Phanes[R], you're unfortunate
dllbrtGot the bug filed. Also found that the system info shown in the default system hardware display doesn't show processor info of the sort to determine processor type for the bug report. Had to ask Wikipedia!
dllbrtbug #1467754
swift110-phonehey all
gglasseshey swift10-phone :)
_val_Anyone running Fedora25 on vmware vcenter server and using customization? Not sure if vmware is supporting guest customization for Fedora 25.
lpancescui have kernel 4.11.8-200 (F25 latest). why does "rpm -q --changelog kernel-core" only list the changelog up to 4.11.6-201?
Southern_Gentlemlpancescu, i suggest you look at the changelog on the kernel on
lpancescuSouthern_Gentlem, it's complete there. shouldn't this also be included in the package?
lpancescuSouthern_Gentlem, thanks ^
linuxmodderlpancescu, what is the question ? wert kernel
lpancesculinuxmodder, i just don't understand why the kernel changelog inside the package is older than the one in koji
lpancescui thought it happens automatically when the rpms are built
linuxmodderolder in what sense
lpancescuas in 2 versions behind. 4.11.6 is the latest listed in the rpm changelog; .7 and .8 are missing
lpancescusee the top two entries in the changelog here
linuxmodderusing f25 stable updates correct?
linuxmodderaka dnf update in the vanilla usage on 25
lpancescudnf upgrade, but yes :)
linuxmodderupgrade (unless using system-upgrade is an alias to update buddy
linuxmodderuname -r shows what?
linuxmodderfor your present system you're referring to
lpancescui know... upgrade should replace update
linuxmodderlooking where for the changelog on the package?
lpancescurpm -q --changelog kernel-core
lpancescusame with kernel instead of kernel-core
linuxmodderwell lpancescu that is indeed strange as crap, mention that in #fedora-kernel and if you don't mind letting them know same behaviour holds true on .8-300
lpancescui saw labbott in -devel, wanted to ask her there :) - i'll ask in -kernel, thanks
linuxmoddernice catch btw
linuxmodderor -devel works
linuxmodderbut not all the kernel devs are in -devel regularly hence mentioning -kernel
lpancesculinuxmodder, i was actually curious if fedora also had a kernel regression wrt to the stack clash fix (like debian and centos), so i thought to look at the changelog... which confused me
linuxmodderregression wrt to stack clash the CVE ?
lpancesculabbott is also in -kernel, i'll ask there, just a moment
lpancesculinuxmodder, yes... in debian some java software broke. for EL, see
Southern_Gentlemthat is what creates the kernel-core
lpancescuthey both released bugfix kernels
linuxmodderSouthern_Gentlem, it's the fact that and the one in rpm -q --changelog are NOT jiving
linuxmodderlpancescu, one sec reading the rhbz
Southern_Gentlemso file a bugzilla
lpancesculinuxmodder, waiting
linuxmodderdo not see that rhbz mentioned in the packaged log one sec
fixideTrying to sign my kernel modules and i have two ssl error
fixide SSL error:0200B015:system library:fread:Is a directory: crypto/bio/bss_file.c:154
fixide- SSL error:20082002:BIO routines:file_read:system lib: crypto/bio/bss_file.c:155
lpancescuboth debian and RH published the stack clash patch on 07-19, the upstream patch was still in beta, if that. i assume the two distros developed their own patches - if fedora got the upstream kernel fix, maybe it was right from the beginning
linuxmodderlpancescu, seems it's locked to a embargo status so looks like it's in the works but not presently in fedora
Southern_Gentlemlinuxmodder, looks like it jiving to me
linuxmodder07-19 is in the future did you mean 6-19 perhaps
lpancesculinuxmodder, good to know, thanks
lpancescui meant 2017-06-17, of course... i'm not a time traveller :)
lpancescu^ 06-19, grrr
lpancescuthen i'll just ask about the changelog
lpancesculinuxmodder, <jwb> lpancescu: use the full RPM version instead of just "kernel-core"
lpancescuthat does return the expected changelog. i assume all other packages are upgraded, instead of being installed in parallel, so this is why i never hit this before. kind of confusing, though
linuxmoddersaw that
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nangaHey guys! Anybody here is using ath9k driver and is having problems with Wi-Fi on suspend/resume? Mine simply "dies" after resume.
Kellinanyone here use LaTeX on a regular basis and could recommend one tool over another for reading/formatting/compiling/etc?
