nbagshi i just did 'dnf system-upgrade reboot', and it reboot and i see a message about 'Starting upgrade with DNF' but then it just instantly reboots and boots back into fc26. What should i do?
dowdlenbags: Do you have the stock fedora repo files or are you using something else (like a local mirror of your own)?
nbagsdowdle: i think i figured it out, i waited too long between the 'dnf system-upgrade download' and 'dnf system-upgrade reboot' so it tried to refresh by getting online but couldn't obviously because network-manager wasnt running. thats a bad bug!
dowdlenbags: What does "so I tried to refresh" mean?
nbagsdowdle: from the dnf.log, it failed because it tried to get online for some reason, i assume to refresh the repos
nbagsany others..
nbagsi mean and others...
sshoptaugh1991Good evening, everyone!
ishhows the in-place upgrade from 26-27.. installed 26 a few weeks back on a laptop but haven't really done anything with it. considering going fresh install.
daltoish, can't vouch for the in-place upgrade but 27 is very snappy - I believe there's a fair few having probs with ug from 26 -> 27, might be best just to get 27 on a USB and go again
nbagsdalto: i had that one problem (above) that was easy to work around otherwise its been great
nbagsish: ^^
ishHmm. Was hoping to do in place in my desktop tho. That can wait a month or 2 tho. Do the devs continue to work on upgrade issues as they come up?
daltothen nbags might be able to help you through it by the sounds of it
dalto(if he is willing to volunteer)
daltoany way to get a radio station into Rhythmbox without using .pls/.m3u/.m3u8/.asx ? Mrs. is driving me nuts for this station to go in the player and I can't find a good link
daMaestrodarn, fresh f27 install and still getting lockups
daMaestrokernel doesn't lock but gnome-shell does
daMaestrogtx 660 running the nouveau driver. seems to happen when certain gpu acceleration is invoked
daMaestroi've also tested this with a fully updated (updates stable) system and it happens
daMaestroi see nothing of real importance happening in the journal when it locks either
KhaytsusWhat happens with nvidia drivers, or do you avoid them completely?
KhaytsusI know that's not a single variable difference but it is info of course
daMaestroKhaytsus, yeah so i tried those too (from rpmfusion akmods) and they load and "work" but everything is super slow. "slow" as in even when gdm goes to render the first login screen it's ~20 seconds
Khaytsusweird.. xorg vs wayland?
daMaestroKhaytsus, yup, tried both on a xorg and wayland session. pretty easy to cause the lock
KhaytsusOn both or just wayland? Not clear
daMaestroKhaytsus, on both, sorry
KhaytsusWeird. I figured one of those would have altered the behavior
daMaestroKhaytsus, i did get slight debug information last night: seems immediately after InitializeSandbox() is called on process gpu-process gnome-shell locks (but the kernel is alive, music keeps playing, etc)
daMaestroKhaytsus, same.
daMaestroKhaytsus, the debug was from chromium starting gpu enabled threads
KhaytsusUnrelated I'm sure, but man I used to have a TOUGH time with Chrome until I disabled something Gl related in it.. i wonder if I still have that set.. been a while
daMaestroi'm going to do the stable updates, reboot to the new kernel and see if i can get this to happen outside of chromium/google-chrome/firefox (they all cause it)
daMaestroKhaytsus, yeah, hardware accell
daMaestroKhaytsus, that one is pretty classic to have to turn off under certain configurations
daMaestroKhaytsus, but with chromium, google-chrome and firefox doing it i had discounted that
ProbablyAndythat sounds similar to the issues i had with the nouveau drivers. They've been really hit or miss.
daMaestrowould be a good test to see if i can prove to myself it's the gpu subsystem
daMaestroProbablyAndy, yeah, on this rig f26 fully updated didn't have issues
ProbablyAndywith the nouveau?
daMaestroboth are running 4.13.15... so i'd expect the driver to be the same
daMaestroProbablyAndy, yeah
daMaestroProbablyAndy, i don't run the bin blobs unless i'm expecting to game
ProbablyAndyodd indeed.
