KhaytsusCheckYourSix: Generally the mouse is what puts itself to sleep, not the computer.
CheckYourSixAll I know is with Windows, I averaged 2.5-3 weeks and now I'm lucky if I can get a week with Fedora. It doesn't make any sense to me and there's no reason it should happen
KhaytsusI've used a Logitec M570 for over a year at work, haven't yet changed the battery. But I do turn it off when I'm not using it.
CheckYourSixI never turn mine off. I always forget
KhaytsusIt's easy I guess for me.. I put it in my backpack, so I turn it off as I put it in..
Khaytsusbut my only guess here is that your mouse the bit in the pc can keep the mouse from sleeping. Not sure about that. Have you googled the model or something yet?
CheckYourSixI have a mouse at home and at work. I don't put it in my backpack
CheckYourSixNot yet
KhaytsusWell, yeah.. I have a wired version of this at home.. I could use it with multiple computers I suspect
phuzionI'm running into some serious graphical performance issues when attempting to boot the latest liveusb for 26. My screen keeps flickering and input is seeeeeeeeriously delayed, like 30+ seconds. Anything I can do to possibly rectify this?
phuzionSeems like I need a graphics driver, but is there any way to get the system to a usable state beforehand? Or is there a way to embed the nvidia driver into the install media so I'm not banging my head into the wall for ten hours while I install the OS?
mutkphuzion, Maybe Updated F26 Live isos:
phuzionmutk: Looks like someone with almost the same build as me said they had some success using a netinstall image, so I'm gonna check that out first.
mutkphuzion, I'd try the live's first :)
phuzionmutk: What's your basis for the suggestion? Are there updated nvidia drivers in them?
phuzionBecause I'm like 90% sure that's what's causing the problems for me.
mutkphuzion, No but what ever is breaking for you may well be a bug that is resolved on the more recent package set. You theoretically should not require best nvidia binaries to do an install
phuzionmutk: I'll give it a shot. But I'm gonna fall back to a text netinstall if this doesn't work. :)
elec64...on fedora appears there are multiple facets to this, but, does anyone know which combination of packages/drivers give opengl 3.3 support?
prussianhardware or software?
prussianpretty sure if you're ok with software rendering, most of opengl 4+ is implemented in mesa
elec64prussian: hardware
elec64my gpu is post r600, r290x with opengl 4.3 support I think
elec64would have thought 3.3 was a no-brainer but getting a message that I don't have it...possibly incorrectly implemented program?
jazizbest file explorer for GNOME?
prussiani don't know. that stuff is all kidnas of special
jazizI personally really like Windows'
prussianelec64: you can try the nonfree UMD from AMD
prussianwhatever they call it
prussiani don't know off the top of my head. but they have their own. it likley has what you want
elec64...that always was said to be dangerous in fedora
axk4545I am having issues with flash player 27.0. is there a way to downgrade it to 24.0?
prussianI really don't know otherwise.
prussianwhat does glxinfo say?
whitefanghey, anyone running fedora on a t420 with any success (pretty much everything working)
prussianI have a kaby lake intel integrated and allegedely my opengl version is 4.5
nivag_whitefang, I run F26 on a T420
elec64prussian: it says 4.5
elec64prussian: its an app specific thing, apparently there are two ways for a program to check the version
elec64compat profile for 'deprecated' stuff and core profile
elec64prussian: what version of mesa/fedora do you have?
elec64support for this landed in mesa 17.2, I'm on fed 25 with mesa 17.0
prussian17.2.2 on f26
elec64prussian: cool, perhaps I'll try the upgrade then
elec64about time probably
whitefangnivag_: everythings working pretty well?
nivag_whitefang, yes - Firefox, Eclipse, AndroidStudio, Battle of Wesnoth, LibreOffice, ...
nivag_whitefang, SSD & 8GB RAM - mouse works (when I remember to plug its cable in!)
whitefangnivag_: woah, battle of wesnoth looks kinda cool
nivag_whitefang, :-) Wish I had enough time to actually learn how to play it properly!
mikeymopdoes anyone know the process name of window list?
mikeymopI have it stuck running and cannot find it in ps or htop
mutkmikeymop, It may well be no process at all and is a window/graphics artifact
mikeymopmutk: its weird
mikeymopit's still functioning
mikeymopin rm -rf'd the location in /.local/share/gnome-shell/extentions window-list*
mikeymopi can open the options and configure it using the window list settings from
mikeymopI'm going to try rebooting. I scanned every process by hand
mikeymopdang. that didn't work
mikeymopACTION sighs
mikeymopgot with fiddling, I guess removing official gnome extensions is not a good idea
nivag_mikeymop, upgrade to mate??? :-)
mikeymopi like my flashy things
mikeymopI was playing with whatever solus is using, seemed nice
mikeymopbut to desktopy for my notebook
nivag_mikeymop, I used to use GNOME 2, but found GNOME 3 to be a TRIUMPH of FASHION over FUNCTIONALITY!