Southern_GentlemKellin, texstudio lyx texmaker i have used (or my profs have with good results)
Southern_GentlemKellin, and texlive is the backend o choice for linux and (my win10 boxes at this point )
Southern_Gentlemand yes there are latex addons for libreoffice
AJ_Z0I may be late to the party. 4.11.7-200.fc25.x86_64 gave blank screen (DP) from kernel selection to GDM (including disk decrypt dialog). Fixed in update to 4.11.8-200.fc25.x86_64 but changelog for kernel(-core) 4.11.6->7 mentions only CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_PCI and iptables, while or 4.11.7->8 mentions nothing
linuxmodderAJ_Z0, use kernel-core-$(unaem -r)
linuxmodderi.e. rpm -q --changelog kernel-core-4.11.8-200
lpancescuAJ_Z0, i never had the feeling that the fedora kernel logs are exhaustive or even particularly detailed...
AJ_Z0linuxmodder: That's what I did, e.g. "rpm -q --changelog kernel-core-4.11.8-200.fc25.x86_64 | less"
lpancescuAJ_Z0, perhaps the upstream changelog has something useful for you?
AJ_Z0lpancescu: Thanks. That was my anticipated answer to one of the two implicit questions
KhaytsusArgh, laptop has locked up 4 times today. I hate these kind of problems, very difficult to even guess what's going on. No kernel changes for over a week and I used it up until Friday with no problem.
lpancescui don't think fedora backports kernel functionality, or only seldom - the upstream kernel maintainers release point releases for the current release. upstream changelogs are probably the best place to look for details
mikeymopKhaytsus: do you have runtime pm enabled for sata link pwr mgmt in powertop?
Khaytsusmikeymop: Those... are words..
Khaytsusmikeymop: I've routinely had problems with this laptop resuming from sleep, but only when docked. I can sleep/wake it off power all day long but dock, wake, hangs sometimes... pm_trace hasn't been very useful, I got a "memory78" out of that once which I have no idea what that means.
mikeymopoh yea, we talked about your docking issue. But I noticed some freezes before on Intel with Sata Power Mgmt enabled
mikeymopon my latest notebook I only have one nvme drive, with which I haven't has issues but you might have luck trying to associate any freezes with the sata drives going into low power states and back out
Khaytsusmikeymop: It is ssd, not nvme.. sata. Could be that. Usually when it wakes up, it automatically reboots. Today it's just been freezing, no reboot. I see X like everything is fine, but frozen.
mikeymopno tty<6?
pp3345someone here with knowledge about the latest fractional scaling changes in gnome?
Khaytsusmikeymop: me? Oh, no, frozen hard. I can't do anything, not even sysrq
Khaytsusmikeymop: Oh I've thought about serial.... I have a machine under the desk here with a serial port, and this dock has a serial port. I just gotta find a cable. I have a null modem cable somewhere.
dowdlepp3345: I saw a blog post about that on fedoraplanet some time ago. Maybe check the GNOME blog?
mender27I have a question regarding kernel modules (for RTL8188eu and RTL8192cu Realtek chips specifically) that are not included in the Fedora kernel. Do I need to build a stand-alone driver or can I theoretically use code from a mainline kernel?
AJ_Z0What's the method du jour for the systemd/Wayland version of /var/log/Xorg.log? doesn't help, even with a few likely _COMM= changes
mender27Or, alternatively, can I modify the source code for the Fedora kernel and add the missing stuff via menuconfig or by hand in the .config file?
Southern_Gentlemmender27, yes
Southern_Gentlemmender27, if they are in the mainline kernels they should be in fedora
pp3345dowdle: didn't find anything newer, i am mostly interested if anything of that really works in current gnome 3.25
mender27Southern_Gentlem: they aren't included in the binary, because they're in the staging tree for years already.
mender27And as I've been told, Fedora does not include staging drivers in the kernel binary due to potential stability issues.
Southern_Gentlemmender27, so they are not including the firmware because the firmware is closed source
mender27Admittedly, Debian requires an extra non-free package for them, yes. You may be right.
mender27Southern_Gentlem: however, would missing firmware, but kernel trying to load the module not be mentioned in the dmesg trace?
mender27Southern_Gentlem: in the end I went for the "build your own kernel" option following this Fedora wiki page:; Is this good enough in your opinion? :)
mikeymopKhaytsus: serial? haven't seen one of those in a while. could be, I remember we found the three open bugs involving docking dell notebooks. Sucks because of that waiting game
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Southern_GentlemHappy Independance Day to you too
KellinSouthern_Gentlem: installed texstudio; doesn't seem to like compiling the file. .texi is LaTeX right?
rdieterKellin: .texi is not latex (more likely it is texinfo)
rdieterKellin: related to
Kellinrdieter: aha, okay. thanks!
rdieterKellin: that's just an educated guess based on the name though.
