ahmed751995excuse me , iam using fedora-xfce-spin i can't extract rar files although i installed unar (iam using xarchiver)
kk4ewtahmed751995, install unrar from the rpmfusion repos
Khaytsusahmed751995: ar is not rar
ahmed751995i have another pc working on fedora-mate it wasn't able to extract rar files , after installing unar package i could extracte .rar files
kk4ewtunrar cannot be in the fedora repos because of licensing
ahmed751995kk4ewt: i know , iam talking about a package called (unar) alternative to unrar
kk4ewtwhich is not in the fedora repos either
ahmed751995unar in fedora repo
larsksI have an F25 package that depends on qt5-qtquick1-devel. I'd like to get it building on F26, where qt5-qtquick1-devel is no longer available. Has this been replaced by one of the other qt libraries?
sewardrobertAnyone have problems mounting CIFS/Samba mounts using recent F26 kernels?
FranciscoDKhaytsus: ah! glad - does xrandr do wayland too or are you remaining with X for the time being? :)
odinsbaneI was copying a large number of files from one partition to another, and suddenly the destination harddrive became read only.
odinsbaneHmm, disks claims "Disk OK. One failing attribute is failing."
zdohnalbad window
Cursarionis Fedora licensed under MIT?
[Enrico]Cursarion: looks like so https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Legal:Licenses/LicenseAgreement?rd=Legal/Licenses/LicenseAgreement
Cursarion[Enrico]: that's what I found too, but Wikis outdate so easily
berndhsgood morning
berndhsi have a live CD image on a USB stick which is really a big ssd drive
berndhsand can get my asus laptop to go in bios and turn on boot order
berndhsbut it still dont boot from usb drive, why is that ?
[Enrico]berndhs: how did you put the iso image on the USB stick?
gr8hi experts! I just installed a fresh fedora 26. When I tried to install Updates via Yum Extender, I get this error message: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/9TjmNsmHAiQRkOOQtKCIlA
gr8what should I do now?
billingstry running 'sudo dnf upgrade' in a terminal
gr8yep its upgrading. Why does YumEx not work?
billingsperhaps there's an update that will fix it?
gr8I mean why does it not work in the default installation :D
Water_27300935_F26 can't find ifcfg_eth0 file in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts ,
Water_27300935_change locate or rename?
billingsit wouldn't be called that
billingsit might be ifcfg-eth0
billingsbut more likely it'll be called ifcfg- prepended by the name of the interface
billingstry running ip link to see what hte interface name is.
Southern_Gentlemgr8, what iso did you install with
gr8Southern_Gentlem: XFCE Live
Southern_Gentlemgr8, what iso did you install with
billingsgr8: one of these? https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/live-respins/
Southern_Gentlemgr8, there are the gold isos and there are the updated isos
Southern_Gentlemso the gold
gr8I wasn't aware there were different versions
Southern_Gentlemread the topic
gr8ok so which version should I normally choose, the one from the official website or the updated ones?
gr8I will make a fresh install for F27 soon anyway, so I'll just wait until then
gr8just wondering if there is a "better" version of the ISO, why it isn't linked on the normal download page that I linked above
rdietergr8: https://getfedora.org/ , you need to scroll down to "Want more Fedora options?" section
rdieter(I personally dislike the fact that it's down the page so you don't see it until you scroll down :( )
gr8rdieter: yes that's where I came from, then click XFCE, then you get to the link I posted above
gr8so apparently it leads you to the "gold" image, not the updated one
rdietergr8: oh, fedora doesn't provide updated images
rdieterupdates ones are provided unofficially by community members though, see link in /topic
rdieter(which is what Southern_Gentlem already said, but maybe that wasn't obvious)
gr8uhh I see
gr8I will stick with the official ones then. I like official things ^^
gr8it feels better
mockgr8: the live respins are just officials plus updates. it saves time downloading and installing patches since the release time.
