Phanesah. http://paste.silogroup.org/veyuxihewu.xml
Phanesthis looks like repo poisoning on a centos 6 mirror, so, i guess im in the wrong channel
Phanesis there a way to blacklist a package in mock?
Phanesa dependency being pulled in error from a repository i mean? need the epel repo for this build, but need to exclude a specific package it screwed up
jmspeexI'm running F27 and I have both an AMD (primary) and an nvidia (secondary, no display) card. Somehow it seems like the nvidia card is being used for rendering. Anyway I can avoid that?
jmspeex(I have the nvidia card only for compute purposes, not for graphics)
axk4545mutk: checking
kritterrI want to update Firefox to Firefox 57. But sudo yum update firefox doesn't do it.
kritterrI can see it in the repos, too: https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=991935
kritterrI'm running Fedora 23.
vurpokritterr: Firefox 57 is only built for Fedora 27+
kritterrWhat is the latest FF built for 23? Is it 50?
vurpoF23 went EOL quite a while ago, currently the only supported (and thus updated) versions are 25 and 26
axk4545mutk: here are some that I found that seem odd https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/0sT7ekA1DgVd-e09NhIhCA checking now to see where they come from
vurpoFedora 27 will be released soon, and then F25 will also reach its end of life
vurpoIn other words: you won't receive any package updates for Fedora 23 at this time
kritterrOkay. Thank you.
fedbotFedora 25 will go end of life and no longer supported 1 month after Fedora 27 is released (not scheduled yet, but likely around Nov 2017). So likely sometime around Dec 2017
kritterrGenuinely appreciate the guidance, it's been quite a minute since I used linux.
vurpokritterr: Fedora typically releases new versions every 6 months, and supports the last two versions (with new updates)
vurpoSo as 26 is currently the latest version, only 25 and 26 receive updates at the moment
kritterrI will upgrade to 25 asap.
vurpoOne month after F27 is released, F25 will stop being supported
kk4ewtkritterr, we are trying to recommend you upgrade to f26 asap
kk4ewt*** F26-20171026 updated lives available: http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins2 Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
kritterrkk4ewt, I appreciate the recommendation. Unfortunately, I use Qubes :-)
bigwalleyehello anyone use usb c?
kk4ewtkritterr, then talk to jp
thingfishman, there's been hardly any updates the last few days to the beta.
thingfishI guess it's close. :)
axk4545so I am trying to find all the directories on my system not owned/created by a package. so far I have grep "not owned" $(cat out-dirs |xargs sudo rpm -qf) >> orphan-dirs.txt
kk4ewtaxk4545, if you are really worried reinstall
mutkWhats the point of this :)
axk4545oh...I forgot the first half sudo find / -type d >> out-dirs; cat out-dirs |xargs sudo rpm -qf|grep not owned >> out-files
axk4545mutk: to find unnecessary files on my system that were left behind at some time or another
fedbotFedora 26 will go end of life and no longer supporterd one month after fedora 28 is released (sometime around may 2018), so around june 2018
kk4ewtone month after f29 is released about november 2018
axk4545kk4ewt: you're not fedbot :P
kk4ewtits not set in fedbot yet
kk4ewtand no i dont fedbot
axk4545kk4ewt: any idea why I would get the error bash: /home/aidan/orphan-dirs.txt: Permission denied when running https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/7tir9oU11OGF~~0IGHuJhg
noob_4lyfeHello, I am trying to install Fedora on a external 2tb drive. My goal is to partition the 2tb into 1tb, install fedora on 1 tb and use 1 tb that can be seen from win10 and fedora all whlie being encrypted. Can this be done and if so, where can i read to do it and how hard is this?
noob_4lyfeany help would be greatly appreciated, thank you
troycurtisjrnoob_4lyfe, that should be a pretty easy install to accomplish
troycurtisjrjust using the standard installer an selecting the second harddrive
troycurtisjroh wait, you want the shared partition to be encrypted, but accessible by both win and fedora?
noob_4lyfeyes if thats possible
troycurtisjrhave you ever done a fedora install before?
mutknoob_4lyfe, I doubt there is anything that handles encryption for both windows and Linux
noob_4lyfeyes on my laptops 480gb ssd
juanmapaladwhat do you usually make use of your fedora owrkstation?
mutkThe only option would be a form of hardware/controller level encryption
noob_4lyfeI am new to Linux and the world of encryption I am a first year college student who had his mind blown this semester in my network II class.. So ive decided to take the leap
juanmapaladi had rcently installed the f26..but i think i will format it and install Kali linux bec i dont see how i can make use of it security
noob_4lyfeinto linux and stop messing around with windows for important stuff
mutktroycurtisjr, Why not use virtualisation ? Make whatever OS is the one you *need* hardware level performance the hypervisor, and run the other as a VM
mutknoob_4lyfe, I mean ^^
mutktroycurtisjr, Sorry about that :)
troycurtisjrmutk, that sounds like a good suggestion. I think you are right that cross platform encryption will be a challenge
noob_4lyfeCan i use 1tb on the hd for fedora and encrypt it and then use the other 1tb for storage un ncrypted ?
