON-Semiconductor/MCH6321-TL-E?qs=sGAEpiMZZMshyDBzk1%2fWi6taqBbNsRn6gMToSRYVqa0%3d
Bird|otherboxGreg-J, depends on the amount of current you want to draw from the input
Bird|otherboxfor general use, 1k-10k is common
Bird|otherboxin low power circuitry, you'll often see 100k or more, sometimes up to 4.7M or 10M
jsoftSmokinGrunts, not quite no
Viper-7woo! i got my fleafpga ohms!
jsoftViper-7, bastard!
jsoftViper-7, those were mine, flea meant to send those particular ones to me
jsoftYeah see that? It says 'for jsoft'
tawryeah now they'll get put on Viper-7's wall and never be used for anything
jsoftYeah good one Viper-7
Viper-7tawr: i dont even want to open the bag :P
tawrdon't blame ya, they're so pretty
SmokinGruntsr0n0x, what's sampling rate of yer accel?
Viper-7i love the huge message on the back
Viper-7note: RTFM.
SmokinGruntsr0n0x, project idea http://www.njneer.com/frequency-analyzers/oledanalyzer/
SmokinGruntsif you wanna see my version, go to
tpw_rulesis it unusual for tantalums to fail within 10 years?
r0n0xnot sure
SmokinGruntsfair warning: that dashboard is very much a work in progress
r0n0x3 of these https://www.aliexpress.com/item/MPU-6050-3-Axis-gyroscope-acce-lerometer-module-3V-5V-compatible-For-Arduino/32278722511.html
SmokinGruntsOOH GYRO!
SmokinGruntsbro do 3d positioning
tpw_rulesi've got a board that's 10 years old and one of the tantalum caps went low impedance and died. should i replace all of them or just that one?
r0n0xone of these https://www.aliexpress.com/item/MPU-9255-Sensor-Module-Three-axis-Gyroscope-Accelerometer-Magnetic-Field-NEW/32432594243.html
SmokinGruntsyou can use this as a starting point: https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-bno055-absolute-orientation-sensor/processing-test
r0n0xi see, something like that
SmokinGruntsboo @ 40Hz rate for the accelerometer portion :'(
SmokinGruntswoah now 1024kHz with external clock
SmokinGruntsthat's neat
SmokinGruntsstill no 44kHz, but shit that ain't bad
password8tpw_rules, do they die of old age?
tpw_rulesi don't think tantalums do?
password8or is it just the luck of the draw? Because I've seen new ones doing it
tpw_rulesbut maybe that board got a bad batch
bongofurydo you need a gyro with a 3axis accelerometer?
SmokinGruntsdepends on if you want decent 3d positioning or not
jsoftbongofury you beast! What the fuck is going on? :)
SmokinGruntsdead-reckoning and all that
bongofurylol hi jsoft :D
bongofurySmokinGrunts so the gyro is a redundant check?
SmokinGruntsaccel can not integrate proper position
bongofuryv cool thanks
SmokinGruntsover time, errors be HUUUUGE
Greg-JBird|otherbox, Would a FSUSB42UMX be bi-directional? For instance, could I use it to switch a port between two sources OR switch one source between two ports?
electrobotSmokinGrunts just linked to www.youtube.com (The Devil Makes Three - Aces and Twos (Live On KEXP) - YouTube)
Greg-J##electronics are hard
SmokinGruntshard is simply a subjective experience of the unknown
SmokinGruntsall things get 'easier' with practice and motivation
r0n0xso, does the gyro always know its angle or does it only read changes?
SmokinGruntsdepends on the driver/library that comes with it, *if* one does
kmcI think it's only changes
SmokinGruntsthat BNO I linked earlier will set an origin
r0n0xso its basically the same as the accelerometer but reading in a different direction
kmcaccel gives you absolute orientation in the roll and pitch directions
bongofuryMPU-9255 comes with activity detection lib
kmcand it's hard to get an absolute yaw reading
kmconly dead recoking that can get inaccurate over time
tawryou're an absolute yaw reading
tawrdead recocking... the weird cousin to dead reckoning
SmokinGruntsI hope I'm never naughty enough to be recocked
bongofuryoh this seems an important caveat: "The AAR library is required to leverage the full capabilities of this chip. The AAR library is compiled with ATMEL studios for Cortex M4 (ATSAM4L4SA) chipset only."
Greg-JHow large of a pad would you say provides a *comfortable* amount of room to solder 22AWG?
Mikeee1mm is what I do
Mikeeewith 1.5mm spacing if you have a lot of them
jsoftI prefer 1.505mm spacing
SmokinGruntsye ye
Mikeee22AWG is 0.64516mm, so 1mm lets you solder with nice concave valleys on either side of the wire
SmokinGruntsMEMS is where it's at for absolute positioning
SmokinGruntswanna get a triaxial gyro, accel, and magnetometer
SculptorGreg-J, more detailed info http://www.pcb-3d.com/tutorials/how-to-calculate-pth-hole-and-pad-diameter-sizes-according-to-ipc-7251-ipc-2222-and-ipc-2221-standards/
SmokinGruntsACTION is gonna make a VR glove
SmokinGruntsrule of thumb: 2.5x :o
jsoft I soldered your mums concave valley
SmokinGruntsflux dat hole bby
SmokinGruntsnow wait a minute...
bongofuryinteresting, this 9axis sensor doesn't have any opamps
bongofuryJust builtin 16bit adcs
SmokinGruntsooh gimme dem quaternions bby
SmokinGruntsmy wife is smoking mad bowls without me
SmokinGruntswhat a grinch
bongofurylooks like im joining yer wife :D
SmokinGruntsI told her she's bogartin', so now I'm in
r0n0xso it seems there are ways for it to actively zero itself at times
r0n0xi guess the magnometer would always remain accurate
SmokinGruntslook for a starting calibration routine
SmokinGruntsusually "Pls put unit on flat table" or some such
r0n0xbut first i just wanna control something
SmokinGruntscontrol a bunny with Processing!
r0n0xfortunately though using rot encoders and a complex rig i can do full proper motion capture
bongofurylol SmokinGrunts was that a P5 joke???
bongofuryI used to fart around with that
bongofuryI quit when I couldn't hack the openGL 2.0 implementation
SmokinGruntslol that's somethin', I'll tell ya what.
bongofuryz-sorting and transparency were broken. They blamed openGL but wouldn't open the pipe to allow for z-sorting in the buffer
electrobotSmokinGrunts just linked to www.youtube.com (The Tallest Man On Earth - The Gardener (Live on KEXP) - YouTube)
SmokinGruntshuehueh that woulda make oGL hooking and hacking games a lot easier
SmokinGruntsif primCount ~ howevermanyprims, z-index = 1
SmokinGruntsman, I wanna pay for driver cert and hook into unity
SmokinGruntsjust to see
SmokinGruntsbut I hasn't DirectX'ed since fuckall, prolly DXD9?
bongofuryI cannot Unity. Way too bloated/overheaded
SmokinGruntsyeah, but most frameworks of that scope started that way
SmokinGruntsso I have hope fer it
bongofuryif you want to dev a game, my advice is whatever Unreal Engine is available
SmokinGrunts^^^!!!! :D :D
SmokinGruntsthat'll be when I'm ready to dev for Vive
SmokinGruntslike, not for HTC, but the platform
bongofurymy friend has a headset for his Samsung phone
bongofuryit was fun as hell to play with the stock scenes
SmokinGruntsI saw one of those maker-headset-thingies
bongofurythere's one that's kind of death metally... giant purple skeleton structures, lava ocean, etc
bongofuryit was good
jsoftHigh performance potato
SmokinGruntsI'd be a happy camper learning to render a basic scene with lighting effects, and get wand-interaction down
SmokinGruntseverything else would be a wonderful ride
SmokinGruntsfor vive, that is
bongofuryI'm into making my own wand as well, which is why I'm srsly considering the 9axis sensor that got posted earlier
r0n0xif i had a bunch of rot encoders (reading linear actuation of cables) reading the movement of an arm, would there be any reason to use accelerometer readings, would it improve anything?
jsoftSmokinGrunts, carefull with 3d shit, it get's addictive as shit
SmokinGruntsgood! XD
r0n0xgiven that this would be for recording motion, not live tracking, so any latency could be accounted for
SmokinGruntsbut that's gotta wait 'till after a buncha other crap anyhow
bongofuryr0n0x, there are cables attached to the arms? like a puppet?
r0n0xpretty much
r0n0xmore like if the rot encoders were steppers they would move said arm
SmokinGruntsr0n0x, sure, vibrations (read as: spikes) could fux that whole setup, and accelerometers can detect that
bongofuryaccelerometer would be a double-check in that case. If the cables are heavy and have long drop, you might have stretch/slack/temp issues that the accel would overcome
SmokinGrunts^^^ +++
bongofuryi guess the answer there is the hysteresis in the cable vs that of the rotary encoder signal chain
r0n0xi see
bongofuryrotary encoders sometimes "skip
bongofuryif you go too fast
r0n0xyeah i know
bongofurybut since those are the driving controls, idk why that would matter
bongofurythe accel could say "yes, you skipped, the hand is only 9/10 of the way down"
r0n0xbecause accel is reliable in the moment but not good for keeping track of a long series of motion
bongofuryim all about this 9 axis sensor right now
bongofuryno additional gear needed and has onboard digital motion processor
r0n0xthe magnetometer is basically a compass right?
r0n0xso, given enough time it takes for a solid reading it always gives an absolute value right?
Greg-JWhat's a good PCB CAD program for a complete noob?
SmokinGruntsGreg KiCAD or Eagle
Greg-JI see EAGLE and KiKAD thrown around a lot
Greg-JYeah, those two.
r0n0xshame they couldnt put two magnetometers on the board
r0n0xor 3
Greg-JI watched some KiCAD tutorials and the interface looked dreadful. Is PCBweb well known, or just something I accidentally stumbled on?
SmokinGruntsbongofury, imagine the possibilities!!
bongofuryam :)
bongofuryfor the first time in a very long time, I'm considering restarting my grand project
r0n0xan electronic 3D magnetometer would be awsome
SmokinGruntsooh ooh bby ooh
SmokinGruntsbongofury what is it?
r0n0xi dont think though you can acheive that with 3 sensors however
SmokinGruntsGreg PCBweb has been around, never used it myself though
r0n0xnot if they are all static
bongofuryThe 3-axis magnetometer uses highly sensitive Hall sensor technology. The magnetometer portion of the IC incorporates magnetic sensors for detecting terrestrial magnetism in the X-, Y-, and Z- Axes, a sensor driving circuit, a signal amplifier chain, and an arithmetic circuit for processing the signal from each sensor. Each ADC has a 16-bit resolution and a full scale range of ±4800
SmokinGruntsyeah, a rife-n-quick metal detector, too :o
bongofuryit encodes to SPI
bongofuryOr I2c, but I have no idea why you'd use I2c with this much data pipe
bongofuryseems like it's asking for trouble
bongofurySmokinGrunts it's like a wand
bongofuryjust want to use with CAD
bongofurylol -> * You were kicked from ##beer by ChanServ (Invite only channel)
bongofurynow THATS a beersnob
SmokinGrunts* services. sets mode +f on ##beer ##aa
SmokinGruntsaa as in alcoholics-anonymous?
SmokinGruntssomeone should do a bowl-testing thing. Attach to mouthpiece. Measure flow-rate. Get a profile for good or bad designs
SmokinGruntscould be used for vapes too
SmokinGruntstotally unnecessary, but shit, I bet ppl would buy it
SmokinGruntsis there an open-source chat github for VR anywhere
bongofuryi noticed the one I was looking at earlier had a temp sensor (superfluous to me) and very specific ARM chip requirements, from 2014. I looked at the Bosch sensors and they're ... 15x more expensive, but from 2016 and no temp sensor
SmokinGruntsBNO055 has internal temp
DocScrutinizer05bongofury: magnetometers are a bitch, in embedded, since... electric current creates magnetism
r0n0xoh true yeah
DocScrutinizer05HAH, BNO055, picjed that one too
DocScrutinizer05Cat S60 magnetometer is totally useless
DocScrutinizer05somme currents in device cause up to 180°[SIC!] misguidance
DocScrutinizer05when hooked to USB charger. But even when not, that "compass" is a pathetic joke
r0n0xoh hey, if i had a solenoid made from graphene wire, it would have no upper limit for how much power could be driven through it right?
SmokinGruntsdat coilgun again, eh?
tgeekyr0n0x: does that sound like a sensible statement to you?
tgeekythere's a material that has infinite power handling capability?
r0n0xno, i mean for a normal electromagnet
DocScrutinizer05and all "dance-the-8-calibration" is BS too since it doesn't adjust for systematic offset/skew. It can't
r0n0xsince its a superconductor
tgeeky1) graphene wire at room temperature is not a superconductor?, and 2) superconductors do not have infinite power handling capability
SmokinGrunts^^ +++
tgeekyas far as I know, all superconductors, at some power level, quench
DocScrutinizer05since when is graphene a superconductor at room temperature?
DocScrutinizer05meh, tgeeky beat me to it
Evil-CorpSending a car into space is nothing...punks in my city have been creating self-driving cars for years...brick on the gas pedal, tie the streeing wheel, and point it towards the river....
bongofuryBNO055 is worse than the MPU-9255, AFAICT
DocScrutinizer05bongofury: worse in which regard?
bongofuryhard to tell what relative power consumption would be, except at low level
bongofurywell small differences in the characteristics. like 14 bit vs 16 bit, 1000Hz vs 4000Hz
bongofuryso if I wanna draw in 3d, I want very tight responsiveness and detail
r0n0xis graphene just really low resistance then?
r0n0xat rt
bongofurykind of depends how perfect the sheets atoms are, right?
r0n0xi recall hearing that graphene embedded into the core or outside of copper wire of sorts would allow at RT ridiculously large amounts of power to course through the wire
Evil-CorpI am guessing the guy posting stuff in #science...is not really "carl sagan"...that was a disapointment to learn.
tgeekyr0n0x: if you want an easy way (but possibly incorrect or incomplete) way of thinking about it, the argument goes: at some level of current (or power) eventually the superconductor begins heating itself which reduces the superconducting margins, and it goes to normal conductivity
tgeekyr0n0x: http://bit.ly/2Edy5W6
electrobottgeeky just linked to image.slidesharecdn.com
r0n0xyeah get that
bongofurySkin effect
tgeekybongofury: i do not think this is the skin effect?
r0n0xany idea how power could be scaled in a graphene enhanced solenoid?
bongofurywrapping graphene around a conductor at rt and getting better conductivity?
bongofurywouldn't that be an enhancement of the skin effect?
r0n0xi think so
tgeekyi... don't know if people do that for that purpose; at the LHC, the normal conductors only exist as a backup for dumping energy into when the superconductor fails
bongofury"superconductivity" being inherently related to temp
bongofuryas you so correctly pointed out
tgeekyhttps://arxiv.org/abs/1610.09501 <-- evidently calculation of skin effect effects on superconductors is still cutting edge
kmcnot surprising
password16I'm so on the edge of buying myself a scope
tgeekyThis parameter results from a compromise between the maximum current decay rate, which does not cause quench-back in the magnets and the admissible heat dissipation in the cold by-pass diode and its heat sinks and busbars. In this way, the time constant of 104 s was determined, giving a total, initial decay rate of 125 A/s, a dump resistance of 150 mΩ and a resultant total system voltage of 1950 V at 13 kA.
tgeeky^ LHC
SmokinGruntsmy own Brother deauthed me
SmokinGruntsI'll remember that, next time I give him a cool WiFi gift.
kmctgeeky: that's a spicy meatball
SmokinGruntsdid I ask my question before I was deauthed?
bongofurydamn 13 kA
password16SmokinGrunts: does not look like it
SmokinGruntsIs there a community circuit design site?
bongofury"An experiment has been proposed to measure London’s length in dirty superconductors."
SmokinGruntslike, ppl vote or post even singular project ideas+BOM+circuits, and people can reply with project files / gerbers?
tgeekyLondon was a nice man
bongofurysounds like something Loshki would write
tgeekyman did he treat his best train drivin staff rudely though
tgeekyget it... super ... conductors
bongofuryu knew him, Horatio?
bongofuryarf arf
bongofurySmokinGrunts there are pcb communities, they usually center around either a) your hobby in question, such as drone-makers or b) the software you use
SmokinGruntsbut I can't right now; don't have the time :'(
bongofuryAltium, xilinx, Cadence, Allegro
SmokinGruntsit could be a global thing, cuz gerbers
SmokinGruntseverything open source
SmokinGruntsman, it's the modern age!
SmokinGruntswhy don't we have one yet!
SmokinGruntscollab is key for us hoomans
electrobotSmokinGrunts just linked to www.youtube.com (The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Blue Rondo à la Turk - YouTube)
password16SmokinGrunts: an ideation style crowdsourcing for circuits?
SmokinGruntsfuck, I'll provide server space
password16not that I've seen , but I'm not well versed in the various communities
SmokinGruntsfor the beginning...
password16SmokinGrunts: what would the goal be?
bongofuryI just hang out at imright.com
SmokinGruntsto have a hooman e-upgrade
password16oh , so practice?
SmokinGruntssomething easily accessible to allow collaboration of circuit design
SmokinGruntsfree, all by the public, for the public
password16you need a hook to start people
tgeekyyou really need a better abstraction of a circuit rather than what we have, which is a dual abstraction of the PCB/layout on the one hand, and the schematics on the other hand
password16if you can get funders for project , then people will join
SmokinGruntsthat's just *one* slogan
KamilionOh god I just heard navi's voice, what the fuck
Kamilionwho did that
SmokinGruntsI don't want or need funds
SmokinGruntsopen source
KamilionACTION looks around frantically
SmokinGruntspassion, grit, style, and grace
SmokinGruntsmaybe a little pomp and verve
SmokinGruntspossibly some luck, who knows
password16SmokinGrunts: you need a hook
password16there needs to be a value proposition
tgeekyno, he needs a product instead of an idea here
password16its like the auther of itssosticky
SmokinGrunts"Got an idea? Let's see!"
password16why would i submit my ideas?
jsoftOperation timer is underway
SmokinGruntsvalue is people looking for practice, looking to provide help and guidance to others. On the one end
tgeekySmokinGrunts: there is another thing you can do, which is center on a specific experiment instead.
SmokinGruntsOther end is: You don't have $15k for a seat of Altium-slash-don't know or can't know circuit design
password16SmokinGrunts: theres loads of hobby specific forums for that
SmokinGruntsforums is one thing
SmokinGruntswhat does Pandora do?
password16and chat rooms like this
tgeekyso you're talking about sharing circuit boards and circuits, but you could instead have a site where you stipulate all of that, and then demand the user post a certain test (specify inputs, outputs, etc) and a result, and see what other people get with different equipment / different circuits / different layouts / different schematics
tgeekySmokinGrunts: understand?
tgeekyso it could be as simple as: here is what happens when I put (signal from signal gen) into (my oscilloscope) with these settings;
tgeekythen they can ask for other scopes, other signals, other settings
tgeekypeople could propose other signals
password16tgeeky: could work , but the callenge needs to be kept broad , something like this works well if there is room for artistic interpretation
password16like "design an IoT light that uses user tracking"
tgeekythe first thing is it has to be usable enough that someone would use it instead of their preferred whatever (pcb tool, simulator, whatever)
tgeekypassword16: that's too much of a step. there's no experiment there.
tgeekyyou have to start with what the user provides, and make small changes
tgeekyin the idea I'm espousing, at least
SmokinGruntsright, interface/useability would be key
password16well the end user don't know electronics
SmokinGruntsintuitive. The Apple-ification of it, if that makes sense
tgeekypassword16: they're going to have to know enough to at least put something together in some tool, e.g. falstad or one of the online circuit tools
bongofuryeliminate all compiler errors, install one library, done
SmokinGruntstarget base would require some knowledge
tgeekypassword16: that way it's not just "do this for me", but instead it's "here's what I've done so far, what next?"
password16tgeeky: why would the one setting up the challenge answer the challenge?
tgeekyso both ends put something into it
SmokinGruntsaye aye
tgeekypassword16: because the answer is interesting, and they want to share it
tgeekypassword16: or it was a useful learning process
SmokinGruntsit's collab. Collaboration is key
SmokinGruntsgroup dynamics and learning
password16thats what she said : [07:26] <+tgeeky> so both ends put something into it
tgeekypassword16: or because they are confuseed about the answer/measurement, and want reproductions on *exactly* the same equipment; or perhaps they want to see how that same measurement behaves on different equipment
zap0just call anything 'open source" and it magically because collaborative.. truly it does! i seen it!
tgeekypassword16: well, unless there is money exchanging hands, then the relationship of "i want <circuit that does x y and z>, how do?" is so one sided as to be unfulfilling and frustrating
password16thats why i suggested sponser
SmokinGruntsright, but gathering attention is something that amplifies... Just about any group-activity
password16how do you thikn instructibles stay so alive?
tgeekybut if you instead enforce that the asker has to put some effort in and show your work
zap0reddit/r/electronics is full of 'how do i make X for $0.03 ?'
password16go there and check all the goodies you can win
tgeekythere is a guy on reddit who espoused to have a tool which converts pictorial schematics into simulation schematics
tgeekythat would be useful
electrobotSmokinGrunts just linked to www.youtube.com (Lovage- Stroker Ace - YouTube)
SmokinGruntsman, datas presented in the right way sure can be powerful for bringing people together
SmokinGruntssort by: recent, most popular
password16oooh http://www.instructables.com/contest/minecraft2018/
Greg-JDo any of you know what the pitch on adafruit ribbon/hdmi cables is?
password16look there , look at all the submissions just for a challenge!