mikeymopi found it to be blend
mikeymopI definitely do not use it stock
mikeymopthere is nothing fashionable about stock config
nivag_I use a very heavily customised mate DE
mikeymopit does appeal to me that it has a lot of the unity functionality
mikeymopbut so does kde, which has a lot of desktop things I like
nivag_I want my DE to help me, not dictate how I should organise things
mikeymopit's pretty close to how I had gnome2 right now
mikeymopi totally see the appeal though, is mate gtk3 yet?
nivag_ACTION finds software development is all about finding ways to prove how stupid one is!!!
nivag_yeah, mate has embraced gtk3
nivag_since I'm simple minded, I like a simple desktop ... :-)
mikeymopdont we all!
mikeymopwhat drives me nuts is when things pop up in my face. So appreciate none of the de's do that
mikeymopexcept explorer.exe
bratchleywithout a cgred service, how can I automatically confine chrome so that it doesn't eat up too much CPU?
liamdawsonIs there an issue with the updates repo?
liamdawson"Error: Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'updates'B/s | 199 kB 00:00 ETA"
bratchleythere are usually errors before it prints that out
liamdawson(so they all 404'd, they're all Asia Pacific region mirrors)
mikeymopi've been trying to track down a lag when resuming from s1
mikeymopis there anything like xev for libinput? I think it's that and now wayland
bratchleyliamdawson: a lot of the time if I get 404's it's because the metadata I have locally and what the mirrors have don't quite lineup. You might try a "yum clean all" followed by a "yum makecache"
bratchleythen try again
liamdawsonokay, I haven't tried a `yum makecache`, but you might notice I did a clean all in that output :)
bratchleyyeah I just saw that
liamdawsondidn't work :(
liamdawsonI'm guessing the mirrors in this area haven't been updated, as my best guess
daMaestroliamdawson, the mirrors are likely just a bit behind
bratchleyyeah that's my one trick. Have you thought about pointing to a NA mirror and seeing if it works?
liamdawsontrying to work out how to do that
daMaestroliamdawson, if you *need* it working right now, switch your config over to baseurl from metalink
daMaestroliamdawson, config files are in /etc/yum.repos.d
daMaestroliamdawson, it's worth testing on just one repo though as you might just get redirected to the same stale mirrors ;-)
liamdawsonthanks, that worked
liamdawsonand it's only updates that wasn't working :)
bratchleywithout a cgred service, how can I automatically confine chrome so that it doesn't eat up too much CPU?
KhaytsusOh good lord, rsyslog is broken.. sigh
Khaytsusrsyslogd: symbol lookup error: rsyslogd: undefined symbol: fjson_global_do_case_sensitive_comparison
daMaestroKhaytsus, what version?
troycurtisjryeah, fastjson had an unannounced abi change
KhaytsusI see no newer version
Khaytsustroycurtisjr: Hmmm.. I don't see a bug, think it makes sense to log one?
daMaestronice. libabigail looks pretty interesting
troycurtisjrdoesn't seem like a bad idea for tracking. certainly can't hurt even if it looks like they are on it.
KhaytsusI'd rebuild rsyslog but it requires 2000 deps
daMaestroyeah, these seem to be super useful. more than once i've wanted something like this
troycurtisjryou should be able to update libfastjson
KhaytsusOh, I thought it was the other way around.. libfastjson broke abi, rsyslog (and what else?) needs rebuilding
KhaytsusSo... bug against rsyslog, or libfastjson.. hmmmmmmm heh
troycurtisjrlooks like rsyslog-8.30.0-3 was built against the newer libfastjson, so updating fjson should fix the immediate issue
Khaytsustroycurtisjr: dart tootin', there is an update in testing, works
KhaytsusThank you!
KhaytsusI'll not log this then, sinc eit's in the pipeline
troycurtisjryeah, and looks like the only other dep is liblognorm
KhaytsusI'm on a test kernel, test libfastjson.. f26 is feeling like a beta
troycurtisjrmight as well pull down the f27 RC ;)
Khaytsustroycurtisjr: I think I'll belay that, I'm working through enough as it is
Khaytsus25->26 yesterday, it rebooted mid-update, dnf distro-sync did its job but I've been fighting with a few things
Khaytsusmessing with xrandr.. but I think that was nvidia akmod not building, which I just sorted... so now my monitors are working the way they should be again
Khaytsuscleaned up, working okay now.. so going to leave it alone
troycurtisjrah yeah, that can be a pain. I did f25->f26->f27 beta a few weeks back...dnf kept segfaulting on the upgrade XD
KhaytsusOh, test kernel.. usb redirected devices in kvm were going nuts. test kernel fixed that, luckily.. or I would be digging into more insanity to resolve that as I need that (usb headset in a windows vm for webex)
Khaytsustroycurtisjr: I wonder if that's what happened.. dnf 1->2
KhaytsusI am lucky dnf worked at all post-upgrade I guess
liamdawsonaside from being a guinea pig, any compelling reasons to try the f27 beta?
