austincheneyI am new to Fedora and recently installed Fedora 25, but transparency is not working in the gui
austincheneyi have tried gnome and enlightenment guis
Mazhive_onehi guy can someone explain me why i have sftp downloads up to 300KiB but when using from ookla i get 4Mbps ?
billingssftp isn't simply bits over the wire, there's encryption and entropy involved
bfkelseyDoes anybody else have the a long delay when clicking the power button in gnome? It seems to happen on both my devices running fedora 25 and 26.
drakonisthe long delay to shut down?
drakonisthat's because systemd is running a stop job
bfkelseyTo show the power off dialog
bfkelseyIt seems to last 20 seconds or so
drakonisthat's quite fast in fedora 26
Mazhive_oneBillings: oke i know but does this make up the huge rest part of the bandwidht then... i think its really a huge gap..
Mazhive_one300 KiB vs 4Mbps
Mazhive_onei tested my server but that seems to do pretty well.
bfkelseyMost of the dialogs are really fast it just seems that is really slow the first time I use it. But if I click the power button, cancel the dialog, then click it again, it is really fast
billingsMazhive_one: you're assuming that the bandwidth to the speedtest site is the same as the bandwidth to whatever host you're ssh'ing to
billingsthere are so many factors that can affect ssh's speed.
billingsssh isn't the most efficient transmit protocol either. there are patches to improve bandwidth with ssh (the HPN patches) but they're not upstream.
Mazhive_oneBillings: i controll bothe server and client connections i did tests with ookla from the client to the server on the client and the server side...
drakonishmm, a question
billingsMazhive_one: still meaningless.
billingsdid you do a test between the two servers?
drakonisaren't there dosbox patches that are used in conjunction with wine for running 16 bit software without difficulty?
drakonisie: not having crazy cpu cycles that cause dosbox to fail
billingson windows?
drakoniswhat no
billingsare you asking about running windows software?
drakonisno i'm not asking about that, i'm asking a different question
Mazhive_oneBillings: so when doing the same test on both with the same server on ookla would be no reference on sftp connections..
drakonis here
billingsI have no idea what ookla is
drakonisthere's no dosbox 0.75 yet
drakonisfor shame dosbox devs, for shame
billingsall that speedtest tests is the bandwidth of the client to the closest speedtest server
billingsnot between servers.
drakonisso okay, there's dosbox patches that improve interoperability with wine
drakonisthey don't appear to be available on fedora's dosbox
billingsdrakonis: its still to run windows software, right?
drakonisdos software actually
drakonisdosbox does dos era software and wine does post dos era windows software
drakonisthere's a distinction
drakonis0.74 has been around for 7 years
billingsdrakonis: if there are bugs I suggest filing a ticket here:
billingsbut I doubt they'll consider anything that isn't upstream
Mazhive_one Yes that is true... but using the same speedtest servers on both client and server wouldn't that be a reference then.
billingsMazhive_one: it may or may not. Anyway, as I said earlier, SSH isn't a protocol that effectively uses the full bandwidth
drakonisthose patches already were upstreamed
billingsdrakonis: then file a bug asking for the latest version to be built/
drakonisman you didn't even bother to read the dosbox page on wine's wiki
billingsit looks like its the latest version on the site
billingsthat's not the upstream for dosbox.
Mazhive_onebillings: can you advise me to a direction what to do about that bandwidth issue then..
billingsMazhive_one: don't use sftp?
billingsor rebuild openssh with the HPN patches, that supposedly improves performance. The dynamic window scaling one helps, I've been told.
Mazhive_oneehmm ,i mean a faster secure solution.
billings(I used to be an HPC admin, it was one of the things we built)
drakonisdosbox hasn't been updated in 7 years, yet the wine patches have been upstreamed
drakonisand whenever the dosbox devs bother to release a new version
drakonisit will be available for everyone
drakonisi may as well build dosbox
billingsMazhive_one: I suggest Globus GridFTP:
billingsdrakonis: it's not on the dosbox web site. So... not upstream
drakonisugh, its in dosbox's repository
drakonisexcept dosbox hasn't had official releases in 7 years.
drakonisbut it still gets commits
billingswell, there's not much one can do for that
Mazhive_oneThanx i am going to look into this. thank you for your time and advise and will try to investigate this program on server and client side..
drakonisis there a way to find out which packages each installer option comes with?
drakonisi chose a lot of them and i wanted to clean it up without needing a fresh install
billingsthey're dnf groups
drakonisi know about that, but they don't install every package in the groups
kk4ewtdrakonis, you can always pull down the ks and go from there
drakonisthat's not quite what i asked
drakonisi want to know what the audio option when installing through anaconda would install
drakonisthose produce images
drakonisthat doesnt answer anything
kk4ewtand they show you exactly what is installed
kk4ewtdepending on the Desktop Environment
drakoniswhat no.