SmokinGrunts'win a 3d printer by contributing to the community!'
intranickACTION downgrades password16 
password16hint , instructables is not paying for the printer
SmokinGruntsuhoh, now yer password2^4 :(
SmokinGruntsyeah so I think people helping each-other could be 'prize' enough
SmokinGruntsI'd not like to attract too many folks who wanna 'get theirs' out of it, selfishly
SmokinGruntsself-serving types
password16awesome http://www.instructables.com/id/Minecraft-Torch-Nightlight/
SmokinGruntsACTION asks "How hard could it be to have a webapp with on-browser board layout"
SmokinGruntsACTION is never seen again.
password16SmokinGrunts: just as hard as any other nmethod of doing it
password16with webgl , and js being what it is and ajax and serverside technologies and etc
SmokinGruntsfuck if I wanna do all that coding
SmokinGruntsshit, I'd keep it at user-submission-based.
bongofuryget a dev team and some financing
SmokinGruntsnaw naw
bongofuryit's not a one guy project
SmokinGruntsalso I agree with that last part
SmokinGruntsfinancing is for the birds on a project like this
bongofuryI was blown away by the high end industrial design app in a browser
SmokinGruntsa simple little mockup, webpack3, with an express server, angular 1.64, and a modern db like mongo or couchdb
SmokinGruntsall open sauce
SmokinGruntsproof of concept
SmokinGruntstake it to the peoples, see what the feedback is
SmokinGruntsgo from there.
Viper-7bongofury: eh, its probably all like <HTML><HEAD><BODY></HTML> :P
SmokinGruntsyay or nay boys and girls? Overall, I mean
Viper-7SmokinGrunts: like easyeda you mean? :P
SmokinGruntsACTION whispers "Don't you steal my thundah!"
SmokinGruntsnot like that
SmokinGruntsnot Pandora-esque enough
SmokinGruntsand scratch the design-in-browser-idea
SmokinGruntsleave design to whatever ppl already have and know
SmokinGruntsjust gerbers
SmokinGruntsgerbers and schematics and social networking
Viper-7so like.. gerblook.org combined with falstad, ish? :P
SmokinGruntsACTION checks gerblook
Viper-7maybe with a little reddit thrown in the mix
SmokinGruntsyup yup
SmokinGruntsfuck me, could even leverage the digikey and mouser api's for parts
SmokinGruntsthat'd be rev 2
SmokinGruntsfor sure
password16SmokinGrunts: if i wanted to spend time criticizing things i would probbaly be a profesional engineer by now
SmokinGrunts:) and so...?
Viper-7SmokinGrunts: eh, sounds like a more open form of seeedstudio's fusion service :P
Viper-7they'll do pcb, procurement, pcba, and drop shipping, all in one go
DocScrutinizer05errr kicad?
SmokinGruntsI do declare
SmokinGruntsno monies for anyone with this
SmokinGruntsmonies are corrupting and bad for something like this
SmokinGruntsknowledge is free
SmokinGruntslearning is even freer
Viper-7effort is effort, and money is reward
wizardyesterdayknowledge is da' bomb.
SmokinGruntsand also, we're all hoomans, so + for helping each other out
Viper-7hoomans tend to disagree
Viper-7eg i'd be all up in ur shit telling everyone to buy from china :P
SmokinGruntshoomans just need to see a viable, repeatable pattern, and they'll come around
password16Viper-7: lend me $400 for a scope :D
DocScrutinizer05Dr Who fanatic s
Viper-7so you can get a better scope than me? nu
SmokinGruntsViper you make some good points, and I'll hafta brush up on 'em more, but collaboration for the sake of collaboration (minus monies) is still viable. Isn't it?
Viper-7SmokinGrunts: hard to get right (ie self moderating)
password16Viper-7: You can get teh rigol ds1054z for $400 , with free shipping vi dhl
Viper-7i know, thats why i wanted to sell you my old scope :P
Viper-7tgeeky: i cant find it for that inc shipping anymore
password16tgeeky: where?
password16Viper-7: on amazon you can get , but its via UPS/fedex
password16tequipment is the seller
password16the $400 price tag comes from arrow
intranickwho said you could upgrade
DocScrutinizer05did somebody pirate-upgrade the "new" Rigol 1xxx PLUS?
password32veek did
veekack wut
password32DocScrutinizer05: many people aparently
DocScrutinizer05password32: the LA part
intranickACTION unencrypts password32 
tgeeky must have just changed, amazon
SmokinGruntsACTION throws together a git
veekACTION shadows password32 
DocScrutinizer05password32: aiui it's a plugin. Is it more than just the jack?
RoChesspassword32, you better upgrade to 64 before they brute force ya ;)
veekyou can't brute force a shadow, you have to 0wn the b0x
veekACTION chants w0rm wr0m wrm0
RoChesshttps://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B012938E76/ i got my scope direct from Tequipment, but you can't argue with Amazon Prime and 90-days free return shipping
tgeekyRoChess: tequipment is the one fulfilling the orders on amazon, afaik
tgeekythey did for mine, but that was years ago now
RoChesstgeeky, nahh it wouldn't list fulfillment by Amazon, but even if they do, it's still covered under Amazon prime 90-days warranty
tgeekyRoChess: hate to break it to you, but "I have ordered" the currently available one on amazon for $350
tgeekyand mine came in a box labelled tequipment
RoChesswell of course, it clearly states Tequipment as the seller
RoChessbut what shipping depot did the UPS label originate from?
tgeekyfuckkk if I know
tgeekywhy does that matter though? the speed of delivery?
RoChessspeed of processing, delivery, and 90-days free return
RoChessespecially on a heavy item like that, return shipping to others can add up
tgeekyoh, right.
tgeekyi don't think 90 day coverage was available when i bought it
tgeekyunless it always has been, shrug
RoChessnow granted i've had stuff fail after 90-days and then shocked at quick next day turn around by manufactor with free cross-shipping, and of course it's not supposed to fail normally within warranty period, but i like the added safety
tgeekyalso amazon will often bend over backwards to make you happy
tgeekyusually on cheaper stuff, but still
RoChessyeah, hard to argue their customer service
SmokinGruntsmy b
DocScrutinizer05Amazon is evil
DocScrutinizer05I don't order at Amazon if there's any alternative that's only marginally higher cost
Greg-JPerhaps before designing a product based on the Compute Module 3 Lite, I should have tried to order one.
Greg-JHas there been a surge in CM3L purchases lately, because I would expect their supply chain to be better than this for a product that's been out for over a year...
RoChessDocScrutinizer05, any reasoning behind that?
DocScrutinizer05yes. Social (workers) and economy aka monopoly
DocScrutinizer05basically same reasons why I try to avoid google
DocScrutinizer05well, plus they really don't respect their workers, unlike google
Greg-JI am the anti-DocScrutinizer05.
Greg-JI am a slave to convenience and consumerism.
Greg-JI have placed 29 orders in 2018 alone...
DocScrutinizer05I think convenience isn't really a selling point of Amazon. Look at their generally pathetic product descriptions
rabbitearGreg-J: how many of the 'things' do you use?
Greg-JAll of it?
rabbitearAll 29 things?
Greg-JThat's 29 orders, it's waaaaay more than 29 things.
rabbitearokay, which has added value to your life?
Greg-JAll of it?
RoChessrabbitear, why would somebody buy something that wouldn't get used or add value? lol
rabbitearGreg-J: well, just wondering, .... I order a bunch from Amazon, I should do the same assessment
Greg-JDon't do it. You'll regret it.
Greg-JI made the mistake of exporting my entire purchase history
rabbitearRoChess: one reason, is because of prespection
RoChessi buy a lot from Amazon, but i try to condense orders and refuse to pay for Prime so i have to bundle up on occasion to get minimum order amount
Greg-JPrime is so worth it.
password3229 dildoes?
rabbitearI pay for Prime indirectly because of amazon music thru alexa
Greg-JIt's a little over $8 a month and you get to watch The Grand Tour ;)
Greg-JI'm sure there's a dildo in here somewhere...
rabbitearI'd want the hackable ones
password32the IoT ones?
Greg-JMy wife has a wifi one.
rabbitearthey are all IoT
Greg-JGoing out to dinner, I get the remote... Fun times.
rabbitearwell, yes, the ones that connect up
rabbitearjust the use cases are endless
RoChessGreg-J, i still watch that via Prime account from somebody else on my Roku... and if i need fast delivery i have the same prime account holder order+drop-ship, but for my own stuff i don't mind waiting 2-5 days for free shipping
Greg-JOh my sweet lord
Greg-J1,737 items since I opened my account with them.
password32people with too much money
RoChessGreg-J, how did you get total that quick?
rabbitearthats strange that its in regular html
RoChessif it works, don't fix it ;)
rabbitearI'll have to bookmark
RoChessyeah, i need to save that link, not obvious via `order` page
Greg-JI lied. 1,862 items.
SmokinGruntsalmost there...
Greg-JSince 2011.
RoChess863 items for me, but lot of bulk item entries
Greg-JSo $650/mo. give or take.
rabbiteardown payment on a house
Greg-JWhich seems reasonable considering I buy a lot of our consumables on there.
rabbitearor just a flat payment of a Tiny House
Greg-JSD cards, raspberry pi's, solder. You know, consumables ;)
password32fucking hell , I've probably not spend $50k in my life
Greg-JI'm probably quite a bit older than you.
rabbitearyou can eat them :P
Greg-JAnd I have 3 children and a wife.
Greg-JAnd a career I've been in for close to 20 years.
password32oh the interest i could earn of $50k
Greg-JLife gets expensive as you get older.
rabbitearUnless you don't do much
Greg-JIt's all relative I suppose.
Greg-JWe like to travel and we have expensive hobbies.
RoChessGreg-J, so did you try splitting it between what you ordered, and the misses?
rabbitearactually saying "don't do much" is wrong.... people are happy in some places
Greg-JMy wife has her own account.
rabbitearwithout.. all the things..
Greg-JIt makes holidays and birthdays easier.
Greg-JDoing the whole "I have packages coming today, don't open them" is annoying.
Greg-JIt also helps with "Honey, what are all these electronics packages?", "Should I log into your Amazon?", "Nevermind".
Greg-JI kid. My wife's awesome.
password32I'm just going to stare the other direction for a few minutes
SmokinGruntsokay who's got nodejs and npm
Viper-7err, i didnt meant to hide that hard, stupid caps
SmokinGruntsI'm uploading to github a boilerplate dashboard with webpack3, express, angular 1.64, and a buncha-fuckton of other shits
gurkiaaaaaah npm
rabbitearSmokinGrunts: you could put those in .gitignore
gurkithe only thing even more borken than pip.
bongofuryViper-7 :))) delayed reaction
rabbitearSmokinGrunts: to not repeat code
rabbitearSmokinGrunts: and then have a requirements file
SmokinGruntsmy .gitignore: node_modules/
rabbitearACTION doesn't know what the original question was *shrugs*
gurkiwhy have sophisticated gitignores? Oo
gurkido you folks always do git add * or what
SmokinGruntsno worries everyone, all is well
rabbitearyes, you can be careful and not 'add' to them to pushes/pulls
SmokinGruntsI dunno what other folks do, I don't watch '
SmokinGrunts'em git
gurkiSmokinGrunts: ppl hardly ever add whole directories to gitignores
gurkiSmokinGrunts: its ussually used for binary blobs autogenerated by your code
SmokinGruntswell this be npm...
gurkinot saying youre not allowed to use it for whatever suits you
gurkiits just ... interesting :)
SmokinGruntsnode_modules will pull in ONE KAJILLION DIRS
rabbiteargurki: its possible to get tired, and use wildcards
gurkibut then the ussual tig glance before pushing will tell you that your commit is a non-bright one :P
rabbiteargurki: I don't think it hurts to have more than enough in a .gitignore
gurkirabbitear: its ussually a good idea to use git the way its meant to be used as ppl who are smarter than both of us thought long and hard about sane setups
SmokinGruntslemme verify real quick that a simple "npm install" works...
rabbiteargurki: linus originally made git
rabbiteargurki: and then lots of other people got in on it
SmokinGruntsI just gutted a private project (mostly my code, anything that isn't mine is open source)
rabbiteargurki: but assuming I am not as smart as them -could- be a mistake too, maybe you are tired
rabbiteargurki: just/kidding!
jsoftI am offended and triggered
rabbiteargurki: its nice when things get used as intended
SmokinGruntsthis gon' be like a year of fucking with this shit, so I hope its good
SmokinGruntsbased on bluradmin
SmokinGruntsjust made modern
jsoftSmokinGrunts, what choo up to now ?
jsoftWhat's all these recent developments?
SmokinGruntshang and I'll show ya
gurkirabbitear: well. i dont mind you being a superbright person
gurkirabbitear: i just ussually assume that ppl who do a lot with x are better at x than i am :)
gurki(no offense taken :) )
rabbitearits all good :)
jsoftI have found people who are interested in X are better at X than people who brag about being good at X
zigggggygurki lowercaseman is here! he only uses lowercase
gurkizigggggy: :O
kmcfor some reason the rust leadership think they should emulate npm and get more npm people
kmcit's unfortunate
SmokinGruntsnpm is a spaghetti-bowl disaster sometimes
gurkithis is by far the best description of npm i have read so far :D
SmokinGruntsturrible that they don't make use of tree-shaking
jsoftnpm ?
kmcit's the package manager for node.js
gurkii guess he wanted to write a long statement in lowercase :O
kmcalso a company run by insufferable political crusaders
kmcgit's okay
kmcthe fundamental model of how it works is good
gurkioh were having version control wars
kmcbut the user interface to the various tools makes no sense
gurkiis there a tig for svn nowadays?
kmccause it grew organically by kernel people who didn't care much for UX design
gurkiits the one thing i really miss when using svn
kmce.g. "git checkout" does 2 or 3 unrleated things
XiongThere is no UI. You type. There are "aftermarket" GUI tools, some of which are okay. But you need to type to get full value from git.
kmca command line user interface is a UI
kmcwhat do you think the G in GUI is ther for
kmcanything that interfaces from a user to a piece of software is a UI
XiongThen... why issues?
kmceven a programming language is a UI
kmccommand line interfaces can be well or poorly designed
kmcthey can be consistent or confusing
kmcgit is confusing
kmccommands that do multiple unrelated things, inconsistent naming, etc
kmcI have done quite a bit of advanced git stuff all from command line and scripting
XiongYes and no. git has available enough power so, if you prefer a slightly different set of commands, it's easy to script them up.
kmcthe same can be said for any unix tool
SmokinGruntsuh, no readme yet
kmcbut defaults matter
SmokinGruntsdo 'npm install' and then 'npm run start-dev'
rabbiteargit takes a learning curve, but if you keep using it, you'll see whats happening
XiongYes; but you'll never get the defaults you want.
kmcI maintain that there are qualities in user interfaces that make them well or poorly designed, beyond just personal preference
kmcbut I've gotta sleep and can't get into the details right now
kmcif they didn't think of their command line interface as a UI, that explains why it's junk
XiongThe key feature, IMO, that sells git is cheap branch and merge. I travel sideways more often than I go back.
rabbiteargit into detail :)
XiongI don't think the git crew considered UI much.
kmcexactly my complaint
rabbitearmerging is biggest thing to understand at first with git
rabbitearafter that, things are a little bit based around all that, merging
kmcit depends on your workflow
kmcit's common to have workflows where you only or mostly rebase
rabbitearya prolly
kmcalso, learning to use rebase -i is a huge step
kmcand the reflog
rabbitearyes, thats probably more correct kmc ... you are correct
Xiongkmc Shop around. There are a lot of tools that deliver git power without the need to always deal directly with its vagaries.
kmcXiong: but I've already invested the time to learn Git, plus I often need to do advanced things that these tools may not handle.
kmconce you know the reflog then it' svery hard to fuck yourself over permanently, short of rm -rf .git
kmcor clobbering an uncommitted change
XiongI dislike rebase. Do not tamper with history. You might kill your grandpa.
kmcI make a lot of throwaway commits and branches and then rebase to clean it up
kmcthere is nothing wrong with modifying history in a local branch you haven't pushed
kmcI don't see history as a literal historical record of every typo a developer has made
kmcI see it as a logical story about how code got from one point to another
kmcand every company i've worked at
kmcyou are expected to clean up those fixup commits before you merge
XiongWell, seems you are pretty fluent... and get the job done.
kmcanywy, 'night all :)
rabbitearyou mean git the job done
Xiongrabbiear I think git is the bee's knees. I put all kinds of stuff under it, not just code.
XiongThe git limitation that chafes me is nested repos.
rabbitearyeah, git is pretty neat, then have to combined that with ethereum, or wait!! somebody already made "ipfs"
SmokinGruntsheh, my photo's in there too
SmokinGruntsa surly-ass me last winter
rabbitearI'd actually almost blindly want to do that
rabbitearI should have better VMs set up
rabbitearI'll bookmark it
XiongOkayguys, but time to go watch The Flash defy every law of logic, physics, and common sense.
SmokinGruntslol I fucked up the modals at some point
SmokinGruntsOH YEAH
SmokinGruntsI switched libs
SmokinGruntswell, default works, nonetheless
SmokinGruntsooh, I left a 'PressClient' string
SmokinGruntsokay fixed and updated
SmokinGruntsanyhow, that repo should be a fine starting point for just about anything
SmokinGruntsI even left the MQTT angular service I wrote
SmokinGruntsso that's neat
SmokinGruntsanyway, it's fer ya'll to fuck with as you please
SmokinGruntsit really ain't much other than a starting point
SmokinGruntsI think I even broke the profile page
SmokinGruntsbut shit, refactoring takes time
rabbitearSmokinGrunts: remind me later, I am not going to "think" about anything just right at this current night
gurkirabbitear: does this mean that i will ages to add files once i reached a certain level of complexity? :P
gurkithat it will take*
intranickpew pew
SmokinGruntsrabbitear if I remember, I'll surely remind ye ;)
intranickPEW PEW PEW
SmokinGruntsintergalactic planetary
gurkiless pew, more <3 !
SmokinGruntsACTION farts
SmokinGruntsoh you meant *hearts*
SmokinGruntsman, I told the original repo I'd post that 5 months ago
SmokinGrunts"My, how time flies."
electrobotSmokinGrunts just linked to www.youtube.com (Main Sequence - Progress (The Ownership Society) - YouTube)
SmokinGruntsfuck I didn't include the angular mqtt wrapper
SmokinGruntsaaaand fixed.
SmokinGrunts_abc_ you got nodejs?
_abc_re: Elon's Spaceman: did the live feed turn off at some point? I see the live feed is now a static feed, of about 4 hours. Wrong?
Flannel_abc_: It turned off right around the booster firing.
FlannelI imagine the uplink wasn't ever designed to deal with not being in LEO
Flannelor downlink, I suppose.
_abc_They still covered it continuously while in orbit, so it was hooked into the tdrs sattelite network probably.
_abc_tdrs is an old term for this, from the Shuttle era
phinxyA package with a European Economic Community sticker on a Chinese package slip with a bag inside with a russian sticker on it!
_abc_One wonders if they did not put in some easter egg radio beacon in the car. One which also perhaps regords impacts on the "hull" with a microphone. Just to see.
_abc_phinxy: EC( CN( RU( x ) ) ) ?
_abc_With the *car*'s battery it could last 10 years with a suitable timer. The beacon. On for x hours per week to permit pickup.
