drakonisproblem solved
ishI already did the dnf system upgrade to f27.. Is there anything special I need to now when its actually released?
valeriodrakonis: it's an already documented bug i also encountered
Homer_Can someone help me install Cython Debugger Extension on Pycharm when it it shows up ? Clicking install does not work ... I install Cython Extension on the OS ,Fedora. I click install type my password still get this error "Non-zero exit code (1): gcc: error: /usr/lib/rpm/redhat/redhat-hardened-cc1: No such file or directory error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1"
kmaHi , i am using f26 , I have a wireless mouse , sometimes when i click right or left button , there is no effect , is that hardware or software (i.e driver) issue ?
kmathis issue not appear in windows os
martiniumkeep getting a bug where if I power off my monitor gnome-shell crashes on F27-Beta
SuperLagI'm using the KDE variant of Fedora 26. On my Mac, with iTerm2, I can open a session that splits the screen into 4 equal-size windows. Is there a way to do that with Konsole?
jonssonsman konsole
SuperLagjonssons: so helpful. thanks a lot.
al3xpreyhi, I'm using fedora 26 with gnome shell. Where is the progress bar in Nautilus when copying a file?
al3xpreythere is no such thing
jonssonstop right
jonssonsif I recall correctly, there's a button next to the address bar
jonssonsa ball-like button
jonssonsclicking the button will show you transfers and the process of
jonssonsgone already
al3xpreyno such thing
jonssonsstrange, autocomplete didn't want to work for that name
jonssonsal3xprey sorry. That's where I remember it being on fc24
jonssonsI updated to 26 yesterday but have not started x yet
jonssonscan't say if it's different
al3xpreycan I ask a gnome 3 question here? What was the extension to add icons next to your Applications bar
fedbotFedora 27 will be released on 2017-10-24 which is 5 days, 4 hours, 31 minutes, and 34 seconds ago from now
gorkhaanThat is cool
fedbotFedora 27 will be released on 2017-10-24 which is 5 days, 5 hours, 32 minutes, and 11 seconds ago from now
terminal__supposedly 7/11 at this point @linuxmodder
terminal__according to the schedule
linuxmodderterminal__, assuming you are using euro format
linuxmodderaka a week from now
terminal__from what i can see linuxmodder: there's a couple of blockers
terminal__that haven't been closed yet
linuxmodderstill has to pass a go-no-go this week but slated for nov 7 (per the folks that push it out)
thingfishI'm trying to install kernel-devel for the most recent kernel available to F27, but dnf can't seem to find it. Does this just simply mean it's not done yet, and I need to wait a bit?
terminal__thingfish: if the latest kernel is 4.13.3-300 i'm seeing the devel package in a mirror
terminal__near me
thingfishnah this had a 9 in it iirc
thingfishlike 4.13.9-something
thingfishI think.
thingfishcan't check now, I'm in Windows.
thingfishbut thanks terminal__
terminal__thingfish: I found a copy of the devel package in another repo for 4.13.9-300
thingfishoh nice, which repo?
thingfishah cool
Southern_Gentlem*** F26-20171026 updated lives available: http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins2 Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
tsaka__any1 know how to get passmark memtest (not memtest86+) on Fedora UEFI?
tsaka__the former is uefi compatible but not in the repos, the latter is not uefi compatible bot available in the repos
Southern_Gentlemtsaka__, file a bugzilla on that please
Southern_Gentlemtsaka__, and you are sure that memtest on the lives doesnt work?
Southern_Gentlemmemtest shouldnt care what the hard drive is if the kernel can boot
tsaka__Southern_Gentlem: you mean file a bug to get the passmark version in the repos? memtest86+ is abandoned, new hardware support etc is bad.
tsaka__memtest86+ works on the live if it's not UEFI, I think. it doesn't work if it's UEFI
tsaka__because memtest86+ is 16-bit and UEFI does not support that
billingsiirc you can boot memtest86+ through grub, and grub is an EFI executable
Southern_Gentlemtsaka__ not what i have seen but ok
tsaka__I don't know what licence the passmark version has though, does that matter for getting it in the repos?