Khaytsusliamdawson: not really.. unless the schedule changd it's released in a week
Khaytsus11/7 is the date so far.. I guess it passed muster
troycurtisjrnone that I've seen really, just newer packages, so you get some refreshes and such
troycurtisjrnothing dramatic.
troycurtisjrI've been testing the new Firefox, which has been exciting
Khaytsusweird...... rsyslog is running.. but it doesn't appear to be working
liamdawsonyes! I'm running the Firefox Dev Edition globally now
Khaytsusnothing going into log
liamdawsonit's finally at a point where I'm happy to replace chrome with it
troycurtisjrchrome doesn't allow side tabs, so it was never a viable option for me :)
troycurtisjrKhaytsus, you have no errors ?
KhaytsusThe whole no multiple tab rows thing in chrome is amazing
Khaytsustroycurtisjr: nope, it appears fine... but nothing going in
troycurtisjrKhaytsus, can you run it directly on the terminal by hand to see if there are any obvious errors?
Khaytsushmm, will do
Khaytsusrestarted it to see if that did anything, now I see stuff. going to give it a second to see if it stops again or something
Khaytsusnope, it seems fine now...
KhaytsusACTION scratches head
troycurtisjrKhaytsus, gremlins!
troycurtisjrliamdawson, what finally put fx over the edge for use for you?
Khaytsustroycurtisjr: indeed...
Khaytsustroycurtisjr: ha, it died again.. that's just weird. but too late to debug tonight
Khaytsusit's still running, just not oding anything
troycurtisjrKhaytsus, true that! good luck figuring it out tomorrow.
Khaytsusyep, 6am conference call in 6:30.. I should sleep, not debug rsyslog
troycurtisjrI'm going to follow Khaytsus's lead and head off as well.
liamdawsontroycurtisjr: I don't understand the question, sorry
liamdawsonoh, Firefox
liamdawsonthe fact its performance is now comparable with Chrome, and basically all the extensions I needed were supported
liamdawsonLastpass wasn't working, but I just changed password managers instead
liamdawsonand I prefer the philosophy attached to using Firefox
ncoghlanIs anyone else getting "Error: Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'updates'" from dnf at the moment?
thingfishlemme see
thingfishnope, found some updates actually.
thingfishall seems okay.
thingfishoh wait, I'm on the beta.
ncoghlanthanks. I've been having some networking weirdness today, so the problem being on this end is entirely likely
ncoghlanHmm, and "--disablerepo=updates" allowed everything *else* to refresh it's metadata just fine
ncoghlanIt's working now, so maybe a network cache between me and the server had inconsistent data or something.
mac^^^today I was complaining about rsyslog having stopped working after update ....... well, just now libfastjson was upgraded and now rsyslog starts ok
mac^^^just thought someone might like to know that
liamdawsonncoghlan: I had issues with that earlier, had to fall back from using metadata
liamdawsonare you in the Asia Pacific kinda area?
ncoghlanliamdawson: yeah, Brisbane
liamdawson(I am, all of the AU and NZ mirrors 404d)
liamdawsonAh! I used to live up that way :)
ncoghlanliamdawson: aye, it was a 404 looking for a package first
ncoghlanand then a few minutes where even the metadata cache wouldn't update
liamdawsonncoghlan: yeah, I think our mirrors were behind for a bit. Frustrating, but it seems fine now.
uajainis there anywhere where I can see dnf system-upgrade logs ?
uajainMy system doesn't get upgraded when I do the dnf system-upgrade reboot
uajainWhile rebooting, it does show. "Upgrading system, this may take a while" for 3-4 sec but then reboots into older version
uajainI am trying to shift to rawhide from F26
uajainThis is the relevant system upgrade log -
ingvarhawin 57
pawieckiHow can I configure Gnome Boxes / VM to have (another) bridged network adapter, so I could use address from host network?
b1nnyI'm having some issues with removing the nvidia proprietary drivers from my Fedora 26 workstation. I managed to remove the drivers and got nouveau kind of running, but right now it doesn't seem to want to load GDM, and it complains about missing when I try to startx from the commandline. Does anyone have any pointers other than "you should've stayed away from the proprietary drivers"? :)
FranciscoDb1nny: were these binary from rpmfusion or the run script off nvidia's website?