ProbablyAndyah. i usually go straight for the bin, my last computer wouldn't even start X with nouveau.
daMaestroi've not audited the kernel builds for different options, but this feels like something userspace
daMaestrowith the binblobs snailfailing on me... i'm digging in more
daMaestroACTION tries updates-testing
daMaestroif that does not work... this is going raw
KhaytsusMy f26 upgrade a few weeks ago worked okay on nouvaeu, I did it by accident... except xrandr was wonky.. different dpi, different references, etc
daMaestroKhaytsus, yeah i always do fresh installs
daMaestroKhaytsus, forces me to go from "default" to "how i like it" and i usually discover some things along the way
daMaestroand.... do some $HOME cleaning
daMaestro(i also start with a fresh $HOME)
KhaytsusI'd rather spend my time doing a small amount of cleanup than setting everything back up and reinstalling and reconfiguring everything
daMaestroKhaytsus, heh, understood. i enjoy it as it forces me to learn the new ways
KhaytsusI'm very much as the utility point in my life with Linux ;)
Khaytsusat the..
daMaestroKhaytsus, this is why i've not done the upgrade on my workhorses
diogenesealways nice to have choices :)
KhaytsusLinux is an awesome hammer. But it's a hammer.
daMaestroKhaytsus, this is just my gaming rig that has many-a-OS on it
KhaytsusNow 15 years ago? NEW KERNEL?? MAKE ZIMAGE!
diogeneseor make bzimage
daMaestroor make coffee && pray
Khaytsusyes | make config
peixehi. I've exported from firefox the certs for our citrix server to: /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts, but I'm still getting the ssl error. Anyone got this to work?
daMaestropatch kernel.config < hax0r.for.khaytus
daMaestroKhaytsus, i like your yes.
KhaytsusI can't tell you how many hours I twiddled my kernel configs to make hardware stuff built in, stuff I used sometimes modules, removing everyhing I absolutely didn't need
KhaytsusThere wasn't one bit of fluff
KhaytsusThen we went to 2.4 and it took me another long period of time to get that perfected again ;)
KhaytsusWhat do you mean i have to _enable_ a keyboard now.
daMaestroKhaytsus, ha.. anyone that has truly built the kernel has tried to slim it down
peixeon f27
KhaytsusSlim it down and I hated modules at the time. Modules were for something I plug in every so often. If it's built in, by god, it's not a module
daMaestroKhaytsus, when i had multiple quad ppro 220s ... i spent alot of time making those document indexers and trying to slim the kernel as much as possible
daMaestroKhaytsus, was fun, but a waste of time
KhaytsusI don't want to know how much time i've wasted in my lifetime
daMaestrodarn, updates-testing doesn't fix the issue
daMaestrofor fun, i'm going to reinstall and see if kde has this issue
daMaestroi'm still suspecting gnome-shell or mutter
peixeone fix says to copy the mozilla ca-certifcates in to keystore/cacerts. Where are the mozilla ca-certs? I can't find them in /usr/share
daMaestropeixe, rpm -ql ca-certificates
peixeok checking
peixeI think I did that earlier - checking again
daMaestrothat just shows where the certs are
peixeI see a couple of pem's in /etc/pki/ca-trust/extracted/pem but copying them didn't help
daMaestro/etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle* is the pem encoded trust store
daMaestrofor public CAs to default honor*
peixelooks like I copied those earlier
mutkpeixe, You may have to run a command to rehash the key store
mutkpeixe, /usr/bin/update-ca-trust
peixeok will try that
mutkpeixe, Read its man page too it provides all you need to know
peixeok - initially no go - not sure how it helps with certs in citrix keystore/cacerts folder
daMaestroha, kde does it too, so i was blaming gnome-shell too early
peixeI've read several like this, but no go:
peixeI've tried .pem and .crt file extensions
daMaestrois this a client on fedora trying to connect to a citrix server? fpaste --sysinfo
peixecrap - forgot I had tried an unzipped icaclient in ~ and deleted that now it works - fwahhhh - googa maaakkkaaa
peixethx for help all :)
peixedidn't know it /opt app would look in ~/ICA folder first
mutkpeixe, You will probably need to link the certs in your citrix folder, and then use the command
mutkpeixe, I see :) Ok
peixeciao - thx!!
daMaestrodarn. rawhide also has the issue i'm running into
daMaestroguess i can't solve this with updates :-/ ...
daMaestroACTION reinstalls f27 w/updates to diagnose more
daMaestrohmm actually... i'm going to reinstall f26 and update and see if the issue is there
daMaestrogotta make sure it's not some rando hardware thing that happened
GencadedaMaestro, whats the issue
daMaestroGencade, short story. soft-lock running chromium/google-chrome/firefox f27+ on a gtx 660 using the nouveau driver via gnome-shell (wayland and xorg) and kde plasma
daMaestroGencade, tried the nvidia binblobs, molasses. ~20s to just render gdm login
Gencadeaw, annoying, you not gonna use nvidia proprietary blobs then?
daMaestroGencade, same kernel with f26 nouveau and same rig, no issues
Gencadehm, that's weird.