drakoniswhen installing fedora through anaconda, the user is given the ability to add packages on top of the install type
kk4ewtthat is the list that anaconda will install
kk4ewtnot with the lives
drakonisnetinstall fyi
kk4ewtyes netinstall or server will allow you to select other packages if you so desire
kk4ewtor of course you can install after the install
kk4ewtdrakonis, so what are you wanting and lets go from there
drakonisi'm just cleaning up the mess i made
drakonisand what a mess it is.
kk4ewtthen i suggest you edit your dnf.conf and change true to false
drakonisi installed the option that covers audio production and i want to clean it up
kk4ewtdnf groupinfo "Audio Production"
drakonisalright, nice
kk4ewtF25-20170704 updated live isos are available at Built by the Fedora Respins Sig For more info #fedora-respins
drakonisis this automated
kk4ewtF25-20170704 updated live isos are available at Built by the Fedora Respins Sig For more info #fedora-respins
kk4ewtdrakonis, automated that its my command yes
gl278afdwhat is the best way to enable python 3.6 support on FC 25?
[R]gl278afd: what do you mean "enable"4
gl278afdi need python 3.6.1 in FC 25
[R]well, 3.5 is provided for 25
[R]so either compile it yourself
[R]or update
[R]to 26
gl278afdfc26 is not out
[R]so use the beta or wait
gl278afdbrilliant advice :)
Bheru27f26 goes out next week and the guy was urged
Asmodeeif it is not delayed, f26 is out in about 5 days though
AsmodeeI never tried, but I would guess compiling python and make it work, would take about that time :)
Asmodeemaybe even more if not used to cmpiling
_val_@EOL F25
_val_Guys help me out. When is F25 eol?
Bheru27isnt it when fedora 27 is released
fedbotFedora 25 will go end of life and no longer supported 1 month after Fedora 27 is released (not scheduled yet, but likely around Nov 2017). So likely sometime around Dec 2017
_val_Oh great. Thanks [R]
_val_I read this but couldn't find anything useful
swift110hey all
_val_Guys, does /etc/redhat-release return different output for fedora server version and workstation?
_val_I can't compare it since I don't have a server version.
_val_Hmm hostnamectl shows the difference.. still not sure what /etc/redhat-release shows
slazerI ran into an issue installing a built package. I 'fedpkg mockbuild' the package successfully and installed the '*.src.rpm' file using 'rpm -i', but 'rpm -V' says the rpm file 'is not installed'. Any suggestions? Should I have used 'fedpkg srpm' after 'fedpkg mockbuild'?
slazerdadada: ji
dadadaI want to install Fedora on a SSD from within a working fedora system
dadadaso on sda there's my standard normal system
dadadanow I've another ssd on sdb and I want to install a bootable fedora there too
dadadaso that I can take it and put it into my netbook
dadadaI've no usb stick and no cdrom/dvd drive
dadadaslazer: hi
slazerdadada: is it going to be the same (type of) notebook?
dadadaslazer: no, one is desktop, the other is a baytrail netbook
slazerdadada: then I'm afraid it won't work
dadadaI had Fedora on that netbook first though, and just put its SSD into the desktop and it has worked ever since without issues
dadadanow I just want to use the netbook again
slazerdadada: interesting.. maybe Im wrong
dadadaslazer: why?
dadadaI think you're wrong :D
dadadaslazer: when you boot from usb stick you get a live installer right?
Guest79810Hello what is possible to against reboots without logs or core dump ?
dadadaI want such an installer on my working fedora and say to it: please install the system on sdb
slazerdadada: I thought the HW config is initialized during installation and when the HDD is changed the HW config won't be compatible provided its not the same type of notebook
slazerdadada: I understand.. hold on
dadadaslazer: no, there're kernel modules for all types of hardware installed, so as long as it's x86_64 it should work
_val_dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdb bs=8M
_val_dadada: ^
dadada_val_: that really works?!
slazersounds cool
dadadahave you done that before?
_val_otherwise I wouldn't say so.
dadadavery nice, ty
_val_Have trust in dd. Most of tools out there call dd in the background.
dadadadownloading the iso
dadada_val_: why bs=8M ?
_val_dadada: because you don't want to wait 10 hours?