_abc_Anyway I consider the initial claims wrt aiming for Mars slightly bogus. Remember when people went to the Moon they had 3 underway correction burns and the Moon is only 385e3 km away. It's impossible to 'aim' for Mars with an initial burn near Earth and expect it to get where it should imo.
_abc_Also, afaik, all unmanned probes sent to Mars did at least one and possibly a few midcourse correction burns.
_abc_phinxy: so what was it? Russian part shipped by Chinese supplier from .cn warehouse to the EU?
phinxyding ding ding
phinxyThere was a yellow sticker I have never seen before, yellow and saying the package is not conforming to EU conditions
SmokinGruntsI heard it was s'posed to be shooting for mars orbit in a future year
_abc_phinxy: You're in the Dutch Sandwich country, right? .nl?
phinxyMight have travelled trough there
phinxybut no
_abc_SmokinGrunts: I thought they detached the car from the last stage? Or did they stay coupled.
SmokinGruntswell it had to have boosters anyhow after the 6hr standby
_abc_I don't follow.
SmokinGruntsso even if the roadster detached from the last stage, it had to have somethin'
phinxyWe will have to fire up KSP and simulate Musks rocket
_abc_SmokinGrunts: I assume it would only have cameras and the 'base cone'
SmokinGruntsACTION is uncertain
_abc_SmokinGrunts: there was some discussion in texts I read about advantages of leaving a large spent top stage attached to the payload for mass reasons, but the counter argument is, that is a large target for impacts and other factors so getting rid of it asap is the norm
password32phinxy: i would not be surprised if someone already did
phinxyOne stage to get the car in to a high altitude and then a second burn there to mars orbit?
SmokinGruntswell my question is this: is there any official word about a booster attached to the car?
Viper-7it was never planned to go to mars, or even to mars orbit, it was media hype / misunderstanding
_abc_I don't think there was any part in the ship able to do an insertion burn at Mars
Viper-7its in orbit around the sun, in a path that regularly comes close to earth and mars
_abc_That requires some doing, even by remote control, after x months in the cold
Viper-7and yes, the car has a big booster thing under it, but thats what was used for the burn after 6 hours, its now empty
phinxyViper-7• The furthest point from earth could be an enormous distance
SmokinGruntsperhaps not insertion then
_abc_Reading the list of failed/succeeded Mars probes, one concludes it is not easy for anyone, never was, and never will be. The road to Mars is littered with busted probes, lost probes, impacted probes etc
Viper-7phinxy: indeed
SmokinGrunts^ do target body: -143205
_abc_The next question is, how much money would Musk have made out of a proper satellite launch or even farming out the launch to 300 cubesat projects from universities around the world, instead of his red car. The cubesats COULD have been arranged under a car shaped Mylar 'hood' before spreading them out
bunderis it just me or is oshpark expensive? $10/sqin?
tgeeky_abc_: not possible. you can't launch without insurance and nobody would have given them insurance for all of those sats
tgeekyplus sending up cubsats puts you in charge of a timeline that you can't control
SmokinGruntshehe he's past insurance I think
SmokinGruntstraditional sense
Viper-7bunder: yep, this is why we have elecrow :P
_abc_tgeeky: you certainly can launch non certified payloads. cubesats are not insured and you can be sure Elon would have trodded 17 times over any muppet who would have raised "insurance" objections to this particular launch. Of an uninsured car!
_abc_tgeeky: cubesats are standardized shape and weight boxes. Those which do not arrive at vehicle assembly deadline time, tested and vetted, do not fly.
SmokinGruntsmusks money will come with the investment
SmokinGruntsACTION can't wait for exotic space mining
Viper-7i like how in the press conference after the launch, musk was already basically bored of the falcon heavy
_abc_SmokinGrunts: exotic how?
tgeeky_abc_: the insurance argument is weak; i retract it;
Viper-7he just wants the BFR
tgeekynevertheless, in terms of helping spacex, it could not have gone much better
_abc_tgeeky: stand up and be proud again, Americans (/me is not American!)
SmokinGruntsI can only imagine; I'm unsure of the viability of potential NEB's
tgeekyi won't be truly proud until we can get humans back into space
bunderViper-7: got their website suuuuuuuuuuucks
Evil-CorpRadio playing in space...seems strange as sound won't travel in a vacum...cool nonetheless.
_abc_SmokinGrunts: what is a NEB?
SmokinGruntsnear earth body
Viper-7bunder: elecrow? eh
_abc_SmokinGrunts: there's a study somewhere which says it has to be at least 300m or so to be worth colonizing/exploiting somehow, assuming it is interesting for at least one of those reasons
_abc_SmokinGrunts: that also puts it in the 'extinction event' class should it ever come "too close"
SmokinGrunts:) but it's really based on many variables being examined under very unknown-yet-assumed circumstances
_abc_And controlling the orbit of a 300m diameter object is not unthinkable even if it takes years to get it a required delta v
bunderViper-7: yeah... i had to use google to figure where to go
Viper-7elecrow.com and hit the PCB Service tile bottom right...
_abc_SmokinGrunts: the variables considered were mostly concerned with how much money and energy it takes to get there and how large the "support" systems need to be to keep people alive "indefinitely" at the location.
Viper-7lrn2computer :P
_abc_SmokinGrunts: get there and back
SmokinGruntsaye, and so essentially a crapshoot... At least that's how I'd think of it...
bunderViper-7: oh lol... i guess i didn't see it because of their stupid banner
Evil-CorpMe..I would have called that idiot Beezos..."hey man, I need a ride...why?...long pause...because you fool, I just sent my car to mars....click...dialtone."
bunderit pushes those pictures off the screen
_abc_Evil-Corp: heh
SmokinGruntsdunno about comin' back either
SmokinGruntsespecially that
SmokinGruntsthat's the biggest 'if'
_abc_SmokinGrunts: if you do mining coming back is a definite asset...
bunder$80 for 5 boards sounds like a lot but i'll probably end up paying it since i can't manually etch 4 layer boards :P
SmokinGruntsoh ye sry I was connect also with colonization
SmokinGruntsmy b
_abc_SmokinGrunts: anyway the idea is people go there mostly to survey and control and plan, not to use pickhammers and shovels
Viper-7bunder: try pcbshopper.com
SmokinGruntssurvey, control, plan, and live!
SmokinGruntsI think most o' the first ain't gonna come back
SmokinGruntswhat do you think?
_abc_The adventure live there part is not so important. People are too fragile, much more so than machines.
_abc_There will always be ones willing to pay to get there and live there
Evil-CorpI would stick to mining crypto currency....less chance of being assimilated...or blown up.
SmokinGruntsI certainly hope there's some stringent qualifications for the most part... But I do understand that money -and greed- can and does change things
SmokinGruntscan and do*
rabbitearbelieving in the computer
_abc_Money is what rich people pay to get there and or live there now, right?
Evil-CorpSome star trek thing my friend goes on about....
_abc_Look, the Borg is on Earth, you're trying to escape, eh?
bunderViper-7: argh yeah, elecrow it is probably lol
SmokinGruntsd'you s'pose hoomans can interface with computers and become something other hoomans consider as 'Good?'
Evil-CorpNobody....well, few people have met their demise mining bitcoins.
Viper-7bunder: two 0.8mm 2 layer boards and a strip of kapton? :P
Viper-7dibs on not soldering it, but hey
bunderi may be cheap but not that cheap
bunderknowing me though, i'd probably sandwich two boards together with bondo
bunderat least bondo is real fiberglass :P
cheapieACTION hands bunder a roll of duct tape
bunderduct tape used to be good, its gotten pretty crappy over the years though
_abc_Interesting paragraph 2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viking_2#Search_for_life
phinxyReducing the hole from 35mm to 15mm on a Black&Decker "hair dryer" sure made desoldering things easy!
_abc_phinxy: make yourself some hot air nozzles from some copper or Al flashing.
cheapiebunder: 3M 6969 (yes, really) is the good stuff. The "Duck" brand sucks.
_abc_Also, desoldering should not be "too" easy. If you go from ambient to soldering temp in less than 30sec you exceed the allowed heating rate of board and parts
password32this remains impressive https://imgur.com/gallery/8NwAhgK
_abc_This can result in popcorning the board and or parts and other damage. I've had vias separate from the annulus when abusing boards like this in the past. Not a good thing.
cheapiepassword32: <gen87sis> Stop littering in space! Be responsible and toss your shit in the ocean.
_abc_SmokinGrunts: yeah they were unprepared for the real nature of Mars soil which is apparently covered in peroxides which are efficient desinfectants.
_abc_SmokinGrunts: probably need to dig a bit in or near an icy place and redo the experiment where the killer uv does not create peroxides
SmokinGruntsI still wanna see an ammonia lifeform
_abc_It's likely to be water anaerobic based if it exists.
_abc_For ammonia, try another planet? I forget which is abundant in that stuff.
SmokinGruntsgood intro: http://www.gillevin.com/Mars/complexity_Analysis_IJASS.pdf
_abc_I read some things before, for now, let's stay with the conclusion, namely, that the jury is still out on this.
_abc_https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mars_Viking_22e169.png frost
SmokinGruntscircadian rhythms are some shiiiiiit though!
SmokinGruntsgreatly-attenuated or none
_abc_Hey they are trying to abolish daylight "savings" time in EU! Being discussed now.
LordCrcEU trying to do something sane? impossibru
_abc_Hey they are emulating Russia. Which already did get rid of dst iirc
_abc_https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight_saving_time_by_country see map
_abc_Note how cn, ru, au avoid dst hangover :)
DocScrutinizer05should abolish winter time though
DocScrutinizer05DST all year!
FauxNah, abolishing summer-time leaves the UK in UTC; best for programming.
_abc_What needs abolishing is the change, twice a year
FauxYeah, we should have it three times a year.
cheapieI wish we could all just pick one time zone (UTC sounds good) and just deal with the sun rising and setting at different times in different places.
_abc_Or make it gradual somehow. No idea how, maybe shift wall clock time smoothly like 2-3 minutes per day to track sunset/sunrise.
_abc_cheapie: China does that, it spans 4 tz's and runs on one. Not good.
Faux_abc_: Somewhere does that, at least in theory.
_abc_cheapie: There are good parts and bad parts in everything
_abc_Faux: where?
_abc_ACTION assumes clockless hobos living in the boonies do that indeed
_abc_Animals certainly do that. And people, before clocks...
Viper-7we should all just switch to unix timestamps
_abc_64 bit!
FauxSomewhere middle-eastern were officially doing it, 'cos of their fasting thing/working day ending at sundown. Can't find it right now.
Faux64-bit nanoseconds!
_abc_Ah, middle eastern religion driven thing. What else is new.
cheapieViper-7: "Yeah, I have to go to work at 1518174000"
shaunoproblem is "just deal with the sun rising and setting at different times" ends up just re-inventing timezones
_abc_Looking at the map in my link, Brazil is interesting, it has partial dst, just like Aussie. Must be fun coordinating things in that country.
SmokinGrunts"None of the strong oxidants proposed over the years exhibit the thermal profile of the active Martian agent as established by the LR experiments. "
SmokinGruntshttp://www.gillevin.com/Mars/complexity_Analysis_IJASS.p^ http://www.gillevin.com/Mars/complexity_Analysis_IJASS.pdf
_abc_shauno: no, it's simpler: circadian rhythms are auto regulated by daylight, not by wall clocks. It's wrong to try to make them follow wall clocks, it's right to allow the clock to follow circadian r.
_abc_shauno: so one way or another, $2 clocks need to stop telling about 2 billion people what to do twice a year.
SmokinGruntsthey did find life wtf.
gurkithis moment when you find a reference circuit in some chips datasheet which does precisely what you want to do
_abc_Given how sheep people are, it took quite a while for the coin to drop and/or penetrate the white towers of government (in the EC now)
SmokinGruntsbahaha what a thing.
Viper-7_abc_: the problem is, its not an offset of sunrise+sunset - the length of day vs night changes
gurkiguess ill send that pcb to fabrication today aftera ll
_abc_Viper-7: yes but the circadian rhythm 'tracks' the current sunrise/sunset. Mostly sunrise.
shauno_abc_: that's DST, doesn't fix timezones at all
_abc_Viper-7: it actually lags a bit as expected
Viper-7keeping sunrise at the same tim every day means sunset will just vary more widely
SmokinGruntsthat's cool, I wanna read more about panspermia
Greg-JI just hooked up a little sainsmart 7" touchscreen to my desktop rig and it thinks the touchscreen is my main monitor...
Greg-JGG Microsoft.
shaunoas long as I still need to know I can't call the US for another 5 hours, timezones still exist.
Greg-JOr Sainsmart. Not sure who to blame for this.
_abc_Viper-7: and the Solar analemma will show you that sunrise/sunset times do not vary symmetrically over a year. It's not just 'day shortening', daylight period is shifting 'towards' morning for half a year and towards evening the other half
gurkiGreg-J: you mean: GG Greg-J who cannot set up his things? :P
_abc_Viper-7: in addition to length changing
Greg-JNah, I've gone through the settings, calibration, setup etc.
SmokinGrunts"Circadian rhythms are robust biosignatures, and the presence of such rhythms in the LR signal is at least consistent with a biological interpretation."
gurkihow would you os know which monitor you actually want as your primary one ^^
SmokinGruntsat least
gurkiyou gotta tell it
Viper-7just black out your windows and spend your entire life indoors, problem fixd
_abc_Viper-7: so I don't know what is better but changing 2 billion circadian rhythms by decree twice a year is NOT good
Greg-JWhen calibrating what monitor to make the touchscreen in Win10 there is a wizard that asks you to touch the screen you want to make a touchscreen.
zap0"gurki: how would you os know which monitor you actually want as your primary one ^^" teh biggest one
_abc_Viper-7: indeed, people who work night shifts black out windows to be able to rest during the daytime.
Greg-JWhen I touch the screen, I can see the visual touch aids that Windows draws on the screen. But Windows doesn't accept the touch input.
gurkizap0: but my one inch lcd actually is a beamer, creating a over 9000 inch screen
gurkizap0: its not this easy :P
Johnsenwoop did i tell you about my fleaohm?
tgeekyyeah biggest is no good
Viper-7Johnsen: i got mine today :D
tgeekywhat if you want your primary to be a small one, so in case porn comes up it doesn't appear on a big projection screen
Johnsenmailman wanted $40 fees on a $45 item
_abc_Viper-7: another view on changing 2 billion circadian rhythms twice a year by decree is, there are 6+ billion people on this planet, and 4 billion do NOT cnage it by decree. They might be better off...
SmokinGrunts"It is difficult to see why order declined so strongly in the active experiments if a purely non-biological process were responsible."
Viper-7Johnsen: rofl
Johnseni accepted it but i'm a bit disappointed
Viper-7Johnsen: i did notice the declared value was $80 per board
Johnseni could have bought 2 for that price
tgeekyViper-7: you got some?
Viper-7so declared as $160 for the 2
Viper-7tgeeky: yup
_abc_Johnsen: shipped from aussie?!
Johnsenthat may explain it
tgeekyi think he's in NZ
Viper-7shipped from hong kong
_abc_flea is in Aussie last time I checked?
Viper-7via germany, go figure
Viper-7his PCBA fab is in HK tho :P
_abc_Viper-7: big air freight hub in Munich or Frankfurt
Johnsenfrom hong kong
Johnsennot from nz
zap0_abc_, flea lives in melb.au
Viper-7_abc_: i know, but i order a LOT of shit from HK, first time ever a package has done that
Johnsenor au
Johnseni'm not annoyed at flea or so, but $40 fees
Viper-7Johnsen: apparently its DHL that does that value fuckery
Johnseni'm annoyed at dhl and customs :p
Viper-7in the changeover in germany
Viper-7the shipping label is from germany, not hk
Viper-7they repackaged it
tgeekyhow can anyone claim $1 / $1 penalty for mail
Viper-7my package was worth US$90 but declared as US$160
tgeekybrings a new answer to "you wouldn't send a car, would you?" no because it would fucking bankrupt me
Johnseni'll play with my expensive fleaohm this evening :p
Johnsenit better blinks leds good for that price:p
Viper-7but thankfully au doesnt do import duty for stuff under $2k
Viper-7Johnsen: it'll blink soo good baby
Johnseni also expect 2 of these cuties https://www.aliexpress.com/item/woop/32618222721.html
zap0i heard it blinks LEDs so fast it causes seizures in 3 days time
Viper-7Johnsen: lol rly? same vendor as the one you linked last night, but with presoldered pins, for $1 less...
bunderhmm, i found a cheaper fab after all, $47 for 5 boards, even if that's USD its still cheaper than the others
Johnseni know
Johnseni slightly changed search terms and this popped up
Viper-7kinda annoying, since i like to put female headers on my dev boards, but eh, added to cart :P
Johnsenthe bigger version with 64 pin headers has a empty place for a ram ic on the back tho, this one not
Viper-7bad time to be ordering stuff tho :<
bunderyeah, chinese new year, booooooo
tgeekywhen does that start? now?
bunderfew days ago apparently
tgeekyi wonder if there are any chinese jews who don't celebrate chinese new year
Johnsenone of them will be used for my 6502 emulator :p
Johnsenchinese jews?
tgeekylike jewish people in the USA all eat out on Christmas day
Viper-7shits fucked from the 6th to 23rd of this month
tgeeky(in chinese resturants, incedently)
Viper-716th/17th is the actual new years event
Johnsenwhats next? catholic black ppl in china? ;)
zap0Viper-7, they all going to the Winter Olympics?
Johnsenhaha speaking of winter ol
tgeekyi didn't specify anything about their race, you racist
Viper-7and im sure the last few days of this month will be fked too, with them catching back up
Johnsenwe had a phishing mail about it yesterday and many ppl clicked it
Johnseneven in the it dept
Viper-7days since tgeeky has said something racist: 0
bunderJohnsen: i've seen some weird religion combos in canada... korean baptist/methodist for example
Johnsenit said stuff like "we noticed the winter olympics are coming, we want to remind you of the no streaming policy, click here to view policy"
Johnsenand ppl clicked there
Johnsenit was a test from the security dept
Johnsenthey'll all get an angry email
_abc_Johnsen: excellent plot to scare people. Heh-
Johnsenanyway i find it a bit shady
Johnsenphishing = filling in your details
Johnsenjust clicking the link should not be considered phishing
zap0Viper-7, sheild your eyes from the blinking LED.. or in 3 days time...
_abc_Johnsen: So it did not ask for any details?
Johnsenmalware perhaps
_abc_At least 'tick box to confirm you read and click reply'?
_abc_zap0: takes only 5 or so minutes to trigger a seizure in an epilepsy prone individual.
Johnsenno idea i didnt click it but apparently it just popped up a warning that it was a test and that you were not supposed to click it
Johnsenhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QKDd-yQpyw <--- must be one of the best clips to get a seizure
electrobotJohnsen just linked to Yellow Claw & Juyen Sebulba - DO YOU LIKE BASS? - YouTube
Johnsenits brutal for ppl with epilepsy
zap0OMG, it was awesome until those moronic dancers ..
Johnseni need to watch out
Johnsenmy colleague is so sensitive he may get a seizure via the window reflection behind me ;)
tgeekythis open / closed source divide in hardware is nuts
tgeekythis digilent open source scope is a total piece of shit
zap0Johnsen, everytime you talk to him; you should blink to a rhythm
Johnsenpoor guy tho
Viper-7Johnsen: if you hate phishing, you're gonna looove lattice :P
Viper-7name, home address, phone number, email, etc
Viper-7all required fields
Johnseni already have a original flea board
Viper-7to get the download
Johnseni dont know if i lied or not
Viper-71.6GB for the latest lattice diamond soft
Johnseni generally lie
Johnseni know
Viper-7Jack Newsacki
tgeekydoesn't matter they can find the real you with your IP or cookies
Johnsenand only rpm
Viper-7is my fakename :P
Johnsenbut i used that tool whatsitcalled to convert rpm to .deb
Viper-7if an email isnt verified, its usually get@fucked.com
Johnsenand it works fine on ubuntu and mint
Johnsenhehe i make aliases for everything
tgeekyi suppose none of you shits downloaded the apple leak
Johnsenyou should try telling in a real shop when they ask your email address "crappyspam@yourdomain.com"
tgeekynot sure why i called all of you shits, you shits
tgeekyyou shits
Viper-7tis the good part about having viper-7.com, catchall mail >:D
FauxIt's still up: https://0xacab.org/sizeofcat/iBoot/
Johnsenalways fun for angry looks
FauxDo not click that link, you'll probably be eaten by lawyers.
FauxWait. Or, maybe everyone should click that link. Thye can't eat you all.