mutknoob_4lyfe, The only non-performance issue for a VM is graphics usually. So if you want Winows gaming, use that as the base os
noob_4lyfeto mutk^^^
noob_4lyfei dont want any gaming
mutkYes noob_4lyfe Its possible to do that
noob_4lyfeim not a "Gamer"
mutkok what about graphics in general ?
troycurtisjrIf you aren't a gamer, virtualization will likely work really well for your noob_4lyfe
mutkWhich OS - win or Fedora - will you need full graphics performance in?
mutkACTION uses RHEL7 here and has KVM VM of windows. Works great :)
noob_4lyfePreferably windows, but i want to learn fedora with a gui also as it makes it a little less cumbersome
mutkAnd of course I have the HD encryption going..
troycurtisjrI suppose one option could be veracrypt, with maybe an ntfs filesystem underneath. I haven't personally used it, but it claims to work for linux and windows
mutknoob_4lyfe, You can run a full GUI in Linux under windows based VM . Just performance won't quite be at hardware level. Everything else is very good
noob_4lyfei have played around with VM a little bit and installed win serv 2016
noob_4lyfetroycurtisjr any documentation ?
jmspeexAnyone knows how to select which of two GPUs is the "primary"?
mutkjmspeex, Isn't that done at BIOS ?
troycurtisjrnoob_4lyfe, just trying to piece it together. You'd do a standard dual boot install, leaving the 1tb shared volume empty.
jmspeexmutk: My BIOS only allows me to disable the on-board video, but not select which of my AMD and nvidia card to display on
noob_4lyfeand mutk what about what i had said a few lines up, can i take the 2tb divide it into 2 1tb and install and encrypt fedora on 1tb and use the other 1tb for storage? do you have any documentation on this how to do it?
troycurtisjrthen install veracrypt, create the encrypted volume, and then put the NTFS filesystem on it
jmspeexI'm trying to display with the AMD card and use the nvidia one only for CUDA
mutknoob_4lyfe, Yes thats straightforward too.
noob_4lyfeanything i can read?
mutknoob_4lyfe, https://docs.fedoraproject.org/ is agreat start
jmspeexbut somehow it picks the nvidia as primary and if I plug the monitor in the AMD card, then it renders on nvidia and then displays on AMD, which is pretty bad
noob_4lyfeok tt
noob_4lyfety troy
troycurtisjrjmspeex, you should be able to designate the primary in the standard Display settings
troycurtisjrnp noob_4lyfe
jmspeextroycurtisjr: I don't see that in my BIOS
Phanesepel and mock really dont seem to like each other
troycurtisjrjmspeex, ah sorry I see what you mean, you want it to boot in the mode
jmspeextroycurtisjr: Well, I have two problems: 1) the BIOS only displays on the nvidia chip and 2) Fedora renders on the nvidia
jmspeexI can live with 1) because I rarely need to see what the bios says, so my main problem is 2)
troycurtisjrhmm, i see. I think you would need to configure gdm's display settings to ensure the AMD is used
jmspeexI don't see much doc about wayland
troycurtisjrI think you should be able to use the "Displays" configuration on your account, and then do something like https://ask.fedoraproject.org/en/question/36631/configure-monitors-for-login-screen/
jmspeex(right now for some reason wayland doesn't like the nvidia card, so it goes straight to X)
troycurtisjrto get it working for the gdm account
axk4545Phanes: ?
jmspeextroycurtisjr: The page you're pointing to appears to be Xorg-specific
troycurtisjrjmspeex, I don't believe so. I use the gnome monitor configuration in wayland, which is what drives that monitor.xml file I believe
jmspeexFYI, my setup looks like this: https://jmvalin.ca/misc_stuff/IMG_1504.JPG (except I now have a different nvidia card)
jmspeexOK, I'm confused, I don't see any gnome tool/setting about video cards. Only about displays
troycurtisjrsure, but if you display the display currently connected to the vc you don't want, then it should accomplish your goal
troycurtisjrthat is "disable the display"
troycurtisjrtyping is hard
jmspeexwhere would you disable it?
troycurtisjrIf you go to activites view, and type "displays". Then you can click on whichever display you want to disable and select "Turn Off"
jmspeexwhat do you mean by "activites view"?
troycurtisjrare you running gnome3?