Southern_Gentlemtsaka__, yes
tsaka__Just says "License: Free, with no usage restrictions" on their page
tsaka__As for the bugs I'm referring to this: https://www.passmark.com/forum/memtest86/5166-memtest86-vs-memtest86 and UEFI for this: https://ask.fedoraproject.org/en/question/45248/memtest86-does-it-support-uefi/
Southern_Gentlemtsaka__, see that is differrnt
Southern_Gentlemyes memtest work on a live
Southern_Gentlembut installing on a already installed system it does not install to grab
Southern_Gentlem*** F26-20171026 updated lives available: http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins2 Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
Southern_Gentlemtsaka__, what does sudo memtest-setup say
tsaka__ill have to get back to you
larsksI'm having some problems getting Fedora running on circa-2013 Macbook Pro. The installer boots without a problem and runs, but the Mac won't boot from the hard drive after the install completes.
larsksI saw some suggestions online that using an MBR formatted disk might be the solution, but I can't get the F26 installer to let me use an MBR partition table. Is there any way to force that?
Southern_Gentlemlarsks, you are installing 64bit correct ?
larsks(Using the "Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-26-1.5.iso" image)
Southern_Gentlemgrab the updated isos
Southern_Gentlem*** F26-20171026 updated lives available: http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins2 Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
larsksOkay, I'll give that a shot!
kc8hfigit r done!
kc8hfioops, wrong channel!
larskskc8hfi: still good avice, though...
fa12345is anyone there?
fa12345 I have a question about a process running on the live disk of mate FC26
fa12345the process name is md and when viewing through system monitor it has a picture of a flag next to it
fa12345what starts this process and why is there a picture of a
fa12345flag next it
rdieterfa12345: 'man md', for details about what it is
fa12345I did
fa12345I removed mdadm but the process is still there
rdieterthat package manages it, it does not own it
fa12345what package owns it?
fa12345is it supposed to have a Moldovan flag as an icon?
rdieterno idea, that's a mate thing
rdieterI would suspect the flag may be used to identify 'system' processes
fa12345none of the other system processes have a flag just regular sprocket type icon
elxait probably means it is a destroyer of worlds process going to eat your computer ;) you better run
rdieterdoes the locale code for moldovan happen to be md ?
rdietermaybe it's a mate bug/feature, thinking it's something locale-specific
fa12345but locale shouldnt be set when using the live disk, right? I thought all the live disks are the same regardless where you download them from
fa12345and my locale is set to en_US not sure why that locale is set
fawould that change if I complied my own kernel?
facan I disable it via sysctl?
Southern_Gentlemfa, why does it really matter
Southern_Gentlemand what iso are you using
faJust trying to understand linux better
Southern_Gentlemand what iso are you using
Southern_Gentlemgrab the updated isos
Southern_Gentlemi am looking on the updated isos ai do not see md even listed in the processes
Southern_Gentlem*** F26-20171026 updated lives available: http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins2 Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
faall processes?
Southern_Gentlemi am looking on the updated isos and i do not see md even listed in the processes
Southern_Gentlemi am runningthe 20161026 updated mate
Southern_Gentlemi am running the 20161026 updated mate
Southern_Gentlemwhich is running a totally different kernel than the iso you are
Southern_Gentlemiirc you have the 4.8 kernel and i am running the 4.13.9
Southern_Gentlemyour iso was released in JULY the one i am looking at was released last week
faIve installed and updated kernel same issue
larsksSouthern_Gentlem: It looks like the updated ISOs don't resolve the issue w/ F26 on my macbook.
larsksSo, channel, back to my earlier question: is there a way to get the installer to use my own partitioning without validation? I would like to test out a couple of configurations that won't pass validation in the installer.
Southern_Gentlemfa, did you update everything and reboot
fayes, sir
Southern_Gentlemfa, so is this an installed system or is it a live ?
Southern_Gentlemif it is a live how much persistant layer did you give it
faat this moment its installed, but I verified by running the live disk and that process was present on the original disk
faIm just trying to figure out why its there and if I can remove it. Im not using any raid configuration I dont see any need for it.
Southern_Gentlemfa, and i have shown you its not on the updated isos
Southern_Gentlemits nothing to worry about
Southern_Gentlemeither way
RusAlexwhat is 'Rain day' meaning in Release schedule ?