_val_8M block size is safe to write to the raw device
_val_You can use 4M but it will take twice that long to write to sdb.
dadada_val_: there's no way it's taking 10 hours on an ssd, but appreciated
_val_dadada: on legacy slow usb 2.0 I always used 4M since I wasn't sure if it could handle faster rates
dadadathe download is what's taking the most time
dadada_val_: it's connected directly to SATA
_val_dadada: still I'd suggest not to use greater block size values.
dadadaokay... I wouldn't have used bs=8M at all and I would have hoped the system does something sensible
dadadabut I'll do what yo say ^^
_val_dadada: don't forget to sync and wait until the data has been written. dd might terminate but some data still might be written to the device
dadadaokay thanks
_val_On a normal usb flash drive you'd have some visual assitance where a flash light blinks, in your case no flashing lights there :)
torsteinAnyone have an idea how the hell to install this?
torsteinI'm on F26 KDE, lots of dependencies missing, libgtk+3-gir and so on and so on, downloading each dep manually is a hassle
mender27Hello :)
Southern_Gentlem*** F25-20170704 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
herlimenezesHi, I need to set java environment variables permanently, so i must change my profile. I have issued whereis java command and I got "java: /usr/bin/java /usr/lib/java /etc/java /usr/share/java", what should I use as JAVA_HOME?
freakynlherlimenezes: how did you install java?
herlimenezesfreakynl: I have downloaded from Oracle site, since the application I must use runs only with it.
herlimenezesfreakynl: Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_111-b14)
herlimenezesfreakynl: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.111-b14, mixed mode)
freakynlls -l /usr/bin/java
herlimenezesfreakynl: /etc/alternatives/java
freakynlls -l /etc/alternatives/java
herlimenezesIs this JAVA_HOME?
freakynlcan also try running jdk-install-dir and see if it runs something, ls -l /etc/alternatives/java should output the dir you need + some additional stuff you need to strip
freakynldoes jdk-install-dir return anything?
herlimenezesfreakynl: no, "command not found"
freakynlok, what's the output of 'ls -l /etc/alternatives/java' then?
herlimenezesfreakynl: /usr/lib/jre-oracle/bin/java
freakynlJAVA_HOME should be /usr/lib/jre-oracle then afaik
herlimenezesfreakynl: ok, thank you.
herlimenezesfreakynl: and the PATH is supposed to be /usr/lib/jre-oracle/bin, ok?
herlimenezesfreakynl: that is to say; 'export PATH=$PATH: /usr/lib/jre-oracle/bin", right?
Southern_Gentlemherlimenezes, where ever you installed and make sure the alternatives point to it and you should be good
herlimenezesok, Southern_Gentlem
freakynlherlimenezes: you could add that, but there already symlinks in paths included in $PATH going there so it wouldn't really add anything probably unless you need some obscure binaries in there that don't have symlinks (if any)
freakynlherlimenezes: and the space is going to hurt btw
herlimenezesIt worked, thank you freakynl and Southern_Gentlem. :)
thomasfedbSouthern_Gentlem, howdy
Southern_Gentlemthomasfedb, howdy
thomasfedbWhat's "Workstation DVD-ostree"?
thomasfedbIn the download list for F26 RC1.5
Southern_Gentlemi think the ostree is for the cloud stuff
Southern_Gentlemask in #fedora-qa for verification
thomasfedbSouthern_Gentlem, thx
timelessis a fedora project?
timelessi'm getting complaints about a certificate based on certwatch on a redhat system, but i tried building the code (on macOS using nspr+nss from brew) and i don't get complaints from it
tcpdumpIm running Fedora 25 and when I try to sftp to the box I get an error stating "No supported authentication methods available [preauth]"
tcpdumpIm not using a key, but rather a password only/
tcpdumpIs there something I need to enable to allow ssh/sftp via password auth?
timelesstcpdump: have you tried adding `-v -v -v` to ssh?
timeless# grep PasswordAuthentication /etc/ssh/sshd_config
timelessif it says `no` that's a problem :)
timeless(but, really, you should get rid of password auth-- generating ssh keys isn't hard)
tcpdumptimeless: not for me.. I use keys for all of my assets.
tcpdumpI just couldnt find the config file.
timelesssetting up keys for non technical people isn't hard
timelessi've done it for perhaps half a dozen in this office
timelessputty/winscp also
timeless(i've been playing in that file a lot lately, so i knew where)
Khaytsusmikeymop: So I disabled my GLX screensaver today... I've had to do that in the past on other machines, and so far no lockups. :/ I like my euphoria screensaver :(
Guest79810Hi experts : Please tell me under any conditions Kdump cannot create vmcore automatically ? I have spontaneous without vmcore...
Guest79810Please tell me under any conditions Kdump cannot create vmcore automatically ? I have spontaneous reboots with no vmcore...
dowdleGuest79810: Wish I knew the answer to your question.
Guest79810dowdle: me too!
Guest79810dowdle: I know there a good experts here whom know!
Southern_GentlemGuest79810, uname -r please
Khaytsusdowdle: He's using RHEL anyway.