Gencadeand you tried rawhide you said?
daMaestroyup, rawhide i was able to trigger it also
daMaestrogoing back to f26 w/all updates to see if i can
Gencadedamn, rough. Did you try it on multiple DE's or are you trying a specific one?
daMaestrowill at least give me a delta
Gencadeare you noticing it exclusively on those applications and that's it?
daMaestroGencade, gnome and kde were tried
daMaestroGencade, i didn't try reproducing it outside of chromium/google-chrome/firefox
daMaestroGencade, i did get slight debug information last night: seems immediately after InitializeSandbox() is called on process gpu-process gnome-shell locks (but the kernel is alive, music keeps playing, etc)
GencadeHm, that's strange
daMaestroso i'm thinking it's something related to gpu drivers
GencadeYeah possibly.
daMaestrousing the same kernel in f26 was not an issue though, so i've been just trying to find the delta
japa-fiwhy isn't my default keyring unlocked when I log on, the password is the same as login password?
japa-finow for something bit more complicated...
japa-fiI have just installed F27 to one of my laptops (A). I took a tarball of the root, unpacked that to clean partition on another laptop (B). I copied all *f27* files from new (A) /boot to the other laptop (B) /boot partition. Edited grub.cfg, namely kernel parameters with partition UUIDs and /etc/fstab on the other laptop (B). trying to boot B, the boot gets nowhere. just couple of messages after selecting F27 (I don't use graphical boot)
japa-fiand it appears like the partitions are not opened/accessed. Is there more magic to the boot than having the right *f27* files on /boot and giving the right UUIDs as kernel parameters?
mutkjapa-fi, the bootloader needs to find the disks as presented by bios
kulinacsI'm attempting to build a Fedora 26 iso, but it seems the instructions here: are not working for me. It fails when I attempt to spawn a shell.
japa-fimutk, in the grub menu entry I can see: set root='hd0,msdos1' - /boot is /dev/sda1. The currently functional menu entry (booting older fedora, different root, different /boot at /dev/sdb3) has similar set root='hd1,msdos3' so I would assume that needs to point to /boot
japa-fithose currently unfunctional partitions have been earlier in use when I was at F19
mutkDon't ever assume anything.
japa-fi(I have 2 HDs, each have their own root and boot. I use one of them for runnign current version and then install new version to other and once all ok, switch to running that)
mutk" I copied all *f27* files from new (A) /boot to the other laptop (B) /boot partition" the files in /boot are created specifically for the system it was installed on
japa-fiOf course, I might have avoided all this if I'd purchase a bigger USB stick :) would not have to rely on "install on one system, copy over to another"
japa-fimutk, OK, so files in /boot are not identical across different computers?
japa-fieven if on same kernel version
mutkNot sure I can say it any clearer than I have already :)
japa-fiYes, you were clear. Just that I'm not native english speaker and in my line of work I've just grown the habit to double check / confirm everything, removing the slightest possibility of misunderstanding...
mutkjapa-fi, The 'Reinstalling GRUB 2' section may help
japa-fifigured recreating initramfs for this computer would be a good idea too. Chrooted to F27 root, mounted the F27 boot. Executed dracut (withj --force). I doubt it worked as resulted issues with /sys not mounted, /proc not mounted etc :(
japa-fiOk, no quick win. Will get myself a new USB stick, wait for some days for it to arrive and do proper install.
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day
sincorchetesraynold, I guess so heh.
gr8I have seen there is some log file /var/log/journal/0cbce27de35445ca81f15d98c0d40e9e/system.journal that I would like to look at, but it seems that it is a binary file?? What format is it, and how to I open this "binary log"?
grift`file /var/log/journal/0cbce27de35445ca81f15d98c0d40e9e/system.journal` tells you the format, use `journalctl` to open it
gr8nope: File is neither a device node, nor regular file, nor executable: /var/log/journal/0cbce27de35445ca81f15d98c0d40e9e/system.journal
griftdunno then. here is says: # file /var/log/journal/*/system.journal
grift/var/log/journal/38130f3feef449eeabe1fd7f2aa4d3b1/system.journal: Journal file, offline, sealed
gr8Journal file, offline
griftso the "format" is "Journal file"
gr8right, but how do you open it (or convert it to a text file?)