Southern_Gentlemthe next attempt if the first fails
Southern_GentlemRusAlex, so f27 pushed so at the moment it is scheduled for next tuesday (if it is ready
RusAlexgood to know. ready to update
zxdi accidently moved libpcre.so.1 to libpcre.so.1.bak
zxdI am trying to LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib64/libpcre.so.1.bak mv ... but I don't have root
Anvilzxd : LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib64/libpcre.so.1.bak sudo LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib64/libpcre.so.1.bak mv ... ?
zxdwon't work for setuid root files
Anvilzxd : su does not require pcre
zxd$ su
zxdSegmentation fault
zxdopen("/usr/lib64/libpcre.so.1", O_RDONLY|O_CLOEXEC)
zxdit shows with strace
zxdfor some reason
Anvilit's bash that segfault i think
zxdI can bash
rdietersu links libpcre on my (f27) box, fwiw
zxdit complains and spits about pcre
zxdbut loads
rdieternvm, silly me, I checked sudo
rdieterzxd: note (for me too): su != sudo
rdieterbut maybe something that su depends on does :-/
zxdrdieter: maybe
timothysu doesn't require pcre.
zxdtimothy: then what is loading it
timothydo you use zsh or bash as shell?
Anvilsu performs an `openat' on libpcre...
zxdbut I try su -s /usr/bin/dash
Anvilyou have docker running ?
zxdAnvil: no
AnvilLD_PRELOAD ssh root@localhost LD_PRELOAD mv ?
zxdin /var/log/secure
zxdI see about su not working
zxdOct 30 17:50:32 ladh1208 su: PAM unable to dlopen(/usr/lib64/security/pam_unix.so): libpcre.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Anvilzxd : tried ssh ?
zxdOct 30 17:55:19 ladh1208 sshd: /usr/sbin/sshd: error while loading shared libraries: libpcre.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Anvilzxd : then boot on usb and restore the file...
zxdgame over
Anvilzxd : ln does not require libpcre, while cp and mv do.
AnvilI know it does not solve the root escalation, but still.
dreamrealhi, all. I'm on an ancient version of fedora, and I'm getting a ton of expired certs - is there a way to update the certs en masse?
[Enrico]dreamreal: just update fedora
dreamreal[Enrico]: if I could I would. I'd have to do a full backup/rebuild, though, as it's on a VPS.
dreamrealTrust me, I'd *love* to.
prussianlooks like nouveau is failing to start on kernel 4.13. is anyone else seeing this problem? GPU is an NVS 310. I'm not using the nonfree nvidia drm/kms blobs
prussianchecking journal looks like nouveau is throwing a stacktrace
billingsACTION has a k620 and I'm running 4.13.9-300
billings(with nouveau)
prussianDell Inc. Precision Tower 7910/0NK5PH is what I have. with an NVS 310
prussianlooks like someone else has my problem. https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=103421
prussiansame machine even, lol
Southern_Gentlemprussian, works here with the rpmfusion packages
Southern_Gentlemprussian, fpaste --sysinfo
Southern_Gentlemrpm -qa |grep kernel |fpaste and rpm -qa |grep kmod |fpaste
prussianI can't do that. there are sensitive information in the fpaste.
prussianmostly CIFS related. it's leaking information due to errors
Southern_Gentlemgive the rpm info at least
Southern_Gentlemlspci |grep VGa |fpaste
Southern_Gentlemlspci |grep VGA |fpaste
prussiani already said what it was. but fine
prussian└─> lspci |grep VGA
prussian03:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF119 [NVS 310] (rev a1)
prussiantop of the call stack is in nvkm_dp_train_drive+0x183/0x2c0
prussianI'll just poke around there.
bkerochoo choo
AlexGS[m]I've been reading about video gpu decode on Linux and I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. What packages do I need to install to get it working?
billingsvideo gpu decode?
billingswhat are you decoding?
AlexGS[m]Just to watch videos, I have and Intel iGPU
AlexGS[m]I've read about it and there's so much material it's difficult to know how to get it working in Fedora.
arch-nemesisinstall codecs?
arch-nemesisAlexGS: I assume you mean in the Totem video player. You might need to install gstreamer codecs.
AlexGS[m]Okay which ones?
billingsNot all codecs are open, so it depends on what you want to wath
arch-nemesisOr use a player that doesn't need separate a separate codecs package, like VLC or mpv, mplayer.
arch-nemesisIt's the same on Windows, you can install k-lite codec pack or whatever, or you can use VLC on windows.
arch-nemesisopen source die-hards will tell you not to install some video codecs, but you can install all of them. Gstreamer labels them 'good', 'bad', and 'ugly'
AlexGS[m]Will VLC do this out of the box?
arch-nemesisPlay videos? Yes, most likely.