FranciscoDbinary from rpmfusion = rpm from rpmfusion repos
b1nnyFranciscoD: from rpmfusion
FranciscoDwell, the last time I'd done it, I'd simply undone whatever transactions had installed the stuff
FranciscoDand that seemed to have been enough
b1nnyran their uninstall instructions, but it didn't seem to help
FranciscoDbut this was a while ago, so things may have changed since then
FranciscoDdnf history list ; dnf history undo .. etc was what I'd done
b1nnywill give that a shot :)
FranciscoDb1nny: usually, a fresh install would be quicker ;)
FranciscoDespecially if you have a separate /home partition etc
b1nnyit would be, probably a better idea since I'm replacing this nvidia card with an AMD one in a few hours :D
[Enrico]b1nny: dnf remove '*nvidia*' should do the trick
kwizartb10n1k, you probably have installed from a nvidia installer, since rpmfusion does not mess with
b1nnyon the other hand 'it should work, dammit!' and I have my laptop as well for work, so :)
[Enrico]ACTION thinks kwizart is right
[Enrico]as usual ;)
kwizartb10n1k, If unsure, you might need to reinstall all mesa and libglvnd libraries
[Enrico]b1nny: if you ever used the nvidia installer form you better just reinstall as cleaning up the mess that thing does it a very very big pain
b1nnyI don't think I have though. The reason I went with rpmfusion was because I was hoping to prevent stuff breaking left and right :)
b1nnyfound this in my dnf history too:
[Enrico]I use rpmfusion exactly for that reason :)
[Enrico]it's pretty solid
b1nnyyeah :) I believe that, very likely I did mess up something somewhere tbh
kwizartb10n1k, or maybe you are not rebooting your workstation on driver update ?
b1nnycan't recall if I did it every time in the past, I have rebooted it multiple times today though, while debugging this
kwizartb10n1k, this is probably one of the big miss of the driver, if you update it from a running system, you cannot "init 3" reload nvidia and startx easily, you may have a driver/kernel module version missmatch
kwizartb10n1k, can you pastebin the output of from a running system with the issue ?
b1nnykwizart: sure, let me see where I can find that script :)
kwizartb10n1k, it's part of the packaged driver
b1nnykwizart: right, I'm trying to move towards nouveau though, so I don't seem to have it
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day
b1nnyI believe the errors are gone now :)
b1nnyreinstalled libglvnd-glx
b1nnyGDM still isn't behaving though, so that's up next
DamienCassouAm I the only one having "pulseaudio-libs-11.1-2.fc26.i686 conflicts with file from package pulseaudio-libs-10.0-4.fc26.x86_64"
nohitallrandom question: did anyone have issues with their laptop fan since the latest kernel update?
nohitallthat being 4.13.9
DamienCassouI fixed the problem by removing Skype
Khaytsustroycurtisjr: I don't want to admit this, but here goes.... rsyslog is fine. I was tailing a copy of messages in my homedir. sigh
PrimordialHeliosI'm trying to compile vim on Fedora 25, but whenever I configure I get an error about no terminal library being installed, even though I do have ncurses. When specifying --with-tlib=ncurses, I get "checking for tgetent()... configure: error: NOT FOUND!". How do I fix this?
Sepulturahow to write the filename/target in cat << EOF ....... EOF ?
PrimordialHelios@Sepultura: cat << EOF >> filename
rdieterPrimordialHelios: this will at least install all dependencies needed for fedora's packaged version of vim (as root): dnf builddep vim
PrimordialHeliosrdieter: I did that, no luck. I have everything installed, verified the ncurses .so files are installed in /lib, everything. I have what I need, it just won't compile
SepulturaPrimordialHelios, thx
rdieterPrimordialHelios: including ncurses-devel ?
PrimordialHeliosrdieter: Yes, all available ncurses packages are installed.
rdieterdunno then
rdieterPrimordialHelios: clearly fedora's vim builds fine with those dependencies, so it must be something particular to your box or how you configure vim's build
PrimordialHeliosIt's happened on different machines with different installs.
rdieterPrimordialHelios: fedora's build uses --disable-tclinterp build option, maybe try that?
rdieternvm, that's probably more to do with tcl
PrimordialHeliosIs there a way to check their build options?
rdieterPrimordialHelios: of course, one way:
rdieterlook under %build section
PrimordialHeliosThanks, I'll check
PrimordialHelios@rdieter: Their config options worked, thanks! I'll try and figure out which one was the magic option
PrimordialHelios--enable-rubyinterp=yes was the culprit! Thanks for the help!
b1nnyFranciscoD, [Enrico], kwizart thanks for all your help and advice! Reinstalling libglvnd-glx and libglvnd-egl seems to have done the trick :)
FranciscoDb1nny: ah! Great! :)
svens_I have a problem with docker on my Fedora 26. After installing with dnf, I don't get any output for "docker run hello-world" at all. Any ideas what might be going wrong? I can see the image with "docker images", also same result for "docker run -vt hello-world".
brhencsvens_: check that the docker daemon is started
svens_it is.
svens_maybe I should have mentioned, I've used the graph parameter in /etc/docker/daemon.js to move the download dir
svens_now that I've removed it, the problem goes away
svens_figuring out how to best move the download folder now ;)
brhencsvens_: good luck
svens_brhenc, thanks
idlemindis it just me or is gnome boxes annoyingly basic?