grift`journalctl` parses it
grifti think enabling rsyslogd may or may not convert it to a text file , dunno details on that
griftheres some random blog google returned "systemd convert Journal file to text" on i havent read it so idont know its accuracy
gr8ok maybe a different approach; I noticed that each time I log in as a user, a pulseaudio process is spawned. How can I stop this?
griftsystemctl --user disable pulseaudio.socket
griftsystemctl --user stop pulseaudio.socket
griftrelogin see if it happens again
griftsomething it connecting to that socket though
griftso whatever connected to that socket may, if you disable the socket unit, now manually run pulseaudio
gr8hmm ok so I have different types of users, one is a graphical session and the others are non-graphical sessions. For the graphical user --status tells me that the socket is already disabled, for the others I get "failed to connect to bus"
gr8still for ALL of them pulseaudio starts when I log in
griftok so that probably means something is manually running pulseaudio what you log in
griftbasically programs that need sound run pulseaudio
griftso in the case of users without a graphical session it is interesting
gr8yes indeed ^^ that's why I'm asking. I have removed the file in /etc/xdg/autostart/pulseaudio.desktop, but it still starts.
griftlog in as user w/o graphical session do a ps x and see if there are any processes in there that might have started pulseaudio because they have sound
gr8yes indeed, I have firefox running on them (they are attaching to the graphical user's X session)
grifthow do you run firefox without grahpics?
gr8but I didn't know firefox would fire off an PA instance??
griftok that caused it
griftfirefox executes pulseaudio
gr8it's not supposed to do that I guess
griftwhy not?
gr8it's a damn web browser :P
griftyes well this is 2017
gr8oops, really?
griftweb browsers can do a lot of stuff
griftheck you can use firefox as a media player
Something1Greetings! Is there any guide on how to properly dualboot UEFI Windows 10 with UEFI Fedora online? Googling didnĀ“t help me much..
griftfirefox file:///home/gr8/tune.mp3
gr8ok I came here with a problem yesterday, because I'm trying to have a system-wide PA instance (the reason should be obvious now ;)) and when running PA via a systemd service file, I get permission denied on /var/lib/pulse and an AVC denial. But when I run pulseaudio as root, it works. So don't service files usually run as root as well?!
griftdefine usually
gr8by default
griftdepends on the default service file i suppose
griftanyhow what avc denial were you seeing?
gr8SELinux is preventing pulseaudio from using the dac_override capability, same for dac_read_search. Someone proposed an SElinux file to me yesterday, but I didn't try it because I think it should have the same permissions as running it directly from the terminal as root.
sfixthat's not the case
griftecho "(pulseaudio_t self (capability (dac_override)))" > mytest.cil && semodule -i mytest.cil
sfixit can be, but often not
sfixit's about the context the program is started in
griftindeed, the optimal solution, obviously, is not not run pulseaudio as root
gr8so how can that be? run command as root -> works. Put command into service file, start service file -> doesn't work
gr8is there a way to attach to another user's PA instance without having it run as a system-wide daemon?
sfixthe service is started in a confined context (systemd), the command is ran in an unconfined context (your root shell)
gr8what does confined mean?
gr8ok got it
griftgr8 if you want to run pulseaudio as a service then do so with user "pulse"
griftnot root
griftas root: `systemd-run --system --no-block --property User=pulse /usr/bin/pulseaudio`
gr8actually when I run it as root, it drops privileges and runs as pulse
griftok then you need to add: echo "(pulseaudio_t self (capability (dac_override)))" > mytest.cil && semodule -i mytest.cil
griftor atleast:
griftok then you need to add: echo "(pulseaudio_t self (capability (dac_read_search)))" > mytest.cil && semodule -i mytest.cil
griftbecause the permissions on /var/lib/pulse are set so restrictive that root users without access to the dac_read_search capability cannot traverse it
gr8ok I have just read that it is somehow possible to attach to a user PA instance from a different user via authentication cookies. Maybe that would be a better option!
drbeanACTION taps microphone
drbeanIs this on?
gr8ok I need to restart, I'll report back :)
gr8okay peeps, so accessing the PA server (running as my graphical user) works from other users if remote access is enabled in the pulseaudio config :) The pulse cookie is directly available from the X11 properties
gr8so no need to run it as a system user
griftgr8: great no play your favorate tune with your favorite web brower: `firefox file:///home/gr8/Music/myfavtune.mp3`
gr8I know that it can do that, lol. Just kidding
gr8I prefer VLC ;)
comming-homeHi guys
comming-homewhen is fedora 25 EOL?