jmspeex(but I'm not so familiar with it, was used to gnome2 and later xfce)
troycurtisjryou get to it by clicking on "Activites" in the upper left, or pressing the "Super (Windows)" key
jmspeexyes, I got that far
troycurtisjryou should have a search box there that you can type in, you can then type "Displays" in search bar to find the display configuration
jmspeexthere's no match for "displays"
troycurtisjrlet's try a different path, use "settings"
troycurtisjrIn the window that comes up, under "hardware" there should be a "displays"
jmspeexThen I have "Devices" and then "Displays"
jmspeexBut then the only options I have are Orientation, Resolution, Scale, Refresh Rate, and Night Light
jmspeexNot even an option to disable
jmspeexand no mention of graphics card
troycurtisjri wouldn't expect it to call out the graphics card here. do you have only one monitor? Maybe that is why you don't have the option to disable
jmspeexI only have one monitor
troycurtisjryeah I wasn't taking that into account :/
jmspeextroycurtisjr: But if I plug my monitor on the AMD card, I do get an image
jmspeexUnfortunately, it's rendered on nvidia and then copied to AMD, which is the worse of both worlds
troycurtisjrjmspeex, ugh! really?
troycurtisjrwell that is a pain!
jmspeexYes, when I added the nvidia card, everything looked like it was working when I booted
jmspeexI just found it odd to see that Xorg and gnome-shell were running on the nvidia card (saw it with nvidia-smi)
jmspeexand the tearing is atrocious
troycurtisjrI can imagine so!
jmspeexIt's not so much that I mind the nvidia for display (well, it's still the damn proprietary driver), but I'm trying to use it only for CUDA (deep learning work)
troycurtisjrwith its mention of "outputs" in monitors.xml, perhaps I was thinking it could do more than it can
troycurtisjrIt seems like a config like https://gitlab.com/snippets/1682487 might work, but I wonder if you need 2 monitors connected up in order to get the right config options in the gui
troycurtisjrit just depends on how much that tool using the display model/serial in setting up the config
troycurtisjrjmspeex, sorry I couldn't be much help. I gotta head off to bed though. Good luck!
jmspeexIs there a way to "cripple" the nvidia driver such that it can do cuda but not graphics?
jmspeextroycurtisjr: thanks
tcpdumpIf my OS did a time sync what log would that be in?
thmis someone else seeing high load with no visible reason for Firefox 56 on Fedora 25?
goernheyall, is there some known problem with docker and seccomp on fc26? its having some problems reading the config file (as it seems to me)
jgjorgjigoern: what issue specifically? works fine for me?
jgjorgjiwithout the second question marl :)
goernjgjorgji, I think it got broken yesterday after I updated... maybe I need to reboot all the things?!
jgjorgjiwell docker does break a lot of things, i haven't received a docker update recently
jgjorgjiwhat docker version are you on?
goernjgjorgji, NOW its all 1.13.1 and 1.26/API it works, maybe the update didnt restart docker or so?!
goernjgjorgji, thanks for listening :)
bartmanushi. any hints on how to debug a failed luks unmount? i've added the device to /etc/crypttab manually with a keyfile and nofail argument...
maxcell_Hi, i have a doubt about Fedora 27 beta, i can get support for that on this channel/
rindolfHi all! I have a dnf problem - http://paste.debian.net/994003/
rindolfmaxcell_: hi
rindolfmaxcell_: a doubt?
maxcell_hello there
maxcell_yeah is more like a "problem"
rindolfmaxcell_: ah
rindolfmaxcell_: you can get support
maxcell_ok, the thing is
maxcell_i can't find the kernel-devel for kernel 4.13.10-300.fc27 on dnf. It only gives me 4.13.9 kernel-devel
maxcell_so how can i install nvidia proprietary driver without it/
kwizartmaxcell_, probably because the kernel was installed from updates-testing, so you have the kernel-devel currently there
kwizartin-between the updates-testing repo was disabled since f27 is nearing GA
maxcell_kwizart, hmm GA is like the final release right/ So, i just install F27 and click "update" button that shows on gnome when you first log-in. What i'm suppose to do now/
plarsenkwizart, how do that help? How does disabling a repo remove the tests that were withdrawn?
kwizartmaxcell_, from cmd line: dnf update --enablerepo=updates-testing kernel\*
maxcell_kwizart, so i gotta disable updates-testing.repo from /etc/yum.repos.d ?
maxcell_kwizart, oh i see
kwizartmaxcell_, nope! it shoudl already be disabled (since you cannot find 4.13.10-300.fc27)
kwizartit's there: https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=991436
maxcell_kwizart, i did a little cat in the "fedora-updates-testing.repo" and it says enabled=0
maxcell_should i really enable it/
kwizartmaxcell_, that's right, don't ever touch that, use cmdline I gave
rindolfHi all! I have a dnf problem - http://paste.debian.net/994003/
maxcell_kwizart, ok
maxcell_kwizart, i did the command you gave me but, it only says - Dependeces solved. Nothing to do. Concluded.
kwizartrindolf, probably because your local mirror doesn't have the updates repo, it's currently empty on purpose, will be populated once f27 is declared gold
rindolfkwizart: ah
kwizartmaxcell_, from cmd line: dnf update --enablerepo=updates-testing --refresh kernel\* ?
maxcell_kwizart, can i do that - dnf install --enablerepo=updates-testing kernel-devel / This is safe to do/
maxcell_kwizart, ok
maxcell_kwizart, same thing. Dependences solved. Nothing to do.