Southern_GentlemKellin, so you need to instal texlive (its huge )
Southern_Gentlemfor latex that is
Southern_Gentlemtex docs are tex
KellinSouthern_Gentlem: the doc is .texi; so it seems it's tex
Kellin(I've never used either so it's all new to me)
KhaytsusThere are other ways to do that... texiinfo or texi2html
KhaytsusFor all I know they'll still pull in 20TB of LaTex insanity.
Southern_GentlemKellin, can you fpaste that file
Southern_Gentlem has what a tex file will look like
KellinSouthern_Gentlem: I can't fpaste it unfortunately, it's something I was asked to review under NDA until publication
tcpdumpIm using nmcli trying to configure connectivity for a network thats not currently in range. Is there a way to set that ahead of time, so that hwen the device is in range it just auto connects?
Southern_GentlemKellin, i dont think your texi file is a tex file
nutzer_hundae galera, blz?
Khaytsusnutzer_hund: English please.
Roxxor91Hi! I just installed Fedora 25! Works great! But I would like to adjust my touchpad behaviour (way more than GNOME settings allow me). I still have an old xorg.conf lying around with all my modifications. But as I see, wayland does not use those anymore, right? How can I modify my synaptics touchpad behaviour now?
Southern_GentlemRoxxor91, first thing i would try would be removing the libinput driver
Southern_Gentlemrpm -qa |grep libinput
Southern_Gentlemrm the driver and reboot
Khaytsusmikeymop: fyi/warning.. beanbag is flyback. A known IRC psychopath.
Roxxor91Southern_Gentlem: No. That didnt work. Is there no documentation for this? :/
mangixis it possible to use GNOME with softpipe?
rdietermangix: I believe so
rdietermangix: it should fallback to that if your video card/driver doesn't already support opengl
mangixhmm need to check the journal then
rdietermangix: so maybe have to backup a step here, and ask: why are you wondering? what's not working as expected?
mangixeverything's fine. just wondering about the performance hit
mangixas far as i can tell, swr is not compiled in and llvmpipe is totally broken
veonhello everybody
kk4ewtF25-2070704 updated live isos are available at Built by the Fedora Respins Sig For more info #fedora-respins
chilli0Is anyone having problems updating on 25 today? package kernel-4.11.5-200.fc25.x86_64 requires kernel-core-uname-r = 4.11.5-200.fc25.x86_64,
chilli0package kernel-modules-extra-4.11.5-200.fc25.x86_64 requires kernel-uname-r = 4.11.5-200.fc25.x86_64
dowdlechilli0: That's an older kernel that shouldn't be listed as a viable update anyway. Current version is 4.11.7
dowdlechilli0: Maybe do a dnf clean all and try again.
kk4ewtchilli0, dnf update --refresh
kk4ewtdowdle, 4.11.8
dowdlekk4ewt: Yeah, that's what (I meant to have) said.
dowdlekk4ewt: Yeah, that's what I (meant to have) said.
chilli0thanks guys, running the refresh now
chilli0kk4ewt, seem to have the same issue
dowdlechilli0: Maybe you are hitting an outdated mirror. Try "dnf clean all" that seems to actually remove old data. While --refresh used to force a re-downloading every time... it doesn't seem to work that way anymore.
sielickiFedora has a system installer framework that I can't seem to find the name of through google, I think it's a snake?
maxcell_why can't install fedora with UEFI partition along side with windows?
sielickiWelp, IRC is confirmed for being black magic.
sielickiHave a question? Just type the question and it will come to you.
sielickiNo response necessary.
chilli0dowdle, thanks but still no dice. Could it be a repo? ( my list of repos)
dowdlechilli0: Well, give it a day or two. I'm guessing whatever is determined to be your closest/faster mirror is out of date or broken.
dowdlechilli0: You should not be offered 4.11.5 as an update. As mentioned, the current kernel (released yesterday) in updates is 4.11.8
chilli0is there anyway to check what the mirror is providing
navidrI have found serious bug in mutter, where should I report it ? You can reproduce it like this : open one of jetbrains product (I use android-studio) while loading (careful you should be fast) . while loading try to reisze the window. the whole gnome will crash and restarts the gdm.