KhaytsusOne month after F27 released.
KhaytsusThat is always the case.
comming-homeany exact date?
FranciscoDKhaytsus: no lmgtfy? :P
FranciscoDcomming-home: you could look for fedora 25 EOL directly. I think it's been announced already
FranciscoDYep, it has
comming-homeDecember 12th, 2017
Southern_Gentlemupdated F27 isos uploading now
japa-fiI'm in a process of installing F27. Currently on F25. I have separate partition for F27 root and F27 boot partitions. Will I be in lots of trouble if I boot to my F25, then mount the F27 root, chroot that as root, then install/remove software with dnf?
lruzickajapa-fi: Why dont you use the upgrade mechanism?
nbagsjapa-fi: should be fine, i've done that kind of thing before. the other option is to boot it up in a container with systemd-nspawn. may need some fiddling though if you need to update grub
lruzickajapa-fi: You would have to go through 26 though, but it is fast and safe.
japa-filruzicka, 1) i prefer clean reinstall. 2) having two root partitions leaves me one that will work (the older one) while I modify the new one to suit me (add all network mounts, configure hibernation, etc all the things that can result to unbootable system)
nbagsjapa-fi: i do that same thing but in btrfs subvolumes, so i dont have to have separate partitions
lruzickajapa-fi: Ok, if you want to be super safe, I understand.
lruzickaI have used this and it worked for me twice already, but did not have fresh install.
japa-filruzicka, Usually upgrade has worked OK, but I do recall on some earlier (around F20) getting strange problems for which the cause could not be identified, but solved by clean install
lruzickajapa-fi: By the way, if you want fresh install, you might also just fresh install onto new partition and copy configuration files over
lruzickajapa-fi: No big deal :)
japa-filruzicka, that's pretty much what I've done
japa-fior that I am in process of doing
squimrelHow do I change the keyboard layout from terminal the same way as gnome does? Not the default setxkbmap way because the behaviour is not the same.
Southern_Gentlem*** F27-20171128 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
Southern_Gentlem*** F27-20171128 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins **
Something1Those download speeds :o
lakilukiHey, I'm having some problems with the drag and drop functionality in GNOME. Whenever I want to drag and drop something (like extract an archive or add subtitles to mpv), I get the little plus hand icon, but when I drop it, nothing ever happens. Has anyone had a similar issue?
FurnaGreetings everyone; I have a problem with efibootmgr: I cannot manage to delete entries related to Fedora; when I reboot they are again there :-|
dowdlelakiluki: Not all applications implement the d&d standards. If you are using GTK/GNOME apps, they should work. Most mainstream applications do implement d&d properly. So a lot will depend on the specifics of the applications you are using.
dowdlelakiluki: Before there was a generalized d&d standard, each desktop environment / window manager had their own d&d standard that varied.
FranciscoDFurna: what entries are these? By default, Fedora keeps the 3 recent kernels, so you'll see those 3 entries in there
lakilukidowdle: The thing is, I'm using GTK/GNOME apps which works as expected usually. It seems this is a Wayland issue, I'll try it out later on X.
FurnaFranciscoD: the machine has no HDD installed at the moment; I booted a Live Fedora from USB ... I am trying to delete them and yes I see 3 entries
FurnaFranciscoD: "efibootmanager -b 0018 -B -v" seems to delete it ... anyway as soon as I reboot it's tehre again :-|
FranciscoDFurna: I thought one had to modify the grub entries - not sure how efibootmanager goes about it
FranciscoDif you've removed the efi image whatever, those entries would probably not be functional
FranciscoDFurna: some info there
FurnaFranciscoD: just read it ... it's more about GRUB_2 than bootmanager
heis2201My Gnome Shell doesn't start on Fedora 26, I can login from GDM but then I see a grey screen with a mousepointer. That's all. Other users on the system work just fine. And it doesn't matter if I use Wayland or Xorg, or even Gnome Classic. Anyone any idea how to debug this??