Southern_Gentlemgr8 the updated isos save issues that you are seeing plus the extra 800M+ of updates and they come with the current kernel all ready installed
Southern_Gentlem*** F26-20171026 updated lives available: http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins2 Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
KhaytsusAnyone have a usb headset, F26, and VMs in libvirt? I'm having an awful issue since updating to 26, my USB headset audio (speakers and mic) buzz really loudly when I redirect to a vm. Something I do almost daily :(
dowdleKhaytsus: I playback and capture audio periodically but haven't really used a mic recently. I guess I could give it a try.
Khaytsusdowdle: I'm giong to get my work laptop out in a bit after i get off a call and see if the same thing happens there
KhaytsusI get the exact same behavior on win7 and Fedora 26 VM's.. and new to 26 (updated from 25)
Khaytsusas soon as I redirect the usb headset, I can hear it buzzing.. or as soon as audio starts playing, buzzing..
KhaytsusTried different sound device models in libvirt.. ich6, 9, sb16, all same
KhaytsusThis is something I do 304 times a week unfortunately :( Conference calls in webex, which only really works in Windows
notafileSo, my install is completely ruined it seems. I accidentally removed myself from wheel once and then edited /etc/groups and then disable selinux to login as root
Khaytsusnotafile: why would you disable selinux to login as root? That doesn't make any sense.
notafilebut now depending on context, my login either fails or succeeds
KhaytsusYou certainly don't needto mess with selinux to login as root
notafileKhaytsus: I accidentally removed myself from wheel
Khaytsusnotafile: doesn't matter..
notafileso I chrooted and added myself to wheel by editing /etc/groups
KhaytsusACTION blinks
KhaytsusWhy would you do that
notafilebecause I'm not in the wheel group
Khaytsusnotafile: You're doing this all completely wrong from start to end.
notafileand I had no root password set
KhaytsusHow would you not have a password set for root
notafilebecause it's literally a checkbox in the installer
Southern_Gentlemuli 26-20171026
Southern_Gentlem*** F26-20171026 updated lives available: http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins2 Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
Khaytsusnotafile: to not set a password for root? I don't think so.
notafileI've never had a root password set
dowdleKhaytsus: If you create a user and set that user to admin... in the installer... then you do NOT have to create a root account.
notafileon any distro
notafileanyway, situation is, I can't login as my user
dowdleKhaytsus: Let me reword that... you don't have to set a root password.
Khaytsusdowdle: I've always set myself as 'admin', and always set a root password.
Khaytsusi didnt know it was an option.. til.. but why in gods name would you do that
KhaytsusWhy is that even an option.
notafileKhaytsus: most distros do that by default
notafilebecause normally there is no need
dowdleKhaytsus: It has been an option for I don't know how long now. You don't have to set a root password if you can sudo.
notafileand even then, when I set a root password selinux blocked me from logging in as root so I disabled it
Khaytsusnotafile: because you broke the contexts likely with your manual editing.
KhaytsusTried a full relabel?
notafileyes that's what it just did at root
dowdlenotafile: There isn't anything in the default SELinux policies (to the best of my knowledge) that would keep you from logging in locally over via SSH as root.
KhaytsusI still can't fathom the use case of not having a root password.. It's asinine.
KhaytsusWhat happens when you have to do some boot-time maintenance.. it asks for root password
dowdleKhaytsus: No it isn't. Ubuntu has been that way from the very beginning... or pretty close to that... because that's what the Mac does... and Ubuntu used to be a Mac wanna-be.
notafileKhaytsus: I'm sorry for being this rude but can you just shelve that discussion for now?
KhaytsusMac isn't the model I'd aim for.
notafileit's not helping anyone
Khaytsusnotafile: fix contexts, try init 1, etc.
notafileKhaytsus: thanks I know how to do none of those things
dowdleKhaytsus: I think if emergency or single user mode asks for a root password, I think you can just hit enter but I haven't tried it.
Khaytsustouch /.autorelabel to fix contexts at boot
notafileI can't, no rights
notafileDoesn't let me log in as root
notafilebecause selinux
KhaytsusChecking latest info init 1.. unless it's still just 1 on grub
[Enrico]notafile: can you chroot from a live system and share the audit logs? If it's SELinux blocking your login it should log it in the audit logs. If we know why it's blocking you we might be able to fix itg
bhundvenwhy when I run `dnf distro-sync` it wants to downgrade 253 packages, then if I run it again it wants to upgrade 253 packages, then again it wants to downgrade them... what gives?