N3LRXdo you have a kernel-devel currently installed?
N3LRXIf not, there is no kernel-devel to update. Try dnf install instead of update.
maxcell_N3LRX, yeah exactly, i don't have any because my kernel is 4.13.10 and the kernel-devel available is 4.13.9. Can i run "dnf install --enablerepo=updates-testing kernel-devel/
N3LRXyes, dnf will grab the latest version from updates-testing.
maxcell_worked like a charm
maxcell_4.13.10 devel installing :)
maxcell_dnf is pretty good
N3LRXnow you don't have to worry about disabling updates-testing because it was only enabled for that one command. It won't be enabled for future commands unless you tell it to.
maxcell_thats cool
bonsaitreeThere is a certain bug in Fedora, i don't know if it has been reported previously. Sometimes, when i try to install a package using dnf, the percent status bar is freezing, and nothing happens. However, if i open a new terminal session and write the command again, it tells me that there is a certain PID that needs to finish first. I use 'kill' to stop the process and then the transaction completes (the package is installed).
[Enrico]bonsaitree: sounds like normal. What's the part that sounds bugged to you?
[Enrico]I mean it's not normal the first DNF command freezes, but that's probably because of a bad mirror or network issues
bonsaitree[Enrico], Yup, i was thinking of that
[Enrico]you are doing the right thing terminating it and restarting
bonsaitree[Enrico], Okay, thanks
[Enrico]bonsaitree: you can simpy hit ctrl + c to terminate the first DNF. However be very careful when doing it
[Enrico]bonsaitree: never ever interrupt a DNF process already in the install phase
[Enrico]if it's in the download phase you can
bonsaitree[Enrico], Thanks :)
maxcell_If he terminates in the install phase, can probably do a reinstall right/
[Enrico]bonsaitree: of course what you describe is annoying, but it's actually very hard to detect when network is actually stuck. Unfortunately the internet as we know it today is actually quite poorly designed
[Enrico]if the code to detect stuck network is made more aggressive it will eventually produce false pasitives and people with bad quality internet connection would start being unable to use DNF
Southern_Gentlemmaxcell well sometimes no, you have to rebuild the rpmdb and then retry
maxcell_hi :)
maxcell_this new firefox is great
Southern_Gentlemmaxcell_, l well sometimes no, you have to rebuild the rpmdb and then retry
maxcell_Southern_Gentlem, rebuild rpmdb you mean dnf update/
Southern_Gentlemno i mean rebuild the rpmdatabase
maxcell_i thought this command did that hehe
Southern_Gentlemhttps://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/rebuilding-corrupted-rpm-database.html method 1
maxcell_Southern_Gentlem, understand, good to know
AquaL1tewhat would be the ip route add command for this? it's a bit confusing for me, i want to fix the martian errors in my journalctl -fk: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/rfx8XYp8rByVvLaXNvmAXg
Purecis a live cd a way to test real world if fedora is supported by a laptop? as in if there are some bugs in live would there be the same bugs if i have it installed?
KhaytsusPurec: It will be the same difference, yes. Only thing you can't test are updates such as the kernel etc.
Southern_GentlemKhaytsus, but of course the updated isos help with that
ewoldachdoes anyone know what the outcome of yesterdays go/no-go meeting for the final release was? I cant find any information about this. Only that the beta for the new server got a no-go.
Khaytsus11/7 is still the date on the schedule so I assume it was a go
ewoldachokay, i also hope so but its not a good sign that there was nothing on the mailing-list about that
RomdeauxI'm pretty excited for F27. I might try out Gnome3 for the first time in a couple years.
KhaytsusWhy, version bump? I don't even see it in the 27 changeset
KhaytsusI see other references to 3.26.. minor bump it seems
KhaytsusEvery time I try gnome I'm like... yep, this is why I didn't use it
Southern_Gentlemewoldach, the go/no go was moved to today
Southern_GentlemKhaytsus, ^^
ewoldachthanks for the information.