Viper-7or can they
Viper-7lol, im sitting here like 'sigh, 1.6GB download, thats gonna take aaages'
Viper-7just remembered 'wait, i have wicked net now'
FauxI think it's worth the risk, just to watch.
Viper-7sure enough its already done
veekanyone buy MnZn ferrite powder ? someone's quoting usd 19/kg min 15kg
veekshipping included
tgeeky1.6 gig? i coped it from github it was tiny
Viper-7so is your cock
tgeekytgeeky to the burn ward
tgeekyyeah, 4.1 MB
tgeekynot 1.6 GB
Johnsenusing lattice/fleastuff on linux is slightly buggy but it works
Viper-7for the lattice diamond software
Viper-7its installing like 6gb now
Johnsendiamond runs, the flea uploader too because the source is avauilable
Johnsenbut the handiness of uploading to flea board from within diamond is a bit buggy on linux
Johnsenbut better than running windows
tgeekyor wine
Viper-7on win10 here, so eh
tgeekywhich recently, in many ways, is better than windows
Viper-7i like their style with this installer tho
Viper-7breakin the law!
Viper-7fpga rules: high power, expensive, big - karate kick to the fase
Johnsenno idea, i use windows at work, but not at home, and i used to boot to win for diamond
Johnsenbut every time i had this feeling i was in the wrong OS, all my stuff is on mint
Johnsenso having diamond on my mint install makes things better:p
Johnsenand the license file is compatible so i didnt have to request a new on
Johnsenanyway i forgot to order all my accesories in time
Johnsenso i can only blink a led
Johnsenno minimig
Johnseni dont have usb to microusb (otg) adapters
Johnsenmy monitor does not play audio over hdmi, so i'll have to go sit at the tv
LordCrcspeaking of fpga, see these ice40-something relatively inexpensive boards, like http://tinyfpga.com/ but what can one do with 8k luts? like i have no idea how many luts you'd need for various stuff
kevtriskinda small
Johnsenno idea, wasnt the first flea fpga a 7000 lut device?
Viper-7lol lattice
Viper-7"I verify that I am not an employee of Cadence Design Systems, Mentor Graphics Corporation, or Magma Design Automation"
kevtrisfpga snes needs around 30K LE's
Johnsenit did next186, m68k cpu, could do some arcade games etc, so it was still large enough
kevtrisfpga NES needs around 25K with all the mappers
Johnsenive never seen a public fpga nes project
kevtrismy fpga nes project is in the nt mini
kevtristhe fpga snes project is in the super nt
LordCrckevtris: ok, that's good info, thanks
electrobotkevtris just linked to RGB310 :: Super Nt (w/ Kevtris) - MY LIFE IN GAMING - YouTube
kevtristhat's me talking about it
Johnsenyou better have a russian accent
kevtrisunfortunately very hillbillyish
Johnseni'll look later
Johnsenmy boss is watching me :p
Johnsennah not really but i have to give the daily report in 4 mins
LordCrcJohnsen: just tell him it's awkward not to look at someone else while he's looking at you
Johnsenits a she
Johnsenshe can look at me whenever she wants :p
Johnsenits not my boss tho, teamleader actually
Johnsenand i'm all fine since i'm "an exampl for m team"
Johnsenthe issue is my team tho
Johnseni can irc all day and till have best results etc
Johnseni get remarks like "make sure you're not too much above the average"
Johnsenotherwise my coleagues will come out of it even worse
Johnsenah well
doublehphttp://stores.ebay.fr/Shopping-D0ro/_i.html?LH_TitleDesc=1&rt=nc&_nkw=Heat+Resistant+Polyimide+Adhesive+Tape&_sid=1352879571&_trksid=p4634.c0.m14&_sop=15&_sc=1 whats the difference between gold and kapton ? is one conductive/isolant ?
LordCrckevtris: wish they had longer interview cuts, but hey, youtube generation ftw :P
LordCrckevtris: cool stuff tho!
Johnsennes is great, and reminds is of our youth
Johnsenbut its not the same on a lcd
Johnsenthe pixel softening of a crt is what made nes look good
Johnsenbrb zmoke
LordCrcJohnsen: a good 4k display might be able to repro that with proper filtering?
Johnsenbut i dont like these filters in emulators
Johnsenscanlines, corner softening (eagle and whatever its called)
Johnsenso i prefer no filters, but then you notice how low res nes is with all the hard square pixels
Viper-7das blinken lightsen!
LordCrcJohnsen: yea i remember the same when i went from crt to lcd monitor, dat sharpness!
LordCrcJohnsen: wasn't always a good thing
LordCrckevtris: the hdmi output, that's also done by the fpga?
kevtristhere's an hdmi transmitter
kevtristhe FPGA with serdes cost waaaaaay too much
kevtristhe fpga outputs 24 bit rgb to the hdmi transmitter
LordCrcah ok
kevtrisyeah they took 2 hours of footage when they were here. I was hoping for more footage too :-)
kevtrisI got 80 gigs of development footage though. I filmed the entire project development progress pretty much
LordCrckevtris: cool, have you put any of it out there?
kevtrisnot yet, I have to edit it all.
kevtrisbeen adding more features and stuff to the super nt
LordCrckevtris: editing is rather time consuming i've found (not that i've done much of it)
kevtrisit sure is
kevtrisit takes a long time to edit it, longer than it takes to film it
kevtrishaven't been posting many videos since the super nt has been a time dominator
kevtrislast one was that pirate arcade board reverse engineering one
LordCrcmy friend has filled up yet another tb of disk with pictures... similar issue, so easy to snap a pic, takes much longer to sort through them afterwards, catalog them and remove the bad ones
jsoftHow do I get a transistor to amplify a signal but use the signal as the power source to amplify the signal so I can make free power
kevtrisget some unobtanium
doublehpjsoft: look for phantom supplies, and POE specs; they work the same
kevtristhose aren't "free power" though
jsoftRoger that, 10-4
LordCrcor maybe a causal loop would suffice
doublehpjsoft: the same idea is used in 1wire specs, and "self supplied (3 wires) I2C" (out of specs, but working)
doublehpkevtris: what's his number in periodic table ?
kevtrisright next to dilithium
GenteelBenWhat's the atomic number of dilithium?
GenteelBenWait, is dilithium an element or a compound?
GenteelBenI'm guessing it's some kind of compound or alotrope of lithium.
kevtrisI think it's an element, thought it was. they had elements well into the 150's on tng from what I recall
GenteelBen"Dilithium, Li2, is a strongly electrophilic, diatomic molecule comprising two lithium atoms covalently bonded together."
GenteelBenDilithium is an actual allotrope of lithium.
kevtristhe star trek thing?
kevtrisor the real thing
GenteelBeni.e. it exists, it's just two lithium atoms bonded.
GenteelBen"Dilithium, also known as radan, was an element, a member of the hypersonic series, mostly occurring as crystalline mineral. "
GenteelBenRadan? Must've been early TOS?
bunderkevtris: ohai good sir
bunderenjoyed your interview
bunderspeaking of, whatever happened to that "everything box"? :P
kevtriswell I been making these instead :-)
kevtrisgetting paid well for making a mainstream fpga project is a lot better for me
kevtristhe nt mini had all of my cores on it up to that point though, 18 of them. so it kind of turned into the "Everything box"
bunderi'm just ripping, not that i have time to devote to fpga programming anyways
bunderalthough i did spend a couple hours and whipped up some cheap atmega thing this week
kevtrisa lot of people ask about the zimba 3000's fate
kevtrispieces of it keep being integrated into other paying projects basically
bunderi mean its cool that you can sqeak them into stuff, but being tethered to a nes/snes controller and/or adapter isn't always authentic feeling
bunderif living room space wasn't at a premium i'd buy both systems right now probably
jsoftI thought diodes were supposed to block problems
jsoftSome shit just went pop and stuff smells bad
jsoftFucking useless diode
Viper-7VHDL already frustrates me with how sometimes it requires <=, other times =>
jsoftViper-7, Sounds like a womens emotional needs
Viper-7pretty much
jsoftAnd other times the compiler goes 'nothings wrong'
jsoftThen why dont you compile?
jsoft'You should know.'
bunderactually its funny, i spent a few days watching fpga tutorials, only to find out i was watching verilog
bunderflush that down the toilet lol
raphathis. is. so. insane. http://www.eevblog.com/forum/projects/oscilloscope-pong-for-1-or-2-players/
jsoftI tried both, And in my veteran experience, I think that vhdl one is the more betterer because of vibes
Viper-7rapha: nah, this is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMli33ornEU
electrobotViper-7 just linked to Quake on an oscilloscope - YouTube
bunderrapha: its just pong, in fact one of the first video games was tennis on some supercomputer terminal screen
raphai've seen quake before Viper-7 ... that's insane, too
raphabunder: have you looked at the guy's execution? it's all dead bug, and a thing of beauty. also, not even an op-amp in there, all transistors.
bunderthe point to point stuff is neat, but that's how they used to do it in the 50s before pcbs were a thing
Johnsentwerk it
Johnseni prefer vhdl over verilog too
bundertrying to fix old radios is almost like "rip everything out and start over" because its always a giant rats nest
Viper-7Johnsen: i haz achieved blinky
Johnsenby plugging the power in?
Johnsenisnt blinky already in flash?
Viper-7nope, came blank
Johnsenquake on a scope :/ such silly
Viper-7software came with a binary to upload and done, but i've also done it the 'proper' way with source now
Viper-7changing the flash rate and whatnot
raphabunder: there's a story about how Richard Feynman once fixed one of these "by looking at it and thinking about it" for an hour or so and then quickly doing what needed doing.
Viper-7done for now, need to lrn2vhdl
Johnsenits ages ago since i used my fpga board
jsoftfuuuuck yeah that scope pong is the shit
Johnseni'll need to refresh my brain
Johnseni never liked quake 1
Johnseni do like q2, its my fav quake :p
jsoftQuake one was the shit, it spawned quake world
Viper-7quake taught me coding
jsoftwhich was and still is the most intense FPS EEEVAARRRR
Viper-7but q2 was amazeballs
bunderi didn't understand the story of quake, but early fpses didn't need one
Viper-7probably the only game i bought all the expansions for, as soon as each came out
kevtrisviper7: that's why you should dump vhdl and go to verilog ;-)
jsoftOh get out of here you rail gun soy boy
Johnsenmein leben!
Viper-7kevtris: lol
Johnsenverilog writes faster perhaps, but noone can read it anymore :p
kevtrisI have no problems
kevtris20 or so videogame systems in verilog so far
Johnsenthats because you wrote your own verilog :p
Johnsenreadingther ppls verilog is annoying :p
rapharecently showed quake 3 arena to my now 25 year old brother
raphaneeded a while to convince him that the "quaint" graphics are worthy of his attention
Viper-7quake live ftw, the first decent browser game :P
raphawe ended up battling each other for half the night in the first map then the other half in that floating platforms map and he couldn't believe the fun and speed of it lol
Johnsenquake 3 :/ such cartoonish
Viper-7ok captain cod
bunderquake had its problems, like physics being tied to the screen fps
Johnsenunreal tournament was more fun in instagib mode :p
kevtrisyeah true, opc in verilog might be kinda crap. (other people's code)
raphaViper-7: go learn verilog already!
kevtrisI have 4 or 5 basic patterns I use in my verilog
kevtrismost things devolve into case/casex structures
Viper-7its like i just started learning python and you guys are like nuuu learn perl!
bundergo+erlang :P
Johnsenchose your own, dont let nersdfanboys tell you what to pick :p
Johnsenif u wanna verilog go verilog, but nothing wrong with vhdl :p
kevtrisexcept your fingers will turn into nubs writing it
kevtrisdownto is much nicer than :
Viper-7ill try both, but one at a time :P
Johnsenbut your brain will keep more track :p
Viper-7i literally just got my first ever FPGA doing blinky :P
kevtrisI can look at my verilog and then I know exactly what the compiler is going to turn it into
Viper-7i can do that with PHP, doesnt mean its a better language than something else :P
Johnsenyes but you're an exterpienced nerd
bundercan i program an fpga with spice diagrams?
Johnsensuch spelling
Johnsensome of the bloated fpga IDE's let you drag and drop logic gates etc
Johnsenbut bleh
Viper-7bunder: only if you bribe the harkonen
kevtrisyou can do FPGAs with schematic capture
kevtrisI do not recommend though
Johnseni dont know if diamond lets you use dragging and dropping logic gates, i never tried
bunderit can't be worse than kicad's netlist generator
kevtristhere aren't many things worse than kicad
bunderits linux, and free, and less confusing than eagle (if that even works on linux)
kevtrisaltium beats both of them by a mile
Viper-7ACTION hugs easyeda
Johnsenmy work is done for today
Johnseni'm boss of the day but there's nothing to be bossy about
bunderhttps://i.imgur.com/z4pIcc8.png grids need a proper alignment and i could move the connectors in closer, but i'm happy with it enough to send it to fab
Johnseni'm also boss of the day on valentine :p i'll have many presents for my colleagues :p
kevtristhose aren't the right route sizes, are they?
Johnsenif i was a fab i'd refuse to fab that ;pp
kevtrisgonna starve the chip of power
Johnsenare you using 4 layers for that simple board?
kevtrisand the chip pads are all overlapping unless that's the solder mask layer covering the copper
bunderno thats just the zoom
bunderit looks fine close up and in 3d view
kevtrisyeah you could do that on 1 or 2 layers easy
bundertoo lazy i guess
cheapieNo, you need at least 23 layers :P
kevtriseach route should have its own layer
Johnsenanyway you have to start somewhere, but personally i'd practice a bit more before actually having it fabbed, otherwise you're gona have heaps of revisioned boards :p
kevtristhrow in some buried/blind vias too to keep the fab on their toes
bunderthe traces are to oshpark specs, they don't allow buried vias iirc, i'll need to tweak them for the people i wound up choosing
kevtriswhy be lazy and get that fabbed vs. doing it the right way
Viper-7lol 4layer for that
Netham45Would I be able to run a 120VAC LED bulb off of a 120VDC line?
bundercould be worse, i think is one of my first pcb layouts (different board) https://i.imgur.com/zhZPd1W.png
Viper-7Netham45: nope
kevtrislooks autorouted
kevtristhat Z80 footprint is too wide, or the RAM/EPROM footprints are too narrow
bunderi assure you its not, i just suck that bad
Johnsennot sure if that is worse ;)
Netham45Viper-7, out of curiosity, why?
kevtrisall three are .6" wide
Viper-7Netham45: capacitive dropper
bunderi never got it fabbed because i thought it was hideous
cheapieNetham45: The nicer ones with an actual switching power *might* (but would be happier at ~170VDC). Capacitive dropper ones just won't work.
cheapiepower supply*
kevtristhe RAM/ROM could've been jammed close to each other and then routed together first. If the Z80/periphs wer eon the top/bottom you could do direct routes from the Z80 to the add/data lines and similar for the IO stuff
bunderits probably the z80 footprint that's wrong, kicad didn't exactly have good libraries back then
kevtrisi.e. all the z80/io routes on the top going up and down, and the RAM/ROM connections going left/right (with vias on those to the up/down routes)
bunderit probably still doesn't, i'm surprised it had a tqfp64 pad at all
slothViper-7: https://i.redd.it/ajbufjofm3f01.png i bet the girl in the bottom left is really good with computers
slothViper-7: do you know why?
Viper-7not sure i want to
slothViper-7: cause the article is about how shes known for her EYE TEA
Netham45Okay. So I've got a phototransistor on the hot line on the 120VAC line that I'm toggling at 60Hz from an LED driven by the PWM port on an RPi. I'm adjusting the duty cycle of my light to adjust the dimming. It's pulsing over maybe 5-10 seconds as the waves collide. If I could perfectly synchronize it with the house wiring I think it'd work alright, but I'm not sure the best way to do that.
Viper-7... yep.. there it is
Netham45My original solution was to put a rectifier before the switch and just run DC, but it sounds like that won't work with my bulbs.
Viper-7Netham45: there are various ways to make a zero crossing detector, some simpler (and more dangerous) than others
Netham45In my head I'm imagining the full 120VAC wave and the half wave being generated by my switch on the hot line. I'm trying to basically cut that one line regularly to adjust the duty cycle of the AC wave so that there's only power on during the top/bottom 30% of the wave. Without any sort of synchronization I'm just chopping off a random 30% of each wave, leading the bulb to pulse as the 30% that is cut off scrolls. Does this sound
Netham45Not an electricity guy, doing this trying to learn more.
Netham45More of a programmer. :P
cheapieYou can't just buy a dimmer?
Netham45cheapie, I know how to replace a light switch, no fun in that.
SpeedEvil“With the help of reinforcement learning, a method also known as 'learning based on experiment and reward', the artificial reflex network was trained and optimized on the computer”, Mathias Lechner explains. And indeed, the team succeeded in teaching the virtual nerve system to balance a pole.
SpeedEvil(simulated c.elegans)
EvanRNetham45: is this an LED bulb or halogen bulb, for some reason those have issues with dimming sometimes
SpeedEvilNetham45: add another phototransistor to read the mains volts
n2SpeedEvil: that poor C. elegans
n2it’s being used for EVERYTHING
n2for christ sake, we have mapped the function of each and every one of its cells, literally
n2total stalking
n2959 somatic cells for the hermaphrodite, 1031 for the male
n2each and every one mapped out, from division to death
SpeedEvilMapped does not mean correctly of course
n2it’s assumed to be pretty correct, since a lot of effort has gone into it
n2from different teams
n2since it’s the perfect model organism
n2it’s a multi-cellular organism. it has basic metabolism apparatuses, and a simple neural system.
n2and, it takes up foreign RNA easily, allowing you to disable or augment its genetics
n2without expensive DNA manipulation
n2additionally, there is no observed inter-individual differences
n2each have the same number of cells that get there by the same sequence of mitotic events
n2ACTION likes C. elegans
p0g0n2: aradopsis, drosophila, the platyhelminthes... we have a bunch of well mapped life forms...
n2the fruit flies are very interesting in, like, aging studies
SpeedEvilhttp://www.nature.com/news/surprise-mystery-neurons-found-in-male-worms-1.18558 I was thining of
electrobotSpeedEvil just linked to idp.nature.com
n2ah, yes.
n2The males are rare, so yeah, they are studied less
n2they constitute less than .1% of the population as far as I remember from biomedicine and genetics
n2And also, it’s a tricky case, because it’s a case of cellular transformation, not reproduction
n2the neurons don’t start out as neurons, but as glial cells
n2which do resemble neurons quite a lot
n2Its genome also gets updated with a few base pairs now and then
GenteelBenSpeedEvil, whatever happened to Jan-? Haven't seen her here in months.
SpeedEvilShe popped in at least a few days ago
veekdoes anyone know where i can get prices for commodities
archivistthe shop behind the chinese takeaway houston texas
GenteelBenveek: are you a speculator?
GenteelBenAlso you joined ##electronics not ##econometrics.
veekhey GB nope.. just thought i'd check somethin
veekGenteelBen, are you kidding me! these guys buy more stuff than I do
GenteelBenWhat kind of commodities?
p0g0veek: the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
veekwas wondering about the cost of ferrites so..
p0g0Or the Wall Street Journal.
darsieHow harmful is capacitor electrolyte? Had an explosion and leak.
GenteelBenDo you trade in metals?
veekanyway pff yahoo has them - nice
GenteelBendarsie, don't put it in your mouth.
Win7inedarsie, a bit like a leaked alkaline battery cell, it is corrosive
darsieso, corrosive, but not toxic?
Win7inedepends on the electrolyte
n2darsie: regular aluminum cap?
n2(tantalum caps are also electrolytics...)
n2and tantalum is toxic as fuck
n2It’ll probably only be corrosive, tbh
n2typically, it’ll be a hydroxide
n2so it will be quite corrosive.
n2if you get any on the skin, it will feel soapy
n2as it leaches the fat from the skin, forming soap...
Win7inesulfuric acid in some
n2ACTION is gonna build this - http://tinyurl.com/yazfzutv
electrobotn2 just linked to www.falstad.com
n2sort of half of an op amp
n2w/o differential inputs...
n2hopefully it works as good IRL as it does simulated
Win7ineborax, glycol in others
n2most use an oxide-donating electrolyte
n2to be sort of self healing
n2i.e. if the oxide layer is hurt, react with sodium hydroxide and give up an H to gas
n2voila, aluminum oxide
n2which is also why they will bulge...
n2(or, part of the reason)
Win7inegamma-Butyrolactone, Dimethylformamide, Dimethylacetamide are organic electrolytes used
n2heh, GBL...
n2Technically, GBL would be the solvent...
darsieSeems to be a little acidic. pH=4.5 an oily, brownish liquid, miscible with water. http://www.bksys.at/bernhard/temp/IMG_0699.JPG
n2ah, an acidic cap
n2those exist too
n2OH MAN how i have missed a flux pen
n2ACTION tacklehugs the new flux pens
TheTrashDon't lick!
n2Sure, solder’ll have a flux core… but the wetting. oh the wetting.