idlemindsilly hipsters, give me options
vurpoidlemind: use virt-manager
prussian^ there, problem solved
idlemindvurpo ya i have that too, just doesn't seem to get much active atttention over boxes
idlemindseems like the trend these days is to just make a s uper basic program and not even include a way to actually use an advanced feature if needed
corsaroIt would be nice to improve virt-manager interface with all the fancy stuff of gnome-boxes, then discard the latter
Southern_Gentlemcorsaro, no thank you
manuelschneid3rhas support for 32bit been dropped in rawhide?
kus_ubuntui686btw how many mailing lists do we have? o.O
dowdlemanuelschneid3r: 32-bit (i686) is a Secondary platform. It should be found wherever those are found?
dowdleEr... Secondary arch
dowdleOr an "Alternative Architecture" -
dowdlemanuelschneid3r: So you can find it here -
manuelschneid3rx86 (32-bit for i686->) (until Fedora 25)
manuelschneid3rdoes this mean there is no 32 bit from fedora 26 on?
FranciscoDkus_ubuntui686: too many ;)
FranciscoDalso have quite a few irc channels ;)
manuelschneid3rah now i see in alternative section :D
FranciscoDidlemind: boxes is not aimed at advanced virtualisation - you're probably not the target audience :)
manuelschneid3rwhat does it mean when it is "alternative"
manuelschneid3rnot officially supported?
FranciscoDofficially supported, but not primary
manuelschneid3rshould i, as a software developer, aim to package for this distroi?=
FranciscoDmanuelschneid3r: "These are architectures with motivated Architecture Maintainer Teams. There are two classes of Alternative Architecturs, the ones built in Primary koji where build failures are fatal and ones built on their own koji instances where build failures on the alternative architecture are not fatal: if packages successfully build for the primary koji, they push independently of any
FranciscoDalternative architecture build successes or failures"
FranciscoDalso on that page :)
FranciscoDmanuelschneid3r: that's really up to you---do you intend to use it or do your downstream users use it etc? You'll have to decide for yourself.
dowdlemanuelschneid3r: Or you could do something with flatpak
idlemindfranciscod i get it, i'd probably not get every needed feature. customize, could be extended to support cpu count and a network drop down
FranciscoDprobably, yeh, I see they do have memory and disc usage there already
Southern_Gentlem*** F26-20171026 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
Southern_Gentlemidlemind, 32 bit is dieing off it is no longer a blocking release for fedora
idlemindsouthern_gentlem i'm not the droid you are looking for ... someone else was looking for 32-bit info
Southern_Gentlemidlemind, sorry
Southern_Gentlemidlemind, that is up to you, do you want your software in a fast moving cutting edge distro
Southern_Gentlemcrap nm
Southern_Gentlemi goofed again time to go back to what i was doing
idlemindlol it happens
luminosois there anyway to set the recovery mode screen resolution?
luminosoi have a friend who is running fedora and somehow broke X/wayland
luminosoand can barely solve it because he has a 4k monitor
idlemindis this friends name luminoso? jk
Sepultura_anyone can help me? Some VMs in KVM pauses themselves :/
azakiluminoso: the monitor isn't scaling?
luminosoidlemind: ahaha
luminosoazaki: it is not. the text is super small
azakiso it's showing up as a small area in the middle of the screen with black all around i guess?
idlemindsepultura any details you can provide? is it always the same vm's? are they always the same ones that do it? os of the guest's? any relavent logs locally in the guest or the host?
luminosoazaki: the recovery mode fills the hole monitor
luminosoit is just the text size that is too small
luminosono black bars
azakihm, that's peculiar. in that case maybe you just need to change the console font size, not the resolution.
Sepultura_idlemind, no some don't pause. All ArchLinux VMs and some FreeBSD VMs are pausing
Sepultura_after restart they pause again but on different time
azakiluminoso: maybe this will help
azakimoar like tty, amiriteorwat?
Sepultura_brb maybe I can see where the prob is.
idlemindluminoso also, you can use function keys to obtain alternate terminals if he's running fedora you can press ctrl + alt then f3 to drop to a terminal
idlemindand back to your normal desktop on f2 or f1
azakiidlemind: the issue is they broke their desktop apparently. =o
azakithey mentioned something about X and/or Wayland being broken
idlemindright they may be able to drop to a terminal interface to avoid the dpi issue (never been sure how the over-arching instances are implemented, if the terminal is really just a full screen console from x/wayland or an actual text console)
azakithe ctrl+alt+f consoles are virtual terminals and not implemented using X or wayland. =p
azakithey're kernel VTs
luminosothe terminal is the console
luminosox doesn't fire up
luminosoand since he's trying to solve it can barely do it because the font size is too small
luminosoi'm thing the stackexachange tip
Sepulturadf -h tells me the free space. But how do I use grep to get the total available free space of sda1?
bartmonhey. anyone using fedora 27 and has seen the redshift/night light feature?