Khaytsusso we need a go/no go for the go/no go
Romdeauxlol I had an old netbook that struggled to run Gnome. Switched over to Mate and it ran like a dream. I've upgraded my hardware since then, but I'm so comfortable in Mate I just never went back and retried Gnome
Southern_GentlemRomdeaux, welcome to the old farts club LOL
N3LRXI went lighter than Mate, when Gnome switched. I went to Xfce and never looked back. It wasn't a horsepower issue either, my hardware works fine on Gnome, I just don't like it.
Southern_Gentlem*** F26-20171026 updated lives available: http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins2 Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
toad_My wifi is bonkers after some of the later updates (F26). It has worked perfectly before. Take a look at dmesg: https://paste.pound-python.org/show/3Hxs8wQoJVNtmcfDFuhN/
toad_for some reason 'usb 1-2: restart device (3)' is issued but that's not me, i'm not doing on the system besides watching video
toad_sysinfo https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/AaA~bqwf5lH4Of~wDBzwpw
toad_**not doing anything^
puxavidaxfce and mate are fine if you don't mind doing everything with the mouse. gnome-shell with super key and other keyboard shortcuts can get you a long way from just the keyboard - good thing there are different options to choose from :)
Khaytsushuh? Are you for real?
puxavidaKhaytsus, i just loaded mate and xfce to try them. How do you start a program withouth clicking menus?
Khaytsusyou could alt-f2, or hit the super key
KhaytsusI've never once heard anyone imply gnome's hell is a power user de
Khaytsusif you want mouse only, perhaps you're looking in the wrong places.. maybe ratpoison or something terrible like that
puxavidaI pressed super key in both and nothing happened. I installed them both and mapped my gnome super key to alt (using them in gnome boxes).
nirikyou mean no mouse. ;) ratpoison is no mouse really...
Khaytsuserm, yeah, I meant keyboard only
Khaytsusi don't have a super key, but pretty sure (by default) super would launch the xfce menu
N3LRXGNomes hell a power user platform? to me it's all pretty and child's play.
KhaytsusN3LRX: yeah.. annoying eye candy
KhaytsusEvery time I try it again, every few releases, I'm still.. nope
N3LRXXfce to me is fully functional without all the resource hogging crap.
nirikto each their own. I can happily use gnome or Xfce.
nirikgnome does take some getting used to, but it's perfectly reasonable once you have
KhaytsusI got a new mouse yesterday.. logitech mx ergo. Having four buttons on it I can program to do stuff is nice. :D
Khaytsusit has middle button left/right and an up/down button (often used for back/forward in browsers).. all mapped to F keys of course. but left/right switches bewtween my 3 monitors. I'm using that a LOT now.
KhaytsusUp button flips through my chrome windows.. handy, but a little fragile. Still need to work on it a little.
nirikI think alt-tab is my most used key sequence.
KhaytsusI've never been an alt-tab user, dunno why
Khaytsusi do it a bit.. but, especially for things like chrome.. If I have four open they seem to always be in a different order
maxcell_When gdm3 login screen appears, its really chopp i can barelly move my mouse or type after i install nvidia prop. driver. I think it is because gdm3 is running on wayland before gnome-xorg starts. Why can i change that/
Khaytsusand I don't have the alt-tab preview thing enabled, so I'm never sure which one I'm getting either
Khaytsusmaxcell_: could force xorg.. I'm sure that's still possible
maxcell_Khaytsus, thats it
maxcell_Khaytsus, # Uncoment the line below to force the login screen to use Xorg
maxcell_just uncomment and voyla/
maxcell_thats it/
maxcell_im going to try
Khaytsusnirik: You still have a yoga?
Khaytsusnirik: Wife is looking at one to replace her laptop, but she'll never use the touch screen, nor tablet mode, so I'm not sure why she's dead set on the yoga...
nirikyeah, just got a new one: https://www.scrye.com/wordpress/nirik/2017/11/02/lenovo-yoga-920-the-overdetailed-fedora-linux-review/
Khaytsusnirik: wow.. 1700ish?
Khaytsusnirik: she's looking at the 700 series.. I still don't know why she wants a convertable
nirikyeah, the 700s are larger and cheaper... still supposed to be ok tho
bartmanusKhaytsus, i have a lenovo yoga. the tent mode is pretty good for video playback due to the minimal footprint
nirikACTION nods
KhaytsusI am just afraid that paying for the 'tablet features' she'll nver use takes away from everyday function she'll want...