Guest79810Southern_Gentlem: 2.6.32-642.6.1.el6.x86_64
ashwanigHello. I am having a problem with my PC. After the boot process it automatically restarts. Can't understand what is wrong. I am on Fedora 25(32 bit version). Can I get some help?
vwbusguyI upgraded to Fedora 26 last week on some of my machines - been a very smooth upgrade so far
dowdleGuest79810: And an ancient RHEL 6 kernel at that. "cat /etc/redhat-release" reveals what version?
dowdleashwanig: A new install? An install that has been going for a while but just started having the issue... perhaps related recent updates?
dowdleGuest79810: Oh, 6.8... and you are getting help in #centos now I see. :)
griftGuest79810 guest ive little experience with kdump but i just recently played with it a little and from my perspective this can happen if you either not specify crashkernel= or specify a wrong size for crashkernel
Guest79810grift: crashkernel, is fine. And corrspond to the physical memory of server, offset, etc.
griftGuest79810 in my experience its very sensitive with crashkernel= sized for example i tried it on a machine with 2 GB ram and the only size i could get it to work with was 256m
griftokay thats the only reason i can come up with
linuxmoddercrashkernel={128M,256M,auto} are common
Guest79810grift: When I do a test like "cat c > /proc/sysrq-trigger" , Kdump is create, but when hang/reboot, there is nothing...
linuxmodderGuest79810, systemctl status kdump ?
ashwanigdowdle, I installed it maybe 2-3 weeks ago
grifti doubt cat c > would workk?
Guest79810service kdump status, show always that it is "Operational" !
Guest79810grift: Sorry replace cat by "echo" ;)
grifttheres atleat two ways to try this afaik, with kdump service or manually with kexec
valeriohi guys, i'm having troubles booting my laptop with 4.11 kernel and with f26 :/ but googling isn't helping. how can i troubleshoot this problem?
griftGuest79810: try with selinux in permissive mode
griftmaybe its blocking it from doing its job somehow
Guest79810grift: Selinux is disabled!
vwbusguyGuest79810, please give us the output of uname -r
griftk thats rules that out
vwbusguyGuest79810, o i c, el6 - please try #centos or #rhel
Guest79810vwbusguy: 2.6.32-642.6.1.el6.x86_64
KhaytsusGuest79810: Stop asking RHEL questions here. I already told you.
dowdleashwanig: I'm not too experienced with the class of problem you are having but I found this:
KhaytsusHe's being a vampire in #centos too but for some reason they're answering him. Completely off topic here.
Guest79810Khaytsus: All this is Linux for me. So try to get help from anywhere...
KhaytsusGuest79810: No. No. You're off topic.
vwbusguyashwanig, hmm, at what point does it restart? I can't think of a condition that would cause Fedora to just restart once booted.
vwbusguywell, not a naturally occuring condition..
ashwanigvwbusguy, Just when the boot process finishes, I mean the fedora logo is loaded and the mouser pointer appears
Guest79810Khaytsus: OK. I stop. But If anyone want to help me please do, even in off...
vwbusguyGuest79810, No, please go to #rhel or #centos unless you have a Fedora specific question
vwbusguyGuest79810, you're welcome to stay in this chan in you have a Fedora question but this is not the right place to ask for RHEL advice
Guest79810rvwbusguy: does #rhel, exist really?
vwbusguyashwanig, yikes
griftashwanig how about checking the logs for clues?
ashwaniggrift, How to do that?
griftit surely boots in emergency mode?
Guest79810vwbusguy: OK. I was thinking that CenOS, RHEL, Fedora are very similar!! And beyond all that this remains "Linux"...
griftboot into grub , edit the kernel boot line by appending emergency, then load the kernel with the modified kernel boot line
griftonce in emergency mode, use journalctl -b 1 to see the logs of the previous boot
ashwaniggrift, Okay doing that
grifti wonder what would happen if you do: systemctl set-default
griftbut dont try it
linuxmodderdoes run level 6 even have a target on fedora? grift
griftyes points to
griftso i suppose i meant systemctl set-default
vwbusguyyeah, the old telinit don't technically exist anymore but systemd sort of translates them
linuxmodderwas not aware anything above 5 existed thanks
vwbusguyyeah 6 is reboot, 0 is halt
vwbusguylinuxmodder, `man telinit`
ashwaniggrift, When in emergency mode, the boot process is freezes and it shows 'Failed to find cpu0 device'
ashwanigsorry 'Failed to find cpu0 device mode'
grifthmm, thats problematic try booting another kernel?
griftif you have another one
ashwaniggrift, Ok
griftalso see the link dowdle posted
hichi have a F24 damaged fedora (fsck says root clean, cannot boot on it and rpms do not appear clean). Can I use a F25 install dvd to just startup and then after that install from network?
hichhome partition is good. root partition is damaged
dowdlehich: You can boot from any of the live media... and do most anything you could from an installed system... including mounting partitions on your hard drive and working with the files there... or doing an install (after umount'ing anything you manually mounted if you plan to use it to install to)... but not really network-based. They have a fairly tiny netinstall .iso that is not a live environment.