AlexGS[m]I mean apply hw acceleration?
AlexGS[m]Do I need to set anything, same with mpv?
AlexGS[m]How do I make mpv do that by default?
arch-nemesiswell mpv has VA-API and VDPAU and you can have it do hardware acceleration with a cli flag --hwcodec
arch-nemesisbut personally, I'm not sure it matters that much unless you're trying to batch transcode a lot of video.
arch-nemesisVLC has an option for it in the GUI, but I don't use it myself. I don't know how to verify it's working right or anything.
AlexGS[m]Okay, I'll check that flag, thanks for the info.
arch-nemesisIf you are doing batch video transcodes, there are commandline transcoders that might be useful in scripts.
AlexGS[m]Not doing any transcoding luckily, I'm looking at the mpv page and I can in fact put that flag in a config file, excellent!
PhanesLife just hasn't been the same since I discovered noodle bars.
AquaL1teany postfix guru's here? for some reason another of my systems can use my mail server to send emails while that system is not within mynetwork. the password i put in the sasl file for that node is wrong, so dovecot shouldn't authenticate it, but it does. that makes me a bit nervous :) https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/vtklr9XR0ZbpjYxeuRGCgg
AquaL1tei can't seem to find out why it does allow it...
Phanesthere are no more postfix gurus
PhanesACTION puts "Where have all the cowboys gone" on the radio
AquaL1tethe client has this https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/9q01k97MSJx5BRBcg6-qEQ, where the passwd file contains my server's address and port + credentials
PhanesAquaL1te, you could ask in #postfix but they're hostile and useless, you may want to check on forums / SO for postfix stuff.
AquaL1tePhanes: i did in #postfix, one person pointed out that the other server is probably in $mynetworks. after i said it's not it became silent
Phanesbear, AquaL1te, AquaL1te, bear
modlinWhen will Fedora 27 will be available?
kenrinNext Month
modlinkenrin: you mean tomorrow?
kenrinI mean sometime in November
kenrinProbably mid-month by what they were saying last week
Phanesdid they fix the oob rpmdb issue?
modlinI see, not good. I may try F27 Beta instead.
kenrin8 open bugs
Khaytsuskenrin: SEveral of them NOT blockers.. not sure why they're still in the list
SynfulAckAnyone know how to get the remote console to work on F26? Anytime I run it nothing happens. https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/details?downloadGroup=VMRC1001&productId=614
KhaytsusSynfulAck: um, not much love or support for vmware here
SynfulAckwb workstation then?
SynfulAckwhew, found a 4 line solution to remote console....mmm this software doesnt seem to be as good as workstation though...
ifohancroftHi Everyone! Inkscape 0.92 is supposed to be even in Fedora 24's repo (https://fedoramagazine.org/inkscape-0-92-available-in-fedora/) however when I go to install it via DNF it wants to install 0.91-25.fc24
ifohancroftWhy is that? How do I make it install 0.92?
tomodachiifohancroft: who uses f24? you live in the past!
ifohancrofttomodachi I know but I have a lot of backing up to do before I can reinstall so I've procrastinating that (A LOT) :D Yeah, I know I can just upgrade to a new one but I don't do that. I like clean installs
tomodachiifohancroft: then you should automate your configuration :P maybe using ansible
ifohancrofttomodachi or finally plug my NAS and test it and move important stuff on there so on the SSD on which Fedora is I have nothing but installed software
ifohancroftor like you said automate stuff
ifohancroftbut still, it's weird that Inkscape 0.92 is apparently present in Fedora 24 and dnf is giving me 0.91 to install
SokelThe repos on various mirrors say otherwise.
SokelWe only support what is current.
ifohancroftSokel that's a good point. Thank you. Forgot about the other mirrors
Khaytsuswth? dnf system-upgrade reboot = No such command: system-upgrade.
KhaytsusI just finished with dnf system-upgrade download --refresh --releasever=26 --allowerasing
FranciscoDKhaytsus: huh weird - had worked for me when I'd used it a few weeks ago..