Sepulturafor example /dev/sda1 20G 5G 14G <-- I want that the output is 14
KhaytsusSepultura: look at fdisk output.. df is partitions, not disks
auD9beKhaytsus, but Sepultura wants partition sda1 ...
auD9beSepultura, grep will probably not be sufficient, seems like a job for awk ...
KhaytsusauD9be: oh, I read too fast.. oops
KhaytsusSepultura: df $PWD | awk '/[0-9]%/{print $(NF-2)}'
KhaytsusI googled for you.
benuskii've been using gnome night light on f27
puxavidahi. I started with f25 on late 2015 imac (installed to disk) and 4.8.15-300.fc25 works fine. I then upgraded to f26 then f27 and then tried several kernels from koji 4.9 to 4.14 and they all boot really slow. I can still finally get to login prompt but it is really slow after at first login, but then finally shows the desktop. After that all is fine. Any ideas why all the kernels are really slow until after login? 4.8 works fine.
puxavidaI'm guessing the graphics adapter. lspci shows Radeon R9 285/380
dowdlepuxavida: You might be able to improve things slightly if you turn off any unneeded services.
puxavidaok. Right now I'm trying to look through journalctl output to see if I can find anything.
dowdlepuxavida: GNOME? If so, might be Wayland related... and you can switch desktop environments to see if that helps.
puxavidaI have an encrypted disk it is fast up to that, I put in my password and see final output of starting switch root and then the screen goes black
puxavidadowdle, ok. I'll try that.
mikeymopIs there anything like xev for libinput?
puxavidaI just booted in to 4.14 and in journalctl -b-0 I'm seeing a lot of amdgpu: [powerplay] messages
Southern_Gentlempuxavida, so you are running your own custom kernel?
puxavidaI pulling what is available on koji
Southern_Gentlemso you are on your own if you are not playing in the stable stack
puxavidawith journalctl -b-1 with 4.8.16 I don't see any of those amdgpu powerplay messages
Southern_Gentlem4.14 is a release candidate it is not even a release yet by
puxavidaI've tried each of the latest in 4.9, 4.10, up to 4.14 to see what happens. They are all stalling a long time except 4.8.16
Southern_Gentlempuxavida, so you should ask in #fedora-kernel
puxavidaSouthern_Gentlem, ok thanks. Was throwing out here to see if anyone else has tried.
prwilsonRunning Fedora 26 and would like to be able to run Docker as a non-root user. Anyone have a link or advice on the cleanest/non-hacky way to set that up?
zetaxjust exactly how married RHEL is married to Gnome? it's frankly hard to see it having much future on the path it has chosen
dowdlepuxavida: The kernel can be very chatty for no good reason... so do you have any real, noticable issues with video?
dowdlezetax: EL ships with GNOME and Plasma... and it is very popular among some folks and not so much among others. Is there something specific about the "path" you refer to? I can tell you that the Fleet Commander software (managing lots of desktop endpoints) was directly targeting GNOME... so it seems to be preferred.
griftzetax its pretty much everywhere. what exactly is gnome? if dbus, networkmanager, systemd are gnome technologies then its pretty much at the heart of every system
griftnot to mention gtk
griftso I would say that the mariage is pretty serious
griftto me gnome is no longer just a desktop layer. there are gnome hallmarks everywhere today. considering calling gnu+linux gnome+linux
zutatgnome is evolution data server?
grifti would say so yes
Khaytsusgrift: what are you on about
grifti am just asking the question: what is gnome?
zutatdo you pronounce it gnome or g-nome?
Khaytsusgrift: Um, no, you're making noise.
griftgtk glib systemd dbus network manager
KhaytsusThat list is nonsense.
griftis it ...
grifti think this quote supports my take on it (from the link above): "The majority of GNOME’s technologies originated in and are actively developed by GNOME. Others are hosted elsewhere, with GNOME community members being active contributors. This willingness to work beyond community borders and actively shape an entire stack is one of the hallmarks of the GNOME project."
mikeymopgrift: its a collection of projects to form a bigger project to make a full desktop software solution for GNU
grift"an entire stack"
mikeymopok i dont see where you're going with this either
grifti am just trying to explain why the gnome / el mariage is serious in my view
grifti mean the whole stack depends on it
griftcan't you see why i, whether its what it seems or not, get this impression?
mikeymopgnome is serious
mikeymopit's backed by redhat which is the largest contributor
mikeymopit is their primary desktop and software suite and RedHat is heavily invested in gnome
griftsure i dont dispute that
griftjust trying to paint a picture zetax as to how serious it is
grifti mean we all run gnome
griftto one extend or another
griftk i see you miss some context:
grift"19:05 < zetax> just exactly how married RHEL is married to Gnome? it's frankly hard to see it having much future on the
grift path it has chosen"
grifti am pretty much answering to him "till death do us part" and i try to back that up with facts and context
griftby posing the question: what is gnome?