hichso then i'll burn a F24 live install as i need f24
hichthen i can reinstall F24 on the SSd, or maybe "repair"
dowdlehich: Just make sure NOT to format your /home (which I think you said was a separate partition) and you should be fairly safe.... unless you have been running some services that store data elsewhere... like usually under /var/. Just try to backup anything you care about.
ashwaniggrift, Tried with other kernel, this time it just freezes without any output
orbisvicisI just finished a dnf upgrade, no errors but mariadb-common post-install cleanup tasks threw a bunch of warnings. but now the rpm database is broken:
orbisviciserror: rpmdb: BDB0113 Thread/process 26725/140324190484224 failed: BDB1507 Thread died in Berkeley DB library
orbisviciserror: db5 error(-30973) from dbenv->failchk: BDB0087 DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery
orbisvicisany sugguestions ?
griftashwanig at this point i am kind of running out of clues already, i would probably at some point see if its a hardware issue by trying to boot a livecd
RayTracerorbisvicis: rpm --rebuilddb probably
ashwaniggrift, If I boot with a live cs/usb how can I know if it is a hardware issue?
griftwell if it doesnt boot that either then , i would argue, chances are that its hardware issue youre facing
griftmaybe anyone else here has better advice
orbisvicisa nevermind, those warnings are from rpm, not mariadb-common
RayTracerorbisvicis: you're doing upgrades too seldom.. I had that weeks ago :)
orbisvicisyeah, but the libdb upgrade was only from 5.3.28-16.fc25 to 5.3.28-21.fc25, and I get this message:
orbisviciserror: db5 error(-30969) from dbenv->open: BDB0091 DB_VERSION_MISMATCH: Database environment version mismatch
orbisviciswell, rpm rebuild I guess
orbisvicisrpm rebuild not necessary / reboot fixed the problem, somehow
ctOSHi. Do you have the time for a short two-question survey about Fedora on the web?
Southern_GentlemctOS, are you with fedora marketing or work for redhat?
torsteinsound output device is different from chrome to e.g amarok.. it doesnt respect default. how to fix
Khaytsusmikeymop: So I disabled my GLX screensaver and that might hhave fixed my issue. Also explains why it neve rhappens on battery; xscreensaver isn't running on battery power.
Khaytsustorstein: pavucontrol can set the output device.
Southern_Gentlemthomasfedb, #agreed Fedora 26 Final status is go (RC-1.5) by Release Engineering, QA and Development
Khaytsustorstein: You must have multiple, like displayport/hdmi or something
Khaytsus4.79 days remain until the Fedora 26 (07/11/2017) release.
KhaytsusIt's the final countdown!
torsteinKhaytsus: I have multiple. pavucontrol not installed. f26 kde
KhaytsusInstall it?
KhaytsusI don't know of any KDE way to do it offhand.
mikeymopKhaytsus: funny, laying in bed at 5am I thought about my dads old docking station and latitude 36300
RayTracerhm, I was so slow in migrating from F24 to F25 fresh install that I should cancel that and migrate to a F26 fresh install.. wasn't there an intent to change release cycle to longer period?
Khaytsusmikeymop: Well, on power it uses xscreensaver with a GL display. On battery it uses a blank screen.
KhaytsusSo I'll leave it setup like this for a while, hopefully it fixes it
KhaytsusRayTracer: No, update now, get up to date, clean up. And no there's no longer cycle that I've ever heard of.
KhaytsusDon't skip releases.
RayTracerthere it was:
RayTracerKhaytsus: why does it matter if I copy/move all settings+services from my current F24 over to a fresh F25 or F26 install?
KhaytsusRayTracer: Oh, I figured you were doing an upgrade. No, carry on with the clean install.
RayTracerah, I see
RayTracerI'm swiching SSDs along, the current installation goes back to F20 2013-12-12
canopusxhello there! I'm having serious troubles with installation of linux from external usb on my acer one 10 hybrid net book, win 10.
canopusxi go to the boot menu, select the usb and the acer logo appears, and then windows boots again. my laptop came with win 8 and it's got no bios. only uefi. i've installed linux on many systems several times and this is the first of it's kind
canopusxpls hlp me
TMMcanopusx, have you tried writing a fedora 25 install usb stick yet?
canopusxTMM, yep. but it's an older version. i'll try 25 and report later... but first, my keyboard is detachable. and the usb must be connected to it. does this cause any problems? the stick is detected at boot. but not going in...
canopusxTMM, just for info, i tried opensuse and manjaro. I thought manjaro would have a good support of hw. but now i'm trying fed25.