Khaytsusnotafile: this is a goofy one, but has screenshots to make it more easy to understand than other instructions..
Khaytsusnotafile: http://linuxbsdos.com/2015/03/19/how-to-reset-passwords-on-fedora-21-and-22/
KhaytsusSo that'll let you set a root password, and relabel. Should be good to fix your account info then.
notafileit seems to depend on the kernel hm?
notafiledoing a relabel right now
Khaytsusnot really.. pick the kernel you want to boot, generally the latest.
KhaytsusFedora keeps 3 (4?) of the most recent kernels in cae of a bad update.
notafileno, I just picked an earlier kernel and logging in as root and my user worked
notafilesudo didn't work though
notafileokay, relabel done. Can't login as my user, but can log in as root
notafilehow would I check the audit log?
[Enrico]notafile: as root ausearch -m avc
[Enrico]you can also filter by date
KhaytsusWhy worry about the audit log? You broke contexts editing in a chroot
KhaytsusJust fix your user.
Khaytsususermod -aG wheel username
notafilemy user is already in the wheel group
notafilebut I can not log in as that user
notafile"login incorrect"
dowdleKhaytsus: Ok. Just got my Fedora 26 VM all updated... and rebooted to the latest kernel and tried my USB microphone (that is built into an external Logitech web camera). I was able to record a video in Cheese and sound was flawless.
notafileand the journalctl logs just say auth failed too
dowdlenotafile: I think you just need to reset your user's password.
Khaytsusdowdle: Hmm, I haven't tried my webcams.. but they're actually not on this machine anymore so can't.. I'm going to try my laptop, then dig out my old headset to see what it does.
notafiledowdle: I did that just before. passwd username
KhaytsusHopefully I can sort this out because otherwise I gotta call through the phone every time.. ugh
notafiledowdle: huh, I set my password to something else and back again and it appears to be working...
notafileyes, sudo echo hi works
notafileawesome, let's see if it survives a reboot
notafileI wish I knew what happened though
notafilehuh, GNOME wants my password again on boot though
notafileand says my password is incorrect
notafileeven when I change my password in gnome :/
Khaytsusdowdle: dang, rebooted, same
dowdlenotafile: Are you sure you aren't talking about a "keyring password"?
notafiledowdle: yes, I am talking about the keyring password
KhaytsusThat's not your "gnome password"
dowdlenotafile: Your system password (stored in /etc/shadow) and your GNOME Keyring password (store I know now where but hopefully encrypted) are two completely different things. You can set them to the same password if you want... but changing one does not affect the other.
dowdleErr... stored I know not where
rdieterdowdle: iirc, changing your system password is supposed to change the keyring too (pam module magic)
notafilewell, it doesn't aparently 🤔
notafileI realize they are different now, but I can't unlock it either way
notafileI even deleted my keyring and it's still asking me
dowdlerdieter: No wonder my keyring password never works... and I don't use it.
dowdlerdieter: Are you sure?
dowdleACTION reads https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/GnomeKeyring/Pam
rdieterdowdle: "When the user changes their password, the PAM module changes the password of the 'login' keyring to match." yep
dowdlerdieter: If root changes the user password then they are out of sync.
mikeymopKhaytsus: i know debian's dont force you to have root password, they actually forcibly disable by default
rdietertrue, this only works for user session changes
mikeymopbut i thought fedora forced a root password ,because it's part of the installer
dowdlemikeymop: You were mistaken.
dowdlemikeymop: If you don't create a user and make them admin, then it does.
dowdlemikeymop: If you do set a root password, then you can skip user creation if you want.
mikeymopdowdle: ah interesting. See I had a root user setup and my own admin user in wheel
Southern_Gentlemmikeymop, which is still fine, whatever works in your workflow
Southern_Gentlemmikeymop, i have a root and my user is an admin so i have a redundant system
Muhammad_Zpeace be upon you! hello! I want to scale my CPU frequency. using cpupower freqeuncy-set -g powersave. it's seem to be working. and I get low freq when executing cpupower frequency-info . but on the next boot it's get back to performance gov. archlinux wiki sayed I need module 'cpufreq_governor' but I don't find that on fedora. any help?