TheTrashDon't sniff!
n2Naw, I have a professional relationship with flux.
n2I just. missed the colleague?
Netham45"<EvanR> Netham45: is this an LED bulb or halogen bulb, for some reason those have issues with dimming sometimes" It's an LED bulb specifically made for dimmers, works fine on wall dimmers and I can get the dimmer to activate, I just can't get it to stay at one level. I had similar issues with incandescent bulbs when I tested too, albeit to a much lesser degree. My setup just wasn't designed for that wattage, though.
n2And now...
n2it’s PNP matching time
n2ACTION gets out the beta, Vf meter
darsieThe resistance of the electrolyte was about 30 kOhm. With some salt added it dropped to 7 kOhm. So it dissolves salt.
TheTrashLoetmichel: that looks a bit scary...
LoetmichelTheTrash: why?
TheTrashIt's half a human head at 1:1 size
Loetmicheland its einstein... long dead
Johnsenreminds me of that britney spears southpark episode
ThePendulumspitney bears
n2jfet current sources - the apple of my eye
n2such a simple and flexible (sexible?) way to reduce to voltage dependency of biasing
SpeedEvilHere, we show that mantis stereopsis uses a fundamentally different computational algorithm from vertebrate stereopsis—rather than comparing luminance in the two eyes’ images directly, mantis stereopsis looks for regions of the images where luminance is changing. Thus, while there is no evidence that mantis stereopsis works at all with static images, it successfully reveals the distance to a moving target even in complex visual scenes
SpeedEvilwith targets that are perfectly camouflaged against the background in terms of texture.
redrabbitany good 4 wheels + motors + controller kits for the raspberry pi on aliexpress
screwsssyou love ebay.
SpeedEvilI would go round the various vendors and ask about damaged ones.
SpeedEvilyou don't care about many cosmetic defects that make it useless for a rider
screwsssSpeedEvil: hello
sololwhat do you need to put a raspberry pi on wheels for?
screwssssolol: can you ask SpeedEvil to unignore me
SpeedEvilI am not ignoring you, I just am waiting for something meaningful to respond to.
sololSpeedEvil, screwsss is asking politely if you would listen them
kludgeACTION has a 2.4 GHz video transmitter that is transmitting way out of band.
bobo1on1tell it to stay within bounds or you will desolder all its parts
magic_ninja_workman, I am incredibly hung up trying to learn these delta y transforms.
magic_ninja_workI get the concept, I get the formulas, but I just can't seem to super-impose them correctly
spludbit the bullet and ordered an insanely cheap 3D printer. Should be handy for fabricating some PCB mounts and such.
Welkinyou can print yourself a better printer
Welkinor fabricate some sex toys that you can sell on ebay
spludwow, thanks for that.
splud2mm layer depth, for her pleasure.
Welkinin the shape of abe lincoln's head
spludOf course, I've no idea how to set AliExpress up for alternate shipping addresses.
spludSo, per everything else I order, this wants to go to a POB, but they're shipping it from a domestic warehouse via UPS.
spludUS Mail and all the other delivery outfits don't get along well, and for whatever reason, the other delivery outfits can't sort out how to just deliver to the loading dock of the USPS for delivery to the POB.
spludSo, in providing the seller with updated shipping info, I'm feeling like they're going to think I'm trying to scam them.
spludAnd this is going to delay something that would otherwise be fast track delivery...
spludGood thing I bought it on a lark, and not because I actually NEED it.
Welkinisn't a lark a type of bird?
Welkinwhat's special about a lark?
spludJFTR, the designs of the company I used to work for were all named after birds - Eagle, Falcon, Frigate...
Welkinwhy not a penguin?
Welkina frigate is a bird?
spludand others. I was thinking a coupld of designs could have been Lark and Dodo.
WelkinI thought it was a type of ship
kludgeIt is that to.
spludMany words used for different things. A Frigate is a bird that has an amazing flight duration.
kludgeOED says they don't know why 'lark' means a prank or frolic, but that it might be from old norse "leika" meaning to play.
spludthat is a characteristic of said species.
Welkinitalians eat larks
Welkinthey eat anything
Welkinand in china they are pets
spludfrench eat snails.
kludgeSnails are good. I don't know about larks, but I'd try one.
spludUS Military survival training has you eat grubs and other tasty stuff.
kludgePassenger pigeons are extinct now so you can't eat them.
Welkinsure, if you need to survive
kludgeOrtolans are on the way out too I believe.
Welkinbut why would you willingly eat a beautiful bird when you have animals that are specially raised for food?
spludPerhaps you're suffering from a feather deficiency in your diet?
kludgeWelkin: Well, if they are tasty....
kludgeI mean, who in their right mind ate the first oyster? It does not look like a thing you'd want to eat. But it's really good.
spludkludge - says you.
Welkinoysters look and smell disgusting
Welkinall seafood does, except for some types of fish
jfcaronFresh oysters don't smell
kludgesplud: dredge in cornmeal and panfry in butter and some ono like go break the mouth.
spludkeyword: dredge.
spludLike the US Army Corps of Engineers dredging a waterway at low tide...
spludtake in that anerobic aroma.
jfcaronthus causing the flooding of a historically black neighbhourhood.
kludgeBut with tasty shellfish and cornmeal!
spludI had a seafood dish at a place once that included a breaded oyster - I cut into it and a bunch of green sludge oozed out. Turned me off of em.
WelkinI saw a video about the oyster farms in northenr china
spludAnd clams, little rubber bands.
kludgeWell, that's more for me.
spludI'm alright with other seafood - scallops, all sorts of fish, squid.
spludGood sushi.
Welkinwhat is the difference between oysters and clams?
Welkinand what's a cockle?
spludoysters and mussels attach to things, and live there. Clams are like scallops (bivalve?) in that they move about.
jfcaronThat's like asking what's the difference between a moose and and elk because you live underwater but also don't know things. o_O
n2ACTION clams splud 
spludThough clams seem to be harvested from sand at low tide. Not something I've done.
kludgeI think all three are bivalves (as is chip-chip and mussel). I think oysters always have smooth shells and clams always have rough shells, except for razor clams which apparently aren't really clams at all.
spludI vaguely thought bivalve had some relationship to self motility by enabling them to push water out.
spludBut honestly, I make no claims to _knowing_ what I'm talking about here.
Welkinshellder can shoot bubbles out of his mouth in pokemon!
spludAnd not just on shellfish <g.
jfcaronGiven that it's not a political/news topic, I'd assume that page is accurate and overdetailed.
kludgesplud: I know how to cook them!
jfcaronThe most manly bivalve, the HARD CLAM: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_clam
kludgejfcaron: This is the most tasty mollusk (but not a bivalve): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cellana_sandwicensis
spludI collected a large clam at a beach here when I was a kid, easily the size of two clasped together adult hands.
kludgejfcaron: That is disappoining! That's just a quahog!
jfcaronAh here you go: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_edible_molluscs
spluddisturbing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geoduck
jfcaronI've had that.
jfcaronWow those things live longer than humans.
Welkinmany things live longer than humans
jfcaronNot many things that humans eat.
Welkinusually they are plants or fungi
SpeedEvilHorizontal transmission of clonal cancer cells causes leukemia in soft-shell clams
SpeedEvilAnd they're one of the few things that can get transmissable cancers in the wild.
SpeedEvilThere is a tasmanian devil one, a dog one, and clams.
SpeedEvilTumors originating from one animal 'infecting' another.
jfcaronI didn't know transmissible cancer was a thing.
SpeedEvilIt's almost wiping out tasmanian devils.
SpeedEvilIt's rare to nonexistant in humans
jfcaronThose dang retrotransposons.
SpeedEviland only happens with surgeons with bad technique and immune systems really
SpeedEvilno, not retrotransposons.
SpeedEvilWhole cells.
SpeedEvilActual whole cells from the original organism, reproducing in another.
jfcaronSo more like a pararite, except the parasite is cancer.
Welkinis all life a parasite on the earth?
jfcaronACTION takes the bong from Welkin.
SpeedEvilAnd it's the same species, not a different species.
jfcaronSo it's like pregnancy, except the foetus is cancer, also transmissible.
Welkinlike in alien
jfcaronAlso you're a dog, clam, or tasmanian devil.
mrdatait's not a tumor
jfcaronRight, it's leukemia.
SpeedEvilNot in the clam
SpeedEvildog ones are
SpeedEviland devil
jfcaronAren't tasmanian devils a kind of dog?
Neutron-slare BJTs "totally useless" for PWM switching?
Neutron-sleven in a darlington configuration
jfcaron^ what does that have to do with clam cancer?
spludDarn, Jan isn't about.
mrdataNeutron-sl, no
SpeedEvilNetham45: BJTs aren't useless.
spludWondering how here TXCO went.
Welkinthis went extinct in 1936! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thylacine
SpeedEvilNetham45: FETs and IGBTs have gotten a lot better in recent years.
Welkinjfcaron: tasmanian devils are a marsupial
Neutron-slI thought I had some power P-channel MOSFETs laying around for apparently I never did, so I just need something to substitute it in the mean time.. a TIP42C
spludthis here be cool: https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/news/one-crystal-oscillator-to-replace-many-i2c-user-programmable-xo-for-frequen
flybackOWNS YOUR "CANUCK"...........................CANUCK
flybackACTION dropkicks Casper 
mrdataNeutron-sl, you want to bias the thing so it switches from full-off to full-on
mrdataand back
mrdatait isnt a drop-in replacement for a mosfet
Neutron-slI know. thought of another BJT to drive the base as a darlington, and just a resistor limiter to not fry it
jaggztI wonder what benefits horizontal cell transfer offers in higher animals like dogs and devils
Welkinit doesn't need a benefit
Welkinsometimes it is just randomly there
Welkinany feature of biology
spludNeutron - you can make your own IGBT from a bjt + fet
Neutron-slnevermind, I just found some IRF9540N's :D
SpeedEvilNeutron-sl: fundamantally, look at your PWM current. Now look at what the Vce is when you can drive it with a reasonable base drive - and that will tell you if it's sort-of-usable or not.
Neutron-slI was damn sure I ordered some years ago but couldn't find them.. but now I just did
Welkinkangaroos have a forked penis, and female have two vaginas? What! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marsupial#Reproductive_system
jaggztWelkin, thanks for the wisdom. :) horizontal cell transfer would *likely* be problematic, in terms of, say, some immune/infection related thing, I figure. so unless it conferred at least some amount of advantage I'd suspect it'd be something suppressed for the most part.
SpeedEviljaggzt: It doesn't benefit them at all, it is killing them
SpeedEviljaggzt: It benefits the tumor.
jaggztSpeedEvil, sorry, don't be lame.
SpeedEvil(that is - the tumor cell line as propagated in many animals)
jaggztI think you're not reading properly or are otherwise confused :)
jaggztSpeedEvil, I was referring to the general phenomenon, if any, of horizontal cell transfer -- not the cancer.
CasperACTION looks at flyback 
SpeedEvilHorizontal gene transfer is huge among bacteria
jaggzthell, I don't even know if it exists, except maybe the cancer found a way to fool the immune systems
SpeedEvilHence the ease of spread of antibiotic resistance
kludgeI don't know so much about viral transfer of genes, but I can say that a chelada made with clamato and beer is a terrible idea.
jaggztSpeedEvil, I also didn't say 'gene' at all. :)
jaggzt(but I figure that'd come along with transferring entire cells.. unless they're geneless)
SpeedEvilHorizontal cell transfer hasn't been found in macroscopic organisms as I understand it other than the above mentioned tumors
flybackSpeedEvil, yeah that sucks
flybackon the other hand
flybackmight be good for bacteria being used to clean up horrible toxic shit
flybackwow all the tech on icebreakers is very cool
jaggzttardigrade gene transfer!
kludgeflyback: You just like the theme song.
flybackugh this icebreaker is run by
kludgeflyback: that's because they are the ones with the ice.
zigggggyhey kludge!
zigggggykludge i have extremely green bananas!
kludgeflyback: This explains it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rz6vU1iSA0k
electrobotkludge just linked to The National :Northwest Passage - YouTube
flybackthose bubblers ar eneat
flyback600KW scree compressors
kludgezigggggy: that is no good at ALL.
flybackfloat the ship off ice with bubbles
jfcaronScrew that Man's Bridge.
zigggggyACTION climbs tower
zigggggykludge yes :(
zigggggykludge they only had dark green bananas at shoprite
kludgezigggggy: That doesn't mean you had to BUY them.
jfcaronhttp://www.canadalandshow.com/oil-sands-group-confirms-paying-peter-mansbridge/ & http://www.canadalandshow.com/mansbridge-pay/
zigggggykludge but i like bananas!
zigggggykludge they have potassium!
password16fck its hot in here
password16and humid
kludgezigggggy: That's no reason to eat green ones though!
kludgezigggggy: Although you can fry them like plaintains if you have to.
ozzzyyou can make them into muffins and 'bread'
kludgeozzzy: not unripe ones, that would be nasty. You use the overripe ones for that.
ozzzyyeah... and throw them in the freezer for a while to get'em nice and brown and mushy
ozzzyI like my banana bread with chunks of dark chocolate in it
Welkinand a half-inch layer of butter on top
kludgeThat reminds me, I need to go to the chinese grocery tomorrow.
kludgeI have an audition for a festival gig.
jfcaronMy city doesn't have any good chinese bakeries. = (
Welkinkludge: audition to do what?
jfcaronpole dancing?
Welkinjfcaron: baking isn't big in chinese cuisine...
Welkinthey steam their bread, at most
Welkinall of the chinese deserts/pastries I have had are nasty
jfcaronI guess I mean more like Hong Kong style.
kludgeWelkin: Mixing FOB.
Welkinwhat is FOB?
jfcaroncha siu bao, pineapple buns, etc.
kludgeWelkin: Err.. front of house, the guy who mixes the sound for the main speaker mix. As opposed to the monitor mixer and the guy who does the audio-for-video mixes in the truck.
Welkinoh, for a chinese food/culture festival?
Welkinor something?
kludgeWelkin: I am normally doing the record and audio-for-video stuff but I'll take what I can get this year.
kludgeWelkin: No, for an Irish thing. But it's in the city an hour and a half away where the Chiense grocery is.
Welkinthose well-known irish-chinese people
kludgeI met Chico O'Farrell once, the Irish cuban bandleader. That was sufficiently weird.
n2Oh why did I convince myself that a 3D rendering of this thing would be quick?
n2Simple shapes, no worries!
tempateHello. How can I import new modules to KiCad? I've already downloaded the git package and placed it under /usr/share/kicad/modules. I don't know how to proceed.
dunz0rtempate: In the library manager, add the library folder. Also, put them in your personal folder, not the systemwide one.
tempatedunz0r: is the library manager the library browser? if not, where is the library manager?
zigggggyACTION hugs batch
Welkinzigggggy: put on some pants!
dunz0rtempate: Yeah, browser.
Loshkikludge: why is Front of House not FOH?
WelkinB = bar?
gkwhchey guys, does in rush current/over voltage/overshoot depend on the number of devices connected to a power strip? on the powerstrip i have a 700W AC-DC converter and an induction cooktop. however the fuse on the induction cooktop keeps on blowing when i plug in the power strip to the wall. im thinking its because of the ACDC converter being such a big sink..what do yall think?
SpeedEvilwhat fuse do you have
Loetmichelsoo, last pic before i left the company. Had the printer running on bosses order. He said he will be in tomorrow and switch the printer off when done... IF there is anything left but some smoldering wires... or the Albert has a nice little frizzy hairdo because of some collissions ;) -> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=16983&g2_imageViewsIndex=1
gkwhcSpeedEvil: i dont remember but its an AC/ceramic fuse thats wired directly to the PCB
SpeedEvilgkwhc: you sure it's not just deaD?
gkwhcSpeedEvil: yeah i used a multimeter to check continuaty of the fuse
SpeedEvilgkwhc: I mean are you sure the appliance isn't dead
ZexaronSSo I got some relatives asking me if I could setup some industrial camera that reportedly costs 1300 euro but some "leftover stock and friend discount" put it down to 200 euro, and it has 24 volt input, so I can't even turn it on to try setting it up as it needs a laptop to be programmed I have no idea, but anyway, they told me 24 volt can easily be made with an transformer that electrician brings, is that true, can you just make 24v
ZexaronSlike that? Because I'm used to sophisticated computer PSUs
SpeedEvilThe input is likely designed to be very flexible.
SpeedEvilGo and download the manual
gkwhcSpeedEvil: im fairly certain because if the appliance was good, the fuse wouldnt have blown
gkwhcmy question wasnt about the appliance working or not working, but about inrush current
gkwhcor voltage spike
ZexaronSVery flexible down to 12v would be surprising
gkwhcif another device (AC-DC converter) on the same power strip could cause it
SpeedEvilZexaronS: what is your question - 24V PSUs are widely available.
gkwhcwhich led to the fuse on the induction cooktop to blow
SpeedEvilgkwhc: It is very unlikely to be anything else
ZexaronSOnly expensive PSUs for PC have zero load operation, so something cheap is off in terms of a PC PSU, but I have no experience in much other PSUs that electronics use
gkwhcSpeedEvil: i didnt realize a 700W converter could cause such a big spike on the line
ZexaronSSorry maybe I should have prepared more before asking, relatives usually think I'm some kind of big expert and to save money they ask me stuff like this
spludHrm, I really should set up a compact power supply unit on the back of my bench when I redo it this summer.
SpeedEvilgkwhc: I mean anything else otherwise causing it
SpeedEvilgkwhc: other than an internal fault in the cooktop
SpeedEvilOr a miswiring
ZexaronSIll go check for manual and do more research then
SpeedEvilAlso be very careful of prices.
SpeedEvil1200 dollar camera may not be better than todays 20 dollar camera
ozzzydepends on your definition of 'better'
kludgeZexaronS: What is this camera? Yes, you can buy a 24VDC power supply or a 24VAC one, but what you need depends a lot on the camera.
SpeedEvilozzzy: maybe
weyland|yutaniwhat is a industrial camera?
kludgeweyland|yutani: THAT is a GOOD QUESTION.
SpeedEvilweyland|yutani: it varies.
weyland|yutanithats like saying i have a car show my how to fix it
kludgeweyland|yutani: It's likely to be a security camera but maybe not.
kludgeweyland|yutani: It could be a 35mm interval camera even.
SpeedEvilweyland|yutani: from basically a security camera to line-scan cameras, to ultra-high-res-low-light mono cameras, to ...
SpeedEvilAstro too
weyland|yutaniso we will never know
SpeedEvilhttps://www.365astronomy.com/zwo-asi094mc-pro-cooled-full-frame-one-shot-colour-deep-sky-imaging-camera-36mpixels.html Oooh
ZexaronSIt's a kind of camera designed for industrial conveyor belt, dot spotting
kludgeZexaronS: who makes it and what model is it?
kludgeZexaronS: So it's more than just a camera, it has image analysis in the box?
password16urg , i just knocked all my jumpers off the desk
Welkinyou mean those little plastic frog toys?
durrf2did they make you
ZexaronSMeh, looks like right now nothing's happening with this camera anymore, usually relatives have too high expectations and sometimes they become demanding and when the mood is not right I refuse to participate and I guess the same thing happened right now, the money I would get for help isn't worth my nerves dealing with people's attitudes.
spludpassword16 - I think those prebent jumpers are nifty looking, but in practice, as you rework a breadboard, they're annoyingly limiting.
spludI've never had that type, but helped an associate who was using a kit like that.
spludZexaronS - so "sorry mom no-can-do. Hey, when's dinner?"
password16splud, their really nice to use
password16i went a long time without them , i love them now
kludgeRelatives give you things like "Hey, while you're in London, could you pick up this thing for me in Edinburgh?"
spludpassword16 - I'm sure, when the breadboard layout is precisely what you sketched up. Then when you go to modify it (because that's largely what solderless breadboards are about), you have to completely remove a jumper and find a different one to replace it with.
spludversus the flexible wire ones, remove ONE end and reposition it.
password16its not that much of a hassle
password16and you learn quickly what colors are what length
restorerI like those type primarily for clean protoboards
password16the longer lengths are less useful , because they don't increment by 1
spludright after protoboard comes soldering...
spluddoesn't need to be tidy for long.