TMMcanopusx, what do you mean 'not going in'?
canopusxTMM, not booting :) now will you let me be off? :)
canopusxTMM, i might report later...
kenrinYou sure it isn't secure boot or something else blocking it?
canopusxkenrin, no secure boot's already disabled.
Southern_Gentlem*** F25-20170704 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
linuxmodder*** F25-20170704 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
linuxmodderThose include the libgcrypt patch for CVE2017-7526 for those using libgcrypt in ways that are impacted
hichas soon as I attach a SSD through USB, F24 attempts to mount the LVs to target mount points
hichcan I actually disable this automounting?
hichis this
hichi am in anaconda installer
hichand doing manual partitioning
hichi have partitions available from the F24 install and I would just like to reuse them
hichis that possible with manual paritiion
KhaytsusOf course.
vurpoI'm having trouble installing the gnome games flatpak
vurpoin gnome software it just says "installing" for a couple of seconds, then goes back to not being installed without any message
vurpoin the journal it says "not saving error for user/flatpak/org.gnome.Games-origin/desktop/org.gnome.Games.desktop/stable: org.gnome.Platform branch 3.24 already installed"
dowdleEgads, virt-manager is starting to how some distro logos in the VM list.
vurpo`flatpak install gnome-games.flatpakref` worked though
vurpois this some kind of packagekit or gnome-software bug?
dllbrtHello. I got 32-bit Fedora 25 installed, got the Gnome desktop and found that it has a crippled software installer that shows icons of packages and only installs one at a time. Is there a better installer? How do I start up yum? From console?
dllbrtI'm also seeing that the minimize and restore buttons for windows are missing in the default Gnome installation for Fed 25. Any way to fix that?
dllbrtWhere is yum?
RayTracerdllbrt: dnf is the new yum, and yes, you start it from terminal
dllbrtAnd where is the terminal? It's not obviously accessible in default Gnome
RayTracerI don't use gnome but cinnamon, but it should be called gnome-terminal
dllbrtok, where do i find it in this all-graphic top window?
RayTracerI can enter command directly with alt-f2
thingfishit's in Utilities
dllbrtCan it display a graphic-window list of all or installable packages sorted maybe by group?
RayTracerdnf is cli.. dnf group list
dllbrtor is it only for installing one or two packages at a time?
thingfishyou can install a ton of packages at once with it.
RayTracerdllbrt: dnf search yourwish / dnf install pkg1 pkg2 pkgN / dnf group install yourwish
dllbrtWhen I load up a system, I'd like to use a graphic installer with checkboxes and a display of info about selected packages, and install maybe 100 at a time
dllbrtYou can't do that easily with a commandline
thingfishlike synaptic?
dllbrtyeah. Is that available?
thingfishno, that is for Debian based distros, and I think on top of that it's been deprecated.
kk4ewtpackagekit software or yumex-dnf
dllbrtNo reason to deprecate a good installer
kk4ewtfor the min max buttons install the gnome-extensions to do that with gnome-tweak-tool
kk4ewtdllbrt, thats just it for rpms it wasnt good
dllbrtYet a graphic rpm installer like the one Mageia/Mandriva/Mandrake used worked very well. It was made for rpms, not deb packages. And the deb installer of course wasn't made for rpms. Understandable, no mystery there
dllbrtBasically, these changes in modern distros are crippling average users
RayTracera colleague keeps asking the red hat guys since a couple of years when there will be yast on red hat :)
dllbrtone package? That should be solvable by compiling source. But a hundred? Better to use a good graphic installer
kk4ewtdllbrt, then run those distros if you so desire
dllbrtI'd like to access Fedora 23 Live, but can't find it on the Fedora website. Only the new ones are available
kk4ewtaverage users are only going to install a 100 packages at once
kk4ewtdllbrt, correct because f23 is dead
kk4ewtyou may can find it on the mirrors
dllbrtI've got a list of at least 50 major packages that aren't in the default install, and a boatload of libraries goes in with them
dllbrtNo, I've looked. All I find are the latest few
kk4ewtdllbrt, and what are those pacakges
kk4ewtso you havent looked
kk4ewtdllbrt, and what are those 50 packages you are referring to
dllbrtDia, Akregator. blogilo, blogtk, abiword, adobe reader 9 (it reads some that others don't), Atril looks interesting, Braindump is part of Calligra I think, calibre, Calligra suite, some dictionary and thesaurus packages, efax, epdf viewer, FBreader, FocusWriter, Fontforge, Gnucash, Gnumeric, Gramps, Grisbi, gv, Homebank, Kmymoney, Scrooge
hichKhaytsus: There are 3 lvs. home root and swap. How do I select to keep the same home partition. There's 2 groups: "new F25 install" and "F24 for x86_64" with /home under DATA and / and /boot and swap under SYSTEM.