Southern_Gentlemheis2201, what video card
heis2201nvidia quattro - using noveau
Southern_Gentlemheis2201, and other users can log into gnome fine but your user can not ?
heis2201yes, others login just fine
Southern_Gentlemand they are using gnome correct
heis2201I am trying to go through the output of journalctl but there is too much information, and I don't even know what to look for
heis2201right, gnome (3.24) on an up-to-date Fedora 26
Southern_Gentlemso was your user left over from an earlier install or when was it created
Southern_Gentlem*** F27-20171128 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
heis2201this system was originally F24 which I upgraded twice, to now F26
heis2201but after the upgrade to F26 I was still able to login - seems it broke afterwards only
Southern_Gentlemback up your data nuke the user create a new user and restore your data
heis2201doesn't that mess up everything? I'll get a new UID and so on...
Southern_Gentlemwell if other users can log in and not have an issue but your user logins in and has an issue that means its something in your USERs profile
heis2201moreover, I'd like to use a new user the same config of my old account
heis2201can I debug what's wrong with my user profile?
Southern_Gentlemand if you still have an issue then what
heis2201maybe first try to rename Gnome config files/directory, so it starts with a blank config?
Southern_Gentlemheis2201, if you want to go through each and everything in your /home/#User/.config go for it
heis2201what if I rename .config to .config.bak? Would gnome start without any config files?
Southern_Gentlemheis2201, have you actually looked in .config yet
heis2201I have, it has config files for all packages that I am using / have used
heis2201so maybe just rename '.config/gnome-session'?
Southern_Gentlemits hard to tell now what gnome is using because it is all over the place
Southern_Gentlemyou can rename config and see what happens
heis2201do you see any way to capture the problem in the journal?
Southern_Gentlemits not a issue that journal would capture to me
Southern_Gentlemits a misconfig in your User config
heis2201would a bad extension be able to block the start of Gnome Shell?
heis2201that's all i can think of, since I didn't modify my user config in the recent past
Southern_Gentlem*** F27-20171128 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
daegontavenhi, can someone explain why my encrypted disk inst booting up ? it
daegontavenit's shows the fedorda boot menu, then it shows something like 'boot sector not found' and a green screen shows up
Southern_Gentlemyou did unencrpt it?
daegontavenSouthern_Gentlem: yeah i entered the password
daegontavenwhen i select the rescue verion of fedora from the list, it ask for root passord
daegontavenbut i don't know the pass cause i never set one
daegontaveni just made a sudo account
Southern_Gentlemthen how did you encrypt the hard drive then
daegontavenSouthern_Gentlem: i think it was luks encryption from the feoda installation live media
daegontaveni just followed the setup instructions
daegontavenit also says "couldn't get UEFI db list" if that help
Southern_Gentlemdaegontaven, so this was a clean install and you cant get in it correct
Southern_Gentlemreinstall would be the first thing i would recommend sometimes just happen
Southern_Gentlemsometimes things just happen
daegontavenSouthern_Gentlem: damn, can i atleast get my files back somehow ?
daegontavendo i just decrypt it and copy home ?
daegontavenor is it possible to decrypt?
daegontaventhis is the second time this happend to me
daegontavenim afraid to boot from usbs now
dowdledaegontaven: Can you get your stuff back? Of course... because you back up your stuff, right? I mean... any storage can die at any time, right?
dowdleACTION is reminded dowdle needs to do a backup. :)
daegontavendowdle: yeah i have backups to my server for home, but it's only once a week, not daily backups
danyo2008Hi, have one question, since the update from kernel 4.13.13 to 4.13.15 i get the message during boot, the the kernel modules could not be loaded, i shall check systemctl status systemd-modules-load.service. But this command do not say much. Have Installed Nvidia proprietary driver and Virtual box from RPM Fusion. I have also executet the command "akmods --force". There is also no error message. Nvidia work well and
danyo2008Virtualbox too. What could be the Problem and how can i solve this? Any suggetions?
tmkndanyo2008: Check VBoxManage --version
tmkndanyo2008: It may be secure boot? VirtualBox kernel modules are not signed because they don't come from the official repo, so if you have secure boot enabled, they won't load.
danyo2008I will check, one moment. No i have no secureboot enabled
tmkndanyo2008: It may just need dnf install kernel-devel ? :F
danyo2008VBoxManage --version = 5.1.30r118389
danyo2008kernel-devel 4.13.15 is also installed
tmknwell, that means VirtualBox works. Is it just an error message or something does not work?