KhaytsusMuhammad_Z: trid using tuned instead of cpupower?
Muhammad_ZKhaytsus: I don't know it! installing it now. thanks
Muhammad_ZKhaytsus: how to check if it's working?
KhaytsusMuhammad_Z: tuned-adm help lists options.. how to set, see what's available, etc... and you can always cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor
Muhammad_ZKhaytsus: I set it using tuned-gtk :D
Muhammad_Zwhy '/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor' differ than what '/proc/cpuinfo' says?
Muhammad_Zwhy '/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_cur_freq' differ than what '/proc/cpuinfo' says?
KhaytsusMuhammad_Z: no governor info in cpuinfo that I'm aware of
KhaytsusMuhammad_Z: oh, scalnig.. that changes constantly
Khaytsusit's real time, so
Muhammad_ZKhaytsus: aha ok. thanks
Muhammad_ZKhaytsus: if I make heavy load on CPU. will the CPU freq increases automatticaly on powersave governor? or it will stay at the lowest?
Muhammad_ZI'm using scaling to reduce the heat as there is overheating. I don't care about battery saving. so you think powersave will help me as it's reducing the frequency?
KhaytsusMuhammad_Z: powersave will scale up to the needed load but generally idles lower. If you need to throttle more for some reason you could create your own profile perhaps
lateniteHi folks, is there a tutorial on how to setup SAMBA4 AD with fedora? I can not find any howtos.
latenitecan anyone in here read me>
test1nickwhat are you do?
latenitetest1nick, thank you
lateniteI try to install an AD with samba4
latenitebut I already fail at getting all the packages. I get:
latenitednf provides samba-tool
lateniteLast metadata expiration check: 0:38:10 ago on Tue 31 Oct 2017 06:38:46 PM CET.
lateniteError: No Matches found
latenitehow do I get "samba-tool"?
agronholmwhat does that do?
lateniteagronholm, it provisions the AD
agronholmno clue, sorry
latenitehow do I search for a file in available packages?
rdieterlatenite: dnf repoquery --whatprovides /path/to/file
rdieterlatenite: or in your case, dnf install /usr/bin/samba-tool
rdieterto get exactly what you want
lateniterdieter, but it fails: dnf install /usr/bin/samba-tool
lateniteLast metadata expiration check: 0:56:14 ago on Tue 31 Oct 2017 06:38:46 PM CET.
lateniteNo match for argument: /usr/bin/samba-tool
lateniteError: Unable to find a match
lateniteit seems fedora is missing the most essential tool for samba. why?
rdieterlatenite: just worked for me odd (though I'm on f27 box at the moment)
rdieterlatenite: it installed package named, samba-dc, does this work? dns install samba-dc
latenitecan you link the URL to the package please. that might help
latenitedns install samba-dc ... works fine
rdieterlatenite: it also needs lots of dependencies, the package itself won't help you
latenitebut no 'samba-tool' here...
KhaytsusYep, samba-tool is in F27, no earlier
rdieteronly part of samba-4.7.x ?
lateniterdieter, how do I list the version of fedora I have?
rdieterrpm -q fedora-release
rdieteror look at /etc/fedora-release
lateniteis there a way to update?
rdieterlatenite: not yet, I'd suggest waiting until f27 is formally released (which will be another week or 2)
mikeymopKhaytsus: samba-tool, spoonfed smbd?
Khaytsusmikeymop: First I've heard of it...
Khaytsusbut I googled
lateniteis there even a version 27 of Fedora server? https://getfedora.org/en/server/download/
lateniteI can only see 26
mikeymopKhaytsus: just finished, it's client side, not serverside I just found
Khaytsuslatenite: beta, but I'm sure it exists
mikeymoplatenite: https://fedoramagazine.org/fedora-27-beta-released/
mikeymopf27, lots of airplanes instead of penguins :D
vurpolatenite: 27 is not released yet (?)
latenitevurpo, I am unsure! Is it or not? And how do I get it? is there a download link?