HighInBCthey should base the length on wave lengths of the colours
password16lol , things stays on my bread board for months
weyland|yutanisplud, there are also those relatives which want you to do everything for free because well you are the son/nephew/whateverstupi reason
spludhere's your 740nM wire.
restorerHighInBC: I don't have a nm-scale pitch protoboard :P
spludweyland|yutani - I used to kick myself for ever providing a computer to my foster parents.
HighInBCI got tired of pre-cut wire of given lengths. I got a box of solid core wire and just cut to need
HighInBCthe right gauge solid wire fits breadboards great
password16and all 140 jumpers is accounted for!
spludboom, now I was tech support...
password16i manged to pick them all up
HighInBC22awg if I remember correctly
spludHighInBC - yes, I have some spools of good solid core. Though a cheap set of flexible jumper wires is often used.
spludpassword16 - you sat there counting them?
HighInBChttps://www.sparkfun.com/products/11367 this stuff
spludI thought I was OCS.
password16splud yes!
HighInBCI use those cheap thin wires with the pins on the ends for quick jumps
password16i wanted to know i picked them all up
HighInBCbut they tend to fall apart after regular use
password16their worth more than $2 for me
HighInBCI tend to go to PCB after done testing on breadboard though
spludHighInBC - with the round fused-on insulator?
HighInBCthat falls off
spludYea, those are the cheapies I have.
password16someone remind me to stock up on usb cables!
HighInBCdon't forget to stock up on usb cables
spludI have Dupont pins and ratcheting crimper tool for same, make my own jumper wires for things.
HighInBCright, I tried that without the correct tool and no love
HighInBCmust be easy with the right tool though
spludLCD to breadboard.. Multipin dupont shrouds, keep signals in order...
weyland|yutanihmm maybe i could borrow password16 for annual stocktaking thus year lotsa screws and pins
password16weyland|yutani, want to see my screw storage?
HighInBCoh ya when you have a lot of connections and order matter than the pre-bundled ribbons of wires are great
spludEasy enough with the crimper
password16admittandly i need about 20x more screws to fill the thing
weyland|yutanipassword16, if you would see mine you would take a taxi to a very high bridge and jump from it
spludNah, I'm crimping individual wires, not ribbon. I use ribbon for ISP connectors and such
spludweyland|yutani - stock taking? You need a counting scale.
spludComes in handy when you expect some vendor is shorting you.
weyland|yutanisplud, we got several big boxes with lots and lots of different scres bolts etc mixed together
spludzero, count out 10-20 of the item, tell the unit the count, then dump the lot on there, and boom - 472, not 500.
spludThat's what kids are for! It's like legos.
CircadianRebelbuild a sorting machine!
spludpassword16 - so you store your hardware next to the laundry machine?
password16splud, i don't have much space elsewhere
kludgesplud: There's no room, Zippy is always hanging out there.
weyland|yutaniCircadianRebel, good idea but my coworkers are more the rigger type
password16i don't think people always realie how little free space i ahve
spludIs that a display rack you picked up from a Radio Shack closing?
spludthe grey + red is familiar...
password16splud, its a pentel display rack for pens
password16my mom got it off a gy that bought a property where the garage ahd this in , and he gave it away for free
password16before that i was using https://imgur.com/gLI3K2D
weyland|yutanipassword16, that is very nice
redrabbityeah thats neat
password16yeah , the square containers went into my desk drawer
spludThough the angle of the trays is a bit wonky - great for pens, but nuts and stuff are going to get half full and want to spill..
password16and before that i was using glass coffee bottles
redrabbitmy bench is a mess
spludredrabbit I got you beat.
password16you think my bench is neat?
spludbench, smench. I've got 2200 sf of mess.
spludif there's a horizontal surface, something is sitting on it.
weyland|yutanisplud is just saving for his kids so they have to spend thousends of dollars to clean the place
kludgeI have similar issues both at home and at work.
kludgeThere is a No. 19 Wireless Set sitting on my bench that has been there for years waiting for me to fix a bad IF can.
spludso, some thoughts on projects and shop organization...
spludBussing bins (the 6-8 inch deep trays used in restaraunts to carry away dirty dishes). Can find them at some supply stores and even Costco.
password16i also have about 10 crates behind me i use for bigger stuff
password16splud got an imagine of that??
spludThey're durable, hold a lot. In my workshop, I have a 2 foot deep bench down one wall (100 feet), as well as about 40' on the opposite wall.
password16if i can find 6 more create of the type i have now , then I'm going to put them on drawers
restorerI think those are too wide for the "shelves" in my closet
spludIn some spots, I have rails mounted underneath (like inverted "T"), and slide the trays under there. Like takeaway drawers. Not intended for pulling out and rummaging, but rather fully removing.
weyland|yutanipassword16, how much?
password16for the crates?
restorerooh, 240mm could fit nicely
password16uhm , $6?
password16i can't remember
spludI have overhead shelves along the wall over the workbench, and in the electronics section, have a bunch of very small inverted T rails, and gobs of small plastic containers (smaller than the ones just pictured for nuts and bolts).
spludwith lids. SMD resistors, caps, triacs, BJTs, LEDs, pots, etc,
password16my bench is about 1.8m wide 1m deep and about 1.7m high
spludIIRC, about 7 of these containers in each "row", and a couple dozen rows in total.
spludWhen I go to redo the electronics bench in a few months, I'll be expanding on the overhead.
spludI also have a few tray/bins in a quickly-assembled-from-plywood-scrap frame, so I can put non-part stuff somewhere.
spludprototypes and such.
ScottKevillPlastic disposable food containers.
kludgeScottKevill: The problem with that is that you have to eat enormous amounts of bad takeout food to get enough.
ScottKevillCheap, transparent, varying depths, easily stackable.
spludYup. Dollarstore is a great place to get some of that stuff. The little bins I use for the overhead (and rails could have been cut for larger stuff instead) are 10 for US$1.
ScottKevillkludge: Haha, nah, cheap in bulk from hospitality suppliers.
spludThat's a step up from using the folded cardboard takeout box with KungPao chicken...
ScottKevillYeah, you should remove the KungPao chicken first at least.
restorerDaiso has some good bins and organizational supplies too
kmcgood morning
restorerbasically a dollar store, though $1.50 'round here
restorerit's way too easy to blow $20 at a dollar store :D
spludWith the 3D printer that should be on its way to me soon, I might look to make some section divider holders for an acrylic drawer divider.
restorerdecent place for cheap 7-9W LED bulbs - so far 3 out of 4 are working well! (one flickers every 15 minutes)
spludDespite having a couple of hotmelt glue guns (one being a proper dual temp, etc). I picked up a glue gun at a dollar store. Have had to redo the cord wiring twice <g>
spludAnd bags of 10x glue sticks for $1.
spludSet for life in that department. Not like I use the stuff often.
ScottKevillAhh yes, a photo I uploaded before of the food containers: https://imgur.com/a/1tzKI
kludgeYou'll have to now!
spludScottKevill - you need laminate labels on the fronts of those.
geniiYay! https://i.imgur.com/ZqCbDof.jpg
ScottKevillsplud: Eventually, but I remember where most of the things are now.
spludIf only to say "bin 0-1" "bin 2-4" etc. And have what is where logged elsewhere.
ScottKevillAnd it's actually pretty easy to see through them.
geniiI can rebuild that old Acer battery pack tomorrow
ScottKevillYeah, I should do an index, and keep the data sheets with it.
spludLots of identical containers is good, because you can optimize space usage or make racking.
ScottKevillYup, it's very easy to grab a whole stack together, and they don't slip.
spludI need to migrate mine to a db on a server here, but I've been tracking a lot of stuff in spreadsheets (which will be trival to export to the db).
ScottKevillThose are all the same depth, volume 250mL, but can also get 500mL, 750mL, and 1000mL.. all with the same footprint so will fit with the stacking.
restorerI'm not nearly organized enough for a db to help me find parts :D
spludIncl broad characteristics of transistors I have. marking, package, Vgs(th), voltage, Rds(on), etc.
ScottKevillThere was some neat open source parts tracker.
ScottKevillPerhaps massively over engineered.
spludThat being something that helps be find parts I actually have that will suit the project at hand.
ScottKevillCan't remember what it was.
kludgeI just have tubs marked QUIET TRANSISTORS, and FAST TRANSISTORS, and GERMANIUM CRAP and so forth.
ScottKevillkludge: Do you put extra foam around the quiet ones?
kludgePart of my problem is that all these cool switching transistors only have pulse width on the datasheet and aren't specified for Ft... and all these "low noise" transistors are marked with NF but no indication for 1/f noise.
kludgeACTION thwaps ScottKevill.
spludwhat about "hot transistors" ?
kludgeI have a tub marked THINGS IN TO-3 PACKAGES.
splud"shit to identify"
splud"shit that is probably broken"
spluder, ah, "things".
restorerI have a tray that's all "tiny stuff from the mystery box I haven't bothered to sort"
kludgeACTION nods.
spludI have plastic containers with 'misc hardware'.
restorerdumb stuff like SMD resistor networks, tiny blue caps, random MOVs
restorerstill the occasional TO-92 or diode in there
SopaXorzTakerPeople who do this should be brutally murdered
spludHave ones sorted to screws, nuts, bolts, metric hardware, etc in the workshop.
spludBut what to do with that odd connector or whatever? misc parts.
spludMOVs have a proper place. resistor networks too.
restorerI just haven't needed them yet (and I can't see needing 50 yellow SMD resistor networks)
spludNah, I mean, they're significant enough parts to warrant a proper storage spot.
restorernor a good way to identify the MOVs
restorerI did separate out a fair number of them, just to get through the bulk, but gave up
spludResistor nets, sure, not as often used these days. and MOVs, mostly a function of dealing with AC supplies.
splud(OR AC connected stuff, whether it's actually a supply or not)
restorerthere's a bunch of other junk in there I haven't identified too, and probably won't bother to
restoreralright, I spent too long last night dreaming of pastries, time for breakfast
ScottKevillMight have been https://partkeepr.org/ that I looked at before.
ScottKevillThey have a demo you can play around with https://demo.partkeepr.org/ but you can self-hosted it locally.
zigggggyi hate how few outlets they put on UPS's
zigggggyi have a lot of low power devices.. give me more outlets
Welkinzigggggy: are you really bald and wearing nothing but a shirt?
zigggggyACTION connects a power strip to the UPS
zigggggyWelkin :O
geniiIf we're discussing pet peeves, why is it you can't go get a 20A power bar just anywhere
Welkingenii: 16A should be enough for anyone
geniiHere the circuits are 15, 20, 30
Welkinmaybe bill gates has something to do with it?
restorerScottKevill: "Usability is key" and their Accept Cookies banner doesn't work as it should >_<
ScottKevillrestorer: It's open-source, so you can install it on a local server.
ScottKevill(And obviously patch out stupid cookie warnings)
password16genii, circuits and sockets don't have the same rating
password16what is the point in cookie banners anyway?
restorerScottKevill: right, I mean, completely different systems (I'm sure that Cookies code isn't in the actual codebase, just part of their landing site) but it still makes me cringe
ScottKevillYeah, they are pointless.
restorerreally just a minor CSS/JS thing - the banner didn't disappear until I reloaded the page
geniipassword16: I have outlets which have 120-125V 20A but trying to find a power bar with 20A rating and plug with offset prongs is a PITA
restorerpossibly even a side effect of ad-blocking, but whatever
restorerI can gripe
restorergenii: ouch, first Google->Amazon result, $56
Greg-JIs there a really good site/reference/cheatsheet for abbreviations and symbols?
password16Greg-J, no
Greg-JThis makes me sad. So many noob questions that could be answered quickly without bugging you guys.
password16thats too broad
password16what kind of abbreviations you talking about?
Greg-JAre JFET, IGFET, and MOSFET all different types of transistors?
password16their different sub types
kmcwell, MOSFETs are a type of IGFET
password16their all FETs
kmcIG = insulated gate, MOS = metal-oxide-semiconductor; here the oxide (SiO2) is the insulator
kmchowever people will use "MOSFET" to mean all IGFETs, it's just a more common term
kmcJFETs are different
kmcand BJTs are more differenter still
Greg-JAre there types of transistors that are not FETs?
password16what is IGFET even?
Greg-Jinsulated gate
kmcGreg-J: yes, BJTs (bipolar junction transistor) are the best known
password16well transistors is interesting
kmcif people are talking about a PNP or NPN transistor, that's a BJT
Greg-JDo MOSFET also not come in PNP and NPN configurations?
kmcthey come in N-channel and P-channel
kmcalso, depletion mode or enhancement mode
Greg-JWould that be analogous to NPN and PNP, respectively?
kmcfor example you'd use a NPN BJT or a N-channel MOSFET to switch the low side of a load
kmcI highly highly recommend the book Art of Electronics by Horowitz and Hill
Greg-JAre transistors something where you need to do for N what you do for P 1:1?
kmcit covers the major different types of transistors in the firsnt few chapters
kmcGreg-J: theoretically it's symmetric, but there are fabrication-related reasons that P-channel FETs had worse characteristics
kmcmight not be true anymore
kmcwhen people talk about CMOS logic -- the basis of essentially all modern digital electronics -- that's using pairs of N and P FETs with carefully matched characteristics
Greg-JDo you recommend the book, or the "Learning the Art of Electronics; A Hands-On Lab Course", or both?
kmcthe great virtue of CMOS logic is that each gate draws almost no current from the previous gate, so the circuit overall consums very little power when nothing is happnenicng
kmcGreg-J: haven't read the latter
password16yeah , fets mostly use power when changing states
password16the few n or pf capacitance the gates have adds p when you are switching millions or billions of times a seconds
Greg-JSo there's no line loss to calculate whatsoever?
kmcGreg-J: there's an Rds(on)
kmcwhich is the resistance of the FET (drain to source terminal) when it's turned on fully
SmokinGruntsoh wow! what do we have, one plow in this town?!
Greg-JDamn, this book is actually kind of expensive
kmcGreg-J: the gate of a FET is like a capacitor. once it's charged up to a specific voltage, there's no current flowing in/out (maybe some nanoamps of leakage)
restorerGreg-J: there are PDFs that can be found
kmcyou can play with some fets on the sim here: http://www.falstad.com/circuit/circuitjs.html
kmcit has examples of how different CMOS gates work
kmcby contrast, the base-emitter junction of a BJT acts like a diode; once the voltage drop (0.7 V for Si) is exceeded, the base will conduct current
Greg-JIs this a virtual circuit simulator?
kmcin a BJT the collector-emitter current is proportional to the base-emitter current; in a FET the drain-source current is proportional to the gate-source *voltage*
spludgenii - I have a 6 foot 24 outlet 15A power bar, and a couple of 4 foot 10 outlet 20A power bars.
kmcGreg-J: yes
Greg-Jkmc, This is awesome!
SmokinGruntshell yeah it is!
kmcit's not accurate enough to design a complex circuit including component values
vegiiit's so in both afaik
kmcbut it's great for learning concepts
kmcLTspice is a more professional grade simulator
spludand YOUR mention of not being able to find 20A power bars irritates me, because only one of my 20A ones is in active use, and I can't locate the other...
vegiibjt and fet...
kmcvegii: what's so in both?
_abc_See page 9 for 1935 style television projection unit, with Rube Goldberg's blessings :) http://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-Short-Wave-Television/30s/SW-TV-1935-12.pdf
vegiicollector-emiter current being proportional to base voltage or equivalent
_abc_klduge here? The link above might interest him.
kmcvegii: kind of
spludI used to enjoy tracking the rube goldberg contraptions that were on the perimeter of the subscription renewal cards for popular mechanics magazine.
kmcfor a FET they are (to first approximation) linearly related (up to saturation)
kmcthe ratio is the transconductance gain (in siemmens or ohm^-1)
kmcfor a BJT they're related exponentially by the Ebers-Moll equation
kmcwhich makes sense because the b-e junction is a diode
kmcbut for many purposes it's easiest to think of the BJT as a current-controlled device
kmcI'm also not well verseed in transistor theory, that's just what I've managed to pick up
kmchttp://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-43003740 "Russian security officers have arrested several scientists working at a top-secret Russian nuclear warhead facility for allegedly mining cryptocurrencies."
splud"we want our cut"
kmc> The supercomputer was not supposed to be connected to the internet - to prevent intrusion - and once the scientists attempted to do so, the nuclear centre's security department was alerted. They were handed over to the Federal Security Service (FSB), the Russian news service Mash says.
kmcgood god
spludI've been a bit detached from news lately. Was surprised that Duerte is before the ICC.
kmcand charles stross throws out another rough draft for a novel...
kmcsplud: wait, really?
kmcoh well they "may investigate"
spludYea, he was telling a judge they can go do their thing, and find him guilty and send him somewhere they shoot people, because he won't go to jail.
kmcit's not like he's behind bars in den haag
kmcthat's cool though
spludI'd say it's amazing that a loon like him was elected president, but...
kmctrump loves that guy of course
Greg-JIs this BNO055 worth $35 for what it does, or is there a smarter/cheaper/better way to get orientation?
Greg-JI was looking for a way to determine orientation for a project, stumbled on this and thought "oh that's cool, but would it be better to make my own?"
Crackithose are sensor fusion results, from accelerometer, gyro, magnetoscope
Crackithere are plenty of such sensors. some do the fusion onboard, some just give you their 9 axes
vegiido you need the magnetometer?
Crackiyou need it if you wanna get rid of rotational drift
Crackijust like you need the accelerometer to stay upright
Crackialso, no chip of this class is worth 35 bucks
vegiiyou mean gyroscope?
Crackithey're sold for a tenth of that in comparatively small quantities
Crackii mean what I said
Crackiyou integrate the gyro to maintain rotation
vegiiI like the bmi160 for Bosch not being dicks
Crackiyou need absolute values (accelerometer for "down", compass) to remove drift
Crackiread up on IMUs
vegiinot sure if there are breakouts with also a magnetometer, but bmi160 supports an external one
Crackiyou need to know what you need
Crackibesides, Greg-J is the one with the project ;)
Greg-JThis is more a solution looking for a problem for me. It's a case of "ooh, neat" not "I need this functionality".
wootehfootACTION ziggies zigggggy's ziggy! :D
Crackithe MPU* chips are an alternative to bosch sensors
vegiithe mpu are dicks tho
Cracki(mpu6* and mpu9*)
vegiithey don't believe in open-source
Crackihalf the price, dunno how much worse the data would be https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13944
Cracki(yet another chip maker)
vegiiCracki: the same breakouts are available on ebay and aliexpress for peanuts
vegiijust choose whatever is easiest to implement would be my approach
Greg-JI was working with a FSUSB42UMX schematic and was wondering what family of chips that chip is called. I think people refer to them as multiplexers? I was wondering if there is one that offers like a dozen input and outputs instead of just two.
vegiiso if you'd be using arduino, check which one has the nicest library
vegiiCracki: and check out bosch sensortec github to see if it helps
Crackidata sheet says FSUSB42 Low-Power, Two-Port, High-Speed, USB2.0 (480Mbps) UART Switch
Crackivegii, not my project
Greg-JCracki, basically I'm looking for that functionality, but enough lanes for hdmi.
CrackiGreg-J, or do you mean "shift register"
Crackilol hdmi
Crackiso "matrix"
Crackithere are special chips to switch hdmi signals
Crackicrossbar, matrix, such
Crackiswitch, splitter
Greg-JOkay, thanks. What category on digikey would I look under?
Crackihahah no clue
CrackiI'd go with google, find the manufacturers that specialize in those, then browse their catalogs
nohopThat name doesn't even remotely sound Dutch!
Greg-JWhere is a good place to get a book of quality SMD's?
matlandlol nohop
Greg-JLike an assortment of 0805 1%.
nohopI just have a cheapyChina book of 0603's. I think they're 1%.
nohop"quality", probably not
Greg-Jnohop https://www.ebay.com/itm/8500-pcs-170-Values-0603-R0603-1-SMD-Resistors-Assortment-Kit-Sample-Book/282469194848?epid=18003115327&hash=item41c479dc60:g:BO4AAOSw1WJZEeQ-
Greg-JLike that one?
matlandhigh quanlity
nohopGreg-J: Yep
Greg-JCheers nohop
Greg-JI'm just looking for enough to prototype
Greg-JI have all these through hole components, but no SMDs and I'm just getting into EAGLE and while this is all second-hat to most of you I'm sure, I still have the wonderment of a child.