FranciscoDdid the --allowerasing remove the plugin somehow? XD
KhaytsusNo, it's still installed
KhaytsusI rebooted once, it hung, i saw no activity anywhere.
Khaytsusbut I now that I look more, i see fc26 packges........ crap
FranciscoDcheck journalctl - it'll have info for the upgrade boot I reckon
KhaytsusI think it was upgrading and it got interrupted
FranciscoDthere was a bug where it caused dnf to crash on reboot, but they fixed it and pushed an update - it was a python bug then
Khaytsustrying distro sync now, but is bailing because it says it'll remove dnf
FranciscoDdnf distro-sync?
FranciscoDvery werid
FranciscoDer weird
FranciscoDare there duplicate packages - you can just remove the f26 ones, and try it again maybe?
KhaytsusYeah that's what I'm trying next
KhaytsusI'm a fool for not thiniking of looking at the dnf log while it was going
Khaytsusoh! rpm -e dnf and systemd etc all for fc26 packages, then distro sync relver26 is going
KhaytsusHopefully won't be a horrific mess when it's done
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day
FranciscoDKhaytsus: journalctl would probably have info from that boot
rindolfhi all
KhaytsusFranciscoD: yep, its in dnf.rpm.log I just hadn't looked in the right place.. dangit
KhaytsusFranciscoD: user error for sure :/
FranciscoDKhaytsus: what it sayyy?
KhaytsusFranciscoD: elots of upgrades of packages.. so the systemn upgrade was going
KhaytsusFranciscoD: welp this is cleaning up, so.. pray for me plz
FranciscoDthat was quite quick! My upgrade had taken hours!
FranciscoDI do have most of texlive installed, though - loadsa packages
haaserutjust moved back to fedora (WS27beta) from 17.10. changes still ongoing over there. anybody know how I can disable nouveau and use my igpu only? 💻
KhaytsusFranciscoD: tex is how many tb of packages? ;)
FranciscoDonly ~300 packages on this machine - the one at the lab probably has way more
KhaytsusFranciscoD: I think I know why dnf system upgrade was 'broken'.. dnf 1/2 mixed.. heh
FranciscoDthat shouldn't happen, should it? :/
Khaytsuswell, my update got interrupted
Khaytsusit's still cleaning up... so far seems okay at a glance.. been eyeballing a few packages and they all cleaned up..
Khaytsusdnf, systemd, etc
KhaytsusWelp, time to reboot.
FranciscoDfingers crossed
kk4ewtFranciscoD, also the mirrors are way behind as well
haaserutFedora 27 WS beta - repo downloading error - is there something happening right now? Wasn't the release pushed back? This is a new install, I don't know why dnf upgrade wouldn't be working...
KhaytsusFranciscoD: Just in case I was worrying you ;) Seems okay, but fighting with xrandr and my mixed 4k/2k monitors.. sigh
KhaytsusYep, more insanity with xrandr.. heh... I had to set my scale to 2.0 and adjust position... but it's okay now..
Khaytsusdoes xset work for anyone here? using X of course.. not wayland. for me, it does nothing :(
Khaytsusxset mouse settings that is.. like xset m 1 1 should be a slower mouse cursor than xset m 10 1
dowdleKhaytsus: Maybe xset doesn't work with libinput?
Khaytsusdowdle: hmfff... worked in 25, but not in 26. Maybe there's a different method, will have to google more
phlux[NO]Khaytsus: xinput is what you're looking for.
Khaytsusaha, yes
Khaytsusxinput --set-prop 10 'libinput Accel Speed' 0 ; xinput --set-prop 10 'Coordinate Transformation Matrix' 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 .4
Khaytsusstill tweaking, .4 is a little touchy
phlux[NO]you can skip the stuff in quotes
phlux[NO]xinput --set-prop 10 0
Khaytsushmm? you gotta specify what to set, right?
Khaytsusbut it's okay, it's scripted.. self documented :)
phlux[NO]yes, but not the way you're doing it - sorry
KhaytsusThat's okay, it's working :)
phlux[NO]So if I do: xinput list-props 14, it shows me all of the properties and they're corresponding numbers
phlux[NO]For example: 'Natural Scrolling Enabled (276)' can be enabled via: 'xinput set-prop 14 276 1'
Khaytsusphlux[NO]: yeah, I figured that, but I think I'll leave it
KhaytsusAgain; kind of more documenting