griftnow i grant all the people here questioning me: yes the line is blurry
griftbecause you can argue: is systemd gnome or redhat, is poettering a gnome dev or a redhat dev, is gnome redhat?
griftdont blame me for that confusion
grifti just try to answer a question to the best of my ability
zutatbut, gnome is a project and redhat is a company
griftand what does that tell us, in this context then?
zutatwhat is grift? the latest AI experiment of gnome/redhat?
grifti think it tells us that the redhat company is married to gnone project to say the least
griftdunno what that value that comment adds to a legitimate question
dowdlegrift: And I'd say the Red Hat / GNOME relationship is one of the main reasons why "Fedora Workstation" is GNOME....
kwizartI think things should settle once you get to the human level, there are human that are both working at redhat and participate in gnome
kwizartbut there are also human that work for canonical and participate in gnome
dowdlegrift: I think pretty much everything GNOME says about their stack... also applies to KDE Plasma.
mikeymopexcept for the RH statement
mikeymopdoesn't gentoo use kde as primary?
griftyes dowdle thats what makes it so confusing
mikeymopnot gentoo.. suse
griftbut really though i think systemd is a gnome project and i suppose its sponsored by redhat
griftso that just , to me, underlines how serious this mariage is
griftand how blurred the lines are
dowdlegrift: Where does it say systemd is a GNOME project?
grift"GNOME has a close relationship with systemd. A number of systemd features originated in the GNOME project, and ongoing collaborations ensure effective integration with this core technology. "
griftnow i know that doesnt say it all, but you have to read between the lines here
griftpoettering is a gnome developer
griftso that matches this statement:
dowdlegrift: That just means that the GNOME developers have leveraged systemd... along with everything else... it doesn't mean that systemd needs GNOME... nor is part of GNOME. I mean, hey... the Linux kernel is also listed there.
grift"originated in and are actively developed by GNOME."
griftyes well, thats the politcally correct answer
griftbut really if you look at the bigger picture and tie the dots together, you might be able to see why i say that i think systemd is a gnome project and poettering is a systemd developer more than anything else in the context of project versus company
dowdlegrift: There has been some cross pollination between systemd and GNOME... and has GNOME has needed some underlying feature where systemd seemed the place to put them... that is natural. I'm sure the same could be said for other desktops.
dowdlegrift: If you go to systemd's website (for whatever value there is of a systemd website), does systemd claim to be a "GNOME Project"?
griftsure but the gnome influence is just very clear, if you look at this from a bigger picture
griftnote how systemd is built around dbus, another gnome technology
griftnote how systemd originated from poettering a known gnome dev
griftits just a matter of tieing the dots together
griftand sure its not that black and white
griftbut it my view its more that than anything else
griftso i will just consider systemd, dbus etc to be "gnome technologies"
grifti am sorry if i don't see it right
griftits just so damn confusing
zutatgrift: do you use gnome?
griftwe all do
zutatat some level?
dowdlegrift: And since much of that is done by Fedora and Red Hat folks... "we all use Fedora" too... no matter what distro. :)
dowdle(and all of the work Red Hat does with each Linux mainline kernel release)
griftexcept gentoo i suppose :P
griftnaw i know where youre getting at but thats too much of a stretch
dowdlegrift: Gentoo is more about letting the user use what they want... so if the use chooses to use one or more pieces of the "GNOME Stack"... they too.... are... well, you know.
griftgentoo doesnt rely on systemd and dbus
griftfedora does
dowdlegrift: Not really... if you look at how many projects Red Hat contributes to or sponsors... it greatly dwarfs GNOME... and given that Red Hat enables the whole GNOME thing to begin with...
dowdlegrift: Gentoo CAN rely on systemd and dbus if a Gentoo user wants to use those.
grifti know what you mean but i still think its a bit of a stretch to compare. but ok lets just agree to disagree there
griftgnome just says on its site. hey these are gnome techs
dowdlegrift: GNOME is a subset of Red Hat... so how could the argument for GNOME be stronger?
griftso that then to me tells me that those are gnome techs
griftor else they would not state that
griftand it makes sense historically
griftdbus is reelly something that was pushed by gnome
griftsure it benefits others as well
griftanyhow lets wrap this up. thanks for the debate, i think the outcome is that we just dont know what is what anymore i suppose
dowdlegrift: Here's a list of what Red Hat contributes to -
griftwith respect, lets just let it rest. we might be able to agree that "work beyond community borders and
griftactively shape an entire stack"
griftmeans that gnome is more than just the traditional desktop
griftthat what they tell us their ambitions are
dowdlegrift: You said look at the big picture... I just backed it up one more magnification level. :)
griftyes redhat employs gnome devs, gnome devs get paid to do redhat work etc
griftthats what makes it so damn confusing
griftbut if anything it just underlines how serious the relationship is
griftand thats the question i was trying to answer, i was merely trying to underline how serious the redhat gnome mariage is
griftno matter how you look at it, its just very serious and its more than just a traditional desktop
big-antgo or no go?