Khaytsushich: I can't guess what you've done. You should be able to just use what's tehre.
kk4ewthich, tag home as /home and dont format it
kk4ewti have used atril for years myslef
hichok now /home appears in "new F25 Install"
kk4ewtdllbrt, so what DE do you use
dllbrtKontact, Libre Office, Lyx, Plan, Pyspread, Qcad, qpdfview, scribus, sigil, taskcoach, Texmaker, Texstudio, Texworks, tkremind, Utopia, Wordnet, Dosbox, Xdosemu, joe, Maxima, Python Docs, qtiplot, R, R packages, Rkward, Rstudio, Scidavis
hichthen tag / from F24 as / as well
dllbrtkk4ewt, I've tried a number and prefer the nice simple Mate
hichthat doesn't work
dllbrtSometimes try blackbox/fluxbox and other novelties
kk4ewtdllbrt, ok why dont you build your own live with the packages you want
kk4ewtF25-20170704 updated live isos are available at Built by the Fedora Respins Sig For more info #fedora-respins
CheckYourSixHi. I just installed Fedora 26 and followed the RPM Fusion guide for installing the Nvidia drivers. Now, when I try to boot, I go to a black screen. If I remove "quiet" and boot with nomodeset, I can get into it, but there's an issue with the driver still. Nouveau is completely gone when I type lsmod | grep nouveau
dllbrtor i could reinvent the wheel
kk4ewtnot hard at all
kk4ewtCheckYourSix, rpm -qa |grep kernel |fpaste
dllbrtThe packages are available and built, just not listed conveniently for the Fedora Gnome desktop
CheckYourSixkk4ewt: One sec, rebooting
kk4ewtdllbrt, but you said you perfer mate so why are you running gnome
dllbrtBy the way, I listed only half of the packages I'd put on the system
dllbrtbecause it's the Fedora 25 default, no alternative was offered in the install
kk4ewtCheckYourSix, and rpm -qa |grep kmod |fpaste
dllbrtThat wasn't the case with Fedora 23, had several choices there
kk4ewtdllbrt, well no, if you are installing with the Workstation live you are not given a choice
kk4ewtdllbrt, bs
kk4ewtif you install with the server yes but not the lives
dllbrtgot a short memory, fella
kk4ewtdllbrt, no i have been here since fc1
kk4ewtand i have been creating the updated isos since fc5
dllbrtI installed 23 using network, got a burned out ethernet connection on my current system and use wireless
kk4ewtso you used the netinstall not the lives
dllbrtStill, the lives have wireless and net capability
kk4ewtwhich is using the server install
dllbrtNo, never tried a server install
kk4ewtdllbrt, in server all you have to do for wireless is add the hardware group
kk4ewtthe netinstall is a server install
CheckYourSixkk4ewt: --
dllbrtbut simple enough, just specify the connection and maybe a password for wireless
kk4ewtCheckYourSix, i dont see kernel-devel for the 4.11.8 kernel there
CheckYourSixDo I have to use the beta drivers?
kk4ewtthat is required for the akmod-nvidia to kmod-nvidia for your kernel
CheckYourSixdnf install xorg-x11-drv-nvidia akmod-nvidia "kernel-devel-uname-r == $(uname -r)"
kk4ewtCheckYourSix, dnf install kernel-devel
kk4ewtoutput of uname -r
CheckYourSixsudo dnf install kernel-devel says it's already installed, but it shows 4.11.6-301.fc26.x86_64
CheckYourSixuname -r outputs 4.11.8-300.fc26.x86_64
dllbrtBy the way, those packages I listed are only about half of the list. I would include quite a bit of development stuff too
kk4ewtsudo dnf update kernel-devel --refresh
CheckYourSixWhen I run the command above from RPM Fusion, it says the kernel-devel package is not found
kk4ewtdllbrt, if yo have a list its easy to add to the kickstart file and rebuild
CheckYourSixThe -- refresh says Dependencies resolved. Nothing to do.
dllbrtanjuta, monkeystudio, lazarus, kdevelop, cmake, the autotools, dejagnu...
kk4ewtrpm -q kernel-devel
kk4ewtdllbrt, putting the list does nothing
CheckYourSixShows 4.11.6-301...
kk4ewtdnf clean all
dllbrtit shows what's not handy to select in a graphic interface with checkboxes or whatever
kk4ewtdllbrt, use that
CheckYourSixkk4ewt: dnf clean all cleaned 54 packages. Then dnf install kernel-devel still said it has the latest version already a 4.11.6-301
kk4ewtCheckYourSix, fpaste --sysinfo
kk4ewtsomething is wrong
kk4ewtbrb p break
dllbrtyumex looks good. I'd wish that it be installed by default
kk4ewtdllbrt, it is depending on the DE you want installed
kk4ewtlike mate
dllbrtIs yumex associated with any particular desktop?