Greg-JThe fact that stuff like this exists blows my mind
nohopHey zigggggy
n2’tis a party
restorerif only I knew what one of those would be used for!
n2restorer: any voltage gain :-)
n2it’s sort of half of an op amp.
n2you can set the voltage gain with feedback resistors from the output to the input
n2in this case, I wanted a voltage gain module for an amplifier I’m building
n2that could be packaged in a neat 1.5x1.5cm PCB so it can be mounted in a pin header on the board
n2making it modular :-)
n2so I’m just making it an open hardware project, since the prototype works really well, even at high frequencies :-)
tawr15mm x 15mm, you could make it smaller if you used 2 sides n2
n2tawr: not SMD.
tawri've made something similar on .5x.5 pcbs but not quite as robust
n2Q1 and Q2 are physically in contact which would be difficult with SMD
n2i find that PNP SMD transistors are worse matched than their corresponding THT devices
n2plus, much more of a hassle to test...
n2so it’s a THT board.
tawrthot board
n2plus, THT also allows me to use some nice polystyrene caps :-D
n2on the board
n2they would be VERY difficult to solder for SMD… no reflow allowed
tawrthat's true as well. why no reflow allowed?
n2the capacitor is pretty much toast above ~80°C
restorermelt the polystryrene
n2it’ll heat up too much.
n2changes or ruins the capacitance
tawrah wasn't sure if you meant the caps, or that this was a project for school/college and they said no reflow
n2naw, this is for my own enjoyment
tawrpfft, i've hand-soldered the harddrive connector on macbook pro before, you can hand solder anything
tawrit was fucking stupid, i got lucky lol
n2plus, it’ll be a nice looking board
n2in my wanky 3D rendering - http://ee.david.promo/triton/rendering.jpg
tawrthat vaporized a few pins on the mobo
n2also tawr, it’s for an amplifier that uses germanium output transistors…
n2it’s all THT
tawri was eating salsa and chips, and fucking drop of salsa hit the end of the trackpad and soaked through and burned that connector up lol
n2the design may change to use a metal can PMOS and an NPN current mirror… or a JFET :-P
zigggggytawr eek
tawroh actually wrong side
restorerI should go in an try to repair my older laptop... the inverter was always funky, but the trackpad started going after I spilled cereal-milk in the middle of the night...
tawrcheck that out. both sides vaporized a few pics
tawri was able to drag solder, with a WHOLE LOT OF FLUX and managed to bridge everything
tawrspent a lot of time with a magnifying glass and a single shard of fiberglass from a scrub-pen to remove soldermask / silkscreen
tawri didn't think it would work but i had nothing to lose lol
_abc_tawr: what did you fix there, exactly? What equipment?
matlandwhat a weird contraption that is
tawr2011 macbook pro. see the connector exposed, beneath spudger
tawrthat area is directly beneath the trackpad on unibody mb's
matlandahh no wonder it looks more like phone than laptop stuff
tawrsalsa dripped while i was munching
tawrand the highly acidic saline juice landed on that connector, frying it
matlandthats why i use a desktop pc
matlandeven specifically searched hard for a case with no fan on the top, seems to be a dumb trend nowadays
LewsThanThreeLaptops are HELL to work on.
_abc_At least those macbooks look repairable.
_abc_Unlike modern ones.
LewsThanThreeA friend was adamant that he would get a SFF gaming rig.
LewsThanThreeAll I could say was "Good luck, you'll need it"
matlandaren't apple bitches about spare parts?
restorerthe wiring in my Thinkpad from the main case to the display is stupid and ridiculous
_abc_There exist ultra thin silicone rubber 'skins' used in medicine iirc, get one taped on the keyboard
_abc_It's like 0.3mm or so
_abc_matland: they are but not as much as car makers.
tawrmatland: there are aftermarket
matlandfor that special condom feeling _abc_
_abc_Need to "pair" tyres and injectors individually you know
restorerI had one briefly as a kid, but in the mid-90's, they were more like 3mm than 0.3mm
tawr_abc_: i actually did that
restorerthat got annoying fast
_abc_tawr: I know, no choice
tawri found out clear 'contact paper'
tawrit's a clear vinyl wrap used for laminating BOOKS
_abc_Oh. Contact paper is not so waterproo
Loshki_abc_: get those condoms ribbed for her pleasure, but wear them inside out
_abc_Oh then it's not the contact paper I know
tawrmakes an amazing laptop cover / trackpad cover. it's clear vinyl _abc_
matlandyou'd only want f and j to be ribbed Loshki
_abc_Loshki: is that not selfish?
tawri put the matte version on and it works well
tawri also use it as a button/screen protector on my vape and on broken cellphone screens
Loshki_abc_: I live in the US. Selfish is the new altruism...
matlandfor my netbook i always had a silicon pad thing but it does not like to stay in space / annoying to type on
tawri thought I took a pic of it, but i can't find it for the inside part
tawri have a silicone keyboard cover, and that clear vinyl on the palm rest/trackpad area
_abc_Silicone keyboard cover is the keyword
tawri did get bored and put stickers on the lid though
tawrwhen you can't sleep but it's 3am, i do stupid shit like that
redrabbitlooks like a warning for potential brain damage from apple products
restorerman, now I want chips & salsa
restorerI have chips...
tawrrestorer: exactly
_abc_restorer: Lay's?
tawrlong story with this laptop. i used it for a few months because i wanted to try osx and i had a lot of disposable income. i couldn't deal with it, so bought a msi gt60
tawrand gave it to a family member. my main laptop died after a few years, but i'm not a dick so i didn't take the mbp back, i just used a core2duo with ubuntu and 8gb ram/ssd from my gaming laptop
restorer_abc_: Calidad brand tortilla chips, I think ultimately owned by Frito-Lay
kmci like Casa Sanchez chips
kmcand salsa
kmcnot sure if you can get them outside this area
_abc_Calidad means simply quality in Spanish afaik...
restorerand I do have an erstwhile can of salsa casera lying around
restorerCasa Sanchez... that may be the brand I liked up in Sacramento that I haven't seen here
restorerbut I'll look for them
_abc_You can tell when there are no real news to report. They release new emojis then. https://xkcd.com/1953/
_abc_What is the red car classified as?! https://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/horizons.cgi @
kmcyes, it means "quality"
_abc_-143205 cannot be entered anywhere on that page?
_abc_Ok I fond out how it works
tawrrestorer: yea
tawri have herdez cans in the house
tawrcan you get rico's cheese cups?
restorerno idea - how big are they?
tawrrico's cheese is the nacho cheese you almost always get from places that make nachos+cheese, or frito pies, etc
tawrit used to only be sold in large 5lb containers
tawrthey came out with microwavable plastic cups with like 4-5oz in a 4pack for like 2 bucks
_abc_Is that real cheese or fake 'pizza topping' "cheese"?
restorerI would be very interested in single-serving salsa or cheese containers
tawrthe latter _abc_ it's "nachos cheese"
tawrso what you do restorer is mix a can of herdez + cup of rico's cheese together
_abc_yellow plastic
tawrand it's an amazing dip
restorernacho cheese is very different from anything that goes on pizza (in the US, at least)
tawrlike, it's ridiculously good restorer
restorertawr: I've had the 5-lb cans of salsa con queso
tawri actually only put about 3/4 can, and leave the juice behind so it doesn't get watery
_abc_You two are headed for weight watcher's club after this, right?
restorer_abc_: I currently weigh 48kg dry, I'm not heading anywhere ;P
Evil-CorpSpeaking of cheese...that was the first thing Space-x sent into space...years ago.
restorerand I spent the last few days hardly eating
kmcbetter than a car
_abc_restorer: Are you sick, or a very young lady, or...?
restorerso I'm hungry now that I'm feeling better
tawrnot sure if it's the same thing. _abc_ some people can eat whatever due to different absorption rates / metabolism. lol restorer 65kg here
restorer_abc_: I inherited thinness from my mom, and then my kidneys failed and my appetite tanked
kmcglad you're better
restorernever made it above 115lbs
restorerI have a pretty low appetite limit in general
hitekI felt awful this winter when I got myself down to 118~
restorerbut also a hard time putting on useful tissue
restorerthe last time I gained weight, it was all in my belly
hitekI'm around 140lb atm and still trying to put some more back on
tgeekygotta cut out all that speed
hitekmy issue is my t1 diabetes
kmcI think my belly fat is slowly moving to my ass
_abc_http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/military-to-spend-170000-so-leaders-can-see-what-its-like-to-be-stoned-on-marijuana lol lolol
restorerbut I'm just waiting for a (probably this year) kidney transplant, and that should help
kmcand a little to my chest
kmcrestorer: good luck! that sounds scary and I hope it works out for you
Evil-CorpI am guessing that "CarlSagan"...in #science, is not THE Carl Sagan...
matlandlol _abc_
kmcare you on dialysis now?
restorerless scary than dialysis 3x a week...
matlandactual weed would of been so much cheaper
_abc_Evil-Corp: digital avatars to carry on life post mortem are "in" now
matlandjust wait until stoners get hold of one of those devices lol
_abc_matland: not to mention probably 60% of the leaders already tried it in their youth, per stats
Evil-CorpHope that does not happen to me...or has it ?
restorerACTION follows @ProfFeynman for no real reason
_abc_I think the Canadian pm confessed he did that already no?
_abc_restorer: staling him?
Evil-CorpJuly 1'st...30 grams
restorer_abc_: eh, he just repeats the same advice, nothing ever new
SmokinGruntswell poop, some fucker used CVE-2017-12635 and got into my couchdb database...
niconiconiWTF my STM32 SWD programmer mysteriously stopped working again for apparently no reason...
niconiconievery time it happens, a chip will be fried in the process of trying to figure out the reason, this time is no exception
_abc_SmokinGrunts: how do you know?
SmokinGruntsoh fuck no, he used the couchdb user to execute arbitrary code
SmokinGruntsnow I gotta respin the whole damn server
SmokinGruntsgod dammit
SmokinGruntstopkek and wooyun are admin users I never added
SmokinGruntsgoogled wooyun
SmokinGruntsfound out he's a Taiwanese hacker
SmokinGruntsspeaks at the big hacker conference
SmokinGruntshe fucked with the logs, but I still have some
niconiconiSmokinGrunts: topkek, kek.
SmokinGruntsACTION is not happy
Laggger164Where da kek at?
Laggger164At the top! :D
_abc_http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5371961/Apple-investigating-claims-AirPods-blew-mans-ear.html More Lithium in your ears!
Evil-Corpwooyun...sounds like something off a chinese menu.
Laggger164_abc_ Did anyone see that coming? I saw that coming...
_abc_I know those 'pencil' style batteries, they are used in nefarious things
SmokinGruntsfucker used https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2017-12635 to add himself as admin, then used https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2017-12636 to execute arb code
_abc_Laggger164: Let's say it's a good thing they don't make pacemakers with LiPo power supply implanted.
SmokinGruntsall cuz I haven't updated shit in a while
matlandthose airpod things cost $159?
Laggger164_abc_ Yeah, they use other, more stable chemistries for that
matlandand they couldn't even be bothered to put a rope so you don't lose one lol
Laggger164matland EEEEEEXACTLY!
restorerI wonder where one would "run to get help" for a smoking earbud?
Laggger164restorer Of course, to the nearest Apple store!
Laggger164Sometimes conveniently a 6 hour flight away!
matlandno wonder they wanna get rid of the earphone jack
matlandso they can push this madness to ppl
SpeedEvilSecondary lithium ion batteries have also been developed for medical applications where the batteries are charged while remaining implanted.
tawrlol SmokinGrunts you got pwnt
SmokinGruntsGood thing it's a VM!!!
tawrlol SmokinGrunts my brain read wooyun as weyoun
niconiconiSmokinGrunts: wooyun was the largest platform for reporting 0days to vendors in China, but it was cracked down and all members arrested by the govt a few years ago for unknown reason. perhaps it was the script kiddie copy+pasted some PoCs from wooyun?
restorer^^ that's what I was thinking
Laggger164matland It seems that more and more people are afraid of the strong signals everywhere around us, which can in extreme cases alter the human DNA. All of this happens while Apple pushes their "Wireless future" bullshit down our throats
restorertawr: weyoun doesn't strike me as the hacker-type
Evil-CorpI was thinking Wang-Chung....
matlandLaggger164: maybe apple wants to sell $50 anti radiation stickers too
SmokinGruntsniconiconi, yep yer right, I misread lol
Laggger164matland Which would be exactly as ineffective as the rest of their products...
matlandand probably equally stylish
Laggger164matland Maybe
cheaternice crackpot
SmokinGruntsugh fuckers even put the exploit on github https://github.com/vulhub/vulhub/tree/master/couchdb/CVE-2017-12636
Laggger164Anyone here have experience with RC cars or airplanes?
Laggger164SmokinGrunts Hot damn, you got REKT
SmokinGruntssucks I don't have the help I need >:o
Laggger164Good think it's a VM
SmokinGruntsor two, maybe three clones would do
Evil-CorpSaw a dude the other day with those 70 style am radio, telescopic antenna headphones...that is a hard look to still pull off.
Laggger164Evil-Corp Quite a sight, isn't it? XD
Evil-CorpYes it was...
restoreroh boy, someone's bringing me a burrito to go with my chips
Laggger164Telescopic antenna headphones? Dayum
restorerACTION is on an appetite upswing at the moment... Zofran doesn't hurt
bongofurySmokinGrunts you need cron jobs to email you whenever admins change
SmokinGruntsI should also teach my one helper coworker how to update shit
SmokinGruntsmy one minion
_abc_SmokinGrunts: so, you're working for two *and* teaching? Wow. You must be handsomely paid.
SmokinGruntslol I'm paid shit, but it's a passion job for me
SmokinGruntswe're tryna figure out details for making a subsidiary company, and we have a patent I have half rights to, so that's nice
linuxthefishHi, if I was making an electric shock guaranteed to kill a person would a microwave oven transformer suffice? From hand to hand?
SmokinGruntsok, fuck, I was gonna make a reddit clone, but now I guess I'll make a "setup a vm with couch and protect it from fucks" guide instead
SmokinGruntsalso, if anyone wants the attacker's IP, it's
tawrwhat in the fuck. the spacex live-view of starman has been taken over by flatearthers calling it fake
electrobottawr just linked to 🔴 LIVE: Starman Driving in Space after Successful Heavy Falcon Launch SpaceX Real-time Updates - YouTube
tawrrofl Carolyn Gutman-Dey​ESCAPE FROM THE CULT OF SCIENTISM (science taught as a religion, a belief system) -- RESEARCH REAL SCIENCE
tawrwhat is wrong with people
Welkinwtf is this?
tawrwhat part Welkin
WelkinI think they are trolls
Welkinit's possible people are that stupid
Welkinbut on the internet, I doubt it
Welkinthose kinds of people would not be in a youtube chatroom
tawryou're unfortunately sadly mistaken
WelkinI am optimistic
tawrthe whole 'space is fake' 'nasa steals' bullshit is ALL OVER YOUTUBE
_abc_lol. youtube and various 'social' platforms are the $~ of the internet equivalent of walmart people [r][tm]
WelkinI used to watch quite a bit of youtube
_abc_The bar of entry has been lowered so low you can't wvwn stumble into it while stepping in
WelkinI have recently cut it off from my life
WelkinI don't do any social media either
Laggger164Welkin God praise your intentions and choices!
tawri doubt that, he didn't kill anyone
_abc_But you have to do social media! All emplyers profile you by your social media. If you don't have any, you do not exist.
tawr(lol) sorry for that l33t trolling. seriously though, the whole flat earth bullshit is religious in nature.
Laggger164Is IRC social media?
WelkinI do have profiles on various platforms, but I never login or use them
_abc_irc is antisocial media
synx508religion isn't far from trolling
tawrerr, meant to point at abc
Laggger164synx508 True
_abc_do not mention your irc existence in any work related "social" media list
Laggger164_abc_ Or?
_abc_That, and, "oh you use those old fashioned black terminals with ascii characters on it?"
_abc_"we'll call you" - never
Welkinevery good programmer does
Welkinespecially the hipsters
synx508I don't want people calling me
_abc_But if you cut and paste 200 lines of java in a gui you get hired
Welkinbut not enterprise java/.net folks
Welkinit's an easy way to filter :P
_abc_No gui, no job.
Loshki'Moonlanding is fake' necessarily predates the internet, and those 'hipsters' are having hip replacements now.
_abc_Eclipsing the talents so to speak.
_abc_(see what I did there)
_abc_btw Eclipse seems to multiply like a plague. There are 3 versions in debian now, I do not know what each does.
Welkinwasn;t there a book called Flat Earth published recently?
Welkinand something about the technology making people dumb (which is bullocks)?
SpeedEvilhttps://www.crowdsupply.com/teampocket/pocketsprite amuses me
matlandthe earth obviously ain't flat i've seen mountains myself
restorerhrm, Xsprite is a loaded construction since I've read Oglaf
_abc_I mean, 3 fat huge Eclipse things but one vim with about 100 plugins bundled. Easy choice.
restorerI'm sure ;)
_abc_SpeedEvil: I do not have flash and never will. Maybe gnash, not flash. What display does it use? OlED?
restorerI dunno, looks too small to be fun to use
_abc_"not for older people" then
_abc_The Spectrum ZX reborn thing went titsup right? They are in trouble and hammered by people who sent them money?
EncryptHello everybody o/
_abc_Wow PocketSprite is really tiny. Maybe they can sell it with 2-lens head magnifiers.
Welkinthere are russians now posting in russian in the chat
_abc_http://gameranx.com/updates/id/138162/article/retrogaming-dream-device-pocketsprite-is-almost-funded/ tiny retro gaming platform clones compared
EncryptThere is something I still struggle to understand: why all "pilot wire" schematics use an optotriac and a rectifier diode and not an optocoupler directly
_abc_https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSHXNB_HvUBLA0G4WX2T2ok4zYptOfZhQeqSYNucmwJxD5G48R6 inside view, pretty small
_abc_Encrypt: because on old furnaces it's ac
_abc_Also on some schemes the remote thermostat/clock/whatever is powered by the 'remaining' half wave - one half wave is used for switching.
Encrypt_abc_, I mean the "pilot wire" to control heaters (it seems to be something "very French"): http://thesociety.free.fr/contenu/Schema8FilPilote.gif
_abc_So the PicketSprite has a really crummy display by that comparison
acetolineI am taking apart a 6-wire stepper motor
acetolinethere are four windings
acetolineI expected the four windings to be the 0, 45, 90, and 135 degree poles
_abc_Encrypt: maybe it's also switched power related. Various schemes are used, some have to do with fail safety. If one optotriac goes shorted the furnace will not be stuck on (I hope)
acetolinebut actually, it's just double-wound.
_abc_acetoline: that is very unlikely?
acetolineby which I mean one winding is the 0, and the other is the 45
Encrypt_abc_, I'll probably end up doing the same circuit
acetolineand then the 3rd is literally overlapped on top of the first winding
_abc_Encrypt: I don't know, there are many variations with that circuit
acetolineand the fourth is overlapped on top of the second winding
_abc_Encrypt: it can send 4 distinct states to the furnace, if used
Encrypt_abc_, But I'm really interested in knowing the "real" reason why all people use that circuit
_abc_Encrypt: off, one half wave, other half wave, both
acetolineI guess the idea is that you can drive the stepper motor without using an H-bridge.
Encrypt_abc_, Yep
Encrypt_abc_, But if you have optocouplers, that will result in the same signals
_abc_Encrypt: so it can be safety, select heat/cool/economy/off etc
acetolineinstead you can 'reverse' one winding by powering up the overlapped winding
acetolineit's kind of unusual
_abc_Encrypt: probably yes, but maybe not. Since an optotriac can switch much more power than an opto.
Encrypt_abc_, That sounds like THE reason :P
_abc_acetoline: that is a bipolar motor? Meant to be operated with just open drain/collector drivers like uln2008
WelkinI searched "flat earth" and all kinds of results came up: "Homeopathy", "Illuminati"
acetoline_abc_: it's unipolar.
Encrypt_abc_, On all forums, people say: "I end up doing that because everybody does that", with no argument
acetolinea double-wound unipolar motor
EncryptThat got me confused
_abc_Encrypt: I'll tell you old furnaces used a fist sized relay operated by the pilot wire, needed like 50mA at 220V
_abc_Encrypt: new ones of course do not
tawrWelkin: what pisses me off
kmcit's still really hard for me to believe that flat earthers exist in significant numbers
tawrif you watch, say 5 or 6 space videos from popular users, real science ones, without fail
tawrin the related videos a flat-earth bullshit will be recommended
Encrypt_abc_, Wow
kmcour society is too abstract now, people can go their entire life without encountirng a context where it matters whether thir whole belief system is utter horseshit
tawrkmc: worse -- some of these people are making 6-digit incomes making flat-earth videos.
acetolinetawr: oh man. yep.
kmccritical thinking is just a conspiracy by the elites
kmctawr: oh, well, scams I can understand
Welkintawr: how and why?
kmcthat's fine, even admirable
tawrWelkin: that many people believe it.