KhaytsusNot magic ;)
lateniteKhaytsus, nice thank you :D
lateniteI will install that and check if samba-tool is in there
Asmodeesometimes Iwhen I connect a hdmi cable in my pc, it is seen as a new screen, but not as an audio output. pulseaudio -k make it appears. is it safe to run pulseaudio -k in a script ?
Southern_GentlemAsmodee, that is just killing and restating pulse
Asmodeeyes I know
Asmodeethe problem appeared after I added a 3rd sound card usb. it seems to mess up the audio sinks
Asmodeebut only sometimes
Asmodeethe sound gui also get messed up when it happens
Asmodeeit seems to automatically changes a few setting, so not sure what is the problem yet
Asmodeewhen I connect it I mean
Asmodeebut if it is safe to often kill pulseaudio, will try
Asmodee(it will do it about 10 times per minutes ^^ )
AsmodeeI already do scans for hardware change with xrandr all the time though, so it will not be a lot worst
Southern_Gentlemwell hdmi carries sound so you started using the port
Asmodeeit is my main focus, the sound actually
Asmodeeso I also move all the sounds between output at the same time
Asmodeeif I had 10 speakers differents, I could maybe do 3d sounds ^^
KhaytsusAsmodee: how do you handle xrandr changing _every_ release? For me every time it changes. Sometimes just the output names changing, not a big deal.. sometimes the entire behavior changes
Asmodeethe screens is the part I am still working in the script. but except order and screen detection, I didn't see a behavior that changed
Asmodeewhat changed for you ?
Asmodeethe names didn't change when I upgraded a few times though
Asmodeethe pulseaudio sink order was the part I had the most problem, but it seems ok now
Asmodeesink order change*
KhaytsusAsmodee: screen references have changed between 23-24, 24-25, and 25-26 for me.. every time I gotta look and update. again, minor, just annoying
KhaytsusAsmodee: but this 25->26 I had to fiddle with my script (xrandr command line to set up 3 monitors) quite a bit to make it so I didn't have weird panning issues
Asmodeeah yes, 3 screens is in my todo list :)
Asmodeewhen I will have 3 ^^
KhaytsusAsmodee: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/9dJvRgliiunyzaa6I~VhbA
KhaytsusAsmodee: the last section is from 25.. I was previously scaling 1.5 between the left (4k) and right two (2k) monitors, worked fine
Khaytsusnow I gotta scale in weird ways to make them all the same height or I get dead spaces above or below the monitor display.. where you can mvoe the mouse, but can't see it..
Asmodeemy screen are all 1920x1080, so I don't really mess with scale or else. even auto just works
KhaytsusAsmodee: yeah, 4k and 2k mixed is a pita
AsmodeeI changed a few things so not sure if it is working actually
Asmodeeah, found a problem I had 5 minutes ago by posting this
Asmodeethe check_screen I wanted to remove... is still around ^^
AsmodeeI didn't sleep this night, so it is normal I don't see correctly :)
AsmodeeI still have to be able to manage "same screen" vs "really 2 screen" though
Asmodeesame image*
Khaytsusdowdle: I'm thinking this is a mobo issue.. same headset seems to work fine on my laptop.
Khaytsusdowdle: Looked at dmesg finally, on the host.. flood of this: xhci_hcd 0000:00:14.0: URB req 0 and actual 88 transfer length mismatch
lateniteHi folks, I am missing a dependency here trying to install samba as an AD: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/8ae75fa64bf226df0c089dfce3733142
latenitehow can I install the tool 'tdbbackup' ?
Khaytsuslatenite: dnf provides '*/tdbbackup' is the proper format
Khaytsusbut if it's available I don't know
lateniteKhaytsus, yes there we go!
lateniteNow I feel this is a broken dependency on samba-dc!
lateniteis that a bug worth reporting?