Khaytsus99.99% of the time it'll be on our kitchen table with her doing grading or sending emails
Delvienused Dell Latitude E7450 is an amazing pic, 1080p screen, good batt life
Khaytsusi have one.. but kind of expensive. We're looking $700ish
KhaytsusBut yeah I love my e7450, great laptop.. Work laptop
DelvienI picked mine up for 200 on eba
Delvientouch screen too
Khaytsus$200? That seems rather low
bartmanuswhen did night light land in gnome-shell again?
bartmanusor is it a custom integration in fedora's distribution of it?
nirik2.26 I think?
nirikand no, it's not a Fedora addon, it's upstream
bartmanusyup, https://help.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/3.24/
nirikah, 3.24... I was wrong. ;)
bartmanusit doesn't work well on rotated displays since the orange gradient still appears in the default orientation
Delvienit had a broken screw head, perfectly running otherwise, i dremelled out the screw shaft and put a new one in :P
maxcell_actually, that hint about /etc/gdm/custom.conf fck up my system
maxcell_and gnome refuses to load
maxcell_and now that i got it working again, like before, it gets a different bug (too strange to tell)
maxcell_dont advice anybody to swap gdm3 to xorg on fedora
maxcell_it all bugged
maxcell_linux is too mess up these days... its a shame
maxcell_more bugged then windows
Delvienmaxcell_: its really not.
maxcell_yeah keep telling you that
Delvienmaxcell_: you are editing your gdm configuration right?
maxcell_forget it man
maxcell_it all fucked already
Khaytsusmaxcell_: This is a family channel, such language is not acceptable. Please remember children and their grandmothers may be watching.
maxcell_just carried away
maxcell_i mean come on
maxcell_you can't swap between xorg and wayland because the system broke somewhat
maxcell_and you cant use debian because old mesa stuffs make nvidia prop. driver works badly
Southern_Gentlemmaxcell_, so dont run gnome
maxcell_so, there is no stable systems on the market"
Southern_Gentlemtry mate or someother DE that uses xorg by default
maxcell_Southern_Gentlem, i love gnome, i used to use gnome since old days, when nvidia driver actually work
Southern_Gentlemthen you will love mate
maxcell_Southern_Gentlem, mate gets old
Southern_Gentlemthe old days was gnome2 which mate is a fork of
Southern_Gentlemi have no issues with nvidia but i dont run gnome
Delvienmaxcell_: Well you come in here and say linux is messed up, you are trying to manually edit gdm, when it messes up, wouldnt that be your fault?
maxcell_Southern_Gentlem, you missed the point, in fedora GDM3 starts in wayland mode. Then you can choose gnome with xorg in login screen. What happens is that i edit /etc/gdm/default.conf to make GDM3 starts with xorg rather then wayland, because of nvidia prop. driver. But its bugged on fedora, you cant login that way.
maxcell_Delvien, nop, the configuration file is there for you to edit
maxcell_it just messed up
maxcell_idk who is the fault of, but nvidia doesn't work well on linux as it used to
maxcell_Southern_Gentlem, i mean that i edit /etc/gdm/custom.conf (not default.conf - that does'nt exist)
Southern_Gentlemcomplain to nvidia
maxcell_Southern_Gentlem, honestly this bug when you try to login on fedora and nothing happens then your mouse get stuck is pretty olf
Southern_Gentlemmaxcell_, and what nvidia drivers are you using
Southern_Gentlemand what nvidia card
Southern_Gentlemmaxcell_, and what nvidia drivers are you using (from where )
maxcell_Southern_Gentlem, rpmfusion, they are working
maxcell_just fine
maxcell_so it seems
Southern_Gentlemfpaste --sysinfo
maxcell_Southern_Gentlem, https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1212833
Southern_Gentlemfpaste --sysinfo
maxcell_this bug exists since fedora 22
Southern_Gentlemdifferent bug
maxcell_not my fault
maxcell_is the same
maxcell_"computer freezes after login"
maxcell_thats it
Southern_Gentlemand if you read the rest of that it is not the same
maxcell_if i change gdm3 to start with xorg rather then wayland, thats what happens
maxcell_i read it
Southern_Gentlemon that bug it was happening on xfce which uses X
KhaytsusThat is a generic issue that has nothing to do with your sisue
Southern_Gentlemso its not the same
maxcell_Southern_Gentlem, my gnome is using X
maxcell_can't login in gnome with wayland using nvidia prop. drivers
Southern_Gentlemno back you can select gnome on X on the login screen and use nvidia
maxcell_Khaytsus, thats bug is exactly like mine
KhaytsusHe said he can do that, but gdm stutters and acts weird
Khaytsusmaxcell_: Generic bug that could be _anything_
Khaytsusjust because the symtoms are the same or similar doesn't mean the cause is
maxcell_Southern_Gentlem, exactly, i can login in gnome using Xorg, im in it right now.