grifti think no go for now
grifti might be wrong
dowdlebig-ant: Yeah, I saw an email that Server was No-Go but that's no surprise. How about everything else?
puxavidadowdle, during boot like when gui starts to load, log out, log back in, any change like that, it is really slow. But after boot up/login the system works fine. i.e., i'm using kernel 4.14 rc7 f28 on f27 and it's working fine right now.
dowdlepuxavida: How much RAM do you have?
puxavidawhen i reboot, it freezes up, but then finally reboots - i thinks it during the video (display manager) changes
puxavidacat /proc/meminfo
puxavidaMemTotal: 16295972 kB
puxavida16 gig
puxavidaMemFree: 12466832 kB
puxavidaMemAvailable: 13919296 kB
griftshot in dark but systemd-analyze blame might be able to pinpoint where the delay is
puxavidagrift, ok - will look
puxavidatop 3: 1min 51.473s plymouth-read-write.service - 43.099s plymouth-quit-wait.service - 42.615s NetworkManager-wait-online.service
griftnow to interpret that
griftbut yes looks like plymouth-read-write.service is related
grifti mean 1min 51 sec thats a long time
puxavidais plymouth part of gui system?
griftgenerally but not strictly
griftfor example i dont have plymouth on my systems
puxavidaI found this in journalctl output: plymouth-start.service: Failed with result 'core-dump'
grifti suppose it dumped core then
griftmeaning something went wrong
griftsee if disabling plymouth helps
dowdlepuxavida: You can edit /etc/default/grub and take out the rhgb part of the kernel boot parameters... and that'll turn that off... and then you have to regen the grub2 config for the change to take affect.
griftyou may need to add RD_NO_PLYMOUTH
dowdlepuxavida: But Mac's use UEFI... and I'm not sure if "grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg" is the way to do it like it is on BIOS systems.
puxavidacan I try it temporarily during boot?
dowdlepuxavida: plymouth is that thing that makes the progressively filling Fedora logo at boot and shutdown.
puxavidai.e, at grub prompt
puxavidadowdle, oh - plymouth does that
puxavidaback in a few
griftyou may need to add rd_NO_PLYMOUTH and then do a grub2-mkconfig and mayben even a dracut -f afterwards?
puxavidaI removed rhgb and plymouth doesn't rung but still 2+ minutes to get login screen
puxavidarebooted in to 4.8.16 and boots right up
axk4545is it normal to have a bunch of empty directories lying around in /lib or /lib64?
dowdleaxk4545: If you have some, yes.
axk4545dowdle: why doesn't dnf remove clean them up?
dowdleaxk4545: Are you running out of inodes?
axk4545dowdle: it just bugs me that my filesystem feels cluttered.
dowdleaxk4545: The might be expected by programs even if they don't have files in them.
dowdleaxk4545: How many inodes do you have that are used? You are going to worry about a handful of dirs?
dowdleEr... The might be = They (the empty directories in /lib and /lib64) might be
dowdleaxk4545: I have 1,152,233 inodes on my /
mutkaxk4545, File systems don't 'feel'. A few extra directories make in measurable terms 'no difference'
mutkaxk4545, rpm -qf /path/to/dir is it owned by a package ?
Phaneshello can someone tell me why this mock build is failing to find the XML_Parser class?
BenoniPhanes: the most informative clue I'm seeing is on line 850: "http-push.c:18:19: warning: expat.h: No such file or directory"
BenoniThat looks like you're missing the "expat-devel" RPM, which should provide that header file.
Phanesso strange. it says its downloading and installing it before that
Phanesboth are in buildrequires too
Phanesin the spec file
Phanesthis makes no sense
Phanesthey're installed
BenoniNot sure what to tell you, then. Failing to find the header is definitely leading to failure of the entire compilation. But I can't tell you why that header isn't being found.
BenoniHmm. I see no mention of "expat-devel" in that build log. I see mention of "expat" as already being installed, but not "expat-devel". What makes you think that "expat-devel" is really installed?
Phaneshrm. L573
Phanesits calling it expat21-devel
Phanesyet expat is in the spec file
Phanesand expat-devel
BenoniI don't see anything about expat21 on my Fedora 26 box. I guess you're maybe using Fedora 27 beta or something like that?
BenoniYou might try adding an "rpm -ql expat21-devel" command to see what that package actually installed. I suspect that you will find that it did *not* install "/usr/include/expat.h", and that's what the code you're building expects to find.
Phanesoh. should've mentioned its the epel-6-x86_64 mock profile
Phanesi believe that as well
Khaytsusepel? In Fedora?
Phanesyeah, it's a mock build
Phanesfedora host for el6 target
Phanesweird why does git require systemd
dowdlePhanes: Since you are building the package for EL6, that would be impossible, eh? :)