KhaytsusIf it doesn't work without it then yes I'd say it's a bug.
lateniteKhaytsus, how do I file a bug?
latenitein Fedora
KhaytsusACTION points to http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugsAndFeatureRequests
Asmodeebleh, still a lot of things to add in my script and a few things to rework, to make it barely ok though ^^
AsmodeeKhaytsus: ad if I look at your script, with 2k/4k, even more thnigs :)
lateniteKhaytsus, done so: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1508092
Asmodeeat lreast I have more info about what modifications are next :)
daegontavenhi, can anyone point me to a package that i can install to support apple might mouse on fedora 26 ?
daegontaveni have rpmfsun enabled already
Khaytsusdaegontaven: does it not just work?
daegontaven*apple mighty mouse
daegontavenKhaytsus: the srolling down does not work
KhaytsusMagic mouse?
daegontavenKhaytsus: not the magic mouse, the "mighty mouse" with a scroll ball
daegontavenit's a bit older version
KhaytsusNever heard of a 'mighty' mouse but I see spuruious references on google
KhaytsusSo everything works, but no scrolling? So no gestures at all I'm guessing?
daegontavenKhaytsus: this is what it looks like https://goo.gl/images/fBTVnJ || if i scroll down it wont work and the right click stop working too
daegontaven*i mean left click
KhaytsusYou said it doesn't scroll? So how are you scrolling?
daegontavenKhaytsus: i can scroll up, but not down | and i click on the scrollbars now :(
KhaytsusYou sure it's not just defective?
daegontavenKhaytsus: nopes, im a lab with over 10 similar mouses
daegontaven*im in a
Khaytsusbetween people saying they're junk, terrible ergonomics, or the scroll ball gets full of junk and stops working........ I can't imagine why you'd use it.
daegontavenKhaytsus: because it's the ony thing available to me right now and the college isn't going to replace them anytime soon
Khaytsusodd it'll scroll one way but not the other.. does xev show anything, assuming you're using X11 and not Wayland
daegontavenKhaytsus: hold on let me check xev
Khaytsuscareful with xev, any movement of the mouse will show activity heh
Khaytsusbut you should see button 4 or button 5 events..
Khaytsus4 is scroll up, 5 is scroll down
KhaytsusButtonPress event, serial 37, synthetic NO, window 0x6c00001, root 0x4f2, subw 0x0, time 15388804, (102,97), root:(1933,1107), state 0x0, button 4, same_screen YES
KhaytsusFor example
Khaytsusdowdle: Dang, now I'm pondering updating my bios.. there are 3 newer versions. But I hate messing with bios.. heh.. I've tried 3 other usb devices, all 3 seem to work, but I can't find my other usb headset to test it, I think I tossed it (wiring was hosed in one ear)
daegontavenKhaytsus: okay oddly enough xev is detecting the downward scroll and the upwards one, i dont know i it's the same codes though | even more wierd it scroll up even if i scroll down | anoter thing is it stops detecting once it scrolls all the way up
Khaytsusdaegontaven: button 4 should repeatedly fire when you're scrolling up, and button 5 down
Khaytsusif that's working, the mouse events are working
daegontavenKhaytsus: this is what i have https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/9l4cWkcCmAwDEuyPuoq3Mg
Khaytsusdaegontaven: I see no button 5 in that list.. maybe yo udidn't scroll down, dunno
daegontavenKhaytsus: hmm but i did scroll down in that
Khaytsustry again, just down.. don't move the mouse heh
daegontavenKhaytsus: okay let me try
KhaytsusMoving the mouse will spam the output pretty hard
KhaytsusMaybe even pick it up off the desk
KhaytsusI gotta get moving here, sorry. but if 4 and 5 are working, you're scrolling. Perhaps the app you're using isn't. I've seen an increasing number of web apps that somehow BREAK scrolling... try something simple, like a google search result if you're using a web browser and having the issues
daegontavenKhaytsus: wait.dont go
daegontavensorry for the delay from lne 25 with mouse picked up https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/GYAhsBNoanAZ2mSwRO824w
daegontavenit's hard doig stuff without a mouse ..having to tab in and out etc
daegontavencan anybody else help with this, the above link is the xev output of my apple "mighty mouse"
daegontaventhe scrolling up is not working
daegontaven*scrolling down i mean
kk4ewt*** F26-20171026 updated lives available: http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins2 Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
kk4ewt*** F26-20171026 updated lives available: http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins2 Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
arobaseExcept "history" command, how I can find commands entered by any user with their timestamps? auditd is not configured...