KhaytsusThat's like saying "my car wrecked, it's the same issue when your car wrecked"
maxcell_Southern_Gentlem, what i can't do, is making gdm3 use xorg and login in gnome after that.
maxcell_Khaytsus, i really have a feeling that wherever is causing this, if it could be solved, it would solve my and they problems that complain on that thread
Khaytsusmaxcell_: Nope, it doesn't work that way. Let me say it another way. A city might have 15 roads coming in, one that has bad potholes. Arriving at the same city, your path may be different.
maxcell_Khaytsus, except that the "patch" is kinda of the same. He also have a nvidia card like me
maxcell_Khaytsus, and he is using fedora
maxcell_Khaytsus, and its not my job to find out why this is bugged, im just reporting it
maxcell_Khaytsus, i will say it again. If you edit /etc/gdm/custom.conf and chose gdm3 to start with xorg rather then wayland. You won't be able to login in fedora 27.
maxcell_To login in gnome-xorg*
maxcell_that's all i can say to you man
maxcell_Khaytsus, making it easier for you /etc/gdm/custom.conf - uncomment the line #WaylandEnable=false
Khaytsusisn't that what that guide said
Khaytsusor are you saying that's the issue
maxcell_what guide
maxcell_thats the bug
Southern_Gentlem*** F26-20171026 updated lives available: http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins2 Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
jmspeexHas anyone succeeded in building gcc 5 or 6 on Fedora?
jmspeexOn Fedora 27 I mean
KyddHi! This might be a stupid question, but with the newest fedora, am I using PulseAudio or ALSA?
KyddFor user applications, such as Firefox, what is used then?
KyddBoth cant be used at once, right?
jmspeexKydd: pulseaudio uses alsa
KyddI would very much like the cli-visualizer from https://github.com/dpayne/cli-visualizer to work, but I dont know which Audio Server I should configure it for
jmspeexprobably pulse
WebDragonhttp://rephial.org/ would seriously love to see this make it into fedora games alongside nethack and ularn
WebDragonbeen playing angband off and on for years and just recently rediscovered it and that it has a new maintainer and is being updated regularly again
Kyddjspeex: All right, thanks
SirScottupgrade from f25 to f26. Now in google chrome, I'm unable to resolve .local domains, but they work fine in other utilities. Can ping, nslookup, etc. Works fine in firefox too. Any ideas what to look for?
SirScottMy /etc/resolv.conf points to DNS servers on the local network, FWIW.
WebDragonwhat's in /etc/hosts SirScott ?
WebDragonis it .local or is it .localdomain ? or what
SirScottWebDragon: $ cat /etc/hosts
SirScott127.0.0.1 localhost.localdomain localhost zomg admin.absio.local api.absio.local
SirScott::1 localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6
SirScotthttps://bpaste.net/show/37823ac230ef .. but the cat is out of the bag.
WebDragon"zomg" ? heh :D
vurpoWebDragon: .local domains come from mDNS, which is provided by Avahi in Fedora
WebDragonSirScott: were you previously doing anything with dnsmasq to make those effective on your local box ?
WebDragonvurpo: oh? interesting, I didn't actually know that
SirScottWebDragon: no (at least not that I recall..) I have /etc/resolv.conf pointing to local DNS servers
vurpomDNS is a system where your computer broadcasts an mDNS request to its entire LAN, and the requested computer responds with its IP address
vurpoAvahi is the service that provides mDNS in Fedora, and it's enabled by default (IIRC)
SirScottFrom /etc/nsswitch.conf: hosts: db files nisplus nis dns
WebDragonvurpo: similar to Apple's ZeroConf yeah
vurpoit is actually the same thing as Apple's ZeroConf
bugs_wow nisplus and nis
WebDragonwell not EXACTLY the same; this is linux not BSD :D
vurpoZeroconf, Bonjour, Avahi are all names/implementations for mDNS
WebDragontook me a sec -- had to look it up cuz I didn't actually remember that (since I've never actually used the feature myself here)
vurpoThe same protocol anyway
vurpoThat means mDNS is actually supported by default on most operating systems except Windows and Android
WebDragonI run a local webserver for devel testing with separate .mhg for ~/public_html/ and .mhgdev ~/public_html/devel/ client folders
WebDragonbut I route all that stuff via dnsmasq
SirScottDoesn't look like i've got dnsmasq running
s34nHow do dnf and flatpak fit with each other?
kk4ewts34n, time will tell
s34nf27 is going modular, right?
s34ndoes that involve flatpak?
Khaytsusf27 will have a modular server.. not workstation
s34nor is there some other way to install multiple versions of the same app using dnf?
s34nflatpak FAQ says it is a desktop solution, not server. So I guess modular server will not be depending on flatpak?
s34nis dnf getting some new ability to manage side-by-side versions?
