dowdledllbrt: So you already have that package installed but it still wasn't finding it?
dllbrtApparently, since I should have dnf installed
dllbrtyes, it's in there
dllbrtin /usr/bin
dowdledllbrt: Learn about the locate command. And if you want it to find stuff you have installed since it's previous indexing, you can run updatedb as root.
dowdlelocate ncurses.h
dllbrtlocate couldn't find it
dllbrtso updatedb refreshes the indexed files?
dowdledllbrt: If it is on the filesystem and in a directory you have read access to... it will always find it... assuming your index is updated. By default I think it reindexes once a day at 4am or something. In any event, I told you how to force an reindex... so if you run that right before the search, it will find anything that is there.
dllbrtI don't have updatedb either
dowdledllbrt: Is mlocate installed?
dllbrtok, i do have updatedb. but command wasn't found
dllbrtoh great, now it's runnig
dowdledllbrt: The first time it is run, it can take a while... but subsequent runs are really fast... unless of course you added a zillion files since last index.
dllbrtok. it found ncurses.h but only in my home in seamonkey development files, not in a system library folder
dowdleAre you sure the ncurses-devel package is installed?
dllbrtno. And I can't check on it while yumex is installing, package database should be locked
dowdledllbrt: Ok. Well, if locate can't find it, it ain't installed. The ncurses-devel package provides the following files with that name:
dowdledllbrt: Or more correctly ncurses-devel or one of its deps.
dllbrtIt might turn up installing anjuta, kdevelop, etc
dowdledllbrt: Well, good luck on all of your endeavors. Time for me to catch a bus home from work.
dllbrti gotta get some sleep soon, third shift is coming up
dllbrtI got one error installing yumex-dnf btw. (yumex-dnf:3936): Gtk-WARNING **: Allocating size to GtkDialog 0x81f7b8c8 without calling gtk_widget_get_preferred_width/height(). How does the code know the size to allocate?
dllbrtfwiw, big reason for upgrading my system is because libs (mostly gtk) and the programs that call them made my gtk libs out of date
dllbrttoo many crashes, didn't run clean
dllbrtAbout to try the program that revealed these out-of-dates, seamonkey
kk4ewtdllbrt, uname -r
dllbrt32bit OS, 64bit chip, 4gb mem
kk4ewtdnf update
kk4ewtwe are on 4.11.8 kernel now
CheckYourSixHas anyone dealt with MST and DisplayPort?
dllbrtrunning dnf update, 778 packages coming
dllbrtBetter run along. Thanks very much for the help
anna`Hi folks, which spins of 25 use wayland?
linuxmodder F25 updated Lives [ ] courtesy of Fedora Respins SIG more info in #fedora-respins
kk4ewtF25-20170704 updated live isos are available at Built by the Fedora Respins Sig For more info #fedora-respins
kk4ewtdang we should have watied till tomorrow
linuxmoddermissing something .9 is only the cooking kernel
linuxmodderunless you mean the triple 7 bit
dllbrtIt appears that in Fedora 25, after the software for another desktop is downloaded and installed, the desktop still isn't available to be started at a user's login. If I'm mistaken, then the desktop selection has been made needlessly obscure
dllbrtI can't accept that. I'm going back to a version I've tested on another machine and am satisfied is ok
kk4ewtF25-20170704 updated live isos are available at Built by the Fedora Respins Sig For more info #fedora-respins
ArbitionI have an intermittent non-responding touchpad. I think it started since I installed F25, and probably something to do with libinput. Can I restart or reload libinput without restarting the laptop?
daMaestroArbition, what hardware?
ArbitionLenovo T540p
daMaestroArbition, so i've not experienced that... w520 here (yeah a boat)
ArbitionWell I'm not sure how I can debug it and find the cause
daMaestroArbition, but i have experienced the touchpad being strange because there is a "if you touch it the keyboard likes to delay" issues
daMaestroArbition, on that model do you have the thinkpad center mouse?
ArbitionMine has 3 states. 1. Working 2. Clicks and nipple working but touchpad does not, also a slow mouse drift 3. None of the above working
Arbitionusually state 3 on boot does not clear, other times, it goes between states 1 and 2 during runtime, and some boots it just works all the time
daMaestroArbition, k, so i know your plight. so when the nipple is being used the touchpad is off
daMaestroArbition, that is a driver promise
ArbitionBut why does the mouse slowly move?
daMaestroArbition, rpm -q fedora-release
daMaestroArbition, what DE are you using? (gnome-shell here.. sigh)
Arbitionso operating under X I guess
daMaestroArbition, okay so you likely have a need to tune the nipple v touchpad
ArbitionWhat does that mean?