danyo2008It seems, that it is only an error message..... The only things i have installed out of other Repos than the Fedora is the NVIDIA driver and Virtualbox from RPM Fusion. But both work well
gauravsitlanihey guys can anyone help me out? After updating to fedora 27 , software center is not there on my system. How can i restore it?
danyo2008gauravsitlani, please check if gnome-software is installed
gauravsitlanidanyo2008, its not there.
danyo2008gauravsitlani, ok, then install it
danyo2008sudo dnf install gnome-software
gauravsitlaniyep doing it manually
gauravsitlanidanyo2008, thanks
danyo2008gauravsitlani, no problem.... Please tell me, if it solve the problem :-)
gauravsitlanidanyo2008, it did . I am confused how did this happen.
danyo2008gauravsitlani, ok... very good....
pequeHi there :-)
pequeI recently installed Fedora 27. Everything seems to work fine, but the `gitk` tool (which can be used to visualize a Git repository history/tree) does not show bold characters. Could a font be missing? And if so, how could I know which font and install it?
dowdlepeque: If it is indeed a font issue... you could dnf search font, make a list... and then start installing all of them... and then check it after each install... and see if any fix it...and if so, you could remove the extra ones that didn't fix it.
dowdlepeque: I'm not sure how many font packages there are and how much space they would take up... but it seems semi doable to me... although it might take all while.
dowdlepeque: Or you might discover it isn't a font issue at all?
pequedowdle: thanks! it seems tedious though... hehehe. Will wait in case someone else has found the same or a similar problem and they already know the font that is missing
dowdlepeque: Or if you have plenty of bandwidth and disk space you can just shotgun it.
dowdlepeque: Install all fonts at once and not care which might be the one.
bonsaitreeI am trying to compile some random open-source acoustic spectrum analyzer that i found on the web, but unfortunately when i am compiling i get a compile error:, i have ffmpeg installed. How do i resolve this? Thanks in advance.
pequebonsaitree, maybe you need `ffmpeg-devel`?
bonsaitreepeque, Yes, that resolved those, but i get this now:
bonsaitreepeque, Thanks
pequebonsaitree: for that maybe you'll easily find the answer in StackOverflow :-)
pequebet you are not the first ;-)
bonsaitreepeque, Thanks :)
pequebonsaitree: first make sure you do have wxWidgets, of course (in case you forgot the `-devel` package or something...)
bonsaitreepeque, I am now reading what that actually is :D
pequebonsaitree: if it is a free software project have a look at the documentation in case they have the dependencies listed. They might even have a line to install the dependencies in Fedora for compilation. If they do not, consider contributing that to the project documentation. ;-)
bonsaitreepeque, Luckily i installed wxWidgets with dnf, but the wx-config is not found as a command
bonsaitreepeque, Like, that binary is not present in the system
bonsaitreepeque, The installation instructions are not very different from what i did, the only difference is that they are extracting the tarball from the terminal, i did it with the XArchiver GUI
bonsaitreepeque, And they are mentioning that i will need: To build you will need wxWidgets and FFmpeg packages. On Debian/Ubuntu you also
bonsaitreeneed development packages: libwxgtk2.8-dev, wx-common, libavcodec-dev and
pequebonsaitree: yeah, those must be the Ubuntu packages, you'll need the Fedora equivalents. I think ffmpeg-devel is fine instead of those `libav...`. You'll need the wxWidgest libraries though
rdieterbonsaitree: another fedora equivalent: wxGTK-devel
pequebonsaitree: have you tried `wx-config` in the terminal? sometimes it suggests what you need to install ;-)
rdieter(equivalent of libwxgtk2.8-dev)
bonsaitreepeque, Yup, command not found
bonsaitreerdieter, Let's try with that also :)
pequebonsaitree: to me it suggests me to install `wxGTK-devel`, as rdieter mentioned. But if that does not work, there is always `sudo dnf provides /*/wx-config`
bonsaitreerdieter, Thanks, it works :)
bonsaitreeThanks guys :)
stbaindowdle and Southern_Gentlem, Thank you for your assistance. Fresh install of F27, and the problem seems to be resolved. I can lock and unlock with no problems. Still no clue why the upgrade b0rk3d it, though.
FurnaFranciscoD: problem solved ... UEFI Bios setting "Lock boot order"
dowdlestbain: Since it worked for a newly created user... I think it was something in your user's GNOME settings.
stbaindowdle, /agree. One thing to keep in mind, though is that I'm not the only person with the issue. I found a thread on Ask Fedora that indicated it is affecting other users.
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