Welkinare they taking tithings?
tawrdo you
matlandsince recently youtube keeps recommending me a video about "the dangers of LED lighting"
tawrnot know how the internet works or something?!
_abc_Encrypt: pilot wire thermostats go back to the 1920s. I had to do with 1930s vintage ones. 10Watt relay is not a big deal for this. Teacup sized.
Welkinfrom ads?
tawrand patreon.
kmcscamming these people is fine because it reduces their inclusive fitness
EncryptYeah, definitely
matlandwith some "expert" ranting on about wavelengths of light that will deeply stab your skin and you die
kmcI am a connoseiur of conspiracy theories
kmcit's just mind boggling how shitty education is in science and critical thinking
acetolineThere is this need to believe that everything is a lie, that science is a form of mind control
acetolineit's an attractive mindset
kmcessentially basic literacy for the modern world
acetolinefor a certain type of person.
kmcacetoline: I think a lot of people get addicted to that "redpill" feeling
synx508I knew it! I just knew there was a connoseiur behind all these conspiracies
tawrkmc: pfft, you're probably a reptillian shapeshifter. let me record you with a camera then encode the video with lossy codecs and broadcast it over the air then encode it again and see if your hologram projectors get interference so i can see your reptile eyes
Welkinkmc: public education is not about learning, it is about obedience and control
kmctoo true :(
matlandconspiracy theories ARE attractive eh
Welkinit is based on the prussian schooling system
matlandthe x-files is a good series too
kmcI'm lucky that I got to go to a magnet school, in an area known for good education
kmcmatland: it's pretty good. assuming you mean the old one
kmcI enjoyed the plot arcs more than the MotW episodes
acetolinemagnet schools are quite attractive.
matlandhm first episode of s11 i found already good
matlandbut i started rewatching the old one
Welkinwith the industrial era came the need for a large number of factory workers with basic skills
matlandcoz the gf has not seen
kmcI'll watch it w/ my wife someday
Welkinand they need to obey orders. Foolow routines. Respond to bells. That is what public eductation is for
tawrkmc: my greatest accomplishment is teaching my nibblings is teaching them critical thinking skills, being skeptical, and being kind. and also teaching them that girls are human beings
tawrerr i typed tht weird, but you get the gist
kmctawr: all good stuff <3
acetolineit's amazing that 'girls are human beings' is a non-obvious statement
acetolinebut I get you
kmcyou've got boys?
tawrmy nephews/nieces, almost 10 total heh, but more boys than girls
kmcthat's a lot
tawrman you should have seen the day one of the teenagers said he got friendzoned
_abc_I don't know what that is.
tawri grabbed his ass, threw him in the truck, and we drove around for 3 hours talking about it
_abc_ACTION goes to bed, midnight
tawr_abc_: consider yourself lucky
kmc_abc_: it means a woman who they want to bone "only" wants to be their friend
_abc_tawr: I tried hard to be lucky by not knowing certain things all my life.
Welkintawr: how will you handle "the talk" if any of them are gay?
kmcand that this is somehow a cause for resentment
jsoftI wonder how many potatoes have been in space
kmcI still didn't tell my parents I'm trans... man that's gonna be awkward
jsoftOr pumpkins even, I wonder if a pumpkin made it t space
kmcnot that it will be a total surprise either
tawrWelkin: already a step ahead of you
Welkinyou know, I have never had any kind of talk with my parents
tawrthe eldest when he was around 18 i was SURE. he had a best friend i was sure was his bf
Welkinwe never spoke of anything related to sex or sexuality
kmcI don't care for my parents to know details of my sex life, but gender presentation is something you can't hide very well
kmcmy parents gave me advice on sex but it wasn't very good imo
acetolinefriendzoning is pretending to return someone else's love/affection/attraction to get favors/benefits. But never actually allowing anything sexual to happen.
SpeedEvilkmc: just encrypt your gender presentation.
tawrso i took him to eat at his favorite place, we talked, joked, then i told him 'you know I love you. nothing you do will ever change that. i don't care that you love the cock you sally faggot.'
Welkinkmc: do you dress as your chosen gender?
WelkinI don't know what to call it
Welkinyour true gender?
Welkinbut what is true? D:
Welkintoo philosophical
tawrand hes like wait, do you think i'm gay? i said yes, he started cracking up so hard. he's totally straight, his best friend has a girlfriend. he's just a nerd
kmci could go on about this for hours
kmcit is very confusing to me
tawrbut it was really funny
kmcI don't feel like I was "always a woman"... more like I was a guy, but unhappy with various aspects of that
acetolineare you transgender kmc ?
kmcI don't really like it when people think they have the one true model of how gender works
acetolineare you ContraPoints?
kmcI am not
acetolinecause ContraPoints is hot
kmcwho's that
kmcI will try to become hot
Welkinsome days I am more attracted to women, other days it's men
tawrWelkin: here's the deal dude. unless you're actively about to put that person's genitals and/or orifices in or on your genitals and or orifiices, you really have no reason or right to think about another persons
kmcI know some really hot trans women
acetolinekmc: contrapoints: https://pixel.nymag.com/imgs/daily/intelligencer/2017/10/30/30-contrapoint.w710.h473.2x.jpg
SpeedEvilkmc: npn or pnp?
tawrSpeedEvil: rofl. 10/10
kmcacetoline: you weren't kidding
kmcwho is she, what does she do
kmclol tawr
kmcnah I'm bipolar tawr
kmcbut that's another story :3
acetolinekmc: she used to teach philosophy at a major school
tawrACTION slingshots some gabapentin into kmc's mouf
acetolineI follow her youtube channel
kmcsomehow like 30% of my friends (who I met long ago, I mean) turn out to be trans
acetolinenone of my friends are trans
tawroh god. what is with youtubers never grinding their fucking chisels
Hooloovo0related to that: is there a reason that so many hackers I know are trans
tawrmushroomed chisels will fucking kill you
tawrgrind that shit
acetolineI knew a trans hooker but that's about it.
tawrHooloovo0: you surround yourself with those like you?
Welkinacetoline: how did you come into contact with a trans hooker?
acetolineDo you have to ask
nohopOne of my close friends is trans
tawracetoline: a drunken night in tiajuana
acetolineOh we are good friends
tawrbut i may be projecting
kmcHooloovo0: I have many theories
acetolinewe keep in contact
Hooloovo0I met (most) of them before they came out, or didn't know they were trans
WelkinI read an essay on how nerds are like gay people
nohopBut I never see my friends, since I moved countries :)
Welkinnerd and gay culture have a lot of overlap, according to it
matlandACTION shakes fist in name of the manly nerds of the world
Welkinit talked about dungeons and dragons a lot
Welkinwhich I play
kmcthere are SO many LGBT people in tech
jsoftmatland, lol here here!
SpeedEvilhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBr2kKAHN6M&feature=youtu.be&t=9240 - tesla over Africa. Showing city lights, as sunrise approaches (the next minute) and fierce thudnerstorms
jsoftEnough of this mental illness
electrobotSpeedEvil just linked to Live Views of Starman - YouTube
beanbag-who cares
matlandACTION more violently shakes fist
SpeedEvilAs well as tiny pinpricks due to ions in the detector
Welkingay doesn't have to mean effeminate
acetolineI was never into dungeons and dragons
beanbag-ACTION is going into his first harbor freight in 45 mins
kmcnerderey was traditionally coded as effeminite anyway
Welkinbeanbag-: you are traveling in a shipping container?
tawrbeanbag-: awesome dude. hope you have some cash
acetolineI was never into the 'nerd culture'. I just liked coding and electronics.
tawrbeanbag-: i can never get out of HF for under 20-30 bucks lol
beanbag-I have my cc's
nohop#define nerd culture
matlandi also dont really fit into nerd culture tbh
kmcI think traditional hacker culture is often accepting of weirdos, even though it's not "politically correct" in the manner of current day trans communities (which I loathe)
EncryptAlso guys... I know I may overthink but do you have a piece of advice about which DIL support is the best between those: http://www.komposantselectronik.fr/prestashop/807-large_default/support-dil-8-broches.jpg / https://media.rs-online.com/t_large/F7020657-01.jpg
tawrmatland: you're on IRC, in an electronics chatroom
tawri got something to tell you dude.
matlandi don't watch startrek
beanbag-Welkin, BMCC
matlandand i do not put tape over my laptops webcam
tawrthat just means you're a voyeur
matlandor drink that mexican hat person drink
matlandor soylent
jsoftThen they can see yu, matland!
Loshkimatland: I suppose next you'll say you aren't overweight
acetolinenohop: D&D, Pokemon, cosplay, Japan fandom, board games, etc.
synx508no, exhibitionist, surely, with yer tapeless webcam
tawrnot really acetoline
tawrerr yeah exhibitionist
matlandi dont care they see jsoft as long as they no have my microphone
tawrthere is more than one type of 'nerd'
nohopkmc: I'm curious how you feel about the pronouns debate in canada
matlandi'm underweight Loshki
jsoftcanada looks fucked
tawrthere are plenty of people who like d&d, star trek, cosplay, and have no tech skills at all
Hooloovo0that's also very common for a lot of nerds
jsoftwith that transdu guy
kmcwell I think what happened to Lindsay Shepherd was creepy as hell
tawrand there are plenty of IT nerds/programmers that don't like cosplay or star trek
kmcalthough it didn't seem to have long term consequences to her academic standing?
jsoftsuch a sack of shit he is
acetolinetawr: sure, I agree with that.
kmcshe basically got a creepy threatening lecture from some insane people
acetolineI'm just saying I fall more into the latter camp.
kmcI haven't paid attention to what the law actually says about transphobia. I know it is hotly debated
kmcI'm not canadian so
acetoline'hotly debated'
acetolineI imagine so
acetolinevery hotly debated
matlandsmoking hotly
cheaterSpeedEvil: i didn't see any city lights, but i think the shots of spaceman from the side are like 100% perfect screensaver material.
nohopkmc: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/An_Act_to_amend_the_Canadian_Human_Rights_Act_and_the_Criminal_Code
cheaterthey're the kind of stuff every windows 98 user would have back in the day.
SpeedEvilcheater: did it properly go to a time?
cheateryes it has
SpeedEvilthe city lights are dull glows, the lightning flickers are quite obvious. lots of pretty stuff.
nohopFrom what I understand, making it illegal for someone not to refer to someone as 'zer', for example, if that person chooses that pronouns
cheaterdon't see em SpeedEvil
cheaterdoesn't matter tho
SpeedEvilThe light going past his head, immediately at 2:34:06
Hooloovo0weird pronouns are hard though, especially if there's only one person you know who uses them
Hooloovo0though I don't disagree that more pronouns are bad
Hooloovo0err good
Welkinlol wtf
cheaterSpeedEvil: that looks like lens flare to me
cheaterhow do you know that's a city?
WelkinI just searched lindsay shepherd and the audio recording of her meeting is weird...
Hooloovo0dang um more pronouns are good
SpeedEvilcheater: it's not, there are several more at different locations, plus there is no lens flare and it's consistent with teh PSF of the lightning
acetolinejust have one gender-neutral pronoun, like all sensible languages do
SpeedEvilAnd some earlier during night
nohopacetoline: That'd be awesome actually :)
Welkinenglish has had a gender-neutral pronoun for hundreds of years: their/they/them
Welkinno need to invent a new one
acetolinelots of widely spoken languages have only gender-neutral pronouns
EncryptSleeping time, bye o/
Hooloovo0yeah, or that
SpeedEvilcheater: point spread function
WelkinI get tired of being called "ma'am" on the phone by customer service reps
Welkinwhen my name is clearly male
Welkinthey should not use any modifier
SpeedEvilEnglish has a perfectly good gender neutral term. Shithead.
Hooloovo0actually, they is more attested
WelkinSpeedEvil: you must be confused. that is a proper noun.
Welkinit is the name of the dog in the movie The Jerk
Mad7ScientistACTION considers stacking two TO-247 devices on each other using the same heat sink meant for one
SpeedEvilMad7Scientist: you mean back-to back?
SpeedEvilthe tab conducts very little heat along its length if you mean teh silly way
Mad7ScientistThe Silly way
DocScrutinizer05my doc at times asked questions "Hat Er Kopfschmerz?" rather than "Haben Sie Kopfschmerz?"
Mad7ScientistThe insulating pad already makes the thermal impedance bad. Stacking would make it worse but with 2 devices the heat generated becomes 1/4 as much
kmcmy given name is gender-neutral enough that I'm not changing it
SpeedEvilMad7Scientist: Swapping the FET might be a better way
kmcone less hassle
Hooloovo0DocScrutinizer05, who is that in reference to? the person they're talking to or someone else?
linux_probeACTION sensses some loose screws around here
Mad7ScientistSouth Park showed real footage of an operation in the sex change operation episode
DocScrutinizer05Hooloovo0: the former
nohopOk. No more work. Time to do important things.
nohopACTION switches on the hakko
Mad7Scientistkmc, are you going to not tell a partner that you were the other gender and then announce it on Jerry Springer?
Hooloovo0isn't that wrong in all cases then? unless 'er' refers to something other than the patient
DocScrutinizer05no, it's a somewhat obsolete old form
Hooloovo0hmm okay
DocScrutinizer05often used by aristocrats in former days, when they talk to plebs
DocScrutinizer05"Erhebe Er sich!"
DocScrutinizer05"Gehe Er mir aus den Augen!"
kmcMad7Scientist: seems like a bad idea
DocScrutinizer05s/Er/Sie/ depending on gender, While the usual "Gehen Sie mir aus den Augen!" in neutral gender
Hooloovo0oh, I guess that makes some sense?
DocScrutinizer05>>Additionally, as computers have evolved greatly in that time, work is being done to find a machine that can run the instrument commanding software.<< LOL
kmcI'm so angry
kmcI can NEVER Find the cables and adapters I need
kmcit pisses me off so much
CircadianRebelyeah, that's cool. alix seller sending me the super rare momentary switch... that latches.
TheTrashNormal, it's a 2-press momentary switch.
CircadianRebelit's a rocker actually
CircadianRebel(for anyone not getting the joke, momentary and latching are opposites)
CircadianRebelI tore one apart and it looks like the shell is designed to be configured as a momentary, but requires a couple springs for that
bobo1on1surely they can find a computer that will run 12 year old software
TheTrashI imagine they settled on hardware a good decade or more before the final release, was probably obsolete long before the thing launched.
TheTrashTakes a bit of time to get it ruggedized for space.
CircadianRebelindeed. They've had issues before because of long outdated hardware, that was not a standard x86 windows PC like you are expecting
bobo1on1hm, so is it the sattelite software that they're trying to run, or the command software on earth
CircadianRebelcommand software on earth, probably
TheTrashCommand software, but even that would have been feature-frozen quite early on.
Hooloovo0usually they have working spares of spacecraft that they use on earth for tests
Hooloovo0at least, working electronics
CircadianRebelTheTrash, and possibly reused from an older system as well
TheTrashStill, an 8086 would still be readily available, or some Sun or SGI contraption. Dunno what they used.
bobo1on1possibly they threw everything away when the project was stopped
Hooloovo0iirc nasa had a huge SGI cluster
bobo1on1still, 12 years is a long time in the computer world, but not that long
CircadianRebela couple years there was a satellite that showed up that they no longer had the hardware and software to talk to it, and after some public lobbying they allowed the public to contact it instead
Hooloovo0yeah, they used SDRs and Arecibo I think
CircadianRebel12 years since launch means it may have been 20+ years since the systems were first designed
kmcI need better organization
kmcbut it's really hard to do in this tiny flat
kmcall the bullshit cables and shit I own
TheTrashI feel ya
Hooloovo0though having a server rack helps
CircadianRebeloh, glad I walked to the store a bit ago. It's now snowing again, and there are alarms going off.
kmcright now I need a USB-A to USB-B full-size cable
Hooloovo0I have a bunch of old hollowed out servers that I use as shelves
TheTrashThis is not a tiny flat, but my hoarding scaled up with the building so it's the same.
kmcI'm sure the same would happen to me
Hooloovo0they're really deep, which is nice
CircadianRebelkmc, either an alarm or someone abusing a high RPM motor
Welkinair raid sirens
jfcaronYeah the universities in the US test air raid/tornado alert sirens every month or so.
kmcnuked by north korea?
Hooloovo0yeah, we do it every first tuesday of the month
kmcyeah in Iowa we had a monthly test
Welkinthe air raid sirens go off every friday at 11 am here
jfcaronFermilab has really spooky generic alert alarms.
CircadianRebeljfcaron, wednesday morning, 10:30am IIRC (they've changed the time in the past year)
kmcin SF they test every tuesday at noon
CircadianRebelthey also use the same sirens for tornado warnings
Hooloovo0though we don't really have air-raid sirens being in the middle of a continent
Welkinthe air raid sirens are for tornadoes out here
WelkinI imagine they can be used for tsunamis on the coasts
jfcaronI should record the Fermilab siren next time I'm there.
Welkinthey aren't specifically for air raids
Hooloovo0I guess a tornado is a form of air raid
jfcaron"General Freak Out Siren", GFOS for short.
TheTrashYeah, gotta cover your ass when it could well be an interdimensional monster attack.
TheTrashMessing with God particles and all.
Welkinwhat about the klaxon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2VhB7vaZI0
electrobotWelkin just linked to Klaxon alarm sound used in many films from the 60's - 2000's Vol1 (Cinesound) - YouTube
kmcjfcaron: lol. 110% power, resonance cascade
kmcyeah I'm basically in a tsunami zone now
kmcthe SF sirens are not mechanical air raid thing sanymore, they are speakers that can do voice announcements (hard to understand)
kmcin my neighborhood it's english and chinese
WelkinMad7Scientist: not chinglish?
Hooloovo0I think they're speaker-based here, though I don't think they do anything other than tones
Welkinkmc: ^
kmcwe had tornadoes a lot in iowa
kmcit's usually NBD
Hooloovo0there haven't been any for a while in illinois
kmcwe had a NOAA weather radio which was programmed to alarm loudly if there was a warning for our county
Hooloovo0well at least, none anywhere near where I was
kmca tornado tossed our neighbor's full size trampoline into the side of another house
kmctornado or other severe thunder-weather
hitekat least it bounced back
Welkina dust devil!
Welkina flaming dust devil
CircadianRebelI'm deeper in torando alley than iowa. we don't have near as many tornados as people report though
Welkinthey get it the worst
SmokinGruntswhat a boooooring day!
SmokinGruntsACTION slaps himself with a trout
CircadianRebelnah, not that place
restorerahh, wiring things around the room is a lot easier with wago connectors instead of XT60s
Some_PersonSigh... shipping damage... https://imgur.com/a/T9U7k
Goatmaneasy fix
Some_PersonI'll need to replace the tiny component
Some_PersonI think the big cap can probably still be used though
Hooloovo0oh, hi
SmootimusWhat's up channel?
Some_PersonI hope there's not too much damage to the pads
Hooloovo0doesn't look like it
Hooloovo0looks like a pretty clean break on all of them
Hooloovo0if you're really concerned, hot air would probably be good
Some_PersonTrust my luck... 3 out of 4 of the cards in this ebay lot I bought appear to have survived 100%, and the one that didn't is the only one I care about
Some_PersonFuck... I just found ANOTHER component. Something absolutely teeny tiny
Viper-7online purchase? or?
Some_PersonFound where it came from. It's yet another cap from the same card D:
Some_Personebay purchase, poorly packed
Viper-7so complain and get a refund
Viper-7its up to them to pack it properly, and/or pay for insurance on the shipping
Some_PersonThen I'm back where I started. This is not an easy card to find
Viper-7as long as the PCB itself isnt damaged, sounds fixable, just effort
Some_PersonI don't think there's any way my crappy soldering skills can fix that teensy little cap
Viper-7if it even matters..
Viper-7i remember the official response from ASUS back in the day when people started complaining a cap on their full length video cards would hit the memory slot on ASUS motherboards
Viper-7"just snap it off, its not needed"
Some_PersonViper-7: Are you serious?
Viper-7most such things are there to like, prevent EMI, not required for the device to function
durrftwistoff caps
Some_PersonHow do I know if this cap "matters"?
durrfdoes it work without it?
Some_PersonWell there are 2 other caps currently broken off as well, so...