Arbitionor how do I do that
daMaestroArbition, well shoot, i know how to do it with gnome-shell
ArbitionI can change into gnome-shell
Arbitionthough I usually run it on Xorg
daMaestroArbition, well let's see if that has the same problem
Arbitionbecause Wayland got in my way too often
Arbitionok swapping out now
daMaestroah, i'm rocking wayland right now
daMaestrobut if you are using f25 and gnome-shell, there are some diags that i use to figure this out
Arbitionok in gnome now
daMaestrok, so i use the looking glass
daMaestroArbition, alt-f2
Arbitionthen lg right?
daMaestroArbition, "lg"
Arbitionwell when I have it open I can't interact with my IRC client, so type away
daMaestroArbition, look at what render is for the window you care about
ArbitionI'm on Gnome Xorg at the moment btw
daMaestroArbition, it will be in the "windows"
ArbitionI don't get what I'm looking for or why, mouse activity seems independant of renderer
ArbitionIt persists in GDM and my other sessions
daMaestroArbition, MetaWindowXWindoes or..
Arbitionyeah doesn't show any of that, probably because I'm not using wayland
Arbitionwait, it does
daMaestroArbition, it's on the applications... and yeah it's mwX11
daMaestrok, so that is fallback
ArbitionWell, I forced it into fallback
Arbitionthe whole DE
Arbitionthough I know this IRC client doesn't use wayland even when I don't
daMaestrok, and the touchpad is not working?
Arbitiononly the nipple + persistent mouse drift at the moment
daMaestrok, so: fpaste --sysinfo
ArbitionOh that's interesting. The mouse won't move, but it does register two fingers as right clickj
daMaestroArbition, lshw|fpaste
Arbitionheh and now the touchpad is working again
ArbitionIt'll probably stop working again soon
Arbitionie right now
daMaestroArbition, sounds like that is a setting
Arbitionlshw not tab completing
Arbitionis that it's own package?
daMaestroArbition, yup
daMaestroArbition, install it. unique and good info in there
daMaestrofunny... it uses available info.. but just displays it
daMaestroArbition, k, so lenovo used a different component for my device
Arbitionyes, this is a whole pad click
ArbitionI had an L520 which also had a different keyboard
daMaestroArbition, so how i worked around this was a setting for the touch pad
daMaestroArbition, lemme see if i can find that
daMaestroArbition, pretty sure the gnome-settings panel helped me in the past
Arbitionwhat setting am I looking for though
daMaestroArbition, if that allows you to tune the touchpad, yes....
Arbitionnot really
Arbitionyou can set scroll types etc
ArbitionNothing about deadzones or anything though
Arbitionjust a speed setting
Arbitionthough adjusting that any direction seems to reset it, albeit temporarily
Arbitionwait no it doesn't
daMaestroArbition, check `gnome-control-center mouse`
ArbitionThat's where I was
daMaestroArbition, that is where i have solved these issues with my hardware
Arbitioninteresting. It continues to drift, but sometimes the touchpad works
ArbitionHm yes, touching the nipple does seem to affect the behaviour
ArbitionI would note I have never adjusted settings for this
Arbitionand as I said, this only started happening when I moved to F25
daMaestroArbition, well do. because the driver changes based on the HUD
Arbitionwhat should I change though? I've just tried fiddling with the touchpad speed. That hasn't changed anything
ArbitionNothing else seems relevant to mouse movement
daMaestroArbition, i just use the qwerty
daMaestroArbition, so the nipple is decent for certain actions, but i generally use the touchpand
daMaestroArbition, oh.. the keyboard
ArbitionI almost exclusively use the touchpad
daMaestroArbition, qwerty is a standard
Arbitionfor the keyboard sure
Arbitionbut I don't get what that has to do with the mouse settings
daMaestroArbition, k, so there is a setting to make the touchpad more prevalent
daMaestroACTION still looking
Arbitionwell I don't see anything interesting in gnome-tweak-tool
Arbitionah, workaround for disabling the nipple xinput disable 13 (id=13 gotten from xinput without parameters)
daMaestroArbition, so keep finding this, you'll make your hardware work with the kernel
ArbitionI have yet to diagnose why sometimes neither works at all though
Arbitionanother boot cycle I guess
daMaestroArbition, i usually use the looking glass as it seems to be the smoke test
daMaestroArbition, gotta jet for an early morning
Arbitionwell this workaround should help some
daMaestroArbition, hopefully you can figure this out.