kk4ewtMATE for one
dllbrtThat's telling.
kk4ewtCheckYourSix, ok f26
kk4ewtCheckYourSix, it appears your late to the party
dllbrtIn installing mate, for example, is there such a thing as a meta-task or meta-package that selects the entire set of mate software?
kk4ewtbecause i see 4.11.9 in the updates-testing repos
CheckYourSixkk4ewt: Well doing dnf update doesn't update any further...?
kk4ewtdllbrt, for someone whom is suppose to have ran fedora in the past you dont know crap do you
kk4ewtdllbrt, dnf grouplist
dllbrtI've been running Mandriva and Mageia for most of 10 years, tried Debian for a while
kk4ewtdnf grouplist would be the same as yum grouplist
kk4ewtdnf groupinstall "groupname "
dllbrtnot familiar with yum at all. been using rpmdrake most of the time
kk4ewtCheckYourSix, you see f26 went go for release today
dllbrtsometimes urpmi
CheckYourSixkk4ewt: I didn't see that. What can I do from here?
kk4ewtso i am suspecting the mirrors are in flux at the moment
CheckYourSixSo basically I need to downgrade the kernel to match the kmod I have for the moment?
CheckYourSixThe kernel-devel
kk4ewtCheckYourSix, sudo dnf install kernel kernel-devel kernel-module* --enablerepo=updates-testing --allowerasing --best
CheckYourSixAll 4.11.9-300
CheckYourSixInstalling now
CheckYourSixOk, they're all installed. Reboot and see if it works?
kk4ewtyes you may have to reboot twice (the kmod will build on the first time but sometimes doesnt load)
CheckYourSixIt went to a black screen again. How long should I wait before I ctrl+alt+delete
CheckYourSixDisregard, it finally came up
CheckYourSixFinally. Thanks for the help figuring that out. I really appreciate it
bonsaitreeIs it technically possible (or let's say logical) to use let's say Mutter, instead of X.Org Server. Or, why would someone want to change the display server generally speaking?
CheckYourSixDoes Fedora/Nvidia drivers not support MST? For daisy-chaining Display Ports together?
dllbrtkk4ewt, thanks, yumex seems to be exactly what I was looking for. Downloading 897 files of about a gb now
bonsaitreeIs it technically possible (or let's say logical) to use let's say Mutter, instead of X.Org Server. Or, why would someone want to change the display server generally speaking?
dllbrtbonsaitree, seems like there's a new graphic server called wayland. Read about it on distrowatch. you could run and wayland together to compare results, or have to fall back on if wayland crashes
borg0What firewall does Fedora use? and Where can I learn more about using it?
dowdleborg0: firewalld
kk4ewtfirewalld with iptables
dowdleborg0: There is quite a bit of firewalld documentation. Fedora should have some and RHEL has some too.
puffiborg0: is a good place to start
puffiGenerally if you google firewalld + fedora you'll find a lot
dowdlepuffi: Back evil satan google. :)
dllbrtUsing yumex, I ran into one possible glitch. Some console programs need curses.h, etc some curses files, and I didn't see any listed by yumex
CheckYourSixI can only get 2 out of 3 screens to output anything, even though Fedora sees all 3...
kk4ewtdllbrt, so dnf provides */curses.h
dllbrtok, great
kk4ewtwhat programs are referring to
dllbrthowever, it's not in the library search path
dllbrtgcc -Wall -O3 -funroll-loops -DHASHFILE=\"./gnuchess.hash\" -DBOOK=\"./\" -lcurses -ltermcap -c gnuchess.c -o gnuchessY.o
dllbrtIn file included from gnuchess.c:24:0:
dllbrtgnuchess.h:26:20: fatal error: curses.h: No such file or directory
kk4ewtare you installing gnuchess with yumex or are you installing it from source
dllbrtI play with the source for hobby purposes
dllbrtthere's regular curses, wide curses, etc. none showed up doing a yumex search
kk4ewtso you are installing it from source
dowdlencurses-devel-6.0-8.20170212.fc26.x86_64 : Development files for the ncurses library
dllbrtnot even installing, just running it from a folder in my home
dllbrtok. pattern matching isn't working perfectly then. a search should have found that
kk4ewtor search gnuchess in yumex and install it there
dllbrtI roll my own here, for the fun of it
dowdledllbrt: ncurses-devel-6.0-8.20170212.fc26.x86_64 : Development files for the ncurses library
dllbrtyes, but why didn't regular expression matching find it?
dowdleI found it with the dnf search kk4ewt provided.
dllbrtyumex should have found it
dowdledllbrt: yumux doesn't search for files within packages... it goes by the package name, summary, and description... I assume.
dllbrtconsolidating packages makes some sense, but it apparently put the files in the library search path in expected location
dllbrtdidn't put...