dowdlearobase: You have to have something that collected the data like ps accounting.
arobasedowdle: ps accounting ? What it do exactly? The question is if there is any standard tools without installing any extra package or appli.
dowdlearobase: dnf install psacct ... and then enable and start the psacct.service. Here is a RHN article on the subject if you have an account - https://access.redhat.com/solutions/284403
dowdlearobase: Data can be interpreted using the ac and lastcomm commands.
arobasedowdle: otherwise, there is no means to know, ex. given at any time customer kied process X ?
dowdlearobase: That won't show you any past history but once the psacct.service is enabled and running, it will start collecting data from then on.
arobaseBy the way, I findthat history command is not so clear because the time stamps are somwhat at random
dowdlearobase: The only other related service you might already have collecting data is sysstat... and it just does a few polls every 10 minutes and gives you basic performance information... but not granular process accounting.
dowdlearobase: Well, history only reads the ~/.bash_history file which is created by bash... and if someone has a lot of shells and/or uses tmux... I'm not sure even that gets everything.
dowdlearobase: And the history is totally tamper-able.
dowdleACTION has to catch a bus. Later.
arobasedowdle: I'm not searching about OS stat. I want just to who do any command and at any time...
dowdlearobase: I was just saying those are the two main services that monitor performance and processes. systemd logs various things for system services but not every process a user runs... not so far as I know. That's what psacct is for... and of course no one has that installed by default.
arobasedowdle: That OK for me, I will install psacct next time! But how is possible to let history command be "tamper-able", please ?
mutkarobase, When you have multiple users all able to assume root shell, you should not rely on 'history' to get an account of what has been done. Its normal for a user to change, edit, even erase history . For example dropping a password on the command line, its a valid thing to do to erase history. Poor practice sure but people do it.
mutkpsacct is a better place to account for things
arobaseBut when many user can have root access, is also possible for them to alter psacct collected data?
arobaseOtherwise, how is possible to protect psacct data?
mutkarOf course it is. But much difficult.
mutkarobase, Of course it is - but it is much more difficult. psacct should be thought of as a more reliable way to account for activity. history on a shell should be considered a shell tool, for convenience, not accounting for activity.
Khaytsusarobase: If you can't trust your users you're hosed.
Khaytsusarobase: Why would "many" users have access to root? If you can't trust them, don't let them on at all. If you trust them, but don't trust them to administrate, don't let them have root.
arobaseKhaytsus: The question is not to trust them, but just to have some controls! Yesterday, somebody stopped NICs, but we are unable to know whom, when....
Khaytsusarobase: if they're idiots, don't give them root
mutkarobase, In that case I would remove access across the whole infrastructure. And go about assigning priv's again ..
arobaseKhaytsus: as you know, all admin team have root access, sothat they can perform actions as root...
KhaytsusI'll say this once more... if they're idiots or you can't trust them, don't give them root
mutkarobase, More importantly I think you need to determine with certainty what happened.. Often what it 'looks like' happened is misleading
arobasemutk: you are right! But here I'm unable to determine anything, so I'm asking here what to do...
mutkarobase, Get your colleagues together, and in a non-confronting manner, talk about what may have happened. No penalties, no accusations. Just seek the cause.
KhaytsusPeople who break servers, or the build, must bring in breakfast.
mutkOr buy beer all round
mutkBeer and Breakfast is not unheard of
arobasemutk: All admins tell : "Curious situation, who do ifdown of all these interfaces", but no one tell I do that for X reason or by mistake*...
mutkI question an infrastructure and configuration management that requires anyone as an Admin to execute 'ifdown' too BTW..
arobasemutk: I'm OK for Beer and even Dinner, but just someone tell it was Me!
mutkModern Linux, ifdown is completely unnecessary :)
arobasemutk: what's the modern replacement of ifdown? We still with RHEL 4.4 !
kk4ewtarobase, well if you take away root access and give some sudo at least sudo logs
mutkservice network <-- and the config files on /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts
arobasekk4ewt: Thats probably a good idea! I'm open for any suggestion, the goal is to avoid these situation in the future...