GrannyGoosedunno, you might be best to ask in #yum channel
dowdles34n: There have been Software Collections for years now... so if you have repos with SCL types of packages, it is easy to install side-by-side... but a lot of people thought that was a hack and didn't like it.
dowdles34n: But RHEL/clones offer SCL. I don't think SCL has been that popular on Fedora.
dowdles34n: "Fedora Server" is Fedora product with a pre-seelected set of packages but it isn't hard to add a graphical environment to it and use flatpak.
s34ndowdle: is that the mechanism for the new modular server?
dowdles34n: No... the modular stuff is different. I think it might use ostree or rpm-ostree but I'm just guessing.
s34ndowdle: https://docs.pagure.org/modularity/ says that modules will come as containers, rpms, or (future) flatpaks
dowdles34n: Looks like dnf actually handles modules... but I'm not sure what form modules are in yet. Trying to figure it out.
s34nhmm. it seems that rpm is one choice of "artifact" for a module
s34nAccording to https://docs.pagure.org/modularity/design/building-naming.html, a module is a set of packages
s34nand packages are "Essentially, the same thing as an rpm"
s34nso you group a "stream" of rpms into an rpm...
dowdles34n: So a set of packages makes up a module and a set of modules makes up a stack.
s34nand modules can be distributed as packages
dowdles34n: So maybe having multiple versions of a piece of software or a module... is accomplished by having module specific repositories? I wonder how they are stored on the filesystem. I mean would a generic httpd package that isn't part of a module... and just a regular package we are used to now... be stored in one place on the filesystem... and if you installed a moduled that used that a different version of httpd... it would be stored
dowdleelsewhere on the filesystem like SCLs?
s34nI wonder
dowdles34n: You'd think those sorts of details would be in the documentation... but perhaps I just haven't stumbled across it yet. I wonder if rpm works with the system so one can use rpm -ql to look around and figure it out easily?
s34ndowdle: I guess one could install Boltron and experiment
dowdles34n: Is Boltron delivered as a container?
s34ndowdle: looks so. docker run --rm -it registry.fedoraproject.org/f26-modular/boltron
dowdles34n: Yeah, I'm not much into Docker. But this sheds some light:
dowdleDNF creates a .module file for each installed or enabled module.
dowdle$ ls /etc/dnf/modules.d/
dowdle$ cat /etc/dnf/modules.d/nodejs.module
dowdleACTION gives it a try... and dowdle can always remove docker when done.
KhaytsusI like docker, but I imagine it uses lxc directly. I could be wrong.
dowdleKhaytsus: Docker originally used lxc some... in the early days... but not at all these days.
KhaytsusHuh? I thought Docker was entirely lxc, in a pretty interface
KhaytsusYeah, lxc is the container in the kernel.. docker certainly still uses that.
linuxmodderit can use libvirt/kvm but correct it defaults to lxc
KhaytsusBut docker wraps a whole system around it for deployment etc
KhaytsusI've neve rheard of it using kvm
dowdleKhaytsus: No... lxc was some userland tools. and a library I guess... and Docker used that as one of its engines early on... and then they completely replaced it... but kept it in for backwards compatibility... but I'm guessing they have dropped it completely by now.
dowdleTrying to do a: dnf module list inside the new Boltron container... I get "Error: Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'fedora-modular'"... after it gets 99% done reading the metadata and then stopping there.
Khaytsusdowdle: i think you're confused.. lxc is the container system in the kernel
KhaytsusMaybe I'm confused, who knows
dowdleKhaytsus: No... lxc is NOT a container system in the kernel. It is userland tools. The kernel does not have containers. It has cgroups, and namespaces, etc.
dowdleBoltron seems to have very little installed. I can't even do an "ip add" or an "ifconfig" to see what IP address the container has. :(
dowdleKhaytsus: I think this is current info: "Docker used lxc techonogy as underlying to communicate with the kernel but today, it uses it's own library, libcontainer."
dowdleKhaytsus: This is pretty good (https://www.flockport.com/lxc-vs-docker/) but it is dated 2014... so I'm not sure how current it is. For example, I think Docker has switched default storage types a few times. I think Btrfs is the default now but not sure.
dowdleDocker doesn't even seem proper for a module... because I consider modules to be made up of multiple packages with lots of binaries... and potentially lots of processes... including multiple services... and Docker is for a single service / process.
Khaytsusdowdle: I'm not shooting very straight today, but I'll counter that.... Processes in Docker are just like any other process in Linux
KhaytsusYou can limit a container, but afaik it just allocates otherwise like any normal process
dowdleKhaytsus: Yes, but what I'm trying to differentiate is that Docker is for "application containers" and LXC is for "system containers". As a result a Docker container doesn't have an init system nor typical processes like a logging system, cron, etc... where as LXC containers typically have an init system and system services... and can run lots of stuff. I believe Boltron and modules in particular would be better inside of a system container..
dowdle. rather than an application container. Does that make sense?